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01-23-2006, 10:46 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies!!

We'd love to have you join us while we talk about our weight loss efforts and our daily lives. So come on in and chat away!! :gossip:

01-23-2006, 10:57 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

I didn't take notes of who said what on the last thread, so I'll just say that I hope everyone is fine and that you're able to post when you try, lol.

We got the countertop and file cabinets in, and wow, that's lots of room for the computer and desk stuff. Love it!

Neal and I are going to Montgomery, Indiana tomorrow to eat at an Amish restaurant, and to just poke around at the flea market there. Yikes, his retirement is making it hard for me to stay OP!

Have a good one, ladies. :hug:

01-23-2006, 11:07 PM
Do the Jaded Ladies change over every 3/4 days/???? this is a HOPPING GROUP!!!!

01-23-2006, 11:16 PM
Anyone On Ww?

01-23-2006, 11:20 PM
Christine - We try to change threads after every 50 or so posts to help those who have a dial-up server.

Ang_wil - :welcome2: to the Jaded ladies! WW and calorie counter here. :) How about you?

01-23-2006, 11:31 PM
I'm on ww. It's the slowest it's ever been for me, but amazingly, I'm sticking with it. :cool: I have found a good meeting, and enjoy the people there. I'm trying hard not to get frustrated.

I just joined this group - you guys look like fun!

01-23-2006, 11:32 PM
thanks JANE.........just a curious soul>>>>>>>>>>>>:D

01-23-2006, 11:47 PM
Christine~ He is bound to end up somewhere….and it probably will be the dog house. LOL Congrats to your son!! Oh, I saw your options for you sports car. I love the new mustangs (but then again, my BIL works there so I guess I am impartial)

Cristi~ I hope you can get things straightened out with the server soon!

Marti~ That is an awesome birthday gift!

Mel~ I know what you mean. I didn’t notice it that much until we had the boys. Now, the only time one calls is when her boyfriend isn’t around and she is bored. (and to think….we made her one of the boys’ godmothers)

Ok….now I am not getting the server busy message, I am getting the sign back in when I switched from the last thread to this one.

Tommy's going to be another year older this coming Saturday. He wants to go out someplace for his birthday....which should be fun with both boys in tow!

01-24-2006, 01:14 AM
mindee-I know, it sucks. I really haven't changed at all since I had Allen. I still do the same stuff as b4, just not as often. And what's really funny is that of the friends who've stuck around, a lot of them are single guys! I would have thought that they would cop out long before the married/ engaged women friends. Whatever!
I just got done watching Celebrity Fit Club, and am wondering why Countess (whom I've NEVER heard of!) needs to loose weight when she only weighs 128 lbs!!! I would totally love to be 128, and my goal is 145!
I'm really fighting myself for some reason, I've hit the winter blues I guess.
I can't get back to being motivated to go to the gym, or to eat good. I feel hungry. I've been hungry all day long, and I'm not sure why. AF is here, I'm not sure iuf that is playing a role in my hunger and or mood.

01-24-2006, 12:17 PM
Welcome Ang-wil & Eloise :)

Walked 2 miles last night and another 1.5 this morning. Had oatmeal and thinking of going on an oatmeal diet for a week - lol

Soooo, hope Bach picks Susan or Sarah from Tenn on the show. Sarah from Canada is only 23 (to his 33??) she still is in school, and I think she wears braces - lol - what is she going to do with a doctor??

Chat later

01-24-2006, 01:38 PM
Hello ladies...

Actually got on today with no problems, so far! LOL :crossed: Couldn't even sign off yesterday so just gave up. When it comes to the computer, I am very impatient and want to throw it out the window! I think it is just the time of day I got/get on , I don't know.

KATY...I've tried refreshing, going back to the page I was on, closing the pae and coming back and nothing has worked. I waited a few minutes and came back and it was fine. Then I posted and lost the post because when I hit submit it went to the server is busy page! :crazy: I watched the very first Bachelor and have never watched again. I can't believe these women get on national t.v. and fight over a man!

MINDEE...OMG! :rofl: what the heck is Brandon watching that he learned to hump anything and everything in sight?! I thought only dogs did that! Anyway, WTG on the 36 pounds! That is awesome! :bravo: glad that DS finally passed his test! Bet he was getting so frustrated. Of course like you said, now the worrying begins! I still worry about mine!

MARTI...what a great BD gift! Nothing like being pampered for the day, or a few hours. Didn't get any scrapbooking done after all. I did get it all on the table! LOL I haven't done any in so long I was having a time trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the page I was going to start. Also, need to go through my pictures and find some more. I have some Belle stickers, and papers and I had a Belle (Beauty & the Beast) Birthday party for DD when she was little. Of course she took Belle off the cake before I could get a picture of it!

MEL...been there done that. Sometimes we find out the hard way who are friends truly are and yes, it does hurt. (((((HUGS))))) to you. I think Katy said it best though. Sorry, your trip to AZ wasn't the greatest.

JANE...I know when V is home and we run around a lot we tend to eat a lot also. As long as you are conscious of what you eat, I think you will be fine. I heard the song on the radio yesterday-again, now I always think of you and Katie when I hear it. Of course it did make me think of Josh also, not that I don't think of him every day.

CONNIE...hope your back is better today.

SUSAN...a jade and diamond ring would be pretty. My cousin did an opal and diamond ring. Opal is her birthstone. I've heard a lot of people use their birthstone as an engagment ring and then add a diamond or gold weddingband to it. I've got four small emeralds (it's a wrap) around mine, which is my birthstone and I love it, of course we did marry on my birthday too. Always get compliments and people say, I wish my DH would have thought of that. Well, I never told them that DH didn't think of it, lol! I did, I wanted something different than the trends or the traditional wedding ring. Another suggestion is (not that you asked, lol) the stone for the month he proposes or the month you get married. Anyway, I know Rocky has GREAT taste! Just the talk of wedding rings/weddings, etc. makes me excited for you! I love weddings! How is Miss. Gaby doing? And WTG on the walking.

JULES...glad DH was able to fix DD's car.

ANGIE...the proposal would have brought tears to my eyes! I am a sucker for proposals and weddings-I always cry! I love too when men are creative and actually put time into the proposal. V wasn't, but he did get on one knee.

A big :welcome: to ANG_WIL and ELOISE! Glad to have you aboard and hope you stay around.

Hi to everyone else! :wave:

Not much going on today...going to get my walk in and straighten the house a little, mainly vacuum and do a couple of loads of laundry. Yesterday was WI and I am down 1/2 pound, same as last WI. I'll take it. As long as it keeps going down I don't care if it is a 1/2 lb., 1/3 or long as it is a loss I'm a happy camper. Now to get to walking and lose more! Well, that's about all I have. Need to go look up a few things online and then get things done around the house.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful day!

01-24-2006, 03:27 PM
Cristi~ My sister has a bulldog that humps all male legs, as an initiation into the house. We were over there on New Year’s Eve, and I think Brandon saw him do it when he saw Tommy’s buddy he went to school with. Thanks for the encouraging words on the weight loss.

I changed my goal weight from 120 to 135. So, in order to hit that goal, I only have 95 more lbs to loose.

Welcome Ang_Wil and Eloise!!

01-25-2006, 01:21 AM
Hi ladies,

Cristi - the administrators are trying to fix the problems with the "busy signals" people have been getting. Hopefully, it's much better now. About the food, I could have made better choices than I did today. Time to quit messing around and Just Do It for me.

Hi to the others. :wave:

Neal and I did have fun today, but now here it is past midnight in Indiana, and I can't sleep. Drat!

Tomorrow I'm going to have little Makenzie for the day. It's her turn to spend the day with me, and I know we'll do something fun, lol.

Catch ya' later.....

da fat n da furious
01-25-2006, 02:06 AM
hey all,
Welcome Eloise and Ang_Wil
Cristi, at least V got down on one knee. Monte just asked if end of May was good for me. I thought he ment dinner out with friends, being it was mid May. He ment the following May.
Jane,,,amish food? what is that? Is it like Hutterites?
Not much happening. I will somehow have to find the time to go to my meeting tomorrow. Needing a meeting,,,feels like forever since I went to one. Seems like an AA meeting Did volkunteer work at school today and found out one of Tan's teachers goes to the same meetings as me...I just haven't been staying after getting weighed. Plus one of my cast members goes same day,,,shes an afternoon person though.
Ive had two people (same day) ask me how much Ive lost,,didn't feel like I had but I personally think like sand my body is shifting,,,boobs and butt seems smaller and feet seem
well i should get to bed,,,night all

01-25-2006, 08:29 AM
Hi Everyone ! :wave:

Being able to relax and NOT pick up children IS special!!! Hubby away till Friday............DD coming over this afternoon and we'll go apartment hunting!

All else is well.........since my weekend off with the girls I've not been able to make myself get REALLY back on my diet and exercise program.........NO loss this week either..........

Motivation seems to be poor will power. February 1st will be 4 months since I stopped smoking and I've been craving a cig REALLY bad......I suppose when the craving stops I'll be able to get back on track....I can't seem to STOP more than one thing at a time???

01-25-2006, 02:23 PM
Hello ladies and Happy Hump Day!

Not much happening here. Went and did my weekly grocery shopping this morning. Didn't need much and was surprised I got it done in less than 30 minutes! :carrot: Usually, I will look around at things but didn't feel like it, well, except for the garden stuff-they didn't have much though, not yet.

JANE...I think that all that matters is that you spent time with Neal. Sometimes it;s okay to not eat the way we should. I know I have! Especially, if we go to Olive Garden! Have a fun time/day with Mckenzie! I was changing my ringtone on my cell yesterday and didn't even remember that I had "the song" as one! Made me think of you yesterday. :)

MINDEE...that's funny how kids imitate, if you will, what they see. You'll get those 95 pounds off! Hey, you've already lost 36 and that's a GREAT start! :cheer: I've been working on the first 20 since September! :lol:

ANGIE...too funny about Monte! My first DH asked me while we were in bed and said...Wanna get married? I said, Ummm, sure, okay! :lol: I really didn't think he was serious. And when we went to Vegas and did we couldn't keep a straight face through the whole ceremony! Wouldn't change a thing about it though. About your body does! I've only lost 13.5 pounds and it's weird because some of my pants fit different. My boobs & butt haven't shifted but I feel a difference in my waist and legs.

CHRISTINE...when the kids started driving I kind of missed not having to run them around. But that was my life from the time they were born. I was a SAHM and took them to school, picked them up, took them to their sports, etc. I miss that. I've been trying to get DS to quit smoking to no avail. Thought if he had to go out and smoke that would motivate him to quit, no way. Of course he's not home now so...

Anyway, HI to everyone else :wave:

Going to go meet DD for pizza. :jeno: Her BD is tomorrow and she wants Little Caesars, ick! Then tomorrow we are going to the show. I always spend the day with the kids on their BD, have since they were little. Even let them stay home from school. :sssh: And I have a cake to bake-she hates store bought ones and I hate baking! :lol: get going.

Have a great day ladies!

01-25-2006, 05:05 PM
Hello ladies!

Boy, such a busy group. I don't know if I could catch up or not! So I think I'll just do a little post for now and then try to catch up later.

Feel icky tired. Really groggy. Everyone has been doing their best to keep up at work and do some overtime so there isn't a lot to do for the morning shifts.....half of them are sick the other half are exhausted. I'm the exhausted half. It almost feels like since the move, we have so much more work to do! Where did it all come from???? I got home around 4:00 this morning, then I didn't get to sleep until 6:30. This is crazy!

But on the bright side............James got a laptop! He finally decided that it would be good to have one while he was away. Hmmm....sounds like something I've been telling him this whole time!:D Now, another payment to make.:rolleyes: (but it's worth it)

So I guess that means, I can get on here when I want! Great news.:lol:
Alright ladies, I think I'm going to take a shower and wake up some. You all have a great day! We're half way through the week!!!

Chat w/you later!


01-25-2006, 06:31 PM
Angie I think I know what you mean about body shifting. My boobs are getting saggy and smooshy feeling, and so is my belly flab. There's less of it, but the skin is so streched out from being preggo that I'm hanging all over!
Marti Sorry you're feeling cruddy. Get lots of rest and rink some juice. And thanks for taking a shower! LOL!
Christine When I was learning how to drive, my parents were not missing driving me around, but they missed my being there! Once I had a car I was gone all the time!

So, I was really lagging in the motivation department these past few days. This morning, Mark pulled me up off the floor, carried me up the stairs and made me get into my workout clothes! I had a great workout and now I feel like I'm bsck to my old self again.
Oh! So cute . . . this morning Allen was laying on his back, and he just sat up! All on his own! He's so strong!

01-25-2006, 06:47 PM
Well, it is never a dull day around here!

Brandon has just started to stomp his feet when he doesn’t get something. Or if you don’t get it for him when he asks for it. Anyone else’s munchkins do this?

He can put his boots on all by himself now! He can’t do the Velcro up on them yet, but hey, at least he can put them on, AND on the right feet! We are working on the potty...he will at least pee on the bathroom floor, then clean it up. Now we just have to get him to more over about a foot to where the toilet is.

I emailed the reverend from our church, about baptizing Logan. He finally emailed me back and said that since we live two hours away, he wouldn't feel comfortable with baptizing him because we wouldn't be able to keep to the faithfulness and commitment that it means when getting baptized in the church. He then went on to say that since we were only occasionally at church after Brandon was born, that he thought we would get him more active in the Sunday school when he got older. He lastly said that when we move to get a hold of him and he would be glad to talk again about getting him baptized. So now, I have emailed my mom and asked her about the church that they go to. Since moving up here, we haven’t gone to any of the churches. But the one that I asked my mom about, we went and visited before we even got married.

I get an email from Wal-Mart with their stuff that they have on sale. Well, Tommy checked my email for me earlier this morning to get rid of the junk mail. He comes upstairs and says, “too bad we don’t have an extra couple hundred bucks.” I said “for what now?” and he goes “to get you a present.” I said “oh yeah, what would my present be?” He then says “a countertop dishwasher that washes four place settings at a time.” Then he says that he wants to stay locally for his birthday, so we will probably go to a restaurant here in town. He was thinking of getting himself a ice cream cake from Dairy Queen, but as of this morning, I think he changed his mind to getting a cake mix and then probably me and Brandon would make it for him while he slept.

Cristi~ I think I even have Tommy coming around. He isn’t heavy, but he claims that he wants to loose his belly (he doesn’t have one). When I met him he had a six pack, and he says he wants to get it back. He is 5’8” and about 165 or something like that. I don’t think he needs to loose any, but he wants to start eating healthier, which is great because with him doing that I won’t get tempted to stray!

01-25-2006, 08:08 PM
Mindee I've not seen a counter top dishwasher.......does it hook in to the first dishwasher was on wheels and i had to roll it up to the sink and hook it up........i had to really scrub the dishes before they went in too..........I told my hubby it was worthless and if I had to scrub so hard.......I'd just as soon not roll and hook up........

Marti weren't you the one who got a starter kit from Bare Essentials?? I was wondering what that was............

Christi I'm already missing the captive audience........Haven't seen DS since he got his license.......geesh.............I'm not ready to retire yet.........thought I was...........I was a SAHM too.......well mostly.......I only work during tax season and that is soooooo flexible........the kids never knew I was gone.......My oldest when asked what I did all day..........or if I worked he says........yeah she plays tennis......... little did he know.......he's my 32 yr old.....NOW he knows what it entails to take care of a house

DD didn't show up to look for a new apartment.......her roommates partied all night and she didn't get to sleep until 4AM.........hum........the good ole days????

Having my tennis team over tomorrow after the match.......having WW veggie soup.........ceasar salad with sauteed shrimp........White Chili for those daring to burn the palate...........and home made bread ( by one of my teammates)...........should be fun.........but gonna bee really hard to stay away from the wine...............:^:

da fat n da furious
01-25-2006, 08:57 PM
Yikes,,,never let Monte and I alone at Leons. We just got back from buying a leather chair and loveseat for up stairs. We will bring down the couch and loveseat once the basement is done. The if that wasn't enough we went to costco and spent a couple hundred there. With the intentions of going back once the basement is done to get this really nice looking entertainment centre. And bamboo boxes ( we plan to use them as both storage and coffee table end tables)
Mindee, I find when you look at teh big picture its overwhelming,,,96 lbs. If you break it down to 10 lbs for a certain qamount of months that doesn't sound as bad.
Cristi,,,I don't know,,,I bought some jeans not long ago,,,and I need a belt. They do have stretch to them,,,but really its embarrassing when things are sliding off. I am wearing a smaller bra I had kept. A bit snug,,,I don't know which is worse,,,a gaping bra that I am almost sliding out of (under the wire) or a bra that makes me have bubbles (what I call when you boobs kinda are bigger then the cups) I think Ill be wearing thick sweaters to hide whichever Im
Marti, wonderful about the laptop...yay! And you get to keep in contact with James more right? I hope your taking some vitamins ,,,being exhausted makes for being sick easier,,,this is like the kettle calling the pot black,,,I should know Im always I took cold fx and didn't get sick last week when I thought I was.
Mel/ Christine, its hard to get into the swing of things after taking a break. But remember what you want and go for it. Whats more important? You are.

did my WI. Down 3.6 lbs this week. And this is even after making a cookie science experiment with Tanner,,icing and all.
well I need to get off to theatre...5 more shows...*sigh

01-25-2006, 10:29 PM
Evening -

Angie- That is wonderful about the 3.6 pounds! Congrats.

I am going home - just wanted to check in. I walked 3 miles yesterday - I was going to walk an hour tonight while watching American Idol. On my oatmeal diet and look for awesome results by the ond of the month - hopes for being "On Goal!!" lol - so full of crap. I will be lucky to get to 160......

Going to watch AI......chow!

01-25-2006, 11:44 PM
:cool: Made some good choices today...I chose to exercise when I didn't have to rush to my office, chose to have spaghetti squash with sauce for dinner instead of noodles, chose to go to Applebee's for lunch since I can get a meal with the WW points all figured out there. Every day seems like a struggle, but I have to remember to celebrate the small triumphs.:carrot:

01-25-2006, 11:48 PM
let me see if I can get this pic to show up. this is the first time I have ever seen something like it. in reading on it, it does hook up to the kitchen sink.

here is the link for it: 26+Specifications

01-25-2006, 11:48 PM
Mindee- That's great that your hubby wants to get healthy! Mark is 6"4' and 165, he's a friggin' rail! He used to have a six pack and nice muscley arms, not anymore, now I cans ee his ribs!
Angie- awesome about the WI! Congrats!!
Susan- I hope you guys can get that whole mess taken care of soon . . .

Mark says that he has something planned for me for when I make my goal. I tried to pry it out of him, but he won't budge. I'm thinking that he's finally going to get me that diampnd bracelt that I've wanted since we met! I love them! They're so pretty!
So now I need to bust it big time so that I can make my goal and get a present! (ok ok, and be healthier and look nice . . .)

01-25-2006, 11:49 PM

01-26-2006, 08:12 AM
Hello Ladies!

I thought I would pop in before I go to bed. I'll try and catch up on some of the action going on in here!:D

First off:

Welcome to the new ones here!! Eloisecat, Ang_Wil, and Echofroe!! Glad to have you all here and hope we here lots from ya!

Christine--Yep, it was me. James bought me a starter kit. I pick it up when I go in for an application. (guess they need to show me how to use makeup???) here is what the stuff is. Hope its what I'm know, to look 10yrs younger!:D

Susan--I swear I'm going to get my butt moving! All your walking is putting me to shame! But I am proud of you. You're doing fantastic.

Mindee--Interesting little dishwasher. Must tell us how well it works if you get it!

Angie--Remind me not to go shopping w/you if I haven't had a payday! The furniture sound beautiful. I love the idea of the bamboo end tables. Fantastic on the weight loss!! You're doing great!!

Mel--Oh I hope your hubby gets you the diamond braclet! That is a sweet thing. I should ask James if he has something in mind....tell him I need motivation to get the weight off!:D

Cristi--Don't like Little Caesars?? James doesn't either. Too much sauce or something. I don't mind it. Tell you're DD Happy Birthday!!

Katy--Does your brother work for Wild Duck?? That's who is catering the cafeteria. There are a lot of upset workers on the evening shifts. Because they close at 2:30 in the afternoon. So we're left w/nothing. I just figure...time to make my own dinner and make it healthy!

Jane--Spend all the time in the world w/Neil and enjoy all the foods. I hope you had lots of fun w/Mackenzie!

Hello to all the other I may have missed. So hard to try and catch up when your really busy.

Ok....I think I'm going to get going. You all have a lovely morning while I go get some sleep!


01-26-2006, 08:55 AM
Cooking and Cleaning this AM!!!

WOW Mindee.......I'd be interested to know how it works too......since my DD is looking for apartments........that seems like an ideal thing if she doesn't have one already in the apartment.......I also looked at the mini grandma had one of those and a mini dryer ........she liked it cause it was only her and granddad..........

Marti!!! LOL Let me know if you get to looking 25 again????!!!!

Hellos to all :wave:

01-26-2006, 09:59 AM
Good morning!

Marti - Yeah - well, he was a production manager for the Wild Duck before they closed, but the WD still caters( obviously) Now he still works for the main company - directs Art in the Vineyard and Eugene Celebration.

Well - my DD is scrambling to get on my lap, so I have to cut this short....I'll try to get back later to say hi to everyone else

01-26-2006, 11:41 AM
Angie~ I agree about the whole big picture thing. The way the site works, it tries to get you to loose at least 1 or 2 pounds a week, that way you don’t drop the weight too quickly.

Mel~ I mentioned to Tommy what my timeline was for my weight loss, and he goes “Are you trying to tell me that I am going to have to buy you a new wardrobe each month?” I said “no, since we live in the country I can use rope as a belt.” We had a laugh, and I said “nope, I should have enough clothes to tide me over for a while. If not, then I just buy a couple new belts to hold my pants up!”

Echo~ Hi! How are you doing?

Marti~ If we do get it, I will let you all know how it works. It would be nice to get a break from dish pan hands, but hey, you win some you loose some.

Christine~ I noticed all the other mini options as well. The washer/dryer would be nice, but since we live right next to the laundry room, it really wouldn’t do us any good. Plus, with the way we do laundry it would probably take me all week just to do a days worth of laundry! LOL

Gotta run…..Brandon is taking out all of the pots and pans in the kitchen

01-26-2006, 04:47 PM
Luncheon ............went good.....all the ladies enjoyed my white chili as well as the ceasar/w shrimp and the WW veggie skinny minnie in our group though.........she brought home made fresh HOT bread............YIKES!!! butter was for smearing and OMG I couldn't help IT......let the butter out of the fridge..........ALL FRESH HOT bread gone.......all BUTTER gone...........ALL wine GONE.......DAmn............I'M FAT!!!! and SASSY!!!!

01-26-2006, 05:34 PM
Thank you Mel. Just waiting to hear back from supervisor at CS - he is calling my employer to see why they need a court order before establishing medical. He is the supervisor of the supervisor - getting so tired of these people. I called this AM to leave a scathing message and all the supervisors answered their phone - what a bother!! I ranted and raved and was almost late for work.
At least the supervisors supervisor is nice and polite!!! That is all I want - I don't deserve these jerky attitudes. *sigh
He also will look into putting the suspended license in place since Mike promising a job was the reason it was re -established(SP)

Maybe I am just a ***** - I dunno. I can never get ahead it seems and if they think this 50 year old man is going to change and be responsible now - ha. He is friggin $40,000 in the hole.......and I think he should be ashamed for quitting his job once Gaby was signed up for medical. So mad at him. I really need help with this because I use to be

Walked 1.5 miles this morning before Gaby woke up.Now I don't feel good - have the chills.....waaaaa, waaaaa

sorry for the vent - better go back to my corner......

01-26-2006, 07:50 PM
Just a quick Hi from me for now :wave:

Busy day and now it is time to cook dinner and finish the cake. Got it baked, just need to frost and decorate. Anyway, took too long catching up on all the posts and there are too many to try and do individuals.

DD & I went to see HOSTEL, good, funny and gory! Oh, and a lot T & A! Supposedly based on a true story and if it was...remind me to never stay in a Hostel, ever! Nothing else really on that she wanted to see.

Anyway, gotta run and get dinner started.

01-26-2006, 08:41 PM
I know what you mean about individuals Cristi, it is hard for me to do. You do a awesome job with it! Your cake sounds yummy.

I am starving and sooooooooo ready to go home. I feel dizzy. I will try and walk another 1.5 miles tonight.

I made an appointment for Tuesday to complete the forms on medical for R&R at CS. So that is a relief.

I was hearing some good things about CURVES from my mother & some residents. I kind of like the idea of working the whole body into shape and only other women being members. Might look into it.

better get! Sooooooo happy tomorrow is Friday!!!

01-26-2006, 08:56 PM
Stopped into say.."HI!"

Busy day at worked--mega amounts of entry--too tired to think or type anything else!!

01-26-2006, 08:56 PM
Thanks for the welcome. I enjoy reading all your posts. My screen name is eloisecat, but my real name is Nancy. :cool:

01-26-2006, 09:31 PM
I went for a 1 hour walk today in place of going ot the gym. It felt really good! To not be walking on a treadmill, just walking . . . with things other than sweaty people to look at!
Allen is a big boy now . . . he's eating cheerios and is trying to master drinking from his sippy cup. It's sad to me, that he's growing up so fast!

01-27-2006, 12:06 AM
Hi Ladies...

I'm back again for a few minutes. My usual shows are boring me so didn't feel like watching tonight. Watched My Name Is Earl and The Office instead. CSI...I haven't cared for the last few shows, didn't quite start the season out with a bang. Same with Without A Trace. May go back to watching E.R...I haven't seen that show in ages and it used to be a fav.

SUSAN...I don't think you are being a *****, more looking out for the welfare of little miss Gaby. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I can only imagine the crap you have to endure dealing with those people and most of all, Mike! Hope you got some food in your belly and you aren't feeling dizzy anymore, maybe that's why you were feeling dizzy? could just be dealing with the arses! old is your little one? Can't remember if you mentioned it, probably in your bio and I missed it. Hope DH gets you that diamond bracelet. If I ever get to my first mini-goal DH is getting me a charm to add to my bracelet that says "One day at a time" I always liked that. Not sure what I will get when I reach my UG.

NANCY...WELCOME once again! Maybe, if you want, you could put your name in your signature until we all get to know you. Of course I have noticed a few people have changed their avatars...I think they are trying to confuse me. ;) I'm having to look at their username to see who they are! :lol:

MARTI...there was a time that I did like Little Caesars. It's okay if you eat it when it's hot but something about the cheese when it gets cold, ick! Glad James got a laptop, now you both can get on when you want. And he can e-mail you!

MINDEE...ya know...not meaning to come off sounding like a know-it-all, or meaning to rain on your parade, but you can almost get a full-size dishwasher for about $100 more than the little thing. Might be something to think about and check out if and when you guys decide to buy one. And speaking of washers and dryers...have you seen that they have a washer/dryer combo? You wash the clothes and when it's done with the washing cycle it flips to the drying mode. How cool is that? I saw it on HGTV on one of these space saver shows, or small spaces., yummy bread with butter is my downfall! :T I wouldn't have been able to pass it up either.

JULES...hope you get some rest from all that typing!

ANGIE...wtg on the loss! :bravo:

Hi to everyone else, Katy, Connie, Jane, Kathy, Sue, Katiecat, aaaaaahhhhh, I can't think of everyone! :o

Well, since I didn't get in all my computer time earlier I am going to go surfin' the net and check e-mail and such! I'll be up late again. I got on this late schedule that I really don't like. Staying up until the wee hours of the night reading and then sleeping in. I tried to go to bed early but just layed there so got up. Going to try and force myself to get up earlier tomorrow.

Nighty, night ladies.

01-27-2006, 12:44 AM
Today was Brandon’s WIC appointment. He is 27lbs. 10oz., 32 inches tall, and his head circumference is 18 5/8 inches. He is doing great! He put on 5lbs. 6oz and 3 inches since the last time he was there. The guy that we talked to, who is the big honcho I guess, asked how potty training was going. I said “we haven’t tried but, we will be trying soon.”

My mom is going to watch the boys for a couple hours on Saturday so that me and Tommy can go out to dinner by ourselves for his birthday. Then after dinner, we will come back here, grab his birthday cake and ice cream, and head over to my mom’s house.

Nancy~ Once again, welcome!

Cristi~ I am not sure if we will get that countertop dishwasher. It just looked interesting. I am not even sure if we can have a dishwasher here in the apartment. But I know that will be one thing we will definitely look for when we go house hunting sometime. I haven’t seen or heard about the washer/dryer combos. They sound like it would be a time saver though. Do they come in full size or just small?

01-27-2006, 12:48 AM
Susan Sounds like a real loving father ((sarcasm)) :eek: I'm so sorry that you have to go through all of that! What a pain!
Cristi Allen is 7 months old. He's sitting up and sigh . . . eating cheerios and trying to figure out sippy cups. He's growing up on me and there's no way to stop him! :cry: No, He's very fun at this age b/c he's a lot more playful now and has a great attention span.:bb:
Hostel? Hmmm . . . I got a gift card for the movies for my birthday and Mark and I trying to pick out a good one to see. We havn't been to the movies :corn: since I was about 6 months pregnant!
Well, I had so much crazy :cb: energy all day that I buzzed around my house cleaning and doing laundry, and then when Mark came home from work at 830, I went ot the gym for a while.:ebike: I triied out a couple of machines that I've never used b4 and got in a great workout.:wl:
I know that last week I did really bad,:cookie: :m: :jeno: :burger: :chockiss: :hungry: :mcd: :cbg: :hb: but I'll be SO disapointed if I WI on Sunday and don't have a loss of 2+ lbs!:crossed:

da fat n da furious
01-27-2006, 02:16 AM
cristi,,have you sean horse broke moutain? As soon as I am done with this show I am going to see it. Heath Ledger is adorable...cute whatever. I enjoy looking at him.
Happy Birthday to DD!

Susan well we all know Mike is a butt head...probably everyone who has had contact with him knows also.

Welcome Nancy...

Jules,,,hey know the feeling when Ive been going none stop...its hard to get in and say hi.

Anyways better get to bed...night all

01-27-2006, 08:25 AM
Good morning ladies,

Waaayyyy too many posts for me to try and do individuals. But I do want to say to Angie - WTG on the 3.6 pounds down! :cp: And to Cristi - happy belated b/d to Carrie. Marti - you're gonna love James having the laptop. My laptop is in Florida. Getting a tan, lol. Susan - you're too hard on yourself, sweetie. I think y ou're doing great with the walking. Nancy - welcome! Would you please put your name in your signature, and it will appear the first time you post on each page. Thanks. :)

A big hello to all the others! :wave:

Remember my friend Sally? Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but she moved to South Carolina last fall. She and her DH Bill are in town, and the 4 of us went out to dinner last night. We met at the restaraunt, and I know people thought we were crazy, because when they came in, she and I stood at the door, hugging and hopping around. LOL We had a long, leisurely dinner, then went back to their hotel room, and chatted until past 10pm. Felt great to see an old friend who knows so much about my soul.

Have a good one!

01-27-2006, 09:30 AM
Going to the gym this morning...the machines that work the arms should be real fun today since my arms are still tired. Still at a 0 loss for the second week in a row...though DH commented again about my butt, so on a whim I tried on the jeans that are my first goal to get back in---I actually got them up over my thighs and butt--which hasn't been done for over a year --have a ways until I can actually button them even with sucking everything in.
---did anyone else ever do the laying on the bed with a wire hanger through the zipper pulling it up to squeeze into the 80's butt hugger jeans??
After gym--it's off to the dreaded Walmart for groceries. DH is going to change the oil in DD's friend from colleges car. She is a sweet girl--says she is going to make us adopt her whether we like it or not. Unfortunately her parents divorced and remarried and between all the marriages she has 10 siblings. She says she gets lost in the brood and we make her feel loved.

01-27-2006, 12:13 PM
No, I don't think everyone knows Mike is a butthead Angie. Obviously he was able to dig up 2 lady AA friends for the court hearing that gave him ideas he deserved custody - also some nutty lady helping him do the Christmas thing ,,,,and his friggin muther who likes him,,,,,,lol
Also CS caseworker still thinks he will be sending his $$$ this month - lol

Whatever - my mom said if he tries a court thing again she is buying me a ticket to Hawaii -"you are just going to go Susan, we aren't doing that again!"....ok, a judge might have something to say. ha

I had some wonderful soup last night from Doug. Didn't walk this AM because of my cold- feel weak....

blah - blah better get this brats to school!!

01-27-2006, 03:07 PM
Susan - hope all goes smoothly getting the health insurance taken care of...Personally, I think you handle it all very gracefully...I know it's hard dealing with a deadbeat dad but just hang in there and vent here, of course! Hope you feel better soon...soup sounds so good...maybe Doug can swing by here with some of that....

Jules - I work out alot and the pounds come off very slowly, but my body looks so much better! So I just remind myself that I want my appearance to improve - no one needs to know what the scale says unless I tell'em :D Building up all that muscle is going to improve your metabolism in the long haul, so just keep your eye on the prize!

I am so far behind. I just can't keep up today,,but hope you are all having a great day.

We took Leigh in for a developmental assessment yesterday, largely because her preschool teacher had expressed concerns that she might have delays. Well, I my feeling at the time was that it was mostly her (stubborn) temperament more than a delay. I mean, she's in speech, so that part we know already. The assessment confirmed what we felt, which is that her development is within normal ranges on just about every aspect. yay! We were encouraged to keep up speech for awhile to improve her intelligibility,and given some stretching exercises for her calves. Her teacher thought she might need therapy because she was falling down alot, but turns out she has tight calves.... So, upshot - her teacher was a tad overreactive, but the assessment will help her calm down abit. I'm glad, because Leigh really loves's hard to feel like the teacher just isn't on the same page as the parent....but I'm sure she will be when we discuss the results.

Angie - I heard Brokeback Mountain is really good! I won't see it for awhile, because I just never seem to get out to movies any more. We usually see them when we can check the DVD's out from the library.

well -gotta go get the pipsqueak from preschool
Have a good one, folks

01-27-2006, 04:05 PM
Lets talk soup! It was wonderful what he made. He bought this nifty crock pot and he just throws things in. So, he started with a chicken & rice family size can soup and added some chicken breast, a can of kidney beans and a packet of veggies that had carrots, onions, mushrooms and asparagus......I thought I saw some califlower too - not sure. It was good - had 3 small bowls for dinner.

Gaby has the speech thing too Katy. I really need to get her back to Kaiser for that. How old is Leigh?? IS she starting K this fall?? Gaby has another 1 1/2 to wait. Be neat if they could be in the same class!!

Jules - remember you can lose inches before you lose pounds! That is why I always get buck naked in front of the mirror in the morning to see if I am thinner - frustrating when I think I am thinnner and clothes fill looser only to get on the scale and be the same weight - it is WTHeck???

Mel - I think I will change my weigh in day to Tuesday - last day of the month - feeling like the lottery - want that 159 to roll over - lol -

Have a wonderful lunch Jane!! I think I will start tracking the miles I walk in Feb, aim for 100 a month and maybe that will motivate me?? I don't know.

back to work!

01-27-2006, 04:11 PM
Hello ladies...

MEL...I loved when the kids were that age. WTG on the work out! :carrot: Now, when you are done you can come on over and clean my house, puhlease! :^: :D

JANE...glad you had a nice time with Sally.

ANGIE...I want to see that movie but no one else does. :( Of course there is only, or was only one theatre showing it because of all the controversy surrounding it. It's just a movie! Jeez! They think people are going to get the message that all cowboys are gay! :crazy:

MINDEE...hope Tommy and you have a nice evening out, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tommy!

JULES...I remember the days of laying on the bed to get jeans on. I didn't use a hanger, but sometimes I should have...broke a lot of nails! :lol: WTG on the NSV! :bravo:

KATY...I think Leigh will be fine and do well in school.

SUSAN...I'm with the Momma on that one! Of course I know you can't just do that. But I bet it sure would be tempting.

Hi to everyone else. :wave:

Need to get going and run an errand real quick. Spent too much time on this thing looking up music. DD has volunteered to make me some CD's and I just needed to get the titles of the songs. There's some CD's I will just buy but these are a lot of my favorites from the 60's, 70's & some 80's. We get CD's through BMG and to tell ya the truth they are better than they used ot be, BMG that is. Just got about 7 CD's in the mail and fromt he first batch, I bought one and got 3 free. The second batch was another 3 free ones I had coming. Got Audioslave, which is VERY good! I love that! Also, Ray Lamontagne, so good! Got Nickelbacks new one but have yet to listen to it. They are coming next month, which is a surprise and shock and as much as I would love to go...I am actually thinking I would rather spend the money on something else! :yikes: What is wrong with me?! Still have time to think about it and they won't sell out one ever sells out here, that's why it is a surprise and shock when a big name group comes. Anyway, :blah: :blah: :blah: gotta get going.

Have a great day and weekend ladies! :wave:

01-27-2006, 05:06 PM
I'm baaaack

Got back from preschool and the library..Leigh's watching a Dora the Explorer video and since I just can't face cleaning house, here I am!

Well, I did something kind of impulsive. One of the knitters whose blog I regularly read has started a contest. You cast on a project during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics and you have to finish it by the end of the Olympics - 16 days. So, being the crazy gal that I am, I went up and ordered a pattern for a cool jacket called Rockstar, ordered up some lovely silk/wool combination from KnitPicks, then sat back to contemplate my navel and wonder if I have truly lost it. Now today I get an email that my pattern is out of stock and MIGHT be here in time for the contest - think the fates are trying to tell me something.

Meanwhile I am plugging away at this lovely thing ahh life is good.

Cristi - thanks for your encouragement - I think Leigh will be fine, too. I think she has a rather introverted personality which is going to be a challenge for some of her teachers as she grows up. Just the opposite of her brother :P

Susan- if Gaby goes to Maplewood, the girls will be there at the same time. Leigh has one more year at the co-op before starting kindergarten. The kindy teachers are fabulous; right now our plan is for Leigh to go into the half day program.

Jane - So glad you had a nice visit with your friend....

Mindee - Brandon's check up was great! My DS weighed that much on his first birthday - we called him Bubba..Still a big kid. That countertop dishwasher looks cute, but as your kids get older, it might be too small. Hope you and Tommy have a nice evening out for his birthday.

Well -I'm off again

01-27-2006, 06:06 PM
Hello ladies!

I've had to let James take control of the computer yesterday so he can transfer his stuff from the computer to his laptop. But I'm back! In fact, I'm using his laptop right now.:D

There is just way too much to try and catch up on today but don't stop chattin! It's great to see all the action going on in here.

Last night at work was a long one. Over an hour of over time. Then this Sunday is my scheduled weekend day. I need to go in and work 7:30 to 6:00!! How appaulling is that? Those hours suck but we're all rotating to help cover for a girl who is recouping from surgery.

I'm going to be one grumpy gal come next friday!

Ok, it's my early friday so I need to get myself put together.

Hugs to all!:hug:

01-27-2006, 09:51 PM
Hiya ladies!

I'm back...

KATY....I like that, and the colors! You're making me want to learn how to knit. Of course, I don't think I would ever be that good, maybe make some afghans, blankets...seems easy enough. I bet you will win the contest! Go Katy, go Katy, go Katy...:cheer: Being silly! :dizzy: would have been a good day for soup here. This wind is H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!! Makes it a lot cooler than it really is. Can't believe you ate 3 bowls!

MARTI...those hours definitely make for a long day! How are you liking the laptop?

Anyway, was just checking in on the Challenge thread and thought I would say HI! :wave: Have a good weekend ladies!

01-27-2006, 10:14 PM
Hold it... hop on over to Weight Loss and Chit Chat # 164, please.... see you there! :)