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01-05-2006, 01:09 PM
Hi there,

First, I'd like to introduce myself: My name is Lilian, and I'm 22 years old and, for this last year, single (I have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me and we'll marry soon)

Three years ago (late 2002-early 2003), I started losing weight without explanation. I had always been on the thin side and unconcerned about my weight so I can't recall what my weight was, but then I was down to 110 pounds (and being 6' didn't help at all) all of sudden. It took some time for doctors to notice I was hyperthyroid (Grave's Disease), until my goitier was extremely gross (2004). Before that, they would all say I was anorexic, even if I told them I ate two or three times what a normal person would.

I was put on treatment, which implied taking a lot of tapazole pills, and gaining a lot of weight back. Then, by late 2004 I was severely hypothyroid and weighing 219 pounds. Now I was struggling to lose weight but I couldn't, no matter how hard I tried. My thyroid levels were stabilized by summer, 2005 and I was able to return to a more normal weight, not as skinny as I was before, but not as fat as I got during the course of my treatment. I weighed 135 pounds in August.

In september, the doctor took me off tapazole, and I was doing okay for the first month. In november, I had blood tests taken and my thyroid gland was out of control (hyperthyroid again). He said the treatment didn't work for me, and I underwent RA-I treatment.

I was prescribed 70 mCi (Dec. 20th), and It was a terrible experience. I had terrible nausea, fever, rash and spells the first week. From then on, the reaction has been milder, but I still feel weak, I don't know if it's because of RA-I itself, or because I'm becoming hypothyroid. How long does it take for RA-I to hit fully? Will I be able to lose some weight before I become hypothyroid and can't lose any? I'm finding it difficult to lose some pounds already.



01-05-2006, 03:24 PM
Well, it's been 20 yrs since I was treated with the RA-I, but have been stable for many years. I was a new mom at the time and my only complaint of the episode was that I had to be away from my twins because of the radioactivity leakage. I'm so sorry you've had a bad experience. I remember having one dosage increase within the first year of treatment and one more since then, but have had stable blood levels since then. I was able to lose 44 lbs this past year with good nutrition and exercise. I do have more to lose and the MD assures me that it's like any other person because my blood levels are stable. So, be sure that the MD does those regularly, especially this first year. You know the symptoms for hypo or hyper, so just watch for those. Be patient. Keep working out and eating healthy. I know I can feel completely weak and useless when I'm not eating well or exercising.

Blessings on your recovery!

01-05-2006, 10:30 PM
I don't have any answers for you, but I'm currently reading a book called The Thyroid Solution ( by Dr. Ridha Arem. I've been both hyper and hypo over the last few years, and it explains a lot of things that my doctors never thought were pertinent. I can't believe how much of my life I've lost to this!

I hope things settle down soon for you :hug:


01-05-2006, 11:11 PM

I would recommend you find a GOOD endocrinologist. I was treated at Vanderbilt as I had many nodules on my thyroid and a high antithyroglobulin level. They removed my thyroid leaving only the tiniest of scars and now I just take one small pill a day. I still have a weight problem but I do not contribute it to my thyroid or now ...lack thereof. Thyroid conditions can be hard to treat but in the right hands you can manage it well.

01-06-2006, 09:01 AM
I am underactive thyroid also. Here is a fantastic site to learn from There are alot of little things to learn. Learn how soy and fluoride work against your thyroid. Green tea is high in fluoride. Also certain vegtables work against it. In just making changes in your diet as far as what you eat and drink can help. Also learn about Armour. I switched to it after 17 years of taking Synthroid and I prefer it. Marion

01-06-2006, 11:27 AM
Hypothyroids can lose weight - I did. It is harder, but not impossible. See the website above for great info.

01-06-2006, 07:01 PM
I wonder if you have Hashimoto's (auotoimmune) thyroid disease? My doctor told me that with this illness, you can go from hyper to hypo and is often undiagnosed. You need to test for antibodies...

01-06-2006, 09:01 PM
Wow Mel that book sounds fascinating I think I may have to pick that one up. Thanks for the recommendation.

Lilian, I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you because I never underwent the RA-I treatment I only had the thyroid uptake scan and then had part of my thyroid removed. I started hyperthy because I had a goiter on my thyroid then I went hypo after they removed part and now take armour thyroid to keep my levels normal.
Good luck to you

01-07-2006, 04:29 AM
Hi guys,

Thanks for your support. Finally found a place where people understand me. .. I've been swinging from hyper to hypothyroid for a while now and I know it's very difficult for me to lose weight while I'm hypo (even if I starve myself by following the 500 calorie diet, which makes me feel lousy, btw).

I forgot to state I'm also taking prednisone right now to prevent thyroid eye disease. The doctor thinks it's unlikely, but I'm doing it as a preventive measure. Of course, prednisone is only making my weight loss goals even more difficult. I'm gaining weight again, I think. Is there something I can do to stop it? I'm eating too little already, and I'm not eating sweets or carb-rich foods, however I'm not losing a pound. I'm not worried right now because I'm thin, but.. .

. ..................
I wonder what I'll look like in a couple of months when RA-I takes over .. . is there a diet I can follow or anything?