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02-05-2006, 05:23 AM
I feel so alone sometimes. All of my friends are really skinny and cant eat anything without putting on any weight, whereas I have to be really careful not to eat 'the devils foods'.

I havent lost anything this week. Am starting a fresh and my aim is to loose 7lbs by the end of february. Is this a realistic aim?

I would love to join a gym, but all my friends dont need to, and I dont think that I can do it by myself.

After years of being big (12-15stone) I am determined to get to the 10 and a half I should be!

02-05-2006, 08:50 AM
While it is great to have friends to join in your activities, sometimes it's just not possible. Some things you have to do on your own, if you want it bad enough. Besides, if you join a class at a gym, you'll soon pick up new friends in the same way as you! :) and 7lbs is pretty reasonable to me!

Also, if you can't afford a gym like moi, can pick up several exercise videos to do at home! I recently bought a yoga mat with a ball to get myself moving! We're all here for you!

02-05-2006, 09:21 AM
Weightloss is definately a personal thing. You can join weight watchers or some other support group. Personally I am happy knowing I am creating my own victory.

It's a struggle to get me to go to the gym. When I get there, I feel much better. You can also see if someone will walk around the block with you (chatting and walking is fun). Even skinny people can provide support in this way (especially since it doesn't cost them any money). Then do some strength training at home with weights. I was amazed that when I started walking during recess (teacher) other people joined me. WOW! Ultimately this is YOUR victory. You can do these things on your own. We and others can provide the support. You can join friends for other things. Why not suggest to go roller skating, ice skating, snow tubing (if you live north), bowling, etc. Those are fun activities and you will get your excercise in too! Even standing up and playing ping pong can give you a workout (not as intense, but there is some calorie burning going on). Last week I got a chance to go Ice Skating and I didn't know how. By the end I was rolling along. IT WAS FUN!! Ooohhh...One more...Wear a Pedometer to the mall. Walk fast when you can. Set a goal to have 10k (or 5k) steps before you leave the mall.

02-05-2006, 09:22 AM
If you have a game system, buy a dance mat and have friends over to compete on it.

02-05-2006, 12:32 PM
Exercise isn't something that just fat people need to do. Sure, your friends may be skinny-- but if they're only eating "the devil's foods," as you said, then apparently they aren't very heart-conscious. They may not need to lose weight, but everyone should want to be healthier!

02-05-2006, 04:38 PM
Hi, your not alone, we are here, and we are with you. :) I totally agree with Athena too, if you join a gym by yourself and then join in on some classes, I bet for sure that you would make new friends, or at least gym aquaintances. Go for it !!

And she mentioned that if you can't afford the gym that you can buy exercise tapes. Well, I go to a couple thrift shops for exercise videos and I can get them for like 99 cents, its great !! And that way you can get a lot of them for variety, so you won't get bored. :)

Sometimes my mom will exercise with me, but my boyfriend and friends mostly won't, so I can sort of understand you. It sux to feel lonely but it feels great to get out and do stuff for yourself. I hope you find a confidance boost soon, but untill then, we are certainly here for you. :)

02-06-2006, 02:46 AM
Come and post in UK fat chicks too, we're here to help, and you might even find someone in your neck of the woods!!! I'm not a million miles away from you in Manchester, so if you ever want to meet up for a walk or something, here I am!!! (and I'm fatter than you ;) )

I never had any friends to exercise with when I started. But I MADE exercise friends at the gym and at work as well. It took a few months, but now I often have people to exercise with. I am changing gyms in a few weeks, and unfortunately will have to start again, but now I have the confidence to know that it won't take long for me to meet people.

This is going to sound harsh, but your choosing to be lonely. You can go out and make new friends, exercise at the gym, find buddies. I can't believe you are the only overweight person in the West Midlands LOL

02-06-2006, 03:19 PM
What is the URL for the UK fat chicks forum?

02-06-2006, 03:20 PM
It's on here, a couple above this one (support)

02-06-2006, 04:09 PM

Here's the link!