100 lb. Club - Weekly Journal/Buddy Thread (Jan 9 - 15)

01-09-2006, 04:37 AM
January 9, 2006 Calorie Counter
1 Cup Milk 146
1 Banana 105
All Bran 1/2 Cup 80
Kashi Puffed 35
Soy Milk 90
Chicken Breast 2 462
Salad Dressing 2oz 218
Lettuce 2 cups 16
Orange 75
Halibut 260
Cauliflower 2 Cups 57
1 slice wheat bread 74
1 tbsp margarine 50
ff sf jello 10
cool whip free 50
Popcorn 90
2 pieces of Dove 80
Total Calories 1898
I had a much better day today than yesterday. I looked everything up before I ate it.
Tonight the Biggest Loser is on so I am going to get ready for bed early so I can watch it. I have not seen it since I started this new way of eating.

:mad: I wish we would get some better milk at the commissary they send this powdered stuff that lasts like a month and the local korean milk is not low fat. :mad:

01-09-2006, 02:20 PM

01-09-2006, 03:04 PM
Thank you Sandi for the bump as I didn't see it earlier. :)
1/2 pummelo
1 c. milk
1 boiled egg

Morning snack

Lean Cuisine lemon pepper fish w/broccoli and cheese
Large Salad w/fat free Italian dressing

Prop. aft. snack
10 lg. baby carrots
1/2 c. celery
1 c. pudding

2 c. chicken chow mein
1 1/2 c. chow mein noodles.
Calories for the day: 1553
Exercise: 30 minutes flexbility
My calories have been well below the 2000 mark. I'm not getting hung up over the #s this time, instead trying to just eat more balanced. So far that seems to help and I'm not trying to load up on empty calories at the end of the day.

01-09-2006, 03:12 PM
Hi Everyone - happy Monday! I'm back for another week on the Buddy thread.

Didn't post on the weekend but it was very good. I ate well and managed to get in my exercise.

I'm with you Dawnyal, I'm not too hung up over the numbers. I've been well below 1300 calories for the past week, but I'm eating every couple of hours, lots of fruit and veggies. I know I'm eating well but the numbers aren't adding up. I'm down 3 pounds this week too!

I'll be back tomorrow to post today's eats.


01-09-2006, 05:00 PM
egg (2)
toast (2)

cottage cheese (2)
mandarin oranges (2)

1 c pudding (4)
celery w/laughing cow light (1)

pork (5)
tortilla (3)
cabbage & carrot
WW fudge bar (1)

total = 22 pts.

Exercise: Skipped the gym today, but did the 2 mile WATP and some stretching.

01-09-2006, 05:21 PM
Ok....being a newbie I was not sure who starts the next week's thread so here is my question....

If I am ready and have finished the first day of the week is it ok to go ahead and start the new week's thread?

01-09-2006, 05:23 PM
If I am ready and have finished the first day of the week is it ok to go ahead and start the new week's thread?



01-09-2006, 06:51 PM
Sweets for lunch but not that bad of a day. I checked out some of the sites for the Quick cooking classes Rabidstoat mentioned. Looks like fun.

b WW egg and cheese muffin thai broccoli salad
s mint perfect zone bar (thanks Beth and Sandi, I love the minty flavor)
l 4 apricot cookies and some snack mix :dizzy:
s LC salisbuty steak pecan delight candy
d Ribs, tomato soup, breadsticks
s WW ice cream treat

Has anyone taken a look at the People Magazine Half Their Size Issue. They had 10 100+ pound losers. HTe oldest looking guy lost 300 #. I find it really inspirational


01-10-2006, 12:38 AM
I've been sick! :barf:


probably about 32 ounces Sierra Mist
probably about 32 ounces water


01-10-2006, 01:47 AM
Breakie: 2 boiled eggs on flaxseed toast w/2tsp butter on each toast, pear
16 oz. water
Snack: yogurt (150 cal), peanut mix (1/2 was 660 cal, I had no idea, I have to learn to read before i eat), 1 hot choc. (119 cal) (I'm slowly introducing this caloried counting thing! lol!)
16 oz water
Lunch: 2 slice of deliscio pizza about 1/4, water
16oz water
Snack: trial mix, yogurt
16 oz water
Dinner: boiled potatoes, 1 slice about 4oz. crockpot roast (both with drippings and pepper for topping), about 1/2 plate of mixed veggies.
Water, apple juice
Snack: strawberry vanilla yogurt, water

I feel good about today and I met my goals, foodwise, all my water and I did 20 min of pilats tonight.

01-10-2006, 01:52 AM
Tomorrow I'm off! Not off plan (I hope :crossed: ) but off to the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in our nation's capital. My trip was in doubt because of the recent turmoil in the family, but things have calmed down now, G has returned to work after his short sabbatical and the girls are at their mum's. In fact, my dog will also be at the girl's mum's house while I'm away, but not because I'm afraid G will forget to feed her ~ no, its because he'd fill her bowl every time its empty and I think the dog shares genetic material with me because when she sees available food, she eats it whether she's hungry or not! In fact, last time I returned from an out-of-town trip, my previously lean Jack Russell Terrier resembled a loaf of bread with legs! :mad: Also, I know G won't take her on the hourly daily walks I do (I guess it has something to do with a husky 6'1" man being embarrased to walk the neighbourhood with a 12lb. dog in her matching coat and scarf). So it makes more sense for pup to be with the kids where she'll be kept active and won't be overfed! :D

Eating while I'm away will be difficult because of the stadium ****s who go through your bags to make sure you don't bring in outside food (I always manage to hide food on my body ;) ); the food at these sporting venues is terrible (fries, hot dogs, pizza, candy); we'll be relying on restaurant food when not at the rink; and, well, let's face it, when I get with my skating buddies a wee bit of alcohol is likely to be consumed during the evenings. :o I didn't do at all well earlier in the season when I attended out of town competitions :^: but I have stayed totally on plan in the past, so I'll do my best to do so during this one, because I'm on a roll and anxious to keep it going! :angel: One good thing is that we'll get to do lots of walking downtown between events and I'm even bringing my skates to go for a glide on Ottawa's famous canal (longest skating rink in the world!) Of course I'll have to avoid the "Beavertail" huts along the canal (we're talking fried dough with icing sugar and syrup, folks! :hungry:)

Anyway, :wave: I hope to see the thread thriving when I get back (in a week) and when I feel tempted to commit culinary misadventures, I'll think of a collective 3FC :nono: :rollpin:

1 slice 100% whole wheat bread, toasted (2)
1 tbsp. peanut butter (2)
tea (0)

Reduced fat Wheat Thins (2)
Turkey salami (2)
Fat free cheese (1)
Perrier water (0)
mandarin orange (1)

vanilla yogurt (2)
small banana (1)
bottled water (0)

President's Choice "Too Good To Be True" Sesame Ginger Chicken entree (4)
green beans and carrots (1)
seedless grapes (1)
bottled water (0)

tea (0)
Carnation light hot chocolate made with 1% milk (3)

Total points 22

Exercise: Usual dog-walking (approx. one hour)

P.S. - Get well soon, Aimee! :hug:

01-10-2006, 05:16 AM
Jan. 10

1 Cup Milk 146
1 Banana 105
Chicken Breast 2 462
Salad Dressing 2oz 218
Lettuce 2 cups 16
Orange 75
Cauliflower 1 cup 29
(I made a lite version of a dish called Kimchi Bocum Bap (fried rice with kimchi) I think it was the hot dogs that made the calories higher than I'd like. Dinner was 840.)
rice 1 cup 205
hot dog 2 360
1 cup Kimchi 60
1 egg 115
2 tbsp margarine 100
ff sf jello 10
cool whip free 50
Popcorn 45

:( The day came out to 1996 in calories? Is that bad?:(

01-10-2006, 05:57 AM
Jan 9, 2006
B: 3 cups corn pops cereal with 1.5 c van soymilk
L: skipped as I didn't eat breakfast until almost 2 pm
D: 4 c salad mix topped with 3 oz chicken breast, 4 TBS imitation bacon bits; 1/3 c pepperjack cheese, 4 TBS ff western dressing; 16 oz nearly fat free homemade chocolate milkshake (1 1/2 cups fat free no sugar added chocolate ice cream, 5 TBS choc syrup, 3/4 c chocolate soymilk [soymilk added the only fat to my shake, and it was good fat :D])
S: 2 c low fat rocky road ice cream; 1 stick sugar free gum; 2 butterscotch candies; 1 serving low fat honey graham crackers
Beverages: 20 oz diet cherry pepsi; 12 oz water; 16 oz milkshake (also listed above)
Exercise: 1 hour Tae Kwon Do

01-10-2006, 12:30 PM
Jill--enjoy your trip.
Yesterday I ended up having another cup of the chow mein noodles (I LOVE THOSE THINGS!!!!). Had almost 1900 for the day with them

Egg/egg white omelet with 1 oz. of cheese and 2 oz. ham
3/4 c. OJ
Midmorning snack
1/2 grapefruit
Proposed lunch
Lean cuisine with large salad
Proposed afternoon snack
carrots and celery
1 c. sf pudding
Proposed dinner
Turkey taco soup (something I made up)
10-20 unsalted crackers (depending on my mood)
Estimated Calories: 1403
Exercise:30 minutes of cardio.

Side note: TOM is well on her way so I'm feeling a bit bloated. I'm not going to get wrapped up in it this time. I'm going to try and combat it this time with exercise and healthy snacks. I may even plan for 1 chocolate bar if the need arises but I'll have to go and buy it if and when that craving hits. :)

01-10-2006, 05:45 PM
You will be missed Jillegal:hug:

B Kashi Go lean with blueberries and soy milk, carrot and raison salad
S Little Debbie peanut butter bars
L Ribs and carrot and raison salad 2 chocolates
S frozen yogurt cone
D roasted chicken, asian vegies w/brocolli, ginger and mint truffle
S ginger candy

comfort food burrito and empanada

I am comfprtable with the amounts I am eating but still too many sweets

01-10-2006, 11:31 PM
Thank you, Jill, HAVE A GOOD TIME!!!! :cheers:

Dawnyal, good idea, planning ahead for TOM


hardee's/carl jr's egg & cheese biscuit
decaf w/creamer


1 can campbells healthy requests chicken w/rice soup
8 1/2 lo-so triscuits
1 can sprite zero (zero calories, zero caffeine)

1 multigrain low carb tortilla
1 serving light chive onion cream cheese

1 can tuna canned in olive oil, drained
1-2 cups frozen mixed veggies
regular sprite

01-11-2006, 05:37 AM
B: 2 c life vanilla crunch cereal with soymilk; one banana
L: Kashi GoLean Oatmeal Cookie meal bar
D: Health Choice Sweet N Sour chicken dinner; medium size salad (salad mix topped with ff western and low fat ranch dressings, reduced fat cheese, fake bacon bits, and sunflower seeds)
S: 2 c low fat no sugar added rocky road ice cream; 2 donuts :o
Beverages: 64 oz water; 10 oz choc soymilk

01-11-2006, 07:08 AM
Oops. Went out last night, when I was exhausted too, means no exercise and poor food choices. But, I'd been under calories the past few days anyway.

Breakfast: Raisin bran with skim milk
Snack: 1 oz chocolate, 1 oz cheese
Lunch: Subway 6" chicken teriyaki with cheese (burned what I brought in)
Snack: Banana
Dinner: McD's double cheeseburger and large fries
Snack: 1 huge piece of red velvet cake

Calories: About 2500

01-11-2006, 08:33 AM
Hi everyone!

I wound up going out to dinner w/some of the moms from my son's class last night. I don't know why, I usually have no problem w/resturants, but last night I ordered Veal. I don't even particularly love Veal, I just didn't want chicken or fish. So I don't even know how to count it, which kind of makes me crazy... I looked on the WW web-site, but there's not much to go on, so I'll count it as best I can and move on.

Actually, I was downstairs yesterday (PT's not here this week until Friday :( ) and I was asking one of his friends who's a trainer downstairs some questions about a machine, and he asked me if I wanted him to workout with me today, I'm thrilled to have some more support w/this process!

Here's yesterday...

2 - coffee
4 - egg whites w/1 slice of cheese
2 - turkey bacon
3 - luna bar
1 - ww 1 pt cake
1 - chocolate
2 - coffee
4 - low fat coffee cake
8? - Veal something
27 points (out of 26)??

Exercise: 40 mins eliptical - 500 cals, abs, lower body

Have a great day everyone!

01-11-2006, 09:29 AM
Beth, was that 40 minutes on the elliptical. You really had me going there for a minute :dizzy:

Very little sleep the last two nights. Appointment with the oncologist today. Even though the news has been good so far, it still stresses me out.


B Kashi cereal with soy milk, blueberries and mango. Atkins advantage bar.

S pear and a few pecans

L lean cuisine pizza + 5 caramels and 3 cookies at the oncologist's office

S piece of flank steak roll small spinach salad figs

S to stave off cravings for late dinner...probably a perfect zone bar

Late dinner (10 pm) with friends...Probably a pita burger and maybe dessert

Oncologist appointment went ok. The stratagy is to do nothing and get scanned again in May.



01-11-2006, 10:49 AM
Beth Was that 40 minutes on the elliptical. You really had me going there for a minute :dizzy:

Ooops! Yes! I'll edit it. I just came up from working out w/the trainer. My arms are a little shaky, but it feels good!

01-11-2006, 12:14 PM
So far I'm still doing fairly well. I ended up having a two extra crackers with dinner last night and my total calories for the day was: 1699

Oatmeal with 1 tbs reduced fat PB
1 cup milk
morning snack
proposed lunch
Lean cuisine
Salad w/ff catalina dressing
Proposed snack
1 c. pudding
baby carrots/celery
Proposed dinner
Grilled chicken breast
baked potato with butter spray
frozen veggies
Canned fruit (if still hungry)
Proposed Calories: 1756
Haven't gotten in my exercise as TOM hit this morning and I was wiped out. Will get in 30 minutes tonight.

01-11-2006, 04:19 PM

1 packet kashi apple oatmeal, a little skim soy mixed in
1/2 cup decaf, 1/2 cup skim soy

1 can fresca black cherry ( :barf: )

roast beef on whole wheat w/mayo, dijon, cheddar & tomato
1 green apple

1 MSF Grillers patty
1 serving yellow mustard

1 serving Pirate's Booty

1 peanut butter/nutella sammich on
2 slices sara lee whole grain white bread
1 banana

water. lots & lots of water

Oh & Beth, veal is beef.

01-11-2006, 08:29 PM

luna bar (3)

oriental chicken sandwich (5)
baked lay's (3)
pudding (4)

Here it gets complicated. I had a bunch of points leftover from the week, but don't know how to count them. I'm figuring I went overboard at the restaurant. *Sigh*

2 small pieces of sourdough bread
salad w/blue cheese dressing
salmon filet w/asparagus, capers and herbs
roasted red potato (to equal a large potato)
steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, squash)
1/2 order of bread pudding with one scoop of vanilla ice cream

Forget yesterday and move on. . .

Exercise: 35 min. treadmill (jogging intervals), 15 min. weight lifting, 1 hour yoga class, 15 min. stretching & abs


low gluten mix cereal (6)
1/4 c milk (.5)
2 egg whites

luna lemon zest bar (3)

mini bagel (2)
laughing cow light (1)
ham (1)
salad w/0 point dressing

popcorn (2.5)
laughing cow light in celery (1)

WW General Tso's chicken w/veggies (4)
rice (2)
WW fudge bar (1)

total = 24

Exercise: 30 min. evil elliptical, 30 min. rowing machine, 30 min. weight lifting, 15 min. stretching & abs

01-11-2006, 09:05 PM
Here is my food list from Jan. 11.
1 Cup Milk 146
2 slice wheat bread 148
2 tbsp margarine 100
Caesar Bowl 270
Banana 105
Applesauce 50
rice 1 cup 205
hot dog 2 360
1 cup Kimchi 60
1 egg 115
2 tbsp margarine 100
ff sf jello 10
cool whip free 50
popcorn 100
Dove 2 pieces 80

:o Total calories was 1899 until I went on a 9 PM feeding frenzy at this bag of Tortilla Chips. I ate probably 1/2 the bag until I came to my senses. I probably had about 4 servings which soared my calories over 572 points. Making them 2471.....:o
I had them in the house from a party a few weeks before Christmas and it was like someone else entered my body.
:( I went beserko......I am ashamed of myself. I feel like I am not commited enough. :(

Has anyone else out there had a lousy start like me??

01-11-2006, 10:02 PM
Ugh. 14 hour days at work does not make for anything but an exhausted rabidstoat. No exercise. Want sleep.

Breakfast: McD's fruit and yogurt parfait and a Morningstar breakfast patty
Snack: Soy Chips
Lunch: Homemade kunk pao chicken over brown rice
Snack: Snackwell cookies and a handful of honey roasted soy nuts
Dinner: Salad with 2T reduced fat salad dressing, and 1-1.5 cup of baked rigatoni with sausage and cheese

Calories: About 1800? Not sure. Figured 500 for the baked rigatoni but they may be horribly off. Lunch was about the same with the rice.

01-12-2006, 03:47 AM
B: 1 serving vanilla creme mini wheats cereal with vanilla soymilk
L: 1 hotdog with bun and ketchup
D: large salad with pepperjack cheese and low fat italian dressing; 1 supreme pizza lean pockets; 1/2 cup steamed baby carrots with fat free margarine
S: 1 piece low fat coca-cola cake; 1 chocolate cupcake; 1 apple with ff fruit dip (fat free cream cheese, marshmallow fluff and a smidge of honey); 1 strawberry swirl bagel toasted and smeared with some of the fruit dip
Beverages: 64 oz water; 12 oz choc soymilk
Exercise: 1 hour Tae Kwon Do class

01-12-2006, 09:08 AM
Hello everyone!

I'm still sore from working on my arms yesterday :strong: I guess that means I did it right!

Here's my food from yesterday...

2 - coffee
1 - egg whites
3 - luna bar
1 - 1 pt cake
7 - grilled chicken salad
2 - chocolate
1 - 1/2 coffee
3 - tuna
2 - lt mayo
2 - wheat bread
2 - ww ice cream
26 points (out of 26)

Excericse: 30 mins eliptical - 400 cals, abs, upper body
Weekly calories burned- 1900/2000 (goal)

01-12-2006, 11:15 AM
Yesterday I ended at 1603 cals. My chicken was 4 oz., not the 6 I had planned for. I also didn't eat the celery/carrots but did eat 3/4 c. grapes for late evening snack.
Today's menu
Morning snacks
Lemon Pepper Tuna
Proposed Lunch
Lean cuisine
Spinach salad w/tomato and ff italian

Proposed Aft. snack
SF pudding

Proposed dinner
Grilled tilapia (first time trying it so we'll see)
Long grain brown rice
Proposed calories for day:1254
They are really low today but I will have gotten in my fruits/veggies and protein. I'm going to try my hardest to not let me get hung up about them being so low today and remind myself that I got in some great food with low calories.
exericse: 30 minutes arms.

01-12-2006, 01:58 PM
Ok, so I think I am going to take Dawnyals advice and not worry too much about the cals if they are lower too. Sometimes I have my dessert at night, just so my cals won't be too low. Pretty silly, really, especially if I have felt satidfied during the day.

Darlene - I don't really think you are off to a bad start. You are couting, you are coming here, maybe you are not doing as well as you'd like, but baby steps girl!

Beth - Did you try my coconut Zone yet??

Jillegal - Have a udderly fantastic time!! ;)

Denise - I am glad that things are going OK at the oncologist. You are doing really well! Keep it up!!

I need to play catch up, I'm way behind!!
210 - Cononut Zone Prefect
161 - Cheese & Triscuts
130 - (2) Taco shells
110 - 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese
224 - 3 oz. taco meat
0 - Lettuce
260 - Milky Way
480 - Fetticini Alfredo
200 - 2 breadtsicks
1775 - Total

Tuesday was the Biggest Loser Casting call, so it was out of control because I was standing outside and it was 3:00 by the time we ate lunch and I was soooo hungry I didn't make good choices and didn't make good choices for the rest of the night at Bunko.
zone perfect
Grande Hot Chocolate
taco chips
taco, tostada suiza, beans & rice
a few handfuls of M&M's
3 pretzels
(3) small squares of this quick cheesecake dessert
? - Total

210 - Coconut Zone
161 - Triscuts & cheese
400 - Turkey/Ham Subway
100 - Pudding (not a good snack - didn't stay with me)
105 - 1/2 mint zone
495 - Chicken & stuffing
220 - 1 c. light ice cream
1691 - Total

01-12-2006, 02:06 PM
Hi folks,

I am really inspired by the commitment of the people that post to this thread. You are awesome!!!


B kashi Go Lean cereal with soy milk and blue berries, pear
L stuffed flank steak spinach salad and blue berries
S WW treat
S carrots and celery
D crab cakes with spinach salad and rolls
S Blueberries

Yesterday I added a WW treat and a few fries to my evening eats.

SAPF I missed out on your earlier post but I love Fresca Black Cherry. It's one of the few soft drinks I'll even drink. But I have to be honest, my other friends that have tried it at my house had a similar reaction to yours.

01-12-2006, 04:28 PM
Sandi--The coconut Zone was The Yum!

Denise--I LOVEDDD the peach Fresca. Loved. :love:

Today has been bad, with the stress of the titration period, and no end in sight for another 2 weeks. I am looking forward to just taking my dang meds, and not going to give blood/urinalysis once a week.

egg mc muffin, no ham
bacon on side
1 fruit salad

water is the only thing I've had to drink today I am going to try to drink 2 gallons when all is said & done.

1 slice sausage pizza (thin crust)
1 garden salad
2 little cups creamy parmesan dressing. :kickcan: I love this stuff & must stay away. I could eat it over ice cream. :( The sad part is, I'm not kidding.

01-12-2006, 05:26 PM
Ok....I am trying and I know it is small steps but I feel like maybe this is not for me. I used to have it so easy when I decided to diet. I saw failure several times when I went off plan and went back to my old ways. I wanted to see at least a big number when I started and then a 2 pounds a week. This is just so hard and making see what I am willing and not motivated to do. I guess I am just fat and lazy.

01-12-2006, 09:53 PM
2 egg whites (0)
1/2 low gluten mix cereal (3)
1/8 c ff milk (.25)

2.5 oz. canned salmon (2.5)
1/2 low gluten mix cereal (3)
1/8 c. ff milk (.25)

WW General Tso's chicken w/veggies (3)
1/4 c rice (1)
orange (1)

celery w/laughing cow light (1)
apple (1)

Easy Parmesan Chicken (5)
light mayo (2)
fudge bar (1)

points = 24

Exercise: 30 min. rowing machine, 30 min. treadmill (walk/run intervals), 35 min. weight lifting, 20 min. stretching & abs

01-12-2006, 10:04 PM
Dolly, what do you mean ....maybe this is not for me. ? Are you talking about losing weight or a particular diet or ??? I might have missed something from earlier posts, so bear with me.

It sounds like you have some big expectations about losing weight at a particular rate because you've done it before. Well, that's possibly why it may not happen this time--that dreaded yo-yo dieting effect. Is there any way you can just make changes (eat normal portions of health food, drink water, and exercise) that you know are good for your body and let the rest go? Forget the scale--put it out in the garage. If anything, you'll be healthier because of it, and, while we all want to look good in a pair of jeans and that Victoria's Secret lingerie, isn't our health what it's really all about?

Please be kind to yourself, Dolly. :hug:

01-13-2006, 12:46 AM
Less work today. Still hectic. I had some late-afternoon dead time, waiting for a report to be proofed by coworkers, so I went for a hike.


Breakfast: McD's fruit and yogurt parfait and some oatmeal
Snack: Soy crisps
Lunch: Homemade LF shrimp creole over brown rice
Snack: Hershey chocolate bar
Dinner: 4 oz pork loin with mango chutney, 3/4 cup couscous, and 1/2 cup of not-very-good roasted veggies.

Exercise: Hiked partway up the mountain, with frequent rests took about 50 minutes, so I figure 20 minutes trudging uphill and 15 back down, plus 15 resting.
Calories: About 1500

01-13-2006, 03:02 AM
br: 2scrambled eggs w/veggies, hashbrowns,2 pork sausage
snack: 1apple/cran muffin, trail mix, 1 hot choco
lunch: roast beef sandwich w/lettuce; beef soup; 1 pepsi
snack: muffin
dinner: roasted veggies/2 beef saudsage, 1 diet pepsi, 2 reese pb cups, 1 gourmet jelly bean
(20 crunches/ 10 girlies)

breakie: 2 slice cinnamon raisin toast, 1 boiled egg, 1 banana, 1 glass milk
snack: just right cereal w/ 1% milk, 1/2 c peanuts
lunch: homemade chicken noodle soup, roast beef sandwich w/lettuce& cucs
snack: 1 orange
dinner, beef stir fried, basmati rice, mixed veggies
snack: corn chips
(WATP - 2 mile with stretchie & 2lb weights; 20 girlies)

breakie: 2 slice cinnamon raisin toast, 1banana, milk, just right cereal w/ 1% milk
lunch: homemade chicken noodle soup, turkey & cheese sandwich
snack: 2 slice cr toast, 1 diet pepsi
dinner: 3 egg whites with green onion, zucchini, red peper and mushrooms, 1 sausage round
peaches and mandarin oranges (canned)
(30min Stott pilates workout)

I had more than enough water everyday except today because I was home andI forget when I'm at home.
I've decided that I'm going to follow the Canadian Food Guide, my dietician recommended it when I say her in Dec and I forgot and a friend mention something the other day and I went aha! So I'm going todo this.
I haven't seemed to have lost any weight but I'll find out tomorrow. I have gained muscles though, my arms and legs are getting stronger.

01-13-2006, 05:38 AM
January 12, 2006
B: steamed carrots and peas; 1 meatball sub lean pocket sandwich
L: peanutbutter on wheat bread; 1 apple
D: roast chicken and stuffing; steamed broccoli
S: light tortilla chips (1 gram fat and 90 calories per serving! :)) with salsa con queso (low fat); cotton candy; animal crackers
Beverages: 12 oz diet cola; 20 oz coke zero; 16 oz chocolate soymilk; 40 oz water
Exercise: 55 minutes Tae Bo Bootcamp Basics :D

01-13-2006, 08:51 AM
Hello everyone!

Sandi - No, I haven't seen the Coconut Zone bars yet, I guess they haven't hit NYC yet.

Here's my food from yesterday...

2 - coffee
1 - egg whites
3 - luna bar
6 - turkey on whole wheat
2 - 2 - 1pt cakes
1 - coffee
6 - chicken
2 - cheese
4 - ww ice cream
27 points (1 over)

exercise - 40 mins eliptical (500 cals), abs, lower body
Weekly calories - 2,400/2,000 - I'm going to hit a new weekly calories burned record today!

Have a great weekend everyone!

01-13-2006, 09:37 PM
Yay, weekend! Work started with a 4:45 am emergency phone call, went through dinner which we ate at work, I'm home now, exhausted, and have to work over the weekend... but a lot less. Thank goodness! I need down time.


Breakfast: "The good stuff" oatmeal, and a bowl of strawberries with some sprinkled sugar
Snack: A small apple
Lunch: Leftover baked ziti with sausage
Snack: Small packet of jelly bellies
Dinner: Foot-long Subway turkey and cheese on Italian herbs and cheese with light mayo and tons of veggies
Snack: Macademia nut cookie

No exercise. Calories, about 2000.

01-14-2006, 03:14 AM
b: oatmeal with twin brown sugar, 1% milk, 1 banana
l: baked beans w/weiners, fresh veggies, 1 diet pepsi, 1 cherry danish
d: 1 pork chop, shell noodles w/garlic sauce, green beans, 1 fudgcicle, 1 pepsi

I didn't exercise today but drank all my water.
I lost 1lb this week, yeah!

01-14-2006, 03:29 AM
Jan 13, 2006
B: quaker corn bran with vanilla soymilk
L: big salad with turkey, pepperjack cheese, sunflower seeds and ff western dressing
D: Healthy Choice sweet n sour chicken; 1 apple with caramel dip
S: deyhdrated pineapple chunks; animal crackers; chocolate soymilk; quaker corn bran and vanilla soymilk
Beverages: 60 oz water; 12 oz caffiene free diet pepsi; 20 oz diet cherry pepsi; 10 oz chocolate soymilk (also listed in snacks)
exercise: resting

01-14-2006, 05:11 PM

1/2 c ff cottage cheese (2)
1/2 c blueberries (1)
luna bar (3)

low gluten cereal (6)
1/4 c ff milk (.5)
Beef Asian Vegetable Stir Fry (3)

popcorn (5)
celery w/LCL (1)
orange (1)

Egyptian Rice (5.5)
salad w/balsamic vinegar
WW fudge bar (1)

total points = 29

Exercise: 1 hour water aerobics, 1 hour weight/core work with PT, 15 min. stretching


mini bagel (2)
LCL (1)
ham (1)
veggie sausage (1)
egg + 2 whites (2)
whole wheat tortilla (1)

1/2 low gluten mix (3)
1/8 c milk (.25)
veggie burger (2)
ww bread (1)
tomato, lettuce, pickle
ff mayo, mustard
8 olives (.75)

celery w/LCL (1)
orange (1)
1/2 bag popcorn (3)

Egyptian rice leftovers (5)
salad w/dressing (1)
WW fudge bar (1)

total points = 26

Exercise: 1 hour treadmill (walking/jogging intervals), 35 min. weight lifting, 15 min. stretching

01-14-2006, 09:49 PM
Poor on exercise today. Good on relaxation! I had a cake craving tonight, big-time. I decided if I wanted it that bad, I could make it from scratch. All of it. So I did, and made cupcakes with frosting, all from scratch (with some reduced fat, reduced sugar ingredients). Luckily I'm a poor cook and they came out pretty bad, then I chowed down on three of them anyway, got sick, and threw the rest out. But because they burned on the bottom it was more like those muffin tops, not too much to them.

Breakfast: Vegetable quiche
Lunch: Honey ginger chicken over brown rice
Snack: Small pack of jelly bellies, and 6 oz strawberries with a touch of sugar
Dinner: Leftover baked ziti with sausage
Dessert: Three (sort of) homemade messed-up cupcakes, with frosting

Calories: About 2000

01-15-2006, 12:00 AM
This morning got up and had 2 slice of cinnamon raisin toast, I love this so much I really have to find a healthy, make my own recipe. Then I did 2-mile WATP with stretchie and 20 minute resistance circuit.
Breakfast two hours later: oatmeal w/flaxseed, wheatgerm, banana and milk.
S: 1/2 tuna sandwich later 2 chocolate turtles
L: 1 tuna sandwich, diet pepsi
D: easy bolognese w/ whole wheat spagetti noodles, 3x1x1 marble cheese; yogurt parfait w/ raspberry yogurt, mixed fieldberries

I drank lots of water today.

01-15-2006, 10:42 PM
whole wheat tortilla (1)
laughing cow light (1)
egg (2.5)
mixed fruit (2.5)

whole wheat tortilla (1)
smoked turkey (2)
pickles, lettuce, tomato, red onion
ff mayo
5 olives (.5)
low gluten mix cereal (3)
ff milk (.5)

orange (1)
celery w/LCL (1)
popcorn (4)

stuffed bell pepper (5)
mixed vegetables
ww fudge bar (1)

total points = 26

Exercise: about an hour walk through the park

01-16-2006, 02:51 AM
Jan 15
2 poached eggs
4 slices of bacon
4 waffles w/ lite syrup
1 c. cottage cheese w/ 1 cut up apple & cinnamon (yum)
3oz roast turkey
1/2 c. maybe less mashed potatoes and bread dressing
8 baby carrots
2 broccoli florets
2 diet pepsi today
tons of water.

I went out and had two beer last night as well but no eating. I felt terrible today, lack of sleep on top of that, so I didn't exercise.

01-16-2006, 06:51 AM

Breakfast: 1 bowl oatmeal, 1 cup grapes, 1 "finger full" of frosting (which I threw the container of out afterwards, ahem)
Lunch: 4-5 oz tilapia in cajun jerk spices, 2/3 cup brown rice, 1.5 cups steamed Italian veggies with some butter
Snack: 7 wheatsworth crackers and 2 wedges LF Laughing Cow spread
Dinner: South Beach Diet pizza
Snack: Single serving bag "movie theater butter" popcorn

Single serving bags of popcorn are a godsend! I did have 'the bad stuff' with all the butter, but a single serving is still a bit under 200 calories.

Calories: About 1400. No exercise. :(

01-16-2006, 12:00 PM
I actually logged all my food this weekend (in a notebook) and I left the darn thing at home. I'll log it all into fitday tomorrow and let you know how I did. I got in exercise on Saturday and used yesterday as a day of rest. :)

01-16-2006, 01:55 PM
New thread for the new week...see you there! :D

01-17-2006, 04:12 AM
Attempting to post my eats for this weekend. Didn't write them down and now I'm having a hard time remembering them. OOPS Note to self: If too tired to post eats online, write them down on paper!
Jan 14, 2006
B: oatmeal and 1 golden delicious apple
L: peanut butter sandwich and a banana
D: salad and ??
S: donuts; chocolate pudding and sliced banana sundae topped with light whipped topping
Beverages: water; diet soda; soymilk

Jan 15, 2006
B: donuts (2)
L: pizza (1 1/2 slices)
D: large salad with turkey and cheese
S: oreos and chocolate pudding parfait topped with light whipped cream
Beverages: diet soda; water; chocolate soymilk