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02-01-2006, 11:26 AM
:welcome3: to the February :love: edition
of our Weighty Issues thread.

Need some new inspiration? We're a group of wonderful women from different walks of life, spread out from the US east coast to the west, the Pacific and the Far East! We support each other through the highs and lows of every day life--it's not just about weight loss, it's about LIFE. If you have something to say or need a shoulder to cry on, come on in, grab a chair and stay awhile. You'll be glad you did.

02-01-2006, 11:34 AM
:lol: Uhhhhhh, good morning ladies! I think I numbered the thread wrong again....I skipped 36. Oh well, not that the # has much relevance, I'm sure we've been together longer than that, remember the time the server crashed or was changed the first time? Anyway, I've gotta get ready for work. I'll be back later. Have a great day! :wave:

02-01-2006, 11:47 AM
:lol: :lol: :rofl: Not as easy as it sounds huh Noelle? :lol: Just kidding.

Way top go on your awesome weight loss this week. I think you have inspired me to lay off the creme eggs so I can try to hit the 30 pound mark too. YOU ROCK!!

Not much happening here today. I will be back later

02-01-2006, 12:03 PM
Hi Girls....Good Morning! A Fresh New Month!

Noelle way to go on the loss!

Just popping in here after breakfast. I had some coffee and scrambled egss with salsa Yum! I have to get some stuff done around here and then take dd to school so I will check back this afternoon. I want to get on the treadmill again today also. Okay bye for now:)

02-01-2006, 02:58 PM
Weighed in today and I am down a total of 8.6 lbs. Not too bad since I am bloated something fierce. I downed the water lsat night trying to fight it and it all hit me in the middle of the night. I think I only slept a few hours b/c of the running to the bathroom. :D

Noelle that is awesome!!!!! Once you hit this goal do you have to set another one or are you were you want to be? Once I drop 17 I am going to go for another 11. I think that is where I will stop. That doens't look like much next to what you and Angie have dropped but I just have the hardest time losing.

Red I have never learned another language. I knnow that is bad but at my school they let you pick a lang. or speech or band. I did whatever I could to saty away from the foreign lang. Looking back I can say I was one lazy teenager. :lol:

Angie you are so close to your goal for this month. What are you going to do to celebrate it? No cadbury eggs. :lol: Listen to me, I love the cadbury mini eggs. I swear those are going to be the death of me. I try not to evern go down the easter isle of the store b/c my hands just grab them.

Julie I wish I had room for a treadmill. Although the dogs like to walk too much. i would feel bad for them if I did that.

Well, I will check back in later.

02-01-2006, 03:27 PM
Hey girls... just a quick note.... then I am off to St. Louis.. I've got training tomorrow.

My diet is going amazingly well (smurk) due to the fact I can't eat.... but I know I won't starve.. got too much fat to work with.

I'll be back on Friday... so you all have a great week.


02-01-2006, 03:34 PM
How come chili taste better the next day? I had a small bowl for lunch and it was great. I got in about 25 minutes on the treadmill. I can't wait for my jeans to start getting loose. On my way I guess. Not to much else going on with me, just have to go pick up my daughter soon.

Cherie I am thinking of you today....I hope your poor mouth is feeling better and you were able to eat a little something:hug:

Kempy great job!:bravo:! I know what you mean about feeling guilty leaving the dog, if you go for a walk without them. My fil has her for a couple of days. I think he is trying to whistle train her. I have a hard enough time getting her to heel. But I think all this training will be good for her. More calmer anyway.

Hi Noelle, Angie, Cal, Dips and Red! Have a great rest of the day!

02-01-2006, 03:37 PM
Hi Cherie, you snuck in on me. Good news about the diet.
Have a safe trip!:wave:

02-01-2006, 04:16 PM
oops, I have to confess that the pms is killing me. I just ate a fudge round.

02-01-2006, 04:38 PM
Angie, I went to Sam's Club yesterday (but I'm sure you can find these in a regular grocery store's freezer) and I bought a box of 20 Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches for around $11. They are 140 cals for the whole sandwich and only 1.5 grams of fat--+ 3 grams fiber. Kempy, that works out to 2 pts per sandwich--and they're pretty good-sized too. I ate two yesterday and accounted for them. I think they changed the formula because they tasted better than I remembered. Anyway, just suggesting these in case you need a chocolate fix. I should be on a PMS thing right now but I'm not....funny how when you change BCP's things change. I know that doesn't apply to you Angie (the BCP part ;) ) but I know PMS can throw us all for a loop. Hang in there and put the choclates down :drill:

Kempy, congratulations on your loss! I know you feel like it's not much but it really is! You have a lot less than I do to lose, so your weekly loss may not drop as much--you don't have that much to spare to begin with. But seriously, good job girl, keep it up! I think all of us here will look smokin' hot come summer time! :) Once I hit my personal goal, I want to still lose another 50--that's how much I want to lose. According to the WW chart though, I'd need to lose another 61. There! I said it. I can't believe I let myself get to the point where I need to lose almost 100 lbs. Oh well, one lb at a time. This can be done.

Julie, a lot of things taste better the next day...chili, spaghetti, beef stew... I think it's because the flavors have had a chance to really sit. Now I'm getting hungry for lunch :lol: I tried this new Crab and Sweet Corn chowder from Costco, it's so good, with lumps of crab meat....but it's 7 pts for 1 cup so I'm not going to be eating a lot of it any time soon, but it was so good with a side of fresh steamed asparagus :hun:

Cherie, sorry you have to endure that pain in your mouth, but at least the positive side is it's helping with your weight loss efforts :^: ...have a safe trip!

I'm pretty happy because my WW leader came back, she was out last week due to a family emergency on the mainland and the GM of the center took the class over--he said she would be out 'indefinitely' which sucked...but she was back just one week later. Anyway, you know how it gets when you get used to a certain support system and you can relate to people--kind of like you girls here--if any of you left 'indefinitely', the dynamic would defintely feel out of whack, and who knows how successful I'd be without you? So thanks for all your support. (do ya hear the violins playing? :love: ? :lol: )

02-01-2006, 07:32 PM
Hi, all. I found the new thread thanks to the link! Noelle, I think angie redid the numbers some time back so by skipping one this time you probably put us back on track, but yes, not that that really matters. The cool thing is that you have included yourself AND me! :) in the introduction. Thank you!

I am late today because I changed riding to the afternoon as it rained all day yesterday and the arena will be flooded. Even in the afternoon there will probably be pools of water. I hate that. Horses spook and it is dangerous, especially if it's windy. Sigh.

Yesterday I did really well again...until evening. I got to the gym again and jogged 5K, did crunches, didn't do any weight training as there was no time but did realize that I want to start doing it again after looking in the mirror and not liking that I'm sagging in places. I felt really good about things and the fact that the scale showed progress in the morning too...then evening comes and I'm invited out for a couple beers by a coworker on his dinner break and that just set me up for an emotional tumble.

I don't know why, must be the effect of the alcohol and then having to stop, bang, because the two guys (one came later) have to go back and I'm left to go home just when I'm getting revved up. I felt awful I think in part because I was talking about how I was getting this weight off and that was met with absolute silence. Guys. I just don't get them. They talk about girls and bodies all the time but when they actually talk to one, unless they're gay, they just don't seem to know what makes one feel good, or worse, bad. :(

So, the lack of applause and support and cheers and encouragement (maybe I'm spoiled from 3fc..) just made me feel so...nothing...I was also talking about going into a show this fall if I could, thus making that my goal to lose weight...and again, silence.....damn...why do I say things to the wrong people. Then again, maybe I should say, good for saying them and getting a response or none so you know where you stand and what type of people you're dealing with. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

You are soo right. I need some women in my life, women friends my age, but the ones I know here are so unlike me, either neurotic my age types, older can't be bothered types, or young don't have a clue what I'm on about types. :lol:

Anyhow, what concerns me is that I feel my resolve, my highs are so fragile. Here I was psyched about my efforts, my progress and then BANG, they disappear like someone shot down my hot air balloon. But I will NOT give up...that is my motto....NEVER GIVE UP....and I'm not going to. I am going to be sooo stubborn this time because I HAVE to come out this time on top.

But this too, is very, very fragile obstinate talk and not the best...but I guess you take what you can get, right?

Noelle -- I can't keep up with you when you do start posting and all this talk about stores and stuff...oh, my...I am left in the dust...but I love your enthusiasm. You talking about losing weight and then going for more...if you lose another 50! how will anyone be able to see you! :?: From your pictures you've posted I don't see any 60 lbs hiding on you anywhere? :shrug: I hear you on the dynamics of a support system. Glad your WW leader is back. I have suffered a loss with my riding teacher. She took off suddenly "indefinitely" claiming illness but I am thinking it is something else, marital problems or burnout. She was highly competitive in the dressage world. But, she was such a good rider and now I am stuck with some kid, who can't even ride my horse well. I feel defeated before I go to the stable and this was always my beacon, the other teacher. I always would watch her warming up my horse and feel, someday, someday I will be able to do that. It's horrible, really. I am not the only one who feels this way. I try to keep looking at a positive side and encouraging the others not to despair as well, but actually I am despairing myself, just doing my old strong face forward, be a trooper act.

angie -- Oh, the pms. It's awful, isn't it? It seems like all I ever do is lose the weight I have gained from the last bout with pms and then just when I've lost that here comes another round. Please, if any of you are beating this merry-go-round, please tell me (I think you are) but I want to hear it, see it, I need something that will give me hope again!

jbbm -- How are you doing? Your breakfast sounds so yummy. I should make more use of salsa too. Good luck on the treadmill! I take it this is at home, not the gym?

Cherie -- How is the mouth pain? I hope better. You sound better. On you, too, I don't see all this fat you speak of hiding anywhere. Oh well, people say the same about me...if they would ever see me in the nude though....:eek:

Kempy -- Wow, great going on the weight loss. :cp: At least all the bathroom running was not in vain. It would have been **** if you had lost sleep and then the scale had been mean to you! :mad: You are the opposite with me and languages. :lol: I was learning them from the first grade and special French classes. Then I would borrow records from the library and learn German. I always had a thing for languages. Took Spanish, French and German in high school, and then Russian, German, Norwegian! in college. Then, when I was in Germany, went on to touches of Chinese on my own, Italian and Greek, and then Bengali before going to India. What a joke, really. It was like a game for me. But what do I have from it? Not much, really, except the ability to be screwed up in any number of languages! :lol3: In my high school, foreign languages were required. It does seem strange that band or speech would be considered substitutes but things are changing. Now, I would think Spanish should be required for everyone in the States, as there seem to be so many Spanish speakers. But you know, there's nothing lazy about not studying a foreign language if you have no need for it. I don't think I would have continued unless I had put myself in the midst of non-English speakers. Easter! Oh, yes, I had totally forgotten. That is one holiday you see no sign of over here, except maybe a bit of candy in an import shop. Thank God, really, all those chocolate eggs and stuff....

02-01-2006, 08:25 PM
Red, sorry about all this talk about stores you don't have. I know how you feel though, HI doesn't have a lot of stores that are on the mainland, which is why I love to shop there when I do go. Thanks for the kind words about 'where am I hiding the 60 lbs'--that made me feel good and made me laugh. The pic you see in my profile was taken in 03 and I was probably 20 lbs lighter then--I'm pretty short, only 5'3" so carrying 200+ lbs on a frame like that is not pretty. My ideal weight weight would probably be around 140. If ONLY I could grow 6" instead, then I wouldn't have so much to lose!

I agree with you on needing some girlfriends to hang out with. Guys are just, well, guys. Sometimes (most times) they're clueless unless like you said they're gay...but then what's the point? They're just like girlfriends :lol:. I'm glad you have your own personal resolve and that you will not give up. This year feels good I think, for all of us to achieve those personal and weight loss goals--together we can do it!

And I think you are great for even being able to ride a horse! I cringe if I am ever presented with the oppotunity to ride, because I know there is a weight limit for the average trail-riding horse and I am usually over or just on the cusp of what they would allow--so I don't usually bother.

02-01-2006, 08:40 PM
Thanks, Noelle, you made me laugh too! Gotta run. Talk to you later!! :wave:

02-02-2006, 10:36 AM
Bump! Off to work, chat later today!!

02-02-2006, 02:47 PM
Hey girls, what's happening? The weekend isn't getting here fast enough huh? I am planning on getting together with my girlfriends for dinner tomorrow night. There's a new Romano's Macaroni Grill in town and well, we just want to get together to catch up. It should be fun. Then my other girlfriend from CA is coming in for the weekend, I'm catching up with her on Saturday so at least I've got an agenda for myself. Rick and Michael will be at a karate class on Sunday then they go to my BIL's house to watch the Super Bowl. I think I'll catch a movie on Sunday with my sisters.... we saw Brokeback Mountain last week just to see what all the buzz was about. I liked it and it had it's funny moments, but it wasn't anything "spectacular"--other than the fact of the subject matter.... so what's new with you guys?

02-02-2006, 06:38 PM
Hi girls
Stopping by before supper, it is so nice out we are using the grill and making brats. You know I am starting to notice it is staying lighter longer in the afternoons, I can't wait until it is light out until 7 or 8. I went on the treadmill again today for another 20 minutes. Thank God I have a tv in view otherwise I would be just to bored with it. I would just look at the minutes go by. But once I get started watching a show, before I know it 20 minutes is up.

Noelle sounds like you have a nice "girl" weekend planned. I want to see Brokeback Mountain too. My brother got us a subscription to Netflix which is a great way to watch movies, just order them and then return. Last night we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Kind of a bizzare one. My dd got scared during it a couple of times. I might look for some recipes to make some healthier superbowl snacks and treats....maybe some lowfat taco dip or something.

Red I hope you had a nice time riding.

I have to go finish the rest of dinner. Hi everyone else out there

02-02-2006, 07:27 PM
Hey guys. I just got in from my walk with the girls. I am thankful that I have them b/c they kind of pull me the whole way. I can't slow the pace down too much that way.

Not much planned for the weekend. I promised Joe that I would finish the trim paint in the living room b4 I started to do any sort of yard work. I guess I will take care of that. I stopped by Lowe's yesterday and that was a mistake. I didn't buy anything but all of the flowers were out and I was pricing them so I have a feeling that my car will just make it way there sometime this weekend. :D

I love Charlie, I own it. It is kind of freaky too but Johnny Deep is so darn funny in it. He makes me laugh alot.

Well, I am starving so I am going to fix dinner. I will be back in a bit.

02-02-2006, 09:28 PM
Hi all! I am stoked!!! I ran 7K at the gym this morning!!! Hurrah! Hurrah! It took an hour but I felt great!! I am on a roll and hoping I won't crash and burn! How can I keep this going?!?!

02-02-2006, 10:28 PM
WOW Red that is great. I have shin splints so i can't run but I would love too. I think you just need to take it one day at a time. I am doing that and it has already been one month. It has just gone some fast and I wasn't really looking too far ahead. I know you will keep this up!

02-03-2006, 02:54 PM
Well, I thought that there would be more posts. I am home now. i didn't ahve any clients after 10 and Echo needs to go to the vet. She has some sort of eye infection. I swear it is always something with her. She usually wats until it is time for her shots so the bill will be high. What a booger.

I don't want to jinx myself but I am down 9.5lbs now. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it isn't just a good day. I have been walking so that has got to be helping me out some.

What are you guys up to? I guess you are all busy. I hope someone comes out to play soon. It is kind of lonely here.

02-03-2006, 04:27 PM
Hey everyone... Can I just say I am glad this is a web forum, because if I had to talk now.. I probably would avoid this place. My mouth still hurts.. and I still can't talk right and I still can't eat, and to top it all off, I burned my tongue Wednesday night, so that REALLY isn't helping matters much. (Too hot of soup, which has been about the only thing I've been able to eat).

For lunch today.. they ordered in my favorite pizza.... and where I would usually have like three pieces... (four if I was just being a really big glutton) I only was able to handle 1/2 a piece. And it didn't even taste good. Nothing like it use too... my pleasure in eating really has dissapeared.

My training in St. Louis was ok.. just a hectic time flying there, hotel, getting up going to class and then going back to the airport. I got home about 9:25 last night.. and went straight to bed.

This weekend, I don't have much planned... Hannah has to go sell cookies tomorrow morning, we have to meet my stepdad tomorrow evening, and sunday they will want to go to church. Me.. I would just like to sleep and forget about everything.

Anyway... I don't have time for personal replies right now, I'm trying to catch up here at work from my week of being gone. I hope you all have a great weekend.

Talk soon,

02-03-2006, 04:28 PM
Hi ladies! I just got into work...I decided to get my exercise out of the way and took Lucky for a 3.5 mile walk this morning. I am having dinner with the girlfriends tonight. I've been looking at the Romano's Macaroni Grill menu and am trying to decide what I'll be having. I need to plan if I want to stay on plan, eh? It's kind of scary because they have a listing under "Sensible Fare" of Simple Salmon--but the nutrition info is something like this: 630 cals, 42 grams of fat and only 2 grams fiber--that works out to more than 13 points! That's over half of what I'm allowed per day. It doesn't sound so sensible does it? I think I have to do more research...

Red, wow girl, running 7K is great!!! You must feel so good about yourself. I love that calm feeling after that intitial adrenaline rush. How to keep it going? Just remember how good it makes you feel and don't forget to check in here at 3FC to get your ego stroked :lol: You're doing awesome and don't let anyone make you think otherwise.

Kempy, WW does work eh? :) I use the dog to keep me going too--except my poor dog is only 20.5 lbs so she has to work real hard for me :lol: Do you get shin splints now that you're walking or have you always kind of had them? I try to change my shoes at least every 4-6 months and keep good inserts in them to alleviate that. Icing your shins afterwards helps too.

I don't know where everyone else is...I hope they come out and chat. I hate talking to myself since I bore myself to death :lol:

Cherie, are you back home? How're you feeling about those braces now? Pain any better?

Angie, Dips, Cal and Julie hope you can stop by and say hello. Have a great day all!

02-03-2006, 04:31 PM
Aaah Cherie, we were posting at the same time. Sorry you're still feeling cr@ppy with those braces. It'll get better soon, it just has to! :hug:

02-03-2006, 04:40 PM
Hey Cherie. Sorry you burned yourself too. What a way to not eat. I am sure you will be ready for real food in a few days.

Noelle I have always had the shin splints. I had them really bad in high school and I seem to be able to keep them under control now. I just have to be careful how fast I try to walk and also if I am on the pavement I have to slow down a bit. Are you going to use your FPoints tonight? That is why I get so frustrated about going out. You have to really work to make it somewhat healthy. Let us know what you get. I have to live through you tonight. :D

Echo is fine just a little eye infection. Her yeast is building up in her ears again so I need to put drops in there. Labs are bad about the yeast in the ears. The don't have a chance to really dry out after being in the water. She really hates that med too. Oh well, she is just going to have to get over it.

02-03-2006, 06:49 PM
Hey ladies, just trying to pass the time here at work... I just ate a Subway turkey wrap, no cheese and ff honey mustard dressing. It was really tasty and having the wrap (3 points) instead of the regular 6" bread shaved off 2 pts from the whole sandwich :carrot: So far I've got 20 pts left for the day and I didn't even add in my activity points for this morning. I should be good to go tonight. I'm thinking I'm gonna have a half-portion of veal marsala or something. I may split it with one of the girls or just have the restaurant wrap the other half before serving me. Surprisingly it has LESS fat than the sensible fare stuff listed on the regular menu...

Kempy, I hope Echo's infection clears up ok. Kai had a similar eye infection not too long ago. I hate stinky dog ears too! Yuck :lol:

Rick gave me my Valentine's day present early, he said it was burning hole in his pocket. It's a red Coach signature wristlet... here's a picture but shown in gold with a brass clasp. I got a red one with a silver clasp. Red's my favorite color though... now what to get him?

02-03-2006, 08:00 PM
Hi Girls

Cherie, I am sorry about your mouth still hurting. It must be so hard to get use to. I will say some prayers it starts to get better.:hug:

Noelle what a nice present! Have fun tonight with the girls. Good idea about sharing an item. I always overeat when I go out because the portions are out of control. You are coming along so great I don't think you even have to worry about the meal.

Kempy our old lab always had to get those ear drops too. I think you are right their ears just don't dry out enough. Are you going to Lowe's this weekend? Have fun!

Well dh and and I are going to watch Wedding Crashers. We got alot of snow today and I think I pulled a muscle in my back shoveling it, but it was great excercise. Have a great weekend all and I will try to check in. Hi to everyone else.:)

02-05-2006, 03:12 AM
:dancer: Woo-hoo!!! Forums are back up!!! :carrot: I missed you guys today :lol: I had a fun time at dinner with my girlfriends yesterday. We flirted with the young waiters and just laughed a whole lot. I decided on the Veal Marsala with portobello mushrooms angel hair pasta... I ate half of it and bagged the rest for dinner the next day. It was yummy and I even had a taste of tiramisu and a chocolate and espresso cheesecake with my coffee. All in all a good time. Today was spent doing laundry and then just lounging around with my CA girlfriend talking story. Anyone watching the Super Bowl tomorrow? Not me ;) I think I'll get a haircut then catch a movie.

Julie, how was the movie Wedding Crashers? I haven't seen it yet. Take care of your sore muscles and I'm sending you thoughts of warmer sunny days so you don't have to shovel so much snow.

Hope you guys are enjoying your weekends :wave:

02-05-2006, 07:20 AM
Hurrah! Forums back up. Hi, Noelle, quick on the draw, you are!! No time to post. Talk later!! :wave:

02-05-2006, 10:38 AM
Hi everyone! I weighed in yesterday with a pound loss. I guess I wont be coming close to my goal this time huh? :lol: It was my own fault. I have been eating out and snacking on junk more than I should have been. My period finally started so hopefully the cravings will stop and I will get serious this month and get in a nice loss.

We went to the RV show yesterday. There werent too many fifth wheels there but they had an animal show there for the kids. It was called Bwana Jims Alligator and Reptile show. It was cute. He kept pretending to trip and throw and animal on the kids sitting on the floor. It was fun to watch the little kids. :lol: He did an indian snake satick test where he made 6 little kids come up and they had to hold the stick while he loaded snakes on it. There was a little girl about 6 or 7 and once she realized there were snakes you should have seen her face. :lol: She kinda let go of the strick and faded into the background. Corey and Alicia got their picture taken holding a desert fox. It was too cute. So tiny and soft.

Well, That is about it for me.

02-05-2006, 12:34 PM
Hi girls. Just checking in before I go walking. The dog is jumping up and down outside the window beside herself :goodvibes I wish I was as eager to go.

Angie, Way to go on another pound lost! :carrot: No worries about reaching that goal by V-day, just reset the goal and carry on. I still say you should be proud of how far you've come, I know I'm proud of you! Look at it this way--what if we didn't start trying at all when we did? We'd be that much bigger right now--scary isn't it? :lol: :hug: You rock girlfriend! Ugh! Too many snakes scare me. I like to see maybe one huge python or something, but a lot of little snakes just give me the willies :yikes: Glad you guys had fun though. So the 5th wheel in OH is starting to win out?

Red, Happy Monday to you. Yup, I'm quick on the draw *blows the smoke billowing from the pistol* :D

:wave: Hi to Dips, Julie, Kempy, Cal and Cherie. Gotta run before Lucky pokes a hole in the screen. Chat later!

02-06-2006, 01:55 AM
:cp: :cp: :cp: :cp: :cp:
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02-06-2006, 08:35 AM

02-06-2006, 09:24 AM
:lol3: Go, Noelle!!!

02-06-2006, 09:43 AM
Good Morning girls!! I hope everyone had a fun weekend.

I made cookies last night and.....I didnt eat any of them!!!!! I made them because I wanted some and then I got a guilty feeling while I was mixing them up so I didnt eat any when they were done. Now that was hard but I know I have to be good all week and I can enjoy something good on Saturdays if I want to lose this weight.

I think I forgot to tell you guys but the dogs owners came back. My neice was in school talking about this dog (a week later) and this kid says that is my dog. Haley came home crying and Wendy said well noone has called animal control looking for her so dont worry about it. That weekend she got the call. The owners had only had her 2 weeks themselves and were visiting at the trailer park across a busy road and down the street. Someone let her out to pee. Who lets a black dog about the size of a peanut (or any dog for that matter) out to pee at night alone with no leash????? She told Wendy that she had called animal control but I think that is BS because Wendy had kept in contact with the animal control guy all week. Plus she called the cops and the vets. I bet that poor dog gets lost again too because obviously they dont know how to take care of her. Okay, I am done ranting. :lol:

Well, I gotta get moving today. Be back later.

02-06-2006, 11:57 AM
Good Morning... :-) It's MONDAY... and I've got a case of them bad. :?:

I had a quiet weekend. My mouth is still giving me problems, but I really am hoping that it gets better... right now, it seems like I keep burning my tongue with my soup or chili.. and that with the quad helix makes for a very uncomfortable mouth.

Yesterday I got on the treadmill for 45 minutes... and for the rest of the day.. lazed around and watched Tracey/Hepburn movies and What Not To Wear.

I think this braces/quad helix diet is going well. :) Tomorrow will be a week since I had them in, and I will do an official weigh in.. but as of this morning, I had lost three pounds since last week. Now if this keeps up, I'll be down in my size 5's in NO TIME :D So... I won't ***** too much about my diet aid.

Angie... WTG on resisting those cookies! I know that must be tough... and I"m sorry to hear about your sister's new dog. I hope they take better care of her now that they have her back.

Noelle... WTG on having such control on your girls night out! That is great!

Julie.. how was that movie? I've been wanting to see it, but I am waiting til when I can see it with Alan

Red.. were the Steeler's your team? :-) Glad they won then... I watched part of the game.. sorta.... but then turned the TV back to TLC and watched a couple of hours of Not What to Wear... I love that show!

Kempy.. how was your weekend?

Hiya Dips... is school settling down for you?

Well.. I need ot get back to work.... I'll check back in later!

02-06-2006, 12:03 PM
Hi Girls

Angie way to go on the pound! And not eating any of the cookies. I made some peanut butter cookies and gave in and had some. You are strong!

Noelle your dinner sounded like a blast. Glad you had a nice time. Wedding Crashers was pretty funny. I like Vince Vaughn.

Cherie how is your mouth feeling? Hope it is getting a little easier!

I did not do to much this weekend. The kids and the dog played in the snow on Saturday, got groceries and watched parts of the game yesterday. We made burgers on the grill for the game.

The wind chill is at about 4 degrees so it is just freezing out. But we have been really spoiled with the mild winter so far.

I have to get some things done so I will check back later.:) Hi everyone!

02-06-2006, 12:06 PM
Cherie:bravo: on the three pounds!!!! I am dreaming of a size 5!

02-06-2006, 06:09 PM
Hey guys. I am posting a quick one b4 I head out for my walk. I have a hug freak out yesterday on food. This was my first PMS on WW and I guess I really didn't know how to handle it. Well, I resisted all week and stayed within my points until yesterday. I ate everything after about 3:30pm. I couldn't help myself. I just lost it and I don't know why. I didn't even record what I ate. I just wrote Super Bowl on the page and left it at that. I felt terrible last night too. My stomach was not very happy with me but at least I got the food craving out of my system. I have no idea what the damage is but I think I might have it under control now. We will see tonight.

Noelle great purse. I have a Coach in black but I would like one in a color.

Angie you did awesome with the temptation. As you can see I was not as lucky.

Julie we are about to get hit with real cold weather too. We might actually have a winter for a few days. :D

Cherie I love WNTW too. I get some good tips from that show. I wish I could get my sister on there. Not to be mean but she needs some help for her body type.

Well girls, I need to wlk b4 it gets too dark. Chow!

02-07-2006, 08:53 AM
Good Morning!! Cherie, Did the dentist say how long you will feel uncomfortable with the braces? I hope you can get used to them really quickly.

Julie, It has been a great winter so far huh? It just cooled back down up here but Saturday was awesome!!! I would love it if the rest of the winter is as mild as it has been so far. Only a couple more months. YEAH!!!

Kempy, dont feel so bad about your cheat day. I have been doing it every Saturday. I have had Fried oysters on Saturdays twice this month and still lost some. Not all that I had planned but a loss is a loss. If I can do it and still cheat once a week then I will be very happy in the long run. You are doing a great job so far. I think if you just keep doing what your doing then everything will fall into place.

Noelle, How was your day yesterday?

02-07-2006, 12:58 PM
Whew, rough day yesterday :( ...Rick and I are still hashing things out both in the home front and with the business. Things are better today but you know how little things can throw things off kilter so fast, I am treading carefully. I did not go off and binge even if I felt like I wanted to. Superbowl Sunday was fun though, I went to the (kinda old) movie The Ringer (w/Johnny Knoxville?) at the local $.50 theater. He pretends to be mentally ******ed to rig the special olympics. It was sooooo politically incorrect yet so freakin' funny. I needed to laugh. It's been a bit cold here lately too, getting into the mid 60's at night--yes that's cold for us :). I'm not complaining though, I like it.

Kempy, so you went and had a free day during the Super Bowl. Just pick up again at your next meal. I have had days where I just wrote "PMS attack" on my food log and left it at that--in fact, I did just that last Wednesday :lol: .

Angie, you are awesome girl for staying away from those cookies. Fresh from the oven are hard to resist, especially with those warm, delicious smells floating around. :high:

Cherie, that quad helix sounds miserable. I hope you get comfortable with it really soon. But congratulations on your pounds lost, that is great! Did Hannah get her braces too?

:wave: Hi Julie. I like Vince Vaughn too. He's not much to look at at first, but then he kinda grows on you :lol: He's really funny. I can't imagine -4 windchill...I don't think I'd like it at all.

I have to run and get the boy off to school. Hi to Red, Dips, Cal and everyone. Be back later. :hug:

02-07-2006, 01:50 PM
Well due to fluxuations.. I can only say I lost 2.5 pounds this past week... I'll take it.

Not sure how long this will take to get use too.. but I'll try not to whine about it too much. :D

Girls and I wil be delivering more Girl Scout Cookies tonight..... so far.. I haven't touched a one... (hmmmm maybe its because of what is in my mouth? So not such a great achievement.. if not for that... I probably would have.)

Julie.. BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR that's all I can say. I am thankful for my 50 degree weather.

Kempy.. WTG on getting that walk in... don't worry about Sunday.... it's not gonna hurt you... just stay sensible this week and you will do FINE!

Noelle.. I hope you and Rick can get things worked out.. stress at work is one thing.. but you don't need it at home! That's your refuge... (((((HUGS)))))

Hey Angie! How are ya girl?

waving hi to Red and to Dips!

OK.. gotta get back to my soup... for soup.. it sure is sticking in my QH alot! :D

02-07-2006, 07:12 PM
Hey guys. Not much going on today. In fact it is pretty boring right now. I go for my wegh-in tomorrow and I am pushing for a loss. Any kind will do. I swear I have become obssesed.

Hi to all of you and I will check back after dinner.

02-07-2006, 07:17 PM
Hi Kempy, Hurrah, email notifications are back up! I hear you on the obsessed part, but maybe it's not so bad. Maybe it'll help keep you motivated. At least it probably means that if you're looking forward to the weigh-in you probably have been making efforts to lose weight! When I know I've been slacking, or worse, I don't want to get near the scale!

Photo -- Yes, the Steelers are MY team, didn't you know?! :lol: I grew up in Pittsburgh, and that was during the "Steel Dynasty", FOUR Super Bowls! Pitt was my university.

02-07-2006, 09:39 PM
Hi girls, I've got a monster headache right now :headache: but I do have good news! Went to my weigh-in today and was down another 2 lbs!!! So 33.4 lbs down to date :dancer: I need another 1.2 to reach my short term goal ahead of schedule, I think that's totally doable. Of course when I came home this afternoon, I had my lunch of 1/2 a grilled salmon filet and some nigiri sushi, then I got into some Lays potato chips. I haven't eaten those for soooo long nor have i had french fries--they tasted so good, crunchy and salty! It's a good thing the bag was almost empty because I would've scarfed down the entire bag if it were full. I think my stomach isn't agreeing with me because of it though. Oh well, that's what pepto bismol is for eh? :lol:

Hi Red :wave:

Kempy, I'm pulling for you on getting a loss tomorrow. Let us know how it goes :)

I've got to get some Advil for this pounding with ya tomorrow!

02-07-2006, 11:24 PM
Hey everyone.... just checking in tonight...

Red.. well, then I am glad your team won.... I didn't really follow any teams this season..... Maybe next year. :-)

Noelle.. WTG on the 2 pounds.. you are just losing weight left and right... you must be so proud of yourself... you are doing such a wonderful job!

Kempy... good luck with your weigh in :)

Well... I just took a tylenol pm.. it's been a busy evening... stressful one... but I am home and ready to go to bed..... I didn't exercise... but I will try to do better tomorrow. See you guys in the morning!


02-07-2006, 11:36 PM
Hi Girls

Checking in before bed tonight.

Noelle WAY TO GO!!!! I look at that number of 33.4 pounds and I am so so proud of you.

Cherie, I hope that tylenol pm works for you. I know they knock me right out at night. 2.5 pounds is great!

Sorry not to get personal but it is late and I am so tired. I have to help out at my daughter's school tomorrow so I don't know if I will be here during the day.

Hi everyone and have a great Wednesday!:)

02-08-2006, 09:30 AM

Noelle, You are doing great!!!! WOW!! I am so proud of you!

Cherie, You are doing awesome too!!! 2 1/2 pounds is awesome!!! I hope you got a good nights sleep last night.

Kempy, Good Luck with your weigh in today!!

Julie, Have fun at school today!!

Hi Red!!! :wave:

02-08-2006, 10:18 AM
Good Morning! The tylenol PM did the trick and I actually had a really good night's sleep. Scale went down a little more this morning, so maybe that helped.

Today and tomorrow, I am just working on payroll. Normal busy hectic day. Tonight is gymnastics for the girls... and a little light cleaning and grocery shopping for me. I'll try to get on the treadmill too, since I didn't do it yesterday.

I've got my mom's old pink sweater on today. I feel her around me. It's a sweater that I only wear maybe once a year... its one that I remember her having in the closet for as long as I can remember, but never saw her wear it.... Thing cherished should be used.. I think.. so I wear it, once a year..... Everyone raves about it.. cause it's so bright and a great cut... they would never guess that its over 30 years old... (I'm sure older.. but that is about as far back as I can remember).

Anyway.... I better get to work!

Everyone have a great day... :-)

02-08-2006, 02:42 PM
Hey guys. Well the weigh-in went pretty good. I am down 10.8 lbs now. I will definatly take that. I still don't see it though. I am going to measure myself in the morning to start to track that.

Red have you been buring up the treadmill again and that is why you are not here?

Cherie I love TPM. It knocks me right out. I can't take it very much though. I usually keep meletonin around and that is good too.

Angie are you and Julie blowing your cold air down here? We are getting the coldest air we have had all season this and next week. It is so weird. I was really ready for spring too.

Noelle you better watch out, I am sneaking up on you with this weight loss. :lol: ;)

Time for some lunch. I will check back later.

02-08-2006, 03:15 PM
Cherie, That is sweet that you wear your moms sweater. I am glad you got a good nights sleep.

Kempy, Way to go girl!!! You are rocking!!!! AAAWWWWW, is it cold down there? I feel for ya. :lol: It is cold up here again too. On the plus side all the nice weather has melted every ounce of snow. I dont care if everything is brown just as long as it isnt white and deep!!! :lol: But, they are predicting snow this weekend lets hope they are wrong as usual.

Well, we had the local dealer all set to almost match the rv dealer in Ohio but in order for them to order it they wanted $2500 up front which is BS because he kept saying that if it was a more popular floor plan then the down payment would be less but whatever I dont have that much money hanging around during the winter and I certainly aint putting it down as a nonrefundable deposit and then have the rv come back wrong and have to refuse delivery and lose it all. So we will see... but they havent called back in 2 days so I guess they dont want the sale. I will just wait until summer get a good down payment and make them match rv wholesalers to the dollar. :lol: It isnt like I can use it until next winter anyways.

Enough whining from me. Other than that there isnt much going on here today.

02-08-2006, 03:52 PM
Happy hump day ladies! I just got back from my morning walk and am relaxing just a bit before heading into the office. I am thinking about what to make for dinner tonight and have a spaghetti squash on the counter...this is the first time I've actually bought one so I don't know exactly what to do with it. I keep hearing about how good it is and how low fat, etc etc.... any ideas or recipe suggestions if any of you have cooked one before? I'm thinking of just nuking it in the microwave then tossing it with some butter and parmesan cheese, that's one recipe I heard that sounds pretty good. Any others?

Kempy, congratulations girl! If you can't see your progress in the mirror, just try some clothes on--I bet they're looser! Bring it on girl, I love a little competition :lol: :high: We are having some cool weather here too, not even getting up to 80 today ;) plus there's a high surf and high wind warning until tonight. It was blowing something fierce when I went walking.

Cherie, I love the idea of your mom's sweater, that is sweet. How's your Wednesday coming along?

Angie, I hate when salespeople jerk you around like that. Oh well, maybe you'll just have to go and make the economy of OH a little better instead of a little closer to home. You could do like Kempy did and drive up with your new RV to the stupid dealer who didn't want to help you out :lol:

Julie, how were the kiddos behaving in school today? Your DD must love having you as a classroom mom.

Red, I hope you have a great Thursday today and don't have to put up with too much of your co-workers' b.s. :)

Cal, how the heck are ya?

I have to get moving, I didn't even get into the office yesterday I was still feeling bummed...oh well, enough slacking off. Gotta run :wave:

02-08-2006, 05:21 PM
Hey Noelle, I have never had one of them but your recipe sounds good. Ieat spaghetti like that so why not a squash? :lol: Let me know how you end up doing it and if it is good or not.

02-08-2006, 06:00 PM
Hi guys - still getting used to moving through the threads and responding to posts. Not sure if I have it all down yet. This seems like a neat group of girls.

Hey Red - thanks for posting in the Over 50 site. Wow - Hong Kong and horses - what a combo!!

I had some inspiration when I went to the gym today. A woman working out there must have been in her 60s. She was sweating like crazy and in good shape. Driving home for the gym I decided that if she can do it, I can do it. Thus, I decided on 2 of my ultimate goals:

1. Getting ripped arms! Going to up the weight training when I figure out how to do it.

2. Getting in great shape so I can learn to surf next summer when significant other and I go to visit. He's an avid surfer and I want to be able to keep up with him!!

02-08-2006, 06:56 PM
Welcome surfdreams :wave: That's an interesting name. I see you plan on learning to surf... well, I'm in Hawaii which is a primo spot to learn--the ocean's not as cold here as it would be in say CA? Anyway, welcome aboard our thread here. We're hoping to get to know you a little better. A little bit about me: I am a 34 y.o. married (going through a down period right now) mom of 1, working w/my hubby in our plumbing contracting business. I have a pup of 9 mos "Lucky", and 2 older dogs, Kai who's 10(?) and Selena who's 5. Cats are Tiger, Scully, Molly, Whiskas, Kitty Boy and ciclid fish all by his lonesome and one big white rabbit called Jimmy. Other than having a small menagerie and a small family, I am currently following the WW Flex Points plan (or the "Turn Around" plan as they are calling it now) and have lost 33.4 lbs since I re-started on 11/8. I admire your goal of ripped arms as I have those evil arm flaps at the moment that are surely to get worse as I lose more weight. :lol:

I also saw another post of yours on the "4 things" thread and thought it would be fun to do the same here... so yeah, I lifted it off that other thread, where it was lifted off another thread, so you get the picture... :lol: Even though we've been chatting for a couple of years now, I think it would be fun to answer the following questions.

Post away girls!

*4 jobs you have had in your lifetime
*4 movies you could watch over and over
*4 places you have lived
*4 TV shows you love to watch
*4 places you have been on vacation
*4 websites you visit daily
*4 of your favorite foods
*4 places you would rather be right now

02-08-2006, 07:10 PM
*4 jobs you have had in your lifetime
1) Cinnamon roll maker @ Cinnabon
2) Dental Receptionist and then office manager
3) Accounts Receivable Clerk/Credit Manager
4) Business Administrator for Plumbing Co.

*4 movies you could watch over and over
1) Ferris Beuller's Day Off
2) Stand By Me
3) Any Harry Potter movie
4) most any movie w/Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford or Alan Rickman :lol:

*4 places you have lived
1) Little Rock, AR
2) Oahu, HI (never moved off the island after moving in)

*4 TV shows you love to watch
1) American Idol
2) CSI (Vegas)
3) House
4) ER

*4 places you have been on vacation
1) Las Vegas, NV (over and over and over again)
2) Bangkok and Chiang Mai, Thailand
3) Anaheim, CA (Disneyland and the like)
4) Chicago, IL

*4 websites you visit daily
1) 3FC (religiously!)
3) ebay
4) google (does that count?)

*4 of your favorite foods
1) real Japanese sushi (not the frou-frou California kind)
2) Chicago deep dish pizza
3) Italian seafood pasta
4) dark chocolate

*4 places you would rather be right now
1) Shopping in Bangkok
2) In bed sleeping alone
3) In bed w/hubby doing other things :devil:
4) On vacation in Las Vegas shopping

02-08-2006, 07:28 PM
This sounds like fun.. here are mine

*4 jobs you have had in your lifetime
1) Assistant Manager for County Seat Clothing Store
2) Clinique Consultant
3) Office Manager for Construction Company
4) Payroll Manager for Weathernews

*4 movies you could watch over and over
1) Shawshank Redemption
2) Immortal Beloved
3) When Harry Met Sally
4) Anything with Doris Day, Cary Grant or Gene Kelly

*4 places you have lived
1) Greenwood, AR
2) Arlington, TX
3) The Woodlands, TX
4) Oklahoma City, OK

*4 TV shows you love to watch
1) The Biggest Loser
2) Desperate Housewives
3) Grey's Anatomy
4) The Bachelor

*4 places you have been on vacation
1) Playa de Carmen, Mexico
2) Niagra Falls, Canada Side
3) Vail, Colorado
4) Redwood Forest State Park, CA

*4 websites you visit daily
1) 3FC (religiously!)
3) novembermom's bb
4) yahoo, my page

*4 of your favorite foods
1) Hideaway Pizza
2) Italian anything
3) In & Out Burger (cheeseburger)
4) high quality chocolate

*4 places you would rather be right now
1) Skiing with A. in Colorado, or Utah, or Canada
2) On a nice white beach with a drink and a book and blue water
3) Italy
4) With Alan, anywhere.

02-08-2006, 07:43 PM
Hi Surfdreams. I am Angie. I am a married mom to 3. My kids are 14,12,12. I am a baker with my husband, we have a wholesale shop at our house and we make pastries and donuts for the stores in our area. I have lots of pets like Noelle. I have 3 dogs, A JRT, Rebel 4...A Keeshond, Candi 3 and a JRT/Cairn mix, Mickey 2. I also have 6 cats...Meanie,T.J., Butterball, Tyson, Teddy and Daisy.

*4 jobs you have had in your lifetime
1) McDonalds making cheeseburgers...gross
2) dish washer at my inlaws bakery
3) at our bakery

*4 movies you could watch over and over
1) Fast Times at Ridgemont High
2) Pirates of the Carribean
3) Harold and Kumar go to Whitecastle (too funny)
4) Dirty Dancing

*4 places you have lived
1) Maine
2) New Hampshire (for about a month)

*4 TV shows you love to watch
1) Survivor
2) Amazing Race
3) Big Brother
4) Trading Spouses

*4 places you have been on vacation
1) Kissimmee Florida
2) Jacksonville Florida
3) White Mountains New Hampshire

*4 websites you visit daily
1) 3FC of course
3) The Superficial

*4 of your favorite foods
1) Wendys #6 combo
2) Seafood
3) Cake
4) Chinese food

*4 places you would rather be right now
1) On vacation

02-08-2006, 07:45 PM
Hey Cherie, You posted when I did. :wave:

02-08-2006, 08:12 PM
Me too, me too!!!!

*4 jobs you have had in your lifetime
1. server at about 6 different rest. raning from Chinese to Italitan
2. receptionist at a trendy salon
3. executive director of a fitness center
4. self emplyed electrolygist

*4 movies you could watch over and over
1. The Color Purple (still cry like a baby)
2. Ferris Bueller
3. The Great Outdoors (love John Candy)
4. Anything with Pualy Shore (I know, stupid)

*4 places you have lived
1. Pensacola, FL
2. Hammond, LA
3. Baton Rouge, LA
4. Ponchatoula, LA

*4 TV shows you love to watch
1. Grey Anatomy
2. Lost
3. Dancing with the Stars
4. Anything on HGTV (I am addicted)

*4 places you have been on vacation
1. Denver, CO
2. San Diego, CA
3. Destin, FL
4. Pigeon Forge, TN

*4 websites you visit daily
1. 3FC (it is my homepage)
2. Yahoo
3. Ebay

*4 of your favorite foods
1. Italian
2. Mexican
3. mom's cooking
4. chocolate (I wanted to put that for all four)

*4 places you would rather be right now
1. on the beach
2. on a cruise
3. at our camp with Joe
4. shopping with Joe

02-08-2006, 08:19 PM
I wanted to tell you guys about a book I have been reading. It is called Marley and Me. It is about a man and wife who get their first dog, a yellow lab( I figured Kempy and Julie would really like it. :lol: ) The dog, Marley, turns out to be the exact opposite of the dogs they have had in their pasts. He is high strung and ucooperative but he also is the best fit for them if that makes sense. It is about their lives with him and it is so cute and heartwarming. I figured I would tell you about it in case anyone wanted to read it. He describes him so well that I can see Mickey in Marley....even though Mickey isnt a lab. :lol:

02-08-2006, 09:03 PM
Hey guys, it's been fun reading your responses.... see? There are some things we didn't know about each other, huh? :lol:

Angie, my sis was just reading Marley and Me....but she gave it back to her friend before I could get my paws on it. She did tell me about the beach incident where he drank a lot of salt water... then threw up and had the runs....:rofl:

02-08-2006, 09:51 PM
*4 jobs you have had in your lifetime
1. kitchen help at hospital
2. trucking company
3. pediatric medical receptionist
4. Stay at home Mom-the best job in the world!

*4 movies you could watch over and over
1. Titanic
2. Pretty in Pink
3. National Lampoon's European Vacation
4. Wizard of Oz

*4 places you have lived
1. only one place!

*4 TV shows you love to watch
1. House Hunters
2. Dancing with the Stars/Bachelor....more reality
3. American Idol
4. Anything Food Network

*4 places you have been on vacation
2. Orlando Florida
3. San Diego California
4. New York City

*4 websites you visit daily
1. 3FC
2. people
3. local weather
4. local news

*4 of your favorite foods
1. anything, lasanga
2. brownies or cake with ice cream
3. mexican
4. Thanksgiving meal

*4 places you would rather be right now
1. up north with my family
2. Disney with the kids
3. A beach with my family
4. There is no place like home:)

Hi Girls
That was fun. My head is still spinning after spending the day at preschool:dizzy: But my dd was the special kid of the day so I helped out. My eating was right on track today and so far no snacks tonight. Yeah! I just got in the habbit of eating ice cream or some sort of sweets but I am going to break that nasty habbit.

Cherie, I love that you have one of your Mom's old sweaters. That is just so special.

Noelle I heard spaghetti squash is great. Let me know how you like it. I would like to try it instead of pasta.

Kempy congrats on the weigh in!

Angie that book sounds good.

Welcome surf dreams!

Okay I am going to go catch the rest of AI. Hi to everyone I missed!

02-09-2006, 07:02 AM
Hi everyone. I'm just really busy here and have no time to post. Gotta keep my challenge thread going...I breezed through the posts and enjoyed reading the questionnaire answers. How do you remember movies? I never do, just as bad with books! And TV, well, unless you want to hear some weird meaningless Japanese names, I don't know ANY in the States anymore! As for the others....oh heck, let me answer 'em right now...

*4 jobs you have had in your lifetime

pickup window cashier at Wendy's!
bar manager and bartender
newspaper reporter
jockey agent

*4 movies you could watch over and over
But maybe...

The Wizard of Oz
Gone With the Wind
Paper Moon
To Kill a Mockingbird

*4 places you have lived

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (south suburb actually, Mt. Lebanon)
Munich, Germany
Santiniketan, India (north of Calcutta)
Tokyo, Japan

*4 TV shows you love(D) to watch

when I lived in the States in the '70s (ancient history!!)

Saturday Night Live
Monty Python
All in the Family
Mary Tyler Moore Show

*4 places you have been on vacation

Berlin, Germany
southern Italy
London, England

*4 websites you visit daily (to check the news) (dressage bulletin board) (a Japanese racing site)

*4 of your favorite foods

Indian dal curry
cashew nuts

*4 places you would rather be right now

riding in France at a master's stable
in Pittsburgh celebrating the Super Bowl
spending time with my father
in a bar having a good time with friends

02-09-2006, 11:14 AM
Hey guys. I am at home today. I have a headache that just wont quit. It started last night nad still hasn't stopped so I am just going to hang out around here today. I do need to get a few things done though so this might be a blessing. My cat Spart has been all over me lately. I mean he will just not leave me alone. As I am typing this he is hoovering over the keyboard waiting for me to pet him. I love him but come on, give me a break. It is kind of funny is stalker kind of way.

Angie I am always looking for a good book. I will have to check the library for that one.

Red you are such a world traveler. I didn't realize how long you have been out of the states.

Ok, time to take some asprin and try to do a few things. I'll be back in a bit.

02-09-2006, 01:25 PM
Good Morning... I just finished payroll.. (well, ALMOST) and I am about to go to lunch. I'm meeting an old co-worker of mine at a local mexican restaurant.. too bad I can't eat! :D

Kempy.. I hope your headache goes away soon.. funny about your kitty!

Red... I loved your answers... it sounds like you have led a very exciting life.. getting to see all sorts of stuff I would never dream of having the opportunity to see...

I loved reading all the answers to the poll.. that was really cool.

You know.. since I've had the braces in my mouth ... I have started to feel what real hunger feels like. Amazing. I now can wait until I feel that pang in my stomach before I eat. I'm hoping these habits will stay with me even after I get these braces and QH off. They are beginning to be rather healthy.

OK... back to work.. gotta transmit my payroll then off to lunch.. :-) Talk soon!

02-09-2006, 03:18 PM
Hi girls, just back from my walk again. I've added a little side street in so it takes me about an hour and a half. I go through this new subdivision and check out all the new houses. A couple of years back when they were being built the houses were going from $380K and up, mostly up to $550K. Now they are selling for $680K (the small 3 bedroom ones) to up to $'s freakin' ridiculous. My mom did say to me yesterday that she would sell me the house as long as she could live in it until she died. I think I better get cracking on that because this is the 2nd time she's brought it up--all my other sisters except 1 have their own houses--this would definitely be a great opportunity for me. **Oh yeah, no spaghetti squash yesterday, Rick brought home some take out so we ate that instead. Maybe today though.

:m::m: Kempy, make believe these are Advil...those always work for me....sometimes I take :m::m::m: 3 at a time if the headache is really killer. I hope you're feeling better soon. Maybe Spart knows you're not feeling good so he wants to keep an eye on you :lol: animals know these little subtle changes I've heard.

Cherie, enjoy your lunch, maybe some tortilla soup? I loved Shawshank Redemption too!

Red, I would love to visit Europe someday. I guess in your line of work you get to travel to a lot of interesting places. I used to love watching Monty Python and SNL back in the day, that was funny stuff.

Julie, I forgot about the Wizard of Oz. When I turned Michael on to that movie a few years ago he watched it for a week straight I think. That is a classic. Hey, congrats on eating OP, it's hard to stay away from sweets if you have them in the house for the kiddos, so good job!

Angie, I think based on everyone's answers, we could all go on vacation together and get along :lol:

So Cal and Dips...still waiting for your answers. Come on out and share! :)

I gotta run and get some breakfast before it gets to lunch time :rolleyes: Have a good one!

02-09-2006, 03:42 PM
Hi Girls,
I just got back from Target. I saw some shorts but I want to see if I can get down a size before I buy. But I just picked up what we needed but I forgot milk so I will be running to the store. I want to pick up some sugar free hot chocolate to drink in the evenings if I feel I need a chocolate snack because of pms.

Kempy I hope your headache goes away soon.

Cherie wearing the braces is turning into to a positive experience. Hope you found something on the menu and enjoyed your time!

Noelle I think with that added side street you will see more of a difference on the scale. An hour and a half is a long walk. Go Girl!!

Red you have been all over the world, that is so neat.

Okay off to the store and post office! Hi everyone I didn't mention.

02-09-2006, 06:04 PM
Hey guys. I feel a little better now. I can still feel a little of the headache but nothing like it was. I guess it is amazing what a little cleaning will do.

Noelle I can't believe houses cost that much over there. We have a few houses being built right now and when I take the girls for a walk we walk through them. I just went in one and I might have Joe walk through b/c I love the floor plan. We are looking at building in a few years so I am keeping my eyes open for things I like.

Cherie I don't think I know what it is like to really be hungry anymore. I try not to let myself get hungry with WW. I am always eat either fruit or veggies and loading up on the water.

Julie I miss Target so much. We have one but it is 20 mins away. When we lived in FL I was about 1 mile away from one so I got spoiled. I hate Wally world so I really don't shop much. I have to plan a day to shop and it is a pain in the butt.

Where is eveyone today?

I am sitting in our office right now and the window looks out into the front where there is a large green space. Well, there a 2 girls form the neighborhood and they are taking pics of each other. It is soooo funny. They have no idea that I can see them. One of them is kind of hugging the tree and has her leg wrapped around it. I guess she is trying to be sexy. Kind of funny if you ask me. I bet her mom would love to see those pics. :lol: :rofl: :lol3:

02-09-2006, 07:25 PM
Hi girls! Kempy, That is so funny about the girls. I shouldnt laugh because it sounds like something Brit would try. :lol: :rofl: I am glad your headache went away. I hate it when that happens.

Julie, Wow shorts already? The stores are pushing spring this year huh? :lol: I wont have to buy many new clothes this summer because I will hopefully be transitioning down still so I have shorts of all sizes. :lol:

Noelle, You are working your butt off. I still havent done anymore than 30 minutes a day on my bike with Friday and Saturday off. I am taking the lazy route this time around. :lol: As long as it keeps working though I wont complain. :lol: Once spring comes I am sure I will go walking quite a bit though. I like to walk.

Cherie, I am glad you are getting used to your braces.

As usual not much going on here today.

02-09-2006, 08:11 PM
Thanks for the welcome girls:encore: You are such a great group of girls.

I see your thread (forum?) has been going for a long time and you know each other. A little about me. I am over 50 (can't believe it myself, but what's a girl to do:shrug: . I've lived in Alaska, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and California. I have two beautiful, smart, well-adjusted:carrot: daughters. One lives in Denver (she just finished her PhD in Immunology & Virology) and the youngest lives in San Diego (she's working on her PhD in Clinical Psychology). I also have a furry daughter, a kitty named Littles who has a hare lip - but it just makes her cuter to me.

I'm divorced and my significant other lives with me. Hey, melekalikimaka (are you Noelle?) he lived in Kauii (sp?) for 17 years and plans on moving back. That's why I want to learn how to surf!

That 4 things is a HOOT!! I LOVE Alan Rickman - did you see Truly, Madly, Deeply? Cried for hours over that one. I also like Vince Vaughn - awesome in Clay Pigeons.

Forgot about SO many movies - add To Kill A Mockingbird, Shawshank Redemption, Gone with the Wind, Flight of the Phoenix (the original with Jimmy Stewart.

I did really good today. I worked out and I've eaten pretty good. I did splurge with a Corona Lite. I miss beer! Going to San Diego to see my daughter tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be able to post.

02-09-2006, 11:09 PM
Sorry I've been away for awhile. So busy. Also, I haven't been feeling well lately...really tired and have trouble sleeping...don't know why.
Today I had to leave school early because I went to the nurse and had her take my blood pressure...160/100 and my doctor said I needed to rest. She even faxed a note to my principal. I hated to leave because I don't trust my kiddos, but it felt good to rest. BP is closer to normal now, but my pulse is still near 100. Only 4 more weeks until break.

Hello to Surfdreams. A little about me...I'm 47 and live near Phoenix, Arizona. I'm married with one 8 year old daughter. I teach 7th grade Language Arts and Literature. These wonderful ladies have really been a godsend. I've met Noelle and Angie; they are awesome as are all the ladies. Welcome.

I have to think about the 4 things, but I'll post it soon.

Hope everyone is having a great night.


02-09-2006, 11:32 PM
Hi Ladies, just winding down for the day. I went and got some pampering today, my usual mani and pedicure. I booked a hair appointment for next Tuesday so I'll look all gussied up for Valentines day :lol: I am purging my dresser drawers starting with the underwear one. I threw out all the stuff that absolutely doesn't make me feel like a sexy goddess--and that was a good bit of stuff. Funny thing is, I still have like 50 pairs of underwear! Oh well, at least it's a start :lol:

Surfdreams, you've lived in almost every state where each of us has lived/been, you fit right in here. And yes, I am Noelle (melekalikimaka, get it? :lol: ) So your S.O. wants to move back to Kauai? That's where my hubby was born, but he was raised on Oahu. My father-in-law still lives there and we go to visit once in a while. It's a really nice place to visit, really laid back and still island-like, if that makes sense. So if your sweetie wants to move back there, are you moving as well or do you plan to do the long-distance relationship thing? Sorry if I seem nosy...but I am :lol: You don't have to answer that it you don't want too. Your girls sound like they have great futures ahead of them, very smart! Enjoy your visit tomorrow.

Cal, I hope you get can get some rest and relaxtion, I don't wonder why your BP is a bit high, you've got to work with tweenagers! :lol: Take care of yourself and I look forward to reading your response to the 4 things.

I loved reading the 4 things, i've added some of the movies you guys have listed to my Netflix queue....can't wait to see Truly, Madly, Deeply....just love Alan Rickman. I'm a sucker for a man with good diction :devil: I love those shakespearean trained actors.

Kempy, maybe those girls are nature lovers? :lol: :rolleyes: Their pics will probably end up on the internet!

Angie, I'm like you with the clothes sizes. Rick is complaining because more and more clothes are coming out of the bags in the closets taking up space all over the floor. At least I'm not out buying more! You are doing great with your weight loss too and if you can take the 'easy' way (if there is such a thing!) than more power to ya. For me, I gotta work it while I can, I don't know how long this motivation will last :lol:

Julie, I missed AI last night :( Did you watch it? Anything good?

Have a good evening all. Gonna go and grab some dinner.

02-10-2006, 11:06 AM
Good Morning everyone!!! :-) TGIF!

Noelle... I LOVE Alan Rickman too... that is so funny all of us have so much in common. And I am laughing about the underwear/sex goddess thing... right now.. I have mainly plain white undies.. but they work well for everyday and working out.. but I do have my matching bras and panties that I wear when I go out or go on vacation. :-) As I lose more weight, I will focus more on being that sex goddess too! :D

Welcome Surfdream.... I have never surfed.. but it looks like fun.. and if you can move to Hawaii.... WOW.. that would be cool too. I don't think I have introduced myself.. my name is Cherie.. and I am 38, I live here in OK.. but have lived in Arkansas and Texas as well, and would LOVE to live in Colorado. I have two young girls, 6 and 8, and I am a single/divorced/widowed(sorta) mom. The girls dad died 6 months ago.. so it's been a trying time for all of us. I've been dating someone for a while.. but no really commitment there... just taking things day by day.

Kempy.. I am glad you are feeling better.. and that is funny about the girls.. that sounds like something I WOULD HAVE DONE! :D

Angie... From the sounds of it.. what you are doing is working great... no sense in breaking your back when taking the moderate route is doing just fine!

Cal.. I hope you start feeling better... I'm sure your kids did a fine job with the sub.

Julie.. I LOVE Target too... but I haven't been in there in a while...I have several sizes I want to get down to before I even look at shorts... that is where most of my weight is.. my thighs hips and stomach oh yeah.. in the butt too! I HATE shorts. But maybe this year, I'll be wearing them!

Well.. not much is going on today... just work. Tonight is date night with Alan, and I am just going to meet him at his house and we are going to watch the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics on his big screen! I can't wait.. I love the winter olympics. Tomorrow the girls and I are going to his house for the day/evening. We are cooking dinner for all of our friends and Hannah is going to deliver her GS cookies that she sold to all of them... Sunday.. not sure what the plan is.. but it's not going to be too hectic. My house has been staying 95% clean so I don't have to spend the weekend doing that or laundry.. so it's going to be a really nice weekend.

I'll check back in later.... :-) Have a great Friday!

02-10-2006, 12:35 PM
Hi Girls....TGIF!

Noelle and Cherie, I had to laugh about the underwear thing too....I have mostly comfy stuff. Although I do have some pretty sets but I just never wear them. We have to unlock the goddess in us and put on those pretty undies and bras!

Cherie your weekend sounds nice. Have fun.

Kempy about those girls, to be young again!

Cal I hope you feel well soon. Take care and get some rest.

Angie is the cold air hitting your area yet?

Surfdreams I never told you about myself, I am Julie, married and a mom to two little ones a son who is six and a girl four. These girls are great here. I can't imagine not being friends with all of them.

I don't know what is going on this weekend. Two of my Netflix came so maybe I will put one of those in tonight. But I will have to stop it for Dancing with the Stars. That show is addicting. I would like to pick up some lobster tails for Valentine's Day. Okay better get going, dd has a field trip and I am going to go along. Have a great day everyone! Check back later.

02-10-2006, 07:27 PM
Hey, all, just a quick post here. It's late and I have to get to work, but am hungover...over only a couple beers, but I slept in...clock was broken...aggghh!!

Just wanted to say that all my traveling was done when I was younger and no I get to go NO where with my work except local places like for the occassional horse race. Back in the economy heyday years, what are called "the bubble years" here I did get to travel on some freelance stuff but that's long over I guess....:( I was a kid with wanderlust and would work and save money and then just and traveling so cheaply I would stuff rolls in my pockets from the youth hostel breakfasts so I'd have something to eat during the day. I always had penpals from all over the world and this is, of course, back when the only method of correspondence really was writing letters...There is nothing more I love than being plopped down in the middle of nowhere, knowing nothing, not the language, nothing and trying to get's in the blood.

Well, I better shower, eat and get this butt out of here...:wave:

02-10-2006, 07:59 PM
Hi girls, I'm just waiting around until it's time to pick up the boy from school. I went grocery shopping today and got some new WW cereals to try. Only 2 pts for 3/4 cup with my yummy 8th Continent Light vanilla soy milk (1 cup)--i love this soy milk. Tastes so good and doesn't give me gas :lol: We may go to see the Pink Panther movie tonight...hope it's funny.

Red, you are so cool with your tales of travel. I am chicken. I am more of a follower than a leader and adventurer. In fact, most new places I visit are a result of some of my sisters' journeys beforehand. Too bad about the alarm clock, I hope everything turned out ok.

Cherie, enjoy your date night and weekend. Hmmm, I found out the GS cookies 'cafe' something or other are the lowest calories! But I will not tempt myself.

Julie, what movies did ya get? I should be getting Truly, Madly, Deeply and Four Brothers by tomorrow. I can't wait! How was the field trip? Where did ya go?

Hi to Kempy, Cal, Angie, Dips :wave: Gotta split! Have a good weekend.

02-11-2006, 07:28 AM
Hi all. Just bumping up the thread. It went to the second page...quiet times again. I am really too busy to post....though I am up for a bit of distraction, thus here. How are things everyone? Tell me, who is NOT doing fantastically on their weight loss efforts? I was and am no longer...I think I got really disappointed at not seeing the scale could be PMS....but still, I get tired of it all...not giving up though...just whining... ;)...well, gotta go. Hi, Noelle, jbbm, Kemp, angie, Cherie, cal, surf...anyone else? Later! :wave:

02-11-2006, 09:33 AM
I finally have time to post my "4 Things".

*4 jobs in my lifetime
-data entry supervisor at TRW
-travel consultant
-credit counselor at Experian

*4 movies I could watch over and over
-Summer Rental (love John Candy)
-Father Goose
-Operation Petticoat
-Pretty in Pink

*4 places I have lived

*4 TV shows I love to watch
-CSI (all of them)
-Amazing Race
-I Love Lucy
-anything on History/Discover channels

*4 places I have been on vacation
-Italy/Austria (same vacation)
-New England road trip

*4 websites I visit daily
-3FC (even though I don't always have time to post)
-local news
-anywhere for lesson plans

*4 favorite foods (only 4????)
-barley soup that hubby makes
-Italian (the real stuff:) )
-Mom's cooking (I miss her)
-Arby's regular roast beef :cbg:

*4 places I'd rather be right now
-Disneyland with Ashley
-retired and traveling

02-11-2006, 09:53 AM
I am down another 2.5 pounds this week bringing my total loss to 32 pounds!!!!! :carrot: My loss for the challenge was 10 pounds and I am happy with that. I will start a new Easter Challenge on Monday. I have 100 more pounds to go. There I said it. I am rather proud of myself so far because I am not getting all strict and rigid like I always have in the past...Kempy and Noelle you know what I mean. :lol: I would not ever mess up any other time and then when I hit goal I would try to incorporate yummy foods back in and it has backfired every time and sent me on year long binges...even longer this last time. :lol: Now I am eating what I want but I am trying to do it the right way so I am not feeling too deprived. It is working so far but if it stops woprking for me I will deal with it. :lol: blah blah blah. :lol:

Okay, so how is everybody?

Cal, I love Pretty In Pink too. I love 16 candles too. All of those movies are great.

Red, How have you been you busy girl? How is the kitty doing now?

Julie, You had a field trip? Where too? Yes it is FREEZING up here now.

02-11-2006, 12:07 PM
:goodvibes: Good job Angie, you da bomb! :cb: Hey, we know you'll be successful this time because you've already practiced twice and know what and what not to do--and it's working beautifully. You go girl. When is easter anyway? (i should know this, I'm catholic! i'm so bad :lol: ) I am up for an Easter challenge but I don't know what my next short-term goal will be yet.

Cal, you're another person that has traveled to such interesting places. I'd love to have you as a tour guide if we ever went to Italy. Anything special planned for the weekend? Hope you get some much needed rest and "me" time.

Well, we didn't get to see the Pink Panther movie. We left a little late and by the time we got there the Friday night crowd was there in force. I haven't seen the theaters so crowded in a while! So we had to watch Curious George instead :rolleyes:... It was really cute for kids and it had it's moments, but not exactly how I wanted to spend my Friday night :lol: I like Wil Ferrel though (the voice of the man in the yellow hat), you could hear him shining through. Oh, I forgot, another movie that I could watch again and again: Elf :rofl:

Red, chin up! :hug: What's trying to lose weight without a little whining? :lol:

Julie, lobster tails for valentine's day. What time's dinner? ;)

Don't know what I'll be doing today but I will try and post more tonight. Have a great day all :wave:

02-11-2006, 02:35 PM
Hi Girls.

Angie Great job!! So what is on your splurge menu today? Last night I had my splurge treat of the weekend, I made peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip bars. Now no more desserts for a week for me. Yesterday the field trip was to a vets. It was pretty neat. How is the new kitty feeling, is her tummy better yet? Stay warm over there.

Noelle sorry about Pink Panther. A kids movie on a Friday night....I have many of those, lol. Last night I started to watch one of my Netlix Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo and watched about half of it but then watched the end of Dancing with the Stars, so I think I am going to put it in and watch the rest of it. It is that kind of silly humor but I like it. I also have Anger Management that looks pretty good. I like Adam Sandler movies. Btw I think Easter is April 16th this year. I am up for an Easter challenge with you and Angie. I am going to only set a five to ten pound goal and see what I can do. Gotta start small!

Cal I love your list. You have been to many great places. I am boring, I have only lived in one place! I hope your blood pressure is back to normal and you are feeling better today.

Red I am not losing as fast as I would like to. But I am trying. Everyone has the right to whine.

Cherie, I hope you have a nice dinner today! Have fun.

Kempy what is up for the weekend?

Dips hon, school got you busy? Miss you.

Well got to go see what the sassy dog is up to:D. Have a great weekend everyone.

02-11-2006, 08:25 PM
Hi girls, I just finished watching Truly, Madly, Deeply (thanks surfdreams for the recommendation). You're right, it was so sad/funny and poignant. *sigh* I like Alan Rickman even more now. I can imagine Nina's grief after losing a loved one so suddenly. It was beautifully acted. Maybe I'll watch Four Brothers tonight if we don't go out again.

Julie, I liked those silly Deuce Bigalow movies too, especially since Rob Schneider makes those "filipino" references in the film..... :lol: MMMMm, peanut butter oatmeal bars sound so good right now. :T

Whew, I need to get some exercise today. I ate an 8 point breakfast (1 egg on a crumpet with turkey coldcuts and clover sprouts and a slice of cheddar) _ an orange... then I had an 8 point lunch....a turkey sandwich with some split pea and ham soup. I am so stuffed! I don't know why I feel like eating so much today. I have about 10 points left for the rest of the day which should be sufficient. I need to get out and walk though, I feel so sluggish. What I really wanna do is curl up in bed and take a nap. It's a cool and cloudy day here and well, it's nice and quiet. I wonder if I can sneak a couple of hours in? :tired:

02-12-2006, 04:43 PM
Hi all. Early morning here and I'm stuck with an unfinished story. Damn. I hate that. Just have NO interest in writing this and I have left it to the very, very last minute. It's not even for much money and it's been hanging over my head for weeks, now ruining the last couple days because I stay home but still can't bring myself to get it done! Well, it's now or never and I will make deadline! :mad:

02-13-2006, 11:09 AM
Good Morning Everyone! It's Monday AGAIN.. geeze.. they just keep coming don't they?

I had a great weekend, lots of time spent over at Alan's. Friday night he made me a wonderful dinner, grilled swordfish with wasabi mashed potatoes, french bread and a great spring salad with gogenzola cheese and a raspberry vinigrette. Too bad I couldn't eat the salad... it got caught up in my QH. And I brought chocolate cake for dinner.. that along with a bottle of wine.. and well, it was great!

Saturday the girls and I went back over to Alan's and we made dinner for 8 of our friends who came over that night... we also watched the Wedding Crashers.. I didn't get to see all of the movie.. but it looked really funny.

Yesterday we we just lazy.... :-)

Red.. Hope you got that story finished! Good Luck!

Noelle.. Looks like I need to rent that movie. I don't think I've ever heard about it before, but if Alan Rickman is in it.. I should watch it. Also.. about Curious George.. I think my girls would like it, but i am not a big Will Ferrell fan... so I don't know if I could sit through it or not.

Julie... Yum on the pb oatmeal bars.. YUM.. they sound halfway healthy... :-)

Angie... WTG on the weight loss.. you are doing fantastic! I'll be with you on the Easter Challenge. I am trying to incoporate more exercise in my everyday life. Right now, I am so restricted about what I can eat.. that the diet isn't really the problem, but the exercise is... so I will work on that to help me lose some weight!

Cal... it looks like you love Cary Grant too.. isn't he great.. I love those movies. I watched Father Goose about a month ago.

Dips and Kempy.. hey girls how are you doing?

OK.. I need to get busy here.. I will be off and on here this week. Tomorrow I have to drive to Dallas, Wednesday I have all day training and drive home that evening. Thursday I work, and Friday we get up very early and are going to Colorado.. so I won't be online all weekend after that until next Tuesday when I am back at work. So... I'll check in this week when I can!

Talk to you all soon!

02-13-2006, 12:08 PM
Good morning girls. We had a somewhat relaxing weekend. I watched so many movies, 2 in the theaters (Curious George, then the Pink Panther yesterday). and the 2 DVD's. I got "Brothers" (a Danish drama) not "Four Brothers" (Mark Wahlberg) like I thought I was getting--although 4 Bros. is next in my queue :lol:. My sis cooked dinner for us yesterday, a big crock pot of butterfish and pork laulau, it was so good.

Cherie, Alan sounds like such a gourmet chef! You're so lucky. I know you can cook too though from the sounds of it. I love wasabi in my mashed potatoes :flame:. Sounds like you have a very busy week ahead of you, drive safely and don't work too hard ;) (now I've got that Donna Summer song in my head...she works hard for the money... :lol: )

Red, did you make your deadline? I am such a procrastinator as well. I have this thing about making things "perfect", and if I can't devote all my attention to it then I don't want to do it at all...what usually happens is that I have to scramble at the last minute and come out with something mediocre that I'd be embarrassed to put my name too. I know, not much help am I? But I just wanted you to know that I have those days too :hug:

I'm off to the eye doctor today. 2006 is my year for making me as healthy as I can be :strong: Hope my vision didn't get worse! :lol:

Have a good one everybody, hope to see you all come out and post!

02-13-2006, 12:10 PM
p.s. Cherie, good job on your weight loss progress! 7 lbs is awesome!!! i know that QH sucks but it does have a positive side :)

02-13-2006, 12:24 PM
Hi Girls, Good Morning!

Cherie, that dinner sounds so so good. It sounds like a meal from an elegant restaurant. I see your ticker is moving, great job! Btw I just saw Wedding Crashers and it was really funny.

Noelle we had a movie weekend too. Went out and saw Hoodwinked. And watched the rest of Duece Bigalow. Hope those eyes of yours are staying sharp!

Red I hope the story got done.

I have to go out and look for something for my husband. I got him a card but no gift yet. I am just stumped for ideas. He may just end up getting a card and I am going to make a nice dinner of steaks, shrimp cocktail, and lobster tails. That sounds good enough to me:) . Check back later on, I have a ton of things to get done! Have a great day everyone.

02-13-2006, 04:45 PM
Hey guys. Sorry I was MIA over the weekend. We had a work crawfish boil here at the house so I was busy with that all weekend. You know, cleaning b4 and after everyone comes over. It was really weird though b/c it was super cold. It just felt really weird eating crawfish in winter gear. They were really good though.

I don't have time to really post I just wanted to let you guys know that I was still alive. I'll pop on later.

02-13-2006, 04:46 PM
Surf dreams where in LA did you live?

02-13-2006, 04:52 PM
Noelle.. Alan and I both love to cook... but Friday night's dinner was definately special! I hope your eyes are still doing good! I just have glasses for the computer or for reading.. so far, I haven't needed them for anything else.. but I can tell I am getting older and things are not as sharp as they used to be. Sigh.. I hate getting old.

Julie.. Good luck on figuring out Valentines day for your hubby. I ordered Alan a set of DVD's made by Warren Miller. He is such an awesome documentary person.. he does stuff on snow and skiing and stuff.. they are so much fun to watch and to listen to. that is what he got. :-)

He was supposed to drive with me to Dallas tomorrow, but now he can't. He has too much work to do before Thursday, so I will be spending Valentine's Day alone. I won't even be with my girls.. so that kinda sucks... but I am not going to mope about it.. Once I get to my hotel tomorrow, I plan on working out and then dying my hair. So.. the night won't be wasted. I'll also try to find a nice place for dinner.. if I can get in.. it's going to be BUSY!

My ticker is moving.. and it will move once again tomorrow!!! That is my official weigh in... and I know I've lost a little more than my 7 pounds.. so I am almost to my first 25% goal... Yes.. the QH is good for something!

Well.. I guess I need to get back to work! I'll talk to you ladies later!

02-14-2006, 11:00 AM
Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! Stay out of the CHOCOLATE! :D So far, I have managed to only have three hershey peanut butter kisses for Valentine's Day. Here at work, they have a huge box of chocolate sitting out, but I will resist. I am up a pound from yesterday (too much canned soup for lunch and dinner I think) so my weigh in is sitting at 3 pounds this week... so my total for this first goal is currently at 7.5 pounds lost.. 2.5 more to go to make goal.

Later this afternoon I am leaving and driving to Dallas. Alan isn't going, so I have already decided to workout in the hotel gym, find something easy to eat, dye my hair and watch the Olympics.

I hope you all have a great Valentine's Day... and I'll try to check in later tonight!

02-14-2006, 11:51 AM
:val1: Happy Valentine's Day ladies! I 2nd what Cherie said about the chocolate ;) Instead, why don't we just turn the lights down low with our sweeties, do a little dance :belly:, get down tonight :love: :val2: :devil:
Sorry, couldn't resist using those new smilies. I know some of you smart ladies don't have paramours at the moment, but just know that you are all very sweet to me :hug: Will you be my valentine? :lol:

I don't know if we're going out to dinner tonight or if we'll just grill up some steaks...didn't make any reservations anywhere--and we both gave each other our gifts early. I got that Coach purse I showed you guys, and I gave Rick a light blue cashmere sweater since he's going to Vegas on Thursday. Except he's lost a bunch of weight too, so I have to exchange it for a smaller size :^ . I got Michael a new basketball t-shirt and a v-day tube of Hershey's kisses--something small so I won't have chocolates lying around the house tempting me, calling me, mocking me! :lol:

Cherie, congrats on your weigh in. You are doing great! :carrot: I rely on canned soup too, but for sure you have to drink a lot of water. That's the plus side though, just up your water and that bloatation will go. That's too bad about Alan. I'm sure you can make up for lost time on another one of your fantastic weekends. I bet he's going to love his DVDs. And it's inspiring that you have a positive plan of action while you're on the road. Good going on resisting those free chocolates in the office. Do you have many men working with you? I always found that the guys had no trouble scarfing down anything free. Let them worry about love handles. Oh yeah, I'm coloring my hair today too ;)

Kempy, I know you and Joe will probably go out tonight? No kids to worry about :) It's been chilly for us here as well. What's up with that? I'm not used to having to wear a jacket while walking outside! Weird. :lol: Your weekend sounded fun and yummy.

Angie, did you whip up a batch of those sweetheart brownies for Jay and the kids again? I know you said he's not big on cards and stuff, but I hope he got it right this year. What are you guys up to today?

Dips, what's happening with you girl? How's that killer bod coming along? I know you're busy with school and all...hope you have time to treat yourself today.

Julie, your dinner sounds perfectly divine to me. I haven't had lobster in a while. :hun: Did your kiddos make any valentines for you at school? I love getting those best.

Red, hope everything is going your way today. :D

Cal, miss ya. How are you feeling these days? Any romantic dinner plans for you and Alberto? :)

Surfdreams, how was your trip? Or are you still visiting?

Well, I gotta get moving and get some ironing done. Michael's school is allowing them a free-dress day, just wear pink or red instead of the regular uniform. Happy Valentine's day everyone! :grouphug:

02-14-2006, 12:27 PM
OK.. I've added another ticker on my signature... My Easter Challenge! I want to lose 15 pounds between now and April 16th... That is Easter RIGHT? :)

Noelle... grilling up steaks sounds great.. I would stay at home if I could. It's going to be so busy in the restaurants tonight.

Anyway... Anyone who wants to do an Easter Challenge.. let's GET WITH IT! :)

02-14-2006, 12:32 PM
Happy Valentines Girls!

Cherie, those dvds look really nice. I am sure he will just love them. Sorry Alan can not go along but it sounds like you will have some time just for you. Have a safe trip.

Noelle have fun if you go out or stay home. Both sounds great. Practice those dance moves for tonight Girl! Yup, I got Valentine's from the kids. They are so proud to give them to me. I will keep them forever. I bet Michael will love free dress day. Sounds fun.

I got up to get the kids ready for school and walked in the kitchen and there was a dozen red roses on the counter. Ahhhh....I guess he has some romance left in him, haha... Yesterday I went and bought his favorite wine and last night when he was in the shower I went downstairs and put in next to his work stuff with a card.

We bought the kids a stuffed animal and some chocolate peanut butter cups and those new hershey peanut butter kisses, I am dying to try them. How are they Cherie? I am going to give it my all to stay out of them. Okay sweeties ds is having a party this afternoon. Have to help out at that so I have got to get my work done around here.

Have a wonderful day!

02-14-2006, 01:11 PM
Julie... they are AWESOME.... so stay away from them! :D I love Reeses and anything with chocolate and peanut butter.... They melt in your mouth. Seriously.. stay away from them.... you can't eat just ONE!

Have fun with your kiddo's and their parties! And enjoy those roses.. I bet your house smells divine!

02-14-2006, 01:41 PM
Just a quick post. I had a severe episode this morning and had to go to the doctor. When the nurse took my B/P is was 237/100. I do know what caused it this time, and it's not going to be easy to overcome. The good news is that I am down 12 pounds; I was weighed at the doctor's office.
It's a very trying time right now so I may not post as often. I will be off work until the middle of next week.
Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.

Dips: I hope you are doing well with all that snow. I've been thinking about you.


02-14-2006, 01:50 PM
Cal hoping you feel better soon! I will be thinking of you.

02-14-2006, 01:52 PM
Cherie, Thank You for the wonderful description of those, LOL. I won't have one because you are right I just will not be able to eat one. Oh and count me in for the Easter Challenge I want to see 10 pounds gone on me.

02-14-2006, 02:32 PM
:hug: Cal, glad you could post. Did the doc give you some meds for your BP I hope! I am worrying about you. Please rest up and hopefully everything will get back under control. Hey, good job on those 12 lbs lost! :cp: Enjoy your valentine's day.

Julie, aaaaaaahhhhhh, roses are wonderful. You deserve them!

Cherie, I am not even going to think of trying chocolates today--that would be the end of my self-control. Hey, did you guys see this? ----> :dust: I wish you lots of it today :wizard:

02-14-2006, 02:35 PM
p.s. I am in on the Easter challenge!!!! I want 15 lbs gone too! **I will officially start that after weighing in today IF I've reached my 1st short term goal (only 1.2 lbs to go!). Update later!

02-14-2006, 05:01 PM
Heh, all. Just saying hi. Saw Noelle's hello and wanted to post. Very little is going's Wednesday here and I'm in the process of getting to the gym before going in to the office for a substitute shift...I hate that place but I need the money desperately. VDay was nothing for's depressing here at the best of times, with the custom of all women giving all guys chocolate, like them or not....:barf: I hope all of yu are having a good time. :yes: Take care! :wave:

02-14-2006, 05:19 PM
Hey girls. I hope you are all having a great Valentines Day. I am. :lol: :devil:

Jay gave me my present last night and then again this morning. hahaha :devil: Too much info I know. :o

I am going to do my Easter goal for 15 pounds. I think I should be able to do it but I am going to call this week a maintain week because of Valentines Day. My kids spent their own money to by us some candy and I am going to eat it. I remember one Christmas I was dieting and they did that and I didnt eat it. They seemed okay with it but I could tell they would have liked me to eat it since they bought it. I felt bad AND...I gained the weight back anyways. Life is too short. So I am eating it and I will get back to work after. I havent eaten anything off track except 2 cream eggs last night(Corey's gift) and 2 today(Alicia's gift) so it shouldnt be too bad.

I guess we will be taking a trip to Ohio because the RV dealer quoted us a price and then the jerk added on another $1000 yesterday so screw him. We are buying the darn thing to take trips in so I dont see why the RV dealer would be surprised if someone was willing to travel to save $3000 over his final lowest price.

02-14-2006, 06:38 PM
Hey guys. Just a quick post b4 I have to cook dinner. We are staying home tonight. I really don't care to much for V-day. It really isn't that big for me. I am going to cocok a ggod meal and I bought things to make lemon bars with for dessert. I just want to spend time with Joe not eveyone and their brother going out to eat.

Cherie great job on the loss. I will join the challenge too b/c that is when we are going on our cruise so I am kind of working toward that. I am still stuck at 11 lbs but I am trying to break through that. I have been having too many freak out days and that isn't good. I have been doing this for 6 weeks though and I knew that would happen. The newness has worn off.

Angie I don't blame you for eating the candy. I love it too but I try not to have it around. Thankfully IU ahve convinced Joe to never buy it for me. I would eat it all at one time and then feel terrible.

Noelle when you have a freak out day do you feel sick afterwards? I have been feeling really yucky and I didn't know if that was just me. I am thankful for that though. It makes me not want to eat that way.

Red I am with you on the whole v-day thing. I think it all stems back from being young. They would sell flowers and give them out in class and I never would get any. I wold beg my mom to let me stay home b/c I hated it so much. Sorry to bring any one down I know this is supposed to be a happy day.

Ok, the shrimp are calling to be cooked. I hope you all have a great day, whats left of it.

02-14-2006, 08:11 PM
The verdict is in: Today's WW weigh-in shows a loss of 1.6 lbs. I have reached my 1st short-term goal and exceeded it by .4 lbs :lol: I am now 35 lbs down and have got 2 feet firmly entrenched in one-derland :encore: I'm starting to feel like if I set small goals like this I may actually get to my long term goal--which is probably to weigh between 135-145 lbs. So yeah, count me in on that Easter challenge. I said 15 but I'll make it 15.6 to make it a nice round number for me (weight that is). I've been eating a lot of food lately...but I've been making much better choices--the scale's been pretty good to me. Ya think I'm getting the hang of this healthy eating thing? :lol:

Angie, :devil: I've been celebrating all week then! :rofl: Good luck on your RV purchase and it looks like a road trip is in order. Sounds like fun to me!

Kempy, yeah I feel physically sick sometimes after i go bananas with the 'eat whatever i want' days. Luckily they DO serve as a powerful reminder for next time, whenever the urge to go off strikes. We're all human and we'll all have those days. Just get back on that healthy horse and ride on. I guess I've made up my mind on tonight--we're grilling steaks and just hanging out at home. Maybe I'll make Rick go with me for a walk...

:wave: Hi Red....who would wanna waste money on a guy you don't even like??? I don't get it. :shrug:

Well everyone, enjoy your evenings and hope you all have a great time.

02-14-2006, 08:21 PM
WOOHOO NOELLE!!!! You are doing great!!!!:carrot: :hug: :woo: :dance: :hat: :cp: I cant wait to hit Onederland. I have 30 more pounds to go so it will be a long while before I see it....but I will do it too.

02-15-2006, 03:07 AM
Noelle!! :lol3: This is Japan. There are a lot of things no one "gets" but that doesn't stop anyone....It's called "obligatory chocolate." When the foreign guys look at me and say, "Heh, where's my chocolate?!" and they DO! I say, "Do I look like an effin' Japanese to you??!" :lol:

And just for the record, I gave NO one chocolate, 'cept a little for me... ;)


02-15-2006, 10:34 AM
Hey guys. Bumping us up. I hav to weigh-in today and I am a little scared. I had a run in with some lemon bars last night. I am praying they don't stick around for the scale to see.

Red that is just so weird to me. I think I would punch someone if they asked where their choc. was. :lol: I have no tolerance for stupid people. I swear your tracker freaks me out when I see it. I have no converstion ability.

Noelle you are doing awesome. I have a pic from when I was younger as my inspration. I was the weight I want to be at right now so I look at that. Man I hate food. :D

Well, Joe pulled his usual great stuff. He asked me to grab his computer out of his truck so he could run to the bathroom and when I got there it had a big box in it. In fact the box was shiny brown with red ribbon. I don't know if you guys know what that means but he got me another Coach purse. It is a little on the big side but it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Of course I hadn't gotten him anything b/c we had made an agreement but he wont let me take it back. So now I have a spring purse too.

Off to weigh in. I'll let you know the verdict later.

02-15-2006, 11:47 AM
Good morning ladies :sunny: Happy hump day.

Kempy, that is an awesome present! I knew he would do something wonderful for you...and you, talking about how you hate Valentine's day :rolleyes: :lol: Hey, good luck at your weigh-in today :crossed: I know you'll do well. I like your inspiration picture idea....and speaking of younger days, I found my wedding and reception video and watched it last night. It was hilarious! Everybody looked so young and SKINNY, it was disgusting. I weighed 132 lbs on my wedding day. I know I'll not look like my 23 y.o. self if I ever get that low again, but it was nice to have a visual of what once was, and what could be again. (do you hear violins playing? :lol: ) I actually pulled out the video since it was V-day and all, and I had to remind myself that I do love my husband even if he freakin' drives me mad a lot of the time.

We stayed in for dinner last night which was really nice. We didn't grill because it was pouring rain, but the oven broiler worked just fine. We had a couple of steaks, sauteed mushrooms, some fresh asparagus and king crab legs. I made a pan of no-pudge brownies and only had two :carrot:, but I did it eat it with some coffee flavored light Haagen-Daz... i'm living in onederland and don't want to visit twosville ever again. :lol:

Red, you are funny. At least you gave chocolates to someone you love ;)

Angie, thanks for the cheers. I know you'll get to onderland because you're working your tail off to get there.

I gotta run and get ready for work. Talk later.

02-15-2006, 02:30 PM
Weigh-in report. The crap that I have been eating showed today. I only lost
.2lbs this week. I know it is my fualt though so I am going to buckle down and get at it again. I guess I had just gotten a little too relaxed with this. I am still down a total of 11lbs and that is good, but I can do better.

02-15-2006, 02:56 PM
Kempy, DOWN is good! :cb: I still think you're doing a great job at 11 lbs lost. Buckle down and work toward next week. :hug:

I just realized that I am in a new point range as of yesterday...down to 24. I realized this right after I ate a brownie (immediately after walking in the door from my walk :rolleyes: :ink: ) Those no-pudge brownies are just 2 pts but still, if I am losing 2 pts a day, I really better watch it or the loss will stall. I'll be on my 16th week and should get my "stay and succeed" charm--I know, those rewards are a little cheesy but I actually like them. :lol:

02-15-2006, 03:41 PM
WOOHOO KEMPY!!!! :hug: :carrot: :cp: :dance: :cheer: A loss is a loss!!! You are doing awesome so far and I am so proud of you. You have really been working ard to lose it.

WOW, today is so beautiful out. It is sunny and we dont have ANY snow on the ground. You cant even imagine how happy that makes me. :lol: I am sure we will get hit hard with it sometime before spring but I dont remember a year where we have never had snow on the ground in the middle of February. It seems weird. :lol: Me and Jay went for a nice walk today, counted up cans and bottles and I cleaned my house from top to bottom.

I weighed myself today and I think I may see a nice little loss this week so I guess V Day didnt have a big impact on me. Fingers crossed anyways, I know weight can change on a dime. :lol:

02-16-2006, 12:04 AM
UUUGGGHHHH!!! I hate that I missed out on so much with this forum. You guys are all doing so well and that's great but I just struggle with balancing school and work. Tonight I actually buckled down and said "it's been way too long, I have to holla at my girls."

I won't sit here and rant because I see that there is a lot of positive energy. But I will get with you guys this saturday, first thing. That is a promise.

Right now I have a paper to write.

02-16-2006, 11:51 AM
Good Morning!!! Me and jay got a walk in first thing so now all I have to do is work. fun fun.

Dips, I am so glad to hear from you. I was wondering where you were the other day. Life is busy huh? I hope things slow down for you soon. When is your spring break?

My kids dont have school this week either!! Geesh, is it just me or are they going crazy with all the vacations now. It feels like they are home more than at school. :lol:

02-16-2006, 12:04 PM
Hi Girls

We are getting hit with a major storm today. We may get up to 14 inches of snow in our area. The drifts are really bad too. I am going to be going in and out to shovel the driveway.

Noelle did you watch AI last night? It looks like they picked a good group of guys and girls this year. It should be good. I wanted to ask you, I know you are a coffee drinker like you still have your morning cup and does it stall weight loss? Thanks!

Angie it seems like your kids do get a lot of time off. No school today here either.

Dips nice to see you. School and work make for a busy time. Check back soon if you can.

Cherie how was the trip?

:bravo: Kempy!

Cal are you feeling better? Thinking of you.

Hi Red!

Have a great day everyone. Check back later after I get some things done around here.

02-16-2006, 12:09 PM
Julie, They get a week off in October,November,December,February,April. How many weeks off does your school system have? I know the kids school is the only one in the area to give them a week off in October but they have to start a week earlier than the rest too. Seems weird to me. I am sure they would rather have the extra week in August off instead. :lol:

You guys are getting hit hard this winter huh? It is nice out today but we are going to get really cold by Saturday I guess. I am not sure if there is any snow in the forecast yet. I hope not.

02-16-2006, 12:46 PM
Good Morning.. I am back at work, trying to catch up from missing yesterday (and I'll be off tomorrow.. so my motivation really isn't there). The trip was ok... I was glad to get home yesterday. I got home in time to pick up the girls from day care and surprise them.. they were excited to see me. I LOVE that! I did workout Tuesday night at the hotel, 30 minutes on the recumbent bike, and last night I did 45 minutes on the treadmill. I plan on doing that again tonight.. and because we will be driving for 11 hours tomorrow, I will be taking the day off! :) I'll make up for it over the weekend with my skiing however!

WTG everyone who lost weight on their weigh ins..that is great! Sounds like as a group, we are all doing well.

Dips.. its so good to see your beautiful face around here.... check back more often!

Julie.. you can send the snow to Colorado this weekend.. I want the girls to see BIG SNOW... they have never seen anything other than maybe an inch or two on the ground.. so I am excited about them going with me tomorrow!

This week, I got a sonic care toothbrush to help with my teeth/braces/gums etc.. and I used it for the first time yesterday... man, that thing can hurt! I know it's just a matter of getting used to it.. but it REALLY CLEANS WELL! I was amazed. I tried it on Hannah this morning, I can't get her to brush right or well enough, and you would have thought I was killing her! Poor baby.. her mouth/gums bled alot, but I told her that is because she brushes her teeth instead of her gum line, and that is what we need to work on to get her gums into shape. I also told her it might take about a week for it to quit hurting when I brush her teeth.. but it will be worth it... even she noticed in the mirror that her teeth weren't "yellow" anymore... I got all the plaque off so if I can just keep her doing it once a day, I think she will get used to it and her mouth care will improve greatly! I got her using my water pik this past week too.. so I think she can feel and see the difference on what clean teeth feels like!

OK.. well, I need to get back to work.. I just wanted to check in quickly... I will be online later today, however, starting at 5 am in the morning, I will be on my way to CO and won't be logging back in until Tuesday when I get back to work!

I hope you all have a GREAT weekend! Talk soon!

02-16-2006, 01:20 PM
Do you EVER feel this way?

02-16-2006, 02:36 PM
Cherie, too funny! Yes I get that way sometimes :lol: Wow, you get a lonng CO ski weekend with your girls--how cool! Have fun!!! Good job on working out while away from home too :high: I've never had a sonicare toothbrush, but I know they work well. We used to sell 'em at the periodontist I worked at, and you could see a vast improvement after the patient's 3 mo. check up. :D :cool:

Julie, I saw on the weather forecast that WI had a windchill of -15, but I think MT had -45! OMG!!! You will burn a lot of cals shoveling but stay warm. Speaking of warm, I still do enjoy a morning cup of java, but I drink it black now so it has to be good quality stuff. Once in a while I do Starbucks and get an Americano (espresso and water) but drink it black. --coffee (plain) is "free" so it adds no cals to my daily point allotment. Occasionally I will still get my beloved hazelnut lattes but with either non-fat or soy milk, and only 2 pumps instead of the usual 3--there's always a way of eating/drinking what you want! I didn't get to watch AI at all this week, we've been busy with karate lessons in the evening. I hope to catch it next week though.

Dips, hey girl, glad to see you around again! You can rant here, we've got enough positive vibes going around that a little negative should balance things out :lol: After all, we're all friends right? You can take a load off your mind if it'll help. You're a wonder woman in my eyes--school and work :strong:

Angie, at least you enjoy your work (and working with Jay)... I have to force myself to go into the office these days. :p

Cal, hope you're relaxing out there and getting that BP down. Thinking of you!

Hey Kempy, how's your day going?

Hi Red.... I'm jealous that you're already on Friday ;)

Well, Rick is heading to Vegas tonight for the long weekend. He and my BIL will be watching a boxing match at the Alladin on Saturday night. I'm a little jealous about the trip, but I am looking forward to having my bed all to myself! I gave him a little shopping list of things to get me while he's there :lol: I will go without him in October so we should be fair and square.

I've got to get moving and start my day. Have a good one :wave:

02-16-2006, 03:27 PM
Hi girls - I'm back from San Diego. Had a great time and even exercised 2x. Loved the Garfield comic!! I feel that way RIGHT NOW. I'm dying for some deep, dark chocolate!

02-16-2006, 05:44 PM
Noelle, what's there to be jealous about? My busiest work days are Friday through Monday and the days I have to be in an office. But I work everyday! The life of a stray... :^:

02-17-2006, 12:32 AM
Everyone is doing so well that I hate to burst bubbles, but I'm so down now and I really need you.
My hubby almost killed himself Tues. He called me to say goodbye, kissed Ashley goodbye, and emailed his best friend to say goodbye. That is what caused my bp to skyrocket. If my vice principal hadn't called him to tell him that they were taking me to the doctor, he would've succeeded.
There's so much pain for him that he feels he can't handle it. I'm such a wreck and very grateful that the doctor put me off work for several days. I have to take the anxiety pills twice a day and I still can cry at the drop of a hat and keep it going for an hour or more.
My hubby moved out yesterday and is staying with a good friend of his who can keep an eye on him. (His friend is on disability and doesn't work so he told me he can watch him). Hubby is calling a counselor tomorrow to try to get the help he needs. Ashley doesn't know anything about what is going on. I'm going to talk to the counselor at her school tomorrow so they can keep an eye on her and watch for any change in behavior.
Again, I'm sorry to bring everyone down, but I so needed to talk to you.
Thanks for listening. I'm going to go have a really good cry. :stress: :cry:


02-17-2006, 12:48 AM
Oh, gosh, cal, I'm so sorry! Whatever brought this on? Perhaps there are problems you don't know about. Perhaps it is body chemistry, as in severe depression. Wow, I don't know what to say other than I feel your pain. But, also, despite the pain of having this happen, try to find a bit of solace in the fact that you have caught it BEFORE it was too late. I'm sure you'll be able to get through this. Hang in there and strength to you, girl.

02-17-2006, 01:02 AM
:hug: Cal, I wish I could be with you right now and just give you a comforting hug. Were there signs before his attempt? I'm so glad that he was caught in time. Oh my gosh, I don't know what you're going through but I know it must be ****. I'm so sorry you have to feel this way, and I'm sorry about Alberto having to feel this way as well. I hope he finds the help he needs for both yours, his and Ashley's sake. I wish you and your family God's blessings. Hang in there ok?

02-17-2006, 09:36 AM
:hug: Oh my god Cal, I am so sorry. I am glad the principal called him before it was too late and you can get him the help he needs. I dont even know what to say but I want you to know that we all love you and will be here to listen and try to help the best we can. :hug:

02-17-2006, 02:44 PM
Oh Oh Oh, Cal. Thank heavens he was stopped before he went through it. Depression is a very painful thing to endure and to see in your loved ones. Hang in there girl... and be sure to keep your blood pressure down - your family needs you too:hug:

02-17-2006, 04:40 PM
TGIF Ladies...

Cal, how are you doing today? I don't know what kind of words to offer you other than we are here if you need us. Vent away. I really wish I could sit with you and have a cup of tea or coffee...and just have some girl talk. I know all of us would like to rally around you right now. :grouphug:

I spent my morning waiting for the cable repairman. They came last week and worked on the upstairs system (which is separate from mine downstairs), but apparently they disconnected my cable for the TV... I'm up and running again so I can lay in bed and watch my netflix DVD's all weekend again. My ankle turned up swollen yesterday, I can't flex it upward? I haven't been able to go walking since yesterday. I don't want to aggravate it...good grief--if it's not my heel, it's my knee....then my ankle....will it ever end? I feel so old and rickety.

Rick called from Vegas this morning and said when they landed it was 38 degrees :shocksn: I told him not to complain since he was on vacation!

Anywho, not planning much except rest and relaxtion. Oh, and taking Michael to a fitness expo, their karate club has a booth and they will be doing demonstrations to try and recruit new members.

Hope you all have a peaceful weekend.

02-17-2006, 05:05 PM
:hug: Cal I am so so sorry. I wish I had the right words to say. I want you to know I am praying for you and hoping the best for you, Ashley and your husband. Please know we are all here for you.

02-18-2006, 12:38 AM
Cal- My heart is breaking for you, Love. It's times like these that I hate the physical distance between all of us as we are all wishing we couldn rush right over and surround you in one big loving embrace and tell you that it will be okay and we are here for you. But for now this is our big hugging place and you can come in and tell us whatever is on your mind. Goodness knows you've been an ear for us to rant into and a shoulder for us to cry on. I really don't know what I can say directly to this type of situation as I am neither married nor a parent but I am your friend and I want you to know that you can connect with me right here in this room. I thank goodness that your husband was stopped before it was too late.(devine intervention, maybe :angel: ) We are all thinking of you today and hope things are on the way back up. :hug: Luv you, Babes.


02-18-2006, 12:44 AM
By the way...

Surfdreams- Let me give you a formal hello and welcome to the forum. Look forward to chatting with you!

02-18-2006, 01:06 AM
Okay one more thing....

Very briefly, I am a 24 years old (the baby of the bunch :) ) I am an army vet, a full-time college student and full time employee at The Home Depot.No hubby no kids just a pup named Niko. Okay, going to bed now!

KEMPY- I am going to pretend I didn't see what you wrote about frequently visiting

02-18-2006, 03:05 PM
Good morning ladies. Hope you're having a good Saturday. We are celebrating my dad's 73rd b-day at Buca diBeppo today, I'm looking forward to eating some Linguine Fruitt di mare, my favorite :hun: I went for a short walk this morning, my ankle is still a bit swollen but held up ok. I may try it again this afternoon. We may go to see the movie Eight Below tonight. I hope Rick is enjoying Vegas right now....gosh, I wish I was there too :( Michael did great at his karate exhibition last night. It was fun to watch and I got to walk around the health fair too--checking out all the cool new running gadgets (heart rate monitors etc). The Great Aloha Run is on Monday and I was supposed to enter...but my knee was iffy and now this stupid ankle. Well, maybe next year for sure!

Cal, if you're reading this, know that we're thinking about you. I hope you are feeling on a more even keel today. Sending good vibes to ya :goodvibes:

Hi Dips, glad to see you back. Are you working this weekend? How's the pup Niko?

Hi to everyone. the never ending laundry is calling me. Gotta run. have a good one.

02-19-2006, 08:22 PM
I wanted to thank everyone for your wonderful words of support and encouragement. My emotions are on such a rollercoaster right now...and I don't even like rollercoasters!!
Just wanted to let everyone know also that I'm still an emotional wreck, but I do try to check in and keep up with everyone. I'm supposed to go back to work on Tuesday, but I may ask the doctor for a few more days. I'm afraid that if anyone asks me how I'm doing, I may lose it again. Even with the anxiety pills every day, I still cry so easily.
I love you all and thank you again for your support.


02-20-2006, 12:40 AM
:hug: Hi Cal... just take it one day at a time and things will look brighter. :) I would definitely ask for a few more days off as a medical necessity, take the time you need for yourself.

I just realized why no one may be around...they are all hunkered down in that crazy wintry weather that's going across the nation. I'm sending out some rays to you guys to heat things up :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:

Hope you're all safe, warm and out of the cold. Hopefully the sun comes out for y'all. Take care! :wave:

02-20-2006, 12:01 PM
:coffee: Got the monday blues today but who doesn't. Got a full house as my 4 sisters and a cousin are spendidng the week at my place. Ages 11-17. At any rate, Niko is having loads of fun with all the company.

Noelle- those rays you sent must be held up in the mail because it is 29 degrees in NYC. BRRRRRRRRR. I can't stand it. I swear there is no eveidence of last week's blizard. The 2 days following brought us 58 degree weather. Then in the days following that the temp droped to the low 20s and we been here ever since. No wonder everyone is sick. We don't knwo what season it is one day to the next.

Cal- Keep your head up, preacious. Things will get better. I'm still thinking of you and I'm hoping for the best.

My weight is going up and down like you would not believe but it is going down still so it's all good. I'm down to the last month before my vacation to South Beach and I'm almost ready! More on this later...

02-20-2006, 08:58 PM
Thanks for the welcome Dips n Twists:carrot:

Hey Cal - My heart goes out to you:hug:

I hooked up today with an old friend. She asked me why I didn't attend her wedding -and I fessed up = I was too embarassed that I had gained so much weight.

I also have the Monday blues!

02-20-2006, 09:16 PM
Hey. I was having problems with my puter so I missed a few days.

Cal like everyone else said I really don't know what to say. I just wish I could be there to help you. Have you heard anything from the counslor?

Dips sorry about Lowes. We don't have a HD here. My town really doesn't have much to choose from in the way of shopping.

Joe and I went a little farther into New Orleans than we have b4 and I had to tell him to turn back around. It was just so depressing down there. I mean places that I knew would be full of people had none. I mean zilch. Really sad when you think about it. They say that in the town of Metarie which is right next to NO they have about 600,000 people and at night there are only 100,000. That is how many people have to commute and don't have a place to live. What kind fo sucks is that we have a good bit of people here in our little town. We really don't have enough space for lots of people.

I am going to watch the Olympics. I am such a nerd with that.

02-21-2006, 10:43 AM
Just bumping us up. I am home this morning and I am going to try to get a bit of extra exercise in. I don't have a client until 5 tonight.

Noelle I am wondering if you can help me. I posted this on the WW thread too but no one has responded yet. I am stuck and I really don't know why. I am staying in my points and I am walking 5 days a week. I am still playing with the same .5lbs. I have been fighting this for 2 1/2 weeks now and I am relaly starting to get agravated about it. Do you have any suggestions?

02-21-2006, 11:54 AM
Hey ladies. I am up bright and early since the crazy dogs were barking up a storm, it was probably just some stray cats. :yawn: Rick got in just a few minutes after midnight this morning. I can't wait to go diving into his bags to see what kind of goodies he brought back--and it better not be no 10 lb chocolate bars like the last time!

Kempy, are you eating your activitiy points that you are earning? If you are walking 5 days a week, you may need to eat those too. Or, if you are eating them, try eating them only every other day. Drink your water (I usually try to drink 1/2 of my body weight in ounces) and check where your points are coming from. Are your meals balanced? Fruits/veggies, proteins/carbs and good fats? Not having a limit of what 'kind' of food you can eat can be the best thing or the worst thing on the Flex plan. I mean, I could eat 5 skinny cow ice cream sandwiches for 10 pts, or eat a good, lean steak w/rice and veggies right? I would take your food log and bring it to the center and look it over with your leader. Maybe she could lend you a few tips. I know it feels frustrating but just keep on. You've done a great job getting to where you are, and 11 lbs lost is something to be proud of. :cheer:

surf, i have been in your shoes on 2 occasions like that. At least now you can relax about seeing that friend again, you'll be thinner next time she sees you. I think about seeing people I know when I go out in public and wondering what they'll think of me, but for the most part, I know they aren't paying me much notice :lol: I try to have the attitude 'who cares what they think?!??!!" ;) Did anyone see Dr. Phil's show yesterday on *****es? It was something else!

Hey Dips, is your house back to peace and quiet? I hope you had a nice visit with the girls.

Cal, I hope you were able to get some extra days off :hug:

Angie/Julie, I hope you're still not snowed in. Did you guys lose power?

Cherie, how was your ski vacation? I hope you enjoyed.

Hi Red :wave:

I gotta get ready for work...will check back in later after my weigh in :crossed:

02-21-2006, 04:39 PM
Hi Noelle, everyone. Just been too busy with the other thread to post here as well. Hope things are going well for people. Cal, how are things now?

02-21-2006, 04:57 PM
Cal ((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) I just read about what happened with your husband... I am so sorry that things are going to badly for him, but thankfully he is alive and is able to find out how to make things better with your love and help and support. Take care of yourself and your BP so you can help him... I hope that things start to look up for you and your family.. you are in my thoughts and prayers.. depression is an awful thing to deal with. He has you and you have each other... please keep us posted..

Hi all.... after reading about Cal's husband.. I am very sad. I really hope things get better. Not much for talking about my weekend, but I will say, Hannah LOVED learning how to ski. She is a natural, and she wants to go back and do it again, in fact, they both do. Megan was a little under the weather all weekend, so she didn't get to learn or practice as much as Hannah, poor thing, just got pooped too quickly, but she enjoyed it too, so I hope to start taking them at least once a year to go skiing.

Noelle, how is that ankle? I hope it is healing and feeling better.

Dips.. it's so great to see you again! You sound very busy!

Kempy, I really hope NO bounces back. I loved that city, it was my favorite place to go visit..

Julie.. how are you and the family?

Angie how are you?

Red... waving hi!

Surf.... how are you?

OK... I need to get back to work... no rest for the wicked. :D

Oh... while I was gone to CO, we got an ice storm here. Last night, I got home and found out I had a solid sheet of slick ice on my driveway. I had to pull the car up to the garage so I could unpack.. and when I shut the garage door, there may have been 2 inches of space between the car and the door. This morning, I went and opened up the garage door.. and as it was going up I saw that my car was NOT THERE!!!! It had slid down to the road overnight. Luckily I live on a cul de sac so there was no traffic, and also, the nose of my car didn't go out into the road.. it stopped where the tires hit the groove between the street and my driveway.... So.. this afternoon.. I will have to figure out how to park my car so it won't slid.. and since I still have a solid sheet of ice there... should be interesting!

02-21-2006, 08:06 PM
Cherie, glad you and the girls enjoyed the weekend. Poor Meghan, there's always next time. Go Hannah! OMG, that is scary about the car sliding down the driveway! Can you salt the area so it doesn't freeze up? Sorry, I don't know diddly-squat about these super cold weather things..... my ankle is better since I'm keeping it wrapped. Swelling's gone down but still a little sore, thanks for asking :)

I am back from my week 16 weigh in and am down another 2 lbs, 37 lbs down! 2 feet still firmly entrenched in onederland :carrot: I am having to dig deeper into my closets to find smaller pants to wear (yeah!). The sad (and kinda typical of me) thing is I have to lose 5 more lbs to be where I was the last time I JOINED WW :lol: :ink: But at least I'm getting there, slowly but surely. Last time around, this was the month I started giving up. NOT THIS TIME! I am sticking it out til I can fit all the clothes in my 2 bags in the closet and then have to buy new, smaller ones! I owe myself that much.

02-22-2006, 10:01 AM
Noelle... WTG!! You are just dropping that weight! You should be so proud of yourself..

Today is payroll day, so I won't be on much at all. Going to be busy. Last night, I went home and made chili and proceeded to just stuff myself.... I ended up going way over my calories.. but it was just so good.... Today will be better.

Anyway... I need to get to work.. just wanted to bump us up a little.... I'm so glad the weekend is almost here! :D

Talk soon..

02-22-2006, 01:39 PM
Hi Girls,

Sorry I have been away, ds is sick so I have taking care of my sweetie. Been at the doctors and just busy around here.

Cherie, I am glad you guys had a good time. I hope little Megan feels better. That is so scary about the car. My Mom did the same thing one time. She forgot to put her car in gear and it rolled down the driveway. Chili sounds great. I might have to make a batch.

Noelle GREAT JOB!!!! Did you watch AI last night? The girls were okay. Sometimes the girls sound the same to me. I like watching the guys better, there on tonight.

Thinking of you Cal.

I have got to go make lunch. I will check back later on today. Have a good day everyone!

02-22-2006, 01:52 PM
I know that it really isn't official but the SCALE MOVED!!!! In fact it was down 2lbs today. I am going to go to the meetings every 2 weeks so I have to ewigh at home. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that it will last until next week. I will even take a loss if I can get it. We ahve friends coming in next week and I want to see if they can tell that I have lost weight. It is hard for people who see me all of the time to notice. That really stinks too.

Noelle you go girl!!!!! You are doing awesome. I saw your post on WW thread too. One more thing about that person, does she ever show support for people?

Cherie I can't beleive that about your car. I bet they would shut the whoel town down if we had an ice storm here. I remember being a kid and them closing school b/c it had gotten so cold and they thought we might have a few snow flurries. They didn't want the busses driving in that.

Julie is it starting to warm up a bit for you up there?

Angie you too. I miss ya.

Dips don't stay gone for too long.

Red make suer you post more often we miss you here.

Cal I hope things are going a little better for you. Keep us informed.

I need to put the groceries away and make some lunch. I'll check back later.

02-22-2006, 02:57 PM
Hi all -

Noelle you doing awesome. Don't give it up.

The scale just won't move - dang it! I weigh less on the doctor's scale than at the health club. But, I don't want to go to the doc to weigh in. Maybe I will just have to buy a scale and weigh at home.

Think I'm going to make a Kielbasa bean soup - recipe on WW's recipes here. At least I have started back up exercising. Boy, sure was tired after only doing 35 minutes on the treadmill yesterday. That cold really took it out of me.

See ya chickies later:dizzy: :dizzy:

02-22-2006, 03:01 PM
Surf I did TeaBo for the first time in few months and I was amazed at how winded I had gotten. I can't believe I had gotten so bad.

I saw that you lived in Louisiana, what part if you don't mind me asking. I have been here almost all of my life and it is fun to see someone from here.

02-22-2006, 03:11 PM
I haven't tried TeaBo yet - but Pilates sure kicks my butt@! I used to live in Broussard - outside Lafayette. Great food there. I joined my first health club there. It was only coed on Sundays. Guys and girls alternated days. I loved it because you could skinny dip in the pool!!

02-22-2006, 04:34 PM
Hi ladies. I am so hungry and it's another hour at least until lunch time. I forgot to bring anything to snack on and all I have is diet soda and water... guess I'll have to immerse myself in work.

surf, let me know how you like that soup. I am looking to try some new recipes--which is great for me because I hardly ever cook. (I live downstairs from my parents so we go upstairs to eat :lol: ), spoiled, I know... but I need to give my mom a break sometimes. If you're looking for a scale, I have a Homedic digital scale I bought from WalMart, maybe for around $25 or so dollars. There are cheaper ones and more expensive ones but the one I got suits me just fine. It weighs in .2 increments and even has a memory feature to keep track of different people. You tap your foot on the upper or lower corner of the scale and let it know who's being weighed.

Kempy, congratulations on the 2 lbs! Are you not digging the every week meetings or are they too time consuming? Sometimes I feel like I go just to get new recipes. They had a chicken marsala recipe yesterday, which I am going to try. I love marsala anything. Re: that WW poster, she has lots of good info but she's got some claws on her. As for your friends noticing your loss, wear something flattering and not boxy to camoflauge (sp?) your body...they can't tell if you're hiding it. And you know, if you've got it, flaunt it! ;)

Julie, sorry to hear about your DS. He's in good hands and should be up and at 'em in no time. I finally sat down and watched AI after missing last week. I could not stand that girl who kept posing and flirting and all the sh*t. I want her gone! Her vocals were crap too. I liked Mandisa and that Ayla girl as well as the one at the end. Expect the last girl with the good vocals, you could tell she was a like pageant trained--was she the one? She reminded me of Amanda Bynes :lol: I am going to watch the guys though, can't wait to see them bring it.

Hi Cherie, hope your payroll goes smoothly. Chili sounds so good right now. Last night we had some major rain--even had a flash flood and severe thunderstorm warnings for a few hours. It was neat to watch the lightning though, a little scary, but calming in a weird sort of way.

Angie, where ya hiding girl? Hope everythings going good for ya.

Hi to Dips, Cal and Red....have a great day.

02-22-2006, 04:36 PM
Julie, I forgot, I really like that other girl who was the granddaughter of that singer from Sounds of Blackness... she's the real deal.

02-22-2006, 05:16 PM
Surf I know where that is. I am from Ponchatoula, just on the other side of Baton Rouge. We really don't ahve any good places to work out here. I used to run a fitness center in Hammond but I feel like it is too much meny and I know that we wont drive over there to use it. I'll just stick to the TaeBo and walking. You should try TaeBo if you get a chance it is a great workout.

Noelle the meetings just take up too much of my day off. I usually have to go to the store afterwards and I am in there right when eveyone starts to get there. I like to go first thing in the morning and then get home. I am going to make myself sit in next weeks though. I mean I pay for it.

We finally saw some sun today. It has been since last Thursday. I told Joe how much better I feel since my walk. I really needed that sun. I think I will go again a little later.

02-23-2006, 12:30 AM
Hello Everyone,

Things are getting better. Hubby and I are talking, but I am not ready to take him back.
I went back to school yesterday. It was hard at first because everyone was still so concerned and everytime someone asked how I was doing I'd want to cry again. The lessons in the classroom actually made it easier for me because it kept me very busy. Needless to say, I was exhausted when I got home; then Ashley had basketball practice.
Today went much better; I even teased some of my kids. I still have to take the anxiety pills; doc won't take me off of them until after she sees me again on Mar 1. They are helping me to stay calm and keeping the bp down.
Countdown is on...12 school days until Spring break!!! Of course, parent conferences are the last 2 days, but I can handle them.
Thank you so much for all your support and love. I know it helped me through this.
I love all of you so much.


02-23-2006, 03:12 AM
Kempy, thanks. I wish I felt more up to it. Can't even bring myself to post on my thread...sigh. Trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps. Things are not looking good...I need a light at the end of the tunnel.. :(

Dips! Sorry, thanks for the PM. No probs. ;)

Cal, glad to hear things are looking up a bit. Yes, I suppose you have to get a lot more, not only talking, but time and space in there before you can get together again. Best to you. :hug:

02-23-2006, 10:03 AM
Good morning all. I am still up to my ears in teenagers but its all good. They are having a great time in spite of my hectic schedule. I think they are just happy being here and they love Niko. Anyways...

Noelle- Way to go on the weight loss! I hear ya on being back to where you started. I been there a couple of times. What's important is that you don't lose focus so you can continue to your goal thistime around. You can do it!

Angie- I miss you. I hope everything is okay with you in all that aweful weather.

Kempy- Okay, I forgive you about Lowes ;) Anyways, I'm sure people will notice your loss. Everyone else seems to notice before you anyway. That's how it always goes. BTW I just got the new Tae Bo bootcamp series. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

Surf- I love pilates. It's very graceful and relai=xing but it makes you feel powerful at the same time. I have to try everything to keep myself from getting bored. Don't worry about the slow scale. Weight loss is a slow process but it works when you are consistent.

Red- You sound as busy as I am. Good to see you though.

Cherie- How is the DD. Feeling better today? I hope so. she seems like such a happy, peppy child, I can't imagine her sick and miserable. Is she the one who shares my birthday (Nov 4)? Anyways at least Hannah did her thing. Sounded like overall it was a good trip.

HI JULIE- So good to hear from you! Your poor baby boyis feeling a little Hope he is better today. I feel so out of touch. I haven't watched AI since those country *** twins make complete jack asses of themselves.(Leaving then coming back) So I am clueles as to what you all are talking about.

School and work is wearing me out. But I go to south beach in less than a month. I'm going with the intention to meet some guys and partu but I can totally see myself sleeping through the whole trip :lol: Anyhoo I'm working up the nerve to get a brazillian bikini wax YYEEEEEOOOUUCH!!! :yikes: Did anyone ever have one??!!

02-23-2006, 10:55 AM
Good Morning everyone... I am here.. but wishing I was at home. What's new? :)

Hey Dips... ouch.. no I have never had a brazillian wax... good luck with that! :D So where exactly is South Beach?

Red I am sorry you have misplaced your motivation... you can find it! :-) Each day is a stuggle, but just focus one day at a time and maybe you can find it!

Angie.. hey girl, where are you? I hope you are doing fine!

Cal (((((HUGS))))) I am so happy to hear things are slowly getting better. Keep us posted... you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Noelle, Kempy and Julie.. hey ladies.... I don't watch AI but it sounds interesting.

Surf.. how is your morning going?

OK.. well, my morning started out bad, got worse once I came to work, so now I am trying to make things better.. or at least my attitude. It's going to be a LONG day. But I am looking forward for tonight, Alan is coming over for dinner, so I need to figure out what I can make that is easy.

I'll check back soon!

02-23-2006, 03:06 PM
Morning all. I'm having a slow start as usual. I don't have the motivation to go to work on time anymore...I just had breakfast--a bowl of Kashi go-lean cereal with light chocolate soy milk. I was out of vanilla so chocolate was it :lol:. I felt like a kid. Anywho, good to see some posts out there. I saw a medium sized reddish-brown dog laying near my neighbors house yesterday, it was just cruising on the sidewalk but it looked like it got soaked in the rain. Then I remembered that it lived around the corner and a few houses down. I didn't stop the car because I was on my way to work. But this morning it came around to our house. I checked it's collar but it didn't have a tag. I took it on a leash back to it's house and called for someone but no one came out. I just opened the gate and let the dog back in--it was missing for 2 days at least. I hope that is the house the dog came from because if it's not, the homeowner will have a surprise when they come home :lol:

Dips, nope, never had a brazilian. I do like to concept of the end result, but I am just too chicken to have it done myself :yikes: --besides the fact that I don't want anyone other than the man I married doing anything down there ;) :lol: :o :devil: :rolleyes: Are ya going to the J Sisters? I heard a lot of buzz about them on Oprah. Be brave girl. I've read some reviews about other salons and stuff, and I can't imagine it being painless--but some people say it is.

Cherie :hug: hang in there, only one more day til the weekend! Enjoy dinner w/Alan.

Cal, I'm glad you and Alberto are talking things out. I know it's hard but things will get better. Gosh, 12 days til Spring Break? Cool! Stay busy and keep your mind on positive things. :)

Oh Angie...... :listen: Where are you girl? Everything alright? Miss you.

Julie, did you catch AI? I just loved that Taylor Hicks guy. I like that raspy voice...he reminds me of a cross between Luke Wilson and Dermot Mulroney (w/the crooked mouth) but w/salt and pepper hair. The guys did not really wow me like the gals did. How are your kiddos and what's for dinner tonight? ;)

surf, skinny dipping? hehe, so you're an adventurous one.

red, remember at the end of the movie Red Balloon all the other balloons came to surround the boy and lifted him up and away? That's what we're here for, we can gather 'round and lift you up until you're ready to fly by yourself.

Kempy, how's your day going?

I guess I should get moving on my day. Have a good one all.

02-23-2006, 08:09 PM
Hi Girls

Finally getting some time to post to you all, now that dh is home from work:)

Cherie, I hope you day went by fast for you. What did you make for Alan? Everything you make sounds good.

Noelle we grilled some hamburger patties on the grill. Something quick. Ds has still got a nasty cough. Getting better though, Febuary is a nasty month for colds and flu. Anyway I did watch AI too, I love Taylor also. He is great and fun loving. I also like Chris. He rocked last night.

Dips....South Beach, I can feel the warmth:D. You deserve this vacation, you have been working so hard. Never had a brazillian. Take a advil or tylenol before you go, haha..

Cal glad to hear things are getting better. Please take care of yourself and know I am thinking and praying for you. Your Spring break will be here before you know it.

Red what is new with you?

Kempy hope you are having a good day.

Angie....Hi! Hope you are doing fine.

I am so glad it is starting to stay lighter outside now. Spring is on its way. It will be nice to take those after dinner walks. Well I am going to finish things up around here and then watch Dancing with the Stars and AI.
Later Girls!

02-23-2006, 09:09 PM
Hmm- a Brazilian wax – I read about that in a novel!! Think I’d have to take a Valium and champagne to actually do it.

As for AI - I liked Mandisa (she’s from Sacramento – where I live now) , the petite girl and the last girl with the great vocals. She is the one whose Mom is a voice teacher. Stevie Scott is from the surburban area that I live in in Sacramento – but I didn’t think she did very well. Watched the men last night – dang, Ace is cute, humble, and can sing well. Also really like Taylor Hicks from Alabama, the guy with the salt and pepper hair, and the kinda rock guy with the bald head.

I LOVE to Skinny dip – looking forward to doing it in the Kauiu surf!! With discretion of course. Mike is so supportive of my weight loss – he never even complained when I gained over 50 lbs after we got together – must have been all that great cooking – I also LOVE to cook.

Hey Red – you can do it – I have also kinda lost my motivation – so if you can get it back, so can I!! Think I’ll toast myself with a glass of Chardonnay tonight. I love to put dried fruit in my wine!! Just not too much wine though – empty calories! I haven't started my 21 day exercise every day because I am still kinda wiped out from this cold. But tomorrow, Mike and I are going to an aquatic aerobic class and I am going to do some resistance training and treadmill for at least 35 minutes. I listen to books on CD's, and so I really like to do the treadmill because I want to hear more of my book. I'm listening to "The Lovely Bones" now. Very good book - so very different - and this is the first novel for this author. I want to finish this so I can listen to "The Attorney" by Steve Martini - another author I like. It keeps me motivated:carrot:

Cal – I’m happy for you that you are at least talking – but remember to look out for yourself too!

Hope to talk to you all tomorrow with positive exercise words!!

02-24-2006, 11:59 AM
Good Morning Girls! Happy Friday to you All!

Just bumping us up. I have been OP all week and a pound down. Finally a pound lost and not one gained. GoodBye to that one Christmas pound of gain!

02-24-2006, 12:29 PM
Good Morning! TGIF.... Friday's are always GREAT... Dinner last night was nice.. not diet friendly, but nice.... cheesey potato soup, a freshly baked French Baguette, and a bottle of red wine... with dessert being a piece of coconut cream pie. YUM. :-) We caught up on Grey's Anatomy and watched part of the Olympics.

Tonight, is date night, so we are going out to the local microbrewery/German restaurant.. where I am just going to relax.

Julie... WTG on staying OP and losing that pound. I need to get back on track, I haven't done anything this week and I have been going over in calories each day.

Surf.. sounds like you have a wonderful boyfriend... Good food and support! :-) What more do you need?

Noelle.. I hope that doggie was theirs! Have you seen him back out today?

Hiya Red, Angie, Kempy, Cal and Dips!!!!

Nothing much is planned this weekend, sleeping in and spending time with my girls. Hannah has a Girl Scout Cookie table she has to man tomorrow for a few hours.. and then we might attempt church again on Sunday... but other than that.. I am not even gonna think about it! Its been a very long week!

OK.. back to work... it's quiet here.. half my team is gone... leaving me alone in this big room, and my boss in her office... guess its time to change the music again! I don't get to listen to it otherwise... :-) Happy Friday!

02-24-2006, 03:29 PM
Hey ladies, TGIF!!! I am searching for an anniversary gift for Rick, tomorrow will be 11 years, gawd, where does time go? I still wanna get my old tattoo re-inked and get a new one, but we are still looking at designs. I don't want to make a hasty decision and be stuck with something I regret.

I have a NSV (non-scale victory)! Last night I went to Wal-mart and outside there were two sets of kids doing fundraising--one group selling boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts and the other group selling GS cookies. I walked right past both of them without a 3rd glance (i would say 2nd glance, but I did look twice :lol: )

surf, i have some positive exercise words today: I walked :running: 3.5 miles this morning w/my dog and even jogged a part of the way. I shaved about 10 minutes off my regular time by doing that. My knee feels great and I just had my ankle wrapped tight so it didn't bother me. I wonder if i may ever become a runner?
As for AI, I love Mandisa too. She's got a sassy attitude, but not in a rude way like that other weird girl I am totally not liking (Brenna?). Paris is definitely awesome. I think the voting off went well. Enjoy your aqua-robics! Oh yeah, skinny dipping....I have heard stories from Rick's cousins about Donkey Beach in Kauai. A kind of rocky place not that great for swimming, but the snorkeling is great and people do go au naturale ;)

Cherie, now you've got me fantasizing about a fresh, hot, lovely baguette w/butter.... :T Enjoy your weekend.

Julie, :bravo: congrats on staying OP and getting rid of that lb! Those holiday pounds are hard to get rid of aren't they? Sometimes I find that they like to visit me and stick around with each holiday... :lol:

:wave: Hi to Dips, Red, Angie, Kempy, Cal and everyone. Gotta get a move on.

02-24-2006, 03:40 PM
Cherie your dinner last night sounds so good. I could go for the exact same thing as it is starting to snow here and that dinner sounds comforting. I like German food. Sausages and sauerkraut and rye bread! It has been a long week for me too. I am so glad March is on its way.

Noelle great job on the walk/jog. I didn't know you were walking that much of a distance. Your dog must love you for it! Great job passing up the doughnuts and cookies, now that is willpower!

Well gotta run and go pick up dd from preschool.

Angie where have ya been?

02-24-2006, 05:17 PM
Yeah Julie!!! You stayed OP. That is great and you are one less lbs b/c of it. Keep it up girl. You have snow we are having rain. They set Mardi Gras and Mother Nature sets the rain. :lol:

I just got back from my walk. I was going to push the dogs another 10 mins but the rain wouldn't hold out. So, I guess I will have to do it tomorrow. I am getting my hair colored in the morning, I just love the way it makes me feel. A new doo for my weight loss. Plus, I get it cheaper being that I work there.

Dip OOOWWWW, no braziilan wax for me. You are more of a woman that I am. Of course I just zap the hairs and I guess some poeple would think it is the same pain. :D

Red is there anything that you want to talk about? You know that you can vent to us if you need to.

Noelle good for you. I run when I see the GS cookies. I know they need the money but I don't need the pounds.

Surf I will have to try the fruit in my wine. I love both so it can't be that bad.

Cherie don't you just love Grey's Anatomy. A girl at work and I am addicted. We talk about it Monday mornings and fawn over McDreamy. :love:

I am going to run take care of a few household things. I'll be back later.

02-24-2006, 08:28 PM

02-24-2006, 09:44 PM
Thanks, Kempy, but no, there's nothing that talking about will help. Real problems, work and money and such. But thanks for asking. :love: I have even neglected my thread. Really just want to take a break from 3fc. I'm too busy and part of my problem is that I waste time talking to people instead of finding and doing more work. The emphasis there is on the word "waste." Not that I spend too much time, but that I waste it but not making more efficient use of it. So, perhaps I can make better use of it and be back here with you. Hang in there all.


02-24-2006, 10:26 PM
PhotoGirl – that dinner sounds great (minus the coconut cream pie – I’m just not a dessert person – but if I do have dessert, it is bittersweet chocolate and raspberries. And I do have a wonderful boyfried. Are you Julie? Where are you in Oklahoma – or did I ask you that already?

Way to go Noelle – good exercise words. Mike has certainly heard of Donkey Beach!! He knows of even better beaches though – like Secret Beach. He’s got a great body, but he doesn’t like to skinny dip. Don’t think I’ll be in for lying naked on the beach though – my white, white skin doesn’t take to the sun very well. Both my girls have darker skin and they can really soak up the sun – but not Mom!! Thank Heavens for SPF 30. :df: Next year I hope to be surfing!!!

Hi to Dips, Angie, Kempy, Cal and everyone.

Red – remember “never give up” – just restart. Hope to see you.:hug:

02-25-2006, 02:20 PM
Hey everyone, happy Saturday. It's my 11th wedding anniversary and I was at a loss as to what to get Rick...i was at WalMart (my 2nd home until Target decides to build in Hawaii...) early this morning and got him a Shitasu massager thingie, the type that you place in a chair and sit back on? My manicurist has one and I love that thing. I run it through 3 cycles while she does my pedicure. I hope he likes it. Not too romantic, but I figure practicality in gifts...we can leave the romance for the bedroom :devil:. We are going out to dinner at Ruths Chris steakhouse this evening and I can finally wear something nice, put some makeup on and have a good time. He says we can get matching tatts for our anniversary. :doh: That's what I wanted all along!

surf, I just read somewhere that Donkey beach has a new owner(?) and that they employ security guards to keep nude sunbathers off the beach! I've seen pictures of secret beach--looks great! I haven't been to Kauai in close to 10 years. I hear ya on SPF 30!

Red, kudos to you for having a conscience about 'wasting' time. :) I don't really give it a second thought... :lol:

Hello to Dips, Cal, Kempy, Angie, Julie, Cherie.....

BTW, anyone heard from Angie lately? It's not like her to be away so long :(

have a great Saturday people! :wave:

02-25-2006, 02:49 PM
Happy Anniversary Noelle and Rick:balloons: :hat: :love: :love:

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

02-25-2006, 03:01 PM
Yeah Noelle 11 years. I know you guys will have a great time.

It is nasty here today. I think it is 100% for the rain today. I guess it is a good day to clean house. Joe is at an LSU basketball game so I am home by myself. I am trying to put some TaeBo in also.

I'll check back in a bit.

02-26-2006, 12:13 PM
Good morning everyone. Just a quick post to say hello. Dinner at Ruth's Chris was wonderful last night. We had seared ahi as an appetizer, then for dinner I had a petite filet, some garlic mashed potatoes and steamed asparagus. Rick had the ribeye steak which looked huge but he polished it off. The GM came over to our table and asked if everything was to our liking and then he brought a complimentary bread pudding dessert since we were celebrating. I like that place! It's a good thing too that the bread pudding came--I almost ordered the molten chocolate lava cake....danger! We stopped by Starbucks and got some coffee, then drove around and just saw the sights. It was nice and relaxing. I am up early this morning because I have to walk off some of what I ate last night! Exercise-wise I haven't done much this week. I hope the scale is nice to me on Tuesday :crossed:, but! if it tells the truth of my actions, I will not be surprised if I have a small gain :p

Kempy, we had a bunch of rain earlier in the week, but a really nice weekend. I think we are getting your rain around Tues/Wed--more thunderstorms. So did your LSU team kick @ss? Are you guys doing anything for Mardi Gras? ** I read that Katrina took out 2 of the Ruth's Chris steakhouses in NO... :(

What's everyone else up to today? Chat more tomorrow. Have a good one.

02-26-2006, 05:35 PM
Noelle glad to hear that dinner was great. We are not going to do Mardi Gras like normal. I am going down Tuesday with my family to a cousins house but that is about it. I am just not in the mood this year. I don't think you are getting our rain. It is heading east. Don't tell me we have more coming. augh!

I wonder where eveyone is. I guess they are all busy. I have been at least walking the dogs eveyday. I am tyring to hit that 15 lbs mark by Wednesday. I am going to make the zero point soup for dinner tonight along with some sort of meat. I hope that give me the edge that I need. Hope to see all of you post.

02-26-2006, 11:53 PM
Kempy- Busy is right! I am so worn out from work and school. I just sent the girls back home and they really didn't want to go but I needed the quiet. Anyways sorry about the rain. NY is experiencing arctic weather this week. I', drinking tea every night :coffee:

Noelle- Happy anniversary to you and Rick. Wow 11 years. Bet it seems like yesterday, huh.

surf- What I wouldn't give to be somewhere soaking up some sun..OH WAIT I'm headed to South Beach in 3 weeks!!:carrot: I need a break from this blistering cold weather. Anyways, I got that "year round" tan :lol: I bet I'll even catch a few more shades in the florda sun I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Angie- I'm sending a search party!!

J- Hey girl! I am so proud of you. BTW I could sure use some of that chilli to warm me up!

Red- Take all the time you need to regroup and fall back in when you are ready. We're not going anywhere!

He Cherie! Is the lil' one feeling better? Niko is doing great.

I must rest for school tomorrow. Nitie nite!

02-27-2006, 10:45 AM
Good Morning... Just bumping us up for now.. I'll be back later to post. I had a nice weekend, ate too much, no exercise... but I did get lots done yesterday... wait.. I did housework and I raked the backyard so I think I got in a little exercise!! I've got blisters on my hands from the rake to prove it. :D

OK.. I'll be back later!

02-27-2006, 12:25 PM
Hi Girls

Dips nice to see you. Ahhh....peace and quiet, whats that? Haha...enjoy it! Stay warm, it is cold here too. We were in the teens this am. Bring on Spring! Don't work to hard.

Cherie raking is for sure excercise. I just looked out my window and the grass is covered with snow. I ate to much too. But that is behind us and it is a brand new week. Are you going to watch the Bachelor finale tonight? I only saw episodes but I would like to see who he ends up with. Hopefully the teacher from his town.

Kempy great job taking a walk everyday. I just can't bring myself to take a long walk outside lately now that our temps have dropped.

Noelle your dinner sounded really nice. How nice about the free dessert. That cake you mentioned did sound tempting though! When is Michael's spring break? My son's starts on March 20th. Nothing planned for it. Just maybe go to the movies and maybe up north.

Surf- I am Julie-jbbm.:) How was your weekened?

Cal how are you feeling? Thinking of you.

Okay girls I wonder where our Angie is? I hope you are feeling okay Angie, I know there alot of colds and flus out there. My son was sick for entire week last week. Maybe that is why you are not posting? Anyway hope all is well with you and your family!

Did anyone watch Dancing with the Stars? Drew won, I think he deserved it. Well laundry is calling. Check back later on. Have a great day!

02-27-2006, 01:52 PM
Hi all

Hey Dips – South Beach sounds like a good time. I've :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: I've only been there once - but sure had a good time!

Kempy – I’m sure your dogs love you! I just read about Ragdoll cats – they are so adorable… and you can train them to walk on a leash – now that I’ve got to see. I’ve always wanted my kitty to do that – and to be a car kitty.

Noelle – We just got 2 Ruth Chris’s here in Sacramento. I sure love seared ahi and filet. Sounds wonderful. Congrats…

Hi Julie – thanks for asking about my weekend. It was a great weekend except I didn’t exercise. And my cousin e-mailed me and told me that her Mom had died. It was expected. Two months ago she celebrated her 100th birthday. My Aunt was tough, man. I don’t know if I’m going to go to the funeral – going to have to check cost of flights from Sacramento to Colorado Springs.

Yea – Drew one. I was happy too. Do ya’ll watch American Idol? I am totally addicted to that one too.

Have a great Monday everyone.

02-27-2006, 04:56 PM
Hi ladies...well I had one of those 'eat too much' weekends as well. Mostly on junk food like trail mix (w/chocolate chips) and sweets like cream cheese brownies... it is PMS time for me. I have to go back to the Dr. on Thursday so we'll see how I'm doing then. Not much happening here today, just work and the Monday blahs.

Surf, i'm sorry to hear about your Aunt. Even though it was expected doesn't make it easier eh? Wow, 100 years young, that's pretty impressive. I just found out that my ex-(big) boss' wife passed away today too. I don't know what happened exactly, but she went 39 days without life support, so at least now she's at peace. That is so tragic. On a lighter note, I know me and Julie are AI fans...who are your favorites?

Julie, I'm happy that Drew won also, he looked like he was having the most fun (besides that wrestler lady). Are your kids all 100% better? I think Michael's spring break starts late next week. They have a half day on Thursday, then they're off until the 21st. I don't know what I'll do with him then...he can drive my parents batty :lol:

Hey Dips, good to hear from ya. 3 weeks until party time :hat:

Kempy, how'd you do this weekend? This one was real tough for me, I just wanted to munch and munch and munch... :ink:

Cherie, housework and yardwork IS exercise :strong:

Hello to all :wave: be back later.

02-27-2006, 06:11 PM
AI - love it. I don't know the names of everyone right now. But for the girls, Merinda (? - no that's not it), Paris (she's so cute and bubbly, and the last girl whose mother is a vocal coach. Guys include Ace, Taylor (he's my favorite personality), the guy with the bald head - sang "Wanted, Dead or Alive". Fun stuff. It is heart warming to see these people reach a life-long goal... sorta like here, eh?

02-27-2006, 06:14 PM
Hi Girls

Surf I am too sorry about your Aunt. I am also an AI fan. I like Taylor and Chris, they are awesome.

Noelle don't you get down about a little bit of pms eating. You are strong and look how far you have come:). You are doing so wonderful. Hugs girl I know pms is a total b*tch!:hug: My kids just have some coughing. Thanks for asking.

Tonight for dinner I am making beef taco salads with homemade guac. I can't wait I am starved. I made the mistake of not eating enough during the day today. I read online somewhere you should eat around a 500 calories beakfast to keep full all day. You know I think it works because on weekend when we have an omlette and toast I seem to be satisfied until almost supper. Only if we all had the time to make a big breakfast during the week, huh?

Check back later on.

02-27-2006, 07:51 PM
Hey guys. I am PMSing too. I just don't want to blow it. I have my weigh-in on Wed. and I am really wanted to show a good loss. I am trying to find something to curb these choc. cravings and jello just isn't doing it. BLAH!

Surf Angie has a ragdoll cat. I have never really seen one in person. But I love all animals so I am sure I owuld like them too. I have one fat cat and two dogs so I am surrounded by pets. They are like our kids though.

Julie I wish I could send you and Dips some warm weather. We are going to hit 77 Wed. I guess Spring is almost here. I am sure we will get another cold snap though. I just wish it would stop raining long enough for me to trim back some trees. Our yard is a slop hole.

Noelle do you have any special things you eat to help with PMS? I am just wanting to eat a hugh bowl of ice cream right now and I know I can't do that. I am trying to keep myself busy but it really isn't working. And, I have a week of this.

Joe isn;t feeling well and I need to finish fixing his dinner. I'll pop back in a bit.

02-27-2006, 08:58 PM
Cr@pola! I had my regular kashi cereal w/light soy milk for breakfast, then a Jack in the Box fajita pita for lunch, but when I came home there was the freakin' trail mix again... i must've dipped my hand in there like 3 times--big ole handfuls too. It didn't help that my sis put a cup of nestle chocolate chips in there too. I am PMSing bad....all this salty/sweet/crunchy stuff has got to get out of the house. It is a bit nippy here today so I think I'll take my walk early this afternoon (like in a few minutes) and see if I can't work off some of this excess calories. I have to weigh in tomorrow and I feel like I will be up a few....

Kempy, hope Joe feels better soon. Have you ever tried Skinny Cow or Slim-A- Bear (like "skinny" Klondike bars) ice cream sandwiches? They are a life saver when you get those ice cream cravings. OR Hagen Daas makes the "light" version ice cream--tastes WONDERFUL and you can have a 1/2 cup for around 5 pts rather than 7-10 for the regular full fat version. Just some suggestions. I personally would rather have the ice cream sandwich since it seems like you are getting more than just a 1/2 cup. Fruit sorbets are always good, but it doesn't compare to chocolate. anyway, I'm not really the best person to ask about PMS foods right now--I was so good last month, but this month I seem to be making up for all I didn't eat. :ink:

02-28-2006, 03:11 PM
Hey girls, how are we all doing this final day of February? Can you believe it? Tomorrow we'll be on the 3rd month into the year, sooner than you'll know summer will be here. :sunny: Hard to believe I know, with all the snow, ice, rain and yucky cold weather some of us are having...we are getting heavy rain this afternoon into tomorrow so I got my walk in early this morning. Trying to walk off as much water weight as possible before I go to weigh in :running:. :crossed: Will post my results (lose or gain) later.

So what's everyone cooking up for dinner? :stir:

02-28-2006, 06:29 PM
Hi guys. Sorry I have been gone so long. Last week was the kids vacation and I guess I just got busy.

We bought our RV from RV Wholesalers and we picked one off their lot that was $1000.00 cheaper with the same options ordered plus they had a coupon for $500 more off on top of that so we bought it and with the savings we are having them deliver it to our house. It should be here in about a week and a half they said. I cant wait. We got it for $21,000.00 where as the dealers up here wanted $28,000.00 cant beat that. :lol:

We got a Wildcat 28RK

I gotta go get supper ready but I will try to post more later.

02-28-2006, 07:59 PM
Hey all...I am down 1 lb this week. I'll take it because I ate a whole bunch of stuff I shouldn't have and enjoyed it! So woo-hoo!!! :goodscale Man, I gotta get crackin'! I have to lose 2.1 lbs a week for the next 6 weeks to get to my Easter goal......sounds tough, but I'm gonna try.

Hi Angie, congrats on your new RV...when's the next road trip? Missed ya around here. :wave:;10720;54;0;0/c/-38/t/-50.59/k/cfa7/weight.png

03-01-2006, 11:16 AM
Good Morning everyone.. sorry I missed yesterday.... I was in avoidance mode. I hate it when I start doing that... avoidance equals not staying on program or caring... and then I feel guilty and want to hide and avoid everyone. So... I'm kicking myself in the butt and will make sure I check in here.. I have too.. it's too easy to stick my head under the rock and ignore... and gain pound after pound back.

I'll check back later after the new thread is started... :-) Happy March!

03-01-2006, 01:10 PM
Angie so good to see you back. I was worried as were all of us about you. Cool beans about the RV. Don't you just love a good deal.

I weighed in today and I am still at 13lbs. I guess that is ok. I am feeling kind of bloated so maybe next week will be better.

I can't chat long. We have friends coming in for the weekend so I will not be able to post until they leave but I wanted to say hi. I really need to clean the house so I hope you guys have a great weekend and I will be back Monday.

03-01-2006, 01:20 PM
Hi Girls

Angie nice to see you. What a deal on the RV, I will try and look that model up to see what it looks like.

Have fun Kempy with the company.

Cherie, you know I feel that way sometimes. Because I am not on plan or just busy or don't have much to report. I am wishing I was weighing what I did last year at this time. I have to find my motivation to just be fit.

Noelle great job on the 1lb. That pms eating didn't even stop you from losing, way to go!

Hi to everyone else. I have to get dd ready for school now. Have a good day everyone:)

03-01-2006, 01:51 PM
New March thread started.... go here:

Hope to see you there.

03-01-2006, 02:00 PM
Good Morning guys. I seem to have lost my drive to lose. I didnt lose all that much all this last month and quite frankly I am not wanting to deal with it right now either. I dont want to be super strict like I usually do and it just isnt working if I am not. So I am trying to decide if it is really worth all the effort. You know what I mean? I have been exercising all week but I am up 2 pounds...which is my fault totally because I didnt do anything right last week but still...

Cherie, I feel ya. That is what I did last week. still am actually but I am trying to at least keep the hope up. (((HUGS))))

Surf, I see you like Ragdolls. I have always wanted one and after Christmas My favorite cat Tinky passed away so we went and got a Ragdoll. She is the sweetest little fluffball. She is a seal bicolor Ragdoll. Her fur is so soft that it does feel like a bunny. It is hard to explain but they are definately different. They go limp when you pick them up which makes it hard to pick her up because when I grab under her arms then she almost slips out of my hands. :lol: She is turning into a heathen now and the kittens wont play with her now because she kicks their butts. :lol: We named her Daisy but she gets called Puddin pop more often now. :lol: I tried to post her pic but I cant get it small enough to do it. If you pm me your email I will send you a pic of her.

Kempy, Have a great weekend. I didnt mean to worry ya.

Julie, If you go to RV Trader online you can type in Forest River Wildcat 28RK in Sunset tan and it will show pics of ones like it.

Noelle, Congrats on your loss. You are doing awesome.