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01-23-2006, 05:31 PM
I keep on reading the maintenance stuff, but have only got round to posting once, I said I'd post an introduction and have finally got round to it!

Anyway, today I hit what had become a big milestone for me, hitting a "normal" BMI. I know that BMI isn't a foolproof indicator of health, but it was as good a number to aim for as any other, and ended up become far more important to me than the (as yet unachieved) 100lb mark.

I told myself that once I got my weight to a "healthy" level I'd just let it settle wherever it wants to be. (Actually, to be truthful, if I had stopped losing 10 - 15lb ago I'd have been happy compared to where I started but I really did want to get down that bit further). I've noticed myself starting to think like a maintainer more and more, and I'm happy to start embracing that change while the last few pounds settle down. I don't know what weight I'll end up at (still!). I suspect I could go lower than 160, but I don't know whether I will just yet, I'm not going to make any major changes at this stage to get myself lower, but I might do in the future.

I've made up my own rules all the way down from 260lb, basically trying to eat cleaner and healthier. I don't count or journal anything really, other than making sure I get enough fruit/veggies in and weighing out portion sizes. I don't tend to add them all up over the course of the day though, I know that if I eat the right size portions of the right foods it will come out pretty much OK.

The main thing I do though is exercise. I've really got hooked, particularly on running, but I also do weights and yoga. I've run in a few 5 and 10ks, I've got a half marathon next month and I'm almost certain that I'm going to do the Berlin Marathon in September as long as the cheap flights over there are still available once I get paid next week. At the moment I'm working up to the half and have a long way to go, but I never thought I'd be able to run 9 miles non stop, or 13 miles over a weekend. The progress I've made over the past few weeks going from 6 - 9 miles has made me realise that the full marathon is achievable, and that I CAN DO IT! This is the biggest change I've noticed, that I'm running because I want to run rather than because it burns calories, and that it's enjoyable in itself not just because of the results it brings.

Anyway, I've rambled on too much now, I'll try to start actually posting occasionally instead of just lurking too!

01-24-2006, 05:43 PM
:welcome3: to Maintainers, Helen, and congratulations on becoming 'normal'. :lol: I am in awe of your running and hope that you do the mararthon so that all of 3FC can cheer you on. :cheer: Now that you're out of lurkdom, please stick around and post - we want to see lots more of you!