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01-18-2006, 01:51 AM
I have been repeating in my head, "I am not a sausage" for some time now when I am about to do something bad - like buy a Cadbury bar.

I found a new one this week in WW magazine. In refering to eating your kids leftovers, it said to say to yourself, "I am not a garbage can."

I would like to hear what words other people use to motivate themselves and compile a list.

01-18-2006, 01:54 AM
I usually say, 'Is this ______ (candy bar, brownie, etc) REALLY worth looking like THIS?'

Valerie Joy
01-18-2006, 01:55 AM
I just keep telling myself it's not worth it to overeat or have a bad snack. I keep telling myself I've put to much effort into this to blow it!

01-18-2006, 01:56 AM
When I'm on the rowing machine, and I'm feeling like I want to quit, I say to myself "I'm going to be a size 8, I'm going to be a size 8."

01-18-2006, 02:31 AM
"Dripping water eats through stone."

Tiny little changes can have a huge effect.

01-18-2006, 02:40 AM
"There will be more insert bad food here."

Whether it's totally abstaining or only taking a bite, reminding myself that I will, at some point, be in contact with the threatening food again is comforting.

01-18-2006, 04:38 AM
I don't have a mantra per se. I have three daughters. All the motivation I need.

01-18-2006, 04:40 AM
"I am an athlete!"

01-18-2006, 04:45 AM
"I am losing weight"

Not I can, or I will but I am!

01-18-2006, 05:26 AM
85 85 85 85 85 85 85

It keeps me going on the treadmill, 85 kg being my first goal weight


size 16 size 16 size 16 size 16


01-18-2006, 08:15 AM
Mine is in my siggy, "Never trade what you want at the moment for what you want the most." Applies to pretty much anything, IMO.


01-18-2006, 09:25 AM
Right now my motivation is "Spring Bike Rally" in Myrtle Beach SC. It is in May and there is nothing more humiliating than riding down the strip with your guy on the back of a motorcycle having all your jiggling bits out in the open for all to see.

Amy :)

01-18-2006, 11:49 AM
I've had several through this journey ... the first was what I found was a ubiquitous cliche, but it worked for me at the time: "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." Another has been, "To get what you want, STOP doing what isn't working." (Dennis Weaver, of all people)

01-18-2006, 12:05 PM
'Whatever it takes.'

01-18-2006, 12:52 PM
got mine in my sig too, "Never let what you can't do interfere with what you can do."

01-18-2006, 01:05 PM
'Whatever it takes.'

Heh heh ... I knew I forgot one! ;)

01-18-2006, 01:24 PM
"It's all I want, it's all or nothing."

I heard that in a song on one of my son's CDs.

01-18-2006, 10:45 PM
Ok, this isn't a set mantra, but I drive to work alone, and on the way, I list 10 things I love about myself now, and 10 things I'll love about being thin.

Today, I was faced with a bowl of candy, and one of the things I'd love about being thin just popped into my head. So as of this afternoon, I fight temptation by thinking of that.

so, my mantra is a random 1/10th of this:

People will notice me in a good way :encore:
I'll have the energy to work AND play :kickcan:
I'll have a jawline :carrot:
Size 9 low rider jeans :dancer:
People won't look shocked when I say I used to be a dancer :yikes:
I'll be able to keep up with my friends' kids
I'll have a healthier heart :ebike: :D
I'll be able to read those articles about "waists smaller than 35 inches" being healthy and know that's me! :cool:
I'll be cute in a bikini :beach:
Clavicles!!! :cloud9:


01-19-2006, 12:37 AM
"You can sleep tomorrow"

Gets me up early - or keeps me up late - so I can work out. You see, tomorrow never comes...

01-19-2006, 12:25 PM
Mine is: 'Have a tall glass of cold water and wait 10min.' This works wonders for warding off cravings.

01-19-2006, 01:28 PM
When it comes to food, mine is "It takes 5 minutes to eat it, but 5 weeks to get rid of it".

01-19-2006, 01:39 PM
"I don't need to be perfect, I just need to be better than I was".

and "One good decision at a time"

and "You won't be able to finish that half marathon if you don't run regularly" is working pretty well at the moment too ;)

01-20-2006, 01:08 PM
I have a new mantra which someone posted on this forum (sorry, I forget who it was) it is:

If you think you shouldn't - then don't!

Like when I'm going past the candy isle and start thinking I shouldn't really get any Lindt chocolate, but hubby might like some (meaning I) would like some :lol:

I tried out my new mantra the other day and it worked!

01-20-2006, 01:30 PM
I have 2.... whatever works!, and screaming NEXT in my head when Im beating myself up or wanting what I shouldnt have. Both work great for me.

01-20-2006, 03:59 PM
My mantra used to be "size 8, size 8, size 8." It was particularly helpful in the last 3 minutes of the evil elliptical. Now that I'm a size 8, though, my mantra is "Never again."

01-21-2006, 12:39 AM
I loved, "If you think you shouldn't, then don't." I am going to write it on the white board of my classroom while my kids are taking their final exams next week.

01-21-2006, 03:03 PM
"I am not a garbage can"- I like that because it also refers to unhealthy foods you might be tempted by!

01-21-2006, 03:19 PM
"Do I want to give up my ideals for taste?" (I'm vegetarian.)

"I can do this."

"I'm doing better than I was."

"I can stop if I want." (Keeps me from freaking out when I'm doing a long workout.)

Wow, just writing these down is helping. :) I might post a mantra every time I post in my journal. :)

01-21-2006, 06:29 PM
For me, at the moment, its "The look on their face, the look on their face"
because I am going with a friend who doesn't live close to see the other best friend in NYC in March. My goal is to be down at least 1 size by then (altho i begin to have doubt whether i am *eveR* going to get there....just like everyone!)

The overall goal...I have this picture in my head of myself at half the size with a flat stomach on my dream trip to Scotland, which i have promised myself when I graduate grad school in 2-3 years. With all that extra money I'll have lying around after tuition. LOL.


01-22-2006, 12:13 PM
Well, this is rather embarassing. But, when I am walking or jogging on the treadmill, when I get tired, I say "I will not be too fat to get on the ride".

That doesn't mean anything to anyone but me. :o

Last year, at Dollywood, my then 8 year old wanted to get on a ride with me. I got on it, and they couldn't close the lap bar. I had to get off. :o

And, I am overweight, but not considerably so! I was 199, and a size 16 at the time.

Man, was THAT embarassing. Nope, that won't happen again. :carrot:

01-22-2006, 12:18 PM
Just get to the next interval of five on the clock or machine, then you can get off it you still want to (I tend to just keep moving the interval to the next one, switching between clock and machine- works really well to keep me going)

01-22-2006, 12:23 PM
I know I do!

And, it does keep me on the treadmill. So does an intriquing movie. LOL! I got a portable DVD player and keep it on a shelf in front of the treadmill.

I usually walk 3-4 miles every morning, which takes about an hour.

I do love it, although it gets me tired. More so now since I started walking with hand weights.

01-22-2006, 12:42 PM
For food: "Is there a better alternative." Often I can eat something I want, but in a different way. Fudgecicle instead of chocolate icecream.

For Fast Food: "Is it worth it?" How many times have we gone to McD's (name your place) and siad we HAVE to have the most unhealthy thing on their menu and we are craving them. At the end it was like, "that was so not worth it."

For Excercise: "15 min", "5 more min" Often getting through the first 10 min is my hardest. After that I my muscles don't hurt as bad.

01-23-2006, 01:37 AM
Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels.

01-23-2006, 12:58 PM
I think that for me this one works best

Im not gonna let this food control my life :carrot:

01-31-2006, 06:27 AM
Love this thread! Thanks, morrigan, for starting it. :yes:
My regular mantra, I suppose is, like it says under my name..."Never give up."

But for now, since I really want to knock off 30 lbs once and for all, stop procrastinating about it..it's -- "a 500-calorie deficit a day!" -- this is what I figure it'll take to see me move consistently closer to my goal. :crossed:

01-31-2006, 08:46 AM
I keep telling myself, "You are not a pig, you are not a pig!"

01-31-2006, 12:29 PM
Phrases that keep me going... believe it or not, a few of the best ones come from some of my favorite movies. This first one is from Batman Begins:

"It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you."
For me, that's an incredibly powerful saying. Because it really is true. If you're a sweet person underneath but the world only sees a mean person, then that is what you are defined as.

The second is from Lord of the Rings:
"All we have to decide, is what to do with the time that is given to us. "
Life is too short to be miserable.

"I'm not going to be like them"
"They" are my father and grandmother. Both are obese, my father has diabetes and heart problems and my grandmother has diabetes. I am not going to put myself at risk anymore than I possibly have to anymore. I am not going to be like them.

"You can look cute in underwear"
I want to be able to wear cute and sexy underwear... even if I don't have anyone to show it to. A provocative pair of undies and a bra can be like my little secret. No one else has to know, but I can get great pleasure from it.

"Don't be the fat sister"
All three of my sisters are skinnier than me. Two of them HAVE struggled with weight... but they actually had good excuses. One of them had a bit of a rough pregnancy, the other has a hypothyroidism. What's my excuse? I like to eat too much. I was the fat bridesmaid at my oldest sister's wedding this past July. I was even fatter than the pregnant maid of honor. I don't want to be the fat sister anymore.

"Be strong"
I want to build strength physically and mentally in order to be a better person. My physical strength will allow me to help others (moving furniture, helping a disabled person into a seat, etc.), and my mental strength... well, that's a pretty obvious one. I want to be strong.

"This is your time to shine."
When I'm exercising, sometimes I just want to give up. A voice will creep up and say "it's too hard". I begin to struggle until I think, "It's a few minutes out of your life. Just a few more minutes and it's over. A few more minutes and you can get on with your life. This is your time to shine."

"Prove them wrong"
All the fat names keep rolling around in my head. Nothing will ever make me be able to forget them. Even now, I'm insulted about my weight on a pretty regular basis (once every month or two). I want to prove them wrong when they tell me that I'll always be fat.

01-31-2006, 02:14 PM
My mantra is my signiture!

01-31-2006, 03:42 PM
Mine is also in my sig:

"The Only Thing That Gets Results Is Action!"

02-01-2006, 09:52 AM
I also use Rosemary Conley's favourite saying: *Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels*.

And (and this makes me look bad, I know...) when I'm running and it gets tough, I imagine my ex's face on the road/track and each step I take I'm stepping on his face saying *I hate X-X-X*. He has a very musical Italian name, and it's got a great rhythm. I never forget my excitement, after I'd had our 2nd baby, going to him one day and saying *I just measured myself and my waist is 29". * I was really excited because I'd not dieted all that hard and I'd read that was the average UK woman's waist measurement. He just burst out laughing and said *Oh yeah right!* I felt so frustrated - he spent years making me feel fat even when I had a figure that turned other men's heads. Of course, now I know what he was playing at. But I always think of him saying awful things about me being *fat* (At the time I was a UK size 10-12, [US 6-8] to put it in perspective, and I'm an average height). I have burned more miles saying that mantrah in my head than anyone will ever know and I'm sure 80% of the weight I've lost has been motivated by that negativity!

02-01-2006, 09:58 AM
That is a GREAT mantra! Revenge is sweet!

I didn't know that the average UK waist size was 29"... Ugh I'm AVERAGE! ;)

02-01-2006, 10:44 AM
I use, "I am a marathoner" when exercising I remember if I can go 26.2 miles, then I can surely go an hour. :)

And for food, and even for exercise, its always: "Its my decision"