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01-18-2006, 03:45 PM
I am at least. Tomorrow .. get this ... I am going to an exercise class. I called a friend who has 11111 times the energy of me and who only eats candy and drinks coffee and asked if she knew a class. Said tomorrow and she'll go with me. Oh I am in for it.

First I called my friend I just made socks for and asked if she's busy after work.

No, not at all.

Want to eat some dinner out? I asked.

Can't do that, she said. Has to go online and order stuff for her business.

So, you are busy, I said.

No, she said.

Bye, I said.

I am not having a good day.

The college is 7 hours away.

01-18-2006, 06:52 PM
oh yes---you did tell me that---SO!!! fer lard's sake-----that is 14 hours of driving in ONE day??!!! you are not an automaton!!! what is up with THAT----and your friend does NOT deserve socks if she talks crazy like THAT!!! CRA-ZEEEEEEEEE----I Hope Kiwi is not too sick---she has gone AWOL and i am a bit concerrrned!

01-18-2006, 07:10 PM
Nopers. Going one day, staying in motel, tour the next morning, come home.

We should be worried about Kiwi? She was nauseous, right? Maybe ... a baby???

01-18-2006, 07:26 PM
Thanks for your concern, Bagzie dear. I still feel crappy, but I'm here!

So, you are busy, I said.

No, she said.
Your friend doesn't seem to understand English.

Oh yeah, I knew about the teacher ed. However I forgot. My brain is much like a sieve, and the contents keep draining down the sink. Which reminds me, I'm making soup again. From the last coupla chicken carcasses. Smells purty good. DH's birthday is tomorrow, and I haven't been to the store to get German chocolate cake ingredients, which are a requirement for his birthday. His birthday present will probably be late. Pooh. DD probably didn't do anything for him, and I will have make her do something. It all makes me tired.

College is 7 hours away? Florida and Maine have that in common, everywhere is too far from where you are. DD went on one college visit without me -- her bf was going, along with his mom and their band teacher, who wanted to show them around because she was an alum. Didn't really matter to me, don't think DD is going there anyway. If she decides she might, I'll have to take her in April. It's probably a good thing they cancelled her French trip, because I'm sure we are going to spend spring break visiting colleges again, so that she can make up her mind. Unless the admissions offices make up her mind for her (which would not be good...) By April I'm going to be a basket case.


:yikes: S'plain this Lucy! How could you lick a bird????? AAcK, I'm not sure I wanna know!Heehee, you're so cute, my dear. Don't you know I am full of crap? Well, I have to admit, I do some odd things, but I really don't lick dead birds. Or live ones either. I have been known to bite my dog once in a while in retaliation.

Did I tell you folks about Jet's white hairs? Most Belgian Sheepdogs have a little bit of white on them, usually in a spot on their chest, or on some of their toes, and of course when they get older, on their muzzle. Jet has the most unusual white spots, though, and I finally figured out why: she got white hairs where the coyote trap caught her on the foot! Take a look below.

So then the other day she chewed up a Wite-Out bottle and she got more white hair -- around her mouth. Ick. She managed to get it on the rug and on DD's new slippers too. We don't think she actually swallowed very much. Yesterday she found something really swell on the floor. DH saw her chewing on something and I came in and I could see it was metal, so I went after her and had to stick my fingers down her throat to get it. Believe it or not, it was a very thin exacto knife blade! She didn't seem to have cut herself anywhere, I don't know how. This dog seems to have more lives than a cat.

We're getting that same weather, Schatzi. We had freezing rain last night and they cancelled school today; it has rained and blown like crazy all day, and more in store tonight I guess. I think it may finally be melting the ice in the yard, which would be good, but I want to see it turn to snow and put down several of inches of that. I hate ice. And ice is a guaranteed aftermath of a rainstorm around here. Never stays "warm" (you know, above freezing) long this time of year.

Better go check the leaks.


01-18-2006, 07:28 PM
We should be worried about Kiwi? She was nauseous, right? Maybe ... a baby???
Are you trying to get smacked, lady? :rollpin:

01-19-2006, 05:20 AM
I am around. I am round.
I had a horrible day... emotionally. Nothing broke, puked, or required vast unexpected sums of money. I am trying to expand my BUSINESS (as opposed to my butt) and apparently I have "issues." Blech. etc.
did some retail therapy late this afternoon which proved that my BUTT expanded during Couch potato months.

Will try to catch up soon... but maybe not til Friday.
Send rain and cold weather. I'm not ready for spring.

01-19-2006, 08:25 AM
Today, for 2 1/2 hours I had a life!

Well, actually I went downtown and met a fellow blogger lady for coffee and we had a fun time and talked about everything under the sun. Some people have very amazing lives. Had two latte macchiatos so I'll be awake for the next three days in case anyone wants to chat in the middle of the night.

Bagzie! - fer lard's sake - LOL!!! You tell 'em, darlin'!

Peachy - that sounds like the type of conversation I might have with my dh. I usually end up yelling "Just answer the question, will ya!?"

Kiwi - so glad to hear that you did NOT lick a blue jay. I will eat almost anything, but have yet to mistake a bird for a popsicle. Maybe it's just the "is winter ever going to end" flu? Interesting about Jet's white spots. I wonder if trauma to the hair follicles can change the colour. Do you brush her every day? She has a such a beatiful shiny coat. And I wonder what kind of stuff dogs eat that no one ever knows about and they still survive? It always amazes me that they can roll in an ancient dead rotten fish on the beach and have nothing happen.

Painty! Awww, emotionally horrible days are the worst. :hug: We're all here if you need to rant.

And WHERE is the Wabster? Why is she not checking in every 30 minutes from the Aloha Deck's free internet café?

01-19-2006, 10:03 AM
I am fascinated by the white hairs phenomenon. That's all the white hair she has and it's a life long reminder of that day? Eerie. Something you'd like to forget, I imagine. Well, if she had a human type mind and could remember such things it would be an unkind reminder.

Also fascinated that Sugar meets people because she's such an online doll!! I can't even get my local best friend to provide a little companionship while her dh is busy at one of his meetings.

Bagz is always fascinating and Painty, I second Sugar's remarks. Emotional bad days are the worst.

My neck is stiff and I'm uncomfortable. Must go shower and run hot water over it.

01-19-2006, 03:39 PM
I am fascinated by the white hairs phenomenon. That's all the white hair she has and it's a life long reminder of that day?I know a cat that got white hair on the tips of her ears after she got a little frostbite there. Well, I'm glad that a line of white spots on Jet's foot is the only physical reminder of that incident. Could've been worse, no doubt. I haven't had her back to that trail since. I might go back there sometime; I would hate for her to remember it though.

I made a German chocolate cake for DH for his birthday (today -- he is 49). It took me over 4 hours just to get the cake done. I couldn't believe they didn't have a mix for it in the store. I need a nap.

Hi Peachy, Painty, andi Sug. That's all I got.


01-19-2006, 10:45 PM
If You Don't Eat All The Cake,i Would Like A Sample.

01-20-2006, 09:36 AM
Hurry over to Sugar's blog and look at those BEAUTIFUL PICTURES of her!!!!!!

01-20-2006, 05:36 PM
If You Don't Eat All The Cake,i Would Like A Sample.Hmmm, be careful what you wish for!

Sugar is so sweet. And purty.

I am still making that cake. :lol: We decided to postpone birthday cake until tonight because DD had to be out till late last night. So I'm about frost the thing now. It smells heavenly.


P.S. DH is out finalizing a proposal to buy into a local business. Wish us luck!

01-20-2006, 11:11 PM
yay!!! kiwonkers and i will be business owners together!!!let's celebrate with some CAKE!!!--- Sugar--you really are gorgeous--your skin is beautiful,your eyes are beautiful----what a DOLL!!! xxoxoxoxo====by the way,the rest of you are harpys---now go look it up,cause i LOVE it.

01-20-2006, 11:40 PM
HARPY is a lethal UAV designed to detect, attack and destroy radar emitters

01-21-2006, 12:11 AM
Silly Kiwi. She didn't mean look up HARPY. She meant look up our adorable Sugar.

01-21-2006, 12:12 AM
Yeah, well, I don't plan to be an active "business owner" -- although I am certainly willing to help out with some stuff if this comes to pass. I draw the line at selling though. I am not a salesperson; I'd rather lick a dead bluejay. :lol: Anyway, so far no positive progress. If this doesn't pan out I may have to run away from home. I need my space, man!

So what else is new?


01-21-2006, 12:14 AM
Kiwi: Queen of the non-sequitors.

01-21-2006, 03:02 AM
Heehee, several people have come to my diaryland site by searching for the name or phone number for that stupid spam from "Cornell". Hope they got the joke.

For some reason I thought of this guy I knew when I was about 12 who I had a big crush on, and decided to google him. Turns out he is an opera singer in Germany. ( How odd is that? I can't read any of the press clippings, but I looked at some translations, which change his last name to: "Swan width unit" I don't think he'd be pleased. Apparently he's also on some baseball or softball team called the Frieburg Knights or he's a coach: here's what it says about him: Coach Juniorenmannschaft
2. Vorsitzender
Platz- und Materialwart

Sugar? Help? These are translating as "Junior crew, Chairman, and Place and material-wait" Oy.

Kiwi, up too late as usual

01-21-2006, 03:30 PM
Geez, y'all are making me blush! :o

I am not a salesperson; I'd rather lick a dead bluejay. :lol: Anyway, so far no positive progress. If this doesn't pan out I may have to run away from home.

LOL! Can I go with you? We can travel Europe together! I know what you mean about selling. I somehow managed to work in retail for quite a few years and haaaaaaated it. I hate talking to people I don't know. I hate trying to make them buy something. I hate touching money.

But I'm sure there's tons to do behind the scenes that you would be wonderful at.

Sugar? Help? These are translating as "Junior crew, Chairman, and Place and material-wait" Oy.

Heh. Translation programs will never be able to replace the human brain, thank goodness. It's "junior team coach", "assistant chairman/executive to the board" (sort of hard to translate - he's second in line anyway) and he's also "the guy who looks after the playing field, equipment and uniforms" whatever that's called.

His name is untranslatable. :D

People sometimes find my site by searching for "nude German boys". Tsk. :(

Hope the cake was good! I went around the house today collecting all the old chocolate Santas and then melted them and mixed in some cornflakes and plopped spoonfuls of the mixture on a baking tray to harden. They are actually eating them. :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

01-21-2006, 03:40 PM
Ah yes, it's the Saturday doldrums again.

Where is our Schatzi? I don't believe we've seen hide nor hair for several days. I hear it's rather nice in NC lately, spring weather.

Unlike here where it can get unseasonably warm and a body can still slip on the ice and slide down a hill on her aspidistra. That's what I just came in from doing. I was taking pupster on a nice walk; most of the snow has melted and there are just patches of ice and snow here and there (although in front of our front steps it is still conveniently thick with ice, because we're all about the household maintenance around here) so we took off down the hill toward the lake and I upended in slow motion with plenty of time to contemplate how much this was going to hurt, landed on my hip and then slid several feet. Oh brother.

You'll be glad to know this did not deter me from taking a walk -- I grabbed a branch from the pile of brush/trees DH cut in August and left in a pile (because we're all about the yard maintenance around here), ripped the side branches off it with my bare hands and used it for a walking stick. Me Amazon woman.

Me already sore and shaky.

Is Wabby back yet? I hope she had a wonderful trip! I can't wait to hear about it. I picture warm breezes in the evening :bubbles:, hot sunny days by the pool :beach: with icy cold drinks :cheers: , fabulous spreads of food :eating2:, and fun excursions :dancer:.


01-21-2006, 04:09 PM
I hate talking to people I don't know. I hate trying to make them buy something. I hate touching money. Me too. Well except for the money, I don't mind touching money. You need me to touch any money, you just let me know. :lol: I had a job once where I was doing some minor bookkeeping (perfectly fine with me) and "research"--which sounded great until it became clear that what I had to do was call up companies, lie about who I was and try to get information about their employees. As you can imagine I was traumatized. This was for a headhunter -- all I was really doing was confirming the titles and jobs of various people, but it was horrible.

Hope the cake was good! I went around the house today collecting all the old chocolate Santas and then melted them and mixed in some cornflakes and plopped spoonfuls of the mixture on a baking tray to harden. They are actually eating them. :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:What a riot! Who knew chocolate santas could actually go uneaten? Very clever of you. I think I would have just gone around the house saying "well, I guess this is mine now." :lol:

The cake was very good! 3 layers and gobs and gobs of coconut/pecan frosting, how can you go wrong? It is so filling I almost couldn't finish my slice. I was going to send Bagz the leftover bites, but I decided to push through and finish it.

Thanks for the translations. The machine translations can get pretty funny, especially with people's names. Try these: Neal Schwantes, Eckhard Tröger, Susanne Stachel at the google translator (


01-21-2006, 06:17 PM
where did u get those names? it wont' translate my name.

this morning I drove to Pencilcola to take that test. Test was at 8 and I got there 7:30ish as planned. Except I got directions from these people in my class instead of following the signs on the highway and got lost. I kept stopping for directions which were all vague. Finallly, at 8:12 I called DS and asked him if I should come home. He thought I should go in and see if one group started late. While we were talking, a college cop stopped me for going the wrong way on a one-way. I ignored that and asked where Parking Lot G was. He wasn't sure as they just changed from numbers to letters but figured it out in his head, held up traffic whiile I turned around and off I went. I parked and saw this sweet man under a big umbrella directing people to various buldings. He was just doing that for the heck of it as his wife was taking the test too. He warned me NO CELLPHONES were allowed and said his wife had to bring hers out. I didn't have time. I just turned it off and trusted they wouldn't rifle in my purse. At 8:20 I walked in and 4 people were still in line waiting to sign in. The proctor was SO SWEET and said if anyone has a cell phone, not to let him see it, but he was sure no one did anyway.

There were questions like: If Mr. Lee wants to plant grass in part of his yard and that part measure 16 feet times 6 pi feet, how much land will he cover with grass. I don't think this was invented when I was in school Certainly, we would not have referred to it as General Knowledge.

Anyhow, I may have failed the math section but maybe not and this is good because the test is not offered often and it would be hard to get all these parts PLUS the upcoming ones taken in time. They only allow so many a day or something.

I will shut up now so someone else can talk. Like Shots.

01-21-2006, 09:48 PM
oh my goodness peachers!!! that was such a stressful beginning to your day!!! glad you got there,but i am sure you will score in the high percentile,----alot of people would find that question off-putting!!!@!esp ME!!!----kiwonkers---i know your arse will be very sore tomorrow,so here is some advance sympathy===i slipped on sand and landed on a rock once and my leg hurt for daaaaaysssss---we can't do these things anymore!!!! by the way,HARPY MEANS----n 1: a malicious fierce-tempered woman [syn: vixen, hellcat] 2: (Greek mythology) vicious winged monster; often depicted as a bird with the head of a woman [syn: Harpy]also!!!!# One of several loathsome, voracious monsters with the head and trunk of a woman and the tail, wings, and talons of a bird.
# harpy A shrewish woman. AND ALSO FOR FUTURE REFERENCE---KIWI FELL ON HER ASPIDISTRA------ AN evergreen perennial with large handsome basal leaves; grown primarily as a foliage houseplan ALSO KNOWN AS A CAST-IRON PLANT-----------------MY GOODNESS !!! THAT LITTLE HELLCAT KIWONK FELL ON HER CAST-IRON PLANT!!! I LOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!:

01-21-2006, 09:59 PM
There were questions like: If Mr. Lee wants to plant grass in part of his yard and that part measure 16 feet times 6 pi feet, how much land will he cover with grass.

My answer would have been: "Depends on the kind of pie." :carrot:

I'm sure you got 100% because you are much smarter than I am. Smart enough to evade a policeman and still be early while being late. Pure genius.

01-21-2006, 10:22 PM
No No... I may have failllled the math. It made no sense. Some of them I did by common sense but didn't know the formula stuff. Like this: If the attic is flooded with 18 inches of water and it drains out at 1.5 inches in 30 minutes, how long will it take to be drained completely. Well, you can figure that out but not the way a math teacher would.

I hope Kiwi and her cast iron plant are ok.

so .... am I ... a harpy???

Was talking to this person at the college and getting her to make the college email thing work for me. Had to tell her my birthdate. She enters all this stuff and in a minute or two repeats the birthday and says, "Is that what you said?" Like it's impossible? Or improbable? Should I look her up and smack her?

Tomorrow I going to learn mantras with the swami.

Tonight I am reading the very dull school book. The class is "Diversity" and the chapters are class, gender, culture, religion, etc. dul dul dullll. but the teacher is VERY good.

01-21-2006, 11:00 PM

01-22-2006, 12:05 AM
is Kiwi still nauseous? now that she's carrying brad pitt's child, we must be supportive.

Get UP BAGZZ. GET UP NOW!! We will duel with flyswatters. Winner gets to name the child.

01-22-2006, 04:58 AM
I am not dead.
I do not care how long it takes a basement with 18 inches of water to drain. Nobody in Texas HAS basements. and if you've got that much water in it, it's going to be too damn long, anyway.

I had a cat who ended up with professorial/ivy league white patches of fur on her "knees" after she scraped them making a less than graceful descent from a pear tree. And MY hair seems to be coming in dark gray. Quite a surprise. Also know a young woman who got conked on the head as a child... it gave her a dramatic "skunk" stripe there.... pure white hair in one streak amidst the light brown.

Cow... glad you persisted and that the proctor was pleasant. I had to take a class that wounds like your Diversity one. I do wish that everyone had to take those classes. You can't know your own prejudices until you are willing to look....

I've been drawing cats. cartoonish cats. (

and now, I'm going to take a cat nap... until morning.
Best to all.

01-22-2006, 08:51 AM
Painty! You are SO talented. The cats are fantastic.

01-22-2006, 09:43 AM
Well, it wasn't the basement that flooded. It was the attic. Do Texans have attics? The cat pictures (and everything else on your blog) are beautiful. But what's a ROAK?

Now, I must go read that book.

01-22-2006, 07:56 PM
What? Since when do attics flood? Unless of course you live in N.O.? Basements flood, not attics. Anyway, how many people even have an attic? Of course no one in the south has a basement, I forget why. I think you should have answered that one, "this is a trick question, the attic didn't flood."

I would like to know why stupid Mr. Lee is measuring his lawn in feet times pi? Since when do people use pi as a linear measurement? I object to this question on the grounds that I already had 2 kinds of pie today, at the in-laws where he had dinner. French Silk Chocolate pie which I made myself in honor of DD's early birthday dinner and Pecan pie which DH's sister made for him in honor of his late birthday. We made DD's bf come with him. He was a trooper, although he let go of the dog's leash while he and DD were walking her and she jumped all over an old lady in the street. But still, pie.

By the way, kudos to DS for telling you to go to the testing even though you were late. He smart.

And I'm glad Painty is still here and being kittenish. (I almost said catty, but that would not have quite conveyed my meaning either)

Oh, and I am fine, no longer nauseous you will be happy to know. Or disappointed as the case may be. And my cast-iron plant is okay, not as sore as I expected.


01-22-2006, 09:27 PM
good news on the cast iron plant!!!! mine is made out of rubber---in essence 'a rubber plant'---------painty darling!!! aDORable kitty kats!!!! when you are ready,i will be selling your greeting cards at the shop---that will be divine---remember we also LOVE your sheep pics!!!!-----i have heard of French Silk Pie----refresh me!!-----TONIGHT ON PBS THERE IS A A MINI SERIES BEGINNNING!!! I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT---CHECK IT OUT!!!!----

01-23-2006, 03:49 AM
Thanks for the catty/kittenish remarks. :D
And for those who wondered, a ROAK is Random Act Of Kindness. You've done them, now learn the acronym!!

I got a meme the other day that asked for a favorite food and Silk Pie was one I listed. Can you imagine that one reader didn't know what it was.... Poor dear. and when I googled it, one site had about 150 variants. ooooooooo dreamy.

Baggz... thanks for the second invitation re cards... my DD is kicking me in MY aspidistra on a regular basis. I now know where to find plastic sleeves, cards and low-cost printing. Wheee!!! Cows, fiber friends and flowers will come soon.:hug:

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new week, thank goodness. I plan to have a good one.

01-23-2006, 03:58 AM
Oh yes, French Silk Pie recipeeeeeeeeee, please! :hungry: (Like I need more food!)

It was -8C outside this morning. That's 17.6F!!! Tooooo cold. There's a Russian front coming in this week. I am afraid of slipping on the ice and breaking my rubber plant! :D

I just love it how my parents keep me informed: My m-i-l (here in D-land) phones my parents (in Vancouver) on Saturday to say hi and my mother tells m-i-l- that my youngest brother is in the hospital with his kidney stones (again - also happened a few years ago) and that s-i-l has such a bad sore throat that she can't possibly look after the 4 yr old Holy Terror so he is at my parents' place for the time being destroying everything. But does anyone tell ME anything? Nooooooo! Hmph.

We're having sushi tonight. Frozen sushi. I may thaw it first. Dh brought home these little frozen rice balls and packages of thinly sliced frozen sushi fish and you just plop one on top of the other and voila! instant sushi.

01-23-2006, 04:00 AM
Painty - your cards would sell like hotcakes! They just have that certain something, you know?

01-23-2006, 09:29 AM
Sugar. Your dinner sounds so .

Painty, after I asked about RAOK I saw the button somewhere and found it was a group of people who do RAOKs for each other. No one else is allowed to join. Not sure I understand how Randon this is.

My little ear hurts. I am blah. I hate that carrot.

01-23-2006, 03:08 PM
I'm baaaacccckkkkk!!!!!!

I posted a long, decriptive post, telling you all about it, but I'm having a helluva time getting my puter to behave and somehow lost it in cyberspace. I'm going to have to actually call someone to fix this dern machine and rid it of spyware.

This is the short version.... It was fun, I'm fatter 'n ever.

now to see if this will post...

01-23-2006, 04:45 PM
Welcome back, Wabby! :rain:

Get well soon, Peachy.:hug: Germans cut up an onion, fold it up in handkerchief and put in on their ear when they have an earache.

01-23-2006, 04:46 PM
welcome home wabby babby. Make sure:

1. you go to Sugar's blog and see how bew-ti-full she is.
2. look around to see if shotsy is in your luggage as she disappeared with you.
3. tell us about the people you met and the food you ate and the sights you saw.

01-23-2006, 05:11 PM
I did check out Sugar's blog and she is absolutely beeeee-uuuuu-teee-fulllllll. Oh to have the lovely creamy complextion that she has. Just loverly.

Schatzi did not stowaway, but I do believe I met a couple of her sisters on the trip. Very funny w/ joisey accents. I'm fat, not because the food onboard was so wonderful, but because the food in port was. We ate shrimp fajitas w/ margaritas the size of fish bowls in Puerto Vallarta, and a thing called the Shrimp Party for 2 in Mazatlan, which was really enough food for 4. Washed it down w/ Pina Coladas. Chicken enchiladas in Cabo San Lucas. More margies. We went on the Jeep Safari in Puerto Vallarta, which was miles and miles of dusty road, a stop at a place to try to sell us Tequilla, and a quick stop at the beach where we were told one beer or bottle water only was included in our tour package. Do not book tours through the cruise line. rip off. It was sunny every day and we had a blast. The friends we went with were a kick..... and it was nice to get home yesterday. My doggies were soooo happy their mommy was back.

Peachy, DH's earache cure from his childhood is to fill a sock w/ salt, microzap it a bit and hold it on your ear.

I've read Sugar's blog, Painty's blog and Kiwi's blog. Did I miss any blogs?

Now for the next month you'll all have to listen to me talk about babies because I should get my grandbaby in less than a month!!!!!!!

01-23-2006, 06:07 PM

So ... I have a job interview tomorrow. The people, I'm told, are really really young. I am tired of this age crap. I am also tired of that carrot.

Other things I'm tired of:
1. Autopsy crime dramas
2. My bad cat
3. Driving long distances
4. Teenage attitudes

01-23-2006, 06:19 PM
Here I is! Actually, DH got all that he asked for with this new job offer and he kidnapped me to a BB in Asheville. He even packed my clothes and I had no idea what we were doing!

Wabby welcome back! Sug is absolutely GOHJIS!!!!! Cowie much luck with the exams..Kiwi.. yum on the cake.. Bagz... U done learnt me some new woids

I'll be back later dahlinks

01-23-2006, 06:31 PM
It sounds like a great trip! I'm sure Schatzi was on board, she was just too shy to talk to you. Hahahaha. Viva la Margaritas! :cheers:

good news on the cast iron plant!!!! mine is made out of rubber---in essence 'a rubber plant'--Mine is made out of lard, which provides a good bit of cushioning. I actually didn't have much soreness in my butt or hip, but apparently it hit me elsewhere -- my back and my abdomen were strangely sore yesterday. I keep slipping on this ice too. I finally got enough ice-melt stuff on the part in front of the steps that I have somewhere I can walk, but now it snowed on top of everything so it's hard to even tell where the ice patches were. Poor Jet is slipping all over the place and going splat. I hope she doesn't hurt herself, but it is kind of funny. :s:

French Silk pie is creamy chocolate, but not the dark pudding-y type. When it's chilled it is light brown and almost the texture of ice cream, and it melts in your mouth. Needless to say, it has no calories, fat or cholesterol. Oh, except for the stick of butter, the sugar, the 2 eggs.... :shrug: Here's my recipe, Sug. Don't eat it all in one sitting :eek:

French Silk Chocolate Pie

˝ cup butter or margerine
ľ cup sugar
2 squares (2 oz.) unsweetened chocolate, melted and cooled
1 tsp. vanilla
2 eggs
1 – 8” baked pie crust

Cream butter and sugar in electric mixer until light.
Blend in chocolate and vanilla.
Add eggs one at a time. Beat 3 minutes after
each egg on medium speed.
Turn into pie shell and chill several hours.
May be frozen.
Top with whipped cream if desired.

Serve it chilled or if it's frozen, let it thaw for a little while. Gets too soft if you let it get to room temp.

Speaking of RAOK, my sweet dd did a good deed for a lady at the gas station the other day. The woman locked herself out of her car and DD offered to drive her home (only a few blocks) to pick up her other vehicle. When she got there, her dh had taken the vehicle somewhere, so DD waited while she retrieved another set of keys and then drove her back to the gas station to get her car. Not a big deal, but nice to do. Good thing we live in a small town, though. Would you do that for someone? Depends on where you live, doesn't it?

The sushi sounds cool. Literally.

Which one is your little ear, Peachie? I want to kill that carrot sometimes too.

Don't forget Peachie's blog, Wab.


01-23-2006, 06:37 PM
Oh hi Schatzi! Glad you didn't just disappear into a void. Nice getaway!

Peachie, you don't have to use a handmade sock for this. Don't you have an odd sock around? I do -- I have been hanging onto this really nice comfortable blue and white knee sock that I loved, knowing that one day I would re-discover its mate and life would begin again. Then last week when DH took apart the washer, he found it under it. So of course I washed it with great anticipation, only to find that it was completely eaten up with holes; it's nearly in shreds. I am very sad. I could send you the good one to stick in your ear. :lol:

Good luck on the interview. You should probably mention the age difference yourself and let them know they need a wise old crone around. Just kidding...


01-23-2006, 08:42 PM
Them: Hi, Peaches. Tell us about yourself.

Me: Wow! You guys are really young. You don't play loud music here do you?

That IS very sad about the sock. Can you turn the other one into one of these? (

I don't feel good. I have too much to do too.

01-23-2006, 11:26 PM
Those are pretty cute puppets. I think my sock would really enjoy life as a sock puppet; it looks like a navy and white ski sweater right now; maybe it would like to be a ski bunny.

I don't feel so good either. Mainly because my monster dog yanked the leash out of my hand tonight and took off up the driveway and wouldn't come back. Finally I had to put on my boots and coat (I had been standing in the doorway) and get another leash and a flashlight and go get her (read: she's in a heap of trouble). No problem going up the driveway; she came right to me; I not very nicely hauled her down the driveway; no problem until I got right down near the house when my feet went up in the air and I landed about as hard as a person can land flat on my back. I am so sore. And she is in so much trouble. :mad: I think I'm resorting to the chain choke collar.


01-24-2006, 02:44 AM
Ah, Kiwi-- thanks for putting these folks out of their misery regarding the French silk Pie. Here's ( the google link for bazillions of variations. Sorry the dog upended you. I haven't heard much from DS lately about his husky.... except that he's only MOSTLY house-trained. Ewwwwwwwww.

Shatz - congrats on DH's new and improved offer, and the enthusiastic DH! what fun!

Cowser-- good luck on interview, sock knitting, teen attitudes etc. etc. There are RAOK circles where you DO sign up... and it's more like "Secret Sister"... not so random... they even have an expected amount for you to spend... (overly bureaucratic... maybe they're all advocates of big government)... andway... my hat and Sudoku book were sent by a fellow blogger just because... I'm not sure why. She'd had an Aunt with Breast there was some sympathy... and she knows my daughter has her same first name and lives in the same town... even though they've never met. And then there were the special someones from here that sent me yarn, too. See.

Would love to have all blog addresses. I rediscovered Sug's recently, but didn't know that Kiwi had one... and I've seen Cowser's DS's... but Peach's?

Bring 'em on...

quiet little news flash:
I'd actually lost a little for this am's weigh in.
It might help keep me on track.

01-24-2006, 09:03 AM
What is Sudoku? It looks like math so I've never picked one of the books up.

Kiwi, I sent Painty your blog address.

01-24-2006, 01:50 PM
I emailed a Wabster's on vacation picture to everybody. I should have resized it before I sent it, but we all know how computer proficient I am. DH and I are both 20 lbs. heavier than a year ago. Can't remember how that happened.

Painty, I thought the whole idea of RAOK was that it is random. My favorite RAOK was when I let a person drive in front of me at the drive up coffee shop and when I got up to the window they had paid for my drink. Nice. Also I was having lunch w/ my mom and the waitress paid for our dessert in honor of her deceased mother's birthday.

Nothing blogworthy going on here, so I just read about everyone else's life.

Way to go Mr. Schatzy! Yea!!!! Now you can enjoy the lady of leisure gig for a bit longer, Schatz.

gots to get caught up on my work. bleeh.

01-24-2006, 03:04 PM
Wab, I can't see the picture. My puter choked on it and wouldn't do ANYTHING til I closed it out. Can either you or Kiwi (is her contract still in effect?) resize it and send again.

Update on me:


Building was the most beautiful in the world in the most beautiful place. Honestly, torrents of physical/psychological relaxation waved through me when I entered the gates.

Staff is only 3 people, all young, inexperienced interviewers. Lovely all. They are about to have a yet-unnamed CEO set upon them. Too bad.

So I don't know. Probably won't be offered it and don't know if I want it. I did my best. Then end.

RAOK ... I don't know. I've met a lot of nice people lately but I don't if their nice actions were random or what they do all the time.

It does bring to mind a woman I worked with whose dh was an Air Force pilot. What do they make? ( just googled it and found this:


The Remuneration

As a Pilot trainee, your starting salary can range from $1,870 to $3,980, depending on your educational qualifications. Once you earn your wings, your salary will increase, ranging from $3,980 to $7,255 for a start.

What pay period is that?

Anyway, they went to lunch and some guy paid for their lunch because he appreciated the military. Nice gesture wasted, I thought. Not because they shouldn't be appreciated but I'm not for buying lunch for people with a ton more money than me. And I was jealous. I wanted someone to buy my lunch.

Wab, start a blog about what you every day. Show pictures of your garden, your guys, the women who chase them, Elvis, pets, grandbabies, truck, bunco girls ... we'd LOVE IT!!!!

01-24-2006, 03:49 PM
I'd say that's a fair salary for ppl who risk their lives at work. I have a problem w/ what NBA athletes are paid. It's a game, people. We sat next to a young marine on the plane home who had just completed bootcamp. He was going home to visit his family before he got his orders. He looked so young. Now I'll be watching the news and worrying that this nice boys face will show up.

Don't worry, Peach, I'm sure Kiwi will fix the picture. I look better when the picture isn't so huge. I do not have the creamy complexion that Sugar has. I have eyelashes. Check 'em out. They're real, the fingernails are not. DH is handsome. He has a Kirk Douglas dimple on his chin. Geeeez. I need a face lift. Some mexican vendor actually asked me if I was tired when I was in his shop - note to Bagzie - do not ask shoppers if they are tired. It will p*ss them off and they won't spend money. "No I am not tired. My face is old."

Good luck on the job, Peach. It would be nice to work at a place that's beautiful. The place I work isn't beautiful. It's always dusty and I'm the only one around here that cares if the toilet get cleaned. I suppose I could pay someone to come clean it, but that would require me spending money. I can live with the dust. If I was going to pay to have something cleaned it would be my own house.

01-24-2006, 04:16 PM
What a bunch of chatty cathies while I was away!
I have only one live plant in this house..It lives in spite of me.
Kiwi: a most delish recipe that has been cut and pasted into my file for when I feel like baking..which is near never, but I dooo have a most impressive cake recipe file. Do Tell, what type of business is this that you and DH are going to be part very exciting!!!!! And I have lost yer BLOG...send me a link so that I can visit and add inane comments.
Cowie: Sending you good vibes darlin.. DH was hit with Ageism 2x in his job hunt.. prior to his face to face with Cisco, I gave him a Mud facial (under protest) , applied cool cucumbers to his eyes, and tried my damdest to make him look like he had hair.
Wabby: so glad you had a marvy time..Isn't cruising really the only way to vacay?
Painty --I am loving yer cats.. I say make a card line -you are so talented!

Sug..You are just tooo pretty ... and I love yer hair color!!!!!

ROAKS: My favorite was paying the toll for the car behind me on the Jersey Pkway on Fridays. I would tell the toll guy to tell the people to have a great weekend..If I spotted an out a stater behind me I would pay the toll and tell the toll guy to tell them Welcome to JERSEY!!!

Here is a link to the BB we stayed at: Twas loverly... DH packed most my stuff for me ..unfortunately he packed crap that did not fit sooo goood. I sported the muffin pop over look and as much as I would try to STRETCH my tops out, well they just clung to all the fat. Soooo, I spent most of the time in one pair of jeans ..that fit, and I bought a BIG Inn Tshirt. Thankfully he packed my favorite "fit and flare" dress.. I WISH I COULD FIND more of these.. They are perfect fer my Zaftig Fat hips.

01-24-2006, 04:57 PM
Wabs - the picture was BIG but worked for me and you look sooooo purdy and happy! I noticed those eyelashes right away. Other people pay good money for those, you know, and you've got 'em growing right there all natural-like.

01-24-2006, 05:05 PM
ohhhhhhhhhh shatzi!!! my sister stayed at the Biltmore ---she works for an american company {Cendant} and they travel alot---she brought me some earrings from one of their fancypants giftshops!!!!kiwonkers---i fell on the ice TWICE yesterday-----------needless to say the ICE under the new fallen snow is a pain in the ARSE!@!!!!!! i fell on my elbow----owwwwwwwwwwwww-----i am so glad wabby and shatz are back----i did NOT get a pic from miss wabby!!! where is MINE????also---peachbuns-----what kind of job are the younguns offering???? YESSSSSSSSSSS-PAINTY---I NEED YOUR CARDS!!! GET TO IT MISS RUBBERPLANT!!!!

01-24-2006, 05:19 PM
We didn't get to the Biltmore. I soooo wanted to see it..but we were

01-24-2006, 06:11 PM
Bagzie, your email rejected me. Kiwi's too. It probably thought that it was an advertisment for Carnival cruise lines, what with the beautiful ppl in the picture. hee. Sugar, I just had to point out the lashes b/c its my consolation prize for having the worst complexion ever. I am truly envious of your flawless skin.

Schatzi! you naughty thing you! That B&B looks fairy tale like. So much nicer than a night at the Motel 6.

01-24-2006, 07:04 PM
I haven't heard much from DS lately about his husky.... except that he's only MOSTLY house-trained. Ewwwwwwwww.Ha, it's amazing what you find yourself putting up with sometimes! I considered Jet housetrained within a few weeks, but I was still cleaning up messes now and then for months. Even now it can happen if we ignore the "warning signs", although she can easily go for 8 or more hours without an accident if she's confined.I emailed a Wabster's on vacation picture to everybody. I should have resized it before I sent it, but we all know how computer proficient I am. DH and I are both 20 lbs. heavier than a year ago. Can't remember how that happened. Would you like me to resize the 2 of you? :lol: My email inbox is 6 megabytes total. So it must have been larger than that. Feel free to send it to my hotmail address, which begins ********* and then the at and the hotmail and the dot and the com. I'll email it to you as well. In fact, anyone who has something gigantic to send me, can use that email address for it as well. I check my regular email several times a day, so I prefer that, but I look in on my hotmail every day or two anyway.There are RAOK circles where you DO sign up... and it's more like "Secret Sister"... not so random... they even have an expected amount for you to spend... (overly bureaucratic... maybe they're all advocates of big government)Wow, can you say Control Issues? :lol: "Random Acts of Kindness, Delivered to your door in a timely manner!"As a Pilot trainee, your starting salary can range from $1,870 to $3,980, depending on your educational qualifications. Once you earn your wings, your salary will increase, ranging from $3,980 to $7,255 for a start.

What pay period is that? !Monthly -- ranges from 22K to about 48K to 80something, which is not bad, but isn't exactly rock star wages for a top pay scale for a pilot. Must be some good benefits though in the air force when you get to that level.

Do you know that marines have to pay for their transportation when they take their leave? My nephew is still in Iraq, probably until April, then he will come back, to Calif. where he was stationed before he went overseas. Then he will get his leave and has to buy the airline ticket to get here.

The interview sounded interesting, Peachie. What kind of place is it that they actually have it set up in a good working atmosphere? What a concept!Kiwi: a most delish recipe that has been cut and pasted into my file for when I feel like baking.Ha, who's baking? The only baking going on there is putting the store-bought pie shell in the oven for however long it said on the package! The rest is raw. RAW EGGS. Yup. And we all lived to tell about it.

Oh you bet I'll repost my url. I like traffic. Here ya go: Not that I've updated in a few days. I'm still ftp-ing those photo files, which is annoying.

The business is kind of difficult to describe. The guy who owns it wants a partner to share costs and increase sales. To describe it briefly, he lasars things for the tourist/gift market for the most part. It's a far cry from anything DH or I would ever think of starting, but he has built it into a good albeit small business. The guy has endless creative ideas and lots of local and statewide contacts, but he needs someone to keep the business side straight and to provide follow-through on his many ideas. This whole deal is not a go yet anyway, it's still in the talking stage. If it happens, I'll go into more detail. DH was hit with Ageism 2x in his job hunt.. prior to his face to face with Cisco, I gave him a Mud facial (under protest) , applied cool cucumbers to his eyes, and tried my damdest to make him look like he had hair. That was very enterprising of you!!! Good job! Now tell me, what can I do to make this deal go through? What DH needs is a great big push!

Isn't this ice/snow thing a horrorshow, Bagz? I hate sending DD out in the car, but she has so much going on I can't be driving her around everywhere. I'm tempted sometimes to let her get rides with the bf, who is terribly generous that way, but he's just a kid too, so how much better is that?

That place is beeyootiful, Schatzi! I love Western NC; it has soooooo many wonderful places to go. Sorry to hear you couldn't get out of bed you little hussy you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So which room did you have?

Gotta go feed the old man. :D


01-24-2006, 10:57 PM
We were in the "Vance" room.. The Blue Chintz /Touille was dizziying :dizzy: and well when we entered it each night after a bottle of wine or a cocktail or two.. we learned to keep our eyes shut. I think I would have liked this other room, but DH deemed it too , in his words, too "Fruity Froo Fru"
Obviously, I will be seeing BrokeBack Mountain alone.

01-24-2006, 11:55 PM
Ah, Fruity Frou Fru, I love it!

01-25-2006, 12:07 AM
Can You Lazer Me Some Tourist Stuff For The Shop!!!do Tell!!!xoxoxo

01-25-2006, 12:22 AM
I cain't do nothin but wait.

01-25-2006, 11:28 AM
i will wait with you---especially for lobsters,puffins,lighthouses and seagulls!!!{and pine trees}

01-25-2006, 01:01 PM
I'm being punished for vacation. Yesterday I was shrouded in cold, damp fog all day, but 1/2 mile away the entire city was sunny all day.

According to my regular morning radio talk show, Portland, Oregon is the healthiest place in the US to have a baby. I'm sure that the cutest babies in the US are born here. You cannot believe how excited I'm getting!!!!!! I'm going to buy the baby shower gift this weekend. It's a stroller that isn't just a stroller ---it's a travel system---carseat and base for the car-- plus I'm sure I'll have to pick up a few more babyclothes because this child must have the cutest wardrobe ever.

Kiwi and Bagz are going to form a tourist/gift marketing empire!

Sugar's blog is sweet today. She knows how to make a man happy.

01-25-2006, 02:24 PM
I am so stressed.

Kiwi Pie, the job was on the bay on some property owned by a very rich woman who left it to be preserved and stuff. On the water. Huge house all windows. Huge plants outside. I'm not getting the job. Had to tell them I have these classes so they'll want somebody who acts like they want to stay there forever.

But ... tomorrow I'm going on vacation. I'm taking DS to see that college and I've rented a suite on the water there. Gulf water I think. Suite with two room and full kitchen which I won't use. While he's romping around the college, I can study and not look out the window. Coulda got a cheaper room inland at a regular motel but this seemed a better idea. They gave a discount because of the college affiliation.

Does a Moderator have the pull to get that carrot moved off the front comment page? It makes migraines I think.

01-25-2006, 02:25 PM
Wab, I heard a song that I think was about your area. The only lines I can remember are:

Three hours of sunshine
All of them gray
Suicide Prevention Team
has all run away.

01-25-2006, 03:18 PM

01-25-2006, 04:51 PM
i will wait with you---especially for lobsters,puffins,lighthouses and seagulls!!!{and pine trees}DH is still talking to people, endlessly. He says he doesn't know enough about how to structure a partnership to decide if the numbers justify doing this. God, I wish he'd just plunk the money down and get started. I am so stressed out -- I gave DD a big lecture yesterday about not doing enough to fundraise for her music trip (her school band and chorus are going to NYC in May and the kids have to each pay about $600), complete with the whole "you know we're living on savings now blah blah blah you have to do your part". Like she doesn't have enough to do :rolleyes:

Jet is so helpful. She dug a hole while outside for 10 minutes by herself this afternoon and I had to give her a bath. What a mess. She now has so much coat that I'm not sure I even got her completely wet. But boy did she get me completely wet!

Wabby, so exciting about doing all that baby shopping!! You're going to have toooooooo much fun! I think you were on vacation when I finally got to see my new little nephew, Saturday before last. My SIL and DD and I went shopping and then went to visit. Ohmy gosh he is so adorable! Probably the cutest baby outside of Portland, OR...

Your college visit stay sounds lovely, Peachie! Good choice. You may look out the window now and then, it'll de-stress you! (As opposed to distress you) Do not defenestrate however.

See youse guys later. Wabby, send me that PHOTO!!


01-25-2006, 10:41 PM
yah wabby ---send her that PHOTO---how the **** else will i ever get to see it----to those who saw my brother's pic with the Coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs---he met him in the elevator at the hotel in Ottawa after the Leafs=Senators game-----of course "we" lost {leaf fans are die hards}---i realize you are not HOCKEY PEOPLE----but i do recall Painty saying she likes hockey------------anyway---blahhhhhhhhhhh---my brother was thrilled------REGARDING KIWONKS RANT AT DD---- i know how you feel---i did some of that ranting to dd when she wanted to go away to University ----the scholarship she could have had for the college in OUR town would have MADE her money -----the scholarship was worth MORE each year than the actual tuition----ANYWay-------what can you do---we are not the bottomless pits they sometimes mistake us for...............tell dh to get to it---the tourism business is REALLY big in new england and the maritimes----maybe he can come up here to the trade show in halifax----they always love having "guests"--------------HOP TO IT!!!!

01-26-2006, 08:20 AM
What carrot???

Have a wonderful time, Peachy!

01-26-2006, 09:16 AM
Bagzz-- We love HOCKEY! We use to have season tixs to the Jersey Devils wayyyyy back when they first came to NJ.

Cowie: Those are positively the most uplifting words in a song. And yes...Doooo take a walk on the can be so refreshing.

Kiwi: sounds like DH is gettin cold feet... PUSH him to git off his duff and do it! And I think miss Puter Princess should create a website fer it! Yes i will order a Puffin festooned Tshirt...Speaking of which Bagzilla, do you have a web fer your wonderful smelly soap and salts store?

I wish to also have that inane carrot BANISHED ! Everytime I catch a glimpse of it I slit my eyes and visions of a gun come into my head. :s:

01-26-2006, 12:37 PM
Oh, THAT carrot. I'm going to go after it with my vegetable peeler.

Something has sucked every drop of energy I may have even had out of me today. I feel like they gave me a giant sleeping pill and still expect me to function. Hope I make it to bedtime. :(

01-26-2006, 01:00 PM
Peachez, Yea on that getaway for you. You deserve a nice refreshing break. Take Sugar with you - she sounds like she needs a reinvigorating vacay too.

Bagzie, don't know nuthin' bout hockey, but it's always a thrill to meet someone famous. There was a movie filming in town the other day and DH saw Lawrence Fishburn standing on the sidewalk. He said it was so strange because he felt like Lawrence should recognize him. DH, that is.

The skies in Seattle only seem like they're the bluest because you seldom see the sun there, and when you do, it's a shock. Naw, it's not really all that bad. I love Seattle and Portland too.... but Peaches song definitely applies to the winter here so far. Bagzie, I'm not going to the garden show because I need to stick close to home in case the stork arrives w/ a little bundle.

Kiwi, I'm in your DH's camp. It's good that he's cautious about investing in a business. Always much better to have all the details settled going into a deal than after the fact when partners can have complete opposite ideas about where they want a business to head. A good partnership is really, really good and a bad partnership is h*ll on earth. It's hard to be patient, though, I'm sure.

Kiwi, apparently our picture broke the internet because it came back saying that they couldn't find your hotmail address.

01-26-2006, 04:46 PM
Maybe I can try to resize the picture and send it out again, Wabs! Can't wait to hear all about it when that little baby arrives.

01-26-2006, 04:48 PM
KIWI---BE CAREFUL!!! WABBY HAS BEEN SEEN AT YOUR DH'S CAMP!!!! WHAT IS THAT TROLLOP UP TO NOW!!!!-------HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA----I AM IN KIWONK'S CAMP---GET ME MY DAMN SOUVENIRS!!!!-------i would like a website,miss shatzi----some people were in the shop from Calgary today and they asked me the same thing----i wonder if i would actually sell much from the website????????? i have a friend who does websites so i may have to actually consider it!!!

01-26-2006, 08:03 PM
Bagz, you are quite the card, girly. Ya know what I meant --- although I did sound pretty serious. I'm not very serious, though - why do I write like I am? The amount of frou frou soap you would sell to us cows would pay for your website. You'd have to mail soap faster than chicken bones. I hope those chicken bones get here before I start my diet to end all diets. Dem bones, dem bones, dem chick-en bones....

I got a new cell phone. I'm as good at figuring it out as I am at emailing pictures. I have 30 days to decide if I like it or trade it in for something else. It doesn't have a camera. Do I need one?

The baby shower is going to be on Feb. 5th. My friend is giving it for DDIL. DD & I volunteered to do the food and cake. Baby shower luncheon. We're making a cobb salad, and what else sounds good?

I'm just full of questions today.

You will all be impressed to know I got the employee w-2's done a whole week before I absolutely had to. It's a new record for me.

I have 28 minutes to kill before I go home. I'd like to kill that carrot instead....ok, I edited this, so now it's only 23 minutes to go. Not that I'm counting...22 minutes.

I'm going to take a picture of the mural DS did in his babys room. It's prettier than the picture of the Wabbits.

01-27-2006, 12:11 PM
Wabby: I do not understand the need fer all the bells and whistles on cell phones.. All I want are Call and BuyBye buttons. I had an ancient one that suited me I never use it.. DH got a new whoppdeedo one and now I have his old one where I can take pics ( WHY??) and all these fangled doo dads.. It irrrrrrritates me that carrot. I am even considering paying the contract penalty to get off our calling plan.It costs us an arm and a leg and I DONT EVEN USE THE BLOODY THANG! Now then, my Onstar I luv ..

Babbbeeeee showers, how fun fer you... Foood...hmmmm
of course the obligatory veggie tray and dip .. (let's face it 99% of us woman are on a diet or think they are..)
Susage and peppers...
Baked Ziti
Chicken cordon bleu (easy) and Fettucine Alfredo
stringbean almondine or get them precut stirfry veggies ..sautee them and serve.

Bagz: people are shopping more and more by the internet.. put a business card in each bag with yer .com on it and I bet people will go back to buy stuff.

Shhhh be vewwy vewwwy qwiet, I'm huntin cawwits..:s:

01-27-2006, 01:18 PM
I'm going to the next baby shower Schatzi hosts. Her food sounds yummy.

I'm supposed to be doing invoicing. I'm supposed to do paychecks. I'm hanging on the web instead.

What does your onstar thingie do for you? I think something like that's available on my car, but I've never had it activated.

01-27-2006, 01:37 PM
I'm suppose to clean this crack house, but I am on the couch.

On star has a variety of features. One is "handsfree" phone. You tell it the number to call, and the voice comes thru the speakers or people call you and it rings through the stereo. I use this more than the cell phone. .. It also has directions to help you get to where you need to go.. It's okay not great. I buy minutes for the phone like 500 mins for 80 bucks and good fer the year.
I really have a problem remembering to bring my cell with me.. I'm tooo fat to clip it to a waistband. One the waistband is usually under a blobette of fat and is folded over because when i sit,the fat assaults and overpowers the strength of the waistband. 2) I have gone from carrying around a hugical bag lady tote to a small purse that fits only 1)lipstick (afterall, a woman is Nothing without her lips: yes repeating one of Schatzis rules) 2) my huge set of keys to places I have no clue open. 3) GUM, SF certs.. and well that's it.

01-27-2006, 03:07 PM
I am making every attempt to avoid housework, and you guys are not cooperating . I think cowie has an excuse. I hope she is on her way to her loverly room by the sea and will take advantage of the beach.

Wabby, you need to git the payroll done. Most Importante!
Bagz is selling smelly soaps and feeding unattended children expresso thru sippy cups.
Cherry is probably studying..and Lush is making a list...

hmmm..Sugerplum may have visions in her head..its probably midnight there...

Painty is painty with paintshop probably making some witty cat cards...

Kiwi is probably wrestling Jet to stop diggin holes in the carpet..or listening to DD sing...or trappin mice in her flooded kitchen... sigh, I'm ALLL ALONE!!!! WHERES THE LOVE FER THE SCHATZINATOR????

Randon Schatziisms
Written by: Schatzi
Submitted by: Schatzi
For: Apparently only Schatzi

1)As stated above: A woman is nothing without her lips. Lipstick should be applied at all times.
2) Blue eyeshadow almost always does not look good
3) Never Pay Retail
4) Only men get very excited about motorized lawn appliances
5) Men are the only ones who are proud of skid marked UnnahWear.
6) Thongs were invented by the same man who invented the stilletto.
7) The big toe should never be separated from the others.There should be nothing separating toes or hinee cheeks. (see #6)
8) If you can only take one make up item with you: It should be lipstick. See Item 1. In addition, it can be used as blush and a subtle shader in the crease of the eye.
9) The most complicated thing for a man to fix is replacing toiletpaper.Speaking of which SCOTTS brand toiletpaper is really just a very fine grade of sandpaper.
10) If a Man says Hmmmm while fixing something - Call a repairman. Cursing is acceptable, throwing of tools is also to be expected...but quizzical Hmmms, really is man tawk fer :I HAVE NO EFFIN CLUE.

01-27-2006, 04:31 PM
Where is my post? I posted yesterday, I know I did. I remember putting that carrot next to the snowball elf and pelting it. Did someone report me for carrot abuse? I also recall telling Wabbit to try my hotmail address again, you must have gotten it wrong, because I get mail there every day. It's (not for public consumption) and then the at sign and I don't know what else I said, that's what the computer is supposed to do: BE MY BRAIN!

I don't think I've been to a female function (what?), a girl party, lately that didn't have one of those spinach/veg dip in a round loaf of bread things. Spring for the water chestnuts, they are a must.

God, I just typed "round load of bread". I can't type accurately anymore for the life of me. And I'm like some human spell-checker: I type actually words, they just aren't the ones I wanted to say.:no: There, I just typed non for no. I've become a ******.Kiwi is probably wrestling Jet to stop diggin holes in the carpet..or listening to DD sing...or trappin mice in her flooded kitchen...Close enough. The dog is growling at DH over where she can chew her rawhide, we are infested with ants -- Ants! In January! I shake my head in despair!, and now I can hear DH playing guitar.

There: I just wrote I can head instead of I can hear. And don't tell me that was a Freudian slip. :devil:

Nice Random Schatziisms. Do you think it is okay for me to get excited about motorized indoor cleaning robots? What are hash marked unnawear -- is that like skid marks? ewwww. Yeah, leave it to a man.


01-27-2006, 04:45 PM
I have edited my list to reflect SKID marks.. the mention of which got a heh heh chuckle from DH. Therefore, it appears that SKID is indeed the appropriate term.
KIWI, I have checked the logs !!! You are senile!!!! No post appears to be deleted, altered or otherwise in 3fc land!!!! maybe the bloody server went down and it went into cyberspace?????

YES YES the spinachy "Roud Load" a dat dare Bread loafy thingie... WABBY, darlink : a MUST!!!!!! I unfortunately perhaps due to my barreness, or being to toooooo many baby showers Loathe them (sorry wabby) as do I detest bridal showers.. of course when I am the aunt, the matron of honor etc I think it is the EVENT of the YEAR!!!!! As a mundane guest I am I make rude comments under my breath and rate gifts like olympic events.

Yea dat kiwi she gots sumethin wroing inda heaaaad wit dem froiiiideian slippage!!! KIWI ... ANTS ANTS !!!!!! Noooooooo!!! I say seal the house up.. throw a pesticide grenade in and live on the Sail boat!!!!!!

I will add cleaning supplies motorized or otherwise to my next list of mutterings (I can't spell rhemations? ruminatings???? WHAT!!!! )

01-28-2006, 12:51 AM
Hey y'all.

I will talk about trip later. Tomorrow. Not now. Beautiful school. Expensive. Scary.

I have to say this thing and I'm not mad but can you all please leave comments at my blog BUT only stuff I mention there. Not stuff I say here and not there. Shotsy's mention of my trip reminded me to say this. It's not a big deal there, of course, but in general I want to keep the 2 separate and I DO NOT want people who know me there to find me here@!!!!!!!!!

01-28-2006, 01:20 AM
Leading a double life, are you? JK, I know exactly what you're talking about.

I want to know what school this is and why it's scary. Did DS apply there already? Did you finish all your financial aid paperwork and do you know what the "expected family contribution" is? Not that I'm asking what it is, but the one we came up was so tiny it was laughable. I can only hope the schools don't think it's laughable and give her lots of aid.

Did I tell you DD got an Elks' scholarship? She jumped through all the right hoops apparently. It goes on to the state competition now.

I'm very tired from shopping at Lands End. Must go.


01-28-2006, 09:52 AM
school was not scary and if there'll notify about financial stuff later AFTER they notify if he's accepted.

The traffic was scary. Thinking of DS there in his little Metro is scary. The fact that he may be willing to throw away hard-earned opportunities because of this girl is scary. The fact that he asked if could go back on a weekend, rent a motel, and VISIT HER is scary.

I will email you the school name just in case.

01-28-2006, 10:50 AM
Elks state competition? Wow. Can she sing to win???

01-28-2006, 02:02 PM
Elks state competition? Wow. Can she sing to win???Well, she sent a cd with her application tome, so who knows?

She's singing this afternoon at the district honors choir concert. They practice all day Friday and half the day Saturday with kids from all over the area and then do the concert thing this afternoon. Must go shower so I can sit on bleachers mashed in with a thousand sweaty parents.


01-28-2006, 10:21 PM
Really this is the least our kids can do after all we've done for them. Entertain us. Win awards so we can go sit in the audience and be proud. I want more of that.

My class only meets once more and then another starts. I had to do a group project in this one. Group projects are the pits, aren't they? Starts off with these other 2 women, one of whom is a leader type who takes control. I needed this, I admit. But both of them ignored my emails suggesting things we could do for the project. They knew I had to take DS on the trip and we were to meet at 11 today before the 12:30 class. I got there at 11. They got there at 10 and made a poster. Sooooooooooooo I tell them I wish I 'd known they were meeting at 10 so I could come help. No, they say, we knew you'd be tired, besides we only had 2 pair of scissors.

Whatever grade one of us gets, we all get. Wouldn't you think they'd be a little more interested in my participation.

But we all graded each other in class and we got high marks. Miss Leader kept saying in her part of the presentation, "I put this together. I made these. I have this for you..." Very annoying isn't it? But we got high marks and I felt good about my part so it's over.


01-28-2006, 11:34 PM
That is annoying. Glad it's over. I don't remember doing group projects. Well, except for the H.S. English class when we were studying F. Scott Fitzgerald and my best friend and I made a "yellow Rolls Royce" out of a go-cart and drove it into the classroom.

I had a gyro for dinner and it was so full of onions I can't stand my own breath.

The concert was lovely. Unfortunately one of the kids from our h.s. got sick and spent the whole day lying on the floor of a classroom on his classmates' blankets and coats, puking in the trashcan. Finally when his parents came to see the concert, they took him home. Poor kid. He's supposed to go with us to see Billy Joel in Boston on Monday. Probably he'll fine by then, but I just hope nobody else gets it. These kids are thick as thieves, they're liable to pass an illness all the way round the group. :barf:

Later gators.


01-29-2006, 12:03 AM
that barfing smiley face makes me want to ralph-------------peachers--those browners sound like they are in grade six--------------glad you got high marks but what SUCK ups!!!!-----------kiwi ---i am jealous of your billy joel trip-=---have a ballllllllll---take some pics----i havn't seen anyone since "Simple Plan" with ds in december!@!! i miss BRuce and James!!

01-29-2006, 02:38 AM
My dear, I am not going to see Billy Joel. I am just helping to drive 8 kids to see him! This is the ticket fiasco I mentioned a while back. DH said this evening on our way back from the kids' concert -- " well I hope if any of the kids get sick and can't go, 4 of them get sick, so all the adults can go " Mean, huh? Don't think I wasn't thinking the same thing...

01-29-2006, 08:19 AM
i can't imagine all that age group wanting to see him and all the fogies not able to go???? is that what happened with the tickets??were you supposed to go?? don't mind me----------remember---of all the things i've lost,i miss my mind the most.

01-29-2006, 02:03 PM
Oh don't worry, I don't remember anything either. Yeah, we were all supposed to go, 8 kids and 5 adults. The person who bought the tickets didn't realize they were serious about the 8 ticket limit, and when the site allowed her to go ahead and purchase 5 more, she figured it was okay. When the tickets came in the mail, they informed her that the other 5 tickets were pulled, so of course it was too late by then to get anymore for the same show. We are still speaking to her, which should tell you how very mature we all are... I thought it was funny that the kids were so hot to see Billy Joel too. But last year in show choir they performed a medley of Billy Joel songs and these were the kids involved. 3 of them were the award winning rhythm section (DD's bf was the piano player), DD and 2 others had solos and the rest sang and danced in it too. So I suppose they have a special interest. :dizzy:

I've got to scout out some activities and restaurants in Boston for tomorrow.

And then I have to take my poor little puppy to the vet for boarding. When she comes home she will be a neuter, poor dear. She has no idea. I bought her a ball for outdoors yesterday. She punctured it already :rolleyes: Apparently it wasn't big enough or inflated enough. I'll have to wait until they put out the summer toys and get her a big one that hopefully she can't get her big mouth around...


01-29-2006, 04:37 PM
Cowpernia, I deleted my post. Sorry

Kiwi, I'm watching this dog agility show, and your belguim sheepie "Blazer" is kicking tail.

Have fun in Bastin... a fun town with lots to do...

01-29-2006, 04:42 PM
Hey, Shotsy. Really your post wasn't offensive. I'm just trying to say that if I come here and say I have a crush on my mailman, hate a certain book, think the woman at Walmart with the pigtails is stupid ... I wouldn't want that shared on my blog as people I know in real life read that. I can say more here and they don't know I come here .. I hope. (one of my friends owns the book store .. hence the book reference)

01-29-2006, 05:02 PM
Have to mention that I have now seen the Wabby picture. (I have technically savvy friends ... names start with S) Wabbo is WAY WAY CUTE!!! Just adborable and her dh looks like somebody you wouldn't mind spending a lifetime or 2 with.

Now I want to see a picture of Shots. Just a face picture will do. You've seen all us I think.

01-29-2006, 06:13 PM
I will continue talking to myself. My ex just called. He called to talk to DS but DS is at work so ex starts getting chatty with me. His way of chatting is to ask questions and after he quit accepting "Nothing" as the answer, the answer became "It's none of your business." He found THAT offensive. I said he was prying.

But .. I was thinking about this woman on NPR who said that men are more direct except in certain circumstances like apologizing. The other day in Tampa in the busy traffic, a horn blew and a car pulled on the left of us. We were at a light. Another car pulled up on the right, window goes down and a VERY CUTE guy starts yelling, "I said it was an accident b----." He gets out, leaves his door wide open, crosses in front of us and continues this ... apology by saying "I said it was an accident, you c---. I said it was an accident, b----." He was darling and the look on his face was totally innocent. He really thought she should happy to hear this.

No wonder I don't want DS driving down there. "This is road rage," I said, as I made sure the man wasn't walking back to his car while I drove off.

01-30-2006, 12:56 AM
Good grief... I start painting and working on WORK for a change and answering WORK emails and you guys get WAY ahead of me. Hope that Peaches has a great college visit trip, in spite of wacko drivers and son in Metrol. Amazingly enough exH managed in California on a motorcycle for many years, and DS managed in DH's sports car for a whole year, which included a snowy winter.

I'm cranky. Depressive Rant Warning:

Did you see the segment on 60 minutes about D. Voight the opera singer? She got bumped out of Covent Garden for being fat (she's an opera singer... if SHE can't be fat... well, you know). any way she did the gastric bypass thing.

Looking at her fat photos, I thought she was beautiful.
Looking at the "thin" photos, I thought she was fat.

I am afraid that no matter how I lose the weight I want to lose, I'd have the same unhelpful reactions. I'm taller than her, don't wear sizes as big as her biggest.. but... BUT WHAT? Why am I SO scared? of even addressing the issue seriously. One of the good things about this forum is that we don't see each other.... So I can only look at the progress sliders and do the math... and of course, lots of people are cagey and only put short term goals down, rather than top weight and goal weight. I "should" weigh 150 pounds less than I do. I even have insurance that is good enough that I think it would be mostly paid for. DH is supportive either way. I think I'm on the verge of doing this...

My thinking was, that since I could have died from breast cancer, but didn't, I might as well give this a whirl. It feels like jumping off a building with no net, parachute or bunjie cord. It feels suicidal.

I don't want to die. I just want to be graceful, fit and pretty. (Notice that healthy doesn't really come in!!)

Bleah. PM's welcome... not sure I really want to be the center of attention, you know? Why do these opportunities just seem like new ways to hurt myself?

01-30-2006, 01:50 AM
Painty, you're talking possible gastric bypass? Any opinion from a doctor yet? I have a close in-law relative who had it about a year or so ago and she did really well with it. Changed her so much physically -- to be honest, it made her "normal". But I think she is now gaining weight. Maybe it's just temporary.

It's one of those drastic measures--I think it's kind of awesome that it exists and has developed into a pretty safe thing. For the right person it can be THE answer.

I hate to say it, but I am starving. I have to eat something before I go to bed or my stomach will growl all night.

We're getting up bright and early and shoving off, despite storm warnings and hopefully without any sick kids (so far, so good). I have been trying to scope out the parking without much luck. I think we're going to pay an arm and a leg to park in the garage under the Fleet Center for the day. I'm seeing $40, and we have 2 cars. Ridiculous. Anyway, I'm also looking at restaurants and things to do in the afternoon. Got some great ideas.

DD requests her favorite restaurant for lunch: Pesce Blue in Portsmouth (, and for dinner after we dump the kids off at the concert: my favorite Italian restaurant ( In between, I'm thinking of going to visit the Steinway piano store ( DD and the bf already said they'd like to do that. Kids these days, eh?


01-30-2006, 02:16 AM
Kiwi, I'm watching this dog agility show, and your belguim sheepie "Blazer" is kicking tail..I KNOW BLAZER!!! WELL, NOT PERSONALLY, BUT HE AND HIS OWNER ARE ON MY BELGIAN DOGGIE E-LIST!!! YEE HAW HOW COOL! GO BLAZER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

01-30-2006, 10:37 AM
i had something to say-----------i forget----well,anyway--kiwonk,i want to know what you ordered to eat at these places----unfortunatly whenever we go to Boston,i never know where to eat and i always pick the wrong place---i can't even pick the right place to eat in Halifax and i go there all the time-----REGARDING PAINTY!!!!--- my friend's sister in law had gastric bypass--YES,she has lost a lot of weight, BUT BUT BUT!!!--- she is one of the ones who has NOT had a grand time of the side effects----she has problems with nausea and elimination----i am not sure of the extent,but the limits on what and how much you can eat with this surgery are extreme---she is almost on ALL liquid diet due to the complications she is having ----now of course she may be an unusual case,but to me it sounds awful----Oprah's magazine this month has a story on a doctor who lost weight---she booked herself for gastric bypass then changed her mind---i think she ended up at a twelve step program that has helped-----anyway---this is my two cents on the issue--------we actually don't talk THAT much about weight loss on our particular thread----there are probably better threads for that,but DON'T leave us!!! just VISIT other threads!!!!! and YES to your beautiful cats!@!! i can't wait til they are cards!!!!!!

01-30-2006, 10:46 AM
You are so funny Bagz!! Of course we don't talk about weight loss. We have kids, dogs, husbands, jobs or lack thereof and butcher's wives to talk about. We are well rounded. I have a well rounded belly for example.

01-30-2006, 12:58 PM
I have a well rounded arse.

Painty, that would be quite a decision to make. Worth investigating, anyway. The health consequences of being overweight is something to consider too. My DD is having such back problems that I've thought of having a discussion with her about the gastric bypass option. She has high bloodpressure at only 25 yrs. old and I just see so many opportunities passing her by because of her weight. I would never pressure her one way or the other, but I think it's something to consider if the benefits outweigh (no pun intended) the risks. Are there any local support groups you could participate in? --- re: the woman who looked beautiful in her befores and not so beautiful in her after photos..... Dr. Phil had a young girl who had undergone GB and had lost 140 of her 270 lbs. I thought she look overweight, but pretty in her befores. Her afters looked anorexic and yet she thought she looked beautiful. I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder.

I spent all day Sunday nursing a headache. I was robbed of 1/2 my weekend.

Peach, you didn't mention any strolls on the beach during DS's college visit.

Have fun in Boston, Kiwi! Say hi to my DH's relatives.

01-30-2006, 01:08 PM
No strolls on the beach. I kept an eye on DS and GF ... or ... was studying the whole time.

I am a nervous wreck today. What should I do? Have a margie?

01-30-2006, 01:26 PM
Yes Margie time: however, no salt fer cowie...water retention ya know...
Strawberry fer me: Need to get my Fruit in fer the day.

Gastric bypass, or lap band procedures... wow,those are very serious options. Like folks have said, gotta weigh the good and the bad on that kind of commitment. What about a hospital or physician controlled program?

Pernie: sorry no strolls fer ya...I can definitely understand yer angst about DS making a decision based on hormones and sugarplum fairy visions of loooove.. How to handle?

01-30-2006, 04:02 PM
I know there are waiting lists and hoops to jump through. It was just really easy to identify with the opera singer. (Wish I could sing like her, too.)

Kiwi.. hope you had fun in Boston... sorry I missed knowing you were going there. DD lives 1 1/2 blocks from Fleet center and could certainly tell you good places in the North End or near Fanueil Hall, etc. Wish I'd had an adventure today.

01-31-2006, 01:49 PM
Hey!!! Wake up! Where is everybody???

01-31-2006, 03:41 PM
This is my dilemma for the day----

There's a kooky old guy who keeps coming into our business. He tells me he wants us to work on his restaurant entrance doors. The thing is I don't think he actually owns this restaurant. He also tells me that he owns the World Bank, that he is personal friends with George Bush and Alan Greenspan. Actually he said he is related to the Bush family. He also claims to own several resort hotels. He said he owns all the oil in the world, but it's been hard to get it out of the middle east because of the war. He also owns a large share of Disney. I just humor him when he's telling me all this stuff, but he's way creepy and kinda scares me. I just write up a work order like we really intend to go work on this building, but of course we don't because this guy is obviously unbalanced. Do you think he's harmless? What do you think I should do? nothing? call the police and ask them if they've had problems with him?

01-31-2006, 03:48 PM
Hi!! I'm back!! What a day! We left at 8:00 am, had lunch at that Pesce Blue restaurant on the way to Boston, got to the parking garage for the concert at about 3:00, and then I took everyone on a mini-tour. It's funny how I'm always the one who says okay let's do this and come on let's go. Apparently I am just bossy enough. We had DD's bf's parents with us and they were happy to go wherever I suggested, and the kids were actually surprisingly amenable to it as well, considering that it was 8 17-18-year-olds. None of them had ever been on a subway before (except DD, DH and I) and several of the kids had never been to Boston. So I took them on the subway, got out at Boston Common (it was really foggy so the park wasn't much of an attraction), walked them past Emerson College where DD has applied to go and piled them all into the Steinway piano store. That place could have been a little intimidating and they would never have gone in there without bossy Kiwi, so I'm really glad I did. There was a very nice young salesman there who had time to talk to us and we made DD'sBF sit down and play several of the Steinways. He was blown away and his parents were a little misty (he's really an amazing pianist) and we got a bunch of pictures.

So that was cool. Then we walked downtown to the shopping area and the kids picked up some dinner at a food court, and us parental types went to Filene's Basement and whiled away half an hour going "holy crap look at all this stuff!" then we took the subway back to the Fleet center, the kids went to the concert and the 4 of us took a cab over to the restaurant. We had an unbelievable dinner there. You have to go there, Bagz, sometime when you're in Boston. It's called Giacomo's, the one I linked to the other day. The calamari is about the best I've ever had and the special raviolis are the thing that really knock my socks off. We had lobster ravioli and butternut squash ravioli, both amazing. The restaurant is pretty small and you have to wait outdoors for a table (it was misting the whole time, but so what, huh). The waitresses are the kind of loud bossy types but nice and attentive. They don't serve dessert (not that we needed any), so we took a walk in the North End there which is very cool. Maybe I'll post a few pictures later. Then we declared we had walked off enough dinner to go to the Italian pastry shop (well, wishful thinking anyway -- we were totally stuffed, but we didn't let that stop us). We had lattes which were served with a swizzle stick of rock candy, which is perfect for twirling around in the foam and licking off, and canolis and cake. Then we headed back to the parking garage and had about an hour to kick back and try to take a nap before the long drive home.

The kids had an absolute blast at the concert. It seems that William M. Joel's still got it!! They all got t-shirts and stuff. We got lost getting out of Boston :rolleyes: and had to drive through mist and snow all the way through Maine. Got home about 6 am or so. Just before sunup. DD got up and went to her math class today. Ahem, that is the last class of the day... Oh well, the trip was well worth it. Basically 24 hours with no sleep, but I've abused my body worse other times.

Wabbit, your inlaw relatives say hi. That's okay, Painty, we had the visit pretty well scoped out, although I'm always interested to hear recommendations, especially from people who live there.

And Jet is doing well, awake from the surgery and all groggy apparently. I can't go get her until tomorrow. The timing was very good, as I got to just sleep today without having to get up with her or anything.

And how was your day?

What are you nervous about, Peachie? How can I advise on choice of beverage when I don't know the subject matter?


01-31-2006, 03:57 PM
Hi Wabbit! I think there's one of those in every town. Have you asked anyone you know on the same street if they have visits from this guy? Chances are he's harmless, but what an annoyance!

01-31-2006, 03:57 PM
Wabby, do you know any policemen? I'd want to talk to them if I had to be alone with him so regularly.

Kiwi, YAY for you!! You sound so cheery.

Kiwi again, I don't know what I'm nervous about especially. Motherhood is a bit trying these days.

01-31-2006, 03:58 PM
Kiwi butted in front of me in line.

01-31-2006, 04:02 PM
So ... I just had a mom-to-mom chat with the director of ds's school. LCP is very smart, is aloof and has been rude to teachers. By rude, we mean bad language. Like she doesn't know how to act appropriately. Loner. Like DS.

My problem is he talked to his mentor who has little kids, not teens, and mentor sees no reason he shouldn't drive his metor 7 hours way, rent a motel and visit this girl who has no curfew. It's no easy job being a mom. When I insist on NO, will he:

1. Go anyway.

2. Make my life miserable.

Plus, LOTS of people have stories about kids who follow someone to a college and end up miserable a few months later. Director knows one who dropped out of school. I can't stand it. !!!!!! (insert smiley face pulling out hair)

01-31-2006, 04:43 PM
Kiwi, sounds like much fun was had by all! Giacomos sounds yummalish.. and so does swizzling rock candy in Lattes and eating pastry... I hope Jet will bounce back quick..

Wabby: yeah, I would ask the Pole leece about this guy.. I agree with Kiwi, he's probably a harmless old eccentric :shrug:

Pernie: I think Mentor needs a chat.. If he is in an advisory capacity he should be more mindful and respectful of the parents. Even if it was said in an off the cuff way. Is this a school DS would have considered regardless of GF? DS will probably pout and sulk but that's an awful long ride, and very far from home and a looong time to be unsupervised...

I am bummed. I got tickets fer DH and I to see Larry, the cable guy ( a comic) for our birthdays. He starts his new job on the 6th, but they are actually flying him out to Austin for 2 weeks, then a weekend home..then fly him out for another week... so we won't be able to go... but more importantly he will be away for 3 weeks.. I'm going to miss him..sniff... sooooo, I think maybe I'll pack up the furkids and take a drive to NJ to visit with friends and MIL..and then up to PA to spend a week with my DF ....

01-31-2006, 05:02 PM
Peach, it is so not fun being the mom of a love sick teenager. How much longer until he turns 18? Hard as it may seem, you're going to be forced into giving up some control. Just hang in there, if you've taught him well, then he'll be ok. :hug:

Schatzie, sorry you're going to miss Larry the Cable Guy. Some friends want us to go see him when he comes to our town this spring. Sounds like you have a good plan while the DH is gone. Nothing like a road trip to perk you up. Right, Kiwonker?

The kooky guy looks just like the preacher on the movie Poltergeist. Do you remember him? Tall, lanky and skeletal looking. Eeep.

01-31-2006, 05:08 PM
Just don't see that giving up control is the same as letting him do something I'm totalllly against and which puts him in danger. He's not 18 yet. Still under my authority as far I know. It's just when people say that .. have to let do what he wants as he is or will an adult .. it makes me feel like I'm totally inconsiderate of his feelings and desires. I took him to her college for Pete's sake. I fetched her to bring over her for a visit before she left. I have been supportive. But he does not have the experience driving a vehicle to safely go 7 hours away. He laughs at me when I say that. I sure do feel alone here.

01-31-2006, 05:09 PM
Shots, I just saw your post. The director offered to talk to him but it'll Monday. I just have to put it off .. that's her advice.

01-31-2006, 05:18 PM
Poor Peachy, I don't mean that you should just give up control.... or that control is a bad thing. Believe me, I still exert a bit of control over my chilluns, I just have to do it w/ guilt. I don't like to admit it, but I'm not above using guilt when I know it's for their own good. Is it the drive that scares you or the totally unsupervised motel room situation? or both? If it's just the drive, how about a bus ticket? if it's the totally unsupervised situation, that might be harder to solve.

If you want to see what the kooky man looks like - I mean exactly looks like google images Julian Beck. He even wears a hat just like the guy in Poltergeist II.

01-31-2006, 06:13 PM
poor Julian, he was CARRRREEEEEEPY lookin... He was terminal ill and died shortly after the movie..

well, that's my trivia contribution fer the week.

01-31-2006, 07:17 PM
2. Make my life miserable.Guaranteed...Plus, LOTS of people have stories about kids who follow someone to a college and end up miserable a few months later. Director knows one who dropped out of school. I can't stand it. !!!!!! (insert smiley face pulling out hair)Unfortunately, true. You always hope that their education is important enough to them that they can make the right decisions, but they are being pulled in different directions. It would help if the gf could be a little bit objective about it, but it doesn't sound like she is the type to listen to you. DD's bf is very supportive of her desire to get a big city education, even though he is planning to go to a Maine school, and I think that is helping her keep focussed (although we shall see).

Schatzi, bummer about the comedian tix and DH being away. But road trip, excellent idea. Speaking of road trips, are you coming to visit me at the beach this summer?Nothing like a road trip to perk you up. Right, Kiwonker? Ain't dat the truth!!

Which of course brings us full circle -- under 18-year-olds should not be going on road trips all alone to go stay in motels!! Do her parents (aunts? whoever) know that he wants to do this -- would they be all right with such plans?? (Although granted they sound a little dysfunctional) As a parent of a girl, I have to say that if the same situation came up with DD after she was in college, I would probably feel there was nothing I could do about it. However while she is still living at home and under 18 and still in h.s., that will not happen in any form. I believe DS just has to learn to accept that he is still your kid and that means something.

In my mind there is a great big line of demarcation between still in high school and off to college. If they can't cope with independence after that point they will be in trouble, but before then you are still in charge. And it's one of those not fair, maybe not even logical, things that kids just have to live with.

That said, get this (maybe you should avert your eyes, Peachie): one of dd's friends (ahem, the one you've met, Peaches) flew to L.A. over Christmas vacation by herself to visit her BF who is in school there. She stayed with him. She also paid for the trip herself by working her butt off at the local grocery store. Neither of them had any money to speak of while she was there, but they had a great time anyway. Her parents are very good people, but very lenient.

Who is this mentor, anyway? Not the person you called LCP is it? I may be confused.

Here's a weird thing: that name Julian Beck rang a very loud bell for me. Here's why. ( That is the name of the character that our friend John plays occasionally on Law and Order.

I've been on here too long.


01-31-2006, 07:24 PM
oh my bejeezers i would be freakin out over this situation miss cowpern!!! when the girls were in grade twelve ,like your boy is there is no question that i would have said-----I AM SORRY BUT YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DO THIS---- I KNOW THAT YOU ARE MAD AND YOU CAN DO WHATEVER THE BLAZES YOU WANT ONCE YOU ARE OUT OF HERE,BUT YOU ARE NOT YET OUT OF HERE,AND YOU WILL HAVE TO PUT UP WITH ME-----I AM A WORRIER AND I JUST CAN'T TAKE IT!!!!---- now of course they do whatever they like and i can't stop it----when dd was driving to TORONTO last fall,i nearly freaked out---she did alot of the driving and i was SICK about it-----nothing i could do----BUT!!!!!! there is no way she would have been driving to Boston {same distance as your place to the college} IN GRADE TWELVE-------------i was freaking out about the unsupervised nature of prom night !!!!! SOOOOOOOOO====whether iT works or not,no matter how freakin mad he gets,i would still say NO!!!!!!! ----AND LOTS OF PEOPLE WOULD THINK I AM A CRAZY OLE B!#TC#!!!

01-31-2006, 10:56 PM
one more thing!!! KIWONKIE!!!--I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DROVE TO BOSTON AND CAME BACK THE SAME NIGHT!!! I WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO STAND THAT!!! AMAZING!!!!!---what a bunch of great kids,eh!! we took dd21 and her friends to see Dave Matthews in Montreal when she and her cronies were 18{REMEMBER!!!}--- and they were all sweet too====i miss that sort of thing-----GLAD YOU HAD A BALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Cherry Cow
02-01-2006, 08:51 AM
Cowpeachie, my answer to my son would be a flat no. (As you know, mine is almost 17.) I agree that a seven-hour drive alone in a small car is too much for a kid. I mean, he's going to go to college wherever he chooses, but right now, he's still under your watch.

Kiwi- sounds like you guys had so much fun!

Bagzzie, stay safe. That guy sounds harmless, but you never know.

I'm depressed and fat and starting to realize that I'm getting no support from my husband. He won't eat like me, which means I can either eat the junk he feeds the kids (until I get done with school, I don't have time to cook) or I can eat something separate. I've lost my taste for deep-fried food, which is good, but he still wants to make heavy dinners like spaghetti carbonara, which wouldn't be so bad, except the next day was pizza day. I want to eat healthier, but he sometimes makes an issue of making my healthy dinners. I don't know if I should just buy a bunch of lean cuisines and bagged salad and just live off those until I'm done with school and can take over dinner duties.

I'm just tired of being fat. I'm never going to lose this weight, especially when I live with a saboteur who likes my weight. I'm glad he likes the way I look, but I want to be healthy, fer crying out loud!

Do y'all mind if I hijack the thread to talk about nutrition, exercise, etc, once in a while? I don't like any online weight loss forums except this one!!!! All the rest are lame.

(Oh, I joined eDiets for a year. The recipes are good, but the menus contain more calories than they claim to.)

Hi Wabby (I still haven't seen cute Wabs pictures!), Schatzie, Painty, & all.

02-01-2006, 08:54 AM
Bagz ..... the snow is going upwards from the ground around your snowman. This is scary.

I can't blog anymore. I want to blog but now that LCP (little cutie pie -- the girlfriend) reads my blog THANKS TO DS I'm to limited on what I can say there. I mean I don't really want her to know what I really feel about the trip and such and I don't want to be bothered whitewashing it just for her. The thrill is gone.

02-01-2006, 01:45 PM
Cherry, we need you to talk about nuitrition and exercise. Crack the whip, woman!!! Tell us what we need to do. Make us do it.

I didn't have to worry about bringing up the subject of of Lap-band surgery w/ DD. She did it herself. At this point I told her she should read everything she could about it, talk to her Dr. about the possibility and all the side effects and risks, check out if insurance covers it in cases where the obesity risk outweighs the costs... and if need be, the possibility of financial help from mom & dad. She is about 90 lbs. overweight. She has high blood pressure and horrible back problems. She's only 25. Now I'm worrying myself sick about surgery risks.

Peach, you can talk about LCP here. We won't blab to her.

I'm going to lunch w/ DD, DDIL, and DD's childhood friend, who I love to pieces. Fun.

DDIL is going to the Dr. today to discuss possibly inducing her labor due to her recently very high blood pressure. Tell me I don't need to worry.

02-01-2006, 02:57 PM
Ds just got THREE letters from LCP. Real letters. Handwritten.

02-01-2006, 03:34 PM
peachers!!!!now you have to wait until he goes out and find them and read them---OH MY LORD DID I ACTUALLY SAY THAT!!!!---WHAT A WENCH I AM !!!-- no need to upset yourself by reading THOSE!!!--as they age,it's best not to know what they are thinking!!! why don't they just talk over the computer???? interesting----BY THE WAY CHERRY,I AM WITH WABBY-----PLEASE HELP US,WE ARE SINKING IN A QUAGMIRE OF BLUBBER---------------also,wabby is the one with creepyman coming to visit her,not that the market isn't full of nuts----wabby----i would most definitely ask the cops about him----we don't want him bothering you ----can't one of the boys deal with him???? regarding your daughter----i would be like you-=--the surgery would be freaking me----is it reversible???? that's the part i don't like----is there any way she could do a personal trainer/medical supervision setup????? -----

02-01-2006, 05:51 PM
Bagzie, the Lapband procedure is reversible. No dietary restrictions, no malnutrition problems after. Weight loss is slower. Much faster recovery. She could be back to work within a week or two. Way fewer complications than gastric bypass. She's tried about every diet out there. She used to run on her treadmill and go to the gym, but the back problems have put a stop to that. We'll see. We need to research it a whole lot more before she acts.

02-01-2006, 06:40 PM
lcp sent ds a text message saying she's in the hospital. Didn't say why. Said she wasn't allowed to use her cell phone.

My gums are bleeding. Stress?

02-01-2006, 07:50 PM
Floss darlink...

hmmmm, I hope DS gets more info on LCPs condition... Yeah, you can't use cell phones in the hospital...

02-01-2006, 07:56 PM
Shots will you be my mommy? You're so calming. I do floss a lot. Twice a day but maybe missed a day or 1/2 a day. However, it's not painful so I will floss more.

LCP has finally said she had a migraine.

02-01-2006, 08:25 PM
Just call me Mommy Dearest :s:

hmmm perhaps the stress of college life has taken a toll on LCP.. does she have a history of these?

02-01-2006, 08:36 PM
I don't know that much about her. I hope not. I had them forever and ever and ever but rarely now.

A woman today told that bunco is just throwing dice. Is that true? Is Wabbo just throwing dice? Doesn't it involve strategy? Just dice and snacks? Sounds great!

02-01-2006, 08:54 PM
I'm in! Can we do internet bunco?

I'm going to go start a new thread......