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07-11-2001, 07:54 PM
Check out webpages for info,links, pix etc.

Body for Life RULES!!!

07-11-2001, 07:58 PM
Welcome to Thread ELEVEN,

We are on FIRE!!!

MrsJim: Congrats as you finish C1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a big big deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is doing well!

I'm back on track. 2 days of intense training and clean eating.

This morning I did Tae Bo for my workout. I had moved the elliptical for when company came and couldn't find the extra cord to get it plugged in. I did the first set Advanced and I remember having a heart attack during BASIC but I did Advanced today and thought it was over way too quick. I haven't done this tape in quite a long time and I thought it used to kill me (it's still very intense but I wasn't groaning on the floor half way through). I made it all the way through without sitting one out.

Yesterday I had a KILLER LBWO and then did abs (they were BURNING) and I also did 10 minute of sprints that I talked about on the L&S board. I was limping out of the gym!!!!!!!!!! Eating clean, feeling GOOD.


07-11-2001, 09:54 PM
Hi, BFLers!
Thanks for the encouragement - I'm pleased that I'm hanging in there - and that I'm letting go of the "official" challenge - I'm still working at my first 12 weeks and even if some days my headaches keep me from doing a killer workout - at least I'm getting something in. It's definitely motivation to keep getting in for those allergy shots to get up to full strength as soon as possible!

I haven't seen much movement on the scale, but today a work friend who has been gone a week on vacation said she can really see a difference. So I think I'll measure this weekend to see if the inches are starting to add up (go down?)

I'm okay with not seeing the scale move (tho of course, it would be nice!;) ) because I notice other changes like getting on the treadmill for the first time in a year, and tho the workout was intense - I was able to do more than I used to when I was using the treadmill routinely. Kind of like what you experienced with the Tae Bo tape, Susan.

And tho the "pantsometer" is showing some small difference, I just KNOW I'm doing the right thing - I'm definitely building my BODY FOR LIFE Go TEAM!

Congrats Mrs. Jim!!! You've done a great thing - and look at all the terrific changes you've made! You go, girl!!!

Better get off the computer - got a terrific electric storm going...I'll check in with you tomorrow.

07-12-2001, 12:26 AM
Hello all!

I'm beat. But stickin' to it. Probably the most difficult things I find are the organizing, organizing, organizing for the next day and dinner time. I am eating well but probably too much I think. For eg. this evening I had a turkey burger (homemade - about 4.5oz), greens with 1 cup of bean salad (homemade too) and 1/2 of an avocado. Now the avocado was spur of the moment 'cause it was staring at me in the fridge and was never intended for my plate ;) . My intention was for 1/2 the burger, greens and 1/2cup bean salad as the bean salad was totalling 40grms carbs at 1 cup. But it was really good! So these are the challenges I have to work on these next few days.

I'm so happy to see that everyone is doing well. Mrs. Jim, I cannot wait to see your pics and stats, it must be so exciting to have ended your first Challenge. What an accomplishment!

Well, gotta go organize! I have to say one thing, I look forward to the day that I am not lugging around so much body fat -- it will certainly make that dreaded cardio easier! :)


07-12-2001, 01:32 AM

Are you sure you're getting enough to eat??? The greens at dinner should be in addition to your carb. Are avocados authorized? (I don't eat them)

I don't think half a burger is sufficient. Make sure you're eating all your food!!!!!!!!!!

Just a thought.


07-12-2001, 02:17 AM
Susan, I think first and foremost my problem on my work days is timing my meals and going to the gym in the evening and not wanting to eat until an hour after the gym. As a result i eat my 5th meal at 8pm --too late for me, but I am hungry so i think i am overeating. I have in my head that II should be eating 6 small meals a day and to me, I guess, a cup and 1/2 of salad greens, 1 cup bean salad (carb) and a 4.5oz turkey burger is too much for a small meal.

I forgot to thank you for the calculation for #gr.of protein. It worked out to 23grms protein a serving (about 3/4 cup cottage cheese in the end). So I've been figuring i should have this for each meal (approx. 20-25 grms protein) and then the equivalent in carbs. I try my best with the fist/palm measurement but am not used to eating so much food = which i do happily mind you. I havent been eating so healthy :D . I just want to lose that body fat and don't want to hinder that process.

gotta hit the hay. tommorrow is my first LBW - yippee 6am don't have to go to work!!


07-12-2001, 10:03 AM
Michelle- You may want to post your menu for the day over at L&S to see if TJ can help you. She helped me. I found out that I wasn't eating enough protein for breakfast, among other things.

07-12-2001, 10:32 AM
How is everyone doing this morning?

I have been changing around my routine this week. I am doing dumbell squats and using a dumball to do some leg work on my calves, when I got finished with my work out last night my legs were shaking and walking was difficult. I definitely hit my high intensity level. I noticed while doing my minutes last week I need to run on the treadmill to hit my high points. I am feeling stronger everyday. What a great feeling!!!!! My hubby says he can really tell a difference. I brought my BFL book to work to share with some other ladies, they seemed excited about starting. I ran into a lady I have seen for about 6 weeks, she asked me how much weight I had lost. However weight isn't everything, but I did thank her and try to explain what I am doing.

When I started five weeks ago my 18's from Lane Bryant were very tight, but I didn't want to buy 20's. So now my 18's feel good and seem be to be almost loose. Yeah!

labmom, MichelleP, ShelleyM keep up the good work.

MrsJim I will be looking for those pictures on L&S.

Susanje - C2 girl you are kicking.

Susan- blastit

07-12-2001, 11:51 AM

You can eat right after weight training. It is suggested that you wait an hour after cardio but it is not set in stone. I eat an hour before weight training (something light) and immediately after (a shake) and then an hour again after that.

If I were you I would definitely figure out what you need for protein and carb a day and then weigh and measure that for a while until you get it right. I had to do that because I was eating too little. Unless you're a child, your palm should hold a whole burger not a half.

Also your greens 2x a day are in addition to your carbs so you don't "count" them like you do with the regular carbs.

Eating enough is very important to build muscle which burns fat. If you don't eat enough your body starts to feed off your new muscle and then fat burning slows eating enough is definitely a big key to your success on BFL.

I had to weigh and measure for a few weeks until I really figured it out. Then my fat loss seemed to speed up when I increased my food to the right levels.

I think that posting a menu here or on L&S is a good idea.

07-12-2001, 11:59 AM

I love those LBWOs! They are my favorite. I like dumbbell squats myself. I have better form than with barbells. Even the smith machine tends to not work as well as the dumbbells. I have been doing power presses on the leg press. Last week I broke my plateau of 270. I only went to 310 but still I broke through that 270. I thought I was going to die on the last few reps but I did it!!!!!!!!!! I stayed on that dopey press until I could raise the weight. I monopolize the leg press when I'm on it but no one is ever waiting for it. I think I was on it for a half hour on Tuesday.
I do each set 3 ways (toes straight, toes out, toes in) and then 3 sets on the calf press thingy on the leg press (3 different positions for calves as well). So 12x3, 10x3, etc...when I got to 6 and I was only at 270 I was so ticked and I added weight in 10 lb increments until I almost couldn't lift the press (I couldn't lift it it at 320 so I scaled back to 310.) Sometimes I can convince myself I'm at a 10 when I'm really not. So 40 more pounds would really be a loss if I had stopped at 270. Now I can start higher since I broke through on my 6's. I worry with this amount of sets that I'll fatigue before I get to do my drop set/high point but it worked out.


07-12-2001, 02:06 PM

I'm on my second week of a BFL challenge, and loving it. The meals are easy, the exercise is great and my outlook is better than it has been in years.

I've been lurking for several weeks, and have visited several websites you recommended. They are awesome and so are all of you.

It will probably take me four challenges to get where I need to be. I have done resistance training on and off for years and prefer free weights. I also stayed really fat so no one could see my progress :mad:

But this program is great and I'm happy to commit to it as a lifestyle change. I plan to enter an official challenge at some point, but I want to really get the program ingrained as a way of life first.

Keep up the good work! You all inspired me!

275 43% BF started 7/02/01

07-12-2001, 02:43 PM
Serrano - sounds like you are really excited and that's great!!! I too may join a challenge after it gets to be my way of life. So glad you are posting with us. This board is wealth of information along with the L&S board. Pam B is my hero!

I will probably need three to four challenges to get to where I want to be too. I started at 219 I am 5'9". I am down six pounds and five inches over all. I didn't meausre both legs and both arms - probably a mistake.

Susan - Blastit

07-12-2001, 02:46 PM
Welcome Serrano!

I too just started officially on Monday and these ladies on this thread continually offer amazing support -- they are a wealth of information.

Susan, thanks for the advice on the eating after wt. training, I hadnt thought of that. I will also post a daily eg. of what I eat on the L&S boards later this evening.

I will try to not stress out and realize that these first couple of weeks are a learning process, I will be successful (a little self - talk happen' here :) )

Will chat some more later!


P.S. what is a smith machine? I've heard such positive things about it.

07-12-2001, 03:19 PM
Welcome Serrano! You will love it here at BFL! Your name is very familiar. Were you ever at the Slimdown board?

Had a hard time this morning jogging. I had to walk and jog. It seems soooo much harder now! I don't know why.

Mrs. Jim-Can't wait to see the pictures!! Enjoy your time at Yosemite!

SJ- I used to love the leg press back about 6 years ago when I could go to the gym. You're doing fantastic!

Blastit-I wonder what happens when we reach our goals?? Even if it takes 3 or 4 challenges, sooner or later I would think that there has to be a maintenance to all of this.

Labmom-Good for you on the pants-ometer! Mine haven't shown anything!

Sil-How's it going???

Sean- Are you still around??

07-12-2001, 03:24 PM
ShelleyM - good point about maintance. I guess I haven't thought that far a head, but it wouldn't hurt to know where do we go from here? From reading the book it sounds like this is maintance too. Bill Phillips says this is a way a life for him, so I am assumming that he eats this way everyday (exept free day) and continues to exercise as such. I think so many times I have thought once I get the weight off that's it, relax and get fat again. I know now that what I do today I will have to do everyday for the rest of my life - make sense?

Perhaps we should ask this question on L&S.

Susan - Blastit

07-12-2001, 04:01 PM
CONGRATULATIONS MRSJIM, ON COMPLETING YOUR FIRST BFL CHALLENGE ! ! ! ! Now, relax on your vacation and enjoy the time off.I'll be looking forward to your pics.:)

Welcome Serrano! :wave: (who is no longer a lurker! )

Tomorrow starts week 9!! I have no doubt that I will complete this challenge, but I think that the REAL results will be in C2. If I ever figure out how to scan a picture into my computer and then online, I'll post them on L&S. (I don't have a digital camera, yet).

Everybody keep up the great work.

07-12-2001, 11:11 PM
Welcome Serrano!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You will love it here! BFL is a great great plan. I, too, have planned on 4 challenges before I am where I want to be. It's a fun way to get there!!!

CONGRATULATIONS MRSJIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO WOO WOO!! Girl, you have worked SO HARD!!! Congrats!!!

Michelle: Yes it is a learning process. Be easy on yourself!

Susan and Shelley: Maintenance is different things to different folks. For some it is doing body building or a marathon or something that someone really wants (in other words, your goals keep changing). Some go to a body building type of eating and working out plan...others go to more cardio stuff (running, biking) but always doing the six small meals a day, getting good carb and protein balances and low fat. I think that BFL is very educational in that six small meals a day is really the most healthy way to eat. For me, I am tweaking workouts but not the eating plan (though if I want a nectarine in the middle of the afternoon, I will have ONE. It's summer in California, the nectarines are to die for and I'm on C2 :) so what the hey!)

I am going to move toward more of a body builders workout (split upper body workout) as time goes on. My upper body is so weak and that is what the BIG BOYS at the gym tend to spend all their time on so that equipment and machines are always being used. I tend to rush through UBWO and I want to split it so that I can do better and really start to build muscle. I do a very intense LBWO because I see all my fat there but the upper body could use a better workout. I'm going to split it to concentrate more on each part.

Sil: WEEK NINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!!! WOW. I didn't realize you were that far along!!! YEAH FOR YOU!!!

LABMOM: good job on Pantsometer!!! I wish mine were looser but I am still building muscle faster than losing fat. My legs feel as thick as tree trunks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whew. Good UBWO today and I did abs and HIIT sprints. I was dying walking out the gym. The way it should be. :)

g'night all!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-13-2001, 01:26 AM
Yowza do I feel it today -- I'm pleasantly hurting!

I have now done my first ever LBW, cardio and UBW this week and today I am feeling every muscle in my body. It is difficult to walk up stairs and down for that matter :eek: but it is actually nice that I am doing something good for this ol' bod of mine.

I have to say tho that I feel great and looking at my before pic (even tho it was taken only a little over a week ago) is a great motivator - I still cannot believe I had that publicly developed in a store :o .

I have to say that I'm still working on my timing of meals and have only been able to get 5 in but am striving for the six. Regardless tho, I am eating the healthiest I have ever been with no cravings - who would have thought!!!

Mrs. Jim -- have a wonderful vacation and I look so forward to seeing your after pics!

Well gotta go and get ready for cardio tommorrow morning.


07-13-2001, 08:31 AM
Michelle~~~Good for you! It sounds like you had some good workouts this week. Think of all the good that you are doing for your body. :spin:

I also have a difficult time getting in 6 meals, but by using I can see that I'm usually getting the calories/carbs/proteins that I need. So, I'm OK with that. Just concentrate on your protein-carb balance and portions and you'll do fine. ;)

Susanje~~~I'm curious:?: Why are you doing UBWO, abs and HIIT in the same day? Is this part of the "tweak" you were talking about? I think that I'm going back to some extra cardio: 30-40 min.moderate on free day and then on cardio day I'll add 20 min at moderate speed after my MAS. WOW,2 days after those squats and lunges on the SM and my legs can still feel it. :eek: And I have been taking glutamine!
I have a question~~~I'm really looking forward to my next LBWO which will be this Sunday. I think it is very important to get my lower body back on the SM so that I don't lose what I gained from last time. The problem is that the gym will be closed by the time I get home that night. Doing the LBWO at home will not give me the same level of workout as I've been doing the past 2 weeks. Do you think that it would be OK to do the LBWO on Monday morning and then do the cardio? It will be the only LBWO for the week so I don't want to lose it all together. I could give up the cardio that day if that sounds better. What are your thoughts.

To everybody~~~HAVE A GREAT BFL FRIDAY!!!

07-13-2001, 10:15 AM
SJ- Thanks for the maintenance info. It does make since. I think if I ever get to it, I will be doing weight lifting 3 days a week, and doing my cardio on the weekends like I was doing. I really enjoy my slower jogging! I am trying to find some other way to do my MAS. I think tomorrow I might try the 8 minute Taebo tape (doing it twice.)

Michelle- I feels great to hurt, doesn't it??? You know that the workout has been effective when it happens!

Sil-I don't take any of the supplements. I really can't afford it. I figure the Myoplex has enough supplements to help me through the tough muscle aches.

Everyone have a great day!

07-13-2001, 11:18 AM
Hi Sil,

Actually I am changing up my routine. This month's Muscle and Fitness magazine has a "3 month challenge" (everyone's on the challenge bandwagon!!!) and I read their workouts and they are similar to what I do anyway but they add 30 second sprints followed by 60 second recovery jogs after weight training. They start with 4 and work up to 10 (max). I asked on L&S what this was about and they said that some body builders do intense HIIT after a resistance training to burn up anything that still is stored and perhaps sticking to the muscles (anatomy and physiology is not my thing so I just go "oh" and then don't explain it correctly).
So I am trying to do HIIT sprints after resistance training.

I've been training abs on weight days since the second half of C1 but I am either going to move them to cardio days or only do on LBWO days. I did them yesterday because I started doing a new routine on Tuesday and I wanted to "test" it again. I haven't done my swiss ball since I had company (I deflated it and put it away) and I miss that swiss ball routine.

Doing LBWO and cardio same day: If you do cardio first otherwise you might die!!! :) If it's a once in a while deal, no biggie. :)


07-13-2001, 02:21 PM
Hi all! :wave:

Gracious, what a warm welcome!:o

I also post on L&S as halloween_girl, and several of you are familiar to me.

Blastit, Pam B has done an awesome job. I, too, admire her progress and hope to do that well!

Michelle, I'm finding that this WOL is getting easier instead of harder. I WANT to go to the gym. I WANT to eat clean. I see the same thing in your posts. I'm just so glad to be here!

ShelleyM -- yup, I was on the SlimDown board and many others before I found BFL and you all. I'm so happy that this board is here!

2BFIT1 -- thanks so much for the welcome. I enjoy gardening also, but I'm lazy and will only pull weeds either early in the AM or late, late in the day because I can't take the humidity:^: I did notice though that pulling the bigger peskier weeds the day after my UBWO stretches my lats :lol:

Susanje, I've noticed in my wanderings that some people take several challenges to get where they want to be. I could tell a huge difference between your before and after pix.

I've also taken everyone's advice and I plan, plan, plan!!! The people in my office have gotten used to seeing me eat so often and several Atkins addicts (their term, not mine) have been making subtle inquiries about what I'm doing.

Two weeks in and I'm already feeling changes. My bust has already lifted a little, the triceps are feeling hard again (okay, so I have to poke around under the fat a little to find them, but they are hard! :) and my legs are feeling like tree trunks, too.

Guess this means I'm on track and doing what I need to. I'm just following Bill's advice and his program (not without mistakes here and there, but that's okay, too) and don't feel any need to tweak anything (of course, at two weeks in, tweaking would be kinda stupid, eh?) The support here is fabulous and I thank you again!

If anyone is interested, Miss Abs has a website and she wrote an article about "machine hogs" and the guys with the showy upper bodies and not much else. It's a hoot, and at the same time, she gives some very sound advice about form and how much weight to heft.

My heroine is Negrita Jayde. She's classy, savvy and really understands how our bodies work.

More later!



07-14-2001, 09:27 AM
Here I am at the end of week 4. My stats are up, both weight and measurements, but I have just come to the realization that I have only worked each part of the body 6 times! How can I possibly think that my body would change that quick??? I guess that is why we have to remember that this is a 12 week program, not 2, not 4, not even 8!! I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I was just looking for a get fit quick scheme!! But this plan is not. It is for LIFE. I am going to try to keep thinking this way. Tomorrow is my free day, and I look forward to starting week 5 on a positive note!!

Serrano-Good for you!! This program makes you feel better inside and out! I am going to check out the site you listed. I am looking for some different ab exercies.

See ya later!

07-14-2001, 11:50 AM
Shelly, what an amazing attitude - kudos to you!

Well my soreness is still here. Yesterday was the worst as I had had a LBW on Thursday and an awesome Cardio on Friday. I actually ran for 1 minute on the treadmill - definately hit a 10!
The pain in my legs was unbearable and I then did some searches on the L&S on glutamine and finally bought some! Took a dose before bed, massaged some pain cream into my legs and had a good nights rest -- and I feel MUCH better! What has been your results with glutamine? Anyone taking the creatine as well? What is that supposed to do?

Well gotta go and do my UBW but I shall return this evening!


07-15-2001, 08:45 PM
Whew!!! Just got in the door about 20 minutes ago!!

We had such a great time in Yosemite...of course I ate WAY too much. Junk, junk, junk! I'm supposed to be in my Free Week anyway so I figured during our Yosemite daze, I would just eat whatever I wanted, then for the rest of my "free week" basically eat BFL style - just not hit the gym. Actually my "free week" is going to be more like a "free fortnight" since I want to start on a Monday rather than Thursday - so my BFL workouts will commence a week from tomorrow (isn't that the 23rd?)

Although we didn't go hiking, we spent a great deal of time biking around the Valley, had a great time rafting down the Merced and went on a two-hour trail ride (HIGHLY recommended if you ever go to Yosemite Valley!). So we weren't total slugs. This was our first time ever staying at Yosemite Lodge rather than Curry Village. I am now officially spoiled rotten! No more Curry cabins for me - the Lodge is IT!

Unfortunately due to a lack of employees at the Park, the Garden Terrace Buffet (their salad bar) was not open. It is possible to eat BFL-style in Yosemite (even though I didn't - hey, it was my vacation, dammit!) without putting forth a great deal of effort. Both Curry and the Lodge serve oatmeal, fruit, cottage cheese, etc at breakfast (I was dying for a Myoplex the first two mornings though!). At lunch the first day, I was able to order a chicken special - two pieces of chicken (with skin - which I peeled off), rice pilaf, and mixed veggies (broccoli, carrots, cauliflower).

Today on the way back from the Valley, we stopped at the Jack Tone Ranch again to say "hi" to the horses (like we don't get enough of that??) and take some photos of the foals.

I have to run to the store now to stock up for next week, and give Jim a chance to upload his digital camera...tonight I'm going to work on my web page and get those 12-week pix into L&S's Transformation Gallery...

Even though still have three days off, I'm going to be superbusy working at the ranch, cleaning house, and getting my routines ready for C2! Later guyz!!!

07-16-2001, 10:17 AM
Mrs. J-Can't wait to see your pix!!

Well, my free day consisted of biking 11 miles and working in the yard until 3:PM. Ate 4 egg whites and 1 egg for breakfast, then had a Myoplex ready to drink at 2:00 to give me some energy to continue in the yard! I wasn't craving anything, and the worst thing I ate was 2 small margarine containers of Honey Bunches of Oats! Once you start eating the BFL way, at least for me, I don't want to eat anything differently!

Had a little trouble doing UBWO this morning. I was going to try bar curls with 20 lbs., but couldn't go over 15 lbs. I'm still such a wimp!! I only have dumbbells up to 20 lbs anyway, so I guess I'll wait another workout or 2 before I go up to that weight.

Michelle-Go over to L&S and do a search on creatine. I don't know a whole lot, but I don't think it's good for anyone to take.

07-16-2001, 01:52 PM

There is no problem taking creatine. I stopped taking it because I found it made me very gassy...a condition I do not like at all.
Many on L&S take it regularly.

I do glutamine every day and it helps a great deal.


Sounds like a wonderful weekend!!! I was not thrilled with my Free Week but I had additional stamina when I returned to the gym. I could tell I really NEEDED the week off. I would suggest you eat what you like and rest as much as you can. Your body will thank you when you start C2.

As for me, I had some more success of the Pantsometer. I started BFL in a tight 16/loose 18. In week 5 my 16s got even tighter and I went back to 18 which were also tight!!! I was so bummed. I loosened up again in week 7 and by week 10 had dropped to a fairly snug 14. I have been wearing 14s since week 10 of C1. I haven't been expecting much progress and/or success for a few weeks because of my experience in C1 but I went to the store on Friday to buy some new clothes for my trip back east next week. I bought a 14 lee jeans and thought "Now, don't be bummed if they're tight, they will loosen up soon." Well, I put them on that night and they were LOOSE. YEAH. I checked the tags and the inside SIZE THREE TIMES before believing it.

I've changed from 20 MAS to HIIT and I think it is making a difference. Other than that, my routine is the same. When I get back I'm either going to periodization or an upper body split but I'm going to keep the HIIT. I like it.


07-16-2001, 03:10 PM
Susanje-What an inspiration you are!! I am where you were at in week 5. I have gained an inch on my hips. My DH says that my butt is tighter though!

07-17-2001, 01:01 AM
I just finished updating my website! Whew!!

It was a LOT more work than I thought. Check it out and let me know what you think! I'm going to turn in - got a busy day tomorrow!

07-17-2001, 07:20 AM
Mrs. J- You look fantastic!! Your updates to your web page are great!

Susanje-Question on HIIT. I have a printout of the way to start this. Did you start with the 4 minute thing, or immediately go to 20 min? I want to start doing this, but I'm pretty sure I will need to start with the 30 seconds alternating for 4 minutes, but don't know what to do about the extra 16 minutes needed for my workout. I don't know if I'll be able to do it for a full 20 minutes!

07-17-2001, 11:22 PM
Mrs. Jim! Phenomenal (sp?) results. I really noticed the difference between the two pics. Good work! I bet your 2nd challenge will reap even more promising results!

I just came back from my LBW and am cursing the many stairs I have to climb to get to my computer (its only two flights but you'd think I was climbing a mountain :rolleyes:

I am finding that the more organized you are the easier the program can be. I LOVE being able to eat every 2.5 - 3 hours 'cause I'm hungry and NO GUILT! And the exercise is just so positive. People at work have been commenting that I'm glowing - (one person thought I was pregnant perhaps :eek: - NOT.

Susan, about the glutamine. The directions state take .5 tsp every day before bed. But I've been taking it .25tsp after a workout and then again before bed. Do you think this is okay?

Well gotta go and get organized for tommorrow. Talk to you soon.

07-18-2001, 12:23 AM
You have no idea how motivating it is to hear your comments!!!

So now I'm on my "free week" - no gym! WAHH! Of course Eldon (the cowboy who runs the ranch I hang out at) made up for that with no problem...he just casually happened to mention that this morning, the feed shipment was coming in...I asked him how much feed was he talking about?? Two pallets of 50-pound sacks of pellets - that's what!! A total of 4,000 pounds of alfalfa pellets which we (Eldon, myself, another gal who helps out, and the deliveryman) stacked up in the barn. Whew!!!

Michelle - Are you using the Labrada Glutamine? I was taking three scoops a day - one when I woke up, one right after my workout (with a scoop of BetaGen) and another one before bed (with BetaGen). Right now I'm not using it since it's my Free Week.

Susanje - You are right about the Free Week being kind of a drag - I can't wait until Monday! Amazingly enough, while I was on my Challenge I had NO headaches after week 2 - even during my period. Today I've had a slight migraine all day - coincidence???m I THINK NOT!

Must say also that Jim is THRILLED with my results on BFL. He's even trying to moderate his own intake (now if I could just get him to start lifting weights...)

07-18-2001, 09:47 AM

What a difference between the before and after pics. And I really notice a difference even from week 8 (which gives me encouragement:) ).And those BICEPS~WOW! You put alot of hard work into your program and it shows. I'm very proud of you!

Michelle~~~Somewhere on L&S I read that the daily dose for glutamine is 10-15mg per day. I use LaBrada Glutamine and the scoop (which I finally found at the bottom of the jar) is 5mg, so I use it 3 times a day. I always add it to my MRP, and sometimes in Diet Splash or even add it to my water bottle. If you shake it up real good it disolves with no sediment at the bottom (even after several hours).

Last night I tried a new combo for my shake. I added the vanilla Myo powder to strawberry-kiwi diet splash with alittle bananna cream ff/sf instant pudding mix (lots of crushed ice)~YUMM!

Well, gotta get ready to go to the gym~~see ya:wave:

07-18-2001, 01:58 PM

INCREDIBLE RESULTS!!! What biceps! and your legs have been completely reshaped! I notice the quadriceps looking GOOD!!!!

WoW. Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As for me, I am struggling still with company...I spent all day yesterday with my step daughter and her friend in SF. We were gone from 8 am to 10 pm. No gym for me. I ate out 2 meals (I had a myoplex before I left). not too bad but not great. and only 3 meals for the day. Lots of walking but nothing terribly strenuous.

I leave for the east coast on Saturday. Hopefully I can eat clean and work out the next few days.

I tried taking some "fat burners" on Monday and they made me sick (as usual) much for that experiment.

still rolling along....

07-18-2001, 02:33 PM
Hey! :wave:

Mrs Jim -- you look awesome! I'm inspired! I started out at 275 and 43% BF. I read your success story and if you can do it, so can I. Best of luck on Challenge 2!!

I got up this morning and my abs are the tightest I've felt them in years. Even with the layer of marshmallow covering them, I can still tell where they are and they are rock hard!:o

I started doing crunches in the car and they are doing more for me than crunches on a floor mat. I crunch all the way to work (50 minutes) and crunch about halfway home (35 minutes). I work upper and lower and have peeled 2" off my waist in two weeks!

Have my LBW tonight and look forward to it. Took the advice of Miss Abs and am not worried about how much weight I use; I'm more worried about correct form. The heavier weight will come in time; I'd rather have great form when I need it! :D

You are all an inspiration to me! This is the only board I've seen lately where no one tries to justify going off-program, or whines about why they can't have certain foods. Too, this program is a lifestyle instead of a quick fix and that's exactly what I've needed. BFL is also overall less expensive than most other plans and a heckuva lot more healthy. Wish I'd found it sooner!

Thanks as always for your caring and willingness to share sun and shadow!


"Ignore your health long enough and it will eventually go away"

07-18-2001, 03:43 PM
How do you do crunches in the car????????????

07-18-2001, 05:21 PM
Hey! :wave:

I realized after reading my post that the "crunch in the car" line may have looked strange.

Here's how I do them.

Sitting in the car, driving. Identify the following "navigational aids" -- navel, small of back, tummy "pooch" (optional; you may not have one.

To work your upper abs, try to press your navel against the small of your back. This creates a downward tension that really works the upper abs. Your shoulders may come forward slightly, but not enough to endanger your driving at all.

To work your lower abs, try to push your tummy "pooch" upward and roll it toward your navel. Tightening your fanny helps this and gives a little extra workout to your glutes. If you don't have a pooch, imagine a nice shiny half dollar sitting right below your navel and you are trying to work the half dollar up so it covers your navel.

I use the BFL breathing method with this and can comfortably crunch a great deal. Because you're sitting in a seat with your back and thighs supported, the crunches are both safe for my back and quite a workout!

I find these are easiest to do on the open road. I don't attempt them in heavy traffic. Also, do these at your own risk. What works for me may not work for you.

Good luck!


07-18-2001, 08:27 PM
Hey you guys, to me that sounds like the "stomach vacumn" exercise from Ab Boot Camp!! Love doing those!

I like lying in bed in the morning, when my tummy is empty and just feeling how flat my stomach feels - and awaiting the day when I don't have to LIE DOWN to feel that way! (coming up!!!)

I'm really going to hit my legs HARD on my next Challenge - doing each rep super sloooow...

Serrano - I agree with you that BFL is so much better than any other way I've tried to lose weight! Some of the other plans discussed here on 3FC, (I'm not going to name them) are so expensive - there is just no WAY I could afford doing them...and some of the commercial diet programs out there don't seem to care about having their clients lose scale weight as much as losing wallet weight... Personally, I'd rather save my $$ for new clothes (and my own horse, one of these days...). The people I know who have been on commercial diet plans just never seem to maintain what weight loss they manage to achieve.

Of course, the beauty of BFL is that it is NOT a 'diet'. Also, why should we bother justifying having this or that kind of food? I always know that if there's something I'm TRULY craving, I only have to wait 'til Sunday and Free Day! In addition, eating six meals a day keeps me from getting hungry at ALL during the day. The only time I really am hungry is usually in the morning after my workout - and then I have a refreshing yummy Myo Lite! Mmmm...

07-19-2001, 12:19 AM
Are these Oxycise or whatever they are called (There are 2 of them, one is Oxycise and the other is something else)? I know that stomach vacuums (from ab bootcamp) are done on one of them.

I used to have a tape of one of these (maybe both). Maybe I should break it out again!

07-19-2001, 01:00 AM
Hey, didja guys see the photos from Pam B's competition this past weekend on the L&S Playspace???

In case some of you didn't know, Pam B won her bodybuilding competition in Colorado - see L&S for more details.

And in case you lurker/newbies don't have a clue who Pam B IS, you should check out her profile and transformation pix!! In January of 2000, she weighed 244 pounds - she has made such an AWESOME transformation - like SJ said "BFL WORKS!!!"

07-19-2001, 07:03 AM
Serrano~~~Thanks for the tip on car crunches. I'm trying them now as I sit at the computer. Every little bit helps!

It's great to see that everybody is doing so well! Don't ya just love BFL?

Tomorrow is C1W10D1 and I can't wait, because I have 2 LBWO's next week! Those are my favorites~~I really feel like I'm getting somewhere by using the smith machine for squats and lunges. The biggest problem that i have is NOT going to the gym on free day. I never thought that I would say THAT;)

07-19-2001, 10:16 AM
Thanks for the crunch info. I'm going to try it out this morning.

I'm feeling depressed again about my weight being up, and pants feeling tighter. It is about my TOM, so hopefully that's why I'm feeling this way. I am at W5D4, so I know I'm on the verge of something!

I was able to get through 4 minutes of jogging HIIT! I tried on Tuesday, and couldn't get past 3 x 30 seconds.

Susanje and Mrs J-Do you take ready to drinks to work, or mix them up yourself at work?? I start on Tuesday back to work, and have a Braun mixer and access to an ice machine, but I'm just wondering if you do it that way. I don't have any RTD Myoplex, but am thinking about getting some.

07-19-2001, 11:38 AM

Is HIIT a killer or what???????? Yesterday I thought I was going to die. I did one minute jog, followed by 30 sec all out sprint and yesterday I made sure I sprinted like a maniac. I did it for 7 minutes (so only like 4 sprints) and I was wheezing and puffing and felt like I would fall down. It is killer but I notice it is working really well.

I don't take ready to drink myoplex anywhere because I hate it. I was making pudding with myoplex but to drink an entire myoplex making it with pudding is to eat a tub of pudding. I can't do it. If you have access to a mixer and an ice machine, I say go for the regular shakes. I would love that. I'm not working. I go to school so I don't have the luxury of doing that.

If you have a freezer at work you might want to pop in some bars. I have them for emergencies only but it's good to know they are there. Knowing that I have to eat them if I fail to plan makes me plan. :lol:


07-19-2001, 06:20 PM
Hi there,

I've been lurking for about a week and I think I am interested in the Body for Life program. I have beeen trying to read about it on the net first before I go and buy the book.

I'm very impressed with the results everyone is getting with it. I have tried a couple programs and have not received much results with them.

Michelle - I was wondering where you were buying your supplements. I'm from Canada too and I was wondering if you had found a cheap place to buy them.


07-19-2001, 06:36 PM
I can't speak for Michelle but you may want to check out or for the best prices. Of course shipping and customs fees may run the price up a bit - when my sister lived in Mexico for a while, she would have things sent to a US address and her hubby would pick them up periodically. You may want to consider doing that if you live close to the US border...

You can find out a lot about BFL just from surfing the web (check Susanje's homepage for tons of great links) but I would REALLY recommend getting the book - check your local library as it has been a bestseller for a couple of years now and they should have it...or for a great price on a gently used copy.

I've been getting ready for my second challenge - wanted to shake things up a bit with my routines - so I checked out Arnold S's bodybuilding book (it must weigh at least 15 pounds!) and the site which has tons of great workouts. Here's my picks for the first four weeks of C2 - let me know what you think!


Quads: Leg Press, finishing with Leg Extensions (old favorites!)
Hams: Smith straight-leg deadlifts/Smith Good Mornings
Calves: Smith Standing Calf Raise/Sled 45 degree calf raise
Abs: Incline crunch/Hanging Hip Raise


Chest: Smith Incline Bench Press/Incline Dumbbell Flyes
Shoulders: Smith Behind Neck Press/Smith Upright Rows
Back - Lever Incline Row/Smith Bent-Over Row
Triceps - Smith Close-Grip Bench Press/Dumbbell kickbacks
Biceps - Seated Alternate Dumbbell Curl/Concentration Curls

Well, back to work!! see ya!

07-19-2001, 07:46 PM
Hi everybody and welcome Jenn!

Jenn: I am just in my second week of my first challenge and bought a couple of boxes of myoplex lite at GNC BUT it is very expensive there. ($79/box for 20 servings). On I believe it works to $29USD/20 servings but with exchange, taxes, duty and delivery I believe it will work out to the same. I am currently looking into other supplements and will be going to YVS (Your Vitamin Store) which is "BfL Central" apparantly and see what I can find that is similar to Myoplex. In the beginning the Myoplex was hard to take in that it was thick and sweet BUT NOW I love it and look so foward to it every evening now that I know how to prepare it perfectly (thanks to the gals here :D ). I will keep you posted as I have to go tommorrow or Saturday as my brother is (hopefully) starting the program on Monday and I am helping him get all set up.

I highly recommend Glutamine as it has minimized my sore muscles incredibly. Mrs. Jim, I am still looking into servings of this as my container states take 1 serving (2.5grms) before bed. So 10-15grms which you quoted seems a bit high :?: . I will do some more searching on the L&S boards.

I took your advice Susan and posted my menu on TJ's daily menu thingy and she a-ok'd my meal other than I probably could eat more protein in the a.m :^: I just of course am a little paranoid about the wt. gain (of course) BUT I do notice that my clothing is looser and I am not bloated EXCEPT for that I am (and I am very embarrassed to mention this) constipated) :o . I have been wanting to get some advice from the L& S boards but am a little shy to ask - I know silly me. I think it is all the protein I am eating and am still not used to it. You'd think that all the water I drink and the exercise would counter act this but no.

Well gotta run. Check out L&S again as their boards have been down all day it seems.


07-19-2001, 08:41 PM
I haven't been able to get into L&S since this morning!! Darn! Fitday isn't working for me that I'm back eating the BFL style (a week of eating whatever is enough for me!)

Michelle - did you purchase the Labrada Glutamine 1000? I'm taking it exactly as the instructions state (check for info).

"Recommended Use: Take one scoop (approximately 5g) three times per day, with water or juice. Do not exceed the recommended dose."

Steve L. on L&S has said repeatedly that you can't take too much glutamine...and I do find it to help immensely.

As far as constipation, sometimes that happens to me too. I just load up on the green veggies (carrots too), choose fresh fruit for a carb, and maybe take FiberCon or Metamucil for a day or two...that helps a lot!

Earlier question about Myoplex RTDs. If you don't have a sense of taste, you may be able to tolerate them... :devil: I never thought of making a tub of Myoplex pudding for meal #4 though! What I'm doing now is using MRB's (Meal replacement bars) OR having Mydashi make my brown rice chicken and veggie bowl with extra chicken and veggies, I eat half for lunch and the other half for meal #4. Anyway, that worked well today!

The MRB's I like the best are the Worldwide Pure Protein bars (the small ones - Trader Joe's sells 'em) and Met-Rx's Protein Plus bars. TJ at L&S recommends having them with a carb such as a small piece of fresh fruit (peaches rule right now!) because there aren't enough carbs in the bars.

07-20-2001, 12:23 AM
Welcome Jenn!!!!!!!!!

mrs jim
you do upright rows on the smith? wow. I hadn't thought of that.

Try Chuck boot camp on the leg press. Turn your toes out for 12, then straight for 12 then in for 12, if you have the calf bar on the press, then do 3 sets on the calf bar (in, straight, out), then raise the weight and do 10 out, straight, in. (yes I do 6 sets for 12,10,8,6,12)

I do the hack squat as my second exercise and go out, straight, in on that. 3 sets. but some days I use the leg extension and the leg curl as my second set since the different positions on the press targets every part of the leg (glute, hams, quads)

I guarantee you will see amazing definition in just a couple of weeks.

Just a suggestion for killer lbwo :)


07-20-2001, 01:32 AM
C2 begins on Monday officially for me! I used the Arnold S. book as well as the PlanetKC site to come up with new exercises just to jazz things up a bit! I really enjoy using the Smith machine so I've included it a lot this round!

What I'm doing is printing out each exercise and will carry the printouts with me in my warmup coat to refer to when necessary (usually the first time or two).

Chuck Boot Camp sounds great! I'll have to include that in the Leg Press!

07-20-2001, 09:28 AM
MrsJim~~~I am unfamiliar with some of the smith exercises that you mentioned . I went to the planetkc site you posted but it links over to a new site, where I am unable to locate particular exercises. Could you tell me exactly what to click on when i have their home page. I clicked on weight lifting and body building, but only found a generalized program outline. What I'm looking for are pictures of different exercises utilizing the smith.


07-20-2001, 09:42 AM
Actually, you're right - it switches addresses to - anyway, off the home page, click on "Exercise Instruction" then on "Exercise and Muscle Directory". You will come to a page divided into two lists. Concentrate on the list titled "Exercises". Basically, if you click on a bodypart name (back, shoulders, upper arms, etc) you will get another list with all the exercises grouped according to method (barbell, cable, dumbbell, lever, Smith etc). Click on the exercise and you will get a really nifty instruction page with a little video showing the exercise being performed as well as step-by-step instructions! I think you'll like it.

07-20-2001, 08:26 PM
I went back to the site and clicked where you said to. VERY COOL:cool: I don't know about the smith good-morning~looks like it could be very stressful on the lower back! Enjoy your weekend and good luck on Monday:)