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01-07-2006, 10:52 PM
Hello and :welcome2:to the Jaded Ladies!!

We'd love to have you join us while we talk about our weight loss efforts and our daily lives. So come on in and chat away!! :gossip:

Tea Rose
01-07-2006, 11:05 PM
Hi Everyone
I hope you remember me, I only have a minute I am at my daughters house and I had to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all of you. I miss you all so much , I don't have a computer , I am trying to get one, my daughter is trying to help me find one as well. I wish I had time to talk , but Melissa's Fiance is busy right now, and I could only take a few minutes to say hello. Yes she is engaged now and I can't wait to tell you more .I hope everyone is well, and I will be so happpy to be back with you all, I have never been so lonely without you all to share my days with. Well I must go and I look so forward to coming back as soon as I find a computer if you all still want to talk to me , hopefully you do. hopefully I will talk soon.

Your Long Lost Friend Ellen

01-08-2006, 12:25 AM
Ellen---Sure have missed you! I hope you get a computer soon so we can hear more about your DD engagement! Always know that we love having you here and ALWAYS want to hear from you!! Come back soon!:hug:

01-08-2006, 01:48 PM
Good Morning -

I swear Ellen, I was just thinking of you last night!! Wondering where you were - lo and behold - you show up!! I really think we are long lost twins!! haha.......happy to have you back - :)

I don't think you meant a yard Marti - I think you meant yarn?? It only takes one letter to throw me off - lol

Anyway- anyone see Grizzly Man yet?? It was really good, I might watch it again tonight before I take the video back.

Anyone get the People mag with the weight loss success stories??

Hey.......I bet you don't listen to me at all!! lol

Speaking of guilt ( ok - we weren't but we are now ) I felt bad over the banana I ate last week - after co worker said banana's aren't good to eat when trying to lose weight.

Going to meet a co worker at Starbucks. Tell her the inside gossip and she has to totally swear not to tell.........what an exciting life I have.

omg- The Bachelor starts Monday night!!!

Happy Birthday Rebecca :) - she had a sleep over so I haven't seen her yet. Course she will wanna go shopping.

Chat later - and WELCOME BACK ELLEN!!!

01-08-2006, 01:52 PM

So glad to hear from you. You have been missed. I know all about computer problems. Hope that you get one soon.

Must run, thought I would pop on quick before I took DS to work.

Also Mindee when our little guy was about the same age as Brandon he ate a jar of zincofax diaper cream. With my frantic call to poison control I was happy to hear that there is nothing toxic, but it sure does not stay in their poor little stomaches.


01-08-2006, 02:58 PM
Hi ladies!

Cristi - you'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Let us know ASAP about the results, OK? :hug:

Marti - I live in NW Ohio. This time of year is usually snowy & cold & icy. Today we actually have a little sunshine & the temp is around 40. :sunny: I have the patio doors open for fresh air. The cat is going nuts with leaves blowing around on the deck!!

This is such a lazy day. I'm still working on taking down all the decorations and cleaning. I guess there really isn't a big hurry except I just want to get it done. Tired of climbing up and down the step ladder so I better just keep at it.

See ya later!


01-08-2006, 04:53 PM
Hello gals!

Susan--I had to go back and edit that.....can't let the world know that I can't spell!:D A big Happy Birthday to Rebecca! Hope she had a fun sleepover. I've never had a sleepover as a young girl...why is that? Didn't I have friends????

Kathy--Hurry back and chat when you have time!'re in Ohio! Ok, going to try and keep track!:D How cute w/the kitty chasing leaves!!

Ellen--Waiting for you to come back. Miss you lots!!

Not much going on today. Spent most of my day yesterday w/a horrible headache. I needed to close the blinds and turn down the tv...(ended up muting it) and just laid on the couch. Migraines are horrible. Had a hard time trying to sleep it off though. Finally went to bed around 5:00 this morning. Sheesh!!

Never did color my hair!:( Felt too awful. But alls good today! Ready to do something, just don't know what.

Well going to get moving.

You all have a wonderful afternoon.

01-08-2006, 05:02 PM
Susan- I got that same People, very inspiring! Much more so than the other magazine I posted about earlier.
Marti- hope you headache goes away! That really kills the day!
Connie- that's a great workout! taking down the decorations, mine were down 2 days after Christmas. Allen got so many toys that there was no room for them with the tree up!
I went out last night with friends and drank too much. Mark and I really never go out and I guess he decided that I deserved a night on the town! I had a lot of fun, dancing and goofing off. But I'm feeling like slug today!!
We have Mark's Christmas party at his work tongiht. They always have really great prizes raffled off so we're going to buy a bunch of extra raffle tickets. They also have tons of naughty fod, so I'll eat before we go.
My mom is going to come over and watch Allen so we don't have to take him out, he's still sick. Poor baby!
ARG, I'm feeling cruddy!1

01-08-2006, 10:03 PM
A quick hi from me today!

Susan - no guilt - bananas are fine - you just can't eat a truck load. They must be on some low-carb diet. Bananas have potassium and are a nautral sweetener - so there :)

Cristi- sending out good boob vibes...hope your next test is a good one. My tech told me that they have to call women back alot for extra pictures and practically all of them show nothing - so I am going to say a prayer and hope that's your case.

Ellen - Welcome back - we've missed you and your cute pictures.

Marti - hope your head is feeling better

Sorry I'm missing so many today - but Hi to everyone!


01-09-2006, 01:40 AM
I have been meaning to post this on here. On New Year's Eve we were at my in-law's house with our friends Jay and Elena. We were getting ready to go over to my sister's house. Brandon was playing upstairs with me, Jay, Elena and Logan (Tommy ran to the basement to switch laundry). Jay knocked on the back of the front door to see what Brandon would do. When Brandon heard the knock he said "Jo Jo" and ran to the door. I had to proceed to open the door even though there was no one there. He then wouldn't let me close the door until we got ready to go.

One day last week, I was changing his diaper and he said "Jo Jo" again. I asked him where Jo Jo was and he blew me off. I am wondering as to if he is refering to his Uncle Joey or my younger brother who we called Jo Jo.

ETA: We showed Brandon Joey's webpage on my mom's site and Brandon pointed to him and said Jo Jo. We also asked him where he was at and he pointed up to our ceiling.

Also, we are thinking of starting to potty train him around his second birthday.

Susan~ Man, the nerve of some people (get pregnant and then run)….sheesh! LOL

Ok ladies…..I need some kind of motivation and some kind of plan to follow so I can get the last of this weight off. It is just driving me batty!

Jane~ Have fun!!!

Mel~ I have been through the croup… is NOT fun at all. I ended up having to sleep with Brandon in his car seat in the bassinet with the vaporizer pointed at his face so he would be able to breath. Also, we found that if you alternate between the steam in the bathroom and bundling him up and taking him outside to get the burst of cold…that helps as well. Good luck! If you want to talk or anything you can email me or PM me.

Angie~ Thanks for the welcome back and congrats!

Jules~ how are you doing girl?

Connie~ Welcome to the group!

Ellen~ It is good to see/hear from you!

Kathy~ I had Tommy call poison control and the lady on the other end said to wipe out his mouth and to give him clear liquids if he pukes or has diahhrea. He had neither of the two….but he has been pooping a lot since then. We think that has more to do with his teeth coming in then anything else.

01-09-2006, 08:37 AM
Well my sweetie finished up the bathroom yesterday and it looks wonderful!!!Well he still has to put the baseboards back up we have 2 running bathrooms!!:carrot:

We watched Big Fish last night.........It's a great movie if you like 'stories' granddad was a great story teller and every time i watch that movie i cry cause that makes me miss him...........If you've never seen it..........DO:D

Tampa is out and i was so hoping they'd see another super bowl :(

Gaby i got the People magazine. It was good but the thing that I didn't like was most of the women were young..........Now Christi Ally I felt I knew.........and I'm so happy for her..........but she's rich...........I want to see what happens to an older lady who has had weight for more than 15 years..........I want to know what her body looks like ya know?? My mom lost over 100 lbs.......she has been heavy forever. She had so much skin and she was for a year in a plateu...........some lady told her to go have her skin removed. She did .........12 lbs worth.........tummy and arms.......I can't afford that but yet, I don't want to stay this size either. then the face.........I checked everyone's face and even Christi has no wrinkles.......I've always said i was going to keep my weight so I'd have no wrinkles................sigh.....................

Marti your going to San Fran?? My girlfriend and I went there in April, last year, we had a blast. We spent most of our time at the Wharf and I did NOT get my wine tour (g/f gets motion sickness......couldn't handle the trip and ups and downs) but what i was going to say........we stayed in a place on Bush street called the Grant Motel that was only 69/night.(there are 2 Grant Motels but this one is on BUSH) Nothing fancy but clean and comfortable. So if you want CHEAP check it out! Beware IN Golden Gate Park...........we were accosted by a pervert.........I swear I lived in CA for almost 2 years and never had that happen..........but we found 2 gentlemen sitting on a hill and i waved to them and pretended to know them and we sat with them until the perv was gone. When i told my hubby about it ......he said we probably were with the REAL dangerous ones cause the pervert was only looking for reactions..anyway quite a trip!!!

hey guys........if you want to see the weather at MY house......check out this web hubby likes doing stuff like this for a hobby....... this one has a picture of our 'back yard' it was taken in 2003 as you can see.......... this one has the satellite map on it..................HUbby got this weather system for Christmas........I have to say the guy stays busy:D

01-09-2006, 11:10 AM
Good Morning!

I didn't walk this AM, I ate a piece of birthday cake instead. lol

Cristi - HUGS today. Hope you get some good news on your medical report.

Christine - I wasn't even thinking of age when I read the article. I do think it is inspiring when a person who has been overweight most of their life decides enough is enough and does something about it - even if they are young in age. I was 36 when I finally lost 110 - I think I have 12 pounds of loose skin on me too - .......I hate it! I would never dream of getting in a swim suite with sagging upper thighs -ugh........

grrrrrrrrrr - also I had a dream with Mike in it!! We thought it couldn't get any worse but it did - he was in color too! haha - jerk. I finally decided not to answer back to his mother. Just ignore her (mature?? yes/no??? lol) I have been hurt/insulted enough by those people.!!!

I better get to work. We are inputing our budgets on the computer. TORTURE and BORING - get my through this day Lord!


01-09-2006, 12:50 PM
Christine- I would have done the same thing! I once was being harrassed at a bar and grabbed the first bigger guy I could find and pretended he was my boyfriend so that the other one would go away.
Gaby- I also saw that article. I guess I'm not concerned about age (I'm only 23) but I'm concerned about roller coaster dieting. I watched a special on Lifetime Real Women about eating disorders the other night. Mark hates when I watch that stuff, but I used to have major issues about my weight and stopped eating and was addicted to diet pills. So I guess I'm always wanting to here success stories from people who do it the healthy way.

01-09-2006, 02:44 PM
Hello ladies...

I am still nursing this headcold/sinus headache, jeez. But it is better, or so I thought/think. Just can barely talk, which I think V likes! :lol: Dealing with an itchy throat now, of course today my head is stopped up again. If it's not better in a couple of days I am going to go to the doc and she what she has to say. Maybe she can give me something stronger than the over the counter stuff. But I do feel like I am getting better.

ELLEN...OMG!!! I was so surprised to see you had posted! I hope you get a computer soon. We have missed you and good to see you posting! :hug:

MARTI...thanks! I am sure I am fine it's just the letter through me off. I am so used to getting the same old, everything is normal letter I didn't expect that. To top it off, I am a worrier so of course when I first got it I thought the worst. I'm okay now though. I go tomorrow for some more testing and hopefully they will let me know the results then so I don't have to wait any longer! Waiting is the pits! LOL, about the boots! I think I too should take a cue from Jhanai and start Christmas early, smart girl ya got there!

MEL...I wouldn't pay too much attention to those magazines, too unrealistic. But you are talking about models and hollywood and that's the way they do things, it's not normal and I always see it that way. Plus, they do so much touching up on the photos you never know what's real and whats not. Hope little Allen is feeling better and you got some much needed sleep.

SUSAN...thanks! And don't feel guilty about a burger. That's one thing I quit doing...feeling guilty about what I eat. I try my best to watch the portion size but I do eat what I want. And as long as I exercise and get my water drank I usually do okay. And the bananas them! I don't see how a banana can be bad for you. About the dating online friend (Connie) isn't looking for a serious realtionship right now, mainly companionship but with someone she has things in common with in case it turns serious. Her ex was a winner let me tell ya, so she's not ready to marry again. She's liking her newfound independence. I didn't see that people magazine but wanted to. Of course now it is gone from the shelves but I may be able to check it out at the library, if they have it. Seems the newer ones are always checked out. Oh, I've not heard of that movie, will have to see what it is about.

ANGIE...I'm with you on a woman having curves. I just think a woman looks better and healthier with curves than just a little skin and bones. I had a friend a few years ago who is 5'9' weighs 110-120, if that...straight as a board and was always talking about needing to lose 5-10 pounds! I asked her where? I just don't know how someone that skinny looks in the mirror and think she needs to lose weight. She wore a size 0-1 jeans! But it stemmed from poor self-esteem, didn't come from the best of families. Her parents were weathly and I thought nice but they didn't always support her and her brother emotionally. I think too she had an eating disorder.

KATY...thanks for the good boob vibes! LOL Like I told Marti, I don't think it is anything but won't know for sure for a couple of days. Hopefully, they let me know tomorrow after the test(s). I'm just a big worrier-wish there was a knob so that I could turn that part of my brain off.

CONNIE...thanks to you also! And I will let you know the results as soon as I know. Bet it was cute watching the kitty with the leaves. I would have had the camera out taking pictures-I take pictures of everything. You would not believe the amount of pictures we, umm, I take of our dog! I cleaned house yesterday also. Already took the decorations down, but I was bored and needed something to do, then I took a nap, lol.

KATHY...wonder what makes kids put things in their mouths that they shouldn't. Surely the cream tasted are funny though, and so cute. You just gotta love 'em. Of course I have a friend that eats Vicks when she is sick. Okay, that stuff is nasty enough when I rub it on my chest, I could not imagine eating it! :yikes: She also likes raw ground beef! She will nibble off of it when she makes hamburgers.

CHRISTINE...that was a cool pic of the back of your house with the weather. Yay, on having two bathroom now! For the early years when the kids were little we had only one and it worked fine. But after having 2 now since they were about 9, I don't know how we did it with one. I saw Big Fish. I think it was Marti that had seen it and was talking about it and I just had to see it. It is a good movie.

MINDEE...well, glad Brandon is fine after eating the cream! ICK! Funny, we called my brother JoJo when he was little also. Joe is his middle name but he is a Jr. so someone started the JoJo nn and it stuck. Today he goes by Joe but there are a few family members that still call him that.

JANE...hope you, Neal and Katie are having a wonderful time in WDW!

Okay, I hope I haven't missed anyone, but Hi to everyone else. :wave:

Not much going on today with me. I cleaned house yesterday but will vacuum again today. Also got all my laundry done. V and I are going to go have an early dinner at Olive Garden when he gets home. We received a gift card for OG for Christmas, somebody loves us! :) Going to try and get in a 1.5-2 mile walk today. Still not feeling so great but I think I need to do a little, at least a mile. Oh, I almost was WI and I am down 4 pounds! Woohoo! Made me happy as a lark. :carrot: I didn't get as much exercise and walking in as I would have liked to but I did watch what I ate so I guess it evened out. I think being sick had some to do with it, because I haven't felt much like eating. Anyway, going to change my signature.


01-09-2006, 02:52 PM
Can anyone tell me if there is a stomach bug going around?

For the past week or two, my oldest son Brandon has had a runny nose, cough, basically a cold, which I thought had to do with him cutting his two teeth on the sides in the front. Well, in the past week he has become a pooping machine. In the past couple of days, it seems like every time I turn around I am changing a poopy diaper on him.

He is drinking pedialyte now, and seems to be holding things in. He is his normal active self, so I don't think it is bothering him too much that he can't stop pooping.

off to go make him some soup to see if he can keep that in.

01-09-2006, 08:23 PM
tommysgirl--here in the tristate area (southern PA, western MD and ne West by God Virginia) there are two flus that DH and I have been lucky enough to avoid--must be all the garlic...DD, her friends, some co worker and brother have had either or both of two flus that are running full speed in this area--there's the stomach flu and/or the headache/bodyache/can't talk/nose stuffy and runny at the same time one. DD had both! She says yeah..she's feeling better in time to start back at college where at least 1/2 of the students have something.
I have cramps which I am taking some more advil and crawling in bed with the heating pad---I thought that the D & C was supposed to take care of there evil things!!!

Good night all--maybe I'll post longer to individuals tommorrow!

01-09-2006, 08:29 PM
Hi All!
I have been a sewing like a madwoman today. I had some time, so I started these cute little fleece jackets that I intend to donate to the preschool auction. Well, I got on a roll, and they are done! Yay! Now I just need to finish the irish hiking scarf and all the handmade things I planned to make will be done. For the auction, at least.

Well, I was bummed a little about seeing no change on the scale, then I put on my wedding ring this morning! Ouch! Lots of bloating from something I ate last night. Who knows what, but I do feel a little better about the scale.

Mindee - hope B feels better soon. I used to feed my kids bananas and rice to help with the runs.

Cristi - good luck with your tests tomorrow -try not to worry too much - I know that's easier said than done.

Susan - mmmm...cake..mmmmm ok I snapped out of it. I saw the People with the weight loss success at the library and was able to read most of it. Pretty inspiring, except they all used programs that cost more money than I have :( So, here I am going about it the old-fashioned way...also the cheap way!

Hi to everyone else!

01-09-2006, 09:39 PM
Back again ladies to say HI!

MINDEE...don't think there is anything going around here, yet anyway. With the weather the ways it's been it's too nice for anyone to be sick, except me of course! LOL Hope Brandon gets to feeling better.

KATY...geez, woman, aren't you just the busy little bee. I used to never have the patience for sewing when I had a machine. Now that I don't have one, I would love to be able to sew. Hope you get lots for all that you make when you take it to the auction! Let us know how that goes. Hopefully the scale issue was just bloating. :crossed: I get really bloated from too much salt and believe it or not, too much water.

JULES...hope the heating pad, advil and rest do you some good. Having cramps is the pits! I haven't had a TOM since the end of October which I am loving. But in the back of my mind I know that when I do eventually have one, it will be bad to make up for lost time. Now if I can just get rid of these darn hot flashes! And I hope your DD gets to feeling better, poor girl. Sounds like she had it all.

Well, DH and I went to dinner and I must say I did good. I did have dessert but...I only ate half of my dinner and brought the rest home. Since I don't like leftovers, I don't have to worry about the extra calories. DH will eat it. Anyway, gotta get going. Just came on to post on the Challenge thread that I made it through day 1 and feel so much better. I'm hoping the walk will help me sleep through the night. Doubtful with these hotflashes I've been having but I guess I can dream can't I?! See ya ladies tomorrow, nighty, night.

01-10-2006, 01:11 AM
Thanks ladies for responding. So far he is doing much better….he is back asleep. He fell asleep at about 6:30 or 7ish, and then woke up about 8. He went back down at about 10ish and has been down since then. Now, if he can go through the night without getting up at 4am again that would be great!

Jules~ Thanks for the heads up. I am thinking we have both going through our house. I think Brandon caught the stomach flu, and Tommy has the other flu.

Can you ladies do me a HUGE favor? My FIL is in the hospital. He was rushed there yesterday morning by my MIL because he was having tightness in his chest. Come to find out he had a collapsed lung, so they put a balloon in to bring it back. He will be in there for a couple days. He is already on oxygen for his breathing. So please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Katy~ Thanks for the get well wishes. Thankfully the pedialyte is helping with the runs.

Cristi~ That is how it always seems to happen, isn’t it? Nobody else gets sick, but you do. That has happened to me numerous times!

01-10-2006, 01:41 PM
Good morning ladies...

Okay Ms Susan, where are ya? You were posting like crazy and now, nothing. you can't just go away like that! :D

Woke up to a winter has been so nice here lately, in the 50's & 60's for the last two weeks and then yesterday the temp was in the 40's, still not bad. So they mentioned snow and I kind of laughed. Well, we got it, sadly though it sounds like it is raining because it is melting fast. Here long enough to make a little mess and then poof! gone. We really needed it though, some kind of moisture. We really need for it to rain really good and hard a couple of times. Everything is so dry and after all those fires in Texas and Oklahoma, well, we need a lot of rain!

MINDEE...consider it done. I do hope everything turns out fine for your FIL but I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. :hug: :grouphug: Hope little Brandon slept through the night and is feeling better today.

Not much going on to write about. Thought I would get on here for a quickie before I have to go get ready to go to the Breast Center. Didn't think to ask the lady what they are going to do. Not supposed to wear deodorant, powder or perfume above the waist for the mammogram so I guess I will just do the usual and take my deodorant with me. That's not until 2:45 so gives me time to start some laundry, straighten the house and finishmy exercise. Anyway...

Hi to everyone! Take care and I hope you all have a wonderful day in your little corner of the world! :wave:

da fat n da furious
01-10-2006, 01:52 PM
Good Morning Ladies,
Mindee, of course your FIL is in my thoughts and prayers..keep us posted ok?
As for Master My Brandon ate bath beads...and let me tell you he has some interesting things happening with his poops for a couple of Tanner did the diaper cream,,,it was hilarous. Well I guess it was since he didn't eat it...he took off all his clothes and rubbed it all over his body,,,he reminded me of an pigmy tribal warrior. I have pictures of that. that kid hated wearing clothes,,,I once found him buck nekkid laying on the couch, with a huge bag of Mr. Christie cookies,,,the look of bliss on his choc covered face.
Cristi,,,hopefully you are beating that cold/allergy...
Ellen,,,Im so glad you stopped in for a moment to let us know whats up.
Tanners play starts its technical part tonight...I went and got my nails done,,,and less then 24 hrs later I was doing some spray painting when the can of BLACK paint more leaked all over my hands...grrr

Susan,,,so how it feel to be the mom of TWO teenage girls?
Katy,,,I am so glad you live far away from me! I can't imagine the danger you and I could get into in a yarn and fabric store. Or for that matter crafts. I am like considered the wizard of crafts in theatre. You should see what I did with a hockey puck and broom
Anyways today I have off,,,need to clean two closets,,,pantries. And buy a shelf to make it more neater. I want to do my lamp shade...bought some beautiful funky trim...goldish/bronze glass leaves dangling...Im excited. I need to vaccuum,,,*sigh and the bunnies have been whipped back but I can see the whites of their eyes again... grrr
and of course Mt Washmore is needing to be climbed.
well Im off...have a great day ladies.

da fat n da furious
01-10-2006, 01:54 PM
snow? We have not had any snow in a few weeks now...warm weather for another week Ive heard then possibly we may be hit with some cold weather...
hows it for you Kathy? I have talked with alot of customers up there and they say its the same warm weather. weird.

01-10-2006, 01:55 PM
Katy- awaeosme about those jackets you're making! I totally agree with you on how expensive thos eweight loss programs are. There is no way we could afford those! I'm just doing the old fashioned thing, seems to work just fine!
Cristi- good for you! I don't like leftovers either, so Mark always eats them for me! Where did you go? Hope your apoinment goes well!
Mindee- so sorry to hear about you FIL, I am praying for him and for your family. glagd to hear your little guy is feeling better.
Hi to everybody else too!
Well, Allen is finally starting to feel better, but now Mark and I have colds as well! Yuck!
Going to the gym tonight, I just hope I don't cough up a lung while I'm there!
I bumped into an old pal I havn't seen in maybe 4 years. He had heard that I had a baby and said that I looked really good! That's feels good when somebody says that. And I mean somebody other than family b/c they have to tell you that!

01-10-2006, 02:00 PM
Good luck Cristi---I got a scare on my first pap smear after I had my son. I had just turned 19, his biological father had given me an ultimatum of him or the baby...and then I thought I was going to die or something--I made my mom promise that she would take care of DS if something happened to me--though she assured my that this happens all the time--I even went as far as to get a paper notarized that Ryan needed to stay with her if I was not around. Turned out to be nothing.
I got my first baseline mammogram at 35 and I just got my notice that I need to come in since I just turned 40. Hope everything turns out fine for you...keep us posted!

Mindee--my prayers will be with your fil and the rest of the family.

Quick note about my DS--he went recently to a barbeque with my brother--turns out they know his biolgical father and said something about knowing his "dad"--he said--my dad's name is Jerry (DH) who we've been with since DS was 1. He then proceeded to tell them what he calls my ex (who we have tried to make a part of DS life) -- I hope I don't offend anyone -- he calls him "the crack-head sperm-donor" -- the friends got a kick out of that and then proceeded to tell several bad things about the ex--my DS came home to ask if they were true--they were but I have always tried to not talk bad about my ex in front of DS in case the ex ever decided to grow up and do the right thing with DS. DS has always been in touch with ex's parents and sisters family, but ex is a fool.

Gotta run....

01-10-2006, 02:11 PM
Just a quick one before I get off... made me laugh!:lol: My friend whose ex is dragging the divorce out, actually it's his girlfriend that is doing it...anyway, going on three years now and she (Cheryl) always calls him the sperm donor! Just cracks me up! :lol: She never says it around the kids but she has said other things which is sad. But that always cracked me up, and no offense taken here. I've seen several friends go through a divorce and the ex's are just horrible-don't want to take any responsibility at all even though the kids are theirs too.

Anyway, gotta get going before I run out of time. More later ladies...have a good day!

01-10-2006, 04:04 PM
popping back in to say that I lost 2lbs! Yahoo!

01-10-2006, 04:21 PM
Not a lot of time for me to post....some crazy stressful things are going on w/James's job that I just can't think!!

I'll try and get back later.

01-10-2006, 07:48 PM
Congrats Mel :bravo: :hat: Great job!!

Hope things are ok Marti :) :hug:

I am here Cristi. I am starting to feel flu like. I think I will be sick tomorrow *cough *cough.....oh,wait that is a cold. Better get my story straight!! lol jk - I never call in sick.

I had oatmeal for breakfast and when I got to Dougs he had made me an egg sandwich, w/ processed cheese on - it was yummy! I also ate a can of tuna for lunch and sneaked a donut. :hun:

I did coffee and donuts for the residents and it was a success this morning. I really want to go home now. :coffee2:

Ellen!!! Hope you post again soon :)

Is Ma Jane EVER coming back :shrug:

I just feel old Angie - lol....

Chat later!

01-10-2006, 08:09 PM
Well, there ya are Ms Susan! Don't mention donuts! :( I drove past a Krispy Kreme on my way home this afternoon and so was wanting to get one, or two! Never can get just one. Okay, that's a lie because I have. I can't buy a dozen because I will eat too many of them, they are just too good. :T Anyway...just dropping in for a minute to post that I finished off Day 2 of the challenge. Have to get going and get dinner started because I am starving. For some reason I skipped lunch and didn't even realize it. Oh well...

MEL...WTG on the 2 pounds! :bravo: :carrot: Keep up the good work!

Sorry this is short, but gotta go. May try and get on later tonight, not sure. If not, see ya tomorrow. :wave:

01-10-2006, 09:25 PM
Susan & Cristi--I worked at Dunkin Donuts when I first got pregnant with DS--the sweet smell of donuts baking at 6 AM did me in--I still don't really eat them.....
Mel--good job on the 2 lbs!
Angie--Mt Washmore--HE!HE!! I like it!
Katy--two of the ladies I work with go to the same church--they are in a Secret Sisters group and are very active--tonight they are starting a sewing project for an orphanage in Africa where they have no blankets--newborns are wrapped in newspaper--they are cutting out enough material for 100 blankets--I haven't sewn for awhile but I told them I get my rusty sewing machine out and help as best I could--you'd have all 100 whipped out in no time!!!
Marti--hope everything is okay..
Welcome back Ellen!
Mindee--one coworker went home with the stomach flu and another is trying to get the head/through/nose combo one--hope neither of us (and everyone else)get either of them!!!
Weigh on Tuesdays-so I have officially lost one whole pound---with all this water and no coke I thought it would be more:(
Well it's good night for me!

01-10-2006, 09:45 PM
Jules - Congrats to you on the pound lost!! One pound at a time, right?? Hang in there! That is an awesome sewing project at your co workers church!

I have never been to a Krispy Kreme. Though we have a yummy Sesame Donut shop that I like to go . I think my fave are apple fritters - yum.

Doug made my fave beef rice a roni w/ hamburger for dinner - I shouldn't have but I did have some.

Better get home - chat tomorrow

01-11-2006, 05:30 AM
Well, we now know what is running through Brandon’s system. Tuesday he was as cranky as could be, nothing was helping with his diaper rash, he was tugging at his ears, so I finally got him to take another bath in the afternoon to help his butt. As I took him upstairs, he had diarrhea on me and my shirt. I got him settled in the bathroom, and called to Tommy to call the pediatrician’s office to see if she could fit him in today. I got a hold of the doctor’s office and they couldn’t fit him in today. So, I asked the girl I was talking to if we could take him to the clinic at the hospital. She said yeah and that they were open until 7pm.

We get in the van and off to the clinic we head. We get there and there is another boy waiting to be seen. I get him all registered and the nurse comes in to take his vitals. By the time we got ready to leave the house, he was not cranky anymore but his normal happy self. She checks him over and takes his temp. Back out to the waiting room we go waiting for the doctor to call him back. We get called back and the doctor comes in and checks him out. He tells Brandon “you need to tell mommy to stop worrying so much.” He checks him over, and shows him his stethoscope, and tells Brandon what it is and what it does. Then he says “you are getting ready to start talking soon, aren’t you?” I said “yup, that he is” and he replies with “well, if your first word is stethoscope, then mommy and daddy need to start saving for your college.” His ears check out fine, so the doctor tells me to strip him so he can see the diaper rash. I undress him and open his diaper, and the doctor says “what are you using on it?” I said “Desitin creamy” and he goes “isn’t that stuff white?” I said “yeah” and he goes “then how come I am not seeing any white on his butt?” I said “because he peed and he has been playing and running around out there.” He then goes on to tell me that I have to lather his butt like I would do if I was basting a chicken (I didn’t know you could baste a chicken) and leave a think layer of the Desitin on him so that way it will act as a barrier between Brandon and his diaper. He goes and gets Brandon some stickers and fills out the discharge papers. The nurse brings them into us, and explains what the doctor wrote on the papers. According to this doctor, Brandon has a viral syndrome with a diaper rash. (ie he has a virus with a diaper rash) So I have to call and make a follow up appointment with his pediatrician in 2 to 5 days. It seems that the more Desitin I put on him, the redder it makes his butt. So I will continue doing what the doctor says for a couple days to see if it helps it any.

Update on my FIL: He is still in the hospital. They deflated the balloon yesterday to see how he would do breathing on his own. While my MIL was there, he was breathing fine, so they decided to leave it deflated through the night to see how things would go.

Cristi~ He did sleep through the night the other night. From about 10pm to about 10am. Last night he fought me going to bed for the night, but he did fall asleep on the way home from the hospital. Thanks for the prayers and thoughts for my FIL.

Angie~ Thanks for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. I will most definitely keep you all posted. Brandon hasn’t found the naked phase yet.

I have to post that I did squeeze in some exercise yesterday…and I signed up for the Slim-Fast website to get some motivation from there. So far I am feeling much better since I got that exercise in.

Mel~ Thanks for the prayers and thoughts.

Jules~ Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. You cracked me up when I read your story.

01-11-2006, 08:33 AM
Good morning, ladies!

There's no way I can catch up with everyone, so I'll try to do that next time I post.

Well, Katie is all settled in Florida. She has a really sweet roommate and the 2 girls seemed to bond right away, which was a big relief not only to them, but to me as well. Her apartment is very close to the tennis courts and the pool. Leaving her was extremely hard for me, but I tried to be brave around her. After we got in the cab, I bawled like a baby. Can’t remember when I’ve cried so hard. I truly felt sick - like I might throw up, and my heart was threatening to break into dozens of tiny pieces. But talking to her since then has made it much, much better. Every time we talk, she sounds so happy, and has enthusiasm spilling all over the place. And after all, Neal and I raised her to leave the nest. I keep reminding myself it isn’t permanent. She’s coming back (supposedly) in May to finish college. Her job will be in Animal Kingdom, in Dinoland, and she was elated to hear that since Animal Kingdom is her favorite park at Disney World.

I ate too much while gone, and remembered that the last time I was there I lost over 2 pounds staying OP. Well, that didn’t happen this time, but I am back on the wagon now.

I do want to say hello to Ellen, and say to Cristi - my prayers are with you. There are so many of those false reports - severel people I know have had to go back for a re-do, and I bet that's what it is for you, too.

Gotta run... see you later. :)

01-11-2006, 08:42 AM
Mindy be aware the kids can have allergies. My son was allegic to Destin and his poor bottom looked like raw meat before the Doctor said......"hum.......maybe he's allegic". Changed rash meds left him bare bottomed alot .........and within a few days he was clear.

Lost a pound and 1/2 this week:carrot:

01-11-2006, 11:29 AM
Quick stop in during break at work--
Mindee--the babysitter who babysat me & was like a second mom to me(who had all kinds of home remedies) told me to heat some cornstarch and let it cool some and then put it still slightly warm--it worked--but also did the bare bottom thing too like Christine. Both my kids ended up with diaper rash issues it everytime they cut a tooth.....

Jane--glad you're back--can relate to the baby moving out :(!! It's hard!!!

01-11-2006, 01:42 PM
Congrats on the 1 ..1/2 pounds Christine!: :cheer: :bravo:

I am exhausted reading your post Mindee! Wow in all you do with little ones. Hope you like the Slim Fast. I use to drink a shake in the morning w/ a banana when I lost weight back in 2000. Worked! I use to drink the strawberry flavor - yum.

Morning Jules :) and everyone else!

Welcome back Jane:welcome2: :welcome2: We missed you!! I am sure Katie will have a blast - she sounds like a sweetie.

I didn't walk today. Actually I haven't walked for a few days - waiting to get paid to buy some better shoes. I was reading about this 94 year old man that walked close to 100 miles a week. Crazy - course he has nothing else to jk. He was 136 and got down to 111 - he got back up to 120 something. Small man - his family buys him shoes every 4

Didn't eat oatmeal. Doug made me some eggs with processed cheese :cheese: :cheese: I think the cheese will be my downfall:devil: Soooooo good though.

Anyway- if I can maintain the 163 I will be happy this week - just seem to be off this week. I miss the walking.

Back to work!!

01-11-2006, 01:50 PM
Good morning ladies...

Man, a second mammogram in two weeks, OUCH! That lady literally flattened my boob like a pancake! GEEZ! Anyway, everything is fine. There was something but nothing major. Apparently, there was something behind the nipple that they weren't sure about so used a different tray and did different angles.The lady came in and apologized for the worry and thanked me for coming back in. Now, why wouldn't I come back in? If there was a question about something, I definitely would want to know what or if something is wrong. She said see ya in a year!

JANE...(((((HUGS))))) to you! :hug: :grouphug: I did the same thing when I took Josh to leave for basic. I've even cried each time I've had to leave him but nothing like the first time when he left. Believe me, it does get better. And it's good that you can talk to Katie, I can't talk to Josh except in letters. He said the lines get too long for the phone and people get into fights because everyone wants to talk too long. Glad Katie has a good/nice roomate and she is happy to be working in Animal Kingdom/Dinoland. And March will be here before you know it!

CHRISTINE...:bravo: on the loss this week!

JULES...:bravo: on your loss also! For some reason I never cared for Dunkin Donuts. Never really had a thing for donuts period until recently. I heard so much about how good Krispy Kreme donuts are and saw people actually spent the night to be the firsts to get them when they first opened here. I thought well, if that many people are going crazy over it I am going to have to try one. And let me tell ya...when you get them warm, OMG! They are good! But...not spending a night in the cold worthy. There is nothing that worthy.

SUSAN...I don't eat a lot of donuts, but once in a while I get a craving. Just glad that Krispy Kreme is in Wichita and not close to me. And apple fritters, oh my good! Don't even want to imagine the calories in one of those things.

MARTI...(((((HUGS))))) to you sweetie! Hoping everything is okay with James' job. :hug:

MINDEE...glad you got to the bottom (no pun intended, lol) of Brandon's problem. Keep us posted about your FIL.

ANGIE...I am beating the cold/allergy. As a matter of fact, I am feeling so much better today! I can actually breathe, don't have a headache...but still have some of that icky crap stuck in my throat which is making my voice sound funny. But at least I can talk. How did your lamp shade turn out? Bet it is really nice. Speaking of Tanner not wanting to wear clothes...I have some good pics of Jason when he was little without anything on the bottom. He would wear a shirt but loved to go around without his underwear or pants! Silly kid :lol: I ALWAYS had a loaded camera! :lol:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Went and did Wally world early this morning. I love getting out early and getting my errands done but at the same time I hate getting up early. And especially the last week...I have felt so sleepy for some reason. Have to force myself out of bed. Anywho...not much going on today. Have some more laundry to do, since I didn't finish yesterday. And need to dust and vacuum and that's about it. Oh, need to get my walk in. After all that I am going to try and sit down and get some reading done. Have those two library books that need to be returned next Tuesday and have only read about 1/4 of one of them.

Take care ladies and have a wonderful Wednesday!

01-11-2006, 01:54 PM
Hiya SUSAN! :wave:

Isn't that inspirational! How in the world does that little old man walk that much? Geez, I've set a goal of 50 miles for the month and I think that is pushing it! LOL Made me think of Forest Gump! :lol: Just kept runnin' and runnin', funny movie. I too had eggs and cheese for breakfast, egg and cheese sandwich. Every now and then I fix breakfast for lunch or dinner, so good!

Have a great day at work!

01-11-2006, 02:57 PM
Just poppin in for a moment.

James was sent to the Dalles to work....330 miles from here....and that will be his home terminal and he'll work from there to a town called Hinkle (or something close to that) We don't know for how long, a month up to 6mos.

Don't know how often I'll see him! He's going to try and come home every other weekend if he can. I'm so upset w/the RR right now! It's a forced position, not exactly sure what that means.

Just know that he's going to be gone and we have no idea when he'll be able to come home.

So I may be scarce around here for a little bit due to me being a big baby and crying about it.

When I gain my composure, I'll post more.

01-11-2006, 04:02 PM
Wow! Sounds like there's a lot going on lately! I'm preparing my house for my birthday party this Friday. I've invited just about everybody I know and am really excited! Grandma will take Allen overnight, so we don't have to worry about that. I went to the liquor store and was a little overwelmed! My friends are very specific about what they drink, so I got a few things and if they don't like it, they can walk accross the street and get what they want!
And also getting all three of us ready for AZ on Monday. I'm trying so hard not to overpack, but I jsut don't know . . . we don't travel much!
Patriot will be spending the week with my friend, who owns his mom. So they can play and be terrorized by her 2 year old!
Ahh. . . no going to the gym tonight . . . Mark is working late and I have lots to do.

01-11-2006, 04:24 PM
wow - Mel. I thought you meant a childs birthday party at first. What a mom to be getting them liquor:rollpin: Course you mean your own - haha....never mind. I can just see your guest crossing the street to get what they fancy - lol

CHEERS!!:cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

I am getting in the mood to plan Gabys 4th birthday in FEB, I was thinking Chuckee Cheese :mouse: :mouse: :jeno: We have 2 in Portland and believe me she knows where they are at - lol or I was kind of thinking of the Childrens Mus. or Michaels. When I was in there the other day they do parties for kids?? Do crafts and such?? Anyway, that is what I saw - maybe I am wrong.
I think we all would enjoy Chuckee the most.

I could even invite her dad..........course he would have to stay 160 feet away from me.....haha. Restraining order and such........don't all families have that??? lol

Sorry Marti :( I know it must be hard. Go get a good cry and come back. Maybe you can make it fun by taking trips to Dalles?? I don't know. Seperations are hard but it will work out in the end. Just have to get that cry in and remember you always have us to vent with!!!! :)

Yes, he is an inspiration Cristi - we can't let a 94 year old out walk us!!! lol Geez.

01-11-2006, 04:57 PM
Christine~ I will definitely keep an eye out for an allergic reaction. His butt already looks much better. It isn’t bright red like it was yesterday, so we are getting somewhere with the desitin creamy. Congrats on the half pound loss.

Jules~ I have tried him with the cornstarch, and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I will have to try heating it and seeing if that works.

Jane~ Welcome back!!

Cristi~ It is good to hear that things got cleared up. I am glad we got to the bottom (lol) of his problem as well. I will definitely keep you all posted.

Marti~ I am sorry to hear that James got shipped to another city. I hope he isn’t gone that long.

Mel~ Good luck with the party!

Speaking of parties….I think I know what Brandon’s 2nd birthday party theme is going to be…….John Deere tractors! He loves those things! Now, since we live two hours away from everyone…..where are we going to have it? I was thinking of saving some money and having it at a pizza place (ie Chuck E Cheese, Major Magic’s or someplace like that)

Then, the only other party we will have to get on the horn and start planning is Logan’s first birthday party! I am not sure if we will have it up here or not. Most people won’t come up here after the snow has fallen, so we might be planning it for down there again.

01-11-2006, 05:58 PM
Mindee glad his bottom is getting better....hopefully it continues that way...totally forgot about cornstarch......also good for legs chaffing in the summer:o

Mel:gift: Happy birthday coming soon. My hubby's birthday is on friday too...:p

Cristiglad the boobs are A OK...a little joke for the mammogram people..ask for anesthetic next time..........num.....num.... nummmy!!!:D sorry folks.......couldn't help it.....

Marti i'm sorry you're going through it with hubby's work. I guess if you go through years of hubby travel ..........well sometimes i wish mine would travel more:D but i can remember a time when i was REALLY sad. Probably because I had no help with the kiddies.........hum..........

got a memory card for the DDR so now i know exactly how many calories i'm burning........beating up that dance floor:dancer:

01-11-2006, 09:36 PM
Marti--when I trained to be a Sheetz manager the closest store I could be trained in was just over 2 hours away in Oakland MD, kids were still in elementary school and hubby was laid off at the time...I put the kids to bed on Sunday night and left soon afterwards-worked Mon-Friday and packed my stuff into the car on Friday morning so as soon as I clocked out on Friday afternoon I could be out of there....good thing the company paid for the phone calls home cause we talked all night. They came up and stayed before school started since there were alot of state parks and lakes nearby. I won't lie and say it was easy...but you will get through it..and we will be here to listen

Mel--happy birthday early and hope you have fun

F&S cat--used to go out dancing all the time--I miss it...

Mindee--I don't know if heating makes the difference, but I believed everything she ever told me---I still start to throw salt over my shoulder when I spill the shaker--DH and kids get a kick out of it...

Cristi--glad it was a false alarm

Susan--I miss the kids being little sometimes...

Jane--I bet you can say the same as above...

Connie, Katy, Angie, Ellen & Kathy and everyone else--hope everything is well for you


01-11-2006, 11:02 PM
Hiya ladies, and thank you all for the warm welcome back!! :)

Christine - yay for the loss! :cp:

Ellen - don't go away again, ok? Tell us all about the wedding plans.

Jules - your youngest is 18, right? When did she leave home? That's how old Katie is, and she seems awfully young, lol.

Susan - I was eating oatmeal as I read your post, lol. I keep calories/points back for it or something like that for before bed. Helps me sleep. The party for Gaby sounds sweet. I love Chuck E Cheese's games - can I come too??

Cristi - :cp: :cp: :cp: YAY for the new results of the mammo!! So glad to read that! I noticed you said you have housework after shopping. I find it so hard to get serious about housework once I've been cleaned up and out of the house. Maybe it's the makeup, lol. Btw, I noticed you commented on the Sonoma diet. I'm loosely following it, but didn't feel I could do it exactly as written. Neal and I are both eating the 10 power foods. (Well, I don't do blueberries, but he does.)

Marti - oh, sweetie - this is for you - :hug: I hope you'll remember that we're here for you anytime you need us, and we will support you through it all the way. It would be good for you to vent here, when/if you feel like it, ok? Look at all the stuff you guys have supported me through!! And you made it all much easier. So come and talk it out whenever you feel the need, ok?\

Mel - a party on Friday the 13th? You must be like me and consider the day Good Luck instead of doom and gloom. Truly, almost every Friday the 13th, something cool happens to me, and I hope it does to you, too.

Mindee - aww, the John Deere party sounds cute. I've got 5 granddaughters, no grandson in sight, so I've been to a Cinderella party, a Little Mermaid party, a Dora the Explora party, etc. lol. One was a Pooh party, but that's not much testosterone, lol.

Angie - hey, girl. :wave: (I forgot what you said on the other page, lol) What day do you go for your surgery next month? Give us an update, ok?

I went shopping today to replenish old Mother Hubbard's cupboard, lol. It was bare, since we were out of town. Loaded up on good stuff. Yikes, the price of blueberries and strawberries is outrageous this time of year, but I got them anyway since they are so good for us.

Tomorrow the soil-tester person is coming to test the ground where the house is going for the septic system. So many steps to all this house stuff.

Take care. :wave:

01-11-2006, 11:29 PM
OMG! I've been buying Mark those Hungry Man frozen dinners for his lunch, and I accidentally bought him one he doesn't like. So I was going to eat it, I figured it couldn't have more than 400-500 calories, right? HA! 875 CALORIES!!!!!!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!! And he's a friggin rail!

01-12-2006, 12:11 AM
Hi everyone.

Don't have much time tonight. I hate dial up. Couldn't get connected to the internet at all yesterday, and it was pretty touchy on Monday. Kept kicking me off.

Angie, I can't believe how lucky we have been. Our weather for once has been exactly like yours. Although I hope it doesn't turn bad on the weekend as we will be coming up on Saturday night. Yes I still work there. Its always busy and never boring.

Cristi I am so glad that you had good news. Maybe that will help you get over your cold, as you must have had a few stressfull last days. Pretty hard not to worry.

Marti big hugs to you. (and more big hugs).

Mindee glad that Brandon is getting better. Hows little Logan doing? Loved the pictures.

Susan, when is our little Gaby turning 4? How are the other girls? They will probably have fun planning Gaby's party with you.

Mel I hope you have a great birthday party. Everyone can bring their own, plus whatever you like because after all it is your party.

Christine so glad that your bathroom is all fixed. We just moved last year to a house with 2 bathrooms. 15 years in a house with just one little tiny bathroom before.

Katy wow that is so great that you are able to make that for the pre school. When your done that I have a bunch of material for things I was going to make for my kids. I'll send it all down to you.

Jane so glad that you are back. How far away is WDW from your place?

Hi Jules, how is everything going? I hope that you are feeling better. WTG on the 2pounds lost.

Well DS is the only employee that his work has right now for the afternoon shift so he works almost everyday. I am pretty proud of him because he has stuck it out. They keep hiring people but everyone keeps quiting because it is to busy, and before it is because it is to cold out. They gave him a nice Christmas bonus and now he just got a .50 cent raise. They sure treat him good.

DD is doing well also. Wow I sure like 16 much better than the last couple years. The attitude is soo much better. Also she really likes being out here and being able to ride everyday and just be around the horses.

Jane I hope that you are ready for lots of questions on gardening and stuff, as this spring I am going to dig up a garden spot.

Hi to Katiecat. Hope that there is noone that I am forgetting. If so I am sorry.

Must run. Chat later.


01-12-2006, 01:55 AM
Hello Ladies. I have had company for a week, and both DH and I have had terrible sinus and ear problems. Not fun to try to enjoy company while feeling so darn worn out. We tried to go out every day and show them a good time. Today I just did laundry and rested all day. AND I don't care if I don't leave the house tomorrow either. :) I am just pooped!
I will try to catch up with everyone soon.

01-12-2006, 11:24 AM
Jane-my DD graduated from high school in May, turned 18 in June and got married July 1 at the court house with only me as a witness to a guy she had dated for 2 years and her Daddy never trusted. Turns out Daddy was right and her new hubby wasn't the person we all thought he was--he moved out and back to Philadelphia with his parents leaving her to pick up all the pieces And try and find homes for their two cats and two dogs (which she did with the help of friends). My 20 year son moved out at 18 1/2 with roomates but had been going it alone in a two bedroom apartment since summer--well she and her minature doberman/chiuaua mix (spelling?) moved in with her brother and his cat. It's closer to the Shepherd University where she goes to school for Nursing and to her job. At least they are together and less than 15 minutes away. DS comes out to the house one Sunday a month and we actually see DD more often, both call me at least once a day. It not the same as having them home though :(

Breaks over--really gotta go!

01-12-2006, 12:56 PM
Good Morning -

Had another plate of eggs w/ melted processed cheese!! YUM......

I woke up in the middle of the night and had a slice of wheat bread w/ peanut butter. YUM

This morning Gaby woke up and had a spoonful of peanut butter. YUM

Basically the theme is is YUM - lol

Gawd - co worker is listening to counrty - the old whining kind,,,,,,I like country but not this kind!!! waaaaa, waaaa

I am thinking of getting married in April.
I am thinking I need to win this contest that is going on in Portland with a $25000 wedding as a prize. Just need a romantic story and Rocky and I have that- a shoo in!! I think.....omg - honeymoon in Jamaica !!!! My mom is all into this she adores Rocky - she is buying Gaby cute sun dresses for our trip in April. Anyway - not real hot on getting married......but I would like to have a honeymoon!!! lol

Marti - hey......miss you! Maybe Katy and I could drive down some weekend and keep you company??? You can even call me James......:)

better get!!!

01-12-2006, 01:00 PM
OMG!! :tantrum: :tantrum:

We are going to crash!!! :fr:

Someone start a new thread!!:shrug: :ebike: :write: :comp: :goodluck:

01-12-2006, 01:28 PM
I'll go start one Susan! :lol:

DO NOT POST HERE! Head on over to #161 See ya there!