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01-03-2006, 09:23 AM
I guess we should start the thread over gals as we usually do every year. Can't believe another year is gone already. Just makes us all a year older I guess. Hopefully, this will be the year of the new grandbaby for me. I would love to get a call that my dil is pregnant.

Jean: Hope you don't mind me starting a new thread. They have been warning people for about a year at least about posting links to other sites on their posts, but obviously people aren't paying attention. It causes problems with spam, spyware and such I guess. We have crossed everything but two off our to do list and I am going to get out and get the leaves blown out today and then we are going to get stuff taken to Goodwill and we will have everything finished.

I LOVE this new warranty company. The old one we had must have been a slow or no payer because they would have trouble getting companies to come out and work on stuff. They are supposed to respond in 4 hours to a service request and it is supposed to be fulfilled within 24 hours and it took me 3 days to get a plumber in here. With this one, I put in a request on Sunday figuring they would be calling today, but someone was out yesterday and fixed the dishwasher and {{{sigh}}} so was the HVAC guy who told us what we suspected and that was we have to have a whole new furnace. We are supposed to all the company today about a new installation I guess. I looked at our home warranty contract really hard to see if we have to pay for the furnace, but we don't have any of the fancy ones like heat pumps and such so they are supposed to cover it. I sure hope so, because we surely don't have the $$$$ for a new furnace. Our dishwasher was an easy fix. We broke a glass in it about a year ago and cleaned up all we could, but some of the shards got down into the drain system and eventually blocked it up. We are assuming it was when Jack forgot to knock out the plug in the disposal unit and it probably backed up and compacted everything then. It is fine now and didn't take him long at all.

I guess I better get a move on with chores so I can get an early start on those leaves and get that done.

have a great day gals


01-03-2006, 10:03 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It is a foggy night in my neighborhood as well as being another gloomy day. The sun is supposed to show itself on Friday. I hope so! I spent the morning running from different teachers to the guidance office trying to straighten schedules out. All schedules were supposed to be done before Christmas but there always seems to be changes for the special ed students.

'Gma' -- I almost scrolled right on by SM #1! :lol: If our count wasn't off we must have started a new thread just about every week last year. I guess I never post a link so didn't realize they could be a problem. Can I send you my 'to do' list? I need to get more focused, I guess. :shrug: I hope you can get a new furnace without having to pay big $$$ . . . I think our's was $2300, with air, 10 years ago. There was nothing wrong with our old one, which was the original furnace and 34 years old, but when we added on they had to move the air conditioner box. It had been leaking freon over the years so we decided to replace both at the same time. The furnace man said the new one wouldn't last nearly as long, maybe 10 years. :yikes:

I need to put my meatloaf together for supper tomorrow night and do some ironing. Have a nice evening!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-04-2006, 08:23 AM
Good morning ladies. I feel so small after reading Jean's post like I am typing without my glasses! :D

Jean: I can't believe you are already back to work. Short vacation! We are now just sitting and waiting to hear back from either the home warranty or the heating place. We called yesterday like we were supposed to and they said at noon they would contact the home warranty place and see what to do and that is where we are at, nowhere! Good thing it is plenty warm here I guess. We have a furnace/AC too and I hope the AC unit holds out for awhile as it is about as ancient as the furnace. Jack says he thinks the furnace is the ORIGINAL and this place was build in 1973 or so. I imagine the new ones don't last very long, nothing seems to anymore. You wonder if they could build them to last back then, why can't they build them to last now? Talking about old stuff, I watched one of the "Tammy" movies with Sandra Dee yesterday and an elderly friend of hers has to have heart surgery. The movie was made in 1963 and I told Jack it is almost frightening the archaic medical equipment used then compared to now. They showed her being operated on and the machinery used in that decade made me kind of shiver to think we allowed ourselves to go under the knife with what was available then! Her heart stops in the middle of the operation and they just stand there watching the blip to see if it starts back up, no intervention. My head kept saying, use the paddles, then realized none of that was available back then.

We got the deck all cleaned off now, but there is a huge pile of leaves for the landscapers to drag off. Since no one is living next door (their backyard looks like one of those trailers out in the desert you see on tv where all the old cars and chairs and appliances sit deserted,) anyway, we piled them all up on their side of the walkway because no one lives there. There is still a paper soft drink cup sitting in the upstairs window and the curtains are still hanging there. Their patio is full of broken toys, chairs, garbage cans, water hose and the like. I wonder what that is all about as I would think if she DID own the property she couldn't afford to keep paying two mortgages or a rent and mortgage (they used to go around to the neighbors and borrow money) and if she doesn't why the owners don't move someone else in there. I am NOT complaining about not having neighbors though, believe me.

I guess I should vamoose and start picking stuff up off the floors to mop this morning. One more honey do today and that is to take all the bags of stuff to Goodwill then the only thing I want to do is get our garage in good order. We just need to put up some sort of storage for paint supplies and the like. I was cleaning up a bit yesterday and noticed how much rat damage there is to the garage walls. They have chewed through the whole backside. No wonder the darn thing leaks. I need to find out who can come and repair all that before it falls down around our ears I guess.

Have a good day girls


01-05-2006, 01:45 AM
I'm on my way to bed :yawn: but wanted to peek in here first. It was a very long day at school and I'm thinking my schedule stinks. I spend 4 out of 8 periods with one kid who says, "huh" to whatever you say to him. He would like to talk nonstop if he could, and we are constantly telling him to be quiet. Then there is another kid who will soon turn 21, will never graduate, and is in 2 classes with me. He acted like he couldn't read nor write but I caught him writing in a notebook so told him to get busy and copy the notes off the board or he could stay after school and do it. I don't mind helping anyone who helps themselves first. I was just a little testy by the end of the day. :crazy:

I had bell choir tonight and because of a funeral on Friday, we couldn't set up in the sanctuary, so will have to go early Sunday to haul tables, books, and bells.

'Gma' -- Maybe the next door owners don't want to pay someone to clean out the condo or maybe they are just too lazy to do it themselves. I would think it would be too expensive to let it sit empty. Do you ever see a rat in your garage? That would be scary! :eek: To make your type bigger, use the [] and put SIZE=3 in between them. At the end you put [] with /SIZE inside and you have bigger type! :D

Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow! I am ready for the weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-05-2006, 08:27 AM
Good morning gals! Hope you are having a good day!

Jean: You misunderstood my lame joke about the small print and glasses. I was talking about your bigger print and I wouldn't have to wear glasses to read it compared to when I was typing. It was a stupid joke. I know how to enlarge the font sizes, I was just being silly and it backfired! :lol: Wonder why the 21 year old is still sticking it out in school if he doesn't want to learn and get his diploma? Sounds like you have a lovely spring semester ahead of you! I have never seen a rat in the garage just droppings and the fact that the back wall of the garage at the bottom is chewed to heck and I don't think it is squirrels. I did see a rat several months back go through a hole it had chewed through the concrete, under my fence and into the neighbors yard. I called the management company and they supposedly came out, but I didn't ever hear from them so I doubt they ever did. We can't put out traps or bait or whatnot in the garage or back yard because of the dog possibly getting to it. We haven't seen any evidence of it for a long long time so maybe that was the last of them after the building across the street was finished and occupied etc.

We got one load to the Goodwill (just the trunk filled with bags) and Jack was through. I said something to him something like, "That was easy, you want to bring the rest of the stuff or wait?" and of course he said wait. DUMB ME! Why do I give a husband an option? I should have just demanded we bring it all and let him be peeved at me for awhile. Now it will probably take another two days to get all the bags over there. It is only about 3 miles max to the Goodwill dropoff store but you would think we were going to outer Mongolia. Men are such lazys sometimes.

What an awful night I had last night. First the meatloaf didn't sit well and I had acid reflux, then I fell asleep and a little while later awoke to my bed soaked as well as my pillow (a huge night sweat) then I went to the bathroom and came back and was cramping so I took some aspirin and went and got a small fan and turned it on the bed, had trouble falling back to sleep and tossed and turned for probably three more hours until I had to go to the bathroom again then Jack came upstairs by that time. He babied me a little and I finally fell asleep, but was still uncomfortable as I didn't want to turn the fan on and freeze him to death so I just suffered. He offered to sleep downstairs in the recliner but I said NO!

You all have a great day


01-06-2006, 01:59 AM
Not much newsy from my corner of the world tonight. I'm heading to bed as soon as I finish this post. :yawn:

'Gma' -- I skimmed your previous post quickly and thought to myself that you surely would know how to make larger print if you can post pictures! :lol: Hope you are feeling better by now!

I'm off to bed! Have a fantastic Friday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-06-2006, 05:20 AM
Good extremely early morning girls. I woke up to go to the bathroom then started sneezing and after I blew my nose, then started coughing and couldn't stop so I just came downstairs for awhile and hopefully can go back up to bed in a few minutes and go back to sleep. I always feel like a cat with a hairball when I start coughing like that! :lol: I suspect it is similar considering I think the cat is what the sneezing and coughing is about anyway.

One more small load and we are done with all the Goodwill stuff. I will then be able to get my garage in order once and for all. I am such a neat freak that the mess out there drove me nuts. I knew I couldn't get it done all by myself though. The landscapers came yesterday and sucked up all my leaves so my walkway is now all nice and clean too, which is nice. We couldn't bag stuff up because I didn't have any bags and I knew the landscapers had to be coming soon as they come about every other week and I hadn't seen or heard them since before Christmas.

We had Chinese buffet for lunch yesterday as a treat (it is right across the street from the Goodwill center how convenient...:^: ) and our two fortunes were, a financial investment will yield returns beyond your hopes and the other one was luck is coming your way. I told Jack to play the powerball on Sat with the two sets of #'s on the fortunes as they surely had to be lucky! :lol: :lol:

We got the good and bad news on the furnace. The home warranty company called yesterday and said they were authorizing the replacement, but there were charges not covered and he started telling us all the things not covered, ductwork, drainwork, permit stuff and on and on until it racked up to $650, which was the "bad" part. But....all things considered, that is much much better than 3-5 thousand $$, which is what it will cost more than likely. They are coming a week from today to install it. I imagine we are going to have to take down all the pictures up the stairs, all the stuff in the entranceway etc so they can get the new one up the stairs and the old one down. Hope it all fits some way or another. I imagine my house is going to be in an uproar the whole day. I may make an appt for Fortune to go to the groomers that day. Poor B is going to have to be trapped in the spare room the whole time because he tries to go up into the attic when we pull down the steps.

Well ladies, I am going to try and go back to bed and hopefully won't start coughing again. Ummm, the nice warm electric blanket. Sounds wonderful!


01-06-2006, 02:20 PM
Good Afternoon! Overcast here but no snow or rain at least so far.
Faye: I was up at the same time as you but here it was to get DH to the hospital by 6AM for 8AM arthroscopic surgery on his knee. He was done by 9AM and the DR came out by 9:15 to say all went well and there were no complications re anesthesia and his heart problems. He has a rather rough tear in the miniscus and he has extensive arthritis...bone to bone in some spots. He said he should be better with what was done but if it did not work well enough the next thing would be a knee replacement. DH is home now and sitting in the recliner like a King on his Throne. No pain so far but tonight the novacain should be wearing off and he does have pain med to take.

I love the photo of T....he is so cute.

Jean: I would say you have every excuse to be 'testy'! If they know how to read and write and don't....they get to sympathy from me.

I am so tired I think I will take a nap and make up for lost sleep.

Gloria in MA

01-06-2006, 10:58 PM
Happy Friday Evening, Flowers! The weekend has begun and am I ever glad! :cp: Even though we had a three day week at school, it was a test of my patience. Today I escorted two to the office from two different classes. Our TV finally died this week so have been looking at TVs. There's not much selection in our town -- WM and an appliance store. It was a no brainer if we wanted to buy local and it certainly wouldn't be WM! So hubby spent last evening hooking the new one up and getting all of the settings just right. He's the TV watcher so as long as he is happy . . . . . . :D

'Gma' -- I agree! T's picture is good one! I hope you are feeling better and the coughing is gone for good! I hate it when my sleep gets interrupted by coughing or a stuffy nose. :mad: There was a multi million dollar winner in the Iowa lottery . . . he had just filed bankruptcy and thought it was so funny! I hope all of his creditors find him and can get their money! It must be a great feeling to have your Good Will efforts done. Lucky you! Well, at least with a new furnace/ac, you won't have to worry about it working properly. Having to purchase a necessary item like that is never fun. :no:

Gloria -- I'm glad your hubby's surgery is over with and hopefully his recovery will be 100% so he won't need a replacement. I've heard that is very painful and takes awhile to get back to normal routine living. I have NO patience with BD students and it seems like I am spending alot of time with some of them this semester. :mad:

Tomorrow is my morning to work in the hospital gift shop. Beth and the kids are coming for the day since Will is working. I play bells on Sunday so am toying with the idea of going to Sioux City after church to exchange a couple of Christmas gifts.

I hope you all have a nice weekend!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-07-2006, 09:17 AM
Good morning girls! A little chilly here but otherwise ok! It should heat back up by tomorrow though.

Gloria: I think he is a cutey too! That pic was one Jack took when he was at our house in his pjs and my dd let him open his presents from my son and dil. That striped thing around his neck is a fleece monkey they bought him. Both my kids had one when they were younger. It was really big back then. Hope your dh is going to be up and around soon and that he won't have to have the whole knee replaced. That is so much harder to bounce back from.

Jean: Woe is you! Sounds like the little monsters are back in fine form already. Hope you got a spiffy new tv that you will enjoy. We hope to get a spiffy furnace to enjoy. It is cold in the house this morning! :lol: My biggest concern is that the new furnace will be too much for the old AC and then it will go out on us. They are separate units, but the fan in the furnace runs the ac in the house or whatever. Yeah, I saw that guy on an internet article and he didn't look too "poor" to me. I am surprised with the bankruptcy laws he was even able to file. I agree with you though, hope they all descend on him like a plague of flies. He made some comment about "I plan on contacting my creditors to make arrangement for a repayment plan." Why does he need a plan? He took like a $60 mil payout so he should be able to just write a check to each one and pay them off. Jack and I have often talked about lottery winners and how they go nuts building or buying several million $$ on a new home etc. We were watching a vacation home program yesterday and this guys VACATION home was $13 million dollars. Jack says, why does someone need some place with 30 bedrooms? I told him, "Yeah, 'cause I would have to clean them!" :lol: I can't see myself having a housekeeper. I did have one that came once a week when we lived in Indiana and she was super and cheap too, but she was also a friend from church who needed the money so that is why I even had one. I would be thrilled just to do some remodeling on the condo (new floors and such), buying a second car, and having some vacation money. If I had a gazillion, my family would all get a certain amount depending on who they were, ie my kids would each get a certain amount apiece, the grandbaby would have a trust, a trust for future grandkids, then the siblings, my 3 and his one would each get a certain amount and we would tell them that it was a one time thing. I have heard all these stories about people coming out of the woodwork when you win a lot of money. I can see some of my relatives wanting money over and over and over again. I have one who would be so jealous she couldn't stand it. She always wants what someone else has. Never satisfied with where she is in life. What a rotten way to live, isn't it? This same person didn't think twice when we were living on $11 an hour and barely keeping our heads above water, but now she whines constantly because we have money to do things. She hints around about giving her money all the time and it is sad really. It is a long story about them, but suffice it to say, they can't deny themselves and have backed themselves into a corner because of it.

Well, gals, I am going to scrounge around for some breakfast. My tummy is growling.

Have a good weekend.



01-08-2006, 01:53 AM
Good Evening, Flowers! The weekend is flying by much too quickly! I had two ladies come into the gift shop about 15 minutes before I was to close. Normally I wouldn't care but Beth came over with Maddy and Kolby and I wanted to spend the afternoon 'playing.' One lady said she would go to lunch and come back to pay for her things, so I asked her how long she would be gone because the shop would be closing in a few minutes. She went to the car and got her checkbook to pay before she went to lunch. I had visions of her going to a two hour luncheon date and losing track of time. :lol: Beth was here till late afternoon -- all three of them took a nap so we didn't get much playing done. Bob and I made a quick trip to WM. The new TV is on the fritz already :mad: and Bob spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the store rep. Between the digital box, the TV, and the VCR remotes he thought maybe either Beth or I had made a mistake! The nerve! The cable people are coming this week to reprogram the box (?) or give us a different one for 2 months of high definition, whatever that is. They finally came to the conclusion that it was the TV and not the box after hooking up a smaller TV that worked fine. Of course the old TV is history in the landfill. :rolleyes:

'Gma' -- I get really testy when I have to work with 'normal' intelligence but behavior disordered students. They used to be in a self-contained classroom but because the government is running the education system, they have to be in classrooms with everyone else. Most of them spend a fair amount of time in the restricted/suspension room and rack up 10 days of absences from classes in no time. But because they are special ed. students, they cannot be kicked out of the special ed. modified classes. That should change next year since the special ed. teachers will be team teaching with regular classroom teachers if they are not certified in the subject area -- another government snafu! :crazy: One teacher (with a master's degree in special ed.) has taught 5 - 8th grade level math classes for almost 30 years and now isn't smart enough to do that because her bachelor's degree is in remedial reading. How stupid is that?! I hope you get your new furnace soon! I wouldn't even give a guess on the air conditioner but will wish you luck that it will work. :yes: I don't know what I would do if I won alot of money. I'd most likely share with my children and grandchildren, but I really don't want a bigger house to clean and keep up. :no: Maybe a few trips would be nice! ;) I'd definitely quit my job and volunteer more hours at the hospital and nursing homes.

It's time to head off to bed. Bob has to be a half hour early to usher in the morning. I'll go to early church, set up for bells between services, and leave as soon as we play 2nd service.

Have a super Sunday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-08-2006, 10:11 AM
Good morning girls! We are warming right up here. It was even pretty nice yesterday once the sun was up and out. We finished the Goodwill and the got the garage in pretty good shape now I can find things if I need them. It doesn't look like a tornado tore through so much anymore.

Jean: You would think the laws or regs would "grandfather" older more experienced teachers who have been on the job and teaching for a long time. Politicians could care less as long as their fat behinds are kept in their congressional seats. I have long thought that mixing normal intelligent behavioural kids with kids who have real intellectual problems is a HUGE mistake. The brats don't care and it sure can't help the kids who want to learn but just have a real hard time of it. Hope your bell program goes well this morning.

I guess we read the fortune cookies wrong because we aren't rich, :lol: but we only spent a couple bucks so we aren't gonna lose the house or anything. I couldn't even match enough to win the $2 thingy!!!

I am going to stick a roast in the oven today for dinner and just hang out at the house and veg I think. Jack is going to put the very last layer on the ceiling repair (he has to put one more layer of popcorn ceiling on) then that will be finished and all the jobs we had scheduled for him will be done. That isn't to say we don't have a lot more stuff that needs to be fixed or whatever, but this was stuff I had been wanting to get done for months.

Everyone have a good afternoon and evening today and I will talk with you tomorrow.


01-08-2006, 05:56 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It is another cloudy, damp/cold day in my corner of the world. I am so sick of this weather and I wish it would get lost, move on, or go somewhere else! :tantrum: Went to early church, stayed to set up bells and practice, then left as soon as we played during the second service. Our minister collects nativity sets and had one today depicting Jesus as a toddler rather than an infant. The sermon had to do with the fact that there is no time table for the wise men visiting nor that there were exactly three, only that there were three gifts. Her set had five wise men who travelled "far" following the bright light. She brought it around that we should reflect and follow the bright light in our lives. We sang all Christmas carols again today and that seems so strange to me.

'Gma' -- I've never been lucky at any of the lotto/lottery games so never play. When they first started in Iowa, Beth was a little girl and would tease to buy the scratch tickets for a $1. More often than not, she would win a free ticket and sometimes $2. Me, I just bought the tickets for her! :lol: Now I'd probably get thrown in jail if she would win big. Congrats on a clean and organized garage! Our garage needs to be cleaned out but it is too cold to spend much time out there now. This summer it will be too hot! :o I haul stuff out there for a Goodwill. and Bob will finally round up a box and take it away. I need to get serious about the pitching!

We decided not to go to Sioux City today. We're both dragging and don't know if it is the weather, late nights, or what. Since Beth was here yesterday we thought we'd try for next weekend. We've both had a nap in front of the teeny-tiny TV.

Hope you all are having a nice day. Enjoy a marvelous Monday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-09-2006, 10:00 AM
Good morning gals! It is a balmy 66 degrees this morning. I guess we are stealing all of Jean's warm good weather. I looked at the temp in the house and it was near 70 this morning. I roasted last night and had a fan blowing on me all night. It is supposed to cool off today though instead of warm up.

It is **** week here (Elvi's birthday was yesterday.) We have every kind of kook in the world showing up here. You have never seen so many Elvis impersonators in your life except on the date of his death. They had a BIRTHDAY PARTY for him yesterday and even gave him presents I guess, {{{UGH}}} People need to grow up!

Jean: Actually, they predict that Jesus was about 2 by the time the "wise men" found him and that it is unknown how many there were, but they assume a small number because of Herod's spies trying to find where the "king" was born. You have an unusual service doing Christmas things after Christmas but whatever rocks their boat I guess. Thomas called me last night to tell me I didn't have to "take his Gamecube Donkey Konga game back" because Santa brought him a Game Cube. He then launched into everything Santa brought him including what his mother and dad got! :lol: I told him I was having trouble hearing him because their was a lot of noise on the phone like static. Little bugger started making static noises into the phone! I THOUGHT I was done with the outdoor cleaning, but we had a gusty day yesterday and I had two boxes of styrofoam peanuts to throw out and they are now all over my deck and flower bed! {{{SIGH}}}

I guess I better get started on that backyard cleanup before we have more of a mess. Think I will put them in the garage until the trash pickup on Wed.


01-09-2006, 07:20 PM
I think we are having the January 'thaw' a week early. It has been mild and acutally was sunny this afternoon. It was 50 about 3PM.

It has been a busy week but I didn't do anything. I think it was just having DH sitting around all day make it so different. He is doing extremely well and still has had no pain at all! Sunday the bandages came off and all he has is two small pin hole marks in his knee and OH YES.....he has the word "YES" in magic marker on the top of his right knee. They told him everyone in the OR would ask him which knee was being done many times and he would get sick of answering but better to answer many times than to have the wrong knee cut. I'll bet he will be back driving by Friday or Saturday, the latest.

Faye: Your heat must be part of that January thaw but since you are warmer naturally your thaw means a heat wave. Those 'peanuts' are the worst things to pick up. I'm glad that a lot of companies are substituting the little air filled plastic 'pillows'. Much neater.

Jean: How strange it must seem to be singing Carols after Christmas. Sorry you are having so much trouble with your new TV. Sometimes you just get a lemon. Hope you can return it and get another one that will work better.

Did some work for DD#1 this afternoon. She was doing a mailing and needed me to 'stuff' envelopes. She works for a mortgage company and she had the Celtics and Bruins (basketball and hockey clubs) schedules made up on a calendar with a magnetic top to which she attached her business card. Perfect for hanging on the refrigerator as a reference for the sports minded. She also included a flyer with notes about the 'no call' information re: cell phones and a few words about the higher minimum payments on credit cards and lastly a reminder that postage was increasing by 2 cents this month. She also included 5 2 cent stamps to help her client who had old postage stamps left over. She is some smart cookie. She put out a similar mailing with the Red Sox calendar, in the Spring, and then one with the Patriots calendar, in the Fall. I was happy to be of help as it was a rather easy task and freed her up for other work.

Gloria in MA....Have a great balance of the week.

01-09-2006, 07:53 PM
Good Afternoon, Flowers! It was a typical Monday at school . . . no one seemed to remember what we had done on Friday or that there were assignments due today. :dizzy: The BIGGEST jerk was AWOL today so it was pretty quiet. Tomorrow is a 7:30 am staff meeting and Wed. is a 3:30-5:00 reading meeting that is a waste of time for the high school staff. I hate meetings like that!

I pulled a REAL DUMB! :crazy: This afternoon I had a message to call the hospital gift shop and when I did, it seems that I had left my checkbook there on Saturday. The nice person who found it locked it up for me and the buyer knew where I worked so called me at school to let me know. I would have missed it sooner or later, but I just didn't need it over the weekend so hadn't realized I didn't have it.

The sun actually shined this afternoon! We are supposed to have 40 degree temperatures all week but we didn't make it today. :( I won't complain because we were 37 degrees above 0! :)

We got another new TV today. Bob tried a new bulb and still no picture so the store sent out a new one. Now I have to bring the VCR back downstairs and redo the timer on it. I'm getting pretty good at that!

'Gma' -- Do they use Graceland for anything or just a tourist attraction? We saw an 'Elvis' in Branson several years ago . . . we happened to be driving by when he (and a pretty woman) came out of the theater and got into a Corvette. We followed him :o and he must have realized it because he whipped into a shopping center, wound his way behind the stores, and left by the service entrance. We lost him in the traffic. He did look like the real Elvis, at least from a distance. So many of them look so fake. Just when you think you are done with your chores, there are always more. :rolleyes:

Gloria -- I'm glad your hubby is doing so well after his knee surgery. I had to mark my foot with an 'X' when I had my toe surgery. I guess I'm lucky they got the right toe! :yes: Every once in awhile there is a news item about someone having the wrong limb amputated. It was nice that you could help your daughter. I like that kind of job once in awhile. I'm sure her clients appreciate her thoughtfulness. The new TV seems to be working just fine.

Bob is at church for practice and I need to put together the leftovers for supper. Have a terrific Tuesday!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-10-2006, 10:04 AM
Good morning gals. It is still very pleasant here. This is unusual for even Memphis. We are usually in the low 40's for this time of year. Maybe we will have an early spring and it will start warming the pool up! :lol: I know, it is only January, but the pool opens Memorial Day less than 5 months! It will be freezing, but it will be open.

Gloria: That is kind of funny about the knee. It is great he is getting around though. My dd's fil had knee surgery and still has to walk with a cane and that was back early last summer. I took my leaf blower and blew all those peanuts together and picked up what I could. Part of them went into the yard next door with the empty condo that is all trashy in back so I refused to go over there and clean them up. I had to go over there yesterday morning and nail back up one of the redwood fence slats that had blown off with the wind storm. The place is just nasty. It has used aluminum foil from bbqing, charcoal bags, broken chairs etc etc. I am about ready to complain to the association about it. It is an eye sore to me and the person who lives on the other side, but can't be seen from the street.

Jean: Graceland is purely tourist. It costs like $25 to tour the dumb house. You park across the street and ride a tour bus through the front gate, no WALKING ALLOWED. There is a pink hotel called the "Heartbreak Hotel" and a gift shop, one of his planes, some memorbilia and this tacky diner on the side you park. I used to work about 3 miles from there and Jack had lunch with me at the diner once. Talk about a greasy spoon! We see lots of Elvi in Vegas when we go. Even those that don't perform go there dressed like him. We saw one incredibly fat guy poured into a jumpsuit. I thought he looked so pathetic. It is usually quiet here as far as Elvis except for his birthday and his death date then they swarm here every year. The thing is, Graceland is in one of the WORST parts of town. The crime in that part of the city is awful. It is tacky all around it. It wasn't of course, when ELvis bought Graceland, but even all those years ago it was a low income neighborhood. Here is this big mansion with Piggly Wigglys, check cashing/title loan places, used car lots, chicken and rib joints and tacky convenience stores surrounding it. Oh, I wanted to tell you that Jack's foot is getting better with the ball exercises. He came home last night saying it hurt him a lot, but he says it was because the piece in his shoe to help it, slipped and he ended up walking on an edge of it. {{{OUCH}}}

Well, I need to get hopping and get the living room rug shampooed and the mopping done.

Have a great day girls!


01-10-2006, 09:50 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! Bob had a dinner meeting with his company board so I'm home alone. I went to WW and lost the 2#s I gained over Christmas. Now if I can just keep it going! It was a good day at school today because they've hired another bilingual aide. She has kids that are out of school and looks a little rough around the edges . . . 'meow' . . . so I'm hoping she will work out. She really has an accent and I find it hard to understand her. Plus the BD kid was AWOL again today . . . that's 3 out of the 4 days that he has missed now. Maybe he will drop out (I have my fingers and toes crossed!).

"Gma' -- I'm glad Jack's foot is feeling better! I had a twinge the other morning when I got up and my first thought was, "Oh HE**, I don't have time for this!" The last thing is need is a sore foot when it comes time to travel. :no: It went away after I had walked around a bit. I can't figure out why your neighbor owners wouldn't want to clean the joint up so they could rent it again. Maybe they will try to sell it 'as is.' That is a scary thought for you! :eek:

Guess I will go read the papers before Bob gets home from his dinner meeting. Have a wonderful Wednesday . . . the days are flying by and February will be here before we know it!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-11-2006, 11:21 PM
Good Evening, Flowers! It almost feels warm here tonight . . . this weather has been so weird lately. I had bell choir practice and I need to do a load of laundry before I go to bed. Not much is newsy from my corner of the world tonight.

I need to keep moving. Have a terrific Thursday tomorrow!

Jean -- :wave: from Iowa!

01-12-2006, 10:59 AM
Good morning gals! Except for my tootsies, which are bare and cold, it is pretty decent here this morning. We are going to be warming up to near 70 again. Weird weather this year for sure. At least the trash guys didn't drop a bazillion of those peanuts out on the road for me to pick up yesterday. They did a pretty good job of getting them all in the truck!

My phone rang yesterday and I checked the caller ID and saw it was my son so I picked it up and this strange man's voice said, "This is the Tennessee gambling commission and you need to return the $2300 you won. There is a problem with how you won it." He went on for awhile and I laughed and said, "Ok, so which of Jay's friends is this." He laughed and said, "Hi, mama." That boy. I didn't figure it out until right now that he said Tennessee and not only do we not have casinos in TN, they are not allowed! :lol: He should have said Mississippi! :lol: They had been in Boston last weekend and also visited Niagara Falls. My dil's father is in prison in Concord. He has been in prison a long time now and will get out in 2 years. They are trying to deport him (he is not an american citizen) but my son and dil are trying to keep him here as he desperately needs a heart transplant. Stupid man got caught transporting a semi full of some kind of drugs years ago in El Paso TX. I guess her mom and dad have been divorced since she was a little girl. When we went to the wedding, a lot of her dad's family came and were so very nice. Now here is the funny part, one of her dad's brothers is a police detective in Los Angeles! Boy, you want a good looking man! Whoooeeee! Her dad's family is Hispanic and this uncle makes Benjamin Bratt look positively UGLY! :lol:

Jean: Jack has up and down days with the foot being sore, but it is much much better. He does his roll the ball exercises every night. He says it doesn't start hurting until about 1 PM every day and that is better than it was. I figure in time it will get better. Good for you! Keep up the good work with the lbs off! I am going this weekend and getting my kitchen and fridge full of good stuff and getting rid of junk so we can lose weight again.

Well, I guess I better go. I have bills to pay, furniture to move, stuff to take off walls, the bathrooms to clean and chores to do. Tomorrow is furnace day and I sure dread that. The poor cat and dog are going to have to be locked up until they finish.