Support Groups - Teachers Successfully Losing Weight/happy New Year Edition!!!

01-04-2006, 08:14 AM
Let this be the year we all see our dreams and goals come true!!!

01-04-2006, 12:49 PM
Afternoon Everyone:
I am hoping that everyone is having a great day so far! My kids are slowly driving me insane. I will work really hard not to indulge like I did last night and eat 3 cookies from Subway. Than I felt guilty afterwards. But I know I did it from the stress of my kids yesterday. So far so good. :)
Summer thanks for starting a new thread. That was very sweet of you!:)
I am very saddened by the news about the miners from WV. I just can't believe what those families must be feeling and going through right now. Please keep the miners' families in your thoughts and prayers.
Robyn, I hope you are able to make it through the day without making your mathkiddo cry. I loved your teacher post-it story. Hope you catch back up on your sleep soon.
Hello to everyone else! It is time for my recess duty and I still need to run to the bathroom. So I will chat with you all later.
Have a wonderful afternoon!

01-04-2006, 09:19 PM
Well today was my first day back to school, and tomorrow is the last day of my week. Friday is Three King's Day, and we have it off. My daughter has school, and this is the one day of the year I have off by myself. It will give me a chance to do some errands without carting her along complaining. Last year it ended up being a snow day for her, and I was pretty pissed. It is supposed to snow on Friday! Wouldn't you know it?! "The best made plans of mice and men..."

I had a healthy eating day (my first one in months) until dinner when I broke down and ordered pizza. Well, I did have an excellent day, just one destructive meal. IT WON'T SET ME OFF ONTO A BINGE. I did it, and it is over.

Kerry, I was really upset by the news of the miners. On the front page of today's newspaper, it reads, "12 Miners Found Alive." I can't imagine how horrific it must be for their families.

When life gets tough, just remember how much worse it could be. Stay warm.

01-04-2006, 10:24 PM

I've got a ton of work to do before I am able to get into bed.... so I'm off to do it! Wanted to say hello and report that the duct tape really helped! Had a very good / healthy eating day.....But don't worry, it wasn't cause mathbaby suddenly became a mathmagician! I was literally banging my head on the wall during math. (all this joy and a paycheck too?!)

I found the news from the WVa coal mine to be simply tragic... for so many reasons! I couldn't stop the tears..... finally just turned the television off! Aren't we lucky be able to push the button and turn tragedy off?!

take care,

01-05-2006, 08:06 AM
I too was horribly upset with the situation in WVa and the miners........had trouble sleeping that nite (normal for me when school is in session) and woke up to watch some TV at 1......then they were still saying there were 12 survivors. Then got up at 4:45 to do the treadmill and heard the truth.......oh how awful....disgusting.... Those poor families, can't imagine their pain and anger.

SUmmer- thanks for starting a new thread. Keep up the good work with healthy sound determined, and that is good.

Robyn- hurray for duct tape!:carrot: ( I swear by the stuff.....) Don't bang your head too hard.....don't want to see you hurt. And hey, where else can you be paid and have live entertainment too????;) Hope today is a good one for you!

Kerry- hope you can find a way to deal with the awful stress are tough this time of year, the weather is crummy (cooped up energy) they have just come off of a week of no structure.....and now they have to cooperate! Gee, the nerve of us!!!!!!:dizzy: Better days are coming...even if those days are in the middle of June.

My monsters were ok. Sort of. Roads were poor in the am, ok in the pm. Did sneak to WW.......long story there (took one fellow driver with me who joined). Today I have tons of errands to do while off.......gee, isn't this fun, ladies?????:( I forgot how much I enjoy living my life in high gear all the time:?: .
Shut up Ginny.....gotta get ready to face the critters. Have a good day all!

01-05-2006, 07:41 PM
Just a quick check-in...

You know how I was concerned about not having Friday off to myself to do much needed errands in peace? Well, I was watching the weather reports all day, and it turns out that the storm has moved out to the ocean, and there will be no snow day for DD. I was in a great mood today knowing that I could do my thing without a crabby 8 year-old in tow and on a day that most schools are in session leaving me with less crowds.

I arrived home from the gym tonite at 5:09pm to find my DH bringing in DD's things from his car with no sign of DD. Well, the little stinker had puked all over herself at school and again in the car. She has since continued to puke and will surely be moving on to dry heaves any time now.

What is it with me having just one weekday to myself while everyone else is at work? It happens just once a year, and I've missed it for the past few. I can just picture my mother and God having a great giggle over this.

Gotta go and rub DD's back while she chokes up her internal organs.:p

I'll get personal tomorrow when she is better.

01-05-2006, 08:21 PM
Evening, all.
In case anybody was curious, this mouse thinks all of the following (according to her students): they are brats, they are stupid, they are liars, and I don't trust any of them. Uh-huh. At least one of my kids wasn't yanked out of class by the Sheriff's Office after they found drugs in his locker! That was the teacher for the kids in the ED program. My ED kiddo is doing surprisingly well, although he's lost his point sheet 2 days running. And here I was worried that I might actually have to buy him that $5 gift card to Blockbuster!
He can lose 5 points per week and still earn that. The first day and the second day he had 49 points each, and tomorrow is the last day... but then he lost his point sheet before Wednesday & Thursday were recorded!
He also applied to be on the principal's advisory committee. I asked our principal to please put him on the committee if she can, because I've been trying to get him involved in something positive all year; he just LOVES our head principal. After seeing her with my kids, I'm growing rather fond of her myself (we'll see if that lasts once I tell her that Hopkins has changed the day and time of my class yet again!).
Today was one of those days where I couldn't eat, so I'm afraid that I gave in to the McDonald's nextdoor. I was too beat to even think about cooking... Of course, I've been sick ever since, but at least that keeps me from eating badly too often. I was really good last night: baked beans, 3 ounces of roast beef, half of a 3 ounce 95% lean burger, some cheese and a no-carb flatbread. The assistant principal in charge of special education is buying the department pizza tomorrow. :sigh: I wish he'd buy us salad or sandwiches (I could at least take the bread off!).
I'm also on the count down for the last PT appointments: Tomorrow, and 2 next week, that's it! But the weren't willing to let me go back to the gym when I asked on Tuesday because they are afraid I'll fall again. I'm going to ask again, because I did see a different therapist for some reason.
Of course, being discharged from PT comes with the caveat that "if it gets worse" I'm supposed to go back to the orthopedist to explore other options. I'm not sure what exactly that is supposed to mean, seeing as how I can't really feel anything in the ankle... and the only time it "gets worse" is when I fall on my nose. Which I am doing with astonishing regularity.
I am glad tomorrow is Friday....


01-05-2006, 09:30 PM
Summmerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!Welcome Back!!:carrot: :carrot:
I was much like you watching the biggest loser marathon until midnight the other night, and then had a hard time getting up the next morning. Didn't Suzy look hot????I couldn't believe the change in that Matt. My son's girlfriend and I both thought he looked like Norm from CHeers when we first starting watching. WOw, what a difference.....

It's been a tough week. Not the kids, just getting back into the swing of things........The alarm went off this morning, and I honestly wasn't sure what day it was. It took me quite a while to realize that was only Thursday.....

Been doing pretty good this week........Not great, but ok. My body hasn't adjusted to school bathroom time and is quite rebellious....Ughhh.
I feel like I have to go the bathroom all the time. I'm getting it together. I think the not eating out, not that we could afford to................will really help. Getting the total gym tomorrow. I have been trying to get this piece of equipment for a week, so she is just going to bring it to school tomorrow. YIPPPPEEEEE

Had to order my birth certificate so we could get a passport, and it ended up costing me $48! Yikes, that's expensive.....It's my own fault for procrastinating.

Does anyone know how to upload pictures on here????I have a couple I was gonna post to show a before and "now" picture....But, don't know how to do it...

Gotta get going...SOrry not to get personal.

01-05-2006, 09:32 PM
Hey ya'll!

Eating has been in control (within points, let leave it at that! ;) Can NOT get the water in to save my life...will try again tomorrow! It is cold and yicky and I can NOT get to the restroom from 8 until sometime around 1 - many excuses! I am going to try to put it in smaller bottles...I realize that THAT is just playing with my mind....but, desperate times call for stupid measures! :)

I'm sorry to hear that everyone is stressed... but I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only psycho having difficulties after only 4 days! MathBaby'sDaddy dropped in to see me! ....AND actually verbalized his support for me, my efforts, class discipline plan AND his concern! Holey Moley...someone go put a log on the fire down in hades is about to freeze over down there! New reading series that I'm piloting is um, interesting.... we are making progress at the speed of light...this is due to the reading teacher placing most of my children wayyyyy to low...when I argued this point, she demanded that I use her placements...I shrugged and said in my best 14 year old's tone "Whatever!" We are making great progress.....but I'm sorta worried that I'm doing "IT" right... I hate to have to teach using know, after 100 years, you sorta "got it!"....but with this, I'm actually turning the pages in my teachers manual.......sigh! Next year, I'll know what I'm doing! Kids are loving our science unit right now....... as am I! (Animals!) They beg for more! :) Today was actually sunny! Temperatures in low 50s! We actually went outside for recess today! They ran around like lunatics after being cooped up for the whole week! Oh enough about school!

Today I signed up for a new step aerobics class that is being offered at my school on Mondays and Wednesdays right after school for 45 minutes! There is no cost AND the teacher has steps for us to use! Whhoooohooooo! Now, I am a bit concerned about my bursitis.... BUT, the gal running the class and I are going to try to figure out how I can do this and not cry myself to sleep each night! I am so thrilled that this opportunity has opened up! THIS might be a way that I can actually get in some exercise into my life! ...and for FREE! THAT is in my exercise budget! Whooohooo!

I've babbled enough.... Summer, I'm so very sorry that your 3KingsDay (LUCKEEEEE - in my best Napoleaon voice with eyeroll added as a special touch!) has been YET ruined! Hope your daughter is feeling better soon...
AND that you don't get whatever IT is! Or your Saturday could be horrid too!
Good luck.... and well, perhaps you should get the school system to cancel this holiday off ..... seeing how you haven't been able to enjoy it for years now!

Gin, stay safe on those roads! I head to WW before dawn on Saturday morning... I have GOT to get my head back in this game! I can NOT pay to gain weight OR even stay the same! I also need to invent some sort of sweet snack that has zero points no matter how much you eat.... I'm SO addicted to sugar it is scary....AND stress makes me even crazier for it!

Mouse, yahooo regarding nearly being done with PT! Sorry you got sick from your visit to the golden arches! How is your little car heater? LOL Ours won't leave our bed in hopes that the electric blanket will be accidently left on! hehehe

Hello to everyone else... I've gotta go do my favorite thing on the planet...LAUNDRY (YUCK!) Talk to you later....
take care,
Hey Pam! Where are you going that you need the passport...I know a cruise...but details, details! :) I feel your pain about the restroom honey! I'm with you!!

01-05-2006, 09:36 PM
Pam.....way up at the top of the page...on the far right but then you are on your own! I remember posting a photo a longgg time ago.... and it was nearly as confusing as getting the darn ticker updated! Good luck! Make a gallery for us! maybe we can post our photos! :)

01-05-2006, 11:34 PM
Evening All:
Thank God tomorrow is Friday! I have had one of those weeks. I felt bad for my poor sdd tonight. I told her last night that I would take her to Curves again tonight with me after I came home from work. Well had a long day with my MH kids, then our one custodarin had a heart attack this afternoon, the afterschool kids were loud and wild, and then got behind a slow driver on the one main state route that is hilly and curvy. So I was pooped by the time I got home. She meets me at the front door and says are you ready now?. I almost lost it on her, but thank God my dh said something to her before I let her have it. She did back off and let me put my stuff down, go use the bathroom and change my clothes. After our workout, she said that I was in a much better mood and that she now knows why I look forward to my workouts at Curves on my bad days at school. Then came home, changed clothes and headed to Wal-mart with my dh after the kids were picked up. I guess my sdd got mad at her mom tonight when her mom told her that she was going to get a baked sub from the local pizza shop for dinner. She told her mom that she wanted a sub from Subway and that she was tired of being fat. So I can't wait for the ex to come and complain to my dh and I that we have put these thoughts in her daughter's head. But my sdd was the one that came to us and said she was tired of being overweight at 9 years-old (144 lbs.) and wanted to be healthier. Plus fitter for softball this summer. Her mom has not had her or her brother's to their regular family doctor for over two years. The doctor was shocked when she saw my sdd on Monday for her physical to be able to do Curves. She spoke straight at her and explained everything to her. Told her to tell her mommy to feed her healthier foods and drop 30-35 pounds. Enough babbling by me.
Summer, glad to have you back with us again! Sorry your little dd is sick. Like Robyn said maybe you should just see if the school will cancel that holiday since you never get to enjoy the day off! :) Hope you don't catch whatever your little one has. Try to enjoy your day off tomorrow!
Mouse, don't feel bad about the McDonald's dinner. My dh and I went through the drive-thru at Wendy's for dinner tonight. I got the Grilled Chicken sandwich combo meal and just ate the sandwich and drank the iced tea. But now I am hungry again and trying really hard not to get into the cravings. Hope you are feeling better! Glad to hear that you are almost done with your PT. Hope that they release you back to swimming soon! I also feel your pain about your students. I feel the same way for two or three of mine right now! I think we can make it through one more day this week, can't we?
Pam, glad that you will get your total gym tomorrow. After you get use to it, you will have to tell us all about it. Whether you like it or not. I know what you mean about trying to get into the swing of things with school and sleeping. I woke up this morning and thought it was the weekend at first. I was wondering why in the world I set my alarm for 5:30 on a weekend. Then a minute it later it dawned on me that it was only Thursday. So I dragged my sorry butt at of bed to workout. My wish is that we can get back into a normal routine by next week and it won't be so rough on us all. Have fun working out this weekend on your new piece of fitness equipment!
Robyn, glad to hear MathBaby's dad is on the same page as you on a lot of things. So many times parents tend to be on a different page than us and it explains a lot of things that we see as problems with their child. Hope you can balance out the water issue and get in your daily water! Maybe the smaller bottles might help you. If you only drank one or two in the mornings and than drank the rest of your water in the afternoons after getting home from school. Good luck at WW's this weekend! :)
Hi to Ginny, Sue, Michelle and Fran!
I opened my big mouth at school about a Wellness Challenge that our local hospital and YMCA is sponsoring. So today was the day to sign up for it. They were only taking the first 30 callers with a team of 3 to 5 people on it. We tried for over an hour to get through to them. Finally got through and was told that they already had their 30 teams and a couple alternate teams. So it looks like I am spear heading a Biggest Loser Contest for my whole school. We are going to do it by teams. But that is about as far as I have gotten so far. We are thinking about having everyone give $10-20 to pot and than the team that loses the most splits the money. Wish me luck putting this contest together.
Well I need to go get my water jug and lunch ready for tomorrow. Check in with you all tomorrow. Have a great night's sleep! :)

01-06-2006, 01:06 AM
Hello fellow teachers,

I am quite happy to see that there is a support group for teachers. I'm a 38 year old Grade 3 French Immersion teacher from Whitby, Canada. I've been teaching for the past 11 years. I've been married for the past three years to my wonderful husband Brian who has been supportive with the ups and downs of my days in the classroom. Although teaching can be a stressful profession, it is quite rewarding and I wouldn't be happy doing anything else!:)

I would love to correspond with you in sharing the joys and frustrations of teaching. As well, share ideas on how to deal with the stress head-on without resorting to comfort foods like chocolate!:(

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm heading back to my class this Monday and look forward to starting the new year with a positive attitude toward healthy eating.

Thanks for listening!


01-06-2006, 07:40 AM
:welcome2: to our thread, Tonita! I'm literally running out the door this morning...but will be back to type more to you! You've come to the right
place for folks who understand what IT is like....and why our desk drawer
contains chocolate at alllllllllll times! :)

take care,
Robyn who tends to sign her notes meeee

01-06-2006, 08:11 AM
Welcome to our group Tonita! You came to the right place to get support about life's challenges with teaching, stress and getting healthier. We have a wonderful group of ladies that post here all the time. So I hope you find the support and advice you need from us.
To the rest of you TGIF! I can't wait until 2:45 today. I am going to run my kids to their bus and than make a mad dash for my minivan for sanity and freedom! LOL :)
Talk to you all later. Have a great Friday!

01-06-2006, 05:24 PM
Hey TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!:carrot: :carrot: :carrot:
Welcome Tonita!
I am so glad this week is over, even if it was a short week. I just can't get it together. I have been STARVING like all the time this week. I just feel hungry all the time. If I could only not eat so much......For example, last night, I made tacos, now I use extra extra lean ground beef and either low fat or fat free everything else.....However, I ended up eating four which put me over my points AGAIN.......Help!

The total gym is in the car! I am going to bring it in in a minute, but at the moment, am cooking brocolli.......See, I am all ready to eat dinner. I will be cooking shortly. Boneless skinless chicken breast but.....making broccoli casserole.....Ok, so the points on that aren't great I'm sure, but my son's girlfriend loves it and she is begging for it.....We love it too......

Robyn: Leaving around March 1st....Going to the Keys....To Cazamel....(spelling) back on the sixth.....We are trying to get plane tickets that will work for our schedules....The cruise leaves the 2nd, but looks like we will have to leave the first in order to make sure we make it on time....I have NEVER flown EVER.....Little nervous about that...So, the cruise line says we need passports. That's why I seriously need to get in gear and lose a little more weight...I have to have a formal evening gown for one night. That should be fun. SInce my hubby is the best man at his brothers wedding, he is paying for the cruise. However, it is ending up costing us a fortune cause we both had to have birth certificates, he has to get a nice suit, don't think our "piggly wiggly" luggage will make it, so we need new suitcases, and formal attire, as well as plane tickets. That looks like it is going to cost us around 500 . Dang, we could have bought them one **** of a wedding present if they would have just gotten married in Virginia Beach:D . I'm excited about going, just a lot of expense right here after Christmas.... Oh, not to mention extra money.....But, they paid for everyone to go on this cruise.....Wish I had that kind of dough...

Hey to everyone else........
HUNGER IS GETTING THE BETTER OF ME...I"LL report back after I try the total gym.


01-06-2006, 07:57 PM
:flow1: :flow1: Yahooooooooooo! :flow1: :flow1:

Perhaps it is only me, BUT, I'm SOOOOOOOO glad that it is the weekend! :) I am wearing my pajamas....and warm thick socks...eating a WW frozen entree....the brocolli alfredo one.... with a diet code red in my fat paw! I got a Walmart card from one of my students for Christmas. I treated myself to a 12 pack of THE Dew and a few frozen meals! I could NOT wait to get home to get the bra, the shoes and my "nice" face off! Sighhhh....ahhh! The weekend the weekend the weekend! I adore Fridays. I can sleep without thinking of THEM! Sighhh!!! :)

I'm well within my points today even with the spoon of mac and cheese that I HAD to eat or else feel terribly depressed that I should more than likely NEVER eat that junk again! You know.... one of the men at my WW meeting who has lost something like 180 pounds who looks NOTHING like his before photos says that nothing tastes as wonderful as the first taste does. His claim to fame (besides staying on WW like it is a religion!) is to allow one taste and then to move on! I didn't get fat eating real FOOD.... so I'm trying to keep this thought in my head as I taste things that I "need" and then move on! I had 6 M & M's today! The rest went to my son! Trust me. I have NEVER EVER eaten 6 M&M's and then moved on! So....WHOOOOHOOOOO for my NSV! :)

Ok... Kerry, hope you made it to your van in record time! I KNOW you are as glad that it is Friday as I am! :carrot:

Pam, hope that your new machine is all you want it to be! Using it will "get you" extra points for that extra taco! ;) Sign me up for the cruise! I can be your long lost but nearly local to VaBch sister!!!! I have no formal.... so I will skip dinner THAT night! BUT, other than that.... What fun! I love flying! I have a friend who's husband has his own plane! It is very small. Mooney (in case you wanna look!) AND we've been known to fly off for lunch somewhere! Flying in such a small plane is VERY different than flying commercial! You will do fine! I love THAT too! However, I could certainly do without the drama and the fear of death that goes with traveling these days! I flew in 10/01.... It was less than a full month after 9-11...NOW that was scary! You will do fine! What an adventure! A destination wedding thing!

Summer, Summer, Ohhhh Summer???? How is DD? Please tell me that you spent some time on your 3KingsDay off doing SOMETHING other than cleaning up vomit and rubbing her back?! Sighh...thinking 'bout you! :)

I have to run.... I think I'm going to take the mail and my book (NOT started!) to a scalding bubble bath. I will be back...IF I don't pass out for the night!:D
You will, more than likely not hear from me again until tomorrow! :D

Enjoy the night.......and that feeling of freedom! :dizzy:
take care,

01-06-2006, 09:43 PM
Evening, all.
I want to get personal with everybody, but I'm having an awful time focusing!
Robyn: The Dew treat! And frozen dinners. Unforunately, since I live alone and frequently don't get until 7:00, I eat a lot of those. I've gotten better at picking the ones that are low-carb thanks to the Peapod service we have. They deliver the groceries to your house. Since I have trouble carrying things up the stairs, it is easier for me to pay the damn delivery fee ($5.95). We have two elevators in the building, and only one has stairs, but the other is on a down slope to my car and the parking garage floor is purposefully uneven to help prevent things from sticking or to keep any car fluids from puddling. Many days, its hard for me to walk on... I'm not real good on sloped ground anyway. Good news on that step class!!! Maybe you can do the class without the step-up and step-down?
Kerry: AWESOME news for your step-daughter!!! I'm glad she's taking control, and that it is as simple as exercise and healthier eating! Exercise really does improve your mood: I'm much more calm and focused when I swim than when I don't. And yes, I have been cleared to start swimming again as long as I'm careful. No weight lifting yet, because I can't wear my high shoes or my orthotics when I do it. I only have one set of orthotics, which can be switched, but... The high shoes are too heavy to wear at the gym for weight-lifting, and have the wrong kind of soles.
Pam: Cruise!!!! WOoooo! I've always wanted to go on a cruise. I pay my rent with my AmEx card now, and earn all kinds of points for their reward program that way. I hope I'll eventually have enough points to take a cruise or, my second choice, is to go to Disneyworld for a week! I haven't ever been there, and want to go. I just don't want to go by myself...
Tonita: Welcome to the mad house. WE don't usually send people to the principal's office here, so you should be okay. I think I spelled your name right, but its not in front of me, so sorry if I got it wrong.

And now... let's see...
My student with the touchy-feely issues is driving me up the wall with his community based instruction trips. His parents have withdrawn permission for him to go, but she didn't actually put it in writing. Her words to me were that he couldn't go to the movies or the mall with us because of his behavior and she didn't want him out of the building. We wanted to let her cool off over break, so it didn't become an issue until Thursday... when I found out he had gone with the other class (he goes every day, most of my class only goes every other day). I asked him if he was now allowed to go, and the look on his face told me what was going on. I said, "Well, I thought you could go with the other class and not us?" Same look. "Does your mom know you went?" "No." EEE GADS! We took a kid out of the building AGAINST his mother's wishes???? She didn't write us a note or anything to tell us! So I talked to her today, and he didn't even get in trouble for lying to us and to her about going. Instead, she said, "well, he may have heard us talking about letting him go with the other class." I asked her to let me know by Monday because we'll have to have an IEP meeting if he can't go on CBI since it is a service mandated by his IEP. While the parent was in my room, the kid that she blames for her son's behavior came in to write down his points on his point sheet, and she was just nasty to him. This is my ED kiddo, and he can get in trouble on his own without help: and he's had an AWESOME week despite losing two point sheets. He said hello to the parent and both students in the room.... And she and her son both turned and ignored him. The mother glared at him. I got that kid out of the room ASAP, because he doesn't deserve that. The librarian took him in for the last 15 minutes of the period.
Then, checking my phone messages on my way to PT I get the following: my endo has my bloodwork, and she has some "thoughts"... I'm supposed to call her Monday. Now, she has NEVER done that before. She never leaves messages like that on my answering machine. I don't know if the bloodwork is good news or bad news, and now I can't find out before Monday evening. It means I have to rush home right from school, I can get home to call her before her office closes at 5.
And, that apparently, I'm no longer on the schedule for the gym in Baltimore for Saturdays. Also, it has been communicated to me through my other friend, that the aquatic director's son has said she doesn't want to see any of us. The only people she wants to see from the gym are the head lifeguard and this other dude who is drunk all the time!
I'm like, okay... fine. Screw her and the horse she road in on. Does she think I drove to Baltimore all those time for my damn health and the pittance she pays me? Children's lessons are worth it, I get $25/hour for that; I get less than half that as a guard... But I've gone up there and worked whole weekends because she couldn't find somebody at the weekend guard bagged on her at the last minute. I've also stayed there for hours because a guard didn't show up. The Friday after Thanksgiving I was there, BY MYSELF, from 11:00 to 9:00. By myself is the same thing as being in a classroom: no bathroom, no food (we're not allowed to eat on deck), and only water to drink... its over 90 in there, so we drink lots of water! But no bathroom???
I was there for 5 hours by myself, open to close, on New Years Day.
I'm REALLY upset and hurt right now. Between this, and my friend with her baby and her strange ideas, I feel like I don't have any friends at the moment.

01-06-2006, 10:16 PM
Oh Mousie.... (((((HUGS)))))

01-06-2006, 10:37 PM
"If the problem isn't hunger, then food isn't the solution."
Why is that quote amazing to me?! WHY can't I see that....and remember that?

01-07-2006, 10:26 AM
My arms are shaking as I type this.....I did my second work out on the total gym. Yikes.....It's fun, and it definitely works those things you are supposed to have called muscles. My only gripe is that if you are going along with the video, you have to stop, unhook, the pulley cables, and attach something else which takes a few minutes until you figure out what you are actually doing. However, I think will just do the same excercises, as on the video, but not with the video, that way, I can sort of group them all together, and not have to worry about pausing, etc....Oh gosh, and you can do squats. Ouch.....You can work every major muscle group. The only thing is you will tone, not bulk up. So, that works for me. Hubby even tried it out last night. Seemed to like it to. So, at this moment in time, I will say I love it......I think what I will do, is use that every other day, and walk in between....That way, my muscles will have time to rest....This isn't the Chuck Norris one, but a sears version. You can do the same stuff though.

Well, I lost one pound this week. SO, only two and a half more til I am back to my pre christmas weight. I have got to get it together and fast....

Robyn: COme along.....I wouldn't have to deal with "evileene" by myself then. It should be interesting as we will have the two divorced inlaws and spouse along. Hope nobody ends up missing.....:o

Mouse: I'll be your friend! I've never been anywhere. Just up and down the east coast......Driving....Made it to Montreal a few times when I lived in Vermont, but I haven't been on a cruise either. So, it is exciting.

Hey to everyone else. I need to get busy and get some house cleaning done. Laundry calling. Be back later....

Oh Robyn: I could figure out how to upload photos, but not how to start a group, and I don't want to just stick pictures anywhere....So, haven't done it yet....


01-07-2006, 10:45 AM
Duct tape! The answer to my weight loss issues! :) I should've known!
I've returned from my WI and I'm down 4.2 pounds this week! So, that is my Christmas fudge and some more! :) So my total is -31.4 currently!
:carrot: :jig: :dancer:
WhoooHooo! Guess you can tell that I'm a bit over the top with this loss! Just what I needed to get my fanny BACK in the saddle again!

I also was trying to figure out how to make a place for our photos, Pam. I wonder if Summer has to be the one to do it?!
...since she is the official ThreadGirl?! I don't know. But I agree...I'm not stincking photos JUST anywhere! LOL
Oh my.... drama aboard the LoveBoat?! Um, that is enough for me to ALMOST withdrawl my request to go...BUT not quite! I will go get my passport on Moday! Sighhh.... I don't go too many places either! East coast of the US mainly. 1 trip to California to LA area. (OMG! I'll have to find the photo of me with the Hollywood sign in the background! I was pregnant and thought I was fat! HA!) I went to Milwaulkee in June for my friends daughter's wedding. Family trips to Indiana really don't count do they?! Especially since I did NOT have ANY fun, right?! :) I'm a fun one to go drinking with! Promise! See you on the ship????

....oh poodles.... speaking of family, no fun, AND drama.... My BIL just pulled up in my driveway.....
Sigh.... Gonna run........

take care...I'll be back...said in my best California Gov. voice!

01-07-2006, 12:09 PM
I live in a soap opera, let me tell you. The head guard from the gym called me at some point yesterday: I seem to have slept through his call. He didn't leave me a message, so I have no idea what he wanted or anything. I assume he was calling to tell me that I wasn't working, since he called me two hours after my other friend did. He didn't call my cell phone. He's not always the brightest bulb in the room, so he probably called me at home thinking that I didn't have to work or something.
The good news is that I can go to the gym down here now, and I have 2 months worth of credit because they billed me by mistake when I couldn't go. I wish I'd known that when I drove part of the way out there earlier today. I'll probably go back out that way later, but I think first I want to take a nap.
I'm still pissed (and the more I think about it, the more pissed I get) at the place in Baltimore. :sigh:
I have traveled a lot, actually... I went to Europe when I was 16, I've been to Canada, Washington State, California, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Texas, Louisiana, lots of East Coast (but not really any farther south than Virginia; passing through on the train doesn't count in my book!) states. I love to travel, and have friends all over the country. I've been as far north as Rhode Island & Massachusetts, and as far south as Williamsburg & Norfolk in Virginia.
In Canada, I've been to Winnipeg... I'm sort of hoping I get to go to the Council for Exceptional Children conference in April, but I'll only get to go if the state board in Maryland decides to send me as their representative. I probably won't know about that until right before the trip! If so, I'll get to Salt Lake City. I've been to San Francisco, and also Seattle and Richland Washington. I used to hang the tons of postcards on the walls of my classroom, but I haven't done that this year. I'd like to go to China and Japan, and I want to go to Ireland, and Switzerland. I've been to Hungary and such... I'd like to go back to Budapest. It will probably never happen: I'm going to be in hock to Johns Hopkins and SallieMae for the rest of my life. ;)

01-07-2006, 04:53 PM
:devil: Oh God Sallie Mae..........Mouse....I have the chills now....Eww yuck bluck....
Hello, this Pam calling from Sallie Mae about your student loan.....AHHHHHHHH
Sorry, I'm better now.
I have been one super busy busy woman today. Mopped, dishes, cleaned bedroom, tub, washed and dried three loads of clothes......And, managed to get a bath. Still have a load drying, and one in the washer...
Also, the biggest headache of the day, was trying to clean all the viruses off my stupid computer which I am about to throw into the street. I had to uninstall my virus protection and install something else, cause a 'VIRUS' had messed up my virus protection program, which I hated anyway. I got rid of 761 pieces of spyware....Maybe it will run a little quicker now. Says there is one that it can't get rid of.....So, don't know what to do about that. It keeps telling me my computer is at risk, do I want to delete? I say **** yes it says we can not delete....Do you want to delete? Yes, we can't delete...So, now I have this annoying thing popping up every two seconds.

Robin: Ok girl, what is your secret???????????CONGRATULATIONS!!!:carrot: :carrot: Jealousy seeping in over here. I am about to give up on weight watchers and find a different way. Like you, I hate to pay when I am so stuck....Ok, so last week wasn't the best, but you know wasn't that bad...DRink more water..........
Keep it up....

Mouse: You are a travelin fool......Norfolk part of my old stompin grounds...Although, I mostly stomped in Va Beach....

Back to my book....Get to reading Robyn: Very good...


01-07-2006, 05:38 PM
I am taking a break from moving the junk around in my living room. Cob webs and dust and plain ole dirt are flying everywhere... we moved a bookshelf from a 15 year position! (Yes, it had been cleaned in that time... but STILL!) I am not too sure that I like the new location...HOWEVER... IT is going to stay where we put it... maybe not for the next 15 years...but... it ain't moving again today! We've moved the computer table (and every wire in the house!) again! I'm attempting to move crap around so that I will be able to pull out and dust off ye ole tread mill! YES. It is in my living room (we have no alternate "family area" .... SO... the thing has been sitting in the corner like a wicked step mother staring me I skip merrily by pretending not to notice it! So. Moving junk around... and attempting to make friends with the beast... the treadmill beast. I'll still never love the beast that is my carpet sweeper! hehehehe...

I forgot my trip to New Orleans... (there is a reason I can't remember it! ;) I went my senior year in college! Wow! ) Visits to Ohio, yippy skippy. Time in Florida on both coasts...brief but fond memories! Maine. (I'd never seen such huge rocks on beaches! ..and it was cold in July!) Pennsylvania, WVa, and Maryland of course! ....AND you know about my hours on the beach in NC! I visited Niagra Falls and Tijuana....cause they are required US citizen stops! I have no desire to travel overseas as there is so much that I've not seen in the U.S. and of course all of Canada! I have friends from NovaScotia and I'd love to visit there. Grand Canyon. Hawaii. Sighhhhhh! LOL Let me know anytime you all decide to visit the historic triangle in Va. Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown..... sigh.... THE area where I grew up and continue to live near! :) Lots to do and see here...unless you've done it and seen it since birth! Norfolk, VaBch! Pam and I will meet you there! :)

My break is over.... and the crap isn't getting back on the bookshelf no matter how much I wiggle my nose, fold my arms and blink OR simply demand and give it THE teacher look! So.... if it is to is up to me! :)

I'll check back in later!
take care,

01-07-2006, 06:35 PM
So, I didn't get back over to the gym. I started to go, when my friend from Baltimore called. She's still ticked, but at least now I understand why she's not on the schedule... Our aquatics director never guarded. She used some of her budget to ensure she did not have to do so and so we had a head guard who was given a break, plus a morning guard who also received breaks. The morning guard would come in and open at 5:30, work till 10, break for 2 hours (1 hour was spent cleaning or doing pool maintenance), come back for an hour or two, and go home. The head guard came in around 12:00 or 1:00 (it varied, some days he came in earlier because he had to vaccuum the pool or clean the spas), and worked till 10:00 close, with a 2 hour break from 4-6 or 5-7. My friend would be the morning break person. Now, however, the head guard is doing the aquatics director's job, and he is going to be the break person. So they do not need a morning break person anymore. The person that I gave breaks to on the weekends is now has the head guard's hours, and will become the morning guard in February when the other guy leaves. That leaves them at least one guard short as near as I can figure. Plus, they do not have a Saturday morning guard. The idea the aqutics director had was that the guy I gave a break to would open in on Saturdays at 7:00, and work till 12:00. I'd come in at 12, and work till 3 or 4, and then he'd come back and work from 4-7, plus children's swim lessons. They won't do that. They either want me to work from 6:45 a.m. to 12, or not at all. I had to say not at all because I'm not going to spend ALL DAY Saturday in Baltimore. I'd have to leave here at 5:30 in the morning, drive there, open... stay till 12, then I'm stuck there till children's lessons at 7. What am I going to do for 7 hours? I can't swim that long! So, it looks like I'm refusing the shift they offered me, which is a reason for them to not offer me shifts later.
Their loss. They'd better not call and ask me to cover when people don't show up!
I just applied for a job as a guard down here at the new rec center near my apartment. I can't imagine I'd get it, because the aquatics supervisor looks buff & young, sounds young on the phone... and its the brand-new center. They'll never hire somebody that looks like me, no matter how qualified I am or how desperate they are. Gyms and rec center don't hire fat people to be lifeguards. And I can't be a children's swim instructor here because you need a Red Cross WSI certification to do it, and that is one skill level beyond lifeguard. :sigh: At least I can swim down here ... :(

01-08-2006, 07:49 AM
Yes, I apparently have no life. I am up at 6:30 typing on the computer.
I am feeling my total gym work out today. OUch.....I am some kind of sore this morning.....Good feeling though. I am going to lose some weight this week! I am going to avoid any pitfalls.........I am going to drink water....I am going to excercise every day.....My hubby has started walking again every night. I however, am not to thrilled with the prospect of walking in the cold right now. SO, I guess I will dust off my WATP tape and start doing that again.

Robyn: Don't feel bad about your treadmill being in the livingroom. We only have a livingroom too. So, my total gym is completely taking over the livingroom. I was gonna put it in my son's room, but then I figured out of sight out of mind plus, he doesn't have a vcr in his room.....I am going to atleast try and slide it out of the way some. So, we have some room to walk in there.

Mouse: Don't be so down on yourself. Who knows, maybe they will hire you anyway! Atleast you will get to swim. Close to home.

A ton of papers to grade today, homework to do for one of my last two practicum classes, and grades are due week after next. Since we are going to Virginia Beach, next weekend, I need to go ahead and get them finished this week. Plus, need to do my plans for my advanced classes as well as clean out my car and go to the grocery store. What a fun filled day. Atleast, all the laundry is done. There is just one load of towels in the dryer. Although, haven't been upstairs to dig around and see what is up there. Alas, I am out of laundry detergent.

Maybe I'll make it back later.... Finished reading predator last night.......HMMMM....


01-08-2006, 09:09 AM
Hello everyone! It is wonderful to see a 'teacher' thread.

A little about me. I'm 43 and have been teaching 22 years. Love Grades 4 and 5 and just finished a school year with grade 4, but looks like I'm going to have a grade 2 this coming year. I had 2s for SO long and really knew when it was time to move out. So my summer break is being spent keeping my fingers crossed that someone will move out of a 4 or a 5.

Actually, my summer break is going REALLY well so far, although it is racing by. We have already had 4 weeks and only have 3 weeks to go. And THIS is a long summer break. We usually only get 6 weeks. But then we get three sets of two-week breaks during the year between our terms.

Hubby and I have been spending a LOT of time cleaning and decluttering for the past couple of weeks. It is amazing what we have decided to throw out. We've been RUTHLESS! We have a really large bin being delivered Tuesday so we can throw it all away for ever! It will be nice to reclaim a couple of 'junk' rooms.

Other than that I am hoping to get some relaxing in and lots of reading. The weather was quite chilly to start with - we had our coldest December on record. And December is officially the start of our summer. Yesterday and the day before it was over 100F though, so things could be warming up.

I look forward to checking out people's posts more carefully to get to know you all better, but at the moment I am off to do some more cleaning.

Take care all,


(PS - posting a couple of pics... just in case anyone is interested. There is a 'before' - two and a half years ago - and a 'current' - Christmas just gone. Will post an 'after' hopefully in a few months when I get rid of these last 25lbs that just love me so much they don't want to budge)

01-08-2006, 12:28 PM
:welcome: to the Teacher's thread, Zelma! We are glad that you found us! Your weightloss ticker is insperiational as are your photos! (Um...there was a SNAKE around your neck in the first one! YIKES! ;) ) Is 2s = to grade 2? I teach first grade and have for nearly 100 years! I am 40 and have taught first since March of 88! I love it and get hives near classrooms of children above the age of 8! ;) So, share the secret to your success! Both with the weight AND the decluttering! (Oh, I must warn you... I abuse punctuation marks... in an effort for folks to "hear" my Southerness in my typing! Hope it doesn't make you go over the edge! Also, I tend to be rather um, (I'm sure the others will TELL you... but, um, ) I call it sarcastic. My mother calls it sassy....even 40 years into it! :) So. If I offend you with my typing. Let me know! I'll try to fix it! But I can't promise a THANG with the punctuation marks! (For the record, I dooooo know how to really use them...when I need to! ) ) My family of 4 lives in a teeny tiny house in a teeny tiny town in Virginia. I'm trying to be the teeny tiny woman! Oh sorry, that is another story!

I don't want to be teeny tiny. I just want to be "normal sized"! (Watch out, comes RantingRobyn!) Whatever that means! I saw on some "entertainment news" show that some fashion magazine has broken all the rules! Earth moving news... they have used a "plus sized" model for the first time EVER in their pages! This was a teaser. It teased me, I didn't turn the channel and I kept the tv tuned in to see "The BIGGGGGG girl"! Ha. What a slap! The chick was a size 12 people! She was beautiful, of course... and a flippin sized 12. :rolleyes: :eek: I understand that THEIR vision of plus sized is truly different than mine... HOWEVER, THAT, IMHO is truly a MESSED up vision of WHAT plus sized is! They should come to my house, we'll go back into the bed room, I'll disrobe and I'll SHOW THEM WHAT PLUS SIZED really looks like! :o :devil: :o Eeek! Mannnnn.... it still burns my fanny! I'd love to see 12 again!

Pam, You go, you cleaning working fool, Go! We moved the furniture and I worked most all day on sorting thru the overwhelming piles of junk pulled off , out and from under... and my living room only looks good if you look at my 3 areas of focus...NOT on the rest of the piled up crap that I don't know what to do with.... stuff I need to save. I guess I need to save it... and I have no where TO save it! ARGHH! What is a pack rat to do?! Don't send me to FlyLady... I know...I know... I have yet to crack the spine on my novel. I don't want to start it when I can't really REALLY spend time reading it!

Mousie, I'm sorry that you are so blue.... (((hugs))) Wish I had something funny to say...but ...well...there is just nothing funny about it! Chin up, girl! ((:mouse:))

Summer, I hope your dd is feeling better! I'm also hoping that you've not gotten her "disease" and are spending your weekend with your head in the toilet! I'm worried about you! :barf:

Hello to everyone else.... my dh just walked thru the room and nearly tripped over the piles of junk... I have to go discuss with him that the piles of junk are NOT JUST MINE:nono: :eek: :nono: NOR my responsibilitiy to take care of! oh yes, it is going to be a LONGGG afternoon here, my friends!

Take care all.....
meeeeeeeeee (Robyn for the newbies!)

01-08-2006, 01:26 PM
Just a quick hello..........
Welcome Zelma and Tonita!

Been a strange weekend here....I think I am going to apply red stitches to my head and dress in white all the time.....perhaps if I look like a baseball I will get some attention from Dh. Ok, I am sure you are getting tired of this mantra, so I will shut up.
Congrats on the awesome loss Robyn.......feels great doesn't it??
Sorry to be so brief and miss lots to do today!

01-08-2006, 01:28 PM
Ok, I skimmed the posts......Pam, what did you think of Predator??????? (ok, I think the ending stunk......a bit.......) PM me if you do not want to leave the details for those who might still be reading it.

Mouse- have friends here....and although I know it is not the same as someone to chat with on the phone or go to lunch with we are here for you.

Summer, how is Dd feeling.
SOrry to those I missed.......

01-08-2006, 01:37 PM
Hi, all.
I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the party that the gym is having tonight. My one friend and her husband are going. I hadn't registered because I wasn't sure I was going to go, and tomorrow is a long day at work (IE, its the day I don't have a break at all). I want to go swimming, really, that's all, and I can do that down here now.
Has anybody noticed that our sigs are gone????

01-08-2006, 03:58 PM
Mouse- hope you can go and do go to the swimming party.......long day and all, we all deserve a break and to do something we enjoy! Hope the next time we hear from you you had a fun, wet, soggy time!!:)

01-08-2006, 04:07 PM
There was a post somewhere along the line.... that stated that they were going to "fix" things so our signatures only appear the first time on each page to assist those with slow loading internet some of the signatures had gotten outrageously huge etc... one of the 3fc gals said that THIS way we can continue to use the sigs while allowing dialup folks to still visit the site... As long as it is free, I am keeping my complaints to myself! I know this ONLY because I noticed it earlier and went digging looking for WHY they disappeared! :) Baseball in January in the snow, Gin? Mouse, GO for a little while, at least! gotta is FARRR from over and dh just walked thru and clicked his tongue at me being online... ahem, it isn't the clicking that is moving me, trust me! ;)
take care,
meee yet again!

01-08-2006, 04:08 PM
my sig just showed up again?? maybe it is something like every certain # of posts you post... I don't know.... helpful, aren't I?! :)

01-08-2006, 04:08 PM
there it was again?!
?? maybe they UNdid it!

01-08-2006, 04:09 PM
sorry...just testing!

01-08-2006, 06:29 PM
Baseball all year round........last night was the team meeting and training for Ds's American Legion team (this one will play most of the summer) and this morning was Ds's pitching coach (an hour away) and batting clinic (we pay big $$ for this one). So, yes, there is baseball all year round.......

An awful day for eating for me, this whole week has been crummy......did get a walk/run in (2 AP's). Dealing with TOM and baseball.......

Robyn- thanks for the input on sigs, I never would have figured it out.

Blabbed too long here......gotta get dinner on ladies. Nite!

01-08-2006, 06:57 PM
Hi. My name is Melody and I am a Special Education Teacher for grades K-3.
This is my first year to teach special education and I love it. Previously, I taught 3 years of Junior and High School English. I am making 2006 the year to finally lose weight and get healthy. I started last week at 264 and today I am at 259. My goal is to lost 10 pounds a month until I get to my goal of around 130 (I am 5'1").

01-08-2006, 07:09 PM
Hi, again, all.

Welcome, Melody. I'm a high school special education teacher, but my kids are about K-3rd grade cognitively. Some are higher, but not too much. I don't think I have any that are above a 4th grade level, except for my one kiddo that is emotionally disturbed and is with me for academics.
Let's see... I went swimming locally. The gym party isn't a swimming party. In the past, it has been south of the gym, at a restaurant. This year, its being held at a Don Pablo's that is closer to the gym. I can't do much Mexican because you know they never use low-fat cheese and I definitely can't eat tortillas in any form! :) They have their holiday party after the holidays beacuse the staff is mixed between Jewish beliefs and Christian beliefs, so its easier to do it in January. I went last year and won a gift card to Sharper Image. I decided not to go this year. If it had been a different day in our schedule, I might have gone, but I just don't feel like the drive, plus I don't feel welcome there anymore after what happened this weekend.
I did 50 minutes at the gym I joined down here, and shared the lane with 2 other guys at the end (that is one thing I liked about the other gym... nobody ever wants to share lanes, but here, they expect 3 people to share the lanes and their pool isn't as wide as the other gym!). I've decided that my January goals were going to be 8 hours ... 3 days a week, a minimum of 45 minutes each time, and 8 miles, or 3/4 of a mile each time. I'm hoping to go over, but that way if we run into bad weather, or I get a lot of work from my grad class, I won't feel too bad. And, I will still swim at the other gym on Saturdays because it is too late for the one friend I still have there to hire somebody to replace me at the children's lessons. I am also glad I didn't register for the KeyWest swim at the other gym; I did it last year and finished 3rd at it, so was going to do it this year because they were doing t-shirts this year. :shrug:
Well, I stopped to get barbecue (no sauce), with green beans for dinner... the only things I'm not allowed to eat are the corn bread and the piece of pecan pie I bought as a treat. I figured I deserved it! :)
Robyn: I just noticed it was gone, I didn't look for a reason. It wasn't a complaint... just a "Wow, its gone!"

Michele L
01-08-2006, 07:13 PM comes the week from H*LL! I HATE the week the terms change!! Especially between semesters! Not only do we have all sorts of tests to administer and grade. But we have STUPID inservice meetings taking up more than HALF our "work time". PLUS, we have new classes to get ready for! Oh, and then there's grades due 3 days after the term ends! This week is ALWAYS a challenge for me as far as eating and exercise goes. But I've promised myself I'm NOT going to let it get the best of me! I WILL walk and I will TRY to eat reasonably!

:welcome2:, Melody! I know you will find a lot of support among these ladies! I know I have (even though I'm not always that good at posting :o )

Have a nice evening!

Michele :wave:

01-08-2006, 07:22 PM
Me again, the one with no life....:D
Ok, first and foremost.....Welcome to Zelma and Melody!!!!:carrot:
Wow, I am inspired by the weight loss.. You look awesome. BY THE WAY, HOW DID YOU GET THAT PICTURE UP THERE? I've been trying to figure out how to upload a before and "now" picture. Not smart enough to do it....

Ok, have I bothered to drag the book bag out of my car yet????UH< no....did i clean the car???No.....Geez, what did I do???Ok, bought a formal dress....Need to lose about ten pounds to be able to breathe in it, and if by cruise time it doesn't look like I can breathe....that thing is going back, we got hubby's suit, and our luggage....Now, to find a plane reservation where I won't have to sell my children....HMMMMM>ok....

Poor GInny: We go through all sports here....Currently it's football.....and basketball, move on to spring training.....Ughhhh, I will be pm'ing you about that book.......

Robyn: We have clutter too....It won't go away...

01-08-2006, 08:35 PM
Welcome to Zelma, Tonita and Melody! It's great to have new friends around. Zelma, my sister has lived in Australia for over 30 years {in Taree}. Still haven't made it there, but maybe some day. Congratulations on your fabulous weight loss--You lost one of me! (175 is in my current weight neighborhood).

I am happy to report that I am back in the WW mode--and feeling very good. Down 3.6 this week! (Could have something to do with not eating enough fat, sodium, and sugar to sink a ship,as I did for the past several weeks/months ..) The exercise fairy has yet to visit me as of yet, but there is hope. I've been working at establishing my routines that help me do well. I know that I have to have them and follow them in order to stay on-track. I am definitely in honeymoon mode now, and haven't had any big challenges with my food in the past week. I did manage to have take-out pizza the other night and not get crazy with it, so that was a minor victory!

Is everyone else's calendar so full that it it crazy?

Break did not seem like 13 already looking forward to the long weekend! We spent all of the past week getting back into school mode with my preschoolers (practicing the rules and expectations and basically reminding them that they are not the CEU (center of the universe); other people do exist and have needs. They were all really happy to be back--very huggy--lovey--o-thank-god-I got -to-come-back-ish, so that softens the blow of coming back a bit. Most of my kiddos are very at-risk and school is often the safest place that they know (certainly the most predictable!)

Still haven't taught myself how to put the tracker at the bottom of my signature. ...34.4 pounds to goal!

:)Have a great week everyone. Fran

01-08-2006, 08:56 PM
Ok, I have finally figured out how to do this.......SO excuse me if I take up like four posts. The first is me BEFORE UGHHH.
Two are since Christmas, and one is my dress....
Thanks for your patience...

01-08-2006, 08:58 PM
Picture 2

01-08-2006, 08:59 PM
ONe more to go................:D

01-08-2006, 09:01 PM
Last time I'll bug ya'll..........The dress I bought for the cruise.......
BTW Robyn: The luggage I bought is expandable.........Hop in.....
Lesson plans to do........

01-08-2006, 10:24 PM
Evening All:
Welcome to Melody and Zelma!! Hope you find all a lot of wonderful support from our little teacher/bus driver group. I know that I sure have.
I have had a rough weekend. My twin sds' spent the night with their cousin on Friday night. When my dh went to get them yesterday morning, he brought the cousin home with them. He is a wild little boy. He was at our house until 3:45 p.m. yesterday afternoon. Then I took the boys and my sdd to my friend's little girl's birthday party at the skating rink. It was a two hour party. We went right to the party and came home. We waited for my dh to come home and go out to dinner with us. Well the kids were hungry and after 45 minutes waiting on their dad, I took them to the local pizza pub. I was a nice wife I thought and left a note for him. Well when we came home he was ranting and raving because he just found the note by the phone. So he hollared at me about where to place notes for him from now on. Plus he hollared at his dd and one ds. Then was sweet as can be to the other ds. It hurt my sdd's feeling and mine feelings at his little temper tantrum. So I took his kids and left. I went to my mil's house since two of the kids were spending the night with her to go to church this morning with her. So I visited with her for about and hour before I brought my one sds home with me. My dh never came home until 11 p.m. So I was in charge of the kids for most of the afternoon and evening. My nerves were shot and it is that time of the month for me. I started yesterday afternoon right before going to the birthday party. He had the nerve to ask me why I was mad at him? Hello you acted like a little child screaming about how you missed out on dinner with us. I can't help it he left the house and didn't leave a note telling us where he was or how long he was going to be gone. So I thought things were better. Went to bed got up this morning, did 30 minutes on the gazelle. got ready for church went to church. Only to come home to mean dh again. He told me that he wasn't going to fix anything for the kids to eat. If I wanted them to eat then I had to fix them something to eat. Then he lit into his dd about how he hurt her feelings. She tried to explain to him that he was hollaring at us last night except for her one db but he swears up and down that he wasn't hollaring. After giving him the cold shoulder, he finally realized that he was a meany and started acting nice again. The twin boys asked us if we were going to get a divorce since we had a disagreement last night. I think they are really worried that we are going to split up! How can I reassure them that we are not and that we just had a disagreement? Hopefully this coming week will be better for everyone! My left arm is killing me. I don't know if I strained or pulled a muscle in it. I keep rubbing MYoflex on it. The pain comes and goes. I guess if it is not better by tomorrow, I will calling my doctor to have him check it out. Enough babbling from me for now!
Sounds like everyone has had a busy weekend! We cleaned house today. I also did some laundry. Hopefully I can keep on top of it this coming week. It slowly crept up on me this week.
Zelma and Pam, love your pictures. What an insipration you both are! Keep up the great work! Just the motivation that I need to stick with my diet and excerise to take off my weight and get fit in 2006.
Well I better close for now and get my stuff ready for school tomorrow. Like packing my lunch and dinner. Have a long day tomorrow. Work the afterschool program until 6. Stop at home and then take my sdd to Curves with me to workout.
Talk to you all tomorrow!

01-08-2006, 11:43 PM
Hi all,
thought I'd drop in and say hello. I'm an English teacher in a small town in Maine. I've been battling my weight my whole life, but I gained a lot when I got married and started working full time. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets stressed out during school time! It's hard to teach a full day, then come home to laundry, cleaning, dinner to make, etc. I don't even have my own kids to look after. I have great respect for all you moms! I have about 30 more pounds to lose. I've taken off about 15 and am holding steady so far.

Have a great week! Don't let the kiddos get you too stressed out!

01-09-2006, 02:48 AM
Thank you SO much for the welcomes and encouragement everyone! I just KNEW that this would be a great group to join.

I really enjoy reading about your days in general and about your school days. I love checking out any similarities and differences between here and across the seas. It is always great to hear that teachers face the same problems all around the world, it is not just happening to me in my little classroom.

I may have to come back here LOTS in a few weeks time, looking for some shoulders to cry on. I know it sounds silly, but I really have NOT got my head around having grade 2 this coming school year. I just don't want that grade level again after having them for so many years earlier. Oh well... I know that I will love the kids, I just got bored with the content. I'll have to make sure I motivate myself huh?

Oh Pam, glad you worked out how to post pics. You can post more than one at a time, you just upload as many as you want at one time. Well... there may be a limit to how many you can post, but you know what I mean. My favourite pic of you is the one in black, so I just KNOW you will look great in that dress!

Thank you all again. I hope to be 'chatting' with you often.


01-09-2006, 07:31 AM
GOOOOOOODDDD Morning people! For the record, I am NOT bright eyed nor bushy tailed...but I thought I'd say hello anyway! :)

Beware! Get your business in order! This afternoon, I may PERSONALLY cause the earth to end! Yep, that's right.... Today is my first after school exercise class with my coworkers! Yep, that's right.... H E double hockey sticks is going to freeze over! I will be "out in public", with limited clothing, moving my BigFatFanny! Don't you worry.... the limited clothing will be MORE than most will be wearing all day today.... so at least the end of the earth won't be totally whiteflabBLINDING!

Off to put on my daily duct tape on my mouth and find my bookbag.... at least I know it isn't in the living room.... it is too clean! ;) As they say on the morning announcments at my school. Make it a great day or not! The choice is yours! (sigh) (The sigh was my own!) Oh, btw, anyone know WHICH clothes in my January/Winter closet I should wear on a 65degree day?! The weekend wasn't THAT warm! What to wear, what to wear!

take care,
meeeee (Oh, I'm Robyn for the newteacherchickies!)
Gin, I'm sooooooooo sorry all year! We get Dec and January OFF from the fun!

01-09-2006, 09:52 AM
:welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: Zelma, Melody, & English Teacha!!!

English: What part of Maine are you from? I vacationed in York Beach last August with friends who have a summer home there. It was my first trip to Maine. You must LOVE all the great outlets you have!

Rob: Thanks for continually writing entertaining posts! 65 degrees?! Yeesh! I don't know what you will wear today, but DD just left for school in her DOWN SKI JACKET!!!

Gin: Year round that a good thing or a bad thing?

Mouse: I am so inspired by the miles you swim. You are fabulous!

Kerry: Men can be such pr*cks!!! When my DH is an unreasonable a**hole, I reassure DD that all couples argue. What is not normal is when it becomes physical.

Pam: I haven't gone all the way back in the posts since I've been sick. Where and when are you travelling? I will have the excitement of buying a formal dress for my nephew's wedding next October, hence my increased desire to drop huge amounts of weight!!!

Fran & Michele: I guess you ladies joined our group while I was away. Michele - you've got a great 'tude! Fran - I'm also a preschool teacher. I teach regular ed four year olds in the inner city. I LOVE IT!!! I got my program accredited by NAEYC in 2003.

If I missed anybody, I'm sorry. I've been busy all weekend with much unpleasantness! My friends, poor DD vomited every 15 minutes from the moment she got home from school on Thursday until 2:30am, Friday. Just to make things more exciting, she had diarrhea coming out simultaneously. I haven't pulled an "all-nighter" with a sick child in a long time. Just as I would begin to drift off to sleep, she would get sick again. Up and down, up and down with a miserable child (who took it a lot better than she ever has before) for nine hours!!! She continued getting sick all day Friday and into Saturday. 36 hours after DD began vomiting, I woke up vomiting and have been sick ever since. I took a sick day today because I'm still not better. This weekend has been the WORST I've had in longer than I can remember. It is frustrating enough not having gotten anything done (My Christmas decorations are still up! My bedroom is a mess. My car still needs an oil change. I still need to get to the post office. The spare room still looks like a bomb hit it. I have laundry up the wahzoo!!!), but on top of it all, for DD and I to get sooo sick has been horrible. I have to say, she took it much better than I did. I kept saying, "I'm so sorry your sick baby..." And she'd say, "It's okay mommy." Meanwhile, when I couldn't stop dry heaving, I was screaming to God to make it stop!!! Lovely.:p


01-09-2006, 05:24 PM
Happy Monday....One down, four to go....I'm just excited because we have a three day work week with the kids next week. We're off Monday, and then have a required workday on Tuesday.

Pretty uneventful day today. I like them like that. This whole week is gonna be slam packed full of meetings. Yuck....

Robyn: How'd your excercise class go?....We are too having those lovely temps down here. I'm getting ready to do round two with the total gym. I can finally move my arms and walk again.. Ha! My hubby said I sounded like an old woman whining yesterday.

Omigod......Robyn: The make it a great day or not, the choice is yours....My formal principal said that every single morning for two years....Then she would add I love you.....Ha...Brought back chills......She was a little over the top....Love the phrase though.

Summer: You poor thing.....I'm so sorry you are sick. I hate having stomach stuff. It absolutely sucks. Hope you feel better soon. Sending you hugs.... We are going on a cruise the first of March. Hubby's brother is getting married and paying for our cruise....So, we are going to the Keys and Cazamel...(sp)

Zelma: Thanks for the compliments! I know you could upload more than one, but it kept saying my file was too big and I got sick of trying to reduce them to attach them, so I did it seperately.

Kerry: I certainly don't see myself as inspiration. But, thank you anyway. I have found this time of day to be the worst, as I just came in and ate a chicken wing....Oops.....

Teacha: Welcome! Glad you found your way....I love these CRAZY women, and you know who you are...............

Mouse: Hope your week is a big improvement over the events of last...

Ginny: Have you painted those red stitches yet?

Anyone I've missed???????HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, wish me luck, off to do battle with the total gym......


01-09-2006, 06:33 PM
Evening, all!
You guys were sure busy while I was off at work! :grin:
Welcome Zelma, and Teacha! I hit Melody last time she was here. ;)
Summer: Hope you are feeling better. It was 65 here today, too. But its okay, because I still went to school in a fleece, with turtleneck and my thick fleece Eeyore hoodie that my mommy gave me for Hanukkah. Of course, my mom was amazed that I'd wear that in the classroom!
Kerry: Thanks. I had to call my endocrinologist today, and tried twice on my cell phone, but they couldn't hear me. My phone SUCKS near my school, so I gave it up and came home. Of course, I called her an hour ago, and so now I'm being rewarded for returning her call by not having her call me back. Her office closed at 5. Sometimes she'll call me later, but not always. Unless I manage to get my rear out of the building before the buses tomorrow (which is like 3:55 and 5 minutes before I am allowed to leave!), I won't be going swimming at all for the rest of the week. :( I have a Council for Exceptional Children board/membership meeting with National Headquarters at 6:00. I don't think I can get to the gym and get home for the phone meeting by 6:00 since I don't get off till 4. Wednesday I have PT, and Thursday is the rescheduled winter concert. It was cancelled due to a snow/ice day, and then we were having renovations done to our auditorium and they couldn't fit it in before break. The Severe Disabilities teacher typically has the kids come back for activities once or twice a year and we have dinner as a group and go to the concert. So, I said I'd do it with her... The kids are coming back at 6:30. And Friday I have what is hopefully my last PT appointment for awhile! I can swim Saturday, Sunday and Monday, though!
Robyn: :shudder: My insane prinicpal in my inner city school used to say that! ALL THE TIME! Oh, oh.... I'm having chills! Have you noticed that most principals tend to be insane?
Pam: I love the pictures and the dress is awesome. I'm dreading prom: I have 1 senior and 2 juniors, so I'll be a prom chaperone, which means I need a formal dress. :( Oh, and my senior's mother is already planning this huge bang-up party for her son... and is inviting ALL his teachers! I've never been invited to a student's party before. I do hope its not on a Saturday... how will I explain that I'm not in town????

01-09-2006, 08:07 PM
Hi. I hope you all had a good day. I write a weight loss blog at You can go there to read about my day.


01-09-2006, 08:59 PM
Me I am one confused bear many posts to keep up with....and I am burned out bus driver after all......where is the dumb chocolate anyway???
(actually, that is why I am here.....had to extract myself from the is still salvagable......still within points range).

Welcome Teacha! Congrats on the 15# loss!!!! You must be doing something right. It will be fun getting to know you better.

Mouse- in my book an Eeyore hoodie is high fashion.......I'd wear one if I had one. Too bad about missing the endocrinologist and swimming for the rest of the week.....You figure out how to get around this prom thing? (gosh, it seems to early to be talking about proms)

Pam- LOVE the pictures....and I agree, the one with the black sweater is stunning. You have much to be proud of......have come such a long way....Proud of you, girl! BTW, no, I did not get my red hand prints done yet, but my darned orange trees have that crummy canker.......want to go for lunch in Ptown? And BTW, the more I think about the book, the more I get annoyed.....

Summer- you poor lady.......I hope you feel better soon. Gosh, if you have been that sick, you might be too weak to work tomorrow too. Please proceed slowly.....take care of yourself and get better. My stupid line (but it is true) is that housework is very patient, it always waits for you.....get better soon!

Robyn- well, you know where might just freeze over tonight, but I for one think that an exercise class with you in it would be a hoot!!! Good for you.....I know that that has been the one part of WW that you have not been able to really get into yet. Proud of you!!!! Hope you had fun.

Fran- congrats on the weight loss!!!! Hopefully the exercise fairy will visit you can be so hard to stay motivated.

Michele- sorry about all the meetings and nonsense.....hand in there...keep your focus.

Kerry- sorry that your arm is hurt.....getting any better?? Too bad about your weekend. Gee, it is tough looking foward to a day or two off and then having family stuff that does not work out for you. Hugs.....

Zelma- well, I guess dealing with students is just that.....dealing with students no matter where we live. And the stress that goes with it does not change either. Glad you joined us!

Well, lets see...kiddies were sort of ok......Dd injured her back (came home in tears last night) so had to get her set up with the chiropractor today. Snuck in a dentist appt this am trying to detox a wee bit. Atilla is fighting his tendency to be crabby, so at the moment I am sort of staying out of his way (and the way of the chocolate). All in all not a bad day- tomorrow should go better as Dd has social plans for most of the day and I should be able to get some housework done between my am and pm. Aw crumb, can't they walk to school???????:carrot:

Ok, so you can all tell that I am losing it here......I am about to do something dumb on Wednesday. I am going to buy a pair of size 10 jeans (my 12's are starting to be awfully worn). No, I can't fit in the 10's yet, but I have to shake some more weight off......gonna hang the 10's up on the front of my closet as an incentive......must be knew that anyway.
Better go load the dishes. See ya!

01-09-2006, 09:46 PM
Gin, there were moments today that I had serious questions about school tomorrow. I combed through all the mats in my hair...they haven't been this bad since I gave birth to DD...and took a long shower. I still felt really weak. But, I had to go to the pharmacy and pick DD up from school, so sooner or later I had to get my act together. So, I dragged myself upstairs and threw some clothes on around 3:45. Driving was an experience. I was totally lightheaded...I felt drugged up. But after having chicken and rice for dinner, I feel a bit stronger. I think I've got my "sea legs" back. We will see how I do in the morning. Thanks for your concern. How did your DD get hurt? Good luck with the size 10's. That was my thin size back in the day.

Mouse, one other teacher and I wear our Disneywear proudly to school. I used to get funny looks, but no more.

Pam, your cruise sounds FABULOUS!!! How exciting to combine a vacation along with a wedding, and having it paid for as can't get better than that! Do you get a week in March off school instead of February and April? My sister's school used to, but they went back to Feb. & April.

01-09-2006, 11:31 PM

I did it. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't what I'd call fun. ...but I did it!
Even my fingers are throbbing tonight! I can barely type! (You think I'm joking, right?! Well...I'm not!) When the weather changes to extremes, I always have aches and pains....Just call me Granny... So today's 65degree weather would have caused aches and pains alone... but then add to it my 45 minutes of huffing / puffing ...I mean exercise class... I'm feeling rather icky tonight. I've taken an extra dose of Alleve and I'm heading off to the shower! I am sorry that I have no energy to get personal with everyone! Please forgive GrannyExerciser!

(((hugs))) Make it a great day or not. The choice is yours! (Pam, I love you! hehehheee!) See, even with no energy I can still be MEEEE! :)

take care folks!

01-10-2006, 12:01 AM
This is in honor of our very own Robyn... As composed by one of my students during English class last week...
"Oh Mr. Pig... :knock: :knock: Hey, PIG! I know you're in there!"
"I'll huff, and I'll puff, and I'll knock your classroom door down."
"Don't make me do it! I will, I swear!!!!"
"Awwwww, come on, Mr. Pig. I really just want to be friends! Please let me in? I got some of the good stuff with me... I'll share!"
"Awright! That's it! I'm COMING IN AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!! :WHOOOSH!:"
;) My kids are rewriting picture books, and then we're going to either put them in our talking word-processor/Powerpoint thingy, Powerpoint or Windows Movie Maker.
(I took at all the spelling errors so you'd understand it!)
I spent my evening making 2 weather activities in our IntelliTools software... One is a worksheet that the kids have to answer questions, the other is graphing the weather. I did see other activities that were similar, but not exactly like mine. The graphing activity doesn't have the days of the week or anything in it.
And, I'm fighting with my washing machine again. You may remember the washing machine died on New Years Eve... I reported it last week, and got a note saying it was fixed. I'm not sure what the guy thinks he fixed, but it still doesn't work! I usually put the laundry up before I leave for work and sort it out when I come home. I was greeted tonight by a washing machine full of COLD water! Now, mind you, I'm already freezing to death... putting my hands in that water to wring out the clothes was torture. The dryer wasn't happy about it either: I don't usually put my school clothes in the dryer, but I don't have a choice at the moment. The stuff is too drippy to hang.
Ginny: I'm not going to get out of the prom. I'll be going. The problem will be finding a DRESS! It needs to be long enough to hide my shoes, because I can't wear heels or dressy shoes. They just don't make dressy flats that fit my orthotics, and they don't make dressy boots that are flat either. So I have to wear either my sandles, my sneakers or I have one pair of ankle boots that are semi-dressy.
Last note: did any of you happen to see on your news this evening about a house fire in New Mexico? Apparently,the homeowner caught a mouse in his kitchen, and instead of killing the poor creature outright or letting it go, he added it to a pile of trash he was burning in his yard. The mouse caught fire, and ran back into the house while the mouse was burning. Poor thing! I mean, I don't want mice in my house necessarily, but to light it on fire while it was alive? That's just flat out cruel! And of course, this mouse felt very sorry for that poor little thing.

01-10-2006, 07:37 AM
Just sitting here eating my oatmeal and trying to decide what to wear again today. Today, my bushy tail is sorta perky and my eyes I know are bright as I am thrilled to report that I woke up without my BigFatFanny screaming at me from my time in the school gym this morning! AND I also noticed another change (small but it moved!) on that darn scale today! :) Gee, who'd have thunk it.... Eat better, drink water, and exercise and viola! You'll shrink! :) Eureka, huh?!

I'm off to make sure all my i's are dotted and my t's are crossed. We have a huge Eligibility Meeting this afternoon.... I'm sorta ill over the thought of it! This is not going to be easy. I am a SpEd mother as well as a teacher....but this mom is a bit nuts, IMHO!

Gotta run....
don't want to forget my duct tape either!

take care,

01-10-2006, 08:43 AM

Good luck with your meeting. I am a special education teacher, too, and I know about nutty parents.

01-10-2006, 12:53 PM
Good morning!!!!!!!
Robyn, as usual, you crack me up. Glad that the excercise class worked out for you. Yup, it really does help. And combined with weight loss, some of those aches and pains should go bye-bye. Golly......we could use some of your humor up here in NY! Hope the meeting went are the best.

Summer- well, I sort of figured that you might try to go to work , but hoped that you would not. Glad you made it thru the day ok....go slowly. I actually heard of one of those stomach bugs that you got better for a day or so and then went into relapse.....insult added to injury. How is Dd feeling?

Mouse- well, the good news is that (and I can't believe this myself, but know it is true) prom wear is available in the stores now. Hopefully you will be able to find something....golly so many of the stores are online now. Nope, I did not hear of the fire breathing mouse fire.......whatever......cute story though!!!

And Pam, no I did not get those red stitches painted yet......not interested in red hand prints either.

Got a short walk in this am.......planning on another in a few minutes. I might be MIA for a few days, time to get this darn computer repaired (software upgrade). Who knows.
Kiddies were AWFUL this am.....I was missing some of the primary big mouths and was still overwhelmed by their screaming....gotta redo the seating chart- again.......sigh........
Better go get something done around here. Take care!

01-10-2006, 02:56 PM
Good Afternoon All:
Sounds like you all have been very busy since I talked to you all last on Sunday evening.
Robyn: Glad that you were able to survive your excerise class. Did you like it? I just laughed about your scale story. I hope all goes well with your meeting this afternoon.
Ginny: Sorry that you have to live and breathe baseball all year long. Atleast we get a break at our house. But by the middle of summer I am sick of it. So I feel your pain. I can't wait until football season is over. The males at my house are driving me crazy!
Summer: Sorry to hear that you caught what your dd had. I hope you are feeling better today! What a way to spend your long weekend!:( Take it easy and don't rush back into things and make yourself sick again.
Pam, glad that you are enjoying your Total Gym. I have wanted to go for a walk outside, but it has been too chilly in the evenings to do it. So I will just stick with my WATP's tapes in the mornings in my warm living room. :) Keep up the great work! You are going to look awesome in your dress for the cruise.
Mouse: I didn't hear about the house fire in New Mexico caused by the mouse. I guess it just caught me at the wrong time, because I thought it was funny! My aide asked me what I was laughing about. I told her and than we talked about it and she said that it severed the guy right. I hope you can get your phone call made this afternoon to find out what the doctor wanted. I hope that it is good news! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.
Zelma, are you enjoying your break still! When do you go back to school? Hope all is going well for you.
To update you all on my arm. I think I pulled a muslce in it. I have been taking it easy the last few days. I did go to Curves last night with my sdd. I took it easy and only did the leg machines. I did my walk and kick dvd this morning and just did the walking and kicking part. I go to the doctor tomorrow afternoon after school. So I hope to get some relief after my doctor's appointment.
Well I better go and get my kids started on their afternoon work. Talk to you all later. Keep your fingers crossed that I have a good weigh in at TOPS tonight. I have worked hard at watching what I ate this past week.
Talk to you all later.

01-10-2006, 09:11 PM
Evening, all.

My teaching assistant thought the mouse joke was funny too. He & I have been trying to rival each other in the mornings with some of the stranger news stories we catch. His are usually sports related from the newspaper, mine are radio or TV News, and vary on topic. ;) He's a good conversationalist, and I'm really enjoying working with him. He's going to come in on the teacher work-day (unpaid!) to help me with a project... I had started a vocational training curriculum for my kids last year, and through some small miracle, my former school mailed most of the materials back to me. I had the binder at home. I guess they didn't see the value in index cards and envelopes. The curriculum is commercial, called WorkBoxes, but all you get is the binder... you have to make or buy everything else. I want to set it up for some of my guys, but I just don't have time to finish making all the materials! I'm not even sure what still needs to be made or purchased... lots of the purchased stuff didn't get returned (sets of cards, crayons, wrapping paper), though. :(
Ginny: I don't think I would find a prom dress in my size in a store. Maybe in a Catherine's plus-size store, but not anywhere else. Formal gowns are cut smaller than a regular size would be. My issue is that huge pannus, because it makes it hard to fit dresses or pants. It was a nightmare trying to find business formal for my graduation with my master's degree. It was actually the DAY OF GRADUATION before we found something for me to wear! I'm dreading my school's graduation also because we have to wear robes. The robe we got for my master's graduation didn't fit because of the pannus. I am several sizes and many pounds smaller, but its still an issue! And there is no sizing on the order ticket, just height! The school will pay for our gowns, but we have to buy our hoods if we have above a bachelor's degree. My undergraduate school didn't have us buy gowns, they just let us use them and return them; I rented the one for my other degree. I mean, I never liked shopping at all before the endocrine disorder, but now I positively HATE it. I like plain, simple clothing... elegant is fine. ;) My first formal dress was plain navy with navy embroidery and gold buttons. My grandmother hated that dress and was thrilled when it died. I had to get it for a concert at my university.
Kerry: Hope the doctor's appointment helps! I am still waiting for my endocrinologist to call me; I wish her luck: I will not be home before 6:30 any night for the rest of the week. I have PT on Wednesday, the re-scheduled holiday concert/pizza party is Thursday, and I have my last PT appointment on Friday. :(
Robyn: I'm well versed in nutso-parents. I have one now. Actually, 2... but that's okay... The one is the parent of my kiddo with touchy-feely issues, which she insists on blaming on another kid. The other is the parent of my senior. Her son FINALLY passed the last state test he needs to pass to get a modified diploma... I gave him the good news today. He smiled at me, and said, "So now I get my diploma and go to college!" :( Poor kid... his mom has him thinking he is going to college and he can't even write a descriptive sentence for a collage he spent months making.
Well... I think this mouse is headed for bed.

01-10-2006, 09:44 PM
Evening All:
I just wanted to drop in real quick to share my good news. I weighed in at TOPS tonight and lost 1 1/2 pounds. So I am back on the losing track again. One of the ladies asked me how I did it. I laughed and said that my left arm hurt too much so I couldn't hold something in my left hand and eat with my right hand. :)
I have 18 more hours to go before I go see the doctor. I am hoping it is just a sprained or pulled muscle and he can give me some medicine for it. It seems to be getting tighter on me, the more stressed out I get. I am trying really hard to keep myself relaxed and calm with my MH kids. But I don't see that happening any time soon.
Well I better go and get my stuff ready for school tomorrow. Than I think I am going to head off to bed a little early tonight.
Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great Wednesday!
Take care,

01-10-2006, 10:23 PM
Back to school...ugh. Today was a weird day. I began the day feeling very bones like rubber. I finally broke down and got some regular coffee from Dunkin Donuts. Normally I can't tolerate caffeine because it gives me palpatations, but without it today, I think I would have collapsed. It worked and got me to 3:30. The BUG is everywhere. Today I heard so many "war stories" about it. One woman lost 9 pounds after vomiting for 3 days! She was about to be admitted into the hospital when it finally got better. So many kids had or have it. It is running rampant taking down innocent people in its wake.:p

The one bright light of my day was my mammogram. Now, most people wouldn't consider having their 42DDD breasts flattened down to the size of a, actually it was more like a crepe...a bright light in their day. However, after last years mammogram, which sparked several months of ultrasounds, MRI's, and finally a biopsy, having a simple mammogram that has...THANK YOU GOD...resulted in my breasts being declared, "HEALTHLY WITH NO SIGN OF BREAST CANCER!!!" you might call having a mammogram a bright light too. You need to understand that I've had two scares myself, and that both my parents died of cancer; my sister had breast cancer (is alive); my brother had cancer (is alive); my grandfather died of cancer; my aunt had breast cancer; even my miniature schnauzer, Snoopy, died of friggin cancer. Okay?! Am I a bit afraid of that hideous life destroyer?! You betcha. But it's not getting me today, and right now, that is all that matters.

01-10-2006, 11:11 PM
Summer glad that you are feeling better. I am so happy that you got good news about you mammogram. I know you must be feeling a little bit better now! Hope you have a great day tomorrow at school. Try to stay away from people who are sick when you are still a little weak! I don't want you to get sick again.
Take care,

01-11-2006, 07:49 AM
Morning, friends of mine! Thank you so much for your kind words of support as I try to end the earth by moving my BigFatFanny! I go back for more A$$HaulingAction this afternoon! I'll be there... but I WONT be enjoying it NOR would I say that it is "working out for me" as someone so sweetly put it! This class is totally against my will! I do NOT want ANYONE thinking that I'm smiling thru this junk! Gin, it isn't a is more like a pant, pant, pant thang that I've got going! I am nearly to a "new decade" on the scale! THAT is sort of exciting... I'm sorta silently hopeful for Saturday's WI!

Summer, Yahooo! I remember last year's scare! I'm so glad that you "ENJOYED" getting your mams grammed! I *do* know what you mean and I think that I did hear your scream of relief all the way down here! Glad to hear that you are recovering from your illness...... I am so sorry that you had to "get it"! I walk around in a Lysol cloud these days cause I'm scared to death!

Kerry, Yahoo! Your weight loss and dedication is so inspiring! Keep up the great work! I'm so sorry that your arm is still giving you trouble! I hope that the doctor is able to give you relief! Don't you LOVE trying to talk yourself out of stress?! Sighhh...

Mousie, the news story about the burning house / mouse made me grimace before I began giggling...if that counts! What an idiot that man was! AND... I love offbeat news! Google crossbow and virginia to read about a man in VaBch who shot and killed his wife with a crossbow last week. He claims it was an accident. He claimed it was an accident the last time she got shot in October too! She was a SpEd teacher. Shot in the back. He is in jail on murder charges. Also, did you hear about the contractors who destroyed the wrong house either late this week or early this? House they were supposed to tear down was across the street! EEK!
Regarding your prom dress: Do you know anyone who could sew your custom fit dress? I have a friend with a pannus who works with a someone who creates things that fit! Not that she gets to go to prom tho! :) Just a thought! Good luck!

Gin, do NOT go missing on us! We need you! :) Baseball stitiching, or not! I've yet to start Predator...don't know when I will! Maybe on Friday after school!

Friday... the magic word...sigh!

The meeting yesterday was postponed by the parent. Unfortunately, my stomach ache and mouthful of stress induced blisters couldn't be postponed. OMG This is getting really really bad! Breathe, breathe. I keep being told not to panic that I am NOT responsible for what is going on... however, I feel like I should have been able to talk her "down".... I've not had any contact with this family since 12/20th....when mom refused IEP....Kiddo hasn't been to school since 12/9...........breathe, breathe, breathe!

Thank you for your friendship, support, encouragement, and understanding! I've GOT to get moving this morning or go to school without my exercise clothes cause time is RUNNING out! and I KNOW that I'll hear it from YOU people if I drop out before my #2 class! So.. farewell friends!

Off to gather my flesh covering clothing for later today! Talk to you on the otherside! :) Sorry for not getting personal with everyone! Maybe tonight! ;)

take care,

01-11-2006, 08:41 AM
Kerry, yep, I'm still on break, thanks for asking. I can't believe how quickly the holidays are racing by. Only just over two weeks to go. Hubby's Dad and his wife are visiting for the last week and a half, so I'm not sure how much school work I'll get done then. I should be working my little (well, medium) butt off now I suppose, but I just can't get motivated. My heart really isn't into having the little kids and I keep hoping for a call from the principal telling me that I have an older grade. Hopeless huh? I hope I manage to get my head around it before I have to face the little sweethearts. I don't want to let them down, just because I can't get my act together.

The teachers' first day back is Jan 30th and the kids arrive Feb 1st. We have been warned to expect the hottest summer in a LONG while, so things may not be too pleasant. There are plans to get the school airconditioned, but that will probably be held off until winter knowing how the ed dept works.

Congratulations on your weight loss! I love it when the scales keep going down. I'm not keen on when they stay the same... and I do NOT like it when they go up. I get too easily depressed about those things and must learn some patience.

I truly hope that your arm is better soon, or at least that your doc can tell you what the problem is and get you on the road to recovery.

Summer, it is SO great to hear that your mammogram was clear! What an incredible relief that must have been for you. I hope that you are feeling 100% very soon. I agree with Kerry, stay away from all those sick people. The last thing you would want is a relapse. That seemed to be the problem at our school during the last school year. People would get sick, but not fully recover, so their systems were too weak to fight off the 3 or 4 other bugs that were going around. Some seemed to be sick every few weeks for a lot of the year.

We got all of our clearing out finished yesterday. Filled an enormous bin with a LOT of 'stuff'. We were so ruthless it was funny. We even stopped asking each other what we should throw out after a while... we just threw it! What a great feeling! It is wonderful to be able to reclaim the house.:D

Off to the doc tomorrow to get the results of Sunday's blood tests. I'm hoping for some good results after losing so much weight. These are pretty much routine (have them done yearly as there is diabetes in the family) but he is also checking for any reason that I may have been REALLY tired lately. I'm thinking I may be low on iron, but we'll have to see.

Take care all,


01-11-2006, 11:59 AM
Good Morning Ladies,
Believe it or not my arm feels a little bit better today. It is still really sore. But I am still planning on going to the doctor's after school today in 5 hours.
I did my walking strong video this morning minus the strechie band and arm movements. I just modified it and walked in place, kicked or did knee raises when they were using the strechtie band for arm excerises. I guess I have to take my sdd to Curves tonight after my doctor's appointment so she can workout. My dh told me last night that he would apprecitate it if I would just take her so she gets in the habit of working out all the time. So this evening I hope I can relax a little bit before my show The Biggest Loser comes on. :)
Robyn, I hope that you were able to find your workout clothes this morning before heading off to work. Just think it is a little rough in the beginning and you want to give up. But in the end when you are little Mrs. Skinny Minny Robyn, you will look back on that excerise class and be proud of your hard work! I hope that you have a great loss on Saturday morning. Then you can look back on the excerise classes and go back next week for some more panting, groaning and sweating! :)
Zelma, glad that you had such a successful house cleaning. Would you like to come to the States and clean my house? I ended up helping my stepkids clean their room on Sunday. Oh my God, the junk we threw away filled one entire garage bag. I know that you will do fine once you start back to school with the kids here in a few weeks. This past summer I had to go back to school to become high quailfied to teach my special needs kids and I was depressed right before school started. But once I got back in the mode of doing school work with my kids, things were fine. So I am sure you will be fine here in a couple weeks. :)
Hi to everyone else. Hope your day is going great!
By the way, we are starting the Biggest Loser Contest at my school this week. We divided up into teams of 4. We had to name our teams and my team named themselves Hot Chicks in 2006. Guess who happens to be the team captain? You guessed it me! I hope that I can motivate and inspire my team to lose big from now until April 13th.
Have a great day! Check back in with you later. I will let know what I find out at the doctor's.

01-11-2006, 07:06 PM
Hope everyone is doing ok...I am ok we're having afreak thunderstorm that just came out of nowhere. Weird...
Very proud of myself today...Had, a faculty meeting with piles of compliemntary goodies, I only had a couple slices of cucumber, tomoto, carrots, and a few peanuts....Even passed up the candy dish when it came around. THat was tough....I love me some chocolate......

I posted a long post yesterday which would not post no matter what I did, so I just gave up.
Ginny: On for lunch. Went to Ptown for a day during my honeymoon. Lost our car......Those trees...Hmmmm are they painted yet?:o If you don't post soon I'll know why. Maybe you could talk to Dr. Self about this baseball/husband problem......She could help...:D

Robyn: GO girl on the excercising. I have been excercising every single day. Aint it grand? Ok, I sent my pics, now you have to send yours.....

Kerry: Hope the arm is better. What did the doctor say?

Summer: Glad you were able to make it to school. It's just miserable going to school and being sick, I hate it.....I know exactly how you feel about the mammogram. My mom had breast cancer, and had to have a single mastectomy. She, tried reconstruction, and had to end up having it removed in emergency surgury because he body rejected it. She is very lucky. SHe had a lump, and they did a biopsy, and the lump was benign, they just happened to catch another piece of tissue that was cancerous. It was in her ducts. SHe is doing fine....Was about seven years ago I guess. My boobs are so lumpy I seriously wonder if I would be able to tell.

Mouse: Good luck with the prom dress.. I was sort of excited about getting a formal dress. However, I may just take that one back and get a second hand one, if I can find one. I told my husband that it is a waste to spend money and wear it one time....What, am I going to vacuum in it?

Zelma: So, two more weeks and you will be joining us? Ughh. I'm tired already! We did activities all day, and cooperative learning, and I'm pooped. Enjoy the rest while you can....

I have missed the federal express truck twice. I'm starting to get worried. It looks like I will have to drive the thirty miles to get my stinkin birth certificate if I miss it again.

Off to cook supper......And excercise.


01-11-2006, 08:12 PM
Evening Ladies,
Well I went to the doctor this afternoon. After pulling and pushing my left arm, he has decided that I have burstitis in my shoulder. So I have to rest it for a week or two. Keep putting my Tiger Balm Patches on and take 800 mg of Iboubrofan 3 times a day with food. So I did take my sdd to Curves tonight and I just did the leg machines again. I felt like I really didn't have a workout by the time I was done. So I am hoping that after a week I can start using the arm machines again.
Pam great willpower at your meeting today. I know what you mean about the chocolate. The other night at the afterschool program several of the gals bought a large pizza and I passed it up. Since I knew that I was getting wi last night at TOPS. So you are still loving your Total Gym. Since you are exercising each day. See you will toned and buffed for your cruise in March :)
Hi to everyone else. I better go and get some more computer work done before my show comes on at 9. The Biggest Loser. I want to be able to watch it before falling asleep.
Talk to you all later.

01-11-2006, 08:59 PM
:D Me again.
Just getting ready to try and find some plane tickets.....Called federal express and they are going to hold my birth certificate so I can pick it up tomorrow.

My family is sort of pissing me off. My oldest son, the athlete.....Has done nothing but make fun of me since I started working out on this total gym. Oh, that's nothing. I could do that with one finger (which he can)
blah blah blah. You need to step it up a notch. Then, there is my husband, who liked it the first time he tried it, but refuses to go in it now who says why are you at that level? Can't you go up a notch? Well, there are seven levels on the machine. I am starting at level 2. It's not at the very bottom, but pretty close. After doing the work out the first night on level 2, it kicked my butt. So, I said just leave me alone. I can do this at level two and still be able to walk like a normal person. I have only been doing this Saturday. Where is the support.? What about gee mom, it's great that you are excercising...UGHHHH. THen, my huby goes around squeezing my arm and saying gee how buff and laughing. I may just have to kick him in the face. SOrry......:devil: Glad to be the butt of so many people's jokes in this house. My youngest son is very supportive....He has done it some too. He says geez, that's hard mom.Sorry to complain, it's just getting on my nerves.

Kerry: :hug: Sorry about your arm. I hope it will get back to normal soon. If I was hurting like that, I don't know that I would have even made it to curves. Kudos to you.....I'll be watching with you at nine......There is another show on fittv called reunions, that takes these people and gets them in shape for their high school reunions. It's a reality show too. I like that one as well. I just happened to stumble across it one day. The only difference, is that they are not in competition. But, you get to see their successes, and the work out routines they go through.

Ok, gotta get searching, then have to hem some pants for the little one, and then I'm gonna plop on the couch.

Have a great day tomorrow and for Robyn: Or not....THe choice is yours...and back at ya babe!:D


01-11-2006, 09:19 PM
Hi, all!

Robyn: Hope the exercise class went well. I was thinking about you, because my physical therapist pulled out the step-blocks for me to practice going up and down. He discovered that I turn my left leg out (pigeon toe) and I tend to drag it when I walk. He thinks that is because my calf muscle isn't strong enough, and that is also why my calf has been cramping. I'm expecting it to do too much. He is going to go over my weight lifting record with me from my old gym (I snagged it when I moved) and try to help me add some leg exercises! I'm actually HAPPY about that; he also recommended seeing if I couldn't afford to work with a personal trainer once a week or so for the lifting part. I'll ask how much it costs at my gym. Its a shame the head lifeguard (now temporary aquatics director) at the old gym is being such a dick... he's a certified personal trainer, and he might have helped me. I might also ask my TA, since he is also a certified personal trainer, and started at training to be a physical therapist.
Kerry: Bursitis is icky. I've never had it... I understand that they frequently recommend physical therapy for it. I'm not sure what type though, I just have seen lots of patients at the PT offices with that issue. I totally understand stress in dealing with your kids. Today, we had the dress rehersal for the soon-to-be famous soap opera, "As the Cafeteria Tables Turn". I was given the part of the "Evil School Teacher", and we also have the red-haired seductress who sets up all this schemes to get others in trouble, the naive and simple ingenue who does whatever the seductress says, the scapegoat, the follower, and the Court Jester. The scapegoat allegedly kicked the ingenue, who was completely innocent. Reality was that the seductress and the ingenue both kicking, and the scapegoat thought he was just teasing.
The follower joined in by saying he was kicked (really, really hard too!) and he SAW the whole thing. 2 hours and lots of lost classtime later, I got the whole story! I can laugh about it now, but while it was going on I was just mystified. I was also a bit worried when I discovered that my naive ingenue was telling everybody that I'd called her names, said she was a criminal, and that I hated her... I do NOT need a kid going home and telling that story!
I seem to have an epidemic of lying going on in my classroom.
Ginny: Don't go missing!!! We need you!!!
Zelda: 2 weeks left, well... here I am cheering that we're going to have exams next week, which means that the kids will leave early. I could use the time to make activities and stuff for them.
Summer: AWESOME NEWS! I remember last year too, and am so glad you & your family do not have to go through that again! Do take care of yourself: we've had it going around also, but fortunately only one student in our program (mine and the severe disabilities teacher) seems to have gotten it. Its been a week since she got sick in school, so I'm hoping I didn't get it. Of course, the question is: Would I know that I had it since I'm nauseous half the time anyway? Hmmm...
Tomorrow is the concert and the pizza party. I will probably have a piece of pizza, then come home to have one of my frozen dinners. Or, maybe I'll take the frozen dinner to school for a late lunch (I have a break tomorrow, so could eat as late at 1:30), and have my usual tuna and cheese for dinner.
I'm still waiting for my blood test results from the endocrinologist. I still have no idea what her "thoughts" were. I'm going to try and call her tomorrow from school since I have to stay there. The librarian will let me use her phone, and won't repeat anything that she hears. She's good people.
As I said, we're rewriting picture books... I really wanted things like "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" and "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", because its easy to pick a new main character, and a new thing to see or give, and wham! a new story!
Oh, and... If anybody has kids who want to be email penpals with my class and maybe the severe disabilities class, LET ME KNOW!!!! I signed my kids up for Gaggle accounts, which is the free, filtered email for schools. The assistive tech person that supports our school LOVES the idea, and is doing research to help us. I've been digging on the 'Net to find materials to teach the kids about safe emailing... We were supposed to do the lesson tomorrow, but I have an IEP meeting now, so it'll probably happen next week. I can also tell you how to get Gaggle accounts for your students (they really are free!) if you're interested. The one thing about the service that is really awesome is that if they send anything that is inappropriate or dangerous, the system forwards the email to the administrator (me!). Its not a human screening, but its better than turning them completely loose. I will also make sure my students know that I have their passwords and I will monitor the accounts; if I think I have a reason, I'll check the email. My students have writing levels anywhere from 1st grade to 4th grade...

01-12-2006, 06:03 PM
Okay, just in case anybody is curious, today SUCKED. I mean, really, truly sucked. And it was so gorgeous outside! I would love to just go for a swim and then sit on the porch and read. I have to stay after school to go to the concert for one of my kids. And really, I would much rather go swimming!!!!!!
Alright, the parent didn't show up for my IEP meeting. I found out later its because his daughter told him not to. The father is cognitively impaired, and I have the daughter. She is allegedly impaired as well (testing from 3 years ago shows a cognitive level of 5 years which is SO wrong, I have no idea how they could have ever thought those tests were VALID!!!). She rules the roost. This is my chronic absentee. So, after Dad didn't show, she managed to get somebody to pick her up at school early. Unfortunately for her, the truancy officer was in the building. We spent more than an hour talking to her, and then I spent most of the rest of the afternoon with various people from special ed: our principal, our dean, consulting teacher, etc. I got nothing done at all, didn't get lunch.
In between all of this drama, the printer broke... and its midterms, so my kids have projects due... And I finally reached my endocrinologist. :sigh: :(
Most of the blood results were fine: my fasting glucose was 81, my cholesterol is a little higher than she'd like, but not much (and that's probably from the birth control pills anyway), all the normal chemistry stuff was okay. My liver enzymes were also normal. BUT! My insulin is elevated again, and almost back to where it was when we started this whole mess. :( It was 30. It doubled in less than 3 months... the last bloodwork was done in October, and I had this done the end of December. I know my eating wasn't great for a week or two there, but this is horrible. And, my testosterone is up again too. :( :( I've worked so hard, and done that whole damn diet, and swam my little mouse-y butt off... for what? NOTHING! NOTHING!
No weight loss in a year. I take all those drugs and I'm sick all the time for WHAT?
I have to go see my primary care doctor tomorrow because they want to try insulin lowering drugs again. I tried glucophage/metformin and was sicker than I was when I was throwing up everything. I can't do Avandia because that is known for causing liver damage. The only other two that seem to be out there are Class C drugs and can cause issues with having children. Okay, I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that I won't have kids... but some of those drugs say that women who are or might be pregnant shouldn't even TOUCH them. Does that mean, then, that my female friends shouldn't be at my home?
I'm really upset, and really just want to go home, but I can't.

01-12-2006, 07:45 PM
oh mousie, how disappointing...... i'm sorry. that sounds so teeny but please know that it is heartfelt! (((mouse)))

01-12-2006, 09:15 PM
Not much happening here today. Just sort of hanging. Getting ready to finish up a test which I am giving tomorrow. Time just got away from me at school today, and never got around to doing it. Yuck...
Mouse: I'm so sorry about your test results. That's terrible. Also sorry about the drama in your room today. I was thinking today, that I really haven't had a whole lot of drama this year. How amazing.

Was gonna excercise, but my kids are all lounging in the livingroom, so unless I boot them all out, I guess I'll have to wait....It's getting on my nerves. Finally got my birth certificate today, I am officially birthed..!:D

Robyn: Did you have our glorious weather too? It was too nice of a day to be trapped inside. How did round two of excercising go?

Hope everyone else had a good day. Just remember, tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!


01-12-2006, 09:30 PM
Finally I can post. The site was too busy for the past 45 minutes.


Robyn, congratulations on entering a new decade...doing it backwards is the only way! Try to relax about your work stress. There is only so much you can control what you can, and let go of the rest.

Zelma, I am so impressed by your amazing weight loss. What got you started? How long did it take you to get so far? How did you overcome the obstacles along the way? How did you do it?

Kerry, I just love the Biggest Loser. Did you love last night's episode? I was so tired, but I forced myself to watch it for motivation. I wish it was on every night. It is great that your school is having a contest. My friend's job is also doing one. I wish my school would. My aide, (you know, the one who calls out sick all the time) is getting married in the summer, so she is dieting. So, the two of us are encouraging each other, but I would like more coworkers to join us.

Pam, sorry your mother had to deal with cancer, but thank God she is cancer-free now. It really sucks that your DS and DH are taking such pleasure in teasing you instead of supporting you. I refuse to exercise in my DH's presence because of the same kind of behavior over the years. I do most of my exercising at the gym where he is not a member. But, when I exercise at home, I do it when he is not around...especially if I'm doing a video. I know women who get support from their families and work out together, but I guess we are out of luck.

Mouse, trust me, you would know if you had the virus...basically because the vomiting and diarrhea occur simultaneously!!! And as far as wasting time swimming so much and trying so hard, imagine what condition you'd be in if you didn't work so hard. Be proud of your accomplishments.

Thanks to motivation from the Biggest Loser, I rode my bike for 20 minutes this morning in spite of wanting to stay in bed longer. I also ate on program all day. I felt silly eating tiny meals so often...kind of like a breast feeding baby needing to be nursed every 2 hours. I caught myself saying, "Oh, it's time for my next feeding!" I'm used to eating 3 big meals. It is weird to be eating all day long, but I did it, hopefully with good results. We'll see.

I had a frustrating day arguing with the pharmacy and my doctor's office over a prescription, arguing with Lenscrafters over an internal miscommunication, dealing with difficult parents, and PMS. Yeh, I was a beee-ah-tch today! But, I got my prescription, a doctor's appointment, and my new glasses. They are so pretty and stylish. But, since my new prescription is A LOT STRONGER, I'm getting a headache getting used to them. I may even wear eye makeup tomorrow to show them off. :love:

01-12-2006, 11:29 PM
Evening All,
Are you all ready for a nice long relaxing weekend? I know I am. But my dh has already told me that we can spend some of it, starting to pack up the house. That way we can do it a little bit at a time and not be rushed to do it when we are closer to moving. The other day we had a little old lady look at it and she just dearly loves it. So I am hoping that she decides to buy it. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
My arm is much better today. I was able to put on my bra without screaming in pain today or doing it the grandma way! :) I am able to move it alot more. Which is a wonderful feeling without pain shooting up my arm. But I am not doing any of the arm machines or arm movements in my walking videos until after next week or the week after. That way I don't injury myself further.
Pam, I am sorry that you are not getting positive feedback and support from your ds and dh. When I first started out working out at home, I had to do it when no one was around. Or they made what they thought was cute little funny comments or they would try to show me how to do it their correct way. Now I have gotten more comfortable working out at home and I just tell them off if they try to talk to me while I am working out. But I guess that is the Irish and Scottish in me coming out! Hope things start looking up for you on the homefront where your excerise is concerned. It is very sweet of your youngest ds to try out the Total Gym and make the comments that he did. He deserves a great big hug and kiss from mom!
Mouse, I really feel bad for you today! Sorry that you had such a sucky day. Why is it when it rains it pours? But look at this way, if you gave up swimming you wouldn't have no means of positively releasing your stress from work. Hope the concert was a nice one. Just think you only have one more day this week and then you can have a little vacation from school. Hope tomorrow is better than today for you. :) Sending positive thoughts your way.
Summer, I was able to stay awake until the final weigh-in and than my ibeprofan killed in last night. I was hooked all the way through it too. My dh woke me up to say that Sara and Steve won the weigh-in. I am glad that they did. I had at first thought I liked the other couple,but after the wedding cake challenge and she whined about having to eat brocolli instead of getting diamonds. I thought she was just a spoiled brat. As for our contest at school, we have eight teams of four people. So that will be a nice jackpot to win on April 13th. I am going to really try to kick butt and lose some weight between now and than. One of the lady janitors wants to do it, but she is a single mom of two daughters and has health problems, so money is tight for her right now. I said to a couple of my co-workers that we should all just take turns chipping in the weekly $2.00 fee for her. Two of them said that they didn't want her on their team if she couldn't pay the $2.00 fee. Because they didn't think it would be fair if she could to share the winning pot. I was so upset and hurt over their cruel comments they were making. This lady is a wonderful person and goes the extra mile for the staff at our school. She does extra little special things that isn't even her responsibility. So my one TA and I decided that we would just put her on our team and split the weekly fee. So we are hoping that our team wins a couple of the weekly pots and the grand prize pot in the end. So we can prove the other team wrong. :)
Hi to everyone else. We miss you and hope all is going well with you.
Well I need to go run to the store and buy a newspaper. Didn't do that earlier when we were out and about.
Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful Friday!

01-13-2006, 07:10 AM
In case you didn't know what day it is!
We will ignore the fact that it is Friday, the 13th! We will also ignore the fact that it is Friday, the 13th and the moon is full! :D

I've got much to say, but no UMPFFF to get it typed out! I lost a nice long ranting post yesterday...... :?:

Hope all is well with everyone. I will try to get back to this machine either tonight or tomorrow. School is closed on Monday. We may wander down to Hatteras to celebrate MLK's birthday! (Of course it is supposed to rain and get cold.. so we aren't sure!)

take care,

01-13-2006, 08:25 AM
Kerry, good for you for taking the high road and helping out a friend. We have a similar problem in my school with some teachers thinking they are superior to the other staff in the building who don't hold as many degrees. Pooh on them! A person is a person, and all people deserve dignity. And, if one of them needs a little help, and lets face it $2.00 a week is not much to ask, then why not give them some help? Good for you! Oh, and I agree with you about that girl who got all ga ga over the ring!

Robyn, I was trying very hard to forget that today is Friday the 13th...after all, I always say that I'm NOT superstitious. So I would not only like to THANK YOU for reminding me, but also for announcing that it is also a full moon!!! Gee, your a great friend!:p I may not be superstitious about the date, but I do believe in the powers of the full moon since they seem to have been proven over and over again. Add to it that I am PMSing, and it should be a swell day!!!:lol3:

Michele L
01-13-2006, 08:53 AM
Well, it seems I have (almost) survived the week from H*LL! I have one test left to administer and grade and then grades can be posted to the Guidance Office (and they're not due til Tuesday!).

I have MOST of my things ready for the new classes that start on Monday. I have all 28 (:eek:) desks in place for both my classes and ITED's (state standardized test) next week. I have NO ROOM to even walk around, let alone get to a kid who needs one-on-one help!

This morning, we continue with work time, which SHOULD mean most remaining items get completed. Then, it's 2 hours of a STUPID inservice technique that doesn't apply to foreign language. But I HAVE to write and teach a lesson that uses it! I've been waiting since September for SOMEBODY to tell me HOW to do that!

Anyway....I walked a bit more than 5 mile this week AND I lost a pound! So I'm feeling like I've overcome one of my biggest battles at this time of year! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

Hope everyone has a great Friday--I don't have kids today (except the one making up a test)!

Michele :wave:

01-13-2006, 09:00 AM
Oh Mouse, I wish there was something I could do to make your day better. Well, I suppose it is a new day now, so we can hope for a much better one than yesterday.

I'm not sure I could afford a personal trainer, so I would be looking for alternatives too. I hope you find someone who can help you.

Oh, it sounds as though your kids were just 'peachy' Thursday. Makes me REALLY eager to return to the madhouse. There are days when I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else, and there are the 'other' days. Those days when you really question your sanity and can't work out why you would choose to work in such a situation. It sounds as Thursday was an "other" day for you. Hey, at least Friday the 13th - WITH a full moon (and I believe in the effects of the full moon as I actually seem to get a little emotional around the full moon, but I haven't started howling yet) - can't get any worse... can it? Hopefully not.

You mentioned that you have exams next week, with early closing. Is that ALL week? If not, could you convince someone to MAKE it last all week? Sounds like a fine idea to me.

Sorry about the results of the blood tests not being what you had hoped. I got my results back this week too, and I am low in Vitamin D and B12, but I think they are easily fixed with supplements, so I'm not too concerned. I wish your problems were as easily fixed, but it sounds as though you are going to have to do a little trial and error to get them sorted. I can certainly understand that you are upset about working your butt off to try and get better and then these results are like a slap in the face. Mind you, as someone else said, they may have been even worse if you hadn't worked so hard. I know that probably doesn't help much at all at the moment, but it may give you a little 'light at the end of the tunnel' later.

I truly hope that Friday is good to you and that you have a wonderful weekend.

Take care,


01-13-2006, 09:35 AM
Summer, I'll answer your post separately, as I tend to go on and on about how I have lost the weight. You may regret ever asking after all this.:dizzy:

You asked what got me started and I really can't answer that, except that perhaps some kind of survival mechanism kicked in. All I can say is that I weighed myself in the middle of January 2004 and saw that I had gained 10kg since Sept 03. Now, at the time, I can't remember feeling anything in particular, or making any major decisions. But in the car later with my husband of 3 and a half years, I remember looking across at him and thinking "If you don't do something you won't be around to spend those MANY more years with this guy that you had planned." That seemed to be it for me. I had never had any bad medical results, but diabetes was in the family and I knew I was a time bomb just waiting to go off. I mentioned something to hubby, can't even remember what I said now, but it must have been about having to do something about my weight. Well, from that moment on we both decided to start some action.

The first thing we did was that we bought NO more rubbish food into the house. We didn't throw out everything we had, but once it was gone, there was no more. I was not good with temptation in those early days and knew that if it was around, I would keep thinking about it until I ate it. I didn't deprive myself of treats, they just had to be outside the home. So I would have something if we went shopping, or I would have a treat when there was a morning tea at school. Now, I don't even want cakes, candy or chocolate, and my treats are dried fruit, nuts and flavoured licorice. But early on I still craved things and probably ate too much at those times, but hey, it worked for me. We also started looking for healthier eating options, but only gradually, nothing too major to take in at once I don't think. Things like stopping drinking soft drinks and milk drinks. We have some nice fruit cordials over here that we have now instead. I also have diet flavoured soda water that I have to mix with plain soda water as it is too sweet for me now.

Halfway through 2004 I had a parent/teacher interview with a student's mum and found out she is a dietitian. Since then we have become very good friends and she has given me some fantastic advice to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Basically, what I eat now is mostly fresh fruit and vegetables. I try to eat as little processed food as possible. I start lunch and dinner with a large salad and then add a little something like boiled eggs on wholegrain crackers, grilled chicken, tuna, sushi (vegetable), low fat sausages, lean steak etc. I have three good-sized meals and 2 or 3 snacks. My dietitian friend likes me to have 3, but sometimes I give 2 a go to give my body a little variety. Snacks are mostly fresh fruit with yoghurt, sometimes nuts and often low-fat icecream. Oh, my salads have a basic base, then I vary what I add to them. It may be red peppers, snow peas, green beans, sugar snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, chick peas, etc. Just things to add a little variety.

I've read up on Low GI eating and it seems to be mostly what I am sticking to anyway, but I do sometimes get a few ideas from there. I've never counted calories or points, or weighed food. Maybe I should, but so far things have worked with what I'm doing. Things are slowing a little as I get closer to target and as my hormones have kicked in again, but I think that is to be expected, so I just need to learn a little patience.

Oh... I didn't mention exercise. I KNOW I couldn't have come this far without combining the healthy eating with exercise. For the first year I just did my own thing. Hubby and I would go for long walks when we could and at other times I would 'exercise' to music in my lounge room. This involved a kind of aerobics routine, but I didn't really know what I was doing, I just made sure I moved. Early in 2005 I hired a treadmill to make sure I would get use out of it and then I bought one. For most of that year I used the treadmill first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon/evening. At the end of last year I got an exercise bike for Christmas and I now use that in the afternoon instead of the treadmill. I just felt I needed a little variety. I wasn't getting bored with the treadmill, and it is still my favourite, but I think my body wanted a change. I'm also considering the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs, as I have heard some great things about them.

I have definitely taken this on as a lifestyle change, so I don't break down at Christmas or holidays like that. I know that my 'system' is used to the way things are now, and doesn't need the other stuff. I did make a couple of special salads (such as sweet potato salad and caesar salad with low fat dressings) over Christmas and had a special low fat dessert for a few days, and they were treats enough for me. I didn't stop my exercise routine at all. I start my day with exercise and I exercise in front of the news in the afternoon/evening. It is just part of my day now and I feel lost if I miss a session.

You asked how I overcame the obstacles. Well, believe it or not, I didn't really have any major obstacles. You see, I have always told myself that it "isn't an option" so things seemed easier that way. When I looked at chocolate I just said "You can't have that Zelma". In fact, I'm sure I often said that out loud, just to make sure I was listening. I may have sounded insane to other shoppers, but at least I listened to myself.:D When I came to a couple of little glitches, my hubby has been a rock of support and my dietitian friend has always managed to come to my rescue as well.

Well, I have probably blabbed on WAY more than you ever wanted to hear, but hopefully you have taken in what interested you and kinda just skimmed the rest.

If you have any more questions (if you are game enough to ask after this 'novel' of an answer) I am most happy to answer them. One of my aims is to help as many people as I can to make a healthier life for themselves. I am worse than a reformed smoker though and tend to want to tell EVERYONE how they can help themselves. I have to learn to wait to be asked. THEN they get an earful.:)

Take care and have a wonderful weekend,


01-13-2006, 05:30 PM
TGIF!!!!!!!!!WAHOOOOOOOOO! My day started off crazy. Filled up my water bottle, and by the time I got to school, the entire thing had emptied into the front car seat.....Two fights this am...One boys, one girls, not in my room, in the hallway....The rest of the day was easy....

Going to Virginia Beach this weekend. My dog who NEVER NEVER NEVER DOES THIS, has been standing at the fence HOWLING LIKE A WOLF....I don't know what her problem is. I didn't even know she could do that. Today is the first day I've ever heard her.

Kerry: I generally don't pay attention to the things they say...However, it just bugged me that one day. My husband is usually very supportive, although has become a little jealous since I've lost weight. My son, just thinks he knows everything....SO, you know how that goes. You cracked me up about the grandma way of putting on a bra....That's exactly how my granny used to do it..Ha!

Zelma: What an inspirational story. I'm not that regemented. Some days are good, some are not...Sometimes I don't care. Today is one of those days as I had to pour myself a Pepsi when I got home....But, other than that everything is still on plan.

Summer: I love the biggest loser too.... I personally was hoping for the other team to win the weigh in at the ranch. I just think it's cause I liked that other fiance...He seemed like a super nice guy. I didn't like the girl from the team that one or the girl who went crazy over the ring...But, I guess that's cause I'm really not that into the jewlry thing. I would rather have had the ten thousand dollars...

Hey to everyone else.....


01-13-2006, 08:20 PM
Well, I am in shock....this is my first run with the computer- finally had the computer guy fix this darned thing up right- upgrade a bunch of stuff...hopefully Ds can't infect this too much with too many viruses! It will take me some time to get caught up with each of you. So bear with me. TGIF! This week could not end fast enough. Very stressful. And so glad it is over. And I am planning on spending Monday (we are off) in my jammies.
Ok, better go check email. See ya!

01-13-2006, 08:54 PM
Lets see if I can make some sense of this weeks posts....

Mouse- so sorry about all the medical issues. Gosh that stinks for you. It must be tough trying to make the best of the situation, which I am sure you do- and not- at least from a surface look- really make any strides. Keep your chin up- I keep hoping and praying that some doctor somewhere can make some sense of all this for you. As far as the dress goes- ever consider having someone sew one for you? My Dm used to be really good at combining patterns- which might work if a traditional pattern did not work for you. (gee, if you lived closer I would do it for you...........somehow driving 6 hrs for fittings seems prohibitive).

Robyn- off to Hatteras??? Hope your trip goes well, if you go. Planningon going to WW tomorrow?

Kerry-bursitis stinks- but I have it a wee bit in my hip and shoulder. The hip has only flared up 2X in 10 years, the shoulder only a wee bit more. And it resolves quickly with some advil. At least for me. Feel better!

Pam- enjoy the trip to VA beach. Sorry about the howling dog- but I suspect some of the problem is the full moon. Got a kitten here to testify to the fact that there is a full moon. Fidgie is off the wall......worse than normal.

Zelma- I enjoyed reading your story, and find it inspirational. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Michele- congrats on the 5 miles of walking and the weight loss!

Summer- going back to an older post, congrats on the mammogram! I remember last year, it was none too fun for you. You must feel so great just having a "normal" mammo. (I know how unnerving an abnormal mammo is, been there, done that). Hope today was good for you- full moon, PMS and Friday 13th all in one.

Hope I did not miss anyone!

Gosh I am SO glad this week is done. Had to give a major lecture to my kids today on manners. I am TIRED of being treated subhuman. Every time a student boards or leaves my bus I personally address him or her. Ok, I know that some are shy- or not morning people, etc... but there are some who routinely say nothing- ignore me- or just make some snotty comment. Enough of that stuff. I am a human being- take their safety and well being very personally- and will now insist on some basic level of respect. (not too much to ask, is it?).

Anyway- nuff bellyaching. Gonna go get in my jammies.......chill out.....Have a great weekend! Gee, it is good to be back.

01-13-2006, 10:23 PM
Evening, all.
Robyn: Thanks so much for reminding me that it was Friday 13. And a full moon. At least I know why my kids were off the wall all week now. I am afraid I was a total crab most of the morning: but at least it was an easy one. We had the Bermuda Day, which only one of my kids went to. The rest were shuffled off to a study-hall in the cafeteria. I let them bring the Uno cards along, even though they were supposed to study... what are my kids going to study for 90 minutes? Most of them can't read and I wasn't dragging all the manipulatives over for one of my kids for math. They all need 1:1 help, and I was a study hall monitor. They were better behaved than a lot of the other kids were, and quieter! Then, we went back and I let them play Uno, which I've turned into a math game, by having them score each hand, and also its a good color-matching/direction following game for all of them. After that, we went to work at the new Goodwill sorting clothes. That was certainly interesting, because at least one of my kids couldn't identify the clothing! We found a Sorry! game there, for $2, so I bought that for the classroom. We went back and played Sorry... another awesome math game.
We were supposed to go to the DMV, but it was closed for some strange Virginia holiday (Oh, Robyn, what the heck is Lee-Jackson day, anyway????).
Kerry: Glad the arm is much better!!!
Michelle: Glad the exams are almost over... ours start next week!
Zelma: Thanks. I appreciate the thoughts. And yes, it'd be much worse if I hadn't worked my butt off. I'd be at least 55+ pounds heavier, I wouldn't be swimming. And, I might not understand why all of this was going on.
Your eating plan is very similar to mine: I don't bring things I'm not allowed to have into the house... if I want something sweet, I have to go out and buy it or bring the small piece of whatever home. I do tend to eat it at home, but that is mostly because I do still get sick when I eat at times. But I only bring in one piece. Never a whole cake or pie or anything. The exception is sugar-free or low-sugar, low-fat frozen yogurt or ice cream, and microwave popcorn. The latter isn't that bad, except the carbs. I have to do a low-carb diet... my carbs are actually even below the recommended limit for people with diabetes. They are usually allowed 45 per meal, I get 30-33. Unlike diabetics, I can save the carbs for other meals, and I'm not as restricted on dairy and fruit carbs. I'm super restrictive on carbs from sugar, or things that cause significant blood sugar reaction (high glycemics like tomatoes, potatoes and carrots). It hasn't made much of a difference in my weight, but it sure has made my life better! I don't throw up near as often, and I have more energy.
Ginny: I was really shocked to get the blood test results. There is some question as to whether or not it is from not exercising as much due to my ankle. I did get read the riot act about my ankle and not following through as much I should with the orthopedist. He'd sent a letter to my primary care saying I should come back in 4 weeks if I was having problems, but I wasn't told that and was told I didn't need a follow-up appointment. She wants me to wear the brace at least half the day, or the high shoes, plus buy sneakers to wear when I'm guarding, so I'm less likely to slip.
She was also wanting me to try something to control the insulin. I flat refused to go back on the Glucophage, and was wary about Avandia because I hear that you have to have blood tests weekly the first few months because of liver complications. She says that is rare, and that if the liver issues were caused by the glucophage, the enzymes would have gone down, not up. That wasn't what I was told initially, 4 years ago, but I can recognize that I might have been given wrong information. She asked about fatty liver, and I said it was mentioned (they saw something on the abdominal ultrasound I had), but that my liver enzymes were now normal and that doesn't indicate a long-term issue like fatty liver. I also admitted to her that I'd looked for other solutions beyond Avandia and Glucophage, but had only found one or two... one turned out to BE Avandia, but the generic name... the author of the study had used both, so I was confused. There was another drug in the same family as Avandia, but it doesn't have all the side effects. So, I agreed to give it a shot... Actos. Its new, or at least new enough that there isn't a generic for it. She also asked me to consider prozac or another serotonin inhibitor because that can help with nausea. I'm reluctant to take any kind of drug that is mainly for emotional problems... I have had too many kids on those drugs and I don't always like what it does to them.
I started the Actos tonight... I've only had one, but its been 2 hours and I'm not nauseated at all. I have to have bloodwork done on Monday for the possible thyroid issue, and to check my H1AC level. I'm not diabetic, but they want to keep an eye on it because of the insulin levels and that's a much pleasanter way to do it than the glucose tolerance tests. Those make me sick because of the drink.

01-14-2006, 01:03 PM

I realize that 5 pounds doesn't seem a lot to the rest of you, but I haven't lost any weight in a while. With all the exercise I did in the fall with the personal trainer, I lost a few inches, but because I couldn't stick to South Beach longterm, I didn't lose any weight. And then the holidays didn't help! Anyway, I'm finally back on Weight Watchers, my old fail-safe method while keeping an eye on the carbs, and finally, SUCCESS!!! I'm so happy, I don't even care that my cramps are horrible and I'm practically hemorrhaging!!! (sp?)

01-14-2006, 01:04 PM
Where the F*CK is my signature?!

01-14-2006, 04:52 PM
Summer: I'd scream louder than you did if I ever lost 5 pounds in one fell swoop. ;) Seriously.

The signature thingy was on a poll (Robyn pointed it out to me when I asked too!)... right now people are complaining because some of the sigs are really long and people say they are slowing things down for people with slower connections. Mine looks long, but its not very many characters... just a lot of spacing. I should take the silly tracker off: its not like I ever have anything to report on it (or if I do, its 1 pound this week, then gained back the following week).
Me? I'm off to the gym in Baltimore: I told my one friend there I'd help her because a lot of people bailed on her for the winter session. We don't usually have a session this time of year, but they shifted things, and now we do.
I'm not going to help whoever is there guarding, though, since they took me off the schedule. I also just discovered that there is no generic for my prescription, and its a non-preferred drug. Its going to cost me $38 a month to stay on it. Oh well...

01-14-2006, 05:19 PM
Thanks Mouse. Now I get it. Sorry about the cost of your meds. I nearly ripped out my pharmacist's throat when they charged me $75 for a medication only to find out that without insurance, I'd be paying $ I let go of his adam's apple... Between the GREED of pharmaceutical companies, credit card companies, oil companies, and the prez and v. prez of the US, I want to puke!

01-14-2006, 05:21 PM
Oooooh look up there! My signature appeared! Whoopie!

01-14-2006, 08:08 PM
Evening Everyone,
Sounds like everyone had one of those Fridays. My Friday truly sucked. I had hoped that it would be a great day. That all fell to the down the drain when the one sub TA walked in my room to say that she was here to work with my wheelchair bound student. Then the PT showed up 1 1/2 hours late. Wanted to put my student in his gait trainer but wouldn't be able to stay and help take him out. Thank God my other TA came in at that time and said that she would help get him out. I could have just seen me trying to get him out of the gait trainer (Standing walker type thing) with my arm and shoulder problem. Then at recess duty, I took two kids in the office for throwing rocks at each other, only to come outside for my Down Sydrome boy to take off to the bathroom and camp for the remaining 15 minutes of duty. So I was in the boys bathroom all that time. Came back to my room to let the boys watch a movie for the rest of the afternoon so I could put grades on my computer. Only to have to deal with one behavior problem after another. 2:45 finally rolled around. I left to come home only to get a phone call from the company that I have my van loan through saying that I didn't send in my payment for this month yet. I told them that I wrote the check on the 29th of Dec. Mailed it on the 30th of Dec. So they should have gotten by now. Told me that I had to do all this friggin' paperwork just to prove that I had paid the payment. Called my bank and asked them if the check had been cashed. They said that it had been and it was posted to my account on Jan.5th. So I called the car loan company back, read them the riot act and told them to stop calling me and harrassing me about paying my loan. The guy said oh maam we got your check on Jan.3th I don't know why it wasn't posted on your account. It would be so much easier if you just let us electronic take it from your account and we won't have this problem. I explained to them that I prefer to pay it by check because that way I know that I have the money in my account and then I don't have to pay a lot of friggin' service fees. He tried blaming it all on the USPS. I told him that his company better learn how to keep their books better and to stop calling and harassing me. It felt so good to tell him off and hang up! Then I took my dsd to Curves to workout. We hurry home so her mom could pick her and her brothers up. Only her mom decided to work late last night until 7 instead of 6. She never called to tell us or anything. My dh and I had plans to go out to dinner and do something last night. So that was the last straw yesterday. I called in an order for Chinese (off their diet menu) and left to get that before the fat witch showed up. Came home to an empty house, eat my dinner and worked on putting more grades on my computer. Then I took me a nice long nap. My dh came home and we went to get movies from the movie store, only to find out that we had late fees. Paid those but it pisses me off that we got charged them for dropping them in the drop off box the night they were due. So I was very happy to see that Friday the 13th came to close. Today, I finished putting the grades on my computer, did some laundry, cleaned up my dining room (table I just threw stuff on), went to calling hours for our little neighbor boy. He was only two, he had a rare blood disease. His dad told us that he had finally beaten the disease, but had caught a virus and because his immune system was still so weak from his tranfusions that is what killed him. That if he would have caught the virus next week, his immune system would have been better and able to withstand it. Finally went out to dinner with my dh today and than went grocery shopping. So now we are waiting on our friends to call and tell us where we are going tonight. Then only that sucks about that is I can't drink anything alcholic since I am taking 800mg of iberounphen. So that is how my weekend has been going. I hope it gets better.
Mouse, so what was Berumuda Day? Hope you enjoyed your trip to Balitmore this afternoon!
Summer congrats on the 5 pound weight loss! You go girl!! Keep up the great work! You can do it!! :)
Ginny glad to have you back! We missed you. Did you go to WW this week? If so how did it go?
Pam enjoy your trip to Va. Beach this weekend. You deserve it! Sounds like you had a really tough week this past week.
Michelle congrats on your weight loss and the 5 miles walked so far! :) Welcome back. We sure have missed you. Hope all is well with you. Enjoying your long weekend!
Zelma, thanks for sharing your great weight-loss journey. It sure was inspiring and just what I needed to hear, since I was starting to get a little depressed about my weight being in a stalled out pattern. Plus with my bursistis issue and not really being able to do my full workout at Curves. Hope you are enjoying your last few weeks of freedom before the school bell rings for you!
Robyn, where are you? Hope the excerise class didn't injury you that you are not able to check in with us and let us know that you are still alive! :) How did you do at WW this morning? I know that you were looking forward to your wi.
Well I better stop babbling and go check my email. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful Saturday evening.

01-15-2006, 12:00 AM
Evening, all, again.
Wow, Kerry, are you sure you didn't join me? Your day sounds like one I would have! :)
Summer: Yea, but I also know that medical research for new drugs is very expensive. I have some sympathy: scientists don't come cheap, and its very hard to bring a new drug to market. I'm not sure that the prices are outrageous given the cost behind each drug.... and the risks inherent in bringin a drug out. You never know when an FDA-approved drug will cause issues and you wind up being sued silly. I mean really... there are ads all over the TV constantly: Zyprexa, Vioxx, FenPhen, etc, etc, etc. Also, once the patent on a drug expires (and I get the impression that they aren't as long as other brand-name items?), the company then loses money because health insurance won't pay for the drug. My drug is really new, and there isn't a generic for it yet.
I weighed myself at the gym tonight in all my clothes... and discovered that I lost about 5 pounds. It is probably 5 pounds of muscle becuase I haven't been lifting weights, but... I was wearing a sweatshirt, turtleneck, pants, and socks. That's at least a couple of pounds of clothing! :)
Then I got my swim in, and taught parent-child... only to have my 6 month old student puke on me in the pool. :sigh: I had to clean up the pool before I could clean myself up.

01-15-2006, 01:03 AM
Evening Again All:
Well what a boring evening for us. Our friends must have decided not to go out. Because we never heard from them. So my dh and I went down to the local Pizza Pub and sat in there for a couple hours. I was a good girl and had a chef salad with no dressing and diet coke and then water. When we first got there one of my co-workers was in there. She is on an opposing team for our Biggest Loser Contest and she was trying to get me to eat a pizza and have some beer. But I told her no thanks I want to win. I said i hope you enjoyed your pizza and beer. She begged me not to tell her team mates on Tuesday that she eat pizza. :) I was really looking forward to going out tonight too! Sigh
Mouse, congrats on the weight loss! Did you enjoy your swim tonight. Sorry to hear that you got puked on by the six month old child. So what are your big plans for your day off on Monday? I am going to sleep in, go workout with my dsd and then help her look for a science fair project to do. We stopped at the library last night and got about 6 books to look through. I told her that I would supply the books and help her find a project to do. But other than that I couldn't help her work on it. Since I have to work late 4 nights a week, do 2 alternate assessments between now and March 3rd. Plus my IEP's meetings are on April 6th. So I will be busy over the next couple of months. I figure that her mom can step up to the plate and help her for a change. But knowing my dsd she will just work on the project here at our house, so her dad can help her. Maybe if we happen to get a few more snow days I might be able to help her on those days. Plus I plan on finishing a book I started last week.
Well I think I am going to go read for a few minutes and then head off to bed. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Take care,

01-15-2006, 11:22 AM
Good morning!

Mouse- I hope there is a way to get that medication less expensive for you. A lot of times doctors can give out gobs of samples, especially if it is a new med that the pharmaceutical co is attempting to launch. I know it is horrible...the prices are insane......but thanks for the sympathy for the pharmaceutical industry. I was employed in it for 20 years- Dh is still there and it is pure **** working for one. It does for the most part explain the Atilla moods here. Won't bore you with the details, but the research is SO expensive. And our new global economy makes it insane. WOnt bore you with the details....... Congrats on your loss.... glad you got that swim in.

Kerry- congrats on being a "good girl" and getting the salad. Hope you were able to salvage the evening. Sure stinks when you want to get out and friends stand you up.

Summer- any of us would be screaming over 5 #!:carrot: That is wonderful!
Congrats! I am SO happy for you. Who would'nt be screaming! Feel better too- hope TOM passes quickly. this week was so busy, I forgot to mention my WI. I was up .8- and considering that TOM was this week I am hardly upset. My eating was poor last week. Took the kids to see Narnia last nite. Dh wanted to watch football, and said he would not like that kind of movie. (it was excellent, I think he would have really liked it). Anyway, the Weather Channel goofed- it was supposed to start snowing after midnight- and when we got out of the 2+hour movie 3 inches had already fallen and it was almost blizzard like. What a fun drive ranked all over my bus driving skills ("aw, crap, Mom has her 4ways on......all she needs is her crossing gate and reds and we will really be seen") it was an interesting trip home, but thank God uneventful.

Guess I'd better go see what Dd's are up to...the older one is in a crabby mood today. See ya!

01-15-2006, 12:07 PM
Sorry to be AWOL. Friday, 6 seconds after I return from taking the cherubs to the buses, my cell phone rings... DH reporting that I need to hurry home as our friends had called and invited us to their house for a "family dinner"... Their oldest 2 were heading back to college and they ask for us to come! Kind of sweet... and a great surprise...and a fun time that didn't end until after 2 a.m.! Woke up on Saturday morning after 9, I'd forgotten to set the alarm for WW. The weather was horrid. Temperatures falling, wind blowing, rain..... WW stays open until noon. But, I had no desire to drive over a bridge in that weather nor the rest of the trip in "city" traffic. So, nope, didn't make it to WW. For the rest of Saturday, I piddled around the house, doing laundry, breaking up the 2Princes' disagreements, trying to talk to DH about going to the beach, and finally, I gave up and took a nap. A LONGGGGGGG (too long!) nap! ::shrug::sigh:: WHATEVER!

It was 68 on Friday with tornado watches off and on and a horrible thunder storm Friday night. By Saturday night it was something like 24, wind chill much lower than that as it was blowing like crazy AND it snowed. For hours! No huge accumulations or anything but STILL! Rather odd!

So. Dh and the boys have gone with the other testosterone filled folk to Hatteras. They have some "HoneyDo"s to get done around the beach house as well as the promise of a great timed outgoing tide on Monday morning! They will do their work around the house today/tonight and they will fish tomorrow! They will return on Monday evening!...and I am here alone. Alone! Alone! Alone! With the house completely and totally destroyed! Since I napped yesterday... and now all my hired help has run for the beach....sigh! I've got it to do on my own! But hey, I'm ALONE! :)
This doesn't happen often! Whooohooo!

Now about that Southern holiday that Mousie was asking about.... copied right from the Wikepedia...
Lee-Jackson-King Day was a holiday celebrated in the Commonwealth of Virginia from 1984 to 2000.
Robert E. Lee's birthday (January 19,1807) has been celebrated as a Virginia holiday since 1889. In 1904, the legislature added the birthday of Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson (January 21,1824) to the holiday, and Lee-Jackson Day was born.
In 1983, President Ronald Reagan approved an Act of Congress declaring January 19 to be a national holiday in honor of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. Since 1978, Virginia had celebrated King's birthday in conjunction with New Year's Day. To comply with the federal decree, the Virginia legislature simply combined King's celebration with the existing Lee-Jackson holiday.
The incongruous nature of the holiday, which simultaneously celebrated the lives of Confederate generals and a civil rights icon, did not escape the notice of Virginia lawmakers. In 2000, Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore proposed splitting Lee-Jackson-King Day into two separate holidays, with Lee-Jackson day being celebrated the Friday before what would become Martin Luther King Day. The measure was approved and the two holidays are now celebrated separately.

Hope that answers the question.... and REALLY, not everyone owns a Confederate flag here in VA! BUT there is a LOT of history around these parts! AND nope, we didn't get Lee-Jackson day off from school! (HOW unfair! as all state gov. workers did!) I will also confess, my 1st graders were taught about MLK! I did NOT teach anything about the other two fellas!

Sorry that everyone has been having icky Fridays and Saturdays....

Congratulations on your 5 pound loss, Summer. My sister had the same virus that you did and reached her 10% at her WI! She also raised a lot of eyebrows and was asked the secret of her success during the meeting! She says she got a ton of groans when she told of her Weight Loss plan for last week! ;)
Mouse, I am feel your pain regarding the price of prescription drugs... even with insurance.... Gin, do they give you a discount on yours? ;) Kerry, don't you hate book keeping errors on THEIR part? ...and the harrassing calls?! Hope your weekend gets better!

Hello to everyone ringing...gotta run!

take care,

01-15-2006, 03:13 PM
Afternoon, everybody.
I got up this morning and went out early for my swim. I stopped at a buffet place to get lunch/dinner to bring home... I like going because I can get small amounts of lots of different vegetables, and protein. :) They also have tiny cookies and brownies, so I can get a little treat too.
I was going to go to the library, but I planned badly: it doesn't open till noon, and I was done by 11:30. I said I'd go out later, but I'm FREEZING, and its SOOOO windy, I'm not really psyched by the idea of going back outside where it is a lot colder than under my 3 quilts, denim duvet and thermal blanket... Its insane that I'm so cold all the time!
Kerry: Glad you got out a little bit and enjoyed your salad.
Ginny: It snowed last night in Baltimore, too, when I was leaving swimming lessons. I had to drive back home in it, which wasn't much fun. It stopped somewhere south of Columbia, but nothing ever stuck to the roads.
Robyn: Thanks for the lesson. I actually did go look it up... I'm amazed that I missed that my first time in Virginia or anything, because my mom lived here and I spent my summers in Richmond (grandmother lived there, and my aunt and uncle) till I was like 12. We had the very same strange weather. The thunderstorm woke me up briefly Saturday morning because it was SO LOUD, and SO STRONG! It sounded like somebody was bombing the city or like a plane had crashed at the airport nearby. I figured out what it was after I saw the lightining. And then, I mentioned, it did snow last night. I saw signs of snow in other parts on people's cars at the gym this morning.

The gym was PACKED this morning... as packed as it is on a evening when I go there. I mean, it is a 24 hour gym, but geez!!!! The pool usually isn't too bad, but I hate sharing lanes. The lanes just aren't wide enough unless both of you are doing a crawl/freestyle. I wore an elastic ankle support today, and it made a lot of difference... I hate wearing it, but I think I mentioned that my doctor read me the riot act on Friday for not taking better care of myself in that deparmtent.
Grrrr!!!! I actually did go back out to the library: only to find that the book they were holding for me was no longer there... it was sent back. And, then, I went to the grocery store and was all excited because this particular store has my sugar-free chocolate milk (that is usually my evening treat!), but I also noticed that they had the low-carb flatbread I found at a local Wegmans. Wegmans is expensive, IMO, and I try to only shop there if I there is something unusual that I want... But, I'd seen it there last time I was over there. It was $4.99 a pack there, with 4 large slices. Now, for me, the large pieces make 2 sandwiches. Anyway, I was so excited because the store near the library had the same bread... for $2.99!!!! AND, it was on sale this week for $1.99!!!!!! I bought all of the original version they had---all 3 packs. The only other flavor they had was sundried tomato, and honey wheat. And I didn't think to LOOK at the nutrional label. The package was nearly identical... There was also a promotional kid's sized flat bread attached for free. So, I get it home and I'm putting two packs in the freezer... and look at the kid's sized one. I'd had my mouth all set for a peanut butter and no-sugar fruit butter sandwich! And then I saw the label! These weren't the low carb ones! :( :cry: Oh well, I still have the peanut butter... and a friend of my mom's always gives me jars of no-sugar fruit butter from a local produce market in Elizabethtown, PA. That stuff is SOOOOO awesome! Its made on-site, and they close over the winter because they don't have fresh product (so I'm stuck with the one jar I have left of pumpkin till April or so). The proceeds support an assisted living and nursing home run by the Masons; the home also has a small program for orphaned or children needing foster care. They also sell the fruit during season.

01-15-2006, 07:51 PM
Well, hope everyone is getting some much needed rest. I am crabby, cranky and ready to kill. Tom has arrived and I seriously feel bipolar. Let me just mention.....Do not, I repeat do not shop for clothes during this time period. It makes me quite upset and disgusted. Went to Virginia Beach. Had a good time. Met my hubby at his brother's house at about 10 last night after spending the day with my family and hung out. Everyone was singing on the Karoke machine. I LOVE to sing, and do it non stop here. However, can't manage to do it in front of people. I mean, I have decided I must have serious issues. Well, everyone kept telling me it was my turn to sing, and I wouldn't and finally I said give me the :censored: microphone because it was nonstop for two hours. At that point, I just could hardly sing. My heart was beating, and my face was all red, and you'd think I was about to face a firing squad. I don't know what happened to me. I need to work on that. I have a problem speaking in public, unless it's my students. Adults, omigod I HATE IT! I NEED HELP. This may sound really stupid to you all, but I did not realize that I had this problem until last night. I used to sing at banquets and stuff when I was in high school, honors chorus, all city. I wanted to be on star search. Weird......I think I have some major esteem issues. Sorry to unload about something so ridiculous. But everyone was getting so pissed at me. I just seriously couldn't do it.


Hey to everyone....Sorry not to get personal, but I have a terrible headache. So, talk to you later.



01-15-2006, 07:56 PM
May be you needed more alcohol, Pam! :) Just kidding! So...did you sing? If so, what? Just wondering and trying to avoid cleaning the kitchen floor!
:) meeee home alone and not wanting to do a darn thing!

01-15-2006, 09:10 PM
Last week, I brought my belly dancing tapes to school to show someone. A few girls from my grade 11 history class saw them on my desk and asked if they could see them. I told them to come back at lunch time and we could watch one. They came back....15 of them and we did the workout at lunch time. They LOVED it! We are planning to do this twice a week! I also just ordered a hula video! Hope that one is just as fun!

01-16-2006, 11:47 AM
Well, Susie, guess you don't have a problem like Pam's, huh?! :) You are very brave to exercise with 11th graders.... especially doing belly dancing! Of course, I'm a 1st grade teacher... so anyone over the age of 8 makes me nervous! ;)

So, I'm home ALONE.... and I've managed to clean the kitchen. I never did get to the bathroom last night.... but I go as soon as I log off!

Go read the thread in Support that is titled :Atten:LovesBassets something like that! WOW! What powerful words are in that thread! :)

type to you later
take care, meeee

01-16-2006, 01:25 PM
Hope everyone is having a relaxing day.....Me? Just finished my report card grades....:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: Glad that's over. We have a required workday tomorrow. So, maybe I can get some filing done....

Robyn: Did I forget to're a smartass? :D By the way, already have my dress....But, thanks anyway....:D :D :D

I somehow, inspite of TOM managed to lose two pounds!!!!!!!!!YEAH YEAH YIPEEEEEEEE! Maybe I am headed back in the right direction. I am now only 1/2 a pound away from where I was before Christmas....

Maybe I'll get inspired like Robyn and clean something...Or not....


01-16-2006, 02:22 PM
Pam- there are a lot of things that I would do in front of 57 kids on the bus but NEVER do in front of adults. Most likely, the same self esteem issues that you face singing in front of adults are also a mental hurdle regarding your weight loss. Can't go there...I do not know your personal issues, but I know for me there is a fear of rejection thing going. But then, I also at times am able to look at a situation and know that while I am not the "best" anything, I can function just as well as anyone else, and if someone does not like that, too darned bad. Think some of that mentality came with passing the wonderous age of 40........... Hey, congrats on the 2# loss! And on getting those report cards done.

Robyn- the whole house alone!?, I would panic and start a million things and probably get none done......actually I am overcoming that.
Don't sweat the WW meeting. Crummy weather is a good enough reason not to go, and because there are so many new members (free registration) the last meeting was good, but bogged down with newbies a bit. Keep your focus, and get there next week. Cpngrats on the clean kitchen!! Bet that feels good.

Mouse- sorry the gym was so packed. Glad that you got out anyway. And congrats on finding your bread cheaper......

Ok, where do I begin. First of all, I am not all that comfortable, but I have s-q-u-e-e-z-e-d my rotund hyde into an old pair of size 10 jeans. My most comfy pair of 12's is now being relinquished to DOT week... (bus cleaning for inspection, a 4-5 hour grueling process that is horrifcally grungy) because they have really worn at the knees and along the inseam. SO now I have to replace them, and refuse to buy another pair of 12's. Yup, I am nuts.
And we adopted (officially, that is) cat #3 today. Peeping Tom (name is self explanatory, I think) has been hanging out at our house for 3-4 months. We started feeding him about 6 weeks ago.......and with this snow storm and the cold I took him to the vet this am. Thankfully, all his tests (worms, leukemia etc...) came back negative and he can now join the insane asylum in my house. He acts as though he has lived here all his life (estimated 6-8 yrs). What an affectionate cat. Hope he fits in well with my other brats. Speaking of the other brats, somehow a starling found its way in my house....and over the course of the weekend we kept finding body parts of it.
First a wing, then the body, then the head and finally the other wing. Not sure how it got inside, my other cats do not go out, and Tom has only been in the garage (for the most part).

I have babbled enough......better go fold some wash.....yup, Robyn, I fold my wash......sometimes!;)

01-16-2006, 02:48 PM
Hi Susie! Me being a bear of little brain, forgot to address you before. (brain dead mother syndrome kicking in, I am afraid). Glad you are enjoying those dancing tapes. Anything that gets a workout in is fine in my book! I guess you must have joined us while my computer was down and I missed your first post......welcome!

01-16-2006, 04:20 PM
Afternoon All,
It is a nice sunny day here in Ohio. My sdd and I went to Curves this morning and then we came home to decide to walk to Subway for lunch and then continue on a little walk. When it was all said and done we walked about 3 miles. Which is a nice little hike. Glad the weather is nice today and not bone numbing chilly! So hopefully the scales will be nice tomorrow evening at Curves and on Friday morning at school. I really want to prove the other teams wrong and win the challenge. Is that selfish of me?
Robyn, a house all to yourself. I bet you sure are so lonely, right now? Huh. Hope you enjoyed your time to yourself. A clean house don't last long around here. Between twin boys and their sister they do a darn good job of making it look like a natural disaster has struck. So are you still enjoying your excerise classes at school? A couple people who are doing the Biggest Loser Contest want me to workout with them afterschool. But I can't where I am helping with the afterschool program. But I think we are going to start excerise with the kids in there. So that will be a few more minutes of excerise for me. Enjoy the rest of your peace and quiet!
Mouse, glad you were able to get some swim time in. Sounds like the ankle brace seemed to help you a lot. You need to take better care of yourself! That is one of my goals for this coming year is to take better care of myself and not push myself on the back burner and do for everyone else. Glad that you were able to find your bread at another store so much cheaper. Did you finally warm up any today?
Pam, congrats on the two pound lost. That total gym must be helping you. You are going to look great in your little black dress on the cruise. You go girl! One of our male friends is teasing me about getting skinny and wearing a binki this summer. I told him the only way I would get in a two piece bath suit is if it was a tankini. He said that if he bought me a binkini I would have to wear it since it was a gift. I laughed and said no way Jose! This must have been the weekend for grades. Because that is what I did on Friday night and Saturday morning. Enjoy the rest of your day!
Summer are you enjoying your long weekend? Hope everyone is back to feeling healthy at your house now. Did you dh ever get sick?
Suie, you are a brave lady to do belly dancing with your girls at school. Sounds like they had a lot of fun. Is belly dancing very easy to learn? I have done a few of my walk away the pounds tapes with my students a couple of times. Maybe I need to start doing that again with them just to get their little brains focused more in the mornings.
Ginny, congrats on adopting another cat. So is his name really Peeping Tom? Congrats on squeezing into a size 10 pair of jeans. I bought earlier this fall a couple of pairs of 16's and was able to wear them a couple of times before I gained some weight back. So my goal is to squeeze into them by the end of Feb. if not before.
Well I need to run some stuff over to my mil's. So I better go do that. I will talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful afternoon.

01-16-2006, 05:07 PM
Hi. I am new to 3FC. I discovered it last week when I started Weight Watchers. I teach middle school reading and language arts in Central Florida. I'm excited about joining in with this group of teachers. I weighed in today and lost 5 pounds. I hope that 3FC will provide me with lots of support during my weight loss journey.

01-16-2006, 05:26 PM
Welcome Leia! We are glad that you found us. We are a fun loving bunch of teachers and our resident bus driver, Ginny. We are very supportive! Congrats on your 5 pound loss! Keep up the great work.
I teach 7th and 8th grade MH students here in Southeast Ohio. My class is all boys this year. One of them has the hots for me. The other day he said my nickname should be Juilette. I just tend to ignore his comments and not to encourgage him. You will be hearing me getting stressed out here in the next couple of months when I have my alternate assessments to work on and my IEP's. So just bear with me.
Once again welcome aboard. We look forward to getting to know you here in the next couple of weeks.
Love ya,

01-16-2006, 05:34 PM
Yeah. I'm sure that I will be venting in here too especially at the beginning of March. We have our state assessment that determines our NCLB info at the end of Feb. After that test is over, it's practically impossible to teach anything at all. Thanks for the welcome.

01-16-2006, 05:38 PM
I have too much time on my hands today. I have managed with the exception of getting grades finished to do a whole lot of nothing. I made my bed, then got pulled into the bed as i was passing by and had to lay down for an hour. Those bed rays will get you everytime...:dizzy:

Ginny: I think you are right......CONGRATULATIONS ON THE SIZE 10!:carrot: :carrot: I am so jealous. I am still in a sixteen. All my sixteen pants are very loose in the legs. But, fit around the waist. What's a girl to do? But, sixteen is a lot better than where I was!

Kerry: Wow, sounds like you got quite a walk in today. I am trying to get motivated to excercise today. I think after dinner......

Leia: WELCOME! I teach Middle School Math in North Carolina. I think you will find plenty of support here. Congrats on the five pounds.

Hey to everyone else!


01-16-2006, 06:58 PM
Thanks Ginny!

Well today was brutal. We had a huge storm last night and someone forgot to check the road conditions this morning and cancel school! I almost got hit by a semi truck going down a narrow unplowed highway. Partly my fault since I was driving in the wrong lane - ok it was the only lane where you could see tire marks in the snow but silly me for not wanting to get stuck in snow drifts! just about killed myself (and my 2 year old son who was in the car with me) as well as my teacher assistant who was too afraid to drive herself! nice.... i had classes of 4 or 5 kids because the school busses all got stuck in the snow! I'm just glad to be finally home and safe! Gonna take out my frustrations tonigt by doing some taebo and imagining a certain someone's face when I punch!

01-16-2006, 07:51 PM
Evening, all.
My day was backwards. I set out to go to the gym and swim, then the lab and Big Lots. I refuse to buy paper products in the regular store because they cost so much more. I can get 9 double-rolls of toilet paper for $5 at Big Lots... Also found a photo album I needed to finish that baby gift.
On my way to the gym, the PT office called me: they had a cancellation at the last minute. So, I went to Big Lots, then the lab for the blood work, then PT... and finally made it over to the gym about 3:00. On my way there, though, I got a major headache. I don't usually get migraines, and figured this one because I didn't eat lunch. I get yelled at for doing that, because that just makes my insulin worse, so I figured it was low blood sugar since I've been on that new med to make my body use the insulin better. I stopped, got some milk and something to eat... took some tylenol, went on. But, I only swam for 30 minutes because the headache wouldn't go away, and the water was freezing. That's okay... I got the swim in, and I'm officially discharged from PT. The PT thinks that my primary care doctor might have something about me seeing a neurologist for my ankle... I'm not sure how I feel about that. I'm definitely tired of falling on my nose, but I really don't want ANOTHER specialist! I already see a gastroenterologist, endocrinologist, and an orthopedist. And, really, if I have to see another specialist, I want it to be a person that is going to look past my weight and treat me like a person that needs help. I know that my weight complicates the ankle problem, but I can't do anymore about my weight than I am already doing! I am under medical treatment, I have bloodwork done, I'm on meds to control as much of the endocrine disorder as possible, I'm on a very strict eating plan that I mostly follow (only 67 carbs today, and most of those were vegetable or milk carbs; this is significantly less than a person on a diabetic diet is allowed to have!), and I get regular exercise! By all rights, I should be dropping pounds like hot bricks (as a friend of mine so eloquently put it last night!). I feel like I'm being incredibly selfish, though.
Ginny: A bear of little brain? :) My favorite bear, and his buddy, my favorite donkey!
Welcome to our new member (who, since I'm also forgetful, I've forgotten the name of!)!
Susie: ACK!!!! I've had that happen to me before! Had to drive one way in the mess, and then home in it when they dismissed early!

01-16-2006, 08:21 PM
Hello people! :) My family arrived home late this afternoon. The transmission on the beach buggy failed this morning. They are in VERY bad moods! Thank goodness I didn't go! So, they brought all their bags in and dropped them unceremoniously in the living room that had JUST been 1/2 way cleaned! They were starving... and ready to eat the roast that I had waiting in the crock pot. Someone (not too sure WHICH one!) tracked dirt onto the clean kitchen floor and then the youngest dropped his whole plate upside down right in the middle of the floor...... mashed spuds, gravy, corn the works! THEN in his angst, he tracked the mess into the living room and onto the carpet.... 3 gravy corn greenbean beef foot prints ........ SIGH! What is a momma to do?!

I did my school work on Friday.....and didn't put it in my bookbag and NOW I can't find it! YIKES! I'm sure that it is around...somewhere...maybe the printer tray?!

Hello to our new friends! Glad that you could join us! I'm the official 1st grade teacher among a bunch of middle and high school teachers! :) As I mentioned earlier, anyone (with the exception of my 2Princes) over the age of about 8 gives me hives! You will find that WE understand the pressure and joys of teaching! ....and the fun of the teacher's lounge! ...oh and the fun of faculty meetings, end of terms, NCLB, and a billion other things!

Gotta run.... find my homework, make sure that I've scraped the crud off my clean kitchen floor, work on the greasy footprints...AND do sub plans for 1/2 day tomorrow! (After somewhere around 18 years in the classroom, I'm being sent to some sort of training regarding how to properly and safely "physically contain" out of control children. 18 years.... NOw is a good time to show me this!)

Take care,
meeee (oh, my name is Robyn... the one that someone called a SmartAss earlier! Don't let her fool you! I'm very very very sweet!) (and :p to Pam! hehehehe)

01-16-2006, 08:58 PM
Hello again....

Robyn-well, you should have taken a picture of the 1/2 way least you would have been able to remember that you had cleaned it! Hope everyone's mood improves.

Mouse- not sure if it is good news or bad being released from PT...completely understand that you would want to see a doctor who would want to really listen to you and not prejudge by appearance..........hope your headache gets better.

Susie- glad you got to and from school in one piece. I get so darned angry when the wrong call is made regarding school or when the weather forcasters totally miss the boat. (that happened to me Sat nite, had to drive home in a blizzard that was 3 hours early) Let all that stress out on the taebo, not in the kitchen.

Pam- we all need a day like that from time to time...glad you got some time in to relax. Don't get too excited about my jeans, my stomach is so flabby- still looks pregnant and my youngest is 10. Gotta go work those abs. Hey, you have a great attitude........and you will be in a smaller sized pair of jeans very soon!

Leia- welcome! Are you on Flex or Core for WW? (I am a WW member also).

Kerry- sounds as though you had a great day between the 3 miler and curves and a lunch out. What a great way to start your week! Are you still going to TOPS meetings on Tuesday nites (or was it Monday?).

Took Dd sledding this afternoon. (went down a few times myself!) then finished some straightening up and got dinner on. Today was SO nice.....very little running around. Tom, and yes his full name is Peeping Tom (everytime I saw him outside he was peeping in a door or window at my house) is a sweetheart. He has completely moved in, at ease....acts as though he has been here forever. Now Fidgie and RC just have to get used to him.

Okie dokie......I have babbled enough....see ya tomorrow!

01-17-2006, 12:34 AM
Sounds like everyone has been as busy as me. I was so extremely sick a few weeks ago, haven't been on here since. I got so behind at school. We went back on a Wednesday and I missed Thursday and Friday. I have not missed any days at school this year so it was a mess. It was good that I had that smaller class. It is so wonderful. I've been so busy though that I haven't worked out in 2 weeks. Magically I didn't gain any weight.:carrot: I could not believe it. I was set to see an increase in the weight on the scale but nothing happened.

I got back in the groove of things today though. I did my workout and was about to die but I made it through. I am ready to get back going with things.

A big hello to everyone on the thread. I've missed reading everyone's posts. I tried to catch up on everything. I think I missed some stuff though. I'll check back in tomorrow.

01-17-2006, 07:33 AM
I had decided that the 1/2 of the kids you kept ate you, Dawn! :) Sorry that you've been ill AND overwhelmed! Summer has also been sick! Nothing like feeling icky and needing sub plans to mess EVERYthing up, huh?!

Leia, I'm also on WW.... doing Flex!

Pam, had fun chatting with you! Sorry I had to bail in a hurry. My boys (dh included) were NOT in a good mood when they arrived home! Why irriate dh further???

Gin, I PM you! More than you asked for? ;) You asked me about something that I truly KNOW and love! So... sorry for being so MEEEE when writing back! Hope the weather cooperates for our favorite busdriver!

Susie, may your day also be filled with weather safe for commuting! Will you belly dance with your students today? Have fun!

Mousie, being the mother that I am... go see whatever specialist the doctor recommends for your ankle! I know that seeing doctors and teaching do not agree! However, you need to sort out your ankle issues before you get seriously injured in one of your falls! May the doctors "HEAR" you instead of just "SEEING" you! I've listened to my mother talk about this problem for YEARS!

Kerry, you are SO good! Great motivation for us! ....mean people suc%! (Talking about the way those people at your school were talking about the custodian lady!) Keep up the great work! You are going to win that challenge for sure!

Summer? Summer? Where are you, girl?! Hope all is well with you and yours! You know I miss you when you're gone!

Gotta run fix some oatmeal as the morning is ticking by already!
Don't you think that we should get Tuesday off for Mrs.MLK Day?
Happy 300th Ben Franklin! HEYYY that should be a holiday too!

take care,

01-17-2006, 07:49 AM
Ginny & Meee-

I am on the flex plan and love it. It doesn't feel like a diet at all to me. It's just teaching me to control how much I eat. Well, I'm off to school.

01-17-2006, 11:35 AM
Morning All,
So are we all glad to be back in school again? I was not motivated to get up this morning when the alarm went off. I could have easily went right back to sleep. Since we are having rainy,cold weather all day.
Mouse, I agree with Robyn about the specialist issue. I think you need to go and take care of yourself. You need to be healthly first. Once you have all your medical issues under control, then your frame of mind will change and you will be able to lose your weight. I really think our minds play tricks on us when it comes to weight loss. Does this make sense to you? I know that I had to readjust my mind set in order to start losing weight again. Hope you are having a good day at work.
Pam are you well rested after your nap yesterday? LOL So were you able to squeeze in any exercise time after dinner last night? I did feel great after my little walk yesterday with my sdd. I was able to pack up a few more boxes of knicknacks and candles. Then I was lazy last night and watched The 40 year-old Virgin. That was a funny movie. It was just the laugh I needed after my long and depressing weekend. Hope you have a great day with your kids today.
Robyn, did you ever find your schoolwork that you did on Friday? Sounds like your house was destroyed in no time flat last night. Sorry to hear that your nice clean kitchen is no longer clean. Thank you for your kind words and good vibes about my team winning the challenge. Keep sending those postive vibes my way!
Summer, hope all is well with you. We have missed hearing from you. Hope you had a nice relaxing weekend for a change!
Ginny,yes I still go to TOPS on Tuesday nights. I am hoping for a great weigh in tonight. According to my scales at home this morning, I was down two pounds from last week. So I am hoping that holds true tonight when I go weigh in. Hope the weather cooperates with you driving today. We are suppose to get some snow this evening. Supposely it is not to amount to much if anything.
Leia, isn't it amazing when you start a diet and start to take a good look at the food you eat. I just started to keep a food log of what I eat daily. I was amazed at the calories in some items. So I have changed my eating habits even more to drop the weight. Hope you have a great day at school today!
Dawn, glad to hear from you. I loved Robyn's comment to you. I am glad that you are feeling better. I bet you felt a little bit better after working out yesterday. I am glad that the scales were nice to you when you weighed in.
Zelma, Michele, Sue, and Fran hope all is well with you. We miss hearing from you .
Have a great afternoon!
I hope to be able to come back here this evening to change my weight tracker.
Take care,

01-17-2006, 01:25 PM
Kerry- hope the WI is a great as you carefully coming home from TOPS tonite.

Leia- I love flex too! I have used core to kick start my lazy butt...but prefer flex for daily life. It is the diet that isn't a diet! Keep up the good work!

Dawn- glad you are feeling better. So many nasty bugs going around this winter. Great that you did not gain! Hope you gain your strength back soon.

Aw, the wisdom and wit of Robyn. Loved your comment to Dawn.......and hey, I like Ben, lets celebrate his 300th! Wonderful idea. (too soon to celebrate Mrs. MLK, she is still alive........might be offended.........;) ). Was the oatmeal yummy?

Woke up at 4 stinking 30 this got a 3.5 mile walk in. I will be brain dead tonite, for sure. Other than that ok kitty is working out pretty well. He acts as though he has been here forever.
Busy nite tonite- so see ya tomorrow!

Michele L
01-17-2006, 03:33 PM
We're in the middle of one of our 3 standardized testing sessions (the other one is in April)--YUCK! We run a screwy schedule for the first 3 days of the new term. Kids don't know where to be or WHEN! Some are playing dot-to-dot and arguing with us if we call them on it! I LOVE MY JOB!

Seriously, I have 3 brand new classes: Spanish 1 (2 sections) and Spanish 2. My 2's is a class of 11 (what a dream!). My 1's are classes of 24 and 28--How do they expect these kids to learn anything or to get the help they need from me?!?! They reduced our department by half a position several years ago, which was OK at the time. However, we have the 2 largest classes the district has seen in a LONG time and they won't hire anyone in ANY department. They just keep cramming more kids into our classes and tell us to deal with it! Then they wonder why the number of kids failing multiple classes has sky-rocketed. DUH!! At least part of the problem is class size! spite of my stress last week and this week, I LOST 3 pounds! I have now officially lost everything I gained in December! Next step.....Onederland (only 19 pounds to go)!

I've managed to get up and walk everyday before work since break ended. Plus I usually do something more after school. I have met my January walk goal and am now aiming for 50 miles by the end of the month!

I don't know where this motivation is coming from, but I want it to stick around for a LONG time!!

Have a great Tuesday afternoon and evening!

Michele :wave:

01-17-2006, 05:11 PM

Spent all this time typing and then it disappeared on me. Ughhh.:devil:
No work for me today. With kids anyway...We had a workday. I really got a lot accomplished.

Ginny: How's the kitty? I really miss my cat so much. I just don't see how you get up at 4:30 and are awake to cook dinner. I seriously could not function.

Robyn: No problem. Fun chatting with you. By the way, the kid we kept is still here...........He hasn't been home yet:tape: Don't even say it......He's got to go home eventually. Maybe I'll suggest it forcefully.....

Mouse: I love Big lots too! Photo paper is so much cheaper there. I agree about the specialist. Yes it does suck having to go to another doctor, but maybe this one will be the one to help you with your problem. Good luck with that.

Leia: I am on flex too. I love it........It really doesn't feel like a diet. SOmetimes it is really hard for me to control portions. Especially if we go out to eat.

Michele......Testing....Ewwwww. We don't have ours until the end of May. Thank goodness. Congrats on the weight loss. As of today, I am at my pre Christmas weight....The trick now is to go down instead of back up. I'm working on that.

Kerry: Loved my nap, didn't excercise...........Going to try and have a walk before dinner. The weather is beautiful almost 65. Feels like a spring day. Guess we won't have snow days this winter. We keep getting thunderstorms. However, I have car duty in the afternoons this month, so I am loving the weather right now! Good luck with your weigh in.

Anyone I forgot??????Sorry.....if I missed you. I'm not taking a chance scrolling back to the previous screen, that's how I lost the last post.

Have a great day!


01-17-2006, 08:11 PM
Good evening, everybody!

Pam: It is supposed to be really warm here too, tomorrow, but this afternoon it was just damp and bitter. Even I noticed how cold my classroom was (beyond what I normally feel!) when one of my kids could see his breath! My classroom controls the temperature in 2 other classrooms, all of which are different sizes (both bigger than mine!) with more sun-facing windows, and more bodies. They did manage to do something so we were a bit warmer and they weren't roasting which was good.
Kerry: Good luck with the weigh-in!
Michelle: We, too, have a screwy schedule. The kids are with us till 1:30 each day with a 20-25 minute lunch break. 1 mid-term in the mornig, 1 in the afternoon. They planned it very well, so there are 3 stations where the kids can get quick food (although the fruit salad looked AWESOME!). I snagged one of my kids when he bought 3 chocolate cookies and tried to call that lunch! I'm officially the mean teacher again! I made him give me 2 of them (which are sitting in the room on the refrigerator) and gave him a mini can of spaghetti and meatballs.
Ginny: 4:30?? ICK! ICK! ICK! I'd be dead now. I found these new cakes at Safeway: Weight Watchers ones, they are 1 point each, and only 15 carbs, so I can have 1. They were really teeny-tiny though, but they tasted good (I put them in the freezer). Its good news to be discharged from PT.
Robyn: Oh, I feel for your son and the beef-greenbean-corn footprints. I've done stuff like that so often...

Thanks for the suggestion about seeing the specialist. I just really don't feel like going to another specialist and having to jump through hoops then fight to make the person listen to me. I wish it were as simple as just changing how I think so I could lose weight. I have really, really, really changed how I eat, even from a year ago which was when I really started noticing. Although, I do worry over what goes in my mouth. Its hard to track my food because with a lot of the low-carb products, there are "digestable" carbs and ones that don't have any effect... but if I put in the ones that I count, the tracker kicks it out and tells me its not enough calories for the food item. I'm always worried that the tracker is off, too. And then I feel guilty if I eat something I'm not supposed to or more calories than I think I should. I'm way more comfortable eating less than 1200 calories, but my doctors don't like that. They're a lot happier when I eat 1400 or more.

01-17-2006, 08:20 PM
Was hoping for a snow day today but alas.... no luck! No belly dancing today but we did do some pilates! One of our staff members is a pilates instructor and is giving short classes twice a week at noon. Also had a dinner club meeting at noon today! every 6 weeks we take a group of kids out to dinner at a different ethnic restaurant! This time it will be caribean! yummy!

Just got back from my ww weigh-in and was down 3lbs! It must be the belly dancing! lol

01-17-2006, 09:03 PM
Evening Ladies,
Just got back from my TOPS meeting. I am down another 1 1/2 pounds. So that makes it three pounds so far this year. I only have 8 more pounds to lose to be at my lowest weight with TOPS. So I really think the journaling my food intake is helping me tremendously. So just maybe I can kick butt on the contest at school. LOL
Well don't have time to get personal with everyone right now. I want to go ride my excersie bike for 30 minutes. We were suppose to workout after our meeting tonight and the lady didn't show up. So I feel motivated to do something. Talk to you all later.
Have a wonderful evening!

01-17-2006, 09:19 PM
Hello, how is everyone??? I saw your forum and was very thrilled. I am a teacher that is desperately trying to lose weight. I will give you a little bio on myself so we can be semi-formally introduced. Personally... I am 29 years old and I teach in Philadelphia, PA. I teach 8th grade math and American History. I am currently enrolled into one of our local universities studying to become a principal (or so I am thinking)... Weight loss (and gain) About 3 years ago, I weighed 140 pounds. Then I went through some stuff personally which caused me to find extreme comfort in all the things that just went straight to all areas of my body. In July, I joined a commercial weight loss program at 215 lbs. Before the holidays began, I had gotten down to 170. I was so happy, but the holidays did not help and thus here I am at 185lbs. Boo!!!! I need some motivation and I need constant reminders as to what I am working toward. I especially think it will be amazing to get down to business of weight loss with those in my business. Hoping to offer support to everyone here. (

01-17-2006, 11:40 PM
Welcome mydogjakerocks! You will definitely find the needed motivation and support here with us. We are a fun loving group of teachers and we have our only bus driver who is willing to take us on field trips! LOL :)
Let me introduce myself. My name is Kerry. I am 32 years-old and just realizing that after one turns 30 it is all down hill from there. I have had atleast one major health problem each year so far. LOL :) I am married and have a 9 year-old stepdaughter and twin 7 year-old stepsons'. I am a Special Education teacher for 7th and 8th grade Multi-handicapped students. I have been dieting and working out for the last 4 years to take off my extra fat. I am currently a member of TOPS and Curves.
Congrats on your weight loss so far! I know that you will reach your goal weight soon! Glad that you found us!
Well I rode my bike for a half hour. Then came downstairs to the living room only to pack up 5 boxes of my books off my bookshelves. I still have some more books to pack. But maybe that will be my project for tomorrow evening. My dh and I figure if we pack a little each day, then it wouldn't seem so overwhelming when it comes the actually time to move. But so far, it has only been me that has packed any boxes. He keeps saying that tomorrow he will pack some stuff. Then tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes. I guess I should thank him for getting a few more boxes today from the grocery store where his sister and her boyfriend work.
Michele congrats on the weight loss. You are off to a great start for the year with your weight and excersise goals. Keep up the great work!
Mouse, I hope I didn't overstep my boundies when I gave you my advice in my early post for today. If I did, I am very sorry. Just have your best interest at heart.:)
Susie, sorry that you had school again today in bad weather. Sounds like you enjoyed doing your pilates during your noon hour. Congrats on your 3 pounds loss. Keep up the great work!
Pam, so how was your evening tonight? I hope you were able to squeeze in some Pam excerise time.
Ginny glad your new cat is working out well. Has the other two cats adjusted to him okay? 4:30 is about the time I am slowly waking up and burrowing futher into the covers going "Oh God I only have one more hour of rest before the rat race starts for the day!". What made you wake up so early today? Hope you made it through the day without being too sleepy!
Hi to everyone else! Hope you had a wonderful day back at school!
Today we started the 3rd nine weeks. So I am half done with my school year! Yeah.
Have a great evening!

01-18-2006, 07:38 AM
GOOOOOODDDDDD Wednesday morning folks!

Wednesday ALREADY!?! :) Yahooo! Woke up this morning to the wind and rain! It is going to be a lovely drive in! Guess I should be thankful for it not being snow and/or ice! ....Which I am! I'm very thankful for THAT! I tip my hat to you gals in the ice and snow! Especially Gin who goes out with a bus of critters with her in the mess! To everyone: May your journey be safe and UNeventuful!

Mouse, I know that you are glad to be released from your PT! Your frustration with the medical field is understandable! You are doing everything you can, dear! Perhaps your ankle will give you a moment of peace! My fingers are crossed! Aren't the 1 point WW cakes yummy! I've tried the chocolate and the lemon. They also have a carrot, I believe! In my small town, if you're not standing there when they put them up.... you won't get any!

Kerry, Yahooo! Gooooo! Gooooo! Goooo! :) With your determination and motivation you are going to WIN! Keep up the great work!

Gin, hope that you were able to sleep past 4:30 today! I went to bed last night before 11.... which is VERY early for me! I had a horrible headache that I couldn't shake... decided SLEEP would help! Sure didn't hurt! I woke some time around 4 and thought of you as I turned back over for another hour! Another new cat?! You are so much kinder than I am! Clementyne is nearly 20.... I don't think that a new cat would survive her!

........oh dear........... just looked at the clock... I've got to go.
Sorry not to get personal with everyone! Sorry I didn't properly introduce myself to MyDogJakeRocks.... I'll do that this evening! I've got to get that oatmeal and then mess with my boys!

You all have a great day!
Take care,
Meeeee (Robyn :D)

01-18-2006, 05:29 PM
I hope everyone has had a great day. Mine has been pretty good other than the thirty mile an hour sustained winds and car duty. Oh well, can't have everything.
I was so excited today. I weighed and was down to 164!:carrot: That's not to say that I will be that on Saturday my official weigh in day, but I finally was able to break through that 164.5 point which has been haunting me since before Christmas. :carrot: It even motivated me not to have those thin crisps during plannning period today. I'm starving now actually. THink I'm gonna start dinner soon.

Welcome to our newest member. Sorry can't remember how to spell it something about dogs and :D I'm sure you will love our little group. I am a 6th grade Math teacher in North Carolina. I have two boys ages 9 and 20......Almost like two separate families.....One is playing with power rangers, the other with power tools.....Oh dear...;) I gained during the holidays too. It will fall right back off. DOn't give up.

Kerry: Congrats on your weigh in...GOnna watch the biggest loser tonight????Nine o clock.... I did manage to get a ton of excercise in. I walked for a mile, then I also managed to do my work out on the total gym. I think I am going to have to just do my WATP tape today, as it is a little to blustery to hit the open road.

Mouse: I have been thinking about the foods that you can and can not eat. I seriously think I would go insane. I know that has to be maddening to do everything exactly right and then it doesn't work out for you. I honestly think I could not do it. I know I couldn't do it. Hang in there.
I know what you mean about room temp. Before I got moved to the sixth grade, our building in the 7th grade was controlled by some computer in Raleigh. It was miserable. Either tooooo hot, or toooo cold. Atleast now, I can control my own temp and I have ceiling fans as well. I love it so much better.

Robyn: WHat's up girl? Hope you had a great day. Get those green beans off the carpet yet? See, if you had a dog....The dog would have gotten all that up for you, and the carpet would have looked cleaner than before it happened. Alot to be said for dogs ya know? :D ;)

GInny: Hey! Hope everything is going ok for you today. Core question....Is it a lot harder than flex? I was kind of reading the intro online and it sounds a lot like a low carb plan, or no sugar...etc....I thought if I got stuck again I might look into that.

Ok, gotta go throw some chicken in the oven soon. Maybe I'll come back later.

Susie: Keep dancin girl! Congrats on the loss. I have way to much belly for belly dancing......Ughhh


01-18-2006, 07:23 PM
....ok...well... I passed my CPI training! I *pity the fool* who tries to mess with me now! Just kidding! ....after nearly 2 decades, I guess now I can WORRY about all the harm I did when I worked in the other "city school"! It was rather interesting! When the instructors would ask a "Who has ever....gotten hit by a student?" My hand flew up. "Who has ever....been kicked? um hand up! "Who has ever had hair pulled??" yeah and the memory still makes my eyes water! "Who has ever had to physically restrain a student?" sigh..yes, which time?! "Who has yadda yadda yadda".... Yes to everything with the exception of choking! Didn't realize that I had SO many more life experiences than the average bear! SEEEEEE... all that time with the other school DID give me something other than the stress wrinkle between my eyes AND gray hair! I've got a BUNCH of great(?) horror stories to tell all these country teachers who've never even been cussed at or called a name! (Whimps!) :) Please know that while I don't think that this is truly funny or cause to "brag"... I did realize today JUST how many more experiences with life and kids I've had than (any one else at the training!) most of the people that I work with! Gray hair, wrinkles, and a whole different outlook on "things" and kiddos! ...... and I'm glad that I've seen, done, and experienced more than what the typical teachers here have seen, done and experienced! I am truly glad that my outlook is "different".... I believe that it makes me a better (no, I don't mean I'm superior to them!) person / teacher! Does any of that make sense?! Hope you get what I mean!

That smell? Turkey/Beef Pizza Meatloaf cooking in the oven! IT is a great WW recipie that even my youngest Prince loves and requests! ....and it is relatively easy.... given the time to have it cook an hour... it is 4 points for a serving.....and it is soooo yummy! ....makes the house smell quite yummy too! :) Let me know if you'd like me to PM you the how-tos!

Speaking of that meatloaf.... gotta go check on the progress....and finish the rest of the meal! ......

I didn't introduce myself... maybe I will when I return later tonight! :)

take care,
meeee (Robyn)

01-18-2006, 08:03 PM
Hi all!!! So glad that hump day is over.... Only one more day and then on Friday we only have a half day with the kiddies....:carrot: Yippeee... I think I just made a deal with the devil-- I actually said that I would come to work at 715 and tutor below basic kids for an hour. What I say yes to for the money??? Am I crazy or what? I have trouble some days getting there at the regular 820 am. Oh well, I am hoping that eventually one day I make enough money so that I do not have to work so many jobs.... ahhhh the dreams:dizzy:

I dont know if I mentioned in the previous post... To jump start myself I have actually been doing the cabbage soup diet. I am hoping for a nice start before I go back to my commercial diet (LA weight loss). Have any of you tried it? If so, how were the results? I am only on day two, so fingers are crossed. I am trying not to weigh myself until at least sunday... but the scale just keeps taunting me :)

Getting ready to walk the dog-- Jake- hence my name..... it is frigid so it may only last 10 minutes. Have a great night. Looking forward to Biggest Loser.-- I wish I had known last week that it was engaged couples as I am planning on getting married. I would love to win a dream wedding for getting thin.... boy would that give me motivation.

01-18-2006, 08:21 PM
Help me i'm addicted to DDR! lol I bought it for my son for xmas but I can't get enough of it! What a great workout!

01-18-2006, 08:32 PM
Evening all.
Welcome, Jake... ;) I won't have any trouble remembering your name (at least this year!) since I have a student who goes by that as well! I'm notably bad with names. :)
I'm a high school special education teacher for students with varying disabilities. This year, most of my students are categorized as mentally ******ed, but I have 2 that are in a different category. Officially, my title is "High School Cross-Categorical" which means I teach any and all disabilities. This is my 10th year teaching; I have always worked with kids with cognitive impairments, mostly with kids who are also dual-diagnosed with emotional problems too. I've worked in a lot of inner city schools, so have hopped around quite a bit. I also worked (the last 3 years) in a school program run by a hospital where I taught career readiness skills and technology education.
I also have an endocrine disorder that caused a lot of abnormal weight gain, and was undiagnosed for 2.5 years. I finally found a doctor who did the appropriate lab work, and diagnosed me 5 years ago. I've lost weight since I started seeing her, but not anywhere near what I gained in the 2.5 years before being diagnosed! I'm also a swimmer and a lifeguard, as well as an active volunteer with the American Red Cross disaster services.
Kerry: Its okay. You didn't overstep youself; I just wish it really was that easy!!! Its easy to give up foods I'm not supposed to eat; those 2 cookies are STILL in our classroom (now in the refrigerator), although the kid accused me of eating them this afternoon.
Robyn: That recipe sounds AWESOME... I love meatloaf. And I'm with you on the "have you ever .... by your kids" questions! I can raise my hands to all of them. I've been trained in CPI, SPM (Safe Physical Management), PCMA, and this year, Mandt. They all say the same thing, and I hate having to restrain kids anyway. The best one out of all of them in terms of restraint was PCMA. It encourages treating the kids as humanly as possible. For example, you don't ever do a prone restraint without a mat, because you don't want to hurt the child. I haven't had to/been allowed to restrain kids since my 2nd year teaching. That year I had 8 MR/ED boys, 2 of whom have active psychosis. Those 2 were both hospitalized, and I lost one of them mid-year when the family moved out of the district. One time after I restrained one of them (he was getting ready to throw a very heavy chair at the head principal), I was written up by the prinicpal for having wrinkled stockings! :shrug:
Ankle? I only wish it would give me a break. I was awakened at least 2 times last night when the whole leg cramped up. Normally, leg cramps stop... but these never do because there is nerve damage so the leg doesn't know what to do. Its only ever my left leg, and left calf... never anything anywhere else. And they last seemingly forever (the longest was at least 45 minutes while I was on that camping trip last spring!), and it hurts for days afterward. I wasn't in a very good mood today at work because of it. But, I gave in and refilled the prescription they gave me for muscle relaxants... and as soon as I know that my blood test results are in, I'll tell my PCP that I'm willing to go wherever she wants to send me. I suppose I could call her office now anyway, but I was just there last Friday. Needless to say, I couldn't go swimming today. It hurt too much.


01-18-2006, 11:35 PM
Hi all,
Snow day today. Or should I say ice day? It was a horribly icy day today. Most melted by 10 AM on the main streets, but the side streets were scary. I walked in the living room for about 1/2 hour, and wandered around Walmart tonight for about 20 minutes. Eating was OK today. I did have some chocolate ice cream, but not enough to do any damage. I'm off to bed. Glad to read that so many of you are having successes!

01-19-2006, 07:43 AM
Good morning!
I'm the apparently the latest in the group that has decided to get up WAAAAAAY earlier than she needed to! Okay, I got to take a shower in the morning which is not something I usually do, but I had all this time on my hands! I shower at night when I get home or after I'm done swimming. I'd even packed my lunch last night!!!
I was not supposed to have kids this morning because today was the exam for 3rd period, and that is my planning; but the English class one of my kiddos is in wants to send her down so I can read her exam to her, because there are other kids in the class with that, and with small group accommodations so they needed an extra person. And then, when they go to the Family Life class, I get the kids whose parents say they can't take the class. Which, for some reason, was MOST of my students! The kids in the severe disabilities class are all taking it, but only 2 of my kids are! And my kids REALLY need that class! So, I will have students. I was going to try to go shopping for the vocational curriculum that we bought; you get the binder, but not any of the materials.
Tomorrow the kids leave anywhere between 11:15 and noon, but we're not allowed to leave the building, so my department is having a pot-luck lunch. My TA and I decided to make meat for tacos and buy some shells, with the other toppings. We're going to make it with the extra-lean ground beef and ground turkey. I don't mind cooking for these things because at least then I'm sure there is something I can eat! I can have the meat, cheese and some sour cream, but no shell. Actually, though, my TA is going to cook the meat because I have a Red Cross meeting tonight and won't be home before 9. I am going to try to go to the very nice looking rec center near the Red Cross and get in a swim. My own gym is near my house, not near the Red Cross.
We'll see if they let me in because I don't live in the county; I just work there.

01-19-2006, 12:52 PM
Morning All,
The weatherman lied. He said that it was going to be in the upper 50's today. It is only 46 degrees right now. Recess duty is going to be rather chilly today. Atleast the sun is out for a change. :)
Mouse, sounds like you are going to have your hands full today with students. I liked your idea for your carry-in lunch for tomorrow. I think I am going to have to start doing things like that when we have carry-ins here at school and for my family gatherings. Hope you are able to get your swim in tonight at the rec center.
Pam, I was able to stay awake and watch the Biggest Loser last night. I was so amazed at the change in Sarah and Steve. I couldn't believe it. They looked great! That was just the spark I needed to set me on the path of making my dream a reality. Glad that you were able to get in some excerise the other day. I am trying to decide what kind of excerise I want to do tonight for a half hour after I get home from work. My arm is feeling a lot better, but I don't think I will chance it and do my Biggest Loser DVD. Not just yet aways. Congrats on breaking that barrier and the numbers going down on the scale. I have 8 more pounds to lose and then I will be back at my lowest weight with TOPS. I was there this fall and then follow-up classes happended.
Robyn, so are you telling us that you don't like to be referred to as the chickie that has been around the block a time or two! :) I know what you mean about working in an inner city school. I was a poor little county bumpkin and got my first teaching job in an inner city school. Boy did I learn a thing or two. LOL Then my second and current job is for a county school district. So I can relate to you very well! Your supper sounds yummy. Could you post the recipe for us? So are you looking forward to your wi on Saturday. I feel good results are going to happen for you.
Mydogjakerocks, how was your walk yesterday? Wasn't it a little chilly out for you? I know what you mean about the tutoring job. I work the afterschool program 4 days a week to make a little extra money. But it would be nice to one day not have to work so many hours to make ends meet. But I have gotten use to working the 10 extra hours a week. So when I have to miss a night for an appointment or something is going on with my stepkids, I sure do miss the kids and the staff. So I guess I will just have to keep working for now. :)
Susie, that sounds like fun the DDR. You are going to just drop the pounds off if you keep up the dancing. Plus just think how you are going to be just so toned! How was the drive in and from school today? I hope better.
Hi to everyone else. I can't personal now. I have to go use the bathroom before going to recess duty. Have a great afternoon! I will check in with you all this evening.
I got 5 boxes packed last night. My dh was able to pack one box so far. So I guess maybe tonight I will have to have him help me pack a couple. :)
Take care,

01-19-2006, 07:14 PM
I am sitting here trying to make myself want o cook dinenr. I laid out pork chops and have no desire to cook them. Ughh. Day was ok I guess. I woke up with the intention of doing a 1 mile watp tape and couldn't find it.....Only the three not enough time for that. Guess I could have done 1 of the three miles, but it pissed me off, and I wasted so much time looking that I ran out of time. I don't know where it could be. It was on top of my tv....

Robyn: I have had many many experiences in my ten years as a teacher. Grabbed by the ponytail and thrown to a ground trying to stop a boy from beating up a girl. Called a mfer.Had a desk thrown at me. Knocked on my butt last year trying to break up a fight. Had a gun brought to school two years ago with the intention of someone shooting me until someone turned the guy in....(Must truly admit that it scared the %%#$@@#@#!out of me.)..I could go on and on. However, for some sick reason, I manage to drag my butt out of bed every day and go to work with a smile on my face.
Cause everyday is a new day. That's what is truly great about this job. Or, I'm crazy. Ok, well that too but I do love what I do. My first year of teaching, I taught in an inner city school and I learned a lot that year. It definitely taught me a lot. They called me golden gloves after that year. The assistant principal did..)

Kerry: Yes, I was inspired last night too. Wow, I wish BOB could be my personal trainer...Ha! He's a trip. I think Jillian would be a little too much for me. We can do it girl.

Mouse: My, weren't you productive.....I try to take care of all my stuff at night too...Packing lunch, shower, clothes. If I don't it is hard to get out the door in the morning. Plus, that allows me to snooze a couple of times before I drag my butt up.

Hey everyone else. It's six twelve and I guess I must go cook. I DON'T WANT TO COOK. I VOTE FOR CEREAL NIGHT.......:D

Oh, weighed myself this morning, I was down to 91 pounds until the scale turned pale and a great big E appeared. Then the battery died. :D :D
I must get a new battery.

Talk to you later.

01-19-2006, 07:52 PM
Another day done! Just got back from the skating rink where my boys take lessons after school! They are having fries for supper with their roast beef while I have a slice of whole wheat toast! The funny thing is.... i really don't want the fries, I'm fine with the toast! Something very strange has come over me this time....I don't want to eat things that are bad for me.....Never would I ever have imagined saying no to rink fries....
On another note, we're going to my mother's house on Sunday for dinner. The plan is to order Chinese food. My sister and her family will be there and i'm trying to figure out how not to blow my diet without having them notice i've changed my eating habits....I can say no to the fries, but can I say no to copious amounts of Chinese Food? Maybe I could fake a stomach ache or something......

01-19-2006, 08:56 PM
Missed a day and look at all the one big burn out. Mid terms week, lots of quality time in my big yellow bus, not any time to myself.
Sorry not to get personal tonite, I just wanted to say hello. Did get to WW yesterday (last day before mid terms started) and lost 1.4#. That made up for the .8 I gained last week.

guess I'd better go study spelling and math with Dd. See ya tomorrow!

01-19-2006, 09:03 PM
Good evening everyone..... Hope you all had an uneventful day at school. I wonder why it is that the principals are always picking on the teachers that come to school each day. I got reprimanded today because I made kids complete their math before I sent them to lunch. Plus, when I sent them they were not escorted nor did they have a pass. Kids are punching other kids in the face, 12 teachers are out of work and I am in trouble for attempting to illustrate the importance of completing your work. Oh well, what can I say....I was so angry. Then they had the gall to ask me to create a professional development piece for tomorrow. If I didnt know better, I would guess that they were pumping drugs into the principal's office.

Kerry-- I made sure that I bundled up for the walk, but found that once I hit the pavement at a good pace I wasn't really cold at all. It was nice to get out. Plus, my bf went with me so I had someone to talk to besides Jake. I think people think I am crazy when I vent on a walk to my dog, but it just feels better to get it out.

Susie-- Here is a little tip that I used for enjoying Chinese food when I was on the LA weight loss plan-- I always ordered the beef with broccoli (with extra broccoli). The rice is really the killer so if you can avoid that then you will be in pretty good shape. Just an idea... hope it helps. I love chinese so I had to find a way to work it into my plan.

On my end, I have completed day three of cabbage land. I havent weighed myself yet, but I do feel better already. I am not weighing until Tuesday (or at least that is my intention), but the scale keeps beckoning to me. I just don't want to get discouraged already. I mean come on-- it is only day three.... Going to try and attempt the gym tomorrow since my bf has a bball game. It is better to go there then to take a nap, but that is always so nice on a Friday..... Have a great day tomorrow.

01-19-2006, 10:18 PM
Evening, all.

I did get my swim in (and a 2nd shower; I'm one clean mouse!)... for just over an hour. I was really surprised because its the first time I've done that long down here. I hate sharing lanes, and I always wind up sharing which makes it harder for me to get into the groove. I hate to admit it, but the ankle support helps! I am still going to let my PCP know that I'm willing to go somewhere to get it looked at again. My endocrinologist and I was playing phone tag again; She called me last night on my cell phone around 8, but I didn't get to the phone in time. My cell phone was in the charger on the kitchen counter. Then, because I had kids all morning, I didn't get to call her. I did have a 20 minute break when the kids go to the cafeteria for a snack and break, but I've chosen to do lunch duty everyday this week just to help out because the whole school goes to lunch/break at the same time this week. I called on my way to my evening activities and they were already gone, which is unusual. I left a message but felt like saying, "TAG!!! YOU'RE IT!". ;)
Not much else is going on here.
Kerry: Sounds like you had a good evening. I've been cooking for pot-lucks pretty much since I started having issues. Before that, I'd cook too, but it was usually pasta salad or brownies. I have adapted my pasta salad recipe for the low-carb Dreamfields pasta, and made that the last two pot-lucks. It was well-liked, and people had no idea that it was low-fat, low-carb, and HEALTHY! (Or at least, I was told it was well liked, and I never saw any leftovers!). And I, too, was just the victim of poor communication and processing on the part of a financial institution, Kerry! I was so ANNOYED!!
Jake: Somebody in my college dorm did the cabbage soup diet when I was in undergraduate. It was definitely an interesting eating plan. As for your principal: Uhm, YEA! Most principals are smoking something. I just wish they'd share it with us so we could all have the same world-view.
Susie: You could order steamed vegetables with chicken or beef and sauce on the side. That'd be okay. Don't eat the fried stuff and don't eat too much rice. If you get white rice, that's better unless you're watching carbs too. I was successful in getting a local chinese restaurant to give me a half-order of rice noodles intead of the rice tonight. I have a tough time with rice most days, but rice noodles are better for some reason. Didn't work tonight, though. Oh well... won't be the first time most of the dinner wound up in the trash. ;)
Ginny: I'm with you! We're doing mid-terms this week too and have a similar schedule. Two of my kids are going batty because they don't have a structured schedule this week. One of them is my ED kiddo who was doing so much better after break. Today he refused to get his point sheet at all. The other is my child who speaks mostly Spanish. He's been in chill time this week more than he was the whole first part of the year. Mostly because he refuses to wear his glasses without EXCESSIVE insistance on my part. He's also adept at reading body language and is using that to figure out answers to classrwork. My TA and I spent 45 minutes trying to get him to do the weahter on the calendar today. He kept holding up one weather picture after another and saying our names! I kept saying, "I don't know." or ignoring him.
Well, this mouse is going to bed.

01-19-2006, 10:42 PM
gonna try the rice noodles! Thanks! I can't eat brocoli, but snow peas would work I guess or other veggies! I will stay away from the rice and be a good girl....god I hope there's no cake! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

01-20-2006, 12:24 AM
Hello All...finally made it back. You guys have been burnin' the net up with posts.

Has been a really hectic week. Can't even believe that we were out Monday. Some of my kids have been absolutely loopy-loo. I had a school event tonight (Bed and Books--everyone in their jammies--guest readers--storyteller--good treats---free book) that was ENORMOUS. Twice the crowd of last year. I was in charge of the food and I swear the families were coming in SWARMS. Best turn-out we've had for anything yet, which is exciting. Our prek-5 school is primarily at-risk students--80+% free/red. price lunch--, went through a huge staff and focus change-over 1 1/2 years ago and re-vamped the whole place.

Anyway, Pam and Robyn, I totally can identify with the physical neediness of this job. Teaching is such a demanding profession in about every way that there is. I've been kicked, hit, pinched, tackled, and bitten (sometimes all on the same day from one kid!) And I can deal with that, as long as we deal with the behavior and teach new strategies to help alleviate it. My BIGGEST frustration right now is a little "friend" of mine who is so layered with issues (Opp-defiant, attention-seeking, impulsive, intense need for control...) and his mom basically blames all of these things on a variety of sources...none of them that she can control or are really her responsibility, she thinks. Basically, when he's at school he's "not her problem..." She absolutely refuses to even consider meds, even though the pediatrician strongly suggested them (and i am not usually a huge advocate for meds at age 5, but this child is extreme). We are working so hard and to help her see that now is the time to get these issues addressed--not in kindergarten where he will be in a sea of other kids with one teacher. THe plans that we have in-place now will not work for him next year unless he has outside support. I'm pretty sure he'll be suspended the first week of kdgn. and will have an ED diagnosis in no time...not a label that you want to hang on a 5 year old. (he has no other issues that need addressing through special ed, so of course that makes it harder..)

Enough ranting and raving.

Mousie, I will try the rice noodles! I had chinese today and tried to be moderate (ate child portion), but I still had to totally try to guess the points for the main dish. I guess the scale will let me know in a couple days (water water water until then...try to flush out the extra sodium)

Jake--good for you with your follow through. Making them finish this time will make the dinking-around group smaller next time (hopefully:)!

Gotta go...laundry beckons. Fran

01-20-2006, 12:54 PM
TGIF!!!!!! Need I say anymore ladies. :) It sure has been one of those weeks from you know where. My kids in my reg. class and my afterschool kids have either been hyper or just down right mean towards others. I made two of the afterschool kids cry last night because I don't them to straighten up and stop being such a baby. So nexty week should be intereting.
I weighed in this morning for our contest here at I was down 4 pounds from last week. So I am hoping that I can keep this up and continue to lose more. My team came in last out of 8 teams in the percentage of weight lost. But I know that we can hopefully win one of our weigh-ins in the next 12 weeks. :)
Fran glad to hear from you. We missed you! Sorry you are having a problem with one little guy in your room. Don't hate it when the parents don't see or want to do what is best for their child. I hope the mother realizes soon that she is only harming her child more by not getting him the much needed help that he deserves.
Mydogjakerocks, sounds like you are doing great on your jumpstart to your diet. I hope things are going well for you. You will have a nice suprise the next time you step on the scales. :)Glad you enjoyed your walk the other night. I used to walk in the wintertime, just bundled up real good. But here lately I haven't had the time too walk outside. So I do it in my living room along with Leslie and friends.
Susie, when I eat Chinese, I am able to order off the Special Diet menu. The only difference is really that they use white rice and a different kind of sauce for the topping. You could get chicken and broccoli without the brown sauce. As for the fries that your boys ate last night and you said that you didn't even want any. I am the same way with my stepkids. They can eat things that I dearly loved before I decided to change my lifestyle and I am not one bit tempted to eat it. Like french fries (fair or festival ones), cookies, snack cakes, elephant ears. I all can think about is the empty calories in those foods.
Hi to everyone else. I just looked at my watch and saw that I have recess duty in 5 minutes. I still need to go use the restroom and check my mailbox. So I will chat with you all later. Either tonight or tomorrow. Going to a high school basketball game tonight.
Have a wonderful afternoon.

01-20-2006, 06:18 PM
Did this seem like a long week or what? The sad thing is it was only three days for us with the kids. Kids were kind of loopy. I didn't end up getting out of there until four today because of having to call a parent and we are getting ready to start remediation during our planning period! (Not fair!)for the kids who didn't score well enough on our standardized test last year. I don't mind tutoring, but it's the same ones who will do absolutely nothing during class. Oh well, can't worry about that.

Mouse: Can I get your pasta salad recipe? Pasta salad is one of my favorite things. I absolutely love it. Haven't had it in soooooooo long.

Jake: It's really not too bad walking in the cold once you convince yourself to get out there. BUt, that has been the hardest thing for me this year. I can't manage to make myself go out that door. Like Kerry, I have been walking with Leslie...Or was, until my tape disappeared. I think my friend was talking about the cabbage soup diet the other day. Hope your weigh in turns out great.

Susie: I'm with you on the CHinese food. Oh man, want some right now.........I usually just try and eat half of what I've ordered. There is an awesome chinese buffet down the street. I have to avoid it because I don't quite have the self control to eat properly there. Good luck!

GInny: Poor thing...Well, atleast it's Friday. You can get a couple of peaceful days....

Kerry: Wow! FOur pounds. I'm impressed. Doesn't it feel good? I told you that my battery died in the scale yesterday. So, I went out and got a new battery, and when I weighed this am, I was two pounds heavier than yesterday. Really pissed me off. I have been on target with my points and excercising every single day. I hope that the scale will be my friend tomorrow because that is my official weigh in day. But, I am starting to be able to tell a difference in my body since working out on this total gym. Like, I could actually feel my hip bones yesterday. :D I was like wow, where did those come from? Far from being able to see them, but it feels like my waist is toning up a little. I am just gonna keep at it, and eventually those numbers will get to where I want them to be.

Robyn: Happy Friday! Hope you have a great weekend.

Fran: Sorry about the student in your class. It's rough. Especially when parents don't seem to either see the problem, or make excuses for it.

Hey to anyone I missed!


You've come too far to take an order from a cookie!

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels....

Found those two quotes in prevention...

01-20-2006, 08:07 PM
Good evening, all!

Let me agree with the TGIF statements!!!! Oh, geez. My ED kiddo started off the day with all these off-the-wall statements and I had to get on him before the bell even rang. We are making progress though, and I can see it, even if it is half-baby steps. Earlier in the year, when I would suggest a self-help so he could get himself cooled down and focused, he'd refuse me. Now, he went right away and sat there for 25 minutes and then talked to me and came out and did his work. He stayed out of chill time for the rest of the day except for a brief 5 minute journey when he lied to me about having finished his classwork. But he even apologized for that one! :) As trying as it was, I see improvement. I did some of the shopping for the vocational curriculum and got quite a bit of the stuff at BigLots and the dollar store... My TA is going to ask the girls on his basketball team for shoeboxes for it, and the industrial tech teacher for nuts, bolts and such that we need. He asked me why I didn't have shoeboxes like most women, and I just pointed at my shoes. Then said, "You don't have shoe boxes when you're only allowed to wear one pair of shoes!" I actually have 2 pairs of high shoes, but one pair I use for dress because they have steel shanks that make them really uncomfortable to walk in for long. And they are all leather, so look nicer. I'm not supposed to wear my sneakers without my anklebrace, and I'm not supposed to wear my sandles at all. :(

Susie: The rice noodles aren't necessarily less calories (they are, but its only 30 or so per cup as near as I can tell; it may be more because the rice noodles in my tracker are the wide chow-fun noodles, and I eat the mei-fun which are narrower... like angel hair). They work for me because they have less carbs. My endocrine disorder makes it hard for my body to process carbohydrates, so I'm on a pretty-much permanent low-carb diet. For about a year and a half, I was throwing up everything I ate and not able to eat much because my body was reacting to the processed and sugar carbs I was eating. It took a long time to figure out what was going on. I do still get sick sometimes (like last night), even with things that are "safe foods" for me, but its not as bad or as often. My body's other reaction to lots of carbs is to produce WAY too much insulin, which isn't good. I was doing really well with that for awhile, but it went up again recently, so I've been on a medication for that for a week. They'd tried glucophage when I was first diagnosed and it was an awful experience.
Pam: I'll PM the recipe to you. :) Unless others here want it, and then I'll post it after.
Fran: Hi! Welcome back! I understand the ED kiddo... I've got a lot of those. I had a surprise phone call at 3:25 this afternoon (and I was still in the building, which was pretty amazing since a lot of staff took half-days today since the kids left early!) from the mother of one of my students. The surprise wasn't just that she called but that the child HAD a mother! The mother hasn't been mentioned all year long, so you can imagine my surprise! I was only aware that Mom existed because I had to go spelunking in the child's records earlier in the school year and found her name with the guidance counselor.
Let's see... Chinese... I love chinese food. It is, quite seriously, my favorite food and I could eat it daily. I used to always get chicken dishes, and hardly ever get fried foods. I can't eat the chicken now, which is disappointing. My favorite dish is shrimp with lobster sauce. I used to be perfectly happy to have some steamed broccoli and bok choy (I LOVE bok choy!!!!) along with some white rice and the lobster sauce. Of course, I can't do that now, and I have to be very careful where I get the shrimp with lobster sauce from because some of the cheaper restaurants use chicken broth instead of vegetable broth or seafood broth. :( But, I always talk my mom into Chinese when I go home, and we've been going to the same restaurant for 15 years. I watched the owner's kids grow up... and so he will cook special for me or get his chef to do it. :) He always throws in extra vegetables for us too. There are only two places that I've been able to successfully eat chinese food locally, and that is a buffet near the school, and the little place at Wegman's. I usually hit the buffet once a week... but I always do it take-out. It costs about the same as if I ate there, or is sometimes cheaper, because I don't eat much. It doesn't pay for me to pay $10 to eat at the buffet and only eat one plate of food. This way, I can get what I want, and put what I can't eat in the fridge. I get some eel sushi, vegetable spring rolls, and one or two dumplings (again, have to make sure they are pork and not chicken). But, that is one way to handle portion control: if you do take out, you can't eat it all! You can only eat what fits in the box! I usually get 2 boxes (just in case I want a LITTLE bit of chicken!), so I can put the appetizer stuff in one and the main meal in the other... and that is usually 3 meals for me. Which just leads me to wonder, again, why so many physicians think that gastric bypass surgery would benefit me... hmm...

We had the potluck today: I had the taco meat that we made (half extra-lean ground beef, half ground turkey!), with some cheese and sour cream. Some celery sticks, and 5 tortilla chips. I like the lime ones from Tostados, and they had those. I was STUFFED until just now, when I decided to get a salad from a pizza place for dinner. Its a gyro salad. :)
Later, all!

01-20-2006, 08:33 PM
Well, it sounds as though this was a week of torture for all of us. I am SO glad it is over.....Had a mess of kids (about 6) trash the back of the bus- spit balls and pieces of erasers all over the the seating chart from h*** will be made out this weekend. Don't care if I have 5th graders sitting in row 1. (the oldest on that part of the route). I am so disappointed in them, really thought that they knew better than this. Oh well....after a firm discussion with them about who was "boss" things should quiet down, I hope.

Sorry not getting personal with anyone tonite.......gotta go detox from this miserable week. See ya tomorrow.

01-20-2006, 08:38 PM
My husband is making sushi tomorrow for supper so I can save points there because i just know i'll blow it on sunday....Had a really great dinner tonight of chicken and veggies in tomato sauce with chick peas! yum! I'm saving some points for a nice big glass of wine when my two year old goes to bed! Beleive me i'll need it because we're weaning him off the pacifier (cold turkey actually because we can't find it)!
Had a great day at school! I'm busy planning an exchange trip with my tourism class in the spring! I also convinced my principal that we should buy DDR for school so the kids coul workout at lunch time to that baby! oh yeah! I"m good!

01-21-2006, 10:19 AM
When the going gets tough, I disappear! Sorry 'bout that! ...... But I'm back!

It is Saturday! (Whoooo Hoooo!)
He got a job yesterday! (Whoooo Hooo!)
I lost 2.6 pounds! (Whoooo Hooo!)
I saw a beautiful rainbow on the way home from WW this morning! (Everyone *has* to love a January rainbow!)

I'm have got to make my plans for the week.... School, food, and the rest of our week! DH begins his new job on Monday. It is TOTALLY out of his field. He will be an apprentice...with very low hourly wages for a few months.... but, DH is so excited! He has smiled more since yesterday than he has in literally MONTHS! I'm nervous.... but low wages is better than what he was making yesterday! At this point anything is better than nuffin! I am hopeful that this will work out! :) ...and also that some GREAT, in his field, Zillion$ job doesn't somehow appear out of no where .......cause THAT would really stink!

I'm glad to see that everyone has survived the week! I will spare you the details of the reasons for my withdrawl! It was a tough week.... the next two weeks will also be very difficult....... end of term issues! Also, I will mention that both of our sons needed BOOTS to the BUTT ........ serious crap with our oldest... that resulted in an early morning meeting... and will result in my request (on Monday!) for a formal IEP meeting... His OT has refused to meet with me in person.... "her schedule doesn't allow her to meet parents" is her excuse.... I've HAD IT UP TO HERE and I've told DS's educational advocate that I'm finished waiting and being calm! Monday, monday, monday! I'm sorry that I have to be "THAT mother" but D#$% it!

Mouse: Yahoooo! Progress with your student! :) Gotta love it!

Kerry: Yahooooo! What a great personal weight loss you had this week for your school challenge! Keep up the great work!

Susie: Yahoooo! DDR at school! ...purchased BY the school! You *are* good! How did the no pacifier go? Hope you enjoyed the wine...without having to deal with his whine! (Poor guy! Cold turkey! But perhaps that will be the best way to go!)

Gin: ARGGGH! Sorry to hear that the looneybirds messed up your bus! They deserve a seating chart...and well, you know that it will help them make appropriate behavior choices! well as save them from being choked by you! :) Hang in there!

Pam: Your message regarding reaching your goal of 98 pounds.... for a second until the battery died had me hooting! I DO know how exciting it is to see those freakly LOW numbers! Hope your WI goes well in spite of your new battery! Remember MUSCLE weighs more! BUT it takes up less space! So, as you are building muscle you might not see a change on the scale BUT you will see changes with measurements and clothing. This is why it is important to measure not only weigh! (Long ago...and so farrr farrr away, I used to lift and have hip bones and such! I actually had an AB... notice it wasn't ABS...but it was an AB! Who knew that stuff was actually there! :) I do miss that sort of exercise! Perhaps you have inspired me to go dust off the old dumbbells and DO SOMETHING with them!)

MydogJake: Sooooo, did you do the staff development thing?! I also have similar opinions regarding Principals! I've had 2 that I adored.... in nearly 2 decades! ...and the one I have now is NOT one of those 2! Yuck! Sighhhh!

Hello to everyone else that I've missed! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! I've got to get some breakfast and my water started ...... and that planning done!

ya'll take care,

01-21-2006, 12:40 PM
Hello everyone... well I was lucky that a little threatening of detention kept my kids in check enough that I could plan my professional development. They pretty much sat at their desks and did what they were supposed to do. I was so pleased, but still annoyed with the principals. I ended up doing my training on successful testing prep. It went pretty well, but of course the wireless internet was down so that busted some of my groove. Oh well. It is over and so is the week. I do not know how I will survive a five day week next weekl. It was hard to get through these 4. Well at least I dont have to think about it for another 36 hours. AHHHH....

The diet seems to be going well. I am enjoying the fact that I get to have so meat today. I think that is pretty exciting. And I learned to make a delicious shake that basically had no fat for my banana day yesterday. I just have to hold out until Tuesday before I get on the scale. My pants already feel a bit looser, which makes me so happy. I really want to be able to get to the 145 by this summer. My boyfriend started talking about marriage this morning and he wants to get married this December. That kind of put me into a bit of a tizzy. But no planning for me until I have a ring on my finger. But I would really like to be at a good and comfortable weight and be there for awhile before I have to wear the big white dress. Oh well, I am going to have some cabbage soup and then take Jake for a walk. Have a great Sat. Talk later.

01-21-2006, 02:25 PM
The "no pacifier" went pretty well! A few screams of protest at the beginning but fell asleep in no time! We really should have done this long ago! Did some DDR last night and woke up this morning hurting like a son of a moose! Maybe i'm too old for that much grooving! lol

Scraped up enough energy to make a double batch of brownies, 5 loaves of bread and some biscotti! I can't tell you how good it smells in my house right about now!

I have to ask a really stupid question..... I see the letters DH a lot around here and I just want to be clear on what that means? Husband?

Have a great day everyone- I have marking to do....grrrrrrrr

01-21-2006, 05:09 PM
Afternoon All,
Sounds like everyone is having a busy weekend. We made it to the ball game last night. Sat through our friends' (both of them are coaches for the JV team) game and then half of the varisty game. It was so embarrassing that we left at half time, the other team was winning by 25 points. This morning my sdd and I went to Curves to workout. When we got home we did the walk/jog dvd. While she was getting her shower I did 30 minutes on my gazelle. So I made up for not working out last night for 30 minutes. I am hoping that this shows up on the scales next Friday for my weigh-in at school. My team came in last and my team members don't want to be in last place next week. We don't care if we don't win first place but somewhere in the middle would be nice. Spent the afternoon filling out fininancial paperwork and I am wiped out now. I am hoping to take a nap here in a little bit. Then maybe this evening I will work on some paperwork for school. Enough babbling from about me.
Robyn, congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the good work! You are making great progress. Congrats on your dh's new job. So what will he be doing? Sending positive vibes your way for a successful meeting on Monday with your ds's IEP meeting.
Pam, so how did your weigh in go today? Had a great laugh about your battery. Hope everything is going well for you this weekend.
Mouse, congrats on the progress you are making with your one student. That must make you feel proud. So were you able to get any swimming time in this weekend?
Susie, hope you are surviving the weekend with your son quitting his pacifer cold turkey. Sounds like you are busy baking. Did you get your marking done? I hope you have a nice family get together tomorrow eating Chinese food.
Ginny, hope that you are feeling more relaxed today and calm. Hope you are able to get a new seating chart that works fine. So what are your big plans for the weekend?
Mydogjakerocks, glad to hear that your diet is going great. Isn't it a great feeling when your clothes fit better. Your goal of 145 sounds very reachable by summertime. Enjoy your walk with Jake!
Hi to everyone else.
I need to go start on the laundry. I will try to check back in with everyone later.
Take care and have a wonderful evening.

01-21-2006, 07:24 PM
Please rescue me! My sdd has a little friend over and she is a little brat. She has been here for about 5 hours now. She is driving me nuts! My dh and I can't stand little girls who are mean. I don't think she will be playing with my sdd very often. They woke me up from my nap and I am not very happy. I have a cold or sinus problems and don't feel good. So that is not helping with my mood. Send positive thoughts my way please that I don't kill anyone!

01-21-2006, 09:13 PM
Kerry- don't you hate those LONG playdates? I'd love to rescue you~ hope you are feeling better too!!!!! (got woken up from my nap today also).

Jake's "mom"- hope you and Jake got a great walk in! Don't ya love that I am thinner feeling- when the pants seem looser? Keep up the great work, sure that darn scale will reflect all the effort.

Susie- how many people are you baking for, girl?! Gee, that much good stuff would be dangerous for me in the house.........don't think I could stand it. But then I have to bake for tomorrow, inlaws are coming over:( . And that is a double bake for me, FIL is diabetic. Yup, you guessed it Dh is Dear Husband, but then of course it could stand for Darned Husband depending upon his mood, or my hormones!;) .

Saving the best for last- Robyn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: That is SO wonderful about Dh's new job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Been praying for you- and him too. I have said this before, but I can't imagine the personal h*** that you faced, I am sure he was depressed and extremely difficult to live with this entire time. Hope that this works out for him, or at the very least gets him busy and just easier to live with. Congrats on the 2.6# loss too! I saw that rainbow too, it was here on Friday on the way home with the critters (who had just had their heads repositioned by moi). Hope this is a great weekend for you..........I am so happy for you.

Not much new here......we went out this am with our boom boom sticks this morning for a while. (hunting is still big here, this was just target shooting however). And my MIL/FIL are coming over tomorrow.........don't ask.
Other than that it has been a quiet day. Snuck in a 3.5 mile walk outside. It was lovely. Gotta go wash the kitchen floor.
See ya! And hi to anyone I missed.

01-21-2006, 11:16 PM
Thanks Kerry and Gin! He is so excited! .... having him smile again is wonderful! He starts on Monday! I hope that it turns out to be as he hopes! :) ...if we can make it thru the first 6 months with very low $ then it should improve (not get great...but improve) by summer!

I've spent the entire afternoon and most of the evening working on school JUNK...and I'm not nearly done! ARRRGH! Gotta get back to it! :)

Oh btw, had to pull out some smaller pants the other day! They aren't my smallest size...but they are better than the others that were so tight in the beginning that they inspired me to duct tape my mouth! Now, they are so huge I can put them on and off without undoing them.... and they sort of looked like they belonged to a 90 year old man. Pulled up under my arm pits in order to NOT lose them! :) So.... I'm out of Women's sizes! :) WhoooHoooo! New decade and no W after my size! :)

back to the homework..... sigh.....
take care

01-22-2006, 01:15 AM
Good evening, all.

Everybody was busy this weekend it seems! Me too, although I had some time to myself this morning. I should have been doing laundry... the apartment manager gave me keys to a vacant apartment because GE still hasn't sent them the new pump for my washer! :sigh: I just wasn't motivated to haul my laundry down the hall to the other apartment. I'm so spoiled!
Robyn: WOO HOO! GREAT NEWS! Sorry to hear about your son, however. The OT is way out of line... if she is that busy, the district needs to hire another OT. Although, I am probably barking up the wrong tree... I can't imagine a district doing something like that!
Ginny: I would have killed them. Of course, then I would have had blood and gore on the bus. Hmm. I did tell one of my kids about my "Ashes of Problem Students" jar. ;) Fortunately, they understood it to be a joke.
Kerry: Yes! I not only got my swim in tonight, I met my "hour" goal. I swam for 1.25 hours tonight, then did my lesson... I was really active during the second half because I had a 5 year old newcomer and a 9 year old newcomer. The 9 year old was swimming halfway across the therapy pool by the time we were done. :) I only have 2.5 miles till I meet that goal for the month. I hope to get it done... I'm going to try to swim at the Rec Center near the Red Cross chapter since I have 2 meetings out there this coming week, plus a 2-day class on Saturday and Sunday.
I also weighed myself tonight; I'd done it last week too and found out that I'd dumped 5 pounds. I figured it was muscle since I haven't been able to lift weights for almost 6 months. First, it was Hurricane Katrina, then it was my ankle. But, I've lost another 1.5 pounds! I have been making a good effort at eating more food... I have either South Beach diet bars or high-protein low-carb bars from Body For Life and another kind stashed everywhere so that I don't have an excuse to skip a snack or a meal. Between those and protein shakes, I can eat even when I'm not feeling so great. I've gone from an average of 900 calories a day to about 1200. But its all high-protein, low-carb stuff. Also, I'm on that new medication that is supposed to make my body use the insulin better so it doesn't produce excess insulin and turn everything to fat. I am afraid to hope that its here to last; we'll see since next week I'm going to have trouble getting to the pool and its the week off of my one set of meds. That is my equivalent of PMS, so I usually gain weight that week and the week before. So you can imagine how surprised I was to find a drop!

01-22-2006, 01:48 AM
Mousie, the OT's reason for not meeting with me is that she only works 2 days a week and lives more than an hour away. I realize what her contract "states" regarding her work hours... I also realize what mine states.... AND we're reminded about that little clause down at the bottom that says something about working beyond contract hours as deemed necessary. WELL. Guess WHAT?! I'm about to do all that I am capable of to make it necessary for her!

Actually, I've offered to take time off from school to meet her during her contractual hours.... but that wasn't to her liking either. She was pulling my SpEd kid out of Academic classes for his OT in order to make him fit into her schedule. I feel her pain... (everytime I have to go in early, stay late , sit thru the world's most boring meeting, or make phone calls at odd hours to talk to parents! You know the drill!) HOWEVER not meeting with a parent nor pulling a child with learning issues out of an academic class for a neat and tidy schedule is gonna fly with me! This is the crap that makes me insane! AND become "THAT mother!"

Glad that they have made arrangements for you do get your laundry done! Yahoo for you and your various exercises! You're doing great! Weights are one of my favorite forms of exercise! Sigh.... you and Pam are going to MAKE me dust mine off, aren't you?! Keep up the great work! :)

take care.... and thanks for listening to my "momma rant"! :D

01-22-2006, 09:42 AM
Good Morning!
Well it's been an interesting weekend. Started out great.:devil: My oldest and I were arguing about his lack of financial responsibility(although he has been working steadily for almost two months now) but the fact that he doesn't save any of his money and I got really pissed and was walking backward out of his room, tripped, landed on my butt, and now my tailbone hurts sooooooooooooooooobad. Yesterday morning, I could barely get out of bed, and it hurts to sit, stand, lay.......I hope it's nothing serious. Turning over last night required much effort and hurt incredibly. I hate to go to the doctor...What is the reason for your visit? My crack is cracked!!!!!:o

Robyn::woo: :woo: :woo: That is for the weight loss, the pants size (of which I'm envious) and THE JOB.......WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.....I know that's a huge relief......As far as your son's ot....Well, we have to make accomodations for parents everyday. She needs to make an accomodation too!
I did take my measurements yesterday, the only difference I saw, was of course my legs.. Thighs: 19 inches!!!!! I have also gone from a 44 to 38 1/2 around my chest. Still nothing in the old abdominal section......:( I will have to have dh to measure my arms as that is kind of awkward.) I don't have six pack abs....I have two liter abs. My hubby says he has pony keg abs! Ha!

Kerry: Weigh in successful....Ok, well not the 164 I was at midweek, but 164.5 which makes two pounds.....So, I'll have to wait til next week to move my tracker....Was it you that had the biggest loser video? I was thinking of getting that. Is it fun?

Susie: Oh, I could not have those brownies in my house...They would be gone before ya know it. I LOVE CHOCOLATE. Hope your dinner goes well today, and you are able to control yourself with the chinese food which I had last night!

Mouse: Congrats on almost meeting your swimming goal for the month. Double congrats on the weight loss. Hope it continues right down the scale for you!:carrot: :carrot:

Jake: Marriage huh? Well that would surely motivate me to lose some more weight. I don't blame you about the ring......I know your weigh in this week will be great.

Ginny: How was the visit with the inlaws? Hope your week goes better on the bus. Won't be long til pitchers and catchers report for spring training. You better go ahead and line up that red stitching to be done before it starts!

Well I need to try and get dressed and go to the grocery store. We have no food. This could be a problem....

Take care!


01-22-2006, 12:50 PM
Well I didn't get my marking done, instead we went to a collegue's house for dinner- She made fettucini alfredo (ouch) and chicken. I controlled myself.... but had two glasses of wine and a ceasar! Today I vow to be extra good! I considered not going to my mother's house so I don't have to deal witht he chinese food. Instead, I'm going to order Hot and Sour soup which no one else likes but me and just eat that. Wish me luck!

01-22-2006, 01:48 PM
WHAT A WEEK!!! I'm sorry guys, I'm so buried in assessments and report cards. My aide was only in two days last week, came in late and left early. I not only need her to maintain my ratio, but I really need her to handle the kids while I do my assessments. It is so frustrating. I won't burden you with the details, but there has been a lot of bullsh*t going on in my school...last minute demands..."drop everything and do this right now!" I've about had it, and I blew up...luckily I controlled my urge to tell our principal what I really think.

I will be back to meet all the newbies and chat with all of you when I am done with this insanity.

Take care!

01-22-2006, 03:32 PM
Afternoon Ladies,
Sounds like everyone is going a little insane at work. It must just be that time of year. I feel bad for my two friends who are 5th grade math teachers. The kids are not up to the level my principal and the county office feel that they should be in order to take the test in March. So they are now working on math concepts during math class and any specials that they would have starting tomorrow. I have worked with some of these kids in the afterschool program and am amazed that they are not getting the simple concepts of math. Makes you wonder what happened when they were learning how to do simple addition and subtraction. Hope we all can survive until the test taking time arrives.
Pam, congrats on the weight loss. A loss is a loss in my book. Sometimes they are as we would hope them to be. But remember it took it a while to put it on and it will take a while to take it off. Isn't amazing when you measure yourself and see such a small change in your body. I am looking forward to my measurements at Curves this month. I am hoping to have a nice little surprise since I started to do weight training with my Biggest Loser workout DVD. It is a great workout. It will kill you a few times when you first start doing it but then it is great. I had only done it three times at the end of Dec. Then today I did it again and was surprised when Bob said that it was time to strecth and cool down. So I was pleased with myself that I was able to make it through the whole workout without stopping. It is worth the $9.44 at Wal-mart. Atleast I think it is. It gives you four different workouts to choose from. Right now I have only done workout's one and three which are low intensity workouts. Here in the next couple of weeks I think I will step up to the high intensity workouts in two and four. Hope this helps you! Hope you are feeling a little bit better with your backside!:)
Mouse, congrats on the weight loss. Maybe your doctors have found the right medicine for you. I read somewhere that in order to lose weight you had to eat 1200 caloires a day. That if you go below that number your body goes into starvation mode and it turns your food into fat. So maybe you have found the right mix of foods to eat and the new medicine is helping. Keep up the great work!
Robyn, congrats on the smaller pant size. Doesn't it feel great when your clothes get bigger on you? I am going to have to go through my closet here in the next month or so and get rid of some of my fat clothes again. Hope you are able to get your school work done and have some much needed Robyn relax time today. Hope you get results from your meeting tomorrow morning. I will be thinking about you! :) The OT is being very selfish and unprofessional if she is not willing to meet with you. I thought that we had to go beyond the call of duty sometimes to make a good working relationshop between the school and home. I guess that OT must have missed that day in college and at inservice meetings.
Summer, glad that you were able to report in with us! We miss chatting with you. Hope that through all this stress you have found time for yourself by eating healthier and excerising. Hope things get better for you this coming week! :)
Susie, sometimes better things come along than doing our school work on the weekends. I hope you had a nice visit at your collegues house. Enjoy your day with your family! I am sure that you will do find today. :)
Jake's mommy, so did you enjoy your meat yesterday? When will you get on the scales to find out how your diet is going? Hope your day is going great for you.
Ginny, hope you make it throught the visit with the inlaws today!
Well my dh just said that lunch was ready. Need to go eat steak and brocolli with the kids and dh. Talk to you all later.

01-22-2006, 09:49 PM
Hello everyone.... I am not going to get to post a long message today because I am busy doing laundry and preparing for my last day on cabbage soup!!!!:carrot: That in itself is so exciting. I know that I have lost a few pounds because I feel it and my boyfriend told me that my butt looked smaller this morning!!! Yipppeeeeee!!!!! A smaller booty is one of my main goals. I actually started doing a little more excercising.-- which is a definite plus. Yesterday, I began by doing these ten minute work-out tapes. I did 10 minutes on abs, 10 minutes on butt and 10 minutes on arms and legs. Then today I busted out my tony horton beach body in 90 days. That tape kicks my butt so today I only did the intense ab workout, but I was happy with myself. Plus, I have really been following this crazy cabbage soup diet as closely as I can. I did have a tiny cheat today because while we were at dinner I ordered chicken and it had bbq sauce on it. I tried wiping most of it off, i hope that little cheat doesnt effect my results. I will be weighing in on Tuesday morning... fingers crossed.

I am going to get going because I want to watch celebrity fit club for a little more inspiration.... ha ha if you have ever watched it. Have a great monday.
Talk tomorrow night!!!:D

01-22-2006, 11:51 PM
Well i'm back from my mother's. I didn't do as well as i'd hoped with the chinese food but i don't think it was the disaster it could have been!

Looking forward to a great week of exam reviews with the students! I love the week that comes before exams almost as much as exam week!lol I get a deranged pleasure from seeing macho teenagers squirm and beg for mercy! mwahahahahahahahaha! Have a good week everyone!

01-23-2006, 10:41 AM
Good morning!

Not sure what happened here.....but the god of snow days has blessed me and my kids with another day off. Bad part is now we have only 2 snow days left and a lot of NY winter remaining. Oh is Dd's last full day home before her return to school, so I guess we will break out the Monopoly and have a fun day.

Gee, Susie, your sense of humor is not is called "revenge is sweet....or payback time....". :D Other than being awfully salty, chinese is not that bad for you.......unless it is General Tsao's chicken. Just get back on track today. Hope your week goes well.

Jake's mom- congrats on the complement! Good luck with your WI- let us know how it goes.

Kerry- sorry that you are also caught up with getting the 5th graders up to speed on math. Did the curriculum change or something like that? Bet that teaching for the test is no fun, and especially trying to cram so much into a short amount of time. Good luck. Congrats on making it thru your workout without stopping. (don't you love those days when all of the sudden the tape is over and you wonder how you got there?) What kind of workout is it?
(I should stop asking now........I am such a workout junkie).

Summer- hope that all the nonsense with your aide and the principal improves. Hope that the assessments and report cards are done soon.......perhaps things will be a bit more sane for you this week.

Pam- well, all I can add to your situation is that you probably should get your back looked at. (a coworker of mine did something similar, and it became very debilitating after about 2 weeks). Not to be an alarmist, just better being safe as opposed to sorry......... No food in your house a problem? Gee, there must be teenagers there!;) How did the situation with ds and financial responsibility work out? (fun topic, isn't it?). Aw, come on Maw.......doesn't money grow on trees??? Oh, yeah, that is right, it grows in your wallet! I had a similar discussion with Ds the other day, his bank account statement came and he marvelled at why it was down $500. I had to remind him that it was time to pay the car insurance bill.......and that the $500 donation does not really cover the total expense. So you are not alone here.

Robyn- happy first day of work for you and Dh!!!!!!:D Hope it all works out.
As far as the OT goes, golly,we all have kooky schedules and each student deserves the attention he/she needs....and I do not blame you one bit for being upset. You have to do what you have to do.......hope you can get a meeting with her. (somehow I do not think you need me to tell you any of this). Congrats on pants that do not fit!!!!!!!

Mouse- congrats on the weight loss!!!!!!! It does sound as though your new eating plan is working well for you. Hopefully your "PMS" week will not throw you off. (it should just be water weight anyway, am I right?) Did you ever get the laundry done? SO glad you got all that swimming time in!

Well, at the last minute, MIL and FIL cancelled. And I had already made lunch, 2 pies, and the white tornado had run rampant thru my house (which all the kids home are not trashing!). They postponed till next weekend, when hopefully FIL will be feeling better (numerous health issues......too many to go into here). So, I got to relax a wee bit, watch some football and crochet a bit. Today I have "walked" 3. something miles..(3AP's) and have been a good girl with my eating. (about time, the past few days have been pretty bad). Not sure when I will get to WW this week, probably Thursday. Wed, Dh goes for a colonoscopy (no problem, it is just that time and he is tired of me harrassing him about it). So I will have to pick him up from that during my usual meeting time.

I have babbled enough for this am..........see ya!

01-23-2006, 08:44 PM
What a dreary and miserable Monday. I sit here typing sitting on a "doughnut" looking much like the lady from a preperation h commercial.
I did end up going to the doctor yesterday. I cried all the way through the xrays when they made me lie flat on my back. OUch! The verdict? They aren't sure if it's broken or not. However, the doc says that reguardless, it is treated the same way. So, I went home with some pain medication which I can not take and go to work and no relief.....Today was miserable. I couldn't sit for very long, I couldn't stand for very long, and now other parts of my body are beginning to ache from the strain of not putting any strain on my tailbone. And, NO EXCERCISE. Not that I could do it right now, but this is definitely not the time for me to be unable to excercise. I ended up going and laying on the little bed in the nurses office for like fifteen minutes just to be able to relieve some pressure off my backside. Then, I came home with the intention of just resting for a few minutes and slept for two hours. I need to go soak in a hot tob I think and then after I get my stuff straightened out for my self and school for the morning, I will take a pill and go to bed.

So, hey to everyone don't feel like sitting any longer, so i am going to get off this thing.
Talk to you all later.......


01-23-2006, 09:22 PM
Did slim in six today at noon with the kids! I had no trouble at all doing it and they were huffing and puffing! I like that!

01-23-2006, 11:09 PM
Evening All,
Just a quick note to say hi! Hope everyone had a great Monday! I sure got my excerise in today. I am feeling sore tonight in my abs and legs. I did the 2.5 mile walk and jog dvd this morning at home. Then my boys were not very focused this morning to do thier work, so I made them do a 1 mile walking video with me. This evening in the after school program we did 45 minutes of kids' tae boe with the 3rd through 6th graders. It was a lot of fun. I was able to do it the whole time. Several of the kids couldn't keep up though. Then I went to Curves with my sdd after work. So I am hoping that I have a good wi tomorrow evening at TOPS. :)
Pam I hope you were able to get some rest! Sending healing hugs your way! :)
Will get personal with everyone tomorrow. For some strange reason I am very tired tonight. Think I will go to bed early.
Have a great Tuesday!
Take care,

01-23-2006, 11:14 PM
clothes dryer died last night around 8 pm...on 2nd of 10000000 loads that had to be done. spent HOURS at my parent's house doing laundry and trying not to breathe the air...they've had that stomach stuff! Arrived home around 2:30 A.M. to crawl into bed with restless DH who couldn't sleep in anticipation of his first day at work (THAT he loved by the way! :) ) I couldn't sleep ....guess that is what happens when you visit with your parents for nearly 5 hours when all you can think of is ALL that you have to do at home. Last time I looked it was 3:50.... the alarm rings at 5:30.... Sigh....

Dealing with junk at my school as well as my 8th grade son's SpEd teachers and specialists.... I'll spare you the rest....... I'll have my dh email you when I've been put away for choking one of these teachers! (How is THAT from a teacher? I get sick of the same darn CRAP every year! Oh, yeah.... I was going to spare you!) Just make sure that you guys write to me while I'm in the big house!

ate great all day....UNTIL dinner...and then I ate JUNKY FAST food...and it tasted WONDERFUL! Only thing that could have been "better" would have been a big ole bowl of homemade mac and cheese.... and well.... I'm sorta glad I didn't have any access to THAT!

Food isn't the how could it be the answer??? It isn't ... I know that.... I think that ( excuse was...) I'm so exhausted from my fun night of laundry and day at school with my own students (and all that THEY need!) as well as fighting with the middle school.......... 1/2 of a child's portion of curly fries was ok! Yeah, it is an excuse! Tomorrow I'll have to behave....

Our oldest turns 14 on Wednesday...... MAnnnnnn, my husband is getting OLLLD! ;)

leaving to do school work... maybe not ...maybe I'll just give up and go to bed!

take care,

01-24-2006, 11:30 AM
Morning All,
I woke up this morning very sore. I really feel my abs this morning. :)
So hopefully tonight at TOPS I will have a great weigh-in! Keep your fingers crossed.
Robyn, sounds like your day was a very long and tiring one. I hope you were able to get some much needed sleep last night. Glad that your dh loves his new job! :) I bet the mood around your house is a much happier one now that the stress is off about finding a new job and the related money issues are going to slowly ease up somewhat. Since I have been working out more here lately and toning up my arms, I didn't realize how much strength I had in my arms until I playfully slapped my dh the other night on the head. I heard this loud crack and realized that it was from my hitting him in the head. Needless to say, I felt bad because he got a big headache from it and had a nice red mark on his forehead for a little bit that evening. So if you need pointers in building up your arm muscles pm me and I will tell them to you so you can choke the teacher really good! :)
Hi to everyone else! Hope you are all having a great day!
Talk to you all later this evening!
Take care,

01-24-2006, 08:54 PM
Evening all. Oh, geez what a day the last two have been!
When last you saw this mouse... I'd been to the gym Sunday to swim, and they closed 2 of the lanes (they only have 4) in the pool for some reason. Nobody ever came to use them, but I wound up sharing lanes with a guy who was determined to drown me. He was much faster than I was, and everytime he went by me, he splashed so much water on me that I choked! I gave up and went to the walker lane and swam there for the last 25 minutes, but only did 30 or so total. I was in a bad mood... ANd the swim suit dryer didn't work, and now I'm about to be in a worse mood becuase I just remembered I put my WET bathing suit in a plastic bag and its in my TRUNK since Sunday. Anybody want to make a bet on whether or not it can walk out of the trunk on its own now??????
I've spent many, many hours pulling together stuff for this pre-vocational curriculum and discovered today that some of the stuff I've made is WRONG and will have to be completely redone. I also had a severe brain freeze and thought I'd LOST the IEP updates I did for last quarter. I didn't do them on the original forms (nobody told me to), and forgot that I'd done them on my copies. When I looked, I thought the letters I wrote in were initials and became very confused. I've never done anything like that before, and I was very upset...
AND... I'm having to join Pam in the ranks of those who sore rears. My leg cramped up again, and I could get it stopped with the usual methods they taught me in PT. That involves pulling my left foot up to force the muscle to relax and it didn't work. The cramp was so bad that the whole foot had twisted to the side. The only other thing that works is to stand up and stretch it against the wall... When I went to stand up, my leg didn't respond, and I fell over instead. My lower back and hip has hurt since Sunday night.
Not bad enough for me to want to go to the doctor (especially since she'll read me the riot act about my ankle again!), but bad enough that i've been miserable and not really willing to swim.
And, I just saw the cost of the books for my class this semester. Normally, I groan over the cost of the books, but they are at least books I'm willing to keep on my professional shelf and can use later to look things up. I can't do that with these because I'm not planning to become a counselor! I have to take the class because it is a pre-req for a career assessment class I want to take later. The books are going to be right around $175.
The only bright spot was last night's dinner: I made a roast in the crock pot. It shredded nicely. I mixed it with some of my low-carb pasta, alfredo sauce, and mozzarella cheese. I served it with a fresh cucumber and mozzarella (those awesome little balls of mozzarella...) salad with Italian dressing. YUMMY!
Hmph. I'm going to go have some ice cream, some more tylenol, and go to bed. I start classes tomorrow night.

01-24-2006, 09:43 PM
Hello everyone.... sounds like a lot of us are having a rough start to a new week. I am very excited because I saw the cabbage soup diet through to the end and had success.... 9 pounds!!!! Yippee!!!! What a great start! Now I just have to keep myself motivated and on the right track. That is the hardest part for me! But I went pack to LA weight loss and followed that to the tee. Unfortunately no excercise for me since I just got home from graduate class. Booo...... Oh well, always tomorrow.

Is there a way to change your weight tracker without going all the way through each step??? That could be a pain trying to change it everytime.

I hope that everyone's weeks gets to be a little brighter. Just think that tomorrow is already Wednesday. I am only working half a day tomorrow because they are sending me to another meeting on the great state test. It should be boring, but at least there are no kids and they are serving lunch. So I am just hoping that they have something that fits on the la plan.

I too am exhausted so I will check in on everyone tomorrow when I am only working a short day.....I think I am even going to skip teaching Algebra8 afterschool tomorrow.... ahhhh... i think i can forsee a trip to the gym.

01-24-2006, 09:46 PM
Think I may have figured out how to alter my signature and weight loss tracker... so I am going to just put that in... fingers crossed

apparently i didnt cause nothing is here. i have no idea what is going on...:(

01-24-2006, 10:12 PM
To change your tracker, you just have to change the number in the formula that is part of your signature.

Pam, I'm not sure what you broke, but it doesn't sound good! hope you're feeling better!

Kerry, I'm with you and mouse. My butt and thighs are killing me! But despite the pain I managed to ride the stationary bike today at lunch time with two of my TA's. We had no kids today because the roads were too icy! Apparently it doesn't matter if the staff crash and die as long as the kids are ok! I didn't realize how bad it was till I heard that our ambulance (we only have one for three towns) crashed on it's way to the city and killed the driver of the other car! SOOOOOOO SAD! Thankfully we're all safe and sound and watching sponge bob like any normal family would do on a tuesday night (NOT). I had to take my oldest son to school with me today because his school was closed and I had no sitter! He played DDR all day while I marked papers and marked papers and marked papers! Apparently it had been a long time since i'd marked papers because the mountain seemed endless!

On another note, i'm kinda ashamed of myself. I didn't go to my weigh in tonight because i don't think I lost any weight! How stupid is that? I'm a grown woman and i'm afraid to get reprimanded by some stranger sitting in front of a scale! I'm suspecting that avoidance is part of my problem so come **** or high water i'm going tomorrow! I have to learn to face the music!!!!!

Have a good night everyone,


01-24-2006, 11:55 PM
Evenig Ladies,
Well I made it through the day without killing any students, coworkers,friends or family members. Yippee! Especially after being with a room full of K-1st graders for 2 1/2 hours for the afterschool program tonight. The first hour I was working with the 1st graders on telling time. They just can't grasp the concept that time goes in those 5 minute slots. Then I read them two picture books and we discussed them. Then did a simple craft of taking and cutting out two hearts (one pink, one red), gluing them together and making a face, putting whiskers on it and giving it a tail make a mouse. On top of this we had a bad wind and rain storm and them kept asking what the noise outside was. They thought someone was using a lawn mower or weed eater right out side the window. Then I went to TOPS and lost another pound. Sat through the meeting about our open house. After the meeting my leader told me she had a project for me. So we sat down and talked about the events we did over the last year and wrote down the information. Now I need to type it up on the computer and send it to our area cooridinator by Jan. 31st. We earn points and could be recognized for it at our area recognition days. So I guess I will be working on that after I get off of here. I did do my Biggest Loser workout #1 instead of giving into my stress and eating.
Jake's mommy congrats on the 9 pound lost! So are you back on the LA eating plan? Hope you enjoy your meeting tomorrow and can atleast have something to eat at the lunch. I had two meetings to go to tomorrow. One was a staff meeting at my school and the other one was a special education meeting with my supervisor and the other special education teachers in the district to go over the IEP Spring meetings info. Mind you they are both at the same time. So my friend and I planned on going to the special education meeting so we didn't get on the bad side of our supervisor. Well our principal asked if we were going to be at the staff meeting tomorrow and we said no. He was like you have to be there since we are going to have our Christmas dinner as well since it was cancelled due to a snow day. So we told him to call our special education supervisor and tell her that we couldn't make her meeting and to let us come early one afternoon from school for it. So I guess we are on the bad side of our special educ. supervisor anyway. What a great way to start the IEP season with her too! She can be a big time witch!
Susie, don't be afaird of the scales. Go to your weigh in tomorrow night. It is just a number that make or break you. If you have a gain, then you just have to look at your eating habits, water intake, and excerise to see what has changed since your last weigh-in. It is just like riding a bike, you pick yourself up and get right back on and try again.
Robyn, hope you had a better day today and was able to go to bed early today. So is dh still loving his job on day 2?
Pam how is the backside tonight? I hope you are starting to feel some comfort and relief. Sending hugs your way! :)
Mouse, sorry to hear that you are in pain again. If the pain gets any worse, I think you should go to the doctors and have it checked out. Won't want you to injury yourself again. Your dinner last night sounds yummy! Hope your graduate classes get off to a great start for you.
Ginny, so how are your little angels on the bus this week? Did you enjoy your snow day yesterday? Glad you were able to get in some walking time yesterday.
Hi to everyone else. Well if I want to start on my paperwork for TOPS, I better go now. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

01-25-2006, 12:31 AM
Kerry.... I have taught first grade since I was a sweet young thing! (That was a LONGGGG time before I was a bitter ole biddy!) Time to the minute is, ummmm NOT too much fun! Do they know how to tell time to the hour? and 1/2 hour? Just wondering...THAT is where we usually have to start. :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little kidlets and wouldn't leave grade 1 for the world...but THAT would be another issue! ;) (PM if you need some "ideas" to keep those little babes alive for the next time you're with them! :) )

I also made it thru today without in Kerry's words...
killing any students, coworkers,friends or family members. Yippee!"
it was close.... and I'm an emotional wreck......AND I'm going to bed!
take care,
p.s. enjoyed your chatter, Pam! :) :carrot:

01-25-2006, 12:45 PM
Dh survived the colonoscopy with flying colors....(but was he ever a crab last nite!). Sorry not to get personal now, just wanted to say hello. And I HAVE to kick myself in the but- my eating has been awful. Salad for dinner, ladies!
Robyn and Kerry -congrats on not killing anyone......even though some just might deserve it!
Hi to everyone else. See ya later!

01-25-2006, 06:59 PM
Ok, it's Wednesday....Two more to go. We had a two hour long faculty meeting on gang prevention today. That sucked......I had to sit onthat stupid doughnut thing. However, progress.....I must not have broken my tailbone, cause it's easier to walk now. I walked into the faculty meeting with that big O and everyone said oh you brought your toilet seat to which I replied....This faculty meeting is sponsored by the letter O......:D It was formally announced today, that I am Southern Nash Middle School's teacher of the year. And to Robyn: I have not blackmailed a single soul.....:o

Kerry: SOunds like you are getting lots of excercise in. Gosh, wish it was me. I think I have gained half a pound this week. That's unofficially....Hopefuly by next week, I'll be back at it. That's funny about your hubby. I was rolling.....Shake em up a bit girl.....LOL You brute!

Ginny: Glad everything went wonderfully with your hubby's colonoscopy. That's great news!

Jake: WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!That is an awesome weight loss. My goodness. That's exactly what I need....Although don't know if I could hang for a week with the soup thing.

Susie: Don't worry about the Chinese. It was one meal. It's not one meal that does you in, it's a week full of bad choices that does it.

Mouse: Sorry about your ankle again. Girl it sucks being in pain...Ughhh Got some great meds.......

Robyn: First> what about the uzi situation??????National news on at 6;30 better not see you......That sucks about your dryer. Enjoyed talking to ya last night.....I'm a little more coherent at this point in the evening. It's round about ten that my meds will kick in.....So what if I can't remember what year I was born in.....

Summer: Hang in there girl. Hate that you are so bogged down.

Anyone I missed? Hey!!!!!!!!!!!!


01-25-2006, 09:08 PM
Pam- congrats there, Teacher of the Year!!!!!!!!! (bet you get a huge bonus in your check for that, right?;) ). Well, great news anyway, and a nice honor for you. We always knew you were great!:) Glad it is not your tail bone too. Oh, we had the 2 hour state police lecture on gangs last year.......what an eyeopener. They way he presented it, all 75 of us were ready to hand in our id's and burn our licenses. Not a nice situation....(and I live in a rural area).

I made a wonderful recipe for sort of a salsa chicken tonite. Wonderful because it tasted great, was SO easy and you know those 30 minute dinners that take 2 hours to cook?? This was really 30 minutes.....even Mr I just had a coloscopy and am a vicious crab liked it. (actually he was in a good mood).
I'll post it tomorrow if anyone is interested. Also, my supervisor gave me a great laugh........will post that tomorrow too when I do not need toothpicks for my eyes.

Off to play a quick game of bingo with Dd. This bus driver is exhausted!

01-25-2006, 09:54 PM
Kerry, don't worry too much about it- apparently kids forget how to tell time when they get to high school! So maybe teaching them that young is in vain- I go through the process with them every year- ok... it takes you 10 minutes to get out of bed, 5 minutes in the shower 37.6 minutes to get your hair perfectly straight and another 14 minutes to squeeze yourself into those jeans that are two sizes to small. Now, if school starts at 8:55, and it takes you 3 minutes to walk to school......what time do you have to set your #$$$^#$^alarm clock you little twit? Sorry, had to vent! he he he

No weigh-in tonight again- husband had to run into the city and i would have had to bring my 2year old terror with me- FORGET IT. Will definitely go on saturday morning. Instead, did 20 minute jog on treadmill!

On another note, i'm on our "healthy school" committee and was wondering what kinds of programs and activities you guys might have in place that focus on healthy lifestyles! Any ideas would be appreciated!

01-25-2006, 10:43 PM
I figured that I had to come back tonight and let you all know that... to quote Kerry again, I didn't kill any students, family, friends or co-workers... although the students almost lost their lives today during 7th period.
First off, I hate B days, because I have no break (just 20 minutes at lunch). I was incredibly disorganized this morning (although I had managed to pack lunch and a shake for breakfast!). I got out the door with everything I needed to have... laptop for class, school stuff, lunch. Imp tried to get out too, but I made him stay home. ;)
We were doing okay up till 10:15. And then, my chronic touchy-feely liar of a child decided to lie to me about how many cookies he ate for lunch. The kid is 16, 5'5" tall, and weighs close to 200 pounds. He doesn't get much exercise because he is in adaptive PE and there are gross and fine motor issues. There are no indoor pools locally, or I'd have them going swimming with me on community instruction (you're allowed to do it IF you have a lifeguard, and I am one, so....!!!). We're getting one right next door by next year, and myself and the other teacher CAN'T WAIT! I told her I was willing to guard for her class too so we can both go. She's also a swimmer.
Anyway, I've been trying to handle some healthy eating with the classroom store... only generally healthy food allowed. The snacks are pretzels or mini-popcorn, bottled water, sugar-free or 100% juice boxes, etc. We also have oatmeal, kid's sized microwave meals and some oodles of noodles. Only 2 of my kids aren't overweight... one is seriously overweight (I think she probably weighs close to what I do, and hers is NOT from an endocrine disorder!). I figure that I'm a "safe" person to implement this with them because to them, I'm just fat... so if they see me eating healthy and encouraging them to do that, and to exercise, it might help. I don't let ANY of them eat a lot of junk at lunch, but the most they get is a talking to about nutrition. But this kid decided to lie to me, even though last week when he pulled the same thing, I took 2 of the cookies and made him take a kid's meal... nothing serious and he got a nice hot lunch too! He got in serious trouble for lying to me though. Lunch detention. Yet, over the course of the day, he lied to me at least 4 more times!
The rest of my kids were just flat out brats after lunch. They all have speech/language issues, and so we do LOTS of classroom discussion for teaching. Some days, they will just refuse to answer at all. Today, I just read them the riot act for it, and my TA helped... we wound up wasting 45 minutes of the period (so they got homework: direct consequence since they would've finished it in class!), and we actually had to say that we were going to call & email parents! They are also going to find out that instead of the fun trip (scavenger hunt @ Target), we are going to go work at Goodwill again sorting clothes. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about the kid that is lying: his mom says it isn't his fault, that one of my other kids tells him to do it, and so he does.
Grad class tonight was definitely interesting. The instructor spent some time trying to scare us (but in a nice way) with pop quizzes, and telling us that he could flunk us out of grad school. I'm not even in his program, so he'd have a hard time flunking me out, but ... I don't think he impressed many people because a lot of the other students are well qualified. I'm used to being in classes with people who don't have a master's degree yet or who aren't very experienced. But there are lots of degrees and experience in this class, so discussions should be awesome! I left at 3:30, with my principal's permission (HUZZAH! I am sure I'll still lose pay, but she actually bent enough to let me go, and was totally okay with it!), and got there just in time. I would've been a few minutes early except that Bush decided to visit Maryland today, and then a bleach truck dumped part of its load... but it wasn't too bad.
Despite the kids, today was an improved day. My leg hurt much less tonight, although I did have the leg cramps. I think that I need to not take the muscle relaxers until it stops hurting... that might be contributing.
Pam: I'd ask to share the pain killers, but I'm allergic to most of them! ;)
And congrats on the award!
:hugs: to everybody else, I need to hit the bed. We have a staff meeting tomorrow, and I want to get there early enough to get that shake down before the meeting. I'll have to buy lunch tomorrow too.

01-26-2006, 02:46 PM
Bless my supervisor. This week is insane- and I just drove 15 miles one way for no students (due to miserable communications from a school).......and she told me that because the one school got out early, I do not have to return for the other afternoon pickup (split sessions due to exams, another driver who is going up can bring back my ONE student). So I must return for my elementary at 3.....but actually get some time to breathe. Novel concept. (she felt bad for me knowing the ordeal I went thru with Dh and the colonoscopy). So, here I am for a wee bit.

Found out yesterday that I am getting 2 new students, 3rd and 4th grade brothers, who are Katrina evacuees/transplants. (the 3rd grader is in a class with one of my other students and her teacher told the class). They start Monday, and according to what my student was told, they lost everything during the hurricane. I gave my kids a gentle lecture this am- about helping these brothers out- who knows what kind of H*** they have been thru. Gonna be interesting to see also how culturally they fit in. Anyone have an experience with something like this?

So that is it for me today. Got a short walk in this am, and so far my eating is ok. (hope I can stay the course for the day!). Glad that I am home, Ds (who is in midterms and has the day off with 3 tests tomorrow) was goofing off this am.......I hid PS2 and the TV remote. But he was online when I got home. So now I have claimed the computer and he is making a big pretense of studying. Mean mother that I am.

Mouse- bless you for setting a good example for your students with regard to food choices. As far as your chronic liar- is he capable of discerning the difference between the peer pressure and what is right? (not sure what is abilities are). Guess in my book, that is the line in the sand. And of course how credible the mother is.

Susie- great substitution...swapping the WI for a workout. It will pay off on Sat's WI.:)

Okie dokie.....I am going to start another will see why in a minute. It is something my supervisor gave me the day before the colonoscopy, it had me seriously HOWLING. And basically applies to anyone who must deal with the opposite gender.......enjoy.

01-26-2006, 03:08 PM
Learning Center for Adult Males
Registration Must be completed by Monday 1/10/06
New classes begin 1/15/06


Class 1
How to Fill up the Ice Cube Trays- step by step, with slide presentation

Meets 4 weeks, Monday and Wednesday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 pm

Class 2
The Toilet Paper Roll!!! Does it change itself?
Round table discussion.
Meets 2 weeks, Saturday 12:00, 2 hours

Class 3
Is it Possible to Urinate Using the Technique of Lifting the Seat and Avoiding the Floor, Walls, and Nearby Bathtub?
Group Practice. Meets 4 weeks. Saturday 10:00

Class 4
Fundamental Differences between the Laundry Hamper and the Floor.
Pictures and Explanatory Graphics.
Meets Saturdays at 2:00 pm for 3 weeks.

Class 5
After Dinner Dishes! Can they Levitate and Fly Into the Kitchen Sink?
Examples on Video.
Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning 7pm.

Class 6
Loss of Identity- Losing the Remote to your Significant Other.
Help Line and Support Groups
Meets 4 weeks, Friday and Sunday, 7:00 pm

Class 7
Learning How to FInd Things - Start by Looking in the RIght Places and not Turning the House Upside Down While Screaming
Open Forum
MOnday at 8pm, 2 hours

Class 8 Health Watch- Bringing her FLowers is not Harmful to your Health
Graphics and Audio Tapes
Three nights, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 pm for 2 hours.

Class 9
Real Men Ask for Directions When Lost- Real Life Testimonials
Tuesdays at 6pm Location to be determined.

Class 10
Is it Genetically Impossible to Sit Quietly While She Parallel Parks?
Driving Simulations
4 weeks, Saturdays at noon, 2 hours

Class 11
Learning to Live- basic differences between Wife and Mother
Online! Classes and role playing
Tuesdays at 7pm, location to be determined.

Class 12
How to be the Ideal Shopping Companion
Relaxation Excercises, Meditation and Breathing Techniques
Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday, Thursday for 2 hours. 7pm

Class 13
How to Fight Cerebral Atrophy- Remembering BIrthdays, Anniversaries, and other Important Dates and Calling When you are Going to be late.
Cerebral Shock Therapy Sessions and Full Lobotomies offerred
Three nights- MOnday, Wednesday and Friday at 7 pm for 2 hours.

Class 14
The Stove/Oven- What Is It and How it is used?
Live Demonstration
Tuesdays at 6pm, location to be determined.

Upon Completion of any of these courses, diplomas will be issued to the survivors.

Enjoy ladies..................

01-26-2006, 10:30 PM
Good evening.

Okay: I still haven't killed any kids, but we're getting awfully darned close! I met with our dean today to discuss my student with the Pinnochio problems. This was after the severe disabilities teacher told me that my kids are causing a ruckus in the cafeteria and that they need more supervision... I was NOT happy, let me tell you. We've been trying to give them freedom because they are 16 years and up, and they're clearly unable to handle it. And Pinnochio is causing most of the problems!
So, now I or my TA have to sit with them in the cafeteria. We've worked it so that Pinnochio will have to go the Dean anytime he does something wrong, immediately, and fill out a worksheet on what has happened. He's also going on a point sheet starting tomorrow. And we aren't going ANYWHERE in the community tomorrow: we're going to have a class discussion about their behavior.
Ginny: I love your classes. :) Very cute. As for the student: he understands and is capable of making simple decisions on his own. Nobody is telling him what to do, and its not peer pressure... he is deciding to eat 3 cookies on his own. I guess he's allowed to do this at home, because he also has rotten table manners. He shovels the food into his mouth very quickly, doesn't use a napkin (has no concept of wiping his face at all!), and just all round poor manners. One time, we went out to lunch and he bought a sandwich: he took it apart, which is fine... I do the same because I can't eat the bread... but he also then used his fingers to bring the chicken piece to his mouth and take huge bites. I told him he needed to use a knife and fork... and would he ever eat like that home in front of his parents? He said yes. I didn't believe him, but I do wonder... especially since both classes have done table manners and healthy eating this year and last year.
We're going to start a point sheet with him tomorrow also.


01-27-2006, 07:31 AM
:carrot: TGIF!:carrot: :carrot: TGIF!:carrot: :carrot: TGIF!:carrot:

01-27-2006, 08:29 AM
Yup. TGIF, Robyn!
I am SO glad this week is almost over........last day of spending too darned many hours in a yellow tin can (midterms has me driving double).

Mouse- gee, Pinnochio's mothers apple fell really far from the tree, eh? Sounds as though the typical mother in denial, the her kid would never blah, blah, blah syndrome. Best of luck. Don't you hate it when parents expect everyone else to raise their kids? Try not to kill anyone today. I will do the same.

SNuck in a real (outside in the cold) 1 mile walk this am........oh did that feel good!
Another busy day, my day to help out at Dd's school (I volunteer teach computer there, no I am NOT a helicopter mom, just do this one day a week) and then the miserable mid terms driving. So I will ge gone all day.....Ds has a basketball game tonite, if they let him play. I will fill you in on that one later.
Gotta go join the exciting world of pupil transportation! (yes, a state training memo actually said that!)
See ya and have a great Friday.

01-27-2006, 01:58 PM
Are we having fun yet?
Got a few minutes to myself. Sort of. Dh called me to inform me that his dad was in the hospital....sounds like pneumonia- he is in fragile health, getting some major medical care is the best thing at the moment. So, I might be MIA here for a day or so.
Hope everyone has a great weekend! It's Friday!!!!!

01-27-2006, 04:52 PM
Just a quick stop to say Hi and TGIF!!!! I have been busy with school and home stuff the last few days. But I did get weighed at school today for our contest and I am down a pound. So I am happy about that. I have to go workout with my sdd and then drop her off to her mom at her work. Then my dh and I are going to our friend's sister's varsity basketball game then out for pizza with some friends afterwards. Tomorrow my dh and I are going to get our taxes down and do some other errands. So I will try to stop in sometime to get personal with everyone. Ginny loved the classes. Got a kick out of and made a copy of it to hang in our office. Hope your fil makes a speedy recovery.
Have a great evening ladies!

01-27-2006, 08:31 PM
Evening, all.

Well... Pinnochio didn't get his point sheet today, but everything is ready and raring to go for Monday. He knows he is not allowed to sit with 2 specific students: one because that is the kid he "touches", the other because his mom says that is the kid that always gets him in trouble. Now, this last kid has a Mom that is very realistic (and very open... she came to school today to reinforce that he needs to take his meds, and to also discuss his behavior so far this morning!). This Mom recognizes that while her son does get himself in trouble, he doesn't usually set up other kids... and she's right. He's a big helper in class, and has really improved the social skills of my student that speaks mostly Spanish. So, I've told both the child and the other Mom that I will not require the other child to sit by himself at lunch so that her child can sit with the group. Her son will need to move if the other child sits with them. Fair, right? Her son mostly doesn't move then complains. :sigh: Anyway, today he sat with the kid he likes to "touch", and I went and pulled him out of the cafeteria. I guess I'll have to give up my break on B days now, too, because the other adult that was supposed to watch them wasn't.
It was a very long day. I know I have difficulty eating 3 meals a day, but today I really planned....! I packed a protein bar for breakfast (wound up eating a turkey ham sandwich on wheat instead), and had a nice lunch: cucumbers, celery, cheddar cheese, tuna, blackberries, and 4 triscuits! It was all sliced neatly, packaged appropriately... And then I had to deal with my students and their behavior during the lunch shift so I didn't get to eat.
Worst of all, I wound up having to throw away one of the cheese slices and my celery... I forgot about it being on my desk, and my students put their after-lunch work on top of it. :sigh:
I treated myself to a nice dinner, though... I have a Red Cross class all day tomorrow and Sunday. I can swim tomorrow night when I'm done since I have to go to my gym to teach, then I'll try to get to the rec center I swam at the other night since the Red Cross is right up the street.

01-28-2006, 01:49 PM
went to my weigh in.... stayed the same.....i'm bummed

01-28-2006, 05:45 PM
Well, survived today so far. FIL had a horrible night- and was very critical last night and this morning. Around lunch time he improved quite a bit. Not even close to being out of the woods, but measurably improved. Now I just have to deal with all the raw emotions flying around here.....Dh, Dd... need a week in a rubber room.

Susie- sorry about the scale. We all have those weeks, everything done right and the darned scale does not budge. My doctor once said " the body sheds weight at its own rate"- and sometimes you just have to accept that.
Next weeks WI will be better!! Hey, at least the scale did not go up.

Mouse-sorry your day was so long, and that you had to chuck out your snack. Big bravo to you for all that meal planning!!!!!! A lot of effort, but big payoff in health benefits.

Kerry-hope your taxes came out with a nice refund! Congrats on the loss! Thanks for good wishes for FIL.

Better go........see ya!

01-28-2006, 06:50 PM
Pam: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You go girl!!!:encore: Sorry about your bottom. I haven't read back very did you get hurt?! I fell on my tailbone over Christmas break carrying laundry down the stairs, and I pretended it didn't hurt like h*ll and sat on ice occasionally. I was able to walk and by the time vacation was over, I was apparently it was just a bone bruise. I love your sense of humor over the ribbing you received from your coworkers..."This faculty meeting is being sponsered by the letter 'O.'" You're a hoot!!!:rofl:

Ginny: I'm sorry about your FIL. I hope things get better for your family. Re: Your post on 1/26...HILARIOUS...How can I sign up my husband? I think he needs remedial training in every is like you wrote your post based solely on him...I mean, I know men who have some of those deficiencies, but he's got EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!! Does this mean that they are ALL like this, and there is absolutely no hope for the female race?!

Kerry: I'm dying to go do my taxes too, but DH doesn't have his W2's yet.:?:

Mouse: You shouldn't have to give up your break if the other adult isn't doing his/her job. I've missed my lunch in the past because of a few morning kids getting picked up late and afternoon kids coming in early. Now I give it 5 minutes, call the emergency numbers, and then leave them in the office. I refuse to let anybody take my break time away except for an emergency. There must be something you can do to avoid that. You need your time.

Robyn: I guess I've got to read further back to see how you're doing...I'll be back...

01-28-2006, 07:18 PM
Well, I've been pretty good with the workouts considering I haven't had much free time. The eating hasn't been great, but it also hasn't been horrible, hence the maintenance of my weight loss. I'm relieved that I didn't gain, and I'm not surprised that I didn't lose. Under the circumstances of all the chaos and lack of support, I'd say that is pretty okay.


I wish "The Biggest Loser" was on every night of the week. I do so much better after watching that. It really helps keep me motivated, but once a week isn't cutting it. Hopefully now that I can get back to teaching instead of testing, I can also return to eating better and exercising more often.

I'm going to Disneyworld during February vacation, and I was hoping for more of a weight loss. The next three weeks, I must kick it into HIGH GEAR!!!

DD's parent/teacher conference was Thursday. She is now reading above grade level! Remember last spring when I found out her teacher hadn't actually been teaching DD how to read and I spent the entire summer getting her from a DRA level 6 to a DRA level 18?! Well now she is a DRA 24!!! So thanks to myself and this better teacher, DD is doing really well. The constant chatting has finally lessened, and the teacher gave her a perfect rating for behavior.

I'm looking for tutoring clients. I've advertised with colorful laminated flyers and business cards around town and the more affluent areas hoping to attract a couple of parents. I'm going to place a newspaper ad or two as well. I can't tutor in my district, because the parents are accustomed to getting everything for free. (In the city where I teach, preschool is free and a part of the public school system. I used to pay $8000 a year for DD's preschool education.) So, I have to tutor in other communities. I only want a couple of students for now, but in the summer, I'd like to tutor every morning. Hopefully somebody will be interested.

I'd better go deal with the PILES OF LAUNDRY I have to do.

01-29-2006, 01:44 AM
Evening, all.

Ginny: Hope your Father in Law is doing better and you haven't needed the rubber room for too long. I do know where you can find one, though.
Susie: I'm in the same boat; I actually lost .03 pounds, but that isn't enough to count in my book. Although, this was also my equivalent of PMS week, so not gaining anything and showing .03 pounds was kinda good.
Summer: I have a planning period on A days, but not on B days. I don't have any break at all except lunch on B days unless our flex period (which changes every B day; its used for remediation) is the period I have planning or some of my kids get pulled for speech. So, since I now have to have lunch with the kids on A days, the dean of our department and the dept. chair shifted some of the rotating aides schedules so my TA and I would have that break. But she wasn't watching the kids, and had asked the severe disabilities teacher about the seating arrangements instead of listening to what I'd told her. I said that this child is absolutely NOT allowed to sit with the child that he touches. I did admit that wasn't a problem usually, because the child doesn't normally sit there. But he did on Friday... so my student's instructions are to get up and move to another table. Another student came and told me that the two of them were sitting together. I went in, and sure enough they were. There was another student (my class cutter who forges notes and lies at the drop of a hat when convenient!) between them... but with Pinocchio, things must be BLACK AND WHITE. He doesn't understand gray areas, so I have to say that he absolutely NEVER sits with this other child. :shrug:

My Red Cross class has been pretty interesting so far; most of the other people in the class haven't been doing it as long as I have, and I am trying very hard to keep my mouth shut and not always answer the questions... but a lot of times I find myself nodding or smiling at anecdotes the instructor is telling because Ive been there too. I feel very noticed, but... And for some reason it took me darned near forever to get home from the gym tonight. I need to get a swim in tomorrow because I'll have to go to the pharmacy to get a prescription filled Monday... My endocrinologist is out of town for 2 weeks, and the mail order pharmacy dragged their feet over getting her office to refill a prescription. Actually, the mail-order goofed, because my doctor always writes it for 4 refills, dispensed 3 months at a time. They lost the refills somewhere so we needed another 'script. Fortunately, I have some left at the Target near her office... but they'll be closed tomorrow by the itme I'm done with class if I swim too.

01-29-2006, 09:26 AM
Good Morning....
Anyone interested in grading papers, writing lesson plans and go grocery shopping for me today????Any takers???????????No? Geez, thanks a lot....
I managed to clean part of my house yesterday....But, think I did a little too much bending cause I'm feeling it this morning. I think I am going to try and start walking this week....I put the total gym on the lowest level yesterday and tried to do a couple of things to see how it would feel...Can't do it yet....So, maybe I will atleast walk. I am walking pretty normally anyway.

Mouse: A/b day. Yuck...Our science and social studies teachers have A/B day. They hate it. ON Fridays they end up seeing both groups of kids for 45 minutes. Rumor is, that next year we are leaving our 90 minute blocks, and going to six fifty minute classes. That will mean that they need more science and social studies teachers and less math teachers. Glad I'm not certified in Science......

Ginny: Hope your father in law is better today. Hugs to you and your family.

Summer: You all have a February break? Do you also get a spring break too? I've never been to Disney WOrld....Sounds like fun....

Kerry: Hope the taxes went ok. I miss going to all the games with my oldest. Youngest doesn't seem to have an interest in sports....So, it's been different.

Susie: Better to stay the same, than to gain......

Ok: let me get dressed and start my day.....


01-29-2006, 01:41 PM
Well no point dwelling on it- I"m just gonna start the week off right and hope for a better weigh in next week! I did a nice uphill walk on my treadmill yesterday! That was fun (ug) The highlight of my weekend was the Fred Penner concert I attended yesterday with my 2 year old! He found Fred much less entertaining than the Wiggles and wanted to go play in the park instead! LOL. Ended up having dinner at a friend's house and was very good to myself! 1/2 glass of wine, 1/2 cup of rice and a cup of shrimp- the salad dressing was more points than my whole meal probably!

Today is baking day again- more bread, more cookies- God help me!!!!!!!!!

It's exam week for us this week! (i'm doing the happy dance) LOVE EXAM WEEK!

Thanks for the kind words everyone- Hang in there!

01-29-2006, 01:59 PM

Went and purchased new dryer yesterday! Got one with a bunch of bells and whistles... I figured IF I have to spend 1/5 of my life with the darn thing... It had best be good! AND considering that the last one lasted for 15 years...sigh... THIS one should be WHAT I wanted as the last one was low end budget thing.... and I'd been WAITING for its death so that I could get a "good" one! :) I"m great with rationalization, aren't I? Actually, the appliances were all on sale -10% this weekend...WITH another $25 rebate... SO....

Susie, did I read some where else...another thread that your inches changed in spite of the scale not moving? Perhaps it was a different week.... but it is the INCHES, dear, that matter! Muscle weighs more than flab....but you know that! Muscle is smaller than flab....but you know that too! You're doing great!

Mouse, sorry to hear of the scheduling woes...and lack of UNstudent time for you! We always get ourselves in these messes... we care too much to allow the "others" to do less than a 1/2 way good job while they supervise our kids... We KNOW what is going to happen to our kids! We ANTICIPATE the troubles.... and so, when we've been given a moment to ourselves... we do whatEVER it takes to prevent the kids from "falling apart"...and taking advantage of the lack of adequate supervision.... and WE end up not getting our lunches, bathroom breaks, etc.... and THIS is because we are good teachers who have the CHILDREN'S needs before ours! ....AND if we demand a break or appropriate supervision.... then WE come off being UNprofessional demanding a chance to pee..... sigh... double edged sword.....

Gin, hope FIL and DH are both doing ok! Isn't it horrible to NOT be able to help.... and to have to be careful of everything you do / say in an effort to not stir the mix..... and not be able to DO anything......... (((Hugs)))

Summer, check your email... I've sent you MY report cards to complete! Since you don't have ANYthing to do now that yours are done! :) I've missed you girl! 3 weeks.... YOU can make a difference in 3 weeks! (Just in time to have a WONDERFUL time with your family visiting the MOUSE!) Yahooo re: DD's DRA level! Keep up the great work! Keep her reading and writing stories and sentences at home to help maintain her progress and strengthen her confidence! (OMG... sounds like a report card! LOL) February vacation.... :P Your darn Northern thing that I get jealous over EVERY February! We don't have anything ....NOT EVEN AN February or March off from school! I hate hate hate hate February because of this!

Kerry... so how did the taxes turn out? To your liking, I hope! We just got the last of the missing forms from others this weekend... so I have no excuse... I will do them next weekend! With DH's changes, I'm not sure how all of this will turn out!

I'm sorry if I've missed someone! My time on here has run out! I've got to get back to my wonderful (NOT) duties! So, If I've missed you...."Hello! Hope all is going well with you and yours!" :)

take care,

01-29-2006, 02:15 PM
Robyn: Yeh, that did sound like a report card comment...caused me a bit of stress for a millisecond! Get off my back lady!!! Oops! Just kidding! Well, I checked my email, and I don't have your report cards yet...get on it then! I'm not all that unbusy since I have to get lesson plans, preparations for 100th day, and Valentines day done...this year I'm putting the parents to work for the 100th day! They will have to bring in stuff and do projects instead of me breaking my back, brain, and bank account to make it a special day for the kiddles. I've learned a lesson from DD's school...put it on the parents. I've been an *** working hard for my students and my daughter's school simultaneously. Now, my students/parents are gonna have to tow the line like I have to at DD's school! But, since this will be their first project, the least I could do is compile a list of ideas for them to copy or help spark a fresh idea or two. Heck, if they actually show up with a project at all I will be happily surprised! Anyway, that still leaves a dirty kitchen, bills to pay, clean laundry to put away, more dirty laundry...where does it all come from?! So, chickadee, I may not have a chance to do your report cards after all. By the way, after running out of ideas for comments, I found some online that were unique and pretty good. It helped with the kids who I can't find anything nice to say anything about. Sorry you don't get February off, but you must get April. Some school systems just do March. But, you must get out of school earlier or all evens out. I'm waiting for a response on my PM's...

Pam, you MUST go to Disneyworld. There is stuff for every age group. But follow Robyn's advice and go to He's the BEST!!!

Kerry, how's the weekend going?

Ginny, try to make sure you are meeting your needs while you handle your family's stress. Take care.

01-29-2006, 02:33 PM
Thanks Robyn! Yes, my inches did's what's keeping me going!

01-29-2006, 08:41 PM
Evening, all.

Robyn: I didn't know that Summer was coming to visit me. Oh, wait, you meant THE mouse, didn't you? My idol. My hero. My role-model! SQUEAK! :) I do share my birthday with a close friend of THE MOUSE, Donald. I'm serious. Donald and I have the same birthday. I find that utterly cool. I'd also like to point out that I have the coolest mother on the planet, because she pulled me out of Kindergarten one time (and this is the mother who never let me miss even the half-days of school before holidays!) so I could go to Mickey's 50th Birthday party at a mall in Maryland. She even remembered to bring a chunk of cheese for me to give him (because all 5 year olds think mice eat cheese!) with a little bow! I've also never been to Disneyworld, because my mother (despite being the coolest Mom on the planet) hates Florida. She hates California too. I had hopes for Tokyo Disney, since she's always wanted to go to Japan, but... alas... ;)
Of course, if I do ever get to go, I'm not sure where I'd have to spend most of my time: The Hundred Acre Woods, with my other idol, Eeyore... or with THE MOUSE!
Summer: I remember that February break when I was in college. I really hit the jackpot when I was student teaching: my college had their February break at a different time than the school I was assigned to, but because they closed the dorms, I had to leave. Then, we had spring break too! I don't remember schools up there getting out much later, and certainly not any later than the schools in Virginia and Pennsylvania that do not have that type of break. I think it is a reward for risking life & limb driving to school in the snow! ;) Oh... and would you like to do my report cards too?
Pam: NO! However, if you're finished with your chores and you'd like to do some of mine, that'd be great. I did manage to cook dinner (or at least the protein part of the dinner) for the week: crockpot pork tenderloin in cream of mushroom soup. I was disappointed that it didn't stay creamy, but it sure smelled awesome when I came home from class.
I didn't get my swim in, because I was a good little teacher and finally went to Staples. I managed to get almost everything I needed, and not have to spend any of my own money for once (all those teacher reward gift certificates. If you're not on that program, you should join: ANYTHING you buy in the store qualifies, and you get gift certificates when you reach a certaina mount. Its like $100 spent gets you $10). I do still need to get some things for my Red Cross kit, but they didn't have the particular folio I saw that I liked. I want something that is a folio style, with the accordian pockets... but I also want rings. I want to keep one blank form, and one correctly filled out form in a page portector in the rings... then store the extra blank forms behind it in the accordian pocket. I also want a place to put pens, pencils, paperclips, etc... sticky notes, highlighters, all the other stuff I carry as a group captain (client cards and disbursing orders). The folio works best because out client case records are large folders that don't fit in a traditional binder. I'd also like it to have a little fold out where I could put a small map or a list of phone numbers. Anybody ever seen anything that fits this description?
Oh... and a renewal of a previous request: if anybody wants/needs e-pals for their students, let me know. I'm desparately looking for some for my students. I teach high school students with cognitive impairments.

01-30-2006, 10:08 PM
Evening, all.

Guess everybody was busy today. It was a pretty calm day. My ED kiddo was a bit off the chain, spent a lot of time in chill, and lunch detention to boot. My TA was out sick, and there was no substitute, but our Dean & the Department Chair took care of us! :)
I had to a get a prescription filled and needed to get home before 6:00 so I could get a pacakage from our rental office (my grad school text!), so no swim today. :sigh: I'm hoping to get there tomorrow.
Eating has been way off since last night... I think I ate too many carbs last night, and made myself sick. I don't know how: I did have mac & cheese, but I substituted most of the regular pasta for the low carb stuff, but I was still sick. That carried over today, so I didn't eat breakfast or much for lunch. I just had some fresh cherries and a tiny piece of yellow cake. I had to eat the cake: one of the kids in the severe disabilities program celebrated his birthday today, and he is VERY insistant that you eat his cake. He won't take no for an answer, and stood over me till I ate it. ;) I couldn't disappoint him, but I the other teacher did help me out by making it a small piece. This child speaks a mixture of Mandarin and English, and is totally unintelligable... but he is a total sweetheart and gets his point across. He used to not like me, but now that he's used to me he seeks me out in the hallways and apparently requested to give me cake today. ;)
I broke down and actually took one of the meds they gave me for this, and hopefully will be better able to eat tomorrow so I can swim. I HAVE to swim, I have 1/4 mile left to meet my goal!!!!

01-31-2006, 01:13 PM
Hello Everyone!

I am new to this is amazing what you find online! I am overwhelmed by the variety of support here!

I too am a teacher.. elementary school, it is my second year teaching. It is such a diet killer! There is always so much food around, parties, birthday treats, the faculty room OH MY!!
I never realized how stressful this job could be, so what does that stress mean....thats right more eating! And between my students, and faculty meetings, and workshops and grading.....oh yeah and it is report card time!

I guess I have a lot to learn, including time managment!

Well I hope to "meet" you all soon!

02-01-2006, 09:53 PM
ok..... I have a huge pile of exams to mark...........I DON'T WANT TO DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will... of course...... but it might require chocolate! I had some chocolate already today, it's the exam's fault! Perhaps I should staple my mouth shut while I mark?

02-02-2006, 11:58 AM
I often grade tests with a sugar free hard candy - There is almost no calories and they last a long time! I also chew a lot of gum when grading (and in traffic for that matter!) Minty fresh and no points!

02-02-2006, 01:15 PM
Sorry to be MIA for such a long time. This is the first day this week that I have not been running to the hospital to see FIL, along with all the other family stuff........almost forgot what it felt like to be here alone. (rather nice, I might add!;) ). I could use a whole week of this....

So, please forgive me I am not going to get personal today. Just too burned out, and too much to do while online. No walk today, maybe I will sneak in a stroll this afternoon.....just for the fresh air.
Welcome Mari! One piece advice I gave to a nurse friend (who attends WW with me and also faces the faculty room issue) is to never enter that room without a flavored seltzer in her hand. So when you see all that yummy stuff...take a nice no calorie sip. My friend used it this week, and it worked for her. (of course we are all different, good luck!).

Kiddies were ok this am......sort of a "light load" this am, so it was nice.
I am SO tired. Between PMS and all the nonsense, it is sure catching up to me.

Hi to Robyn, Summer, Mouse, Susie, Pam and Kerry
Gotta go! Tomorrow IS Friday!!!:D

02-02-2006, 09:26 PM
Evening, all.

I haven't been here for awhile. I feel like I'm drowning at school... everytime I turn around, somebody hands mea new piece of paper. Today at our staff meeting, we received lists of students who are going to the voc assessment center in the county. 3 of my kids are on it, 2 of them need direct supervision for at least on of the half days that they are there. We got another list announcing an orientation for special education students at the local community college; but the kids have to provide their own transportation. I have 2 juniors and 1 senior who are elegible to go; my senior would like to go, but his mother does not drive and never leaves the house. His brother drives but can't (or won't... I'm guessing doesn't know becuase I don't think either my student or mom would ask!) take off work to accompany and take him. I'm so FRUSTRATED by that!
I am doing testing for 2 upcoming IEPs... and writing the IEPs. One of my kids that is workng for a state diploma shouldn't be. She really needs to work on life-skills and functional academics. Her mother refuses to allow this beyond the community instruction trips and 1 basic skills class with me. Now, though, I don't have her for community instruction anymore. Her mom wanted an on-campus job for her, but she can't be pulled from academic classes. So, they are pulling her from my community instruction class! GAH!
The good news is that the class worked together last period today to plan and start decorating our classroom door for Spirit Week. One of the girls chose "The 80s" as the theme: we used one of those plastic tablecloths for a door cover... in black. Then, they glued those shiny cardboard stars on the door in iridescent colors. We also found some of those jelli bracelets, and mini uno cards to glue on. I'm going to find some pictures of other 80s stuff to put up there too. I am trying to plan for dressing up during Spirit Week... but my tacky outfit fell through. I had black leggings, a brown and aqua paisley top, with pink feathered socks. But, the shirt wasn't available anymore, so I have to find a new top. I have Eeyore PJs for Pajama Day; and a college sweatshirt for another time. I might buy a Hopkins Lacrosse shirt if I can find one cheap enough at the bookstore. My biggest fear is that I'll probably leave my change of clothes at home on Tacky Day and have to wear that outfit to grad school! :)
I really need to get to the gym, but it hasn't worked very well this week!

02-02-2006, 09:33 PM
Never thought I would be back again.....Ds left the computer running. Someday he will pay electric bills and feel the pain..........

Mouse-ever get that swim in to finish your goal?

Mari- just noticed you are from The Garden State. I grew up in Bergen Cty, my Dm is still there and although I live in NY we are 7 miles from the NJ border. Where do you live?

BTW- thanks to those who have been so kind regarding to this mess with FIL.
MIL, BIL, SIL (both) found a good facility for FIL today- and it is only 15 min from my house. MIL is being a real pain in the a**......we are hoping and praying that she will be honest filling out the financial information on the nursing home application. Her lack of honesty could cost FIL getting into this place and unfortunately finances are her moral achilles heel.

Did sneak in 2 walks with Dd (she rode her bike) and a mid day mental health walk for me, just before I went back to work. Felt so good.....
Today my eating has been pretty good too, just have to behave myself for the rest of the day.
Gotta go- Nite!

02-02-2006, 09:36 PM
Mouse- our posts crossed......congrats on making the swimming goal! And you are too good a swimmer to drown at school!!! Sorry could not resist the pun.

02-03-2006, 01:22 PM
Hey everyone....I hit a major acomplishment....I survived conferences and report cards without falling off the wagon! WAHHOOOOOO

ECMOM thanks for the idea----flavored fizzy water is pretty good!
and actually I moved to DE you reminded me I needed to update my Profile! I grew up in central jersey, but went to school in Philadephia and got a job in Newark DE.......I hope to return home soon...if I can find a job!

02-03-2006, 10:41 PM
I'm glad that it is over!

Hello, Chestnutlass.... I'm the resident grade 1 teacher! What grade do you teach! Congrats for remaining true to your plan EVEN with conferences AND report cards! THAT is a major accomplishment!

;) take care,

02-03-2006, 11:01 PM
Evening, again, all.

Okay.... I managed to get quite a bit of an IEP done by going in early, and the progress reports. That made the paperwork load less. I also have the voc referrals to do, and have to go spelunking in their confidential files because I need test scores. However, I spent my prep period today over at a high school next to us (its literally less than a mile away???), looking at their vocational skills lab. Its pretty cool: they've got the entire set up that I've been trying to put together but on a much higher level.
I also got some laundry done (well, part done... it at least made it into the washer, and I swear I'll get it hung up to dry before I go to get my car's oil changed!).
With all that's been happening this week, I never made it anywhere near the pool. I will get to swim tomorrow, but ... damn...
Ginny: Thou shalt be fined for thy punning! Its just not PUNNY! Glad to hear FIL has a decent rehab facility. That's really important.
Chestnutlass: Welcome to the mad house!


02-05-2006, 01:42 PM
Hope everyone is doing ok....Busy as usual just wanted to say Hey!


02-05-2006, 09:14 PM
Hi. It doesn't look like anyone has posted for awhile since this thread isn't even showing up on the first page of threads. How is everyone doing? I recommitted myself to eating healthy and exercising on Jan. 2 and so far I have lost 15 pounds. I am hoping to lose at least 10 pounds every month this year so I can get to my goal by Jan. 2007.

02-06-2006, 10:33 AM
Hi Robyn and everyone

I teach 4th grade, with a focus on the science class. I work in an upper middle class community, which has both its upside and down. I rarely have to deal with some of the socioeconomic issues, or with battling IEPS (these parents all have enough lawyers to take care of that!) I instead deal with parents who see thier child as perfect, and as all going to Harvard. (yes in fourth grade!) They also act more like lawyers than parents! Defending thier child regardless of guilt or innocence! I love when I call a parent and thier reply is that they will ask thier child "what REALLY happened! " are you kidding me, your right 10 year olds always tell the truth!

My other problem is there is a large set of very involved Stay at home mommies that obviously care about thier children and are constantly around...bringing food and treats (they see the fat teacher and think the way to an A is through a cake!)

Well small baby steps!

02-06-2006, 06:20 PM
Survived bus cleaning today.....basically 3 hours of torture (I had done a ton of it before today). Anyway, gotta go back to my spotless vehicle.........

Summer- if you are a AAAmember (and I assumed you were if you used their travel agency) they give directions online for free. And they are pretty good.
A lot more reliable than mapquest..who when you ask for directions to Hershey Pa, might get you to the Pa/Nj border and assume you know the rest or something dumb like that. Hope you have a good day, despite all the idiots.

Pam- well, did they use every glass in the house???? Sounds like my gang.
Congrats on getting some cleaning done. I did none...........

Robyn-well, you happy with the game results or sad? (I fell asleep, but heard the refs were awful, and I wanted the Steelers to win anyway......hate bad refs.

Kerry- Happy Monday!!!!!!! How are you?

Hi to everyone else.........sorry to be so brief.

Gotta go. See ya!

02-06-2006, 06:58 PM
Hello Hello Hello!
What a day today was! ...and it isn't over yet!
...didn't go to school...instead went into the big city of Norfolk ....amen for the MidTownTunnel and the "back door in"! :) Took oldest to see one of his specialists. 1+ hour there (no traffic!) 2.5 hours there, 2+ hours back (there was traffic!) Then up 30 minutes to get youngest from school....
I'm tired and I've done NOTHING! :)
Gonna run! Hello to all! Perhaps I'll be back...once this gang settles down for a bit! THAT is gonna happen! :)

ChestnutLass, I hear you loud and clear.... and I am also one of THOSE mothers who travels with an advocate for my kid! :)

Take care ya'll!

02-06-2006, 07:33 PM
Hello again!
Chestnut lass- your community sounds a lot like mine- with one exception. On the outskirts (and it is technically another town but districted for the same school as us) a large HUD low income housing unit. So we have a majority of "haves" (and the SAHM issues you mentioned) and then a strong minority (small in number, but strong in influence) from this housing group.
Oh, does it make for some interesting dynamics. Anyway- bless you for teaching 4th grade- in my book an "interesting" age group.

Robyn- how did the specialist visit go?????

Dinner awaits.
See ya!

02-06-2006, 08:32 PM
Happy Monday!
I just typed a long post which disappeared into cyberspace....Ughhh:mad: Went to my first tanning bed appointment today. Felt great, except the whole laying on my back thing. Tailbone still hurts.

Ginny: Lord girl, we have glasses galore here...I want to know what happened to all the spoons? They have disappeared....I hate to go into oldest son's room. I may never be found again.....You'll have to send out the dogs.

Robyn: How was the appointment in Nahfulk? Yankeeeeee;) Do you believe I had an argument about how Virginia was not a Southern State and fought for the union? ONe was a Social Studies teacher....I said girl please go to Petersburg and visit.....They think anyone north of our county is a yankee....Yikes.....No offense meant to you yankee sistas! I'm married to one! Ha!

Mouse: Gotten any swimming in lately? How is your ankle by the way?

Summer: How's the cold? I hope you are feeling better.

Kerry: Where are you girl?

Melody: Welcome! I think you will find much needed support here.

Chesnutlass: Welcome also! I am a sixth grade math teacher at a rural Middle School. I have a son in fourth grade....and a twenty year old...

Robyn: I need to borrow your tape....I have managed to eat two pieces of pizza and 2 crazy bread sticks. I am drowning my guilt with water. Tons and tons of water...

Have a great night...


02-06-2006, 08:54 PM
Evening All,
Hope everyone had a great day! I had a snow day due to the icy roads in the back woods of my school district. So I enjoyed a nice relaxing day at home. Not much new going on here. Need to kick my butt into gear and get my two alternate assessments done this month and start working on my 6 IEP's for April 6th when I have my annual reviews with my special ed. supervisior and my parents.
Hope everyone has a good week. I think I will go watch some tv since I am usually running around the house at this time trying to get things done before going to bed. Check in with everyone tomorrow sometime. I have my TOPS meeting tomorrow evening. So I am hoping to have another loss. Time will tell I guess. :)
Have a great evening!

02-06-2006, 09:46 PM
Evening, all....

Now you see the Mouse, now you don't!

Ginny: You don't ask MapQuest for directions to Hershey, PA. You ask your resident Mouse! I'm better friends with the walking chocolate bars than I am with THE MOUSE. I was once offered a job as a walking chocolate bar. Unfortunately, I didn't have a car and no way to get there daily.

Robyn: Blech! Traffic! Specialists! BLECH, BLECH, BLECH!

Kerry: AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Why'd you have to mention alternate assessments????? I have one due the beginning of March on my chronic absentee who has started coming to school since the end of 2nd quarter, but still fights over having to do work. I have no idea what I'm putting in her binder!

Pam: YES! I got to swim today! Lost my lane to the water aerobics class, but I got in a good 45-50 minutes before that happened. I've never thought about a tanning bed; I used to tan, but haven't seen the endocrine disorder kicked in. Part of it is that all the meds carry "direct sunlight" warnings, but I also used to be olive skinned. Not sure what happened there.

Chestnutlass: Been there, done that. I've never taught in a district like that, but we had a good mix at my last school since we drew kids from all over the state of Maryland. My current school has a interesting mix too, but I'm not sure how many, if any, are considered upper middle class. I do, however, hear the "I'll ask my child" statement rather often... and I teach kids with mental ******ation. I have at least two that are chronic liars. One kid just lies everytime he opens his mouth. I don't understand how. Like, today, I asked him to read what he'd written on the computer to me. He read the three sentences, and I'm giving him praise because they answered the question and he'd done it so quickly! Then I realized that what he READ to me wasn't what was on the screen by a long shot! He filled in the 3 blanks, with sentences... but two of the sentences didn't come close to answering the question I'd asked him! Since he got the first one correct, AND its a talking word-processor, I know he knew what the question was. What I don't know is why he didn't just read what was on the danged screen! And his mother just tells me "Well, soandso told him to do it!" Even when her son and so-and-so aren't in the same class!!!!!!

02-07-2006, 11:15 AM
Hey everyone!

Robyn--so your one of THOSE mother huh?

ECmom----At least I typically have only one set of problems to deal with. We too have an apartment complex that does welfare housing, so there is a few kids. Fortunately the one thing my over indulgent moms do is help out a lot with those kids. They never have to miss out, thier trips and such are always PTA paid for.

Pam- wow that is quite a spread! I have 2 families this year that have students in my class, and "older kids"...older than me! It can be hard to be the authority when the parents remind you (mid conference) that they raised someone my age.....

Kerry-- a snow day sounds like HEAVEN.....Good luck today

mouse--same struggle different student. I think out and out defiance is the hardest to handle. And sometimes they are so intelligent in thier manuvers. If only they used that power for good instead of trying to get one over on the teacher.......

I hope everyone is having a great day! It is cold today...I am praying with all my heart that they GO OUTSIDE....4th graders and indoor recess is a nasty combo! Work Hard, Eat Smart!


02-07-2006, 11:47 AM
Well just a quick note to say that I am home again today. But today is because I have a sore throat. My dh is going to take me to Urgent Care here in a couple minutes. I just want to rule out that it is strep throat since that seems to be running rampted through my school right now. Three or four staff members have it along with a bunch of kids. So I don't know if I will make it to my weigh-in for TOPS tonight or just stay home. I guess it all depends on what I found out at the doctor's here in a little while. Talk to you all later. Maybe I can personally address you all later.

02-07-2006, 12:40 PM
Kerry- hugs and feell better!!!!!! Get lots of rest- and if you have to miss the meeting tonite, I am sure you will get there next week. (how nice about the snow day!) Hope they can give you something to heal you quickly, you must be feeling awful if you are going to a Dr.

Pam- the darned spoons migrated to my Ds's room. (he has a stockpile of glasses and spoons in his room.....until the maid realizes that there are no more in the kitchen:?: ) So you too have prehistoric dust in his room...just be sure to wear a Scott Air pack if you go in.....and of course have a life rope on you in case they have to pull you out!

Chestnut- yup I hear ya, 4th graders with indoor recess is not a pretty site!
Did yours get the ya-ya's out of their legs today and go out?

Mouse- well, I used the Hershey thing as a dumb example. (I can find Hershey without AAA or Mapquest......just close my eyes and sniff......ah, the smell of chocolate!) So glad you got some swimming time in!

Robyn- rest up my friend.........hugs to you after a stressful day.

They pulled my yellow tin can for inspection. Sure hope it passes.
I had an awful time sleeping last nite, and thus resulting the headache from you know where. Bring on the tylenol.............lots of it.
Better go resume cleaning my messy house.
See ya later!

02-07-2006, 07:15 PM
I got strep throat. So I am very tired and achey. So I will probably only be dropping in one and awhile to say hi. But can't really think to straight right now to post personal messages to you all. The doctor told me that I have to take tomorrow off too. I am so bored out of my mind right now. I can only read and watch so much tv. I am use to being busy all the time. Well I am off to take my third nap for the day. Talk to you later.

02-09-2006, 12:00 PM
Quiet here..........busy up to my eyeballs......hope everyone is ok!

02-09-2006, 12:05 PM
BTW- feel better Kerry!

02-09-2006, 06:00 PM
Good afternoon All!
Tomorrow is Friday....Yipppeeee. Been a long long week. Had a slight run in with m&m's during a circle graph activity today. To which the principal said: "You're not supposed to be eating candy..You're dieting.!" Ha:o He's really quite a nice guy, I think a lot of him. Very down to earth...Ok, so it was a fun size pack, not too much damage done. :D

DS had a terrible day at school today. He is really hating fourth grade. He got in trouble twice today, and came home crying saying he hates going to afterschool care, he hates school, he hates his teacher....This is just not like him. He is normally so academic. I think he is trying to be popular....By getting in trouble. He was talking about how everyone wanted to be popular and have kids like them.....He said someone at the YMCA was calling him fat and calling his mother names too....SO, instead of telling the teacher, he refuses to be a tattle tale....He tackled the kid, and now he is on punishment. I don't know what to do. He also told his teacher today that he didn't like her. I know he doesn't mean that. I just don't know what is wrong with him today. It's just so sad. He never wants to go to school at all. The teacher says he should be making straight A's because he is the smartest one in her class, but instead he has decided not to do his work. School is BORING.....Geez..... He is having a bad bad day. What can I do? I am making him write an apology letter to his teacher and I told him that even if he doesn't like her(which I know he does) that he better suck it up and act like she is the best teacher he has ever had.....Now, he's mad at me....Oh well, what can a mom do?

Kerry: Hope you are feeling better. I used to get strep throat like five or six times a year. To the point where, they were ready to take out my tonsils. INsurance wouldn't pay. However, I haven't had it in a long time. It would just make me feel like I got run over by a car. Drink lots of cold stuff and get some popsicles. :hug: :hug: Hugs to you.

Ginny: Sounds like you have had a busy day.....I did peep into my oldest ds room today looking for spoons. I couldn't go in. I need back up.....:D

Robyn: Hope your week is improving.......

Mouse: How's everything your way? Hope you've been able to get some swimming in.....

GOtta go cook.


02-09-2006, 09:07 PM
Evening, all.

It has truly been a very long week. Two of my kids were out sick for a day each, and my little liar has been lying all week. Today's major lie was that he forgot to get his point sheet signed during 2nd period. He gave it to us to sign for lunch, and my TA did it. He said, "Gee, why isn't it signed for 2nd period?". "Oh, I forgot." Okay, you can't earn points for that period. I'd already let him slide yesterday by not putting the sheet in his tracking binder... I had to leave early for my class, and our regular TA was out. We had a sub TA that they all know (she works in the LD/ED program in our school, and is friends with the guy who is normally our TA), but I couldn't be sure I reminded her that he needed to put his sheet in the binder. So, end of the day comes and he's totalling up... I ask, "What are you putting on your chart?" "A star!" :blink: He can only get a star for 45 points and up, and I know that didn't happen! I asked him to bring the sheet to me (I was playing Scattergories with another student on the computer), and I saw that 2nd period was signed in. I asked him how that happened, and he said, "The other teacher (the severe disabilities teacher) always does it that way; she never signs my 2nd period during 2nd period!" I checked with my TA, because neither of us had ever seen that before. Then I called the other teacher on the radio... She said he had forgotten to give it to her, and she never signed 2nd and 3rd at the same time. I asked her what he told her, and he said that I had told him that she needed to sign it. So, I docked him but good. He hates me, and he tells the other teacher and staff that all the time, but oh well!
And this was AFTER I spent my morning at the DMV with a student trying to get her photo ID. Poor kid... at first she lied to me about having it, but she's been coming to school more regularly and doing some work. So, the first time we tried to go was that holiday, Lee-Jackson day! Then mid-terms. Then all these special activities... So we go today, and the DMV won't take her transcript and certified school letter. We had to go back to the school to get another transcript; the computer was being stubborn and refusing to print the correct address. Got the transcript, went back to the DMV; whereupon they refused to issue the card because her father hadn't signed the form! :mad: We asked that very specific question the first time we were there and were told it was okay. We'll have to go back next week, which is another 2 hours I'm out of my classroom!
I see that everybody has had a similar week... Kerry, hope you're feeling better! There is something running rampant through our school as well. I've been kind of tired and sore-throaty, but its probably just lack of sleep in my case.
Its supposed to SNOW on Saturday! It might be a blessing in disguise.

02-10-2006, 08:06 PM
I hear ya Pam! My oldest son is also in 4th grade. We have had trouble in the past but knock on wood, this year has been good! Last year I was at the end of my rope. We're in a very small community and with me being a teacher it is always uncomfortable for me to judge another teacher's methods so instead we went to a book store and I let my son pick out some books he was interested in- he chose castles and knights stuff like that and when he is bored at school, he pulls them out to do "special work".
I say to him, if you have a brain, youcan't be bored! Use it and learn soemthing new!

On a more negative note. my weight loss has been a disaste lately. I am counting every point that goes into my mouth and up untill this week have been exercising religiously. I feel good, so maybe i'm just born to be fat?

02-12-2006, 03:05 PM
Hi girls! I don't have time to read back all the post that I have missed. I hope everyone is well and having fairly uneventful school years. THINK SPRING, we can do it!

My life is still a bit unsettled. The divorce should be finalized the end of March. Right now my husband is trying to squeeze every penny out of me as he can get. Hopefully the judge won't grant him a single one.

School is going well. Thank God I have a great bunch of students this year. I don't think I could make it without that.

My weight is on the rise. I went from not being able to eat anything to eating everything in site. I just had to go pick up some new jeans and I was borderline on needing the next size up. I refused to do so in hopes that I'll be motivated to get back on track. Of course Valentines week and all the treats that I'll be exposed to won't help.

I miss you all!


02-12-2006, 03:06 PM
Hey! Seems that everyone is as busy as I am! Hope everyone is doing well! For those of you who are heading into WinterVacation, enjoy! and :p!
Nothing but a very light snow that has since melted today! Not quite the blizzard that the news channels were anticipating down here!

Finally hit -35 pounds! Yahoooooooo! :)
take care,

02-13-2006, 05:52 PM
Evening, all.

Robyn: we got the blizzard here instead. I haven't been motivated out of my house since early Saturday afternoon. Its not snowing anymore, but now its FREEZING, and I'm freezing already so I don't want to go out!

Sue: Glad to hear from you! I hope the judge doesn't give him a penny either! I swear, some men are real jerks: they screw around and expect the women to really pay for it!

Everybody else: Hi, hi, and hi. I got a lot of stuff done being snowbound: mopped the kitchen floor, vaccuumed the rest of the place, mostly caught up on the laundry, finished a position paper... Haven't been swimming in 2 weeks because of the weather (and because my ankle did in my swim shorts! I was apparently standing on the suit when I tugged it up, and it ripped right down the side!). :sigh: But, I have no intentions of admitting that I don't have class on Wednesday this week... and that means I can go swimming!!!

02-13-2006, 09:36 PM
Got a pm from Gin earlier today. Her FIL passed away and her MIL is in the hospital. She wanted to let everyone know where she is and why!

Enjoying the full moon, the 100th day, tomorrow Valentine's Day and Wednesday is Pajama Day! Could it get any more fun? ....guess we could have gotten the snow that lots of you are dealing with!

Hope you all are thawing out!

take care,

02-14-2006, 09:35 AM
Good morning everyone!

It was a crazy and very emotional few days and I let it get the best of me...Someday I will learn that food is NOT going to help!

Yesterday was a snow day for me! and I used it for what I needed to do most...not laundry (that still needs to get done.) not school work (but that is backing up too) not cleaning( oh but I need to do some cleaning!) I just sat. I sat, I watched tv, I slept alot and I feel like I can get control again today.

So today is another new start. No matter what else is happening around me I need to continue working on taking care of myself. And i need to work on my emotional eating.......big time.

Hope you all had wonderful days


02-14-2006, 11:28 AM
Right after I posted, my students arrived. They gave me the cutest valentines! It makes a lot of the other stuff seem not so bad.....except now I have to deal with all of this chocolate!!!! Can't eat it, hate to throw it away, all the other teachers have enough of their own............hmmmm
Who needs a Valentine??? I have 22!!! :-)


02-14-2006, 09:46 PM
I am exhausted. EX HAU SSSS TED! 6 year olds and the day of love.... YIKES!

Tomorrow is Pajama Day.... that means chaos again! Good news is... There will be NO chocolate! However, there will still be "treats" as we got too many today and decided to save some for tomorrow! At least I won't spend all morning getting ready for work! I will crawl out of bed in my pajamas and (with a few adjustments!) head off to school! THIS might work! :)

I'm heading off to bed.... I'm so darn tired from our day of fun and love!

ya'll take care!

02-18-2006, 04:52 PM
Where is everyone?????
What an awful, long week. FIL passed away Monday am and now a dear neighbor is gone too. My poor kids, they are shell shocked by so much loss recently. No WW this week...gee wonder why?!

Hope everyone is ok out there.......
Take care.

02-19-2006, 02:52 PM
Hi Gin! I don't know where everyone went! I'm so sorry to hear of your loss! I'll be PM you in a bit! Gotta go grab some lunch for everyone right now! Take care,

02-20-2006, 11:02 AM
Robyn- you get to WW this week?????

Hope everyone has today off..happy presidents day.

Off to the next funeral.

02-21-2006, 12:09 AM
Hey everyone!
Had a lazy, day today. No work for us...So, rearranged the living room, did progress reports and piddled on the computer.
I think in spite of myself, I may actually be down a pound this week. I have not even tried. Sad, but true. One more week til my cruise! However, I feel like I am getting a cold, and an ear ache...Figures. Make it through until now, and get sick. Ucky!

Robyn: Missed you im by like thirty seconds, I was in the shower.....As far as the outfit and belly chain...Send a pic!;) Oh, bought Crystal light for ds and he really likes it, so that's a plus. I guess his whole world won't come to an end.

Ginny: I am so sorry for your loss. I have had a year like that. I know what it's like. My friend has had eight people in her family die since Christmas. Terrible. I just found out that one of my former students was killed in a car accident this weekend. I taught him and his sister too. What a tragedy. He wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

Hugs to all. Off to bed.


02-21-2006, 01:14 PM
Pam- so good to hear from you! I thought I had lost you few posts. Sorry you are not feeling better. Hey, look at the bright side, you can get all this sickie stuff out of the way now(and if you need a Dr do so now and have the meds for the cruise). When are you leaving and where are you going??? Glad you got some work done yesterday, sounds like a bit of a laid back day. Well needed I am sure! Feel better.....take lots of vitamins. Thanks for the sympathy wishes too.

Went to the funeral yesterday- how sad and his widow will have a very tough time adjusting to this. She does not drive- and I can see that I will have to step up to the plate and help her out, perhaps take her shopping once a week or so. He was such a dear loving and hysterically funny man. We will all miss him.

Nuff of me.......trying to wade thru the bills and TY cards that need writing.
I have a miserable headache....who has the tylenol?

take care....

02-21-2006, 06:25 PM
Migrane Excedrin Ginny! That will knock the headache right out of your body!
Not a lot happening around here. Went to the tanning bed. Only a few more sessions left...Time running out. We are flying out to Miami on March 1st. Cruise leaves March 2nd, dh's birthday....Stop in the keys on the third. His brother is getting married there. Then off to Cazumel. Back to Miami on the sixth and home. Geez, it kind of snuck up....I'm so excited I can hardly stand going to work for one more day.
I think that would be a great idea to help your neighbor like that. Do they have children that can help out also? You're very sweet.

Gotta go defrost something for dinner.


02-21-2006, 07:44 PM
Hey ya'll! :) WHAT a day....WHAT A DAY! Insanity! ....followed by a faculty meeting! Dear GAWWWWD how can it only be Tuesday? Came home to the oldest ds crying over any and everything .....from his birth defect to his sick hamster.....oh my! THAT was enjoyable... I think I've got him settled for now! Cooked my favorite tilapia recipie! Gotta love a WW recipe that the children BEGGGG me to make! :) However, my head is throbbing from all the drama as I was preparing dinner!

Gin, I've carried around a card for you for the last 2 days.....what kind of friend am I??? Will get it into the mail EVENTUALLY! I'm so lame! Did you get my email? I THINK I sent you one...but alas, I KNOW that I've typed at least 2 other messages to you and can't seem to get it to you! Duhh! :) So... anyway... I know that you will be welcome support for your friend who has just lost her husband! It will mean so much to her...and you know that your late friend would love you even more for supporting his widow! Hang in there..... (((more hugs)))

Pam... I was sooooo disappointed that you were NOT currently sitting at your computer last night! I will dig around to find a photo of THAT outfit....but I'm afraid that it just won't be the same unless I can find a video....the tassles just won't fly around the way they should! ;) My family LOVES the raspberry lemon ade Crystal Light! If you haven't tried! So how is your ds? Feeling better? Hope so! HOW can you stand to be SOOOOO close to a wonderful trip??? I'd be so darn excited I could hardly stand it! Your itenerary sounds simply DELIGHTFUL! Altho.... I have to admit that going ANYWHERE other than the, walmart, WW.... sounds rather EXOTIC at this point of the year! :)

I am down 36 pounds.... that is a 1 pound loss for the week. I'm trying to be GOOD this week! The stress is KILLLLLLLLLING me! ...and when there is stress....I crave THE FRIDGE! Actually sugar, starch and horrid carbs! I didn't get fat eating green beans! :) I'm trying to remember..... "If food isn't the problem...then food isn't the solution!" Sighhh!

Gonna run...... I think I may take a shower and see if I can get rid of this headache.... at least in the shower, the boys won't be following me around pecking at me! All I have to do these days to get a moment alone is GET NEKKKID! They scatter like crazy! Yahooo! ;)

Ya'll take care,
..........thanks for being here!

02-21-2006, 08:37 PM
Robyn- hope that headache goes bye-bye. Oh, I hear ya with the stress monster and eating. I have been into way too much junk recently. Think its gonna show up at my WI on Thursday. (going then to combine errands). Congrats on making the halfway point at WW!!!!!!!! (just noticed that!) How awesome! Gosh you are doing great! Hugs to you and Ds. Don't ya hate it when your kids hurt? I hope everyones mood improves. What is with the tilapia recipe? Ds and Dd love tilapia (I make a blackened tilapia, very spicy but good). And no you are not at all a rotten friend. I love you to pieces and you are wonderful. Even thinking of sending a card is fine......(my WW buddies who attend meetings with me did nothing.. how's that for friends?)
But seriously, I am not bugged by either- life is so busy for all of us!!!

Gotta go watch the olympics with my sickie. I did get 3.5 miles in today...... and if I attack the diet jello in my fridge and nothing else, then today will be a good one.

02-21-2006, 09:48 PM
Evening All,
I am back for awhile. Sorry to be missing in action again. But you all know that it is that time of year for me being one of the resident special education teachers. Until April 7th when I have my annual reviews for IEP'S I am going to be a busy lady. Got over my strep throat. Boy does that knock a person for a loop. Then last week, I worked two nights with extra hours at school for an afterschool fieldtrip and parent teacher confernences. Had the stepkids this past weekend. On top of all this have had my van at the repair shop three times in the last two weeks. I think it back to running properly now. I hope. So I have been busy and stressing out a little bit. Good news is that the 2 1/2 pounds I gained last week from being sick and having the TOM at the same time the week before, I took off 2 1/4 pounds tonight at TOPS. So I am happy with myself. Nuff about me.
Ginny, I am so sorry about your FIL passing. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. Hope all is going well for you right now. How is your MIL? Glad you were able to get in some walking time today.
Robyn, congrats on being down 36 pounds! Way to go, Robyn!! :) You are doing a great job. Did you reward your self for this mini accomplishment? Hope your headache went away and you were able to find some quiet time for yourself. Hope your ds is feeling better tonight.
Pam, you must getting excited about your trip. I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip. Think on the positive side if you are getting sick, atleast it is not happening when you go on your cruise.
Hi to everyone else. I will try to make it back here tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day back for this week. We had inservices all day long today. I had to attend two inservices that did not pertain to me and I was bored out of my gord. I could kick myself for not taking my schoolwork to work while I sat through those meetings.
Have a great evening.
Take care,

02-21-2006, 11:14 PM
Hi, all.
I feel really out of the loop, since I haven't been here in more than a week.

Ginny: I'm sorry to hear about all your funerals. :( Thoughts are with you and your family.

Things are crazy here: I'm playing mechanics games, too... plus my father is playing his same old "hospital" game... again.


02-22-2006, 05:41 PM
Hey! Happy Hump day!
Thought I'd drop in and drop a quick note. NOt much happening today. Just went to the tanning bed. I have been going after school and then picking up my son. I pay for it and never use it. Well, he has like a stop watch on me now. Why are you so late. I picked him up fourteen minutes later than I usually do..Dang. The grief....
I have decided I am truly a freak of nature.........With a little help from A BOX OF girl scout cookies....I have managed to break through my plateau and am down to 163.5 as of this am.....What is up with that? The only thing I can think of, is that I have been drinking tons and tons of water. SInce my son can't have carbonated drinks, I have been buying water. SO, I am drinking it, so he will drink it. If that makes sense.

Robyn: Still waiting for that pic.....;) Darn my bad luck.....I AM SO TERRIBLY EXCITED. It's all I can think about.....Four more days of work...Sounds like you and I are in the same circles, school, Walmart. Oh, how I love Walmart. Not.......Congrats on being down thirty six pounds. I have thirteen more to go til I reach my goal......Ok, well I really want to be at around 145....So, we'll see. It figures, I would start losing just in time to go to eat fest 2006. Oh well.....Sorry about the headache. I understand about kids scattering. My boys will hang outside the bathroom door saying Mom, mom, mom, and finally i yell WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT?
Then, they say nevermind....Btw: listened to the spinal tap song. Lyrics are lovely! GOnna try and send you the Adam Sandler song.....Haven't figured out how to attach it to email.

Ginny: Who is sick? You are a walking machine. Do you know I have not watched any of the olympics this year? How sad is that?

Kerry: Welcome back. I know all about busy. I have had three peer evaluations to do, a mentor log, catalog my math manipulatives, count text books, progress reports, and what else is that I do????OH yeah, teach....All this week. I have my last peer evaluation to do tomorrow. THen, just have to write them all up and submit....Fun, fun fun.

Mouse: Sorry about all your mechanical problems. What's wrong with your dad? Hope he is well soon.

Just think, Summer is at Disneyworld this week!

See ya later....


02-22-2006, 08:01 PM
Yo yo yo.........HAPPPY HAPPPPY gotta get thru Thursday to get to Friday! :)

Found a new quote.... kinda think that this sums up my "issues" with my weight loss lately! ....."Half this game is ninety percent mental."
--Philadelphia Phillies manager, Danny Ozark..... Who is Danny and does he realize how stupid he sounds?! :)

I will not be able to get personal as the 2princes are fighting...will try to check in later.......... if not jailed!


02-22-2006, 08:10 PM
Pam- how is Ds doing? (PM is fine there) No you are not a freak of nature, someone at a WW meeting was complaining of a plateau- long story short, Laura (my fearless and hysterical leader) told the member to add points and fat to her eating, and the plateau broke. Congrats on the loss and all the water good for you and Ds!

Mouse- sorry about the mechanic stuff.....been there done that. How is Df doing? I remember last year this happened, and I remember that you felt obligated to do more for him, but he is a rather difficult chap. Hope all goes well.....hope you do not stress out about it either.

Kerry- great to hear from you. Glad the weight came off....hey, that darned strep was good for something! You must have had a really bad case if it is still knocking you for a loop. Take your vitamins.....drink lots of water. Sounds as if you are one busy lady and don't need to get sick again.

Well, drove this am. Stayed home with Dd this afternoon, who has a bad cough (the end of the cold but the cough is really bad). She seems much better now. Unfortunately I had to watch my safety meeting video at home (missed the actual meeting because of FIL's funeral). Those things usually scare the crap out of me- make me want to burn my CDL and hand in my badge. This one was no different. We are test piloting installing GPS systems in our buses....ok there are some mechanical reasons for doing so (base can monitor or perform diagnostics on a broken down bus) but then they add all the stuff about hijacking a school bus....I needed this??? Well, it was fun to watch the thing at home, all 3 hours of it.

Been a good girl eating and got 3.something miles of walking in on the treadmill. Guess I'd better go. WI tomorrow, I expect I will be up- last week was awful.

02-23-2006, 07:15 AM
Hi, all.
I really like my graduate class: it is very interesting with lots of interesting people to talk to (when we have time!). Its a lot of reading, which is torture because the textbook is SOOOOO bad! I mean, it is really just awful. And the instructor likes to give us surprise pop-quizzes. The last set of chapters included advice on diet (the only proper diet is a vegetarian diet with organic foods!), advice on chewing, suggestions on appropriate entertainment (TV does not count, but playing board games with children does!), and several different routines for mediatation. I made it through, though, and managed to retain enough to get a 90% on the quiz this week. That's not bad since it was more than 150 pages of reading.
I'm worried about my car: the dealer hasn't called me to tell me its ready and that was supposed to happen Tuesday. I'll have to call.
I have a lovely parent IEP meeting today, and just in time for it, I've got the whatever-it-is that the kids have had. All my kids have been out in rotation in the last two weeks. I'm being paid back for bragging that I didn't get it!!! ;) I also have a monster cold-sore on my lip. I went to get medicine for it, and I couldn't remember the name of it... but the pharmacist knew exactly what I wanted because it was so danged obvious. ;)
Ginny: He says that they told him he had a "mini-stroke". I think that makes the 10th or 11th mini-stroke he has had in the last 10 years. So far, though, nobody has called me expecting me to care for him. That is an improvement. I just don't understand this, though: my grandmother had a shoulder and hip replacement done in Nov/Dec. She's fine, sometimes doesn't even use a cane!
Alright... I'm going to take my sick self to work. I'd reschedule the IEP meeting, but the parent picked today at 3:05... and its due downtown by tomorrow in order to make our deadline. :sigh: I also have after-school detention today (during the middle of the IEP), and the child has no regular ed teachers, and his mom has such a reputation that nobody wants to attend because its going to go after teacher's are allowed to leave for the day.

02-23-2006, 01:53 PM
Hi Mouse-
Hugs to you...sorry that you got whatever everyone else has. Up here it seems to be a crummy cold, and the primary problem is the cough. Take care of yourself......drink lots of hot fluids (not sure what works well for you and no, coffee spiked with Baileys does NOT count!;) ) Hope that meeting goes well today, less than wonderful parent and all. Hear anything about your car? How is your Dad doing? (my theory on why GM is fine and DD is not is that men are such lousy patients) Take care you sound stressed.......

A successful am. Drove the kiddies in (I took yesterday pm off, Dd was coughing her brains out so I stayed home to be mommy......) and the assistant mgr who drove my pm yesterday said how good my kids were. Guess all those threats and beatings really worked!!!!!!!!!!!;) Naw, as much as I complain I love my bus kids, well, most of the time.

This am after my run I got my hair trimmed (first trimsince Sept), got to WW and flewl thru Walmart. Pfew! Lots accomplished for a short time. Down .8 at WW, no great shakes but considering I spent 2 weeks running like a nut(nursing home, hospital, funeral preparations and 2 funerals) I am thrilled.

Nuff of me......gotta go get ready to face the masses this afternoon.
See ya!

02-23-2006, 11:02 PM
Hey ya'll! Don't mind my sneezing.... I'm only SLIGHTLY contagious, I'm sure! Dang germs, dang weather, dang sick kids, dang long and painful week! Sighhhhhhhhh! JUST in time for the weekend! ......OOHHHH, the beloved weekend! I can nearly TASTE it! :)

Sorry to hear about your stress, Mouse! You should do what my ds's case manager does regarding scheduling IEP meetings.... only SLIGHTLY illegal.... They refuse to see me at any time other than Tuesdays at noon. He says that THAT IS THE only time that they can meet with me. PERIOD. (THIS makes me insane...... especially since when I leave my classroom/school during the school day...MY student's IEP's aren't being followed! AND Since I have 7 students with IEP's, I'm at my school all hours of the day and night around parent's schedules!) THIS issue is my next war. The last one was with the OT who refused to meet with me ....EVER... She was having issues with many other parents; however, I did all that I needed to / talked to all of the POWER people....and well, NOW I'm not trying to get a conference with her.....They fired her! ....and so now he is getting NO OT! That wasn't my goal....but you can imagine how bad she must have been if they actually FIRED the woman! Anywhooo.... Hope your lip, car, and dad get better! :)

Gin, whooohooo! Any loss is a step in the correct direction! You did very well considering the stress and the emotions of your last two weeks! You did good today in your "spare" time! :) Hang in there!

Gonna go to bed early! I can hardly breathe! I guess that voodo doll DS's casemanager has of me is working! hehehehehe! Ya'll take care! Happy Friday!