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01-10-2006, 03:28 PM
Our new house.

If you want to check back on the old thread, click here.

Back later with the days doings

01-10-2006, 08:58 PM
Thanks, Shad!! This is great. I feel very inspired.

01-10-2006, 09:09 PM
Good Job Shad! I am still having a problem with them notifying me of posts. I think I did ask that I be added to this site but maybe I have to do something different.

I am still exercising but I am still having a problem with bloating after my dinner meal. Perhaps I just shouldn't eat after lunchtime.

It is almost time for my annual checkup and I will address this with my PCP. I opted not to get involved in the study for stomach problems because the possible side effects turned me off.

My blood pressure has come down and now if I can only get rid of this stomach problem.

Talk to you all soon again!

01-13-2006, 07:39 AM
Nita - Sometimes I have a few problems with notification as well. However try these couple of tricks and see if it works. Click the Go Advanced button at the bottom of the Quick reply.

Scroll down a little and at the bottom of the screen there is an area called Thread subscription. Ensure that this says 'Instant e-mail Notification'. If it doesn't, click the arrow and select the instant notification.

The other place is in your profile. You need to click on the User CP tab and check out the boxes in there. I'll have to go to it to find which ones. I'll be back....

Okay, it is under User Options on the left side of the page. Then at the bottom of the Thread subscriptions area you will see another of those little boxes which should say Instand e-mail notification. If it doesn't, then you need to change it.

Hope that helps.

01-14-2006, 04:08 AM
Hi chickies :hug: :hug:
Shad ........ thanks for the lovely new home ......... just what I need a new start! I agree with Cat ....... your story about the sander was very funny's the way you tell em! :D

Went back to WW on Tuesday ........ the first time since the Christmas break. I should really have been back the previous Tues but that was the evening my mum was not so good. Anyway I was down half a pound. It's not much I know but I was so pleased that I was down something. Some people had put on as much as 8 pounds over the Christmas period. Now all I have to do is keep on going! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:
My mother is much tha same although I have cut out her sleeping pills as they were making her very sleepy the next day. She first got them because she was getting up in the middle of the night thinking that it was daytime. Now she is not able to get up so there is no worry of her falling and hurting herself. She seems to sleep peacefully without them anyway now. :)
Gotta go get my breakfast before the carers arrive. HAve a lovely Sat all! :hug: :hug:

01-14-2006, 06:59 AM
I am sure you have heard me mention PAul McKenna and his book "I can make you thin". He has jsut started a programme on Skyone every Mon evening. I missed the first one and sat down to watch the repeat and slept through most of it!! :( Anyway there is a website where you can join in and get daily tips by e-mail and the site has very interesting bits of advice including video advice which is excellent. It is not a diet ....... it just all makes sense. :)
The address is

01-14-2006, 09:16 AM

01-14-2006, 09:26 AM
Hey Movers and Losers!

OK, I am keeping the faith but it is a challenge. I joined WW a week ago Tuesday. I paid the weekly fees up until mid April to totally commit, because I know my losses are difficult to come by. I followed the points plan 100%. I did miss just a few servings of fruits and veggies and possibly a serving of water here or there. I stayed within my daily points range each day, acutally remaining 3 or 4 points under most days. I did not use the 35 bonus points for the week. My results = 4 pounds! I GAINED 4 pounds. My leader says this is because I did not eat all of the points. I have a really hard time believing this, but this week, I am eating all of my points - trust me here. I am eating all the fruits and veggies, and drinking the water. I just cannot believe the first week, when most folks see a larger weight loss my body would have the nerver to gain!

As I said... I am keeping the faith! Quote George Michael, "Gotta have faith,faith, faith - Baby!" LOL

Mooz: Thanks for the website. I am now registered for the weekly emails. I tried to view the video, but it is for you guys over the pond only! LOL. Thanks again. God Bless you, and you family... I am so happy your Mother has you during this most difficult time in her life. Hang in there, all good thoughts are coming your way.

Shad: I went along with you on your story of the sander. Too funny, too frustrating, too the way it is!

It is cold and blistery here today, yesterday it was 60 degrees and sunny, today our high temps are low 30s and snow. I'd like a good snow, with some accumulations. ;)

Have a GREAT day girls - more later!

01-14-2006, 05:09 PM
Hello Ladies,

I think i was absent for a few days. Had to travel out of town for work, then took a vacation day on friday. Trying to get all my Christmas put up.

Will be back later.

Shad thanks for our new home. New Year, New Beginning.

01-14-2006, 09:34 PM
Good Evening Ladies,

HalGal -- Sorry to hear about your weight gain at WW. It is true, you do need to eat all your points in order to have a good weight loss. I think the main reason for this is that when you do get to your goal in order to stay there you will have to take away some of the points.

I am still exercising but I am still having problems at night with my stomach. It is almost time for my yearly physical so I definitely will address this with my doctor. I did not join WW this time around but I may do so after this 10-week session is over.

Mooz -- I can appreciate what you are going through with your Mom. So far I am pretty lucky--I can leave Gene alone for an entire day so long as I make his breakfast and lunch before I go. He also takes a shower every other day by himself. The end of the month when he goes to have the tube changed out I am going to press the urologist for some ideas on how he can regain the use of his bladder, whether it be through exercise or medication. It seems because he is 78 they really don't want to bother with it.

I talked with one of the personal trainers the other day and he did agree writing down what you eat is very important. He also said it all works together--exercise and what we eat. He also mentioned not to pay any attention to the commercials regarding weightloss by countless people because most of it is false. You just need to burn up whatever you put into your mouth and that is the bottom line. Sounds easier said than done!

Well I am going to bowl in another tournament tomorrow but I am not as excited about doing it as I usually am. Perhaps when I get up tomorrow I will have a better outlook!

Take care all and have a wonderful Sunday!


01-14-2006, 09:52 PM
Mooz--thanks for the link. Looks good.

Hal--aorry about the gain. Darn! But it's all a learning experience.

Have been busy with DH sick with nasty cold (though getting much better) and caring for DMiL.

Love to all . . .

01-15-2006, 05:58 AM
Mornin chickies ,,,,,, just a quick call ......... a wet and windy day here this morning.
Were any of you able to get the little video clips of Paul McKenna to work or did you all have the same problem as Halgal? Try this link to see if it works age2%2F&dt=1137318663477&site=MSITE04&2006015095103477

01-15-2006, 01:16 PM
Hey Girls,

Mooz: Technology is incredible. They still can tell we are tuning in from across the pond. LOL You will have to tell us about it, what you think is good anyway.

I had an email from a college bud that lost 100 a year ago on WW. She said read the list of 0 point foods, and get real friendly with them - use them in times of need and to eat all the points. I can do that.

OneDay; I'm still working on holiday decorations too. Where does the time go?

Cat: I'm still reading Lolita in Tehran. It is getting slow for me, I think I can speed up my reading rate for this one.

Nita: You go girl, love to hear how you are doing. I'll be bowling sometime in the future and you get the credit. I love hearing how you are doing. Hang in there with the stomach ills. Remember, ginger is a natural stomach calmer. Try some ginger ale, they make a diet version now that is good. Our supermarkets don't always have it tho, keep looking.

The sun is out today. I'm going out to just get some walking and enjoyment in - here, there and where ever. I haven't had one of those days in too many moons.

Happy Sunday Movers and Losers!

01-15-2006, 01:51 PM
Found this review of Paul McKenna's book which is just the same advice he gives in the television programme ......

We review the book/cd that (at the time of press) is getting 4.5/5 stars on Amazon (and it's 100% suitable for vegetarians!)

We have to admit being fairly sceptical about a weightloss book and CD that claim to make you 'thin'. Isn't that a big of a grand claim? Can Paul McKenna really keep his promise? We gave the book and CD to one of our reviewers to see if it lives up to the hype.

I had to admit I groaned when I was given Paul McKenna's 'I Can Make You Thin' book and CD to review. I've tried hypnosis before - 'Give Up Smoking in 1 Hour' - and it didn't work (in the end I used good old willpower and nicotine gum!). Could hypnosis work for weightloss? I figured I had nothing to lose (apart from weight) so I gave it a go.

It's suggested that you read the book first, so that's what I did (I'll review the CD afterwards). On Amazon some of the reviewers say that the book is 'thin' so I was expecting some kind of scrawny leaflet. I was disappointed - this is a definitely a 'book-sized' book but it's well spaced and written in an easy conversation style. I'm a pretty speedy reader and I read it cover to cover in 2 hours. But what does it say? How does this solution to obesity and over-eating differ from all the (many, many) others?

These are the chapters:

Chapter One: Are You Ready for Something Truly Different

Chapter Two: The Simples Weight-Loss System in the World(TM)

Chapter Three: Programme Your Mind to Slim Your Body

Chapter Four: Overcoming Emotional Eating

Chapter Five: The Truth About Exercise

Chapter Six: Craving Busters

Chapter Seven: Frequently Asked Questions About the Simplest Weight-Loss System in the World(TM)

Let's go through the chapters one by one...

Chapter One: Are You Ready for Something Truly Different?

This chapter invites you too look at the secrets of naturally thin people and explores the three main patterns that stop people from losing weight: obsessive dieting, emotional eating and faulty programming.

Paul says that "You have simply developed some unproductive habits. The good news is that once you learn to re-programme your mind, it will be just as simple to new develop habits of thinking and acting that will guarantee your success. You don't even have to believe that it will work. Just follow my instructions and you will not only lose weight but stop obsessing about food forever."

He then asks you to imagine that you're at the end of your life, and how you will feel in your body if you haven't lost weight. He then asks you to imagine how you would feel if you have reached your ideal weight. There are a lot of visualisation exercises in this book. It really is tempting to skip these (and I have to admit that I did skip a few) but if you've got the time, I think it's a good idea because it puts you in the right frame of mind for the CD that you'll play when you've finished the book. The chapter ends with a testimonial from a woman who lost 4 1/2 stone by following Paul McKenna's method.

Chapter Two: The Simples Weight-Loss System in the World(TM)

Throughout the book there are 4 main principles to Paul McKenna's Weightloss System. This chapter introduces you to them. The first is: When you are hungry, EAT. Sounds simple enough, right? Paul explains how starving the body makes you fat and that the secret of thin people's success in maintaining their weight is that they only eat when they're genuinely hungry. Are you shaking your head yet, thinking 'but that's just obvious?' Me too! But don't stop reading yet.

The second principle is: EAT WHAT YOU WANT, Not What You Think You Should. That threw me! What about all the healthy food we're supposed to eat and all the 'bad fats' and 'refined sugars' that we all know are so bad for us? Paul says that as soon as you deprive yourself of something you upset the natural balance of your relationship to them. Making any food 'forbidden' makes them more attractive to you.

Principle number three: Eat CONSCIOUSLY and enjoy every mouthful. This is about savouring your food and not wolfing it down. You know how you can open a bar of chocolate and the next thing you know it's gone? You can barely even remember eating? That's what Paul wants us to stop. Eat slowly, eat without distraction (TV, newspaper, magazine etc). Really TASTE your food. This helps your body to break down the food (saliva) and increases your feeling of satiety (you feel fuller and more satisfied). Honestly, this tip is the one that had the biggest impact on me (particularly after listening to the CD. See 'This Viewers Verdict' at the end of this page).

Principle four: When You Think You Are Full, STOP Eating. Another 'obvious' tip, right? Not really. We're so programmed to clear our plates and only respond to the bloated 'full' feeling that we actually carry on eating way after we're actually full. Paul explains how to measure your hunger on the hunger scale, to avoid waiting until you're ravenous to eat and how to feel whether you're full or not and how to resign from the 'clean plate club'. This is the second principle that really hit home with me. Why not clear my plate? Clearing my plate would help me stop feeling hungry later, right? No. Paul says - leave something on your plate (even if it's just a couple of chips) so you get into the habit of not clearing your plate. If you're full, stop eating. If you're hungry later - eat later. It really does make sense.

The chapter ends with a testimonial from a woman who lost 18 stone by following Paul McKenna's system!

Chapter Three: Programme Your Mind to Slim Your Body

Paul McKenna starts this chapter by explaining how willpower enough won't help you lose weight - you need to use the power of your imagination. He explains how to focus on what you want, on self-image and self-fulfilling prophecy and gives you visualisation exercises to 'see yourself slim'. The chapter ends with the testimonia of a woman who lost 3 1/2 stone following Paul McKenna's system.

Chapter Four: Overcoming Emotional Eating

This chapter explains how to distinguish between actual hunger and emotional hunger. Paul goes into some detail about the causes of emotional hunger and there are three different visualisation exercises that will help you to overcome self-loathing and stop you being your own harshest critic.

Chapter Five: The Truth About Exercise

Paul explains the 'myth of metabolism', describes how exercise can increase your basal metabolic rate (just walking more every day helps, you don't have to be a gym bunny) and includes two exercises to help you increase your motivation to exercise. The chapter ends with the testimonial of a woman who lost 2 1/2 stone by following his system.

Chapter Six: Craving Busters

This chapter starts with the statement Any craving you may have felt is a learned behaviour. He says "That means you weren't born with it, you learned it and if you learned it you can unlearn it, often in a matter of minutes."

He then describes two techniques that you can use to 'bust' your cravings. The first technique involves thinking about the food you are craving and then tapping certain acupuncture points on your body (I didn't try this as I wasn't suffering a craving at the time of reading). The second technique involves thinking about a food you hate (or, he suggests, a plate of human hair if you love all food!), imagining eating it, and then squeezing your thumb and finger together (there's more to it than that but it would take me forever to write it all down). Before the exercise he actually says "Remember, only do the next technique if you genuinely want to stop eating a particular food for good." - apparently the technique is so powerful he stopped a chocolate addict from ever wanting chocolate again, in less than 2 minutes. Unfortunately I can't testify to how powerful this technique is - as I didn't try it. Let us know if you did and it worked for you!

Chapter Seven: Frequently Asked Questions About the Simplest Weight-Loss System in the World(TM)

This chapter is as it sounds - full of frequently asked questions.

The Hypnosis CD

If you're like me, this is the element of Paul McKenna's 'system' that you're most interested in! What happens? Is it scary? Will it work? Will I wake up?

As I said earlier, I'd used a hypnosis CD before to try and stop smoking. It took me ages to get round to doing it - partly because I was scared of what was happen and concerned that when I woke up (if I woke up!) I'd feel different and never really be 'myself' again. First things first - DON'T WORRY! You're 'conscious' all the way through a hypnosis CD. You can still hear all the noises around you (although you focus on the voice of the hypnotist) and, if an emergency or anything else required you to suddenly act or get up, you can. It's just like being very relaxed, like day dreaming before you fall asleep at night. There's no 'sleep' - you're awake all the way through and you'll definitely wake up at the end! You won't feel different or 'not you' - you'll just feel relaxed and (in the case of this CD) quite happy and alert.

Anyway, that's enough about hypnosis in general - what about this one?'s hard to describe because, when I played the CD I wanted to really try it (and not try to fight the hypnosis so I could do my review) so I can't recall everything. What I can remember is the way that one Paul McKenna voice comes out of one speaker (I played the CD in a little portable player by my bed) and another Paul McKenna voice comes out of the other. At some points during the session the voices overlap and you're not sure which to listen to - I don't think it matters - it just heightens the experience. Paul's voice is a bit whispery and, occasionally 'spooky' sounding but when you've stopped yourself from giggling and just relaxed you start to count down (as instructed by Paul) as he talks to you.

What follows I'm not entirely sure (I did the CD a couple of weeks ago and I've got a terrible memory) but it's Paul giving you positive affirmations about weightloss and what to do and not do (reaffirming what's in the book) and then he talks you back into the real world (5-4-3-2-1) etc and you wake up feeling genuinely alert and refreshed.

This Reviewer's Verdict

I really wasn't sure that the CD had worked...and had forgotten about it..until later that evening when I cooked my dinner. I sat down in front of the TV and started to eat when suddenly something in my brain went 'Woah! Slow down. Eat slowly'.. and I did. I took my time over every mouthful and really tasted what I was eating (as opposed to wolfing it down). I paid attention to my fullness levels and, for the first time in years, left some food on my plate! An hour or so later I thought I'd have some Green and Blacks chocolate. I snapped off about 8 pieces of a 100g bar and ate them, slowly, tasting the flavour. And it was enough. I didn't NEED any more (I really couldn't believe I didn't finish off the entire bar - as normal!). That was two weeks ago and I'm now 4 pounds lighter. I haven't counted calories, watched fat grams or avoided 'bad food' - I've just followed the four principles and it really has changed the way I think about food. I only listened to the CD once (and I think I should probably listen to it again to re-inforce the message) and know that some people chose to listen to it every day, and the pounds have just come off - without me doing anything. As I said at the beginning of this review I really WAS sceptical about this book/CD combination. I tried hypnosis before (for smoking) and it didn't work. This, it seems, has.

01-15-2006, 04:15 PM
The McKenna program sounds a lot like the Eating Awareness Training with the addition of hypnosis. Maybe there are alot of ideas going around that make sense.

Next weekend I'm doing a storytelling retreat, and I'm a little nervous because I haven't gotten all the information yet. Think I will call.

Manwhile all the vitamin C and herbs and I haven't (touch wood) gotten the bad cold DH and DS did. Hope it stays that way!

01-16-2006, 05:50 AM
Hi y'all,
Been an incredibly busy day here. I've sanded, plastered, washed, cleaned, cleared, ironed and folded. I'm clearing out the spare room for when DS1 arrives on Friday night. I'm also painting in the dining room. Tomorrow will be just as busy.

I've got too many books. I think I need to find a book exchange and pass them along. I've also been sorting out the boys stuff and have some boxes ready for when the DS1 arrives and he can go through them and decide on what to keep and what to chuck. DS2 has a small box as I chucked all his stuff at him some time ago. I just found another couple of things of his.

Food and water have been good this week, however I think I am hanging on to the water. Feel a bit waterlogged at times and the treadmill at the gym today was not funny. It seemed that everything wiggled and jiggled. *sigh* this does get frustrating from time to time.

See you

01-16-2006, 09:39 PM
Hey, where is everybody?:dancer: :gossip:

01-17-2006, 04:12 AM
Mornin chickies ...... WW tonight and I have not done that well this week .......I have been eating foods that are high in points ......... not counting my points and not even listening to Paul McKenna's advice. I keep thinking abouty it though so maybe someday I will!! :D
On signing up for it I think they were supposed to send tips each day. The only one I have got by e-mail so far is this one. Maybe it will help .......... it certainly cannot do any harm :D

DAY 7: Smell yourself slim

'Nothing is more memorable than a smell. One scent can be unexpected, momentary and fleeting, yet conjure up a childhood summer beside a lake in the mountains; another, a moonlit beach; a third, a family dinner of pot roast and sweet potatoes during a myrtle-mad August in a Midwestern town.'

According to Dr Richard Bandler, taking a few moments to smell each bite of food before putting it in your mouth alerts your brain to what it is you are about to eat. Your brain then triggers the correct digestive enzymes to be released into both your saliva and your stomach, and whatever you are eating will be digested quickly and efficiently.

Today, take the time to smell each bite of food before you eat it. You'll find it will not only enhance your ability to enjoy each mouthful, you'll feel better afterwards as well. What do you do if you don't like the smell? Don't eat it!

On the first show Paul Mc Kenna did an experiment when three volunteers ate a cooked breakfast and enjoyed it. Then came back the second day to do it again, only this time blind folded. Without seeing the food, their brains told them when they were full and they left a lot, plus didn't find it tasted as good.

Gotta go ...... have a good day all

01-17-2006, 09:10 PM
Just putting us up to the top . . .

01-17-2006, 10:07 PM
Hello Ladies,

Where does the time go? Today I had jury duty. Showed up the the person on trial didn't. We'll I did my civic duty.

Going to try SB again. Seems like I'll do ok for a few days, then I get stressed at work and eat everything, then try to get back on track. Oh, what a cycle.

Mooz - I forgot I had some hypnsosis tapes. Think I'll look for them tonight. Give me something to listen to on my morning commute.

Hal - Hang in there. I know it has to be frustrating. I'm totally frustrated right now. I just can't seem to get back on any track, besides that i'm PMSing and that doesn't help.

Shad - Do you have a 1/2 book store there or anything similar. I have a friend who sells alot of her books. You've been a busy person, wish i had your energy.

Cat - Hope the family is feeling better.

Nita - Hope you did good at your bowling tournament. You know your trainer is right, the key is exercise and food intake. But why is it so hard to do?

Hope everyone is having a good evening.

01-18-2006, 04:45 AM
Mornin chickies :hug: ............... went to WW and I had put on 1 pound but I actually thought it would be more so I don't feel so bad about that. :carrot: Got a sore throat and a cold now so not feeling the best in that respect. It too shall pass :hug: ....... just as well that was a virtual hug though ;)
Have a good day all.

01-18-2006, 01:29 PM
Happy Hump Day Girls!

Good news, I lost the 4 pounds I gained last week, plus one. That adds up to one pound for 2 weeks of effort, but I'll take it. I am just glad I paid up my WW fees until mid April so I don't quit. I knew it would not be easy. I am 100% on the plan, do need to exercise more, and will promise not to give up. I don't like the alternative!

Hey, did I mention there is no day like a snow day? That's me today! Life is good at the moment. More later!

01-18-2006, 01:44 PM
Congrats on the 5 pound loss Halgal :carrot:

Paul McKenna's tip for today ............

Are you thirsty?

'Water its living strength first shows, When obstacles its course oppose.'

Did you know that when you feel hungry, there is a 75 percent chance you are actually dehydrated? This is why one of the most valuable things you can do is to make sure you have a fresh glass of water before sitting down to eat. One woman who lost 3 stone using my system credited the majority of the weight loss to this one distinction. As she said, "I had always heard that it was healthy to drink at least eight glasses of water a day, but I could never get myself to do it. By simply drinking a glass of water before eating, I've increased my water intake effortlessly. After doing it for a few weeks, I realised how often I'd been misinterpreting my body's need for water as hunger for food. I now eat much less than I used to, but I never feel like I'm denying myself anything. And when I am hungry, I make sure to eat what I love and love eating it!"

Make a commitment right now to make sure you always have easy access to filtered or distilled water and to drink a glass every time before you eat. You'll be glad you did!

01-18-2006, 09:09 PM
Hooray, Hal!

1day--most hypnosis tapes say not to listen to while driving. Be sure to check for safety.

Everyone seems pretty much recovered.

01-19-2006, 11:06 AM
Hi chickies ....... here is Paul McKenna's tip for today .........
See yourself slim

‘Visualization is daydreaming with a purpose.’

Just as athletes rehearse success in their minds over and over again, you need to imagine exactly how you will be when you are thinner. By constantly thinking about how you ultimately want to look, you are programming your mind to make you more and more that way.

Do this simple exercise several times today:

Imagine how good you will look when you are a little bit thinner
than you are right now.
Float into that thinner you. See through their eyes, hear through
their ears and feel how good it feels.
Now, imagine how good you will look when you are a little bit
thinner than that.
Once again, float into that thinner you and enjoy the experience.
Keep doing this until you can easily imagine being your ideal weight.

The more you do it, the easier it becomes.

01-20-2006, 12:02 AM
Well, chicks, I this whole weekend planning has been truly disorganized. So I thought I had a nice relaxed morning and no rush to get to MO. Then got call at 10 to 9--could I be there by 9:30? (It's about a 2 1/2 hour drive to Clinton from here). Well, I was annoyed, but decidedto do it anyway, so will not be checking in until sunday.

Have a good weekend!

01-20-2006, 02:08 PM
Todays tip......
What you practice, you become

‘Always act as if you have already achieved what it is you are setting out to accomplish.’

How do you think you’ll be different when you’ve lost the weight you
want to lose?
Will you be happier?
Have more energy?
Feel better about yourself?

While all of these things are possible, they become more likely when you begin to practice them even before you’ve lost the weight.

Want to be happy, energised and filled with positive self-regard?

Then practice, practice, practice!

Have a happy, healthy weekend.

01-20-2006, 08:16 PM
A quick note from the Super 8 loby--having a wonderful time!

01-20-2006, 09:13 PM
Hello Ladies,

This week has gone by so fast. Still no rain here and we're having lots of wind. Lots of fire alerts.

Cat - No worries, I take the train in. So i'll be listening to the hypnosis tapes on my ride in. Have fun this weekend.

Hal - WTG - I think paying for the program up front is a good idea. Makes you stick to the program. Can't believe you all got snow.

Mooz - thanks for all the tips. I really need to work on drinking my water.

Shad and Nita - Hope you all are doing ok.

01-21-2006, 10:24 PM
Hi Ladies,

Again I have not gotten notification of the new posts. I did go into my profile and made sure I had it set up.

Mooz -- I never heard of this McKenna person but I appreciate your sharing this information with us. I remember a long time ago I did attend one of those hypnosis seminars in a group setting. And I vaguely remember the person making similar statements like "see yourself thin" , etc. I do know that I eat a lot of times and I really am not hungry. I guess I have been programmed to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner because that is how it has always been!


I, myself, have not decided what I should do to get back on track. Wed. evening we had a block meeting and it lasted until it was dark. I was walking back with one of my neighbors and tripped getting from the street to the sidewalk. Fortunately I landed on my hands and one knee. Luckily I have been doing those weight-bearing exercises and didn't break anything. Wouldn't you know it my left elbow had a good scrape and that is my bowling arm. My right knee really took most of the fall and it is still really black and blue. I did manage to go bowling yesterday and didn't do too badly. I had to give up the gym on Friday because I knew I just couldn't manage it.

One of the ladies in my exercise class lives just 10 minutes from me and we have decided to go to the TOPS meeting next Tuesday just to check it out. It is much cheaper than WW and basically it is a "support" group. Perhaps if I have a buddy I can depend on, it will work. My first success at losing weight was 36 years ago and it was with a TOPS program.

Again, I am sorry I am not being my old self, but thanks to Mooz sharing all that info it has given me a lot to think about.

Hopefully you are all enjoying your weekend!


01-22-2006, 12:36 AM

Hey Movers and Losers!

So, as you can see I have been lurking around the chicks site to see how everything works. I've been here for years, and never taken the time to really just look around. Anyway...

"This Side of Heaven" is Hal Ketchum's new single. Word out it is playing on raido on the west coast and doing well. It was due here last week. No one here has any idea? This is typical of Hal's work, and why his career has stalled. Strange goings on. Anyway... if you listen to country music radio... you 'may' have an opportunty to hear him.

I like the idea of being in control, once again. Even tho I gained the first week, and was ready to forget it all - I like the feeling of being in control more. Little by little - I'll gain control. I read last week an article that stated how it was much easier to maintain good health, than to recover from poor health. Enough said for me.

NITA: I'm glad you were not hurt when you fell. I am now taking calcium supplements. WW says I need 3 milk servings a day. It is really hard to get all of that in, so I bought those Viactin chocolate supplements with the vitamins. Hang in there!

Mooz: I am receiving the daily emails with the how to lose weight information, I just cannot receive the videos. On the visualization techniques - I've used this before. I lost weight on a medically supervised fasting program years ago. Each week we had to meet with 'our group'. One of the group leaders was a psychologist that would use group hypnotism. I remember once (really only one time) it really worked - 40 minutes later we were finished and it felt as if I had been there 5 minutes. Anyway, I still remind myself of the benefits of visualizing positive results. Thanks for the help here!

CatLover: I am STILL finishing that book. I began kind of skim reading, I just try to digest each word as if it was a Hershey bar. LOL It really is eye opening. A few of our book club members have reported in they stopped reading it, could not get into it. How was your weekend away? Hope you have a good time.

OneDay: We had a 50 degree day, 3 inches of snow and ice the next day, and almost 60 degree day the next day. Wild, huh? Did you get all of your holiday decorations put away? I am still finishing, but will finish this weekend. I bought some things on sale and had to get more boxes to store them in. I did not find any holiday cards on sale this year tho! You should see Rocky, he is curled up in his bed - sacked out from a day of rough running. I have promised myself either an iPod or a portable satellite radio when I reach the 25 pound loss. I'll use it to walk Rocky, and ofcourse - other things too. I am motivated.

Well I will close for now. Have a great week girls!

01-22-2006, 01:47 PM
Yesterday and todays tips DAY 12: Write it down!

‘Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.'
You have already learned in keeping this journal that there is an incredible value in writing down what you are doing as you are doing it, and in taking the time to review what you have done and to learn from it.
Today, increase your mindfulness of what you put into your body by writing EVERYTHING down, from the sugar-free breath mint to the evening cup of tea. This is not to make yourself feel guilty about what you are eating – remember, there is no such thing as a forbidden food.
It is simply to assist you in becoming more and more aware … Take a piece of paper and divide it into four, and label each quarter morning, afternoon, early evening and late evening …

DAY 13: Pronoia in action

‘You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely knit group of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends.’
I believe there should be a new category of mental health called ‘pronoia’
– the belief that everything and everyone is conspiring to do you good!
Here’s a simple way to put your pronoia into action …
Just for today, live as if there is a positive benefit in every one of life’s events.
Jot down something that happened today and find (or make up!) the positive benefit …
What happened: I ate about five more biscuits than I intended.
This is good for me because: It shows how much I’ve changed – in the past I would have eaten the ...

Was at a surprise 50th birthday party last night for my younger brother Hugh ..... he is the fireman.
Will attach a photograph taken at it ........ from left to righ hubby, me, my hubby's brothers wife, my hubby's brother, my brothers wife and my brother. The two gals in the picture are also sisters So in that picture you hace 2 brothers, 2 sisters and a brother and sister! Of course I am the oldest in it!!! *********!!! I have my mouth open because just at the moment the picture was taken Margaret, beside me, decided to grab me around the waist and tickle me.:devil:

01-22-2006, 07:37 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you know I really enjoy reading your posts. Today I have been working on my income tax--something I really do not enjoy doing, however, this year I have a new tax man and perhaps he can save us money. They are having a group hypnosis seminar here close to me next Sunday. The cost is $40 if you pay in cash. I really would liek to attend, however, my husband thinks it is a waste of time. What do you think?

My knee is still really black and blue but I did manage to go practice 5 games of bowling. None of my friends showed up so i did this all in one hour and 15 minutes. It seems as long as I am moving it it feels pretty good.

Gene is trying to walk without his cane and is still quite wobbly, however, I do think he is making an effort.

I finally did get notified so I guess I did something right.

Hal -- How do you go about getting your picture on the site.

Mooz -- Your family picture looks great--I sure do miss my family!

Take care,

01-22-2006, 09:24 PM
Hello Ladies,

We finally got some RAIN. Thank God. It's been so dry here, I think the news said the 5th worse drought since they been recording. And of course we have idiots who smoke and throw the butts out the car window. Lots of grass fires. BUT it's been raining today. Of course not getting as much as we need but i'm sure the fireman are glad for the break today.

OK, i'm been depressed lately. Nothing moving on the scale. But why should I expect it to move when I haven't been exercising or really watching what I eat. I feel like i'm just not in control. And like you said Hal, it's good to be in control whether is work related or home. So yesterday I went to the office, work 5 hours just on my filing and today went back and work on more filing. Anytime we issues purchase order's over a certain dollar amount, we suppose to get all the paperwork (po, approval, quotes etc) and send it to file. We;ll the last few months, been so busy, I get the order out, but didn't do the filing, and it's makes me depressed to go in my office. So I'm taking action to get it done. Ya, I'm having to work over, but I'm feeling better about it.

NOW for my diet and exercise. We'll went grocery shopping and starting South Beach tomorrow and I've also got the treadmill out.

Nita - I'm so glad you didn't get hurt when you feel. See working with weights does pay off. They had one of those hypnsois here during the holidays and I really wanted to attend. I think they work, but you know they're going to try and sell you some tapes for home. Let us know if you go.

Mooz - what a wonderful picture of you. Looks like everyone was having fun. YOU look great girl!

Hal - Christmas decoration are put up. Now i've also been working on files at home. Lately I just come home from work and veg on couch. NO MORE. This week i'm making it a goal to exercise and to do something around the house.

Cat & Shad - hope your having a good weekend.

01-23-2006, 08:44 PM
I'm a little concerned with the one-size-fits-all hypnotism, but it's probably OK. REmember, if you get a bad feeling about it you can walk out.

1day--good for taking action!

Had a wonderful weekend with the storytellers--makes it hard to go back to my boring job, though.

Oops--Kitty needs love.

01-23-2006, 08:44 PM
I'm a little concerned with the one-size-fits-all hypnotism, but it's probably OK. REmember, if you get a bad feeling about it you can walk out.

1day--good for taking action!

Had a wonderful weekend with the storytellers--makes it hard to go back to my boring job, though.

Oops--Kitty needs love.

01-23-2006, 10:54 PM
Hello Ladies,

Made it through day of 1 of South Beach. I'm starting to get a headache and I think it's because of no sugar. Drink more water, drink more water. This evening after work I went and had a massage. It was wonderful.

Cat - Glad you had a good weekend with the storytellers. In your statement with the one size fits all about the hypnosis. I think your right. I have done both. I had a few private sessions and they focused on the things I was having trouble with. Drinking water, sweets. I really started to see a change, but the sessions were getting expensive and then the drive.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

01-25-2006, 12:58 AM
Well I gained .4 of a pound. This is going to be a real battle, but I knew that. I am ready and refuse to be discouraged.

When I got in at 7P tonight my telephone was ringing. My Dad passed away. He had a surgery just before Christmas for an anuerism and never really felt well after it. He was 77 years old. There will be a visitation in Indiana on Thursday and graveside burial in Virginia on Saturday. I'll be out for a few days traveling. I don't think I'm up to both services and have to decide when and where I'll go. Decisions...

Anyway... not the best of days.

01-25-2006, 05:33 AM
Oh Hal - I am so sorry to hear about your fathers passing. Wish I was closer to give you a big hug. I'm sure your Dad would not have wished for you to upset yourself with travelling and moving from place to place. You must do what is best for you and which gives you greater peace and closure.
My thoughts are with you.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I've been rather wrapped up in family doings and problems. We had a nice visit from DS1 and G/F last weekend and a family and friends bbq on the Saturday night. I cooked for 14 and must have got it nearly right as there wasn't a huge amount left over. Even all the vegetarian stuff went. Also I have been working on the house and have sanded the dining room and kitchen ceiling and painted the long wall in the lounge/ dining room. I bought two new doors yesterday. These are to replace the front and back door which were getting old and no longer very secure. So that was fun. I just thought doors were doors, but there are long doors and short doors, wide doors and narrow doors, thin doors and thicker doors. Mine have turned out to be stock standard so I was pleased about that. They should arrive and be fitted in the next 3 weeks.

Weather is still hot and sticky. We are probably due a thunder storm before too long.

I'll be back tomorrow to reply to individual posts. Right now the electrician has arrived.

01-25-2006, 08:09 PM
Hal, I am so sorry about your Father's passing. I hope he didn't suffer too much! 77 is not very old. We'll miss you while you are gone.

I am still having some problem with my right knee that really got the brunt of my fall a week ago today. It could be that I went bowling today and then walked at the mall. I still haven't gone back to the gym but I am hoping to do so on Friday.

For some reason I cannot begin the diet like I used to. I do remember one of the Leaders at WW saying if this is how I felt to just cool it and take off a couple of weeks and not to stress about not being on program.

Have any of you ladies watched the nonprofessional skaters skating with the pros? It is truly a great program. I cannot imagine how these people could do so well. I am also watching the Dancing with the Stars. I find that watching some good TV a couple of hours a night also is a good stress reliever.

Well I had better get moving--it's time to make dinner.

Take care all,

01-25-2006, 09:45 PM
My sympathy on the loss of your father. Even though you may have anticipated something like this, still it's very hard.

Nita--I have been using the Miracle Ball for my foot and back, and it is really simple and helpful. You can get it at gaiamdotcom or her web site is elainepetronedotcom. My set was $18, which includes the book.

01-26-2006, 10:46 PM
Hal - My deepest sympathy to you on the loss of your father. Will keep you and your family in my prayers.

01-27-2006, 05:25 AM
Evening all,
Time is rolling round so fast - it's nearly the end of January already. How time does fly.

I feel so unmotivated right now for weight loss. I feel that for so many years I have been good and tried hard and done the right things. Good food, exercise, etc etc etc and absolutely nothing has happened on the scale. Sure I have lost inches, but surely dropping 4 dress sizes should result in some sort of drop on the scale. It has become extremely frustrating. So much so that I have decided that fasting one day a week will now be the go. Also eating when I am hungry, not when time dictates I should have a meal or snack. It goes against everything I have learnt over the years, but the time comes when one has to try other things if the 'norm' is not working.

So that is where I am at at the moment.

Mooz - great picture of the family. That's one for the album. Nice to see all the siblings together. In our case it happens so rarely that you have to get the picture at the time.

Nita - sorry to hear about your knee. Hope that it soon comes right for you. Horrible feeling when you fall over like that. It can do some real damage too.

1 day - Glad you got some rain. These weather patterns around the world are just awful right now. I guess Mother Nature is totally annoyed with us all. We have the same idiots who toss the butts out the window while still alight. There is a telephone number we can ring to dob in the tosser if we want. Biggest problem is that you aren't allowed to use the phone while driving unless you have a hands free phone and I haven't. I believe they get a letter from the Fire Department telling them not to do it again and outlining the consequences if it starts a fire!

Time to go get on with it. Hello :wave: to the others - Mooz, cat, hal.

01-27-2006, 11:42 PM
Hey, good news from the oncologist. He says that I am way on the good end for the kind of leukemia I have. My numbers are so stable he thinks it likely it could be many years before I need treatment.

On his super-accurate scale I am 3lb lower than I was last year. Sigh. Still, at least it's not heavier.

01-28-2006, 12:37 PM
Hi Everyone,

Shad -- I am in the same boat you are--dieting has become so difficult that even though I have good intentions each morning, by noon they have all gone by the wayside. So that is why I am going to just try and maintain at this time. I am going to try and go back to the exercise class on Monday. My knee is still quite bruised and painful but at least I am able to bowl even though this is my sliding foot.

Catlover-- I am happy to hear your good news from your oncologist. I am sure this has been very stressful for you now knowing how your test results until now.

Today my friends are coming over to play pinnochle and this is good because it gives Gene something to look forward to. It also gave me incentive to get moving early this morning.

Well I will close for now--hope everyone is enjoying their weekend1

Take care,

01-28-2006, 10:35 PM
Kickin' us up!

01-29-2006, 11:19 PM
Hello Ladies,

Where did this weekend go? Went to a health fair yesterday. Of course their was lots of information on different health issues and cooking lessons. Was all motivated when I left yesterday. Now to just use what I learned.

Cat - OH, good news from your oncologist. I'm sure that is a relief. WTG on the 3 lb loss from last year. A loss is a loss.

Nita - never heard of your game, but it's always good to get together with friends. Take care of that knee.

Shad - I"m sure it has to be frustating of losing 4 dress sizes and not seeing the scale move. Maybe the fasting get you off that plateau. We don't have the hands free law yet, but several states do.

Hal - Keeping you in my prayers.

Mooz - Hope your doing ok.

01-30-2006, 06:54 AM
Hi ladies ....
Halgal ...... so sorry to hear about your father. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

CAtlover ..... great news for you from the oncologist

Patty ...... hope you are able to work on those healthy tips!

Shad ...... maybe you should stop weighing yourself and just concentrate on how you look in your clothes. You have probably more muscle than fat now and it does weigh more. I am one to be talking though .... I am addicted to the scales! :o

Nita .... hope your knee gets better soon.

Here are more Paul McKenna tips

Day 14: The Tipping Point

‘We first make our habits, then our habits make us.'

There comes a point in the creation of any new habit where it becomes easier to do something than not do it. This is true whether the habit is a negative one (smoking or dieting) or a positive one (exercise, kindness, eating when you’re hungry).
With each of the new habits you are creating through doing this programme, notice when you come to ‘the tipping point’ – that point where it has become easier to eat what you love than what you’re supposed to, and when it becomes easier to stop when you’re full than to stop when the plate is empty

DAY 15: Getting to know your body

‘I think awareness is probably the most important thing in becoming a champion.’

What’s going on with your body right now? Take a minute now to do a complete inner body scan from head to toe (and yes, that does include ‘stomach’!) …
Which parts of your body feel particularly good? Are there any parts of your body that are uncomfortable? Is there any part of your body which is ‘unavailable’ – i.e. that you can’t get a sense of with your eyes closed?
Repeat this exercise at least three times today – make an effort to notice at least one new thing each time. As you become more aware of what’s going on with your body throughout the day, it will become easier and easier to stay aware of what’s going on with your body while you eat!

Day 16 The Motivation Booster

‘People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing – that's why we recommend it daily.’

Here’s a simple exercise you can do anytime you feel your motivation beginning to flag or your resolve starting to weaken:

1. Make a list of all the reasons you don’t want to be overweight.
2. Make a list of all the reasons you do want to be thin and optimally healthy.
3. Make a list of all the diets you’ve tried in the past and how long (or short) they lasted.
4. Finally, make a list of the best things you’ve learned and experienced so far in the process of enjoying eating what you really want when you’re actually hungry and stopping when you’re full!

DAY 17: Do I have to eat like this for the rest of my life?

That’s a bit like asking if you have to enjoy great sex with the person of your dreams for the rest of your life! Which bits of the system would you like to change?
Would you like to stop eating when you’re hungry?
Would you like to stop eating the foods you love and want to eat?
Would you like to stop enjoying your food as you eat it?
Would you like to begin making yourself sick from overeating?

Remember, there’s nothing in this system designed to punish you or make you wrong - just a recognition that when you are willing to trust your body and stay conscious, your body will reward you with more energy, more aliveness and less wobble!

DAY 18: Take out your inner critic

‘I must learn to love the fool in me, the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries.'

Here is an excellent exercise that will transform your relationship with your ‘inner critic’:
1. Stop for a moment and talk to yourself in your critical voice, saying all those nasty things in that unpleasant tone.
2. Now, notice where you make that voice. Does it seem to be coming from inside your head or outside? Is it at the front, the sides or the back?
3. Extend your arm and stick out your thumb.
4. Wherever the critical voice was, move it down your arm to the tip of your thumb, so it’s now speaking to you from there.
5. Next slow it down and change the tone of it. Make it sound sexy, or speed it up so it sounds like Mickey Mouse.

Day 19: Bit by bit

‘If you just keep moving, sooner or later the finish line will show up.’

Stu Mittleman is the world record holder for the 1,000-mile endurance run and a physical mastery ‘guru’. In an interview I once read, a reporter asked Mittleman how he had geared up mentally for running the equivalent of nearly 40 continuous marathons. Mittleman replied: ‘I never ran 1,000 miles – I can't even conceive of running 1,000 miles. All I did was run one mile a thousand times.’ Do you believe you could lose one pound this week by continuing to eat when you’re hungry and stopping when you think you’re full? If so, congratulations – you WILL reach your goal!

Day 20: One by one

‘You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can change your direction overnight.’

There is a part of your brain called the amygdala whose job it is to keep you safe by preventing you from making major changes in your life. Any time it senses you’re going to upset the status quo, it releases stress hormones into your body to ‘encourage’ you to give up and go back to ‘the way things always have been’. Taking one small action a day outsmarts the amygdale by sneaking past its radar. Yet the cumulative effects of these single daily actions will be nothing short of life-changing. When you are used to doing one thing, two things is easy. When you are used to doing fifty, fifty-one is just as simple. What is one small daily action you could begin taking to make changes in the important areas of your life?
Here are some examples to get you started …

To manage stress, I will: Take one deep breath a day

To save money, I will: Put one penny into a jar

To have more time, I will: Get up one minute earlier
Now it’s your turn …

01-30-2006, 10:11 PM
Mooz--wow, that is really inspiring.

Shad--I definitely think Patty is right. After, what we are after is being healthy, first, and second looking good. If the scale doesn't fit with that, forget it.

I am trying so hard to work on my web site--trying to really clear some time. Tomorrow I don't have any writing for the the coalition for peace and justice (got it in tonight), any writing for RAPS (storytelling), any badly-overdue letters (the only one is sitting in my "out" slot), past-due bills or other projects. I am out of excuses!!!

Sat. I get my hair done, and then E is going to take my picture for it, also.

01-31-2006, 10:16 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. Sat in meeting most of the day, and when I came back to my desk, had lots of phone calls to return. Stayed late this evening. Just got in. Tomorrow going to an away site for another meeting. Anyway, i'm tired, not much on tv tonight.

Mooz - thanks for sharing Paul McKenna's tips. Now to just use them

Cat - Your definitely a busy person. Who is "E" and why are they taking your picture?

01-31-2006, 11:29 PM
1Day--"E" is DH, who is a photographer (hobby now, but trained as a photojournalist). Taking my photo to go on my web site (if I ever get it done). Since my signature story is Jonah, he suggested he take my picture with some of the "big fish" in the aquarium where he works. Don't worry, I'll be safely outside the tank. Hope you get a good rest.

02-02-2006, 04:38 AM
bringing us to the top .......... will post some more McKenna tips later .......... :carrot:

02-02-2006, 07:56 PM
Hello ladies,

Cat - when you get your site up, let us know.

Another busy day, the weather was beautiful today. Low 70's. Unfortunately didn't even leave my office once.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

02-03-2006, 12:30 AM
Hey, I may actually get the site done.

Anyone need a storyteller?

02-03-2006, 01:40 AM
We all need the odd story or two Cat.

Have you ever done one on what the cat did all day. In case you needed to know here's Sunday the cat on her daily chores. She does move occasionally, usually in the direction of the kitchen.

02-03-2006, 11:59 PM
Shad--love the cat.

02-05-2006, 05:33 PM
Hi Ladies,

It's been quite some time but I am still here. I did go to the doctor on Monday regarding my knee and he had me get an x-ray. Luckily the x-ray came back normal. It will be three weeks Wed. when this happened and it is still bruised inside because it still hurts to touch it. I am going to try and go back to my exercise class tomorrow. It's been almost two weeks since I was there.

Mooz -- Thanks for Paul McKenna's ideas. I do believe each one of us has it in ourselves to accomplish whatever we set out to do. However, I also believe we have to be ready and willing to just go for it! Right this minute I am not in that frame of mind. I did buy a "complete" calorie counter book today because one of the Biggest Losers said that is how she lost her weight weighing and measuring everything she put in her mouth and counted all the calories. What she found out was that she had been eating an average of 5,000 calories per day without even realizing it.

I need to work on my taxes for the tax accountant and I keep putting it off. I am going to at least get started this afternoon. I cannot believe how I stress out about these things that really don't matter.

I again am not being notified of posts and I will try to do what you are supposed to to get back on line.

Take care all,
p.s. Which team are you rooting for--Steelers or Seahawks? I am definitely for the Steelers!

02-06-2006, 05:07 PM
Morning all,

Finally got back onto the site after yesterday when it seemed to be all over the place. Sometimes I could get on, other times I couldn't.

Not much happening here. Still painting the ceiling in the living room and dining room. Still having problems with the old paint not being removed properly so the new stuff is peeling off. Once that gets fixed, it will be no time before all the painting is done. Funny that it only happens on the ceiling and not on the walls. It would be so much easier on my neck, shoulders and arms if that were the case. Anyway mustn't moan. I'm getting it done. I also have to paint either early in the morning or late at night to get away from the worst of the days heat. The paint dries on the brush or roller leaving horrible lines and marks on the new paintwork. Aaaah well. This too shall pass.

I'm off to gym shortly, then home to do some work in the yard. This not working for a living is a great idea - however I'd better find something soon or I'll be out of funds. Nothing like no food or phone to getting ones motivation up and running to find work.

Catch you all soon.

02-06-2006, 06:31 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies,

Yesterday I told you I was going back to the basics, that is, counting calories. This morning I found a journal I had started writing in June 1, 2000. Can you believe I only wrote one entry--yes, I was on my way to see my grandchildren.

The next entry is July 20, 2001 and this is when I decided once and for all to go back to WW and give it my all. At this point I weighed more than I had ever weighed--194. During this time I had a lot of stress from my job and it was shortly after that that I decided to retire the end of September, 2001. I thought the following was most impressive to me: "I have truly worked the program, writing, measuring and making new recipes spells "success." I want to keep this attitude the rest of my life because I have a lot of things I need to accomplish." This entry was written on August 1, 2001. It wasn't until October, 2002 that I finally reached my goal weight of 140. As all of you know I have since gained back 15 lbs. and am having a very difficult time getting rid of it. I am sure part of it has to do with my age, but I cannot use that as an excuse. So far today I have eaten 720 calories and I am making a promise to myself that I will count calories for one week to see if I can break the cycle of not losing weight.

I do remember when I was losing weight I posted to this site almost on a daily basis and received tremendous support. It is truly remarkable that you can become friends with people you may never meet in person.

I hope everyone is having a "great" day and together we can get back in control!

Take care,

02-06-2006, 10:07 PM

02-07-2006, 07:28 PM
Hiya to everyone

Nita - I wish you lots of luck in getting rid of those 15lbs again. It is such a struggle to lose them second time around. A real pain. I can relate to your dilemma. Keep going on counting those calories. I look forward to hearing your results in a week or so.

- oooh a breeze just came in through the window I can smell roses. Must be the yellow friesia rose as it is in full bloom just now and I can see nothing else that has a strong scent and which is out.

This is not a photo of my rose. I suspect mine is more of a floribunda. But it does look similar in the bud.

I seem to have scored myself another job. When things happen, they happen quite suddenly and given that I am waiting on the results of a local one which will be clear by 12.00pm today, it seems that I will be off to Wollongong in a couple of weeks time.

That is the news for today. I will probably take the 'gong job. It is paying extremely well, I will be working with people that I know and doing a variety of documentation from finance to purchasing to material maintenance to PM, and given that I want to go on holiday in August, I may just need that money. It's just that I will have to pack up and leave home again. Sunday the cat will not appreciate my efforts I am sure.

Speaking of Sunday the cat, I have just taken her to the vet to have her teeth checked and scaled. She was quiet all the way to the vet (a minor miracle in itself) but let it be known that she was less than amused when I walked into the vets surgery and was even louder when I handed her over to Kelly the nurse (another Kiwi). I'm sure the vet and his staff will be impressed with her healthy vocal cords.

Ah well with that, I'll be off to paint the ceiling and walls. Better get that done before I go away again.

02-08-2006, 02:00 PM
Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you all know, I am indeed writing down everything I eat and I am staying around 1500 to 1900 cal. per day. This is day No. 3. Yesterday I did have a Hersey bar and put down 230 cal. in my journal. Since we had chicken salad for dinner, I was still within my range. It is true, we really don't know how many calories we are consuming until we actually measure and count them.

I need to go to the chiropractor this afternoon because I hurt my back while bowling on Sunday all by myself. I must have been bowling too fast.

Well I will close for now,
Hope you are having a wonderful day!

02-08-2006, 03:11 PM
Just a quick note i'm still around.
will post more tonight.

02-10-2006, 12:02 AM
A note from my Canadian friend. She's going to Cuba for 10 days. The weather isn't bad here at all, but my that does sound nice. Of course, we in the Land of the Free can't go to Cuba anyway. Heaven forfend.

02-11-2006, 01:07 AM
Hello Ladies,

I can't believe how fast this week went by. Seems like i was working late everyday this week and by the time I got home ate dinner, did a load of laundry it was time to get to bed. I took a vacation day today and just laid around. I did see Oprah and she talked about gaining some of her weight during the holidays. She was going to sign her contract with her trainer to get back on the program.

Nita - Good for you on your journaling. I too need to do that. Hope your back is feeling better.

Shad - what a beautiful rose. You'll have to tell about your new job location.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

02-11-2006, 12:46 PM
Good Morning Ladies,

Bringing us to the top!

02-12-2006, 10:41 PM
Hey Movers and Losers!

Gosh, it has been a long time since I've sucessfully posted here! I have tried a few times and lost the information. I guess it may be a symptom of difficult times, but things are getting better, becoming easier day by day.

Interesting enough, I lost 3.4 pounds at WW weigh in last Tuesday evening. I skipped the weigh in the previous Tuesday due to eating foods I normally 'would never' while in Indiana for my Father's funeral visitation. I did not gorge, but still ate foods that definately have their abundance of empty yet oh so tasty calories. I have a wonderful set of high school friends that never fail me - they are incredible. We are now an official red hat society. They quietly remind me my name is on the roster, altho I have assured them I will not be wearing a red hat! Too funny. So that is very nice news in the mist of much stress and sadness.

In the last 14 months I've lost both parents, and my dear niece. Actually, it will be a year on the 27th her life was taken. I'm working on a dedication for the local paper in Indiana. I bought the ad space while I was there for the funeral visitation for my Dad and gave them a picture of my niece. These words are difficult to develop. You have no idea.

I've read the previous posts from the last few weeks, but to be honest cannot remember enough to post individually. I will do my best to once again be a better member of this very worthy thread.

All the best....:angel: :angel: :angel: :val1:

02-13-2006, 12:55 AM
Hello Ladies,

Hal - WTG on your 3.4 weight loss.:cp: I'm glad your friends were there to give you support during this time. What is the red hat society? We all know what you have been going through and understand why you have not been posting, but remember we are here for you.:grouphug:

02-13-2006, 05:53 AM
Evening all,

Quick post, got lots to do and I can hear thunder rumbling in the background again.

Hal - good to see you back and well done on that weight loss.

My new challenge - for one week only - is to get everything done around the house that needs doing before I shut it up to go start my new job. New job is in Wollongong on the east coast of Aus just south of Sydney. I leave here next Sunday morning early and should get there - God willing and the rivers don't rise - by 8 or 9pm that night. It is about 1100k from here. Long drive huh.

Okay - gotta split. Next job on the list, fold the llaundry, put it away, check the e-mail for accommodation replies and sweep the floor in the lounge. That'll get me off to a good start tomorrow.

I'll check in again before I go.

02-13-2006, 08:09 AM
Hi chicks .... sorry I have not posted in a few days. Always seem to be busy. Trying to get some paintings finished and I have trouble getting to the happy stage where I can say it is finished.

Sinead is going to India for 3 weeks just before Easter and PAul is talking about going to Iceland for a few days at Easter.
Orla is 20 today so I have no more teenagers in the house now.

Shad ...... good luck with the new job ...... gosh what a long drive ..... rather you than me!!

Halgal ...... CONGRATS on the weightloss even thou you had some not so good foods.I hope your life gets better from now on.

Patty .... sounds like you enjoyed your vacation day just taking it easy. We all need days like that!

Nita ..... 1500 - 1900 cals sounds like a good healthy plan ..... keep it up!

Catlover ..... I hope all is well with you.

Some more McKenna tips ........

DAY 21: Eliminate the negative
‘Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.’

Over the years, I have worked with any number of struggling actors and musicians who resented the rich and famous while simultaneously striving to join their ranks. The problem with that is simple: It’s difficult to become something if you hate it. Your unconscious mind craves consistency – and if you keep telling it that all naturally thin people are bad in some way, it will do whatever it can to not let you become one of them. There is something miraculously freeing about celebrating the success of others, even those people we don’t particularly like. Try it as an experiment for the next few days. Whenever you hear about someone doing well, think something congratulatory. Bless their success instead of cursing it. Shortly this will become a new habit and you will become a more positive person. And as you begin to wish the best for those who are thinner than you, your unconscious mind will begin to make you more like them!

DAY 22: Breathe more, eat less

‘The only reason I would take up jogging is so that I could hear heavy breathing again.’

Given that people can go on a hunger strike for 90 days or more without dying, it’s probably a bit of an exaggeration to say ‘I’m starving’ two hours after a Chinese takeaway. But the body can’t survive even five minutes without a healthy supply of oxygen. And when you give the body the oxygen it craves, it will give you more energy and a faster metabolism.
This breathing exercise before each meal is a great way to give your body what it really needs:

1. Breathe in through your nose for a count of five.

2. Hold your breath for a count of 20. If you can’t get to 20, just hold it as long as you can. Imagine pumping the oxygen through to every cell in your body, giving it the nourishment it truly wants and needs.

3. Now, exhale completely until your body is empty. Stay ‘empty’ for as long as you can.

4. When your body really wants to breathe in again, let it. Allow your breathing to return to normal.

5. Repeat at least two more times.

DAY 23: Step by step

'A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.'

Dr James Hill discovered that there was a difference of only 1,500 to 2,000 steps taken a day between people who were overweight and those who maintained a healthy weight. That may sound like a lot, but it's only the distance of approximately four city blocks. Get creative with at least ten ways you can 'step up' your physical movement today. I've given a few suggestions to get you started:

I can move more today by …

1. Taking the steps instead of the elevator.

2. Walking to work.

3. Playing outdoors with my children.

DAY 24: Boredom

Life is no brief candle to me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have got a hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it onto future generations.'

I have a friend whose young daughter is continually bored. When she can no longer stand to hear her daughter complain, she fixes her a snack. Allow me to let you in on a little secret:
The cure for boredom is activity, not food.
If you find yourself feeling bored today, in search of something to do, move your body. Go for a walk. Dance! Your mind will thank you and your body will be beside itself with joy!

DAY 25: Increase the 'fun factor'

'We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.'

One of the unsung rules of success is this: What's fun gets done.
How can you make the process of using this journal and transforming your relationship with food even more fun?
Here are some of my favourite ideas from participants on my seminars:
Blow up 90 balloons and pop one for each day you successfully complete the programme. Do the programme with a friend - cook great meals for one another, go for walks and share your successes. Keep your eye on the prize - stick a photo of your head on your future body and enjoy the journey! Jot down your own ideas here:
To make this programme even more fun, I could …

DAY 26: The power of appreciation

The deepest principal in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.'

Here are some wonderful questions for you to ask and answer throughout the day today:

1. What's right with my life?

2. What's working?

3. Who do I love and who loves me?

4. What am I most grateful for in my life?

The real value in this exercise is not just the good feelings you will experience in your body but also the changes it will make in your life. By taking the time to deliberately appreciate what you already like and love, you invoke the law of increase:
What you focus on consistently, you get more of!

DAY 27:What's next?

'Change starts when someone sees the next step.'

The question I am asked most frequently when people have successfully completed one of my programmes is, 'What's next?'
Now that you have successfully taken yourself through this programme, there is one thing you can do which more than any other will help you to build on the momentum you've generated and keep your relationship with eating, food and your body strong:
Volunteer your support for other people who want to lose weight! Chances are that people have already begun asking you what you're doing differently. Instead of just telling them, you can show them. Take them through the four golden rules. Share the secrets of easy exercise. Encourage them to work through this programme with you as a 'support coach'. Not only will they thank you, your mastery of the system will grow in leaps and bounds, and you will find it easier and easier to maintain all the gains (and losses!) you have made!

02-13-2006, 07:51 PM
Hi Ladies,

Welcome back Halgal--Congrats also on your magnificent weight loss. I do believe WW is working for you. I am so sorry you have had so much sadness this past year. Perhaps this year will be much happier!

Mooz - Thanks for sharing all that wonderful info. I quite agree about the breathing. When I go to bed at night and have a hard time falling asleep, I do exactly what they told you to do--take a deep breath through your nose and hold it and finally let it go. For some reason it always calms me and before I know it I have fallen asleep.

I finally got rid of my backache and on Saturday morning I woke up with a stiff neck. But today it is finally almost gone. This has kept me from going to exercise and I hope I get to go back sometime this week.

I finally got the taxes ready for the accountant and that really does make me feel a lot better.

By following my new plan of losing weight, I lost 2-1/2 lbs. this first week. I really don't know why I fought writing down what I eat when I was doing WW because actually this is a little more difficult in that I need to look up the calories and then write them down. Perhaps I could eventually follow the WW plan and just keep on doing what I am doing now.

Has anyone heard of the food supplement "Seavegg". My daughter convinced me to give them a try. I will let you know if they have any effect. Supposedly they have seaweed in them and are manufactured in Ireland's pure sea water. Mooz, would you agree the water is pure?

Shad -- You sound like you have a plan and have taken action! You certainly do motivate me to do things around the house I have been putting off for some time.

1-Day and Catlover -- hope all is going well with you as well

Take care,

02-13-2006, 11:31 PM
Just a note. Tired and a bit of a headache. Need to get to bed.

Night, all.

02-14-2006, 08:37 PM

02-15-2006, 12:39 AM
Night, all!

02-15-2006, 04:39 PM
Morning all,

Hope you are all well and not suffering from too much excess sweet stuff over Valentines Day. Is it really worth sacrificing what you have achieved for the over commercialised 'fun' of the moment. It's a question I often ask myself when I see the stupidity of what merchandising wizards suggest we should by our loved ones for this day.

I've changed my mind about driving down to Wollongong on Sunday and have now booked a flight for Sunday morning. It's a long drive for one day and I will fly home on Friday, leave here on Saturday about lunch time, drive down at a reasonable pace and find a motel about halfway. Then I can drive the Sydney bit in the morning when I am fresh and not stressed out about getting to and through the joint as I would be doing the whole 1100K in one day.

Yesterday I painted and the ceiling in the diner and it doesn't look too bad. It needs a bit of plaster in some of the screw holes but other than that is okay. The lounge ceiling will never be perfect but there you go. It's not my fault, between the builder and the painter they have stuffed it. It will need to be replaced at some point in time or be restripped and plastered. I haven't got the time or energy anymore. Have to go get some more paint today to finish off. This ceiling must have the record amount of paint on it.

Today I am taking some time out to go bush and have lunch with a friend who lives down in Jimboomba on acreage. Her business is breeding Rottweiler dogs. Should be fun as long as I don't get eaten for breakfast or in this case lunch. I'll fit in the last day for the week at gym today along with the lunch and the paint shop. There isn't a branch of my gym at Wollongong so I will either have to find another or do it the hard way, by myself and on the beach. Yes they have beaches in Wollongong.

We are a quiet bunch at the moment. I guess the end of winter blues is setting in over there and certainly the I'm done with the heat syndrome is setting in over here. I look forward to cooler nights and good sleeps.

Well up and at 'em Shad. Time is a movin' along and there are plenty of things to do today. Get organised NOW!

02-16-2006, 09:27 PM

My, your life sounds so exciting. Here we are trying to keep warm--they are predicting 8 degrees (F) tonight.

I did, however, bundle up really well and walk the dog the whole half hour.:cp:

Oh, and bless DH's heart. He skipped the chocolate for valentine's, and got me the cutest little toy puppy.:hug:

02-16-2006, 11:46 PM
Hello Ladies,

I"m just stressed out. I really like my job, but it's so stressful. The pay is good, but all the stress:fr: And of course with valentine's day, their all the after holiday sale on candy and of couse i'm going to buy some for work, (ya, right).

Shad - your work trip sounds exciting. Keep us informed of what you do there? Sounds like you getting pretty much everything settled.

Cat - We're expecting that cold front tonight. They say it could be pretty bad weather this weekend. Today's high was 80!

Nita - WTG on your 2 1/2 lb loss. I think journaling plays a big key.

Hope this Thursday finds everyone well.

02-17-2006, 11:22 AM
Hello Everyone!

No Surprise, our weather forecast called for storms with high winds and heavy rain. As I enjoy this professional day off of school we have sunny skies and moderate temperatures! Just say ahhh...

I do have lots to accomplish today like taking my tax information in, taking down the Christmas tree down - yes taking the tree down! I noticed my neighbors put their live tree out last weekend, so I don't feel totally awful, but just the same - it needs to be packed away, and today!

I'm working on a memorial for my niece, AJ. I purchased ad space while I was in Indiana for my Dad's visitation. Now to find the words. I thought it would be easier and keep waiting for the right ones.

OneDay: Our work site is stressed also. We have a 3 hour required meeting on Thursday to go over a voluntary scholastic audit. This is after a full work day. So, they plan 11 hour days for us - and remember we get a big 25 minute lunch. Nuts. I've ask how on God's green earth does anyone expect our students to score proficiently if we are not giving our teachers the opportunity to teach at the very least proficiently - but honestly in a distinguished manner. Anyway... just remember stressed is desserts spelled backwards, and try not to take life too seriously. One lesson I have taken with me after the last year.

CatLover: Real live toy puppy? If so what kind, and congratulations. Rocky Road Ketchum is the bright spot of my day - each and every. I did have a white chocolate Valentine sucker a teacher bud gave to me. It was the real deal - with cocoa so since it was top shelf I told myself it was OK, and immediately wished I had not. Lifes lessons, one at a time.

SHAD: Your posts are so interesting to read - you take us with you on your adventures! I think I'll find some time to look up where you are going to see if I can see it. I admire you for the home repairs and redecorating you do. I have no talents in this area and have always hired it out. Since I am home today I made a traditional Virginia county breakfast similar to one my Grandmother Preuster would have made with cheese grits, extra thick bacon (to the point it actually appears to be mini slices of ham/pork chop), eggs over easy, toast with olive oil spread and home made apple butter. I'm set until mid afternoon - and I'll snack on fruit and/or salad. I have dinner plans with a good friend and her husband tonight. I bought this bacon while I was in Indiana - you know it is strange how 'the best stuff' is always where your roots are. I wonder where the good stuff is here - and that is so typical of the grass is always greener theory, huh. Hey, Nichole Kiddman accompanied Mr. Keith Urban to the Grammy awards here in the states last week!

Nita: I've not heard of the Seavegg supplement, but will look to see what I can find out. One of the many flu viruses going around our schools here has a stiff neck as a symptom. You may have picked up some type of virus. If I have trouble sleeping, I go over what I ate for the day - and calculated servings/calories. You know what? I rarely make it to the end of that list. LOL...:dizzy:

Good to hear from each of you. Have a GREAT weekend!!:angel: :dust: :angel:

02-17-2006, 02:36 PM
Hi Ladies,

Well thanks to my chirpractor, almost all my pain is gone. I still have not gone back to the gym--I am going to wait another week to make sure everything is okay. However, I am still bowling.

I have some great news--this journaling and measuring my food is paying off. I even took Gene out to dinner last evening thinking it might not be a good idea, however, this morning I was down another 1/2 lb. for a total in less than two weeks of 4 lbs. I ordered grilled chicken breasts and only ate 1/4 of them and brought the rest home for a salad tonight. Halgal --anything you can find out about Seavegg I would appreciate it. Also something else has happened my stomach problems have almost disappeared--it is either what I am eating or the food supplement. I told my daughter when I have lost at least another 15 lbs. I am going to write my own diet book. It seems all the books I have read the menus they put together always have foods I would never buy and/or the preparation always takes a lot of time. This book will be geared to senior citizens like myself. I am eating normal everyday foods and just making sure I measure and count all of the calories. Something else I have been incorporating in my food plan is Chocolate lowfat soy milk. It is higher in calories than fatfree milk but it tastes really good. Oh I almost forgot I have at least one or two squares of dark Hershey's chocolate almost everyday!

I am sorry to hear about all the stress some of you are having on your jobs. I have been there and now that I choose to keep working part-time it makes a big difference. I am still stressed with Gene's condition and I was using that as an excuse to not be in control of my diet. I have decided I will just take each day as it comes and hopefully one day we will wake up and he will improve considerably.

I love you guys and wish I could come up with some magic to help all of you?

Take care,

02-18-2006, 12:06 AM
WTG to go Nita.

Hal--sorry if I gave the wrong impression. No, it is a toy, toy puppy--though he does sing "I'm just a love machine" when you squeeze his paw. After Regalito the cat, I don't expect to get another pet, but then you never know about these things. If we did, though, I suppose it would be a small one, as a Samoyed takes a lot of strength and energy.

02-18-2006, 03:19 PM
Here we are again bright and early - wel early anyway. It is now 4.50am and I am about as ready as I will ever be to get on my way to the airport. Got up at 4.00 and packed. I think I have everything. Enough to keep me going for the week anyway. I just need to finish up in the kitchen, tidy up in the lounge and make sure things are locked up inside and out.

Went to the footy last night with DB2 and the kids. Niece invited a whole raft of her footy mad friends so we had a good if somewhat noisy night. Our team finally got up to beat the locals although it was a bit hairy there for a while. We had dinner out at the pub at Indooroopilly (pan seared Tasmanian salmon on a bed of hot potato salad and tomatos with an olive tapenade) which was very nice. Nephew has taken to eating in a big way and you ought to see him shovel it down. I'd forgotten just how much teenage boys could eat!

Here's a warning to you all for when the warm weather arrives. We've been having stinking hot days for a week or so and the humidity is right up there. And I didn't drink enough for the last few days and yesterday paid the price. Sure some weight dropped off, but the resulting pain of constipation (sorry TMI) and headache is something I don't want anyone else to suffer, so drink that water. There is a fine line between too little and too much I have to say. It's hard to know where to draw the line. Better to overdo than underdo I guess.

Puss went very unwillingly to the cattery. I'm sure she will be taken good care of - the vet recommended the place - but it was hard to see her sitting in the cage and very, very frightened.

Okay - time to put the show on the road. :wave: to you all. I gotta roll. See you next week.

02-19-2006, 11:00 AM
What is footy? What we call soccer, or something else?

Nice that you could go out with your family. Mine is so far.

02-19-2006, 10:37 PM
Hello Ladies,

Oh, we had a pretty good cold spell the last few days, I think the high yesteday was 24degrees. We're suppose to warm up tomorrow. Spent most of the weekend cleaning house and just taking it easy.

Hal - Your breakfast sounded good. Everyonce in a while my mom will cook the big breakfast, especially if my brother is in town and she'll call me. She doesn't have to ask twice. OH, I don't see how teachers are expected to have a 25min lunch/relax and sometimes have to watch the kids. I'm try not to stress but it's not easy.

Cat - I too wondered if you got a real pet or not. OH, i think footy is rugby.

Nita - WTG on your weight loss. I too am going to see a chiropractor. My hip has been bothering me and I think it's from the bag that I carry back and forth to work. A few weeks ago I went to a health fair and there were some chiropractors there. I have an appointment next week. OH, did you ever go see the hyptonist? There is one that has been advertising for $40 dollars (group session) and I've noticed that they were here in Jan for about 2 weeks and now there back again.

Shad - have a safe trip and keep us informed.

Mooz - Hope your doing ok.

02-22-2006, 05:23 PM
Morning all,
Today I find myself with a mouse which works and doesn't keep scrolling up and down the page constantly. Ever tried catching up with the page as it goes up and down. There's the bit I want - just down there oh oh up there, oh oh over there. Such fun.

I've been in different seats with different people and different offices all week and one day they will find me a place of my own I suppose. Equipment which doesn't work, using someone else's login. The list goes on.

Haven't go time to catch up much with the news and doings, but will try hard for some time over the weekend.

Catch you then.

02-22-2006, 09:13 PM
Hi Shad,

Nice to hear from you. I hope they find you a place where all the equipment is operable. As I was reading your post, I got a message that my wireless mouse needed the batteries replaced. Well I took the time to do it and now it works great!

For a change I did get an alert to the site, however, it ended up in my junk mail. I did change it to "safe." Hopefully it will be fine from now on.

I may have seen the Chiropractor for the last time. The pains have all of a sudden gone. What a relief--like I said before you never know how good you feel until you get some kind of a pain!

I am still journaling but it seems I am stuck on 152-1/2 lbs. I am not giving up though because I really need to stay in good health for Gene and me.

Well I will close for now -- hope all the rest of our group is having a "wonderful" week!

Take care,

02-22-2006, 11:10 PM
Shad--sounds frustrating. Hope they'll get you a space.

Today was a beautiful day to walk. In Kansas, though, we know we're not done with winter!

02-22-2006, 11:48 PM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - glad you got to your now work site safely. I"m sure it's frustrating not to have your own office space. How long are you going to be at this job?

Nita - I have my first chiropractor visit this saturday. Let's see what she has to say. OH, to be stuck at 152 1/2. I would just love that. Keep journaling and don't give up.

Cat - it's still cold here, but not like it was this past weekend.

Hope everyone having a good evening!

02-23-2006, 09:46 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just bringing us to the top!

02-25-2006, 09:35 PM
Hi Ladies,

Well I fasted until 1:00 p.m. today so I could have all those tests put on by the Kidney Foundation. As usual, my blood pressure was very high 170/90 and I did try to explain this always happens at the doctor's office. I even took my journal to prove it is always low when I take it in the morning. Even though I weighed in this morning (without any clothes) 152--on their scale it registered 155. They actually checked the urine test right there and it showed I had a small infection and a "large" amount of blood. The protein count of 10 was okay. I believe I shared this before--the fact that I always have some kind of blood which shows up under the microscope. The glucose test was 98 which was perfect. They took two vials of blood and I will not know the results for six weeks or so. The doctor I talked with said the blood test does show symptoms of kidney disease long before you know you have it. It's one of those silent diseases. He did advise me to inform my doctor about urine analysis and he thought it might be time to have another round of tests. I also inquired whether my stomach problems would have anything to do with the kidneys and he said no it would not.

My yearly check up is due next month so I will definitely discuss this with my PCP. As far as my aches and pains--they are completely gone. My chiro is truly remarkable and the next time I am not going to wait so long to see him.

Well that is all the news for now. Take care all and have a "super" weekend!

Take care,

02-26-2006, 12:17 AM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - Glad to hear that your aches are all gone. I went to see a chiropractor this morning too. Did a very long medical history on me and several tests to see where i'm at. Keep us informed on what your PCP says. The kidney foundation is also offering that testing here. It was offered last weekend but the weather was bad and I didn't want to get out. I think i'll keep an eye out for the next one.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

02-26-2006, 11:19 PM
Nita--sounds like a mixture of good and bad. Yes, the chiro can do great things.

Meanwhile, I am frustrated. I was so excited about the storytelling program we were planning to do this summer--but the pastor killed it. Said they'd had success with the old kind of program so they should not change. Shucky darn.

02-27-2006, 06:27 PM
I made it back here, all the way from home. I can tell you that it is 1071km from my place to here - give or take a couple of detours here and there. It's a long drive and went well until about 100k out of Sydney when a thunder storm hit and torrential rain fell and I had to drive through it with all the idiots under the sun. Then it took 2 hours to get through the last 72k what with the storm and the traffic through Sydney. Got stuck in these awful narrow streets with buses and trucks either side. Felt like I was being hatched at times. Once under the harbour bridge and through the tunnels I was fine. I picked up my colleague from the airport and we drove on to Wollongong and the fog came down THICK. It was a case of 'where's that bl**dy car that was in front' Good grief. Let's go a little slower. Hope nothing comes belting up from behind!!!

Haven't got alot of time to add to this now. I'll try to get back later. Meantime I'd better go round up my flock and get some info out of them. Have fun today.

Hope everyone is doing well. The Chiro sounds divine. Gotta run

02-28-2006, 08:08 PM
Hello Ladies,

Cat - Sorry to hear the pastor killed the storytelling program. Too bad you can't talk him into it.

Shad - OH, gosh, glad you all got to your destination safely. Nothing worse then driving in torrential rains and then fog.

It was another beautiful day here, the high about 78. Tomorrow is the beginning on the Lenten Season. I have decided what I giving up or doing.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

03-01-2006, 11:37 AM
Hi Ladies,
Went to the PCP yesterday re the blood in my urine and it was 3+ according to their reading. Because it has been some time since we checked this out they are having me do a CT scan and then see the urologist. The good thing about the CT scan is it will check my stomach as well as the kidneys and perhaps we can get to the bottom of this problem. As usual, my blood pressure was way up--170/98. The young man took it again just before I left and it was 160/94. I have been taking it every morning and logging it in my book and it very seldom is high. I was told to keep a watch on it.

The good news is I lost another pound and weighed in at 151 this morning. I showed the doc my log but he really didn't seem interested but was happy to see from the last time I had been there I had lost 5 lbs.

I still think I may be allergic to something I am eating, however, that would not account for the problem I am having. I bowled 515 yesterday and had some really clean strikes.

I have a very sick daughter in PA--she and her whole family have come down with some kind of a flu virus and I encouraged her to see her doctor today. I will check in with her later.

Hopefully all of you are having a "wonderful" day!

Take care,

03-02-2006, 06:23 PM

Hope they get to the bottom of your problems and come up with something.

The weather here is beautiful, and I am looking forward to walking the dog.

I think we need a new "home" for March. Can anyone do that?

Hey, I finally sent in the information for my web site. What a hassle it has been! I hope it's worth it.

03-02-2006, 07:43 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you know I will be having my CT scan on Tuesday. However, I cannot get an appointment with the Urologist until April 3rd. If the CT scan shows that I need immediate attention, they said they would get me in sooner, even if it meant with the other urologist.

Talk to all of you soon!

03-02-2006, 07:46 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - I sure hope they get you some answers. WTG on your 1 lb loss. Do you know a pattern of when you feel bad to what your eating? Will say a prayer for your daughter and her family.

Cat - the weather is beautiful here to. Yesterday it was in the 90's! Can you believe that. We really need the rains here.

Taking a vacation day tomorrow. Running errans and then cleaning house. Saturday taking my 3 year old niece to see a play - Snow White.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

03-05-2006, 07:20 AM
Just a quick note because I have to get to bed. I must be up by 3.30 in the morning to catch the early flight.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. Heres a couple of pictures of my two orchids currently out.

03-05-2006, 11:28 AM
Shad--how beautiful. Does someone care for them while you're gone, or do you take them along?

Patty--hope you had a great time with your niece. Sigh, I wish mine were close enough to do things with.

OK--DA-TA--web site available. I think it is fine (I read the policy), if it isn't a LINK. So you can look at wwwdotstoriesbyannedotcom. Hope you like it!

03-05-2006, 08:43 PM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - what beautiful orchids. That is something I know I could never grow. Their so delicate.

Nita - Will look your site up after posting here.

Nita - Keeping you in my prayers for good test results.

Had a wonderful time with my niece. Took her to see her first play, she only three, keep her attention for about 45 minutes then she started to get restless. We left at intermission but she didn't know that.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

03-10-2006, 12:23 AM
Kickin' us up to the top:encore:

03-10-2006, 10:09 PM
Hello Ladies,

Gosh where does the time go. It's been 5 days since i last logged on.

We'll I went to see the chiropractor last saturday. She did a very thorough examination of me. My right hip is out of place & the right leg is shorter. It tilts forward more than the left. She said that is why I get the pain on my back of my hip. She did an adjustment and it felt wonderful all evening, unfortunately when I awoke the next day I had the pain again. She called me the next day to see how I was feeling (she knew this was my 1st time with chiro) I told her that the pain was back. She said it takes a while to get the muscles to adjust back. I went again yesterday and so far it has not moved back. You know this has been bothering me for over 3 years. And when I say pain, it's not a pain that keeps me home or anything, it's just a aching pain I've had. I even went to see my MD and he took xrays and said nothing's wrong. Makes me wonder why my MD didn't say anything. I think he was looking for something broken.

Anyway I'm going to keep seeing her and see what happens.

Hope everyone is having a good day and hope to hear from you all this weekend.

03-11-2006, 01:49 PM
Hi Ladies,

Sorry I haven't been posting for a few days. I had to postpone my CT scan because when I went to pick up the stuff you have to drink the woman informed me that afterwards you could have some diarrea problems and since I bowl in the league on Tuesdays we changed it to this coming Wed. You don't have to fast, however, I have to drink two bottles of this banana-flavored barium before I get there and when I arrive they give me another bottle. I sure will be happy when it is over. I have my annual scheduled on Monday, the 20th, so perhaps the report will have gotten over there by then and I can find out what is going on.

Diet-wise I messed up and gained back about 2-1/2 lbs. but after talking with my daughter last evening she gave me the incentive to get back in control. She just joined WW and lost 5.6 lbs. her first week. I am so happy for her. I have decided to paste the WW diary sheets in my book and will track points as well as calories to see just how different it might be. Today is the first day it has rained in Phoenix for over 143 days. It has given me incentive to stay indoors and do some embroidery work.

Hope you are all having a "wonderful" weekend!


03-12-2006, 01:20 AM
Better get this done before the day gets away from me as yesterday did. Somehow when I got home from gym the world fell on top of me and I slept most of the afternoon. Must have needed it! I did manage to do a couple of things but the weekend schedule has gone to pot and good riddance to it. I am not going to achieve all that I wanted but like all types of work, it will still be waiting for me next weekend.

I am thinking that I might come to Canada and USA sometime later this year - probably September'ish. No guarantees, but my friend Chris has definitely cancelled Europe until next year and is going home to check out her DD's new house instead - provided she is fit enough to travel by then. At the moment she is in hospital in Japan and trying to get on top of the Churg Strauss problem she has.

So I will be starting to plan out Shad's rough guide to the US in the next couple of weeks and get an itinerary to the Travel Agent for prices etc. by the middle of April. I'm hoping I can use some of my frequent flyer points to get through the US. No ideas as to when, how or where as yet, so feel free to bombard me with suggestions (polite of course). I am talking with the mob in Townsville (remember I used to work up there?) and they want me back to do an upgrade/ change management/ bullying type training again either late this year or next year so that may affect things somewhat. We will wait and see. I can't see that happening this year as there is too much planning to be done to implement in November as they were expected. You can't just throw SAP into the computer system and wait for it to work. It needs careful planning (more money for SAP). Sorry too much work talk there.

Following is some 'Zen for people taking life too seriously' for you to giggle over or ignore. Right now I am about to get back on a plane. Catch you later.

1. Save the whales. Collect the whole set.
2 A day without sunshine is like, night.
3. On the other hand, you have different fingers.
4. I just got lost in thought. It wasn't familiar territory.
5. 42.7 percent of all statistics are made up on the spot.
6. 99 percent of lawyers give the rest a bad name.
7. I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
8. Honk if you love peace and quiet.
9. Remember, half the people you know are below average.
10. He who laughs last, thinks slowest.
12. The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
13. I drive way too fast to worry about cholesterol.
14. Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.
15. Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7 of your week.
16. A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
17. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.
18. Get a new car for your spouse. It'll be a great trade!
19. Plan to be spontaneous tomorrow.
20. Always try to be modest, and be proud of it!
21. If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments.
22. How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand.
23. OK, so what's the speed of dark?
24. How do you tell when you're out of invisible ink?
25. If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.
26. When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.
27. Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now.
28. Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don't have film.
29. If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
30. How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges?
31. Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
32. What happens if you get scared half to death twice?
33. I used to have an open mind but my brains kept falling out.
34. I couldn't repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.
35. Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?
36. Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the heck happened.
37. Just remember - if the world didn't suck, we would all fall off.
38. Light travels faster than sound, which is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

03-12-2006, 10:58 PM
Hello Ladies,

This weekend went by way to fast. Yesterday, did some running around, and Sat. evening went with my sister to go listen to a blues band. Sunday went to church, then picked up one sister and 3 year old niece and went to a St. Patrick's Day parade. There were two in Dallas this weekend, Sat. was the big one, but we went to sunday's. Didn't have to worry about the crowd or parking.

Nita - I've never had a ct scan, but I've had to drink a barium drink for some xrays that they were taking of my stomach and how long it took to process. I remember they told me to drink lots and lots of water after they finished, otherwise I would get constipated. I guess your's must be a different barium mix. Will keep you in my prayers.

Shad - I don't know when your planning your US visit, but if you come down south to Texas, your welcome here. There's so much to see in the US. Of course Washington has all the monuments, the capital, the musuems. New York, what can I say, the broadway shows. Nevada, has the grand canyon.
California there's LA all the movie stars, the wine vineyards. New Mexico - Santa Fe & Alburbeque - the artist, the Indian pueblos, the mountains.
Gosh there's so much to see and alot depends on where your coming down. Loved your Zen message.

talk to you all later,

03-14-2006, 08:54 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you know tomorrow is the day. Patty supposedly the stuff I have to drink is barium but they have added banana flavor to it. It is necessary for me to drink one bottle at 6:15 a.m. and another one at 8:15 a.m. And when I get there they will give me another one to drink. The test really only takes 10 to 20 minutes. However, it may be a little longer because they have to put some dye into me so they can take more pictures with contrast. The good news is perhaps we will finally get to the bottom of my problem. Needless to say I have used this as an excuse to go off my program. I am still writing down almost everything I eat but have not kept track of the calories. Maybe tomorrow I can start again.

Shad, why don't you come and visit Arizona--we are in between Las Vegas and California.

Hoping to hear from the rest of our group in the near future!

Take care,

03-14-2006, 11:34 PM
Hey Girls,

Well, there certainly can be much said about remaining loyal to a plan, a program and this thread. I went back to WW this evening for the first time in 5 weeks. I've regained every ounce of the 8 pounds I lost, plus another half! Ironiclly, a woman came in, sat next to me and was so excited because she lost the exact same amount this week - her first week. I'd laugh, but I'm not in the mood. LOL

I won't pretend I did not earn or enjoy eating my way back up the scale. I will be honest and say I am disgusted.

Shad: Kentucky has beautiful bluegrass patures and horses. We have a two fairly famous horse racetracks (Churchill Downs and Keeneland). Naturally, we have really good food - bad I know. :devil: Let me know if you will be close and I'd love to meet you also!

Nita: All the very best as you take your medical tests. It is no fun taking any kind of medical tests. I hope it is quick, and uneventful.

OneDay and Cat... I've enjoyed reading your posts. Thanks for keeping the thread alive and popping us up to the top when needed.

Mooz: Hang in there good friend. Let us hear/see you soon.

I'll be more faithful, I know it works - paying attention to the details!

03-15-2006, 07:35 PM
Hi everyone,

Well I am over the test--it was not much fun at all. The test itself was a piece of cake but the barium drinks were just awful. But I made it and even went bowling this afternoon. I was lucky because the lady gave me the x-rays before I left so I could take them to my doctor on Monday. I tried looking at them but I really didn't know what I was looking at except I did see my spine and it looked in fine shape. However, the rest looked awfully bizaar to me.

HalGal, I know where you are coming from. I gained back 3-1/2 lbs. back just worrying about this test. Perhaps after Monday and hopefully the report will be good I can get back on track and start exercising again. It is so very easy to get out of the groove of doing what is best for my health.

Thanks again for being there--you are my very best friends!


03-15-2006, 09:59 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - glad the test went ok. Your right the drink was terrible. Let's hope the doc. finds some answers to your problems.

Hal - I'm with you. My eating is out of control. Work is very busy and when I get stressed I EAT! I know that's not the answer, but yet it the thing that comforts me.

I'm continuing to see my chiro and after each session I feel good. Unfortunately the next day or two the ache comes back. She told me I needed to strengthen my stomach muscles. She recommened using one of those big balls. It's on my list to purchase this weekend. Like I said earlier work has been very busy and I get so stressed. I need to learn to not let things bother me.

Hope everyone is doing ok!

03-16-2006, 10:53 PM
Happy St. Pat's Day all!

St. Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo are both ex-patriate celebrations largely. I remember they used to say New York has more Irish than Dublin, more Poles than Warsaw etc. I wonder what the stats are with the new immigrants?

03-17-2006, 01:17 PM

I talked to someone at my doctor's office today and my report came back saying I had a renal cyst - 1 mm. I looked this up on the internet and found out this is a common occurrence in older adults. The doctor was not in so I will have to wait until Monday to see if I have to do anything further.

Take care all,


03-18-2006, 04:19 PM
Hate waiting for results. Of course in this case of course you don't want to find anything really bad--but you'd sure like to find something fixable. Hope they come up with something good!

Third anniversary of the war.

03-20-2006, 01:11 AM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. We have been having lots of rains and storms here. Didn't log on at all this weekend. We have really been needing rain, but not all in a 24 hour period. So far we've gotten 9 inches.

Nita - Hope you can talke to you doctor on monday.

Cat - I can't believe it's been 3 years.

Will post more tomorrow evening.

03-21-2006, 08:01 PM
Hi Ladies,

I did see my doctor yesterday and I am a whole lot happier today. Except for the blood still being in the urine which it has been for the last 20 years, everything else came out normal. Even my blood pressure wasn't high like it usually is. They also did an EKG which came out normal. I went for a blood test today and on Friday I will have one of those bone density tests. I still have to go and see the urologist just as a precautionary measure. He did give me an anti-depressant because I told him the stress I am under with Gene. Perhaps that will help the stomach problems. He also said the medication does not take effect until two weeks. That only leaves the mammogram which is scheduled for April 18th.

I am thinking positive and may go back to the gym tomorrow and then go bowling as I used to do.

Hope you are doing well! Also, I am still not getting e-mails even though I have asked that I be added to your buddy list!


I am thinking positi

03-21-2006, 08:18 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - :carrot: Good news on your test results. You definitely have to think postive. Get those bad vibes away from you. I"m sure getting back to a routine will also help. Exercising whether it's the gym or bowling alley also raises serotin levels (SP) which also help raise your spirts. I'm so ready for spring and sunshine. I know I get somewhat depressed in the winter.

As for me, I started back on South Beach. These past few months I just talk the talk, now it's time to walk the walk. I need visualization, or something that reminds me why i want to lose weight, Besides seeing myself naked. So I have gotten a Big Poster Board and put it right in my hallway between the kitchen and living room. I have written the reason why I want to lose weight. And everyday I will write some accomplishment that I have done, whether is passing up on a donut, or getting off the train one stop earlier. I have also written this is a 14 day committment and at the end of 14 days I will reevaluate what I have done. I'm tired of being fat, nothing to wear, single and it's just a vicious cycle.

Hope everyone is having a good day. Hope to hear from you all soon!

03-21-2006, 08:36 PM
Sorry, haven't had time to post in a while, but I'll be back.

Good news from Nita. Hope SB treats you well Patty

03-22-2006, 10:30 PM
Hi, guys. Nita--glad for the good news on the tests. Hope the meds help.

Shad--glad it was no more than rain where you are.

Patty--could idea to set sub-goals. I need to do that, too.

03-25-2006, 03:18 AM
Hiya all,
It's been a bit of a tumultuous time these last couple of weeks and I'm sorry that I haven't been posting and keeping up with or motivating anyone. I've sort of been going through a motivational void myself for a while and it didn't help any when disaster struck last weekend. See note below which I posted in my other thread and have copied over here.

I appear to have had my wallet stolen from the end of my bed. Stupid me, let the cat out of the sliding door in my bedroom and left the security screen open enough for her to get back in while I went to the kitchen, loo and bathroom. Came back to bed, didn't shut the security, slept till 5am and now can't find the wallet. Have managed to find a few coins on the driveway and path. I can only guess that some lowlife was already in the back yard when I got up. Talk about cheeky. So far in the last 2 hours I have cancelled the credit card, the debit card, the mobile phone attached to the organiser wallet, called the police, and am trying to figure out how to cancel my drivers licence given that the transport department doesn't seem to have an after hours phone number. So how I am supposed to get any money from my account between now and the replacement time I don't know since I won't be able to get to the bank this weekend. Nobody cashes cheques anymore.

Well since then, this has happened,
I now have a new credit card and debit card. Medicare, RACQ, Frequent Flyer and a couple of others are on their way. Drivers licence is proving a major headache and I shall be 'illegal' for some time to come. I have just finished writing a letter to the Department of Transport 'pointing' out a few major flaws in their system. I have a new mobile phone. The stuff has not been recovered, the police think he was only after cash and would have ditched the wallet within 30 metres of the house. I've chatted up the neighbours and found that a few of them have had back yard intrusions as well although none have yet been burgled. Hopefully after my mishap they won't. They were to check their yards but so far no joy (so to speak). I am now the proud possessor ?? of two new leather wallets - one for money and one for cards. Never again will I have all the stuff together. It's bad enough losing money you can't afford to lose. It's twice as bad when the banks decide to charge you for replacement as well and the airport longterm parking decides that you must pay for more than you should have simply because you can no longer provide them with a ticket. These things happen. Please take care with your stuff and ensure it is safe at all times.

In the meantime, the weight has stayed the same. Little deviation in either weight or measurements. My food has been pretty bad these last couple of weeks and exercise almost non existent. I've had to force myself to leave the desk and get a walk in. My working day is around 12 to 14 hours. We are extremely busy and 'flu is attacking the training team like wildfire. At this rate there will only be a couple of us standing by the time training gets under way.

Okay, I have work to do in the house. Sorry I can't get to reply to each of you today. I'll have another go before I fly back to Sydney tomorrow night.

03-25-2006, 08:31 PM

Good Saturday afternoon Movers and Losers!

I finally replaced the mouse on my lap top. I don't know who thought up the built in version of a lap top mouse, but trust me, 'he' was not a genius. LOL

With that said, moving around the lap top is much quicker, and I'll be my very best to once again post routinely.

I did not go back to WW last week because I did not follow the plan - not even remotely. I will be out of town this week on meeting night, so you can already guess how loyal I have been. I've always thought of myself as a fairly disciplined person. I know it is a decision, and up to me. Trust me I am doing all of the self talk. Now to do the self walk.

On the news front... not so good news once again. The man the took my nieces life filed a lawsuit from prison against the state of Indiana on the length of his sentence. They reduced his sentence by 10 years. The awful part is every single fact he submitted (3 of them) is inaccurate or for lack of a more discreet way to say it - a lie. I've contacted both the local prosecuting attorney and state attorney general. One more thing on my list to take care of. I have this awful feeling I will be speding the rest of my life making sure this guy stays in prison for his sentence. My niece will never receive a shorter sentence, much less a parole from her grave. It amazes me how little value we seem to place upon the human life in the US, based upon average prison sentences or should I say lack of. I feel strong, and resolute that this is just something I have to do,and will.

We have one more week of school until spring break. I am ready! This week I'll be working with our state department of education to score and write and revise state test questions. It is an honor to be ask to do this, and I am happy to do this. I walked out of the school building at 8:30P last night. My hours are still incredible.

I have located a good doggie sitter for Rocky. I've always had neigbhors I knew that would come in to do this, but not where I am now. That's OK. I know he will appreciate the extra attention. More bad news tho, the groomer I take him to evidently hurt someone's dog pretty severely - nearly taking an ear off. That person sent an email to the entire school district to not only say the accident was awful, but the co-owners response was we have lots of business we will not miss yours. With that said folks began posting their own horror stories from that place. I've had a few curious things happen while taking Rocky there, and with these reports my sense of alarm is heightened. They nipped him just below his eye once and just casually told me to put neosporin on it so I did not have a problem. No apologies, no reduction in cost of offer to purchase the $6 tube of ointment. I like the co-owner that grooms Rocky, and I am sure the one with the attitude is ther other one but still. One person reported their dog died because they over sedated it. They don't ask your permission to sedate your animal if they do this. There have been a few times I picked up Rocky and he appeared to be more than normally tired. So... what to do. Rocky has gone to this groomer monthly (if not more) for 3 years.

Some of my friends are going to a concert tonight with Kenny Chesney, Sugarland and Dirks Bently. I have stopped going to these because I don't fit in the concert seats. This is upsetting. I wish I could get motivated to the extreme to just really take this weight off. Or as I tell my students to 'focus'. I overhead one of them saying that to another student during my class. LOL

Nita: You know it sounds like you are doing everything possible to stay healthy and your medical tests seem to prove this. I really think it is neat how you are so creative and busy. Hang in there, I am sure all good things are ahead for you and Gene.

CatLover: The teacher in the room next to mine has a sister that will have her first book signing for her first published book this Friday. I've invited my bookclub members to come, and I think 5 of them are coming. The book is "Just As I Am" by Virginia Smith. She describes it as a Christian chick-lit book. Evidently her publishers were so happy with this first book they have already signed her for a second book. As I read this very cool invitation, actually we have been invited to the book launch - there will be fancy food and drinks there. My radar just bleeped - food. Bad, huh...

OneDay: You remind me of ME! LOL How is your committment board going? You are right visulation is helpful. Possibly key. I think spring time with fewer clothes to wear helps in this area, huh? How is Blackie doing?

Shad: What a terrible thing to have all of your identification information as well as your cash taken. Were you traveling or at home when this happened? My neighborhood has recently picked up a few unsavory residents. I saw the police at a home down the street last weekend as I went out. Drugs and alcohol seem to be an intergral to what ever type of mayhem occurs.

Mooz: Car 54 where are you? :coffee: Join us for a sip of hot java and some good conversation. LOL

Have an OP week girls... :running: :dust: :running:

03-26-2006, 10:26 PM
Hello Ladies,
My this weekend sure has flown by. Didn't really do much. Ran lots of errans yesterday, did laundry, clean house. This is 6th day of SB, and believe it or not the sugar cravings have stopped. It's just so hard to eat good, when your use to fast food. But I have my big poster board to remind me. Haven't done as well on the exercise but that is this week's goal.

Shad - Oh my goodness, I"m just so glad the bum who came in just took the wallet. I know what it's like to have that stolen.

Hal - I don't know how or why our legal system let's someone who has commited such a crime file a lawsuit to get a lessor sentenance. And why in the world would they reduce it. This is what's wrong with our system. OH, Hal, I think I would have to call the Grooming place and talk to them about this. Get there side of story. I know Rocky is like my Blackie and I want the best for him, and yet at the same time you've been taking him there for 3 years. I would definitely call them and tell them I'm concerned and see what they have to say. See what there response is! Have a wonderful spring break!

Cat, Mooz and Nita - Hope you all are doing well. Drop us a line!

03-27-2006, 11:37 PM
Bringing us to the top!

03-28-2006, 11:07 PM
Hi Ladies,

Sure is quite in here.

Not much going on with me. Still on the South Beach Diet. Lost about 4 lbs so far. I'm not really craving sweets, but when I see someone eat them, I just automatically want them.

Hope everyone is doing ok. Hope to hear from someone soon!

03-30-2006, 05:12 AM
Hi chickies ..... sorry I have not posted in a while. My mother is not that well now ..... she got a cold and it developed into pneumonia. I don't think she has many days left to live. It will be good for her to get away.

03-30-2006, 07:37 PM
Oh Mooz, so sorry to hear the bad news of your Mothers illness. You are probably right and she will be ready to move to the next stage. Is she still at home or in hospital? My thoughts are with you at this time.
Love to all.

Sorry I can't get in as often as I used to. Very, very busy here and working at least ten hours if not 14 per day. Pity I only get paid by the day and not by the hour isn't it?

Glad to hear South Beach is working for you Patty.

Gotta go, more stuff just delivered to the desk. Why wasn't I born rich instead of beautiful???

03-30-2006, 10:17 PM
Sorry about your mother. I'm sure she is ready to go, and you can be pleased that you're taken such good care of her all this while. Still, I think especially when someone's pulled through so many times, we sometimes think they'll be here forever. Thoughts and prayers with you.

04-01-2006, 11:36 AM
Hello Ladies,

Mooz - OH, so sorry to hear about your Mother. Like you said she's probably ready to move on, and remember the next move will be a Glorious one. You have been such a good daughter to her and have taken such good care of her. I will be keeping her and your family in my prayers.

Shad - Are you able to get any of the sights in?

04-01-2006, 10:57 PM
Hi Ladies,

Sorry I have been absent for a few days. I see by reading the posts a lot of things have happened. Mooz, sorry to hear about your Mom but you have been a "wonderful" daughter by giving her such good care!

Shad -- I cannot believe someone would be so bold to actually come in your home knowing you were there--I really think our world is not what it used to be and we certainly cannot be too careful in our everyday living.

Hal -- I just joined WW again for 10 weeks this past Thursday. Today was my birthday and I did go out for dinner and it was Mexican because that is what Gene likes and besides that on your birthday your meal is "free." However, I need to get back on track tomorrow. My daughter in Ohio has lost 13-1/2 lbs. in just four weeks and I am very proud of her. She said the way she is doing it is by eating a lot of 2 pt and 1 pt foods during the day.

Monday is my visit to the urologist and hopefully I won't have to come back and have a cystocopy but if I do I will just have to do it.

I am definitely looking into moving back to PA where my youngest daughter lives. There are a lot of things to consider but with Gene not really getting any better I am sure there will come a time when I will need some support. Right now I am checking out the HMO's that are available there because I do know Medicare alone most definitely will be too expensive. If any one of you has ever done a big move like this, I would appreciate any insight as to how best to go about it.

Take care all,

04-02-2006, 11:21 AM
Good Sunday Morning!

My beloved Grandmother's favorite part of the year was spring and it was extra nice for her when our time sprang forward and she could enjoy another hour of day light. I also remember her taking a few dollars to splurge on Easter Lilly plants. Cherished memories indeed.

This week is our school spring break, and this one is mine. I plan to take the time to spring clean the house and garage - and prep the deck area for new plants. I may, just possibly find some pansies to plant for the early spring. I love clean and organized - and neither resemble my place at the moment. I have promised myself if I accomplish this, I will find a housekeeper to start cleaning immediately. I am going back to school again (University of KY) and honestly won't have the time. I get stressed if my place is not clean or organized - so I am looking forward to some serious stress reduction! LOL :sunny:

Mooz: My dear friend, I so very well understand you sadness at the most difficult time. Do know that your Mother is so appreciative of all that you have done and continue to do when she needs you the very most. You are a wonderful daughter, and she has been blessed by your care and continued love and comfort. Your family shall remain in my prayers. I have no doubt we are in God's hands.

Nita: Do be careful about checking out your insurance policy coverage when you are considering a move. When my Grandmother moved from Virginia to Kentucky she lost her premium coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield due to "high use of insurance" and according to Blue Cross Blue Shield *of Kentucky* she did not "qualify" for the premium or better insurance policy she had carried for her entire life in Virginia. Same company, different state. Who would have thought? I looked into finding a teaching job there and moving back to Virginia with her as I knew this was surely a poverty sentence for her much sooner than anyone expected. I think it is really good to be closer to those you love, and it is worth the extra effort and time to make sure the transition is a comfortable one for both you and Gene.

OneDay: Way To Go!!! :cheer: Losing 4 pounds is awesome. I think SB is pretty close to the WW plan actually. It is a little more focused on complex carbs, and that is a good thing. Rocky is going to a new groomer tomorrow. It is the person at my vets office. I did talk to the groomer and only spoke about the fact that these emails were going around - not bringing up the accusations. But knowing that Rocky did come back with a cut that could have been serious last month (by his eye) and that several times he has definately appeared sedated when I get him home - I have thought twice about going there. Also... it just occured to me, they have never checked for pet vaccinations either. I don't want Rocky bathed in areas with dogs that may be card carrying members with a garden variety of kanine disorders! Bless his heart - I hope this groomer is a go for us. I had him bathed there before I picked him up in January (while I was out of state at my dad's funeral) and he looked great just from the bath - evidently the shampoo they used was a good one for his coat. Anyway... wish us luck.

Shad: You are funny! My Grandmother use to have a plaque hanging on her kitchen utility board that said: "If you are so damn smart, why aren't you rich?" I kept a small ceramic container that said: "The road to a friends home is never long." Speaking of which, how is your next vacation planning coming? Long days should be illegal, huh? I've decided I am not cooking dinner if I have worked 10 or more hours. Do know I did not cook at all last week. It is a tad more expensive, but I can now find healthy take out. My latest healthy take out surprise is a poached salmon salad with lots of dark greens, sundried tomatoes, chopped red onions, capers and a pecan crust on the top of the salmon - served with a vinegarette. Just say YUM! So long days appear to be a part of our lives in this day and age - we need to find ways to adapt.

CatLover: How are you girl? I went to a book launch Friday evening after school. It was the first time I have ever attended anything like this. It was so cool. One of my good friends has a sister that just had her first Christian fiction novel published. The name of the book is "Just As I Am" and her name is Virginia Smith. There were wonderful hordevoures and drinks, a short speech and reading, and then her book signing. She has a contract for a 2nd book by another publisher "Murder By Mushrooms". Isn't that funny! Her current publisher is waiting for sales numbers to sign her for a 2nd book. It may be his loss. I bought a copy to send to my niece that is a freshman in high school. She is an avid reader, and I would love to be the one to expose her to Christian literture. I had it signed to her, and there is a CD rom with authors notes and questions. I forgot to mention - I ate NONE of the food there, other than one bite of a pineapple square with a square of cheese on the bottom of it - try this it is heavenly! I passed up both white and dark chocolate dipped strawberries, petifores from a local bakery, bourbon balls from a local candy factory and oodles of calories. It felt wonderful to have control. What have you been up to lately? Are you doing any writing at the moment?

I'm going to check out a gymn for women in our town. Stay tuned! I need to make this change for me...:dust: [/IMG]

04-04-2006, 12:03 AM
Hello Ladies,

I don't have spring break at work, BUT I did take off 2 days days to make a long weekend. Spent the time cleaning and getting ready to plant. My 3 year old niece and sister came over and we planted tomato plants. It took about 1 hour to plant to 2 plants, but I wanted her to experience picking out the plants to putting the soil in the containers. She's all excited. She said she can't wait for them to grow so she can eat them. I am also in the process of pricing out air conditioners. At the end of last year, I started having problems with mine so I figured I better start looking before it gets to hot. My a/c is 16 years old. Didn't think they cost as much as they do, but you can't live without one here.

Hal - I'm glad you decided on a new groomer. I'm sure Rocky will get along with this one. In reading your note, I guess I must of not read the part about them sedating him. I'm not for that, especially if they don't ask in advance. Enjoy your spring break, relax.

Nita - I don't have any suggestion about what to do with your move. But I definitely think it's a good idea to look at the different HMO's. Are you back to your bowling?

Mooz - keep us informed about your mother.

04-04-2006, 12:06 AM

04-04-2006, 03:44 AM

Happy Belated Birthday Nita...!!!!

04-04-2006, 04:42 AM
Oh no!

I've missed another birthday. Sorry Nita. Hope it was a good one.

04-04-2006, 06:28 PM
Hi chickies ...... just wanted to tell you that my mother passed away on Friday and was buried on Sunday. She had a very peaceful death and we were all there so that was a blessing.
My life seems very strange now. Thankfully the girls are at home at the moment. Orla is home for the Easter holidays from university. Sinead was in India on holiday but she came home early when she heard her granny was so ill. It will sink in when they all go back to living in Belfast and the house is empty except for DH. Paul is living in Belfast now also although he is usually home for the weekend.
Thanks chickies for your wonderful support :hug:

04-04-2006, 06:34 PM
Mooz - Anne, big :hug: for you. You are going to find life a little strange for a while, but it is a new beginning for you. I'm sure you will come up with something to strive for, a goal to aim at. Maybe now that there is just you and DH you might be able to save for a trip downunder and let us show you the sights instead of living them through the children.
Keep smiling - your Mum is at peace, there is no more pain or confusion for her, she is standing upright and strong. Bless you.

04-04-2006, 08:24 PM

04-04-2006, 09:52 PM

With sympathy. Be sure and take care of yourself. Everyone says it hits you later, so be gentle with yourself. Thoughts and prayers with you.

04-04-2006, 11:00 PM
Mooz - In heartfelt sympathy, may it help to know that others care, and are keeping you in thought during this sad time.:hug:

04-04-2006, 11:05 PM
Evening Ladies,

Today was such a busy & stressful day for me. I had taken 2 vacation days and my desk was piled up. Of course when I get stressed I eat, and of course that's what I did. As I was driving home, I was so depressed, I just have to do something about my weight and my eating. SO I DID. I drove straight to Jenny Craig and signed up. I had been a member about 9 years ago, they still had my file, so I basically just had to pay for food. I'm excited about it. I know there is more to just the food, there's the exercise. But I just need something that is structured right now. I will keep you informed of how I do. Oh, and the sad thing is because I weighed at night I weighed even more than I thought.

04-05-2006, 12:34 AM
Knock, knock. Excuse the interuption ladies.

Mooz, Shad told us about the passing of your dear Mum. My heartfelt sympathies to you and your family. I remember you speaking of her in the threads and journals. May she watch over you in the days ahead much as you watched over and took care of her. :hug: to you.

04-05-2006, 01:22 PM
:hug: Thank you all so much for your kind words ...... she was a good mother. I am glad now that I took her into my home to live ...... I have no regrets. When my mum came to live with us my kids were 9, 12 and 15 and now that she has gone and the youngest is 20 .... this "freedom" is so strange!

Take Care


04-05-2006, 08:05 PM
Hi Ladies,

Mooz -- What a wonderful daughter you are and I know your Mom is watching over you and your children must have learned a lot from their grandma since she lived with you so long! That is another reason I am moving back where family is because for the past 20 years I have not been a "real" grandma and I do think the time has come to be with family. Actually I am really excited. I already checked out the supplemental medical plans and I found one that is perfect. I will still have my gym paid for by the insurance company and Gene will also have that benefit. We will be able to go to any doctor and any specialist without a referral. They even have preventative dental, as well as some vision coverage. We will only have to pay $32 more than we do now.

I will be weighing in at WW tomorrow and believe it or not I have actually kept track of my points every day. Remember I was counting calories well what I discovered is that deducting the points as I go along is so much easier, however, I am still writing in the journal instead of using their system.

I have decided to start right now getting rid of things I really don't need to take to PA. Gene is a little apprehensive and is of the opinion he cannot make this move--it will be difficult but I know we can do it!

Take care ladies and I will keep you informed of our progress.


04-07-2006, 10:50 AM

Good Friday Morning!

Well, I do have a few errands to run that include hitting a few stores and possibly a mall. Now that I have seen what the day is, it is time to clean up and hit the road.

Keeneland horse races begin today. They run 3 weeks in the spring and 3 weeks in the fall. Years ago, I would not miss them. Now, I have not been in years. It is very nice, very classy for a horse track. I really use to enjoy the day out, they have a beautiful grounds area.

Mooz: All the best to you. Time will help ease the loss, and fill the time. You are right- there is a large empty feeling when you have been a caregiver. I was my paternal grandmother's caregiver for just under 10 years. When she passed away I found myself thinking - "Wow...I lost my 30's." I had just turned 40. I did not notice untill she was gone - I was too busy, too consumed, too stressed. I will keep you and your family in my prayers during this difficult time.

OneDay: Rocky's new groomer did a great job, but the price was really high. I think inflation is on the rise. It is good to know he is in safe hands, and I would never want to think he was being treated poorly at a groomers hands. So, we will stay with the new one. I just hope she stays around. She is at the vet office,and my experience is they never stay long in offices - you are better to find a groomer with their own business. Anyway, Rocky was tickled to have a new cut. He is out running the birds across my deck area this beautiful morning. How is Jenny Craig? I interviewed years ago to work there. I had just lost 100+ pounds, and knew a part time job there would keep me in shape. I made it through several interviews, but was never offered a job. It came down to the sales pitch - and I was ask if I would let the person walk out the door. I have never been the kind of person to push something on someone - I believe they have to make the decision. It cost me the job. Oh well...

Cat, Shad, Nita... always good to hear from you! Hope all is going well with each of you!

04-07-2006, 10:52 PM
Nita--glad to hear you so excited. I'm sure you can do it. I know it's frustrating for Gene because he can't be much help (DH was just frustrated that he could not roll under the truck to fix it as he used to). But I be he will like to be with the grandkids, too.

1day--good luck with Jenny Craig!

04-08-2006, 10:05 AM

Good Saturday Morning Girls!

Our beautiful weather turned scary once again yesterday. I was at the supermarket and one of my students that works there came up to me and told me we had a tornado warning coming our way within the next 15 minutes. I took heed, and headed out of the store. The winds had picked up so quickly and swiftly that as soon as my cart was empty the wind whipped it down the parking lot. It absolutely flew around and down the lot. I knew it would be an interesting drive home.

At the supermarket I made healthy purchases with 3 types of fish, and fruits and veggies. I made grilled salmon, with sliced tomatoes and baby peas for dinner last night. If I keep my servings at 2/3 fruits and veggies and 1/3 protein I know I can keep my points lower.

Have any of you seen the DVD "Illuminating Everything"? It is a Warner Independent film with a story and a half. If you enjoy independent films at all this is a must see. The story begins as curious and humorous and ends absolutely powerful. Great story.

I saw my friends sister on TV yesterday promoting "Just As I Am". Her name is Virginia Smith. It is available at amazon dot com if you are curious about it. It is neat to know someone that has just published her first book. She said she had no less than 150 rejections from publishers before she finally got a yes. I think there is a less here for all of us - even in our battle of the bulge - persistence is key.

I'm thinking of Easter recipes that I may use this week for my cooking classes for my high school students. We will have one week of 'normal' classes, and then go into a 2 week state testing mode. I have a recipe for a candy that is similar to a home made Reese cup, but shaped like a tiny egg. I want to do something healthy and Easter related with them also - any ideas?

The news is on. The devastation from these storms are scary. I know this happens each year, but on my gosh. Our temps were in the upper 70s yesterday and will only reach the lower 50s today.

Well, time to run. Have a GREAT weekend movers and losers! ;)

04-09-2006, 12:52 AM
Hello Ladies,

Hal - Glad you made it home ok. Saw the news and all the tornados. Our weather was wierd to. High 70 and last night a cold front came in. It think it barley got to 70.

The Jenny Craig program is going well. I'm really amazed I'm not hungary. I guess I didn't remember to much from the last time I tried it, but the food portions are small. When I had my first dinner, I thought "no way", but you add a salad to your lunch and a veggie to your dinner. I'm really trying to pay attention to portion size. Next week i'm going to incorporate exercise. Did you notice I didn't use the word "try". They also get you to rethink the way you think and say things.

Tomorrow busy day and a challenging one. Going to a Easter picnic. There will be lots of goodies their, but i'm going to focus on the conversation and the kids. (at least that is my plan).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

04-10-2006, 10:04 PM
Thinking about you all.

04-10-2006, 11:36 PM
Hello Ladies,

Had my 1st weigh in today at Jenny Criag and I lost 4.1 lbs. I"m so excited. I'm even a day early with my weigh in, but for the next 3 nights I had dinner meetings. My goal for next 7 days is to workout 3 days. So ladies, keep on me, give me a good kick if I haven't exercised by friday.

Hope everyone is doing ok.

04-11-2006, 08:50 PM
Hi Ladies,

CONGRATULATIONS PATTY ON YOUR GREAT WEIGHT LOSS! I am very proud of your progress. You are so correct in weighing and measuring your food. I weighed in last Thursday at WW and lost 2-1/2 lbs. I did find out that it is a lot easier counting the points than doing calorie counting.

The move is still going forward, however, the biggest hurdle is finding a home that will work for Gene's disability and one that we can both be comfortable in. I am waiting for some plans from our real estate person in PA regarding carriage homes. This is where both homes have a common wall. They have been built with the senior in mind. They also have a "new" clubhouse. At this point I have no idea of what the inside looks like, however, all the outside maintenance is taken care of by gardeners.

This is really going to be a new chapter in our lives and hopefully it will go smoother than I anticipate. My friend asked me -- How would you eat an elephant? Her answer was "one bite at a time." In other words, when it comes to this move, we will just take one step at a time.

Gene is giving me a hard time about eating veggies. I do believe incorporating them in your program does help to keep you from being hungry. I am reading Denise Austin's new book and her theory is that you should be eating something every 3 to 4 hours because that is how you keep your blood sugar on target.

Well I need to go and make dinner! Tell me again how I can get notices on this site. I always say "add me to this group" and for some reason I still don't get notified.

Take care all and have a very Happy Easter!


04-13-2006, 12:29 AM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - I'm not sure how to get the notices. I guess I just try and log on everyday or every other day. I"m excited about your move. I think you are right in just taking it one day at a time. I'm sure your family is excited about you moving back home. The carriage home sounds like a duplex. Not having to worry about the yard is wonderful. I have to agree with Denise Austin in eating every 3 to 4 hours. When I do that I tend to stay focused and not seem to be starving when it comes to a meal time.

Still doing the JC program. Today was a hard day for me. Went to a trade show with lots of goodies. I gave into temptation, but tomorrow is a new day and I will be back on the program.

04-13-2006, 08:31 PM
Hi Ladies,

Patty -- hang in there. I did not weigh in today but am planning on doing it on Saturday morning. At the moment everything is on hold because for some reason the real estate folks in PA are sort of dragging their feet. I do believe we need to find a house there before we put our home on the market.

Hopefully tomorrow we will receive the brochures about the carriage homes--they call them condos. I still think it would be great to move into something new instead of something old. I did find out there are taxes in the amount of $2,220 per year. However, the lady said these taxes will not go up. There is also a maintenance fee of $125.

I did allow myself to have one cookie at the grocery store and decided it was okay and better than buying a bag of them. The store most always lets even the adults have a cookie.

Take care everyone.


04-14-2006, 06:45 PM
Morning all,
I've come home for the 4 day break and I meant to get an awful done, however as always the plans of mice and men etc. I didn't post yesterday due to a headache of massive proportions. I don't get migraine as such but once in a while certain factors stack up (overwork, stress, tiredness, bad food choices and lack of water) and along comes a real doosey of a headache. Woke up with one as such yesterday and after hunting around for drugs (finally found some in the DS2's car - heaven knows where they have been and what condition they were in) went back to bed and was there comatose until around 4pm, apart from a short period of time where DS2 arrived home, fussed over more drugs and told me off - so much for Good Friday. It wasn't particularly good at all. Miss Puss and I floundered around for part of the evening and she (disgusted at my lack of lovin') went out for the night and I went back to bed. Food was a disgrace what there was of it and the massive amount of water that I drunk has gone straight to the ankles. So it's the gym for me this morning to try to put myself back on the straight and narrow. The scales are being very unkind as well.

I have quite a lot to do today - considering that I didn't do anything yesterday. Miss Puss is condescendingly approved the fact that I let her in and fed her. So I had better get to checking the posts and getting off the computer.

Nita, good to hear the moving plans are going along quite well. Please check everything very carefully before you sign up to buy. There are often some strange convenants hidden in the back of contracts when buying in shared estates, condominiums and retirement places. I'm not implying you are dumb or thick at all. But it really pays to have independent advice and not just what the brochures or Body Corporates (not sure what you people call them - these are the groups that decide on maintenance, ground rules and general laws governing the estate or village) say. I've known many people who have come to grief over things stated in the small print of Body Corp rules and regulations but which were not pointed out at sale stage.
I have no trouble with e-mail notification but then I turned it on in both the posts and the User CP. Sometimes I get two for the same entry!!!!

Patty - what a wonderful weight loss. Congratulations. Long may it last.

Hi Cat - how's it going? :wave:

Mooz - my thoughts are with you, even it I am not posting as often as I was. The job is stressful and mostly enjoyable, but I don't get much time on here and it shows in the lack of weight loss and exercise.
I hope you are beginning to see the way through the maze of grief. It will take time - time really is the great healer. Sometimes it takes years. There were times when I picked up the phone to ring my folks and tell them a funny story and then I realise it doesn't matter. They are no longer around to be interested in it. Then I think well maybe they know anyway, so I just stand in the middle of the floor and say it aloud. It gives me a laugh anyway and the moment passes. Sometimes I think I feel them close by and other times it is like it never was.

Hal - The weather sounds frightful up your way. Seems Mother Nature is truly ticked off about something - the weather seems to have been bad in a lot of places just now. It looks like a fine sunny day here. Time to get out and enjoy it I think.

Right - that is about it. Hope I haven't missed anyone.

Enjoy your Easter time, whatever or whichever way you believe. It's a time for family, friends and a bit of retrospection and inspiration.

Happy Holidays.

04-14-2006, 10:48 PM
Got the EFT DVDs--this is the alternative to hypnosis my therapist has been using. Seems to help a lot of people with emotional eating. Let's see how it works. Of course you have to open and USE it.

04-15-2006, 07:30 PM
Hello Ladies,

Haven't done to well these last two days. Today spent the morning cleaning house, getting ready for company. I have easter candy in the house and some how that has made it's way to my mouth.

Nita - I have to agree with Shad. Be sure and have some one else look over the fine print. I definitely agree with finding a new house before putting yours on the market. Maybe you can put a clause in the new one stating that this is dependent upon selling your current one. I'm sure your agent can advise you.

Shad - sorry to hear about your migraine. I think I have only had one and that was many years ago. Glad your feeling better.

Mooz and Hal - hope to hear from you all soon.

04-16-2006, 05:49 PM
Morning all,
Lovely breakfast yesterday if not anything like diet friendly. We had potato waffles, scrambled egg and fried eggs, bacon, stuffed tomatoes (these were yummy, stuffed with dukkah and parmesan cheese YUMMO ) a choice of sauces, champagne and orange juice, tea or coffee. I was completely stuffed at the end of it. Lucky I had those couple of hours in the garden first I think.

Rest of the day was spent in and around the house, clearing up after ants (bloody things) sorting out the cat and sorting out my new camera. Yes I have a new digital camera. My old one was getting very shaky and the one on the phone is pretty useless. All those photos I took the other day from my jaunt up into the hills are not clear or even halfway good. DS2 has the big digital, which commutes between him and me depending on who is where or going where in the Universe. But I wanted one for when the biggie was not available, one to carry in the purse. So I have a Canon Powershot A610. It's a little doosey - hey it has a swivel screen so I can even take pics of me with the scenery behind me. Good heavens does this mean Shad will have pics with PEOPLE in them!!!!!
So now there will be no excuse for not going places down in NSW. I might even stay there for a couple of weekends!!! You may yet get to see Wollongong! Bet you are all just dying to see that!!!

The head is perfectly fine thank you. I don't think they are migraines as such. They are not triggered by atmosphere, food, dust, etc. It's a combination of tension, stress and tiredness that gets me. Biggest bug is that I can usually tell when they are coming. I eat badly, crave the wrong foods, am bad tempered or just plain dopey. I know they are coming. I can't seem to do anything about them. It happens. Sometimes on projects I wonder why I don't get them more often!!

Last night on the TV, they took the cameras back to Innisfail to see how things are going after Cyclone Larry. There is still a lot of water lying around (they have had yet more rain) and about a third of the (still standing) houses are without electricity, but they are returning to a sort of normality. Remember the little girl I spoke about who said ' the fence is broke.... everything is broke'. Well they went back to her place. Mum has since delivered a new baby and the little girl spoke again thanking the nation for the gifts of toys and Easter eggs and clothing that they had received and a lot of which has been passed on to the relief efforts. Mum also thanked the world for the help. Quite an amazing family. Dad (the great fixer according to his daughter) also appeared. It seems that a lot of folk opened their hearts and wallets after seeing that little girl iliving through the hurricane.

Okay, better go and do something. The day is dawning bright and clear. A bit more gardening this morning. Trip to the gym no doubt. Some cleaning in the bathroom and loo. And some more dark thoughts on what to do with the #$%#@ persistant ants.

Happy Easter Monday.

04-16-2006, 09:21 PM

Hey Girls,

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Easter. I found myself full of memories, thinking of years ago as a child. I am sure it is a part of remembering my beloved parents and niece, AJ - so this one was different.

SHAD: Love to hear how you are! Your Cannon sounds awesome. Is it easy to figure out how to use? I am going to purchase one for my classroom. I can get a Cannon if I think it is user friendly for the students. I've heard lots of good things about the Kodak products for the novice photographer.

NITA; It sounds like you are making good decisions. I am with you on sampling a cookie out of the home and not buying the package to take home. My foods class had a low fat food day on Friday. The students brought in all kinds of low fat foods. I did not limit them on serving sizes, and the plates were piled high. I think we may do this once again, after taking a closer look at portion size. I teach this stuff, and still have a difficult time.

OneDay: How was your company? Don't worry about having some empty calores now. It would be glorious if we could be good all the time, but the facts are that will never be the case. So, enjoy your company and the delicious treats, knowing fully you will return to your chosen eating plan in the next day or so. What is your favorite JC food they sell? I almost went to work for them years ago. I think I have told that story here. I was curious about the food they sell then.

CATLOVER: Let us hear how your hypotherapy went. I do believe in it, but you have to be in the right mood, and I am not sure how long term it is. What are you up to otherwise?

MOOZ: Thanks for the email, always good to hear from you! You and your family remain in my thoughts and prayers.

Well girls, I have a 3 hour training immediately after school tomorrow. Can you say, not cooking!! Here is to a week of OP decisions and actions by each of us! ;)

04-17-2006, 01:06 AM
On my way back to the'Gong.

Hal, it seems easy to use especially for the point and shoot bits and it has this swivel screen. My old digital was a Kodak. It has lasted 6 years. It was absolutely simple to use, took videos, only problem was that you had to have the stand/pad thing to connect into the computer. It made carrying it overseas somewhat of a trial. The batteries were also one off, needed a special container for recharging - more stuff, more cords to hump around. This one connects to a computer with a USB cord and you can buy the batteries off the shelf. Still reading the book of instructions.

Gotta go.

04-19-2006, 08:43 PM
Hi, everyone. Nothing seriously wrong in my life now, just feel I'm being nibbled to death by ducks. I can't get the FMLA straughtened out, the house and yard are a mess, and we are having problms with the storytelling group and the Peace and Justice group, I can't get anywhere with my weight and there's not time to exercise . . . OK, Cat, remember that there are people who have real problems.

We had a great poetry reading last night--I had three poems published.

Better sign off before I kvetch any more.

04-20-2006, 03:02 PM
Hello ladies,

Had a wonderful weekend, everyone was at my parent's house. We have a tradition of cracking cascones (egg shells, painted and stuff with confitee) on easter day. So there we were all running after each other, trying to crack eggs on each other. Talk about memories, and I have it on film. Ate way to much, but got back on track monday. Tonight is my weight in so we'll see.

Hal - I think my favorite is the lemon and chocholate cake. Ok, I know, that's dessert, but it's good the next item is the chicken fett. The rest of the food is ok, but the portions are small. I have to remind myself, that it's enough food.

oops needs to run, be back later

04-21-2006, 11:55 PM
Shad--there are some very good simple yoga postures for headache in Yoga Journal on line.

Now our crisis in the Coalition for Peace and Justice is deepening. I think we need to work hard just to survive.

I had a caller today who wanted some written information on the prescription drug plans. I said I'd be glad to send it, but it often takes 3 weeks, and the deadline to sign up is May 15. She said, "Well, it's the 20th, I think we'll get it in time." I tried to stress that we'd be real busy the last days, but she still wanted the written material. So I went all through entering the meds in the computer, putting together the packet, said, "Now, you'll get that in about 3 weeks." "Three weeks! Why, that's too late." So we started almost over, and finally enrolled the old gentleman in a plan. Sigh.

Another group of people are going to be auto-enrolled May 1. If it's a lousy plan for them, they probably won't realize it in time to switch by May 15.

And a good night to all of you who have reasonable health care systems.

04-22-2006, 10:10 PM
Hi All,

Sorry I haven't posted for several days--I believe I am having some bad days because we cannot find the "perfect" house back in PA. I know I have to be patient but it seems most of the houses are more than one story. Because of Gene's disability, it most important that this house be a ranch and it could have a basement but it also has to be easy for him to get in and out of. In the meantime I have interviewed two different real estate persons and I believe the one we should go with is an older woman with RE/MAX, the same real estate in PA where my real estate person works.

Diet-wise I was doing very well until this past week and it is amazing how fast you can put on 3 to 4 lbs. I bought one of those Woman's World magazines yesterday featuring a young woman who lost over 100 lbs. with the WW program. She does have a few tips in the article. One of the most important things she states is that she never missed a meeting and stayed for the entire meeting, and this is something I just need to make up my mind to do. When it does come to packing, I will need all the energy I can muster up. Since these moving companies want $1800 to pack all your boxes, I decided it would be wise to pay a couple of my friends to help me instead. With the price of gas going up each day, I am sure they could use a little extra cash.

We have not changed our mind about leaving AZ, however, if we cannot come up with a home as good as this one or at least as nice, we may have just stay in AZ. Gene fell again yesterday when I was not at home and our neighbor just happened to come and visit him and helped him up and tended to his wound. He was very lucky because he went down slowly and only banked a place near his elbow. So when I think of what happened, I just know we need to be near family.

Thanks for all your advice when it comes to buying a house, I really appreciate it.

Have a great weekend!

04-23-2006, 01:54 AM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - I"m so glad Gene is allright. I'm sure a relator can find you a place. Just be patient. I think that's a great idea of getting your friends to help out with your packing. You know with them doing it, it will be packed more carefully. Make sure you have all the packing items you need. You might want to start saving newspapers to help with packing. I'm sure a U Haul store will have everything else you need.

Cat - I will have to ask my parents about their program. I know they enrolled prior to Christmas, but I haven't asked him how it's working out.

I have some sad news. One of my cousins passed away friday night. She was 37 years old. She also had downs syndrom. It was very quick, she was feeling ill friday morning, then she fainted and was rushed to hospital. By late afternoon she had a heart attack. Please keep her family in your prayers. She was very special to us.

04-23-2006, 04:58 PM
Hi Ladies,

Patty -- sorry about your loss. The good thing is that she didn't suffer. You are correct when you say I need to have patience and the realtor and/or my daughter back in PA will find our "perfect" home. I told the realtor today it's too bad I love my home as much I do. Also, the weather here has been absolutely wonderful.

If any of you watched Entertainment Tonight yesterday, there was a chef on there who had been grossly overweight and on the advice of his physician he was told to lose weight or he would die, he suddenly did a turnaround and it was amazing to see all of his family--I believe there were two boys and also his wife who were also overweight. Well the bottom line is they all lost weight and look fantastic. I didn't catch his name but he is now helping other people lose weight as well. One of the things he stressed was fresh fruits and veggies and also drinking water. Since he is a chef by trade you can well imagine he came up with some tasty dishes. I am sure he has a website and I will try to find out his name.

Take care ladies,

04-23-2006, 10:35 PM

04-23-2006, 11:45 PM
Puff, puff. Just running in and out. Patty so sorry to hear of the loss in your family. Blessings on you all.

Nita, it will all come together when it is meant to. Don't sweat the stuff and be very fussy about what you want. Don't let anyone talk you into something that is not quite right. Hang in there.

Cat - thanks for the tips on yoga for headaches. I think there will be a few more before I am finished here.

Keep going - keep thinking about what you eat, what you drink, when you exercise. Only by plugging along can we achieve our goals.

04-27-2006, 07:28 PM
Hello Ladies,

Came back in town wednesday, but came home sick. My allergies have me all stuffed up. Stayed home today. I have 2 prescriptions to take.

Today will be short. Hope everyone is doing ok. Will check back later.

04-28-2006, 10:33 PM
Kickin' us up to the top.

Anyone for starting a new thread for May?

04-29-2006, 01:07 PM
Hello Ladies,

Just a quick hello. I"m still sick. Allergies have really got me down. Staying in today and just resting.

Cat - Let's see if anyone else wants to start the thread. I"m not good at adding any pictures or anything. If no one else volunteers i can try.

04-29-2006, 07:35 PM
Morning all,
Quick dash in before I go off to gym.

Hope you get rid of those allergies soon Patty. Nothing worse than painful sinus' and feeling down and blue.

Nita - interesting about that chef. There are a few around here who practice the healthy eating syndrome. Their restaurants are always popular.

Morning Cat and Mooz and Hal.

This week I am training at a place called Groote Eylandt which is right at the very top of Australia in the Tropics. In fact it is not that far from the equator. This will be a new experience since I have not been up there before. Apparently the Island is closed to tourists and is run by an Aboriginal tribe and the mine which produces manganese pays royalties to the owners allowing them to live as they have done for hundreds of years. In the past they have allowed tourists but the drink and drugs which came with the tourists was untenable for the locals and they got sick and abusive so they have banned visitors except at the mine. They are coming to terms with the 21st century in their own way. I'm working at the mine for a week. It should be an interesting trip. Wish me luck. They tell me the beaches are inhabited by crocodiles!!!!!! :yikes: :running: :yikes: :running:

Anyway I had better go. Busy day ahead here with gym, shopping and catching up with friends. DS2 gave me a clean house, weeded, mowed, edged and trimmed garden and took me out for dinner for my birthday present. I am blessed, no housework for me today apart from a couple of dishes to wash.

See you.

05-02-2006, 11:38 PM
Hello Ladies,

I"m still trying to get well. These allergies have really gotten me down. I even stayed home all weekend. I'm trying to take it easy at work, which is not easy being out 4 days last week. I'm not doing to good on the diet either, when I'm sick I want comfort foods.

Shad - Happy Belated Birthday! Tell us more about your work adventure when you get back. I"m going to look up Groote Eylandt as soon as I log off from here. Watch out for those crocodiles...

05-02-2006, 11:39 PM
That sounds so interesting. Let us know what happened.

Patty--have you seen an allergist? I love mine--he made my life so much better

Hi to all the rest.

05-03-2006, 04:11 AM
Here I am on Groote Eylandt. It took 10 hours by plane to get here. It is about as far away from anywhere as you can get.
There was a notice on the board today to miss the beach (which is fenced off anyway) because there is a 4 metre crocodile patrolling the beach. No one will get me near the beach now.
We can get a drink after our meal (everywhere else is dry) at a place called the ARC. Can't spell the name of the town so will spare you the difficulties. Walked home with the other contractors in the dark and we saw a lovely owl sitting on a pole. I got a photo. Haven't had much time to look at anything much yet. Got in late, got sorted out with accommodation, went to the mess for dinner and went to bed - stuffed.

Tonight I hope to go on a long walk to see what is around the joint. Funny little township - and we are not allowed into the reserves unless we have a pass - but it is definitely not tropical paradise island like Tahiti or Fiji. Although some of the folks here just love it.

Time to get on with it. I'm training in and learning about the Real Estate module today.

05-03-2006, 05:02 AM
Hi everyone ..... :hug: .... just a quick drop in to let you know I am still alive!
I have put on about 6 pounds since my mums funeral and I need to get a grip of things before it gets out of hand! I just can't seem to stop eating the rubbish :mad: :mad:
Apart from that things are going on OK
Brian and Paul are still at their jobs. Orla will soon have finished her second year at University. Sinead came back from India early for my mums funeral and then she gave up her job in Belfast. She hated it mainly because of the long shifts ..... usually 10 hours at a time and they were very unsociable hours such as from 7pm till 5 am. She also hated the house she shared in Belfast.
She went to a local Recruitment Agency and at the moment she has been given hours in a Leisure Centre and in a Solicitors office both in a town about 20 mins drive from here. So it is nice to have her home again at night. Hopefully she will get a permanent job through the Recruitment Agency.

Will read through the posts and talk to you all at a later time .....

Have a good day all :hug: :hug:

05-03-2006, 11:33 PM
Shad--how fascinating. We all know so little about Australia.

Mooz--glad to see you back. Be gentle with yourself while you grieve. The only thing you might think about is non-food ways to treat yourself.

05-04-2006, 04:26 AM
Mornin chicks ....... just a quick call ....... going shopping with Sinead today ...
....... still haven't caught up on what you all have been doing ......
Have a good day all ........

05-04-2006, 02:23 PM
Hello ladies,

Cat - I haven't seen an allergist. This usually hits me once a year. I get all stuffed up and then I get pressure in my ears. This time It really hit me hard, but i'm thinking my immune system was down (tired) and then their was a death in my family, the same week it started. I'm starting to feel better, every evening i've been going home and basically resting.

Mooz - Hope you and Sinead had a fun shopping day. Don't worry about those 6 lbs. You can lose them later. Be good to yourself right now.

Shad - Oh, I think it would be so interesting to go to the reserves. I'm sure the beaches are beautiful, minus the crocodiles. Keep us informed on your adventure.

05-06-2006, 12:06 AM
Well, I love my allergist. He made my life so INCREDIBLY much better.

05-06-2006, 10:36 AM

Hey Movers and Losers!

It is good to see everyone is doing well, I am just fine. My WW 3 month program ended and I think I attended 6 meetings. I lost the opportunity to attend meeting night when my teacher Intern announced the only night of the week he could meet was the only night WW meets here. So... add to the mix this guy cancelled his out of class (required) meetings for weeks in a row. I did not recommed passing this guy for his internship, but believe it or not the state teacher educator and the school principal (Vocational school) both gave him flying colors. The principal admitted to me this guy was highly popular in her building, and IF she did not pass him she would face the rath of the other teachers. I'll never serve for her again. I told her straight up passing him was her death sentence as he fails to follow state curriculum and their students continue to test lowly (this vocational school scored the lowest in the state in January - and it is located in the state capital city). She said I was right, and still passed him. This time last Saturday, I was meeting with him all day, holding him accountable to his out of class hour requriement. He did not attempt to work, but chatted non stop and passed the time. Sometimes...

OneDay: You are right, stress will allow things to happen to us physically. I am always fascinated by the new diet programs that include a form of relaxation such as yoga along with exercise. Not that I am doing either, but I want to. Wannnna. Rocky is laying in the sun on the kitchen floor as I type. He keeps looking at me to see if I am going to stop so he can follow me. I think the new groomer is a hit. He looks great.

Shad: Happy Birthday to you, Happy Belated Birthday to you!! I need to do a better job of posting more routinely. I hope it was a good one. It sounds like you are on yet another adventure. Thanks for taking us with you!

Cat: I did see an allergist about 4 years ago, went through all the tests and shots and came up clean - no allergies. Later I figured out I had fallen hard and hit my chin (tripped over a concrete parking barrier - I had a arm full of things loading my Jeep at a motel and in a hurry) I damaged my sinuses and chipped a tooth - which took a few months to fall apart. The sinus thing drove me nuts. My allergist made me comfortable with eye drops, sinus spray and a medication. I tried several until I found one that had no side effects. I think I took it for about 2 months. Good luck with your tests.

I live a few blocks from the state capitol buidling where a Derby breakfast is being hosted by our Governor. It is a big deal, and I really should go walk through. Free food. LOL Some crafting and music also. They run buses here because parking is at a premium in this area. It is a beauftiful day here in central Kentucky. Now that the new teacher internship is over and my Tuesdays are mine I plan to rejoin, write another check to WW and finally get serious. For me....

Now, to shop, prepare a pretty and tasty veggie and fruit tray, and place my Derby bet. ;)

05-06-2006, 05:41 PM
Morning all,

I'm back from the tropical north. Sorry to hear that some of you are being sick with allergies. Hope you get better soon. Spring and spring flowers seem to trigger a lot of allergies these days.

Hal - Derby day sounds interesting in your neck of the woods. Melbourne has race fever here in November with the Melbourne Cup. It's always a carnival day too.

I'm getting used to the city noises again. Although it is very quiet around my house, there are aeroplanes and sirens etc in the distance frequently. The sound of lawnmowers and chain saws also breaks the silence. Never heard them on Groote Eylandt. Apart from a few cars we never heard anything except frogs and birds.

Groote is an island off the coast of Arnheim land in the Gulf of Carpentaria about 630k east south east of Darwin. It is completely isolated except for the airport and the seaport. The company (BHPBilliton) leases land in the western sector to mine the managanese. Manganese is used to harden steel. The majority of the ore is washed, taken to the port in huge road trains and put onto ships going to China, Japan, USA, and Europe. A small amount is sent to Tasmania by sea to be refined for use here. It is estimated that there is another 20 years left in the mine. It's been going since 1964. This is one of the best producing manganese strip mines anywhere. It's easy to get out, doesn't require refining apart from washing and so is a big money earner.
The airport and the port have been built by the company on land leased from the local Aboriginal tribes. The town is built on leased land consists of around 1000 permanent people and assorted hangers on like me.
There is only one main road - from the mine to the port - that is sealed. The road is kept in good condition by the company because of the road trains. The roads in town are sealed (around the pot holes) and are maintained by the company.
At the town itself, there is a shopping arcade - Post office, Chemist, and a couple of general type stores - souvenirs - joke, no one comes to the island for a holiday, kids shoes, some clothes, fishing gear - and a travel agent. Further down the road there is a supermarket. Huge amounts of frozen food. Food and other supplies, mail, mining gear etc comes by barge once a week. At the end of the week any fresh food such as salad type stuff is beginning to look a bit tired. For all that, the mining fraternity live very well. There is no alcohol sales on the island - or rather very little since there is a bottle shop at the A.R.C. (Alyangular Recreation Club) - but one has to have a permit to keep alcohol or drink in any place other than the ARC or the Golf Club.
There is a primary school on the Island but the kids have to go to boarding school for further education. Generally the family moves off Island at that time.
There is a swimming pool, tennis courts, netball, AFL (Aussie Rules football) and soccer fields and a gym. They have a Golf course and a Gun club and the Mess Hall for visiting consultants, people in single room accommodation and some of the shift workers. There is a police station but there appears to be little crime and the kids are pretty safe around there. It would be a good place for kids. For all that the company brings in a Psychologist for a week a month to deal with any problems arising.

There are a few Aboriginals who live and work in town, but the majority are Caucasian Australian as well a few imports from Kiwiland, Britain and South Africa. The town occupies a small portion of land on the western side of the Island. It is not swaying palm trees and white sand like the travel brochures.
The island is mostly flat, mostly native vegetation. You can not leave town and go inland anywhere without a permit. There are places you can not go even with a permit, since these are sacred sites. You can boat around the island at anytime, fishing or snorkelling (look out for the funny knobbly logs of wood floating on the water) but you can not land anywhere without permission.
The local Aboriginal people have 2 towns further east on the Island. They are rarely seen. They do live in houses but they mainly live off the land using the hunter/ gatherer subsistence living methods they have used for centuries. Every so often war breaks out between factions. They are left to deal with it themselves as they have always done. I'm told they are the happiest, most stable Aborigines in Australia.
The land itself is more or less as it was last century, the century before, and those that came before that. Therefore you find on the island, wildlife that existed that existed thousands of years ago. There has been no clearing of land apart from the strip mining and that is within a confined space. Most of the vegetation is savannah forest - ie gum trees with grass and low secondary growth. It's easy to see through unlike the dense rainforests of Queensland. Wildlife consists of a great many reptiles, a great many frogs which have been almost wiped out on the mainland, a large number of birds (the only non native is the Galah - a result of a mating pair being let loose some years back by a returning miner), wallabies and small marsupials and there is a healthy population of dingos to keep the critturs in check. You don't get to see many animals really apart from the birds. The wily critturs don't venture into town. It is mostly nature as it used to be from what I am told. Didn't see many butterflies - but then there are not a great number of flowers.
The mining workers are extremely well paid. They live in cheap rented accommodation - the price is cheap, the accommodation seems to be fine (can't own anything on Groote) and no doubt if they stay for several years, they could be financially set up for life. There is power, tv, satellite communications, and you can take the vehicle over if you wish - just not many places to drive it and 4 wheel drive is almost mandatory since the only sealed roads are in town, the rest are dirt and mud tracks.

Could I live there? Don't know. Provide I could fit in with the community - and there is a large sense of community there, then it would probably be okay. I suspect I would need to go to Darwin once a month to get away from the place. Probably I am a bit too solitary for there. For families with small children it is ideal. The children would grow up with a sense of freedom, but may be vulnerable to the preys of town life afterwards. But they would grow up without too many hangups and probably no colour barriers.

This is a part of Groote from the air. Unfortunately the clouds come over and the township disappeared.
Anyway, I've written a book. I need to get to the gym.

05-07-2006, 06:51 PM
Hi All,

Sorry I haven't posted for quite some time. We are having a difficult time finding the "perfect" home back in PA. It is very frustrating. The main reason for the problem is Gene's disability and the fact that he is definitely on the walker all the time now. So we need a place with only one step to get into. There is a brand new carriage/condo home development going in right across the street from where my daughter lives. I do believe this is going to be the best possible solution. It has two bedrooms and two baths downstairs and a loft with a bathroom upstairs which I can use for my office/sewing room, etc. They are a little expensive but if we can sell this house at a profit, we can definitely swing a deal. Our realtor, who works for RE/MAX, says it is going to be their baby to sell all the units and we are probably the only potential buyers who have access to the floor plans. It is sort of exciting, but on the other hand rather stressful. I have already a lot of my homework and from what I gather hiring the right mover will be the most important element of this whole excursion. The other thing that sort of bothers me is that I will be solely responsible for driving us to PA--about 2300 miles. Oh well, I have to think positive and look at this as an adventure. I would assume if we dont' do it now we will never be able to handle it. Gene seems to be holding his own but doesn't seem to be improving.

Before I forget--Happy Birthday Shad. It seems to me you have a rather adventuresome life yourself. I am very proud of you!

HalGal -- I am with you--I have three more weeks to weigh in and I have only attended two meetings. I was doing pretty well until Easter and since then I have fallen off the wagon. I did buy some Pomegranite juice because some doctor on Oprah said it was very good for you! I probably have to go to a health food store though to get the real thing. I just bought Langer's which also has cranberry juice in it.

Well I guess I will check the home listings again. I do this almost every day hoping to find that "perfect" or next-to-perfect home!

Take care all and have a wonderful Sunday.


p.s. I did manage to go to exercise class two times this past week and I even walked on the treadmill on Saturday.

05-07-2006, 10:44 PM
Shad--thanks for all the interesting info. Sounds very adventurous to me.

Nita--will pray for that perfect home and strength for the drive. Have you thought of contacting the independent living center if there is one? The one here helps people with disabilities find housing.

I have this Sunday evening feeling that there was so much else I wasgoing to do . . .

05-08-2006, 12:01 AM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - thanks for sharing that information on Groote Eylandt. I don't know if I could live on a island like that for too long. I think I could handle a year, knowing the pay was good, but that's probably it. I guess you could really save some money. So is your job over, or are you headed back?

Hal - I did watch the Derby. Great race. Did you make it over to the Derby breakfast? I think It would be a hoot to watch all the spectators in their pretty hats. I can't believe that intern? I definitely would not want to be put that situation again. I'm glad Rocky likes his new groomer.

Nita - I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Do you think one of your kids could fly down and help you with the drive back? If not, just take your time in getting back home. Like you said "make it an adventure". I'm sure the stresses of trying to find a new home is overwheleming. Keep up your bowling and your exercise.

Cat - I was going to give it another week before I make a call to the allergist. But i'm finally starting to feel better.

I'm finally starting to feel better. I did take it easy pretty much this weekend. I'm planning on getting a patio cover and got some estimates this weekend. Now to decide what I want.

05-08-2006, 03:58 AM
Nita - thats quite some drive. I think you need to plan the route and decide where you want to stop over. I personally would make it a holiday and take two or three weeks to get back. The alternative would be to fly and have the car shipped by train or road transporter, which will probably take several weeks to happen anyway. Costs are obviously important so weigh up carefully how much it would cost to drive - petrol, overnight stops, food etc. and then make enquiries about flight costs, transporter costs, or rail costs. Also check your insurance as see whether they will let you transport or rail the car.

If driving makes economic sense, then plan for a long drive over a longer period of time rather than a shorter period of time. You have to think about yourself and rest stops and how Gene will travel. Or maybe you could pay for a family member to fly down to you and share the driving on the way home. It's not impossible. Just needs plenty of thought. Don't rush it. Take this advice from one who travels frequently. Do you have animals??? Are they going too? Have you sold the Arizona house??

I'm still working for the same company. I am back at Wollongong this week. I'll be here for the next couple of weeks and then go back to Groote for a week.

Back later for more updates.

05-08-2006, 12:01 PM
Hi Ladies,

Thanks for all your excellent advice. No, we have not sold our home in AZ. We decided it would be best if we found a place in PA first. It may be that we might not be able to make the move. However, I am still thinking positive and if we do decide on the new carriage homes right across the street from my daughter, we will have to stay here another several months because Mike didn't think it would be ready to move into until near the holidays. This way I will have a lot more time to get rid of a lot of junk I have been saving for years. It is possible I could have someone come out and help me drive.

You ladies are truly remarkable and I love all of you!

By the way is anybody watching American Idol. I am hooked again this year and vote religiously for two hours each Tuesday evening while I am watching House and Boston Legal. The person I am pulling for is Kathy McVee.

Take are all and have a "wonderful" week!


05-10-2006, 11:24 PM
Hello Ladies,

There were some terrible storms here last night. Tornados touched down about 40 miles away. We got alot of wind, and of course Blackie could sense the storms so he was barking quite a bit. Decided on getting part of my patio covered, so I could go out and enjoy it in the summer. Planted 3 tomato plants and still have a few herbs I need to replant.

Nita - I think Shad had quite a bit of good advice. Lots of things I didn't even think of. We'll that's kind of good about getting some extra time to take care of your things there. I agree, have a big garage sale and make some money off the things you have not used in a long time. No need paying to have it moved and then just sit there in PA.

Shad - Did you ever decide where you next vacation is going to be? I know you had mentioned coming to the US.

Hal, Mooz and Cat - Hope to hear from you all.

05-11-2006, 12:21 AM
Hello all,
I'm back on Groote Eylandt and communication is sparse so this will be short. If you don't hear from me regularly it's because of where I am, not because I am ignoring you all.

I'm still planning on coming to the US around Sept/ Oct. I've not sorted anything yet. That may be my nighttime occupation for the next week or so because I won't have much else to do. That is if I can get an internet connection.

05-11-2006, 11:43 PM

Surprise Everyone!

I'm sitting here taking care of a few odds and thinking one more day this week, a 4 day week next week (local election day we are off) and only a few more weeks of this school year. It is amazing how time passes. I had an ominious thought today as I worked, prodded, non-stop attemting to accomplish just a tad of my must do list as I attempted to teach my 6 classes, do 30 minutes of before school duty, 2 hours after school detention, special meeting for student with special needs meeting during my 50 minute plan period day. On a positive note, I did get 25 minutes for lunch. I ran out of the building in pouring rain with 30 mile an hour wind gusts and rain just to - get a second I could call my own. So, as I am attempting to eat a few bites with the 11 or 12 minutes left of my lunch I am thinking, thinking, thinking... the old saying about how time passes more quickly as we get older. I ask myself, "Is it possible I am that slow, that time seems to fly because it takes me longer to accomplish anything?" I hope not, but trust me - it could be!

I think I missed saying hello to:

Nita: It sounds as you are doing a great job of planning a positive move. Guess what? Just as I was getting ready to re-join WW for another 3 months another road block. I have been planning to return to school - University of Kentucky to finish my Ed.S degree (30 hours above the masters). Anyway, I made an inquiry Monday after school and found out that IF I plan to attend first summer session classes - my first class was THIS Tuesday at 5P. This is a 45 minute drive from my school, so I have to leave immediately after school to get there on time. Yes, I went. I got home at 10P Tuesday night. My class is School Finance and Support Services. I did not realize it has been 2 years (this summer) since I have taken classes! Just another small example of how quickly time passes as we get older! ;) I've been eating well. I have been having a whole grain cereal for both breakfast and dinner for the last few weeks and I can see a difference. It is honestly mostly due to time, but seems to be a healthy way to eat and diet also. Who would have thought? Something so simple. Anyway, take it day by day - don't forget to enjoy each one in the process - and check double check each decision you make as you plan this next move. It's all good. OH, why the WW block? That is the only evening WW meets here that I can meet during the school year. So, I'll have to wait a few more weeks before re-joining. It is a good thing, because I spend a small fortune on books for this new class.

MOOZ: I know this Mother's day will be a difficult one for you. I will keep you and your family in my thougths and prayers. Write to us when you can.

SHAD: Your life is so interesting. Once again, thanks for taking us with you! Keeneland horse racing takes place twice a year (3 weeks in April and 3 weeks in October). There are generally lots of arts and crafts and fall festivals all over the place that time of the year most anywhere. I think you have picked a very nice and temperate time to visit the US.

Hello to OneDay and Cat... thanks for keeping the thread rolling. I really enjoy reading how you guys are doing.

Well girls, I am going to take out the trash and get ready for bed and the last day of the week. It's a good think I love what I do, huh? LOL.... I'll write again this weekend.

May each of you enjoy OP days!

05-13-2006, 12:53 AM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - We'll I guess being on the island and not much to do will give you time to plan your trip. Hope you able to get on the internet.

Hal - I don't see how you put all those hours in, and not get paid for it. Teachers are so underpaid for what they do. I'm glad you do love what you do.

As for me, not much going on. Still have some congestion, trying to take it easy and get rid of this crud. Planning on taking my mom out for a early dinner tomorrow night. I have several plants I need to repot, so i hope to get that done sometime this weekend.

05-13-2006, 02:35 AM
Afternoon everyone,
I've found an internet connection in the communal lounge just down the path from my new pad.!!!!~ Yippee. You will get to hear from me more often now.

My new pad is great - it's a whole house. Three bedrooms. I have to share with another trainer for the week - he's coming up tomorrow night. I've snaffled the room with the en-suite and he can use the big bathroom and house loo. I have my own. I've bought in some goodies from the shops this morning so I can now have some healthy snacks. Morning and afternoon teas for training purposes can not be called healthy! Sugar laden muffins and scones with jam and cream!!!

There was a Mothers Day market on the island this morning, some native stuff, a lot of handmade necklaces and earrings etc and a fair amount of junk as well. I bought myself a jigsaw puzzle ( it looks like a Thomas Kincaid painting) to do on my nights and days off and a soft green bead necklace and earrings. Don't know whether I will keep them for me or give them away yet. Also got some Mothers day orchids which are gracing the dining room table as we speak. I've spoken to a great many different people here now. Some love being here. There are actually quite a number of New Zealanders who have made their home here. Then there are those who can't wait to get off. There can be quite a lot of tension between the indigenous population and the incomers. Mostly it seems to be that the indigenous bellieve that the police treat the whites better than them. Truth is that when the locals get drunk or drugged they are a real problem. Because of the alcohol laws there is little drunkeness, but what there is becomes quite obvious and it doesn't matter which race they belong to.
I went shopping today too. The grocery store is well stocked - although there was little meat today since the barge did not bring all it was supposed to. The veges were mostly root vege as they last longer. I bought some avocado, dragon fruit, danish sausage, biscuits and a bit of cheese, (along with some insect repellent. I'm being eaten alive.) I thought that I could use these for snacks - sort of antipasto stuff. I hope it will take away the craving for ice cream that I have. I also bought some sandals. I'm having a bit of trouble with feet. They get hot and sweaty and I do not want the tinea developing again after all the trouble I had to get rid of it last time. They have become quite painful with the wearing of the heavy boots as well. The stores may not be many round here, but they have an awful lot of stock in them. The prices are not as bad as one might think either.

Well I best go answer another couple of emails and get out of here. I'll be back tomorrow if possible.

05-13-2006, 10:46 AM
Shad--what an adventure!

Nita--praying that all will go smoothly. I was also thinking--there is a service here that helps older people with moves. I think they expect to cover much of the cost by what they're able to salvage or sell. So there might be something like that to help, too.

My kids took me out for Mothers Day last night. Went to a Thai place, and then ice cream but I got yummy frozen yogurt. Very special because not so long ago my daughter was really avoiding us. Feel very blest.

Hal--doesn't sound to me like you're slow--just overwhelmed. I'm amazed you get it done at all.

Storytelling today, and massage, LCPJ tomorrow. Very busy!

05-18-2006, 01:10 AM
Hello Ladies,

Where does the time go? Got my patio put in over the weekend and i'm really enjoying it. Trying to decide if I want to keep the tree that's right beside it. I know in the future I will definitely cut the tree down for for now just can't decide. I need to go ahead and get another tree started further back in the yard.

Shad - That's great that you got a 3 bedroom house. Hope you get a good roomate. If your able to take any pictures, share them.

Cat - I thought about you with the medical insurance deadline. I figured you were having to work OT to cover the calls.

Hope everyone is doing ok? Hope to hear from you all soon.

05-18-2006, 08:31 AM
Quick look in

Very busy with training and explaining the joys of SAP to the miners. Most of them are great. However there are a lot of foreigners here, many of whom have English as their second language. It is hard to keep the tone even and the voice pitched to the right levels when you are explaining something for the third or fourth time. Still most of them are really nice.

I'm having a challenge with the ladies on the other thread to not eat refined sugar, to exercise by a really fast walk for at least 20 minutes and to do a series of pilates exercises 20 x 10 every morning. It's going okay.

Coming up to the weekend here. Don't quite know what I will do yet, but I am working on it.

Good to hear for you all. Wish Mooz would pop in once in a while.

05-19-2006, 11:40 PM
Didn't have to work OT--they didn't require but sure encouraged it. Still, it was pretty stressful. Most of the callers already had other coverage--they just panicked.

Kickin' up to the top!

05-20-2006, 09:40 AM

Hey Movers and Losers!

Today I am having a serious case of "What WAS I thinking!" It's not all that bad, but adding a university class during the last month of the academic school year is just never anything I ever imagined I would do. I am, and so far so good. Other than losing sleep, it is enjoyable. Have I mentioned how much I really LOVE my 8 hours of toes up time? LOL

SHAD: Don't forget to sent a few camera shots of your travels as you have time. What about the food, what are you eating as you travel? Are the food choices different or limited in any way? Your exercise challenge sounds good. What are you doing for pilates?

OneDay: Nothing like a nice place to enjoy the outdoors. I have a really nice enclosed patio deck that is about 500 sq ft. I just snagged a new umbrella for my table, and 40 pounds of potting soil to refresh all my containers. I think this year I am going to get all the containers ready first and then purchase the plants. That way setting them in will be a one or two day event. Rocky really enjoys the deck and runs back and forth and all around it. He got a hair cut this week, and it is shorter than normal. I think he really likes it, he is such a nut - lots of personality. Have you seen the movie Beauty Shop? There is a brief shot of a Yorkie in that movie that I would like to see his hair cut like. Anyway...

Cat: You know I think nearly all of my friends have massages here and there. This is something I have just never done. I'll go for a pedicure and a manicure, but have never done that. My friends swear by it. What kind of stories are at your storytelling activities these days?

Mooz: Car 54 where are you? ;) Post when you can!

Nita: I bet you are busy. I hope you have a great weekend.

So girls, have you heard Paul McCartney is soon to be single? :o Oh yeah...:o Just joking, I have always been a fan. I always thought Linda was his true love, and wondered about the Mills chick and her harsh attitude. That's it for the gossip this beautiful Sa-sa-Saturday...!!

05-21-2006, 01:07 AM
Hello Ladies,

Got my new air conditioner unit put in this week. My old one was 17 years old and I was starting to have problems. You just can't go without a/c here. Today's high was 95 and we already had 2 - 100 days in april. Where the old one was at going to make it into a linen closet. I hired a friend to do that.

Shad - I'm sure it has to be frustrating having to explaine something over and over, but with keeping your voice at the same pitch I'm sure they don't realize it. I think I need a challenge too. I have not been exercising like I should. In fact I haven't at all.

Hal - No I haven't seen the movie, but some friends told me it was a funny one to see. I 'll have to rent it one weekend. I have really been enjoying the patio. Last year I got some outdoor furniture on sale, really good sale and stored it in the garage. It was a "coversation piece" a small loveseat, and 2 chair and a table. It looks like wicker but it's made for outdoor. I still have work to do, but it takes time and money. Blackie is enjoying it too, he seems to be laying outside under the covered patio more.

Cat - I'm sure it was stressful having to talk to alot of eldery people who are having to make decisions on things they really don't understand. I was confused reading my parents material.

Mooz - hope to hear from you.

05-21-2006, 06:41 PM
Hi, all--

Went over to tell stories at the KC Museum--supposed to be bi-lingual, but there was only one little boy and his mother. I got paid, but it was a little far to drive for that. (I did my old faithful dragon story and the two on skunks."

05-23-2006, 06:30 PM
Hi all,

Just thought I would drop in and say "hi". I really miss you guys. As far as our move is concerned, it looks like it may be as far away as 16 months. My realtor is trying to work out a deal with the developer of these carriage homes which will be located right across the street from my daughter. They are quite expensive but if we buy the model home the developer will lease it back from us for 12 to 16 months. It is going to be really decked out and I will even have a chance to pick out my colors. These homes are joined together and I believe there are two to a unit. It will have two bedrooms down and a loft upstairs that I will use for my office and/or sewing room. It is also going to have a club house with an exercise room. Hopefully we can swing the deal. Mike talked about a bridge loan and we haven't got all the details yet.

I called LA Weightloss because they had a promotion--and eight week makeover. I asked the price and the lady said $319 and all that consists of is consultation and weigh-ins. They also sell supplements but you are not obligated to buy them. I decided I could spend this money more wisely by buying lots of fruits and veggies. So that is what I am going to do.

Has anyone taken any of those CoQ-10 food supplements. I read this article in one of those ladies' magazines that said if you were lacking this, it could keep you from losing weight. In fact it stated a group of ladies lost 30 lbs. in just 9 weeks. I decided to try it and I will let you know after a couple of weeks if I see any difference. Supposedly it is also good for your heart as well and you will have a whole lot more energy.

Well I had better go, I need to go and get Tiffany from the groomer. She always looks so terrific when I bring her home that I fall in love with her all over again. She is only 5 years old but she still thinks she is a puppy!

Take care all,

05-24-2006, 12:09 AM
Gosh, I hope you don't have to wait 16 months. Still, I guess having a time frame is better than none at all.

I haven't taken CO Q-10 but it does seem to work for a lot of things and not any side effects I've heard of.

This is the first evening I've really devoted to writing in many, many weeks. Am trying to put together a set of 10 poems on various selected themes to send to a magazine that's published some of my stuff before. Fun to go back and review old stuff.

And I should get to bed.

Good night.

05-25-2006, 09:14 AM
Just a quick hello.

Been very busy at work and around the house. Will post more later tonight.

05-25-2006, 10:31 PM
Hi ladies,

I just wanted to find out if any of you are familiar with the celiac disease. My youngest daughter, Sue, has just been diagnosed with it. It primarily means a gluten-free diet. They have a lot of websites that assist with this problem. The only way it can be taken care of is by diet. I read that 1 in 133 people have this disease but it goes undiagnosed. It also said it is an inherited disease and this may mean that I have it as well and that could account for my stomach ailments.

I will write again tomorrow but I need to watch Taylor Hicks on ET.

Take care,

05-29-2006, 11:41 PM

Sorry--thought I'd answered about the Celiac.

I think she will feel so much better she won't mind the diet. Will post some recipes a friend with the same problem gave me.

05-30-2006, 12:20 AM
It's getting to the end of this project and I am beginning to wonder if the whole thing is becoming a bit deranged and the wheels are falling off the wagon. One lot are complaining about their training - there is too much of it!!!!! They don't want the fluffy bits (how to get more efficient using SAP - ie the shortcuts, the easy to use bits) :yikes: :faint: a couple of months back they wanted everything they could get. They got no training at all with the last system.
Maybe I'll just call it quits soon and go home anyway.

Nita, there is probably some folk on the site with the same problems. Coeliac disease is now very common. Check out and see if there are recipes for the disease.

Good to hear from the rest.

Cat - hope the poetry publishing is going well for you.

Time to get off here and check out the rest of the site. I'll be back.

05-30-2006, 02:55 PM
Hello Ladies,

Hope everyone had a good weekend. It was so nice to have a 3 day weekend. Got lots of things done around the house. Coverting the empty space where my air conditioner unit use to be into a linen closet. Ok, i'm not actually doing it but i'm helping. All I have to do now is paint it and put a door on it. Worked out in the backyard yesterday. My tomato plants are really getting big, also planted some peppers. I have not been doing well on my diet. Several weeks ago I had ran out of Jenny Craig food when I was sick and just didn't go back. It's so easy to just grab something here and eat with friends. I'm going back tonight I think, no I know I have gained the few pounds I had lost.

Nita - I have not heard of that disease. I'm sure their are some good web sites out there.

Shad - One thing I have learned is you can never make all your clients happy. I remind them I just do what I'm told to do. Have you been able to take any photos of where you at?

Hal- I figured we'd here from you this past weekend with the long weekend. But now i'm thinking your probably still in school. Give us a shout when you get a chance.

Mooz- How are you doing? Are the kids in town?

Cat - How is your writing going?

05-30-2006, 07:11 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to say I am still here and trying to work this deal for this new home in PA. I spent a whole hour at the bank this morning applying for a "Smart Loan." Hopefully this will not be a problem.

I am using this stressful time not to be in control of my eating. I have this idea that I think too much about it and then I do worse. I did manage to use the scrubber on my carpet this morning and really felt good that I accomplished what I had set out to do. Now if I can only get on the treadmill and start doing it every day like I used to. Today may be the day to start. I can watch Millionaire for 30 minutes and that should do it.

Thanks again for being here for me.

Take care,

05-31-2006, 01:02 AM
Hiya all,
Still working away, it's getting cold down here in Wollongong. Maybe I should have stayed on Groote!

I think they are sending me down to Temco later this month. That will be even colder. Best get some thermals ready. I'm such a softie in the cold these days.

I have taken some photos, but they will have to wait until I get home over the weekend to load them to the computer. Then I will be able to show them to you.

06-03-2006, 06:08 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - Hope all goes well with your loan. Are you a basketball fan? My Mavs play your Suns tonight. GO MAVS! GO MAVS!

Shad - I forgot your on other side of the world. It's getting hot here, our high is 90 today. We've had very little rain this year, so their already putting on a watering schedule.

Ran lots of errans this morning. Still cleaning out the backyard, took several chairs and a table back to my mom's that I had borrowed last year. I need to give Blackie a bath, but I don't know if that's in my plans for the weekend.

Mooz, Hal, & Cat - hope you all are doing ok. Hope to hear from you all soon.

06-03-2006, 06:36 PM
Hi Patty,
Yes, I most definitely a Suns fan! Hopefully the Suns can win this evening so they can play their 7th game in Phoenix.

After dealing with the bank regarding a line of credit, I talked with Gene and we decided to use an annuity we had set aside for this purpose rather than pay out 8% on a loan for 15 months. I think it makes more sense. The home is still not out of the ground but hopefully in the next couple of weeks we will be signing a contract with the builder for the model home. It seems like quite an opportunity for our last home we will be buying--since it will be decorated to the hilt, the best of everything will go into it.

Diet-wise I am having a very hard time getting on the program. I do know what to do but for some reason I am making it too difficult. It could be that turning 71 might have something to do with it. I still have not checked with my PCP to find out if I should be tested for celiac. I am planning on contacting the office next week.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I am staying indoors because it is 110 degrees here.

Take care all,

06-05-2006, 02:36 PM
Hello ladies,

Nita - What a game! I was sitting on the edge of the couch the whole 4 period. I wish Steve Nash would come back and play for us. Now on to the finals. I'm sure the stress of buying a new home and what to do is causing havoc on your eating. Just try and make a better choice when you get a chance.

As for me, I'm in the same boat. I have been so stessed about my work load. And what do I do, I eat. I'm trying to make better choices, but unfortunately this is my TOM and I'm craving sugar. I finally got my patio looking the way I want it, I need to do a little touchup on the paint back their but it's very relaxing.

Hope everyone is having a great day!

06-05-2006, 05:58 PM
Hi Patty,

I also was watching the game. I really am not a basketball fan but this game was exceptionally interesting. I am so surprised that Steve Nash does so well since he really isn't a very big guy compared to the German on your team.

I just got word from my tax advisor and he said purchasing the model home is a solid plan and advantageous for us. Now all I have to do is receive the contract from the developer so we can seal the deal. I know 15 to 16 months seems like a long time, but the end result will be great!

I did start again this morning eating the proper foods. I also bought two huge cantolopes and watermelon. Since it is so very hot all of a sudden fruit is the way to go.

Hopefully the rest of our support group is doing well and we will hear from you soon!


06-08-2006, 10:30 AM

Good Thursday morning everyone!

I am sorry I've been 'lost'. I really have! I stopped receiving the daily or every day of so posts notices. When I did notice I was not receiving them and attempted to find our blog - I could not post because my password was no longer valid! OK, I have a fairly new email address and it was not registered here, so to receive my password took several emails over a few weeks. I'm back.

School was finished last Thursday, and graduation is this Sunday. I am knee deep in work for my School Finance and Support Services class. I have a paper due today!!! It will be late, i already know this - so I'm letting loose of the stress. LOL The class will be over on the 15th. I have another class starting next week, and it is on line. It is a school law/special education class.

Diet wise I have been good, and believe it or not, have been using my stationary bkie. I am so out of shape it is not funny. Time to take time to work on this. One step at a time.

Rocky is doing well, enjoying my time here, even tho I've still been up and out each day (except yesterday).

Nita: Your plans for your new home sound wonderul. I have not rejoied WW, but plan to. Soon.

CatLover: Your deck sounds nice. I'm still working on mine. Rocky is so spoiled, you should see/hear him. He is so good at throwing his fits. I ignore most of this, as I think that will stop some of it - but it is his personality. He is a drama king.

Shad: It sounds like you have relocated, but I am not sure whre or what you are up to!

Mooz: Car 54 where oh where are you? I saw a movie "Ladies In Lavendar" which was shot in Ireland and thought of you. One of the characters in the movie was an artist, and I pictured you in the beautiful area working on your paintings.

Have I missed anyone? I'll do my best to post soon!

06-08-2006, 06:59 PM
Hello Ladies,

Talk about the heat! Boy it's getting hot here. I know it's not as hot as where you are Nita, but we have alot of humitity. My city is on a water watch, they have not limited our use but asking everyone to watch when and how they water. I was amazed of when I came home today of how many people had their sprinklers on!! It's 99 out their and their watering, you think they realize it's all evaporating. Anway I have been watering at night. Taking tomorrow off and going to finish up my new closet that I just got put in. Remember I had replaced my a/c unit and it left a big whole in the wall. A friend coverted to a closet, but he was not going to paint it or the door. That's my job. So that i on my agenda tomorrow. Saturday going to a party. My old neighbor is in town from Hawaii. She just moved their last dec. I'm hoping to go and visit her either late this year or next. Just depends on the money situation.

Hal - Girl you are too busy! I hope you are able to take some time and relax this summer. I too have gotten so out of shape. I have vowed to start walking on the treadmill even if it's for 5 minutes.

Nita - That's good news from your financial advisor. I always thought a home purchase was a good investment. Once you have the papers signed that will give you a good estimate of when your home will be ready. Sounds like you have some months to get prepared for the move.

Hope everyone is having a great week.

06-08-2006, 10:49 PM
Hi All,

HalGal, it certainly is great having you back. I always love your graphics as well as your posts. Today was my day at the office and I put in 9-1/4 hours with 1/2 hour off for lunch.

Patty, I know what you mean about humidity. Today it was a little cooler, 105 degrees but my car read 111. I really don't think we could survive without air conditioning. One thing it has done for me is keep me home more and all of a sudden I have this urge to spring clean the house, even though it is summer. I bought some new brushes for my Hoover carpet scrubber and it really does a good job. I used to spring clean a room in one day, well now it is taking more like 3 days. Oh well at least it does keep me out of the refrigerator.

We are having my two lady friends over tomorrow afternoon to play pinnochle. Gene really enjoys playing cards, especially when he wins!

I'm not sure if any of you have run your free credit reports. I do have one suggestion if you do--that is to make sure you get one from each of the three companies. I found out the hard way--it seems when you correct the errors with one company, they do not share these corrections with the other two, therefore if someone calls the other companies like they did for me, the correct info is not passed along. One of the reports is 31 pages and the other 21--right there you know something is amiss. I have even filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission who oversees these companies. The ordinary working person does not have the time to even get involved with these reports, so therefore, I feel very strongly that something has to be done to correct this situation. Wish me luck because after I sort through this mess, I am going to file a complaint with our Attorney General's Office as well. Thanks for listening to my frustrations.

Take care all and post soon!


06-11-2006, 07:16 PM
Nita--glad it looks like the house is working out.

I am doing better on my yoga.

Stressed by job--we all have to bid for new shifts, and most of them include at least one weekend day. Phooey.

06-11-2006, 11:16 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - I didn't realize they didn't talk to each other in reagards to the credit report. I have ran mine, but only one. I was going to run a different one every four months, since we're allowed to run one per year per company free. But I'm glad you reminded me. The first time I ran mine I had something like 31 open credit cards. CAn you believe that. I use to sign up for card when they offered the 10% discount off your first purchase. And they I would never use the card again. We'll I ended up closing like 20 accounts. Some of them I didn't even have the card anymore. Anyway now it takes 7 years (I think) before it finally removed off my report.

Cat - Best of luck in your bid for your shift. That's too bad they make you work a weekend.

As for me, had a busy weekend. Painted, & cleaned out closets. Worked in the back yard some. Seems like their always so much to do.

Hope everyone is having a good evening!

06-11-2006, 11:24 PM
Hi Patty,

I am with you with those credit cards. Also on the report are those companies who just send you a letter hoping you will take their credit card. I usually just tear them up and throw them away. I most definitely am going to file more information with the Federal Trade Commission as soon as I can digest these three reports.

Has anyone tried Jorge Cruise's 3-Hour Diet? I ordered a used copy of the book and I should receive it sometime this week. I read a few posts from people who are doing this diet and a lot of them say it is easy to follow and they are doing well on it. I probably have more than 25 or more books on dieting and what I have found is I get enthusiastic about a book but if it doesn't entice me in the first chapter, I usually look for the program chapter to see if it is something I like. Most of the time the foods are ones I never would eat. I will let you know if this diet is any different.

Well I had better get moving. Today I really did not diet but I tried not to overeat.

Take care all!

06-12-2006, 02:49 AM

Sorry to be missing so much these days. It's hard to catch up when you are working 12 hour days and then flying from place to place frequently. Good to know you are all still here plugging away on the weight loss front.

I've put some back on since it got so cold in Wollongong that I stopped exercising in favour of staying in bed for another 30 minutes or so. It then becomes hard when I get home and have to go back to the gym. Yesterday I was very stiff with the weights etc. But today seems to be okay.

I'm just on my way to catch yet another flight back to Sydney for the week. We've had a long weekend here (Queens Birthday weekend). I was trying to work out which king or queens birthday it actually is! Certainly the reigning queens birthday is on April 21. Victoria was born in May - it's probably some king a thousand years or so ago. We still celebrate!!!

I'll try to catch up on the posts during the week. Meantime look after yourselves and try to keep motivated. It's easier in the summer than in the winter I think.

Keep well

06-14-2006, 11:22 AM

Hey Movers and Losers!

Oh happy days of summer! Nothing better...

I am finishing what will be the last paper of my summer classes. It is the second paper in 2 weeks so I am ready to end it. The topic? Equity and Adequacy in school finance. Not real exciting stuff. Meanwhile, my second and last class of the summer began last week on special education law. I'll get the first 2 weeks of July off, and trust me I am thinking of a beach. I certainly deserve one!

Shad: I can testify that opting to stay in bed rather than rise early and move it will catch you - you know where. I've done this, and this needs to change. I read that moving your body moves the water around, which moves the nutrients within the cells and just shakes things up. I have never thought of exercise from that prespective before - it just makes sense. Move it. Good luck Shad, you just don't strike me as someone that is a slacker in any way.

OneDay: You have a good friend that would come help you remodel. Nothing like changing things around and making improvements. I have a to do list and have promised myself I'll work on them. I want to change out my living room by moving the TV to the bedroom and purchasing a piano. I've always wanted this, and better sooner than later. I want to either have my bedroom set profesional refinished (it is very old, very pretty and really in need of good work) or purchase a new one - have not decided which way to go. If I get a new set I'll move up a size in bedding. Anyway, change is good and planning and doing it is good. How is Blackie? Rocky is enjoying the summer very much. He has so much personality.

CatLover: Weekend work is no fun. I don't understand the work ethic in America. Other countries work less and take more vacation time. We work harder when we are rewarded and refreshed. Hang in there. Good on the yoga!

Nita: It sounds like we all have our turns and extra long days, huh? I don't mind it every now and then, but day in and day out makes us too old before our time. I have not heard anything about the Jorge Cruise diet. How is it going?

Mooz: Miss you! ;)

06-15-2006, 12:20 AM
Hello Ladies

Shad - Don't blame you for not wanting to get up when it's cold. I have a hard time even when it's hot. Sounds like your keeping pretty busy with work and all.

Hal - Blackie is doing good. In fact taking him to the groomers this weekend. He's really enjoying my tomato plants out on the patio. He goes out with me and looks for tomato's to pick. Problem is he eats the ripe ones and leave the others on the ground. I guess he can't tell the difference. I think I would chose to get the bedroom set refinished.

Nita - tell us more about the book? I know he has a 8 minute workout, but I haven't heard about his meal plans.

06-17-2006, 10:57 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you all know I haven't gotten into Jorge's book yet. I am making a point to read it tomorrow and find out what his 3-hour plan is. I am really having a terrible time getting motivated and I am using the excuse that I am sort of nervous about our planned move to PA. We still have not signed the contract but our realtor said I should get it in an e-mail next week. I most definitely will have my attorney review it to make sure it is in our best interest to go through with the deal.

Shad, you really do lead a busy life and it is truly wonderful you have all the energy to keep on doing what you like to do.

I did check group on 3fatchicks re Jorge Cruise's diet but it doesn't seem to be a very active one. Of course, I could always sign up and pay on his website but at this time I choose not to do that. In fact, all I really need to do is get my butt in gear and go up to the gym. I can even use the pool which I am sure would be a very good way to get started!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!!!

06-17-2006, 11:48 PM
Hi, all!

Hey, I went back to the dr (stupid toe is infected again), and I lost two pounds in 2 weeks--just from non over-eating!

However, the dr was very enthusiastic about either the zone or S Beach for people with borderline or type II diabetes. He said he didn't see value to the S Beach induction--he thought his patients did better just starting with the maintenance. Hmmm. . . What I remember about the Zone was it seemed so complicated. S Beach looked simpler. But do I want to go back to a "diet" again?

Night, all.

06-18-2006, 06:25 PM
Hi All,

Just a quick post to say Hi! Catlover, I know exactly what you mean. All of a sudden the word "diet" just isn't in my vocabulary. I did check out Cruise's program but not in depth, and what I suspected, the foods he suggests are most foods that I do not ordinarily buy. Also, even if you are eating every 3 hours, the amount of food is limited. If I can bring myself to review this book in depth, I most certainly will get back to you.

My husband all of a sudden isn't eating as much as he used to and we have decided that dinners are going to be very light. He likes cottage cheese with applesauce, and I thought I would just eat a bowl of high fiber cereal.

I talked to my PCP's assistant about possibly having the same disease as Suzanne-celica. I asked if I could have a blood test because that is all that is needed to diagnose this disease. She came back with a message from the PCP that he was referring me to a gastro specialist. I told her I did not need to go this route and when I had another bloodtest taken I would ask if this could be included. Needless to say, I received the referral yesterday.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and I am rooting for the Dallas basketball team!


06-18-2006, 11:52 PM

This whole dr thing is SO frustrating, isn't it?

If you think you may have celiac, you might want to stay from any wheat-based cereal. I know rye is out, and barley too--not sure what all else is. Some celiacs don't tolerate milk well.

Better get to bed.

06-19-2006, 02:29 PM
Hello ladies,

What a busy weekend. Father's day dinner was at my house. Friday was busying cleaning, getting the patio and grill ready. Saturday everyone came over, had plenty of good food and conversation.

Nita - I too need to get back to a exercise program. In the evenings it's so hot here I just want to stay in. I have the treadmill just sitting in the living room. I just need to get on it.

Cat - WTG on your 2 lb loss. Hope your toe gets better. South Beach was is a pretty easy diet, like any diet out their it's just following the program. The site here has a pretty good list of what you can eat.

Hal, Mooz, Shad - Hope to hear from you all soon!

06-21-2006, 07:57 PM
Hi All,

Just stopped in to say I started the gluten-free program on Monday. I am eating a lot of fruit but no bread or cereal, except Cream of Rice. I can have rice and I chose the brown version. I can still have meat as long as it isn't processed lunchmeat. I can see where my daughter is complaining that is very boring. Since bread has never been my most favorite thing to eat, I do not miss the bread. I do, however, miss the cereal because they have so many good ones out there. The one thing I have noticed is that I do not get hungry--and this is very amazing. I decided to give this a try for two weeks just to see if I have more energy and my stomach problems go away.

I do have a can of Adkins flour and if I would get ambitious, I could make some muffins. There are a whole lot of recipes on the internet.

Haven't heard from the realtor in PA as of yet but hopefully we will have a copy of the contract by the end of the week!

Take care all,

06-22-2006, 04:57 AM
Hi chickies :hug: ...... sorry for not posting more. I have not really got a good excuse. I have not been on the computer that much except for checking my e-mails etc., I started a little job in a solicitor's office in out town. It is only 2 hours a day so far but hopefully I will get more as time goes on. He is getting an extension built on to his business and so there will be more room for his staff. It is a bit cramped at the moment and when everybody is in we are practically running out of desks. I am happy for now with 2 hours a day though. ;)
The weather is terrible here at the moment very wet windy and cold was between 10C and 15C yesterday which I think is in the 50'sF ...... a lot cooler that Arizona Nita?
I started back at WW 2 weeks ago. I lost 2.5 pounds the first week but none last week. Last weekend it was our 28th wedding anniversary and DH booked us both into a hotel in Dungloe Donegal for the Sat night. I don't know what came over him. Well he actually got Sinead to book it for him over the internet. He hasn't got a clue about computers! It was the first time we had been away together on our own since our wedding. If it had not been booked I would probably not have gone though!! .... so it was good that he did and then I had to go. We had a lovely drive through the mountains of Donegal to get there and the same back again.
I will maybe post some pictures.
I will maybe get a chance to read the thread properly and find out what you have all been up to recently.

Have a nice day all and take care! :hug:

06-22-2006, 05:23 AM
Some pictures

06-22-2006, 08:48 PM

What beautiful pictures! They look just like I imagine Ireland. Good to have you back, Mooz.

Nita--my daughter was allergic to wheat, which is not a restrictive as your diet, but I know, for example, at the health food store there is rice bread. My Canadian friend has Celiac--will try to remember to PM you some of her recipes. Hope it will make you feel better.

06-24-2006, 10:25 AM
Hello Ladies,

Mooz - what beautiful pictures. That is a very relaxing scenic drive. Happy belated 28th anniversary. WTG on your 2.5lb loss. It's so good to hear from you.

Nita - Here are some sites you might want to check out. You might have already but I was reading a magazine article and their was some mention about celiac. have you look at, and

As for me this saturday my plans are to run some errans and do laundry. We got some rain last night, not much but everything helps right now. Also my city is having their 4th of july celebration this weekend, so I"ll probably drop by, see the crafts.

06-26-2006, 02:39 PM
Just bringing us to the top.

06-27-2006, 05:16 AM
:hug: Mornin chickies ...... WW tonight and as usual I have not been as good as I should have been! :(
I always do this ...... I have great intentions at the weekly meeting but somehow the weekend takes over and I always overeat :o
I do OK on A Monday and Tuesday but it is not enough. Last week I stayed the same and who knows what I have done this week!
I posted some of the photographs I took, on our journey to Dungloe and back again through the Hills of Donegal, to Webshots. They will show up better on Webshots.
Here is the link
I will also put it in my signature at the botton of my posts.
Have a great day all.

06-27-2006, 02:54 PM
Hi Mooz,

I know it's hard, but we have to take it one day at a time. I had joined Jenny Craig a few months ago and then I stopped going. I rejoined this past weekend. thanks for posting the beautiful pictures. I will go and look after this. Gives me a chance to see Ireland. Some day I will visit their.

06-28-2006, 10:49 PM
Kickin' us up to the top.

06-29-2006, 12:11 AM
Hello Ladies,

Hi Cat - sure is quite in here.

We'll ladies I made an appointment at the gym. Their is a new one that is opening up here in town. Less than 5 minutes away, they open early and stay open late, no more excuses. They are giving me 2 free training sessions, so i need to take advanage of that.

06-29-2006, 12:26 AM
Hiya all,

Been frantically busy this week trying to get everything done so I can go home this weekend FOREVER!!! Yes the project is finished and only one more day of training to go. Hope it is as quick and as quiet as this day has been.

Can't stop. Will be able to post more next week as I have two weeks holiday before I venture into my next contract which is based in Brisbane. So for a while at least I will live at home.

See you.

06-29-2006, 07:19 PM
Hi Ladies,

Patty -- It's pretty ironic that you are joining a gym. I joined Slender Lady yesterday--it is 1.9 miles from my house. They had a special where if I pay the $29 per month I would have the benefit of a personal trainer, a food menu to follow and they would keep track of my success. I had to sign a waiver saying any testimonial I make they could use. This is a rather small gym and it is for ladies only. They have a few bikes, an elipytical machine and, of course, free weights. I need to write down what I eat and when I eat it for three days. After they review what I have listed, they will come up with a special plan, just for me. I already met some of the ladies and some of them have been very successful. It's all a matter of what you put into the program.

I decided I did not have celiac like my daughter because even though I stayed from those wheat products, my stomach still gave me problems.

Just two days ago, after having received a draft of the contract for the model home in PA, we decided it was too expensive and are now looking again at some other properties.

It's nice to hear from you Mooz--we go back a long ways! I know about WW and that is why I decided I had to do something totally different. Hopefully, I have made the right choice.

Take care,

06-29-2006, 09:57 PM
Nita--good luck with the new effort.

Too bad about the house--I will pray that you find the perfect one.

Shad--have a good trip home.

Time for some yoga.

06-30-2006, 12:55 AM
On my way home. Won't be back for a couple of days. Be good, be careful. Should be back on the air, in my own home on Sunday

07-01-2006, 12:09 AM
Hello Ladies,

Shad - Have a safe trip home and looking forward to hearing from you.

Cat - the new gym offers yoga and it's on a saturday morning and thursday night. That is one class i'm signing up for.

Nita - So sorry to hear that the house didn't work out, but a better one will come up. Just stay positive. Congrats on joining the new gym. My gym is also new and doesn't open up til lat August. Right now there letting us use the old one (they bought out a small gym in town) and building a bigger, new one. That is great that they offer nutrition advice free.

Tomorrow my plans are to go in for my 1workout, get measured and my goal is to visit the gym 2 days a week for starters. Haven't decided if i'm taking off monday (vac day) or going into the office. It will be a very quite day and maybe I can get some work done.

Wishing everyone a safe 4th.

07-02-2006, 11:15 PM
Hi Ladies,

Just a quick note to let you know I have read your posts and it's good to see so many back in touch.

In regards to the house hunting--I found a home almost the same size as the model and the community is about 7 years old. Here again, it is about a half mile from my daughter's home. Sue and her husband are going to check it out tomorrow and let us know what they think. The good news is that it is $50,000 less than the other home. These homes are of brick construction and they are joined by another home. This is a three-bedroom 3 bath home. The third bedroom is upstairs and it is 15 x 18--this is going to be my craft room and computer room. If we do get this home and are able to sell this home in a reasonable amount of time, we may be moving in the next 60 to 90 days.

These three days I am writing down what I eat so the nutritionist can make up a menu for me to follow. I am going to start exercising tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


07-02-2006, 11:25 PM
Hello Ladies,

Nita - I will keep you in my prayers. Hopefully you'll get good news from your daughter about the house. Oh, I think by writing down everything we eat, keeps us more in check, or more aware of what we eat. That is a great idea getting a nutritionist to look at your journal.

Had my first workout at the gym on saturday with the trainer. Didn't realize she was not actually one of the ones that does the training. She is there to try and get me to sign up for a trainer. I would love to at this time but at $ 49 dollars a hour AND i'm just getting back into the swing of it, I told her I would have to pass at this time. Anyway my first check in with Jenny Craig was today and I missed, went to Bingo with my mom instead. I'll be checking in tomorrow.

07-03-2006, 07:06 PM
Nita--I will also pray about the house.

I know the research is that it helps to write what you eat--but one thing I like about SBD is you don't have to.

I can't figure it out, though. Looks like just a list of menus, but it doesn't say how you substitute. For example, I can't drink tomato juice. Must see if I can find more information.

Have a great 4th3!

07-03-2006, 08:15 PM
:carrot: :carrot: Well I don't belive it you are still here Shad. I was here about 3 or 4 years back. And you were such a great help. I have just come back on the net. Can you fill me in on what you have been doing. Last time I heard from you, you were doing your son's garden, and going on a trip,somewhere can't remember. Sorry I am Mary from Auckland New Zealand ran a takeaway, and taxi biss.Please let me know how ouy are.

07-03-2006, 10:46 PM
Well for goodness sake. I was only thinking about you the other day. I met up with Suzi in Aus in Sydney who is also a NZer from Auckland. I don't think Suz was around when you were on board.

Quite a few of the 'old' folk are still here. We chat on a thread called Around the world with the friendly chicks. You may remember Teel from England and Happy2bme from America. Perhaps you should go on over and introduce yourself, although you will be very welcome on this thread.

Welcome back it's great to see you. Love to know what you are now up to.

07-04-2006, 06:14 AM

A very happy 4th of July to all America.

I'm home. Drove the entire distance in one day - silly me. I was absolutely exhausted at the end of it, but I was so keen to get home.

Since then I have re-acquainted myself with the gym, and started spring cleaning the house. There's a lot of stuff going out. We keep all these things thinking that one day they will be useful, but I have now got to the stage where if it doesn't get used within 6 months - out it goes.

The gym is going well, I have started slowly and will work up to where I was. No point in trying to kill myself to get rid of these kilos.

Cat - go to the SBD thread and ask the question. The girls there are very handy with their advice and substitutes.

1day - good to hear of you going to the gym. What are you doing there? Weights and/ or cardio? We will have to compare exercises.

Nita - hope this house works out for you. $50K is a lot of money to save. You will be a busy person if you get this place - what with packing and cleaning and driving over. Good Luck. Hope it all happens soon.

Time to go watch some mindless tv. I'm quite pleased with myself today. I have achieved what I set out to do - well more or less. And I haven't binged from the fridge. That's a plus after yesterday. I was disgusted with myself. maybe going to the gym helps. I certainly haven't felt very hungry all day! What is with that?

07-04-2006, 11:01 PM
Hello Ladies,

MaryL - we would love to have you join our group.

Shad - Welcome Home ! I just signed up for the gym. I went on saturday and work with one of the trainer supvervisors. I'm just getting back in the routine of going to a gym and will probably do some cardio and then split the upper and lower body. I went on saturday and haven't had chance to go back. This is a very very small gym, the new one is in the process of being built.

Cat - have you looked at the Kraft web site? I think they have some info on SBD. This site also has some good info.

As for me, family came over for the 4th had a cookout. This time i didn't go overboard with all the appetizers, tried to keep it simple. Also went to Jenny Craig and had my first weight in, lost 2 lbs. yea..

07-07-2006, 12:41 AM
Thanks for the tip, Patty.

We were supposed to do patriotic stories, so I did a bit of Martin luther King Jr and the Montgomery bus boycott. Went over pretty well.

Kickin' us up to the top.

07-07-2006, 04:25 AM
Mornin chickies :hug: ..... just a quick checkin ...... I didn't get to WW last week but went this week and lost 0.5 pounds!!! ....... in 2 weeks that is not good enough!! I should do better :mad:

Cat ... SBD sounds interesting and maybe something I should look at .....I have a sweet tooth! .... think I need some :dust:

Shad ..... sounds like you have been very busy for the last few weeks .... I am sure you are glad to be home again. :beach:

Patty .... CONGRATS on the 2 pound loss :carrot: ..... and well done for not going overboard on the 4th :thanks2:

Nita ... I hope you get your drean home sorted soon .... it will be great for you to get closer to your family. :gossip:


Must go and get showered and dressed for the day ..... maybe get a quick walk fitted in before work .........have a great day all.

07-07-2006, 01:58 PM

Hey Girls,

Good to see everyone posting again. I think I may have been off the auto delivery message system, but am not positive on this. Last week I was in training all week. It was no fun. They had us in a middle school cafeteria. We were expected to sit at lunch tables on benches for 8 hours a day, for 4 days in a row. You just never know what to expect, huh.

I'm working on my summer classes I am taking and they are not really interesting at all, which makes it difficult. School finance and special education law, no fun.

I'll do my best to post more frequently. Best to all.

07-07-2006, 08:20 PM
Hello Ladies,

Mooz - Even though .50 is not much it all adds up. Sending you will willpower dust to help you:dust:

Hal - OMG, how do they expect you to sit on a hard bench for 8 hours. I'm sure the bordom and the aches starting setting in after 2to 3 hours. Have you had time to relax on your back porch? I have really enjoyed mine these past few weeks. The bugs start to set in around 7pm but I light my citronella candles.

Going to go to the gym tomorrow and hoping to just take it easy this weekend. OH, forgot to tell you all I"m going to my 30 year reunion from my 8th grade graduation class. It's next month and I"m all excited to see everyone. Think I can lose 30lbs by next month. :)

07-09-2006, 09:16 PM
Just feeling very impatient about everything.

Was it a message that today's Sunday School lesson was on patience?;)

07-10-2006, 06:53 PM
Hi Everyone,

Boy you ladies sure have been busy posting--it's really enjoyable reading all the posts. Well the house deal isn't going very well--we are down to two choices--one is a duplex condo and the other is a single brand new home. The condos are new as well. There is only one problem the property taxes in PA are outlandish. Would you believe $3700 and $3500 per year. Here in Phoenix we are paying $1710 per year. It may be that we will be forced to stay exactly where we are. The only problem here is I cannot go back and visit unless I pay someone to come and stay with Gene, and I may just have to do this. It would sure be a lot cheaper than buying and selling our present home. I told my daughter today it would be great if I could just transplant my home back there.

I have made three trips to the Slender Woman gym and the last two times I have been the only person exercising. It is amazing because when I think about going I really am fighting it, however, after I do the circuit a couple of times I really feel great. The program they gave me to follow is way too much protein for lunch and dinner--6 oz. I really need to talk with the nutritionist on Wed. because their program is not really spelled out. They say all fruits are one cup unless otherwise noted. Well they have raisins listed without anything next to it which would lead one to believe you can one cup of them. Wrong--do you ladies agree with me? Also, they don't list watermelon or sugar-free jello. So I most certainly have a lot of questions come Wed. I believe the woman has me on a 1400 cal. per day program.

Well I paid my money and I am going to take advantage of working with a personal trainer--supposedly this is free.

Well I had better get moving.

Take care all,