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07-09-2001, 11:21 PM
Hi gang!
I believe it's time for another chatters thread.

Susan, you asked how my trip went.....great!
It was so relaxing. Our friends live near Woodville, in the Piney Woods of Texas (for non-Texans). We saw deer and rabbits crossing the roads. I loved it! Our friends were so happy for us to see their new home. They are healthy eaters so there wasn't a problem. We did make a dewberry cobbler before we left. Fantastic....

Susan, tell us about your theraphy, if you don't mind. What do they have you do?

Linda, are you home?

Kimmy-jo, we miss you------talk to us.

Tammy, how was your weekend? Is it still tense around your house? I hope not.

Dee, are you out there just reading? What are you and your daughter doing this summer for fun?

Everyone that I didn't call by name, I'm not slighting you. ;)


maureen k
07-10-2001, 12:13 AM
Hi all

it's been quite a while since I've been here(at least posted) A few changes have occured-I've started working at a different company. Still the personnel business but a competitor of my old place. I haven't been following any program & I sure can feel it. I really have to start posting & reading & getting some motivation. I know I've gained some weight & I don't like the feeling. We're having some hot weather here(30 celsius) but it doesn't last long enough to complain about it.

Nice to be back & I hope this time to stick to it

take care


07-10-2001, 03:48 AM
Tina, things are up and down around here. Better than it was though. Tomorrow Bob is meeting with a woman about possibly selling her house, and helping her find a new one. On Friday, he is showing a house to a couple. Hope things work out for everyone.

We grilled burgers tonight and also had corn on the cob. Delicious!

Tomorrow Tim is cooking supper. I handed him a cookbook and said to find something. He chose beef stew. We went to the grocery this morning and he got all the ingredients that he needs. Bob and I suggested that he put the beef in the crockpot all day so it will be nice and tender by the time he starts supper. He thought that was a great idea! LOL

I get a much needed perm tomorrow. I was going to try it straight this summer, but it is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07-10-2001, 11:23 AM
Welcome back-Maureen!!!!!
It's been too long. I thought we'd lost you. How is your family? Are the boys adjusting to living on their own?
Good luck!!!! I'm sure you can get back into the WW mode quickly.

Tammy, I can't wait to hear about Tim's adventure in cooking. ;)

It's a beautiful day here, although I haven't stepped out into the heat yet.


07-11-2001, 06:56 PM
Hi Everyone!!! :D Sounds like everyone is doing great!

Welcome back Maureen!!
Tammy, hope Bob sells that house. Hamburgers and corn on the cob..... Yum!
Tina, sounds like you had a bast on your trip. My brother lives in East Texas. It's beautiful there!!

Let's see for physical therapy, I ride the bike, do ball squats, leg curls, use the slider (lay on this thing and push it out with my legs) The one I hate is rolling around on a stool. I have to pull and push with my legs. My knee is feeling better each day. It does hurt when the make me bend my knee and push to get the full range. :( I'm riding my bike for 15 minutes each day. I'm going slow but it is better than nothing.

I weighed in today and gained 1.8 I thought Iwould have ost since I had done so well staying on program. Hopefully I'll make up for it next week.

Hope you guys are a bunch of losers tomorrow!!! :)

07-11-2001, 09:41 PM
Tim's beef stew was absolutely delicious!! He was so proud of himself. He took a container to my aunt today when he went down to mow her yard. She was surprised.

Tim and I leave at 7:35 in the morning for Disney. My friend that was supposed to go isn't because her hubby had surgery yesterday. Couldn't remember if I had told you guys that or not. Her daughter is picking us up at the airport. She doesn't work on Saturday, so she will be hanging out with us all day and showing us the "insider's view" of Disney. We'll probably go to Epcot tomorrow night to watch her in the parade. I called her this afternoon and she is ready for company!

Susan, 15 minutes on the bike sounds great! Slow, but sure, right?

Maureen, it is wonderful to have you back with us. I'm still not being faithful to a program. Sometimes I am totally disgusted with myself. Other times I think "Oh well." What a life.

We won't be home until late Monday night so I won't be sending any messages. You guys behave and have a wonderful weekend!!!

07-12-2001, 04:20 PM
Hi All!!

Tammy, by now you are on your way to Disney! Have a great time!!! Do everything possible.!!! Be careful!! Tim should be proud of his cooking! It's great that he wants to learn! He sounds like a fine young man!

Hope everyone has a good weigh in today.


07-12-2001, 07:49 PM

I'm sorry I didn't get to say good-bye to Tammy. I was just sooo tired last night and this is my first time on today.

Susan, do you go to San Antonio often? Do you ever eat at the Barn Door? (I think that's the correct name.) I believe it is on Nacodoches St. Their steaks are heavenly. I must be hungry to think of that. :)

Where is everyone????? Don't be so quiet.

Have a great Friday!


07-12-2001, 08:24 PM
I missed saying good bye to Tammy too. She is going to have a blast!! :D

I love the Barn Door!! They have the best salad dressing too. I go every couple of months. I'll be going back there at the beginning of August before school starts. Another place that I love is La Fonda's. It is off of New Braunsfel's. Great mexican food.


07-13-2001, 01:47 PM
Good morning :)

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. Things are really heating up all over the place in my pre-vacation phase. Everyone at work has come up with a million things they need done before I leave both here and with my AOL job. They're all starting to panic realizing I'll be gone for 3 weeks. And I have so much packing and shopping to do to get ready. I still have 10 days before I go, but it feels like that will fly by!

I didn't weigh in yesterday. First of all I couldn't, since my car was in the shop (brakes were grinding -- $866 later they stopped :eek: ) so I couldn't get there. Secondly, I know I've gained. It's that TOM, plus I've been out of control with the eating. GOT to get back on track. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Maureen, it's good to see you again! Welcome back.


07-13-2001, 04:36 PM
Hi Group,

Laura, I feel just like you-----today, I'm out of control and could eat anything that passes me. :)
I "feel" fat today. I don't have TOM anymore so I can't blame it on that. ;) My hips are too wide, my stomach jiggles when I walk, I can't wear a sleeveless top because of my arms. I am just a mess!!!! (Thanks for letting me vent.)

Susan, I'll have to try La Fonda's. That name sounds familiar. I really want to get over to San Antonio soon. Larry (husband) wants to go visit his dad in Abilene first. I can't take off 2 days. He'll have to go by himself. Abilene is a long, long drive for us. It takes a day going and coming.

Dee--where are you?
I wonder if Kimmy-Jo is still reading.

Everyone out there have a great weekend.

07-13-2001, 11:31 PM
Laura, so sorry about the brakes! They sure are expensive. Not fun and especially before vacation. Where are you going for vacation? I can't remember if you told us or not.

Tina, it sounds like you are having one of those days!!! Hang in there tomorrow will be better!! Do something nice for yourself!!! You deserve it :)

I went out to eat for dinner at Uncle Julio's (mexican). Believe it or not I choose a grilled vegetable plate. It was really good. I can't tell you how many chips I ate nor the beverage I drank. ;) At least I did something good.

Hope it rains here tonight. We'll see if it does, we sure need it.


07-14-2001, 02:14 PM
Hi there
long time since I've posted, but nothing new to report though. Still can't seem to loose this weight. I even rejoined WW, but then didnt make it to any meetings, so will have to re-rejoin and they raised the price...boohoo...but I have a friend from work that goes now, and I might start going with her maybe :)

Sounds like everyone is doing pretty good, and taking vacations too. Im not going anywhere this summer :( but my kid took a vacation from me....LOL....she went to visit an aunt for a week. And I'll I've done was work!! Oh fun!

Hope everyone has a great weekend, Im off to work again.
Will post more often.

07-15-2001, 11:10 AM
Good morning!

I've been beating myself up quite a bit lately for not doing much of anything "right" on the WW front. But I got this from that Cyberdiet daily e-mail I told you about, and it made me feel a bit better. Thought I'd share:

"If you cheat on your husband or commit murder, that's bad. A cookie is just a cookie." -- Emme Aronson, plus-size model, talking about dieting and sanity.

Popular culture often frames weight management as a moral issue. Rich dishes and desserts are described as "sinful" in recipe books and advertisements. We feel guilty when we eat something we "shouldn't" -- or when we don't eat the things we "should," or when we miss a workout -- we might tell our friends, "I was bad today!"

Eating right and being active are important for many reasons. You will feel better, have more energy, and have a lower risk of disease when you are fit. However, fit people are not morally superior to those who are still on the journey to wellness -- or even to those who have not yet begun the journey. There is so much richness to be had from life -- family, friends, career, and hobbies, to name a few. Do not let your struggles with diet and exercise consume you to the point where they are the sole basis on which you judge the quality of your life.

After all, what would you rather have as a eulogy: "She was a good person, beloved by many"...or, "She was thin"?

That made me feel so much better I went down and threw out that bag of Chex Mix that I bought yesterday :)

Dee, it's good to see you! Good luck re-starting. I know how hard that is!

Susan, for vacation this year I'm going to Rome for three weeks. Both my sisters, their husbands, two nieces and one nephew are going, and my aunt and two cousins live there, so it will definitely be a family affair! I leave in a week, and I'm TOTALLY not ready for it!

Have a lovely day!


07-16-2001, 11:57 AM
Hi, just wanted to drop by quickly to let you know that I am back. We got home yesterday afternoon and am back to work today. Boy, am I ever having some problems switching from the vacation to work mode :( .

I've only had a chance to quickly browse the thread and will try to catch up tonight or tomorrow. I did have to say that Maureen is right--Alberta was REALLY HOT!!!. I was in Lethbridge July 5-9. I thought going North would be cooler, eh? Not so!

Good news was that I weighed this morning and actually lost 1/2 pound. That was a pleasant surprise. I'll write more later this week when I've had a chance to catch up.

07-16-2001, 04:29 PM
Welcome Back, Linda!!!!

07-16-2001, 09:24 PM

Welcome Back Loodie!!!

Laura, Rome sounds like it will be fun!! I would love to go there some day! I'm going to sign up for Cyberdiet. It looks good.

I have to tell you what I made today. I stir fryed shredded cabbage and put in a little soy sauce, threw in some shrimp and then put it in a low fat wheat tortilla. It was good. I'll have to try that again.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! I can't believe that it is already the middle of July!!!!!!!! I'll have to go back to school soon. I'm having fun being off!!!!


07-17-2001, 12:35 PM
Hi friends,
I hope this is a good Tuesday for everyone.
I'm going to weigh in with my Larry tonight. I don't expect a loss and sure hope there's no gain. If we weren't staying for the meeting, I'd just ride with him and let him weigh. :)

Take care!

07-18-2001, 04:23 PM
Hi gang! We made it to Disney and home, safe and sound. It was wonderful!! Tim only pulled the attitude of a 13 year old boy a couple of times. For that, I was very thankful.

We were on the go from 8;00 each morning until about 10:00 at night. One day we came back to the room for about 3 hours in the afternoon for a much needed rest.

We won't even talk about the food. I was not good. I will never hit 20 pounds before school starts. I won't even tell you how many pounds I have to lose now to hit it. (It is less than 20 though!!!!!)

Rae Ann's hubby had a mild heart attack late Sunday night. He was supposed to have another heart cath. today at 1;00. Mandy is flying up from Florida. Tim and I are to pick her up at 5;00 and take her to the hospital. Disney called the hospital to make sure her dad really was a patient there. I guess maybe they thought that she was just trying to get off of work, I don't know. They do that with everyone according to Rae Ann's mom.

Good to be home (I think!).

07-18-2001, 05:23 PM
Hi All!!

Welcome home Tammy!! We are glad that you're back. Now that you are home make sure that you drink all of your water and everything will come off soon. Sorry to here about your friend. I hope that he is ok. That is weird that Disney calls the hospital. Wonder why they do that?

Tina, how was weigh in? The most important thing is that you went (even if you didn't want to go! :)

I weighed in today. I lost 3.8 I've noticed that I lose 3 weeks and then gain 1 week. I'm now at 10 pounds. :D

Hope everyone has a great weigh in!!

07-18-2001, 09:48 PM
Mandy's grandma was confused. Disney didn't call the hospital. US Airways did since she needed to get a flight today. She told them it was a medical emergency at home, and they are the ones that called the hospital. Mandy said the people at Disney bent over backwards for her. She is supposed to be back in Orlando by noon on Sunday, but her manager told her not to come to work until Monday. She did tell Mandy to call her and let her know how things are going here. Thought that was nice.

When we got to the hospital, Jerrie had just finished eating supper. It was solid foods, so I thought that was a good sign. He won't get to come home until Saturday if all goes well. I thought he looked good. Very tired, but good color and smiling.

I think it will be good for both of her parents that Mandy flew home.

Today I have done OK on food. I've also walked. The water, as usual, is my problem.

07-19-2001, 12:08 AM
Tammy, I'm glad you're home and had a good time. I'm glad your friend's father is doing okay. I've heard of airlines calling hospitals since they are giving reduced rates.

Those of us who go to meetings----do you like your leader?
We have a new one. The first night, she was hyper. I didn't think I could go back. She was the kind of person that makes you extremely nervous. Well, she's calmed down, so, I think it'll be okay.

My leader has a game going. It's like Bingo. When you fill your line, you get to choose an item out of her big basket. I'm not sure what all's in it but I can see several WW products.
The squares on the game are things like--lost 1 pound; got a 5 pound star; share a WW recipe with the group; stuff like that. I'll let y'all know when I win. :)


07-19-2001, 04:53 PM
Tina, that sounds like a cute game! I like it that your leader is creative. I do like our leader, even though I don't often stay for the meetings any more (got to start back on that when I get home!). She annoyed me at first, but she grows on ya.

It's amazing what a different the leader makes, too. There is another leader that does the Wednesday night meeting and occasionally subs Thursdays that I like as well. But the one that does the Saturday morning meetings absolutely drives me bonkers. She YELLS everything. Not in a mean way, just incredibly LOUD. Maybe she's naturally loud, but jeepers, her voice makes me want to run screaming! I've sat through a meeting with her twice, and never again. I leave with a headache. But she seems to have quite the following, too, or maybe Saturday is just the most popular time for a meeting.

Tammy, glad your trip went well. Sounds like fun!


07-19-2001, 10:01 PM
When I was attending meetings, I liked my leader most of the time. Every now and then she ticked me off about something, but that didn't happen often.

That leader is no longer there. They are having a different leader every week just filling in until they get a full-time person. A friend of mine goes to the meetings.

The Bingo game sounds cool! Sue used to do little incentive things at our meetings too. I won a fast-food point book, a t-shirt, a mug. I think that's it.

I decided something today. I have gained so much weight that I am almost back to square one. I am starting with today's weight (not telling!!!) and starting from there. The pounds that I had lost before, I won't even think about them since I had gained most of them back. Today is ground zero. Next Thursday WILL be a loss. How's that for positive thinking?

Tim leaves for Boy Scout camp on Saturday. I'm driving a load over to the camp. It's at least 3 hours. The other drivers are staying for the week. NOT ME!!! I just wish I didn't need to drive home by myself. Since I'll have the boys and all their gear, I can't ask anyone to ride along since our cars aren't very big. (We have Malibus)

07-19-2001, 10:42 PM
I like my leader. The one prior to her drove me nuts. She wasn't motivating but alot of people like her. I was happy to see her go.

Tammy, I did that at the beginning of June. I started all over. It told them at the my meeting that I wanted to start fresh, they said ok. Be careful on your drive to Scout camp. I'm a big boy scout supporter. I come from a family of scouters!! :)

Tina, the game sounds fun. I'm hope you win something.

Laura, are you getting ready for that trip?

FYI: I've started taking weekly measurements. I've only done 2 weeks but I can already tell a difference in them. I'm also charting my weight loss. It is really helping.

Thanks for being so supportive. It has helped having all of ya'll.


07-20-2001, 04:06 PM
It's interesting to hear about other leaders & to hear that some have little games.
I started the day out right with a Sweet Rewards blueberry muffin (2 pts.) and hot tea. Then, I had to have one more muffin. No problem.
Lunchtime wasn't so good. I had some cole slaw and fried shrimp from Long John Silver. It's been years since I went there. The guy secretary was going to pick up his lunch and offered to get me some. I just didn't resist. :( Maybe I'll have time for a walk before it rains. (It has rained somwhere in Houston every afternoon this week.)

Tammy, have a safe drive.

Susan, congrats on measuring.

Laura, have you bought any clothes for your trip?

Linda, are you out golfing this weekend?

Dee, even if you can't take a long vacation, maybe you can go to the malls alone and get yourself something.

Maureen, let's hear from you.

Everyone have a great weekend.
134 personal goal

07-20-2001, 09:32 PM
Dean (a boy from Tim's troop) had his Eagle Scout Board of Review last night. He passed with flying colors!!!!!! His mom is one of my good friends (a shopping buddy!). We'll be having a big celebration in September where Dean will officially get his award. We have 3 more boys in the troop who should get their Eagle in the next year. It is so cool!!!

Tim is currently a Star Scout. He will have his Life Scout by Christmas (we think). Then he will be working on his Eagle. If things go right, he could have his Eagle by the end of his 9th grade year!!! We're not holding our breath though. He'll still be busy with sports, band, drum lessons, and church, so anything could happen.

Did pretty good on food and water today. Was able to get in plenty of walking, even though it is stinking hot. I don't like hot.

I'll be careful on the drive tomorrow. We got out the walkie talkies to use on the way over. On the way home, I'll just talk to myself I guess! LOL

07-23-2001, 04:42 PM
Happy Monday!
How is everyone?
Okay, I really had the water retention this weekend. Sooooo.....today, it's been drink, drink, drink that water. 'Haven't had one Diet Coke, can you believe that. :D Foodwise, I had yogurt and 1/2 c. blueberries for breakfast and yogurt (the 4 pt. kind) for lunch. I'm fixing lots of 0 pt. veggies for supper. We have some leftover chicken breasts and I'll eat a couple of ounces ot that. I'm trying my best to have a good weigh in this week.

Tammy-hope your trip was safe.

Susan-how much more rehab do you have?

Linda-have you unpacked yet? ;)

Laura-can we have your iteneray? How many more days till you leave?

Maureen-don't just read---post.

Sis, Jules, Dee, Jill (where are you)--everyone post!

134 personal goal

07-23-2001, 06:54 PM
Hi Everyone!!! Hope you are staying cool. It is hot here!!!!!!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday! I can't believe that it is already the end of July. Yuck school starts soon!!! I have to go help out for the next 3 days at a workshop. I have to put on real clothes!!!!

Tina, I'm at the end of therapy. I think I have just a day or two left. I went to the knee dr. today. He thinks my knee is still too swollen. I was thinking it was looking good. He is putting me on an anti inflamatory now. Go back in 6 weeks.

I've been riding bike everyday!! Food has been pretty good. Some days are better than others.

Tina, you had a great food day!! I bet you will have a loss this week!

Susan :)

07-23-2001, 10:18 PM
The trip was great on Saturday to the Scout camp. I had 4 boys with me (Tim-8th grade, Dustin-10th grade, Joe & Alex-6th grade). It amazed me that they got along so well! This is the first camping trip for Joe and Alex, so Dustin and Tim are going to take them under their wings for the week. I know Tim's first year, he got VERY homesick.

Tomorrow night is Parent's Night at the camp. As far as I know, Bob and I are the only ones driving over. We're leaving about noon, stopping somewhere for lunch, then on to camp. Tim is done with his classes at 4;20, so we'll have a little extra time to spend with him.

My SIL and nephews are coming in to feed and play with Kramer. We won't be home until late.

Did great on food today until we went to Red Lobster for supper. I really didn't overdo it there, since I had done a good job at breakfast and lunch. Plenty of walking, weed pulling today for my workout.

Susan, please go wash your mouth out with soap. I do not want to think about school starting thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina, I still drink too much pop. Always have, always will I guess. It's like an alcoholic I think.

07-24-2001, 01:05 PM
Toot! Toot! Toot!
Okay, just indulge me for a moment. ;)
I weighed on my scales this a.m. and found 2 1/2 pounds gone.......water retention. If I'd just drink 8 glasses of water each day and cut down on Diet Cokes, I'd feel so much better.
Okay, I had to toot my horn.

Susan, I'm sorry that knee isn't perfect yet.

Tammy, I'm with you, the thought of it being school-time is gross. I don't teach or have school-age ones but, I don't want summer to be over.
I thought school started later up North than down here. Am I wrong?

Does anyone have any good recipes using peaches? My sister & husband went peach picking Saturday & I now have a box of them. PLEASE, I need ideas.


07-24-2001, 06:56 PM
Hello Ladies!!

Tammy, I know I'm sick about school. It is wonderful that ya'll are going to Parents night. I wish more parents were interested in their kids. By the way, Red Lobster is my favorite restaurant!!!!! Love those stuffed mushrooms!!

Tina, you go girl!!!! I'd be eating those peaches as fast as I could. Cut some up and freeze them. I love to eat frozen fruit right out of the freezer.

Ok, I've had cramps off and on for 2 weeks. This thing better get started soon. I feel like a bloooooob!!!!!

Wonder what's for dinner tonight? Sure wish I had a cook and didn't have to worry about it. Don't we all!!!!

Susan :dizzy:

07-25-2001, 01:13 AM
Susan, you could have met us at the Scout camp and had supper. They had hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, macaroni salad, and watermelon. I had a burger and mac. sal. Tasted pretty good.

Tim was glad that we drove over. We got home about 11:00. I jumped in the shower right away. I felt pretty icky!!

Tina, you do know that it isn't Thursday yet and you shouldn't be getting weighed, right?
Well, congratulations anyway!!!!! Toot that horn!
I would too!!

I'm almost looking forward to my first weigh-in since establishing my post-Disney Ground Zero. I have to be down a pound. Hopefully more. I know that it is impossible to get to where I wanted to be by the time school (shudder) starts, but at least I'll be going in the right direction if I keep watching what I'm doing.

07-25-2001, 09:56 AM
That supper sounded great! I'd have wanted to eat everything in sight. Bravo, Tammy!!
And, yes, Tammy I know it wasn't weigh-in time:):):) I was just so excited. As you know, I try to stay away from those scales.

Today should be a busy one at work. Just wantec to check in before going.

Have a great day everyone.....


07-25-2001, 04:25 PM
I think I would've eaten more at the camp last night, but I was so hot! And the bugs were not very pleasant either.

So far today I've done great. For supper we are having grilled tenderloin sandwiches and corn on the cob. Really a diet meal, right?

07-25-2001, 04:33 PM
The grilled sandwiches and corn on the cob sound wonderful! We are having a barbeque dinner at church tonight...brisket, sausage, potato salad, beans, bread and cake. Uh Oh. I'll stick with the brisket and beans. I'm having lo mein noodles for lunch.

Starbucks nutritional guide--we can find it at www.dwlz.com.


07-25-2001, 07:52 PM
I was going to hop on a plane and come to your church dinner just for the cake. That sounds really good right now. The tenderloin and corn were yummy, now I need (want) something sweet.

It rained!!!! Our yard was looking so bad. I don't know if it rained enough to help though. About 15 miles north of here, they had 3 inches of rain yesterday and today. When Bob talked to someone up there earlier today, we hadn't had anything.

According to the weather channel, they should be getting rain at the Scout camp. It was very dry when we were there last night. Too much chance of fire. Maybe the rain will cool it off for the boys.

07-25-2001, 09:42 PM
Glad ya'll had a good food day. Ya'lls dinners sounded really good. Tonight we had pizza. Yum!!

This has been a hard food day. I've eaten everything in my sight. Think I'll go flush myself out with lots of water. I think I'm gonna skip weigh in this week.

Tina, once again you did great!! :D
Tammy, had you been close, I would have come to the cook out.

Not much new here! Talk to you tomorrow.


07-27-2001, 06:52 PM
Buona sera a tutti! I'm in Rome, and just managed to get logged on. Thought I'd toss a note in here to see how everyone is.

Things are great here. Weather is fabulous. Food is, of course, fabulous! Lunch is prosciutto, mozzarella, incredible italian bread, tomatoes and salad pretty much every day, with some minor variations. I'm not counting points, but rather just keeping an eye on what I'm doing. I'm also weighing to make sure I don't get out of control, and so far, so good.

I haven't managed to read all the notes, but did see a mention of peach recipes up top there. The only great thing I know to do with peaches is to slice them up and put them in your glass of red wine at the end of the meal. Not terribly WW, but VERY italian :)

Anyway, it's almost midnight (early by Rome standards!), but I need to get some shuteye. I think we're off to the beach tomorrow.

Have a great week, everyone!