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07-15-2004, 03:41 PM
This is how I make my ricotta creme-- it's really good and very easy to make. You need to try different brands of ricotta to find the one that is the creamiest.

For 3 servings:

1 cup LF ricotta cheese
1/2 cup LF cottage cheese
1/3rd pkg of the dry FF/SF pudding powder
3 T splenda
Flavoring (optional) like vanilla or banana or use that DaVinci SF syrup
A few tablespoons of FF milk or FF half and half

Mix all ingredients well with a mixer, in the blender or by using a hand blender. Spoon individual servings (1/2 cup) into bowls. Top w/LF Cool Whip, a few chocolate chips or some chopped nuts. Enjoy!