Support Groups - Fat Expat Chick going it for 100lbs to start..

01-09-2006, 06:16 AM
Hi I am an American expat living in Holland (married Dutch) and so unhappy.
I have gained such an incredible amount of weight due to medical problems and PCOS (anyone have that?):dizzy:
I have two miracle babies of 5 and 20 months. Both born C-section and the first one was born with Group B strep and in a special rehab school.
Lets just say... alone without any family or friends in this flat distant land the stress has made me one fat chick with NO SUPPORT!:sp:
I am desperate! I tried to get into weight watchers online. They won't accept Xpats. So after doing some searching and reading with PCOS in mind I have opted for the BEACH! I just started today!
I have at least 100 lbs to loose.
Anyone else on the Beach (south beach that is)?
Well infact I would welcome anyone with my starting point from anywhere!
(sorry this is so cryptic and short) just wanna get it on the board today!:^:
groetjes Karyn (