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02-06-2006, 01:04 PM
For the past week I've been craving alfredo sauce and have been tinkering with the traditional recipe in order to have it. All I need now is fat free parmesian cheese. I hear rumors that the stuff does exist, but I have yet to find it. Am I just chasing a unicorn here, or is it really out there, and I'm just not looking hard enough?

the ingredients thus far:

whole wheat penne pasta with grilled boneless/skinless chicken breast
Olive oil (instead of butter)
fat free evaporated milk (instead of creme)
fat free milk (to perfect the consistency)
parmesian cheese <---I need this to be reduced fat or fat free.

If anyone has spotted this elusive item - especially in Southern california - let me know. Please please!!:D My alfredo craving just wont go away till I have some, and I refuse to give in to the traditional high fat stuff - lol

Thanks in advance,