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01-30-2006, 09:19 PM
A new home for all the Aussie Chicks in the 3 Fat Chicks forum. Somewhere that we can chat in the same time zone, and discuss local programs and products.

I look forward to talking to you all soon.

butter ball no more
01-30-2006, 09:43 PM
Great work , I have to go do the shopping yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
so I will drop back later to see how all are getting on

01-31-2006, 05:16 AM
Bumping the group up so we can find ourselves. I didnt' make it to the gym again tonite, I somehow managed to cut my left big toe open and its too sore to walk on. I'll definately go tomorrow night.

01-31-2006, 09:38 AM
Great thread idea Kathy.Look forward to getting to know u all.
What programmes are everyone following?
I am just making healtheir choices,grilled meats,stirfries,steamed vegies,fruit and yoghurt and multigrain bread.
I have always battled with my weight......hopefully this time I am on the right track.:carrot:

01-31-2006, 09:29 PM
I'm pretty much doing the same as you auzzie. And adding exercise to the mix too. My main problem is protion sizes tho, so I'm going to have to really concentrate on calorie counting I think.

butter ball no more
02-01-2006, 05:30 AM
Hi:wave: Girls
Well I thought it was time to talk a little about ourselves.
Iíll start I turned 43 last Sunday :hb: ,I have been married to a wonderful man for the last 23 years(Les) I have two daughters (Melinda 19 and Megan 12) and one terrific little grandson :bb: (Elijah 19 months old).
I work full time for Disability services Queensland as a residential care office, in other words I care for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. I have work for the Queensland government for 10 years, and really enjoy my work, but not red tape.
I have been over weight off and on since childhood.
Two and a half years ago I had lost 45kg (it took me 10 months very hard work) and I only weighted 65 kg, but with a couple of emotional:stress: upset and worries with our grandson and eldest daughter. I am an emotional :devil: eater I was up to 104kg again.
So yes I know that I can do it but I also know how hard I found it last time. I am finding it a bit hard :dunno: to get into the right habits this one last time on the yo-yo ride.
I have been riding my bike :bike: to work for the last week now so that is a good start I think
I am tiring to make healthy choices and kind of work in with WW.
So how about you Girl.
With help form each there we can do it:carrot: :cheer:

02-01-2006, 06:03 AM
Ok, I'm 32. I have dd4, she's starting preschool next week, oh how fast she's grown up. I'm a step mother to 11 ss, and 5sd. and a 2nd time round wife. We never learn from our mistakes do we. At least I upgraded this time when it comes to men.

My highest ever weight was 101kg, and I was preggers and the next week I was back down to 99kg. I got down to 90kg after her birth. I've been sitting at around 88 - 90kg for the past 4 years. I have been mucking around for the past 6 weeks going to the gym, but obviously its not enough cause I'm not losing weight.

So time to pull the finger out, and work the rest of it off and get to goal. Its great to have some aussie buddies.

butter ball no more
02-01-2006, 06:21 AM
Hi kathyhegg
three under 11 thats hard work.
Well I think we have to put the the hard yards in to get to were we need to be.So are we going to have a day to post our weigh in????

02-02-2006, 12:15 AM
Luckily 2 of them live with their mother, but weekends are hard. Um, weigh in day, how about Monday's? I have a weigh in tomorrow at the gym, but I'm happy to post it on Monday, not sure how happy I'll be tho.

I'm off to the gym this afternoon, have to get away from dd4, she is driving me batty today. I think she is a bit lonely, not having seen any of her friends in weeks. I'll have to arrange a play date for next week some time. But I'll go to the gym and work my arse off and hopefully come home feeling better.

Catch you soon.

02-02-2006, 04:45 AM
Well I got to the gym and did an hour of cardio, so at least I've exercised today.

02-02-2006, 07:39 AM
Hi Girls,
I'm Tania, 23 and live in country NSW. I live here with my boyfriend of 6 years Jase,27 and we have a gorgeous bubba girl named Cheyenne(Shy-Ann) and she is 14 months on the 13th Feb.
I just started my new job today, which is in the same bakery where Jase is a Baker. I like it already and will get me out the house. I worked in a Cafe until i was 8 1/2 months pregnant which was hard, both physically and cos i ate alot of cafe food...:)
Last time i wieghed myself at the doctor's i was 106kg, i was 113 when i was pregnant with Cheyenne. Looking forward to getting back to my old weight.
Nice to meet you all :)

butter ball no more
02-02-2006, 09:49 AM
:welcome3: *Butterfly*Kisses* Nice to have you with us .

kathyhegg good on you :encore: for getting to the gym.
I did over time at work today (8 hrs yukkkk) but part of my day was going on a walking program with one of my clients , so I got paid double time do good things for me by walking so that was good for me and my bank account lol:rofl:
Yes Monday as a weigh-in :goodscale is good for me , like you kathyhegg I dont know that I will be doing the happy dance:dance: this week but we will try.
So come on girls :coach: and get some of that extra you off.

02-02-2006, 10:39 AM
G'day fellow Aussies!!!

32yr old chick from WA here looking to lose 50kgs. Started to watch my diet nearly two weeks ago - so far 3kgs down (next weigh-in is Monday). My biggest problem is portion size and binge-ing when depressed (which seems quite often). So far I have managed to reduce serving sizes and I have not turned to the fridge for comfort. AND I STILL FEEL DETERMINED!!!

I have never been a good one for exercise, and so far have not made any efforts to change that. Where I live, we do not have a gym and at this time of the year it is toooo HOT outside!!!

I love this idea of an Aussie Support thread!! I think I'll be posting most of my progress reports here. Although I am a bit of an insomniac so I will probably be posting most of my replies over night.

Good luck everyone!!

02-03-2006, 04:53 AM
I went to the gym today, and had my check up, and while it wasn't what I'd have liked I had lost weight, and lost 1% or so in fat, so thats ok. I'll leave it till monday to post my numbers tho.

I have a new weights program, I've decided for now not to do the "winning by losing" book, and will be doing a lot of upper body work plus my 1 hour cardio a day. I'm hoping that next weigh in I'll be down 6kg's and 2% fat. I must do this.

Didn't help myself much today, had a huge binge, and I mean huge, so I'll really have to work it off tomorrow.

One positive thing to come out of this is I now know for sure that my scales are broken, cause they havn't budged in weeks, they like sitting on 88. So I'll have to find myself a nice new set. I have to be able to weigh myself weekly after all.

Catch you all soon.

butter ball no more
02-03-2006, 05:53 AM
Well done kathyhegg,I hope you do well next week , but do you mean that you will be losing 6 kg in one week or all up ,all up I hope.

butter ball no more
02-03-2006, 08:47 PM
Hi :wave: Lindor:welcome3:
You have been doing well, so how is the exercise:wl: going???
I see youíre awake in the day light hourís lol:rofl:

02-03-2006, 10:32 PM
I get up purely because my dogs are not insomniacs like me and demand to go out at some ungodly hour of the morning!!! :lol:

Exersice? :shrug: Pffft! Like that is going to happen soon too!! Even at 8am, when the dogs get me up, it is too hot! But, maybe next week I might take on some step-ups or something in front of the TV. I am working late shifts at the moment and don't get home until about 10pm, by which time I can't be bothered. Next week I start on early shifts and get to spend the evenings at home.

I wish I had the 'get up and go' for exersice you guys seem to have! Your energy just amazes me! Good on you though!!

butter ball no more
02-03-2006, 11:43 PM
Hi I can tell you that I have to push myself evey step of the way ,I have even told work mates to give me a hard time if I dont ride to work ......what ever gets it done lol

02-05-2006, 05:46 AM
Hi everyone...I'd love to join your little group. I'm a newie to this site but I can definitley relate to all you have chatted about so far. I live on the Sunshine Coast with my wonderful family...I am nearly 40 years young and have been on so many diets (as I am sure you all have) that I'm sure i should be an expert by now. I would love to weigh in on Mondays for inspirtation and motivation with you guys...we can track our success together....hope to get a contact...leeny

02-05-2006, 06:54 AM
6kg's in 6 weeks, If I could safely lose 6kg's in a week I'd be :D. As for exercising, I have to push myself every time. I repeat over and over to myself my next goal. I so need to lose weight, and if exercise is going to do it, well exercise I will.

My trainer told me on Friday that if I want the fat to really shift, start doing spinning classes and boxing classes, she said that she did that and it was fantastic for fat loss. She also said to keep my heart rate at an even pace, so no running, so that it would burn fat rather than sugar.

I have lots of upper body exercises to do, arms and abs, and back exercises, cause I dont need chunkier legs, they are very nicely toned, and the shoulders, well, I already look like I run around in shoulder pads, so I dont need exercises for them either.

I'm much happier with what I've been given this time round.

02-05-2006, 07:32 PM
Its Monday girls, and therefore weigh in day. How have you gone this past week

For me I have lost in the past 6 weeks, 3kg and 1% body fat. I was told to increase my fluids tho, was only 40% or so. But it was also 9.30 in the morning. My scales are broken, so I'm going to have to ask the gym to weigh me each Friday.

02-05-2006, 08:24 PM
Hi everyone...this is my first weigh in day with you ladies. My vital stats are 167cm tall, medium build. I used to weigh 112kg, reached my goal ot get to 66kg but managed to find some again...seems to be the story of my life. Today I weighed in at 84.5kg. This week I lost 3kg....very very happy. I seem to carry a lot of fluid some weeks so some weeks are great on the scales and others I only see a slight loss or even a gain at times. I am really determined to reach my goal again as I know how great I felt at 66kg. Im hoping our little chats will help us all achieve our goals. Actually today I am off work and am going to see a Plastic Surgeon about a tummy tuck. After losing lots of weight I am left with a lovely tummy skin flap thing which I hate. Anybody else in the same boat? I will keep you all posted. I hope you all had a great week...if you didn't today can be a new day...I'll see less of you next week:D

02-06-2006, 01:39 AM
Good work Leeny!!!

I'm down another 2kgs this week - 5kg all up now :) Still feeling very determined too!

Another week gone and I have not been tempted to binge. Still have exercise issues...maybe tonight :lol:

Good luck all!!

02-06-2006, 05:20 AM
Back from the gym, and I managed an hour of cardio, covered 3.3 kms on the treadmill on a level 2 incline, 11km on the bike, and then did weights as well. I'll have muscley arms in no time. After my shower I realised that the pump class was about to start. Oh well, I'll do it tomorrow night. I loooove pump class. Going to they gym really woke me up. Oh and I managed to talk myself out of chocolate on the way home. Good on me.

02-07-2006, 06:37 AM
I went to the gym today, did another hour of cardio and 1/2 hour of weights. I'm a bit sore tonite, but thats good. Got up to 6.7km/h on the treadmill, pretty happy with that. Got my heart rate up too, and 5% incline. Getting there. I was starving afterwards tho.

butter ball no more
02-07-2006, 07:42 AM
Well you have all been great :bravo: this week it's the happy dance for all of you:dance: :cb: :dancer: and a big group hug:grouphug: .......I think I had better get the kick:coach: :kickcan: in pants this week :rollpin: I have had a shocker:mcd: ,
Rode my bike:bike: to work but not much else and food :dunno: intake was not good either ,I feel really lazy:sumo: .And you girls are going ahead in leaps and bounds:cheer: :cheer: :cheer: good on all of you keep it up and I’ll try to drag myself up out of my lazy hole:^:

butter ball no more
02-07-2006, 07:16 PM
Sorry:sorry: girls forgot to say that I have stayed the same weight:nono:
Well I'm going to try:rollpin: to have a goog one next week:goodscale

butter ball no more
02-07-2006, 10:34 PM
come on girls and post or we will never be able to find our group we will be on page 44 or something ,maybe we could get otheres to post on here for our insomniacs and added support so if we log on any time we could have support and we could also give support

02-08-2006, 04:06 AM
I didn't go to the gym today, had a shocker of a headache, but big plans to go tomorrow, I've booked dd into creche for the 9am session, and promised her a swim afterwards. I wont do a class, but will do my cardio and weights. 1kg till my first goal woohoo.

02-08-2006, 06:05 AM
Hey ladies..Just logged on tonight to see everyones success. :) Good on you Kathy for your gym madness...:strong: I wish I could catch your enthusiasm for that...exercise and me...thats another story. Thats no good for you Butter Ball...::cry: : just think that this week is another and you can move forward from that. Noones perfect and temptation sometimes can be too great. Hoping this week will be better. So far I have had some cake but otherwise pretty good food wise. I have made another goal for the end of March as I am thinking about getting a "tummy tuck"as the excess skin is gross...hopefully I can lose another 5kgs or so by then (if I stay away from the cakes that is)..:crossed: I will post again in another couple of is too long and i'm too tired to get on computer every day. :coffee: I hope this link takes off as I think support is great. Thanks girls for your encouragement and I hope this week is kind to us all...leeny

02-08-2006, 06:07 AM
Sorry Lindor forgot to congrats to you as well. Keep up the good work...2 kgs this week is fantastic....we will all be good for one another...leeny

02-08-2006, 08:35 AM
Hi everyone! Just found this thread, so thought I'd add my 5c worth (seeing as we don't have 2c pieces anymore, so I hope my contributions are worth the inflation rate).

I live in Western Australia, am 43 (44 in April) and am a primary school teacher. This year I'm teaching year 2, but usually prefer to teach year 4 or 5. I'm finding the adjustment to the younger grade a little difficult to cope with and I'm VERY glad that I am too well rooted in my new healthy lifestyle to end up binging because of the stress. That used to always be my solution.

I am married to a wonderfully supportive man, who loved me at my largest, so can't be too bad huh? No kids or pets - I'm allergic... to pet hair, not kids. I think I just manage to get all my nurturing done at school, so have never had the urge to have my own kids.

I started on my new lifestyle journey mid-January 2004 and have lost 85kg since then. Started at 160kg and am now floating around 75kg. Having another 'hormonal' week where the scales are not budging, which doesn't impress me, as I want to reach target by my birthday. My original goal was to have maintained a healthy weight for 12 months by my 45th birthday. I know that I am MUCH healthier, but I still have 4kg to lose before I am officially in the 'healthy' range. My ultimate goal is 68kg, and I know I'll get there, if not a little lower, I just have to be a little more patient.

I'm not following any program, or measuring or counting calories. Just basically MUCH healthier foods (very little processed food) and lots of exercise. I use the treadmill every morning and the exercise bike every afternoon/evening. I also try to do steps every other day. I'm planning to get some more equipment for my birthday that will work on my upper body and add some strength training. I have my own treadmill and bike as I am not a gym person and I find every excuse under the sun to not go out and exercise. With it sitting in the lounge room, staring at me every day, I just make myself get on. I'm not sure I would say I "enjoy" exercising, but I know that I feel bad if I don't and I know that it is showing results. I only got the exercise bike for this last Christmas and I have had SO many people say that I have lost a lot of weight since they saw me at the end of the last school year. I have actually only lost 5kg, but things have toned up quite a bit.

Well... that was probably a lot more than anyone really wanted to know, but I do tend to go on and on at times.

Hope to catch up with you all on a regular basis, but can't promise I will make sense if I have had a tiring day at work.

Take care,


02-08-2006, 01:21 PM
Zelma!! You are such an inspiration!!! I got so much out of reading just that post and seeing those amazing photos. I know now, that whenever I get those "I can't do this" days your story will be one thing I'll be thinking of to convince me that IT CAN BE DONE!!!

Well done on your fantastic efforts!!!

And thankyou for your 5c worth (although I think it is worth so much more!!)

butter ball no more
02-08-2006, 05:53 PM
Hi Lindor
See you are still awake or just up????
I have just got home from work I am off to bed.
Have a great day all

02-08-2006, 06:53 PM
Got up at 5:30am to do a little job after going to bed at 2:30am...going back to bed now :lol:

02-09-2006, 04:51 AM
I went to the gym today, and was all prepared to do my treadmill and bike workouts, but when I heard the annoucement for box circuit, I thought, hmm, thats something new, and it will shake up my workout. So I did an hour of that, wow what a work out. And then I took dd "swimming" for an hour. I am exhausted. But I feel good for it.

butter ball no more
02-09-2006, 05:32 PM
Well what a inspirational effort ZedAus.Yes your 5c was well worth it, I still have not been able to catch the exercise bug, but I helped my eldest Daughter move out of her old flat so dose that count, I forgot how hard it was to wash walls with sugar soap (boy did my arms get a workout, but they are in need of it lol). I totally understand not being able to post after work I work 12 hrs shifts and because I have been riding to work it adds around 1 1/4 hrs to my day .youngest Daughter just came in and its time to take her to school so bye for now. All be strong

02-10-2006, 04:56 AM
I honestly didn't think that yesterdays workout was that big a workout. Yes I was tired, but I had put that down to the swimming with dd, cause being in the water is really relaxing for me. UNTIL THIS MORNING when I woke up!!! OMG, I am still in sooo much pain. My arms hurt, my chest hurts, my wrists hurt (I must keep up those strenthening exercises for my wrists), but most of all, my left butt cheek and thigh hurt. I could barely move my leg all day.

Next time, and yes I've decided to give box-circuit another go, I'll make sure that each time I run down the room and do my sit ups or push ups, I'll make sure I change sides that I'm getting up from. I never thought that I could get a work out getting up from the floor.

Oh and I went shopping today, and I'm no longer a size 20...woohoo. 20 was a little big, I'm in the teens !!! happy dance happy dance I remember not being able to fit into size 22 a little while ago.

butter ball no more
02-10-2006, 05:32 PM
:high: Great work:encore: :hug: kathyhegg here are some happy dances:carrot: :cb: :dance: :dancer: for you ,you are doing so well hope you butt and thigh are feeling better have a great day to all

02-10-2006, 07:08 PM
Hi all, I'm Kylie, a lost Aussie, I live in England at the moment but hopefully you'll let me join!!!

I was 120 kilos early last year, and now I am 90 and aiming for ??? 60 ish ??? 58 ??? who knows!!! I am coming back to Oz for a holiday in June, and I really want to get to 80 by then, aiming for 75 at least by Christmas, and then goal in June 2007 for my 35th birthday.

I'm basically doign what you mob are doing, eating healthily, cutting out the junk food and the emotional eating, and exercising, a LOT! I have discovered a love of weight training, swimming, body toning classes and cardio! I like the gym! I used to hate exercise and now it's a compulsion.

I so miss some warm weather, it's so cold here at the moment, and snow is predicted, yuck!

butter ball no more
02-10-2006, 07:27 PM
Hi:wave: kykaree welcome :welcome: the more the merrier:gossip: you have been doing great well done :dance: :hat: and as I'm from SUNNY :flow2: QUEENSLAND should I tell you it was 36 yesterday and its 32 now lol:cloud9:

02-10-2006, 11:25 PM
Hi all and welcome to the couple of new ones I haven't met before.:) Its great to get on here and read everyones achievements this week. I am on a bit of a downer at the moment:( so I hope my mood does not lead me to the fridge. Actually my boss at work told me I was too fat...yes he actually said that...and as I'm sure you all know how that made me feel especially when I am trying to stay so motivated and trying to lose more weight. I needed to come onto here to gain inspiration and get my head focused back where it should be. After reading Zeds story I know I can achieve success as well. Stuff the boss eh!!! My eldest son is 16 tommorrow and I have just finished making a cheesecake as per the request for his birthday cake. Guess favourite...we are having the family BBQ tonight and I guess lots more temptations I will be faced with. I suppose I can only do my best. Hoping all can stay motivated this week and great to see we are gaining more to our little family eh!!!xxxleeny:D

02-10-2006, 11:34 PM
Hey Butter Ball...where abouts in Queensland are you from...I am from the Sunshine Coast...and yes I love it here...leeny

butter ball no more
02-11-2006, 01:03 AM
Hi :wave: leeny you work for a butt head, what do people thick that because we are overweight we are great targets or that we donít know we are overweight??????? I hope the fleas:devil: of a thousand camels infest his arm pits
I live at Logan Reserve around half way between the Gold Coast and Brisbane
Well I hope the party:hb: is great,feels like only yesterday that thay were babys:bb: in arm a big hug :hug: for you and have a great time:gift:

02-11-2006, 04:58 AM
Thank you all for the welcomes and positive comments. It is great to 'speak' with fellow Aussies about our trials and tribulations.

I am constantly amazed by the fact that I have been able to do this and by how I now look. I will often look twice in the mirror or at my reflection in a window as I still don't recognise that figure as mine. I have NEVER been this weight as an adult, so I didn't know what a waist looked like on me. It is a VERY good feeling.

Today hubby and I went into the city to look for something for Valentine's Day. I originally planned on getting a 'pinky' ring, but they were all too big. That is a first! Before I couldn't get most rings to go anywhere NEAR my fingers without alterations. I must admit that I almost cried when we bought a replacement engagement ring last year and it fit perfectly first time. My old ring was a cheap 'just for the moment' ring so it was simply wonderful to get this one. I ended up getting a necklace today, instead of the ring. I know I could have had the rings adjusted, but I wanted something I could wear NOW... I'm not a very patient person.

Summer may finally be poking its head up around here. Got to around 35 today and we're expecting 36 or so over the next couple of days. We haven't really had summer yet. We had the coldest December on record and the coldest January in 20 years, so the warmth is welcomed. So far I haven't felt the heat anywhere NEAR as much as I used to. In fact I was looking forward to some hot days as I have been FREEZING! I have lost my insulation!lol

Leeny - I'm not sure what I would say to my boss if he had ever told me I was too fat. I would have probably cried, but would have wanted to thump him one! I'm sure plenty of people at work thought it, but thankfully nobody said anything. Lots of people made comments outside of work though. Not sure what makes them think they should do that, but it hurts SO much.

Well, off to workout on the exercise bike. I'll try to get back on here again over the weekend.

Take care all,


02-11-2006, 06:36 AM
I had a nice romantic Valentines Night planned, but DH announces that not only is he playing pool on V day itself but on Monday and Wednesday night as well!! Ah the romance. At least the gym will be empty Valentines night :D

It might get up to 8 degrees today!!!! How exciting!!!! Get out the shorts!

I'm from Tasmania originally, so really I should be used to the miserable weather!!!

02-11-2006, 07:58 AM
Hi Everyone :)

I am another West Aussie coming along to say Hi! I am turing 30 this year so I am here to get motivated to lose the bulge before my big day.
I am married to a great guy who loves me no matter what my size thankfully and have 2 children DD 3 and DS 2yrs old. I am a happy SAHM.

I havent been following any plan as such just eating healthy and cutting out all the junk. The only exercise I have is the occasional walk to the park or running around after the kids. I need to find a fun way to exercise?

Look forward to chatting to you all :carrot:


butter ball no more
02-11-2006, 10:35 AM

02-11-2006, 11:10 AM
Welcome Kykaree, glad you could join us ;) Once an Aussie always an Aussie I say!!! You have had such success so far with your weight loss I am sure you will provide a great source of inspiration to us too.

Welcome also Barbara! My big downfall is exercise too, so if you learn any fun ways please be sure to pass them my way too.

So it's been a pretty busy few days for me, just with overtime at work and training for a possible new job. Kinda good in the sense that it has kept my mind off of junk food ideas :lol: I am just over half way through a 14 day stretch at work.

Still managing to be good with my eating habits. Spoilt myself the other day with a Magnum icecream, but refused to allow myself to get upset over it, and continued with my 'healthy' eating regime since.

Exercise is still not happening :( I want to do it, but just lack the energy and motivation after working all day...which I guess is no excuse because I no doubt others manage it. One day, I PROMISE! :lol:

Anyway...keep up the good work ladies!!! :carrot:

02-11-2006, 12:49 PM
I work out 5 - 6 times a week, and it is hard. I have to leave at 7 to get to work for 9, my commute is an hour and a half with half an hour "crisis aversion" as I have one bus and two trams to get, all sorts of things can go wrong! So I work til 5, its nearly 7 by the time I get home, so I then head to the gym. I am lucky to have a gym at work, so lately I have been going in my lunch hour, or sometimes I leave super early and go before work. It all depends.

It snowed today, settled for a little while, but its all melted now. I was all excited, I love snow. DH and I took a steam train to a neighbouring village, and I went shopping. Our supermarkets sell clothes, so I bought a couple of tops and some cullottes. I love shopping!!!

02-12-2006, 05:48 AM
Thanks for the welcomes :)
I am off to the pool tomorrow to start exercising! Its been yukky hot here and I love the water so it might be just the thing for me.
Lets all have a great week!


02-12-2006, 07:18 AM
Hi guys
Thanks Butter Ball for the fleas in the armpits joke....I have to go to work tommorrow and face the so and so..not looking forward to that at might be my last is far too short to put up with that .....!!!Since he told me I was fat I have totally lost the 16 year old had a birthday and we had the family BBQ...that was Saturday night...well it is now Sunday night and I have successfully finished off all the leftovers(including the Cake):( . I feel digusted in myself and actually feel bloated and sick to the stomach. I don't know why upsets set me off on the eating binge AGAIN. What do you ladies do when life throws a curve ball???I seem to cope with food every time. Funny thing is that it really does not do any good anyway. Monday is a new week and maybe things will turn out for the best. I am back on the diet as from Breakie tommorow..,.I want to feel good about myself and not let anybody tell me I am not. It is hard to diet all the time and we need all the support we can get...thanks everyone for keep on posting...this is my lifesavoiur at the moment as I feel like that the diet is all just too hard at times. I'm sure you all can relate to that feeling. Thanks again...leeny.

02-12-2006, 08:26 AM
(((leeny))) Slip-ups happen! So you had a bad weekend so far as the dieting goes, put that behind you and try to remember only the good things of the weekend - don't keep beating yourself up. It takes courage to admit to slipping up, it takes strength and determination to get up and fight another day!! You have that and I have every faith in you getting back on the wagon and moving forward again. You can do this...we all can do this!

So far in the three weeks that I have been dieting I have not really been tempted by the stock in the fridge. (The Magnum icecream was more of a treat while doing a little touristy drive - I still felt guilty none-the-less). I am also an emotional eater, but I have been feeling pretty happy and full of life the last month or so, so as long as that continues I think I'll be 'right! From experience these feelings of happiness don't often last long though :?:

I think if my boss told me I was fat I'd probably crumble in a heap. I copped a lot of those comments as a child from my brother and my father. My mother (who is stick thin!) always pointed out my weight problem - she still does even today! If I went to her with a sore leg or foot or something, the first thing she'd say would be 'well your weight doesn't help much'. Sad isn't it? These comments might seem innocent enough to the people making them but - WOW!!! - don't they have a lasting effect on us?

"Sticks and stones may break my bones but word will never hurt me" - PFFFT!!! Who ever made that statement knows JACK_ _ _ _!!!

Stay strong Leeny...we will make it!!

BTW...further to Butter Ball's fleas joke, I heard a similar variation:

"May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person who p#%?!s you off, and may their arms be too short scratch!"

Or something like that anyway :lol:

02-12-2006, 03:46 PM
I would have been sacked coz I would have said, well I may be fat mate but your F...lippin ugly and I can lose weight! I was bullied all my life as a kid, and to heck if I'd take it as an adult. The man deserves more than a plague of fleas!!!

I did a very Oprah kinda thing when I decided to tackle my weight issues. I decided in October 2004 that losing weight would be a New Years Resolution. i sat down and wrote all the reasons I thought I was fat and what I could do to overcome them. Eating for reasons other than hunger, eating when stress, eating coz it's fun, cooking because its thereapeutic and a haterd and fear of exercise were the biggies.

I wrote a list of strategies for overcoming these. I got a trainer (who comes free with my package at work, I am very lucky) joined a local gym too so I could exercise at weekends (and got another fab trainer) and started to exercise to maintain my levels of stress. On weekends if I get bored or anxious, I swim or weight lift. I don't have kids, but if I did, I would plan as many activites as I could for weekends that didn't involve eating.

Having said that, I control my calories during the week so I can have a treat or two at weekends. If you eat a balanced diet most of the time, the occasional cherry ripe (oh I miss them!) or magnum is not going to kill your efforts.

butter ball no more
02-12-2006, 05:01 PM
:wave: Good Morning Girls:carrot: , Well this is a new week and what a great day to start being positive:D .
I love this quote: Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrowĒ Well Girls this is tomorrow so letís try hard for OURSELFS
Leeny I am sending you good vibes :goodvibes for today, I hope all is ok for you today at work.I also send to all some :dust:
RE: the week-end it must have had something to do with the weather (In Queensland LOL) because all I wanted to do all weekend was eat sweet things, I didnít only because I donít have any in the house and I was not getting in the car to go to the shop to get junk food (boy was it hard but I feel as if I have got a point on the score board now).
To your question What do you ladies do when life throws a curve ball??? I am sorry:?: to say that up till now about the same as you ,but this weekend I really tried hard not to give in and so far (three days and believe me this weekend has not been smooth sailing) it has worked ,I keep telling myself that I am better than that sweet. Because we all know that it only feels better while itís in our mouth, not once we eat it, but this is our life and we have to put up with some butt heads, but we donít have to let them WIN
kykaree send me some of your organization I need it. you are doing great good on ya.
Well girls I have to get the shopping done and ready for work tomorrow yukkkkkkkkkk

02-12-2006, 06:24 PM
Well, I just done my weekly weigh-in...I am down another 2kgs!! :)

butter ball no more
02-12-2006, 07:13 PM
:bravo: Lindor:cp: you have done great :o I'm still the same but feeling more incontrol this week so here is hoping:dust: for all

02-12-2006, 08:55 PM
A big thank you to all you lovely ladies out there is cyberspace. It is Monday morning and I was supposed to go to work. I am not...instead chatting to you. I could not face him today..he said some terrible things( I won't even mention all of them) that have deeply hurt me. I know my weight is an issue with me( and problably always will be... has been all my life)but to be humiliated I do not deserve. My wonderful husband says to resign. I have just rang Centrelink to see if I am entitled to any dollars if I do so..unfortuneatly no...but hey money is not everything. I think to be a strong person I must do this and finally stand up for myself. So maybe this is the start of the new me in the new year. I have worked there for 4 years and have put up with a lot of is time to move on I feel...he is just a big bully...maybe he has insecurities himself and needs to feel good about makes me small(or should I have said big).
I did not weigh myself today after the weekend disaster but have started the day right. I am supposed to have my tummy tuck done in a few weeks time...who knows husband says go for will make me feel better about myself. Big decisions in my head at the moment.
Thanks guys for being supportive. I am pleased to hear some of us are on track...I just had a little detour. Leeny:)

02-12-2006, 09:12 PM
I haven't weighed either today, the weekend was a right off, no exercise, and too much junk food. I did go to the gym today, but my heart wasn't really in it. Ho Hum. I'll go to pump class and combat tomorrow.

Catch you soon

02-13-2006, 02:41 AM
I'm not weighing at all at the moment, as my weight loss is stalling again. It does that when I weight train, and my inches still go down, so do my fat percentages, so I don't worry what the scales say!

I have most of the week off this week. I am up at 6.30 this morning to go to the gym and pool, and then I will do some planning for my forthcoming trip to Oz!!!! yay!!!!!!

02-13-2006, 04:04 AM
Leeny - It is so wonderful to hear that your hubby is so supportive. That means the world at times like this. I hope that you are able to find another job very soon if that is the path you decide to go down. You asked about what we do when life throws us a curve ball. Well, I used to eat just about every bad thing I could lay my hands on, but I really surprised myself at the end of last year when I was REALLY angry with my school principal. I came home and did a GREAT workout on the treadmill, going faster than I had before and longer than I usually do. I felt as though I got rid of a lot of frustration and I felt SO much better afterwards. Mind you, this is after almost 2 years of being into my healthy lifestyle, so it wasn't something I could have done earlier.

Summer may have almost set in here. Today was fairly warm, although I am not feeling it as much as other people, which I think is due to the fact that I am half the size I used to be. We had 36 today, expecting 35 tomorrow, then cooling a little. This is very pleasant so far. Hubby and I went for a 12km walk yesterday morning. Around the Swan River, for anyone who knows the area. It is called the Bridges walk as you cross over on one bridge and walk along the river to cross the other bridge. We added a couple of km just for the fun of it and ended up walking for 103 minutes at a VERY good pace. Not something I would choose to do on a REALLY hot day, and we are planning on going much earlier next time, but it made me feel wonderful. I wouldn't have even attempted this a few months ago.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I would answer more posts, but I am going to get a couple of things done before my parent/teacher meeting this evening. Catch you all later.

Take care,


02-13-2006, 08:22 AM
Sorry you are having a hard time at the moment Leeny. Your boss sounds like a real piece of work :mad: When life throws me a curve ball I usually eat anything bad that we have in the fridge. But I do try to be strong and now I force myself outside and be active otherwise I will just binge. Good luck with whatever you decide to do :hug:

Wow Zelma what can I say!! You are such an amazing lady. To see your pictures is truly inspiring and motivating too. I also love the bridges walk too. We do it with the kids on their bikes but we havent made it all the way around yet ;)

Well I managed to exercise today and went and bought lots of fruit and veg for this week. I also booked an appraisal for myself at Curves. I need to workout so will see how it goes next Monday.

Take care girls :)

butter ball no more
02-13-2006, 05:26 PM
A very bright :flow2: and beautiful morning to all you lovely Aussies.
I was woken this morning by my darling Hubby with a beautiful bunch of flowers:flow1: a Kiss:love: , coffee (made with skim milk)and a very beautiful card ,So I would say you canít start a day off much better than that.
Happy Valentines Day:val1: to all and many Love:val2: and friendship always surround :grouphug: you

02-14-2006, 06:42 AM
Hi ladies...firstly I want to really thank you for your support with the "boss from ****"saga. I resigned today. I have not spoken to him only via text and sent a letter in explaining why I was quitting. It was more than just calling me fat that were the issues...he actually forced my hand you know where. I have spoken to my GP and he gave me the 2 weeks off for the required notice I needed so I don't have to see him again. I also have spoken to the Human Rights and …qual Opportunity Commission about a sexual harrassement charge. He won't know what hit him. Sometimes I surprise myself with how strong I am but when my integrity and self worth are damaged well I fight back. I only just hang on to the "loving myself"at times ....I think that is a hangup about my weight thing though. Because I have always my body image my self esteem was always low. This year will be different though...I am 45kg lighter...I will be 40 early march so this is my year....
You ladies are such an inspiration with the diet thing though...I of course have lost the plot....maybe I needed to be kind to myself...however tommorrow is another day...I will be good...I will not let him destroy all the good work I have done...and I might add with not much exercise, I so envy you ladies that do the exercise thing as I can't muster up any energy for that at all. Maybe that will be this year as well.
Thanks again and keep on posting...I love reading all your successes

butter ball no more
02-14-2006, 07:22 AM
Hi Girls I joined the “Beat The Bulge” group it started yesterday with a diet challenge you post every day eg: exercise, water drunk, healthy meals eaten .I have never joined one of the challenges before but it feels like it’s working for me as I have gone walking for the last two nights, well I don’t want to be the only person not getting points for the team.
I am so proud of you leeny, you have held up great and I can hear your fighting spirit coming through .You have not let the Basted win, you go girl and give that great Hubby a kiss from all of us, I think I speak for all when I say we are all so happy that you have such a great man beside you

02-14-2006, 11:06 AM
Leeny, you are one very brave lady!! By resigning, you have done what is best for you. Good luck with the really sounds like this jerk needs to be stopped.

But don't be too hard on yourself, dieting is a hard enough battle alone without the added pressure of other emotionally draining issues as well.

Be strong and be well :)

Butter Ball...good luck with the new challenge!!! I'd need to sort out some kind of exercise routine before I could even consider doing a challenge like that. I have NO MOTIVATION when it comes to exercise!!! But if it wasn't for the exercise bit, I'd probably consider it.

I drink about 1.5 - 2 litres of water a day. Before a few weeks ago, my only fluid intake was coffee and diet coke. I still drink coffee, but have stopped the diet coke.

I eat regular meals with lots of fruit and vegies. Before a few weeks ago, I only ate what came out of a packet or what was wrapped up.

I eat at 'normal' hours and I keep my meal times consistant. Before a few weeks ago, I ate...errr...I gorged when ever I felt like it.

Before a few weeks ago, I struggled to sleep if I went to bed at a reasonable hour, and I'd nap during the day. Now I don't feel tired during the day, and I am in bed before midnight most nights and I wake up feeling rested.

I am feeling GREAT!! And I am kicking myself for wasting so many years with bad habits that I now see were affecting my life in more ways than I thought!

I know it is early days still, but I am actually enjoying this at the moment...and I am so determined to go on!

Will catch up with you later :)

02-14-2006, 11:58 PM
You girls are going so well, I'm really proud of each and every one of you.

Leeny, congrats on putting yourself first and giving your boss exactly what he deserves. I hope he really learns his lesson and well. Take time for yourself, you need it, and keep your focus on yourself for now. Eat well, move a little more and cherish yourself.

Lindor, you go girl, you have come so far already. I cant give up the diet coke, but thats probably cause its my only source of caffiene. But I've cut right back and have 2 bottles of water in the freezer ready for school tonite. You are going great guns. I'm not over the tired in the afternoon business yet, but my body is always trying to heal my liver so it seems to zap my energy.

I joined the Biggest Loser site last night, and signed up for their weightloss program. I hope they come up with a better menu plan soon, Weetbix makes me nauseated, and I'm allergic to stuff like salmon.

I got down to the gym this morning and did another pump class followed by 10 minutes on the treadmill, only because my body said, whoa, thats enough exercise for this morning.

Catch you all soon

Butter Ball, you go for it with the challenge, I'll have to go pop in there myself.

02-15-2006, 02:18 AM
Morning Aussie chicks, I am off to work today :( Was meant to have the whole week off, but my boss was desperate today, so in I trot. I am already in my gym gear (we have a little gym at work) and I plan to do a cardio and fitball routine this morning.

A great day yesterday, I weant to the gym three times!!!! I went in the morning for cardio and a swim, at lunch time there was an aquaerobics class, so I joined that, then I went in the evening, nothing on telly, DH at pool in the pub, so off I went. It was very quiet.

I have my induction at my sparkly new gym tomorrow, which I am strangely excited about. It's a lot bigger than the one I currently use, with a pool that's open all the time, and a great yoga studio, and a huge abs area.

All of you make sure you have some nice fruit for me today. All the fruit here at the moment is imported and I am dying for a mango, strawberries, melon etc.

02-15-2006, 07:23 PM
:carrot: 1kg down! So pleased with myself this week. It feels great to be back eating healthy again.

Leeny~Big hugs and lots of luck! I hope you make that loser suffer.

Butter ball~Goodluck with the group. I might be brave enough to join one day too ;)

Lindor~Keep it up you are doing so well! Its amazing how losing weight can make you feel. My hair,skin,nails and bowels (sorry TMI) are much better for it already.

kykaree~Enjoy the new gym! Bummer about the fruit :( Its so yummy here at the moment.

Well I have a busy day ahead of me with the kids,which is the way I like it ;) The whether is cooler so we are going to go down to south perth and go for a nice walk along the river :)

Have a great day everyone!

02-15-2006, 08:56 PM
Thanks again guys for all your support. You are all fabulous. We don't even know each other but have formed a great chat I feel. There are now 8 of us...I feel like I know you all.
Zed - Thanks for your support...You are right. I have a great man that supports me with whatever I do. He is so even natured and says I what feel in my heart is the right thing to do. I hope you have someone in your life. OUr weight loss journey is hard enough eh by with our fam and of course here is great.
Barb - 1 kg down - you go girl!!!It must have been all the walking you are doing in Perth. I hear it is a lovely day...oh thats right I have no job..definitely am poor at the moment..keep on going you will make it
Zelma - well what can I inspire me and keep me thinking I will do this
Butterball - you are amazing at the exercise thing. You must enjoy it. I hate it. I remember once at a Weight Watchers meeting (yes I have been 12 times) the lecturer said that one day I feel find an execise that I will enjoy ...sorry still looking. You do it for me...although I have just finished vacumming the house(and it is very big), sweat dripping and the big red face so I suppose that is just a different form of exercise.
Lindor - Well I love the diet coke too. I have tried the new Coke Zero..too yummy. Did you all know that the caffiene in coke is so minimal is not worth bothering about. An average person can handle about 900mg of caffeine daily. A cup of coffee has 300mg, tea about 10mg and diet coke about would have to drink a lot of coke to affect you. The aspartame in the coke as well will only cause damage if you are sensitive to it and that is really rare. Aspartame is actually found in apples, bananas...actually a lot of fruit and it is higher that the coke. So the moral of this story is I am not bothered by my 2 glasses a day...It keeps me away from cakes.
KathyHegg - I am taking time for myself and concentrating on the diet now...I will put all that behind me and move forward.
Kykaree - You seem to have the exercise thing down pat as well. I m hoping by getting on line you may be sending me vibes and well one day
Phew - I hope i have not missed anyone as you are all great. I jumped on the scales this morning to see what damage there was after a "lapse". I surprised myself and am actually down .680g Better than a gain I suppose.

02-15-2006, 09:03 PM
Sorry guys..I raved on too much and ran out of room...had to post another. Thanks again guys for your support..I needed it and feel I am on the right track again with my diet. I am actuall going into hospital Tuesday 28th for my Tummy tuck..I am nervous and excited at the same time. Because I have lost lots of weight welll the tummy thing is not pretty. Another big decision but a "moving forward"one I feel.
Keep on getting skinnier - we are all great:)

02-16-2006, 02:29 AM
Oh you brave woman Leeny, I am a wimp! You'll be in our thoughts.

The exercise thing didn't come easy to me. I am about as athletic as a walrus. But if you exercise, you can eat a bit more, always a good thing, and it helps with the happy hormones too. I don't have to take antidepressants any more, and I am sure exercise (and a good diet) has helped.

You will find an exercise you love, promise!!! But you have to try em to find one ;) For me its swimming and fitball. I have discovered I actually have decent balance and core strength. Who knew under all that fat there were abdominal muscles just dying to come out!!!

Nearly time to get my bus and explore this new gym!!!! It's a group induction so knowing my luck it will all be super fit skinny people!!! I find myself justifying all the time, that I have actually lost 30 kilos, and I'm not some deluded person joining a gym on a whim.

butter ball no more
02-16-2006, 10:48 AM
Hi girls how did everyone’s day go .Me I got up at 5.30am and its just gone 12.45am so I am totally done in. I left home at 6.30am and arrived back home at 8.15pm, I then picked up our grandson and took him for a walk in his pram (I was thinking that I think I would rather have hot bamboo shoots under my finger nails that exercise ……no its true).
I have been walking every night after work (normally only 12 hour shifts) because I don’t want to be the person in the challenge with no exercise point…oh well what ever works I suppose.
Leeny you have a great inner strength I don’t think I could ever have a tummy tuck, I’m hoping my tummy will go back to something around what is “normal” I have pretty good skin, well apart from I have Rosacea a skin disorder on my face, but my tummy skin has gone back after both my daughters, even after having large red stretch marks, so I will just keep hoping.
~Barbara~ Great work, I hope I start to lose weight soon, now that I am putting in some effort (I could put in more)
Kykaree How did the GYM thing go????
Kathyhegg how are you going on the biggest loser
Lindor maybe you might be like me and feel that you have to do some exercise because you have to write it down for all to see, maybe a challenge is just what you need
I need bed girls be strong and good to yourself .
Karen (butter Ball No More)

02-16-2006, 11:01 AM
The new gym is amazing!!! it's very shiny and everything is new. There are weird things in there, like Power Plates, Cardio Waves and stair climbers that look like escalators. It's very friendly, and there were lots of fat people there!! Yay!!! I was a bit worried it might all be super slim yummy mummy types, but not the case. No cute guys though :( Perhaps peak hour will be better :D No point going to the gym if there isn't anything nice to look at ;)

The pool is lovely, the spas are amazing, really big, and there's a nice steam room with lights that look like stars, they even twinkle!

I could get used to the high life!!! My old gym is just a tin shed really, but I will miss the staff, they're all excellent.

butter ball no more
02-16-2006, 07:39 PM
Morning Girls:wave: just dropping in to say Hi to bump us or we will be on page 4 or 6
have a great day:dust: for all and get off your butt and:running: :lifter: :workout: :tread: :ebike:

02-16-2006, 09:04 PM
Morning all!!!

Look at me, not even 9am here and I am up, showered and ready to take on the world - and I don't even have to go to work today!!! In fact I have been up for a good couple of hours already! :carrot:

It wasn't all that long ago that on my first day off, after a seven day stretch, I'd spend the day sleeping. I sat up and watched some of the winter olympics 'til 1am so I am surprised I am so awake right now!!

If it wasn't so hot out there (32C already!!!) I'd probably do something physical. I tell you this town could do so well with an airconditioned gym!!!

Anyway, other than having to go to work for a meeting, I have little on for today, so if it cools down a tad this afternoon I might go out and mow the lawn.

Have a good day gang!!! :)

02-16-2006, 10:26 PM
Ok...totally off topic here!

Has anyone heard any reviews or had experience with the Holden Cruze? I am thinking of trading my current car in and buying one. Just wondered what the general opinion is of the vehicle?

Of course, if I was serious about wanting to do exercise I should be trading my current car in for a pair of good quality walking boots :lol:

butter ball no more
02-16-2006, 10:50 PM
I'll ask Hubby he is up on that kind of stuff,me if i turn it on and it gos great ,if not yell for Hubby thats why I married a Automotive engineer lol

02-17-2006, 12:45 AM
Thank you Karen, I'd appreciate the opinion of someone who knows their stuff about cars. I am the same, if it starts first time and doesn't blow smoke then it is good for me. Of course the colour has to be right and the interior has to be modern and easy to clean, and it has to have a decent mirror for applying the make-up when driving (ok I am not serious about that last bit).... :lol:

02-17-2006, 01:44 AM
Bloke here, jeez there are a fair few sheilas here.;)

I've tucked myself down on my own away from the sheilas,

Anyhow, maybe see you around the traps.


02-17-2006, 02:30 AM
Hello all,
this thread is a great idea.
My name is Cas, i live in sydney with DH, a housemate and my cat. Oh, and i'm 23.
I'm a self-confessed nut and i have PCOS, possible tumour, possible gallstones. And i saved the best for last..i'm depressed..or...i was, until i started exercising all the time and doing the portion control thing :dizzy:
Up until recently i had massive issues with motivation. These days i'm just sore :) ..
I'm having a few days off since yesturday behind the wheel, i turned blue and my friend called an ambulance..apparently it was an anxiety attack, but hmm..i'm finding that impossible to believe..
I'll weigh myself in when i can find some more scales (the last ones broke the day after we got them) last weigh in was monday, and i was 129kg.

02-17-2006, 02:43 AM

I'm an Aussie, but live in the UK. I had gallstones, but they're gone now :carrot: A kind surgeon made a nice big cut across my tummy and took out my gall bladder :dizzy: :smug: So no more gallstones, yippee.

I have suspected PCOS, I've got all the symptoms, but they're all improving as the weight goes down, except the moustache LOL.

I'm off work today too, but am up already, it's 7.15. I am going to try out my new gym again today, and play with the pretty new things, and book a trainer for Monday so I can get a shiny new program done.

Have a happy evening all, I keep forgetting it's morning when you're all finished for the day, it's kinda depressing!

02-17-2006, 02:59 AM
Hey to the will be good to get some "man"support(diet wise) i mean. Let us in on some of your secrets(diet that is):D . Well me..doing not too bad...I think I could get used to the "no working"thing but I don't think the bank balance will allow me to do that. I am very impressed with myself today...I cleaned the entire loungeroom...moved furniture, photos etc etc , scubbed the walls and even the ceiling..washed windows and doors. It took me all morning...lots of sweating...has to be a good thing. The fam came home from school and of course didn't even notice:devil: I think i have lost some weight this could be the combination of being more physical at home plus I'm sure some of it is stress related.
My sister is always on a diet as well and has joined a gym and wants me to go with her now that I šm a lady of leisure". The idea is great but I know me and will fizzle out quick sticks I know...been there done that too many times to count.
I don't think any of us have told what sort of diet we are on or what we have tried...maybe yours is better than mine.
Sorry I don't know anything about cars, nor does the hubbie. My man is a brains man..definitely can't change the lightbulb(well almost). Ask him a computer worries. Actually he has just walked in...on my computer again he many* woman!!
Keep on going ladies. I am trying to lose as much weight as I can before 28th Feb when I will be doing the Tummy tuck thing as afterwards I am not supposed to lose or gain weight until I have healed.
Be kind to yourselves and I look forward to chatting maybe tommorrow...I spose I have to go and organise some dinner for the Łseless boys"...leeny:tantrum:

02-17-2006, 05:30 AM
Leeny, I promise if you come and clean my living room including the walls and the ceiling, I'll notice.

And to the new people, welcome to the group. Its nice to see the number of aussies growing and we can get to know each other better.

I haven't started the biggest loser diet yet, but after seeing the losers results tonite, I'm really motivated.

02-17-2006, 08:31 AM
To answer your question leeny, I'm not on a "diet". I have made a series of lifestyle changes. I don't eat deep fried or junk food anymore, and no longer eat out any more than once a fortnight. I eat lots of lean protein and low GI carbs, and lots of fruit and vegetables. I still have the occasional treat, and have a maintenance break once every eight weeks.

I concentrate most of my energies on exercise. I try to gym it 5 - 6 days a week. I do weight training and cardio, and swimming, and hope to take up yoga soon.

Because I had so much weight to lose (and still do) I wanted to invest the money in exercise rather than doing something like weight watchers (which is so dear here)

02-17-2006, 11:01 AM
Welcome to the Newbies...the more the better right!

So I managed to mow my lawn today...planned to just do the backyard and then the front tomorrow. I ended up not only doing the back, but the front and also the verges in front of my yard!! Took me an hour and fifteen minutes. I should do this more often!!!

Leeny, I am not on any diet plan either. Like kykaree, I have just made lifestyle changes too. I have just cut down junk food and I have cut down my portion sizes. I have increased my fruit and vegie intake and my water intake. I may not have lost much weight just yet (early days though) but, physically and mentally, I have noticed many changes. If I don't lose weight through this I'll still be happy with my other changes.

I do need to increase my physical activity. But I don't have a heck of a lot of time for it and right now we are reaching temperatures of over 40C. I live alone, I work a full time job and an extra job one night a week. I also study part time too. I have nobody to send out to do my shopping, do my cooking or cleaning...I have to squeeze all that in too. Doesn't leave much time. But I am sleeping better (and less) and find I am creating a few more hours in my maybe when it cools down a bit I might get my push bike out.

I really do want to become more physically active.

'night all :)

02-17-2006, 12:55 PM
I found it hard at first. I used to work 12 til 8 shifts (noon til 8pm) and it was quite easy then, I got up at 6, had breakfast, got to the gym at opening time, 7.15 - did a swim afterwards, came home and got changed, and started the trek to work at about 10.15 (it takes an hour and a half to get there)

Now I have a promotion, but I can only 9 to 5 and 10 to 6, it's a bit trickier to do the exercise, and I hate doing it at night. I am a morning bunny!!! So I have changed gyms to one that opens at 6.30, it's 20 minutes towards my journey to work, so I will be able to make it on a 10 to 6 day, and at a push on 9 to 5 day.

I managed to get my personal training program done, it was with a trainer who thought I was a complete beginner, and I had to keep saying "I have done this for a year this is too easy!!" In the end I just took control of the weights and did it myself! So I am doing weight training twice a week on a nicely organised split program, lower body one day and arms the next. On non weight training days I will use the fancy new power plate and do some abs training on the fit balls.

butter ball no more
02-18-2006, 03:14 AM
Hi all just bumpping us so we dont get lost,I'm off to work soon NIGHT shift (12 awake shift yukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk)
good luck to all

02-18-2006, 06:14 AM
You go girls:) :) :) I wish I had your enthusiasm towards the exercise thing. I did however organise the neighbours(we live in a cul-de-sac) so we all know each other quite well, to have a walk together each night at 6.00pm as it is cooler then and before dinner. I don't feel like I will eat anything and everything after a walk. I won't undo all the good I have just done. I am not much of a gym person. I think it has come from the bad ol days when I was so overweight I felt too self conscious to step into a gym with all the "skinny fit ones". I do know gyms have changed a lot but still not game to go just yet. I'm more comfortable with the girls walking. I live in a very hilly part of town so the walk gets the ol heart pumping and the backs of the legs burning.:carrot: I will only be able to do it for another week though as my "tummy tuck"is on the 28th. I am now getting nervous but it is like the final thing I have to achieve to be successful in my weight loss journey. I'm sure I will be sore.
I was about to say I don't get much time for the exercise either as I work full time(well used to), 2 children,husband,2 dogs, 2 cats, big house to clean. etc etc. My eldest child is disabled so my free time...well none. One good thing about me not working is that I can spend more quality time with him and also for me. Thats enough for the night...need to do the dishes and fold fun fun:mad: ...leeny

02-18-2006, 06:26 AM
Well I managed to drag myself to the gym today, and managed to do both a body pump class and a body Jam class. I still hate body jam but it got my heart rate up. Spent the rest of the day in a really cr@ppy mood.

02-18-2006, 06:32 AM
Leeny, great idea involving the neighbours!!! If I hadn't just reported my neighbours to the police for violent tendencies and verbal threats against me and had a restraining order put on him, I might consider doing that too :lol:

I have thought about asking some of my work colleagues if they want to do regular walks, but I couldn't remain consistant on my times as I work shifts - nobody would want to walk with me at 10pm and I wouldn't want to get up at 6am if I knock off at 10pm. I also have not mentioned to anyone here that I am trying to lose weight - I am waiting for them to notice it.

I am thinking that once it cools down and the weather becomes a little more predictable (we are getting some pretty huge storms here in the evenings) I might go for a bike ride at night - after work - or even ride to and from work.

Yeah, yeah I know...I gotta stop thinking and start acting!! :lol:

02-18-2006, 06:33 AM
Just a test as my computer is stupid(or maybe thats me) if my tracker is on yet..sorry girls..leeny

02-18-2006, 01:38 PM
Hi all. I had a busy day, I went into Manchester and went to the.........gasp.......running shop!!! I felt really strange walking in there, but I did it, and I bought some running shoes!!! I had to walk on a treadmill so they could assess my feet, and then go on it with the new trainers. I tried on four pairs, and of course, the best were the most expensive!!!

I went to the gym and tried them out, and I ran for the first time ever!!! I did interval running, so three minutes brisk walking, 1 minute running and repeated for 20 minutes. I'm aiming for 30 on my next training session. My goal is to get ready for my 10k run in June, in London. I am running with YP1 and 2frustrated, who are on the UK Fat Chicks thread.

I love the gym, which is quite scary seeing as I hated the very idea in January last year. I picked a good gym to start, very local, plenty of fat people, and fairly quiet. Now the gym I go to is in a much bigger catchment area, lots of fit people, and a few fat ones, and a lot more professional.

The nights are getting lighter, it's only dark at 5.30 pm now, instead of 4pm LOL:D I can't wait til it's nice outside and I can run of an evening!!!

02-18-2006, 09:50 PM
I want a gym!!!!

You guys motivate me sooo much, but I don't have a gym to go to :(

I want a brand new sparkly gym like Kykaree!!!!

For now...I'll have to make do with going out in the 34C day outside to wash my car. Going to take it to a dealer tomorrow and see what I can get for trade-in.

Have a good day people!

02-19-2006, 08:35 AM
I've just been looking around and explored the chat room here. It was empty :( (Unless I did something wrong and wasn't in fact in there???)

I'm not a huge chatter nor have I had much experience in chat rooms, but I was kinda thinking maybe our little group here could arrange a day and time for a regular get together in the chat room.

Just a thought...what do the rest of us think?

Oh yeah...

*bump* :lol:

02-19-2006, 10:44 AM
I've never seen another soul in the chat room, I've only tried a few times, but i think Suzanne3FC was saying its never used. So yeah, a time to meet would be great! I'll try and fit in around you guys since I have the dodgy time difference!!!

02-19-2006, 06:05 PM
Morning all!!

Kykaree - will wait 'til we get a reponse from others before we set any day/time on the chat thing. I work shifts so can't really pinpoint a perfect time for me, but should be able to appear regularly at any day/time. My shifts might just mean one week here and there where I can not appear.

I got my car sparking yesterday, took me most of the day to wash, wax, vacuum and polish the thing. Almost looks too good to get rid of now :lol:

And I managed to get a dog washed and clipped last night. I am amazed at my energy levels at the moment! I have never felt this full of life (in my adult years anyway)!!!

So it's Monday morning, weight-in day. And I have lost another two kilos!!! Am I starting to see a trend here? I keep expecting that stage where you level out and not lose weight of a few weeks to kick in?

112kgs - 103kgs in four weeks!!! And I am getting close to the 100kgs - it's getting all kinda exciting!!:dizzy:

Alright I am off. Have a good day people :)

02-19-2006, 06:08 PM
I remember when I hit the 100kgs, it was very exciting!!! I jumped and ran around the gym (where I weigh in) I provide fantastic entertainment!!!

Day off tomorrow, back to work Tuesday, then I get measured and my fat percentage done on Wednesday. I do this every eight weeks with the trainer at my works gym. It's always a bit scary!!! He's really nice though. A bit mad - he's convinced me to start running, and he is preparing me for triathlon training at some point. :dizzy:

Have a good Monday and a good week all!!!!

butter ball no more
02-20-2006, 05:54 AM
:wave: Hi girls Monday weigh in YES I have started to drop yes yes yes :dancer: :cb: :dance: it was only a 1 kg:goodscale but it is going the right way at last .
The Holden Cruze My hubby said the he has only heard good thing. His work purchase one last week so that sounds goods to me, hope that helps.
Also yes I would love to work out a time to chat with all the Aussies:gossip: :grouphug:

02-20-2006, 08:59 AM
Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend and are starting your week better than I did. I haven't been posting as much as I would have liked, as I have just been extremely tired lately. I do a lot of reading, but only have the energy for a couple of replies. Well... today my body finally told me that it has had enough and I need to give it a rest. I could hardly think straight all day, which isn't really a good thing when you are teaching 7 year olds. Thankfully a lot of the day was planning time, so someone else had the kids. They were great when I did have them, which helped. I truly just couldn't function. I felt as though I had been awake for 48hrs+.

After a LOT of thought (well, as much as my muddled brain could come up with) and talking with a number of people, including my dietician friend, we decided that I have been overdoing the exercise bit lately. Basically I have not upped my food intake at all over the past couple of months, but I have managed to pretty much double my exercise. I have also increased the intensity a LOT. I have been exercising twice a day, for up to 50 mins a session. No days off. Also, I felt guilty if I was sitting around, so I would always be up and around or going out to walk somewhere. It truly didn't dawn on me that this was a bad thing. I thought I was doing a great job. My weight had been plateauing, so I figured that the extra exercise would help with this. I actually think I was sabotaging my efforts and may have been causing the plateau somehow.

I had blood work done at the end of the school holidays as I was feeling tired all the time, but other than a couple of vitamins being low, all was fine. I've been taking supplements for the low things and still wasn't getting more energy. So, after being tired for WAY too long, I have decided to perhaps listen to my body more. I am off work for a couple of days and I intend on doing NO exercise for that time. I am not sure how I will go with this, but I'm determined to give it a go to see if it makes a difference. Fingers crossed.

Oh, also wanted to mention that I teach with the mother of Kristie on The Biggest Loser Australian version. She is such a wonderful person and seems SO much like Kristie, in looks and personality. I am looking forward to when Kristie comes home, so we can meet and share experiences. I am only watching the show because she is in it. It scares me otherwise. I really worry about the rapid weight loss and the strenuous exercise regimes they are put through. I know that they are monitored, but I still wonder how someone doesn't have a heart attack.

Well, I am heading off to bed soon. I am excited that I will be able to sleep in tomorrow. I have been getting up at 5:15am (5:30 on weekends) to give myself time to exercise and won't need to do that tomorrow. Bliss!

Congratulations to all those losing weight. Hopefully I'll be joining you again soon, once I get my system sorted out.

Take care,:hug:


02-20-2006, 09:31 AM
The Holden Cruze My hubby said the he has only heard good thing. His work purchase one last week so that sounds goods to me, hope that helps.

I went to have a look at a Holden Cruze today with my budget in mind and seriously thinking that if all looked good then I'd buy it. I walked in to the Holden Dealership and ask for some information on it, only to be told they are no longer being made!!!:mad:

They gave me information on a couple of other cars and gave me a ball park figure for a trade in price for my car. The other cars they had to offer were like twice the price of the Cruze, so I left really unhappy.

Going to look at a Nissan next...something like the Pulsar.

Anyway, congrats on your loss Karen, so long as it is down it always feels good!

And as for the chat...what is good for you? I am thinking evenings - which day does not bother me?

Zelma, hope you start to feel better soon. In the meantime, enjoy your time off of work and exercise - happy reading!!! :lol:

butter ball no more
02-20-2006, 06:44 PM
Good morning Girls:wave: hope every one has had a good:beach: week-end and a good start to the week.
A time for meeting in the chat room, well as I work a rotating roster 12 days and then 12 nights. It would be better for me on my day shift after 8pm AEST or I will just catch up with you girls:gossip: when I can on my days off, so what ever time everyone else can join is good with me:dunno: .

02-21-2006, 12:09 AM
Hi guys...I have just finished reading all the entries. it has been a while since I got on the computer. On a bit of a downer with the work thing. I got a letter from the boss and it is not very pleasant(as I suspected)and that has got me thinking "what the **** have I done"...threw away a good job and now I am panicking. Food well...what can I say...i am pathetic. I am walking with the neighbours so I hope that will get me in the right frame of mood. I dare not weigh mysel:devil: f I know it will be up and that will throw me. I will be good this week and then Monday is the day I will weigh.
My operation has been put off for another 3 weeks as well...big long story but I feel a bit dissappointed. I saw the Plastic Surgeon on Monday and well the day got worse and worse.
Anyway I am pleased some of us are on the right track. I have been watching the Biggest Loser...I think they are all great...very brave to bear all on the TV.
I thought getting on here instead of watching the "soapies on TV"and wanting the munchies with that... would be much more beneficial
Anyday or night suits me with the chat thing....I'm the lady of leisure remember:) .I have looked a couple of times and have only chatted once and I think I found one of you ladies there from memory.
Keep on posting is great our little group is so supportive of each other.:) :) leeny

02-21-2006, 03:14 AM
Leeny, if I was under the pressure that you are at the moment with your boss (or should I say ex-boss), not knowing if, what or when the next job opportunity will come and also the anxiety of surgery in the not too distant future, I am sure I would have crumbled too. As you say you are still walking so I think you are still mentally going in the right direction - everything else will follow soon enough.

So if anyone wants to suggest the day and time for chat then we can get that ball rolling - seems we are all pretty flexable. I think we just need to work out our time differences now. I think evening would be better so that Kykaree can join in from the UK in her mornings as that appears to be the time she does most of her posting (feel free to correct me there, Kykaree, if I am wrong). WA is two hours behind QLD I think, and I think that is the same for ACT? Does that cover everyone?

I am hopeless at making these final decisions so, someone suggest a time and day :lol:

Alright, I may pop on again later :)

02-21-2006, 03:19 AM
I would certainly be happy to chat, but it would have to be evening or Sunday afternoon for me.

I'm enjoying my first day of not exercising more than I thought I would. It is amazing how good it feels to have that pressure off for a little while. I didn't even realise that I was putting myself under that pressure until it was lifted. I will have to ease back into exercise slowly and sensibly.

Leeny - Sorry about the operation being put off, but I am glad that you are feeling good about your exercise routine now. Just think what a huge bonus THAT is and pat yourself on the back for that. Don't kick yourself for the other stuff, cos that will sort itself out gradually too. Oh, also you made the step in the right direction by coming on here instead of TV and munchies. That is deserving of another pat on the back. Little steps... little steps. When I think back to when I started, I think I was making TINY steps, but I managed to come a LONG way. Keep going my friend.

Lindor - Sorry about your choice of car not being available. I hope you find an alternative you like soon. Thank you for the encouragement. I need all I can get at the moment.

Catch you all again soon.

Take care,:hug:


02-21-2006, 04:23 AM
ACT is the same time zone as NSW. Im happy with an evening for chatting, any evening except Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, as I'm at school those nights. See Im easy to

Good job on everyones weight loss. I wont know how I've gone till March unfortunately, cause I'm weighed every 6 weeks.

02-21-2006, 05:19 AM
Out of Tuesday or Friday evenings...Tuesday is probably better for me. I get more Tuesday nights off in my monthly roster rotation than Fridays.

Anyone else?

02-21-2006, 06:14 AM
Thanks for the encouragement all are truly inspirational...we should be on the Biggest Loser eh...we are all so great:D Tuesday night for the chat for me is great. Is 8.00pm Qld time (i have no idea what that is other times) good for everyone. Most of us would have had our evening meal by then is that right...someone comment...I am not a good decision maker.
I don't know what happened to our "man"chatter or the other new girl...maybe we frightened them off...hope not. It does seem to be the same ones chatting all the time so it would be great to chat quicker on the chat
Must go to bed even though it is only early...big day today...too much cleaning..I must say I might not be at work currently but my house is getting the much needed clean it needs. Tommorrow is the oven:mad: I'm sure you are all envyous:?:
I am a true believer that "things happen for reasons"and the right car will turn up for you Lindor(is your name Linda). My name is Leeann. Look forward to chatting soon...leeny

02-21-2006, 07:03 AM
If I am correct 8pm for you is 6pm for me and that is fine for me...I don't have to worry about having a family fed or any of that stuff :lol:

So Tuesday evenings it is then? Are we all for that?

And Leeann, my name is not Linda - Lindor came from a chocolate wrapper that was sitting in front of me when I registered here :lol:

butter ball no more
02-21-2006, 05:04 PM
I'm fine with 8pm Tuesday , what chat room :gossip: ?????
Just the main one ???I was BAD:tape: yesterday while picking up youngest Daughter from school stop at the BIGM:mcd: (I only got a coffe:coffee2: )to get DD a after school snack(she had just finnished Cheerleading:cheer: )of chips and a:cbg: burger:burger: ,but being a DD she kept giving mum chips and I kept EATING them:yikes:
Hope we all have a good day:dust:

02-21-2006, 07:02 PM
That's seven in the morning for me, some Wednesdays I start late so might be able to join you for a little while!!!

I'm off to bed, what a day. I celebrated returning to work by going swimming before work, bearing in mind that our weather didn't get over 5 degrees today. I got the bus at 6.30 this morning and it certainly was nowhere near 5 degrees then!!!

Then tonight I got to the bus station and my bus hadn't turned up, so I walked to the gym and did my weight training!!! It's the first time I have been and night, and it won't be the last. There are many pretty boys who use that gym!!!

My partner works for a really rude newspaper called Daily Sport, which is not about sport at all really, and one of his jobs is to pick naked women for the paper. If he can look, so can I!!!!! Only he gets paid for it :D:D:D:D:D:D

02-22-2006, 06:01 AM
Oh what a day I've had. I did 2.5 hours at the gym, including a Pump class, 25 minutes on the eliptical, and then a Piloga class. Tonite I popped into target and saw jeans on a sale rack. Seeing as the pants I had on kept slipping, I was actually walking around holding them up, I grabbed 2 pairs to try on in sizes 18 and 20.

I thought, I'll try the 18 on first, be optomistic you know. And OMG they fit, not only do they fit, they are a little loose. And I'm talking real jeans, not elastic in the back fake type jeans. Its working its working. Can you tell I'm on top of the world. And to top it off they cost less than $9.

Oh what a day.

02-22-2006, 06:59 AM
Oh well done Kathy. I don't care what scales say, only when your clothing size changes can you really feel proud of what you have done!!!

And a bargain to boot, you gotta love that!!!

02-22-2006, 12:27 PM
Well done Kathy!!!!!

I'm hanging out for the day I start dropping clothes sizes too. I've lost 9kgs so far and I think I have made it to size 21 now :lol:

Size 22 are feeling loose, but I still can't make it into a 20!!!

And Kykaree, I agree with your statement about the scales. I reckon I lost a kilo on Monday just by getting my hair cut...and that does nowt for clothes sizes or weight loss :lol:

Goodnight all :)

02-23-2006, 02:08 AM
I was a size 24 (which is a 26 in UK depressing that you gain a dress size justby hopping on a plane, I want to go to US where you drop two sizes when you land :D )

Now I'm a size 16 (size 18 here) which is just amazing to me!!! I don't think I have been a size 16 since I was....well...16!!!!

I can now shop in some ordinary shops, one more size and I'll be able to shop almost anywhere. Some of the really expensive shops here only go up to a UK 12 (Aus 14).

Shopping here is fabulous. I thought clothes were really expensive here when I first arrived, but when I went back to Australia two years ago, I found everything really dear. I went to BIB in Myer, and could barely find anything under $100!!!! I used to shop there all the time. And everything was really plain. Here the fat clothes are really lovely, if you shop around.

I went for a run after work yesterday, at the gym. I managed 3 miles in 45 minutes, which I am absolutely over the moon about. My aim is to finish my 10k in June in 90 minutes, which at current pace I am already there. So perhaps I'll need to revise that goal as my training progresses.

I'm going to the gym at work today to be tortured, I mean measured. And my body fat done too. Which means no breakfast til after. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I am such a breakfast girl. I can't function until I have had my porridge!!!

02-23-2006, 05:47 AM
I went to the gym again tonite, I'm getting so addicted, did 30 mins on the treadmill covering 3km in front of Bold and Beautiful, and then hit the eliptical for 30 mins overing 4.2 km. I was soaked afterwards, but I'm still on the high from it. Wheeeeeeee

02-23-2006, 10:09 PM
You are all amazing. It is such a thrill to get into a size you never thought possible eh:) I was a size 24(and just squeezing into that). I remember my mum bought me a pair of shorts for my birthday in size 24...where she even found then who look beuatiful she said. How can a size 24 look beautiful i screamed back at her. I will help you lose weight she pleaded with me. What size will a buy you next year she said. That statement cut to the bone...I exclaimed a size 12 mum. I hope I will. Well I did get to that size 12 and she bought me a pair of shorts. I have always kept that big size 24 to remind me that I will never be that size ever again..yuk. Unfortunately I gained some of my weight back and am now wearing size 14 and will return to my 12 again. I have so many lovely clothes - all size 12 - I am now a clothes horse. I suppose I always was but who can buy nice ones in big sizes here unless you want to pay zillions.
My walking is still going great...shock. I went over to the neighbours yesterday...she wasn't home...I could have not walked but went back home, grabbed one of the kids to motivate me and the dog and away I went. Good for me. Food wise...not too bad but definitely not perfect. One out of two ain't bad though.
Keep on posting guys, you inspire me to continue...leeny

02-23-2006, 10:58 PM
I just bought me a brand new exercise bike!!! Should arrive in about 10 days.

I tell you...I am an impulsive shopper!!!! God only knows what I will be like when I get down to a decent clothes size! Maybe I should start filing for bankruptcy now?? :lol:

02-24-2006, 05:25 AM
I'm the same, I cant walk past crossroads now without at least taking a look at what they have. I would have bought a dress there today, except it really emphasised my huge shoulders.

On the good news front, I am now cm's wise smaller than my sister. The only place I'm bigger is on my waist and thats by a whole 2cms. Woohoo. We are having a comp between us now to see who can lose the most weight.

02-24-2006, 09:10 AM
Oh, I am most DEFINITELY the same. I know I should be saving money, but I just can't resist buying new clothes. I am simply THRILLED to have so much choice. Luckily hubby doesn't mind at all. I think he is happy to see me so happy... oh, and he also likes it when I tell him to buy something for the computer or camera because I am feeling guilty about all my spending.

Lindor - You will LOVE the exercise bike, I'm sure. I love mine. I was having withdrawal symptoms as I couldn't use it for a few days. For two days I was now allowed to exercise (strict instructions from my dietitian friend) because I made myself sick by over-exercising. Took me a while to realise it, but I was thoroughly exhausted on Monday and could hardly think straight or function properly at work. I thought about it (as well as I could) and talked with a couple of people and we decided that I had not upped my food intake at all, but had doubled the time spent exercising and had seriously increased the intensity of the workouts. Not a good combination for keeping healthy... or losing weight. My weight had plateaued and I was compensating by exercising more, which was only sabotaging things. Oh well... you live and learn.

Anyway, after a couple of days of no exercise, no work, no nothing, I felt more awake than I had in months! It was wonderful. Then my body decided to rest a little too much and a virus that it had obviously been fighting off for a while took over. So I had two more days off work to get over this thing. Not pleasant at all. My throat felt like I had been sucking on sandpaper, and after talking it felt like I had been swallowing razor blades. I had NO energy and just wanted to nap. I am a little better today and was actually able to exercise again, but far more moderately. I was SO looking forward to it, whereas for a while there it was becoming a chore because I was pushing myself WAY too hard.

Anyway... getting back to my original point... and taking the LONG way to get there... I do believe you will enjoy using the exercise bike. I watch the news every evening while I workout. It makes the time just race by.

Kathy - Well done on the size decrease. I don't have a comp of any kind with hubby, but I was so thrilled when I finally weighed less than he did. Now I am about 10kg less, which is just great. At target I may end up around 20kg lighter, as long as he doesn't go and lose weight on me. I even tried on some of his trousers a while ago and they fit! That was pretty good, because I would have hardly pulled them over my knees even 6 months ago.

I look forward to hearing when the chat is. 6pm should be OK, although that is dinner time, so will have my mouth full while we are 'talking'.

Take care all,


02-25-2006, 05:46 AM
I love that i weigh less than dh now. It felt horrible to know that I weighed more than him. And I'm getting stronger than him too, I can do a proper push up now, well almost, and I'm so proud of myself. I went to the gym at 7 am after dd climbed into our bed at 6.30 this morning. I knew there would be no more sleep, so got into my gym stuff and went and did an hour of cardio, then hit the shops in an effort to find a nice summerish top to wear to my parents wedding anniversary dinner on Friday. No luck there.

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off from the gym.

02-25-2006, 03:19 PM
I've learnt the hard way about over training and have two non-gym days a week. Thursday was one, and today was another. I sometimes swim on a rest day though, but not this week.

I'm finally in a UK size 18 jean, it seems the last bastion when you change clothes sizes, I have been in size 18 skirts and tops for a while now (Aus 16)

What shops do you guys shop in?? I am completely out of touch with Aussie shops now!!! I seemed to live in Target and Myer big sizes when I was there, oh and Katies, I loved their 16 - 26 range, but was disappointed with it when I was there two years ago.

Off to decide what's for tea. I hate cooking on weekends!!!

02-26-2006, 04:21 AM
I shop at Target, Kmart, Millers sometimes, but the clothes seem a bit old for my age group and usually end up next door at crossroads, who very kindly cater for sizes 8 - 24, and at very reasonable prices too. I am about a size 18 (Aus) in their clothes. Katies now has a seperate shop called 16-26 but its hideously expensive, and lots of huge prints. I cant afford Myer or DJ's, so usually dont even bother stepping inside there. I've only just started even looking at clothes again, I've been wearing the same things for years now, and some of my things are almost see through cause they've been worn and washed so much.

I'm still losing its amazing the size 18 jeans I bought earlier on in the week are getting looser, I'll have to see if I can shrink them in the wash a little bit. I have to go out and get new undies too, I'm starting to walk around holding them up too. Oh the joys of losing weight.

I had my day off too. My days off are usually Sunday and Tuesday.

02-26-2006, 04:37 AM
I'm Ash, I'm 17, live in Sydney, in my last year of school FINALLY!! work 3 jobs and go to TAFE and somehow manage to fit the gym in at least 3 times a week. Just found this Aussie thread so maybe I'll be able to get a bit more help here considering we talk the same language in things like food products and stuff...Had a pretty down day today was in a shocking mood but I'll get over it as usual....Anyways I don't know what else to say....Ummm since you're talking about clothes guess I will too so I usually shop in the "surfy" shops like SDS and places like that only because I have skinny legs compared to my upper body my pants are around a size 12 - 14 but my tops range from 12 in the sizes that are meant to be big on small girls to an 18 which those kinds of shops hardly ever stock...I sometimes shop at Target (I work there) but not often anyways don't have much to say just thought I would introduce myself.

02-26-2006, 10:29 AM
Ash!!! Glad you could join us! We are just in the process of arranging a regular chat night for us Aussies, so if you'd like to join in there please feel free. We have decided on Tuesday nights - 8pm your time I think (if you are the same as QLD).

Clothes? Hmmm...I rarely shop for clothes, I find it very depressing. In remote towns, we don't get those big department stores, only the small locally owned shops where the owners feel they can put on a huge price tag because 'where else is there to go?' I occasionally make it to a Target Country store but, like you said Kathy, the style seems beyond my age. I get to the city (Perth) once a year (if that).

My clothes are old and ragged too :( Occasionally I'll find a bargain on something on eBay and buy from there. I used to try online shopping with Ezibuy...but I'd find everything my size was almost always 'out of stock'. Hopefully next time I get to Perth, I'll be a few sizes smaller and have a little more enthusiasm for clothes shopping :)

Weigh-in tomorrow!!! Good luck everyone :)

02-26-2006, 06:18 PM
Morning people!!

Just popping in to report my weigh-in...

...and I am down just one kg this week.

That makes me down 10kgs all up so far!!! WOOOHOOO!! 1/5 of the way there :carrot:

And hey? Who's in for chat tomorrow? :)

02-26-2006, 11:57 PM
Good for you Lindor..another kilo down. Unfortunately I found it for you. This week I am all inspired to lose my weight again. The "downer"is over and I am ready to commit again. Apart from that I feel disgusting and also disgusted in myself for "losing the plot"for the past 2 weeks. Enough of the self pity and I need to get on to lose my last 10 kg to I can finally say I have done it.
I will be good for the week but on the weekend I am having a party..yes I am 40:carrot: :) :) I will be breaking the diet...Its a pretty big party so I am a bit flustered...I needed to do this to get my mind off other issues. The week after is my tummy tuck so I am moving forward again.
Hope all you other lovely ladies had a great week
Looking forward to our chat tommorrow night

02-27-2006, 05:24 AM
The chat thingy sounds like a good idea...but I could imagine I might be abit young...But I might try and join in am going to the gym at 6 with a friend though so don't know when I'll be back.....I'm guessin today was a weigh in for you guys??? In that case I'm STILL stuck at 90....It's been awhile now not too long I guess but I'm hoping to get it moving soon!!

02-27-2006, 08:23 AM
If today was weigh in day, I'll have to report 74kg.

I was REALLY hoping to report something lower, but I think my body is still recovering from over exercising. I know that I've lost 86kg, but I just want to be able to finally say that I am in the "Healthy Weight Range". It has just been sitting out of reach for a while now and I don't know what to do to give it a kick start again. My dietitian friend is working on it with me, so hopefully something will work. She has me eating MORE, which always takes a bit of getting used to after being told for years that you have to eat LESS to lose weight. I keep trying to convince myself that after more than two years of my new lifestyle, I just need to be a little more patient and this will work out. "Patience" is NOT my middle name. Deep breaths...

I'll try to make it to tomorrow's chat, but it is around my dinner time, so I am worried I'll forget. I may have to leave a large note on the kitchen counter.

Take care all,


02-27-2006, 09:44 AM
Well after all the organising and planning, it looks like I am going to miss chat tomorrow :(

I have had to swap shifts with a colleague so have to work an evening shift tomorrow. I'll pop in after I knock off, but I'd imagine it would be over by then. Sorry guys :(

Looks like I'll have to look forward to it next week. I feel disappointed now, I was really looking forward to it :(

02-27-2006, 09:57 AM
Hi, I'm Kathy and I just found this site yesterday and just found this thread a few minutes ago. What a great idea to have an Aussie thread!
I live with my husband and our seven kids in Brisbane and I just recently joined an only-womens gym to tone the poor tummy up and shed the weight I've gained over the past few years. I had my second personal trainer appointment tonight and did some strength training and I absolutely loved it, and then I did my twenty minutes of cardio since I was already at the gym.
I'm not exactly sure how much I weigh....they didn't weigh me at the I'm just guessing that I weigh around the 74kg mark, and that's what I've put on my ticker. I'll edit it once I get a chance to weigh myself properly. I don't know why they didn't weigh me....I've only been there a week.
Anyway I've gotta go to bed now, it's 11:57pm. I'll try to got on here for the chat tomorrow night.

02-27-2006, 11:17 AM
Hi Kathy, and thanks for joining our little thread!

So you are another one who is a keen gym enthusiast? With all you people doing all this exercise, surely I'll get motivated soon! At the moment my source of exercise is mowing my lawn once a week or so :lol:

I hope you make the chat tomorrow, unfortunately I can't now, but we are planning on making it a regular Tuesday night thing. So if you don't make it one week then there is always next week! :)

Good luck with the weight loss :)

02-28-2006, 09:56 AM
So? Did the chat happen tonight?

I've not long ago knocked off and just popped into chat and none of us were there.

I did pop in this morning to see how it worked and I found a couple of nice people there, chatted for a bit. It was good.

Hopefully I'll be around next week.

Another nice thing today...someone asked me if I was losing weight today :) Doesn't it just validate things when that happens? I've not told anybody I am dieting or trying to lose weight. Unfortunately the question came as a surprise to me (I didn't think it was obvious yet) so my instant answer was "oh I very much doubt that!" and the lady shrugged her shoulders and left. I don't do compliments at all well :lol:

But the question did leave me feeling very good :)

02-28-2006, 04:19 PM
Hey everyone
I'm a newbie here.
In October last year I have found out that I have a problem with my heart
and had to stay 9 days in the hospital. I know that my weigh is part of the problem. I now need to take 7 diff pills every day for my heart. I just had an angiogram. I lost 12 kg from october just by changing my diet and now they book me to the hospital for their clinique to teach me how to fo exercices for my case- cardio
Because I am still puffing everytime I do anything.
For somebody who never went to the doctors I now go every week for blood test and to specialist for this for that

What I must learn is to do exercises without putting to much pressure on the ticker.

Enough for my first time.

02-28-2006, 06:28 PM

02-28-2006, 09:56 PM
Sorry I missed chat last night, would you believe I did pop in at 7.30 to check if anyone was early and then promtply forgot allabout it. Next time I'll put a post it on the screen. So did anyone come in to chat?

I'm not gyming today, woke up feeling dreadful, but I'm hoping i'll feel better tomorrow.

03-01-2006, 04:51 AM
Was asked again today, by another lady, if I was losing weight :carrot:

I had to answer honestly this time, because when I got up my shorts started to fall down :lol:

03-01-2006, 06:57 AM
I got asked if I was preggers again tonite, sigh, I thought I was past that.

03-01-2006, 11:53 AM
Nobody has asked me that Kathy, but I often look at myself and think I must look it.

I could imagine I'd be hurt if someone asked me if I was pregnant and I'd have to say no.

03-01-2006, 11:56 AM
I remember once, when I had lost weight, I bought what I thought was a lovely pink summer dress. I wore it to church on Christmas day with then husbands family. The question was not if but when was the baby due!!!

Then, I wore it to a wedding and everyone was asking me when I was due.

I never wore the dress again, and I regained the weight!

I'm at work at the moment, trying to look busy, nothing much happening today!!!

03-02-2006, 05:52 AM
Hi guys.Long time no chat. Well I was the only one that went on the chat. ..7.00pm on the dot I signed on...waited until one appeared...You must have all be exercising or something. Hopefully this Tuesday we might all get Ųur acts"together.
Well I have finally focused again on the diet. So far this week from Monday I have already lost 1.5kg...I am impressed. I do derserve it though as I have been super good with the food and the exercise. I hope this trend will continue. And yes I have been asked the same question about the "pregnant thing"and I threw that dress away.
Gotta go to bed now...too tired..big day...tommorrow I have to do a lot of cooking for my party on Sunday(yes the big 40) so I will not "lick the spoon"or even taste anything.
Have a good night everyone..leeny:)

03-02-2006, 05:55 AM
Leeny, if you're still about, I am sitting in chat now if you want to pop in and say hi?


03-02-2006, 06:18 AM
I took myself off to the dr today, cause I've been feeling cr@ppy and there is a new surgery open that bulk bills. So after 2 hours waiting I got to see a lovely man of a dr, and he took a stack of blood, and has put me on a no carb diet. I can have things like carrot, tomatoes, and a little bit of corn, but the rest of carbs I have to steer clear of for a while. He said I will lose at least 1kg a week, if not more with the amount of exercise I do. I will be going back every 4 weeks for more blood tests.

03-02-2006, 06:55 PM
That was so brave of you Kathy.
I did the same thing a few weeks back, took myself off to the Dr 'cos i was feelin' pretty yucky..she referred me on to an obesity clinic...but that day i came home and cried so hard DH decided i'd be making some lifestyle changes with him. No need for the clinic, yay. Esp since i have a billion specialists since they think i have PCOS and possibly a brain tumour..

Good luck sticking to no carbs..:hug:

03-02-2006, 11:47 PM
Hi everyone
Sorry to hear everyone is feeling crappy. Remember Drs don't know all the answers and that I think that we know deep down how to control our is up to us.Of course the support from her husband and family will help and of course this little group we have made. I have been to so many obesity clinics, dieticians, Drs, weight loss centres(I actually worked in one for a while) there a majic answer...I think not..nor the magic pill ( I have tried them too). It just comes down to willpower doesn't it...eating the right food and exercise will obviously help too. I know we can all do it...we have each other...we will be thin. I have been fat, thin, fat, thin, whole have to get your head in the right place to be successful.
I sincerely hope we all will be...keep on going..
leeny xxx
PS..Sorry LIndor about the chat last night...I logged off straight after I posted last night...I just can't strike it right with the chat...thanks for the offer anyhows..hopefully Tuesday we will all be able to chat.

03-03-2006, 07:21 AM
Fair enough Leeny. I went to the drs cause I was getting out of control emotionally, and as because I'm not actually "losing" any weight. The tape measure is changing, but not the scales.

It turned out that one of his areas is diabetes which I have, and he has helped heaps of patients with this diet, and its not costing me a red cent. He will keep track of how I'm going with regular blood tests too. At the moment, its what I need, I was really starting to spiral out of control. The diet I'm on now will look after my sick liver, and give my pancreas a break from producing all that insulin that it puts out.

I know I could probably do it without monthly dr visits, but I really need to have someone checking that its not doing other harm to my body while I'm losing weight.

I managed quite well today, I have to ask next time if I'm allowed tomatoes, I have been eating them. We went out to dinner tonite with the whole family, to a place with a buffet, and I found I could eat quite nicely without all the carbs. there was temptation, but I resisted.

I've taken on the thinking that at the moment carbs are bad for me like smoking or drugs, doing me more harm then good.

03-05-2006, 05:35 PM
Howdy doody everyone..
how is all?
I'm in a particularly good mood today-i jumped on the scales and i'm 128kg now. I know it's a lot. I haven't lost in a week or so, i was hoping my bloating would be explained away by PMS, but so far there's no real evidence..
I'm not going to quit this time like every other..i'm going to stick at it :cool:
Anywho..anyone else proud of their efforts of last week?

03-05-2006, 05:46 PM
Morning all :)

MaRrIeD_aN_aNgEl, glad you are feeling positive and happy, I have found mood has really helped to get me where I am today with my weight loss. Good luck with it all and STAY POSITIVE! :)

I jumped on the scales todday and I am down yet another one kg. It's slowed down a tad, but I am still happy with my progress.

Hope all else are doing ok too?

Have a happy Monday people!!! And I'll see you in chat tomorrow??

03-06-2006, 08:03 AM
You won't see me in chat tomorrow, got an early shift so can't make it.

I've had a week off the old diet plan this week, it's been lovely. I have a week off every eight weeks. I'll find out on Friday whether I have successfully maintained.

I went to yoga for the first time on Saturday, which is going to be a regular thing, it was fantastic, and swimming on Sunday. Back to the gym tonight!

03-06-2006, 11:50 PM
Hi everyone,
I am pleased for you Lindor with your another kilo down and Maried an angel you are in the right frame of mood to be successful...good for you. Hey Kathy you sound like you are in the right place as well...It is important to go to Dr if you have diabetes. What are your levels? Have they improved since losing some weight and eating healthier? I bet they have?
I have had a bad few wise that is...I had my 40th Birthday party on Sunday. Beforehand, lots of cooking and yes lots of tasting...the day bad...way too much alcohol...I paid for it yesterday though...hangover all day...had to travel to Brisbane too with a sore head...not happy yesterday...serves me right though..self inflicted. Today is a new day so I am on the straight and narrow again and will be walking with the neighbours tonight.
I am fine for the chat tonight so hopefully will catch some of you then

03-07-2006, 04:56 AM
It seems to be working, I'm losing weight again, even tho I haven't been well enough to go to the gym in a week. My appetite isn't as huge these days which is a blessing.

I checked my after lunch this arvo out of interest sake and they were in the good range, so my body is adapting. Now I just have to get my dd to sleep through the night, so I can too, and get enough sleep and start to feel better. See you all in chat.

03-08-2006, 01:27 AM
I missed our chat!!!

I am sorry :(

We had a public holiday here on Monday and all day yesterday I was thinking it was Monday instead of Tuesday.

If anyone turned up for it, I hope it was a good evening...and if you didn't turn up for it I hope it was because you were having a good evening :)

Hope all are well :)

03-08-2006, 04:44 AM
I turned up and chatted with Gem from England for nearly an hour. Otherwise we were it. Lets try again next week.

I also managed to stay on track with my diet again today, but still not feeling well enough to head back to the gym. I'll feel better again soon I'm sure. Had huge cravings today unfortunately, but I didn't cave. Phew.

Chat soon.

03-08-2006, 06:28 AM
Hey girls,

Wondering if I could join your chat? I'm 21, and live in Cairns with my husband and son Lucas (7 months). I'm a university student doing a double degree in business and arts. I joined a while ago, and recognise butterballnomore (hey!!! I found an apartment!!! lol). I'm going down to Rockhampton for a few days with relatives to see my mum graduate, hopefully I'll be able to make some good food choices! I'm a bit worried about it, and especially nervous to see how Lucas goes on the plane. I've been overweight since I was 7, and have never lost this much weight on a diet before, so this is definitely the plan that works for me! (I'm following Dr. Phil's diet). I've also noticed I have about the same goals as alot of you (especially Lindor!) so that'll be good. I'm not a member of a gym as I can't afford it, so I pretty much get out the pram every morning and do about an hour or so of walking (It's good though, cos Lucas loves being outside!) and try to go to the local swimming pool once a week (Mine's not long enough to do laps in it). Videos are on the agenda if it's raining. I've just started an at-home strength program this week, good old push-ups and stuff. I felt a bit sore the next day!!! Well, I think that might've been a bit too much information for the first post, but oh well... So that's me! My weigh-in day is tomorrow... But I can hold off telling yous till Monday if yous like?

03-08-2006, 06:58 AM
Welcome to the gang angel rose. Nice to meet another Aussie girl. Dont worry about the length of your post, we all have long ones somewhere. Congrats on you weight loss so far, you are doing well. going to a gym doesn't suit everyone, and it seems that your walks are working for you. Keep up the good work

03-08-2006, 08:19 PM
Hi guys and welcome to angel rose. It is good to get some new input and read other success stories. Keep up the good work. Well I went on the chat...8.00pm my time and no one was about. I waited about 1/2 hour...have I got the right time? Two weeks in a row and no one about. I noticed Kathy you said you were on..what time did you show. I have used the chat yesterday to chat to some Americans so I know it is working...I think I have got the time thingo wrong.
Well I am pathetic with my diet at the moment. My party on the weekend has thrown me and now I can't seem to focus again. Although yesterday I either froze or threw out some of the leftovers that I seemed to be nibbling on throughout the day. I had a job interview on I ate...I seem to be back to my old habits.
My tummy tuck operation is next week so I am nervous about that and guess what eating again. Maybe after the op I will feel good about my decisions and get back on track with the diet. I know I will be sore so exercise will be out of the question for a while...maybe I'll be too sore to eat....ha ha...
Anyhow guys, at least we are keeping in contact with this post thingo even though we can't seem to get the chat thingo right...or is it me..
Keep on dieting guys...we will make it.

03-08-2006, 08:24 PM
Hey Angel Rose! :carrot:

Welcome and of course you can join. I see you are trying to break the 100kg mark right now too. I have not been under 100kgs for as long as I can remember and I am so looking forward to the scales telling me I have made it under. :dizzy:

You have done well to lose what you have and from reading your post I really believe you have the strength and determination to go all the way.

I don't do the gym thing either (mainly because where I live we don't have a gym) and I do very little exercise right now. I have recently ordered an exercise bike and hoping that will arrive soon. To date my only exercise has been mowing the lawn every week or two.

You may have notice that we try to get together on a Tuesday evening (8pm your time) for a chat in the chat room here. Feel free to join us in that to if you like.

Good luck with it all, and hope to hear more from you ;)

03-08-2006, 08:32 PM
Leeny...I believe 8pm your time was what we agreed on so I can't see how you can be wrong. I just totally forgot about it this week...our public holiday on Monday threw me completely!

I think you need to put the dieting on the back burner until you can get though some of your stresses and anxieties. Stress and anxiety, as I am sure most here will agree, is a trigger and turns us to the fridge for comfort. I think just relax and not worry about dieting until after the op and you might be able to get in to it then. But remember while not dieting continue to be positive and kind to yourself. You are still a beautiful person!!!

Hang in there :)

03-09-2006, 11:13 PM
Thanks Lindor for you kind words. I think the diet will just have to "not be"at the moment. As you all know you have to be in the right frame of mind to be sucessful and my op is just taking over my head just yet. I am doing it for all the right reasons(the op that is) feel better about myself and of course a reward for losing 70kg...even though I have a few more to go I am proud of myself but I beat myself up over putting some of the weight back on. I know I shouldn't and should be used to it by now(it has been the story of my life...lose, gain, lose, gain) but this time it is different somehow. I seem to be thinking differently about my body and my image...the big picture...what is really important.
My husband is really sick with the dreaded Cancer and has been for a year now. He has had 4 operations, radiation and chemo and has such a positive outlook on the world he is just amazing. That puts things into perspective for me though and dieting is not my focus at the moment. Saying that though, I will not wallow in the "poor me why me"basket and treat myself too oten as then the weight will come back on and I have yet another problem...I have too many as it is.
Enough of the dramas...I hope all is well with you guys and you are positive and strong...keep losing those kilos...leeann..PS thanks for listening..:)

03-10-2006, 04:01 AM
Leeny, the more that I learn about you the more your strength inspires me. How you manage to concentrate on weight-loss when your loved one is struggling too, is just amazing! I think if I was in the same boat I'd probably have let it sink by now. To wish you and your husband the best just doesn't seem like enough. :hug:

I got my exercise bike today!!! The guy at the post office made a comment about a 'new clothes rack' :lol: After helping me load it into my car, puffing and panting (putting a large box into a small car is not easy), he muttered 'Idunno, I reckon I am the only one who gets the exercise from all this fittness equipment'. He's a cool dude and has a great sense of humour, he just cracked me up with those comments :lol:

Anyway, I have had a good workout already - just putting the darn thing together!!! This evening I shall sit on it and have a good cycle and see how I feel. :carrot:

03-10-2006, 04:47 AM
Now are we talking 8pm NSW day light savings time, or 8pm QLD, cause if its 8pm QLD, thats 9pm NSW time, and I was on at 8pm NSW time, cause ACT is the same time zone?

confused yet?

03-10-2006, 05:50 AM
confused yet?

Errr...yep :?:

I was not aware of the daylight savings thing.

I was going on 6pm WA time which I believe is 8pm QLD time (unless QLD has daylight savings too??)

Why can't we all just have the same times??? :lol:

03-10-2006, 07:06 AM
I know its soooo annoying. So 9pm here for the next couple of weeks. Ok, put it in my mental diary. See you guys then.

QLD doesn't have daylight savings.

03-11-2006, 05:07 AM
Went to the gym today. I didn't feel like going but I burnt up 500cals on the eliptical and the recumbant bike. Came home with a moster headache mind you, but those calories are burnt baby.

03-11-2006, 06:13 AM
Well done Kathy!!

I am struggling to to 5 mins on the bike :shrug:

Mind you I got the tension set at the first section in the red zone. I feel like I am working hard with it on that, anything less makes it feel too easy. Somehow I stuck at it for 10 minutes straight last night, but I am thinking that was the thrill in using it for the first time. Tonight I have done 5 minutes and I am pooped already! Did burn 100 cals in that 5mins though.

Hoping I can get myself used to this workout thing soon.

03-12-2006, 03:26 AM
You go girls...Lindor it is hard work on one of those things. I had one for a while and did collect cobwebs after a while..I hired a treadmill for 3 months and found that a lot easier..well as easy as exercise is..not...I get my workout reading about yours...does that count:carrot: Maybe not:D
WEll it now looks like the op may be postponed for a while. I have a Urinary Tract Infection and they will not operate with an infection. Am going to the Dr tommorrow morning to see and fingers crossed I will be fine and the op will be on 8.00am Tuesday morning. If so I will miss our chat. if not I'll be there 8.00pm Qld time. I'll keep you posted. I have pysched myself into the op and if postponed I think I will get cold feet.
Diet wise..not as bad as I could be. I seem to be always great for breakie and lunch but the evening meal always seems to be the one I struggle with. I think because the rest of the family are eating something I always want and know I can't have. I am not a snacker and drink heaps of water. I still am walking with my friend. We have lots of hills where we live so that is definitely a good workout. I even mowed the lawn yesterday and pulled lots of weeds.:cool:
Anyhow guys, I'll chat tomorrow and hoping you are all doing great...Leeann

03-12-2006, 05:23 AM
Good luck with your operation tomorrow Leeann, I hope you are able to have it, and that you are over your infection. I'll be thinking of you. I'll be off at the gym in the morning burning up all those calories I dont need or want. I've got another appraisal on Friday so I'm going to really push myself this week, cause after two weeks off I feel chubbier even tho the scales are saying otherwise.

I did notice in the mirror yesterday and one of my thighs has more fat than the other, soooo weird.

Catch you all soon.

03-12-2006, 10:00 AM
Leeny, good luck with the doc tomorrow. I hope you manage the operation on Tuesday even if it is only to put the procedure and anxiety associated with it behind you :hug:

Kathy, good luck to you with your appraisal too. I reckon you will do well! You seem to push yourself hard all the time :cool:

I have to confess to crumbling slightly last night :(

Seven weeks ago this would have sounded so trivial I'd have just laughed it off, but I have come so far since then, and the emotion I am feeling because I scoffed a 250g pack of Doritos last night is just over whelming.

It should never have been in the cupboard tempting me in the first place!!! But why last night? Nothing else felt different last night to any other night in the last seven weeks. They had been there for the last seven weeks and I hadn't even thought about them until last night :mad:

But what I couldn't cope with was the guilt after eating them.

It's odd, before starting to diet I'd have eaten a packet of doritos, 1.5 litres of ice-cream and probably a full cheescake or something, in one sitting!! And I'd have eaten that quantity 4 or 5 times a week. Last night was just one pack of Doritos!!! Ever since, I have been beating myself up over it. I tried to compensate by skipping lunch today and only eating a salad tonight. I pushed myself on my bike the point of feeling dizzy and ill. I know how I am dealing with this is wrong, that I should accept it as a 'slip up' and get on with my dieting, but I can't get over the guilt.

Sorry, I am waffling :(

And I am sorry too, because this post is going to drag out because I actually have a few little things that are bugging me. Again, things that seven weeks ago would not have bothered me.

Tomorrow, at work, the department has organised a morning tea to celebrate a staff members birthday. This happens regularly, but until tomorrow, I have managed to avoid them because I am on a day off or not working that shift. So everyone will be bringing in something yummy and we will all dig in. I am feeling guilty just thinking about it :lol:

Seriously though, this has been bugging me all weekend, I am actually considering throwing a sickie to avoid it - except I'd feel bad for faking being sick. How do I handle it? Being around all that food and trying not to make a pig of myself? Until the Dorito incident last night, I actually thought I'd cope. Now I am not so sure :?:

And another thing (sorry :o ), has anyone ever had to deal with a person who continually tries to sabotage your dieting efforts? A lot of people at work have now commented on my weight loss. A few haven't commented on it, and one of those I think, is very aware of it and is in fact jealous of it. She is overweight herself and has tried dieting on a few occasions herself - unsuccessfully. Anyway, all of a sudden, from about last week, she is constantly offering me chocolates and ice-creams. She won't take no for an answer, to the point that she has opened a chocolate bar and tried forcing it in my mouth!!!

Truth is, by doing this she is making me more determined, but I am finding her extremely annoying!!! And I know if she sees me eat something tomorrow she will make some smart arsed comment! I shouldn't let it get to me, I know, but I can't help it. She is bugging me no end!!! :mad:

Hmmm...did someone comment about long posts a little while ago? :lol:

Sorry...I needed to get the frustration out - so here I am venting I guess :lol:

I'll go to bed now with a little less on my mind :D

Weigh-in tomorrow! Good luck everyone. I'll see exactly what a packet of Doritos can do!! :lol:

Goodnight all :)

03-12-2006, 06:23 PM
Well, I wonder if it was the Doritos or two days with the bike that has caused me to lose 2kgs this week?

:carrot: I am now BELOW 100kgs!!! :carrot:

Hope everyone else did good!!! :)

03-13-2006, 12:24 AM
Hey Lindor,

It seems you have been having a pretty sucky time this weekend, so a big hug for you. I know about the guilt, not that I've broken the diet since the dr put me on it, but I've thought about it lots. Just today I was looking at a nice white slice of soft soft bread lovingly. But I I actually had a dream the other night, where I ate what ever I wanted, a patty cake, a sausage roll and who knows what else, and the guilt I felt afterwards, OMG and it was a dream for goodness sakes. But it did help me decide to not break the diet in two weeks when Dh and I go away for our annual weekend trip, cause I was seriously thinking of blowing the diet in major proportions. I wont be now, I don't think I could handle the guilt afterwards.

Now as for your morning tea problem. Before went on low carb, I took a platter of fresh fruit to a morning tea with a low fat cream cheese sweet dip, I think it had splenda and lemon juice and I cant remember what else, but experiment. Its really yummy and great for you.

And the colleauge that wont let up. I'd tell her that your dr has told you that you have an allergy to refined sugar and similar products and that he has said that the only sugar you are allowed is that which is in fruit and vegetables. That might just help you. I'm lucky, everyone so far is being quite helpful with the no carb thing, except for one guy in the back of the classroom the other night eating hot potato chips, OMG!!!

As for me pushing myself at the gym, well I haven't been lately. I've been suffering from what ppl call induction flu, and Ihaven't been for 2 weeks. i did go saturday tho, but was feeling too unwell to drag myself down there this morning. I hope I get over this soon, I'm so over feeling nauseated and making friends with the bathroom. I've ended up keeping plenty of reading material in there for my long visits, lol.

But I know I've lost weight, I hope i haven't put on any cms tho.

Catch you soon.

03-13-2006, 12:27 AM
Oh and I'm down to 85kg this week. Woohoo (thats according to my scales) No one elses, I haven't found a scale yet that weighs me less than my scales. Boohoo.

03-13-2006, 02:39 AM
I really relaxed my food last week, I do this every eight weeks, and I lost weight for the first time in ages. So I'm having another relaxed week. I suspect that I haven't been eating enough to fuel my exercise, but I could be wrong. So I'll give it a try and if I gain or maintain, then I'll pull back again.

It snowed big time yesterday, and now its all slushy and iced over out there, wish me luck! I don't want to fall on my derriere this morning!!!

03-14-2006, 01:33 AM
Hi guys
Well it is Tuesday and obvioulsy I am not in hospital. It should have been all over by now. Yes I have an infection...actually quite sick and they will not operate. The next available date is 6th April...not happy..oh is said to try us eh:D I am not in the right frame of mind either with all the job stuff goin down...maybe thats why I picked up an infection. My little boy is not well either...I would have been worrying about him if I was in hospital so maybe all for the best. are way too hard on yourself. It was only food you put in your mouth. We seem to put food in two catagories..good and bad food depending on if we are on a diet or not. Wrong way to look at is only food that we need to nourish our bodies..that is it... No need to feel guilty about eating the dorritos. I know it is not part of your diet plan but it is a necessary part of the "dieting game"we are all playing at the moment. You acknowledged how you felt and recognised can learn from that feeling...and move forward. You know you can get away with some Ôndiscretions"as you are doing more exercise with your bike now. Saying that though Žxercise is not a free licence to eat anything and everything"..some wise person told me once..I have always remembered that as it is too true. Saying all that you lost go girl as they say:carrot: are great with your exercise..keep it up..I'm sure you feel better about yourself when you do it and I'm sure others will pick up on your positive vibes as well.
Kykaree...great idea to give a little once in a while...that keeps us sane eh:)
I don't know whether I will be on the chat later...see how I feel..might go to bed early tonight...been a stressful day..not feeling the best...
Keep on dieting are doing great:) :) :) leeny

03-14-2006, 05:14 AM
Ok, I am on the puter right now, its 8.13. So I'll be in chat in 45 minutes. Be there or be square.

03-14-2006, 08:17 AM
Great chatting with you Lindor and Leeny, catch you next week, same time, same place.

03-14-2006, 09:14 AM
Yes! It was fun! Can't wait for next week :)

Thankyou for being there Kathy and Leeny :cool:

03-16-2006, 06:35 AM
Well, I got another Morning Tea to face tomorrow at work! Two in one week!!! Am I being tested or what??

I feel better about this one though. I have to wonder if these urges that I get to EEAATT is related to a certain time of the month? Any comments on that ladies???

Anyway, so far this week, I have been good with my eating. And I am now on the bike 30mins a day non-stop. When I started on the bike I was exhausted and puffing and panting within 5 minutes. In just a few days I am up to 30mins and doing it quite comfortably. I'm pretty proud of that, considering exercise was non existant previously.

I hope everyone else is doing well!

03-16-2006, 11:29 PM
Hi guys
Great talking to both of you Kathy and Lindor the other night. I wonder what the other ladies have been up to...long time no hear.

Well Lindor aren't you a champ. You should be proud of yourself now cycling for 30 deserve your weight go girl:) :) :)
The morning tea thing is hard to resist but remember you will feel bad if you eat the goodies...I know your collegues will not remember if you ate some cake or not so be true to yourself...does it really matter if you offend someone for not eating some cake or would you rather dissappoint yourself. We always seem to make others happy but when all said and done you must make yourself happy.

I know when it is "cycle"time that your Blood sugar levels drop dramatically and we crave some sugar. Have you tried GTF Chromium? It is a natural capsule that you buy from your Health Food Shop. It tricks your body into thinking that you have enough sugar so you don't crave the high sugar foods. I take it a week before "cycle"time when i crave the most. Everyone is don't take it all the time...only when it is bad. A lot of diabetics take it to help stop the sugar craves as obviously they can't have it. It really is great and has helped me tremendously at times..give it a go.

Well I am on track again...been walking daily with the great...I seem to be in control again..well today anyway...heres hoping it continues. Jumped on the scales today(yes I know you shouldn't weigh everyday)...bad habit to break..and it is finally going down. That helps me to stay on track plus a feel a lot better when I eat healthily.

Anyhow guys..keep on posting and keep on dieting...we will make it..leeny

03-17-2006, 04:58 AM
I jumped on my scales yesterday morning too, down to 84kg according to them. Woohoo I think, I'm gonna show the girls at the gym this arvo. Ha! I got on their scales and I've lost 1/2 a kg in 6 weeks. All I can assume is that its water weight, cause my scales cant be that wrong, moving every week, and theirs not moving at all! I'm gonna go by my scales me thinks.

03-18-2006, 05:01 AM
I've really been movin and groovin this week, been to they gym Wed, Thurs, Fri and today. I did 1/2 hour on the eliptical and 1/2 or so on weights, gotta build those muscles. I also went to an information session about their new Change for life challenge, but at an extra $55 a week, I simply cant afford to do it. I'm already paying $30 a week to go to the gym, i cant afford to pay more. Ah well, I'm going to try and up the intensity of my work outs a bit more and up the weights on a weekly basis. Evidently thats pretty much what they do in the challenge anyway. I couldn't believe that all you had to do tho was 5 x half an hour each week. I'm working so hard at the moment, 5 days a week, and the scales are bouncing around like a rabbit.

But I have worked hard, and I've stuck to my diet, not that it seems to be doing much except give me strange dreams about breaking it. I'll keep going and pay closer attention to what I'm eating.

03-18-2006, 07:23 AM
I give up this week! :mad:

So I've been doing the exercise - fat lot of good that'll be with all that I have eaten!

As if two morning teas at work this week wasn't enough!

Today I had to take a family pet to be put down. I feel miserable and just don't give a stuff about anything just now - I miss the dog :(

I have turned to the fridge this evening. It was not so much what I ate (most of what I have now is the good stuff) it is the quantity that I ate. I am a PIG!!!

Hope everyone else is doing better than me. Kathy, well done on your progress.

03-18-2006, 07:42 AM
Hugs for you Lindor. You have obviously had a terrible day. Put it behind you, (the food that is) take a long bubble bath, grab a book and have a good read in bed. You need to take care of yourself girl.


03-19-2006, 06:11 PM
I guess no change is better than gaining.

I'm stuck on 99kgs this week...BAD BAD WEEK :(

Good luck everyone else.

03-19-2006, 07:39 PM
Hey all,
hows things?
Here....hectic as..considering another job and study as well. Hmm..
Had a GIGANTIC weekend. Got hammered on friday night since DH finished work at Qantas!! I was so excited because he was moody and a :devil: the entire time he worked there!! :mad: Anywho, got home at 3am after over a dozen drinks and a few cigs...i'm glad the consequences from that night has passed. The sore throat has stuck though.
Saturday morning went out for brunch..still in hung-over celebration mode..had half of a spinach and fetta roll..half a vegetable roll..2 kinds of salad and a vanilla latte..
Saturday night, went out to a swanky restaurant for cocktails before dinner. It was one of those places where the waiter puts your cloth serviette in your lap and your entree is the size of a proper main meal!! It was MIL's 60th birthday so going there couldn't be avoided.
I had oysters for the entree...grilled chicken with stir fry veg for the main(couldnt eat it all) and an affogata with frangelico for too much champaigne that costs 10 times as much as i'd pay for any beverage on the planet..i didn't have to pay for it i shouldn't complain.
Yesturday went over to the in laws house for lunch (which included home made fried chicken wings and 2 kinds of potato bake) and for dessert had a slice of the birthday cake (that i couldn't fit in on saturday night) which was the ice cream kind covered in cream and chocolate.
I had one of those weekends where you kinda almost forget you're supposed to be eating properly..but i didn't once think i'd give up on dieting again. It was like..a break and i know where the boundary to stop it is..which is a new knowledge!!
I stepped on the scale today and i'm at 126kg now..i'm soooo very happy. Last week i ate very well and ive even managed to STOP being addicted to chocolate. :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

03-20-2006, 05:20 AM
Lindor, you have done so well, and your week has been really rough. So lets get ourselves together and start over again. You are going great guns.

Angel, congrats on getting to 126kg. you are doing so well too. Even with a naughty weekend, once in a while it turns out that they actually do us good.

As for me, I'm not game to weigh myself today. I put on 3kg in half a day last week (has to be fluid) and haven't been ready to jump back on the scales again. But I went to the gym on Friday, Saturday and Today, and have done 3 pump classes in that time. I upped my weights today and have gone from 2.5kg to 4kg and 5kg as my heavy weight. I'm hoping that by increasing my weights that I'm lifting will get my kgs and fat dropping soon.

03-20-2006, 08:06 AM
I wasn't sure whether I wanted to weigh myself today either...I knew if it had shown that I had gained it would have been the continuation of a big fall for me.

It has been a bad week...but it's onward and upward (or downward so far as the kgs are concerned) from here right!

Well done again on your progress Kathy!! You seem to have so much energy, I feel exhausted just reading your posts!! :lol:

Angel, I admire your positive out look. Although I had a bad week I did not once say to myself that I was going to quit trying for good. I gave up for a day or two, but was always going to get back on track come the new I think if we continue to believe we can do it then we will ultimately make it. Well done on your progress too!

Has anyone seen or heard from Leeny? I know she is in Queensland, but just not sure where. I wondered if she was anywhere near Cyclone Larry and if she was ok?

ButterBall was the other one too. Haven't heard from her of late either? Hope she wasn't too close to Larry's path either.

My fingers are crossed for you both.

03-21-2006, 04:48 AM
I ended up jumping on the scaes today and I'm down to 85.5kg, so some of that weight has come off again, I just have to keep working hard and hopefully I'll have lost the 4kgs that the dr asked me to lose a few weeks ago. I'm due back there next thursday.

butter ball no more
03-21-2006, 07:41 AM
Hi kathyhegg ,Lindor and the rest of you nice people
Thank you kathyhegg ,Lindor for PM, I have been feelng very lost and upset for the passed month or some as my Gran passed away and with her passing a large part of what was very special in this world has gone. we were very luck to have her for nearly 95 years.So yes I know she had a very long and full life and she lived it to the fullest(and yes she would kick my butt for being a cry baby).So I have not been very good at all but I have started to go for a walk at night with Hubby again so thas good . To have you remember my tonight was great thanks again:hug: I will try very hard to get back on line and on track .
Thanks again Karen

03-21-2006, 08:34 AM
Karen!!! :hug:

So good to hear from you!!

Sorry to hear that you have been having a rough time though. I know when I lost my Grandmother I hit rock bottom. They maybe a part of the extended family, but they are family none-the-less and are wonderful people. Don't fight the greiving process Karen...let it take it's course. We all deal with it differently and there is nothing to be sorry about in the way you are handling it.

Know that you are in my thoughts :hug:

I was worried that Cyclone Larry may have had an effect on you? I am not sure where in QLD you are. I hope he managed to steer clear of you.

Hang in there Karen...and again, it is sooo good to hear from you :hug:

03-22-2006, 07:03 AM
Hugs for you Karen from me too. I remember when I loss my grandmother, and I fell apart. I mourned her for a year, and I still feel guilty for not ringing my mother the morning she was going to die to come and say goodbye, because my grandfather told me not to, but I still miss her desperately.

Keep up with your walks with your dh, its doing you good, and keep on posting here, we are here for you, even if we are spread all over the country.
I'm so happy that you let us know how things are going, and look forward to chatting to you again soon.


03-22-2006, 08:12 PM
Hey welcome back Karen. Don't be sorry you have not posted for a while...i know that life has been a bit tricky for you recently. My thoughts are with you and just be kind to yourself. It takes time as we know to grieve which is soo important in our lives so just take it easy, have some cake (and maybe some wine) think about the good times with her and let time take over. When you are strong enough again the diet will follow.
We all seem to put a lot of importance on our diet (and yes it is) but you have way more important things on your mind just at this minute. Take care of yourself...keep on may be a release for you at the moment you might need.:hug: :hug:
Well I am back on track again..finally. I have had a lot going on life wise and the diet has taken a back seat for a while. I have been to a lot of job interviews...they are stressful..I have forgotten about those for the last 4 years. I have managed to get one of those jobs..dont start until the end of April which is great. This will give me time to get the house sorted out, me sorted out and hopefully have had my tummy tuck by then.
The reason you guys hadn't heard from me for a while( and thanks for thinking of me Lindor) is that i got that infection which put the op off and consequently ended up in hospital for a few days. It went through my whole body...i truely think my body was so stressed that in a funny sort of way it made me "slow down". I am all better now and even back to walking with the neighbours. I intend to weigh myself on Monday to see what the damage is.
Hey Lindor how do you get the number thingo on the bottom of you posts each time. I think that would be good for me to actually see my progress.
Anyhow guys, keep on dieting, we are all doing well.
Beeee kind to yourself Karen and keep on posting....leeny:hug:

03-23-2006, 05:43 AM
Hi, everyone I hope you don,t mind if I join in I,m 48 mum of 5 all grown, 8 grandkids and another on the way, I post on Daily check in 11 in on this thread I,m from country NSW as well and am glad to meet some fellow aussies, although everyone I have spoken to on these forums are really nice, from your posts you sound like you are doing well, sometimes I lack motivation and need a kick in the butt now and then to get going again, fingers crossed this time I,ll get there if we all help one another I know we will all get there , well, BYE FOR NOW, BLESSED BE... JULS

03-23-2006, 08:54 AM
Hey there,

Well the power is now back on again, no thanks to Cyclone Larry... So it's time to post! It wasn't much fun up in Far North Queensland while the cyclone was here. We live about an hour away from Innisfail, where the main damage was done, so I was thankful for that at least! Lucas (my 7 month old) decided it was a great time to get sick for the very first time... Everywhere was shut except Cairns Base, so we spent a few hours there getting chest x-rays and stuff. Trying to measure out medicine in the dark is a bit tricky! As is giving them baths with no hot water... I definitely do not like having no power with a baby! lol. So my diet was pretty much out the window, as we had to live on packaged stuff for a while, everything in my fridge went off, and no money to replace it mum had to come to the rescue when it was over with food and money for bubs medication. I feel like a terrible mother for not having emergency money for when he gets sick!!! But on $195 a week, you can't really put any money away! University has started up again, and now that I've got the computer back on I can start researching journal articles for my report. I'm really going to put in the hard yards and push for that High Distinction this term. Well Shaun's work is picking up a bit at the moment, so some of the final notices are being paid off... lol. The tree blocking our street was finally taken, so now we don't get scratches on the car trying to get out, which is good. Wow, I've really done alot of whinging! And not even about my weight! Okay, well trying to get back onto the weight loss subject... I haven't been able to get outside (thanks Larry!) for exercise, and the power stopped the exercise videos... So basically I've been sitting around in the dark eating packaged chips... Not really diet friendly, but oh well, what can you do? I had gotten below the 100kilo mark (to 98.6!!!) but I have gone back up to 100.7, so today I'm back on the way down again. Staying over at my mums with the bubs tomorrow night. So she can watch him while I jam some uni time in. Oh, about the morning tea thing... I heard some advice a while ago, which is basically to not make the event about food... When I used to go thoughts like 'What have they got, who's watching, they'll think I'm stuffing myself, I'd better get a bit of everything in before I miss out, there's only one piece left!!' going through my head, but I realised that the food was only there as an aid to the event, the whole thing wasn't about food! It was about socialising... So try to concentrate on conversation and other things instead. Just something that helped me out with that anyway... By the way, Lucas is now alot better... Okay, well that's enough for me! Update yous all another day!

03-23-2006, 08:07 PM
Leeny...glad you over your infection and feeling better and things are getting back on track for you. Congrats on getting the job too! I am sure you will do well.

The numbers at he bottom of my signature are manually added every week. Just add to your signature in the same way that you change the details on you ticker. I am hopeless at explaining things, so I hope that made sense?

Juls! Welcome to the thread. You appear to have done well so far with your weight-loss so well done for you. I certainly understand the motivation thing too. But I have found that I am motivated by reading the posts of these very determined people here. We also have a regular chat on Tueday nights (6pm WA time - 8pm QLD time - 9pm NSW time I think? Kathyhegg should be able to confirm that for us), so feel free to join in there too if you can. :)

Angel Rose: I knew someone here was in the area of Larry...sorry I overlooked you. I am glad you and your family missed the worst of it, although it sounds that it did have a huge impact on your lives. The plan now is to prove that you are not going to let that impact set you back for too long. The hardest thing about unavoidable interuptions while dieting is finding the determination and strength to get back on track again...I am sure you can do it!! Good luck!! Good luck too with the studies! And thankyou for the tips on the morning teas - I tend to take just a small plate then quietly sneak back to my desk and get back to my job :lol:

So far this week I have stuck to everything. Eating properly. Half an hour on the bike a day. I feel good for it and really hope the scales show a difference after this week :lol:

Hope all else are well and doing well :)

03-23-2006, 08:57 PM
I'm happy to announce that I've gone 3 full weeks cheat free! Woohoo. Makes me feel proud of myself. Haven't done much exercise this week, Stepson11 decided to share this weekend, share the flu, and here dh and I are getting ready to go away this weekend. I am feeling a bit better, tho, I really think its my new diet. I am having a couple of problems on it, like waking up at 5am full of energy. What the!

Angel, I'm glad you have come out of larry some what unscathed. I'm glad your house is still in one piece. I too am studying part time, with a 4 year old, and I suggest that you remember to make time for you by exercising regularly.

Juls, welcome to the gang. You will find the girls here very inspiring and we love to chat. We chat regularly on Tuesday nights, and I think day light savings finishes this weekend, so I reckon we are looking at 8pm for our chat. Its great to catch up with the others and get some extra motivation.

Well, I have to go and finish packing the car, and dh and I are off to Albury for the weekend. Woohoo, no KIDS!

03-24-2006, 12:14 AM
HEY THANKS FOR THE WELCOME LINDOR AND KATHY :) I always think its funny people you don,t know and can,t put a face too sometimes seem warmer than people you do know :?: Angel Rose I agree with Lindor, try to stay on track and keep away from :devil: food no matter how much it calls remember:angel:s are stronger all my prays are with you and yours :hug: Hey:carrot: Kathy 3wks and not 1 temptation :cp: :encore: have fun on your weekend NO KIDS ;) ;) I,ve had a good day so farnot hungry for food today have had breakfast bar and glass of skim milk and about 3 green teas and 2 glasses of iced coffee made with that 98% fat free powder not to bad actually, thanks for the invite for chat I,ll try to get there if I can just have to figure out how to gain access, BYE FOR NOW...JULS

butter ball no more
03-24-2006, 03:37 AM
Thanks Girls for the support, My Gran had lived with my Mum (whom lives with us along with my step Dad, our Daughters and our Eldest Daughters little boy (the joy in all our lives). Yes thatís right five generation .My Mum and step Dad have a Granny flat attached to our house and our Daughter and Grandson have releasable home in our back yard, Hubby youngest Daughter and Me live in the main house.
I really feel for you kathyhegg that you regret not making the phone call, I was lucky that we were with Gran as she left this world.
I am on my way to work, so all have a good week-end.
Great to see you again angel_rose105
The Diet well it comes and goes but I will get on top of it soon I hope lol

03-26-2006, 04:42 AM
Well daylight savings didn't finish so chat for NSW, ACT and VIC is still 9pm Tuesday night.

I managed to get through the weekend without breaking my diet at all. Woohoo. I did have a little bit of curry sauce that was on my prawns tho, but I figured it wouldn't hurt me much. Well this morning I had hives all over my left elbow. OMG, what caused that!

Haven't exercised, this bloody flu bug is getting worse unfortunately, and my weight is up and down like a bloody yoyo, but I've passed that magical 21 day mark now.

03-26-2006, 05:36 AM
Hi all again and welcome back Angel Rose. You did your best during a difficult time with the cyclone. I can only imagine how hard that experience must be and will a little one sick as are doing just fine. The diet will come back when it is physically possible to do so. Hang in there:)

Welcome to you also Juls...I look forward to reading all your diet successes as well. What type of diet are you trying?

Thanks Lindor for your wishes. I am fine now and back to walking. Weigh in day tommorrow...been pretty good this week and deserve some sort of loss..maybe not huge but something is always better than nothing. I did get some bad news this week though and guess what.... went to town and bought a vanilla slice. I gobbled it down like it must be the last one in existance...why...still the bad habit is always there. The guilt set in and I wouldn't even eat any dinner. Seems to be my pattern every time. I know it is all about will power but that vanilla slice is just so good...are you all it was yuccky

Hope all have had a good week...get better soon was your weekend with no kids...I am jealous...leeny

Hope all had a good week and just a little down on those dreaded scales would be great eh:carrot: ..leeny

03-26-2006, 11:43 AM
Well I think I have had a pretty good week too. Eaten properly, with the exception of an afternoon tea at work this time, but that one was safe for me as it wasn't in our department and I suggested my colleague go to it while I man the desk. She brought a FULL plate back for me but, other than eating two small chocolate coated meat pies (don't ask!), I threw the rest in the bin!!

I have done half an hour every night on the bike too (fourteen days straight now). I feel great!!! And confident that tomorrows weigh-in will show a change in the right direction.

I am going to try and add another 15mins to the bike each day from tomorrow - thinking of doing a 15min ride in the mornings as well as the half hour ride in the evenings. Who'd have thought I'd become so passionate about exercise??? :lol:

Anyway, Kathy, well done for sticking to the diet while on a relaxing weekend away!! Hope the weekend was good all round despite feeling a tad unwell. Hope you feel better soon.

Leeny, isn't it horrible that we beat ourselves up for doing something that is so natural as eating. When I slipped up the other week with those Doritos I cut out lunch everyday for the next week!! I wonder if we do it as a way of punishing ourselves or as an attempt to immediately eliminate those calories we just consumed?

I overheard a conversation a few weeks ago at work where one person was trying to convince the other that dieting was no different to overcoming a drinking/drug problem or quitting smoking.

I don't believe it is the same. When someone quits drinking/drugs/smoking all they have to do is abstain from it completely (admittedly getting over the withdrawals is difficult), they can live without touching another drink/drug/cigarette.

With dieting it is all in live we have to eat food. We can't just stop eating and never touch food again. We have to learn control, to stop eating when we don't need to eat anymore. It is a hard task, and even the most devoted dieter is going to slip up. We just need to understand that slip-ups happen and we need to learn to move on from them without beating ourselves up.

So you had a Vanilla Slice, I had a bag of Doritos...have we fallen off the wagon completely, or are we going to continue this battle against the bulge??!! The fact that we are both here shows that we are here to fight another day.

We are all doing well and we should all be proud of ourselves, the fact that we come on here and openly discuss our ups and downs in our dieting life shows our determination!!

And there you have it ladies! My pep talk for the month :lol:

03-26-2006, 05:59 PM
Wooohooo :carrot:

I am back on track!! :D

Down 2kgs this morning to 97kgs :carrot:

Hope everyone else does well too ;)

03-26-2006, 06:22 PM
Just realised too...

My BMI is now simply in the 'Obese' zone rather than the 'Very High Risk' zone. When I started here at 112kgs as was at the very top end of the 'Very High Risk' zone.

So I am pretty chuffed with that too :)

03-26-2006, 07:05 PM
Way to go Lindor. I'm just on the edge of overweight myself now, and cant wait to fall over the edge. My weight has retreated back down to 85 now, what is it about that number? Hopefully I'll feel well enough for a huge workout on Wednesday and lose some weight at the gym. The only other thing I can think of at the moment to move this weight faster is to give up the old diet coke, and I hate withdrawing from diet coke.

Anyway, I'm procrastinating, I'm supposed to be on the other side of the room doing accounting homework for tonite, and obviously I'm not, cause I'm sitting here in front of the puter. What I really want to do is go back to bed and get some more sleep. Ahhh sleep.

03-26-2006, 07:33 PM
Hey all..
i hope everyone had a better week than me. I was sick in bed almost the whole time :( ..on the weekend i managed to get up and do some housework, but that's about all. No partying or boring am i...heh.
Anyway, i thought it was a virus caught from the in-laws last weekend, but now think it was more likely to be something to do with low blood sugar, due to the constant migraines, lethargy, lack of appetite etc..i wish i'd figured this all out sooner, and then i wouldn't have suffered a whole week.
Anyway, i may give myself some time to re-adjust to everyday life and get some sunshine back into my life...

I shall endeavor to not go back to bed today as my big goal..lets see if i can do it..

take care:yawn: :yawn:

ps-i think i forgot to mention i'm only 125kg now..yaaaay

butter ball no more
03-27-2006, 09:54 AM

butter ball no more
03-27-2006, 09:57 AM
Hi girls:wave:
I hope I have this right we get on the main chat room on Tuesday night 8 p.m. Queensland Time:???
I have just finished reading all of the posts you girls have done over the last couple of weeks. All of you should be very proud of yourself , you are all very inspirational. Hope to catch up with you all tomorrow night.
All my best to all of you.:hug:
Karen (butter ball no more)

03-27-2006, 11:02 AM
8pm sounds right to me Karen, hope you can make it.

Having said that I might not make it myself. I have a pretty full day tomorrow and I am not entirely sure when it will end. I am hoping it won't be too late, so if I make it I make it, if I don't I don't.

I did manage my 45mins on the bike today. I did struggle this morning though...I am NOT a morning person and the thought of getting physical was almost too much. But once I was on and going the 15min soon went by...and I was able to go back to bed!! :lol:

Angel...sorry you are not well. What is it with everyone going down sick right now?? I almost feel guilty for feeling sooo good :lol: What's the bet now that I said that, I come down sick?

Kathy, I had to laugh when I read that you said you can't wait to fall over the edge. Usually most people spend there live trying not to fall over the edge :lol: But I know what you mean. I can't wait until I get out of the 'Obese' range now. I have always thought 'Obese' as a vulgar word. I got paranoid once when I was hooked on doing crossword puzzles. Every puzzle I did had the clue 'Obese' or 'Overweight' or 'grossly overweight', I started to think I was being attacked for my size. I stopped doing crosswords after that...maybe I'll get back into them once I get out of the 'Obese' range? :lol:

Anyway...enough dribble from me!! Might see you all in chat tomorrow.

03-27-2006, 06:09 PM
Gawwwdddd!! :stress:

Not sure if I am going to be able to keep this morning cycle going!! 15mins in the morning feels waaaayyy harder than the 30mins in the evening!!! :no:

And I hate sweating first thing in the morning!!! :lol:

I will push on and give it a good shot before I give up though :bike:

03-27-2006, 09:45 PM

Hope you don't mind a Kiwi joining you on this thread. Today is just day 2 for me so I'm at the beginning of a long journey but I'm feeling positive that I can do it.

I've bought myself a training and nutrition diary and I think that will help, off to the gym after work . I have been SO lazy this year, time to get back on the wagon.

03-27-2006, 10:29 PM
Hey all,
i hope everyone is in good health.
Last night DH dragged me on a walk..only about 2km, but i had to wear a jumper because i couldn't risk my chest getting it kinda seemed longer.
I've been sleeping all morning, so i'm missing out on a 2.5day conference that started yesturday..grr..maybe i'll catch tomorrow if i'm up early and not absolutely delirious.
Today..also got some mail which was great. I got a book through bookcrossing and a letter from a penpal who wants to..get this..become exercise thats great!!
Anyway, i'm trying to stay awake today..wish me luck. Heh:hug:

03-27-2006, 11:45 PM
Welcome to the playground LittleKiwi, you are very welcome to join in on our chat and our forum.

Lindor, keep up the morning rides, it will get easier for you.

Married to an Angel, good job on the walk, I hope you get better soon. I too am under the weather, and feel like staying in bed 24/7 at the moment. Not good with exams looming.

Karen, I look forward to chatting with you tonite. I'll be there as long as I remember, but I'll make sure I remember.

Catch you all tonite, 8pm QLD, 9pm NSW/ACT and I dont know what time in NZ.

03-28-2006, 05:31 AM
sorry ladies, I wont make it tonite after all, my head is spinning and I'm gonna go lay it down on a soft pillow. GO AWAY FLU

03-28-2006, 04:19 PM
Well today is just day 3 of my new lifestyle but I must say that I'm feeling fantastic. I find it easier to get out of bed in the morning and I'm enjoying going to the gym. Gotta keep this up!

03-28-2006, 07:24 PM

Sorry I never managed chat last night...I got caught up in some very heavy rain from the edge of our Cyclone Glenda...all is well though as she seems to be heading further down the coast...maybe for Carnarvon and the banana growers there? :lol:

I did get in at about 8pm, but needed a shower etc and figured it'd be too late by then. Anyway, I hope it was a good night.

Kathy, sorry you were feeling crap, hope you get up feeling better this morning :hug:

Littlekiwi!! Welcome to the group! I remember day three too, I kept thinking this won't last, I will not last despite feeling so good. I just doubted my ability to stick to it for any duration (been there, seen it all before) is now nearly three months later and 15kgs less and I still feel great and feel even more determined. And what helped the most to keep me on track? This very thread...the people who contribute to it and the inspiration they give me. You too will find that here :) You will make it...we all will!!

Alright, I gotta hit the books myself today! Catch-up a bit later :)

butter ball no more
03-28-2006, 07:41 PM
Hi all
Sorry dídn't make it to the chat room ,I got called into work ,so good night all hope everyone feels great today

03-29-2006, 06:33 AM
I remember day 3 too, and here I am on day 28 with no cheats. Low carb is sooo easy for me now.

Still feeling crappy tho. Sigh cough cough cough

03-29-2006, 06:57 AM
Hope you feel better soon Kathy :hug:

03-29-2006, 05:26 PM
Hey everyone!!!!
I hope all is going well on this fab day!!
Last night DH and i almost doubled how far we i feel great!! The extra km has done well..
It seems like today i don't really have anything to be up to besides healing in bed with a good book until tonight when we get to go late night shopping. This is toooo good.

Get better cathy. ;)

03-29-2006, 11:23 PM
Hi all again and welcome to Littlekiwi. You are doing great..,.we all are eh!! I only just remember my first week (on this diet anyway). I started at a size 24 and was determined to get to a size 12....Nearly there...well was once...thats another story though. we can do it...keep your determination up...when it wanes think about how great you will look and feel and how proud of yourself you will be when you get there.....Get better soon Kathyand Married an angel.....get up the fluids as they say.
Well I have been good again and this week lost another kilo that I found over the last few weeks that my head had not been in it. I have found my motivation again. Thanks for your kind words again are great for my self esteem. I have a mental image in my head what we all look like ( i bet it is nothing like it at all) and yes we are all skinny:D
Been walking go about an hour with my neighbour. She is so determined to lose her weight that it is infectious. We all need support so keep on posting will help us all reach our goals.leeny:)

03-29-2006, 11:24 PM
Sorry I didn't make the chat either...too tired that day..had to go to bed...hopefully next week. Did anyone make it?

03-30-2006, 05:49 AM
Keep up the exercise Leeny, you are going great guns.

I went to the dr today there's nothing he can do about my flu thingy, but he did give me a dr's cert for the gym so they can add a week on at the end of my contract and I'm going to ask them for one week of my 4 weeks per year holiday so I can study hard next week.

I wasn't too impressed with myself tho, cause I only lost 2kg in the 4 weeks since I last saw him, I was hoping for at least a kg a week. Hopefully this month I'll make up for it. But I have now gone 29 days cheat free, congratulations to me. Now to get over the flu and start working my arse off again.

03-30-2006, 09:49 AM
ABSOLUTELY congratulations to you Kathy!!! 29 days cheat free is fantastic work!!

I think it take a while for the body to adjust to a new routine. Look what happened when I started my exercise...I went a couple of weeks where I only lost one kilo. Your body will adjust and things will start to take momentum. Hang in there!

Leeny, you sound positive and more determined now compared to a few weeks ago. Good for you and keep it up.

Married and up and get well soon. And ENJOY the retail therapy!!! :lol:

Time for my bike ride - this will be my 18th consecutive day (including the last four days of cycling mornings and evenings) :)

03-31-2006, 06:52 AM
Hey girls
Keep up the good work. The bike riding is paying off isn't it certainly are getting fitter is it just as hard...I bet not... and I'm sure all your exercise Kathy will soon catch up. Remember you have been ill and your body will hold onto any bit of goodness it can get to fight off "the dreaded lurgies"so just hang in there your body will catch up...not to mention you have already lost some weight so that is a positive.

Yes I am feeling better about everything again. I think this last month was just a disaster with quitting my job(on not a nice note) and then readjusting to life again and then getting sick on top of it all plus the op is now postponed for a while..that sort of threw me as I was really hoping for that. Maybe it was a blessing in disguise as my head was not in the right place which it really needed to be to recouperate from an op. Thanks guys for listening(or reading as the case may be). This little group has helped me focus and for that I am grateful to you all for letting me vent my frustrations here.

Well enough of the sagas...onwards and upwards as they say. Didn't walk today though..the weather is bad again but managed to get on my mini tramp again...dusted off the cobwebs..felt extremely exhausted afterwards but proud I have started on my journey again. We should all be proud of ourselves...we will all be thinner and healthier before we know it...leeny

04-02-2006, 06:36 PM
Morning Ladies :)

Hope all had a good weekend!

Just popping in with my Monday morning weigh-in result. Still going down, but just one kilo this week. Down to 96kg. :carrot:

Still doing my morning cycles too, although I think they are going to hurt for the next fortnight as I am on early shift and have to be up earlier :( But I will try. I need to know I will not punish myself if I can't do it on the occassional morning though.

Been feeling really exhausted the last week and I am wondering if maybe I am pushing myself too hard?

Anyway, hope all is good with everyone else.

04-02-2006, 10:30 PM
Hi ladies, thank you all for your words ... you've helped to make me feel excited about going to the gym today!

This week will be tough, I'll be able to go to the gym tonight and tomorrow and then I'm away from home for a conference until Saturday night. It's going to be busy so I don't know if I'll be able to fit any exercise in. Worried about the food too as it's fully catered, no doubt with yummy fatty foods!

I'll just try to remember: Make better choices.

04-02-2006, 10:33 PM
Hey all..
i hope everyone is going well!!
I stepped on the scales thismorning and i'm still 125..which means i've been maintaining for 3 weeks now. I'm more than happy i've learnt how to maintain even. Before it was just a cycle of putting on more weight before heading to another extreme diet.

take care :carrot: :carrot:

04-02-2006, 10:36 PM
Good job with the extra kilo down Lindor, every Kg counts doesn't it.

Kiwi, good thing to remember, to make good choices, I'm sure you will do well.

for me the scales are still sitting on 85kg, as they have for a few weeks now, but yesterday I decided to pull my belt in as I could whip my pants off with the belt done up, and not only did it go in 1 notch, it went in 2, about 6cm. I read on another forum that your body will retain fluid and put it in your fat cells incase you are going to feed it fat again, so I'm gathering that this is whats happening. Evidently water takes up less mass than fat per kg, therefore the cm's dropping but not the kgs. So that made me feel better.

Catch you in chat tomorrow, 8pm for us eastern girls. Daylight savings is over, woohooo

04-02-2006, 10:39 PM
Angel, it seems you posted at the same time that I was, but great job on your mainentance, its better than putting on weight. Read the post I just put up, you might find that something like that is happening to you. Maybe you should go measure yourself.

04-03-2006, 05:46 AM
Kathy! Congrats on the waist reduction!!!

I do believe my waist has shrunk too. I finally had to go down a clothes size this week. I have been battling with loose shorts for a couple of weeks now. I can officially say I have lost one clothes size :carrot:

Also well done Angel for maintaining a steady shows that you are taking control.

LittleKiwi, I'd suggest going to the gym anyway regardless of whether you make it everyday or not. If you get into the habit of going regularly when you are at home that is half the battle done. Don't think 'I won't bother going this week because I am away for three days'. If you are home, go to the gym...get used to the routine. Just my two cents worth :^:

Good luck too with the meals while you are away, I know how hard it is!!! I struggle every time they throw a morning/afternoon tea at work (which they did again today!!!).

I should be about for chat tomorrow, so I'll catch you then!!:cool:

04-03-2006, 07:16 PM
Well I went to the gym last night as planned and I weighed myself ... 1kg down WOOHOO!!!

I'll be going again tonight and I'm gutted that I'm away on this damn conference - now that I have some tangible evidence that this is working I'm really motivated to keep going! The hotel I'm staying at does have a gym so I'll aim to use that at least once while I'm there. It's the food I'm more worried about though ... think savouries, white bread sandwiches with lots of butter, pastries etc. Grrr!

04-03-2006, 07:24 PM
Don't beat yourself up if the food gets the better of you, LittleKiwi. Thing is to come back home and keep fighting! The 1kg down is proof that you can do it.

Good luck and well done!!

04-04-2006, 06:36 AM
23 minutes to chat time ladies, be there or be square. hehe

04-04-2006, 11:43 AM
Sorry about chat folks, I seemed to have computer problems!!!:mad:

Kept telling me the page couldn't be displayed (or something) :mad:

Did anyone else have such problems?

Seems to be back and running ok I don't know :?:

If anyone else was able to make it, I hope it was fun!!! :carrot:

Maybe I'll get in next week.

04-04-2006, 08:11 PM
I had no issues getting on last night..showed up 1/2 an hour late and the only person in the room was kathyhegg..:?:
I had fun though :carrot: ..

04-04-2006, 09:11 PM
Yep, Angel and I had a lovely chat, so I guess seeing as the rest of you didn't turn up you is all Squares....roflmao

04-04-2006, 11:17 PM
Hi all
Well I couldn't get on the chat either Lindor...I thought it was my computer but maybe not if you had trouble as well. we must be squares eh:D :D

Everyone is doing so guys with the exercise thing inspire me. I am still walking up my bloody hills nearly every day. We endure about 1 hour the time I struggle back home the backs of my legs are like jelly...i must be getting skinnier. Food wise...good and bad. I seem to be in a state of mind that I really want to lose my weight...look in the mirror hate what I see....but i don't know I fail every day with the food. I know i shouldn't beat myself up about it and get back on track the very next meal but I just can't get my head in the right space. I gained 2kgs this has to be muscle eh as I didn't think I was that naughty and the exercise should have accounted for something. So this week is another week as they say and I will be good.
I'm hoping some of your successes will rub off onto me if I get on this that so???Keep on posting guys as it does help us pathetic ones to get back on the straight and narrow...leeny:)

04-04-2006, 11:25 PM
HI guys
Just me again I was just checking my graph thingo as I needed to change it...hope it works

04-04-2006, 11:32 PM
Just another check..I realised my starting weight was wrong all along..not 112 but 142kg so had to change my tracker

04-06-2006, 10:47 AM
Hello people!!!

Sorry I have been AWOL for a few days, got a couple of things pressuring me just now :(

Anyway, I wanted to post this because I am pretty proud of myself for it.

I was feeling kinda down this morning and had to go grocery shopping...not a good combination :lol:

To add to it, I was craving C H O C O L A T E. I caved and placed a packet of Tim Tams in to my shopping basket. I kept looking at them and abusing myself for not being strong enough to resist...but I still could not put them back.

I went through the checkout and headed home. In the car, on my way home, I had a good stern talk to myself. It is ok to have Tim Tams...IN MODERATION. I told myself, NO MORE THAN FOUR!!!

Knowing my history with binge eating, I kinda laughed to myself. How would I be able to open a whole packet of Tim Tams and not scoff the lot with in minutes?? What a joke to think that I could do that!!!

So I got home, placed the Tim Tams on the bench while I stacked away the other groceries. I turned on the kettle and made a nice cup of coffee. I picked up the Tim Tams and laughed at myself as I reminded myself NO MORE THAN FOUR!

I sat down with my coffee and packet of Tim Tams, turned on the TV to the afternoon movie and tried to relax a little.

I opened the packet of Tim Tams and slowly ate one. I was in heaven!!! I had not had a Tim Tam (or chocolate for that matter) for going on three months!!! It was lovely. :dizzy:

The second one went down just as well, as did the third and fourth.

And that was it. I was not even tempted to reach for another!! I felt I had had my fix, I was content with what I had had!

The remainder of the pack now resides in the freezer and I have not been tempted nor have I craved for another!!

After that, I was pretty chuffed with myself!! I actually think I am learning control and beating the binge eating thing!!! And I have not attacked myself for the four Tim Tams I did have. :carrot:

Everything else is still on track weight-loss wise. Still eating proper meals. Still cycling - 30mins in the PM and 15mins in the AM. My speed and distance in increasing too. And I am still feeling GREAT! :D

I hope all else are going well ;)

04-06-2006, 08:20 PM
Well done lindor!! It's always GREAT when you realise you're no longer caught in an obsessive cycle.

How is all?

I'm doing alright..i know it's not weigh in day but i just HAD to come and share some news...

ahem..*drumroll please*...i stepped on the scale thismorning and i've lost more..i'm now 124!!

When i lose 5 more kg's i'll be less that what i was when i exited my teenage years..*gulp*..i'm heading to the unknown. For now though, i'm so excited-tonight i'll probably reward myself with a hot bubble bath, a few scented floating candles and a movie or 2..

My recent BIG change has been..eating salads at night and no carbs. I's kind of age old and i've known to do it for ages, but the last few nights i've been pretty strict about it. I know that after a while of eating a certain way you kinda get used to it-so i'm going to keep the low/no carbs thing after 5pm thing up for a month or so and see how it treats me..

Since i started eating salads for dinner, DH has commented on how soft my skin is!! Oh, so many perks..

Anywho..i'm finished with my rant..heh..hope everyone is heading off to a fab weekend.

04-09-2006, 07:27 AM
Great job girls. Everyone is doing so well. I wish my body didn't have the love affair its having with 85kgs that its having at the moment, but it will move eventually. I'm getting back to the gym tomorrow, and I'm going to start working hard again. Doing weights and cardio. Get those muscles hard, and the flab gone. Maybe then I'll start losing again.

Mind you, while bending over the bath tonite washing DD's hair, my jeans fell down, so thats not a bad thing. Good thing it was just DD, DH and myself here tho. Teach me to take my belt

Cya's Tuesday night

04-09-2006, 09:14 AM
Kathy, I am sending vibes to your scales encouraging them that they can continue to live a happy life by showing you a figure less than 85kgs!! :lol:

Good luck, and don't give up (even though you have shown no signs of doing so). I keep expecting to reach a period when I stay level for some weeks too, I actually fear that time because I know it will be a time when I will become quite despondent and probably consider giving up :sorry:

And well done Angel!!! Isn't wonderful to watch the kgs fall? Keep that 5kgs in mind and make it your next short term goal. I keep mental short term goals of about 5/10kgs all the time - I am currently aiming for 92kgs, that'll make me 20kgs lighter than when I started! Your sounding very positive too :carrot:

I've had quite a busy few days both physically and mentally! My routine has been mucked about a bit but that will come back to order come the new week. I have had to really hit the books hard with my study and I managed to get two assignments done. Unfortunately I am not much of a self-motivator when it comes to home study so I have had to really push myself. Over the last few days, my study time has overlapped with my cycling times so I continued with the study and put off the cycling. On a good note though, I still managed to do my two cycles a day, although most often my morning cycle would be at about 1am :lol:

Saturday was a huge day physically. I spent two hours mowing the lawn - front and back yards, including the verges!! I then did a bit of slashing around the edges before the heat of the day got the better of me. I also did my 45mins of cycling. I felt pooped...but it felt good. And I slept well!!! :lol:

I am really hoping my efforts are going to be reflected in tomorrows weigh-in.

I've waffled enough!!! :o

Good luck everyone with your weigh-in tomorrow ;)

04-09-2006, 06:37 PM
Well I am in shock...almost worried :?:

I am down 3kgs this week, can't help but worry that that is unhealthy? Nothing has changed in the way I am doing things - this week is the same as every other week.

I suppose if I try to justify it - when I am at a half kg I round it up to the nearest whole kg and last week I was actually 95.5kg. I feel well...I feel good.

Am I going down too quickly??? :?:

04-10-2006, 07:29 AM
Hi guys
Long time no chat. The computer decided to die...been off for a few days now. DH got it back on track but the sad news is that we lost everything. It took me ages to even find this site again as it has been so long since I first found it...where it was who could remember. Here I am again though and had a good long read about all your successes.

All are doing well. Lindor you have overcome the compulsiveness and now know that you do have self good girl.:hug: That is one of the hurdles we must overcome if we are to be successful in our weight loss journey. 3kg is amazing.:dizzy: All your hard work and determination has paid off. It is definitely not too much to lose...remember your body will only do what it wants to..sometimes to our advantage and well others not. Your weight loss will continue Kathy you will see.

Me well..this week..another 2kgs down...:carrot: I still am not back to my 83kg I started at the beginning of my posts but at least I am on the downhill slide again.

Still walking with the neighbour and now go about an hour. Food wise been great this week and only snuck one chip of the sons and today 2 sugar coated peanuts...oh the guilt:D
I will try to get on the chat tommorrow now I am back and seemed like my throat was cut without the computer and you guys to chat to.
What ever did we do before computer days:?: ...probably more exercise eh

04-11-2006, 06:22 AM
Wow Lindor and Leeny, you guys are doing so well. 3kgs and 2kgs, is fantastic. Congratulations.

I know what my problem is at the moment, I haven't been exercising, for nearly a month now, and I'm really feeling it. On the upside, I have "normal persons" blood sugar levels, except for first thing in the morning, darn Dawn Phenonemum (sp?). That I feel good about, so this diet is worth it. I am so tempted to cheat this weekend and scoff myself full of chocolate, so I'll have to decided whats more important, my health or a few moments of chocolate joy.

I'm fighting some bug at the moment, with regular moments of dizzy spells and nausea, not good for exercising. But I'll head to the gym tomorrow and get back into it, its about time I did something. Catch you in chat in 38 minutes.

04-11-2006, 07:15 AM
I waited girls but no one in chat. its 8.15 and I see no one in there. See you soon.

04-11-2006, 11:17 AM
:o I forgot!!! Sorry :o

I'm burning the candle at both ends at the moment - late nights and early mornings. Study to be completed and exam fast approaching. Work. Domestic life. Exercise.

I am tired (I actually fell asleep on the couch this evening too!!!). Something is bound to give soon. But, I don't want to give anything up, so I am really pushing myself.

I am hoping, come the end of the Easter Weekend, I'll be done with the study other than six weeks of revision before the exam in June. So things should start to lighten up a little from there.

So hopefully I will make next weeks chat...if I am given plenty of reminders :lol:

Sorry again Kathy :hug:

04-11-2006, 10:48 PM
You ladies are all doing so well, quite an inspiration.

As expected, my conference was so full on that I didn't have any time to even think about exercising! Most of the food was pretty good but I did have a few naughties ;-)

Got back home on Saturday night and was so tired I went straight to bed and stayed there most of Sunday as well. Unfortunately all my good work last week has left me with an injured knee so I'm off to see a physio today to hopefully confirm that I can still work out.

Gotta keep moving!

04-11-2006, 10:50 PM
Oh yeah ... another thing I've done for motivation is put an old photo of me in my diary. I was HOT!!! So now every time I open my training and nutrition diary, there is a gorgeous thin me smiling back at me. I miss her and I hope I get her back soon.

04-12-2006, 01:30 AM
Hi guys
Sorry to hear you are still not well Kathy...keep lots of fluid going won't you...flush out all those badies. Remember you are worth eating healthy for and those darn easter eggs are usually yuk:devil: (i'm trying to convince myself as well)!!!

Lindor you certainly have your life full at the moment and dieting as well has got to be difficult. Keep up the good work won't you.

Little Kiwi you did well also. It is oh so tempting when all the "illegal" food is put in front of did well and hope your knee improves soon.

Sorry Kathy about the chat on Tuesday. I remembered too late as I had a bad day that day. The neighbour I go walking with discovered her dad dead on the toilet that morning. She was in a mess understandably. We had to ring the police and the ambos etc. Her poor kids were devestated as well so I had a bit of a yuk day and promptly forgot about the chat. Definitely next week..I have made a mental note now.

My diet..still going great this week although I must confess I just ate a chockie chip cookie I was baking for the neighbour as I'm sure she will have lots of visitors. I made her date and walnut slice, banana cake and the bickies and I only ate 1 bickie...good girl. I have a goal I am working towards at the moment. My husband is best man in a wedding at the end of July and I have a great dress I have only worn once when I was skinnny and felt skinny. I am determined not to spend any more money on a wedding outfit when I have a perfectly good one sitting in the wardrobe so I must get to my goal of at least 70kg by then. I should be able to do it if I keep my eye on the prize as they say.
girls and keep posting..leeny