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02-01-2006, 11:14 PM
hey everyone! it's a new month, time for a new thread. let's get to thinking real quick about a challenge for february. i'm still stumped. my gut feeling is that some kind of nsv should be incorporated somehow. anyone new who's looking for a great home here on 3fc, we welcome you join us -- we are supportive and motivated to succeed.

02-02-2006, 10:20 AM
i'd like a NSV challenge added too
right now i hate the scale
I will think of ideas and post later
Laura and Melissa NO FAIR! applebees together - seriously i hope you two had a blast!
Where is Everyone?? i hope all is ok - i worry about everyone when they are not around.
I have become addicted to luna bars- had no time to eat when dealing with FIL and the hospital -they had the bars in the snack bar so i grabbed one and now i am addicted.
I have decided that i am just putting food in my mouth because i can. NOT because i am hungry. i need to learn what hunger is and not just bored or eat cause food is available. I need to eat to live not live to eat. (yeah I ripped that off of the biggest loser :lol: )
have a great day!

02-02-2006, 01:04 PM
Thanks for starting the new thread-I totally spaced it. Yes I think some NSV's would be good but I will have to actually think lol. Yes it was me who got to have lunch with Laura and it was a blast. The time just went so very fast but it was so nice to "see" on of us. I have just had lots of errends ect the last few days and by the time I get them all back, I am a veggie. Katy did stop by the other day. Apparently she was in jail again on some warrant. I read her the riot act because not only was she washing her clothes she was washing the losers she hangs out with. Told her no more or she loses privilages. Not my problem they are all too lazy to get a job and be responsible-it isn't mine. She did tell me Michelle isn't happy with her though and I tried to remind her that dependency can be cancelled anytime and if that happens, she won't be able to keep any children she gives birth to. She said she is due in July or Aug so at least that gives me more time-now I am also questioning whether she is preggo or not. She still hasn't gone into see the dr. Oh the saga rolls on!

Ok off to play Pirate the World and then I have to get busy lol. I found this game and now I am addicted.

02-02-2006, 03:17 PM
wow, that's awesome that you and laura got to hang out melissa. i know how those pirate games can be addictive. i kicked my pirate game habit, but only after weeks of playing pretty much non-stop ;) i keep on hoping that kate will see the light before the baby is born ( if she is pregnant.) well, there is time left, so that's good.
i love those luna bars! they are much better than other similar bars. the lime one is the best i think.
i am looking forward to having an op day. i just had a pretty big breakfast, so i am going to have to watch it later on today. i have less than two weeks for my mini goal, so i need to get busy. i thought of one nsv that would be good for me, and that is to control snacking. i have developed this habit of snacking, not always on healthy food, and i want to try and cut that out.

02-02-2006, 03:56 PM
Fortunately there are only 600 free moves a day so that keeps me from getting on there every spare second. One guy found an xbox on an island. Now if I could get those scurvy bilge rats to quit looting me while I am not at play!

02-02-2006, 10:26 PM
hmm i have never tried the luna lime bars.. I need to check those out. of course i will eat anything that has chocolate on it so i use the luna bar excuse to get my fix in. they don't taste like cardboard or paste so i likes them!

I CAN NOT get addicted to pirate games.. i spend way too much time on video games i get addicted to. 2 years ago i was given the old school ninetendo & tons of games for my Bday and i played super mario for hours on end. no laundry done, the house went to heck and i ate non- stop potato chips. NO pirate games for Sandi.
although i really adore Movie pirates if they are Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom

i am so glad you and laura got to have dinner together. I bet ya'll had fun!

I have come to the conclusion one can talk until one is blue/purple /red in the face and one's "grown-up" kids will not listen . for any reason. and all we parents are, is stupid, annoying, and worthless.
I hope katey gets it together- something has to happen to get her attention. i hope it does before it is too late.

well i had a great OP day today until i got home and decided to eat everything in site. i mean what was up with that?? I atre a great breakfast and a good lunch - snacks were great and my fitday was awesome. now i am afraid to finish posting what i ate today. and i don't even think i was hungry. i have been going thru headaches getting off caffiene again. but thats no reason to EAT.

I am not sure if we want to do a group challenge like exercise like we did before -like say 3 times a week for Feb. or so many minutes? or the person who logs in the most exercise minutes gets a gold star?? or if everyone wants to do their own challenge? or pounds lost?? or set a goal and work towards it?? i think NSV's may be different for everyone. or someone please think of something better than i did :lol:

my NSV this month will be to drink my water.
i need get serious - i have only been half - butt doing this program. lazy lazy lazy slacker.

well i need to work on my fitday and see what i can do better. I read this book about losing lots of pounds in 14 days and it was all don't eat fruit and no grains and no dairy. I don't know but i really love peaches and nectarines and fruit may have sugar (natural) in it but i can't see how something that is natural/unprocessed can make you fat. I just really believe less calories in and exercise more and you lose weight. and i can't see how carrots are bad for you? i am having issues with all this don't eat fruit and don't drink milk -
i would think you'd be better off not drinking the artificial flavored protein shakes they talk about in the book??
oh well off my ":soap:"

02-02-2006, 11:17 PM
i totally agree with you sandi. about the artificial foods not being as good for weight loss as fresh fruits and dairy. they just got done with that whole thing "eat three servings of dairy a day to lose weight." it doesn't matter for weight loss though. low calories+exercise=thin. eating fresh foods as opposed to processed is fine.. it's healthy. and healthy foods are usually lower in calories anyway. but not always. i know all too well that avocados are healthy and high in calories, so i limit them. so many weight loss books are out there. it's just a bunch of folks trying to make $$$ imho. :soap:!
but mostly i agree with you about the fact that johnny depp is a hot pirate. and it's all about old-school nintendo. :lol:

02-03-2006, 09:40 AM
HI guys! Just wanted to check in before I start another long stretch at work. It looks like we have some seriously AWOL gals. Theresa--I hope everything is fine with you. We really miss you and hope you come back soon.:grouphug: Kayelle---You are our inspiration, our muse;) hope to hear from you.

Dh did super with his eye surgery. Even the doc was amazed at how much vision was restored only one day postop.:carrot: That is a major stress gone from our lives.

I've been thinking about the challenge and the NSV for Feb. Part of losing weight is changing how you look at yourself,so how about a NSV that once a week we post something positive we noticed about ourselves personally?? Too corny maybe??? Maybe an exercise challenge of 3 sessions of whatever each of us do a week???:shrug: (Somebody help me out here, i'm sinking fast!!)

Melissa, can't the case-worker make Kate go to the doc? What about pre-natal care if she is pregnant, she should really have started that already. Since she is bound by the court so much you think they could make her do something!!! I think if you knew for sure and when a true due date was it might help relieve some of the stress. Easier to plan for the known instead of the unknown:dizzy:
Well my total weight loss for January was the best it's been in months, 14 pounds:dancer: :woo:
You are so right Candice. Weight loss is truly the old fashioned less calories in, more energy out. I keep my calories between 1200-1500 a day, try to make good choices but still count everything I eat. Sometimes you just need that piece of chocolate.:devil: My exercise is what's been really bad with all the hours I've been working. Most days I just fall into bed when I get home and sleep until about an hour and a half to two hours before I have to get back to work. My shifts are typically 14 hours a day with report time figured in. That's not counting 40 minutes of driving everyday. Somehow I have got to get some type of exercise in. Any suggestions??

Well, now I've got to work on the bills before I go back to bed. I hope everyone has a great weekend. I will try to post sometime during the weekend, not a promise, just a hope!!

Take care everyone!


02-03-2006, 02:04 PM
Hi all, again I was lost wondering where everyone was in the old thread!:?:
Suzette-14 pounds is AWESOME!! I actually gained and lost the same 3 pounds in January:(
According to Curves I gained 1 lb last week, but I know it was all the chips and salsa I ate Sunday. My PMS demands salt!! I am doing much better this week, if I could just get myself to the gym more often, I've only been twice this week. I am going to Curves and the gym today and tomorrow. Hubby wants to meet with the trainer and the gym and get us a both a routine worked out. Right now we're just doing the treadmill and hubby does weights, but doesn't really know a routine. I read weight training will speed up metabolism so I really need to start some!
Well, I'll check in again later. Off to the gym!


02-03-2006, 08:05 PM
Hi everybody! I haven't gone anywhere...I've just had a busy week and haven't had time to check in, but it's finally Friday! I am ready for a weekend. But where is Theresa??? It's really not like her to be gone so long. I hope everything is ok.

Congrats on a great month, Suzette!! 14 pounds is terrific!! Awesome!

I haven't tried Luna bars. I'm not even sure I've ever even seen one in the store. I might have to check them out. Yikes, I never would have lost any weight without fruit and grains and dairy. I'm sure it works for some people but those are things I could not (nor do I want to) give up. I probably eat enough fruit for at least 3 people in a day, but it fills me up and satisfies my sugar craving without packing on pounds so that's what I'm sticking with.

Count me in as another Johnny Depp fan. Definitly a very hot pirate. That's one of my favorite movies and I can't wait for the second one. I've never played the game you all are talking about, though. Sounds like it's better if I don't start. I am easily addicted to things like that, too. I play WordRacer on occasion and I love The Sims 2 but I rarely play it because once I get started I could sit here playing it all day and get nothing accomplished.

How cool Melissa and Laura that you got to have lunch together! I bet you had a great time. Sounds like a lot of fun!

I've been doing fine other than being busy and slightly tired. I've really been pushing the workouts since we are counting minutes for Lighten Up Iowa. My team is doing really well so far, but we are only two weeks in.

Well I need to go help my husband with dinner...whole wheat pasta w/marinara tonight, and I can't have too much because I still need to get a workout in tonight and I hate exercising with a full stomach.

Hi to everybody!! I'll try to catch up more tomorrow since I get to stay home ALL DAY! Whoohoo!!

02-05-2006, 01:17 PM
:wave: I'm here, I'm here! :wave:

Where have I been? Let's make it short and say things were so busy and demanding on my time, I just went into autopilot for everyone else. I was taking no time for myself, which meant no exercise, eating whatever could be grabbed in a second (or even just cleaning after the kids when they were done), etc. On Monday I walked by the scale and dared to step on it. It said 240, so I hadn't gained through it all--probably all the running crazy! I realized I need to put myself first again or I am going to burn out. I started exercising again, went back to eating right, even if it means putting others off while I cook. I am feeling much better today. I actually have that thin, light feeling again!!!

Through the last couple weeks I have learned that everything in my life hinges on exercise. If I don't exercise I get cranky, and the eating and water goes right down the drain. When I exercise, I automatically make better eating choices to feel good for another workout, I drink the water because I inhale it while doing the workouts, and my mood lifts for the entire day. I have to exercise or everything else stops...very glad to realize that now!!!

Tried my BL DVD and LOVE it. thought I would die the first time :lol:

I can't go back and read everything, but I skimmed and saw that Melissa and Laura got to really meet! That is awesome!!!!! It would be nice to put faces to the names here.

:grouphug: sorry I disappeared, but glad to be back to thinking of ME and back to you all. Starting next Saturday I have 4 days straight of parties! Two to throw, two to attend. I was supposed to be helping throw the Valentine's party, but no one ever called me so I just kept quiet. I know, horrible of me, I should have spoke up and said "what do I need to do?" But I decided if they wanted to exclude or forget me, that's fine, I'll just keep quiet. I have been so crazy busy, it would have been hard to help anyway.


02-05-2006, 04:48 PM
I am so happy to see you back Theresa! We have been worried about you. I am just plugging along here and yes it was so wonderful to have lunch with Laura-the time just went way too fast. Course you know me, I get around an adult and good luck getting away anytime soon. I am gonna talk your ear off! I went Friday to watch my son get award for caring. He was the only kid in his class to get one. Food is off again on again-I am just stressing over stuff way too much and need to let it go.

Oh i am getting much better at my pirate game too and looting and pilaging! I think it is theraputic and hey it is free-one guy earned 140 for the month in cash just for playing. Personally I want an xbox that is sitting on an island

02-06-2006, 12:45 AM
yay! theresa is back! that is so right about the gym. i wish i could get into the habit of going every day, because it really improves my mood and since i weigh at the gym, i want to do better on eating so it doesn't show up on the scale that i ate a grip.
i've been doing ok today, even though sundays are usually bad. i would have been bad and ate the rest of the cherry garcia after my nap, but dh ate it and saved me the calories :devil: i was actually mad for a second, but then i realized it was actually a favor. i am always starving and craving bad food after a nap for some reason. hopefully i will hit the gym later on. it's still early, so hopefully i'll get motivated to go.

02-06-2006, 07:07 AM
well i blew it. no gym and i had a muffin and fries instead, and went way over on calories. dh and i got all pissy at each other and i went by myself to work to check my schedule and get some tea. then this girl invited me to go with them after close to denny's, and by the time we were getting ready to leave, i was really hungry. i had the muffin because it was free, and i am not sure why i had fries. i didn't have enough cash to get anything else, but why did i feel the need to get anything?!?
i am so mad at me!

02-06-2006, 12:30 PM
We are back from Seattle and San Diego. It was wonderful meeting Melissa. Now she has a face, and a very nice one at that. We talked alot, mostly about out kids, first her's and then my phone rang and kid problem #987,345,346 popped up to make me nuts. It's hard to escape even 3000 miles from home. I should flush the cell phone. Anyway, our lunch was lovely.
Food on this trip was fine till Friday. Then I blew it with junk. I did work out twice at a club in San Diego. Apparently some health clubs belong to an organization which allows travelers day passes. This one charged $5.00.
I never saw so many sleek, worked out bodies. Nothing like my little NY club with many overweight easy going women.
I am OP today and will workout again tomorrow.
I think a once a week NSV is a good challange, plus exercise at least 3 times and OP every day. Most of us, including me, have been slacking off since Xmas, and it's time to get real. Summer is in 5 months and It's TIME.

02-06-2006, 04:24 PM
Candice try to let it go-I know it is hard-especially when we just plain don't get why we did it in the first place. Hindsight can be cruel so dust off and start over. I have been there so many times myself. New day-new beginning!

Laura so glad you are home safely. I know about the slacking since Christmas thing. I am going to sit down sometime today and get the menu planned for when I go grocery shopping on Friday. Not much to chose from till then so I will just try and be as careful as I can.

Well you will never guess what?? THE SUN IS SHINING!!!!!!! Yes I know it is hard to believe due to where I live but it is. So....when I put the two younger ones down for their nap, I am gonna put some boots on Dess and we are going to go outside for awhile. I know most of the time will be pushing her on the swing but I may get some debrit out of the yard. We had terrible wind storm for like two days here. Trees went down onto houses and power was lost. The thing that got me was people were more worried about how they were going to watch the superbowl than the fact they had no power or a tree had split their house in two. Go figure.
Let's get it going again!

02-06-2006, 10:34 PM
lol laura. it was the same for me when i first went to the gym, back in 2002. everyone was so fit. i assumed that was howgyms were everywhere, but maybe it's a san diego thing. it was pretty indimidating at first, but then i just learned to do my thing when i realized that even though i was the fattest person at the gym, no one was staring at me. but i must say, it's great not to be the biggest anymore ;)
as for my little indiscretion yesterday, i'm over it. as miss scarlett would say. hopefully i will get up early tonight and go to the gym before work.

02-07-2006, 04:37 PM
Hellloooo??? Where is everyone? It's too quiet!
Well, weigh in was yesterday at Curves and I stayed the same:?: Oh well, much better than a gain!! I need to do the treadmill a few more times a week. I need to call the trainer also and get some type of weight lifting routine going. According to Fitday, I need to lose 1.4 lbs/week to be at 160 by Christmas. That is a very doable goal, I think. I would like it faster, but I will try to stay realistic!
Well, the weather is beautiful here, so I'm taking the kids and the dog out for a walk!
Check ya'll later!


02-07-2006, 09:03 PM
Hi everybody!

I have been unable to get here ever since I posted on Friday and now I am way behind again! I kept getting the old server up until tonight for some reason, must have something to do w/my ISP. Anyway...I'm glad to be back!

Not too much new going on with me. I hope everybody is having a great week so far!

I have to speak to another class on the 15th. This time it's the Food & Nutrition class, I am nervous about it but I am kind of excited because this time it was requested by a student! My husband and I are both going to go talk about our weight loss, eating and exercise routines, etc. I am going to have to take some time over the weekend and figure out a general outline of what we're going to say since we will have around a half hour of speaking time and that's really quite a bit of time to fill in.

Well I better go get some work done around here and I'll try to catch up as soon as I can. This is getting to be a really busy time of year for me because I am a Prom co-sponsor and I'm also on interview teams for replacing anybody who might be resigning this year and we are starting in already with that.

Happy Tuesday, everybody!!!

02-07-2006, 10:14 PM
It's hard to get back on track after a few days of true badness. I am at 1700 calories, but I did a good aquatic workout this morning and I feel it in every part of my body. I highly recommend it if the facility is available. Today there was just me and another woman and the trainer, so it was terrific. The trainer was a man, fiftyish, and not looking too good. But the session was excellent. I am thinking that maybe he is losing weight and hasn't arrived there yet. I really feel no pain in the water, but later on i know I have really worked hard. The big problem for me is that i have to wash my hair before I leave and come home with wet hair and that is a big pain. I can't leave the pool chlorine in my hair or it will turn a new color, probably green.

02-07-2006, 10:14 PM
for some reason i can not get on track- i am bloated and BLAH right now- seems i have been bloated for 3 weeks and no relief in sight. i am NOT eating anything salty or bad for me - i am drinking lots of water but i just feel all swollen and fat. in fact i upped my water on Dr's advice and my feet & face are so puffy- now they are worried about kidney issues with the diabetes. :(
I started new meds 3 weeks ago and wonder if they are the cause?? BUt i feel fat in my clothes and icky..sorry for the whine..

I didn't realize Ebay would become so time consuming but i am selling and loving it. i am getting organized with it and it is getting easier.

ok i have to admit instead of posting last night i got out the old ninetendo and played bubble boggle for an hour... should have :strong: but i didn't

i am not happy with this month seems i am on a permanent PMS right now..(poor Hubby)

Kayelle - you'll do fine - an outline always helps me when i have to speak. i am the type who can speak in front of 2 million people i don't know but hate to go to a party if i don't know anyone there. You are such an inspiration too-
weight lifting is supposed to help you burn fat faster as muscle keeps buring fat . (i think thats it.) Good luck kathy you can do it!:carrot:

Laura- i have been known to go, "wait- i'm losing you- what?? I can't hear you- i'll talk to you later" when called with crisis i don't want to deal with. i know it may not be nice but tere are times i can't handle things in a nice way. it gives me time to chill.

i am still thinking private island with no cell phones or troubles. just guys who look like johnny depp handing us cool drinks..

Theresa i am so happy to see you back! I missed you! hey let a mom who isn't crazed do something! I work and do so much other things and i get so annoyed at moms who don't have other kids or work cause they don't do anything at the school.

Melissa- glad to hear you have sun!!!!!:D

i guess i will just start tomorrow all over again. i can still exercise and eat right even if i am all puffy.

have a good day tomorrow everyone!

02-07-2006, 11:28 PM
Kathy better to maintain than to gain I always say!

Kayelle you are going to do just as well with this lecture as you did before. It will actually get easier the more you do it. Practice makes perfect.

I would talk to your dr. Sandi-it sounds like it could very well be medication related. Prescriptions are nasty things. Sometimes the side affects are worse than what we suffer from in the first place. Just sounds too coincidental that the feelings started the same time as the new prescriptions.

Hmmm green would have you in the right frame for st. patties day. Nah-I would stick with what you got-it works for you. I really want to eventually try that aquatic excersize. I think it is one of the best I could do with this stupid arthritis of mine but I need to wait for kids to get a little bigger. I would even like to just take dessa and get her lessons if I could get mom to sit with the other two.

Got my menu done so waiting for friday to get here. I am with Laura-time to get the nose to the grindstone again and be serious. I seem to be maintaining and I want to be losing again. I screwed up my puter somehow and wound up spending most of the day getting it all back together again. Needless to say I wasn't a happy camper. Well I need to get the little ones all tucked in.

02-08-2006, 01:38 PM
Good Morning Everyone!!
It's a beautiful day here, a little cool but bright and sunny. Too bad I have to got to sleep as I have to work tonight. I have been OP most of the week except for yesterday when I did push the calories a little higher than usual. I still am not drinking enough water, and am not exercising. I plan to take my gym clothes with me tonight and go after work in the morning. Hopefully we will have a good night at work. My scale is sitting at 201 and not budging. I hope that when TOM is done it will start moving again. I am not going to change my ticker until I break that 200 mark. I am hoping It will go down by Valentine's day. Although Hubby already gave me my gift, :love: he wasn't sure about my schedule and wanted to give it to me when I was home. I have a beuatiful diamond heart necklace. Guess what The chain that came with it actually fits!!! That is a first for me as I usually have to buy a longer chain for any necklace!!! So I guess that's my NSV for this week!!!:carrot:
I found a dress that I would like to wear to my sister's wedding. The largest size it comes in is a 14 so I have got to get to work.;)

We had a girl in as a patient at work who had a history of a heart attack at 26. She weighed 324 now and all she wanted was food from Mcd's, Burger King etc.. She would pitch a fit when we told her that the doc ordered a calorie restricted diet and her family could not bring in outside food. I am sure that when she moved out of our unit to a regular room she had a regular fastfood buffet in her room. So sad to see someone so young killing herself with food. Her whole family was well over the 300 pound mark so I guess that is how she was raised to eat. I think that when I start back to school, my thesis might have to do with child obesity. I really think it is going to be the next big challenge for nurses in the future.
Ok off my :soap:
I hope everyone is doing well, it looks like it's been quiet in here this month. I am going to try to continue with not eating during my meal break at work, I really think that is what helped me lose the weight last month.

I made a mini goal for myself with an outfit as the reward for May 1st , I'll let you know if I get it.:beach:

Take care everyone,:grouphug:

02-08-2006, 02:05 PM
So sad about your patient! If a heart attack doesn't give a wakeup call, not sure what would do it. It must break your heart to watch.

Well with my computer fiasco yesterday, I lost all my crockpot recipes so that bummed me out. I still know there are stuff for favorites that I just can't remember yet. Josh came unhinged when he found out-like I wanted it to happen. Counting to friday so I can get some healthy food in the house.

02-08-2006, 10:07 PM
I am also finding that ebay is more work than I imagined. I have made almost $400 in two weeks, but it has taken a lot of time. My feedback score went from 0 to 14 in those two weeks, and still I have 15 people who haven't left me feedback...when I kNOW they received their stuff :mad: okay, I just want a higher score :lol: I spent a lot of that $$ buying clothes for me and Allie (she will be naked soon, it's very difficult getting her ready for school this week, NOTHING fits, fit last week but not now). I bought almost $100 in clothing, new with tags, all big name brands that I haven't even dreamt about since I had the kids...and all in a size 16 :o They are for summer and I am panicking now thinking I have to get there now, because we can't afford to rebuy it in a bigger size. I am in a 18 now, so it's just one size down...I CAN DO THIS. I just don't feel like I can.

I have lost all focus on me again and it's hard to shift back. I've been potty training Tyler, dealing with a very smart a** attitude from Allie (since when did preschoolers talk like teenagers?), and taking care of Mawmaw, who is getting really bad with her memory and I have to drag the kids to check on her daily. I have been doing ebay and it has been hectic with that, and spending time shopping ebay too. I am happy that tonight I sold all but 3 things, and they have a few days so I can relax from that. I have to ship 9 packages tomorrow then will have to get the hosue cleaned's a MESS.

Hubby said for Valentines I can have any digital camera I want, I have been wanting one for a long time, so I did all this research and settled on the Canon PowerShot A620. It's $399 in all the stores I checked, plus tax, but I got one off ebay for $320, shipping and all. Will pay for it tomrrow morning and hope it comes QUICK. I have a closet full of things to put on ebay, now that I am addicted to that extra $$, and I have to get the camera to get the pics and do it...lugged it all to a friend's house and back again last time, and will NOT do taht again, what a hassle.

Okay, I am really glad to be back and to hear everyone having the same struggles I have. It's like coming home from a long trip :grouphug: LET"S GET SERIOUS...I have to be in my 16 clothes by summer. Here's my plan...and what is the plan for you other "let's get serious" people?

I will get up early every morning, back to 6AM, and do the BL DVD, working on the 6 week plan.
I will plan my schedules out night before on fitday, 1400-1500 calories AND STICK TO IT.
I will grocery shop tomorrow and deck the hosue out in healthy foods...and buy NOTHING unhealthy.
I will drink water, water, more water, and lay off the Dr. Pepper.

I need your help ladies....HELP.


02-08-2006, 10:39 PM
Yep you aren't the only one struggling. I have things all laid out for when I can grocery shop on Friday so at least I got a plan. Having your own camera will cut down listing time for you on ebay. I am still waiting for mom to bring hers over so I can get the pics done. She has been a bit hurried herself of late. Wish I had made that much over the last two weeks. I did sell couple of books and I have few things selling right now but I am not even near the 100 mark yet. It will take less time as you get a groove. Oh and people suck about giving feedback too. I don't think I have made it to 50% of customers leaving it for moms doll clothes or any for what I have sold lately. I don't leave it anymore for sales. I tell them to leave it when it arrives and we will do it then. I figure if feedback is important to them, then they will leave it otherwise I am not taking time out to do it.

02-08-2006, 10:42 PM
:cry: today was awful and it's not even over yet. grrr. i was dead tired at 4 this morning, but i had to go to work anyway. right after i got back from my break and the morning rush was starting, some errr, *lady*, cussed me out through the drive-through headset for no reason that i could discern. oh now i remember.. she wanted a hot chocolate, but i initially thought she said white chocolate mocha. and in fact, that is what she said -- the other girl with a headset at the time agreed she said it. i guess it should be no big deal, but is just one of those things i just can't handle. not only can i not tolerate rudeness, but i can't even *say* anything to her. <pulls out hair>. what is it with people that they will treat people this way just make themselves feel like big-shots? it's like people are just not human beings to each other any longer. we're more like dartboards. it's little things like this that kill any hope i harbor for humanity. :rolleyes:
after that my wisdom tooth started throbbing until i just couldn't take it anymore, and i broke down and went to the dentist, even though my insurance hasn't kicked in yet. now i owe $459 for a deep cleaning, that by the way, was *excruciating.* i still have to have two fillings, the other side deep-cleaned, and of course, four extractions of my ridiculously impacted teeth.
to top it all off, i am too behind on my 2/14 goal to reasonably make it. i guess i blew it again.

02-08-2006, 11:00 PM
Neither long or pointless Candice. People are not happy so they take it out on others and unfortunately those who deal with the public get to get the brunt of it. I got into trouble many times when I worked in the grocery business because I refused to allow anyone to talk to me that way. I never cussed at them or anything but I did refuse to serve a few times. Of course I got into trouble for it but I didn't care. I still don't let people do that to me but it is hard, especially when it is such a new job for you. People suck sometimes. I have had those "deep cleanings" and my heart goes out to you. You have done alot and you need to focus on what you have accomplished. I am not anywhere near my goal either for my birthday and I have to say it is all my fault but such is life and I am not going to let it bug me. Sounds like it was just a rough day overall for ya. Take a nice long hot bubble bath-you deserve it.

02-09-2006, 02:54 PM
that's a great idea. i am going to do that as soon as i finish my breakfast. i always take a bath instead of showers, so i don't think of it as a relaxing luxury. but today i will! at least i got plenty of sleep last night. the dentist gave me vicodin for my tooth so couldn't stay up to watch the movie, and i fell asleep at 10 p.m., and woke up at 10 a.m. hopefully work today will go better, since i'm not working in the morning, and not at drive-through. usually i don't like the slower shifts, but today it's just the thing i need (well, a day off would be even better.) i need to catch up with my food log and go to the gym though. other than that, tonight i am going to take it easy.

02-09-2006, 03:21 PM
Hi. Im new, saw this thread and thought you all seem pretty cool. How has this whole 3fatchicks thing worked for you. Has it really helped with the weight lose to be connected? I hope so...

Right now I have a hubby and a local buddy for some support. We are all on a low cal diet (just for a few weeks). I saw this sight way back when and thought I should check it out again. I am 30 with a 4 yr old. I live in NH. I own 2 small businesses. I sell ink and media for large format printing and own a wine shop. So, Ive been way busy and eating out WAY too much (sometimes 4-5 times a week) and gaining and gaining. I was 180 (already big) and now 230. I have to lose the weight for me and for my daughter too I guess. I have started bringing lunch to work, drinking a ton of water, and I am going to start working out soon.

PS..I have done eBay in the past and was making almost 600 a week. SO I know that whold thing too. Maybe we have something in common?....

02-09-2006, 05:25 PM
Welcome to the group. Yes this a great bunch of gals and they have been a lifeline for me. I have a place where I can vent, get good advice, get encouragement as well as give it. I am almost 42 and raising 3 grandkids ages 3, 2 and almost 9 months along with my 9yr old son with autism. I have been trying my hand at ebay but not doing the volume that I would like. Mostly sell American girl outfits but I have thrown other things into the mix lately too. You sound like a busy gal but it can be done with some planning and looking ahead. You are already ahead in the game with a supportive hubby! We all look forward to getting to know you

02-09-2006, 08:24 PM
Hello and welcome, Laurie! You have found an awesome group here. They all have helped me lose the last of my extra pounds last summer and fall and they've been helping me stay on track and maintain since ever since then. Congrats on having the supportive hubby...some people aren't so lucky, but fortunately for me, my husband has also been extremely supportive (he also lost a lot of weight, plus he does all the cooking so it was really important to me to have his help. It sounds like you are extremely busy, but do try to schedule in some time to get started with exercise when you can. Even if it's only for a few minutes, it just makes you feel good. I hated exercising when I first started but now I look forward to my workouts and it just doesn't feel right if I miss one.

Sorry about your day yesterday, Candace. People can be such jerks. That was one thing I hated when I worked in a store. I always felt I had to be so nice no matter how bad people acted. Kudos to you Melissa for not being afraid to stand up to people like that. You are right, you shouldn't have to put up with anyone treating you badly. It's funny, when people find out that I work with teens that have academic and/or behavioral problems they think I must be crazy for thinking I have the best job in the world, but I have never, EVER had any of these kids be as disrespectful to me as some of the adults I used to have to deal with in my previous job. Sure, they have bad days, too, but for the most part if they are treated well they respond in kind. I definitely can't say that about some of the people I used to have to deal with.

So glad to see you are back, Theresa!! It sounds like you have been really busy! Good luck with the potty training! My son was so hard to train and it took forever. My daughter was like a dream, though. She was only a year and a half old and it took a whole day! She wet her pants one time and didn't like it so she never did it again. I was, and still am amazed by that.

Well, my husband is calling me so I better go see what's up...hope you all have a great night!!!

02-10-2006, 08:45 AM
thanks for your encouragement kayelle. in this situation i didn't really get a chance to say anything because the other girl at drive-through took over (bless her heart). even if that had not been the case, i don't think i would have been able to say anything, because in general i freeze up when people are that rude. i just can't handle it and i go into shock. i always think of great comebacks later though. yesterday i had two really rude customers again. one of them was even a coworker from another store who came in for a drink! she told off my manager because he wanted to see her i.d. (a little anal, but within the discount policy, of course). sheesh. it's only coffee people! get over it!
well i better be off to work. here's to another op day for all us summer starters! and welcome to the group laurie! hope you enjoy posting with all these great gals here. they are super-supportive. me too, i guess ;)

02-10-2006, 10:05 AM
Tried to post last night but my computer was acting up. I so want a new computer but the $$ I had saved for it is going to fix the truck. Grr i can't win somedays.

Time to play catch up:hug: to everyone

Laurie :welcome3: This is an awesome group of ladies - there are days i'd want to eat a 5lb box of chocolate BUT i come here and although i still want to eat the candy- i don't- these ladies help me thru it! My hubby is from NH- he wants to go back for a visit next summer - it's been a few years since he's been there. He's lived in Nashua and Hudson- planning is EVERYTHING-
Melissa is SO right - again ;)

Wow Theresa- YOU are not only our exercise Queen but our Ebay Queen! I made 80.00 last week and so far 60.00 this week - the Extra $$$ is nice! Hubby says i am going to run outa stuff to sell and i said Nope- i'll get into your stuff eventually:p YOU CAN get into the 16's You know you can! and :snowfight STEP AWAY FROM THE DR. PEPPER- all artificial coloring and flavors and calories - OOOO :fr: :yikes: hey where's candice with her food descriptions?

Candice- i would have envisioned pouring the hot drink over the ladies head-:devil: then again i tend to be oh so sicky sweet when i am confronted by rude people- i just go all kind and nice and it seems to irritate them even more. not nice i know but then they can't complain i was rude.
Hope the vicodin helped- tooth pain is like the worst ever.

:bravo: suzette on your NSV and what a nice gift !

I have never had green hair but did go orange for a few days- ( gf decided i would look as a blonde( never mind i have a ruddy complection and would look horrible with light hair.) and she over processed it and it turned ORANGE
( she was only in her second week of beauty school) well it took 2 weeks and alot of $$ to fix it! now i stick to miss clariol and have plain old brown hair.

well my FIL can't go back to work for 3 more weeks, if then- and it's looking more and more like we will have to move in with them- i don't really want to- BUT you gotta do what ya gotta do for family. and we can't see them losing their home- it is a HUGE house tho and we'd have a bit of privacy- plus they have an awesome kitchen -oh well things happen for a reason- we may not understand why but one day we will. hmmm they also have a huge back yard- i am thinking pool.
Have a GREAT OP day everyone- I am still trying for my NSV this week
and to exercise 2 more times so i can at least meet one goal!:carrot:

02-10-2006, 11:57 AM
It's good to be home again, but hard to settle down. My working out is good, but food is just soso. No junk, not too much, but not OP.
Everyone sounds good. I think we are all re energized to face the the next 2 1/2 months. When May comes I want to be able to look better than I did last May. Our anniversery is May 2 and last May 2nd, we went into the city for a lovely dinner, the opera, and we stayed overnight in a hotel. I was fat and looked yucky. This year will be different.
We are expecting a big snow storm after a very mild Dec and Jan. I am off to get some food into this house, human, cat and dog.

02-10-2006, 12:56 PM
Looks like we are both off to the store today Laura. Today is grocery day here too. My SIL is on her way to the hospital again today. She went yesterday but they wound up sending her home so mom called this morning to let me know they were on their way back again. She will have micah while Kayla arrives. I got my menu all set up and tonight I will sit down and get the dailies done for at least a couple of days. It is time to get serious again and get the rest of this gone.

I am with you Sandi-gotta do what you gotta do for family. It isn't always the thing we would choose for ourselves but if family doesn't look out for each other who will?????

Ok let's all get on the ball here and start moving those darn tickers down!

02-10-2006, 10:29 PM
Hi, all! It's Friday!

I've had a good week. I got in a LOT of exercise today. I just finished the Billy Blanks Basic Boot Camp DVD with resistance bands. It's a 55 minute workout and it is SO HARD. I haven't even tried Ultimate Boot Camp yet...the basic one is still so hard for me. I can hardly lift my arms and legs afterwards.

Has anybody tried the Aquafina or Dasani flavored waters? I have a real problem drinking plain water, I just do not like it. This week I've tried the wild berry flaver and the grape flavor Aquafina and the strawberry Dasani and I love them all (the grape Aquafina is especially good). I know plain old water is the best but this has to be better than not drinking water at all and drinking diet pop all the time, doesn't it? It doesn't have any calories and it just tastes good. I really like this stuff. It does have splenda in it, but artificial sweeteners are one thing that I'm just not willing to give up.

Melissa do you have a new niece yet? How exciting! I hope your SIL has an easy delivery.

I had a great NSV this week! My husband put his arms around me and said "your abs are hard!". And the thing is...I checked and he's right! I didn't even realize it! I've always been so squishy everywhere I am still getting used to my new body. Everything is firming up and it is just amazing to me.

Tomorrow is a long day on the road for us. We are driving across state to watch an honor band concert that our son is in. He's already been there reahearsing for a few days. I like riding in the truck and I like concerts so it should be a fun day but I probably won't get a lot of exercise, and trying to stay OP in restaurants can be tough we all know. I am going to get up early and get in a good workout before we leave at least, and hopefully we can find something like a Subway for lunch and an Applebees for dinner. I really don't have any desire to splurge right now so I'd like to eat somewhere that I know exactly what I'm getting.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

02-10-2006, 10:31 PM
Sandi- It's so good of you to be willing to join your inlaws. It's hard, but the house sounds great and you will have privacy and you always sound like you like them.
Melissa- I'm glad you were able to go shopping and get the right stuff into the house. It makes stying OP easier.
I shopped a lot, 3 stores. DH came with me which means I bought too much. He just throws things in the cart.
Have a fun trip Kayelle. All the chain restaurants on the road are good for travelers. Outback is good too.
I'm cold and tired, so good night all.

02-10-2006, 10:37 PM
lol sandi. if i had been on the ball i could have chucked it out the drive-through window as her car went by. "but geez, ma'am, you sounded like you really wanted that hot chocolate bad! here it is!"
sorry, but i don't really have a good description for dr. pepper, other than <insert valley girl accent> "vomit!" i am not much of a dr. pepper person. but the artificial, calorific, sugaristy, tooth-murdering nastiness would not be much good even if the taste was to die for. and it's so not. (that help? ;) )
well i am pretty bummed today. i am stuck at home with no car and no dh until tomorrow because of his church sleepover. my friend was supposed to come up, but she flaked. apparently she had a panic attack because of some traffic difficulties and instead of coming to visit me, she is taking a colonopin (or however you spell it) and going to bed. i suppose living where i do, i just don't have much sympathy for traffic-related stress incurred by folks that live other places (except you melissa.. seattle-area traffic is worse than lingering death). well whatever she wants to do is fine. i just took a vicodin and i think i will have a nap myself. if i stay awake, there isn't anything to do but eat anyway.

02-10-2006, 11:19 PM
well i guess it's pretty final and we'll be moving the end of March- not too bad as it goes- we'll have a big bedroom and a small sitting area, bathroom and a room for jocie on "our" end and the inlaws and Zach will be in the other two rooms- 1 master BR and a small BR with a bath in between for them and theres a living room,Den, kitchen,dining room in between all of us. and my FIL is thrilled as i love to cook and plan meals and he'll eat regular as he says. of course they'll spoil Jocie rotten - FIL can't work anymore- he is really doing ok but he was working 16 hours a day which he can't do any more and he can't retire till may . we are being good children and it'll be hard at times but they have been good to us. and I do like them.
(and i'll have DSL high speed internet :carrot: Whoo HOO!)

I am NOT doing good OP- kinda stressed about things and I HATE TO MOVE - even if it's only 3 miles up the road. when i was little we moved 15 times in 2 years. (long story) i am going to start NOW and not wait till the last minute - i am going to have one big yard sale and i think i will enjoy down sizing tho as i look around i have TOO much junk that i never use and is not necessary for any reason. and i will have many ebay items too- but some are too big (like couch - table etc. for ebay.)
I just wish i didn't EAT when i got stressed- my GF loses weight when stressed i gain it. of course i called the DR about bloating and he said well the new meds will cause weight gain unitl you get regulated.. :( thank you very much Doc. just what i needed to hear.
I am going to be busy making lists- and packing - i wanted to go shopping today but i got behind at work and worked over my normal time and had no time to go. Tomorrow is another day.more lists to make so i don't forget things i need to do around here before and after so we get our deposit back!

Candice LOL love the DP description! Theresa are you READING that???:hug:
Kayelle - have fun! I tried the dasani flavored water but it's too sweet for me. i like plain old non flavored no additions seltzer .
Well i am NOT going to hit my FEB goal but i tried and thats better than last year. I need to come up with some NSV's so i feel better.
I really need ot follow melissa's example and plan meals better.
well everyone have a good night and i am trying for an OP day tomorrow.

02-11-2006, 01:33 AM
I finally got news and my neice is here! I probably won't get to see her for a bit because I am not hauling all the kids to the hospital. She was 7lb 12oz and 21 in tall with lots of black hair and both mother and baby are doing well. It has been kind of topsy turvy last couple days. I am just now getting ready to do some menus. Logan kept me up all night night before last and it is just taking me forever to get back on track. I will be glad when his teeth come in. Chances are I will get him sleeping all night and then I will have the new baby and start all over again-lol.

Feel for you sandi-I ABHOR moving. It may be in my near future also and the mere thought gives me hives. At least you get along well with your inlaws and it sounds like you will kind of have your own space so it may just be a great move for you. Try to look at it as an adventure-I know easier said than done.

I am stressing as I have a housing inspection on Monday that I am not anywhere near being ready for. I just had one of those stinking things but because the landlord wants to raise the rent, it is part of the deal. I shouldn't complain really, this housing I am on is really a lifesaver for both me and the kids but truthfully this house is not worth 1200 a month for rent so we will just have to see what happens. Still no word from Kate either-another week has gone by again with nothing. I hate this too.

Well I better get this menu done and get some sleep since I got two days of trying to get my house looking like I don't have 2 toddlers a messy 9 yr old and an almost crawler living here with me. I know I am delusional lol

02-11-2006, 03:34 PM
Ok I am on the verge of a massive meltdown here. Josh is just out of control today and I go back and forth between walking out of the house or beating him to death. He is breaking things, kicking, screaming, and just being massively verbally abusive. I would call his dad if I thought he would be any earthly good. I have stopped myself 4 times from going into the fridge so at least that part is good. I never know what is going to set him off so it is hard to make things so it doesn't happen but then at the same time he has to learn to cope better because the world is a messy place. Ok I ranted for a moment so I might be ok for while. Sounds awful but there are times I just plain don't like this kid.

02-11-2006, 08:55 PM
I know we are all busy with our various things in life but I think we need to recommit to each other and get on the board more often. This includes me too so I am not pointing fingers and don't want anyone to feel like I am. It just feels like since the holidays we just aren't connecting with each other like we used to and the posts we do have, we are usually failing-I think partly because we aren't connecting like we need to. Anyone else have any thoughts?

02-11-2006, 09:55 PM
well melissa- i agree with you. I know my lack of (hmmm for me i think the word is) commitment to a lifestyle change has fallen by the wayside. i think that is why i am not posting so much. I am .. (pick a word here: irritated, annoyed, embarresed, ashamed, disgusted and just plain :rollpin: at myself for not sticking with what i need to do. and i think i have fallen into a WHINE poster mentality and i feel no one wants to hear how crazed and what struggles i am having. but that's my own weird voice in side my head- saying stupid things. It needs to say STOP MAKING EXCUSES and just do it.

We had a wonderful meeting with my inlaws today and my MIL told me that i need to feel as if this is going to be my home - we weren't just staying there. and we may even have some extra $$ every month. we will be paying a portion of the mortage and some bills but other than that it is good. and we now know we are being given the hosue in 3 years when my MIL retires.
we are moving the weekend of the 18 of march as we have to give a notice to our landlords. MY fil is very worried about his health and wants to start walking w/me! YAY! and i will have a sitter for jocie so i can go for faster walks and have time to EXERCISE! :carrot: I will also have HIGH SPEED - NO DIAL UP :edance:theire house is networked for wireless
I have already been digging thru stuff and tossing things:lol: I am making piles of Ebay, yard sale and TRASH- maybe i need that show clean sweep to come in?? I know one thing i AM NOT waiting to pack up - no last minute for me. I agree Melissa- I hate the thought of moving after 6 years here.

One stress off my mind now is that my oldest daughter has landed a wonderful live in nanny position for 2 -7 YO twins. room and Board and pay- good pay- and she has all day until 3 free- i am glad cause she's been out of work for over a month.

my NSV for today is that i bought beautiful peaches, plums and nectarines today instead of the ice cream i really wanted. The good stuff was on sale for b1g1 free and i so wanted chocolate - but the stuff with splenda gives me an upset tummy if i eat too much so i went and bought fruit. 1.59 a pound and i felt guilty at first but then i realized they got ice cream for 5.50 a gallon so :p on my guilt! i guess I had 2 NSV's- one was buying the fruit and the second was I stopped feeling guilty about the cost.

Ok i am going to recommit to 1 NSV a day and a daily post- i also starting a Monday challenge for any takers to commit to 120 minutes of exercise a week for Feb.- I know it doesn't sound like much to some of us ( Kayelle- Theresa ;) But I need to start somewhere and I want to be a summer starter that ends with a summer success!
any one else wanna toss out a challenge??
thanks Melissa for :drill: I needed that

02-11-2006, 10:13 PM
Hey Sandi-feelings are feelings and that is why this board is so important to get those things off your chest or bounce ideas off get advice-the list can really go on and on. I will do the excersize for the week thing with you since that one is a hard one for me too. Between chasing kids and cleaning I already feel pooped out all the time but I know I need to get some intentional movement in there and I think that is a good number to do. I know it is easy to stay away from the board when we don't feel we are doing our potential but I think it is even more important when those things are going on. You will notice I had 3 in a row today??? Those were instead of getting into the fridge! I had a pretty rough day with my son today. He finally leveled out about 230 today but before that it was absolute **** here. It is also wonderful you got a walking buddie! NOW take advantage of that girlfriend. You are also going to love the new internet and it you are going to laugh at what you used to go through. I have dsl and I really don't think I could do dial up unless it was the only option I had. It is like night and day.

Oh I got a giggle for people. I made ranch burgers tonight for dinner (WW) and when Odessa sat down at the table she said "oh Mama! Crabby Patties!" For any out of the kid loop those are the burgers that sponge bob makes at the crusty crab. Needless to say, she was excited about them. Guess I should make cartoon food more often-lol.


02-12-2006, 03:09 AM
You are so right Melissa, and I have always been terrible about posting. I have my new computer now(it's wonderful!!!) and I will have dsl on Friday:carrot: I promise I will start posting more and giving more encouragement! We all need it, and we all need to do our part. I won't be able to post Tues-Thurs though, I will actually be up in your town, but I don't think I will get to stop by this time:( My parents surprised my sisters and I(and my daughter Grace) with tickets to the Aerosmith concert in Tacoma Wednesday. They called me Friday and said, "Can you come up next week for 3 days?" I flipped out!! They are paying for everything, I just have to drive to Reno to catch the plane.:carrot: 3 days with no kids! We will all be up in April for Spring Break though, you and I will definitely have to get together! PM me your phone# and maybe I'll get a few minutes free Wed morning.

Sandi-Sounds like things are going to work out well for all of you. Great news on a walking buddy! I know I could live with my inlaws if needed, we get along pretty well. My parents, I DON'T THINK SO!!! Love em to death, but can't be around them that much. 3 days next week will probably be enough, especially with my druggie little sister hanging around.
I'm up for the exercise, I actually made a ticker for Feb exercise today, need to update it already! I am trying for 200 min/week. Won't make it next week though, maybe 120? I love going to the gym and walking on the treadmill, no kids! Just put on my headphones and go. I have also upped my speed to 3.9!. :tread:

Theresa-Awesome job on ebay! I wish I could sell that much instead of buying!! Hubby is the king of ebay motors with all the money he's spending on his race car!! :o

Laura-Haven't heard from you today?? Hope the snow storm isn't too bad!

Dr Pepper description- Carbonated prune syrup-that's what my grandpa would always tell me when I drank it! I was addicted for years!

Well, it's 11, time for bed! I hope everyone has a great OP Sunday!!


02-12-2006, 01:09 PM
Melissa, you hit the nail on the head. The holidays really seemed to be the stumbling block for us all. Right now I am frustrated as I have plateaued once again. My head knows that this is the body's way of catching up and adjusting, but emotionally it feels like failure. I also know that I need to exercise regularly, I just need to get past being so tired after working. We are very shorthanded at work, 4 open positions where a total of 6 is scheduled. Our patient load is higher than ever with management opening a 4th critical unit and staffing it themselves. We are working 5-6 12 hour shifts a week. When I get home all I want to do is sleep until time to go to work again.:tired: Some how I have got to start exercising. Drinking more water is another goal I need to set. I can see the effects of not exercising on my body, everything is sagging!!!:fr: I want to lose weight and look better, not worse!!!! :nono:

And yes Sandi, I am serving cheese with this whine:D

Kathy, It sounds like you have a solid plan, way to go, keep up the speed :running:

I'm with you Melissa, Kathy and Sandi, I will try to post more, even when I'm feeling guilty or like I'm failing. Tuesday marks the middle of the month. Let's finish it off with a bang:carrot: :carrot:


02-12-2006, 01:18 PM
thanks Melissa, for saying what we all needed to hear. I have been a slacker in every way, food and posting. I will post everyday from now on, include a NFV several times a week, and continue to exercise.
Sandi- Your move sounds exciting, a big house, and nice folks.
the big noreaster stayed east of us, so we only have about 5 or 6 inches of snow. Tha's not too bad. I am trying to talk myself into going to a concert this afternoon. DH wants to go and I am so lazy and it means I would have to get out of my nightgown and sweater and do something to my hair. I am such a lazy whiner. I am hoping he will change his mind. I know i will have a good time if I go, but getting ready is the problem.
Food is fine so far today, and i mean to stay OP. Back to fitday is a good idea too.

02-12-2006, 02:31 PM
Well Kathy you are picking a nice time to be in my neck of the woods as the sun is actually shining for a change. I am really glad I posted what I did yesterday. I have been thinking about it for weeks but I didn't want to sound like a whiner or crabby or make anyone feel bad. Now there are going to be times when we just can't post. Laura travels for her work and Misty works insane hours and there will be vacations ect so life will happen.

Congrats on the new puter too Kathy and you will love dsl! Too bad you won't be able to pop in. Course I already got spoiled by getting to spend time with Laura hehehe.

Ok question for people. Do any of you have the problem of doing awesome all day long and then have it fall apart in the late afternoon or evening??? I have had that happen twice to me now. It is really irritating me too. I can't figure out how I went from being together losing quite a bit of weight to being such a slacker and not following through. I have to stop it and I know it is a choice.

02-12-2006, 04:57 PM
Hello! Looks like I missed out on a lot here yesterday! Glad to see everybody is ready to recommit and really get down to business. The holidays really do make it difficult...anytime I get off track I have a hard time getting back on. I am doing fine right now but I know how easy it is to "fall off" and once that happens it's so hard to get back with the program.

I know I need to post more often, too, it really does help me to stay committed when I know I have to come here and be accountable. It's hard between work and the kids' activities to always find time to keep up, but it is important to make our health a priority and part of that, for me, is coming here and posting and staying connected to you all.

We had a nice trip and thoroughly enjoyed the concert yesterday, but it's good to be home today.

120 minutes of exercise a week is a great goal for starting out. When I first started sometimes I could only manage 5 or 10 minutes on the nordic track, or a 20 minute walk, and I'd be to winded to keep going. I think you have to start out slowly or it makes it too hard to stick with. Pretty soon it'll become habit and you'll want to do more and more, and you just won't feel right if you skip your workouts. I never would have believed it if somebody had told me that a year ago, but it really is true.

02-12-2006, 08:18 PM
i think it's a great idea to get on here more and encourage each other more. posting nsvs regularly is a good idea as well. and i actually have an nsv today.. my mom sent my v-day dress, and it's actually a tad big even. yay! i can still wear it, but i wish i had the time to have it taken in a little bit.
i know what you mean melissa about falling off the wagon late in the day. i've had days that were perfect up until the last hour or two, and then i blew it. any thoughts on how to handle this problem?
kathy, your description of dr. pepper wins hands down. that sounds so gross!

02-12-2006, 09:57 PM
No I haven't come up with anything yet to combat that-not even sure what is triggering it yet. I am going to start thinking on it and see if I can come up with some alternatives.

Had a great little outing today. I took the girls for a kiddie cone when we were done. I had gone clear to Goldbar which is about 40 min away from me to get some baby gates through freecycle. I had given odessa one and asked her to pass it to Amanda and when I got the second cone she still hadn't so I gave that one to Amanda. I had just gotten out of the drive thru when Odessa got very upset. I turned around to see Amanda had one cone in each hand and eating feverishly ROFL. I had to stop and get out and give Odessa hers. Logan got his first taste today too and it was a big hit with him too. Poor little guy is just teething to beat the band.

02-12-2006, 10:05 PM
Suzette- we can't have cheese with our whine unless we have lo fat:D

Kathy - i agree that you win the DP description..EWW-

:wave: melissa- you are talking about me. I start off sooo good and eat so carefully in the a.m. and at lunch time and then the afternoon comes and i get home and all i want to do is eat and i BLOW everything i have been so careful on all day. I need to find what triggers this for me- right now i want to eat everything and I am not hungry. i am annoyed as hubby has been on the couch all day and I got up at 7 and made a BIG breakfast -taught 16 kids this a.m. in childrens' church and went shopping afterwards for bubble wrap etc.. came home made lunch and started laundry- I am still doing laundry- dishes and making lunches for tomorrow- oh and i went thru 3 HUGE boxes of "stuff" and got it down to 1 small box. tossed out 6 bags of trash. he watched 2 movies while i ran around. :mad: he's normally pretyy good about helping but today was an off day i guess and i am irked. :rollpin:so i want to eat. but of course it won't do me any good to eat so i will make a cup of tea and be happy. I have no idea on how "not to blow" the day. i think i just get irritated or irked and then i eat. maybe duck tape kids and hubby to the wall so i can get stuff done???:p

candice- Congrats on the dress! :carrot:

Well it's going to freeze tonight but wednesday will be sunny and nice like in the high 70's?? :D anyone wanna show up and help me pack and have a yard sale?? we only live 5 minutes from the beach... Hint hint... ;)

hmm i am thinking of an NSV today - I drank my water - prolly more than i normally drink.

well i have more dishes to do -while hubby watches the olympics- grrr we are gonna have a fuss- i am gonna have a :tantrum: real soon here.
:hug: to everyone

02-13-2006, 01:56 PM
Melissa, Thanks for the laugh, the thought of Amanda licking away madly cracked me up!!!!!

Sandi--I understand that primal urge to do damage to the hubby. Saturday (one of my few days off this month) I was running around doing errands, laundry, ironing etc... while DH slept on the couch. I know he has bad days with pain and I try to be understanding, but he didn't get up until 6pm, I was ready to fall into bed by then. Needless to say he was clueless to why I was so fried at him. Sunday morning he got a clue when he was getting dressed and I commented on how nice it was that the laundry fairy had not only washed and dried his clothes but ironed, folded, AND put them away. He was my loyal subject the rest of the day!!!

I understand the late day slip. For me it's early morning when I get home from work or on my days off. For some reason I get this strong need to munch, snack, graze on anything I can find. I have tried the trick of eating a dill pickle spear (the strong flavor is supposed to kill the snack attack) sometimes it works, other times I just reach for the sugarfree pudding and the WW snack cakes and make myself a treat. The only thing in the house that is real sweet with real sugar is ice cream, don't tell Candice but I don't like ice cream! I know, it's unamerican of me but it has never been one of my favorites. DH eats a ton of it as it is one of the few things his stomach can tolerate.

Anyway, today is a back to work day so I have to try to get some sleep.
Have a great day everyone, I will try and post in the morning when I get home.


02-13-2006, 02:21 PM
Oh to not love ice cream. My nsv happened in the supermarket on Saturday. We were going to friends for dinner and I wanted to bring a sweet that I could have. I saw Breyers ice cream, buy one get one free, $4.49, that's $2.50 each. I was practically drooling over it. I know I would have no control over it and both cartons would be gone by Sunday night, so I passed over the great bargain and bought 1 tiny little pint of all fruit sherbert, 140 calories in each of 4 servings for $3.49.
I am still dreaming Breyers, but it's not here.

02-13-2006, 04:31 PM
ha ha suzette.. i think i have used that very same laundry fairy line before. our laundry fairy doesn't iron though ;) you are lucky to not like ice cream. a friend of mine doesn't like it, and she is stick-thin.
congrats on passing up the ice cream laura. you go girl! i definitely did not pass up the breyers sale. when they had pints on sale for $1, i was all over it. :devil: but fruit sherbet is better anyway. especially coconut (not that it is low-cal or anything.)

02-13-2006, 06:24 PM
Well I am in a mood just so everyone knows ahead of time. Please feel free to go to the next post lol. TOM is in the driver seat!

Good job passing up the ice cream! It is probably one of my favorites so I don't buy it often because I can't leave it alone.

My SIL has been in town since Saturday. He just now got around to calling me and says he can't come see the kids till Wednesday since his now girlfriend co worker's birthday is tomorrow and they are going to a movie/dinner and he is buying her a dozen roses. He also wanted to know if he could claim the girls on his taxes. He apparently has been intimate with her since a month after they started driving together. His divorce isn't final until June and I guess what really made me mad is that he hid it from me-or tried to anyway. I am so tempted to just not be home on Wednesday. I am so *(&^&%&% right now I could scream. I am barely scraping by RAISING HIS KIDS and he goes out spending all this money on a girl and himself and doesnt' even ask what the kids need. And he can't take time out to even come see them for a bit to maybe give me a small break. I think he knows I am on the warpath.

My house passed its ispection today so that is good. Now I just have to see if they will ok the rent increase and to top things off my inspector had his flippin fly open while he was here! All I can say is thank God they are brief! (no pun intented). Food sucks, as well as my attitude. Mom and Grandma stopped by so I did get to vent a bit and I had to be reminded yet again he is only 24 and truthfully I am blessed. I know I am. I adore these kids and it really isn't them it is the people who are supposed to be responsible and aren't that bug me. I wouldn't trade my dumplings for anything but I guess I just get a little overwhelmed by it all.

Ok since I now wrote a crabby novel, I will try and get something productive done. I have a bunch of appointments to set up for kids. Medicaid changed policy and autism is no longer considered a mental health issue so I have to try and find some kind of therapist for Joshua to help him learn coping skills. Where I used to go isn't able to take him anymore. He also needs to go in for more testing for the autism and the dentist blah blah blah. Love you guys and thanks for the rant!

02-13-2006, 06:53 PM
Vent away Melissa-We are here for you. SIL was grown up enough to make those babies and a dozen roses buys plenty of food. What would he do without you? He should be giving you a check and a dozen roses. I know how much you love those babies and I'm glad they are yours and in reality, you don't need SIL, but he should still do the right thing.
I am antsy crazy today. I don't have a lot of work this week. I can't workout till tomorrow because I hurt and it's very quiet here. I have eaten all my calories, thank you fitday, so all I can have for supper is some veggies and tea. Tomorrow will be a better day. I will do a aquatic workout and then I have an appointment for a cut and color. I really hate coloring my hair, but I have grey around the front edges and I am not ready for it.

02-13-2006, 07:17 PM
Well my Dad just popped by and guess what he had??? A dozen roses! I started crying yet again today. Talk about a walking sprinkler system geez.

I hear you about the coloring. I need to do it again myself. I am just not ready to be gray. I have to say though out of all of us kids, I was the last one to get any and I am the oldest. So next trip to the store I will have to look up my girlfriend Miss Clairol and hook up.

02-13-2006, 08:06 PM
I can't color it myself. It's too curly and too much of it. When I do it myself I get blotches. And this time I want foils so it won't be all one shade. Maybe some day I will be able to face the grey and not have to do this.

02-13-2006, 09:14 PM
Oh melissa vent all you want- I would have been so mad at SIL - I agree with Laura he was old enough to make the babies and he should be more thankful - maybe you should show him a "bill " that shows him what it costs you weekly to care for his girls. you are a blessing to care for those babies like you do but he needs to grow up and be more responsible! a big :hug: to you.

Food was not good today too much stress again.this time the fuel pump went in the car. i am ready to scream. i am ready to go buy a newer car but we really can't do payments right now. although buying parts for the car is almost the same when you add it up. i just want my truck fixed NOW so i can have a dependable vehicle. i guess next month we are gonna have to bite the bullet and buy something.

Then i think we may have to put our kitty down. she just turned 20 and all of a sudden she's falling over while walking and not being able to climb or find her food or litter box. i've had her longer than anyone-anything except my oldest daughter. it'd be funny if it wasn't so sad. so that is upsetting me. and i want chocolate.

I just got my hair cut and colored BUT you couldn't tell - the girl did a miserable job. i am going back next week to get it fixed.

on the up side i have 2 sinks filled with dishes to do and 2 more loads of laundry and don't wanna do anything.

I don't like ice cream unless it is cherry garcia, tin roof sundae or chunky monkey- now get me around a cheesecake or pudding- it's gone!
i am going to go eat a peach-that will be my NSV for today.


02-13-2006, 10:07 PM
I am sorry to hear about your kitty. We had a family cat that came with a house we rented when I was 14. Needless to say Ernie came to live with katy and I when I was about 26 and when I came home from work one night he didn't run out to the car like normal. I finally opened the front door to let him in and he couldn't stand either and his lower half kept falling over. We took him in and he had suffered a stroke so we had to put him down. It was really hard since he had been our kitty for so many years. He was clear into the next generation even.

I have calmed down a bit although I am still irritated and go back and forth between being here and not being here. I don't even know why he is bothering to come at all. He is supposed to go back on the road on wednesday so at best he won't be here more than probably a couple of hours so why stinking bother. My mom feels so bad she said that she is going to ask dad to sit with the kids and take me out to lunch once in awhile-I told her not to worry I wasn't going off the deep end and that it isn't the kids-it is all the irresponsible PARENTS of these kids that have me so worked up. Here take our kids but we aren't going to do anything to help out at all. That goes all the way from my ex to my daughter and SIL. They all brought the kids in but do minimal to nothing for them even on an emotional level. I will just have to try and get my attitude better by wednesday cause right now I would like to snatch them all bald, slap em silly, and paint them red.

02-13-2006, 10:29 PM
Years ago I read a book by Anna Freud, daughter of you know who, and she said that kids are better off with one responsible, constant parent, than with 2, if the other one just comes around, or takes responsibility sometimes. A parent who just shows up sometimes make the child feel like he or she did something wrong and that's why that person is only around sometimes. So Melissa, your kids have you, constant, always, and that's all that matters. But a check or a little babysitting from SIL once in a while would be nice, but to expect him to be a parent, you don't need him at all.
I am starving. I want to eat everything in sight,but I'm not going to do it.

02-13-2006, 11:40 PM
I sometimes think that is the way to go-especially when the parents aren't on the same page. Now my youngest brother and his wife are on the same page and my brother is very involved with the kids. He took a week off since the birth of Kayla to be home and help out. I am just not expecting anything anymore at all. I am on my own and that is just the way it is. I can't be disappointed if I don't expect anything but I am still going to need more than a couple of days to cool off about the whole thing. Makes me wonder what these people are thinking when they have all these kids. I have made it work this long and I can keep doing it. I know it all is just getting to me more since TOM is here. I have been a leaky faucet all day long. Therapist got some, mom got some, dad got some when he brought me the flowers for Valentines day. I think I am going to bed early tonight just so I can maybe get this out of my system. BE STRONG LAURA day is about over for ya.

02-14-2006, 02:41 AM
Not much time to post, been busy all day with hubbys stuff, now I gotta pack and get some sleep! Yesterday we celebrated Valentines Day since I won't be here, we went to a chinese restaurant-bad idea! After eating OP for so long both of us were sick all night! Then I weighed at Curves today and I'm up a lb from last week:mad: My body fat % was down though! I'm hoping the weight is from all the sodium in the chinese food?? We'll find out next Monday.

Melissa-BIG HUGS:hug: to you! Stay strong! You know God has big plans for you and those kids!!

Laura-I hope you made it through the night!

Sandi-So sorry about your cat. When I was growing up we had a cat that lived to be around 20, then one day she never came back. She was so sweet.
My daughter took her 13 yo cat to Washington with her last year. Lately the cat has been acting very strange and peeing everywhere. I told her to take her in and check for urinary infection. They did some tests and everything was fine, so you know what they gave the cat??????????? PROZAC! Have you ever heard of such a thing? It's only been about a week, my daughter said there hasn't been any change yet?

My nsv's for the last week- Last week I bought a pair of mens sweats(I like them because they are longer and have elastic at the ankle) and they were a Large! I wore mens XL and XXL for SO LONG!!! Today I bought a ladies sweat outfit to wear tomorrow, the pants are an 18/20 and the jacket 22/24!!! :carrot: Can't wait to see my dad and sisters tomorrow!! The last time I seen any of them I weighed 45 lbs more!!

Well, I will try to check in while I'm gone, but if not, I'll check in Thurs night when I get home! I hope everyone has a great week!!


02-14-2006, 10:45 AM
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!!

Melissa--sorry to hear your SIL is being such a southbound end of a northbound mule!! As for the tax issue, unless he provided a certain percent of support, I don't think he is legally able to claim them. I would check with a tax guy first. After all, you take care of them and should by all rights be able to claim them on your taxes! I don't understand this generation of 20-30 y/o (no offense to any in that age bracket) it seems there are quite a few men and women in that age that just dump kids on their parents like a sack of groceries. I know of at least 7-8 people who are raising their grandkids because the parents are too busy living their own lives. Don't they know about birth control? Responsibility seems to be an obsolete concept these days. It's not just that age either, a lot of men in their 50's are walking out on their families too. It seems that people have become more selfish these days. Okay, enough of the rant.

Not so good with food yesterday, a lot of our patients family brought us chocolates at work. Temptation won. (I'm going to chalk it up to having to go through a 9 day TOM, that's too long for anyone to hold out).

I'm facing a real tough decision by the end of the month. They want me to move to day shift which dh is all excited about. Problem is I will lose $3 an hour in shift differential. That's a large loss over a year's time. Since I am the wage earner of the family now it worries me that it will cause us problems down the line. I would love to be on a more normal schedule. I guess I want to have my cake and eat it too!!!

My NSV for the week, I finally fit back into the leather coat dh bought me when we first got married. It's still a little snug but I can close it!!!! I never would have thought I could put it on until dh mentioned the other day that he thought I had lost enough weight to get into it again. Curiosity got the best of me and I just had to try it on. It really made me feel like I was finally accomplishing something.

Oops, long post again!!

Bedtime for me, Have a great day everyone!


02-14-2006, 02:01 PM
Yeah I think I am going to give him the stipulation that the girls see some of that money. He can get me a gift certificate for somewhere and I can use it for groceries diapers or whatever else the kids need. It just isn't fair that he get even more money to spend on his stinking self instead of these kids. Mom keeps telling me I have to let it go. I know I do but it just keeps grating on me. I didn't sleep very well last night because I have my knickers in a knot over the whole thing. I got an email from his mother today and chipper and nice and how great it was to have jason home-guess what? I bet his kids would have felt the same way if he could have taken some time out to come and see them instead of this stupid token visit he has planned.

I woke up this morning to snow on the ground about 3 inches or so I think. Josh's school is delayed for 2 hours so he is having a hard time with the time change and was also upset because he will miss his free choice time. Hard to explain things to him sometimes. I was going to run some errends today since I am out of milk again and I have an ebay purchase to mail so hopefully this mess will be gone tomorrow so I can get it done.
I ate chocolate for breakfast


02-14-2006, 10:21 PM
Ok I tried to get our pic on here but it is too big so here is I think the url to see us. Let me know if it doesn't work.

Ok I guess I should say Melissa is on the left and Laura is on the right lol. We know what we look like but you guys don't hehehe.

02-15-2006, 10:30 AM
Yes but now we do know what ya'll look like !!!LOL ;)
what beautiful smiles and love the curly hair! ok i guess i have to break down and submit a photo so ya'll can see that i really am short :D I tried to post last night but we'll just say i hate dial up and then my oldest daughter has decided to stay at our place for a couple days until she starts her new job(and no she didn't ask- she just showed up) and she decided that our phone was her phone and her BF whom at this point I am not too sure about-many reasons with red flag warnings- but i haven't met him yet so i am withholding judgement as of now. I realize he is having car difficulties BUT borrow one instead of her asking us if we can drive her 40 minutes up the road- needless to say they were on the phone for hours and I just didn't want to fight about me using the computer.

Melissa- about your SIL- i'd tell him how much things cost and tell him you need the $$ - he is after all their daddy and he should take responsibility for helping at the least. i mean if he can buy someone a dozen roses then he can buy someone a bag of diapers. and since i am mean and rotten i'd email back his mom and say gee i guess you had a nice visit - i wonder if the girls would have enjoyed a visit too?? Bless you for having them and doing all you do but people need to step up and help you out. enough is enough. Ok off my :soap: now .I'd eat chocolate for breakfast too if i were you.

Suzette - what a great NSV!
Kathy- Prozac for a cat??? that is odd?? i can't get prozac for me :D :p great NSV for you too!
My NSV's have been small baby steps like eating fruit and drinking water. I am excited as when we move I can get up in the early a.m. and i have a place to walk. unlike where i live now i can't just go out the door and walk cause i have to worry about hubby getting to work and who will be with jocie when i am out walking. when we move it'll be ok as i can get up at 6 and walk and someone will be home with her.
I am wondering if it is the cold making me want to eat everything in sight??
maybe it's a hibernation effect :D
Oh and melissa- no he can't claim the kids unless he supports them over a certain % and if they don't live with him it has to be over 50% of their suport has to come from him. from what you've said no he doesn't. and if he does try to claim them the irs will smack him so hard his head will spin.
Have a great day !

02-15-2006, 01:53 PM
:woo: Even tho she's been AWOL :gift: happy Birthday Theresa!
We miss you- please come back to us! put down the Doctor Pepper and motivate us to exercise!:D

My oldest daughter needs to go back to her rental until her job starts Friday and she can move. it's not good with her in the house- we can't get along for more than 5 minutes. I guess she is at our house cause she can't talk for hours to the BF at night at the place she is living at till she moves on Friday.
Ok i am done -done -done-
i may be back later. with more venting.. i do not want the chocolate i do not want the chocolate i DO NOT WANT to eat the chocolate

02-15-2006, 02:04 PM
It's a BAD day. I have already had 1200 calories and it's just 1:00.
I think this is the reason even tho it sounds totally nut. On Saturday I tried on my pants that I have never been able to wear. I bought them last year. They are a 14. I bought them without trying them on and somehow I thought they were ok. They are now within an inch of closing comfortably. Since then all I want to do is eat. Help!!!!
Sandi- Friday is in just 2 days. She will be gone very soon. Sit tight. It will get better. I couldn't be near my DD for a long time without thinking I would brain her. Now we have a good time together

02-15-2006, 10:32 PM
I know Laura-but i guess i think i raised her to be a better person and the way she treats her family and others just annoys me to no end. She did end up leaving tonight as i wasn't about to get up at 6 a.m. to take her somewhere in the morning. it is peaceful and quiet now and i can get on my computer. I do love her dearly but these last two years have been very rough and my patience is been rubbed too thin. nothing like what Melissa has to go thru but still upsetting.

I have no idea why i want to eat everything too- today was very bad and i ate and ate and ate even when i was full. all i can blame it on is me not being sensible and me being ridiculous- i'd like to blame it on upcoming deadlines at work -packing - moving - the cat etc.. but those are only excuses. i feel like a :moo: again- fat and bloated:(

I am such an impatient person- i just want things over and done-

I do have Friday and Monday off so that'll be nice - i can get lots done. Hubby and i are going out to lunch for our anniversary Friday and then having a kid free weekend saturday & Sunday- prolly one of our last for a while- although we can always run away for a night to the big city ( as we call orlando)
Talk to everyone tomorrow!

02-15-2006, 11:38 PM
Well I had a nice hear to heart with SIL. He really had no idea what it costs for me to raise the kids but he got a dose today and he did give me few bucks so I am not going to complain. I forgot to give him SS numbers and I did tell him that chances are he would not be able to claim them. I just told him how I felt about stuff and he was very open to it so I do feel better now. He and his GF actually sat with the kids and I did my errends alone! We are supposed to get some arctic cold and they are saying snow again so I am glad I got some food so I don't have to go anywhere until next week.

NOW I GETTA BRAG! I got to meet Kathy today(fancyfrog) so now that is 2 of us! It was kind of hectic here with SIL and I kind of felt bad but it was so really neat to get to meet another one of us! I feel so special.

Sandi-grownup kids are the hardest and you also wonder how they got the way they are when you know darn well that isn't how they were raised. Love my daughter but even without drug use, there is no way I could live with her and I adore my mother but I couldn't live with her either.

Well I am pooped out as I don't think I have had this much company in ages!



02-16-2006, 12:08 AM
Melissa and Laura...Great picture! It is so cool that you got to meet and it's nice for all the rest of us to finally be able to match faces with your posts. You are both so pretty and YOUNG looking. Melissa you really ARE lucky getting to meet TWO of us. That is so cool. I'm glad you patched things up with SIL. He needed that wake up call and I'm glad it went well. Raising kids is the hardest job on the planet. He should be SO grateful to you every day for all you are doing for his kids.

Sandi sorry about your daughter but I'm glad you have some peace tonight. Maybe once you de-stress a little bit you won't feel like you need to keep eating. Put it behind you and have a better day tomorrow. Just look at this as a reminder of how yucky you feel when you overeat and get right back at it.

We are in a winter storm warning for tonight and tomorrow so I guess we'll see what happens. If it does what they say it's going to do I will probably have an unexpected day off tomorrow.

I haven't been running for a while so today after work I thought I'd run instead of walk and see how it went. I was THRILLED I could go 3 miles and I wasn't even that tired or winded. I switched to walking then because one of my calves was starting to tense up (didn't stretch out before I ran - dumb I know). But I was still excited about 3 miles...the most I had gone was 2 and I haven't tried running at all since before Christmas.

I have a vent tonight, too...I am SO upset at our neighbor who lives across the road from us. He has been letting his dog loose all the time and then he leaves all day and the dog is just left to fend for himself. When we got home from work tonight this dog was out harassing our llamas from the other side of the fence. Had them all riled up and running around and stressed out. We have a guardian dog but she's IN the pasture with our livestock so she can't do much about a dog running them from the other side of the fence. My mom was home and said this had been going on for hours. Of course the guy isn't home so his dog is just running wild and nobody is responsible for it. Hubby went out and shot at it (just to scare it home, not to hurt it), and it ran back across the road and hasn't come back, but he did get a good look at it and said it's pretty skinny and he wonders if it's even being fed enough. This whole thing just makes me SO mad. I have a LOT of animals but you can bet that every one of them is very well taken care of and loved, how can this guy have just ONE pet and can't seem to feed it or keep it home. It would be one thing if it just got away from him or something but it keeps happening so that's not what's going on. My husband is going to go have a talk with him if he can ever catch him at home. In the meantime I am just fuming. We can't have an animal out there upsetting our livestock but it's not that dog's fault at's his irresponsible owner.

02-16-2006, 12:55 AM
Bless you for the young compliment! I will be 42 next Thursday so I like hearing young lol.

Maybe you should call the local animal control? If that poor puppy isn't being fed and neglected he could get adopted out to another family where he can get love and attention. There is nothing worse than a person who has any type of pet and doesn't take care of them.

We are on storm watch here too. Supposed to even get down to the single digits temperature wise. Josh has a vacation coming so it would kind of be fun to get some snow and take the kids out to play in it.

02-16-2006, 07:37 AM
Hello to everyone.

Kayelle--great job on the run. I think if i tried to run even 1 mile, EMS should probably follow me, I would need an oxygen tank the size of a bus to recover with! Sorry to hear you are having trouble with an irresponsible dog owner. Before we moved we had trouble with a neighbors great danes terrorizing the street. Everyone stopped walking at night because the 3 dogs would start circling you and growl while you tried to walk. The city fined them a couple of times, it usually only helped for a few days. These were the same people that had a potbelly pig that was quite large and very mean. it got out one day, walked into the neighbors house and had them trapped in a room until animal control arrived!!

Melissa--I'm jealous, you got to meet 2 of us, how great is that! It must be nice to put a real face to a name on the forum. I'm glad you and SIL had a heart to heart, sometimes a dose of reality is what it takes.

Sandi--I hope your cat is better, I hate to think of my cat getting old, she is so much a part of our family. The day my nephew was born was also the day I had to put my 19 year old Australian Silky terrier to sleep. I was congratulating my sister and sobbing at the same time. Sometimes it's tough doing the right thing for your pet. I know I stopped him from having a lot of pain and suffering but it still hurt.

Theresa---Happy Birthday where ever you are. We miss you.

Laura--I think the cold weather is contributing to a huge appetite. I seem to be hungry all the time right now. It's supposed to warm up Thurs, maybe my appetite will cool off some.

Well I start another one of my long stretches at work Thurs. night. If I don't post it's not because I've forgotten you all, it's because I will be sleeping.
So, I will wish everyone a great weekend in advance.


02-16-2006, 03:47 PM
wow melissa. it's cool you got to kick it with laura and kathy! i bet y'all had fun.
i miss theresa! hope you had a great bithday anyway.
laura, those size 14 pants will falling off you in no time. just think about other things, and before you know it, they will look great.
sandi, i'm sorry about your kitty. my sweet little cat howard got hit by car a few years ago and i still miss him. i didn't even get to say goodbye because he was living with my mom at the time. i would like to get a cat, but the deposit for pets here is $400 and when do we have that kind of money? never!
well yesterday was bad. we had new stuff to sample at work, and i just can't do my job as well if i can't tell people honestly whether the cupcakes are good. i only had two tiny pieces though. but then i raided dh's valentine candy. who bought that durned stuff for him anyway?? oops, that was me. doh! (smacks head)
no cupcakes today!!

02-16-2006, 04:31 PM
Well it's no big surprise that I am home today. It is still very much winter and it's nasty outside today. My husband even called in and was able to use a vacation day so he could stay home with me today, so it's a pretty good day to be snowed in.

Misty, I have never been a runner and it was so hard for me at first. I am still amazed that I can do it without killing myself now. I couldn't even run a mile when I was a teenager. I really want to be able to run the 4 miles around the section this summer. It'll be a lot harder than running in the school, though, because it's on gravel and there are some pretty good sized hills, but that is my goal for the summer.

Melissa 42 IS young, but you look much younger than that even.

I would LOVE to call animal control on this guy, if we had such a thing. The most I can do is call the sheriff but I don't know if they will do anything. Another thing I have thought of is calling the guy that he's renting the acreage from, but man that owns it is an older retired guy (and a real sweetheart) and I just hate to bother him with it. The place had been empty for years and this guy just moved in over there in November, so I'm sure the landlord is just glad that there is somebody living there now. Fortunately the dog has not been back that I know of. Maybe my husband scared him enough to stay away but my husband still wants to go talk to this guy when he gets home and make sure that he's feeding it enough. If I have to I'll go over and feed him myself but I don't want him to start thinking that I'm his friend because then he'll just be over here more and we can not have a dog that chases livestock around here.

The lack of animal organizations is a HUGE problem around here and while there is one rescue organization in the area, they have no facilities and rely completely on volunteers to foster animals until they get adopted (which they usually never do), so they are not able to do much for the problem. It is a real issue as people from town just go dump their pets out here in the rural areas when they get tired of them. We get so many stray cats you just wouldn't even believe it. My husband and I and another neighbor up the road from us try to keep them all fed, and spay and neuter and vaccinate as many of them as we can afford to, but we are still overrun with new kittens every spring along with the constant string of new cats being dumped off. It's extremely sad. At any given time we have 20+ cats outside living in our barn and outbuildings that we are feeding. In return they are great for keeping our mouse population at a minimum. Occasionally we can find a home for a few kittens in the spring but nobody wants the others. Add to that our 5 pet cats that are indoors only (all but one of them are rescues), plus our dogs, horses, pygmy goats and llamas, and you can imagine how much we spend on feed and vet bills in a year. It takes a big portion of our income and our time but they are worth every penny.

02-16-2006, 05:24 PM
Well I got some good news today. The housing ok'd the rental increase in full so I will be here another year. I also got things squared away for Logan. Apparently I was supposed to be getting paid by cps for Logan which I never have been. They did provide medical for him but that was it and geez wasn't it nice of them to say that here is blah blah blah to help take care of him too? So anyway, they are going to retro food assistance for him from I think they said December so groceries shouldn't be an issue now for the rest of the month. Man I am so looking forward to the day when I don't have to deal with the State agencies anymore. I get so lost half the time! Stress is going down again-whew!

On a not so good note I just found out today that the UW won't take josh's medicaid so I can't get the additional testing for him that I need. I do have an appointment with DDD on the 27th for Joshua so hopefully that caseworker can let me know what I can do. We know he is autistic but not the severity ect and he is just under the umbrella so testing would be helpful in both treating him, teaching him and to know what I can expect for him in his future.


02-17-2006, 10:30 AM
We are experiencing strange weather today. Yesterday it was 60 degrees and today it's 55, expected to drop to the 20s and gale force winds. So weird.
Yesterday I fell off when I went to my mom's. My sibs and I need to come up with much more help for her, since she is alone and less capable everyday. The idea of bringing her here creeps into the conversations, between DH and myself, but I don't know how we would handle it. I would need help so I could do my stuff, but the nights are what would be the hardest. In the meantime, we need more help today, in her apartment. I ate cookies and candy when I was there, but I really had to have it and I am not distressed. I am off to the gym and I can easily work off 2 chocolates and 3 cookies.
I feel like stress never goes away. My kids are all quiet, so it's time to focus on my mom. If I were rich I could get what she needs- a 2 bedroom apartment with 3 shifts of well paid help, but that's dreamland.
There are good things tho, my body is definately changing and that is good and I have this group for support.

02-17-2006, 02:20 PM
They keep telling us freezing cold badness too here and while it is a little chilly, not what they keep telling us. The sun is even shining bright again today.

It never seems to end does it? One drama after another but on the upside the kids are quiet for you for a change so enjoy that! Been quiet with my daughter too-haven't heard out of her for about 2 weeks now but I keep watching the jail register to see if she is there. That is a sad commentary. Now Maryann (other gramma) is telling me she and jason have been talking about dilemas with the girls-didn't say what and I hate it when she does that-don't understand why a person has to be so darn cryptic especially if they are going to bring it up in the first place and she hopes that I LIKE what they came up with. Boils my buttocks I tell ya. The main thing I have about Jason is he NEVER asks if the kids need anything and like he pays 97.00 in child support for both the girls so he has done his duty. I am not interested in moving to Bremerton even remotely since I know while intentions are good, I wouldn't get the help with the kids like I do from mom. Plus their dr. is here, josh is finally in a school that is working for him so it won't happen.

I think I would just like a vacation from all these drama people-life is quiet and nice mostly when they all just stay away from me lol.


02-17-2006, 02:26 PM
Well, I am back from WA, and what an awesome trip I had!!! I got to meet Melissa and see Lenny Kravitz and Aerosmith!!! SO MUCH FUN! Dad also surprised us all with a LIMO!! It was the most fun I have had with my family-I think EVER! I didn't get any pictures of Steven Tyler, but I did get one of this really cute little guy, Melissa's cutie, Logan. I tried to upload it for this post, but it said it was too big! I will have to put it in my Yahoo album, then post the link for you all.

Melissa is great! I don't think she looks her age at all. Can't wait to go back in April, have a longer visit and let the kids play! (See ya soon Melissa!!)

Where is Theresa?? Can't believe she's been MIA so long?

I feel for all of you getting the cold weather! Hubby said it was 8 yesterday morning! Today is warmer, but it's supposed to start snowing anytime and keep on through tomorrow.

I didn't eat hardly anything while I was gone, so I should be down on Mondays weigh in(If I can control myself over the weekend!!!) Monday is the last day of the Curves 6 week challenge-I probably only lost 4-5 pounds? But I'll take anything I can!

Well, I think my family lived in the kitchen while I was gone. I have got to go grocery shopping! I'll check back in later!


02-17-2006, 02:52 PM
I am so glad you got back safely Kathy and bless you for the compliment. Ya'll are so good for my ego! I am still jealous about Aerosmith too lol. I am looking forward to April too-it shouldn't be as crazy when you come back. Jason was supposed to be there on Monday not Wednesday although he did spend some good time with the kids so that is ok. I know I think Logan is just a little doll too! He looks so much like his mommy did as a baby except he is blond. Only little blondie we got in the family. I need to get the lunch thing going here-Joshua is on his mid winter break now so he is home until like Wednesday!

02-17-2006, 05:38 PM
hi everyone! well i am excited today.. i had been stuck at 145 for a long time, and yesterday i all of a sudden dropped down to 142. yay! but not so good is i celebrated with two mini-candies this morning :devil: even though i did not make my v-day goal, i am all geared up to lose those last 4 lbs until i am 100 lbs lighter than my highest weight ever (at least that i know of, since i wasn't so fond of scales before i started going to the gym back in 2001.)

02-17-2006, 11:33 PM
You go girl!:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: Way to go! Man you must be gettting close to GW! I have got to get it going on here too. Stress is a killer for me and I have had more than my share of late. I have to learn to do other things.

02-18-2006, 07:09 AM
thanks for the :carrot: melissa. yeah, i don't really know what my gw is anymore. apparently someone my height should weigh 110-125 lbs. and i have a small frame. but i think i would look pretty much like death at 110. so i am going to continue eating op until i stop losing and start maintaining. at least i hope that's what happens ;)
i ate a cupcake at work tonight. the whole thing. eeek!

02-18-2006, 10:16 AM
:carrot: whoo hoo candice Good for you Girl!
Melissa- maybe being blunt and just straight out asking what the heck they are talking about?? will work? I agree i am so over people being so oh i'll say this but not tell you what i really mean. grrr just spit it out and say it and get it over with -
yep i am very impatient these days.

on the other hand i have spent the last 2 hours at urgent care to have a dr. tell me i have a really bad case of bronchitis -yep for 50.00 he tells me it should really hurt when i breathe- (geee ya need a degree for that)- he looked about 16 years old and lacking a lot of bedside manner-instead of using words i may understand he talked to me as if i were 5 and used baby words- really all i wanted was for him to say it's bronchitis and give me my meds so i could go home and go back to bed:D
except for the sore throat and stabbing pains in my chestwhile breathing (lol) i feel ok- food is bah right now as i only want confort foods- or soft stuff- maybe i'll lose a pound or two from being sick-
I do hope everyone is ok with the snow and storms- i have been watching the news and saying prayers for everyone who could be affected by it. it's so weird- we are in the high 70's and other places are minus 10 or lower. oh well some get snow we get hurricanes.
have a great day all-

02-18-2006, 11:35 AM
Yeah I emailed her back and I wound up just getting another cryptic email and her saying she would call me this weekend. You know the things that had my knickers in a knot was that he waited so long to see them, he never told me he was now dating his coworker, and the fact he NEVER asks if the girls need anything. I am really pretty blunt and straight forward although I have learned to be more tactful LOL. When I asked Jason how he would feel if I was dating someone and he was here at the house and I never told him, he could see my point. I don't begrudge him happiness and a life but he needs to keep me in the loop. So much with that side of the family I just feel like it is here ya go-hope it all works out for you guys. My side of the family does way more than his does. Mom and Dad sit with the kids if I need them to, have bought diapers and stopped by with clothes ect. Mom even went and picked up freecycle things for logan for me since she knew it was going to be a really big deal for me to do it.

I hope you feel better soon. I may have to go in myself soon. I never have completely gotten rid of that rotten cold that josh gave me like 2 months ago. Still no snow here for me. Sun is out and it is bright! It is really chilly though. Not sure of the temp but it is cold. They were saying winds like 50-60mph but I haven't had any here. I am going to sit and menu out here and get a grocery list going. With the retro they gave me for Logan, I figure I should stock up on things and put them in the deep freeze.

02-18-2006, 03:39 PM
Ok I am having a hard time keeping my ticker for some reason. I redid it like they said to but as you can see it isn't there but when I go to sig, I can see it just fine. Anyone else having issues with it?

02-18-2006, 03:39 PM
Oh geez now it is there lol

02-18-2006, 06:16 PM
Today was a lunch party to celebrate the completion of a big house project that are friends have been doing for 7 years. yea!! I ate a bunch of finger food, but it was ok till the mushy brownie with chocolate chips. I wil live thru it and not blow the rest of the day.
It took me longer than anyone else here to start to work out. I can't believe I waited so long cause I do love it. I feel so much taller and even leaner and stronger. I sure wasted a lot of time.
Melissa - How can Jason's family make any waves when you have custody and not them? They should be asking you what they can do to help, and that's all. Jason is still a kid.

02-18-2006, 06:18 PM
You know, I never noticed the little yellow thing on the bottom left of the page. It tells you who is on line. Amazing. Hello Melissa

02-18-2006, 06:34 PM
No they can't make any waves at all-unless they take me back to court but then he would have to prove he can care for them ect. He doesn't even have his own place and lives in a truck most of the time. I am always online with the dsl. I just hate it when people have something to say and they just don't come out and say it and have to act all mysterious. It is probably something about getting produce here toward the end of the month or something stupid like that but instead of just saying it we have to be all cryptic and call things dilemas. She still hasn't called me about what they are and now I just dont' care lol.

Finally op today! I think I have finally gotten sick enough of staying where I am. I never made it to the scale this morning so I will do it tomorrow. Trying to make sure I got everything until josh goes back to school so I don't have to take him shopping too. Course he will be with ex tomorrow and then mom and dad are taking him monday overnight since his break was so long. I like it cause my parents get paid when they have him since he is disabled and I know he is getting taken care of wonderfully.

Off to clean more stuff-it just never ends I tell ya

02-19-2006, 03:15 PM
well Friday was supposed to be our big anniversary celebration BUT plans changed- and after spending too much $$ on vehicle repairs and gas and unexpected dr's appt. we ended up spending a quiet evening at home watching tv. Hubby went shopping as he knew i wasn't up to going out ot eat and bought foods that were prolly a zillion calories- like crab stuffed flounder and stuffed mushrooms( stuffed with italian sausage & cheeses) and shrimp and crab cakes- i ate only small portions of each (except shrimp) but ooh i bet i ate enough calories anyway for a day or two. it was a very nice enjoyable evening.

I have started the packing process- it is scary and i really don't want to- just becasue i want to keep everything but on the other hand i look at items and go why do i even have these things- i haven't used them in years- or why did i buy that cause i've never used it. and then i want to keep it anyway (arrgh)
even knowing i don't need it-

My FIL is thrilled cause i told him what a nice back yard they have and he said it needed so much work that he couldn't do and i said i love to do yard work so we'll get it cleaned up. ( i keep thinking above ground pool)
well i am gonna be an ebay queen again tonight and list all my cake pans, candy molds and tea cups tonight - and melissa- i will be sending you a box soon but I just need to get stuff together.
i almost hit my exercise goal this week i was abouit 30 minutes short but i will blame that on being sick.


02-19-2006, 03:49 PM
You are doing better than I am-I don't think I have had any intentional excersize this week. I have spent so much time with my knickers in a knot that I haven't focused on much more than that. On a good note though I did finally talk to maryann and the "dilema" was getting a good running bigger vehicle for me and it looks like they are getting me a jeep cheroke to haul everyone in. It will be jason's so I don't think I am going to have to deal with the insurance either so that will save me 60 a month-all the details aren't worked out yet but the idea of something big enough to haul us all in is pure heaven and this means too that I can feasably go to Bow to see my friend which is about an hour north of me. I didn't dare do it in Mabel since the tranny is almost gone and she is about to give up the ghost. I guess my little talk with Jason really hit home with him and Maryann could see my point too. I told her it isn't like I have my hand out and really expect things, It is just nice to be asked so I don't feel all the time like I am the lone ranger.

Ex brought CHIPPY with him this morning when he picked Josh up. She is like oh we can have you over for dinner blah blah or go have coffee blah blah so you can get to know me. I will be having a big talk with dennis when he brings josh home. What he does or who he sees is his own business but I am so not interested in being friends with them and I don't want to be pals and we aren't one big happy family. They are moving in together on the first and now he wants josh on friday to sunday when he is working> I just don't see the point and CHIPPY is in for a big surprise when she has josh on her own without dennis there. She has no clue what she is in for really and regardless I don't want to see her hurt or hit with something when she tries to "mommy" him. Drama drama drama. Ugh

I am glad you got to have a quiet nite home at least to celebrate and I will be so happy to see the box in the mail. Moving is unnerving even when it is a good thing. There are just so many things to clean and take care of too. Once you get settled you will probably giggle about the nerves you have. It is a good positive thing for everyone and once you get all done, you will be happy you did.


02-19-2006, 09:00 PM
well i have managed to totally go thru my kitchen - not that it was that big but i have cleaned out every cupboard and packed all my old- that i only get out at holidays glasswares up- i am loving bubble wrap ! and i have a pile of stuff to post on ebay and i listed some stuff on freecycle - I am NOT having a yard sale - i HATE when people come around insult your stuff and then offer you a 1.00 for something you have ( example we ahd an extra 19 inch color tv set i had it listed for 10.00 and these people wanted to give me a 1.00 for it?? yes it worked good etc.. i'd rather haul it to goodwill instead of having a yard sale! I need to get more bubble wrap to pack my good dishes - i want to keep them as they are nice- they'll be fine in storage.
i have also done 5 loads of laundry and i have found that those "space bags" are really cool - i put 3 comforters and 2 blankets in one and it sucked it down to nada! I love them and need to get more for bedding- everything will neatly slide under my bed ! YAY!

WOW Melissa- what a great thing with the new vehicle! i bet that will be a blessing for you! and blah on the ex's GF sure that's just what you wanna do is have coffee with the ex's new chippy. i think she is in for a very rude awakening.
well i am off to fold laundry- cry at extreme makeover home edition and be ready for ebay posting maybe later tonight or early in the a.m. i am starting to run outa steam now- i am off tomorrow and boy do i need it just to catch up from this weekend .

I hate packing stuff although i am going "Oh gee THAT'S :D where that went"
then promptly tossing it :p
it will get better

02-19-2006, 09:24 PM
Got more done than I did! Between the phone and dealing with ex my day just got shot! Only half of us got dressed even and I have had what I think is a low grade sinus headache for 4 days now. I cry at extreme home make over too so I am glad I am not the only one. While Josh is with my parents over night tomorrow I will get the shopping done so I have the rest of the week to get the house back to normal (as normal as we get anyway) since the following week are appointments and meetings.
Someone needs to yell at me and kick my in the rear so I can get back on track again. I start out well and then by afternoon early evening, I am in the black abyss!

02-20-2006, 02:22 PM
:drill: ok melissa-back on track lady! (oh like i am one to give you advice:D )
I am so busy - i start on 1 thing and then run into another forgetting the first thing I was working on- arrgh talk about not staying on track. I need to make a list and cross off 1 thing at a time- i honestly have no words of wisdom for you- i crash every afternoon/evening and by 4 i seem to want to eat everything in sight and sometimes do.
even if i am busy i want to eat.
well today i have had 4 huge piles of stuff in my Living room - 1 for ebay finally got pics taken - 1 for goodwill- 1 for freecycle and the one for trash is GONE! now i need to spend time listing ebay stuff- i was really looking forward to a quiet day off-:p HA!

Haven't even changed out of PJ bottoms today as i am working but being lazy for my day off. i have been washing loads of laundry finally catching up - and getting extra bedding into space bags -i do like them.

i also filed all my warranties and manuals for stuff we have in a file box (dvd player etc..)ooo i am organized (that'll last about a week) :rofl:
i even cleaned out my fridge today- by 5:00 i'll be :faint:
check in later !

02-20-2006, 03:08 PM
Sounds like me yesterday. I think I finally got dressed about 3p. I am now waiting for Logan to wake up so I can feed him and then head to the store. I will be taking all 4 today lol. I know I am a glutton for punishment I think. Oh and get this..ex comes and brings josh home just to tell me he doesnt' think he is moving in with his chippy and he thinks she is stupid. That whole big stupid meeting thing was all for nothing and a total waste of my time. I feel so bad for that little girl. She left her husband for dennis and now she will probably get the shaft from him. I think Dennis should have to wear a t-shirt that says stay away from me as I am a colossal jackass! It just kills me. Well speaking of getting dressed, I guess I should. I just have myself and Odessa left.

02-20-2006, 05:16 PM
that t-shirt for dennis sounds like a great idea. poor chippy. maybe she can go back to her husband.
well this weekend was pretty bad. too many calories but she scale is hanging in there mostly. one pound up, but that's pretty normal considering the circumstances i weigh under. i am determined to have a great op week, and cut those calories!

02-21-2006, 06:21 PM
I know I really felt like I should talk to her but since she is so young she would probably think I was jealous or wanted dennis back or something and wouldn't listen anyway. I have been a bad eater too. I did go shopping yesterday and now that I have two down for naps am going to map out a few days worth for myself and start yelling at myself too. I am going to be back where I was if I don't stop it.

The crib for Logan arrived yesterday and it is just gorgeous! They all spent their first night together last night and the girls slept through Logan's nightly bottle so that is so neat. I have my room back! I also will hit payout for my pirate game too this month! I finally got smart about playing it and have a system and it is working so much better. Only 20.00 this month but as I build my defenses ect I can get a better payout. Lovin' it!

We have alot of MIA'S again. I know that sandi is in the process of moving but I am worried about Theresa-it has been ages!

02-21-2006, 06:30 PM
i'm here- just had to work unreal hours today
i am worried about theresa too- i miss everyone- maybe it's the snow??

I ate a chocloate chip cookie for breakfast

i ate a piece of chocolate cake for lunch

i did eat some carrot and celery sticks during the day so that may count toward something.

and i had better choices but i chose to ignore the little voice inside of me saying "don't eat Me"
smacks head against wall
here i am again freaking out about weight loss and putting it all back on.

this has to stop

02-21-2006, 06:33 PM
i can't believe what i acutally ate yesterday! i only had two bites, but i don't know what possessed me when i took a spoon to a cup of whipped cream covered with caramel sauce. maybe it was the :devil:. what was i thinking?? this job is going to be the end of me! first little bites of cupcakes, then whole ones, and now whipped cream by spoonful!
i need some serious :drill:

02-21-2006, 06:37 PM
lol. just read the last two posts, and i think we all (mias too) need :drill:

02-21-2006, 09:04 PM
I've only got a minute but I just wanted to check in with a bit of :drill:. I can tell you that it DOES get easier but the ONLY way it's going to get easier is by DOING it. It's extremely hard work to make time to exercise and to take the time to make the right food choices every time. The only way to get past the difficult part and make it a habit is to just suck it up and make it a priority NO MATTER WHAT and just do it. No excuses, no nothing else, just do it. I still have days where it is just mind over matter, eating what I know are the right things instead of what I really want, setting a specific time to exercise and then when that time arrives just getting up and doing it without thinking about it and talking myself out of it. I know everyone has a lot of stress and issues and everything else, but being healthy makes dealing with the those things easier. For those of us who are parenting, it feels like we are taking time away from our kids, but in fact that time for oursleves makes us better parents because we are setting examples for our kids along with making sure we'll be here for them for a long time to come. We are ALL WORTH THE WORK! Make it a priority, and make it happen. I'm really not trying to upset anybody because I SO know where you are all coming from because I was stuck in a rut for so long and I know there is only one way out of that rut and it isn't easy no matter how you look at it, BUT if I can do it...YOU CAN DO IT!!

Well I am off for my evening workout...who's with me?

02-21-2006, 10:40 PM
no kayelle- you are not upsetting me at all- i am ashamed at myself and annoyed too as i really know i can do this- i also realize i will mess up along the way . my problem today was just loss of willpower and the availability of the goodies around me- i mean platters and platters of cakes andmayo laden sandwiches and cookies and all kinds of goodies and i just ignored the:angel: voice inside going "what in the heck are you doing spit out the cookie and the :devil: voice kept saying eat the cookie - eat the cake and all thought of eating healthy flew out the window- i can't make excuses except i ate wrong today and i have decided NOT to let that make me fall off the wagon and continue to eat bad.
I did for a while have that impending doom of well once a :moo: always a :moo: and why not just say forget it and be a :moo: but that was pushed down and i will not go back to eating crap tomorrow- there will be temptations all week unfortunatly at work SO i will STAY out of the kitchen at work away from temptations. and i bought gum tonight so if i have to go near the kitchen i will chew gum so i can't nibble.
I do feel stuck in a rut and feel as tho no matter how hard i try I can't lose faster- better- as good - as everyone else is But then i have to remember that everyone is different and i am on 4 different types of meds and 2 of them have side effects of WEIGHT GAIN- so i have to try harder and as Kayelle make this #1 for me-.
Thanks for the :drill:
My NSV for today was I bought water and healthy snacks/ Fruit for tomorrow!
:hug: to everyone! :grouphug:

02-21-2006, 10:55 PM
I have been awol for a few days and very guilty. Of course food was out of control. I think when everything around me is crazy, I give myself permission to eat crap because what the heck, everything sucks anyway, so why not just make it worse. That's not a good thing to do, because when everything is ok again, I am still fat. I don't lnow if eating at those time is a punishment or a reward, but I need to stop.
thanks, Kayelle. You are so right.
Sandi - moving is one of the biggest stresses in life.
Melissa- I'm glad you got your room back.
Carrie- You are super, to be able to work in Starbucks and stay op. They say after a while you don't even want the stuff anymore. It would take me years.

02-22-2006, 02:32 AM
Come on ladies!!! Get out of the rut and back on this wagon!! :drill: We can do this! I am happy to report that I lost 5 pounds last week! Then as soon as I left Curves, I went to Burger King, I did get the grilled chicken sandwich with no sauce, but I ate all the fries and half my sons' hamburger!:ink: What was I thinking? I don't know, but I know it wasn't sane thinking!! I didn't do much better at dinner tonight-more fries! I know it won't happen again for a long time cause I made hubby promise we will not go out to eat for a month! I probably gained all 5 pounds back! I also have not worked out at all this week. I had good intentions though!! I left Monday to go to Curves and my daughter called, she had just been thrown from the horse she was riding and landed on her back. I had to take her to the ER, sat there for 2 hours, then it was too late to workout at Curves, just enough time to get weighed and measured. I should have a printout tomorrow on how my 6 weeks went. I don't even want to guess!

Melissa-Don't you have Theresa's email addy? I sure hope everythings okay with her and her family!

Kayelle- You are the greatest inspiration!:thanks:
NO EXCUSES!!! I need to remember that everyday! I will be at the gym at 9am tomorrow, and I will be there everyday,:woops: I AM WORTH THE WORK--NO EXCUSES!!! Thank you!

Sandisuze-PM me your ebay id--I love ebay!!!

Laura-No more eating crap!! Eat crap=feel like crap, doesn't do you any good! ( I know-I've ate crap the last few days:( )

Check in with you all AFTER I go to the gym in the morning!!
This is for all of us--- :dust:

02-22-2006, 08:51 AM
thanks for the :drill: kayelle. we need it! especially me :devil:
today was good. i had an nsv -- after work, i went to the gym and did 60m of cardio. yay! another one, unintentional though, was that i forgot to bring home two muffins from work, and because of that, i will be having a muffin-free breakfast tomorrow. good thing too, because i looked up the calories on them, and they were 150 more than i thought (assuming calories makes "me" with a big "you-know-what," as the saying doesn't exactly go.) 450 calories for a "reduced-fat" muffin.. sheesh!
we can do it ladies.. the cravings must remain cravings, and not turn into regrets!

02-22-2006, 10:46 AM
I'm thinking a lot about excuses and I know that I use lots of emotional moments as a reason to turn to food. I think that's what self medicating is all about and I am going to stop. If I turned to alcohol or drugs it would just be another form of self medicating and it would be much less socially acceptable, only because the negative results are apparent so quickly. If you self med with food, only you know that you feel like crap and the fat will still be there. So now I am going to describe myself as a self medicator and try to overcome my addiction. How's that for a lot of psycho babble? But I think the concept fits me and some of my friends here.

02-22-2006, 11:05 AM
I agree 100% with your babble! I am addicted and use food to medicate myself but never really knew h proper words to say- i have been saying i was addicted to certain foods but now i think it's addiction to the aspect of eating- i think it'll make me happy but in reality it doesn't. or i think it'll fix things but it doesn't Arrgh
nasty cycle isn't it??

02-22-2006, 11:32 AM
Sandi- the particular food doesn't really matter because when I turn to food, if my usual foods that I like aren't available, I will eat something else, even something that I don't really want, just to eat. I do think this is the key, not thinking about particular foods, just the use of food to medicate. But the flip side of this is that you do need to deal with whatever the issues are that cause self med. And I don't know how to do that.I do think however that sometimes it's like a leaned behavior- something happens, I reach for food without even thinking and sometimes the issue isn't really that bad, it's just an excuse to grab. At least for me.
This weekend I ate because I was wildly worried about son # 3. I didn't call him because I want him to deal with his issues himself, so instead I worried and ruined my good times with friends and ate. Still no news from him but I feel fat and ugly, thanks to me.
That's what has to stop for me. It's not the food, it's the feelings. (Oprah says that.)

Ice Princess
02-22-2006, 02:09 PM
I have found my way back. :cp:
I have been MIA for a while now, since the mid of January. My copmuter has been down and I hate the dial up, I will be getting high speed next week. So I have vowed that I will come on at least every second day, once I get the high speed.
I am glad to see that every one is doing good, and Kay I love what you wrote it is all so true. :encore:
I still have some more treads to read, and get my butt moving again. :rollpin:
:drill: I need one. I havent worked out in 3 weeks, I stubbed my big toe and lost my toe nail, but I can now where my shoes and walk with out it hurting so next weeks goals will be Curves 3 times and 5 walks. I will gear up for March's tread, notmuch I can do about Febuary's.
Take care ladies and keep up the great work, and send soem butt kickin my way.

02-23-2006, 08:06 PM
Hey where is everyone??

ice - glad ot see ya back!
I too have decided to forget February and move onward to march and see if i can't pull it together

Laura I've really been thinking about what you wrote yesterday and it makes so much sense.
I'm always saying if i am haveng a bad day or stressed that i'll eat just one ____ (insert word) and i'll feel all better- and I don't all i ever feel is either stupid, angry, fat and stuffed-
i guess some people drink , some do drugs, some smoke, some run away and some eat. I know i used to be a big (and i mean 5 days a week party) party person back in the day with drinking and smoking- i gave up drinking as it was getting out of hand and it was kinda easy- i still craved a drink now and then but just distanced myself from drinking. no days i could care less about taking a drink. smoking wasn't too terrible as i had pneumonia and i couldn't smoke so that was ok-it's been over 8 years tho and to this day i still every now and then crave a smoke.
we have to eat we can't distance ourselves or quit eating. we can choose to make better food choices and exercise tho. i don't understand why i can't just say NO to the wrong foods. or why i can't just stop when i am full. and then nothings fixed cause i still have the problem /stress/ issues that made me think i want to eat wrong.

I'm sorry -i am babbling again and prolly not making much sense.
Today was a good day tho- was able to get a shirt for pics on Saturday and i got my hair done and it looks FAB! the hair dresser used an "iron" on it and it's so pretty except hubby doesn't like it at all- he likes my curls -i was just tired of the little orphan annie look - Now i am afraid that it won't look good curly - i hate my hair :p i like it all straight and curved around my face- it makes me look thinner. hubby may just have to get over it.

as soon as we get pics i will post one-
hope to "see" everyone back soon

02-23-2006, 11:27 PM
Sandi- I think we are so in the habit of reaching for food when something goes wrong that it's hard to stop. For me, I need to stuff down whatever bad feelings, fears, worries etc are beginning. It's like an anesthetic. Feel the food and not the real feelings. I know I do that because the food never tastes good anyway. Sometimes I would eat till I hurt, so whatever I didn't want to face became a physical pain instead. It is so comlicated, especially when you have been doing it for years.
Today I lifted a 50lb bag of dog food. It was really heavy. that's what I'm dragging around, attached to my body everyday.GRRRRRRR.
Where is Melissa??????????????

02-23-2006, 11:29 PM
PS- Sandi- Go get the book Curly Girl, by Lorraine Massy, and click on and learn to love your curls.
Women pay big bucks to get what you have.

02-24-2006, 01:42 AM
laura, i think you are right about reasons for eating and especially it not tasting good. i can't seem to get past the idea of coming up for excuses of why its ok to eat some food or other that i don't really need to eat, "i deserve it," or "i'll work it off/make up for it tomorrow," or most common for me "i don't want it to go to waste!" the real waste would be eating it, which is what just happened to that danged cupcake! i feel like i just gained a zillion pounds.
what is wrong with me these days? i have never been a cake person, always salty stuff or ice cream.

02-24-2006, 09:39 PM
I know laura- i should embrace the curls- People do pay lots for perms and i shouldn't fuss- it does seem the older i get the frizzier the curls get - i stopped in sally beauty supply today and asked for a curl defining something and they sold me some stuff that is supposed to help. ( i did get a straightening iron tho and hubby said the way i did it looked nicer than yesterday.) so i can go curly and staight with the hair. kinda fun- i am not girly when it comes to hair and makeup- i missed out on all the Girl stuff like hair, nails etc.. i am hopeless at stuff like that- (hubby braids jocies hair)

SO WHERE IS EVERYONE???? I am praying here Melissa is ok- very worried here-
I am emailing theresa -as i found her email today. and seeing what is up - if she answers me-

I am thinking that dr. phil may be right and I need to deal with whatever is bothering me instead of reaching for food. i too say, well i've had a rough day i can have this or that when i know i shouldn't. i have made up the most stupid reasons why i need to eat something "bad".
Like if i don't try that, i'll never know what a zillion calories fried twinkie tastes like -NO i didn't eat it but I came close!
today was ehh on food - i was given a diet Sobe green tea today and it was eww at first- then i found i liked it and then i read the ingredients and said oh my it has stuff in it one shouldn't drink whan one is on heart medication. can't win LOL
well i am off to list more on ebay and do dishes
March is only a few days away and i am going to make it. This move will be over soon and i can stop freaking out- now the nerves are being caused by what about this or what about that - and the evil "WHAT IF" are attacking...
Pictures are tomorrow i hate having my pic taken- :p

02-24-2006, 10:30 PM
Sorry guys I have just been feeling under the weather last few days. I still haven't been able to shake this cold and it is whiping me out. I may have to break down and see dr. Ever since I got pneumonia couple years ago, it just takes forever to get rid of the bugs.

My roof sprung a leak and I am still waiting for landlord to call me back so hopefully no rain for a bit. We had snow this morning and then by 11a it was gone and the sun was shining. I ate too much cake for my birthday too. Odessa is in Bremerton with other grandma and going to a birthday party for her little friend tomorrow. She told me bye, love you too and take care as she left. She is quite the character. Logan is crawling and now pulling himself into a standing position.

I didn't read much of the posts but I am hoping to finally feel normal again tomorrow. I just wanted to let everyone know I am here but just feeling a bit punkish and will be back.

02-25-2006, 03:14 PM
Hi everyone! I've been awol for awhile, then the few times I tried to post I kept losing my connection and gave up. I HATE dial up!!! DH says we need to pay off the dental bills before we add an expense so I guess it will be awhile before we get a better connection.

Melissa-I hope you get feeling better soon, it's been a bad cold season here too.

Ice--glad to see you are alive and kicking!!

Candice--Starbucks would be the death of me, luckily we don't have any near here, not within 100 miles! I would nibble my way through the menu if I worked there.;)

Sandi-I have curly hair also. Lately everytime I get it cut they iron it straight. When I get home, my dog stands there and barks at me, my DH hates it when its straight too.

Laura--I got to thinking about what you said about lifting the dogfood and I realized that between DH and I we have lost a total of 113 pounds. That's a whole person!! (thin person, but still a person). That is truly a sobering thought. If I ever reach my goal I'll have lost about that much on my own.
That should be a good incentive in it's own right.

This week at work, they admited a young man (late 20's) who weighes over 700 pounds. It seems that we are seeing more young people in the hugely obese weights than ever before. 350+ is becoming almost a norm. The parents and familys enable these people by raising cain that they aren's getting enough food on a 2000-2200 cal diet and keep bringing in fast food.
We can't seem to get through to them that they are helping their loved one to slowly eat themselves into an early grave. These people have all the high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory problems that we usually see in the elderly and they are not even 40 yet for the most part. Most of them are also on disability so that middle america is footing the bill for their healthcare. It is a frightening look at the future of our younger generation.

Ok off my :soap: :D

This month has been depressing all around, no loss by the scale, no energy, and no sunshine. I AM READY FOR SPRING!!!!

Only 3 months left on my contract and then I can find a job with normal hours:carrot: :hat: :dance:
I hate job hunting usually, but this time I am looking forward to it.

Well, I can never seem to post a short note.
Sorry for the book:o

Back to work I go, Have a good week everyone.


02-25-2006, 06:23 PM
This miserable month is almost over and we have all been lagging, so let's get together and start March off with some good challenges. How about all of us OP every single day in March. Come to this site and write down your food for the day (if you need to) or use fitday, and stay honest. OP even for birthdays, anniversaries, parties, dinners out, free food, aggrevation, depression, hopelessness, jealousy etc. The exercise challange is 3 times a week minimum.
We all need to do this. We all have been making excuses, and not doing the right thing.
So let's do it, OK? Spring is coming very soon and then summer and we will all be miserable in tee shirts with fat hanging out. No more big sweaters and shirts in the heat.
What do you think.
BTW-this doesn't mean we can blow the next few days till March. OK?

02-25-2006, 06:28 PM
Congrats on the pounds lost Kathy! Especially given you were traveling! I got menus done for the rest of the month. Time to poop or get off the pot so to speak. I know part of the problem has been not making the best food choices in the world and I have no one to blame but myself. I like Laura and others of us use food as a way to escape what is bothering me and it just has to stop. I made a mini goal to be 195 for Logan's birthday. He will be 1 on May 18th and I think it is realistic goal if I stick to my guns and get it rolling well. I have noticed that my house is messier and I am just tired all the time and I always feel behind when I am not eating OP. So I took the time and am planning ahead for this coming week since I have alot of errends and appointments to go to. I also want Kathy to see less of me in April LOL.

We must have been posting at the same time Laura! YES YES YES we ALL need to get this ball rolling. I know I personally would like to be able to wear shorts and a tank top and not look like an overstuffed teddy bear or a mushroom with legs!

02-25-2006, 07:08 PM
Good Melissa, I'm glad you will do this with me. I am really ready.
We are going to dinner at a friend's. She is making veal parmasan, which I definately won't eat because it's poor pathetic baby cows. I am bringing a huge salad and i will be fine with that and whatever veggies she serves.
I am loving my water workouts. It's so much fun and it's a good workout too. We go into the deep water, hang from noodles and do leg lifts and crunches. It's hard, but much more fun than machines. I highly recommend it if you have access to a pool.

02-25-2006, 07:46 PM
I will have to look into that here in the near future. I have been wanting to get the girls swimming lessons but I haven't because (A) I don't even own a swimsuit and (B) no way do I want anyone to see that much of me lol. I also wanted to do the water work outs because I have heard that it is great for people with arthritis since it is less impact on the joints. I know the girls would love it since they are both such water babies. Everytime Odessa hears water run she gets naked and heads right for the bathroom. She is having a great time with her other grandma too.

Looks like a scored a dresser for Logan too thru freecycle woohoo! I would be lost without it.

02-26-2006, 08:07 AM
you are so right laura! march is going to be our month! we need to be thinking about showing off our success in *gasp* bathing suits even in the summer. op all the way, everyday!
i have already booked a camping trip to this excellent place on the central ca coast i love for my birthday, and i am making it my goal to be at my gw by then, if not before. i need to stay committed, because the first pound and last 15 are the hardest of all.

02-26-2006, 12:52 PM
Well I finally managed to go all day and be OP and I can't tell you how much better I feel already! Makes a person wonder why they fall off the wagon when all it does is make you fat and feel like doodoo all the time. I also got to sleep all night for two nights in a row now! I feel so special. He may just be going to sleep from now on which would be lovely. Odessa got home and had a blast. It is almost 9a here and she is still sleeping in fact. I will check in later-got so much to do!

02-26-2006, 01:21 PM
hey everyone! i am dreading summer time once again because it seems like i am the only one in my world that doesnt get to wear a cute string bikini :( im trying to work towards feeling fine, not embarrassed in a bathing suit, because now, i dont even want to be seen by my family! do you guys think 40 pounds by summer is possible? omg that would put me at 192!!!! omg i am so excited!!!!!!!!!

02-26-2006, 02:07 PM
I think that is completely realistic-it is still Feb. That would average to 10lbs a month and it can be done. I haven't owned a bathing suit since my daughter was about 5 and she is 22 now and I have done everything in my power to not be in a position where I would need one. I really want to be able to wear one this year even though it means I would have to take out a razor and use it LOL

02-26-2006, 08:22 PM
OK i have been AWOL for a couple days-
need to catch up :D

Laura I am with you too - i will post my food daily and exercise- that way if i am bad someone (PLEASE :drill: or :rollpin: at me!)
i need to be accountable to others instead of just saying well i blew it -oh well- what i need to say is i blew it and i will get back OP NOW
I am so tired of making excuses and i need to "own" my eating and lack of exercise habits- i am so tired of just being blah about weight loss and being healthy.
so if ya'll put up with my food diary and exercise i'll post every day- ( i may miss a few while in transition and moving but i'll prolly bore everyone with my posting cause i am going to be serious about it. my hubby says- " but you say that every month" and yeah i do, but i am going to try in march. too many months off the wagon.

two things really hit me hard this week- one is i've been making excuses for far too long and there's no reason i am not losing except laziness and two i so wanted to have a nice pic in the staff directory and again i am the fat office manager-"turn this way honey and we'll hide the double chin as best as we can" :(
it also annoys me that my jeans make so much noise when i walk-

Freecycle rocks! I got rid of so much stuff this past week and didn't have to drag it to goodwill! and YAY! on getting sleep Melissa- i know it has to feel good!
Suzette- i am saddened by the overweight kids today- a good friend who is only 32 is like 100 pounds overweight and it suprised me last week as she wasn't able to keep up with me walking in Target- she huffed and puffed the whole time. I really though she was going to pass out on me- but then i got a diet coke and a bag of baked lays for a treat and she got a regular soda- an extra large and a bag of chips and a bag of cookies - not saying i am perfect or even "good" at times but gee-
I am living only 5 minutes from the beach and i would really like a bathing suit and not have someone yell whale on the beach when i go ( yes it has happened- more than once)
:hug: to everyone

02-27-2006, 11:26 AM
My food for today:
I egg omlette with cheese and spinach
1 orange
chicken salad
1 piece of bread
chicken stir fry, veggies and 1/3 rice
mango, frozen cubes from Trader Joes
No workout today.
It's boring to post and read food plans, but we all need to do it and we all need to stop making excuses, especially me.
I think we have gone overboard forgiving ourselves and each other all winter. We all have 21 century stresses, sometimes worse and sometimes better, and I think we are all using them as excuses to eat. I know I still stuff down my troubles. If I eat a lot, I will feel it in my gut and it takes away from the pain I feel over the real situation.
Stuffing down the feelings doesn't make them better, just makes me fatter and instead of dealing with the real feelings I can moan and groan about being too fat and a failure.
Has anyone tried to find Theresa?

02-27-2006, 12:40 PM
I will do my best to email her today-I have Josh's annual DDD appointment and it is at the house so I need to make sure the poor guy at least has a path to the couch! Will do actual post in a bit.

02-27-2006, 03:04 PM
Ok been a bit hectic so I missed breakfast-I know my bad! Here is the rest of the days menu for today.

1 roll
2t butter
mexican casserole
2T LF dressing
2T sunflower seeds

PM snack orange
Total points 22 of 26
I still had 7 points left so I may have to edit later if I need to use them. Ok I really should get dressed and get the lunch thing going here.

I emailed Theresa so hopefully she will email back.

02-27-2006, 06:36 PM
I really like posting today's food. Once you post it, you have to stay honest or you will feel silly, so please join us.

02-27-2006, 08:31 PM
I agree with you Laura-I didn't want to have to go back and alter what I had written. Josh's appointment ran over so I will be eating a little later than normal. We all eat here about 4-430 and I don't have dinner in the oven yet lol. Fed kids hotdogs I had out in the freezer and I almost just had one myself but that is really more points than I want to spend and not nearly the amount of "good" food I could have so I am in the process of cooking the caserole now. I am not feeling starving so that is good and I can always grab the orange if I need it. I have to rethink tomorrow since I am taking josh out to lunch between his appointments.

02-27-2006, 10:27 PM
ok i got it all wrong (whats new???:D ) i thought we were supposed to post what we ate during the day - not what we are going to eat tomorrow-
oh well i may end up soing it both ways this month - i am in a packing frenzy now with 19 days to go and work is unbelievably busy.

today i ate:
1 serving smart start cereal (1 cup)
1/2 cup skim milk
(then 30 minutes later I was hungry again and had another bowl- about 1/2 cup with a splash of milk)
1 medium banana

1 boca burger
1 ww bun
lettuce, tomato and onion & mustard
1 serving baked lays
1 small apple

4 oz. chicken
1/2 baked sweet potato
2 cups green beans

snack tonight will be strawberries and jellow/ coolwhip free

tomorrow i have planned for a more filling breakfast with more protein ( egg whites and turkey sausage scramble)
snacks will be yoghurt and a banana - we have tons of strawberries to eat up too-
lunch will be another boca burger and dinner will be meatloaf and spinach with salad and prolly more strawberries
Now if i can just exercise maybe it'll go good?? I am so looking forward to thsi mve to be done so i have a nice area of town to walk in- also my good GF will be only 6 blocks form me and a few blocks for both of us is a beautiful walking path and she said today we will have to start walking (not that she needs to)
I also emailed theresa and it was sent back but i may have NOT had the right email
I disagree with it being boring reading others meal plans cause it gives me ideas about what to eat- i feel it is also very motivating to know we are all going for an all OP month ! I think planning snacks so one doesn't get starving helps too. i am going back to my homemade prepacking snacks and maybe even some of melissas pumpkin muffins! and i'm sure some of my meals for a day will be amusing and give everyone a laugh!

I am so happy tho cause when i was packing I found my wedding ring!!!! we had thought it lost ( actually we thought a family member had thrown it away for spite) years ago and i was going thru a box of old pictures and there it was. :carrot:
well i am off to do dishes and then i think i will crash early as i am just tired- TOM is here AGAIN - I can't win - i have a dr's appt. next month but gee- enough is enough already. the whole month of feb i was either having TOM or bloated or cramps. no wonder this month was rotten-
See ya'll tomorrow!

02-27-2006, 10:52 PM
What I posted was today's menu and I am happy to say I stuck with it! I make those muffins all the time Sandi. Josh absolutely loves them and it is one way to get some veggies into him. Ok should we post in the am what the menu is or wait until after dinner and then post what we actually ate-guess I am confused. It helps me to do my menu in the am cause then when I get those awe who cares I am eating (fill in drivel here) then I know I would have to go back and add or change ect. It would make me have to confess after putting down my good intentions. I sent the email to Theresa and so far it hasnt' come back but she hasn't answered either :0( so not sure what to think. Just hope she hasnt' given up. I think losing weight is one of the hardest things a person can do because you can't just stay away from food and never touch it again-well you could but I don't recommend it. BUT I am doggone going to get this stinking done period!

Here is the layered mexican casserole-I thougt it was pretty darn tasty and I used the mango salsa instead of regular. Once I had that mango salsa I just can't use the other anymore.

Layered mexican casserole

1 serving olive oil cooking spray
2lbs uncooked chicken breast boneless and skinless
30oz canned black beans rinsed and drained
3c FF sour cream
2c shredded reduced fat monterey jack or mexican style cheese blend
2 (4oz) cans chopped gr. chilies
2t ground cumin
1/2t black pepper
12 med corn tortillas, cut into 2" strips
1c salsa

Preheat oven to 350. Coat lasagna pan with cooking spray.

Place chicken in medium saucepan and fill with enough cold water just to cover chicken. Set pan over high heat and bring to boil. Reduce heat to med and simmer until chicken is cooked through about 10min and drain. When chicken is cool, cut into 1" pieces.

Transfer chicken to lg. bowl and add beans, sour cream, 1c cheese, chilies, cumin, and pepper. Mix well and set aside.

Arrange half the tortillas in bottom of prepared lasagna pan, over-lapping pieces to cover surface. Top tortillas with half of chicken mixture, layer with remaining tortillas and then top with remaining chicken mixture. Sprinkle with remaining cup of cheese.

Bake until filling is bubbly and cheese is melted about 30 min. Let stand 5 min before slicing into 12 pieces.

Serve with salsa on the side
6pts=there was no calorie for this one but I would think it is about 220 calories or so give or take. Probably give lol. I am just not industrious enough to add all the calories and divide.

02-27-2006, 11:20 PM
Sandi- I think it's better to post what are going to eat because that way you are more inclined to stay with it.

I made a 10 lb chicken on Friday so we have lots of chicken so Tues will a repeat of today.
Cheese omlette with sausage and a fruit
chicken salad on 1 piece of bread for lunch
left over chicken stir fry with 1/3 c rice for dinner.
snacks will be an orange and some frozen mango.

02-27-2006, 11:53 PM
Since I have to be out of here in the am I am going to post Tuesday's menu just in case. I like to have everything done for mom when she comes to watch the babies so she doesn't have to work so hard.

1 egg 2pts
2 slices reduced calorie bread 1pt
1T jam 1pt
orange 1pt
plain hamburger 6pts
sm fry 5pts
either diet soda or water (haven't decided yet lol)
mexican layered caserole 6pts
lg salad 0pts
2T reduced calorie salad dressing 2pts
Apple 2pts
Total for day is 26pts out of 26pts

02-28-2006, 07:03 PM
Ok heard back from Theresa-her little guy is having major ear trouble but she is OP and hopes to be back soon. She is ok!

02-28-2006, 07:35 PM
yay! theresa is coming back! that's great you heard from her melissa. hope her son is better soon though.
sandi, that's awesome you found your ring. i would freak out if i lost mine.
i really like this food posting idea. if i say i won't eat a cupcake, then maybe i won't :devil: my grub for today:
breakfast (280)
1 c yogurt (120)
1/3 c granola (125)
1 tbsp jelly (35)
lunch/snack (570)
1 luna bar (180)
1 marie callender pot roast (330)
1 bag dried plums (60)
dinner (590)
1 baked ravioli (350)
2 glasses wine (240)......1340

hmm. well that's not as low as i would like, but ok. pretty typical. since i usually record my calories at the end of day, i am often unpleasantly surprised at how much i ate. maybe this will help me plan in advance and cut calories.

02-28-2006, 08:20 PM
I know posting has sure helped me the last two days! I was so proud that I even stuck with what I was going to do at lunch today. In fact, I don't think I have ever walked out of McD's that cheap even when I would go by myself in the past.

02-28-2006, 11:52 PM
Food posting is good!!!!!!

for Wednesday
spinach cheese sausage omelette
yogurt and mango shake for lunch

cauliflower,carrot, soup with some ground meat in it for supper
I stayed op today and worked out for 1 1/2 hours. The water in the pool was warm, but the air was so cold, so we just stayed deep and worked out real hard. I love it.

03-01-2006, 10:07 AM
I am liking the food posting!
yesterday was all OP except i was so hungry in the afternoon i had a luna bar so that's not a bad addition to my Tuesdays food post!

YAY! We will see Theresa again :carrot: I know i had the wrong email addy for her

Today is like this for food:
Kashi Heart to heart/ Skim milk/banana
ham & veggie wrap - baked lays/apple
vegetarian enchaladas/ salad
snacks/dessert are SFFF Jello/strawberries (almost gone)/ a luna bar
I need to start pointing or calorie counting my meals on here too-

In addition to my ring i also found the very first cd i ever bought which was Billy Joel's Piano man and i am driving my family crazy by playing it- :D

I am crazed at work these days it seems one thing rolls into another and we used to have "down time" but doesn't seem that way anymore.
I hope everyone has a great OP day
Now i just need to find time to exercise i'd better take kayelles advice and just DO IT!

03-01-2006, 12:09 PM
Good Morning!
muffin 3pts
bananna 2pts
meatloaf 5pts
2oz roll 3pts
2t butter 2pts
Mexican casserole 6pts
big salad 0pts
2T dressing 2pts
Total 24 of 26 pts

I have to confess I blew it bad last night and truthfully I have no idea why I did it. It sucks!

03-01-2006, 01:35 PM
Do we need to start a new month site?