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07-06-2001, 10:13 PM
Welcome home Terri! So happy to have you back.

I've been out all day so I'm pooped.:yawn:

I'll be back tomorrow.

Love ya's:wave:

07-07-2001, 08:07 AM

Terri, you were truly missed even though you were checking in it wasn't the same. It seemed like forever. I hope you had a great time.

Myra, how's it going? I was very busy yesterday. Towards the end of the day I noticed I wasn't hungry. I got hungry but not like I usually am. I guess it was the HTP:)

Off & running again. Have to get a manicure, go to the bank then go food shopping. Last but not least EXERCISE!:D

Have a great day ladies.


07-07-2001, 01:09 PM
Thanks Essie. I missed you too. You are so upbeat. I missed that.

Here is my message from page 2 on the last thread.

Hi all! I am home. YEAH! I miss the family but is is great to be home. We stayed over in Nashville (90 miles from home) for the 4th. We stayed at the Opryland Hotel. It is huge. the 3rd largest in the world. It was nice.

Congrats Joyce on your losses. That is great!
I am glad to hear everyone had a great 4th. I missed y'all/.

I finally found skinny cows in Ohio. They were at my mom's Kroger.
They were GOOD!
I make the chocolate graham crackers an cool whip. MMMMmmmm! The kids love them.

Well, talk more later. Going to see Dr. Dolittle 2 in a few minutes.
Haven't weighed yet. Waiting for Sat. I am being strong.


Well, I weighed in and I gained 4.5 pounds. Not to bad for all the ice cream I consumed on our walks around our hometown . DQ is right in the middle. Isn't that convenient. :lol:
I am determined to get it off and then go on the rest of the way. We did so much in the 2.5 weeks. We did 10 major things. It is a wonder I didn't gain 10.
I missed y'all and it is good to be back.

07-07-2001, 04:08 PM

How do you get your message from the other thread on here? Copy & paste?

It's such a beautiful day today. I'm waiting for Pete to get home from work which should be any minute. I know he's going to be very tired. He only got 4 hrs. sleep last night. I don't know how he does it. I need at least 6 hrs. I would love to go for a walk. Maybe later.

Enjoy your day:wave:

07-07-2001, 05:50 PM
Hi girls,

Welcome home, Terri! :) glad to hear you had fun. 4.5 isn't so bad considering how long you were vacationing. You know you'll be strong now that you're home. Glad to have you back!

Just got rid of the boys, ahhhh.....now I truly understand the joys of grandparenthood! LOL I love having them here every week, know that I'm giving the kids a hand by sitting for them, and I get to spend lots of time with the boys.......BUT, it's so good to hand them back to their mom and dad!! ;)

Joe and I are going to relax this evening, perhaps go to the racetrack tomorrow. Just plan to play the remainder of the weekend.

Well, have a great night everyone!


07-07-2001, 06:50 PM
Thanks Essie and Jen.
Yes, I copied and pasted. :s:
I didn't even know it was the 2nd page. :o
I am glad to be back. I hate eating like that. My back hurts really bad first thing in the morning. It is definitely the food. I love counting points. I can't believe I missed it. :lol:
I had black bean soup for lunch. MMMMmm that stuff is good.
Well, have a great weekend everyone. TTYL,

07-07-2001, 08:24 PM
Welcome back, Terri! Glad you had a great time.

Anyone want to join me posting our journals? It is getting lonely being the only one posting but it really helps me stay in control.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

07-07-2001, 09:54 PM
Hello Again ;)

Myra, I thought it was a good idea for me to post my journal but I never keep it up. I always wind up changing it by the end of the day. I'll give it another try starting tomorrow.

Terri, the black bean soup, did you make it? Sounds good & I'm sure the fiber is pretty high. You were away for a long time so 4.5 is better than 10 :eek: You are very deciplined so you'll lose it right away. Do you really love counting points? I've slacked up so much. I got to get my act together. I joined a 10 lb challenge, by labor day, on another website. Hopefully this will motivate me.:rolleyes:

Jen, do you babysit every weekend? I was at my brother's house yesterday & there were kids of all ages. It was my nephew's birthday. It's today but they celebrated yesterday with his friends. He's 11. The twins didn't stay behind. They're 3 yrs. old & they wanted to be in everything. My SIL looked so stress. No wonder why she's thin! When we got home, Pete looked at me & I looked at him & we had the same thought....ahhhhhhh peace & quiet. Enjoy your R & R with Joe.

I didn't even get to exercise today. I started cleaning & changing curtains. Pete fell right to sleep when he got home. Talk about snoring! :lol: Even though if I would tell him how fast he fell asleep he would deny it. I got alot done around here so no regrets.

Well ladies, till tomorrow:wave:
Have a goodnight.

07-08-2001, 01:11 AM
Hi Myra,
I will start tomorrow. Today was my actual first day back. I like doing that too. See you over there.

I do like it. I feel in control when I count them.
No, I don't make my own soup and it did have 17 grams of fiber. sh**, oh how I wish I would! Noone sat close to me while we watched Beach Blanket Bingo. Remember that movie? :lol:

So glad you had a good time. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Wait til' you have grandchildren. That is a sound that you will not get tired of. Well... Jen, Dianne?


07-08-2001, 01:23 PM
Essie, I thought it was funny that you said your SIL is so thin....gee, I hope that'll happen to me from watching the boys this summer! No such luck......I had too much fun putting all this weight on, I have to work hard to get it off! I watch the boys from Wed. night till Sat. morning, till the end of summer. It is fun, bottom line, in spite of my complaining!

Matthew is having surgery on Tuesday, has to have tubes put in his ears as he suffers from frequent ear infections. His older brother had the same problem.

Myra, I really pooped out on your journal thread. :o I must get back in the swing of it! I am very glad to see that you've stuck with it.

Terri, I love black bean soup. It tastes so good it almost feels like "cheating", doesn't it? With some jalapenoes added..mmmmm. Funny you mentioned about your back hurting when you get up in the morning. That is my #1 warning sign that I've been slacking. If I drink my water and exercise, my back is great. It's been sore the last couple of mornings.....time to face the music. :eek:

Dianne, Joyce, Patti, hi! :wave:

Joe has decided upon Mexico for his 50th birthday trip in February. Looks as though we'll finally get there! If that doesn't jump start me back to being OP, I don't know what will.

have a great Sunday.

07-08-2001, 03:22 PM
Mexico!!! Fun time! You will look great. What an incentive.
Good luck!
Isn't it weird about the back. The bottom right side is so painful when I am slacking. It feels great when I am op. That is the best motivater I can think of.
I am so glad you are having fun with the grandkids. My Brandon had to have two sets of tubes and now he is fine. Little ones are precious. Big ones too. :lol:
Have a great Sunday.
Hi Patti, Dianne, Essie, Myra and Joyce. :wave:

07-09-2001, 09:34 PM
Hello :)

Jen, when my son was 3 yrs. old he had tubes also. It turned out a while after they discovered he was born deaf from his left ear. Broke my heart. Till this day when he turns his head to listen or if we go out to the movies or a restaurant he wants me on his right side. His right ear is perfect, thank God! I see Joe was born in February. Pete's birthday is Feb. 13th born 1951. Okay Jen, how much would you like to lose from here till February? We'll do it together.

What brand of the black bean soup is good? Is it filling?

Terri, Terri, Terri, :lol: 17 gms. of fiber!:eek:

Let me browse a bit then going to bed:yawn:

Till tomorrow:wave:


07-09-2001, 11:22 PM
Yep 17 grams of fiber. Poor Bruce. :lol: I don't remember the brand but it was good.
I am so glad your son's right ear was ok. Poor baby.
I did well today and yesterday. I stayed mid-range. I will up it a little tomorrow and then go down again Wed.
Brandon has to get a root canal tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. I thought it was today but was mistaken. Just putting off the inevitable. No nitrous oxcide (Mr. Nose). :mad:
Talk to y'all later.
Terri :wave:

07-09-2001, 11:38 PM
Essie, your poor baby. Brandon had terrible ear infections, they didn't put the tubes in till he was almost 3. By then he had some speech problems, which have pretty much cleared up by now. I'm glad they caught Matt's early. Joe's birthday is the 10th of Feb., he was born in '52. I would love to lose 50 by the trip. But it's so difficult to face....and I think, "forget it". However, I know that February will get here, and if I don't have a good loss by then, I'll get even more depressed. Thanks for the push, I'd love your company on this!

I've only had the Progresso brand of black bean soup. Other times I've had it at restaurants; never had a bowl I didn't like! And all that fiber...........oh well! :lol:

Terri, good luck to Brandon at the dentist.

Hi to everyone!


07-09-2001, 11:52 PM
Thanks Jen. My Brandon had speech problems a little. They were cleared up by 1st grade. That is sad when you realize they couldn't hear that well. Good luck to your baby.
Good luck with your goal. Mine is by Christmas. I would love to lose the last bit by then. I just know how hard it is to lose the last 20. The last 50 for that matter. :dizzy:
Have a great one.

07-10-2001, 06:16 AM

Terri, did you ever try Wendy's Plan? I kind of blew it last night. I was very hungry all day yesterday. That happens to me once in a while. No matter what I eat doesn't fill me up. Scary!!:eek:

Jen, I'll say a prayer for Matthew.

Terri & one for Brandon. I hate root canals.

Gotta run, jump in the shower & start getting ready for work. Today I'll be on a switchboard which I'm dreading already.:( The receptionist will be out today. This is where I get cursed at, yelled at, threatened etc. It's awful but I pray before I go on. I ask the Lord to give me strength & PATIENCE!! There's alot of miserable people out there.

Be back later.

Have a great day:wave:

07-10-2001, 02:46 PM
Oh Essie!
Call me, I'll be nice to you. :angel: I hate when people are mean on the phone. You can get your point across without being mean.
Here is Wendie's actual board where everything is explained.

Brandon did great. He gets a "date" with me on Thursday. Just him and me. 1 on 1. He loves that. :)
Thanks for thinking of him.
Hi Patti, Jen, Dianne, Myra and Joyce

07-10-2001, 06:09 PM
Terri, you are so sweet. If we all lived close to eachother we would be real buddies.

Jen, you would be my walking partner;)

What a great group we would be. Me & Dianne would cook spanish food for all of you. We would make "platanos" for Myra since she doesn't eat meat. We would all go to WW together.
I really love you guys even though we're cyberspace buds.

Way to go Brandon. Does he have to go back? My root canal was 3 visits. I think it's great when we spend time with them. I love my time with David. We went out to lunch last week & I treasured every moment.

I haven't been to the ediets board for days. Gotta go check it out.

Hi Zoe, Myra, Joyce, Dianne:wave:

Have a nice evening

07-10-2001, 06:20 PM
I'm off to the gym. Tonight is back to back step class and yoga class and its up to my son to make dinner. He does a real good job but will only do it Tues. nites when I'm not around.

Catch you all tomorrow!

07-10-2001, 08:20 PM
Essie, of course I'd be honored to be your walking partner. I'd love to "walk together".....if only we could! At least we could post what we did, perhaps "challenge" each other? Thanks a million! And I love your idea of you and Dianne cooking for us.....I'll wash dishes, I've got years of experience LOL
Hope everyone was good to you while you were on the switchboard. That was one of the reasons I quit my job after 24 years......way too much negativity and abuse from customers. Unreal.

Myra, good job on those classes! It's wonderful that your son cooks; every man should know how.

Terri, it's so cute that you have your "date" with Brandon. I may be guessing, but I'll bet he loves them! :o Hope the visit at the dentist went well.

Dianne, how's vacation? I miss you!

Joyce, Patti, how's it going? Stop in and say hi!

Matthew's procedure went well; the dr. said he had a raging ear infection when he went in there (yuck) but everything should be ok.

Had lunch with my two sisters in the city at our favorite Mexican restaurant....needless to say I'll need a page or two for my journal! :rolleyes: Probably around 50 points.

have a good evening


07-10-2001, 08:54 PM
I would love to be buds and eat the great food. I'll dry Jen.

Brandon absolutely loves our "dates". He feels so special. He is the sensitive one.

I am glad Matthew is ok. Poor baby.

Hope your class went well Myra. You are doing great!

Hi everyone! Getting ready to watch Big Brother.
Terri :wave:

07-10-2001, 09:15 PM
Weight Watchers has a special for a limited time for 5 weeks you pay $49. Do you think this is a good deal?

07-11-2001, 09:40 AM
oooh, my head hurts from too many margaritas yesterday......

Essie, WW meetings are 9.95 per week here, so 5 weeks would come out to 49.75. I don't know what the regular fee is in your area, but here it wouldn't be a sale.


07-11-2001, 11:01 AM
I'll bet the headaches were worth it. Once in awhile we gotta have those. :)

Here our meetings are $11 a person/week. So I would save $6. You'd think they'd offer a better price. How much is it regularly Essie?

07-11-2001, 07:42 PM
I can't believe it! I actually lost 2.8 lbs. this week! I haven't had that large of a loss in a long time. I guess I shouldn't been surprised because I have been eating on the low end of my range all week, but it feels so good. It's amazing. I don't know if it is the supplement that I've been taking, but I've been much more in control. Hopefully I can keep this up.

07-11-2001, 07:51 PM
Hello :D

The meetings here in Long Island are $12 a week so I would be saving $11. I wasn't planning to go back till the New Year. 5 weeks would be perfect cause I have a wedding to go to Aug. 26th so that would motivate me even more. I'll sleep on it.

Jen, it's been so long since I've done that but I do remember the headaches:eek: The main thing is that you had a good time :)

Today was a good day at work. No stress!! I didn't have to go on the stupid switchboard. Tomorrow I have to go on but just to cover breaks & a lunch hour. I can handle that.

So far I've been OP. It feels good to be in control. I haven't exercised in 2 days but I'll make sure I do tomorrow, Friday & Saturday.

Well guys, have a good evening.

Essie :wave:

07-11-2001, 10:39 PM
Your hard work is paying off big time! Keep it up.

I am so glad you didn't have to deal with the switchboard.
Congrats on being op. Doesn't it feel great?

I am so proud of all of us!!!!!

07-12-2001, 12:31 PM
See you at #63 !