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01-10-2006, 02:05 AM
Hey all

I just found out that I have osteoporosis, due to being on Prednisone (which I will be on until Sept 2006). I have been Taken Fosamax, calcium W. Vit D since I started the med knowing that Osteop. was a risk ...
Well now I have it...
Need some answers for working out. I know weight bearing exercise is good. I am walking on the tredmil and lifting weights...

Anyother suggestions for me???


01-10-2006, 08:59 AM
Both are very good. The weight bearing exercise like walking has a very good success record. You need something gentle so I'd stay away from running that can cause unnecessary pressure on your fragile bones. Weight lifting is good to since it causes the muscle to pull on the bone which works to strengthen it. The thing is to challenge your self but not to over do it. I would suggest you look into some form of exercise that increase balance such as ti chi or maybe very light yoga. The better your balance the less likely you are to fall and seriously hurt yourself. The patients I have worked with have seen very good results from a regime of Fosamax, Ca and Vit D, and weight bearing exercise. Usually results begin to show within 3 to 6 months so be persistent and you'll get results. Do you happen to know what your T score was from your bone scan?

01-10-2006, 10:21 AM
My wife dramatically increased her bone density from just moderate weight (dumbells and some machines)training 3xweek for the past four years. Even a little bit of lifting should help.

Her doctor was shocked to see how much she improved on her latest bone density scan.

01-10-2006, 02:34 PM
Try to do most of your weight training standing, with free weights or cables. You want to put stress on your spine, hips and long bones. Putting on muscle helps, but the way in which you put it on makes a big difference.

For example, do standing overhead dumbbell presses rather than using a seated machine press. You may not be able to use as much weight, but it is doing a whole lot more for the rest of your body. Do standing bicep curls. Double cable "cobras" where you pull the cables toward your body and retract your shoulder blades are considered one of the best exercises for osteoporosis patients. So are free bar squats, but start light and make sure that you are well trained in the proper form.

Several certifying organizations for certified personal trainers offer continuing education courses on working with clients with osteoporosis. It might be a good idea to find a trainer who has the credentials and book a session or two.


01-10-2006, 07:03 PM
I think I told you before that my DH had a bone marrow transplant for treament of Multiple Myeloma. Part of this cancer is that it causes calcium loss from bones, effectively giving him osteoporosis. From the time he was diagnosed he has been treated with IV drugs to help build bone density. First he was on Aredia, and about 2 years ago, moved to Zometa. These are not treatments for the "average" person, but since you are not, perhaps this is something to speak to your doctor about.

But, this is not to say that weight training won't help, because it certainly will. :)

01-11-2006, 11:47 AM
Mel -- Just a question. After getting used to the standing exercises that you mention above, would it be good to us the stability ball to sit on to get the benefits of a core workout? Or could you even start with the stability ball?