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01-28-2006, 11:22 AM
Hi guys, I'm no good at setting huge goals, so I'm setting small ones for myself, first 4 pounds, then 3 then 3 more.

I feel like I can reach a 4 pound weight loss reasonably quickly and then 3 pounds isn't hard at all. For every cycle of 4/3/3 we will have 10 pounds off, but by tackling them in smalll chunks like that it isn't overwhelming and it is easy to stay motivated.

Would anyone like to join me? Set a 4 pound goal for February, and as soon as that goal is reached, set a 3 pound goal?

Baby steps make it so much easier to stick to plan and not eat too much. When you know you are only one pound or two from your little goal it motivates you to try a little harder to reach it sooner.

Who is with me?