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02-01-2006, 10:29 AM
Good Morning Ladies
Happy February :)

Hey, Aimee :hug: I've seen that guy Jeff B. on commercials and tv, he does look really ordinary. ha. That's the thing about New York too, you can have a perfectly ordinary person standing next to you and then find out they make a fortune or are famous in their field or have a completely quirky job. Sometimes they even look a little bummy, heh heh.

I agree with Josh, lady (smart guy). You've been sick for weeks. And not just a cold, you were tossing your cookies, you couldn't sleep. You were really sick. Even though you may feel better that doesn't mean you would have all your energy back! And when I'm over tired I get over emotional. And you lost about 20 lbs from not eating. If I told you I went through that, you'd say "take it easy, Marge! let yourself heal." so, that's my advice to you.

My back to exercise rededication is going well this week. I'm going to the gym today. I measured myself the other day and I've lost just about an inch off my hips and another inch off my chest (an area that's seeing the most shrinkage!). I wish it would come off my waist, I'm right on the border of apple/pear. So even though the weight isn't dropping off in leaps and bounds I'm seeing changes.

Don't forget the Biggest Loser tonight. Get to see the families all skinny, my favorite part.

Have a good one.

02-01-2006, 12:47 PM
Hiya Marge and everyone:

I'm beginning to have my doubts that I will make my Valentine's Day goal, but that won't keep me from trying! I do know I need to up my cardio--30 minutes a day is not enough to get the results I want.

Marge, if you haven't yet, read my blog entry from yesterday. It talks about dedication, and I thought it was very helpful.

Looks like I am going to have to have a chat with a co-worker regarding his tone and attitude toward me today. It's not what he said, it was the way he said it...I'm getting bolder now, so I will have to tell him I will NOT tolerate being spoken to in that manner.

Speaking of standing up for myself: I was at the grocery during lunch hour to get one of the ready-made salads. I also picked up a dark chocolate Dove bar for my afternoon snack. The cashier, an older woman, saw the candy bar, looked at me and said, "Naughty, naughty! You shouldn't be eating that candy bar!" Now, she had NO RIGHT saying that to me for a multitude of reasons, the main one being that I am a customer.

I GLARED at her, which made her start to backpedal: "I'm only kidding, you've earned the right to eat that, since you are having a salad" and other things I totally ignored. It was clear that she engaged her mouth before engaging her brain. I did not say a word to her until I turned to leave. "Next time, I would advise that you think before you speak. Words can hurt people." She stood there stunned. I hope maybe she learned a lesson in tolerance.

Okay enough preaching from me....will catch up with you all later!

02-01-2006, 05:07 PM
You'll get back up to speed, Aimee. You can do it!

I need to tell myself this, too. I don't know if Howie and I are both fighting off some low-grade bug or what, but we're both tired and feeling yucky, just feel pooped pretty quickly. He's felt nauseated the last couple of days, but hasn't had any tummy flu type stuff other than a bellyache. He's been waking up in the middle of the night with insomnia since stopping the oxycodone a couple days ago, just generally feels yuck. The pain isn't unmanageable, so he's not taking oxycodone anymore. We hope this is just his body withdrawing from it.

In better news, we went into Columbus today to Fleet Feet. We'd highly recommend them! The owner took sitting and standing foot measurements and had us walk on a treadmill while recording our feet with a digicam so he could analyze our individual walking motion and any issues that need to be addressed. He saw that I am an over-pronator (my one foot especially turns inward when I walk, plus it's a little pigeon-toed). He brought out a pair of Brooks shoes and when I mentioned I'd really like waterproof ones if possible, he went in back and swapped them for another pair of Brooks -- trail shoes with Gor-Tex uppers, waterproof. They fit great and supported my ankle just like I needed. Score!

It really pays to go to a store where they know their product and can fit you correctly. After analyzing Howie's needs, he said Howie is an under-pronator, also called a supinator. His feet roll outward. That, compounded by the fact that Howie wears a 4E width, limited his choices to special orders. He has a pair of New Balance 976 country walkers coming via an internet order, and the man looked them up and said they'd probably be a good choice for him, anyway.

It was nice he didn't just try to sell us some shoe - we appreciated that. He asked us to let him know how they work out for Howie, just out of curiosity. When he heard about his great weight loss, he asked for our phone number because he likes to put human interest stories in his newsletter and Howie would be a good story. :)

On the way home, we stopped at our local bike trail and walked. My shoes fit great! Howie started feeling lousy while walking, sort of how you feel when you have motion sickness, he said. We turned back early and he's lying down in bed. I sure wish he'd start feeling better soon; I feel so bad for him and there's little I can do.

02-01-2006, 05:09 PM
Jen, good for you, standing up for yourself with that cashier and giving her a reality check. That's wonderful and I bet you said it in a way which was calm and will make her think about her words in the future.

02-02-2006, 02:27 AM
Hi Ladies! It feels good to be home! The trip to Seattle was a nice transition from being un-well to returning home well. Does that make sense? I got on the scale to check my damage, and it's still showing 239. I'll take it!

Marge - thank you, I really needed that. I always expect too much from myself, think I should be up and running quicker than humanly possible. I know I'll get there, it takes time. As I get used to being home I'll start to add exercise into things, I'll charge up my ipod and get some good walking in. I'm going to aim to burn 3,500 calories a week via exercise... should mean that I lose a pound a week. Hmm, hopefully anyways!

Jen - good for you and standing up for yourself! I was a little shocked at the lack of courtesay while I was in Seattle, not that everyone here is all "please and thank you", but there was a difference. I can't imagine ANYONE saying such a thing, I'd make Josh kick their butt.. hehe..

Kimberley - funny you should mention the nausea, my brother's ex-gf was coming down with a little bug, but her only symptoms were nausea and lack of sleeping. Perhaps there is something to that? I wouldn't expect to much from yourself just yet, you and Howie both need to heal.. I think those little walks will help, just don't expect too much too fast. Hmm.. perhaps listening to our own advice might be helpful, eh? heh..

Well, I am tired like HECK! Its been a long day, I am off to have a little snack and get to sleep! Nite!


02-02-2006, 07:48 AM
Goooooood morning!

I had a GREAT day yesterday! Nothing particularly exciting happened, but for the first time in God knows how long, I stayed well below 2000 calories (ended the day at a little under 1050). And, just as an example of how horrible TOM weight can be, yesterday morning's scale reading said 285.5 (TOM had not yet started--began yesterday evening), and this morning it said 281 :devil: I know weighin every day is not recommended, but it really makes me feel better to know that I wasn't as out-of-control as the scale said! :p

Jen--wow, what an incredibly insensitive cashier! No amount of backpeddaling was going to make up for such a comment. I am so glad you said something instead of just pretending like nothing happened. Go you! :D

Aimee--So glad to hear you're feeling better...and that the scale is being nice! I can't WAIT to be below're on quite a roll, despite the recent illness :carrot:

Marge--good job on getting back to your exercise. I have to do that, too, but I'm just getting my food back under thing at a time ;)

Kimberley--WOW, with all that testing and measuring, I bet your new shoes feel heavenly! I know how hard it can be to find really good sneakers, but I am really cheap, so I will probably just settle for Payless for the rest of my life :dizzy:

02-02-2006, 09:30 AM
MOrning, ladies!

I took measurements this morning--a total of 4.75 inches gone! Unfortunately, the majority of it came from my chest! Oh well, I have some to spare, so it's not so bad! Alan didn't measure himself this morning, but did tell me that he is at a new low in his weight--almost the 220's! I am proud of him!

Jill: I'm with you--Payless is my favorite shoe store! Although I think I will splurge for my next set of trainers and get a better known brand.

Kimberley: I agree with Aimee--try to still take it easy. You have both been through alot in the last few weeks, and will take time to build up to what you were pre-surgery.

Marge: for some reason I've always has a defined waist, no matter what my size has been. I guess that is a good thing! Congrats on you losing inches too!

Will check in later!

02-02-2006, 02:09 PM
Kimberley, very cool re: the new hiking boots. thanks for the tip. I tend to walk on the outsides of my feet and turn them outwards a little too. I've read in several places that it's important to have shoes with good support if you exercise. If you don't you can have problems with your joints, ankles, knees. I feel for me it's especially important since my weight puts extra pressure on those places. I pay anywhere from $50 to $80 for a pair of New Balance. I wear them all the time. I have some problems with my Achilles tendons that I have to be careful with too.

Jen, I can really relate to your story about standing up for yourself (congrats on that). I know in the past and even now I've had the tendency to slink away rather than just speak up, then eat. Re your blog, I totally agree about the comfort zone. I've been working on that this last month and a half too. Sometimes it amazes me how easy it is for me to get into and stay in a rut. Gongrats on losing those inches! I hear you re: losing it in the chest area, heh heh.

Aimee, you got to party hearty and still see the same weight on the scale, now that's a good weekend!! heh heh. I'm going to the gym to do aerobics today, it will be an extra day to rev things up a little here. Sometimes I don't see the results until the following week, grrr.

Jill, I know how tough it is to get eating back into a program, believe me.

I have the Biggest Loser on tape and am going to watch it tonight. The Italian family own a restaurant in the Bronx on Arthur Avenue, which is a little pocket area of Italian shops and restaurants, I've been meaning to go up there and see it, since I never have. Now if I go to their place I can say, hey, I know you skinny people! heh heh.

Sometimes I wish there was a Weight-Be-Gone wand.... ;)

02-02-2006, 03:25 PM
I'd settle for a Stupid-Old-Habits-Be-Gone wand! LOL

Howie and I walked just under a mile today. The last leg of it, where we have to walk uphill, really gets to us. But we're pressing on. It feels good once I'm out there, because it means I didn't cave to the slug in me.

We've had some slip-ups this week eating, but in all we've eaten *well*. We've just eaten too much of the good things. I'm so thankful Howie and I are in this together, I tell ya.

He's feeling better today, not nauseated anymore. He still doesn't have much of an appetite, especially for veggies. His taste is still off from the anesthesia, we're thinking. He's still feeling kind of dizzy, but it got better when he took Sudafed; I bet it's sinus congestion making him feel that way.

02-03-2006, 11:09 AM
Woohoo, another on-plan day calorie-wise under my belt. I knew that once I got started, it would be easier--it was just the starting that was giving me so much trouble! :dizzy:

Tonight, we're going to see When a Stranger Calls. We tried to order the original through Netflix, but it's on a "very long wait," so I guess we will see them in reverse order. Then we'll probably hit Uno's for dinner since it's in the same parking lot. I like Uno's because they have their nutritional info online, so I have already checked it out and have narrowed it down to a few options that will fit into my daily caloric allowance :)

Jen--Congrats on the inches lost!! I have not measured myself once throughout any of my journey. Actually, I'm pretty sure I don't even own a tape measure long enough to go around my waist :dizzy:

Marge--I watched that Biggest Loser cool that you can go to their restaurant! Have you watched it yet? They look so much healthier!

Kimberley--slip-ups are understandable considering your circumstances. So long as they don't turn into one big free-for-all, I'm sure you guys make enough healthy choices to at least maintain your success so far. With Howie's surgery and everything, I'm sure losing weight isn't your #1 priority right now :hug:

02-03-2006, 11:17 AM
Well, my slip-up's have netted me a gain. I can only blame so much of my 4 pound gain on not enough water and PMS. I've been snacking late at night, just generally going over my calories. For the first time since starting this weight loss, I feel really discouraged. Hope that part's mostly PMS, too. Y'all don't know how I hated putting that ticker back up to 203 today. :(

Well, I'm going to get showered and go on a walk with Howie. I think I need to walk on my own, too, because I don't get any workout walking alongside him, not until he can walk faster.

02-03-2006, 12:38 PM
Kimberley: Hang in there! We are all human....what you and Howie have been through lately would throw even the best of dieters for a loop! You'll be back in Onederland soon!

I'm in a new decade...I reached 319.5 this morning! I won't change my ticker until my official Tuesday weigh in day, though.

Jill: Great job with staying on plan!!

I picked up some brochures for the local gym today...seems like reasonable rates, and I don't think I would be tied in to a contract. I'll ask Alan to check it out with me.

02-03-2006, 01:33 PM
Well, my slip-up's have netted me a gain. I can only blame so much of my 4 pound gain on not enough water and PMS.
Hey, I dropped 4.5 pounds from the day before my TOM to the next day (when it started), so ya never know ;)

I must tell you guys how totally ADDICTED I am to those Morningstar Farms veggie burgers! I hadn't had them before because they are expensive, and having tried other veggie burgers in the past, I didn't like the texture very much. Well, they were on sale a few weeks ago, so I bought 4 different kinds, and I LOVE them!! They rock for lunches at work because I would never cook a real meat burger patty in the microwave for just 2-3 minutes, nor would I leave the meat patty sitting in my lunch bag all day, both of which I can do with these. I just bring 2 Morningstar patties, 2 wheat buns, some raw spinach (instead of lettuce), and some Mircale Whip in my bag, and voila--perfect lunch including whole grains, veggies, and protein :D I don't even need cheese because they are so flavorful (I ALWAYS add cheese to regular burgers). I have tried so far this week the Tomato Basil Pizza flavor, the Garden Vegetable kind, and I just finished 2 of the Grillers Prime ones--YUM! Oh, and they have coupons on the inside of th eboxes so I can afford ot buy more ;)

02-03-2006, 07:35 PM
I wouldn't feel discouraged, Kimberley. Wow, I wish I had a buck for every pound I've gained on this journey! I could finally get that house I've always wanted, heh heh. It was really major surgery, and surgery on someone that's the nearest and dearest to you, and then you've been having health probs. (PS when I gained 4 lbs a few weeks ago, I lost it again the following week following my program, not real fat weight, I don't think.)

Jen, congrats! Good luck with the gym, I joined the local Y in April and I love it. It really lifts my mood, has made me stronger and helped with endurance. It's a really positive thing. :)

Jill, I did see TBL, I love it! I can't believe how fast the guys can drop the lbs! They looked skinny. On top of that they were around Italian food (and burgers and fries) all day long. Now that's what I call self control! Congrats on stacking those good eating days. This week I felt like I did fairly well with the eating, and really well with the exercise this past week (4 days at the gym and I stuck to my at home exercise). BTW, believe me, any tape measure would fit around your waist, girl. I would definitely suggest keeping track of the inches, that will pick you up. Esp after doing the gym, the inches show when the lbs don't.

02-04-2006, 12:09 AM
Thanks, y'all. I feel more positive tonight. We walked at the arboretum, half the walk up a fairly steep grade. After that, we stopped by the YMCA and re-activated our membership, popping in to say hi to Sandi the water arthritis class instructor and Constance the fitness trainer. They were both just blown away with the change in Howie, especially. He's hurting tonight, overdid things a little and his hips hurt. But still...Holy cow. :moo:

His wedding ring is at the jeweler's now, being resized from its current size 14 to an 11.5! We took it to the same jeweler who engraved his watch, and they remembered the story. :)

02-05-2006, 11:39 AM
We're finally up again! Yay!

Howie, Nancy and I went to the YMCA yesterday. While I walked on the indoor track, they went to the pool. Howie tried walking in the water a little, just wanting to get in there and float a little, but it was too much for him.

I didn't go over calories yesterday, a small but important personal victory. And I did try both models of eliptical machine (made it 2 minutes on the automated one, went walking, then made it a minute on the manual one LOL). My legs felt like noodles after my power walk and I wasn't up to having my butt kicked by that second machine. ;) I did a few upper body machines and called it a day when Nancy found me and said Howie needed to go home.

He's got another UTI after the first one had just cleared up. He's on a different antibiotic now. He's so tired of feeling sick and weak, poor guy. He says his chest feels tight, but isn't sure if it's the muscles or his lungs. He can't decide if he wants to to wait and see our family doc tomorrow or go to the urgent care place today. It's not been a fun morning.

02-05-2006, 01:08 PM
Wow Kimberley - that is a pretty rough morning!! I sure hope Howie feels better soon, nothing is worse than a UTI. I'm sure you've considered these options before.. but thought I might remind yah, feed that boy acidophilis, it might help get some good bacteria where he needs it (I seem to recall UTI having something to do with bacteria? I might be mistaken tho). Josh had one UTI, and drank tons of sugar free cranberry juice, and lots of water, he said it really seemed to help. I'm sure its SO worse for Howie because he's not busy with work, something to keep his mind off things... maybe the superbowl today might help with that! I wish him a speedy recovery on this one!

Today is my last day of 5 in a row.. yay!! I was supposed to go to a birthday party last night... grr! These stupid antibiotics are STILL screwing with my system, I get some not nice tummy aches still. Tonight we are supposed go out after work again, I am determined not to be stopped! I'm still trying to get back on track with things, it's slow going! It's hard to go back to dieting when I've basically been eating whatever I want/can since Dec. I'm going to *try* and be patient with mysel.. it'll take time!

Well I am off to work! Have a good one!!


02-05-2006, 01:40 PM
I know how hard it is to get back on track - that's where I've been myself. The acidophilus is the good bacteria our bodies have in the intestines. Are you taking it while on the antibiotic? That definitely helps.

Howie's feeling a little better, though still weak. The surgeon spoke with him last night and said to get an iron supplement since we don't eat much red meat. He thinks Howie's anemic (sure sounds like it). Tomorrow he'll get a CBC done at our family doctors' office.

02-05-2006, 10:03 PM
Hi everyone...

Kimberley: I hope Howie gets to feeling better...infections seem to just suck the life out of you! And good for you for keeping within your calories today! I wasn't so fortunate....:(

Aimee: Hooray for your "Friday"!! Enjoy your time off!

I'm down a couple of pounds today--hope I haven't messed up my loss for this week's weigh in!

We've been doing lots of talking about Alan's job offer in Iowa. We really do not want to leave Florida, but unless he can get his present employer to pay him what he is worth, then it leaves us no choice.

02-06-2006, 07:52 AM
Jen--wow, Iowa vs. about a drastic change! Of course, there's one woman on the 300+ board that just recently got married and moved from Florida to northern Canada :o It was funny to hear her talk about trying to buy long underwear and heavy winter coats in Florida :p

Ugh, UTIs...I had about a million of them growing up--never knew why. I actually ended up in the hospital for 5 days with a double kidney infection, so as much as UTIs suck, be glad to catch them before they get too bad! Maybe that's why I have such a strong liking for cranberry juice...;)

Had a pretty good weekend...I finally decided what I wanted Jeff to buy me with the money his mother sent us. We didn't have a matching bed set since my set was for a double bed, and we use Jeff's queen size bed now. We were just using some mix n match sheets and a heavy off-white cotton blanket--no comforter or bedspread or anything. So we went shopping on Saturday, and I found 3 sets I liked. We immediately ruled out one because it was microsuede, so it was dry-clean only...too high-maintenance for my tastes :p Then it was down to was kinda green, gold, and ivory, and the other was teals and tans. The greener one was $99.99 for the set (both included comforter, sheets, shams, and bedskirt), and the teal one was $199.99. Guess which one I liked more :dizzy: Jeff was like, "But the green one is fine, and the teal is $100 more!" but I just gave him the puppy dog eyes and said, "But I like the teal one." We got the teal one :D My mother and his mother had both bought us neutral-colored sheets (tan and off white), so I'm glad we found something that those will still work well with. Here's what our set looks like:
It makes me feel very grown-up to have something that's not like my bright and crazy college decor :p Plus Jeff likes that it's not girly--my last set was kinda shiny plum, maroon, and gold and had gold embroidered flowers, so he's definitely on board with this one :)

Okay, enough about the bedroom...I had a pretty good weekend food-wise, too. I went way overboard yesterday (we ordered pizza and had tortilla chips and dip while we watched the SuperBowl, but I minimized damage as much as possible--baked chips, turkey chili, and ff cream cheese for the dip...), but even with the nearly 3000 calories yesterday, my average for the past 7 days is still below 1800 :carrot: Just gotta drink all the sodium away now ;)

02-06-2006, 10:38 AM
Morning gals....

Jill, I'm in the same boat--up 2 lbs from yesterday, and I know it is from sodium intake from chips and salsa! I've already had about 40 oz of water, and plan to make this a BIG water day! My official weigh-in is tomorrow, so I'm keeping my calories low as well, and having very little carbs.

LOVE the bedclothes! What threadcount are your sheets? I'm determined to not buy threadcounts lower than 400 ever again. We've got a set of 400's now, and it feels very luxurious! I think I could easily become a threadcount addict!

02-06-2006, 11:05 AM
heh, I have NO idea what the thread count is! I think, though, that it said they were poly/cotton instead of 100% cotton. They are SO soft--not like the t-shirt kind because they are still very thick, but definitely softer and smoother than the clearance $5.99 sheets we'd been using :p Last time I invested in "good" sheets, I think they were 300 count. Before that, it was always Walmart or K-mart or whatever, where all the sheets are 200 or less, so whatever these sheets are, they must be higher because I LOVE them :)

02-06-2006, 12:21 PM
A recent issue of Consumer Reports has a story about sheets; it explains the differences in thread counts, fabrics used, etc. It rates various brands of them, too. Good reading! I just know the ones at Dea's were butter soft, just wonderful.

Howie's feeling better today, thank goodness. We're going to the doctor's office this afternoon and he'll get a blood test. The surgeon mentioned getting him on a maintenance dosage of antibiotic to be sure this infection's really licked.

Right after that, we're going to take a walk; though I think he needs to rest, he says his back feels better when he walks some.

Then....THEN I'm going to pick up a kitty from the shelter! It's been a pets kind of week, with my getting four African cichlids and two huge 12" plecostomus from someone who's moving. Only $15 for all the fish...Woo!

The kitty was called a Himalayan, but she's really not fuzzy enough. She could be Balinese, though. She's 8 months old and they're spaying her today. She's up-to-date on all shots and tested negative for FIV and feline leukemia.

Wednesday we'll head to Maryland.

02-06-2006, 01:17 PM
Kimberley, hope Howie is doing better. It's mentally and emotionally stressful to feel so weak and not really know what's going on. I take iron supplements too, because I'm a little anemic. The first day I started taking them I felt so much more energetic, it was weird. I didn't realize what a difference that could make. (btw, those ellipticals are tough on me. I started out with 3 minutes and had the noodle legs too. I'm holding at 12 right now.)

Jen, sounds like there are a lot of positives to moving, if you even end up not doing that. And you two have the option to stay if you decide that Florida is where you want to be. Alan can keep sending out feelers in the area you're in while he's at the job he's at. Just a thought. :) BTW, I saw some story about the calories Americans consume on Superbowl Sunday, and it was some astronomical number, you're not alone.

Aimee, feel better, get that stomach back into the swing of things. I plugged in my foods to fitday this weekend and had a talk with Rob about meals since I'm determined to get back on track. So Saturday and Sunday went pretty well food and exercise wise, yeah!

Jill, you're making me itch to go buy stuff, heh heh. I need some new sweats. I love buying bedding. Pillows, blankets, sheets. We went into Sleepys this weekend and looked at beds. I've had in the back of my mind to get a new one. I love the wood bedframes. They're not cheap. When we're ready to get it, we'll know what we want.

Can you imagine getting a face transplant?? Sounds like something from Monty Python!

02-06-2006, 01:24 PM
The kitty was called a Himalayan, but she's really not fuzzy enough. She could be Balinese, though. She's 8 months old and they're spaying her today. She's up-to-date on all shots and tested negative for FIV and feline leukemia.

awww! :) I'd love to see a pic. What's her name?

02-06-2006, 02:42 PM
I'd rather get a tummy transplant than a face transplant. I'd donate my pooch to a needy anorexic. ;)

I tried posting photos of the new critters, but they didn't upload. There wasn't a specific error, each attempt just said it didn't complete.

02-06-2006, 03:11 PM
Goodmorning! It's still morning here!! I enjoyed sleeping in and knowing that I don't EVER need to get ready for work today :) Yay! Work was SO incredibly busy yesterday, it was odd.

Kimberley - glad to hear Howie is feeling a little better! It's amazing how walking helps back pain, I wonder how that works.. Josh gets back pain, and we often go for a little walk for that, he says it helps with headaches as well. Aww, I want a kitty! One that goes to the bathroom in the toilet tho.. ;) You must show pictures when you get them!!

Jen - Wow... will it be hard to leave Florida if you must? I do NOT miss cold winters, every year I'm thankful to live on the West Coast of BC. I don't own a winter jacket, just fleece! It would be a little exciting, moving to a new place, exploring a new city!

Jill - I loooooooove bedding! I have 2 duvet's, a winter one and a summer one, tons of pillows, I just need a huge bed to go with it! Ahhh I love bed stuff! heh.

Marge - I guess it's pretty common to have stomach issues after taking strong antibiotics, so I'm going to work on balancing my stomach, I had planned on doing this detox which is used to balance your tummy. I think Josh wants to do a valentines day thing, so I don't want to start something that I'll end up cheating on.. I'm eating more veggies and fruit, it helping a bit. Here's the oddest part... I find if I'm eating fatty food it bothers my stomach less, perhaps it's all the fibre!

My scale is showing that I'm holding steady, which is good considering the pizza I ate yesterday! Oh, and the latte I had yesterday.. which literally tastes like you are drinking a cinamon bun! Mmmm, I want another!! They make them hot or blended... oh Starbucks.. guaranteed to make you fat!! Well I am off! Have a good one!


02-06-2006, 04:57 PM
I'd rather get a tummy transplant than a face transplant. I'd donate my pooch to a needy anorexic. ;)

heh heh. Rob told me her dog did the damage to her face, yikes. I'd donate my thighs to anyone underendowed.

Aimee, I wonder if the fat coats your stomach? Yeah, I guess we'll probably do something for V-day too.... It's not my favorite holiday, I don't know why exactly. It gets so hyped.

Claire de Ravin
02-06-2006, 06:04 PM
Hey there - may I join your group? I don't know if there are requirements are anything, but to be on the safe side...:p

02-07-2006, 09:09 AM
Hi Claire...welcome! No requirements here, just jump in when you feel like it! We like to hear from everyone once a day if possible, mainly just to show we're still alive! LOL

02-07-2006, 09:12 AM
Good morning all! I'm down 2 lbs from last weigh in! YEE HAW!

Well, today, the picture should become clearer as to where our future lies--eithe FL or IA. Alan is talking with the owner of his company today, and his answer will help determine our decision. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, or whatever you personally do to wish for what you want!

Thanks so much for your support so far...

02-07-2006, 01:14 PM
Hey, Claire, welcome. No requirements :)

Congrats, Jen!! :carrot: You're melting those lbs away, lady. Good luck to you and Alan.

I'm sticking with fitday for a while longer since that seems to help me keep the calories down and keep away from those extras that creep up the calorie count. I am determined this week to have a good loss.

I'm frantically calling restaurants for my boss for V-day, he has a new gf that he wants to impress. All the fancy restaurants are already booked up. Rob wants to make me dinner. I told him to take it easy with any goodies (candy).

I'm so tired today. I had a tough time sleeping last night. Think I'll go make me some tea (we've been getting all kinds of tea as gifts from different people so now I have a store of about 10 boxes!).

Have a good one.

02-07-2006, 01:38 PM
Jen--be sure to keep us posted, and I'll be sure to cross my fingers!

Hi Claire! :D

I haven't mentioned V-Day to Jeff at all. I'm thinking I'm not going to say anything at all and see if he remembers/what he does. I bought him a video game he said he wanted, and I will pack a little thing of candy and a note in his lunch that day. Oh, and I got him 2 new pairs of boxers--both V-Day with hearts and stuff, but he wears his christmas ones year-round, so no biggie. I also found an *ahem* nightie at Target yesterday on the clearance rack (it looks exactly like this ( but is lilac instead of pink). It's a size 3XL and was only $4.74 :o It's a little, err, less than I would normally wear to bed, but for the holiday, I thought it might be fun ;)

Well, I am sooooo sleepy today. I think it might have to do with the weather going back to winter (it was very spring-like lately). Even Jeff got up about 20 minutes later than usual this morning, and he NEVER oversleeps! We were in bed around 10, which is normal for us, so who knows--something in the air...:dizzy:

02-07-2006, 02:31 PM
that's cute, Jill! what a bargain too. I really suck at finding stuff like that. I had in my mind to get a nightie, in fact I've been thinking about it for a while. We'll see how ambitious I get by vday, heh heh.

02-07-2006, 03:00 PM
I had actually been thinking about it and looking at them online (Lane Bryant, Avenue, and other plus-size sites), so finding it at Target was awesome (no s&h), and ya can't beat that price! Plus, it's lilac, and my favorite color is purple, so it works for me. Of course, I hate that designers assume everyone in a plus size has huge boobs--mine don't really, uh, fill it out, but for less than 5 bucks, it'll do :p

02-07-2006, 05:12 PM
Woohoo Jill! That should heat up the cold Virginia weather!

Well ladies, we are...........drum roll please.............


Alan's meeting with the owner of the company went very well! I'm relieved it is over now, and we can get on with things!

02-07-2006, 06:19 PM
That's great, Jen! Jill, *cute* nighty. I know what you mean about the boobage allowance in those things. Mine end up somewhere south of where the makers think they'll be. LOL

We're heading into Maryland tomorrow morning around 10:00am. Howie's blood tests came back normal, so the nausea may be caused by the iron supplement the surgeon had him taking. UTI...oxycodone withdrawal, another UTI, and then iron...If it's not one thing it's another! Hope this is a turning point for him.

Claire de Ravin
02-07-2006, 06:48 PM
Jen, I am glad you are staying in Florida. I prefer heat to cold Canada myself! And about everyone else - I really don't wear lingerie, so :p

I am so nervous because tomorrow, we (as in my close friend Clara, and two guys, Jake and Tyler) are performing Shakespeare for a major grade in English, ann we haven't practiced together as a group yet! Just me and Clara! And they probably don't know half the blocking...we are making them come to school by 7:20 tomorrow, but still, they might not come. I don't know if they're home, and we don't know Tyler's phone number. I might ask Jason, his friend, who happens to be my crush...x_x. BTW we are performing these in front of other classes as well, eek!

Okay, yeah. But i did get to buy a nice costume :) A pretty skirt and white shirt (very comfortable and doesn't concentrate on stomach...WHEW). So I don't have to worry about what I look like. I have to shave tonightt hough...ugh.

Our school (high school) gives laptops to all students (you have to pay though), and mine got in an accident when it slipped off my shoulder as I was walking up the stairs, and it was COLD. The bottom housing was damaged, and my parents got a letter saying it was okay, the insurance would cover it, but next time, they had to pay. And my mother told me it would be my money. It was not my fault, it's called an accident! UGH

These are my predicted report card grades:
Honors Biology: B (thank God)
Honors English: A-
Geometry: C+ (I messed up...I have an A in this marking period, the new one now)
Honors History: A
Theater Arts: A
Honors Spanish: A


Honors Biology: D (63) (I am going to cry when my parents get my report card and see this in the midterm section. I am trying to get an A- average this semester, I know I can, that way I can remain in Honors)

Honors English: A- (92 :))

Geometry: B (85 :))

Honors History: A- (92 again :p)

Theater Arts: A (it was a performance, easy A because you get to read off a paper)

Honors Spanish 2: A- (92 once again! :p)

I probably will get grounded...ugh. But I am working on my grades. Speaking of grades, I am going to go do my homework now in time for shaving and American Idol and dinner! Au revoir, hopefully everything will go well tomorrow.

02-07-2006, 10:22 PM
Wow, you go girl -- just do your best. Looks like your best is very good, too! Let us know how the Shakespeare goes. :D

02-08-2006, 12:20 AM
Hi Gals!! I am all energetic this week! I went for a walk with my friend after work today... after a 9 hour shift no less! We walked for 45 minutes, and I came home and did abs and pushups. Oh, and I even ate a healthy lunch! I don't know whats come over me!

Jen - thats awesome that you get to stay in Florida! You must be doing a happy dance... especially with that and a 2 pound loss!

Jill - cute nighty! I'm never a huge Valentines day person, I think this year Josh and I will watch a movie, order some pizza (big treat!), and exchange some presents. I don't do romance so well..

Kimberley - I've taken iron before, omg, it made me SO nauseaous. It was pretty nasty, I had to eat TONS of food to get rid of the feeling. Its very likely the iron caused that nausea... Hope things in Maryland go smoothly!

Marge - Keep it up girl!!! I swear, you ARE gonna be out of the 260's for GOOD this week! Must be something in the air, I couldn't sleep last night either. I think I finally fell asleep at 3am, and then had to get up at 8am.. still a solid 5 hours.. but wowsers.. I'm still tired!!

Well I am off to stretch and get some sleep! Talk to you all later! :)


02-08-2006, 11:21 AM
Hiya gals!

Claire: Which Shakespeare are you performing? I'm a threatre gal myself! And 4 A's, B and a D are pretty dang good! Kimberley's right--just do you best!

Aimee: Sounds like you have some good motivation going on there! Keep it up!

Will check in later!

02-08-2006, 11:22 AM
Yeah, Jen! :carrot: Great news. :) Who's the man? Alan's the man.

The iron supplements I take are buffered. Ferrous Gluconate. So they don't bother my stomach.

Have fun with the Shakespeare, Claire. Hey, your grades look pretty good to me. I remember dissecting a frog in highschool biology, oh boy, yucko.

Aimee, you exercise fiend. Good going. If I said to Rob to order pizza for vday he'd be in 7th heaven, heh heh. That's his favorite food. I got him a DVD of the first season of Northern Exposure, one of his favorite shows. I found this ad in the local newspaper for edible valentines (get your mind out of the gutter, ladies heh). They make bouquets with strawberries and other fruits that they cut into a heart shape. How cute is that. Better than chocolates too.

I'm at 258 this morning, and I have until Friday for official weigh in, so I'm a happy camper about that.

02-08-2006, 11:35 AM
Marge--way to rock the scale (in the right direction!)! :carrot:

Claire--you sound a lot like me when I was in high school (except I was well over 200 pounds by then). I generally had really good grades with the occasional slip here and there that my mother would yell at me for while she seemingly ignored the fact that I worked my butt of for all those other A's :dizzy: I did drama club, too (I was in a really small high school that didn't offer any theater classes, so we only had extra-curricular drama)--every fall, we did a series of one-act plays, then a tour to elementary schools to perform a children's Christmas play, then a major musical in the spring...MAN, I miss that stuff!

Jen--I know you are glad to be staying in Florida. I'm glad things have workd out for you and Alan :cool:

Aimee--we don't make a huge deal about V-Day either. Like I said, I got him the video game and bought the nightie on a whim, but other than that, we'll probably just have a normal evening at home, meaning I'll make dinner, we'll watch some tv, play on our computers, and call it a night. The party never stops, I tell ya :p

Kimberley--well, it's 10:30, so I know you guys have already hit the road...hope your trip is going well!!

As for me, I got a new cell phone yesterday. I have Verizon, and my plan expires this month, so I had to renew and qulified for the "New Every 2" plan, so I got $100 off a phone, plus it has a $50 mail-in rebate, so I got a camera phone with speakerphone, a color screen, instant messaging, and email capabilities for free :D (not that I'll ever use all the extras, but it's still fun to have ;) )

Oh, and I've been doing really well with the calorie cycling so far this week. I stayed way low Monday and Tuesday and will be low again today (1207 for today, the highest yet this week), and then tomorrow I'll up it to normal for a couple days, then spike it for the weekend. I think I'm going to go back to TOPS tomorrow night, too, but to my old chapter (from before I moved) since they were more energetic and fun. I'll have my "official" weigh-in tomorrow morning, and I have been 280 all month, so we'll see ho much of a difference getting back on track (finally) has made so far this week :^:

Claire de Ravin
02-08-2006, 05:10 PM
Well, Shakespeare went pretty well. We all forgot our lines, but we went with the flow and comedy and everyone loved it :). That's because Jake got stage fright and I forgot a line, and then everyone forgot their lines, lol. It was so funny.

And I liked my outfit. It was so comfortable.

Okay, that's mainly it. I have a bio lab to do, so see you all!

02-09-2006, 09:38 AM
Good morning, ladies!

I had weird dreams last night, involving Alan and me getting married in a torn wedding dress with Alan giving me a cheap ring. I have NO CLUE what that all means! I think it is because I put some peanut butter on my ice cream last night too close to bed! I should stick to sugar free popsicles! Plus we watched the Engaged Couples Edition of The Biggest Loser, so maybe I had wedding dresses on the brain!

I do know one thing: I definitely do NOT want to be a 300 lb bride! Alan and I are not "officially" engaged, but we do know we want to marry somewhere down the road. But I want to be a smaller size, plus, I want to save the money first, rather than go into debt for it. may be a couple of years or longer. But that's fine with me!

Marge: Great job with the loss! I knew you could do it!

Claire: Glad Shakespeare went well, despite the dropped lines!

Will check in with you all later!

02-09-2006, 09:52 AM
Wow, Jen, that IS a weird dream! I have weird dreams a lot (lots about people trying to kill me), and I always wonder if there's a deeper meaning.

Well, last night, Jeff came home with a flat tire, and I had a can of that tire sealer, so we sprayed that in it, and then it said to immediately drive 3-5 miles to allow even coverage, so we drove to the mall, and since we were already there, Jeff took me to dinner. I had a chicken teriyaki sandwich and some fries, but I estimated as best I could for my Fitday, and I think I still ended up with about 1300 calories for the day, which isn't bad at all (ended up not making smoothies last night like I had planned in order to help compenasate).

Today, I didn't have my normal breakfast since I am going to work late, so I am having some leftover crushed pineapple for breakfast and will have a yogurt for lunch, then go to my TOPS meeting, then have Subway for dinner, so I should be at about 1600 calories

OH, and I weighed this morning and am down to 276.5 on my scale, so I will have to adjust my ticker :D Still not as low as I was 2-3 months ago, but at least I'm heading back inthe right direction :dizzy:

02-09-2006, 11:47 AM
The scale today said 257, tomorrow is official weigh in day. Rededication, yeah, baby!! That, and losing water from TOM, heh heh. I've been working on it these last two weeks, nice to finally see some good results.

I bought a new pair of jeans and sweats via www, I'll probably get them friday or monday. Fun to have new clothes.

Jen, maybe the dream just means you have anxieties about getting married, and that seems pretty normal to me. The job thing stressed you out too. Or, my sister in law tells me, that dreaming about a wedding has to do with change, maybe it's anxieties about all the changes going on Alan's job front.

I hear you about not wanting to go in debt for a wedding. Whenever I see them talking about it on tv, planning a huge wedding, all I can think is wow, what a honeymoon trip they could take with that money! That shows my priorities.

Sounds like your back into the swing of things, Jill. Great loss :carrot: The other night I had a dream about a group of guys coming into my apartment and wanting to kill me! I woke up with my heart beating like crazy (and woke up and told Rob about it, heh heh). I never have dreams like that. Sheesh.

Glad you had a good time on stage, Claire. Good luck with lab.

02-09-2006, 02:28 PM
I have CRAZY dreams all the time as well... the other night I had a dream about Josh cheating on me, I woke up extremely upset, and VERY clingy to Josh all day. I'm thinking its about my guilt of me leaving Josh to go to Seattle for 4-5 weeks, he's really not wanting me to go. Luckily, he's not going to stop me. It's funny how dreams manifest tho...

Marge - omg woman! Look at you GO! Can you come rededicate me? heh.. I'm just struggling with diet.. so if you could just cook for me that'd be SUPER! ;) New clothes are fun, it's nice to have a change.. must be something in the air, I'm going to buy a couple new things on Friday/Saturday.

Jen - I hear yah on the wedding Jen! No WAY am I getting married at a size 16/18! Just can't happen! My bf agrees that he doesn't want to get married with his "gut", he's too cute sometimes.

Jill - you are on your way!! My goodness, look at all you gals go.. please rub off on me k? Cuz I weigh tomorrow morning...

Well I'm going to go make some food... I'll talk to yah'll later!!


02-10-2006, 12:18 PM
What's this?? 11:15 am on the east coast and NO ONE has posted??? WAKEY, WAKEY!!!

I hit the ground running today in the office. My boss is out of town starting today and most of next week, so he had a few hundred things for me to do for him before he left.

I succumbed to stress, however, and ate two doughnuts. :(

The day's not over-- I know I can do better!

02-10-2006, 12:52 PM
Goodmorning!! I get tomorrow off... so it IS good :) I'm going to enjoy all this sunshine we are having :) It was almost worth to 2 months of rain!

Jen - every meal is a new start, every SNACK is a new start! You can bounce back from those 2 doughnuts, I have faith!

Well I am off to work, and then grocery shopping, and then we gotta hit a few more stores.. It takes 3 stores for me to get everything I need for groceries, it's worth it! Have a good one gals!!


02-10-2006, 01:26 PM
Hi, girls. I've been scarce, I know. Howie's appointment at the surgeon's went great. He's able to bend again, just use common sense. He can walk and swim, but the doctor doesn't want him having any PT done. He can drive again, too. Yay!

Diet-wise, we're flailing. There are goodies everywhere and we're just not being careful. I am scared to death of stepping on the scale this Friday...Scared to DEATH. It's going to be hard getting off all the sugary treats when we get home. But I must get back on a good routine. Sometimes I really hate having to think about everything I eat. What's it like to be a "normal", active person who just eats when hungry, doesn't give it a second thought?

02-10-2006, 02:41 PM
Hola, chicas!

Kimberley--we understand your scarcity! Glad to hear Howie is doing so well so you guys can try to return to normalcy soon!

Aimee--enjoy your sunshine...we're supposed to get 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow :o I'm so excited!! :D

Jen--donuts aside, I would LOVE to be busy at work! I get soooooo bored at my job right now, and having stuff to do just makes the time pass faster :^:

Marge--heh, yeah, I have dreams about people trying to kill me quite often. I think it's a stress thing or maybe just that I worry too much, and that is my subconscious mind's way of telling me, "hey, things could be worse!" :p

Well, I'm on a higher-cal day today in my cycle, so I had pizza for lunch...yum! Oh, and the TOPS scale last night said a pound less than my home scale said first thing in the morning yesterday...I love the TOPS scale ;)

02-10-2006, 04:01 PM
I couldn't believe it, I stepped on the scale today and it said 255.8. Hot diggity dog!! I upped the exercise a little and got the calories down a little. Lost water weight from TOM and got rid of a little bulking and voila. Losses like this are few and far between for me, feels really good. The results of my 2 weeks of work, heh heh.

Aimee, hoo baby, if you knew how many times I've had to rededicate myself in these past couple of years! When I see people who can pick a plan and stick to it, and get it off in a year, I'm amazed, jealous, I feel deficient that I'm not doing it. I just keep plugging away. I think you'd need Rob to come cook for you, heh heh. This week I ate yams, turkey and asparagus for about 4 out of 7 of my evening meals. (seeing the 1,000 lb guy on Dr. Phil Wed motivated me a little too, yikes!)

Jen, my boss has a habit on Mondays of dumping about a 1,000 things on. They don't necessarily all have to be done on Monday, but he gathers them together at one time, and I get all stressed. I think even though he'd deny it, that he's a stress junkie. He likes it. He lets everything wait until the last minute. Totally the opposite of me, I'm the methodical plan everything days ahead type.

Hang in there, Kimberley. Glad to hear Howie's doing well. I've gone off and on the program a few times. I know I can get stressed out being off it. I do think you'll be surprised that you haven't done as badly as you think (the diet mind will exaggerate every extra calorie, that's been my experience at least). And any amount you gained in this really stressful time you two have been going through, you'll be able to lose again.

Dr. Phil says in his book (holy cow, another Dr. Phil quote from Marge!) that he believes it's possible to change eating and exercise patterns so that you're obsessively thinking about every ounce, and I think that's true too. I've notice that even when I go off it on vacations or holidays lately, I don't gain more than a couple of lbs, if that. And that's with eating goodies. So, I'm just saying have faith in yourself that you'll get to where you want to be with the food.

Jill, love the new avatar! really cute. :) Perfect for V-day. I'm not as exciting about the coming snow storm, heh heh. I have to admit we've been really lucky this summer weather wise. And it will look pretty.

Take it easy, gals!

Claire de Ravin
02-10-2006, 05:19 PM
Jen: I forgot to tell you, we did a Midsummer Night's Dream. Also, I have been dreaming weird things ALL week. Have you guys heard of the pass-out game? It's a dangerous game people my age are playing where you press something on your neck and pass out. People say it's like a roller coaster. Loads of people have died from suffocation. Anyway, I think people who play it are psycho, and I was so scared when I heard people died. I had a nightmare about my aunt doing the passout game on me and loads other people and we all died. :(

Jill: Great job on your 1300 calories day. I can't survive. I have not been sticking to the plan ever since my great-grandmother died 9 days need motivation. I haven't gained weight, but...I just binged on chocolate syrup an hour ago. Ugh.

Marge: Good job on losing the weight! And thanks about the lab. Guess what, I did really bad on a lab due last Monday (got a 64), but I talked to my teacher and he said I could do the research and get 5 extra points or so! 16/25 = 64, 21/25 = 84 :D.

Aimee: Once I had a dream my mother died and practically followed her around for the whole day. That sounds similar.

Jen: Don't worry, I binge when stressed too. I need motivation though. I have been off track for nearly ten days.

Aimee: Three stores, wow! That reminds me, I need to ask my mom to go grocery shopping with me soon.

Kimberly: I am glad Howie is better :) And don't worry, I know it's hard to resist, but I am confidant that you guys can bounce back.

Jill: Ooh, pizza! Good day :). What is the TOPS scale, btw?

Marge: THERE IS ACTUALLY AN 1000 LB MAN? Wow! That is so scary sounding...wonder what his health's like...sounds pretty detrimental to me. Can I have a pic? Maybe that will motivate me. And good job on your loss!
Yesterday, so many people in my History class degraded Lost, I was like NO! Five people, including my History teacher, love that show. Today I had a Spanish presentation on me and four important people in my life. I spoke only 500 miles an hour :). But people laughed when I said soemthing funny, so that counts. Okay, see you guys!

02-10-2006, 05:35 PM
I didn't even think of V-Day when I changed my avatar--good call! That is a picture of us from Christmas morning in CT. Speaking of kisses and V-Day, I came home today to a bouquet of flowers from Jeff--in his words, "the purplest ones he could find" :D He wished me a happy "4 days before Valentine's Day" :hug:

Claire--TOPS stand for Take Off Pounds Sensibly, a non-profit weight loss support organization I belong to. We weigh in once a week (Thursday nights, for our chapter), and I know their scale is usually slightly lower than mine at home :^:

I heard on the radio on my way home that now we're only supposed to get 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow. I bet we actually only get 3 or less :p I miss my New England winters! We never seem to get more than an inch or 2 at a time around here.

02-10-2006, 05:43 PM
Claire: Midsummer Nights Dream is one of my faves....
Bingeing on Chocolate syrup? Not even sure how you do that....maybe just open your mouth and SQUIRT??.......the passout game sounds VERY scary! If your friends want to feel lightheaded and goofy, do it in a safe way, like on a merry-go-round or something!!

Aimee: I know alot of folks that shop the way you do--at several different stores to get the best bargains. If they are all in the same area, that is a good idea. If the stores are spread out, it may not save you much in gas to go from place to place.

Kimberley: great Howie news! I bet he'll be glad to get back to the Y to swim! Now that he is feeling better, you guys can get back to business.

Jill: Cute avatar--cute honey! ;) BTW, how did you get the link and all that in your left side bar?---(EDIT: Never mind, I figured it out! LOL)

Marge: you go girl! I bet you are majorly psyched!

We're headed to a party tonight, then off to look at modular home models tomorrow. Have a great weekend!!

02-10-2006, 05:58 PM
Claire, see this link: Patrick Deuel (

Claire de Ravin
02-10-2006, 08:42 PM
Jill: Yeah, I finally spotted it in a forum of its own. Sounds interesting, but I doubt I can try that type of group because of time, homework, my mum not wanting to drive, etc.

Jen: Exactly! My brother, who is six, was disgusted. He screamed when I tried to put the bottle top on him. :p Anyway, I binged on tacos and chocolate syrup (ugh not together) again, but I did eat a 100-calorie popcorn. Kind of healthy...but whatever, like I said before, tomorrow is my beginning day. And i Have vacation starting the 20th (at the end of 17th, actually), so I can create my own meals every day for a week :).

Kim: Wow. I feel kind of bad for the guy, because this is half genetic as well as half his own sitting around.

02-11-2006, 01:58 PM
Hi Gals!

Sorry I've been out of the loop... again! Work is crazy busy lately. People not doing what they should be, and of course I can't keep my mouth shut and end up in my supervisors office... oops! Oh well. I got my point accross and offered some sugestions so it's out there at least.

Still doing what I need to be, however the damn scale won't budge. I hate that part. Clothes are getting too lose in 20's and most 18's are too tight. I just can't win. Oh, and I went to Target to attempt to get a bra... what a waste of time. I swear I must be deformed. The girls just can't seem to fit in there properly, if I try the molded ones i get a puddle of boob at the bottom of the bra and air where boob should be... and if I try the soft ones i have no shape or squish out the top. I don't get it!

The sleigh ride for Sam's b-day was canceled due to rain (YUP, Rain! in Wisconsin in Jan) I was able to reschedule it for tonight and the weather is holding up it's end of the bargain, it's snowing now. I'm excited, it should be a good time.

I'll make more effort to get on here daily. Rededication, right Marge?!

02-11-2006, 02:31 PM
Sara - push up bra's!! I have almost that exact problem... but those seem to work best for me!

K... just as I started this, I gotta run.... I'll talk to you all later!!


02-11-2006, 08:12 PM
I'll make your toes curl and tell you I was a bio major in college, Claire, heh heh. Congrats on your 84. yeah, the 1,000 lb man I was talking about was on Dr. Phil ( last Wednesday. Wild story. I like Lost too, not quite as exciting as last season, but that's ok, it's still fun.

Ah, Josh! very sweet. I guess Rob and I have been together a long time. After lunch yesterday I said I have to get you a Valentine Day's card. He said want me to go with you? I said ok. So we went together for me to pick out cards and wrapping paper for HIM. Heh heh. I got his DVD in the mail today. We picked up some candy and a card for his mom and sister too.

Bingeing on Chocolate syrup? Not even sure how you do that....maybe just open your mouth and SQUIRT??.......

:lol: I don't think they've invented a chocolate that I couldn't overindulge in, heh heh. have a good time at the party.

Hey, Sarah, good to see you. I've never been on a snow sled ride, sounds very fun. You might try Lane Bryant for a bra, they have a big selection. My middle name is rededication, heh heh.

Aimee, how's things in Canada these days? Rob and I were in the East Village today seeing a movie with a couple of friends and I thought of you. It's kind of funky and artsy there. Lots of little independent clothing stores. Have you seen that show on Bravo with the clothing designers? It's the same format as Top Model, where they compete and then kick one off each show. I like it. I only get to see it at the gym, though, since we don't have cable tv, heh.

Man, I've been having such gas lately. I know, too much information. Man, though, for about 4 days now. I even woke up in the middle of the night from it. Maybe it was all the asparagus last week.

I don't know if any of you saw the opening to the winter olympics, but it was like an alpine nightmare gone crazy -- they pushed plastic dairy cows around the ice, people dressed up like trees skated around, couples waltzed in Holstein patterned dresses and tuxes. There was fire, and Ricola horns. Maybe the lack of oxygen at high altitudes had something to do with it.

Have a great one.

02-13-2006, 01:54 AM
Hey Ladies!! I had a weekend full of healthy living, cutting out wheat (which doesn't agree with me), lots of walking, a little jogging... phew! I better be skinny tomorrow! hehe... Don't worry... I'm willing to put in all the hard work to get there..

Marge - Canada is GREAT!! It's been sunny here in the lower mainland, we totally deserve it! My friend and I are planning to do this 10km walk/run in April, and we've been busy with the training. Tonight we jogged a little, it was hard as heck! But I could even feel myself getting stronger. I think the funky level here in Coquitlam is pretty lame.. heh. We have tons of chain stores, even more chain restaurants... but you can find a little hole in the wall restaurant with great food.. That being said, I have actually been invited to a fund raiser at a local club, and a fashion show. If I actually go.. thats something else... heh. I'm so old sometimes!!

Alrighty, I am SO tuckered out...

It's pretty quiet here on the weekends, eh? Where are you all?? K.. time for this old gal to get some sleep! nite!


02-13-2006, 06:44 AM
Happy (questionable?) Monday morning!!

Here I am even earlier than normal--it;s about 5:30am, and I am dressed and ready for work but still at home, and I'll be heading out soon. I just know that today is a day FULL of work at the office (which is a nice change of pace, believe me!), so I thought I'd come say hi before I get swept into the researching, writing, editing world that is my job.

I had a pretty good weekend. With the calorie cycling's first week coming to an end yesterday, I had a daily average of 1785 calories for last week :carrot: My goal was 1800 or less, so that's pretty much right on target!

Oh, I bought a cheesecake when we went grocery shopping yesterday that said "No Sugar-Added" and "Low Fat" on the front of the box. However, the label said it had 11g fat per serving--I thought in order to be labeled "low fat" it had to have less than 3g of fat per serving?? Anyway, I thawed it and took one bite...and threw the rest away! It was NASTY! Better for me to make my fruit smoothies anyway, right? ;)

Other than that, we didn't do much. It snowed most of the dat Saturday and all Saturday night, so we had about 6 inches of snow by the time it was done--more than I had expected (they always call for 10 when we only get 2 :p), but still not enough to send this New England girl into a tizzy like the was done snowing across the region by noon yesterday, yet there are TONS of school cancellations today--it's insane! :dizzy:

Aimee--you definitely sound much better, much more yourself. I'm glad you're feeling more like you--and training for a 10k?! You go, woman!

Sara--great to see you back here! I've always had a hard time finding bras simply because my girls never caught up to the size of the rest of me :devil: I have to shop at like Lane Bryant to find my 44B bras. Most manuracturers assume that is you are big around, you have big boobs, but I guess I just like to be different ;)

Claire--I like my TOPS group, but you probably wouldn't. I'm 23 and by a LANDSLIDE the youngest one in the group. I recently switched groups, actually, because the one I was going to most recently was all MUCH older members, and I guess that seems to be a trend amongst TOPS groups. Not that older womenaren't nice, but they can't quite relate to my needs as a dieter when they're discussing osteoporosis and pushing a shopping cart in the store as their main form of exercise :^:

Well, as sweet as it was to unexpectedly find V-Day flowers on Friday afternoon, he's made it pretty clear that that's all I'm getting for V-Day. Last year, he got me candy and 2 Sims expansion packs, so I made sure to get him good stuff this year--what the heck? :?: I already got him 2 pairs of boxers, a video game, my *ahem* pajamas, and a little thing of candy to put in his lunch that day. I don't want to make him feel bad for not getting me as much as I got him, but I also don't want to NOT give him the stuff I bought specifically for him. Ugh, boys! :dizzy:

02-13-2006, 10:41 AM
Morning girls!

I went to Kohls yesterday and found 2 bras that fit... If I keep losing a cup size evry time I go down in band size I'll be at negative soon! When I started this adventure I was a 46DD, then a 44D, then 42C now, yup I'm a 40B! My goodness, if only my belly/butt could lose as fast as my boobs, I'd be looking really great! OK, 'nough 'bout my girls... sorry for the saga! (or would it be SAG-ah? hee hee)

Today is my day off and I was so hoping to just vege-out at home but Sam's cars' Check Engine Light came on yesterday and won't turn off even after we did everything the owners manual said to do. So I get to drive 45 mins to the dealership she bought it at to have it looked at, hopefully it's warranty covered yet, then dive all the way back home. I hate being nice somtimes, it's such an inconvience!
The same thing happened to her car 12,000 miles ago and it was some gas tank vent that was leaking. It of course took the 3 hours to look at it and fix it though, so we were sitting there for ever. Hopefully it'll be a quicker fix this time. I'm gonna bring a book with me so I can avoid clock watching.

Not too much else going on... weight still won't budge. Still eating 'on plan' it's just how I eat now so I really don't even think plan/off plan anymore. We have a dinner date with Sam's aunt next sunday at her house and I get so nervous when I not in control of food prep or choices. The only 'safe' thing for sure will be the wine we bring. Sam didn't even think to ask what the menu plan was! Skinny people really suck somtimes!

02-13-2006, 01:06 PM
Aimee, natural beauty trumps funky 90 percent of the time for me, ha. The fashion show sounds cool. I kwym about pooping out, after work and all the other chores, I have a tendency to just want to chill out more often than not. Good luck with the race! On the Biggest Loser one couple (from Hawaii) was training for the Iron Man, I really like watching that race. It's not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. They looked like they were having a blast training for it.

Jill, I'd wait until Vday comes and see what happens. Can't always believe what you hear.

Sara, I don't know if this will be helpful to you at all, I was watching Bob Green on Oprah and he was giving tips to ladies in the audience about getting off a plateau. He said changing the exercise routine even by a little bit can help, specifically he told one lady to either up the speed on her treadmill or give it an incline. He also said that it's normal for the body to need time to adjust after a big weight loss. All that may be stuff you already know.

We had record snow fall Sunday. I stayed in except for keeping Rob company as he shoveled the sidewalk (4 times). I've never seen the snow get this high. Should be interesting walking to the gym this afternoon. Hopefully most people will have shoveled by then.

02-13-2006, 01:11 PM
Just saw your post, Marge -- hiya! :wave:

Hi, girls - sorry I've been scarce. Howie's off to the YMCA, but I begged off because me hips hurt today after the long ride home and some other activities this week. Darn myself, anyway!

We made monumentally bad food choices on our way home and at home last night, but he's gone to exercise some of it off. We're not weighing until the first of March, just to give ourselves a chance to recover from the last several couple weeks of not-so-good eating.

Me, I had plain Kashi, eating it like a snack with no milk (we're out). That and an orange was my breakfast today along with Folger's coffee. We're meeting friends at a wonderful local Mennonite restaurant for an early valentine's dinner tonight; they have two prime rib dinners complete with beverages and dessert for $29. The plan is to bring one complete dinner home to eat tomorrow, and just split the one tonight.

Did you see Sean White's amazing performance on the men's half tube last night? He seems like such a nice kid - it's great to see an Olympian who isn't all cocky and a bad boy (although some of the bad boys are kinda cute). I felt bad for Apolo not making it in the trials. Still, he should have just settled for second place - he still would have been in the Olympics then, for Pete's sake!

I agree with you about the weird opening ceremonies - we laughed aloud when the girls came up behind the horn blowers and raised those little flags. And those cows! That was really bizarre, all of it.

If I could be any athlete, I think I would be a figure skater. They are pure poetry.

02-13-2006, 04:25 PM
Hiya gals!Just playin' around with the editing option here in the QUICK REPLY box!!

It's been an off plan weekend. I had determined to get through today on plan, but already goofed that up. I started well with a protein shake, but lunch ended up being TWO fish sandwiches (not just one!) So as of 3:20 pm, I am at around 1300 calories. It's going to have to be a VERY lite dinner tonight, if any at all!

Tonight when I get home I am going to do some in home walking (heck, I may even jog and/or do some jumping jacks!) just to help counteract all this crap. I didn't weigh today, and probably won't at all until after my TOM goes (it''s due any time!)

See y'all soon!

02-13-2006, 10:35 PM
Hey! Nice to see everyone again!! Its cold in this area of the world! It's perfectly clear... they say it may even snow! I know that sounds normal, but this is the west coast for goodness sakes!

Marge - I almost want to try a mini triathelon, they have a beginners one every summer. The only problem would be that I don't own a bike. Also, I'm oddly scared to swim in lakes. We'll see though, I may decide to find a bike and do it anyways! I walked home from work today! I am really getting into this fitness thing..

Jill - I agree with Marge, you may be suprised by Jeff... you never know! It's amazing how easy it is to train to WALK 10km! My friend and I did that hike, and I can feel that within a few weeks I could do 10km's fairly easily. Running... well I guess we'll find out in April!

Kimberley - once things get back to normal you will easily drop these few pounds, it's hard to try and lose weight when things are crazy and stressful as they have been for you two lately.

Jen - I weighed this week with TOM approaching... I almost wanted to kick someone or something.. good idea to stay away from that scale! How many calories do you aim for in a day?

Well I am off to do some abs, pushups and some squats! talk to you all tomorrow!!


02-14-2006, 12:57 PM
Kimberley, it's funny you mentioned the girls coming up behind the horn blowers, I thought they were going to push those guys off the ledge. heh heh. The ice skaters are my favorite, the Russians are amazing. They keep saying the Chinese are up and coming, but to me they just don't have the grace that a lot of the other skaters have. Maybe a few years down the line. (That commentator Dick Buttons is a little obnoxious to hear all the time.)

Hey, Jen, I was wondering where you were. The period is not a good diet time, how I know it. At least after it's over the numbers on the scale dip in a very satisfying way. :)

Hey, Aimee, yeah, the couple on BL did a Tin Man Triathalon. Sounded a lot less grueling than the Iron Man. I don't own a bike either. There was a lady on the 100 club who bought one and I asked her about the model. I'm keeping the info to get a bike when I get down to about 220 (I haven't been on a bike since I was a kid! I'm afraid if I do it at my size now I'll majorly injure my sacharilliac or something equally as vital). The park here is a great place to bike. I know the triatholon bikes are a little different.

I had to send back my mail order jeans, they were too big (imagine that!). I should get the new pair today or tomorrow. Today is Rob Thomas's birthday, he's 34. It would be funny to be born on Valentine's Day. Have a good one. :hug:


02-14-2006, 09:58 PM
Hi Marge - quiet in here! Well I went for my makeover, it was suprisingly good! I even had to buy the foundation and one of the eye shadows, so 43 bucks later (including tax), I walked away with one cute look!! I took some pictures, but you can barely tell in the pics. It's a darker blue combined with a lighter blue, some green as well.

Jeans too big? What a wonderful feeling!! Yay!

Well, I'm going to go clean a bit before Josh gets homes.. Happy Valentines day!


02-15-2006, 07:02 AM
Mornin', chicas :)

Holding my eyes open as best I can, here...we were in bed by 10:30, so I don't know why I am so darn sleepy still! Anyway, yeah, there were no additional V-Day gifts from Jeff yesterday, as I suspected. Well, unless you count the 3 marks he left on my neck after I gave him MY gifts :o Good thing I can wear my hair down and have a sweater with a high collar--jeez, I feel like a teenager trying to hide them from her mother :dizzy:

Still going strong with the eating--I made lo mein (Lipton's instant side) and egg rolls (frozen) for dinner last night, and I didn't have ANY candy all day! I only reached 1204 calories total, so it was a very good day. I hope the scales appreciate it tomorrow!

This weekend, we have to drive up to MD to Jeff's cousins' house for his younger cousins' birthday party. One turns 8 this weekend and his brother turned 15 yesterday (I think), so they always have a party together. I miss seeing them as often as I used to, and I'm sure Jeff misses them like crazy (it's the cousins he lived with before we moved in together). We haven't seen them since just before Christmas, so it should be fun :)

Aimee, your new avatar pic looks EXACTLY like one of my best friends from high school! I still keep in touch with her and have always been jealous of her looks ;)

Marge, woohoo on the jeans being too big! Stinks that you have to return them, but at least it's for a semi-happy reason :D

Jen, every weekend for me is an off plan weekend, but it's on my plan, if that makes sense :dizzy: I have WAY higher calories on Saturday and Sunday (sometimes closing in on 3000!), but I have way low calories on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (sometimes not even reaching 1200), so I still average out to 1800 or less per day for the week. This weekend is a good weekend especially since we will be at the cousins' Sunday, and they don't normally have the healthiest food choices :devil:

I have not watched a single second of the Olympics. I feel almost guilty for not doing so, but we don't watch a whole lot of tv. We have our regular programs (American Idol, CSI, The OC, South Park), but other than that, we just record movies on the DVR and watch our Netflix, so there's almost no channel surfing going on here :p

02-15-2006, 12:58 PM
ooo la la, Aimee, very cute. The camera loves you. We had Thai food and champagne for dinner last night (followed by chocolate covered strawberries). Was delicious, but maybe a little rough on the old stomach, heh heh. I'm not the woman I used to be. Today is gym day, at least I can work off a couple of those calories. I bought a new pair of sweats that I have on now. Blue.

Jill, this is the first season we've watched American Idol from the beginning. We're addicted to it. Have fun on your trip this weekend.

The temp has climbed up to 43 and the sun is shining. Not a bad day.

How's the new kitten, Kimberley?

Claire de Ravin
02-15-2006, 06:45 PM
This week has been so bad for some reason. I haven't been on plan at all because I have been so busy with homework, and today, I lost my school laptop! I have to face the lab people tomorrow, hopefully someone did not steal has my name and phone number on it. Ugh, two more days until break.

02-16-2006, 12:07 PM
Okay y'all, my body is playing tricks on me! I had all of the symptoms of my TOM, but nothing's happened yet! (No, I DON'T think I'm pregnant!) I think I only have one ovary functioning right now--for the last four months I have only had a period every other month.

Needless to say, I had to move my ticker because of all the weight gain. I know most of it is water, but I still hate it! It is time to get in gear!

02-16-2006, 01:37 PM
Morning ladies.

Sorry to hear about the laptop, Claire. You'd think they'd be able to put in locator chips to those things.

Gym felt great yesterday. I had to skip Sunday because of the blizzard. I think the new year crowds have started to trickle off. Not many people there for a Wednesday afternoon. I saw a flyer for upcoming scuba diving classes. I've always wanted to do that. I think I'd feel better trying it at a smaller size. I mentioned to Rob about getting a bike and he's like: you'll get hurt! And where will we keep it? I can see the last argument, not much bike room here.

I got my new jeans, smaller size, they look great. Nice, really really nice, to see the progress in the clothes.

Cooks Illustrated has a light recipe cook book now. I like their recipes, so I think I might get that. Nice to mix it up once in a while. We have a tendency to have about 3 to 4 dishes that we eat all the time.

Hope everyone's doing ok. Have a good one.

02-16-2006, 01:38 PM
Jen, how frustrating! I only have one ovary, but I still get my TOM every month (well, when I'm supposed to thanks to BC pills).

Well, official weigh-in day this morning had me at EXACTLY the same weight as last week :dizzy: I thought I would be down, but then yesterday we had a "breakfast party" for someone's birthday at work, and I lost control. I had 2 doughnuts, 2 slices of a pecan pastry thing, and a sliver of chocolate cake :o THEN I ate a whole bag of teriyaki-flavor beef jerky after dinner (a whole bag sounds like a lot, but it was only 3 servings at 70 cals per serving--still way more than I needed, though!). So, thanks to yesterday, I can handle staying the same today...still better than a gain! Hopefully, the TOPS scale tonight will be equally forgiving :^:

02-16-2006, 01:58 PM
Okay y'all, my body is playing tricks on me! I had all of the symptoms of my TOM, but nothing's happened yet! (No, I DON'T think I'm pregnant!) I think I only have one ovary functioning right now--for the last four months I have only had a period every other month.

Needless to say, I had to move my ticker because of all the weight gain. I know most of it is water, but I still hate it! It is time to get in gear!

My TOM is all kooky this time around too. I gained weight like I was about to get (at the right time), then never got it. I think it's coming this week instead.

02-16-2006, 02:02 PM
Goodmorning Ladies! I had some crazy day yesterday.. I was up early and Josh and I were planning to go for a walk before work, and then the girl who was opening the store called me and told me she was too sick to work. So I went in and worked 10:30am-9:30pm, yup, I'm done giving that girl a chance. She's been with the company since August, and has called in sick nearly EVERY week since she started. Unfortunately my boss doesn't listen to me and refuses to fire her, or give her less responsibility. This may change things... because my boss had to come in on her day off. Every other time the girl calls in sick I have to work 9-12 hours, sometimes without a break to cover her. It's frustrating.

Marge - thank you! I kinda like this picture as well. I took another good one, I'll put it in another day! Down a size in pants, you go girl!!

Jen - we are experiencing the same thing, all the symptoms of TOM, minus the actual... TOM. I haven't gotten on my scale.. but tomorrow is weigh in day.. eek. We should get free passes. heh.

Jill - Jeff is a bad boy! Vday presents should be given on the day.. all on the day! Josh understands that when he gives me presents, I give him "presents" ;) lol... how dirty !

Kimberley - how you doing over there???

Claire - I sure hope you find that laptop!!

Well I am off to work again... I have to remind myself I get Saturday off.. and most of sunday off... I can make it! I CAN MAKE IT!! hehe...
OOH! I tried on a skirt at work yesterday.. size 14, and it FIT! I was a little in shock because I just got into most 16's... perhaps skirts fit looser? Either way, I'll take it!


02-16-2006, 03:32 PM
hehe, Aimee, I see we've both changed our tickers to the EXACT SAME THING! Great minds think alike, right? ;)

Well, the plan was to work 10am-6pm on Thursdays so I could go back to my old TOPS chapter, so I came in late this morning (10:30, actually, since I have extra hours this week already), but I just got a call from my eye doctor, so I am leaving at 3:30 today anyway to go pick up my new glasses--yay! I don't think I've ever been so excited to get new glasses before, but I went and tried on SO many different pairs to find one I like. I don't wear them nearly often enough (I usually keep my contacts in 24/7 for a month or 2 at a time), so I figured if I really like them, maybe I will wear them more. Anyway, since I will be home, I am going to the other TOPS chapter to weigh-in tonight since with traffic, it would take me at least 2 hours (not exaggerating!) to get back out to the one near my office. So, I will still be a good girl and go to one, just not the one I want to go to!

Claire de Ravin
02-16-2006, 07:00 PM
They have locator chips. I am filing a police report tomorrow.

BTW, for some reason, I dropped a pound this week without watching what I ate and without exercising. That's odd. Good job to everyone who lost or stayed at the same weight!

02-17-2006, 12:01 AM
Hey, girls. I've just been lurking the last few days, feeling kind of sick with sinuses and generally blah. I did weigh myself yesterday despite my resolution to wait until March 1. I'm up to 205. Blah! It'll come back off, I know, it's just nasty to see.

Well, I'm heading to bed. See ya'll tomorrow. I'll post more then. :)

02-17-2006, 07:21 AM
Glad to see you, Kimberley, even for just a drive-by posting! :D

Claire--I definitely hope they find it, too! I would be freaking out if I'd lost something so expensive and important. Congrats on the effortless pound!

Aimee--ugh, I hate coworkers like that! Especially when you end up having to work your butt off just to cover hers! I know when I was in retail, I think I called out sick all of maybe 3 times in 5-6 years whereas some people were calling out annoying!

In good news today, the TOPS scale last night was even friendlier than my home scale--it said I lost 1.5 pounds :) Must have drank enough water throughout the day yesterday to do some flushing! Now, on to the weekend!

02-17-2006, 12:56 PM
Hi ladies!

I had a gyn appointment today--another follow-up Pap smear (FUN STUFF). I have to have them every three months to make sure I stay cancer free. Today it was done so fast--I was in and out in 15 minutes!

Aimee: It can certainly be frustrating to have to cover for a lazy co-worker all the time. But just look at it like this--more money for you! :)

Jill: Good job on the loss! I have been giving serious consideration to attending a TOPS meeting not too far from here. I think I need real life, F2F accountability. (Not that you all aren't real or anything!) I think the competiveness of it would be helpful as well! I'll read on the TOPS forum today to get a feel about it.

Kimberley: No worries--Onederland is still in sight! You'll get back there!!

Claire: did they find your lappy??

Marge: It seems like several folks I know are having TOM trouble of one sort or another. I asked the nurse practitioner about it, and she said I can take Provera to make sure I have a period every month. (She says because I am 40, it's not a good idea to put me on the pill now.) With provera, you take one pill a day for five days, then your period starts within a day or two after that. I'm waitng until we go to Vegas to start them. That way I won't have it while we're out there (would cramp my style, if ya know what I mean!).

Got my hair cut and colored yesterday--will get Alan to take a pic so you can see!

Will check in later!

02-17-2006, 04:00 PM
Holy :moo: , it's like a wind tunnel outside. A cold windtunnel. With some rain.

Jill - Jeff is a bad boy! Vday presents should be given on the day.. all on the day! Josh understands that when he gives me presents, I give him "presents" lol... how dirty !

heh heh. Rob always says to me that guys need to be told exactly what you want. I think we have gotten to negotiate how we want to experience all of our holidays.

I tried on a skirt at work yesterday.. size 14, and it FIT!

very cool! congrats, Aimee!

Congrats on the losses, Jill and Claire.

Hey, Kimberley! glad to see you. Kimberley: No worries--Onederland is still in sight! You'll get back there!! I think that too. :)

Jen, looking forward to seeing the new pic. I can see myself being one of those ladies who've had the same haircut for 20 years, heh heh. Is provera a hormone treatment? I'm starting to read stuff about pre-menopause and menopause. I know it's a little early, but I do think I'm getting symptoms. I'm 41. The diet and exercise affects my tom. When I did JC, I didn't have a period for several months.

I think I'm going to go watch Mr. Phil and chill out, just me and my cramps! heh heh.

02-17-2006, 10:37 PM
Goodevening ladies! It's windy on this coast too! And it's got some chill to it, I suppose I'm getting used to being on the West Coast, I'm origionally a prairie gal. Very cold there. It would also help if I wore more than a t-shirt and a fleece on top. heh.

Kimberley - those pounds are sure to come off with a few weeks hard work, just remember, the summer is coming!! This is always a motivation for me..

Jill - I haven't called in sick to this job once, I was told to take a day off at christmas after they found out I had pneumonia.. That girl is only ruining it for herself though, because I won't call her in to work with me... nor will she be given ANY shifts alone anymore. She called in today to say that she "might" be able to work tomorrow.. but that she's got a fever. I'm sorry, if you've got a fever and that much pain related to a UTI, it's time to see a doctor or go to the hospital.

Jen - no extra money for me. I get to leave 3 hours early on Sunday, but my company does not pay overtime. This is probably illegal, but I want my bonus, so I'm keeping my mouth shut for now! Turns out, my bonus is looking to be more like 600 bucks! Woohoo!

Marge - I'm pretty clear with Josh about what I like, and don't like.. I should hold back a little more. I was VERY lucky to find someone almost exactly like me in certain aspects. On that valentines day thing, he knows I don't see the day as much more than any other day, and prefer not to force myself to be romantic. While we were in Seattle I believe I mentioned that I had a mini cry-fest when I realized how out of shape I was.. and vowed to get back into better shape. Well, Josh remembers that, and has become SO encouraging. Well for now, I'm sure if I whine enough he'll let me be lazy.

There does seem to be a TOM theme going on.. I got on my scale this morning.. I'm taking a free pass, it's saying up 2 pounds. Bad scale, BAD bloating! I'm thankful for the pill, I've been taking it for just 6 months or so, but wow.. I notice SUCH a huge difference in cramps. Now I get normal people cramps, not cramping in my cyatic (spelling? ) nerve, also, I don't take 10 ibuprofen a day to get rid of cramps!

I guess I should stop procrastinating, my brother is coming to visit.. and I've cleaned... nothing. It doesn't need to be perfect.. but this just isn't good. lol. Talk to you ladies later!


02-18-2006, 01:07 PM
Morning, ladies.

Marge - I'm pretty clear with Josh about what I like, and don't like.. I should hold back a little more. I was VERY lucky to find someone almost exactly like me in certain aspects. On that valentines day thing, he knows I don't see the day as much more than any other day, and prefer not to force myself to be romantic. While we were in Seattle I believe I mentioned that I had a mini cry-fest when I realized how out of shape I was.. and vowed to get back into better shape. Well, Josh remembers that, and has become SO encouraging. Well for now, I'm sure if I whine enough he'll let me be lazy.

Yeah, it seems to me that couples fall into trouble when there's a big difference in expectations. I have a big romantic streak. Robert likes it too. The Northern Exposure DVD turned out to be a great gift for him. I was very happy about that. He has lots of interests, but I find it hard to get gifts for him.

With Rob, I think he can be a coach up to a point. He just isn't going to be hard nosed about stuff, he'll be encouraging, but he doesn't want to upset me by pushing with the food or exercise too much. He's not some neutral trainer at a gym, after all, heh heh.

This is a heavy TOM for me. The in-laws are being pesky this weekend too. A double whammy.

02-18-2006, 03:19 PM
Goooood morning! Or whats left of it! My brother got in around 1:15am, which is about 2 hours past my bedtime! We stayed up until 2am, and then I crashed... It was a weird sleep, the bed was moved, and we took off a couple layers to use for Ryan's bed... AND we changed blankets and slept on opposite sides of the bed. It wasn't a very restful night.

Marge - Josh isn't hardnosed about the exercise/food thing either, he wants me to be happpy.. and since instant gratification works.. Also, why would the man we love want us to think we need to exercise or diet? I know in Josh's eyes I will always be perfect, no matter my size. What did strike a cord is health and fitness.. BTW- You and Rob are so cute, and I haven't even seen pictures! Relationships are starting to feel more precious as I get older, while I don't have many friendships, my core relationships are very strong.

TOM is a re-occuring theme! My mom called me last night and she mentioned she'd having her first period since a little spotting in August. Must be those Feb 14th colours ;)

Well I'm going to try and drag my brother out of bed, it's 11:15, half the day is gone! And it's sunny again! I tell yah, this cold snap is not good for drivers out there... I turned on the news last night, lots of 40-60 car pileups, and people dying. Not good :(

On that bright note... have a great day!!


02-18-2006, 05:48 PM
Here I am, been crazy again, and not posting, naughty me!!!

My weight is still firmly stuck at 199, but I don't care!!! I bought running shoes today, they were really expensive!!! But I found out I have a really bad foot rolling problem, so its just as well I never tried running in my normal gym shoes. These new ones feel amazing, and I tried running today for the first time. I did 1.26 miles in 20 minutes (I only actually ran 5 minutes, because I was doing intervals)

My next run is Monday. I am aiming for 30 minutes, 3 minutes walking, 2 minutes running.

I've joined a shiny new gym, it has 20 treadmills, my old gym had four!!! It's really good, and my new trainer seems nice. He's not as dynamic or cute as my old one, but he's probably better, he understands my goals better, and seems to have a bit more interest in things I like doing, like core stability work. It'll be good to have a change. The cute instructor at my old gym said he would offer me personal training for nothing if I needed it!!! He's so good to me. He says he's only being nice so he gets a good mention in my autobiography :D Which I am not planning to write, by the way.

I feel really bad, I attacked my UK fat chicks for bringing my period early, when it was Marge all along LOL!!! Mine was one week early this time!!!! Weird, I have never ever been early in my life!!!! 3 months late occasionally, but not early!!!

02-18-2006, 06:23 PM
Hi gals! As promised, here is a pic of my new hair do! The stylist cut about five inches off altogether!22289

Alan and I are out for the evening--catch up with you later!

02-18-2006, 11:45 PM
Wow, your hair looks terrific! You look great all around, Jen. :D

Howie and I gritted our teeth and went to the YMCA today. We walked a mile on the treadmills and then I did some strength training while he used the recumbant bike. This time, I walked at 3.5-3.7 MPH and an incline between 3-6; by the time I was done, I had a good sweat going and my heart rate was around 130-135. On the machines, I adjusted them so the weights forced me to really have to push to finish the last sets of ten on each machine.

We did our coffee shop thing tonight, and are within our calories. Yay, such a relief.

02-19-2006, 01:54 AM
Thanks Kimberley! sounds like you and the H man are getting back on track. You definitely did more cardio than I did today!

02-19-2006, 03:34 AM
Goodevening! Almost morning... yikes, I'm sure not acting like a girl who has to be up at 6am!

Jen - your hair looks great! How did you get it all flippy and curly? I personally love short hair, and am also considering chopping mine off, there is something so refreshing, don't you agree?

Kimberley - sounds like you two are getting back into the swing of things. I went to coffee tonight as well! Mine was too good, latte with a shot of caramel, yummy!

Kykaree - a new gym sounds exciting! Call me a nerd, but such things I find exciting. I wonder how come we've never talked swimming, swimming was my life from like age 8-21. I think I swam nearly everyday for most of those years. I even coached for a little while... I should really find a pool!

Life gets so busy when my brother is in town, we hiked, did a lot of driving, went downtown to eat and have coffee... twas fun. I sure hope more spending of money occures tomorrow. Althought my bro did buy that size 14 skirt, the consensus is that it looks good on!

I am off to bed! Have a good one gals!


02-19-2006, 10:30 AM
Aimee: I have natural curl, so if I just let it air dry, it gets really curly! So for this pic I dried it and used velcro rollers to smooth it a bit. When it's humid, it still has a mind of its own.

Kylie--that's cool about the new gym. And your old trainer sounds like such a sweetheart!

I am going to try to not waste today....I am going to get some exercise in, as well as clean house. I could so easily just sit and watch telly all day!! But that would be a bad use of my day. Plus, it is BEAUTIFUL here today!

Have a great day, y'all!

02-19-2006, 11:34 AM
It's beautiful and sunny here, but :coffee: inside sounds so much better than 12 °F...And the windchill makes it feel like 0°!) :shocksn:.

Just call me :chicken:

Howie's gone into his brother's house to watch the Daytona 500 with his brothers, and I am holing up in my recliner with the dogs on my lap. The office is cold and the dogs are sooo warm. Emma didn't hesitate to crawl up on my lap with Sarah today. Her nose is cold. ;)

I've not seen our newest kitty since the middle of the night, when she plopped next to me on the bed and proceeded to give herself a nice bath. Wonder where she's hiding. Somewhere near a heat register, I'd wager.

02-19-2006, 05:15 PM
Hey, Kylee! I love getting new sneakers. You're kicking butt over there. Cool about the new gym. I like my gym, but I do get the impression that the trainers would rather hang out and read newspapers than really do anything (if they don't have a specific paying customer). they're supposed to be there to answer questions if they're not working with someone one on one.
A trainer isn't part of the membership, you have to pay extra.

I feel really bad, I attacked my UK fat chicks for bringing my period early, when it was Marge all along LOL!!!

heh heh. Brooklyn hormones wreaking havoc across the Atlantic!

Really cute cut, Jen! You look great in that pic.

It's cold here too, in the 20s. I did manage to make it to the Y this morning (which was practically abandoned). It's President's Day weekend here in the U.S. (we get Monday off), that could be part of the reason. You work that treadmill, Kimberley. I'm at about 3 right now.

Aimee, wow, fun with the bro. That's so cool he bought you that skirt! That must have felt like a real affirmation. :) Hope you do lots more shopping!!

Tonight's spaghetti night, then chillin out. Take it easy.

Aimee, here's a pic of Rob and me in Grand Central, with a friend of ours. I'm happy to say I've lost about 25lbs since this was taken.

02-19-2006, 05:19 PM
Marge, do you have a larger picture? It's too leeeeettle, can't see details enough!

02-19-2006, 05:27 PM
I exchanged pics for a bigger one, but I may have to rescan it. I think it's still a little pixelated.

thanks, Kimberley :-)

Here's another pic of Rob.

02-19-2006, 05:30 PM
Okay, now I can see it better. I love your avatar shot, too! I think this is the first time I've seen your face. :)

02-19-2006, 08:07 PM
Hi Gals!! I'm having a pretty rough day over here.. I got up for work, went to work until 12pm, and just haven't had energy for anything since. I think I came home, returned phone calls, and then jumped into bed while Josh and Ryan played video games... they did go get subway for us all, and after that they are playing more video games. It's freezing, and I'm tired... bad combo! I think we may hit the mall to shop a little more...we'll see!

Jen - I also have curly hair, but I straighten it... It's like ringlet curly at times too. I've always wanted straight hair.. it's less maintenance!

Kimberley - Its below freezing here... the house sounds much better to me as well. I may have to have ahot shower, I can't stand this chill!!

Marge - woohoo pics! I love pics! Rob does NOT look like what I pictured, he's not very tall. How tall are you though? I love the glasses, I've often considered getting fake frames, just because I like the look. You've got quite a skinny face for a chubby gal! I'm VERY jealous! That doesn't sound like a very nice compliment... but it really is. Rob looks like someone... but I cannot put my finger on it. I do hope we do more shopping, heh... I don't know if that'll happen. Fingers crossed!

Well I am off! I dunno what we are off to do, something maybe! Bye!


02-20-2006, 03:15 AM
Hi Gals, Marge, your so pretty!!! Not that I ever thought you weren't just had no evidence that you were LOL ;)

I had a good day yesterday, I had a nice swim, then we went out for Sunday lunch, I was a bit naughty and had dessert but I don't care!!! I'm just checking in before heading to the gym. Going to try and run/walk for 30 minutes today.

02-20-2006, 09:34 AM
Morning ladies!

Marge--LOVE your avatar! It's nice to match a face to a name! And your Rob is a HOTTIE! ;)

Kylie: I love swimming! I have a pool about 20 steps outside my front door, but it is too cold to swim in at the moment.

I had a lightbuld moment this weekend. I realized that THIS IS THE ONLY BODY I GET IN THIS LIFETIME, so I had better love it and take care of it!! Why on earth it took me 40 years to figure it out is beyond me!

Will check in later!

02-20-2006, 10:02 AM
Whew, so many fabulous pictures being posted while I wasn't looking! Marge, my new glasses are very similar to yours--mine are a lighter brown, and I absolutely LOVE the style! Great taste ;) And Jen, can I just say that your hair color is the color I had tried MANY times to find in a bottle! I LOVE that dark color with the tint of red to it (or at least that's how it looks on my monitor--hope that's right!). and of course, Miss Aimee's pictures are always some to be jealous of ;) Kimberely, any luck with pics of the new fur babies?? I'm only working half a day today, so maybe I will do some posing and picture-posting this afternoon as well :D

So yeah, we were supposed to have the day off today, but our giant, evil,money-grubbing corporation decided that in order to increase revenue, they would "allow" us to work on this holiday (such a privilege! :dizzy: ) in order to increase the number of hours billed to our clients for the fiscal year (which ends March 31). How nice of them, right? :p But I decided to take up the offer since it means I'll get to take the 8 hours of holiday pay anytime after March 31, which will come in handy for Julie's wedding in April and the party in CT in May :)

This weekend was pretty good--I had a little hissy fit on Friday afternoon because I had told Jeff during the day that the movie I wanted to go to was at 5:20. Well, he got home around 4 and just sat at his computer and played his stupid game that he plays for hours on ened every single day, and 5:20 came and went without so much as a peep. I went in the bedroom and layed on the bed and watched tv (through teary eyes) for over an hour before he even came in (and I NEVER close a door or watch tv in the bedroom, so you'd think he would have noticed something was up). He asked what was wrong, but I told him nothing since it was really just me getting worked up about stuff and not really him doing anything wrong. We went to the mal to buy gifts for his 2 younger cousins, and while we were at dinner, I complained about how much he plays his computer game. He said he would play less :hug: That made me very happy because of course, in my mind, it had blown up to thoughts of not wanting to be with him because if he couldn't even make time for me, how could he make time for a family? And my gosh, if he has his stupid computer game and maybe some porn, then what does he need me for--to make his lunch and dinner? I don't think so! It's amazing how out-of-control thoughts can get when left to fester in my head :devil:

But I'm better now. I had regained my grasp on reality and reason :cool: I told him on Saturday about my estimated timeline (that I want to start trying to have kids before I'm 30, and be married 2 years before trying, and be engaged at least a year before marrying, so I'd like to be engaged before I turn 26). I asked him if he though that being engaged at 25 was unreasonable, and he said no. We'll both be 24 soon (him in April, me in July), so there's hope yet ;)

Diet-wise, I ate too much this weekend and ended the week with a daily calorie amount of 1965 for the week. I should still be able to lose slightly at that amount (I should be okay below 2000), but I'd like for that number to be around 1800 or less, so here's to a fresh week!

02-20-2006, 10:42 AM
Hi girls... well so much for me getting a post in everyday! Same old work excuse for the beginning of last week, then we had a HUGE snowstorm on thursday (they even shut down my work at 1pm and paid us to leave!!) then Sam and I went to look at a house with our realtor on Friday night. We were in this house for 2 hours! We made arrangements to see it again on Sunday at noon so we could have our dad's look at it too, cuz what do we know about houses right!?!! Well both Dad's, Sam's Grandpa and my mom all liked it and approved, so we're putting an offer in tonight! So I haven't slept decent since Friday! I'm so excited/nervous/anxious... just plain freaking out! I'm trying to stay calm, hopefully the seller dosen't reject our offer. There's work to be done on the cosmetic details of it but it's really cute. It's about 80-100 years old with the original [I]unpainted[I] woodwork, 1250 sq ft story and a half. We're only going to give them 24 hours to accept the offer. Offering a really low-ball offer but as-is... no contingancies or inspection so it's worth a shot!

It's so nice to "see" everyone... the pic's are great! I don't have a digital camera or scanner so I don't have anyway of showing myself off too.

I think I'm going to scrapbook some Lexi pics today to get my brain off this house stuff. And I have to do the evil grocery shopping too. UUGH, I hate grocery shopping.

Please send us some good house buying vibes!

02-20-2006, 11:13 AM
Sara: Here are your good house vibes!~~~~~~~~~~~~:D

Jill: If there's one thing I have learned about men, it is that you have to hit them on the head with a clue-by-four!! I know it is like us womenfolk to stay quiet and see if they remember things (kinda like playing a game), but it's more effective if we made our wishes known. For instance, the situation you have described has happened in my first marriage and in my relationship with Alan as well. I'm better equipped to handle it now (being older and all!). Now, rather than play the "game", I say, "Love, we need to be out of the house and on the road by six o'clock in order to be ontime." It saves a lot of resentment and tears on my part if I keep him informed. It took me a long time to learn that men aren't mindreaders! (Although it is extremely difficult to hide anything emotionally from Alan--he KNOWS me all too well!)

02-20-2006, 12:02 PM
It's funny, Howie's the one who has to voice the (mostly) gentle reminders to me about getting out of the house for plans. ;) But I agree, you can't just sit back and assume he's going to come up for air from the game and snap to it.

Oh, Sara, good house vibes, definitely! :goodvibes: :genie: :goodvibes: I remember how excited we were when house hunting. Our house was vacant for a few years, but faithfully maintained by the daughters; once we'd decided on this one, I took all kinds of photos inside with the realtor, plus we came back later and I snuck into the back yard and took pictures.

I have such an itch to get a new house, even though I do love our place. It would be so nice to be farther away from our neighbors' homes, and to have woods around us; I miss all the woods-inhabiting birds.

02-20-2006, 12:50 PM
Kimberley--ADORABLE kitty! Sometimes, I see pictures of cats and think a cat's a cat, but yours is truly precious :^:

Yeah, I know, men are dense. I was just annoyed because I had JUST told him a couple hours earlier what time the movie started. If I had told him a week ago, I would understand him not remembering, but to have completely forgotten about it in a matter of mere hours? He came into the bedroom at almost 6pm and asked if I wanted to go to the movie. Umm, hello, I told you at about 2pm that the movie started at 5:20. I have to remember that, much like a puppy, he needs constant reinforcement :p

The good with the bad, though...I wouldn't trade him for anything (err, anyone) right now. He has NEVER made a comment on my weight or physical appearance (other than to assure me that it doesn't matter to him at all that I am overweight in my moments of insecurity), he eats whatever I make for dinner without complaint, he lets me decorate the apartment to my heart's content, and he buys me things when I ask nicely ;) I think that in addition to making his lunch, making dinner, doing the grocery shopping, and cleaning the apartment, I can handle sending a few gentle reminders!

Back to the dieting front, I am SO pround of myself! Normally, Jeff and I go grocery shopping together, so there is no way for me to hide treats from him. However, when I go shopping alone, I often end up buying (and eating) a cheesecake, a whole container of cookies, a whole box of Little Debbie frosted snack cakes...but today, I went shopping, and I didn't buy ANY junk! I had the meanest craving for McDonald's cheeseburgers, too, but I just did my shopping and came right home and don't plan on going out agian today! I will have my Boca burgers for lunch and my chicken for dinner, and that is all! :D

Claire de Ravin
02-20-2006, 01:22 PM
Jill - Way to go! That's called some serious willpower. Great job. And your boyfriend sounds very sweet :).

Sarah - good luck on the house!

Everyone who asked about my laptop - the people said they have to talk with my vice principal first before asking the police to find it -_-. So I have to be worried all vacation (all this week, going back next Monday). Oh well, I know they have a tracking chip, so it's definitely going to be found.

It's weird, I once again am 109, without dieting and barely exercising! But guess what - we got a new exercise ball (they're so fun). I am bouncing up and down on it as I type (hey, some exercise right there). We got the DVD of Gunnar Peterson and Brooke Burke along with it. Now, to just find those weights...I may use soup cans for now. This is our second exercise ball because in a fit of rage and boredom, I popped the old ball. Don't tell my aunt :p :devil:

Finally, it's a fun exercise, and I've been doing the treadmill for six months and you are supposed to change exercises (and I am bored of it). Plus, my ipod's not working :mad: And Brooke Burke is a pretty good inspiration. I wish it was Evangeline Lilly or Maggie Grace, though, that would motivate me even more.

Guess what, the 2005 Self Challenge (that lasts three months) started today. I am determined to lose weight with that too, and that one actually works. Though I kind of did not follow the one-month diet tip program...oops :o Oh well, fresh start.

See you all! It's freezing! *bounces* :carrot:

EDIT: I found the weights! I have a craving right now even though I am not hungry so gonna go exercise. See ya!

02-20-2006, 04:18 PM
Wow, I sleep in a little and miss tons of posts! But what a sleep in it was!! Those two very sleep deprived nights were horrible, but all was redeemed last night, heh.

Jill - I find certain things I have to remind Josh of over and over.. otherthings, he reminds me.. heh. I call it selective memory. aww, thanks about my pictures. I don't know if any of them are really how I look day to day, I find a cameras always make me look really good, or reallllly bad.

Sara - I will cross my fingers and toes for you! :) Sounds like a very cute house. I wish you the best of luck with it!

Kimberley - very cute pictures :) I'd like a kitten, we just don't have the space, not to mention we both work so much it wouldn't be fair to the kitten. One day perhaps when things calm down a bit!

Claire - I love those balls too! I have this Billy Blanks Tae-Bo exerrvise video from YEARS ago, man, it really kicks your butt! Like literally your butt aches the next day, it's kinda nice, that pain. I am weird though!

I am off to make a late breakfast for myself and these boys! Have a great day everyone! :)


02-20-2006, 07:01 PM
wow, you all have been busy posters!

I went to the gym this morning, then baked a banana bread and had two pieces, yikes. What's up with that?? then we watched some Northern Exposure.

Aimee, I'm 5'9", so I make Rob look shorter, heh heh. And our friend Cecile is tall too. When I smile my cheeks look like chipmunk cheeks, ah well. heh. When I was a baby I was really photogenic, I could have won a pretty baby contest. Now I just rely on my charm ;) Rest, then shop.

Hi Gals, Marge, your so pretty!!! Not that I ever thought you weren't just had no evidence that you were LOL

Thanks, Kylee :) There must be something in the air these days saying "eat sweets..." see my banana bread comment.

Thanks, Jen, I think Rob's a hottie too :) I hear you re: this being the only body. I've eaten mindlessly, then gone on diets, then ate mindlessly. Now I'm 41 and figuring out that I need to get real control, so there you go. (on that topic GREAT JOB, Jill, on overcoming the impulses; I sneak stuff from Rob, I hate that, so now I confess to him when I do that. Not that he's going to punish me, but it's like if he doesn't know I didn't do it, HA.)
Re the glasses, I have to admit that the salesman talked me these frames, they were pretty different for me. I do like them. I'm guilty of overindulging in computer games sometimes. Rob gets mad at me every once in a while about it. It's a bad habit, but it relaxes me. I agree with Jen and Kimberley.

good luck with the house, Sarah. I can't wait for the day Rob and I get a house. Must be really exciting for you.

Kimberley, your cat is beautiful. I'm a big cat lover. Chloe, our cat, is one spoiled animal.

At least you'll get your laptop back no matter what, Claire. I've seen those balls at the gym, but haven't used one yet.

Man, I hate how fast the weekends go, even the 3-day ones. I never do a fraction of the stuff I plan on doing.

02-20-2006, 07:20 PM
Marge - you are tall! I'm jealous! I'm 5'8", now whats an inch? It's a lot!! No one understands my desire for being 5'9". I have chipmunk cheeks too! I just don't smile in pictures, lol, there's the secret! BTW - you can be pretty and charming :) OR, you could be kind hearted, compassionate, caring, pretty AND charming! I think we downplay our looks far too often, infact, I have pretty GREAT eyebrows... heh, pick a great feature and love it completely :) Thats how I fake all my confidence, I know whats great on me.. and play it up when I feel like poop.

Mmmm, banana bread.. I think I might make apple crisp to go with our dinner tonight, it's my brother's last night here.

Well I am off to buy ingredients and do some dishes! Bye :)


02-20-2006, 07:34 PM
wouldn't take much of a heel for you to be towering over me. ;)

Maybe one of these days I'll get one of those eyebrow experts to do her/his stuff. I have Brooke Shields brows (to put it nicely, heh heh). I love that eyebrow treatment where they pluck the hair with threads, it's supposed to be a lot less painless.

I cut up the rest of the bread, wrapped each piece then stuck it all in the freezer. fruit desserts are my favorite. I wonder if there's an alternate reality where you can eat only desserts all day and lose weight. and if you even look at a treadmill you gain. heh heh.

what a drag your brother has to leave so soon.

02-20-2006, 08:51 PM
I definitely wear heels, to compensate for my shortness ;) heh.

Yes, eyebrows getting done is GOOD. Even if you find a good waxer it doesn't hurt all that much... the upkeep is a pain. But oh-so worth it. I'd do yours for you, I am completely and totally obsessed with my brows, and pretty much everyones. It's a sickness, once someone did my eyebrows and made a "hook" in them, which I find trashy girls tend to have... I cried for a day. Hmm, this sounds like a disfunctional obsession.

My brother was here late friday, sat, sun and monday, so it's a longer weekend than most.

Well starting today my friend and I are going to train 5 days a week for this run, so I'm off to get ready for that! Have a good night!!


02-21-2006, 12:43 AM
By the way, the kitty has definitely told us what her name is. Three times now, she's gotten the empty cat food dish out of their closet cubby and played loudly with it, batting it all around the house. Her name is Snoopy. ;)

It was either that or something like Mikimoto or Cartier, because of her preferring to relax on top of my jewelry box. LOL

02-21-2006, 02:21 PM
Gals, I need your prayers!

There was a fire at our apartment building last night. All the details are on my blog,with a couple of pics.

Please pray for our neighbors!

Will catch you later.

02-21-2006, 10:06 PM
I haven't commented on your blog entry yet - just read it. Oh, how awful. I hope your neighbor heals up okay.

02-22-2006, 02:29 AM
Wow Jen, that really sucks. I sure hope everything turns out alright!

Kimberley - Very cute picture! Whenever we got new kitten's, I got to name most of them. I've always just picked random names that I thought were cute, heh.

I had a nicely uneventful day. I am pretty tired from the weekend events, so I'm going to enjoy this next weekend, I can do nothing if I choose not to :) Yay! I am however feeling pretty nasty, I'm considering the whole 10 day cleanse thing where you neutralize your stomach, which should help these tummy pains I've been experiencing. I don't know if I am brave enough... but the walking has stopped due to my stomach pains. My body feels like it's going insane.

Where is everyone? Come out come out where ever you are!!


02-22-2006, 07:55 AM
Oh weird. I don't really know how to feel right now. Anyone use or heard of MySpace? Well, I have an account on there. It's been a great way to keep in touch with friends rom high school and college and whatnot. Well, this morning, I had a message on there from my sister's ex-husband. I haven't spoken to him since their divorce, which was 3-4 years ago now. He and I were pretty close and got along really well--we even used to go to movies and stuff together when my sister was in a bad mood. We had similar tastes in movies and music and had the same extremely sarcastic sense of humor, so we were always joking around with each other. But I know he was very immature about things with my sister (very financially irresponsible, would rather play games than do anything serious, etc.), and we're all 99% sure he cheated on her (he always denied it, but he was out on his Navy ship for a 6-month deployment only to return and basically say, hey, I don't think we should be married anymore, and 2 weeks later, a girl who works with him on his ship moved into the apartment with him...hmm...). He also became VERY insensitive about my sister's weight (she once asked him why they weren't "intimate" as often as they used to be, and he replied that she "didn't exactly look like she did when they got married" :o ...mind you, she's about 5'8" and has never weighed much more than 200 pounds, so it's not like she's ever really been that huge), and of course that really hit home for me.

So basically, I went from loving him to hating him for what he did to her. I haven't responded to his message. Part of me wants to be mature and just say hi and wish him well (which is about what he said in his message to me, that he's glad to see I'm doing well and such), but the other part of me just wants to rip him a new one, ya know? I know it was my sister he was married to, not me, but he and I went through a lot together, too, and when they decided to separate, I never heard from him until now (which is understandable, but still annoying).

I probably just won't reply at all. Not like anything I say would actually matter to him anyway. Bah, I don't even know why I'm writing about this here...just needed to get it out, I guess. Sorry for the rambling :^:

Anyway...stayed way low on calories yesterday and plan to do so again today (below 1000 3 days in a row!). The scale was pretty friendly this morning, so let's hope that holds over for tomorrow's "official" morning weigh-in and them y TOPS weigh-in tomorrow night :D

02-22-2006, 01:00 PM
Hi gals...I updated my blog with stuff about the fire yesterday. Thanks for your support. I'm having a hard time today.

02-22-2006, 01:23 PM
Jen, that's terrible! Definitely sending energy to your neighbor. And you two just got through the new job stress, hang in there, keep us posted.

Aimee, :hug: maybe the cleanse thing would be good (that coming from someone who knows nothing about those things). You could always do something less extreme, like have a soup day, or soup and pasta day. Stuff that's really easily digestible. My stomach is sensitive, so I get upsets now and again and have to take it easy. Just hope that you feel better soon.

Jill, I really liked my sister's first serious boyfriend. He was funny, played the guitar, knew all about electronics, was pretty likable. Then things went way south. He even got nasty with me, and made comments about my weight. I was about 13 or 14. They had a terrible breakup, basically because he had a life meltdown. I wonder if people who do that kind of stuff feel guilty about it afterwards.

I think I'm in serious need of a vacation here. Maybe I can figure something out for a couple of days.

Take it easy.

02-22-2006, 02:37 PM

Jill - good for you and staying on plan 3 days in a row :) Tell me though, how do you survive on less than 1000 calories? I remember I did a diet where I ate 1200/day and exercised, I was SO weak, it was scary. It's hard re: sisters ex husband, depending on how recent it's been... ask your sister how she feels about that. If you two really had a great friendship, maybe it's worth saving?

Marge - we must be on the same page... I reallllly need something to happen right now, I need to MAKE something happen. I'm going thru the daily motions and I'm just not into anything right now. You take a vacation, and I'll do a stomach friendly diet!

Jen - you should connect with red cross, perhaps see about some post tramatic counselling. Thats a pretty hard thing to go thru, especially waking up to that. Feel safe!


02-22-2006, 02:49 PM
Aimee--I'm calorie cycling, so I only eat 1200 calories or less for 3 days a week (Monday-Wednesday), then I increase to about 1500 for 2 days (Thursday-Friday), and then I slam 'em up to almost 3000 for Saturday and Sunday. This keeps me at an average of 1800 or less per day each week and (hopefully) helps to eliminate plateaus by not allowing my body to settle into a certain calorie amount. I've only been doing it for a few weeks so far, but it fits my schedule, allows me to eat what I want on weekends (my hardest time for dieting!), and it's been working so far (according to the scale this morning, anyway!) :) I also honestly haven't really been exercising at all (bad, I know...I'll get back into it eventually), so that isn't a factor on those low-cal days :devil:

02-22-2006, 03:40 PM
Jill - Ohhh okay! I get it now! Exercise might do yah over, depending on how much, on those days of 1000 calories. Weekend are my easy times, weird huh?

Well I am off to work... have a good one!


02-23-2006, 12:46 PM
Hi gals...been catchin up on your posts. Sounds like you all are doing well!

I'm doing better. I was able to sleep a little better last night. Today the disaster recovery crew is in our apartment cleaning the floors and walls and using some special equipment to remove the smoke smell from the place. Still haven't heard anything for sure from our apartment complex about whether or not we will be able to stay there or not due to the structural integrity of the walls connecting our apartment with the burned out one.

I'm glad we are leaving for Vegas tomorrow night--I NEED the break from all this!

And diet? Well, I haven't weighed since Monday, so I have no idea where I'm at. I haven't been eating much, but what I have been eating has not been healthy. I don't feel like I've put anything on, but who knows.

THANK YOU for all your support. I do indeed appreciate it!!

02-23-2006, 01:20 PM
Jen--Have an AMAZING time in Vegas! You certainly could use the break. I've never been but hope to go someday :) Come back relaxed and happy with lots of fun stories to share (I know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but c'mon, it's us ;) ).

Aimee--weekends are hard for me because Jeff always wants to eat out, and I feel like I never want to cook because weekends are my break from work, ya know (and I don't much enjoy cooking, so it feels like work to me :p ). During the week, since I have a set work schedule, it's easy for me to just pack and plan what to eat each day, so it's easier to keep my calories down. Although sometimes on the weekends, we only end up eating 2 meals instead of 3, so even though they're higher in calories, there's fewer of them, so sometimes I still do okay on weekends. All depends on the day and my mood :dizzy:

Well, I weighed in this morning for my "official" weekly weigh-in. I kinda dropped the scale when I took it out, and it turned on, so I weighed myself, and it said 272.5, but then I let it sit and turn off, and then I turned it back on properly (by tapping the center with my toe) and weighed again--274.5. Since it was different, I got off and on again--273.5. Well, 3 times, 3 different weights, so I did it AGAIN--272.5. Since I got the 272.5 twice, I'll go with that, and we'll see if it's true enough to last till next week :dizzy: In any case, whichever number it is, it's down from last week's 276.5 :carrot: Time to change the ticker! :D

02-23-2006, 04:53 PM
Marge - we must be on the same page... I reallllly need something to happen right now, I need to MAKE something happen. I'm going thru the daily motions and I'm just not into anything right now. You take a vacation, and I'll do a stomach friendly diet!

I hear you. I'm building up things sideways, to get me into forward movement. Like the volunteer stuff, going places around town, trying to get more active and involved. It's harder in the winter, when it's so bleeping cold just going outside. I'm trying not to be the drill sergeant on myself, and more like a nurturer. I guess I'll have to see what works.

I've never had a fire that close, Jen. Hang in there, enjoy Vegas. It's probably one of the best places you could go, everything focused on enjoying yourself. Play a quarter slot for me ;)

Great going, Jill. You're back in the saddle again. :)

I am so tired today. I feel like I could sleep a week!

02-23-2006, 05:56 PM
Hey, all. I'm just stopping in quickly while we're out at a coffee shop with wi-fi. I need to get some work done online, and if I stay here too long, I'll get sucked into 3FC threads and those at Davesgarden!

Howie now has a pair of comfy New Balance walking shoes. They're great but for one thing: one of them squeaks when he walks. I told him it sounds like he's stepping on a puppy with each stride. LOL! For now, I've dubbed them the Puppy Killers. I wish he'd exchange them...Doubt the squeak will resolve on its own.

Yip! Yip! Yip!

02-24-2006, 08:27 AM
the Puppy Killers...that's cute :p

Weighed in at TOPS last night with a 3.5-pound loss. My scale this morning said 272--the TOPS scale last night said 270.5 (their scale must be extra generous because I weigh naked at home and fully-clothed at TOPS :dizzy: ). By either scale, I am now down 5 pounds in 2 weeks--calorie cycling is doing me some good :carrot:

02-24-2006, 02:10 PM
Hi girls--just a quickie. Headed to Vegas tonite! Alan is bringing his lappy, so maybe I can write you a line or two later!

See ya soon!

02-24-2006, 03:57 PM
Hey Jen, remember: what happens in Vegas, stays in Veges, heh heh.

Don't know if anyone here caught the skaters last night, lots of nervous ladies falling on their behinds, not a good thing.

Nice and sunny here today. I can feel spring coming, ok, maybe a couple more months, but winter's leaving. :)

02-25-2006, 01:39 AM
Quiet day here... whats with that??

I went to the doctor again about my silly toe... he says the nail does NOT need to be removed, yay for that!! I have to start a regular cleaning/antibiotic/ covering regiment to get it all healed. I sure hope its all healed before my Seattle experience. I'm still trying to nail down the exact date, it's looking like March 16th-ish to April 22nd. My brother has worked out an "Allowence", 40-100 dollars a week. LOL, he's too funny sometimes.

Jill - congrats on your weight loss!! :) I'm hoping to post a nice weight loss next week, this week I maintained..

Jen - Have fun in Vegas... don't get married ;)

Marge - lets go to Paris! I definitely can't afford THAT.. but man, Paris would be great. Or Greece, we could have hot men fawn over us while we drink very strong drinks on the beach. I saw the skaters fall, it was very sad.. I secretly hoped Emily would follow in her sisters footsteps... no such luck though.

Alright ladies, I've got some crazy headache, so I am off to relax, lay down.. something!


02-25-2006, 04:44 PM
Aimee, when I first read your post I thought it said you TOE didn't have to be removed. I think my brain could use a little waking up this afternoon, ha. Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Canada? There's a big parade here in NY. My brother married his Irish wife on St. Patrick's Day (I guess she never wanted him to forget the anniversary).

Keep your passport ready, I'm willing to go. :) We can eat Bertillon ice cream ( on the Ile de la Cité (notice I think of eating first!). Then go Paris shopping. They have the fanciest department stores.

Greece is supposed to be cheap. I got sick on ouzo once (during a Greek festival in the town I grew up), so I'll have to stick to a less traditional hard drink on the beach.

Emily is still pretty young. She could still go back to the Olympics and get her gold.

02-25-2006, 05:30 PM
Marge - I was told my toe would have to be taken off if the infection got too serious, luckily the doctor said it wasn't all that bad. I haven't looked at it yet today... but I'm always ready for a miracle!

I don't have a passport, can you believe that? I've also never travelled outside Canada or the US. I should get on that, Mexico I think is a good place to start, it's semi cheap, my brother says the beaches are nice. And I'm always down with some silver jewlery, heh. Whats ouzo? I want something fruity with an umbrella in it!

Yes, but Emily doesn't get the Sarah story.. which was unbelievable btw.. I think I cried like a little baby when I saw it last time around.

I shall be doing some major planning today to prepare for the detox I am beginning tomorrow, I am excited and completely scared. heh, I work alone at work, and when the body is cleansing, there are some things you cannot hold in! Very gross, but unfortunately true. Also those withdrawl symptoms are a pain. I am off, have a good one :)


02-26-2006, 01:01 AM
I could use some detox. My mouth/jaw hurt tonight and I headed straight for the comfort food when we stopped at the store for milk and cereal...Frozen chicken tenders, tortilla chips, doughnut holes. :( I dragged Howie right into it, too. I know he's responsible for his own actions, but in reality, we can be each others' biggest helps or biggest enemies when it comes to eating. Dang. I wish there was a magic wand that could get my mind back on track to where I was before we went to Maryland. I hate how every change in routine makes for such a struggle. Yeah, I'm down tonight.

02-26-2006, 02:16 AM
Kimberley - something happened at work yesterday that was quite... interesting. Stay with me for a moment.. We are trying to reach this VERY high target, it's insane really, so I broke it down by the hour. I became so focused on this hourly target that when I saw the actual dollar amounts, I was SHOCKED, because I'd made so much money. How does this apply? By focusing hourly, or by meal/snack, it's going to add up and before you know it.. you are going to get back on track. But stopping focusing on the whole might help. Now if I could do the same.. that would be great! If you are interested in a detox, this one is a pretty good one... it's called The Wild Rose Detox, I believe they have a website.. You will get there.. something will just snap back into place...


02-26-2006, 03:01 AM
Thanks, Aimee. I'm glad you were still up. :) I know morning will come and I'll feel better. Everything seems worse at night. Tomorrow I'll get up and drink 32oz. of water to start me off. Our friends are taking us to The Olive Garden, so I will be as wise and healthy as possible there. I've already decided to go low on calories Monday and Tuesday to somewhat make up for the last two days. Maybe I'll try calorie cycling like Jill's doing.

02-26-2006, 01:51 PM
I just wrote an entire post that got sucked into oblivion (did you hear the cursing?), so here I go again.

Aimee, never hurts to have a passport. It can take 90 days to get one here. Mexico sounds wonderful, never been there. My boss went with his old girlfriend -- they brought us back about 4 bottles of tequilla (which I haven't touched yet). Ouzo is a Greek hard liquor. Strong stuff. Good luck with the detox and the toe. (btw, what's the Sarah story? the Slutskaya story had me a little weepy)

Hang in there, Kimberely. You've come a long way, and I know you'll be able to plug into all the stuff you've learned and all the habits you've developed, even if you're having a couple of weak moments now. I've done plenty of backsliding.

I was watching Johnny English (with Bean) at the gym this morning on the treadmill and laughing out loud. I think I've finally gotten the aerobics to the point where it's getting effective, only took me a few months, ha! Every step ahead is a good step. Think I'm going to go watch tv and chill for a while. Take it easy.

02-26-2006, 02:01 PM
Thanks, Marge. I am flat-out terrified of gaining this weight back. I've never lost so much before and I just can't let it all be for naught. I know it will click sometime, but I hope it's soon!

02-26-2006, 03:05 PM
I am flat-out terrified of gaining this weight back. I've never lost so much before and I just can't let it all be for naught.
Which is exactly why you never will! You may backslide a few pounds here and there, but you're too smart and too aware of what you're doing to just let it all go completely ;)

So, since my sort-of-boss' birthday was this weekend (she's my "sort-of-boss" because I do all of my work for her, yet someone else is my boss on paper), I volunteered to make the goodie for a party for her. We have one woman who normally makes these amazing cakes, but she's just been dealing with a lot lately, so I offered to help her out. So, the lady whose birthday it is apparently loves chocolate, so I made a brownie pizza. It's a 12" round brownie with a chocolate cream cheese icing (made with chocolate cool whip, chocolate instant pudding, chocolate syrup, a splash of vanilla, powdered sugar, a little milk, a package of ff cream cheese, and a few tablespoons of ff sour cream) covered with sliced fresh strawberries and bananas with a circle of Hershey Kisses along the outside and then drizzled with chocolate syrup--it looks amazing, if I do say so myself! And if I really tried, I bet I could have made it much healthier (as it was, I only used ff cream cheese and ff sour cream because that's what I had in my fridge and I forgot to buy regular for the recipe!) :p

02-26-2006, 03:20 PM
Oooh, and here's me in the glasses that I don't hate :p

02-26-2006, 03:39 PM
Hey, I really like those glasses on you! :sunny: You look great, Jill.

02-27-2006, 12:02 AM
Wow it sucks to be me!! Today was the final day to make our bonus, and we were 500 dollars off. Thats all, I got SO close.. yet so so far away! I slightly feel like crying, but what can yah do! I was prepared not to make it, but today I found an error in my manager's math and we ended up being closer than we thought. I'll stop now!

Marge - Josh and I thought we should get our passports this year, so I imagine we'll get on that when I'm back and settled. The detox didn't start today, I forgot a few vital pieces of information. Such as, I have to walk to AND from work tomorrow.. and detoxing and walking? not a good plan of action. I also have to walk to work on Wednesday, and do the dentist visit. So the detox will have to wait until at LEAST Thursday/Friday. Hopefully Thursday!

Kimberley - you will get there... you know what you need to do. Is there something thats scaring you?

Jill - nice pic!!

I gotta find me some food.. bbl!


02-27-2006, 10:38 AM
okay... sorry for the long delay.

We did not get the house we were interested in. The seller still owes WAY too much on it. She bought it in 2002 for $65000 and owes the bank $72000 still! It needs about $15000 in work done to it too. SOOOO not worth it! Back to the drawing board again. We're looking at 3 tonight with a new realtor. A friend of my dad's sells houses in Green Bay and is willing to drive the 45 mins down to 'the valley' where we live now and want to stay to show us homes. Good thing about Paul is, he's not going to tell us crap just to sell us the house. He's an honest guy and will actually be a benefit to our serch.

My weight is still not changing. I'm really getting frustrated. I'm trying to switch it up all the time and do diferent things and it's not seeming to help. Sam and I rented the 'Biggest Loser Workout' from netflix; did the first one this morning. My rear is killing me! So I think we're going to keep it for the 6 weeks that it takes to do the program, hopefully I'll see some improvement soon!

Food is not an issue for me at all anymore. I really have a stong ability to say no to the stuff that I know will trap me back into an addictive pattern. The smell alone of any fast food makes my stomach cramp up! The thought of eating a Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese SOUNDS good... but the smell; UUUGH YUK! And the coating of fatty grease that it leaves in your mouth; gag.

Jen - I LOVED Vegas! So much to do, have a blast. So sorry to hear about you place. What a bummer.

Kimberly - Cute Snoopy-kitty! Lexi (our boxer) is so interested in cats, but they don't like her much.

Jill - Way to go on the loss! Keep it going, throw in some exercise and you'll be looking sexy in the bridesmaid dress!

Aimee - Toe stuff sucks! I'm prone to ingrown toenails... ouch.

Marge - LOVE the glasses. I went with the darker square-er frames last time too. They just look so sassy-librarian!

See ya for now... I'll try my best to get on more... I know I say that every time... I'll try harder.


02-27-2006, 12:09 PM
How is this possible? I am posting before all you easterners??? My goodness!

Sara - the house next door to me is being sold, I believe it's being sold for 200,000, considering most houses around here go for 500,000 up to 1-2 million. The owners have not paid their morgage for a year + and it's going to be auctioned off to pay their remaining balance with the bank. I guess thats a little far away from you, eh? heh.. Apparently my toe issue is an ingrown toe nail.. it's very gross, twice I day I faithfully soak it, dry it off, put on antibiotics and cover it. Hopefully it'll go away soon! How long do they usually take to go away? Cuz this sucks!

I am off to work, Have a good day gals! I get tomorrow off, yay for me! So youmight hear from me later!


02-27-2006, 12:26 PM
Apparently my toe issue is an ingrown toe nail.. it's very gross, twice I day I faithfully soak it, dry it off, put on antibiotics and cover it. Hopefully it'll go away soon! How long do they usually take to go away? Cuz this sucks!
Ugh, ingrown toenails--story of my life! When I was in 8th grade (I think), I had my first ingrown toenail removal. It had been infected for some time, and according to my podiatrist, it wouldn't grow out on its own--the reason it was infected was that it was growing into the skin and would only get worse. They put novacaine in my toe and clipped it out at the doctor's office, but it came back, so a few months later, I had to have it done again, and this time, they cortorized the root on that side of the toenail (i.e., put acid on it so it wouldn't grow back)--they said this gave me a 97% chance that it wouldn't grow back (it was such a small part of the nail on the side that it still looked like I had my whole nail, just the very edge wouldn't grow back).

Well, lo and behold, when I started working at Ruby Tuesday about a year ago, it came back! I went to my doctor who sent me to a podiatrist who again put novacaine in my toe and professional dug it out. I've never had an ingrown toenail that would just go away by itself, but maybe my feet are just a bit more ******ed than yours :dizzy: I hope you don't have to go through all that--novacaine shots in the toe aren't exactly a pleasant experience :(

02-27-2006, 04:39 PM
Have I mentioned that I hate Mondays? heh heh.

Kimberley, I have to say when I was heavy and gaining weight, I was eating like every day was a feast day. I wasn't doing ANY exercise. It wasn't like an occassional doughnut. I didn't think at all about calories, or fat, or nutrition. I'll bet if you compare your habits and way of thinking now to then, it would be drastically different. It takes me a more effort to lose weight than maintain it. And when I'm off program for a while then get back on, it takes me a little while to get in the groove and get back to the weight loss. I know everyone is different. Still, even if you went back to your worst habits, it would probably take you a couple of years of real healthy eating to gain all that weight back.

Jill, we're glasses twins, heh heh. Very cute :) That means we've got three sassy librarians here, ;)

Aimee, I can't believe you missed that bonus. Your boss sucks. It's better to strategically plan for the detox. Better than starting and stopping.

Sara, sorry to hear that house didn't work out. I got depressed this weekend when I looked at the real estate section of the paper and they were quoting prices of $500,000 for a ONE BEDROOM CONDO. Yeah, it's funny that I don't really crave fast food. If it were in front of me, I probably would eat it. Especially a whopper. But I don't get cravings for it, thank buddha. I don't have an urge to eat the amounts (big plate of spaghetti, 3 pieces of garlic bread smothered in butter, plate of side salad, a glass or two of wine, then ice cream for dessert later) I used to.

I made a reservation at a B&B type place in Washington DC, near the zoo, for mid-April. May be after the cherry blossoms (I wanted to see them, but it's hard to get a room that time of year). 5 days for MARGE to enjoy herself. Go to the zoo, see a movie, go to a museum or two, go shopping, have a bubble bath (or a bubble shower if they don't have bathtubs, heh).

Take it easy.

Claire de Ravin
02-27-2006, 05:24 PM
I am sorry I have not been on lately, been lazy. My laptop was found. Someone took it (apparently they did not see my nametag) to the bus, and once realizing it was not theirs, LEFT IT THERE. OF ALL THE NERVE! :mad: Anyway, thank God the bus company called on Saturday. It's now with me in my room. I am going to go charge it soon.

Okay, when I was downloading music, I saw the Disney movie Anastasia and couldn't resist (I loved that movie when I was younger!) So when I listened to the music on my ipod (which has been updated to over 1,000 songs), I was transported to my past. It was so...wonderful, I don't know how to describe it.

And then I read about the mystery of the Romanov deaths. Wow. I need to write something about that, it's just so interesting. And scary. The girls wore so much jewelry and their corsets prevented them from being shot properly, so they were stabbed and beaten to death. How tragic.

Well, I gained a pound, my fauly for slacking off. I am determined to lose this excess weight by spring break (sometime in April), so better get back on track and start recording what I eat. :(

Oh, and I entered a Harry Potter fanfic competition. Currently I am tied for third place :D

See you!

Edit: I entered what I ate for lunch and snacks and what I am going to eat for dinner and dessert, and I am going over my limit by two calories. Whatever :P. That's alright, right? It's not like two calories will kill me...I am overestimating my lunch, anyway, I am putting like two chicken nuggets more than I ate (I put it as a McDonald's meal, close enough). AND I get to eat candy after dinner, awesome! AND I am in my allowance! YEAH. I deserve it after resisting a lot of candy at lunch (me and my friends are pigs lol).

Because I HAVE to eat something while watching TV. Or do something. I just can't sit there. Same with reading on the computer. I am weird.

02-27-2006, 06:29 PM
I made a reservation at a B&B type place in Washington DC, near the zoo, for mid-April. May be after the cherry blossoms (I wanted to see them, but it's hard to get a room that time of year). 5 days for MARGE to enjoy herself. Go to the zoo, see a movie, go to a museum or two, go shopping, have a bubble bath (or a bubble shower if they don't have bathtubs, heh).
Dude, you'll be like 15 minutes away from me! I haven't been into the city for the cherry blossoms (I tend to avoid the busiest time if at all possible), but I have been to the zoo and Smithsonian. Jeff likes that zoo because they have capyberras (I may have spelled that wrong), which are the world's largest rodent and, apparently, his favorite animal :p The best part about that zoo, of course, is that it's free to get in :D

02-28-2006, 02:16 AM
The last (and only) time I've been in Washington was my 8th grade schoolyear! It was during the cherry blossom time, I remember. Howie and I would both love to go to the museums and the zoo. Too bad we can't do all that in April when he has his second follow-up visit. We'll be there April 6th for that, maybe coming out a few days earlier if the weather's good for camping.

Claire de Raven, I never knew the story of Anastasia (either the animated version or the historic one), so I looked it up. This link ( describes the family a little, plus talks about Anastasia herself. That's really interesting!

Today's been good calorie-wise. About 600 of them were dumb -- a lite white berry cooler at Caribou -- but overall I'm right at 1600. I was going to do 1200, but that coffee drink was way more than we'd thought.

The dentist called in Vicodin to get me through until Wednesday. What a godsend painkillers are when you need them. My jaw and back teeth are blissfully on my mind's back burner now instead of right up front and cranked up on high! The Vicodin makes me feel really nauseated when it starts wearing off. I had Promethazine (an anti-nauseal) left over from when I had a stomach virus once, so you bet I went and hunted down its bottled this evening! I'm a happy and sleepy camper now. ;)

02-28-2006, 09:36 AM
Man, I LOVE the animated movie Anastasia--I especially love the song "Once Upon a December" (it's not Disney, by the way--I'm a bit of an animated movie freak, so I just felt the need to point that out :p ). I know the movie isn't exactly true to history, but I think they did a good job of adapting it for an entertaining movie.

Well, yesterday was a bust! It was supposed to be a low-cal day and ended up being WAY high--laziness just took over, and I let go of all of my will power. I felt absolutely horrible last night, though--kept getting out of bed thinking I was going to be sick, so I drank a bottle of water and STILL felt crappy, so I drank a can of ginger ale...added even more calories to my day, but it at least settled my stomach enough so I could fall asleep. I will use the memory of that feeling as my motivation to make today a successful one!

02-28-2006, 01:08 PM
Doesn't sound like much fun, but here's to motivation, however it comes! LOL ;)

I edited my post to replace Disney with animated. Here's the IMDB listing ( for it - I'd not read it, either. Now I want to rent the movie!

02-28-2006, 03:45 PM
Hey, Jill! I just set the date for April 12th through the 15th. I think I'm going to miss the cherry blossoms unfortunately. If you have the urge to have coffee, drink, lunch, dinner, let me know; it would be really fun to meet irl. I'm hoping to spend some time with my aunt, I just dropped her a card to let her know I was coming. Yeah, the first time I went to the zoo and saw it was free (and the museums), I was pretty excited. Of course since our tax dollars pay for it, it isn't really free, heh heh.

Kimberley, if you're around on the days I'm there and can get together, I'd love to meet you and Howie too. It's an awesome zoo. Can't wait to spend the day there again. Great going on the eating program scene.

Claire, I always like reading about Russian history. You might enjoy Imperium (

It's sunny and cold here. Take it easy, all.

Claire de Ravin
02-28-2006, 07:02 PM
Kim - that is so weird! I was looking at both sites during Health (yes, I know, but that class does not require much brain power. I already know enough about stress and body image). I was surfing all these websites yesterday also. And good job on the calories :).

Jill - if it's not Disney, then what is it? I tried looking through IMDB and it didn't say. I am sorry you felt sick, but every day is a new days and I am sure you'll do fine today :D.

Marge - Thank you for the link. I actually love reading about all history - it just fascinates me when the characters are really explored in developed in a book, which is why History, English, and Spanish are my favorite subjects (they all have to do with writing/language/reading/stories). I am still getting over the Romanov deaths.

Okay, get this, I ACTUALLY FOLLOWED MY CALORIE PLAN YESTERDAY. For like the first time since my great-grandmother's death (I fell off the wagon after that). I only ate two tacos, and I actually broke them apart to make them seem like "more." With the same amount of meat and cheese, it was like four tacos. Yeah, I need to see things to believe them.

And I rewarded myself with candy that actually fit into my plan. Booyah!

And that extra pound - I suspected it was water weight, and it turned out it was. I am so happy :D.

See you! Need to do my exercise (the Gunnar Peterson/Brooke Burke one, which I do every other day - it involves weight training). I upgraded to five pound weights, which don't cause too much strain but are tougher and give me a better workout than the now-easy 2.5 pounds. But first, gotta log my calories.

So glad I have like no homework. For the past two days, actually. :D

EDIT 7:06 PM: Well, so much for following the plan. My mother made my favorite deadly food - chicken (although baked) with skin and rice (I think it's yellow with saffron). She told me not to worry, that she had grown up eating all that and remained at 110 pounds throughout high school. :dizzy: Eh. Should I believe her? Lol, I cannot believe I am asking this.

And she ate a lot of rice. Of course, she did have healthier foods for lunch, unlike me, so I guess it evens out. I am going to have to think of GOOD lunch solutions (not turkey :( ) I starve on turkey, seriously. I get hungry maybe an hour or two later, which is not what I need. Can you suggest something to I don't know 'liven up' the turkey so it's not bland? And some good, low-fat bread?

Non-turkey ideas are great, too, though please no pork, I'm Muslim and not allowed to eat pork. Yeah. I heard that's fattening anyway. :p

Okay, gonna go take a shower and read, then AMERICAN IDOL! AND MAYBE HOUSE! WOOT! :carrot:

03-01-2006, 12:11 PM
I started a MARCH ( thread. See you all there.