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01-13-2006, 10:54 AM
I haven't been to this site in a really long time but I recently found the motivation to start trying to lose weight again.

I am hypothyroid and before I got my meds situated, it was very hard to lose weight. Since around July, I've been losing about 5 lbs. a month by doing pretty much nothing. I didn't really watch what I ate and my only form of exercize was walking to and from the train to school. Well lately I've been actually trying to lose weight. I've been eating healthy AND exercizing but the weight has not gone away. In fact, I've actually gained 3.5 lbs! Does anyone know why this could be? Friends have said it's probably water weight but wouldn't that water weight go away after a while???? It's very depressing to try sooo hard and not get anything out of it. :?: :?: :?: