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02-07-2006, 01:10 AM
Does anyone know if a generic is avaliable yet or when it could be. This stuff is costly. I lost my old insurance provider and am shopping around but don't thinK I am gonna end up having one till Nov or so, when my new jobs insurance provider kicks in. I am not a regular employee right now but have already been guaranteed full employee status and benefits by then. Anyway, so now I'm on my own I guess. I want to go see a doctor, and I can get the Meridia from meixco without a prescription but don't want to use it without a doctor's eye on me. This stuff would cost me about $95 for one month, that is pretty high, that's why I'm asking about a generic. If not I could end up trying Adipex/ Phentermine which is much more cost efficent but as I do research I find both - Meridia, and Adipex - have significant side effects. Anyone got some input on differences or experiences on both of these?