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07-18-2001, 09:39 AM
Morning Girls
Its a grey nasty day in my corner of the World
and if you havent Noticed I changed my Sig to reflect My Goals
btw WOOWOOOO 200!
I stopped the Meds all together b/c I think the exercise did more than the meds did and didnt make me feel like tripe so Now I have a scale that works my WW books and a deal to be brutally honest with myself
I also concluded No more gen tsos Chicken i was insane to eat last night and i couldnt stop so i'm thinking the 3 peices of chicken and 3 wontons has msg in em
so No more of that!
*hums Rocky Theme Song*
have a Great Day!

07-18-2001, 09:59 AM
Good morning all! I had such a great day yesterday. I was even in a pretty good mood when I got up this am!:lol:

I worked at home and was done about 3:30pm. That included a few breaks to play on the computer but that happens more often when I am at work so I don't really count it. Anyway, I was so productive too! I went to the gym and ran 1.2 miles (.2 farther than usual), the grocery store, watered the flowers and back yard, vacuumed, mopped kitchen, prepared guest room for MIL and took a bath! :smug: I ate more points during that day than I had wanted to but kept myself busy even not to eat much last night. I had 20.5 points, yippee! And I read in the bath with candle and a little lamp, it was wonderful. When DH came home, I was so relaxed and felt good. We had a little fun of our own :o .

So today I weighed 165 at home. (I still weigh everyday) this should mean 163 at WW so I was quite happy about that. I feel like I can get back to where I want to be by Saturdya if I keep up what I did yesterday. I brought a great lunch and am going to have a yummy, low point dinner at Ruby tuesday's - portobello mushroom sandwich (no cheese of fries, maybe baked potato) and salad bar. I am going to the gym first! Yeah me!

Hi to everyone! I will check in again later!


Grace, Grace
07-18-2001, 10:38 AM
Hey Girls I love the Food Journal's on line. I wil attempt that today. I guess I will do it later though b/c I have no idea what I will eat for dinner. Anyways I didn't do to well last night but I am past it. Today I will prevail!!!!! I had a really good day but then I worked at the restaurant last night. I packed a salad and was a good girl until about 10:30pm and I had 2 pieces of pizza which put me about 5 pts over. UHHHH. I almost said screw it this morning by going to Tim Hortons for a donut and some Cafe Mocha however I had a rice cake and I SWEAR I am going to do it this time. I WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL I REACH GOAL! Ok sorry I had to pump myself up. Which reminds me Kieri I love when you insert the rocky theme song. If I were to insert a song right now it would be Oh No Not I, I WILL SURVIVE!!!!!! ;)

Sarah- Holy, Good Mood Batman!!!! Glad to hear it! Running shopping ETC;) You go Girl!

Kirstie- It is kind of dreary here also. I hope it becomes less gray throughout your day!!!!!!!!!!


07-18-2001, 11:24 AM
Sooooooooo, but sooooooooo grey and rainy and pooey here :( And I have to go to the library and I am wearing sandals and by the time I get there my feet are going to be SOAKING :( :( Ah well, that's what I get for ignoring the weather forecast ...

Hi there Kierie, Sarah, Becky - you guys all sound so chipper, sounds like you're all really motivated and doing well. Kier - 200!! Yippee! We will have to head down to 199 together ... Becky - yay! for ignoring the yumminess RICE CAKES ARE YUMMY (repeat it enough times and you might believe it!) ... Sarah - woo hoo! still on maintenance! You will be lifetime before you know it!!!

Oh bu**er, all sneezy. Gotta brave the rain - wish me luck!


07-18-2001, 11:42 AM
well, B/f has forgiven me adn was super snuggley last night, didn't want to let me go to paint pottery. But he had to leave for a field trip at 4:30 this morning, poor baby, so he went to bed super early anyway!

I painted him a mug with electrical lines on it - the poles and lines he designs at work. I wasn't sure how it looked, but everyone at the place were going on and on about it, so it must have been pretty good I guess...I am all excited to give it to him, but I stil have a whole month until our one year anniversary. I decided on making him a mixed CD as well, with "our songs" on it and I'll buy him something as well...I don't know what yet though!!

My sister and I had a good chat, then we went to the store to get ingredients for tonite's gourmet meal. I even made dessert last night, and set the table with my new wine glasses....all I need to do is cook! And buy wine...oh well can't be too organized, you know.

I am glad all of you are so chipper today- me too! I feel very focused for some reason, not only on WW but in my job and my life. Too bad I have horrid TOM cramps though :( I get so sick from TOM!

Kier - woo hoo on 200!!! You go girl!!! I am glad you stopped the meds. I think it was doing more harm than good and I agree, the exercise was probably doing way more than the drugs!

Sarah - you sound like wonder woman, oh my gosh! You put my night to shame...!! I like working at home, but I can't now tha tI am in a big company. AT the shelter, I coudl do that. Oh well, I am happier here, less emotional stress and more humans!

Becky - don't not quit until you reach goal, don't quit ever...!!! (insert rocky theme) I believe in you!! I am a Tim Horton's coffee addict. So is b/f, we go for a medium double double all the time! Did you see the This hour has 22 min special talking to americans when he said to a pedestrian in the US "did you know president tim horton got a double double" and the guy was like "oh, really - that's great!" Hee hee heee.....Ah, good old tim horton's.

Lolly - EW! I always get the wet sandal feet! Its been really nice here with night time thunderstorms though, I am lucky! I hope you dont' catch a cold!

WEll, I better get some work done. OH YEAH - I came in right on goal, 27 points for the day with 3 exercise points earned...yay!

Tonite will be tough, I'll eat to my max and only bank the booster points earned but oh well, its our 11 months anniversary today and I am having the wine and the lemon dessert!

Adios Chiquitas!

07-18-2001, 12:00 PM
Well everyone, I am back, but still a little sick. I almost passed out yesterday, not good. Plus it was very hot and humid. I think everyone thought I was snotty, but really I felt like death!!

My g-pa is going downhill and it is only a matter of days. So things are still not good here. Don't know what to do. Hubby was more affected by the funeral than he thought. It was sad. Oh and he was a pallbearer, so that was hard too. Emma was cute tho and she talked and babbled during the service.

Still have a headache and really not counting points, although I didn't eat much yesterday, so that is OK! Maybe tomorrow I will be more on track and post in the challenge threads. I can't wait to get out and walk the dog again... plus she feels neglected lately! Poor baby! Oh and Emma slept with us again last night, we were too exausted to comfort her, but the second she layed down next to me, she was out, so I left her in our bed!

More later!

07-18-2001, 01:20 PM
Foggy and drizzly here today, too. Still hot and humid, though. Fortunately, I am in a better mood, so no whining today! ;) Plus, I went to the doctor this morning and my asthma seems to be getting better (helped by the weight loss?), so he's backing me off my meds a bit. Still haven't heard from my gyno about a pap smear I had a few weeks ago, though, and that's making me nervous. If it's not clear again, I may have to have some kind of surgery. I think they're making me wait too long for results. I keep calling and making a fuss. Of course, the lab that is doing/did the tests already billed me! I'm not paying until I get the results.

Well, I'm off to WI. Wish me luck! I'll be back later with an update.

Hi to Sarah, Belle, Keirie, Becky, Jen, Lolly and all the posters-to-be. Lurkers, come out, come out wherever you are!

07-18-2001, 02:58 PM
What a way to end the week! My boss is on vacation. BUT, the borrowers are still bugging me so I'm not totally in the clear. I'm pretty much moved, though. That's good.

OK! Here is how the wedding and honeymoon went.
When I went to the church on Thursday to start decorating "Wesley Hall" (where the reception was going to be) we found out the a/c was OUT!!! They were fixing it, but didn't know when it was coming back on. Basically, there wasn't any air in the entire church and it was in the upper 90's. Yuck!! Then I borrowed 20 linen table cloths from a friend and come to find out, the person who borrowed them before me put some of the cloths in the storage box while damp and about 5 of them had mildew stains. My mom was up until about 1 am washing tablecloths. AND they all had to be ironed. Whew! We worked until pretty late that night. Brett had his bachelor party that night too. If you ask me, it sounded pretty boring. He didn't even come home drunk!! Me on the other hand, was drunk for 2 days after mine!!!
Oh yeah, the A/C was fixed Thursday night, so we were very thankful for that. We finished decorating everything on Friday and had the best time at the Rehearsal dinner. My MIL did an awesome job on that party. Although I didn't have any beer, the others went through several cases of the stuff! On Saturday (the big day) my mom fixed us pancakes for breakfast and my sister and I had early nail appointments. Then we just stayed up at the church for the remainder of the day. Everything went off without a hitch UNTIL the ceremony. Brett and I are standing in front of the minister when I turned to my sister and mouthed, "Did you get Brett's ring?" She then turned a whiter shade of pale and I thought I was going to die!! I never did think about getting his ring to Becka, just my rings to Brent (the best man) Well, I whispered to Brett that I didn't have the ring and I misunderstood his remarks to be angry. He wasn't mad, but I thought he was really disappointed. (he wasn't) All during "From This Moment On" (which one of my best friends who was a bridesmaid sang) I cried b/c I thought Brett was upset. Luckily, I was wearing my grandmother's wedding band. We were able to use that except that it only went to Brett's knuckle. I whispered "don't show your hand!!" During the Unity Candle and Lord's Prayer, he said "if that's the worst thing that happened then we're really well off!" After the ceremony I had one of the girls run get his ring which was just in the bride's room in my bag! So, we did have his ring for the pictures. :lol:
Then for our wedding "dinner" we went to IHOP. It was the best Ham & Cheese omlet I've ever had! On Sunday, we went back to my parents to open gifts and then left for Dallas that evening. We flew out of Dallas to Cozumel on Monday. On Tuesday, we just lazed around the resort and went into town that afternoon. On Wednesday, we went on a Glass Bottom Boat tour and a Sunset Lobster Dinner cruise. That was so fun!!!! On Thursday morning, we went on a Snorkel Tour to some reef and then to Palancar Reef. It's one of the most famous reefs and dive spots in the Carribean! Thursday night we went on the Tequila Party Barge!! Talk about wild! The boat cruised up the coastline and stopped at Playa del Sol for dinner. The group had the entire resort to ourselve and the only lights we had were tiki torches and candles. The food on Thursday night was the best I had all week, of course I got sick later that night. :( I fell in love with the island and didn't want to leave the beach. I was ready to come home, but I just wanted to bring the beach with me! :)
I would recommend Cozumel and All-Inclusive to anyone and everyone! That is so the way to go!!!!!! When I get pictures, I'm going to find a way to scan them. We've been talking about getting a scanner, so maybe I'll be able to do it from home.
Whew! I can't believe the post is this long, but I knew I had a bunch to tell and not too long to do it! Oh yeah, the weather in Cozumel was perfect every day!! It rained as we were landing and wasn't cloudy again until Friday. :) The island was sad for us to leave. haha
Well, I should probably get to work now. I hope everyone had fun reading my novel! :s:

07-18-2001, 03:01 PM
Yippee! For 5 months, I kept hovering around 184.4, usually just over it. At WI, I just lost .8, but it dropped me to 183.6. Maybe this will help motivate me, at long last. And only 1.8 lbs to go until I get my 25-lb. star!

Well, today seems a little quieter, thank goodness. So maybe I can get out of here a little early and take the dogs for a walk, or go for a bike ride. Or even to the gym.

I have a crazy woman on the phone, so I have to go.

07-18-2001, 03:08 PM
Stacey, thanks so much for posting your whole wedding story. I am so happy for you and I can't wait for you to scan some wedding pictures so we can see how beautiful you look! the story about the ring would have made me freak out, you hand;ed it very well. I totally agree with your DH, that if that's the worst, it's not so bad.

Congratulations again. I am so glad that you had a great honeymoon. It sounded wonderful!!!


P.S. Kim- way to go at WI!!!

Jen - Sorry to hear that you are still feeling icky.

07-18-2001, 03:11 PM
Stacey: I posted at the same time as you and got distracted. Wow! I can't believe that happened about the ring, but it sounds like you made a good recovery. It actually sounds kind of sweet that you used your grandmother's ring. And just think ... you have a quite a story to tell your grandchildren one day!

Trish O
07-18-2001, 03:28 PM
Hello girls. Well, today it is so hot here. I am going to DIE in my office it is so hot. I have tried the door open and the door closed. Nothing works! Sounds like that is the chant around the world.

As I sit here, I am eating a veyr bad for me lunch from the cafateria. Two pieces of pizza (but no meat, that it good) some cheese potato soup and some pie. How is that.

Tomorrow I go to the dr, so we will see officially how much weight i have gained. But we are also going to have another ultra-sound. I like those, it is nice to see the baby so much. I wonder when my insurance co is going to say no...no more...you have had more than enough. Oh well, I guess we would just have to pay for them ourselves...at $300 a pop.

Jen: yesterday sounds hard. Sorry your g-pa is not doing any better. I bet it was nice yesterday to have Emma in your bed to comfort you and hubby too.

Belle: have fun with b-friend. Boy, the last time I celebrated a month annaversary was...well, a long time ago. That sound very romantic.

Kim: that is great about the asthma meds.

Lolly: how are your feet? tottaly wet. Once when I was visiting San Fransisco I had really cute sandles on and it rained the entire time I was walking around the Warf. Very wet feet!

Becky: Ahh, pizza, my downfall/

Sarah: you have so much energy.

Kierie: I am glad that you were able to stop the meds. I agree about the exercise. I also go insane and eat way to much when I have generals chicken. Bad me.

Well, hello to everyone else. It has taken my 1 hr to write thie, so I am sorry to anyone I missed.


07-18-2001, 04:39 PM
Stacey - that sounds halarious you poor thing...I would have been freaking out too! You will never forget that, ha aha ha.

Trish - we only started "celebrating" last month b/c it was getting close to a year...its corney. We never did the every month thing at all. I can't wait for next month - Les Mis!!

Kim - congrats on breaking the plateau!! YAY!! That is so great, you must be thrilled. I think its a great motivator.

WEll, must run...


07-18-2001, 05:09 PM
i dont know why i'm so stressed but its inescapable
I took the afternoon off b/c my gramma needed company but i cant even be in the same room shes not the same person and it kills me
my eatings ok I did end up with a donut after my veggies and rice but i can recoup that at dinner
I'm at the end of my rope with home life
on a bright note mom bought the ireland tix and in 6 weeks im outa here!

Belle happy anniversary!
Kim happy broken plateau!
Stacey!!! your wedding sounds amazing even with the ring debacle and cozumel sounds heavenly

Trish I think we should boycott the general and opt for some chicken and broc ; )

Jen My heart goes out to ya hon

07-18-2001, 05:33 PM
Kier - I know how you feel about your gram - my gram on my mom's side aint' the same, but my dad's is, and she is the one i amclosest too - that is why I want b/f to meet her so bad adn drive with me at Thanksgiving....he knows that it means lots to me and I doubt she'll make it to see my wedding (if I ever even have one) as she is 93 years old.

Jen - hang in there sweetie! I hope you feel better. At times like these, aren't kids great? Just looking at them or hearing them coo is comforting, Emma probably gave some light to a few people at the funeral, and of course to you adn DH.