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Janet R
07-11-2001, 09:47 AM
Wow! Can't believe I'm first. I'll get the thread started and then come back and post some more.

Janet R
07-11-2001, 09:53 AM
Well, it's a new day so I'm starting fresh. Considering that I've been entirely off program for around a month and a half now, how bad could it get?

I packed a good breakfast and a good lunch and I'm just going to keep-on trying. I have a softball game tonight so I'll get a little bit of exercise too. Don't know what I'll do about dinner since I'll be home so late tonight... I do have some of those frozen pre-cooked teriyaki chicken breasts in the freezer. I could heat that up for a quick sandwich when we get home.

Well, I'm swamped and typing here isn't clearing off my desk any faster so I'd better skidaddle.


07-11-2001, 10:24 AM
Hi everyone. today is going to be painful so please post often. There are only going to be 5 people in the office today and it has been slow enough to kill me with everyone here. there is a convention going on and I won't have any work to do today. I forgot my book too! I will be suring all day.

Ok, I went to dinner at someone's house last night and ate pretty badly. We had chex mix to start. dinner was salad, sauerkraut, grilled veggies, grilled pork chops and rissoto with a little cheese in it. then we had awesome cherry pie with real Hagen-daz gelato for dessert (choc and cappucino!). I should have said no but I was too timid (don't know why that happened.) Anyway, I don't have my book with me and don't know the points for chex mix, rissoto, Hagen-daz and cherry pie. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me!

I am back on track today and have no plans to eat out until the weekend. DH comes home tonight and I think we will eat leftover chicken that is already grilled. We will eat home tomorrow, DH, dad and me. I need to come up with something to eat for tomorrow:dizzy:

Janet - Way to go geting back on track. Your plan for the day is a great start!!

I want to clarify on the poll: I said I want 2 kids but it really depends on if they are boys or girls. Ideally, I would like a boy and a girl but I think I would stop if I had 2 girls. If I have 2 boys, I may have to try again for a girl - so it may be 3 kids for me.

Have a great day everyone. Post often, I will be horribly bored all day!!! :(


07-11-2001, 10:25 AM
Hey Janet... looks like we are alone this morning. But I did notice there were 11 views already. COME OUT AND POST!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I ate really well yesterday. I even had a fruit smoothie for a snack. I put 2 cups water, 1 cup frozen strawberries and 1 packet WW Vanilla Smoothie in a blender.... it was HUGE! Incredibly HUGE and only 3 points. YUMMMMMM. I was up late last night working and even got my but out of bed this morning and walked Sadie. I am getting back into this. I just worry about WI since I was off program for almost 2 weeks. Hope I didn't gain too much...

Well, back to work....blahhhhhh

07-11-2001, 10:28 AM
Hi everyone...I was just trying to catch up on posts from last week....I've been MIA b/c i had last week off and we were entertaining houseguests....I was way off program, too...now I'm back OP-we'll see how it goes....just when i get back on track I get stuck with something like a wedding that throws me off....anyhow...I had a golf lesson yesterday-it was my first one-I treated myself with some money i got for finishing residency....
the pro was a babe, too!!Added bonus!:)
After the lesson I went shopping for my mom's b-day present...and bought a new bathing suit for myself...I really like it, and it was two sizes smaller than my old ones-whoo hoo! Time to get rid of some of those old bathing suits....
Last night I had the worst insomnia-partly b/c I had some stomach pain tht was keeping me up...didn't get to sleep until 5am then woke up with a migraine...needless to say, I called in to work and am now here posting and waiting for some migraine medicine to kick in.....
Hello to everyone!Lori

07-11-2001, 10:49 AM
Happy Wednesday everyone!! :)

Lori ~ Glad to have you back, we missed you!! Sorry to hear about your migraine. I feel your pain, I get them often. I have tried several medications, but they just don't work. I can't function when I get them, the last few times I have had them I have run up (my DH or Mom took me) to the emergency room for a shot of pain killer, it dulls the pain, but really knocks me out for a day or two....anyway....someday I will find the right medication for me.

Jen ~ Way to go on the eating front. Your smoothie sounds awesome!! Doesn't it feel great to be back on track with WW and exercise!!! :)

Sarah ~ We are here for you girl! I am pretty slow at work right now too, so I will hang in there with ya today!!

Janet ~ Hang in there with staying OP, you can do it, just have to wait for your motivation to kick in!! Try your best!

As for the poll....I voted 2 children, because that is what I have. One boy and one girl, just how I wanted it. We are finished. Now I get to enjoy watching everyone else have children.....formula...sleepless nights....diapers....I'm done with that!! (Happy and sad moment for me!)

You guys would have been so proud of me last night. I ate within my points yesterday and power walked 3 miles last night. It felt so good!! I am planning on walking again tonight, and had a bagel for breakfast, eating a WW potato for lunch, and stir fry for dinner....I will get this extra weight off if it kills me!!

Well, better look busy....I will be back soon! (Hello to all the lurkers! :))

07-11-2001, 11:32 AM
The past couple of days at work have been slow for me, but I'm just now able to post. You all are doing so great OP! I only wish it was the same for me. Last week I didn't have WI becasue of the holiday so today should be interesting. Its my first WI on maintenance and I think I gained a pound. Its not that I have been horrible the past couple of weeks, but I haven't stayed within points. I've been eating 30-32 instead of my max of 27. I also haven't gotten back into workout mode. I am committed to going tonight, though and getting back on track. I might even try to lose this week so that I can have a bigger cushion with all of the weddings I am going to in the next couple of months.

I have to run right now, but I'll come back later on and let ya'll know how WI goes.

Poll: I answered 3, but I'm not sure if DH will go for that. Maybe we'll have twins! We have twins on both sides of the family so its a possibility :)


07-11-2001, 12:26 PM
Hi everyone! I haven't been able to read the posts from the past few days yet, but I just wanted to pop in and say hi.

Depeche Mode (Monday night) was fantastic, although the weekend itself was very tiring. I didn't end up driving to Atlanta until Sunday because a big story broke here and I worked until 4 a.m. Friday and all day about 11 hours Saturday on it. So I took Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off, only to come back today and have a murder to cover. Whew! So much for rest. Now it looks like I have to cancel dinner plans I had tonight, because I'll be working on the murder story. Sometimes, I wish I had a nice, normal job!

Anyway, I ate awfully all weekend, with driving and fast food, and then a big, scrumptious meal at a place called Macaroni Grill. Anyone ever eaten there? It's Italian, and I had lobster ravioli that was just divine. Then my two friends and I split a piece of cheesecake with caramel sauce. Mmmm!! I'm supposed to go WI today and I'm scared!

Well, back to work. I'll check in later if I can.

07-11-2001, 02:58 PM
Busy day for me - I only have a mintue to post...Ugh! Why does work have to get in the way of everything else?! :dizzy:

Jen - It seems like you like the ww smoothie mix. I've been thinking about trying them. are they worth the $?

Lori - How cool that you are taking golf lessons! That is something I would love to learn. Hope your migraine is better by now.

Kay - I don't think we've met - Hi! :) As for WI, don't worry if you've gained a pound. Maintenance is definitely a learning game. Almost 2 years later and I'm still learning!

Sarah - Hope your boring day is going okay! Are you finding enough on the web to keep you entertained?!

Tonya - Way to go with the eating and exercise!! You are doing so great!

I'll try to check in again later. Have a good one!

Trish O
07-11-2001, 03:13 PM
Hello everyone. Everytime I try to post, someone comes into my office.

I only have a min. I am tryin gto get something done so that I can go home and sleep. I did not sleep very well last night, so I realy want a nap.

Kim: I love Macaroin Grill. You are right, very good and HUGE portions. Do they still have wine in a jug that they just put on your table?

Lori: hope you feel better soon.

Janet and Tonya, you are both doing so well. What an insperation. I have been SO HUNGERY lately. I really have been trying to watch what I eat and not over do it. It is hard.

Kay; Hope WI went well. I agree about a maintance cushion so you don't need to worry every time you weigh in.

Sarah: that dinner sounds really good. I don't have my book here so I can't help, but I don't think rosoto is very high.

Janet: I know you can stay on track today. Annd remember, even if you eat "bad" for you things, just count the points. I think once your kitchen is done it will be easier. PS, I love the counter color. OUr counters are very ugly. I would really like to get stainless on the counter. I am into very modern kitchens. Funny, because my house is 100 years old. I really like that mix of the old and new.

Jen2: I did not realise that you had been maintaining for so long. You really are an insperation. I was never very good at that part.

Well, hello to everyone else. Must get going. Trish


07-11-2001, 03:49 PM
Me Again...

Other Jen :) ... I got a box of the smoothies for free (can't beat that!!!)... I won the prize of the meeting. For the month of June our leader gave out a door prize!! I think they are a decent value IF you did what I did and made it bigger. I tried it with just the cup of milk and didn't really care for them. But mixed with frozen fruit.... yum!

Trish... I want stainless fridge and stove!!! In our dream house that is what hubby and I want. The stove of our dreams is HUGE, but stainless and oh so cool!!!

Kim... jump right back into it! You can do it! I am back on track again (hopefully)... my pants are getting snug!!! I HATE THAT!!!

07-11-2001, 04:33 PM
I have checked in several times today but it wouldn't let me post! :mad: I am still terribly bored and have read up on all kinds of things. Boss gqve me my assignments for the rest of the week and I am not thrilled about them. He jsut gives me filler, not much real work. Oh well, what can I do.

I ate some jelly beans and a mini roll-up sanwich which added 2 points to my day. I have been hungry the past few days. A result, I htink, from having eaten way too much over the past few weekends and eating out so much. Pooh on that :nono:

Anyway, I am preteneding I got here at 8am instead of 8:20 so I can leave at 4pm. I have nothing to do so I don't see it as a problem.

Kim - I'm glad you had a good weekend. I hope you get a break from all of that work soon.

Lori - I hope you are feeling better. Good for you for treating yourself to the golf lessons.

Kay - Don't worry about having a gain during mainteneance. I am also going to try to give myself a larger cushion as soon as my crazy summer is over. I will be lucky to make lifetime on time at this rate!

Jen - MIL is supposed to be giving us some WW smoothies. I will have to try adding the fruit as well. Only 3 points, sounds pretty good.

Trish - I hope you can get some rest.

JenK - HI!

Where is everyone else today? Lolly, Kirsty, Shaylene, Becky, Suzanne, Emily, Brenda, Kierie - where are you!!?! I will be back tomorrow!


07-11-2001, 05:33 PM
TO KIRSTY AND LOLLY! (and everyone else too!)

Man, you two have one very good-looking guy over there in England! I was watching VH1 this weekend, and saw "Duran Duran", in "Behind the Music", and got a glimpse of John Taylor, holy cow! Very hot! Anyway, if you all haven't seen him lately (he's the one in the purple shirt and tie, if you have to ask!), check out the video clip on this website (click on the player underneath the words "Video Clip" and choose your modem speed):


Later!!! :)

07-11-2001, 05:54 PM
Well the gain was worse than I expected. I gained 1.6#! I have been eating way too much, so I guess its time to jump back on the wagon. Hopefully I can re-lose them next week. I've done OK so far today, but MIL is coming this weekend and she is a fabulous cook. I'll just exercise to make up for it. It looks like all of us are having a slow day today. I am so bored and unmotivated at work. I think the company is running out of money and its only a matter of time. I figure when this happens I'll just work for WW and get another part time job while I apply to grad school. It'll be the first time in my life that I haven't had a job, but at least DH is very supportive.

Jen2 ~ Nice to meet you too! Way to go on the maintenance. I hope to get the hang of it soon. I do not want to have to go through this again.

Janet ~ I don't know if I told you yet, but the kitchen is great! I love doing home projects. Hopefully we'll have a home in a couple of years to work on. The apartments are so boring and hard to justify improvements.

Trish ~ WOW a 100 year old home! I am jealous. I like to mix styles as well. I have some antiques, but I'd live to do the all stainless kitchen. I think we'll do a formal dining room with the antiques and china and then have a "gormet" kitchen with the stainless. Luckily DH is in the construction industry and can get a good deal on all of that stuff (Viking range, sub zero fridge).

Lori ~ I hope the migrane is better. Golf is huge here in TX since the weather is usually nice. My dad plays every day (they live on a course). It helps him de-stress, but my mom would like to see him more at home :)

Sarah ~ I know your pain! I have a couple of tasks that I'd rather not be working on. I seem to be leaving earlier and earlier.

Kim ~ I love Macroni Grill! We have one right up the street. Their bread is so good. I used to get the calzone (pre-ww) and drink the wine! Now I'm hungry.

Tonya ~ you are doing awesome! Throw some of that motivation my way!

Jen ~ It sounds like we want the same house!

Hi everyone else !

I have to go now,
Well I am off

07-11-2001, 06:44 PM
heres a quickie followed by a longie later (get your minds out of the gutter)
I had a doc appt today and i hauled my ever so slightly bloated cookies onto the scale
I saw a smallish loss but I think i have gained alot of muscle in he last month so im not worried
will post the whole harrowing day later