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01-12-2006, 07:39 PM
Good Afternoon/Evening! Our sunshine has disappeared and the rain clouds are moving in. It was another busy day at school and I barely have time to catch my breath between classes let alone take a 'real' break that we are supposed to have.

'Gma' -- I hope your furnace project goes smoothly tomorrow. I had to :lol: at your son calling about your winnings. It sounds like you had a busy day planned. I keep thinking Maggie might peek in one of these days.

Saturday night is Bob's Christmas party from work. It will be an 'eat and go' type thing -- nothing fancy. We'll take his secretary with us.

Have a fantastic Friday . . . I am so ready!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-13-2006, 05:58 AM
Good morning all! Big thunderstorm here this morning and the animals were up and down on the bed so I brought them downstairs so Jack could sleep just a little longer. Five AM comes pretty quick!

Jean: Boy, his company celebrates Christmas a little late, don't they??? :lol: They ought to make an early combo of that and Valentine's Day......:p I am seriously hoping for the best with the blasted furnace.

You know, I was thinking of Maggie too! We haven't heard from in quite awhile now and I am kind of surprised. Hope she and Cowboy are doing ok up in the great wilderness!

Gail, where the heck are you girl? We haven't heard much from you since before Christmas. I am trying to finish the baby blanket gift for my husband's friend. Once I had all the Christmas stuff done, I took a break and now need to get on the stick.

Darn postage went up and I forgot, so now I have to go to the post office and get two cent stamps. You'd think we'd get some kind of trade off for the stamp increase, like better service!

Well girls, since the "boys" snuck back upstairs, think I will too for an hour.


01-13-2006, 01:31 PM
Hi Faye! I'm here! I'm here!

After the New Year I came down with a terrible cold/virus bug and when I finally got back to work (this past Monday) and feeling my perky self, there was a lot of work waiting for me. And this weekend I'm going to be out of town also.

I'm doing well! Now. Got my butt back to WW and managed to lose a pound over the holidays! One pound, I know, but I was absolutely positively thrilled because usually I gain weight over the holidays. Came back to work and found that everyone (or so it seems) is on WW. Which is a good thing for me. No more candy, cookies, donuts, etc. hanging out in the back workroom trying to tempt me. I weighed in yesterday at WW and lost 2.4 lbs. Thrilled again. I'm walking on a more regular basis--even DH is walking with me when he can (depending on our schedules). Yesterday I walked TWO MILES on my lunch hour. The weather was gorgeous yesterday but today all of Delaware is covered in thick fog with a fine mist. We're supposed to get a terrible storm late tonight and into tomorrow.

Faye, I've been obsessed with knitting fingerless gloves right now. So quick, so easy. Right now I'm knitting a pair for one of the other secretaries in my office. Last night I finished a pair for my oldest daughter.

Jean! Hi! I need to read the thread to catch up on what all you're up to. I'm sure you're back to school now. Hope the kids are drivin' ya' nuts!

OH! Gotta share this: My youngest granddaughter, who will be 2 on January 28, has potty-trained herself! She did this overe the holidays. She does need help getting up onto the toilet but other than that once she's up there, she points to the door and says to you, "OUT!" The girl needs her privacy! So cute! My youngest daughter and SIL say this just happened! Neither one of them pushed her to do this. NO MORE DIAPERS! She has no accidents! I'm astounded by this!

And...another thing, have y'all tried the new Lean Cuisine Paninis? 6-7 points. I think this is one of the best frozen foods out there. So satisfying. Filling. Love, love this.

Okay...gotta, work, work!!!

01-13-2006, 01:35 PM
Oh! Forgot. I heard from Maggie over the holidays. Just a post card. She's still doing the program...but did not say anything about when she'd be back on-line.

01-14-2006, 12:10 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! It's a 'cool' 28 degrees in my corner of the world and windy to boot, so it feels like it is 21 degrees according to the computer. But then again, what does it know? ;) It was a busy day at school and I've about decided that the whole semester is going to feel like being on a merry-go-round. I HATE having freshmen math class the last hour of the day and we have 13 students who don't want to be there . . . me included! I also have algebra students coming in from other study halls to get help, so it's no wonder I end the day with a pile on my desk. Today I put the pile in a folder, marked it 'To Do,' and left for the day. :dance: I only do that on Fridays!

'Gma' -- I never did find my first batch of Christmas stamps and I loaded up on regular stamps in November, before they announced that postage would be going up. :( So now I have oodles of ugly 2 cent stamps too! There is talk of the postal service closing the Sioux City post office which has everyone in an uproar. Because SC borders Nebraska and South Dakota, many businesses transport their mail over the border in order to get faster service. If they close SC everything will be shipped up to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, adding at least an extra day to the delivery. Makes no sense to me, but now our mail is shipped 80 miles east of us, then shipped back here for local delivery. No one can convince me that is cost effective. :mad: I'm not particularly looking forward to tomorrow night's shin-dig. We have an hour drive to get there and I will most likely fall asleep on the ride home. :o That is a bad habit of mine!

Gail -- It's good to see you again and congrats on the weight losses! :cp: I am impressed that your granddaughter potty trained herself! :cheer: Maddy isn't all that interested until someone else is using the bathroom and then she thinks she should go too. What is the point in having fingerless gloves? I hate to wear gloves so maybe that is what I need. If you are busy knitting you can't put food in your mouth . . . good plan! ;)

I called to check in with Beth when I got home from school and Will answered the phone. Beth has strep throat and was sleeping. It seems like she just gets over one cold, bronchitis, sore throat, and starts in on another one.

I don't know much else that is newsy. I have laundry going and it's time to switch loads. Have a great weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-14-2006, 08:14 AM
Good morning ladies! I am being a total nudge and copying and pasting what I typed for my thread instead of typing it all over again to you guys. It is very chilly this morning, but WE HAVE HEAT!!!!!!!! Jack called around 7:30 and said he was taking a vacation day and came home so he was here while they were here. Took them 6 hours to dismantle the old and put in the new. They were all a really nice group of guys about my son and dd's age. I got so tickled, one of the guys came downstairs and ask if he could use our restroom (we have 2 bathrooms upstairs but I guess he wanted to ask first.) He said he had been holding if for a long time. I told him of course and he should have just used one of the ones upstairs. They had cut the power so the bathroom was completely black as it has no window. Jack ask him if he needed a flashlight and he said he just had to do "#1" and would be fine. I yelled to him teasingly that I charged more if he didn't hit the bowl. Sweet boy came out and said, "Ma'am, I would always clean it up. My grandma used to always get on us about that." I went in later to go and found he had taken tp and cleaned the porcelain! What a mess the installation made though. We had a terrible storm yesterday morning and it rained all day. Yep, you guessed it, mud and leaves carried throughout my house and I just shampooed my living room carpet a few days ago, UGH! There was grime on my back door where they went in and out to the main breakers and the ac too. I have the bulk of it cleaned up, but I am going to get my hair cut, get yarn and go to the commissary this morning so it will have to wait until I get back. On top of all that, I still have to put back the curio cabinet, hang all the pictures back, move the china cabinet and put all the china back in it and then try and get the carpet and stairs shampooed again and remop all the downstairs floors. That is besides the two cleaning chores for the week I have left, which are vacuuming all the rugs and dusting the upstairs. That's ok, it is worth it to have a furnace that can be set at 65 and is comfortable, versus doesn't work at all and before that had to be set at 80 just to keep us comfortable a bit.

Jean: Since when did the post office EVER do anything that makes sense? No wonder our postage keeps going up! I went and stood in line yesterday and was a bad girl. Our post office is the busiest in the whole city as well as the poorest run (according to my sil, who is a US postal inspector with their computer system in the downtown main post office) and yesterday they had a gal running the drive through and this racist guy who I always hate to have to deal with because he is rude, arrogant and abrupt with white customers and nice as pie and pleasant with the black ones. Anyway, I heard one of the patrons ask something about when a package would get somewhere and the one person said Monday was a holiday. I had been standing in live forever so was obnoxious and said loudly that I guess the postal employees decided Friday was too! Gracious I am awful. Luckily, I didn't get ole grouchy pants because they opened another window by the time I got to the front of the line. Then....they had NO 2 cent stamps! What is with that? I mean, they have been planning this increase for awhile. I had to take 1 cent ones and plaster a bunch on each letter (actually only two, but it irked me.) Hope the party is worth the drive!

Gail: Oooh, glad to hear you are ok now. I wondered where you had been and glad you got an A-ok from Maggie. I worry about them being out there in no man's land. Ok, laugh for the week. When I read your post when I peeked in yesterday before they cut the power off, I thought it said fiberglass gloves. I was puzzled where you got fiberglass yarn and what the gloves were for, but couldn't post because he was waiting to shut down the power! :lol3: This morning, I read Jean's post and saw it said fingerless so went back and and looked at your post. How funny is that???

Need to go gals. Have a marvy weekend and wish me luck at the AARP parking lot, better known as the commissary!


01-14-2006, 10:40 AM
Happy Saturday morning!

It's raining outside and we might get <whispering> ...snow. I didn't want to say "that" word too loudly--my DH might "hear" it and start whining for summer again. ;)

I had the worst case of indigestion last night! So much so I couldn't eat dinner. Finally, it went away by the time I went to bed and by then I was too exhausted to eat. So this morning I had a big breakfast of French Toast and milk.

I'm playing around with the idea of going to the mall today. DH is at the airport busy getting checked out to fly out of there. He rents planes to fly and since the small airport he used to fly out of went out of business he had to find another one...and he did. Although because it's raining he won't be flying but he'll be taking part of the check-out which is a verbal and paper tests. One of these days he's going to buy his own plane which will be cheaper in the long run than renting. In my opinion.

Faye, that happens to me a lot lately--I'll be reading something and its so NOT what is written! :dizzy: :rofl: Glad you have heat!! As Martha Stewart says, "That is a good thing!" But I hate the mess! I am so not looking forward to the mess when the hardwood floors are installed.

Jean, exactly! I don't like wearing gloves or mittens so the fingerless (NOT FIBERGLASS Faye! ;) ) gloves are great. AND surprisingly they do keep your hands warm. The theory behind that is if you can keep the palms of your hands warm your fingers will be warm also. BUT keep in mind I haven't worn them in snow! Jean, the spring semester where I work is always a busy one. It is like a merry-go-round. Hang in there!

But I'm on my fourth pair of fingerless gloves right now. I'm still knitting a shawl for my oldest DD. And I start a new knitting class on the 29th to learn how to knit another shawl. Some of those shawls especially if they are a lace knit are extremely difficult...IMHO.

Well...gotta go take a shower. It's not raining too badly so I think I will check out the end of season sales at the mall.

01-14-2006, 12:14 PM
A rainy day here but it is still mild. Tomorrow we will have a big change as it is supposed to get very cold '27'. The rain we have today may change to snow showers and I hope that is all we get.

Monday I have a 7:30 Am appointment for a 6 months check up with the DR that did the lazer surgery on my retina. I am happy to report I won't have to drive myself there as DH is driving again. He has had such an easy time with his knee surgery and has has no pain. On Friday, 1 week after the operation, he drove for the first time. That means no more backing out of the garage for me......I hated that. He will see the knee surgeon on Wednesday and I guarantee he will not need rehab.

Faye: So happy to hear that the furnace is in and running so well. I know it was a pain to have your nice clean house all messed up but now you will have heat for the rest of the winter and just don't try to clean it all up in one day. As for the commissary.....I think we will need to go again sometime next hoo!

Jean: That was very smart of you to make a TO DO folder. Friday should be walk away from all school problems day! Too bad Beth is having such problems with colds, strep etc. Has she had her tonsils out...sometimes that can be a problem.

Gail: Good to see you back. I have been bothered with gastric reflux and have a prescription for Tagament. I don't have to take it very often, now, but when I do have indigestion it is there for me. I just take 1 pill and no more problem. When I first started with the problem they thought I was having a heart attack as the pain in my chest was so intense. Your idea of knitting instead of eating is paying off. Keep up the good work.


PS: Gail so glad you heard from Maggie....been wondering how she was doing.

01-14-2006, 03:01 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! The sun is shining and the sky is a beautiful blue. I have laundry going, stuff from under the bathroom sink waiting to be wiped off and put back, a kitchen counter full of 'stuff' to sort, put away, or pitch, I need to go get gas in my car, stop at the jewelry store and pick up my watch, take my New Balance shoes back because they rub a toe and I can't figure out why, and here I sit! :) Bob is at a farm sale checking out anything he might 'need' for his hobby; we are to pick up his secretary at 4 to head to the post-Christmas party.

'Gma' -- I'm glad you have heat and your furnace is working properly! :cp: I had to laugh at the guy asking to use your bathroom. When we were adding on to the house, the guys would use the downstairs bathroom and some of them weren't very neat. :9 I was glad when they were done tromping in and out of my house! It sounds like you have a busy day of cleaning planned . . . that is too bad about your carpet. I'm surprised they didn't bring in plastic runners, but I suppose that wouldn't work very well on stairs either.

Gail -- When it is cold enough for me to wear gloves, I think I would need the 'fingers in' kind. :lol: I don't wear them very often so when I do you know it is cold! Have fun shopping!

Gloria -- I'm glad to hear that your hubby is doing so well with his knee. It won't be long and he can walk the dog again. ;) It is such a nice day here, I suppose you are getting the crappy weather we had last week.

I need to keep moving so Bob will see that I accomplished something while he was gone. :D The weekend hours fly by so quickly!

Jean -- :dancer: in Iowa!

01-15-2006, 08:46 AM
Morning girls! I got through the commissary, but it was a nightmare. I guess I didn't think about it being active duty payday too! As my Jewish ancestors would say..."Oy Vey!" It was wall to wall people and they were all disgruntled about something. Bunch of grouches and very impatient with everyone else. As long as they aren't rude or being piggish with the aisles, I don't mind waiting my turn to get at stuff. It is when they stand in front of the soup you need and argue about the split pea because the wife thinks it is too expensive, etc that gets to me. The scooter brigade was out in full force too and they are always fun because most of them are RUDE!

Jean: Hope you were at least able to "trick" you hubby into thinking you had accomplished a lot! :lol: Hope the party and trip back and forth went ok.

I now have all my "diet" food back in the house and we are ready to rock with getting back to dieting. Jack has his Lean Cuisine stuff for lunches, I bought a lot of lowfat or ff stuff and good snacks instead of junk food ones and as much fruit as I could find that was decent. Since Jack isn't much of a veggie eater, I don't get enough veggies so I bought bloody mary mix and V8 spicy juice to make up for my veggies somewhat. I also got veggies like green peas and navy beans to substitute for mashed potatoes, rice etc for me all the time as my starch.

I got the upstairs furniture rearranged and put back, but Jack put a new latch on my china cabinet (it stays shut with a magnet, but it wouldn't stay closed and the cat would crawl inside it! :eek: ) and now I can't get the latch open to put the china back! So, Jack gets to help putting it back. Then all I have is the upstairs and downstairs vacuuming and I am back to cleaning square one.

I promised Jack a last breakfast of pancakes so I guess I better go and check out whether we have mix or not.

Have a great Sunday!


01-15-2006, 02:17 PM
Good Morning/Afternoon, Flowers! I went to early church, made a trip to the grocery store on the way home, and now I'm waiting for Bob to get home from second service so we can go see the kids and grandkids.

It's a nice sunny day in my corner of the world. It's breezy so feels colder than the temperature says it is. They are predicting rain turning to snow tonight, tomorrow, and into Tuesday. I don't mind either one but not both coming together!

'Gma' -- I don't like grocery shopping but it really irritates me when I'm in a hurry and every senior citizen in town decides to shop at 4:00 when they've had the whole *&^% day to get in and get out before I get there! :mad: You are right about the scooter people being rude! I see a lady (?) who drives her own personal cart all around town; she has a flag on the back and expects everyone to get out of her way. The police finally did give her a ticket because she was being so obnoxious on the main street downtown. She was mad and I guess got so verbally abusive to the cop that he threatened to charge her with disorderly conduct. Lucky for her that someone who knew her happened by and got her settled down before she got herself into more trouble. Come to think of it I haven't seen her for awhile . . . maybe they took her scooter away from her. :rolleyes: Congrats on being supplied with the good foods for losing weight! Onward and downward we go!

Have a great 'rest of the day and a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-16-2006, 08:43 AM
Good morning gals. It sure seems warm here again. Maybe it is just ole menopause me, who knows?

Jean: On my way out to the base on Saturday, I stopped at WM to run in to the bathroom, when I came out there was this old guy on a scooter behind me and I saw a security person in his truck at the end of one of the rows. It was busy with cars and people and this guy went zooming around me, almost plowing into a group of people trying to get into the entrance, hit a row of stacked carts and just kept going, no apologies, nada. I looked at the security guard and he just smiled at me and shook his head. These are the kind of people that really frost my cookies at the commissary. My bil was that way. He thought everyone should just get out of his way. I have seen him in a busy mall actually hit people in the shins and not apologize just zoom around them.

I have a few cleaning chores to get done this morning, but I need to get my exercise in first thing so better get to it. I will talk to all of you later.


01-16-2006, 05:09 PM
Just have to pass on the way we spent our Sunday. Last week DH mentioned that we haven't played any music for a while and did I know what happened to the old 'Sandler & Young' records we had. I hated to tell him that they went to the basement and are probable mildewed by now but instead I kept that question in my mind and today I remembered that before I sent them to the dungeon I copied them onto tapes. Well, I found them and we have been sitting and listening to them all afternoon. It brought back so many memories. I doubt if any of you remember Sandler & Young but they were hot in the late 50's and early 60's. They were a duo that sang romantic songs as well as some comedy. They did a lot of clubs and we were lucky to have seen them, in person, a couple of times. Tony Sandler is from Belguim and Ralph Young is from Brooklyn, NY. Their voices blend so well and Sandler sang a lot in French. Sometimes they would sing two different songs together Sandler in French and Young in English. As strange as it seems the two different songs blended quite well together.

Well enough of my reminising! Sunday was a cold day and it was good not to have to go out into it. Not much snow but the wind doth howl!

Today I had the 6th month check up on the Retina surgery I had in July and all proved well. No new tears and I don't see this DR for 1 year. I was happy to hear that. Now if only the Glacoma would go away but I don't think it will....I think I take those drops for the rest of my life.

Faye: I think rude people will be rude whether they are on a scooter or not...the scooter just makes it more obvious. When we were in Disney there were many, many people using the scooters and most proved to be very courteous.

Jean: Hope you had a great time with the grandkids. Your rain is headed our way....yesterday and today are COLD but Wednesday it is suppossed to be much warmer again and rainy. I get my hair cut in the morning and we have the check op...for DH a noontime. Hope we get out of there before the evening rush hour!

Gloria in MA......keeping warm.

01-17-2006, 01:18 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! I've had a busy day today! One of the special ed. teachers was out sick today and I guess the principal thought I should keep tabs on the sub. . .like I don't have anything else to do! I did do my good deed though. We have a student who took the CNA class first semester, and she asked to use me for a reference. I happened to see her in the hall and asked if she got the job. She then told me that she didn't take the license exam because she didn't have the $100. Had I known that at the time I would have paid it for her. She said she had turned her application in, at a local nursing home, and has called to check on it, but never gets to talk to anyone plus being too nervous to leave a voice message. This is a girl that is pretty rough around the edges, her parents are divorced, the kids live with the father and have nothing to do with the mother, and she shares a dormer bedroom with her sister, her sister's boyfriend, and her sister's two babies. I found out who she needed to talk to at the nursing home and had her phone from school to set up an appointment, then I gave her a ride to the nursing home after school. If she is hired and then passes the test, the nursing home will pay the fee. The personnel lady said she thought Melanie sounded like she knew all the right things to do and would pass her application along to the director of nursing. I have my fingers and toes crossed for her; this is a kid that needs a break.

I went to card club tonight; I had lousy cards but good conversation and shared some laughs. The snacks were yummy -- one was a fruit salsa made of strawberries, bananas, apples, and kiwi. Then she had baked tortillas with sugar and cinnamon on them. :T

'Gma' -- I don't understand why the people 'in charge' don't stop the rude idiots and point out what they're doing wrong. :no: It would probably make some of them act even worse. :( Congrats on getting your excercise in today.

Gloria -- I remember Sandler and Young, but just barely. I wonder if their music is still available. It sounds like you enjoyed your musical Sunday. :D I have some 'oldies but goodies' on CDs and I play them regularly. We got snow this afternoon! In fact, it was snowing so hard that we couldn't see across the football field for most of the afternoon. It's windy tonight and the streets are quite slippery. I suppose we got 2 - 3" and they won't bring the plows out for that.

I am heading off to bed! :yawn: Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-17-2006, 02:44 AM
You could call this good early morning or good late night I guess. I have a little tummyache so got up for awhile. I think it is just gas as I tried taking Prolosec for some acid reflux and one of the side effects is gas and bloating. I decided after only a couple doses, the acid reflux was easier to contain than the pain from the gas so I quit them, but guess it hasn't all worked itself out.

Gloria: Sounds like you had a lovely time. Jack is not much into music and I love it. I listen to practically everything. I recognize the name and would probably recognize their music if I heard it. I was watching Oprah yesterday and she had Neil Diamond on the last half of her show. He is one of my favorites and I got tickled at how old he looked. He used to wear these flashy costumes on stage to perform and he had on blue jeans, a dark blue shirt and some jacket that looked like a cardigan sweater. He looked like someone's grandpa that could still sure sing up a storm. He also has hearing aids now (probably from years of performing with a band) and just made me think how the years are rolling by.

Jean: I will say an extra prayer for this young lady. Hope she gets the job. Being a CNA is hard thankless work though so I hope she enjoys it. The fruit salsa sounds yummy as do the tortilla snacks. I was watching Emeril Live last night and he was doing New York deli. He is so amusing and not so full of himself like other chefs. Most of the time, I start out good with him and what he is making, then he puts weird stuff in something and I think, "Uh, uh, not something I am going to make." Last night he made beef pastrami and you use brisket and put it in a marinade in the fridge for 3 weeks. He made this big deal about it and it was pretty comical. He then made pickles, homemade rye bread, homemade mustard and homemade thousand island dressing. Topped it all off with chocolate New York cheese cake.

I think I will sit and knit for a little while then see if I can go back upstairs to sleep. Have a great Tuesday everyone!


01-17-2006, 11:19 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! We are supposed to be getting more 'weather' but so far it has just gotten colder and windier. Today was a frustrating day! Every time I would get started on a project, someone would ask me to do something else! I hate it when I can't finish what I'm doing without being interrupted! Makes me really GRRRRRRY! :crazy:

'Gma' -- I hope you are feeling better by now. Every once in awhile I go to bed and wish I hadn't eaten something or eaten later than usual. I hate that feeling and always vow I'll never do it again, but I usually do! :o Neil Diamond was/is one of my favorites. I miss the programs like the Ed Sullivan show. :(

I made a grocery run after school and forgot my list at home on the counter. :mad: If we only didn't have to eat, life would be so simple! :cb:

Have a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-18-2006, 08:45 AM
Good mornig gals! It is truly winter here this morning. We had a rainy day yesterday and pretty cold even some heavy flurries, but too warm to stick. It is very chilly this morning, but supposed to warm up into the 60's by tomorrow! CRAZY!

Jean: I used to get that at the law firm. I would be sitting doing my work and someone would come and ask for help setting up a conference room or helping with some typing of some sort. My desk was across from the kitchen, downstairs copier and the conference room so they thought I was a commodity, I guess. I would get asked constantly to work in the copying center upstairs when the drunk that managed it wouldn't show up for work. I would drag all my work upstairs then I would try and do it and manage the copying center at the same time! The problem besides, the faxes, phones, mail etc was my work was typing and filing and then I had to get into attorney's offices and put things away and I hated doing it when they were in there. Some didn't mind and others were pissy about it as attorneys can be. Actually, the biggest pain in the you know where was this snotty paralegal who thought she should be king of the hill and would try and tell me how to do my work all the time. My boss was the office manager, but litigation legal decisions were made by the litigation partner head and I would always be dragging her sorry butt down there to get him to tell her that I was doing it right and she couldn't have it done the way she wanted. She didn't even work litigation but bankruptcy, but I got stuck working for the witch when her upteenth secretary either quit or asked to be changed. I guess she is still there being a pain in the behind.

Boy am I sore from working out again. Got to get the muscles make in some kind of order here! It is more my upper body that is sore from weights than my legs from the treadmill. It will all even out in the end. I have a major goal in mind to get me there. First, we decided not to take any big vacation this year because of wanting to do some expensive things in the condo and secondly we still want to go back to Vegas. With that in mind, we decided to go June 2007 and I will have my 35th class reunion around then too. I was unable to go to our 30th, but went to the 25th. A woman that lived next door to me growing up and was a spoiled brat as a child, sat around and gossiped about me the whole time. I walked up behind her when she didn't know and heard her talking to one of her friends about my size. Now this chick is no shrinking violet. She has been a fatty since kindergarten and at the reunion was at least 75 lbs overweight. Anyway, I would like to go back at my goal weight and make her sick! :lol: She has always been jealous of me because of Jack. She is an old maid, never been married and tries to pretend she has had this glamorous life, when the only thing she did was sell real estate in that area of tiny towns. I am talking Mayberry here ladies. Most of the towns around there were less that 3000 people. My folks were lower middle class with a lot of problems and my dad was an alcoholic. In a town our size, you know what the gossip mill is like. Her mom always made us kids feel like poor white trash and she passed it on to her kids to treat us that way. My school mate just thought she could keep it up into adulthood. I fixed her cookies at the last reunion by telling her off in front of everyone and I will do it again at this next one if I have to.

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day today! Keep warm!


01-18-2006, 11:15 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! I've been to bell choir practice . . . for a whole 20 minutes! We were missing three 'ringers' and with no subs, it is a little tricky to make music! What we are playing next is pretty easy so we'll get by. It was hardly worth the trip into town, let alone getting the music and bells out.

I feel like I'm either coming down with a head cold or a sinus infection. I've had a headache off and on all day . . . sort of like I have a hat on that is too tight. :headache:

'Gma' -- It was cold here this morning but the sun came out and it was 49 degrees on my way home from school. Are you working out with weights, use a video, or what? Once in awhile I will be channel surfing and run across the three people doing the aerobics routine. They make it look so easy. I hope your soreness is gone soon! I don't think I would have lasted long working in the law office where you worked. :no: One of our educated/no common sense teachers fried our main copy machine with a transparency last week. (It also is the printer for one whole section of computers in the English department which was working on research papers.) There is even a big sign saying to use the library copy machine for transparencies! Then after the machine was fixed, someone tried to run a paper clip through and it was jammed up good! :crazy:

I need to pick up the clutter and do some dishes that don't go in the dishwasher. Have a terrific Thursday! We have a "professional development" day on Friday so tomorrow is Friday as far as the kids are concerned. That should be interesting.

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-19-2006, 08:56 AM
Good morning gals! We are back up in the 50's again and it is supposed to be in the 60's today. I had the fan on most of the night for me. It is a little round one and I put is on the floor and turn it on low and let it blow on my head and chest and that keeps me comfortable without freezing Jack to death.

Jean: I just use my CD music (Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons is my favorite) and walk on the treadmill. I had to start out slow again so I am doing between.4 and
.45 miles everyday and then do 10 reps with my 5lb weights and I do 4-6 different kinds of lifting with them. You really only need to do weights about twice a week, but I want to jumpstart my metabolism. Guess it worked because tomorrow will be one week and I got on the scales this morning and have lost 10 lbs and Jack has lost 5! I lose weight very quickly when I get off sugared soft drinks, exercise everyday and keep to my plan.

We are having a date weekend next Friday and Sat. I booked us into one of the casino hotels. I try to do something like this about once a month when we are dieting as encouragement to us. They have a great indoor swimming pool and exercise equipment so we should be able to get our exercise in. I am also taking deli meat, lett etc for Friday night for dinner with ff chips and diet soda instead of doing a buffet. We can then eat breakfast at one of the all night places and can have cereal or oatmeal or whatever fits, then have a buffet dinner and stay pretty well within our program. We just have to be sensible.

Well, I need to get to knitting some baby booties. I have the blanket and hat done for Jack's friend and just need to get a pair of booties done. I will post the pic when I finish the whole thing.

Have a great day ladies!


01-19-2006, 11:18 AM
I could have sworn I posted yesterday. I guess not because I don't see my post! I know I was in here. Perhaps I got side-tracked while in the office? Well.

I'm still on program. I'm still walking as much as I can. I'm still drinking water. I lost .8 this morning at weigh-in. I was hoping for more but I'll take it...or rather get rid of whatever the scales says I've gotten rid of! (Hope that makes sense!)

Faye, a big congrats to you (and hubby) for losing this week! 10 lbs. Oh. My. Gosh. And you're exercising! That's wonderful! Have fun for your weekend at the casino. Hubby and I used to do that quite frequently--go to Atlantic City for the weekend--stay in one of the casino hotels. I'm still knitting some fingerless gloves. Now my mother wants a pair!

Jean, there are so many nasty bugs around here in the office. It seems likes everyone has some kind of illness. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Hi Gloria!

I wish I could stay but can't...I have to get back to work.

01-19-2006, 05:39 PM
Thought I would peek in and post the pic of the baby stuff I made for Jack's friend at work. They actually turned out quite cute even though I liked the yellow blanket better. This stuff is not the easiest to deal with in regards to sewing up seams etc, because of it being so fuzzy.

Gail: Don't stress on the scales. You are better off concentrating on losing size.

Everyone have a good afternoon! Faye