Weight Loss Support - What will you do when you reach your goal?

02-08-2006, 01:31 PM
I don’t know about ya’ll, but it’s been pretty motivational for me to think about things I will be able to do once I reach my goal weight. Here’s a list:
1. Buy my self a whole new wardrobe with some expensive pieces that can be worn for years to come instead of just something to cover my flab.
2. Wear those slinky Carrie Bradshaw shoes.
3. Stop being so reclusive and get back to the outgoing me that I used to be “before”.:crazy:
4. Pick up some ridiculous hobby like base-jumping. :yikes:
What about everyone else, feel like sharing some of your plans for the soon-to-be new you?

02-08-2006, 01:38 PM
I'm with you on the new wardrobe! The items of clothing I am looking forward to wearing are hipster jeans and slim fitting slacks. I'd love to get a pair of Carrie shoes also but seeing as my feet have always been broad, they may remain only a fantasy ;). I'm also going to buy some slim fitting long sleeve T's and maybe have my hair cut into a short pixie style.

02-08-2006, 01:38 PM
I love these lists. LOL It gives me something to look forward to.

1. I'm going on a major shopping spree. Not to Lane Bryant, but to all those little cute clothing boutiques, Forever 21, ny & Co, etc, etc.

2. I'm going dancing with my boyfriend wearing the sexiest dress or outfit ever.

3. I'm going to wear a bathing suit (hopefully a bikini ;) ) on our trip to Los Angeles and Miami.

That's about it for right now!!!!

02-08-2006, 01:43 PM
Let my husband see me naked and not be concerned about what's jiggling where, making mental excuses, or rushing to turn the lights out...

02-08-2006, 01:48 PM
I think I'll dance everywhere for a few days. That sounds good to me.

After that... new clothes. Definitely new clothes. Who knows what else. I'll see when I get there :)

02-08-2006, 02:07 PM
One more I forgot:
I will own an actual dress, not a mu-mu mind you, but a real sexy slinky feminine number made out of something silky and flowy. Something that will make my skin happy just puting it on.

02-08-2006, 02:30 PM
Even before I reach my final goal, I will be happy when:

I can ride all the rides at an amusement park without fear of not fitting
I can but clothes in regular sizes instead of "plus" sizes only
I can walk into a store like Express or Pac Sun and not have the people who work there look at me like I am a 6-headed alien
I wear layers because it's stylish, not because I'm hiding
I can go to a doctor and not have them ask me why I'm not on WW (yes, my gyn asked me that last year)
I can wear sexy lingerie for my boyfriend that is sheer/see-through without thinking he's just going to see my rolls through it
I can buy cute bras
I don't feel the need to wear a t-shirt over my bathing suit while swimming
My doctors don't have to use "the big cuff" to check my blood pressure accurately (just happened at my gyn appointment a couple weeks ago)

02-08-2006, 02:37 PM
my dreams are as follows:

1) to buy a much more hip and fitting wardrobe.
2) to fit nicely in a two peice bathing suit
3) to be getting out of the pool in front of my ex-squeeze so I can watch his mouth drop open from all the weight i've lost and hear him tell me how hot I look.

and that's all i've thought about since deciding to drop the weight. I should seriously put some thought into what I want to accomplish after dropping the weight I want to drop. :o

02-08-2006, 02:43 PM
When I reach my goal I'm going to walk proudly in all those "skinny" stores with my head high and find an outrageously SEXY outfit and buy it. And I WILL take a picture and I WILL post it here.

02-08-2006, 02:43 PM
I'll probably first come to 3fc and tell all of you :)
And then I'm gonna buy a pile of tank tops that hug my torso!

02-08-2006, 02:46 PM
Get a tummy tuck. Get a back tattoo. And then find some way to show both of them off. ;)

02-08-2006, 03:20 PM
I can walk into a store like Express or Pac Sun and not have the people who work there look at me like I am a 6-headed alien

I'm so with you on the "Skinny" stores. I've tried going in to one to buy my self an inspirational outfit (you know, something i can hang in my closet and pull out when I'm not feeling so hot and think about how I will be able to wear it one day), but those skinny bi****s looked at me like I'm from another planet. I had to pretend I'm shopping for my "sister" and get the heck out of there as soon as possible.

02-08-2006, 03:26 PM
What am I looking forward to? Upping my calories to maintain, lol!

02-08-2006, 03:30 PM
I'm so with you on the "Skinny" stores. I've tried going in to one to buy my self an inspirational outfit (you know, something i can hang in my closet and pull out when I'm not feeling so hot and think about how I will be able to wear it one day), but those skinny bi****s looked at me like I'm from another planet. I had to pretend I'm shopping for my "sister" and get the heck out of there as soon as possible.
Yeah...I've noticed certain stores are worse than others. There are some store I can usually go in without feeling weird (Aeropostale is one--their employees usually seem nice enough), but then there are the ones like Pac Sun where I just feel SO out of place--their employees are always so condescending-looking--and I used to shop there all the time for tongue rings, which DO fit me :p

02-08-2006, 03:31 PM
Give my hubby a reason to day "dang" at me instead of another woman!!!!!! in the new jeans I am going to buy...

02-08-2006, 03:41 PM
I hear everyone about the "skinny stores" but I am also proud of the wardrobe that I have as well. I work very hard at careful shopping in stores and online to get and maintain a "fashionable" wardrobe...I have some pretty sharp pieces. Being the clothes horse that i am I would not want to give it all up, so I would take my most favorite things and have them turned into a quilt. A quilt of my favorite fabric, to remind me of the way it "used" to be, and to keep me warm when my "blubber" will no longer be there!!!!

02-08-2006, 03:44 PM
1) Buy a piece of clothing from 5, 7 & 9 just because I can

2) Donate all my old clothes

2) Buy a new bathing suit, new uniforms for work, and all new clothes!

3) Take and post a new pic on my Yahoo Profile. I admit my current one is about 10 years old. Bad me!

4) Make sure I accidently run into my ex husband. Just because.

5) Ask my work for a new picture for my badge. Even if it means a whole new badge.

02-08-2006, 04:24 PM
Buy myself a whole wardrobe as I always do every time I lose so much weight. I want to get down low enough in a 10 or an 8 and have a bunch of low rise jeans to wear and just the right blouse to show off my tattoo on my lower back.

Roller blade around the lake or park and look great doing it.

Bicycle ride with out looking like I got flat tires when I get on the bike.

02-08-2006, 04:51 PM
what will I do? I'll have a big smile on my face and then work out how to approach maintenance :D

I used to think about all sorts of material things I'd treat myself with, but the truth is that I don't want them any more. I need clothes, but I've needed those all the way down so it won't be a really special treat. I could take myself away for a weekend in a health spa, but I'd rather spend the money on other stuff.

One thing I have considered is buying myself a bike so I can cycle to work. A good reward to get maintenance off on the right foot :D

But I've promised myself stuff before and then when I've got there I've realised that I don't actually want or need it, so I've let the occasion slip by without really doing anything much.

My body is giving me pretty much all the rewards I need without me having to buy stuff to add to them.

02-08-2006, 05:05 PM
New clothes definitely -- and specifically a little black dress, some cute bra/panties combos, and perhaps some silky lingerie

Visit my sister -- she doesn't know I'm dieting, and I have no idea when I'll actually be able to visit her (we live across the country from each other), but I'd love to go after I've lost the weight just to see her reaction

Get professional photos taken -- I am camera shy and have been for years because of my weight. I don't think I have a picture more recent than 5 years ago (okay, maybe one taken about 2 years ago if I still have it)

02-08-2006, 07:28 PM
I'll buy tank tops and wear them! I'll go swimming without a t-shirt! I'll buy jeans (and not hip-huggers because I'm sorry ladies but those things make even the skinny girls look fat and I can't wait until they go back out).


02-08-2006, 08:14 PM
Buy myself an Ipod. :) Oh, and some designer jeans.

02-08-2006, 08:25 PM
I will be able to justify the expense of having a custom made firesuit for racing.

I would like to have photos professionally taken without hiding behind kids on my lap.

I want to wear a bikini again.

And a short skirt.

And a form fitting dress.

Get a tatoo where it won't show.

02-08-2006, 11:54 PM
Of course, I'll be hoping for a new wardrobe of tank tops and shorts.
I also will be glad to not have to swim with a t-shirt. And I also will be getting a tatoo (I think:o ) Looks like we're all thinking alike:D

02-09-2006, 01:28 AM
1.) I'm definately getting some new clothes, make up, and shoes, and maybe even a little bling.

2.) I am going to go out with my hubby for a night on the town.

3.) When I go to the powder room and another young woman comes in and I see both of us in the mirror I won't feel like a linebacker in comparison.

02-09-2006, 01:42 AM
Well, I'm going to PARTY, since my goal is to be down by my 21st birthday!

Also, start the preparation for my wedding.

And new clothes of course ;)

02-09-2006, 11:40 AM
Another one I just remembered:
I will wear my wedding ring again. I haven’t been able to wear it for years. I kept re-sizing it at first, but then the jeweler told me that my diamonds can fall out if I size it up any more than I already did, so it’s been sitting in my jewelry box for years now.

02-09-2006, 11:49 AM
Great thread!!

1) New clothes. This actually won't be a reward but a need. I have no summer clothes that will fit. :carrot:

2) Get my rings resized. I have to wear my wedding rings on my pointer finger when I go out because they fall off of my ring finger.

3) Go a get a professional make over.

4) Get contacts because I don't have to hide behind my glasses anymore.

And the biggest reward will be figuring out how to maintain my weight loss and live life as a thin person. The last time I was classified as thin was after surgery when I was 3.

02-09-2006, 12:15 PM
Oooh lemme see!

Seven for all mankind jeans

A bikini

A beach holiday

A wedding dress... :lol:

02-09-2006, 12:37 PM
*Let my boyfriend carry me.
*Sit on the hood of a car.
*Buy new, cute clothes.

Yay... :dance: I'm excited now.

02-09-2006, 02:43 PM
Wear a thong. ;) lol

02-09-2006, 05:37 PM
Buy the hottest new outfit, and some killer high heel boots :) (Since my feet have always been to wide to wear heels, I can't wait to wear some!!) :p

02-09-2006, 05:46 PM
Wear a bikini for the first time since I was 6! I already bought it - it's hanging above the mirror in my bathroom. :D

Go to my 20th high school reunion and thumb my nose at my senior boyfried whose parting words were "Maybe if you'd lose some weight you could get a DATE."

02-09-2006, 10:28 PM
*Let my boyfriend carry me.

Oh, I hear you, my poor hubby tried recently, but I wouldn't let him, I don't want him pulling any muscles or breaking anything LOL.

02-10-2006, 01:25 AM
1) stop wearing "cover me" clothes and wear cute clothes.

2) stop wearing only jeans in winter (the thinner materials like kakhis (spell??) always pull and look horrible

3) shop at express and fit into their bottoms.

4) not feel the need to pull, tug, budge, move, fiddle, adjust, etc my clothes during the day to make sure i am covered.

5) not trying to stand so im in the best light, best angle etc. NOT worrying about all that!!!

6) never feeling intimidated by the size 2 ers.

and the list goes on....

02-10-2006, 09:45 AM
the first thing I would do is put on the one pair of jeans I have saved from my pre-fat days, wear a form fitting half tee, and let my husband see what drew him to me in the first place. Then I would go buy all the neat looking clothes I see my sister wear, get a new 'do, and be proud of myself!

02-10-2006, 01:33 PM
I'm going to go ice skating. And maybe even take a figure skating class. Just for the fun of it.

02-10-2006, 01:41 PM
The things I am most looking forward to are

Getting a motorcycle
Getting a bicycle
Being able to shop at ANY store
Being able to wear clothes that show off my 3 (soon to be 4) tattoos
Being able to ride the rides at Cedar Point (a local amusement park)
Being able to fit comfortably into one movie/plane/theater seat without having to hug the stranger next to me
Being able to (painlessly) cross my legs

02-10-2006, 03:41 PM
A new wardrobe seems to be on everyone’s list. Well, me too. I still have some clothe from three years ago, and they will finally be able to fit me! But I am definitely heading out to buy some really cool casual wear and killer outfits for work. I would also like to be able to wear my swimsuit on the beach! I might be inspired to do a whole makeover!

02-10-2006, 03:55 PM
1. Buy myself a new wardrobe too! Major shopping.
2. Try all the sports and outdoor activities I've been wanting to do like scuba diving, mountain trekking, etc.
3. I want a nice studio picture taken, LOL.
4. Go all the places I want and try all the rides in amusement park.
5. Be able to actually jog or run without any people looking at me like a freak.

Still a long way to go :P

Kim R
02-10-2006, 04:05 PM
Buy patterns and material and make my own good quality clothing. It's time consuming, but worth it when you know you'll fit into them until they eventually wear out (which takes many years).

Look forward to visiting with distant relatives and old friends who haven't seen me in a long time.

Be able to remove my wedding ring ... when I'm baking or cleaning. ;)

Take pictures where I'm smiling at the camera again (not looking like it's a dentist's drill).

Travel more comfortably - even on the subway.

02-13-2006, 11:19 AM
Travel more comfortably - even on the subway.
OMG, how did this slip my mind? I was going to say that I'm going to go and visit my family in a whole other country, I haven't seen some of them for nearly 10 years (not since my "skinny days")!!! I can't believe that wasn't on my list.:fr:

02-13-2006, 05:51 PM
I want to learn to ski. It doesn't sound like much, but I've always wanted to try it.

02-13-2006, 05:59 PM
I'm hoping to reach my final goal weight in about June 2007 and this is my reward http://www.swimtrek.com/greek_cyclades.htm A swimming holiday in the Greek isles.

I am hoping to do a triathlon in 2008, and I figure if I don't get my swimming up to scratch swimming 2 miles a day, there's no hope for me!!!

I want to be able to buy the prettiest, fanciest gym wear.

I want to get a tattoo (probably eucalyptus blossom) on the back of my shoulders

I am going to buy a bikini and wear it with pride, despite the scar on my stomach!