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01-08-2006, 05:24 AM
Do tortillas really have as much calories as I saw on the Calorie King? I did a search for 13 inch flour tortilla and it said 333. Is that right?? I thought I was doing so well and I would just add the two tortillas to my meal. Of course ...............duh..........after I ate them I looked them up. I can't believe it. :nono: Please tell me I miscalculated.

01-08-2006, 06:56 AM
That seems a little high. I looked at some 13" tortillas I have in the frig and the label says they are 220 each. That seems to be a little closer to average. Some of the low carb ones are a little lower. I have never found a good tortilla that is super low in kcals which is too bad because I really like them.

01-08-2006, 07:10 AM
The best 'low carb' tortillas I've found are by La Tortilla Factory. They're high in favor, and I eat them for both breakfast wraps and burritos. You can do a search, they have a web site and I hear you can order them online if they're not in your grocery store. I like just the plain ones, but lately my grocery store has only stocked expired ones.

01-08-2006, 08:01 AM
Thanks ladies.

01-08-2006, 10:00 AM
Some things, you just have to use the nutritional information on thier own packaging. I have just bought some low carb, whole wheat 8" tortilla's and they are only 70 cals each, 4 gr protein, 3 gr fiber.

I just checked my diet software ranges from 98-378 cals per tortilla, depending on size.

01-08-2006, 12:55 PM
We get the smaller ones, too, and they are 80 calories each.

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01-08-2006, 03:54 PM
Okay, gotta jump in here. First off, if these were tortillas at home, they were probably more like 250 cals. but if they were at a restaurant, I'd say 330 sounds about right. BUT La Tortilla Factory makes some awesome tasting tortillas that are really low-cal. They're made with olive oil and they come in a couple of flavors. They're expensive, but I think they're worth it. Oh, and I find them at Safeway/Vons.

1 wrap: 62 g (about 10")
Calories: 90
Fat: 3 g
Fiber: 13 g
Protein: 8 g

01-08-2006, 05:12 PM
These were packaged Tortillas. I had already thrown away the original wrapper. (Hey I am still trying to get my act together here......);)

I would like to know if anyone knows of some good tasting low carb ones that I can order online that do not have to be refridgerated. It might take a week or two to get to me through the mail.

Thanks again.

01-08-2006, 06:30 PM
If you stick to whole grain tortillas, they'll be high in fiber even if they're not low in carbs per say. They'll be good carbs from whole grains. But in Seoul, your options are probably limited with that kind of stuff.

How are you in the kitchen? From what I've read, wraps/tortillas are not hard to make, and you can make oodles then freeze them.

Netrition dot com seems to have a good selection. Search their site for tortillas. I didn't look to see where all they ship. You might be better off having someone stateside buy them at Sam's Club or some other discount store and mail them to you.