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07-12-2001, 12:07 PM
Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2001. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

Back to post later. Love, G :)

07-12-2001, 07:59 PM

Gail, BRAT, BRAT, BRAT!!! I don't think anyone has remembered to do that lately. You managed to sneak in and start the new thread.

Judy, you and Cal are in my prayers. Here's a ((Hug)) for you.

Julie, happy anniversary!

I managed to meet my goal of losing 25 lbs. so I'm pleased. :)
My dusty blue gown fits well.

We leave tomorrow morning for Annapolis for my son's wedding at the Naval Academy Chapel on Saturday. It's going to be a formal military wedding with eight swordbearers. My son will be wearing his choker white uniform. He and his new bride will make a beautiful couple. The weather is supposed to be perfect.

We're hosting a rehearsal dinner tomorrow night at a restaurant overlooking the Bay Bridge. Since people are coming from all over the country (12 states) and a few from Canada, there will be 50 people there!

Many people are staying in Annapolis until Tuesday. A large group of us are going on a sunset sailing cruise on Sunday evening on a 74 foot schooner. It should be fun!

Can you tell I'm excited? :spin:

I'll check back in on Tuesday night or Wednesday. Hope all of you have a great weekend. :wave:


07-12-2001, 10:58 PM
Hi Everyone! :D

Trish, the wedding is going to be beautiful. Everything sounds so perfect. And congratulations on making that 25 lb. goal. That is a pretty big deal. Hope that you have a wonderful time and would love to see that dusty blue gown. Have a safe trip and enjoy this special time. :)

Julie, Happy Anniversary to you and Niles. Gosh, has it been a year already? Hope your celebration was terrific. My best wishes to you both for many, many happy years together.

Judy, you and Cal are in my prayers. Stay strong and God bless you and your family.

Well, I weighed in yesterday for my one week mark and lost - now get this - 1/2 a pound. I was hoping for more, but it's a start anyways. Hope this week I'll do better. :( Seem to be having trouble getting my water down. Will try harder.

Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the weekend. I know I am missing most of you, but am out of time tonight. Talk to you soon. Love, G :wave:

07-13-2001, 09:37 AM
Hi all! Another quick check-in from Jo. We've been working on a $10 million contract here at work and I've been putting in 10 hour days. We'd better get this contract!! Hm, wonder what my percentage of this will be. NOT!!

Today's going to be a challenge. Cake this morning for a birthday and a lunch today for another one. The weekend is: housewarming party Sat. night, group trip to the Reading Phillies game on Sunday and a birthday party at the VFW Sun. night. Sounds like a lot of food to me. :( I'm scared.

Guess I missed Trish but the wedding sounds like it's going to be just beautiful. Hope someone takes a photo or two, especially of our skinny little Trish in her dress for the website!!

Judy, my prayers and my hugs {{{JUDY AND CAL}}} to you. Love ya!

Gail ... BRAT!!!!! Whew. There. I feel better.

Have to run. Faxes to fax. Emails to send. Proposals to type. Federal Express is making a fortune from us this week.

Oh, Rich and I just had to plan a quick trip up to Boston for next weekend. Nothing bad. His parents are packing up the house for the move. It's the house Rich and the whole family grew up in. They're getting rid of a lot of stuff. And since I've made Rich get rid of so much of his stuff, he feels the need to get more!!! :lol: Can't wait to see what we end up carting home. It's too early for me to start to panic and obsess about this trip just yet. Stay tuned. :dizzy:

Love you all!

07-13-2001, 01:57 PM
Hi has been a long time since I've been on here. I remember when 3fatchicks started this message board. Since then I've lost 40 lbs by counting calories and's been a long hard process but I definitely feel much better than I did years ago. Now I'm trying to lose another 30 so I thought I'd try the message boards again.

Hello to everyone. :wave:

Sally :)

07-13-2001, 03:19 PM
IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH GUYS!!!!!! YIKES!!!!! :lol: Anyone superstitious about Fri. the 13th? So far for me it's been a really good day. And I am 2 days into my second week onplan!

Hi Sally! I joined the Thin Group shortly after it started too. I do remember that there were two Sallys posting at the time and then there were 3 for awhile. Anyways, welcome back - I see you have been posting on another thread as well. Good to have you with us - congratulations on holding your own with your weight, so well.

Jo, you really do have a challenging weekend ahead of you. Just take it a step at a time and you will do fine. You can think of me and what happened when I started slipping and did not get a handle on it. :eek: You wouldn't want that to happen to you now would you? :lol:

Sylvia, I forgot to mention the other day about your incident with the car. Gosh, that must have been so frightening for you. Bet you are sure counting your blessings with a close call like that. How are things going in San Francisco? Take care.

Sharon, so great talking to you this morning. Sorry I kept you on the phone so long and made you miss your lunch. :lol: It's good to hear that you are doing well and back on track again. Did you see that I joined in your Labor Day Challenge. Hope it will do me some good.

Chrissy, thanks for sending me the pictures from our visit in Olympia last Sunday. You look great in them, but I was pretty stunned at how big I look - quite a shocker! But, I have to say though, that we sure look like we were having a great time. :lol: I will get mine in in the next few days to get developed. Well, those photos are a good incentive for me not to go off track again. Had such a good time with you - hope to see you again. How did you like the West Coast? Aren't we just too lucky to have so much beauty surrounding us?

Just came on here for a quick visit this morning. It is a little cooler here today and will be moreso over the weekend and the beginning of next week. Maybe we will get a bit more yardwork done during the weekend. We kind of ignored it last week because it was just too hot.

I wish you all a great onplan weekend. Please come and post over the weekend too - I, for one, really need support right now to keep hanging in there. Just have to remember it's one day at a time. Talk to you all soon. Love, G :wave:

07-13-2001, 03:27 PM
Hi Gail...I recognized a few of the names on here...weren't you and a few of the others always trying to see who could start a new thread Was is it CJ? I can't And yes...there were at least two other Sally's that joined after me. I also see that at least the people that have posted thus far were around for the chicks site crash in Aug 99 when we all had to sign back up.

Anyhoo...I've been plateau'd where I am for too long... You are so right when you say its one day at a time!

Sally :)

07-13-2001, 10:47 PM
:wave: Howdy ladies!

Just popping in to say hello. I hiope you are all doing well and enjoying your Friday, the 13th!! Very stressful at work .... the rumor is that they are laying off 20 :eek: people next Tuesday. Pretty scary. I've been stressing out and my clothes are starting to feel a bit tight .... not a good combination :( . I've been eating late at night because I'm stressing out and I know that doesn't help in the weight loss area. So, sorry to vent like this. I know it's happening everywhere and no one is really safe. I'll let you ladies know what happens on Tuesday.

For the moment I have a couple of "Mini" Goals

1) Try not eat after 7:00PM
2) Try to get more sleep

I think those are pretty simple and doable :).

Judy- Hang in there .... {{{{{{JUDY}}}}}} you and your family are in my prayers

Jo- Have a great weekend in Boston

Gail- Congratulations on the 1/2 pound lost!!! At least it wasn't a gain!!

Trish- The wedding sounds beautiful!!! Have fun!

Sharon- Hey Girl!! I joined your Labor Day Challenge!!

Julie- Happy anniversary!

A big hello to all of you that I didn't address individually.

Have a great weekend!!


07-16-2001, 10:10 AM
Hm, I had to come back in here and change the settings to show me all posts for the past 5 days instead of 2 days like it always seems to default to. Anyone know how to change that default? Anyway, I had to change it because no one posted over the weekend. What's up with that? Come on you guys! :lol:

I'm just kidding. I know how weekends are. Mine was a blur of food food food food and food. Oh, and then I had some food. Oooh, I did so bad! :cry: Even after I was full to the point of feeling sick, I ate some more. Saturday, we went out to breakfast after I weighed in. (The good news is another 1.2 lbs. gone. :^: ) Saturday night we went to a housewarming party. Lots of catered and home made foods. Sunday we went out to the Reading Phillies (minor league) baseball game. Hot dogs, soft pretzels, ice cream, french fries, beer.... I did it all. We got back Sunday late afternoon just in time to stop at a friend's 50th b-day party at the VFW. I never saw so much food in my life!!!! So I ate it. And then, just when we were getting ready to go home, they brought out all the desserts and the birthday cake. So of course....


This week, I have to weigh in on Thursday night too. :eek: Friday, I have to drop off Watson at mom and dad's so Rich and I can leave for Boston in the wee small hours of Saturday morning. It's about a 5-1/2 or 6 hour trip (plus bathroom breaks for Jo and her water bottle). I'm not too worried about the trip up but we have to come home Sunday afternoon with all the other folks on the East Coast returning from assorted weekend trips as well. That may take a little longer. And this trip will probably involve some sort of home-cooked meal up there and stops at restaurants along the way.... Oh brother.

That's my big problem. I've got to learn to handle the unexpected challenges. This trip is last minute. And yesterday, for example, I didn't expect that we'd get home in time to go to the birthday party much less that there'd be SO MUCH FOOD!!! I thought I was done eating for the day. But I just couldn't say no. :(

So I know I've said it before but this week, I've got to be really good. The company quarterly luncheon is on Wednesday and the menu includes baked chicken (good) and lasagne (bad). Maybe I'll just fill up on the salad, bring my own dressing and avoid the usual "assorted desserts". Having said that, a girl in my department just came in the door with a bakery box....

...HELP??? :^:

Boss is in too. Gotta run!
Much love to you all!

07-16-2001, 10:58 PM
Hi guys ...

I am at my friend Bev's house and only have a minute .... actualy, they had to go to hospital for her mother and we are staying here with her grandkids watching them. So I am sneaking a minute to say hello .... been so busy getting our water, elec and gas pipes buried underground.

I am sorry I am not addressing anyone now ... I am asking you all for your prayers ... we just found out my sister's daughter has a malignant brain tumor and they say is not operable. I'm waiting to hear if they will be transporting her to a special hospital in Texas that specializes in this type of cancer ... she already has gone into a coma once from the swelling ... She is only 42 yrs old and I am praying they can save her! My sister already lost her 1st son 30 yrs ago in a tragic motorcycle accident .... So please, if you will, send some prayers for them ... Thank you all ... You are all so dear to me.

I have to go now, but will try to address you all next time I get on a computer ... We will be home for a day on the 24th before leaving again ... so, maybe I can post longer then ....

Thanks for listening ... I sure do miss ready our daily posts and posting with you!

Talk to you all soon I hope.

Love, CJ

07-17-2001, 02:08 PM
Hello, all,

I keep popping in here every six months or so to say "hi." (I'm one of the "other" Sallys (grin))

Anyway, I'm back again. I had been diagnosed with PCOS and was very depressed, going back and forth to doctors, trying to become pregnant. Well, this is my first week back to work after maternity leave!! DD was born on Easter, and is a beautiful bundle with big blueberry eyes.

But I've noticed that my energy and knee-strength is down, which means my weight is up again. Right before Christmas we bought our first house, and it's a split-level so there's lots of stairs (but short flights). I'm feeling really out-of-shape. So, here I am, getting ready to get back into the weight-loss swing of things, and rejoining The Thin Group to share motivations!

It's good to be back.

07-17-2001, 02:14 PM
Hi everyone...

Welcome back to another Sally!!! Congrats on the little one and the new house...sounds like you have lots going on.

I had a pretty good weekend. Did well except for Sunday on my eating...but I allowed myself pizza and chips to watch the race. The good news is that I worked out everyday over the weekend so I was happy with that. I've done good so far this week too on eating but didn't exercise last night and won't get to again tonight because we have stuff going on...but at least if I eat well I don't have to feel guilty about it.

Everyone have a great day!!! :)


07-17-2001, 09:19 PM
CJ - I am sending lots of positive vibes your way, I truly hope your niece recovers. My Mum just turned 46 yesterday - 42 is so young. Too young. Hugs to you.

Synger - congrats!! When you say you had a DD on Easter, do you mean Easter Sunday? Because my daughter was born on Easter Sunday. I'm back here now and have just joined WW, trying to lose those pregnancy pounds :) I'd love more details!!

Sally - welcome back. I was here for the 'crash of '99' (he he). Remembre that - a week when we couldn't access the site and I was absolutely lost, I was an everyday poster then..

Well last week I only lost 1 pound. Hardly worth going! But I'd had a bit of a party week (as much as one can with a 3 month old baby), so I guess it was okay.

We still haven't exchanged contracts on the house, but hope to do so in the next few days. Love to all and I'll check back in in a couple of days..

07-17-2001, 10:37 PM
Good evening all,
Hope that everyone survived the weekend. On program that is. I certianly didn't but I'm hoping that all of the walking that we did in the city helped burn some of those extra calories. We had a perfect first anniversary. Took a train into New York, saw Les Miserables, Leisurly lunch al fresco. Went to a free concert in Bryant Park and then the train home. It was wonderfull. Something that we both needed with all of the stress. When I weighed in on thursday I was up 1.2 pounds but the way I've been eating I was happy that it wasn't 5. We did go out for a walk tonight so I really am trying to get back on track.
Trish: I am sure that your sons wedding was as beautifull as it sounded. Can't wait to hear about it.
JO: i don't envy you this weekend. A 6 hour drive up and down the east coast in the summer is not fun.Bring plenty of water and maybe a potty??
Sally and Synger: Welcome Back!!!!!!!
Sylvia: Hope that you made it through today unscathed. Your goals are good ones. Remember "Baby Steps"
CJ: We will keep your niece in our thoughts and prayers.
Time to get ready for work tomorrow. It's supposed to be a hot one. Take care all. Love, Julie

07-17-2001, 11:00 PM
Hi to you all!

Sorry to have been away again since the weekend. I installed Windows 98 and I guess all my cookies got deleted so I had to find my password, etc., to get in here. It took a couple of days to get everything running smoothly again. I still can't get it to shut down the way it used to though. Gosh, I hate updating. It never seems to work out quite right for me. I guess I am lacking in the technology dept. :lol:

Welcome back to Synger. Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. That is wonderful. What is her name? So glad to have you back with us.

Sam, nice to hear from you. Down a pound is way better than up a pound. You are doing just fine. Hope all goes well with the buying of your home. How is little Charlotte doing?

Julie, your anniversary sounds so very nice. Glad that you had such a good time. 1.2 pounds is probably just water. Don't worry - it will come off by next weigh-in. How is Nicole doing? On the mend, I hope.

Sally, nice to hear from you again too. Sounds like you are right back ontrack again. :)

CJ, your niece is in my prayers. Take care.

Sharon, guess you are busy getting ready for your big camping weekend with your sister-in-law Chrissy. Wish I were coming too. I'll bet you will all have a great time.

CH/Carolyn, where oh where are you? Sure do miss hearing from you. Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Jo, your life seems to be consumed with food. :lol: Good for you, handling it so well.

Sylvia, good to hear from you. Hope all is well with your job. Yes, that would be pretty scarey allright. Take care.

Well, got to go and get at a few things before TV time. Want to see Big Brother 2. It sure is better than the first one was. Anyone but me and Sharon watching it?

Take care everyone. Talk to you soon. Love, G :wave:

07-18-2001, 09:34 AM
It's very good to be back! Yes, Geneva Evelyn was born on April 15 -- Easter! (and tax day) She's our Easter bunny, and an answer to prayer. We'd been trying for seven years, and went from doctor to doctor, but since I had PCOS I just didn't ovulate (kinda hard to get pregnant without an egg, doncha know..). The stress has been unbelievable. Most women have some sort of post-partum doldrums. Mine was pretty bad (my mom died of cancer rather unexpectedly the week before Neva was born), and for a while there every day was a weepy day. I'm doing a lot better now that I feel like I actually CAN handle the baby stuff, and I'm back to work and dealing with adults on a regular basis again. My hat's off to stay-at-home moms! It's too much work for me!

Trish: Congrats on your son's wedding. How wonderful! And military weddings are always so exciting, with all that pomp and ritual. I hope the cruise went well. The Bay is lovely this time of year. (I'm in MD, too, and work in downtown DC.) And double congrats on reaching your 25 lb. goal! You inspire us all!

Jello: Wow, you sure are working hard! Ten-hour days can really suck the life out of you if they go on too long. I sure understand about not being able to face down food in social situations or restaurants. I KNOW how to pick healthier foods, but when at a party or looking through a menu I don't DO it. (sigh) And, with our crazy hours at home, we eat out or order in 'WAY too much. But each time is a chance to pick a healthier choice. Don't beat yourself up over it. Just keep on keepin' on.

Sylvia: I like your "mini-goals." (Boy, I'd love to "get more sleep!" (chuckle)) I think that's a great way of doing things. One step at a time and you don't get so overwhelmed. It would be hard for me not to eat after seven, since I get home about six and DH gets home at 6:30, and two nights a week DH doesn't get home until 9:30. If we want to eat together, we eat late.

CJ: My prayers are with your niece and your whole family. May God bless and keep you, giving you strength to bond together during this time of uncertainty and crisis.

Sally: Sounds like you have a good balance of exercise and eating well. I find that if I do both fairly regularly, when I'm in a situation when I choose not to do one, I'm not as likely to beat myself up about it. Good for you!

Julie: Oh, it sounds like you had a lovely anniversary. Congratulations! I saw Les Mis when it came to DC. I'm still amazed when I remember the optical illusion when Javert jumps off the bridge. It's one of the best bits of staging I've seen in years. (He stands on a platform "bridge" on the stage. When he "jumps", the platform is raised behind him on cables. The actor, who is still standing on the stage, moves like he is falling into the river, and the bridge rising behind him makes it REALLY look real. It's amazing!)

07-18-2001, 02:27 PM
Quick check in. I'm just back from the company quarterly luncheon. Had just a tiny bit of each dish, just to taste. The home made cookies looked absolutely wonderful and called to me throughout the entire meeting. I ended up with a bite of a chocolate-chocolate chip-white chocolate chip-macadamia nut one. Woo! Was that tasty!! Could have eaten a box or two of them. I didn't. :D

Synger, I'm so glad to see you back again. And what a beautiful name for your little one! I love it. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom though. Sounds like you've been through a lot lately. Again, I'm so glad you're back!

Gail, yes, I'm being attacked left and right by food. I'm winning a few and losing a few battles but I'm sure hoping something changes soon. How many more holidays or parties or "events" can a gal withstand!?!? :dizzy:

Julie, I don't envy me either! LOL! :lol: But Rich is a really good driver and I feel confident enough to take a little snooze on the trip and not be gripping the door handle or dashboard like I used to when I rode with my ex (aka demolition man!). I got an email from Rich's mom and they're looking forward to our visit. Me too. I'm just hoping I can talk Rich into taking my Tracker instead of his old Bronco. His is bigger but mine's more reliable. And we can fit lots of stuff in mine and onto the luggage rack on top. Of course, I'll obsess about the possibility of losing the load if it's on top of the car but it sure beats obsessing about breaking down on the Mass. Pike or Garden State Parkway.

Well, girls, yesterday I finally stormed into my boss's office, closed the door and told him that if a certain other employee (most around here call her Queen *itch) doesn't stop harrassing me and making snide comments and telling lies about me, I'm going to bring her up on formal charges. I mean, I have a job to do and I'm busy enough without having to deal with some old bag's temper tantrums and insecurities. I'm sure most of you have heard me vent about her before. Anyway, my boss is also her boss and I gave him fair warning! :mad: Much to his credit, he went and talked to the human resources person who later went and talked to the *itch. I don't know what was said or anything but so far she's kept her distance from me. Which was basically all I asked for. I mean, let's grow up here, shall we? Grumble. Grumble.

Ah, but with all that stress .... JO DID NOT EAT!!!! It's frightening that my first reaction after her latest accusation was to run to the vending machine and drown my sorrows in chocolate. But I DIDN'T DO IT!!! That miserable poor excuse for a human being (can you tell how I feel about her?) is NOT going to make me eat!!!

OK, before I break into a rendition of "I am woman, hear me roar" I'm going to close. I tried to post earlier but the forum kicked me off and ate up my entire post. Hate when that happens.

Hope you all are having a good one. Talk to you soon. But I have to warn you, I have to weigh in tomorrow evening and I'm just now beginning to obsess over getting Watson up to mom and dad's on Friday and the trip on the weekend. And you guys all know how I get....

Stay tuned!
Much love, Jo.

07-19-2001, 08:23 AM
Hi Girls!!

It has been ages since I have last posted! I keep on reading them. Just don't seem to have the time to add my post. Been busy this summer working alot of hours and traveling. As you all know that I flew out to Seattle to visit my niece Mary and meet Gail and her husband Ken! I love both of them. They are both so very nice. Just what I thought girls! Our ((((GAIL)))) is such a sweetie! We had a short, but very nice visit. I love the state of Washington. It so beautiful. The rain forests, the ocean, all the mountains. The air is so clean. My niece kept me running the whole time. Had fun though. But, did I sure have the jet lag when I got home! Sharon is coming in this weekend and we and my girls are going camping! I am looking forward to that. We are leaving on Sunday and have to be back on Wednesday. I have tickets to go and see Rod Stewart on Wednesday night. I think also that following Saturday night, I have tickets to see Ringo Starr too. The first weekend in August I am flying off to visit my sister Cynthia in Virginia. She lives in the woods in a town called Clifton. Never been to her new house there. I hear that it's beautiful. I am meeting a friend of mine Tracy there too. I meet her on the internet right after Rick was murdered. She is the head of a support group on the net that I belong too. It is called the Silent Angels. It's a group that have lost loved ones to violence. Her 15 year old son was murdered 13 years ago. Her husband died of natural causes that same year. Tracy is a few years older than myself. She is absolutely wonderful. I am looking forward to meeting her. In September, a few of us nurse girls are going to Vegas. I have never been there before. I am not much of a gambler, but I thought that I would go. I am just the "traveling" gal!! Sandi and Spence were here a few weeks back too! We also had a very good time! Sandi bought me this beautiful blue ball that I have sitting out in front of my house. I have never seen these balls before Sandi bought me it. I like it! Still haven't starting smoking. I am doing so good! I must say, I am proud of myself! LOL It has been almost 8 months now. But I have gained weight from it. I wish that I could put on mind to it and loose some of that weight. I just can't seem to get my mind there. I do OK during the day, but when the nighttime comes, that is my problem!!

JUDY - Thinking of you and Cal all of the time ((((JUDY))))! I have been praying for the both of you. I send you my love!

JO - Hope that you have a good trip visiting Rich's parents. When will that be? This weekend? Yes, I remember the old *itch that you spoke about! LOL Go and get her girl! Why is it that there is always one? Wherever you go? You are doing so well with loosing the weight. Keep it up Jo!

GAIL - It was so nice meeting you in Washington. You are just as nice as I thought you would be. We had a nice visit and lunch. Wish it was longer, but it was better than nothing! Glad you liked the pictures. I will send them to CJ and she can put them on her website! Wouldn't it be nice if we could all meet?

JULIE - Happy Anniversary! That year surely went by fast. Sorry to hear about Nicole's accident and everything else with it. Sounds like you and Niles had a good time in New York!

TRISH - Your son's wedding sounds like it is going to be absolutely beautiful! Please tell us all about it when you get back.

CJ - So sorry to hear about your niece! How sad! And she is so young! Are you going down to Texas to be with your sister? Your niece is also in my prayers!

SYNGER - Welcome back! You had a baby while you were gone! Congratulations! What a beautiful name. We miss you so. Glad you are back.

SALLY - It has been a long time since you have been here also. I do remember you, but when I started posting you were around for a little while then left. But I do remember. Welcome back to you also! It is so nice to see some old faces!

SANDI - When are you going on your vacation? It was also so very nice to see you and Spence again. We sure had a nice time! You got to meet Papa and Jerry! Sharon's father and brother! They sure are sweeties! I love them so!!!

SHARON - I have been talking and writing to you, but you haven't been posting girlfriend (I should talk, LOL)!!! I do miss reading your lonnnnnnnnng posts! (((Sharon)))) Looking forward to camping with you next week!!

Hello to everyone else!!!! Where is Joanna and Carolyn? Hope that the both of you are doing OK??? And hello to everyone else that I have missed! A big room ((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))! I love you all! Take care until next time!

Love, Chrissy
:dizzy: ;)

07-19-2001, 09:15 AM
Hi everyone! Thought I'd post real quick this morning. Don't have much to say but that's never stopped me before! :lol: Today a lot of our employees are out because of the annual golf outing. And it's raining. Wouldn't you know it. The guy who planned it is really nice but obsesses about things almost as much as I do. I'll feel bad for him if it doesn't clear up out there.

CJ, I meant to tell you that your niece is in my prayers. I always have to wonder why things like this happen to people. I'll be thinking of her and of you. {{{CJ}}}

Chrissy, I'm glad you've posted. Missed you but it sounds like you've been a busy gal! Hey, I'll be in Las Vegas in September too. Maybe we'll run into each other! :lol:

Well, girls, latest plan is that Rich and I ride in to work together tomorrow morning and then at 4, Rich goes home and gets Watson and our bags, etc. and comes back for me and we go up to mom and dad's and drop off Watson and then keep heading north to Boston. Actually, we'll drive for a couple hours and then find a hotel for the night and continue again on Sat. morning. I can't decide if I like this idea. I mean I like the idea of taking our time and doing the trip in a couple "steps" but I still think it might be a better idea to just leave really early on Saturday morning and avoid Friday night traffic. Still nothing set in stone. We'll see. At least I think I have him convinced to take my car.

Speaking of my car, it has 5000 miles on it!! Remember when I bought it in January. It had 11 miles on the odometer. Ah, my baby's growing up. :^: Seems like yesterday. Sigh.

Well, I have to get to work I guess. Hope you all have a good one. Talk to you soon. Cross your fingers for my weigh-in tonight.

Much love, Jo.

07-20-2001, 01:57 AM
It sure doesn't seem like I get back in here too often:o Just wanted to check in and see how you're all doing. Good I hope:D
Well I've been a pretty good girl:eek: Only down another 2 lbs since I was here last but at least I'm not gaining it back, right? I remember coming here for the first time at the beginning of 1999 and weighing 334. It sure has taken a while but I'm now at 228.6 Not too bad for an old lady huh?

Let's see, in the last few weeks both of my sons have gotten married, my oldest was diagnosed as being bi-polar, I have no water, my motorhome is on the fritz and I NEED A VACATION:^:

I Sure hope everyone here is doing good and I really will try and check in a little more often.

Talk to you soon

07-20-2001, 10:12 AM
Hi all. Well, probably my last post before I leave for the long trek northward to Boston. We're leaving around 4, dropping off the dog along the way and then driving for a few hours or until we see someplace we'd like to stop for the night and hope there's a hotel with a room available. Part of me is very apprehensive about not having a more solid plan but another part of me is thinking "why not!?" and that we should just go with the flow and "carpe diem" and all that.

Weighed in last night :cry: Almost cried. Gain of 2 lbs. but the weigher was really nice and talking about how weighing in the evening instead of the morning can make that much difference, etc. But still it's tough to face those big old numbers.

My boss informed me late yesterday that he wouldn't be in today and I tried not to look too happy about it. But.... Just want to get all caught up with stuff and get outta here!

Gotta tell you guys this! I went out to my car yesterday and as I was getting into it I thought "hm, didn't I BACK into the parking space this morning" and then "the parking brake's not set...I ALWAYS set the parking brake..." So I asked Rich if he'd taken my car out during work and he said "oh, I took it out at lunch time and got the oil changed". He was so casual about it and all. All I could think was "WHAT A SWEETIE!!!" :) Oh, I know it's nothing huge or anything but it was just a thoughtful gesture and I can't quite get used to someone being so good to me "just because".

Well, on that note, I've got to run. Think of us fondly while we're battling Friday traffic and/or searching for a hotel vacancy tonight. Trish, I'll beep and wave as we pass through your area this evening. :lol: Hope to be back at a decent hour on Sunday evening. I'll check in with you all then or on Monday.

Everyone be good!
Much love, Jo.

P.S. Glad to hear from you Bernice! I hadn't realized (or had forgotten :?: ) that you'd LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT!!! Congratulations!!! You've done wonderful!!!! :)

07-20-2001, 12:19 PM

I'm back from my son's wedding in Annapolis. The weather was beautiful the entire weekend. My son looked handsome, and the bride looked like a princess. Everyone had a wonderful time!

Fifty people attended the rehearsal dinner, and eighteen people stayed in Annapolis until Tuesday. We went to St. Michael's (a small seaport), the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, and on a sunset sailing cruise on the Chesapeake Bay. It was a great family reunion.

I did not lose any weight this week and am holding at 25 lbs. I'm happy with that since I ate all meals in restaurants for four days. Several people commented that they could see that both my husband and I looked good, and they could tell we had lost weight. That gives me the incentive to keep going!

Jo, have a great time in Boston. I'll be listening for that beep when you drive by Allentown! Rich sounds like a gem. Hang on to him!

Bernice, nice to hear from you. Your weight loss total is impressive! Post again soon.

Chrissy, you are having a busy summer! It sounds like you enjoyed your visit to Washington. Have fun camping and going to see Rod Stewart and Ringo Starr. My high school classmate, Barbara Bach, is married to Ringo Starr.

Synger, welcome back. Congratulations on the birth of Geneva Evelyn. You must be tired juggling your job and being a new mom too. What do you do in DC?

Gail, I've been watching Big Brother 2. I hope two of the "cool group" get nominated for banishment this week. They are so cocky!

Julie, happy first anniversary! It sounds like you had a wonderful celebration in New York.

Sam, 1 lb. down is better than gaining. Keep trying!

CJ, I'm sorry to hear about your niece. I'm remember her in my prayers.

Sylvia, I hope you weren't included in the layoffs at work. Let us know how things are going.

Sally, congratulations on losing 40 lbs. and good luck on losing another 30. Post with us often and we'll try to support your efforts.

I hope I haven't missed addressing anyone. Have a great weekend! It's supposed to be beautiful here on the east coast.


07-20-2001, 01:35 PM
I have been wanting to post but have been so busy with my dad Papa and brother Jerry coming in from Michigan a couple of weeks ago. They went back on Sunday and I miss them already but will see them again this week since I am going camping with Chrissy in Michigan this Sunday. I am leaving tomorrow in the morning. Should be so much fun, I am sure looking forward to going off in the woods and relaxing with Chrissy, and my nieces Emily and Ellen. We sure do need this time together after going through my brothers murderers trial for almost 2 years. I know that Chrissy really misses my brother something terrible, just things like going camping, like he used to love to do. Em and El I know feel the same way about their Dad too. But I know that he will be with us in spirit and you can be sure that he will not be forgotten by anyone ever among us.

Anyways enjoyed my company and just haven't been able to find the time to post. Seems like every time I try either couldn't get on the puter, someone else hogging it like husband doing something or my sons or daughters or else it was not working properly for me to post. I thought I would post now and than maybe try if I can to post from Chrissy's puter if and when I can. Otherwise you can be sure I will post when I get back next week and let you know how our camping trip went. I will be there probally till the next weekend. We are leaving Sunday morning and will camp till Wednesday. I can't wait to sleep under the stars.

Gail-Was so great of you to call me last week cause you were worried about me. I loved talking to you and don't worry about the lunch. I would much rather talk to you anytime, cause I can always eat lunch but not always talk to a friend. Hope you are doing good on your program. You are headed in the right direction now. I too love watching Big Brother 2 so much. Son Dan and look forward to it every Tues, Thurs and Sat night. I usually tape it and than when he gets home from work we sit and watch it and just laugh so hard at all the fighting going on. Yes I think it is really good this time around, so much friction in that house. I enjoy it so much just seeing how everyone gets along (and doesn't). That show is the highlight of my week.

CJ-Hey miss you so much. Hope things are going well for your at the cabin. Gosh CJ I am sooo sorry about your sisters daughter and sure hope the doctors can help her out. I will keep her in my prayers. A big congratulations on Denises new baby. I know you love all your grandchildren so there is now one more for you to love and spoil. How wonderful that you got your 10 ribbon, it feels great doesn't it? Wonder if we can connect when you come home? We won't be home till Wednesday the 25th so we may miss each other this time around. When are you leaving to go wherever you are going? I hope we can connect even for a quick lunch or dinner. Don't know when we are coming home Wednesday. I know Chrissy has a Rod Steward concert that night, but I am not sure about anything else.

Angeleyes-Where are you too? I know you had posted before needing help and was having a rough time of it. But remember you have lost 35 lbs and that is no small feat. Your pleateau will level off and you will see the scale go down again. Come on back and post with us and let everyone help you out with whatever you need. You are important to us Thinsters. I know that must be so frustrating to get to know people in some of your threads and than have the threads just fold up like that. Don't worry though, we would NEVER brush you aside. You are one of us and always will be and we will never close up cause we have been together for a few years now so once you are in this group you will always be a Thinster. So come on back Angel. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND ARE HERE FOR YOU ALWAYS!

Jello-Have a great trip to Boston to see Rich's parents. Should be fun for you. I too remember the ITCH and am so glad that you went in and talked to your boss about her. Stand up for yourself I always say. You should be able to work in a peaceful office. Don't dispair about your weight gain. I have had my share this summer and am not giving up-DON"T YOU EITHER! Just have fun on your trip and do your best.

Judy-How you doing? I know you are going through such a difficult time right now with all Cal has been going through. But just be there for him and remember to take some time off for yourself. You are important too. I will keep all your family in my prayers too.

Sandy-Are you enjoying your busy summer so far? I know you sure have been going and traveling which is great. I will get to see the gazing ball you gave to Chrissy when I go tomorrow. I am anxious to see how it looks. Her yard is really nice and she really takes lots of pride in it.

Bernice-My gosh girl you have lost over a hundred pounds so far-105 I should say. You are unbelievable and doing so wonderful. I am glad you keep posting too when you can to let us know how you are doing. You have had a lot going on in your life, congrats on the marriage of you son and hope your other son is doing well too. Keep up the great work!

Julie-A very happy anniversary to you too. My gosh time flies when your having fun doesn't it? Hope Nichole is doing better too and so sorry about her accident. I know it was hard on everyone but you got thru it together as families to. You are doing great on your walking too. When I get back I need to get the exercise thread going again with you. I still have been trying to walk and go to the gym, just haven't been on the puter much. But I will try when I get back from camping to do that. Or you can start a new thread if you want to and I will join you next week.

Carolyn-Hey where have you been keeping yourself? You are done teaching for the summer but I know you have a summer job now as you always do. We miss you and want you to come back with us again. I know I come and go too, but I don't want to lose you. You are too important to this group.

Joanna and Carolyn/Regency-Where are you guys? Joanna I know you are probally busy with your new guy, hope things are going well for you. Carolyn, how have you been? Is your house all done redecorating now? I am sure it looks great whatever you did to it.

Synger-WELCOME BACK GIRL! My gosh I sure do remember you and remember I just loved your posts. So eloquent they were. Congratulations on the birth of you beautiful Geneva. What a lovely name for I am sure a beautiful baby girl. Also that is great that you are in your own house too. Things sure are going great for you.

Sally-Hey WELCOME BACK to you too. I am so glad you are back here too. I remember we had quite a few Sallies and why Synger is even a Sally too. But you are from Michigan right? I know a Sally Rosa emails me and that is not you right? I think she is from maybe Texas. I need to email her and find out. Do you have any kids? She has a daughter I remember talking to her about her. Good job on all your hard work exercising too. That is wonderful that you have lost 40 lbs too. You sure are doing great.

Dreamer-Great going on your pound weight loss. ONLY a pound is great and remember all the numbers add up to the bigger picture in the end. You are doing great. Sounds like motherhood really agrees with you.

Sylvia-I know you are stressing about the layoff coming at your work. I hope and pray they realize what a great asset they have in you. I know you are pretty devoted to your job. I am sure things will work out for you. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Trish-Glad the wedding went well. A military wedding is so romantic and beautiful too. I know you must have been so proud. Glad you are back.

On the weight loss front, have been holding my own. Gained a bit from the 4th, but jumped back on the wagon and lost most of it this past Monday. I won't be able to go to my meeting this coming Monday cause I will be deep in the woods. I have been trying to exercise and do all the right things and not let things get away from me. I will do my best!

Take care everyone and talk to you later, Love you Thinsters lots.
Sassy Sharon :wave:

07-22-2001, 09:14 AM
There is so little time, so I will have to make this quick.

Cal is failing fast. The Hospice nurse says he probably won't live another week.

The family is all here, mine and his. The tension between his daughters and my daughter is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Only one of them is staying in my home, the other two are in a motel. I allow them to visit their dad all they want but then leave.

The stress is unbelieveable. I had a big blowup yesterday and asked them to get out! Don't come into my home and get in my face and try to give orders to those who live here! Enough is enough! Big bad weepy day, all day! Hope today will be better.

He's very weak and in a lot of pain all the time. We had a few moments alone yesterday and he told me he knows the end is near. I assured him that I will be with him as long as he needs me. I'm so frightened that that that won't be much longer.

The last two years have gone so quickly and now the days go by so slowly. Dear God take him home so he won't have to suffer any more!

Sorry to vent all my frustrations on you guys. Pray for us.

Hugs, Judy

07-22-2001, 08:48 PM
Judy, I often think of you and wonder how you are doing. I'm so sorry to hear that Cal is in pain, and that your family is causing so much tension at this difficult time. Take comfort in the fact that Cal will soon no longer be suffering and will be in a better place. I'll remember you, Cal, and your family in my prayers.


07-23-2001, 08:47 AM
Morning all.....(notice I didn't say good?) I can't believe the scales this morning.....Its a good thing I said....good or bad results, because "I" ....GAINED 2 POUNDS!!
WHATS WITH THAT??? it just goes to show you, IT HAPPENS!! Now yesterday I had a bday party to go to, but the food was all raw veggies, lots and lots of tossed salad and I had a small portion of pasta, and a small pc of cake. No wine, no beer etc, and believe was flowing alot. So?...I know I didn't eat an extra 7,000 calories so it must be the working out....and creating muscles!!! Thats my story and I'm sticking to it!!! Sorry Ladies....I did so well this week, and I had hoped for a nice loss...I'm in this challenge on another thread and here it is the first weigh in...and I'm up!! Its sooo disappointing, as I wanted to kick it off with a nice loss. So, here I am....+2lbs, when only 1 week ago I was down almost 5???? Its gotta be the muscle???right??? Last week I went the extra mile and worked out 5x, when normally I workout 2-3x. Waaaahhhh......

Sorry for not posting, but I've had very little news...weight wise. I've been following plan, working out and not straying at all...and still the +/- of the pounds. Boy....I really must have messed up my metabolism for it not to be responding to a better eating plan. I think I might talk to my dr. about it....really, I've been eating sooo well...almost for nothing,(no loss) except I know I am healthier for it. I've been lurking and trying to get into a challenge as I've mentioned. I do care about you all.... thoughts and prayers are with you. Remember Cal well.
Cj.....sorry to hear about your neice. god bless.

Can't believe all the hardships this group has/is going through. And here I am....complaining of a 2 lb gain....puts it in perspective doesn't it?

07-23-2001, 09:25 AM
Just read some of the posts and haven't time to reply to them all. But I do want to say to JUDY, that you and Cal are still in my prayers and that soon he will be out of all his pain and with his Maker. It isn't easy for you and with the bickering going on it sure doesn't make it better.I remember when my brother and his wife both had cancer at the same time and how hard it was to see them and one not being able to help the other. We were so grateful for Hospice. Aren't they the most wonderful people? Take it day by day and don't let those people upset you at this time. Sandi

07-23-2001, 10:16 AM
Judy, I think of you every single day, my friend. All my love and my prayers go out to you and to Cal. Check in when you can but be assured that we are all thinking of you even if you don't have time to come here.

I have no time for a longer post but will tell you all about the weekend soon.

Love, Jo.

07-24-2001, 09:48 AM
Where'd everyone go!?!? Miss you guys! :cry:

Anyway, the weekend was wonderful except for one thing. Traffic!!! What a nightmare!!! Good thing Rich is such a good driver and so calm, etc. I never saw so many cars in one place in my life. The trip from mom and dad's to Connecticut should have taken about 3 hours or less. We left there around 6:00 and didn't get to CT until after 11:30!! Sat in horrible traffic for hours. Saw at least a dozen accidents, some of them involved mangled cars and loading people into ambulances. At one, there were sheet covered bodies on the ground. It was just awful. :(

Needless to say, by the time we got to the hotel (the first one we stopped at was sold out - I almost cried) we were both exhausted. The guy at the desk was really nice and said he'd find us a nice quiet room away from any noise, etc. I told him it didn't matter if a freight train came through the room, we'd sleep through it. Fortunately, it's amazing what 8 hours of deep deep sleep can do. We made it down to the breakfast buffet just before it closed at 10 (didn't think Jo would miss out on free food, did you?) and then were on our way. The rest of the trip wasn't so bad although the traffic was still pretty heavy. We got to Rich's parents' house a little after noon and by then had decided we would NEVER travel on the weekend again, EVER!!! :mad:

The weekend was a blur of food, family, food, laughter, food, meeting new people, food, and oh did I mention food? I don't even want to think about the food part of it. The rest was wonderful. Rich's family is really great and I got to meet another of his sisters whom I hadn't met before. She and I hit it off great and kept everyone else in stitches.

And the stuff!!! Oh brother. Good thing we've been cleaning out Rich's house. Now we're loading it up again. My little tracker was packed to the max! Rich and his dad just kept bringing stuff out from the house, basement and garage and shoving it into the car. His mom and I kept taking it back out! :lol: Actually, we were packing it a little better so there was ... room for more stuff!!! Finally, it was decided that we'd have to go back up with Rich's Bronco for the rest of the stuff! :dizzy: Another trip northward but this time we're travelling on weekdays and, if I get my way, in the wee small hours of the morning. We've also decided to research our travel map a little more.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. Let's get back to the food issue, shall we? (Don't we always?) I just threw caution to the wind and it wasn't pretty. Hot dogs on the grill. Wonderful potato salad loaded with mayo. Lots of beer. Waffles and sausage for breakfast. Stopping at restaurants on the way, etc. And water? What's water???? :?:

And here's the "best" part. Next Friday (Aug. 3) I get to do it all over again. That's when we're going back. Aug. 3 through Aug. 6 and then I have the rest of the week off to do some stuff around the house, go to Atlantic City and go to Musikfest in Bethlehem like I do every year. Ask Trish about that one, right Trish? Should be called Foodfest!!! I'm scared. :^:

But for now, I guess I should get busy. Going to chug down this bottle of water and go fill up again before the boss rolls in. Gotta do what I can to try to save myself!

Hope to hear from you guys ... someone? anyone? ... soon!!
Much love, Jo.

07-24-2001, 01:10 PM
Going to start a new thread. See you there. :D