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01-27-2006, 10:16 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies!! :wave:

We'd love to have you join us while we talk about our weight loss efforts and our daily lives. So come on in and chat away!! :gossip:

01-28-2006, 11:50 AM
Good Morning -

Feel icky but after some coffee I might walk on the treadmill. Basketball games, cleaning and resting are on the agenda this weekend. Just want payday to come on Tuesday!

Supervisor offered 6 weeks at another complex (family) as a filler. He thought I can get the full feel of a manager - since I feel so resentful of co worker control freak -lol

My only concern though is my relationship with the residents. Has been an uphill battle trying to warm up to them and them me. Reason being I had been so busy to start with and ASSistant was telling them I was a *itch.I get them now coming in the office saying -" gee you aren't at all like I heard" or "you are nice, I didn't think you would be, not after all I heard".....

So, I don't want to lose what I have gained. So, thinking I might offer 5 hours at the other complex and 3 at mine. That way I am out learning and being a "team player" and maintaining some contact with my residents.

Small bowls Cristi!! lol 3 ity bity bowls. Miss Kitty bowl ( it is Gaby's bowl, not mine- swear. It also comes with a spoon,fork , plate- I use them because it makes me eat small portions and feel like a 4 year old).......besides that kind of soup is lo cal ( I hope - ha)

k- eating eggs this morning and feeling better with 2 cups of coffee!

Hope you all have a good weekend

01-28-2006, 12:49 PM
Hello ladies...

Don't really have anything to say but thought I would say HI to Ms. Susan! HI! :lol: :p As long as they were small bowls of soup. Today would be a good day for soup but I think hamburgers are easier. I get so tired and bored of cooking. You are lucky Susan you have someone to cook for ya! I'm sure the residents will warm up soon enough. The ASSistant sure had a lot of nerve telling them that. When you are done with your cleaning, wanna come and do mine?

That's what I am getting ready to do...clean a little, do some laundry and this time some scrapbooking. I never did put it up because I had planned on doing some pages. Actually, my plan was to finish DD's scrapbook before putting the stuff away. Take a break and then start on the boys. DD is going to do some also. Then later on we are going to play games!

Have a good one ladies!

01-28-2006, 02:03 PM
Hi Cristi!! No, I will not do your cleanng!! lol I will be lucky to vacuum and mop today.

Nancy - I was reading your bio - curious about your kitty. How do you know it has alzheimers? What are the signs? Again - welcome!

k- getting off my tuff - chat tomorrow.

01-29-2006, 12:16 AM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Cristi - what kind of games did you play? Board games? Sounds fun. :) I really like board games, but Neal doesn't.

Susan - once the word gets out that you're a nice person, maybe things will be better with the residents.

Had such a nice lunch out with Pat! She's such a sweetie, and we promised to not wait so long between visits. But she works Mon-Fri, and has a family, too, so time is short.

I've got chuch tomorrow, so I really need to get some shut-eye. See you later. :)

01-29-2006, 04:59 AM
I've been having a heck of a time getting internet access today!! Anyone else experiencing that?

Just wanted to check in and say that I have been trying!! Since it's so late and Jhanai is asleep on the couch, I think I'll go and put her to bed.

I will try and get on here again tomorrow.


01-29-2006, 10:23 AM
Cristi--my daughter and I would have board game marathons which is one of the things I miss with her not living here. DS & DD play games at their apartment. DH never was interested iin board games:(!

Susan--I hope things get better for you soon at work. All I can say is document dates and times with what was said and done. Just keep proving that she is the witch and you are better than she is! Some people in the work world need a "target" to complain about to try and build themselves up and you seem to be hers.

Jane--it's always nice to get together for lunch with a friend.

Marti--hope you're internet access gets better so you can come chat more!

Nancy & Susan--DH & I keep saying that our older dog is gettting doggy alzheimers--she goes out the dog door but she won't come back in through it all of a sudden--she will sit in front of the door until we realize that she has been out for awile and open it to check for her!

01-29-2006, 01:53 PM
Update on my FIL: Well, he is back in the hospital. My MIL took him back to the hospital on Saturday around 1:30pm. His lung has collapsed yet again. From what I gather, the doctorís are going to inflate it again, and he will be in there for a little bit. Hopefully this time he wonít be in there for another 8 days like he was last time. My MIL wasnít even going to call us until Sunday, since Saturday was Tommyís birthday. She didnít want to ruin his birthday, so she wasnít going to call. Tommy ended up calling her to complain about the van (the heater core is going). He was just in the hospital earlier this month for a collapsed lung.

Onto other news, Logan is a big boy now! He rolled over from his tummy to his back, and then from his back to his tummy on Saturday night at my momís house. She watched them for about an hour so we could go to dinner together. She also asked me how much he was weighing, and I said ďI donĎt know.Ē She had me put him on her baby scale, and he is 13lbs. 10oz according to her scale. So, I am bumping his bottles up to six ounces at each feeding, and then when he gets adjusted to the more food, then I will bump it up to 7 ounces.

Brandon did surprisingly well while he was at my momís house. When we got back, I didnít get any reports of his crying the whole time we were gone. He was playing with my sisterís drum kit when we left. We had cake and ice cream with them while we were there for Tommyís birthday. Since we have been home, he has already woken up once and was very clingy. A couple minutes again, he cried again, but I think fell back to sleep. I hope he is not getting another double ear infection again!

Cristi~ Thanks for the nice comments about his birthday. We actually did have a nice evening out. It was only about an hour, but hey, it was nice!

Katy~ Brandonís nickname is Bubba already. He has been bubba since he was a little munchkin. I agree about the dish washer. It was a cute/nice idea, but since we are renting, I am not sure if we can have one here. But I know when we start house hunting, then we will look for a house with a dish washer in it!

01-29-2006, 03:13 PM
Afternoon ladies...

SUSAN...You won't come and clean my house?! :( :cry: I did get it cleaned and then made a list of things for V to do to stay outta my way! I swear it seems everytime I clean they come in and mess.

JANE...played our favs...Scrabble, Monopoly, Aggravation, and Yahtzee. Really need to get some new ones but these will always be our favs, especially scrabble.

JULES...a few years ago and for quite a few years we always played games on Sunday. I remember one year while living in Joplin, the electric went out one winter and we had been playing most of the day. Since we had no electric we went into the night and played by candlelight-the kids loved it. Now it's mainly just me, DH and DD that play or just me & DD. Of course we have been playing games since my first marriage back in '79. When the kids came along it continued but mostly kid games then, candyland, chutes & ladders, cards, memory, checkers, trouble, sorry...sure there were more, just can't think of them.

MINDEE...I hope FIL gets to feeling better soon. Wonder if there's anything else they can do so that it doesn't keep happening. Glad you and Tommy had a nice date! Seems a lot of people call their sons bubba when they are little. #1 DH was called bubba by his dad growing up and so he called DS#1 bubba. First time we took DS#1 to Disneyland there was a show we saw with a bunch of bears. One of the bears names was Bubba and we bought the Bubba bear for him fo rhis birthday. Kid still has it 24 years later!

MARTI...I haven't been experiencing any problems with the internet. Haven't even been having problems with the server busy stuff when cominghere. I probably just jinxed myself now.

Only problem I am having is trying to type! :lol: I am wearing my brace because of writing so much yesterday my wrist is killing me! This thing really helps-have one for both the left and right and have even worn both at one time before, such a pretty picture! :lol: Did manage to get a couple of scrapbook pages done yesterday and my house cleaning. Going to work on some more later. DD went through all her awards and decided which ones she wanted in it. Of course we can't put all of them so she picked one from every grade. Also, finally got my book list half done. I went through most of my books and wrote them down (the reason my wrist is hurting) and put a check by the ones I have read. Now I need to make a new list and alphabetize them by Author and add the ones that eventually I want to buy-lotta work but in the end it will be better so I don't buy a book I have already read. Should have done this years ago. Anyway...better get going. Going to vacuum again and want to start on the scrapbooking.

Have a good one ladies! :wave:

01-29-2006, 03:46 PM
Cristi~ I am not sure if there is anything else. I will have Tommy call and talk to his mom later when he gets up.

01-29-2006, 09:07 PM
Hi everyone!

It's been a very loooooong week at work. Very tiring. I'm helping out in another office due to a maternity leave so I'm on the road a couple days a week.

Yesterday DH & I adopted a 4 yr. old beagle from the animal shelter. Her name is Honey. (My husband is a beekeeper & the dog is tan & white). She is the sweetest thing, but she hasn't eaten a thing since we got her home! She is so laid back, we haven't even heard her bark yet. Very loving.

Today was yucky & rainy. Too much of that lately, the rivers are about at flood stage. Not good.

DH's son & kids just left - thank heavens!!! The boys are 4 & 6 and were absolute monsters tonight! The younger one kept giving me dirty looks & growling (yes growling) at me. I told him I was bigger and older and could make meaner faces than him. Then he would stomp off & kick some toys. He needed his butt smacked but his Dad was in the garage changing the oil in his truck. The the older one would start screaming that the younger one was ruining whatever he was doing and it went on, and on, and on........... :tantrum: And through it all the new dog just laid in her cage and didn't make a sound. If she can put up with all that hellishness, she has more patience then I do!

I have really been trying to stay OP, but haven't lost an ounce. Can't do any exercises except a few stretches because of my back. I really think that is why I haven't been losing - no exercising. :cry:

Time to get ready for another busy week. Hope everyone is doing well.


01-29-2006, 09:34 PM
To mom2gaby (sorry - don't know you're real name!!) we don't really know that Floydie has Alzheimer's. What we know is that he's 16 1/2, and has developed a number of odd behaviors, including obsessions with water. He may be at the beginning stages of renal failure, not uncommon at his age, but is also on steroids for irritable bowel disease. He yowls all the time that he's not sleeping. When my husband showers, he sits outside the shower the whole time yowling until he opens the door, then he goes in to lick the floor. ANyhow, we're steeling ourselves to the fact that he is aging, and his day will come fairly soon.

I have to share with this lovely group of people that yesterday I weighed in at WW after missing one week, and had a wonderful surprise of -3.8 lbs. I am now at -19.8 (just couldn't get that last .2, could I?) after 10 months. It has been such a long long long haul, but I am SO PROUD of myself for not giving up. The turn-around came in November when my leader talked about Bites, Licks, and Tastes (BLT's) and I realized that I had been sabotaging myself with all those BLT's that I didn't bother counting. Since then, I've lost almost 10 lbs., and I'm hoping to hit that 20 lb. mark next week, AND I only have 4 to go to get my 10% keychain!! :carrot:

Next step, how to get more resistance training into my exercise routine. Any suggestions?????

da fat n da furious
01-30-2006, 12:30 AM
Hello All,

Susan smart idea,,,you are not leaving yoru people and yet still able to get some learning in.
I tried to read as much as I could,,,so far behind.

I am free from the play now,,,which was beyond all our expectations,,,definete CAT award. Poor leading lady,,,had worked so hard. Lost 27 lbs,,(on her it was alot) and did some a emotional job that she couldn't turn the water off after her last show. I don't know how to deal with sobbing women but I think I did ok,,,I stuffed her mouth with chocolate kisses...figured her sugar level was low. And told her to let it all out. She was fine an hour later. I am just plain and simple exhausted. Glad its over.
We went to Red Deer today and had Christmas with the BIL and SIL. We got a gc for Costco and went and bought a papershredder since our old one can't keep up. Well I used both tonight and over heated them BOTH.
Not much else happening...
going to bed soon...need to, feeling a bit crossed eyed with lack of sleep.
night all

01-30-2006, 12:42 AM
Hi everyone

Have also had alot of trouble getting on. It keeps telling me that the server is busy. I am actually quite surprised that I am able to get on now.

How come just when your children have been so good for quite awhile, they go and do the dumbest (or what seems that) and you just want to knock your head against the wall? Or maybe theirs? That has been my week. Now in the process of changing schools for DD. Also how come when the kids do something DH's take it out on the poor DW that is just trying to handle things?


Maybe this week things will be much better.

Sorry that I don't have time to do individuals. Will keep trying to get on early tomorrow so that I can catch up.

Mindee, a guy at my work had a problem with his lungs collapsing. They finally found out that he had an infection, and once he had a huge dose of penicillin (he had to have the iv and wear it to work fo a week) he did get better. Hope that is what they will find and be able to treat it quickly. :grouphug: to you and your family.

Chat later. Enjoy your evenings.


01-30-2006, 01:22 AM
Kathy~ Thanks for that info. Right now, there are supposedly two doctors that are going to put their heads together and see what they can come up with to help out my FIL.

01-30-2006, 09:51 AM
Good Monday morning to you!

Marti - hope you're able to make it in here today.

Jules - we had an older dog who had arthritis and would sit at the door to be carried up and down the steps. Eventually we had to put her to sleep because she also lost her eyesight. It was so awful, watching her run into things and suffer with the arthritis.

Mindee - so sorry about your FIL. Can't believe how fast your boys are growing!!

Cristi - you and I have talked about the show "1900 House" before... well, if you remember, my family tried living like them for a week, and we played lots of board games then. It was really fun! Glad you and Carrie got some scrapbooking done.

Connie - we have a beagle named Chloe. She's silly and spoiled, andwill be 5 in April. She tracks rabbits, but doesn't catch them. Molly, our long-legged mix does sometimes catch one. :( Sorry the DGSs gave you such a run for your money yesterday. Would your son mind if next time you gave them a time out?

Eloisecat - YAY for the 3.8 down!!! We often talk of BLTs here and know the danger! About the resistance training, if you want the very best advice, check out the Ladies Who Lift forum here at 3fcs. See what Meg and Mel have to say, because they are both personal trainers at gyms irl.

Angie - oh, I so hope the play does get a CAT award! Glad you had fun at Red Deer with family, and that by the time you read this, you got some good sleep.

Kathy - hope things will go better for you this week, friend. :hug:

You know I've had trouble sleeping, right? Well, yesterday, after lunch, I turned off my house phone and my cell phone and took a 3 hour nap. Mary came knocking at the door and said Katie had been trying to get ahold of me, that she was sick and wanted to talk to me. :( :( I felt like the worst mom in the world! :( :( But Katie was supposed to work, and wasn't scheduled to get off until about 6 pm, and she never calls from work, so I thought it was ok to turn the phones off. Katie said it was no big deal, and that I shouldn't feel bad at all, but I did. She has the flu, and a couple of her roommates are taking care of her. Bless them! I offered to fly down, but she said no, that she'd be fine. I was thinking, no matter how old you are, you want your mom when you're sick! But I'll stay put. She has today and tomorrow off, so I'm hoping she'll get some rest and feel better soon.

Today I'm going to clean the bathroom and the living room. Oh joy!!


01-30-2006, 12:43 PM
I'm almost an Auntie! My sister went to the hospital last night around 9, her water broke. So far shes doing fine.

01-30-2006, 03:09 PM
Hello ladies...

KATHY...sorry about the kids and DH. Hope you have a better week this week. That server is busy stuff is enough to drive ya mad! Or it did me! :devil: I haven't had any problems in the last week, (knock on wood) probably jinxed myself by saying that. It should be better next week since they will be changing servers.

JANE...had to think about what the heck you were talking about...the show! :lol: DUH! Took me a minute to remember what that show was. I think it would be cool to live like that, sort of. I could do without some modern conveniences but of them all, I would have to have toilet paper and radio! LOL Hope Katie gets to feeling better soon.

MEL...are you an Aunt yet? What did your sis have, boy or girl? Name, weight, etc.

MINDEE...well, I hope they come up with something. Seems a pain if your FIL has to go to the hospital every other week. There's got to be something that they can do. :hug:

CONNIE...I would have just put the kids in time-out, or went and got their father and told he to come inside and do it. I know how temperamental others can be about their children though (not saying your son is). My brother was like that. NO ONE could even say anything to his kids if they were being bad. He got really mad at his FIL once because he said something to the one niece-big blow up between him and SIL which was totally ridiculous. It wasn't like he hit her, just said something to her because she was acting up in church. Your doggie sounds so adorable! I love the name Honey too! Except when DH calls me that, which, he's only done once! :lol: I have been wanting another dog for sometime now but not sure what to get. Don't want anything to big because he will be an inside dog.

NANCY...WTG on the 3.8 loss! :carrot: :bravo: I remember the talk on the BLT's! I was amazed at the points a few BLT's added up to.

ANGIE...hope the play does get a CAT! Poor girl must have been so stressed out! Jeez, a 27 pound loss! Hopefully she feels better since it is over with now. You reminded me that I need to try our shredder. V had bought it a while back and I was using it and think I burned it up! :lol: It just died. Thought maybe it needed a break and haven't tried it since. But the pile is getting big! So, need to see if it works and if not go get another. It is supposed to take CD's (which I wouldn't even try), credit cards, and up to 6 pages at a time which is a lie! It will not take 6 pages, it gets jammed. Anyway, hope you got some much needed rest/sleep.

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Well, I heard from Josh yesterday. I am a little sad but at the same time I am happy for him. He found out, finally! that he is headed to HAWAII!! :cp: I am happy in that he wanted to go somewhere other than Kansas or Texas. Deep down I wanted him to go to Ft. Riley because he would be closer to home but...I know he wants to travel somewhere he has never been. He actually was hoping overseas somewhere but Hawaii is good. I'll just have to go over and visit him. :) Maybe in April! Hint, hint Susan. LOL He's trying to get a leave to come home for a few days, to see us and pack some things. He will know today :crossed: He sees no reason he shouldn't be able to except that they won't let him go anywhere until his HIV test is back. Not sure why that would stop him from being able to come home. :dunno: If not, he will fly out of Columbus on the 15th of Feb. straight to Hawaii and I won't get to see him for almost a year! :cry: :( I think that would just kill me. It's going to kill me anyway, not seeing him for a whole year, but it wouldn't be so bad if I can see if before he leaves. Anyway...trying not to think about it. It's making me sad he will be so far away.

Nothing much on the old agenda for today. I've got laundry to get done, vacuum and walking on the treadmill. :tread: WI was today and the scales say I am up a pound. :( Didn't think I ate anymore than I normally do so not sure why I would be up a pound. Probably, because I haven't gotten in much exercise. Have been drinking my water and taking my vitamins so that's good. All I can do is keep on truckin'! Not going to let it get me down. But I do need to get my mojo back and get to losing again. I think I am going to buy the WATP book again and start over. Either than or go through all that I have written in the one I have and white-out everything! :lol: Would be easier to just buy the book and start again. Maybe this time, go copy the pages before i start any writing. Today is a new day!

Take care ladies and I hope everyone has a wonderful Monday!

01-30-2006, 04:37 PM
Thank you all for your bravo's...what a great group! :grouphug: It's nice to have support in this struggle...this is certainly the slowest I've ever lost weight, but I feel like my whole family has changed our way of eating, which has to be good. I've come to realize that my commitment to WW isn't for the short-term - I'm pretty much viewing it like AA - I will go to WW meetings for the rest of my life!

A couple of other gals at my meeting and I call ourselves "the typicals". As in, the woman at the meeting who lost 60 lbs. in 8 months is the one who would have the caveat "weight loss not typical". My almost 20 lbs in 10 months appears to be more typical. At this rate, it'll probably take me 3 to 4 years to reach goal, but I feel committed. I'm hardly suffering...I just need to be PATIENT.

So, I'm glad I found this group! :dance:

01-30-2006, 06:53 PM
Funny story about Brandon potty training: Tommy gave him a bath while I gave Logan one. Tommy ran into our bedroom to get diapers for both of them. I looked at Brandon, he was already in the tub, and he was holding his penis down while he was peeing in the bathtub. I told him “good boy Bubba.” And he got this HUGE grin on his face. Tommy then emptied the bathtub out, and put fresh non-peed in water in the tub.

Jane~ They are growing like weeds!!! Sorry to hear that Katie is sick, I hope she feels better soon.

Mel~ That is great news! Don’t forget to tell us when she has the baby!

Cristi~ Thanks for the hug. I, nor has Tommy, talked to his mom yet today. When I get him up I will have him call his mom and find out what is going on.

Nancy~ WTG on the weight loss!!!

01-30-2006, 07:04 PM
Hello ladies!

I was able to get on this site no problem, it was the internet that I wasn't able to get on. Then at work we were having some interent issues too.....what is going on??

Eloise--Fantastic on the 3.8lbs!! I've been talking to people at work about the gym. Should be open by next week and I'm SO ready!! I'm hoping to get some weight loss going in the next few months. I'll be happy w/at least 5lbs. I'm w/Jane on getting advice.....Mel & Meg are great and have helped a lot of people here at 3FC.

Cristi--Hawaii sounds like a great place to be stationed! And YES, you should take a trip to see him! If you're planning on doing the WATP again, you should get a new one, that way you can go back to them later and see all that you've accomplished and that would be a great motivator! Think I'm going to start a food journal again for a few months.

Mel--Well.....did she have her baby yet?? Is this your first niece or nephew?? Keep us updated!

Jane--Awww....don't feel bad about turning the phones off. You really needed the rest!! And Katie did get a hold of you and you know she's being taken care of. I hope she starts feeling better.

Kathy--I hope that you have a better week this week. Come back and chat w/us to get your mind off it all when you get a chance.

Angie--Ok, what is a CAT award??? I'm pretty clueless when it comes to theatre lingo! As for handling the woman who was sobbing....what a fantastic idea! I think I'll do that next time w/some of the people I work with!:D If I don't want to hear what they got to say....stuff them w/chocolate! (ok, I wouldn't do that, but it's still a good idea)

Connie--Your new dog may be scared and is trying to adjust to a new family. I'm sure you'll here her bark in no time (and if you don't, nothing wrong w/a dog that doesn't like to bark) and I'm sure soon she'll be eating lots! Like the cute!

Mindee--Hope FIL doesn't stay at the hospital long. My thoughts will be w/him and your family!! Sounds like you have two healthy happy little boys are your hands!

Jules--My DD and I play board games a lot too. One game she really likes to play is Mastermind. Of coarse, I'm always the one who has to guess the colors.:D Just over the weekend we did a "clean sweep" of her room and her closet is full of board games. She wanted to play them all again....but I had to let her know that we couldn't since there wasn't one inch of her floor showing!!! Clean up the mess first then play.

Hello to everyone else out there! I'm sorry if I've miss ya. Now that I'm able to get online I should be on here more.

Had a long night last night. It was my 7:30 to 6 shift. It was SOOOO slow and boring! It was driving me crazy. And when you're sleepy, it really doesn't help. I did end up leaving a half hour early.

Ok...time for me to get ready for work. You all have a great rest of the day!

01-30-2006, 09:06 PM
Just an FYI......

For those of you who don't check the entire site, you might have missed this.

Gotta get to work!

01-31-2006, 12:48 AM
I'm an AUNTIE!!!! :carrot: WEEE-HOOO! :cb:
My sister had a girl,:bb: she weighs 7lbs 6 oz and is 19 in long. Her name is Rowen Lea. She was born via emergency c-section b/c when Meech (my sis) was finally fully dialated and contracting enough to push, the baby's heart dropped severly. The cord was wrapped around her neck. Meech said it was really scarey, but they are both doing realy really well now. Both healthy and happy! :cp:
On another happy note, I'm finally back to 174, where I was b/4 we went on vacation. I'm gonna work my tushy :ebike: off this month and really press to meet or beat my goal.

01-31-2006, 02:07 AM
Marti~ Thanks for the nice words and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.

Mel~ That is great news! Congratulations Auntie Mel!!!!

01-31-2006, 10:13 AM
Good Tuesday morning to you!

Mel - how exciting about the new little one! Glad she and her mama are doing fine. And a big WOO HOO for you being back at pre-vacation weight. :cp:

Cristi - oh I hope Josh does get to come home before leaving for Hawaii. What a great place to be stationed, but yes, it is so far away. You'll have to make a couple of trips over there. If you need to cancel your Vegas trip, don't hesitate! A 1 pound gain is probably just water retention, since you've been good in other areas. No sweat.

Eloise - I absolutely loved your story about the Typicals!!!!! So cute, and how true, too!

Mindee - Yay for fresh bath water!!! My Mary did a #2 in her bath water when she was 3. Kids!

Marti - so glad to hear that you will be on line more. :cp: I've missed you, friend. Btw, thank you for your kind words about me missing Katie's call. But something like that does make a mom feel terrible.

Susan - where are you?

Katie is all better - thank you to those who asked about her. :hug:

Today I'm doing laundry, and looking at border samples. (no, not at the same time, lol) In the new house, the living room and dining room kind of run in together, so I need something appropriate for both. I've already found a border I love for the kitchen, so I'm taking a swatch of that along.

Have a good one, ladies! :cool:

01-31-2006, 12:07 PM
Good morning ladies...

Sorry I've been absent. My arm is really bad now -- I am having surgery on 2/9, provided all the pre-op labwork comes back ok. I'm scared to death, but just so sick of hurting, and not sleeping well, waking up with my hand numb... I'm also kind of dealing with some anger here. Yeah, workman's comp is paying for the surgery, and for part of my salary until I can go back to work -- but I'm really angry that I should even have to have surgery in the first place. And I'm not the only one going through this...several of my co-workers have also had to have surgery recently.

Unfortunately, this also means no Vegas trip for me :( Won't have the money or the time to take off work, I'm afraid.

I've been gaining and losing the same 2 lbs for the last of today, ticker hasn't budged, still at 25 lbs. :stress: :tantrum: :headache: :bomb: Tim made his 10% goal last week, though.

Nancy, I know what you mean about slowwww losses on WW, but I am also one of the more "typicals" -- 25 lbs in 6 months. This is always the point before, when hitting a plateau, that I would give up and stop going -- but like you, I've realized I'm in this for the long haul.

Mel, congrats on your new niece! Glad to hear mom and baby are doing fine :)

Mindee, sorry to hear about your FIL having to go back in -- hope they figure out the cause very soon and he gets better.

Jane, I'm 42 and sometimes still call my mom when I am sick :hug: Katie will be fine, sounds like she has some great caring roommates. I am so sorry I can't make it to Vegas -- I was really looking forward to meeting all of you. :(

Angie, if you can find some magical, fat-free, sugar-free chocolates, come stuff them in my face, will ya?

Crud, it's that time, gotta go chain myself to the oar. Hi to Cristi, Susan, Marti, Katy, Kathy, Connie, Jules, and everyone else :wave:

01-31-2006, 01:27 PM
Good Morning

Weigh day (end of month) and came in at a rousing 160. Regrouping and plan on walking my 100 miles in February. If that doesn't help I am really going to be pissed off. haha

Congrats Mel on being an auntie:)

More later - I have to run to CS and get that medical order in place. Chat later.

ohhhhhhh - Katy - you watch Bachelor?? He doesn't really seem to have the hots for any of them - unless that is just in the editing?? I hope for Sarah from Tenn, how bout you??

01-31-2006, 02:11 PM
Hi Susan-
I dunno ..I think Sarah Tenn is a bit bug-eyed and bland, but probably is the best of the bunch. These Bachelors usually seem to pick the ones who are easiest to dump after all the furor dies down, and she doesn't seem to be that dumpable. Nor does Moana. As much as Moana is being edited to be a big baddie, I like her for being honest - she's getting involved with the guy, and not there to make friends with a bunch of shrieking little girls. I think the gals on these shows forget that, but then the show wouldn't be as much fun if there weren't catfights in the mansions and what not.

If my theory is correct, that means Sarah Canada or Susan will end up winning. Sarah C is young and out for a good time, Susan wants to be an actress. Both of these gals would be easy to be with, then part ways amicably.
Do I sound too cynical :dizzy: hee hee I can't believe how much I get into this show- it's a guilty pleasure for sure.

I have to go to Costco- BBL to chat with everyone else!

01-31-2006, 03:12 PM
Hello ladies...::wave:

KATY & sorry you ladies won't be able to make it to Vegas. :( You will be missed!

MARYKATE...the surgery may be scary and a pain...but in the long run it will be so much better after-hopefully you will be pain free, your arm that is.

KATY & SUSAN...okay, caught Bachelor last watch it for 5 minutes and I swear they reel you in! :lol: I haven't seen any of the episodes up until last night. Cracked me up that those 3 girls were whining about Moana hogging him when she won the bike race fare and square. Was she supposed to stay back so the one could win? Think not. Then them talking about wrong. They are there for one reason and one reason only, and it's definitely not to make friends with the other girls. Funny stuff, but one does get caught up in it. May have to watch next week!

SUSAN...I wish I was at 160! I'll trade ya :D Hey, if you long of a flight was it to Hawaii? Wondering if I could actually make the trip or not. Flying to GA was a piece of cake, only 2 hours. Not sure if I could stomach anything longer, maybe if I take a sleeping pill. when do you guys break ground on the new home? Must be very exciting. Hope Katie is feeling better. As far as cancelling way! Not right now as it stands. I have been looking forward to that. Of course anything could happen before June and it would depend on what's going on with Josh at the time. If he has to go to Iraq I would definitely want to see him before he goes. See my comments on the thread though.

MEL...CONGRATULATIONS on being an Auntie!! :bb: :hat: :balloons:

MARTI...glad you could finally get on.

NANCY...I do think being patient is the key to losing weight. I figure it will take me a while and that's okay with me.

MINDEE...oh, the joys of being a mother. Actually, as hard as it is sometimes, still...I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Not much on the agenda today, but then there hardly ever is. :lol: Went for a job interview this morning first thing at the school district. Then ran to the library to return some books and magazines. Keep trying to find that People with Kirstie Alley in it-actually have been looking for it the last few times I was there. So ended up with some scrapbook magazines instead. Trying to get some good ideas. The pages in them though are really elborate and I know probably cost $10 or more to do-just one page! What gets me is they only have one picture on them which seems a waste to me. But they still help some what. Sooooo....need to run to the store to get a couple of things that I completely forgot to get while out. Need to drive Josh's truck anyway.

Take care ladies and have a GREAT day!

01-31-2006, 05:39 PM
Hello girls!

Mel--Congrats on being a new auntie!! Cute name. I worked w/a girl who named their DD Rowen. She was a cutie too. In fact, she looks so much like Susan's little Gaby! Adorable. And I'm sure your Rowen is just as precious!

Jane--I would love to redecorate our house. I'm sure I could if I talked to the landlord, but I would rather do it to the house James & I own. Someday.....I keep saying "next year" I wonder when that year will ever come??:) I have been watching Clean House or Clean my house has been torn through to get rid of unwanted clutter!! This weekend will be my office room, so not looking forward to that, but needs done.

Katie--So sorry to hear that you have to have surgery! We had a gal who just had surgery last month on both her arms. She'll be out for who knows how long. Poor thing, both arms done at once!! My thoughts are "how are you gonna wipe??" Ok, that was bad, but really, how is she???
Hope that once it's done that you heal quickly!

Susan--Bachelor is still running? I believe I watched it once the first time is started, and just never got into it. Bizarre since I'm such a reality junky! Have been watching Biggest Loser and American Idol. Love the auditons part of AI. Always good for a laugh.

Katy--Come back soon to chat w/us!! (look whose talking...the gal who hasn't been on as usual!)

Cristi--I have been wanting to do some scrapbooking for such a long time!! I just need to clean my area up! (which is why this weekend will be a "clean sweep" in the office!!) My desk/table is completely covered.....cannot see the top at all. Drives me crazy! How did I get so lazy that it got that way????

Angie--Where are you?? I'm still wondering what in the world a CAT award is!!:D

Hello to everyone else out there!

I have some laundry to do before work, a chore I hate to do but must be done. Also should shower and primp up a little. I'm looking a little worn out and tired!

I was so cranky at work last night. (lack of sleep) but guess what....I ended up staying over last night to help catch up! Frustrated me that so many went home on time. But then realized that it was just the crankiness in me that was frustrated. I don't think everyone should have to stay after, we should all be able to go home on time w/out the stress of so much work being left. Day shift could care NEVER see them stay over.

Ok....enough of my whining. I better clean up.

Hugs to all!:hug:

01-31-2006, 06:02 PM
I weighed in on Sunday, according to it, I gained 5 pounds. No problem seeing as to how I went out the night before and kind of splurged a little with it being Tommy’s birthday. I jumped on the scale yesterday, and I am down 2 of those 5 pounds.Oh yeah, AF came into town as well, and I still managed to loose weight. Go figure! I drank 96 ounces of water yesterday! (usually I drink 72, but while I was working out, I needed to have my water) I am getting used to drinking it more, and pop less.

Jane~ So far he hasn’t pooped in the bath tub yet, just pee.

KatieCat~ I hope your arm starts to feel in tip top shape. Sorry to hear about the surgery. Has your company noticed all the people getting the surgery? Are they planning on doing something about it?

Cristi~ I totally agree 100%. As much as being a mom can get tough at times, I would not change it for a thing! I will even sit in awe most days, and wonder how I managed to not be bored before having them.

01-31-2006, 06:10 PM
oh yeah......

Tommy called me at 1am this morning, and says "do we have any neosporin and band-aids at home?" I said "band-aids yes in the first aid kit, and I am not sure on the neosporin. Why? what did you do?" He says "oh I just snagged my finger." I said "how bad is it?" He says "oh, not that bad. It was spurting blood when it first happened, but now I have a band-aid on it wrapped with duct tape." I said "so I guess duct tape really does fix everything." He sayd "it is still bleeding a little bit, but not like when it first happened. I saw it start spurting blood and said "oops....looks like I knicked a vein.""

01-31-2006, 08:10 PM
What a friggin stressful day. I showed up at CS but gave the wrong address to Doug so he was a no show *sigh*. I filled out my forms and made sure it was for MEDICAL only and they said yes....blah blah.
When I finally show up at Dougs 90 minutes later (after going back and forth to pay phones calling to figure where he is at) he had talked to CS and they said there was a wrinkle in the process now. Of course.......*roll eyes*
So, now they had to have a judge sign it because it was a modification to our divorce degree and now the caseworker was asking Doug if he wanted CS.
They keep asking him this and he keeps saying, what the heck?? I take care of my kids. I don't need to be garnished to support them.
So, finally where it stands if we just pull them from state medical and CS can verify that they have....... we can ask for the case to be closed and they say they will have no further interest.
In the meantime the form I filled out is in their office and I am annoyed with that. I don't want them knowing anything about me grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nancy - my name is "Dumping Groung" jk my name is Susan

Bachelor is still running Marti. I didn't watch after the Trista/Ryan one but this caught my eye because he seemed rather dashing.......and course I am addicted

I don't know Katy....... I hope they edit so we only think Sarah from Tenn is boring. I think in a promo from her home town she was playing with her K children and she seems happy & fun. I am sure she is.......I think she is the most mature and well grounded out of all of them. Moana seems unstable........why is she crying?? I don't think the girls are that mean. It is in the editing........ we aren't seeing how unstable Moana to Susan

best get.......

01-31-2006, 09:42 PM
;) I love reading all of your responses. I'm still figuring out everyone's stories, so please be patient if I don't write personalized responses yet! I'm also working on names...I'll get there. eloisecat is my sign-on name - Eloise was a tortoise-shell cat that I had for 13 years. She died 8+ years ago, right before my mom (that was a **** of a year!) but I still miss her. She was crazy, but MY cat!

To Katycat, I wanted to say that one of my WW friends from the meeting was gaining and losing the same 2 pounds for a number of months (horrible plateau) and switched to Core and broke through the plateau. Some other people have been successful with that. I'm not sure I could give up my (healthy, of course) carbs.:devil:

I had a frustrating work day today - went to a meeting at a school with a family, got screwed by the school district, got VERY frustrated but (drum roll please) DIDN'T GO OUT AND GORGE. Instead, did a good, sweaty workout on the elliptical trainer. SO proud.

I'm enjoying getting to know you all on-line...I look forward to reading your posts.


01-31-2006, 11:51 PM
Hi ladies,

This will have to be a quick one, because I'm headed to bed. Today was a busy day, and tomorrow will be just as busy. I've been talking with all sorts of people re the red tape of the new house - which everything is already underway. The guy who's adding the porch finally called me back. Gotta have a porch!! We may get on his April schedule, if the house is ready for him sometime that month.

Anyway, tomorrow I'm watching Mary's 3 in the morning, then Neal and I have errands to run, and then while he has leftover meatloaf for dinner, I'm meeting one of Katie's friends for dinner. Her name is Chelsea, and she misses Katie almost as much as I do. She has a not-so-pleasant home life, so I'm hoping this will cheer us both up.


da fat n da furious
02-01-2006, 12:01 AM
Hey all, Marti, CAT stands for CALGARY ARTS THEATRE. Now if I was in Red Deer it would stand for CENTRAL ALBERTA THEATRE. No matter where I go theres a cat.
Katie, ouch. How long will be your down time? What exactly are they going to do? Ive had alot of numbing in my hand. I do alot of typing and worry that Im on the road to carpel tunnel.

Too bad about not being able to join us..another year perhaps.

Not much happening here, Play is done, Im resting now. Kinda,,,stayed up late last night trying to watch Flight 93. What is freaky is that I was at the exact airport 2 months prior. June 11th. But couldnt' keep my eyes open past 45 minutes into it. Which was crazy on my part as it was,,,had to be up at 6 am and it was 11:30 duh so I again went to work all tired. I will be going to bed super early tonight.
I admit I did something kinda dumb,,,I said yes to stage managing a cabaret show in April. Its a charity event for CCF Crohns and Colitis. Sat in an autition last night and was floored.This itybity thing comes strolling in,,,never seen her before and believe me I know alot of people. And she starts belting out not one but two of my favorite songs. Some of my favorite things,,(gumdrops and roses....) and Summertime. She did it all bluesy/jazzy style I was so excited.
I have to go see the anethioligist (person you puts my under during surgery,,,geesh couldn't spell that if to save my life) anyways tomorrow is my appointment with him. 3 weeks and I go in.
well I need to get to bed...night all

da fat n da furious
02-01-2006, 12:02 AM
Jane hello! that is so sweet of you to meet like that,,,my mom has replaced me with a young mom named April. Im cool with that,,,infact get a kick out of the stories those two have done.

02-01-2006, 03:12 AM
Hello... What a time I've had lately. Mom was here for 2 weeks, and we had so much fun. Hated to put her on the plane this a.m. Since we are going home early though I will see her in about 4 weeks. House plans are going along smoothly...the reason we will go home early.
Sunday I awoke to a horrible sick feeling and spent all day being miserable...nausea, the whole thing. I have never retched so hard and so often (TMI?) Anyway, woke up Mon. feeling much better so guess it was a 24 hour thing. I have just been so tired ever since. I actually ate my first real food today, half a sandwich. I had toast and crackers the last two days with mint tea. (when I could keep it down) I told DH tonight that since I am not hungry I am getting a good start on my eating habits again...which I planned to begin when Mom left. Hopefully I feel like starting my walking again tomorrow also as I had planned. He is also ready to TRY wish us luck.
I never got the stair stepper since everyone I spoke to about it said it can be hard on the knees. I have a bad knee, so I am going to try something else.

My DD who I think is way tiny...has just lost 10 pounds. She has been working out and she says just eating right. After she lost 6 pounds she couldn't budge more. Someone told her to go carb free every third day. So she tried it and lost the other 4 in no time. Just a hint for anyone who can use a "kick."

Okay...I am not going to try individuals, but didn't want you all to think I had ridden off into the sunset! Be back tomorrow.

02-01-2006, 09:27 AM
Good morning!

Sue - glad you had a good time with your mom - and that there's progress on your house. That has to be exciting.

Angie - I just love Summertime...I wish I could have heard her sing. How did you get into working at a theatre? I used to love working in theatre when i was in high school - i did costuming. I wouldn't know where to begin to get started again...guess I just walk in the door and ask if they need volunteers.

Jane - sounds like your house is coming along, too. Have a great day

Nancy - yay for not binging....

I need to go check in on the challenge thread then it's off to the gym!

02-01-2006, 02:46 PM
Afternoon ladies...

Nothing really to say...just wanted to drop by and say HI! :wave:

Forgot today is the first...I hate the first of the month. So many people out and about. Fortunately they had enough cashiers at Wal-mart so got in and out pretty quick. Now to run to Target to see about a book Wal-mart didn't have.

Have a good day!

02-01-2006, 03:08 PM
I just caught the Hawaii thing Cristi. I think the airplane ride was like 8 hours for me. Some lay over in Honolulu - one lay over was like 4 hours. Rocky thought that was too long for Gaby but if it saved $$ I would. I just remember it being so humid. Be kind of nice to venture into Honolulu :)

Anyway - come in April!! I think we were aiming for April 16 to May 3 - 2 weeks for sure. His b-day is April 29th.

Haven't walked yet but will tonight. Start working at the other complex tomorrow. Mornings here and afternoons there.....supervisor wasn't keen on that - he wanted full days at each complex but finally gave in.

Someone brought baby carrots & salad mix so I grabbed some....donation from a local store.

best get

02-01-2006, 05:41 PM
Back for a bit

Missed a bunch of folks this morning...
Mindee - the duct tape thing cracked me up- It really does come in handy...even works to hold diapers together :)

Marti - hooray for decluttering..I am the queen of decluttering around here. Sometimes I get so into it, the kids get nervous. Dave Ramsey says...
"sell so much stuff the kids think they're next' Only I donate things - I probably should sell them.

Susan- Sorry CS is so frustrating....I'm sure it will be a relief to get all the girls on the same medical, once it actually happens. Re; Bachelor - I think you could be right about the editing and Sarah TN. Sometimes they try to divert attention away from the frontrunners so it's more of a surprise when they win. I think if he really is serious about a future Mrs. she's probably the one. If he's out for a good time...she's getting the heave-ho.

Cristi - you are one brave woman to go to Wal mart on the first of the month. I do a monthly shopping at Costco and it's really bad there on the first as well. I went yesterday first thing in the a.m. and it wasn't too bad.


02-01-2006, 06:14 PM
What a frustrating week!! (at work)

I'm just flat out tired of it all. If I could afford it, I would just quit and stay home. Which is really sad, but it's the truth. Our supervisor needs to be reassigned to a different department.....or just be sent on his way. The management is totally out of control w/a lot of unhappy employee's.

Not much time for individuals at the moment. Feeling like I need to take a nap before I go into work. Come friday, I will have 12-13hrs of over time for the week. My usual is only an hour or two!

Anyway...I'll get back to you all later on.

02-01-2006, 11:54 PM
Oh, yay - I just figured out how to get a weight tracker bar! I find the bars very inspiring when I look at other people's posts.

Super bowl Sunday, Valentine's Day - what a month for trying to eat well. On Sunday I'm going out to a matinee with a friend (I bring my OWN popcorn, thank you very much). Valentine's Day - I'll allow myself 1 chocolate...but my husband better make it a good one!

da fat n da furious
02-02-2006, 01:56 AM
Marti,,,whats going on? Hadn't heard you complain about your supervisor this a new thing or has he been a butt head the whole time?(sorry anyone who is bad is called a butthead,,,Angie's new word of the week is
Sue,,,well I guess thats a good way to start your eating habits,,,seriously thou I think I do it the hard way..ha ha joking. I hope your feeling better...I have been surrounded by so many sickly people lately.
Cristi, funny how the first of the month sneaks up on ya eh? I find it hard to do my job then,,,cause I have to refer to the calendar all the time so Im flipping back and forth...grrr
Nancy,,,yikes your right,,,this will be hard month and I am making big plans for valentines day...wahooo have a cute lil bra and pantie set put away,,,it has rinestones along the strap...*grin

Katy,,,call your local theatre place and ask if they need volunteers....believe me they will job on you like your their last

well I need to get back to making a resume, for work,,,I am applying for another job in another dept. I almost said auditioning,,,lol really need to get out of theatre...

da fat n da furious
02-02-2006, 02:29 AM
ok ladies need you all to cross fingers and toes...I sent my resume into the HR dept. for a position in the HR dept. Feeling kinda like Ive overstepped, since I have no formal training in the area. Made reference to that fact that I have been with the company close to two years and have done a fabulous job so far....that was a stretch I
anyways its done and will know tomorrow if he has recieved it.

02-02-2006, 08:29 AM
Happy Groundhog's Day to you! Too soon to tell if he's seen his shadow, lol....

Angie - I worked in HP.. well, they called it Personnel back then, and I think you'd be great at that! Lots of places are willing to train the right person, and I hope they're smart enough to see that you ARE the right person. About the caberet show, I think you'll manage that just fine! Good luck with the anesthesiologist today. (I had to double check the spelling, lol, so don't feel like the lone ranger)

Sue - lots of flu going around Indiana! Glad you're better.

Katy - I don't post at the challenge thread but often read it, and you're doing great!

Cristi - hope you found the book you're wanting. Also, about the Vegas trip, I would do the same thing in your shoes! Kids first! :yes:

Susan - good luck at the new location today, hon. Yay for free veggies! :cp:

Marti - sorry your supervisor is being such a pain. :hug: Sooner or later someone with more authority will wise up to him. Lots of overtime = new spring clothes, right? :yes:

Nancy - I take my own snacks to the movies too. My fave is dry cereal. Have fun!

Dinner with Chelsea was fun! She told me all about her plans to visit Katie over spring break, and about her boyfriend, lol.

Today is my shopping day, and I don't even have my menus or grocery list ready yet. But I do have my dinner ready for tonight... I made taco soup yesterday for today. Yum!

Ciao, ladies! :cool:

da fat n da furious
02-02-2006, 12:57 PM
How sweet Jane,,,gotta remember for Chelsea that when Katie left she not only lost Katie's presense but yours too.

Well I sent off my resume last night to the HR personel,,,and this morning slept in,,got home to a messege saying that this other place I had applied for full time reception at 2 months ago called to ask me for a phone interview.
*you mean I could have some choices here?*

02-02-2006, 01:23 PM
Good Morning -

I feel so anal today. I walked 3 miles last night and half a mile this morning. I was aiming for 2 but I pooped out and was running out of time.

I drank 90 oz's of water yesterday and had some of Dougs soup last night.

I feel better and the skirts are going on nicely but if I don't see that scale mooooooooooooooooooooooooove, I am going to go nuts.

Thank you Jane, I totally hate my co worker. lol So friggin control freak- classic. I know - I have lived with Doug,,,,,,- you look in the dictionary and there is his picture. lol

Best on the job Angie. I was thnking of a part time pm position that would give me the housing - save on $$$$. but don't know if I want to start anything new right now. Stressed as it is.......

ok- I am out of here!! Having another salad for lunch and hope to get in 3 miles tonight.

Wishing you all a wonderful day!

02-02-2006, 02:05 PM
Hello ladies....

SUSAN...geez, 90 oz. of water?!! Yikes, I think I would drown! I am lucky to be getting 4-16.9 oz bottles down a day! Some days I feel really thirsty and drink 5-6 but couldn't drink any more than that. Unless of course I drink tea and count that which I don't.

ANGIE...good luck with the job! :crossed: Speaking of jobs...

Funny, thing...sitting here waiting to hear about the job I had an interview on Monday morning and I get a call from a pre-school that I applied at over a month ago! Haven't called the lady back as of yet because I would rather have the job at the school district-get the same days off as the kids, plus the summer off, and better pay, my kind of job! LOL

NANCY...just bought DH some candy for V-Day yesterday. I try to get everything early. But he knows not to buy me any. And the superbowl is not a biggee around here...unless it is a team I really like, like the Broncos.

KATY...we don't have a costco here so Sams it is...I need to make a trip there to stock up on water, well, and other things but mainly water. The prices are so much better and you get more.

Anyway, pretty boring week for me so not much to say. Same old stuff, different day.

Hope everyone is having a nice day! See ya :wave:

02-02-2006, 02:50 PM
woo hoo - love when we teeter on crashing!! JL live in the face of danger!!:smoking:

Having a much to do about nothing with our lobby floor ( do I sound like I am pmsing?? I am hehe) It was strip/waxed last Friday night. It looked horrid Monday morning and control freak co worker said he was waiting til it was buffed to see what it looked like.......


So, Wednesday comes and it still isn't done......


and I get annoyed


and go to our maintenance supervisor. I AM on the safety training committee. I get to sit in there every month with a bunch of guys and look

I bring good treats though - lol

So, I ask about the floor and when it is suppose to get buffed before we lose what we just did?? He walked with me and looked at the floor and agreed it looked like crap.

as far as medical coverage I can't even get them off of state medical until March. So, whatEVER......I can't get them on Kaiser without a date of non coverage of the, whatEVER.....

feel so stessed......I paid bills and now we are broke again,,,,,,so,

gotta go.......the more I talk the more STRESSED I get....

02-02-2006, 02:57 PM
SUSAN...hopefully some of the guys are good looking! :p

02-02-2006, 03:11 PM
There is 1 handsome maintenance man in the meeting. He was at my other building. He is retiring soon at only 42, I think he has 2/3 years to go. Never married, no kids, smokes. Don't think we would ever be a match but he is "IT" where I work.
He is a very sweet guy and likes to joke around. We have a camp that the company does on the coast for lo income children and he always goes for a week to work there........

He is wonderful - I feel like his groupie.....hehe

02-02-2006, 03:39 PM
OMG, we haven't reached our weight goal!! We can't crash!!!!

STOP, don't post!!

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