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01-03-2006, 12:07 AM
Hullo Ladies! (and gents?)
I've been participating in an over-the-holiday challenged, and guess what. Holiday's just about up! I go back to school on the 9th, and that means its going to be super to hard to loose weight and keep it off (especially with my arch nemesis - the vending machine! :T ) In the last forum, people would pop in and say "Oh! I wish i'd seen this earlier! I totally could have used this"
So here you are!! Back to school, a new year, and you probably have some resolutions to keep! Hopefully we'll get some people together here who are also students, and know how hard it is to find time to exercise, and eat well when you're in school! So join any time! On your first post, it'd be good to do an intro, like what you're studying, and what your goals are!

I'm Maggie, Im 19, from Toronto, and a full time student of animation, meaning many future desk jobs! I dont get much exercise because school almost literally consumes all my time! I dont have a lot of weight to loose, but im concerned for my health right now, and im trying to be good to my stomach, which is having some problems (as of yet unknown!). No matter what it is, the doc said more veggies never hurt anyone, so there you go! Basically my main concern right now is staying healthy for my future, and getting in better shape than i have been in!

Im looking forward to hearing from more people, and no matter how much people want to loose, or what their goals are, support is always good! Good luck, and Cheery bye for now!!


01-03-2006, 01:13 AM
Hi Maggie:
I am about the same weight (134 current) with a similar goal. I am also a student, although I am a third year grad student. Please send me a message if you think staying in touch would help us both toward our goal!


01-03-2006, 01:58 AM
Hi I'm Lilly. Also 19 years old. I am a full time college student majoring in Criminal Justice. Im taking an immense amount of units so that I can get my degree faster. I have quite a bit of weight to loose, but im trying. Ive been excercising and tryin to eat healthy. Also my job right now is a desk job. So yeh I dont get much excercise at work.

01-03-2006, 03:08 AM
Hey, my name is Erika and I am also 19. I'm studying French and Communications. I'm going to count calories and exercise. I used to be about 185 pounds, but now I am 164. I want to lose 34 lbs. :)

01-03-2006, 03:41 AM
Hi all, I'm 21 and will be a senior this spring semester majoring in Philosophy. I was also doing pre-medicine, but I'm no longer sure if I truely want to pursue this or not. I'm taking 18 hours this semester, so I know I will be super busy, which is good and bad. Good because if I'm at school, I don't get cravings, bad because all the work will cause me stress and when I'm stressed I like to eat. However, I have plans and goals for myself, and I can't accomplish these goals the way I am. Anyways, good luck to you all. Hope you all have continued success.

01-03-2006, 10:58 AM
HOly cow! These are way more responses that i was expecting over night! Very cool! Sadly, as i sit here reading, i am eating PIE. Good thing my goal doesnt start quite yet... lol

Anyway, my plan for school is : Tupperware!!! One of my main challenges at school is that the school is in a rather desolate area of town, and the only places to eat are expensive gourmet food (which take too long and cost too much), and THE greasiest spoon in Toronto. At least in my opinion it is. *chuckles* Almost the entire school goes to this one place to pick up food, so the school at lunch hour is full of the smells of hamburgers, onion rings and poutine. BLECH! Even the teachers eat there! So yes i bought myself a nice violent purple theroms, and i have some lunch containers kicking around that i hope to put to good use! Me and my boyfriend eat out a lot, so hopefully we're gonna try and so some more cooking together, which we've tried before! Its pretty fun! Although he's not as patient as i am and i end up stirring the food while he checks his email. *laughs* Ah well.

So geez when does everyone get back to school so we can start this beast?
Like i said, i go back on the 9th of January, but if eveyone else goes back earlier, we can always bump the start date!

01-03-2006, 01:41 PM
I go back the same time as you. :)

Yeah, our dining hall doesn't serve the healthiest items... and the healthy stuff they do have is the same every single day, so it can get boring. But I might follow your lead and get some tupperware going so that I can snack on fruits and veggies instead of junk food inbetween meals.

01-04-2006, 02:14 AM
I start back on the 9th also. My biggest problem is going out to eat wayyy to much. I go all day at school without anything to eat and when I get to my apartment, I'm starving. It's always easier to just pick up something. However, I'm planning to cook and freeze foods in advance and have things just in case I can't cook. I've already started on my journey, but I hope and plan to continue it when school starts too.

01-04-2006, 11:18 AM
Yea I have the same problem, Freshstart! I could never go all day without eating something though, because you need so much energy doing art all day and you need to be able to focus, or perish! (My perspective teacher keeps a plastic flail in the desk just to repremand students! lol! its awesome) But yea thats why i got my lunch thermos. Im planning on preping some meals at home too, but i'll deffinatly heat em up and take em to school with me. If you dont have room for a big bulky thermos, zip lock bags full of stuff are always exelent for me - i usually try and take red pepper slices, or carrot sticks. They tend to get eaten by other people 0_o Hoard them! lol! Hey they even sell packets of pre chopped veggies in super markets! But for the love of god, try to eat during the day! >.< If i can im going to try and snack every three hours, not so much the big meals, but in school its kind of hard. No eating policy, because of rodents :P LOL! So there you have it! Im kind of glad to be going back because i havnt been doing any major drawing over the holiday! And im supposed to be drawing every day.. *hangs her head in shame* DOOoooom! *laughs* anyways tootles for now! Hopefully we'll nab some more people before the 9th comes round!

01-04-2006, 11:22 AM
Oh yea, im totally going to post my shopping list for my meals the first week of school.. *chuckles* they we can all laugh and how many time those mini oreos taunt me into eating them. They're so tastey! GAH! Hey maybe it'll give people some (good?) ideas! It happens to me all the time... Someone says "brussel sprouts" and i go - Hey! I remember those! I LIKE those! Sweet!

01-04-2006, 04:00 PM
I'm trying hard not to go a full day without eating. It's going to be hard on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have three classes back to back. I will have a 15 minute break inbetween so I might eat something. We're allowed to eat in class because some teachers don't have a problem with it, but I hate eating in front of people. I just feel like all eyes are on me for some reason. I know I'm probably just overreacting, but I just prefer to eat in the privacy of my own home, but I am going to try and bring smoothies, and carrort sticks of something for inbetween breaks, and I also plan to have something waiting for me when I get home so I won't have be starving and wondering what it is that I'm going to eat.

01-04-2006, 04:33 PM
Freshstart: yeah, definitely pack some snacks if you can't get meals in during school time. :) Carrot sticks sound healthy...

01-04-2006, 11:52 PM
Ooo I kinda know what you mean about eating in front of people sometimes. I dont like eating when its super quiet because all you can here is this crunching, and of course eveyone turns around to see whos eating!Makes you feel really self concious... 0_o *chuckles* I try and eat when ohter people are eating, and i find it helps when i have food that isnt so crunchy, that i can eat discretly ;) cherry tomatoes are good, and fruits too especially if its something thats still good when you cut it up (ie kiwis, strawberries, raspberries?). You might consider an energy shake of sorts if you can find a good one! It'll get you through the day, and its quick! I have a 9-9:30 day this semester too - i think its a monday.. GROAN! lol So i signed up for a six week intro to yoga course! Yay!!! It starts on sunday, and theres one class a week so it fits in decently well, and its on the weekend! Woot! Horray for mild exercise!

01-05-2006, 10:28 AM
Holy COW i got my exercise yesterday. Let me just say that getting lost on foot if a fantastic form of exercise, especially after a day of shopping! *Chuckles* more like mall walking.. i didnt find anything! Im feelin pretty good about signing up for the yoga thing, because it means i not only have and two hours (almost) of light exercise schedualed per week, i have to walk to get there! *laughs* Does anyone else have ideas for exercise? especially the little things... Im always looking for little tidbits i can do in the day that will just make be feel good. I usually do a 10 minute quick walk every morning when its not too cold - dont get me wrong. Its only because im usually running late or trying to beat the bus. *chuckles* The bus system is Sooooo slow here sometimes, but at least it gets me moving!

01-05-2006, 04:50 PM
Good to see you doing well Miggles. I'm the type of person who likes to schedule in exercise. I'm doing the treadmill right now, but when I go back to school, I'm going to be using the Walk Away the Pound tapes in my apartment. However, I live on the second floor of my apartment, so I'll be getting exercise walking up those steps. I also plan to use the stairs at school, it's going to be a killer, but I know I'll get use to it after awhile. Anyways, good luck to all you ladies when school starts. We can do this!

01-05-2006, 05:01 PM
Miggles: I like your avatar

About me: I work at an Elementry school. I have extra dorm duties in the morning so I get there bright and early. Consequently that means I eat breakfast in the cafeteria as well as lunch. Then they have snacks provided and I eat 1,2, or 3 of those. THEN 1/4 of the lessons involve food or food rewards. Working to lose weight during the winter break was easy, but when I go back next week...that's when I have no strategy yet.

01-05-2006, 05:31 PM
Hey! Thanks! I always thought the avatar was hallarious. I used to have a Pen and Teller book called Play with your Food, and it reminded me of the things in there!

Ewwww dorm duties! lol! That sounds sucky! Especially in the morning! I guess one thing you can do with your plan is try and choose healthy options for meals and snacks! What kind of food does the caffeteria serve? If they have fruit salad, those are always a good choice.. For snacks and stuff too, you can try something light to snack on, or something that you know fills you up! Popcorn is pretty good that way - if you're not really that hungry but are just craving, its puffed air! Woo! And you can actually get quite full if you eat the right fruits - bananas seem to fill you up really fast! Another thing you could do is try drinking water or tea instead of juice - which also keeps you feeling full if you drink enough! And rice cakes... I love em! *laughs* again they're like fluff but you can get them in a bunch of flavours now that really pack a punch (i like the dill pickle ones, or the cheese ones that arnt so potent ;) ) Basically all the snacks i carry around fit inside zip lock bags, which are really handy. I dunno how big your school is, but i guess if you need the washroom, try and go to the farthest one! Hopefully it'll be the cleanest one too ;) If i really need a sugar fix i'll go for a really decaident yogurt. Good. So good. I love the Le Creme ones.. they're so desserty! YAY! you might have heard me swear by tupperware before, and i also find its so much easier for me pack a lunch right before i go to bed, or when i come home for the next daym rather than in the morning. What i pack is almost always healthier than what i could get around school anyway :P. Anyways those are just a couple ideas for snacks and stuff that are pretty easy and help curb cravings for me :P I hope some of the ideas are worth while for you! And welcome to the club! (Ps. if you like jello, jello with fruit in it is also good. I dont like jello. *chuckles* worth a shot though!) If there's any particular area you dont know what to do with, feel free to chime in and ask for ideas!

01-05-2006, 08:42 PM
Ewwww dorm duties! lol! That sounds sucky! Especially in the morning!

What kind of food does the caffeteria serve?

Dorm duty isn't bad. It's the easiest time of the day and because I elected for dorm duty, I get to leave at 3pm instead of staying later for after school duty. Which means I get home 1 1/2 hours before my husband does (and he picks up the baby from daycare). It's a nice time. I have 2 other kids that come home on the bus though. So not all cakes and candy.

My main problem with be with breakfast. Lunch they have salads everyday. It's not very imaginative and gets old. On the plus side, I bring my own dressing. It's the snack times (I'll have to learn to bring my own) and food lessons that'll get me.

Incidentally I do like jello. So much that when they serve it as a snack and add whipped cream on the top (which makes it WAYYYYYYYYYY better), I found myself eating 5-6 cups. I'm not lying. I looked at my coworker and said, keep it a secret. LOL.

01-06-2006, 09:55 PM
Hey all, just wanted to see if everyone is ready to begin or continue once school starts in a few days for some of us. I'm really ready. I've got almost a week worth of changes in so I know it will be a little better. I plan on writing up my schedule with classes and times that I would like to study (because quit procrastinating is another resolution for me!) and plan to work my meals and snacks around my school schedule. I'm also going to write up my meal plan for a week and shop for what I need. That way I know in advance what I'm going to eat and such. I'm ready to do well this time around, I hope all of you are too!

01-06-2006, 10:15 PM
Woo! So ready. *laughs* Im gonna kick school's butt! I planned out my lunches for the week too (other meals im gonna scrape through - they're not as bad as the lunches) so tomorrow im gonna go out, shopping list in hand! After that, i get to go pick up mah boyfriend from the airport at 11 pm. Ugh. It could be worse - i could be as jet lagged as him! (he's coming in from France, after a 24 hour flight because of a stop over, and so he'll probably end up sleeping on me in the taxi :P) But Yea! Then on sunday i start my Yoga class! Woot! 25 people in it - which is bigger than my class at school. Im excited though! Im borrowing my sister's mat, because i dont have my own yet. And im gonna make me some banana bread! I plan on taking it in my lunch throughout the week. For snacks this week, Im going to have things like clementine oranges (which rock right now), super delux yummy yogurts, kiwis, frozen raspberries, popcorn, banana bread, and red peppers... I do mostly snacking, but for main meals im gonna do some soups, pasta and tomato sauce, pita and humus (Booyeah!), some really easy to make chicken breast with lemon olive oil and oregano, and maybe a sandwich! I think i'm going to allow myself to eat out once a week - and thats probably going to be on mondays because i have a stupidly long gap between classes in the evening. With any luck that'll be the day me and my lovely french man can do lunch! We usually try and do that once a week. Ive been drinking lots of water lately, and i noticed my skin is looking spiffy!!! I also dried the crap out of my stress related break out salt water, which works amazingly well. i might add it to my weekly feel-good-to-do-list! *laughs* i highly reccomend pampering yourself when you do well with food! Its deffinatly better than food rewards, and it just makes me feel so ready to face the world and say "WOOT!".. Although maybe not quite that literally. Anyways i hope everyone is getting reved up! Im ok! Ive been eating way too much chocolate tonight. Good luck girls! Let the losing begin!

01-06-2006, 11:31 PM
Then on sunday i start my Yoga class! Woot! 25 people in it - which is bigger than my class at school.

I just graduated with my B.A. At my university some classes were as small as 30, but a lot of the core classes had 500 students in the same class.;)

01-07-2006, 02:35 AM
You sound like you're ready miggles, though I think you don't want to be, but who does?? :p I know I wasn't ready to start, but it's just something we have to do. Your menu sounds really great. That's my biggest problem is thinking of something different to eat. I was watching QVC tonight, and they had the nutrisystem program on there. I was seriously considering getting it to try it out because it would help with just coming home from school and such, but I decided against it. I need to learn how to make changes for life, and I know I won't be eating those meals for life, so I better learn to cook and find a different solution. Plus, they were expensive, and I heard mix reviews. I rather just grab a few frozen meals at the store. Anyways, my best friend, who also has weight to lose, messed up on her diet today. I know I should concern myself with my weight loss first and foremost, but I'm just really sad about it. She's like my sister, and she knows everything that I'm struggling with because she's been there too. I want her to succeed too. We live together, and I know if she's off plan, that will be very tempting for me to just say well I'll get off plan, and we can start together again once we get everything in order. I've said this millions of times, and I don't want to go back there again. I'm still doing good right now, eating right and working my butt off. I just need to plan, and make room for something I really want when I want it. I use to beat myself up if I have something that isn't diety, but I know now that it's just one meal out of the thousands of meals I will have in my lifetime. I should enjoy something without going overboard and move on and that's what I plan to do. Okay, I'm rambling, good luck to all of you on Monday!! :carrot:

01-07-2006, 09:04 PM
WOooo! I baked! and it didnt even catch on fire! *laughs* although i did keep baking soda on hand just in case. But yea! I think i've created banana bread! Its bland.. and rather moist. But i think its edible! Lets hope so. I so dont feel like eating because in excited, and nervous about picking mah man up at the airport (i have no car, and i HATE being late. Especially at airports. lol!) But yea.. i ate some pasta that was as bland as my banana bread. But that made my pineapple taste really good! *chuckles* Ah well.

And Freshstart - that's awesome you're living with someone you can support and who can support you! In my household i get mocked for just about everything i do! I get mocked if i get exercise. I get mocked if i dont exercise 0_o Its.. annoying! *laughs* And im sure you two could go shopping for food together and get all sorts of healthy stuff - geez.. if you could take turns cooking that would be even more convenient! ;) Anyways good luck to both of you!! Im sure you'll do great. And if anyone falls off? No biggie! Try again the next day, or week!

WOOOo banana bread!

01-07-2006, 10:10 PM
Hey Miggles, happy to see you cooking. I plan to start cooking, I picked a few recipes out of my book, so I can start Monday. I really pumped this time around. I've managed to go a whole week of lifestyle changes. Tomorrow is weigh in day, so everyone keep your fingers crosses for me.

01-09-2006, 10:53 AM
So i went to my first yoga class yesterday and it was pretty nice! It was verrry relaxing.. lol it was so hard to move after! So i went over to my boyfriend's house and we napped! *chuckles* Poor guy is really jet lagged.. they lost his luggage, and after 24 hours of travelling, that just.. sucks! He was't really upset though, which was good! So his suitcase arrived last night at 12:30 after we were asleep. Diet - Not going so well :P We went for brunch yesterday and both had milkshakes with our meal.. *laughs* Ah well.. its not going to be a regular thing. Today im feeling kind of sick so its chicken noodle soup (which was on my menu anyways!). I reaaaally hope a diet change will help my skin because good grief! Im having a breakout like you would not beleive! It doesnt look bad. Its just painful to sleep on one side! >.< GAH! I still havnt done my shopping yet but hopefully after lunch i'll get out and get it over with! Its so cold though -_- Alright! time for another nap! I hope everyone else does well on day 1! So far so good, but its too early to say! ;)

01-09-2006, 02:17 PM
So far so good today, I had class. I'm so not ready to be back at school. Oh well, I'll at least have something to do so I'm not hungry as much. I worked out this morning, I ate cereal for bf. I had a lean cuisine and an apple for lunch. I plan to workout again today too. I'm still thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner. I'll keep you guys posted. Keep it up everyone, we will succeed!!!!

01-10-2006, 12:25 AM
Alright! Day one. Not bad. I had some toast and jam this morning, a glass of orange juice, and then i went to my own house and slept some more! *laughs* rough night. I kept waking up from weird dreams... when i got home my dad had made a pork roast, so i ate about the equivelant of a pork chop, half a sweet potato, and a couple carrots... Then some oreos :P 3! They were so tastey! Then some almonds later in the day, three clementines,a slice of banana bread and two bowls of chicken noodle soup! Its 11 pm, and i got home half an hour ago. Im sleepy. And mildly hungry :P Im really tempted to visit the oreos again. *laughs* but ive been pretty good about the rest of the day! Spent no money! Also found a toonie! WOo! free money! Exercise wise, i walked about half an hour today - 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes this evening. Thats probably going to be a regular thing - because I usually beat the bus! I also jogged up and down the stairs 5 times - just because.. i can :P And now i think im going to bed!! Im so zonked.. Tootles for now! I look forward to reading how everyone else is doing!

01-10-2006, 06:10 PM
Hey all, hope all is well. I got a little stressed out today with school being back in session. I'm just not ready to be back, and adding in a new healthy lifestyle is extra stress. I honestly feel like giving up, pigging out, and starting over next week or something. I weighed myself and nothing lost. I weighed myself Sunday, and I just felt like something should be gone. I know, I shouldn't have because that just made me feel even worse. Though I want to quit, its just a voice in my head that says don't. Don't let this year go by too. I know I can't stop, even though I really want to. Ok, sorry for venting; hope you're all doing good.

01-10-2006, 06:25 PM
I packed stuff today and was prepared. I knew that one of the kids had a birthday party and that meant goodies. I was in charge of buying donuts (our version of cake). I purposely bought donuts that I didn't like but all the kids do! Then when the mom came with cake (we bought donuts because we didn't think this mom was bringing anything), I declined!! I brought jello and an orange for snacks today. Then I had homemade chill for lunch and yogurt for breakfast. Did great.

01-10-2006, 06:38 PM
*laughs* Good job girls! And FreshStart - dont let it get you down - sometimes when you change your diet it takes a week or two to show some changes, but its deffinatly a good start, even if you dont loose right away! Just keep going and you'll see results soon, and at least you'll feel better than doing nothing! Good luck! :)

And good job to you, being faced with birthday cake, and sticking to your guns! Woo!

I for one. Have already fallen off the wagon - but ONLY FOR TODAY! *laughs* My god. I hardly had time for breakfast this morning so i just had an english muffin and jam, and then i had a short (?) class, which i ended up staying after to finish some work. And Oh my. I was ravenous by the end! I called up my boyfriend, and we went out for sushi and i Soooooo ate more than i meant to. I hadn't had tempura (ie greasy deep fried veggies and shrimp!) for a long time so i had that, and much more. And then i had chocolate covered rasins this afternoon. *chuckles* OHhh man. And i havnt even had dinner yet.I still havnt had a chance to do shopping this week, and i doubt im going to get the time, so its going to be a harder week than i thought! Maybe my dad will go out in the next few days but i have no idea what im going to do for lunch tomorrow - theres nothing in the house, and its a short lunch anyways, so not enough time to go get something! AGH! Now i remember why i started this group! *laughs* i need help!

P.s. Eating out is waaaaaaaaaay too convenient. But i havnt been seduced by the vending machine yet!

01-12-2006, 11:52 PM
Ba hahaha
Holy would think it was ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!!!!!! lol I was looking EVERYWHERE for you guys!!!

So anyway, I have not been posting very often since xmas, well honestly I fell of the wagon. Xmas and xmas parties, new years then my friends 25th bday and my other friends bday...whew...ok so besides the eating which went out the window most days of the week, I was hitting the gym..I managed to only gain 2 pounds...uh yeah ONLY~ whatever, there should have not been any gained, but oh well the past is the past...So that is have found you all, and I am ready to hit it hard...LEts go!!! weeee

Hope you all had better success than ME! LOL

Oh and Miggles~~~never mind the PM I FOUND YOU! :carrot: lol

01-13-2006, 08:00 PM
Woo! I just pm'd you so nevermind that! *laughs* Good to see you again! Well. This totally isnt working.. I GAINED weight! GAH! Back up to 135... My tummy is still giving me troubles, but ive been eating pretty well! I have to admit id been eating out a lot - but ive been eating healthy things! GAH! Maybe just.. too much of them appearantly! Le sigh. Time to revamp shopping list. I never did get shopping done this week - at least not mine. I went with my boyfriend, so now he's all set for a week or two. Nothing to eat .. UGH! Tonight im probably going to have a bit of pasta and chickenbreast, and earlier today i had a lean cuisine thingy (which was very tastey actually!!), and for breakfast mah boyfriend made me scrambled eggs and toast with jam! WOo! Oh.. and i snuck in some cadbury mini eggs, and a lick-a-stix thing.. *chuckels* Still addicted to sugar... Im thinking about doing one of those challenges where you try to do something (or in my case, not to do something) for 21 days.. I.e. eat out, or perhaps eat chocolate....heh! good luck with that one.. Anyways we'll see! Busy weekend ahead - so much homework i wont have time to eat! GAH!!! The insanity! Hope everyone's doing okay!!! Looking forward to people checking in again ;)

01-13-2006, 11:52 PM
I put on a pedometer and walked 14,000 steps today. I stood or walked instead of sitting. I walked laps (while keeping an eye on the kids) during recess. Then I made a run to walmart after work. Between this and the butt and gut class yesterday, I am SORE.

01-14-2006, 10:25 AM
*laughs* Butt and gut class?! Wicked title but i don't know if i'd sign up.. *chuckles* How well does your pedometer work? I thought briefly about getting one but i read somewhere that that they often dont count properly and there was a big margin of error :P Im still interested though!.... i just dont wanna fork out 50 bucks for anything... hehe! Speaking of crappy equipment, i hopped on the scale again this morning, and opposed to the 135 i weighed last night, i weighed 130. So now im just confused. Will try again later.. Id hate to think i gained that much weight in food and water during the day 0_o Good job D.Smart! (Woo! dj name.. lol!) Happy Saturday!!!
I have stupid amounts of homework! Someone needs to talk to the new guy -_- UGH! And today, i am finally doing my food shopping because there happens to be a grocer right next to my doctor - who i have to see today. Hello Kiwis! How ive missed you...Clementines still rock. Maybe getting a little sick of them though.. *laughs* I can no longer eat three in one day after this week.

Ooh! P.s. Today, im going to start doing 50 push ups and 50 sit ups spaced through the day...and between homework assignments. I wanna try and do it every day! (*takes off her shoe before she ends up putting it in her mouth*)

01-14-2006, 01:12 PM
Woah! medical update. I weigh 131 lbs now, and have a not-so-common amoeba 0_o HOLY COW! my friend D. Fragilis Trophozoites has been giving me some trouble, and they dont know how you get it, the extent of what it does to the body (symptoms vary between nothing, and something basically) So yea. Go parasites! Doctor is doing an urgent referal to a gastro-whatnot specialist. And i bought some bran muffin mix. *chuckles* Okay, sit ups can wait for now then! Just went shopping and bought all sorts of things like sandwish fixin's, peppers, kiwi, potatoes, and soups, so im set for the week of lunches... And it sounds like im getting a day off school to go to this doc - so yay! more homework catch up time. Sadly, this is the end of week one of school. And i need to catch up. Rant done! continue with your lives good people! *laughs* Take care of yourselves, and wash your hands. And food. Cheerio!

01-14-2006, 07:07 PM
*laughs* Butt and gut class?! Wicked title but i don't know if i'd sign up.. *chuckles* How well does your pedometer work? I thought briefly about getting one but i read somewhere that that they often dont count properly and there was a big margin of error :P Im still interested though!.... i just dont wanna fork out 50 bucks for anything... hehe!

Butt and Gut class was fun, but OMG I'm sore! My pedometer is a cheapo. You have to research and pay bucks for a really accurate one. I figure even with a 15% margin, I still walked some killer steps. They recommend 10,000/day for weight loss (it takes more for some peeps), so I was aiming for 15,000 to kill the margin of error and give myself a few bonus points. Really wearing one (I bought a bulky one with a small coin purse behind it) got me thinking about moving more throughout the day. THat's really the whole point. You get this goal in your head and when this stupid thing doesn't say it (like your scale) you tend to obsess which equals more moving than previously. At least that's my theory. Ask me again in 2 weeks.

01-16-2006, 11:25 PM
Oh man, i am doing so badly with my diet. Holy cow. Eating out so much - but geez i enjoy it! lol! I took my boyfriend out for some exelent italian food, and it was all romantic and such.. amazing how different dining out is in the evening! 0_o Eating lots of pasta. Also mint chocolate chip ice cream. I did yoga two days in a row though! YAY! I really do want to exercise more but its so hard to find the time and energy (specially with an unhappy tummy!). I want to try and do yoga three times a week when i can - and man - two days in a row and my ribs are sore! 0_o Hopefully when i get my little pet amoebas sorted out it'll be easier to do things! Hope things are going better on everyone elses resolutions!! lol! Good luck ladies! Report back soon! ;)
* note to self: stop using Holy Cow. Maybe switch to Bovine Deity?

01-17-2006, 06:22 PM
Hey all!

I am back and My Boyfriend and I just bought a house!!! Holy moly talk about growing up!!! aaaaaaaaaaaak!!!!! LoL

So anyway I went to my friends place this weekend...too much drinkys and too many Wings lol oh well it was worth it, I don't see her very often!
I am at not bad.. I went to the gym today...did 35mins of intense weights and only 5 inutes on the stepper...Ugh I HATE cardio!!!

SO anyway thats theupdate with me...see you tomorrow!!!!

01-17-2006, 07:22 PM
WOosh! Happy House Buying!! Thats amazing! Good for you guys! and pufft.. I dont beleive in growing up - it never happened to anyone i know ;) Hehehe! When do you move!!! I guess its too soon to know - but YAY!

I had a bit of an emotional breakdown because of being stressed out from school and being ill, as well as some financial stuff at home (My lordy geez did i have bad dreams last night.. telling them would deffinatly turn you off food for a day!) So yea.. I might get some extensions for school work. Diet wise, I ate well today! I packed a lunch of bits and pieces - a sandwich (half of which i have to a friend who forgot his lunch), two granola bars (one given to said friend), a yogurt, salad for the main part,a kiwi and some water! For breakfast i had a yogurt, a slice of toast and jam, and a kiwi, and some more water! Then for dinner i ate some fried chicken, ketchup chips, half a cup of corn, some hot chocolate, an orange.. Wow. *laughs* OOops. Then i looked at how many calories corn has and nearly fell over. *WEEP!* But its so tastey! I might need to make a change in my diet for my happy little stomach friends - low carb. DOOooooom! I love bread, and pasta, and sugars, and potatoes and grains! WHY!!!! As much as i like meat - MEh! We'll just see about that! *laughs* Ill have to talk to mah doctor and find out more soon. Meanwhile Atkins is getting sued or something.. Sigh. Stupid nutritional content... 130! WOoT! At least until tomorrow morning!

01-18-2006, 01:25 AM
Can't sleep
probably becuase i ate too much before bed, I was having one of those nights whre I just wanted to eat and eat and eat!!! gerrrrrr why do i do this!!!! pissed me off!!! I need a plan of some sort...I was all good planning to not eat after 7 30 but that went out the window!!!! gerrrr
oh well start fresh i the morning!
night night

01-18-2006, 10:14 PM
That's when you get the sugar free creamsavers hard candy or red hots and suck on one at a time (VERY SLOWLY). I take meds every night to sleep otherwise I'm up for days.

01-20-2006, 12:18 PM
Hullo Ladies! Just checkin in!
Ive been eating well the last couple days - discovering i dont need to eat as much as i thought i did to be full - and lots of veggies and fruits. Still eating loads of carbs though - that is going to be really hard to change, and i didnt realize what a huge part of my diet they were 0_O. Baby steps though! Im making a loooooooong list off all the veg i do eat that i could have instead of pasta or rice...So far so good! Keeping them in supply is going to be harder though :halfempty Anyways im still holding weight wise which is nice! Certainly beats gaining! Im about to go on a nice walk to get some art supplies and junk, so i think that'll be my exercise of the day! Maybe i'll do some Yoga if im feeling up to it. Just as an update - i have an appointment with a Gastroenterologist at a hospital thats waaaayyyyyyyyy in the suburbs next wednesday :P Kinda scared! Never been in a hospital except to visit! 0_O I hope they dont probe me. *laughs* Stressing over this should help my appetite! GAH! Ive been a bit of a wreck emotionally - i even cried reading a kids story my sister brought home! :dizzy: Anyway im done now.. i have a tendancy to ramble, i know! :blah: heheh! Tootles for now ladies, and i hope everythings going well! Time for walkies!

01-20-2006, 03:05 PM

Miggles~~ Try not to stress or worry, right now you can't do much of anything until they find out what is going on...stressing and worrying may make things worse...try to get your mind of of things!:hug:

I am down to 130!! yay!! I went to the gym today and had a wicked work out!!! I feel awesome!!!
well just checking in! hope all is well!


01-20-2006, 03:06 PM
ummmm what happend to my signature!!!

01-20-2006, 03:06 PM
oh there it is hahahahaha

01-20-2006, 07:21 PM
I wouldn't know a thing about stress. This week was a killer at work. We are trying to close our house so we don't have to foreclose. In the meantime, our car is pretty much on its last leg and we don't have the money for a new one (but we are gonna have to). My mom is in jail for trying to kill herself again. My sister is talking about not wanting her fetal baby (5mo) and wants to kill it. CPS has been called in the past on her for numerous reasons including drugs and they haven't done one thing yet. If they ever did get taken away, I would inherit more kids and I'm already overwhelmed. I can't get my bipolar meds exactly right so that affects me. It takes a lot to get myself through the day and I have to take care of the whole damn world too.

01-20-2006, 08:13 PM
Deafinly Smart~~ I am sorry to hear that you are having such a rough time :hug: just remember every family has its problems to deal with. I know mine has as well. The thing is though, it does get the saying goes "when it rains, it pours" think may seem to be piling up but eventually it will stop!

01-21-2006, 01:44 PM
Good grief... Its amazing what people can cope with though. It sounds like you're doing alright for what you have happening around you, Deafinly Smart! Just remember you cant control what other people do and think, and you have to do the best you can with your own problems first (we need to be on top of things before we can help anyone else up!) Just take it easy on yourself!

So yes.. The anal probe is on. *hangs her head* This week is going to SUCK. Im handing a note to the teachers asking for extensions, and on tuesday i cant eat anything but jello, broth, tea and strained juice. And then on wednesday i have to get up early and do an enema. Can you say colonic cleansing?! ARGH! Not cool! And then i have to go to the hospital! 0_O My mums driving me, but she cant stay cause she has work. So... i dunno. I guess im going to take a taxi home which is going to be uber expensive. And i hate jello. >.< My diet is on hiatus for the day! I asked for Pogos and by golly im going to eat them. *laughs* I want comfort food! And i dont want to wear a hospital gown! AHH! Fitgal, i dunno how you did it. I think my brain is about to implode! And this isnt anything near like what you had to go through. Although. Im not looking forward to it more, either :P I'll probably have a good laugh about it after, and it'll make a good story. But jeez! For being the tiniest organism possible in the human body - those amoebas are causing a lot of grief! lol! Stupid amorphus blobs...

Well. That aside things are going well. Sorry about the rant :P Maybe a day of liquid diet will be good for me... at least it'll be good for my skin! Ive been drinking more water lately (i bought a liter bottle that ive been trying to drink every day, working myself up to more).. Went out for indian food again with mah man last night which was good! Didnt over do it either! Only one plate! Had soup for lunch before that, and fruit and a yogurt for breakfast. Ate frosted mini wheats today and hot chocolate and half a pear. Mmmm.. so good! lol! My walk yesterday was good but today im going to be very lazy. Maybe i'll even do my homework to keep my brain busy!Whee! YAY POGOs! :cb: A.D.D. much?

01-22-2006, 12:02 AM
It's not their thoughts I worry about, but rather the consequences that could come from it (ie, killing). We read about a woman killing all 5 kids and how they knew she had a mental illness before, but what freaking pisses me off is the family really can't do crap about it in some states. We can't get her put in a hospital. We've tried in the past. And regarding my sister, every member of the family has called CPS at some point. They have come to her house a few times, but they don't investigate (just talk). Last time when I called, they didn't even do that. It's ridiculous. This time my other sister walked into the office while she was there and talked to them. Nothing will happen. My mother could kill herself and we will all grieve, but I don't want anyone tramatizing those kids or worse, killing them. I should have posted this on the depression board, but I wasn't thinking.

01-22-2006, 12:35 AM
Hey no! Its fine you posted here - things like that effect lots of areas in life... Your sister wouldnt consider putting her next up for adoption would she? Im sure you probably asked her that, but it never hurts to try again. Mm Still, for now you should concentrate on taking care of yourself, unless you feel like you can handle more!Theres only so much one can do, and its difficult when your entire family is having trouble, but try not to let it bog you down! My family had some rough times and some nasty diseases too, but after it passed i had the happiest years of my life! It was amazing how fast things turned around! Tough things out, and dont let them get the better of you, and you'll be alright ;) (p.s. I think you might get better results looking on help forums for people wanting to help someone in distress rather than a depression board - you probably want to look for problem solving, not people compairing miseries! *laughs* I hope everything goes well, and the best of luck for you and your family! Things will get better, even if they take a little dip first...nothing stays the same forever!) I hope this helps a little, and some times every little bit helps even when it doesnt always seem that way! Take care of yourself!

01-22-2006, 12:11 PM
Okay, so the store was out of Pogos yesterday. Maybe its for the best :halffull: Im off to a good start today! I ate some 4 odd peices of leftover sushi from last night, and im about to have some Miso soup, green tea, a yogurt and a kiwi! Then its off to Yoga! Then my boyfriend's house where its not so easy to eat well But we'll see! :D Tomorrow i have late classes so i probably wont post until tuesday, if i have time. Tuesday,jello day is looming nearer. GAH! Maybe i'll weigh in and post again on wednesday :P Hope to hear from everyone else soon too! I think im going to try and have one day a week where i hop on the scale and update - i think it might help motivate me.. Anyone else wanna fix up one day a week where we all weigh in?

01-22-2006, 02:04 PM
It does help not to have people comparing miseries. It's also something I can't just snap out of. I really am not concerned with what they think. I'm more concerned with my body's reaction to it all. I read somewhere that BP is like being sensitive to mood changes. If somethign makes you sad, you may stay really sad even though logically it is over. When I'm okay, I feel okay about all of it, but when I'm not okay I get so upset, sad, depressed, frustrated that I can't just react like I did before. It's like bricks are on my body. UGHH. Thanks for caring.

01-22-2006, 10:42 PM
Hey ladies

Man so much so fast lol...
Miggles~~ People always seem to be be curious about "how I did it" well the only answers I have are, the second option was not even a consideration and the fact that there are so many things that I still want to do. I guess the latter is what pulled me through really, I just kept my eyes on the prize!!! lol...I totally feel for you with the whole hospital gown...they are sooooo ugly. Like how are people suposed to feel better when they are wearing those hidious things! Hey! maybe you could bring you own fun robe or something lol!!!

DeafinlySmart ~~ sure wish I could wave a majic wand and fix everything, but unfortuately I am not that magical! I am however able to be here to listen and give advice if needed. so post away!

Ok so this weekend for me was shot! I totally blew it...I don't know whats wrong with my brain BF and I went out to celebrate our new house and well it lasted from friday until now for, drinks, dinner out, cheesecake, icecream...gerrrrr...I think I have trigger foods that do taste and I am gone...hmmm sound more like and, but lets see, I think pizza, chocolate, icecream, fries, are what do it...I am addicted...first step is addmiting it right???? haha

Hey MIGGLES, I think a liquid diet may be a good could shrink your stomach, so then you will get full faster! I usually do a fruit and veggie diet after really bad eating this does nothing for weight lose (well I do lose water weight), but it does help me get back on track mentally and physically and I just feel totally clean on the inside!!! i know sounds strange, but hey ...

ok later gators!

01-24-2006, 05:59 PM
OOoh my. Tempation everywhere. Im doing pretty well though, for not having solid food! ;) Its really hard now that im home because i usually like to snack after school before dinner. Im living on water, consume (broth), cranberry grape juice, and i had a grape jello which i nearly gagged on :P LOL! I hate the texture! The taste was nice! But its just... the wiggling! :dizzy: I miss chocolate badly. Its amazing how much life revolves around food! Im in one part of town and think to myself : 'hey! They sell those awesome sweet and sour pork buns here! Maybe i'll just - Oh. Right.' *chuckles* I think itll be okay though.. As long as i get my food fix tomorrow after my little visit :p
I just took a hopefully not so accurate weigh in - Im presuming its water weight since its all ive had! lol! It claims i weigh 135 again. Pufft. Lies! all lies! ...... Ill weigh in again late this week when my diet is back to normal!OMG! im going to the hospital tomorrow! AH! *runs around like a headless chicken*

01-24-2006, 07:00 PM
hey all!

I AM HAVING A FAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally look pregnant...well at leat I think so...I feel so bloated, I am not sure why, I am drinking and eating well...hummm...
I did well today, low fat muffin for breaky, applesauce for snack, salad and sanwhich for lunch and I am having a salad (or veggie soup) for dinner... maybe I just need more water...

01-25-2006, 04:04 PM
FAT DAY! Ugh... Me too. *chuckles* So appearantly i weigh around 134 now.
And good lord that was unleasant. We discovered what we expected all along : my stomach is irriated. Yes. Let us just say it involved the phrase "look out! Cold finger." And i got to keep a picture of the walk though my colon. *chuckles* I also got some lovely(?) drugs to take three times a day for a week that appearantly are carcenogenic in mice. And that might not even do anything -_-. The doc took some little snippets of me and i guess i have to make an appointment with him for next week to get the results. And i love solid food. Its not even that bad having food liquified, its just that i couldnt even have that! I wonder if you can get over hydrated... lol! Anyway. My tummy feels pretty crappy right now and is rebelling in a big way. Im torn between wanting to take care of myself better and sampling all my favourite unhealthy foods! lol! Talk about appreciation for your body... I immediatly ate a chocolate bar and went out for greek food :P For dinner... i think i want vegetables. And then a bran muffin! Heck yea!!! Something tells me this is exactly the motivator i needed... getting sick makes you realize how lucky you are when you're healthy again, or you have been in the past! Cravings seem so inconcequential when your worried about your health :P Kinda puts thing in perspective! Thats not to say that im not going to stuggle with them still!

New beginning! less sugar, less starchy food, more water and veg friuts,and fiber! (the fiber will be taken in muffin form with chocolate chips, to please the pallet ;) ) This also means less eating out! No more food i dont know how its prepared (Mmm double deep fried chicken fingers in lard anyone? I kid you not. Im never eating there again.) I think im changing my goal to get down to 117 or so, so i'll be right in the middle of the healthy weight range for people my height.. Maybe i'll learn to swim. Maybe i'll bike more when its warmer. I think im going to write a to do list ;) Not all of it will get done, but at least i'll have some more goals, and goodness knows you feel good when you achieve them! First goal ive already decided! Drink 1 liter of water a day! Starting today! (who knew an anal probe could get you to evaluate your life so much! ;) LOL! ) Tootles for now ladies! Thanks for reading this far! high five for getting through it! :high:

01-25-2006, 04:14 PM
glad that everything turned out to be OK!!
Yesterday deispite the fat day was over all a good day! I had my check up and all great news!!! speaking of fiber. Have you tried the all bran bars, they are actually pretty good! High fiber!! Just a thought to mix things up with the muffins!

Today has gone great as well, been eating wll, I need to also increase my water intake! I find drinking from bottles easier for some reason. At he gym I did a one hour work out. 40 mins cardio, 20 mins abs/low back! yay!

well gotta go pack...I move in 3 weeks WEEEEE

01-25-2006, 04:25 PM
Ha! Fitgal, you waste no time in replying OR moving! Thats so soon! 0_o Thanks for the bran bar idea! I didnt know they existed actually.. lol! Right now im on a bit of a muffin craze, because they're so easy to make, and they're a nice treat for me (baked goods always are). I know what you mean about the water bottle thing too - ive been using an Evian 1 liter bottle, and refilling it with filtered water. Its good because i reaaaaally suck at measuring and guesstimating how much ive had, so this way i know for sure if ive had enough today! I used to get headaches and stuff a lot because i was only drinking like.. three juice boxes a day.. Tut tut. Its gonna take a while to get used to the bathroom breaks though! :p LOL! Ah well.. soon enough!

01-27-2006, 12:04 PM
Ok SERIOUSLY ladies!!!!

I have no idea what the heck is going on with my body this week. I hav enot lost much of anything and I am eating superbly and excerising my but off!!! GERRRR!!!! anger!

lol-- hope you all are doing better than I am!!!!

01-27-2006, 08:10 PM
Patience! *laughs* I bet you're not looseing weight because you're gaining muscle from all the exercise! ;) It'll show up soon, Fitgal! Hopefully ill be doing the same! I promised mah man i would go ice skating with him this weekend ;) I havnt been on skates since i was a kid, so this should deffinatly be interesting, and painful. This sunday is my last Yoga class that i signed up for, but i think im going to try and go to the drop in gentle hatha yoga class, which happens to be the one right before the class im going to know! yay! We'll see if i can afford it though!
Ive been eating really well since i had my little "detox diet" and at least one of my meals a day envolves mostly vegetables, if not the entire meal! Been drinking my liter of water, like i wanted, and i already kind of feel thirsty if i dont get that much! I also wrote a big list of things i want to try doing and encorperating into my week, as well as some long term goals i want (ie learning to swim! Planting a garden in the front yard (which doesnt even have grass now), and stuff like that!) Anyways its been a nice couple of days, and im slowly getting back into my groove of awesomeness at school, and getting less stressed out now that things are being dealt with!Super heavy meds seem to be working for now (though i have this NASTY taste in my mouth, like im eating dandylions all the time). Otherwise, YAY life! Pretty happy right now! Feeling optimistic! And i weigh one pound less! lol! Tootles for now Ladies, and I hope all's going well!

01-27-2006, 09:22 PM
I have only been ice skating once 10 years ago. Now I'm supposed to supervise a 1rst grade class at an ice skating rink next Friday. :dizzy:

01-27-2006, 10:17 PM
lol! That'll be fun, DS! (do you mind if i call you that? ive misspelled it a bajillion times already :headache: lol!) I bet your class trip will be a blast, and good exercise too! You'll probably end up skating around the rink to check on the kiddies anyway! And gettin paid! Woo! lol! I hope you have fun!!!
Nother update! My boyfriend might be moving in for a month and a half! :D WOOT! Then hes probably off to vancouver for a job (i might follow him there and do an internship during the summer) But living! Cool! lol! I hope it happens! :D

01-29-2006, 05:20 PM
weee Ice Skating!

DS~ I went with an entrie group of grades 1-6 last year the last day of my practice teaching it was sooooooo fun! and I had not been on skates in 10 years either brfore that day! You will have sooo much fun!!!! and the kids are sooo cute!!!! lol

Update on me: I have been at my boyfriends place this weekend, ate well for themost part! we looked at appliances for our new place, we found so really good prices!! I am getting super excited
Later gators

01-29-2006, 05:43 PM
LOL, I tried to talk them out of making the trip iceskating. I wanted to go snow tubing (for my first time). I will be definately be chasing after them. Don't forget you can't shout out deaf kiddie's names. :D

Speaking of that, do you know how frustrating it is to catch a kid running down the hall? Or how about by the time I get 5 of the kids to look at me to start class, they lose intrest and stop looking at me while I'm getting the other 5 kids attention. I have a feeling this is why the teacher/student ratio is MUCH smaller.

01-31-2006, 12:04 AM
Tubing would be awesome.. i think ive only gone down a hill once on them but it was very cool!!! Maybe i'll add that to my to do list! Sledding on steroids! lol! And hey, i remeber being in grade one and being irritated by people who didnt pay attention when the teacher was trying to talk ;) I can only imagine how it is! Ah the bubbly social life of youth.
Speaking of social, ive been having a good week as far as that goes! I went out to lunch with my friend from Highschool today, which was nice cause ive only seen her once since we left the old school! Also some nice chats happening with people in class that were very amusing. Then i passed out on the couches in a medication induced stupor. *chuckles* Its a very weird feeling - i guess when i eat light meals and then take this drug, it makes me feel like im under water, very dizzy, and unfocused.. and i move very. slowly. It said it may cause un-coordinated muscles, but it said nothing about slow motion. But so be it! But yes! Ive been eating really well! Lots of salads! Lots of water! (lots of hard candies to combat dandilion taste from pills!)Horray! Feelin good at 132! And i really hope this isnt just another rollercoaster of 5 lbs that seem to come and go randomly. Im going to try and keep my food habbits up and hopefully it'll make a difference! Usually i get bored of what i eat, and go back to old habbits, but it feels pretty different this time, and im really enjoying salads and healthy things! And almost no chocolate. Shocking, considering i had a two chocolate bar a day habbit for a while! 0_o And, my skin is in the best condition its been in in years :P (especially since there started to be some action on taking care of my health problems! what a relief!) Anyway thats all for now ladies! I'll probably report in in a couple days! Tootle oo for now! :)

01-31-2006, 10:16 PM
yay miggles!

Sound like you are doing gret keep it up!
I too am back down to 133!!! yay finally...odn't know what was up with the body last week!! I have been eating awsome...I am not crainy much of the junk, well except for a starbucks...I have cut that down to once a week, and jsut make my own the other days!! lol

well got to run and wathc NCIS!!!!

02-01-2006, 07:32 PM
Woo! Yay Fitgal! Told ya it would pay off! Im glad you got over that bump! I noticed too that im not craving much junk food! I guess you just need a week off it and you're almost good to go! *laughs* actually ive been craving salad more 0_O I still go out to dine once a week - which is a lot better than once a day as before! Sadly im not saving any money yet though cause ive had some expenses the last two weeks :P Anyway how are you doing, DS? And does your name by any chance have to do with you working with deaf kids or is it something else? :smug: P.s. sadly, i didnt get to go ice skating last weekend cause it was too warm, and it was raining all day on the day we chose -_- Oh well. This weekend!

02-01-2006, 08:11 PM

I did rather well today, and I even went out for dinner...picked some healthy options and opted for NO cheese!!! weee...been craving veggies and dip so have been munching away on carrots and dill dip...yum!!!

glad to hear good things miggles!!!!

Later chica

02-05-2006, 05:31 PM
Woot! Well. Ive been waiting to post since friday 130 lbs! :carrot: WOOoooooo..t! I was actually a little under that this morning when i hopped on the scale, but i think its fair to take into account that i DO eat and drink during the day, and therefore weigh more. Really rough night though.. my stomach woke me up at 4 in the morning and i almost went to the ER because i was in so much pain. No idea what happened 0_O My muscles are all really sore today though because i tensed up so much.. it was like.. a constant sit up for an hour :( No wonder im stiff! Anyway i got back to sleep around 5, and things seem to be normal again today. Very odd. If it happens again maybe i will go to the hospital. Maybe its stress - goodness knows i have a whole whack of work i should have had done already - but i dont want anything exploding on me 0_O anyway I slept in late today because of that, so i didnt get to my yoga class. AH well. Theres always next weekend. And tonight Thomas (mah man) is hosting a superbowl party - we're all going to sit around drawing people playing football :dizzy: LOL! Either that or we'll get bored and watch movies. Artists and sports dont mix. Cooking salmon right now! Been craving it badly. Mostly in sushi form. So good. And so healthy! And then im going to throw caution to the wind and buy a cake for the party. Ive been good ;) ANyway how are you ladies doing? and how was the skating trip!!

02-05-2006, 06:35 PM
Anyway how are you doing, DS? And does your name by any chance have to do with you working with deaf kids or is it something else?

I did get to go Ice Skating! I didn't know how at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. You should have seen a newbie slowly skating to the middle to help kiddos up. I skated the full 2 hours.

I work with Deaf kids but I'm also very hard of hearing myself.

02-06-2006, 11:22 PM
Good stuff DS! Think you'll go again? ;) sometime i'll get on the rink too - winter seems to have shown up finally. *WEEP!* Thats funny a lot of people i know now have bad hearing! My dad has tintinitus (high pitch ringing), and both my boyfriend and my friend Taby have punctured ear drums. I myself am headed for the early onset arthritis club. 0_o Ah well.

OH lordy. I fell of the wagon for the last couple days. We got 50 bucks worth of free pizza and soda when the pizza guy was late on the superbowl day. And i brought a cake with me. And today i went out for sushi (i actually had sashimi, which i dont think i'll do again.. theres only so much of the texture you can take). And i had like two chocolate bars. Ugh! I ate a salad for lunch though, and the sushi itself was healthy (i had water to drink). And now there are donuts. Taunted from all sides! AHH! Im going to have to stock up on healthy snacks again. My painting teacher actually introduced me to some corn/cheese puffs from a health/organic store right by my school. so i might whizz by there and grab a bag. Mm.. cheetos, but healthy! I still have homework up the wazoo but i have some extended deadlines now which is lovely. Maybe ill eat less comfort food now? Ah.. here's to hoping. I will cry if i yo-yo back up to 135 again. For the love of god its happened at least three times now! I think i really need to target why i fall off exactly and what keeps me eating junk after ive started! ..besides the fact that it tastes so good ! >.< So thats all for today! Will check back in a day or so! Tootles!

02-07-2006, 10:32 PM
Sorry ladies, i just need to vent for a second. Side effects from antibiotics i took least week. freakin' yay. My tongue is the same colour as my teeth! ARGH!!!!!! It started on saturday and Thomas and his room mate said they both get it sometiems when they sleep with their mouths open. Well today in the evening i looked at my tongue again and its still like that. Read about it online and it sounds like some antibiotics create an imbalance in natural 'flora' in the body - i have a yeast imbalance. Make it stop! >.< I just want to be healthy again! GAH! Taking the day off tomorrow to deal with stress... Im feeling really on the edge, and its hard to eat well! I did well today and then came home and guzzled mini donuts while on hold to talk to a nurse for advice. Have up after an hour. No homework will be done tonight. Good thing reading week is coming up. But dear god... WHITE?! :?: That is so wrong! Course its not urgent and i just have to sit on it until monday when i see the doc again. Le sigh. Anyway sorry about that. I just needed to let that out. Maybe itll help me avoid a snack attack. Still 130 lbs! yay!

02-13-2006, 09:02 PM
Hey !

Sorry I have been MIA a lot has been going on. Was in ottawa for a week to visit the bro...WINDTERLUDE rocks! had so much fun and did not eat Oh so well...but I am back and back on the wagon...I am in the middle of packing some stuff to take to the new place so that I have clothes to wear and plates to eat off of when i am there lol! yea
hope all is well!

02-13-2006, 09:16 PM
I went snow tubing this past weekend (first time). That was great! We were out of school today on account of snow which means the teachers didn't get much time (all by email) to set up valentines day plans. I'm going in blind. The kids haven't even made their mailboxes yet. Oh well, tmw should be fun.

02-14-2006, 05:39 PM
Awww happy lurve day! *chuckles* Ladies, i hope your men are treating you well this evening! For our anniversary/valentines day, my lovely french man bought me a GIANT. block. of swiss chocolate with nugat in it. We polished it off in two days. It was the sise of one of those massive toblerone bars. And next week (we're dont know the exact date of our anniversary, so we're kind of doing it when its convenient ;) ) we're going out to a french restraunt that we had to miss on my birthday due to him being sick. So! this should be fun!! Im SO trying creme brule. Im trying to be a little more forgiving because ive been streesed up the wazoo..My tongue is better, which helps, but im gonna try something different diet wise that might be better for me. Im not going to angonize over everything i eat! Im going to try and eat healthy meals over all, and if i want something sugary, im going to do it! lol! Of course id try and do healthy sugary foods, but im not going to feel bad if im eating well over all, and just sneaking in something now and then. Im also only going to get on the scale once every two weeks. Because. Its been driving me crazy. I took the scale out of my room and hid it in the bathroom beind all the cleaning stuff, which would spill every time i try to get it out ;) lol So. More forgiving diet... I figured im eating well to live longer, and when im so stressed out, im doing the opposite! Yoga is fun. I need more activities to help me relax though. And on a side note i shocked myself when i weighed 128 today. Holy cow. I know i'd been eating smaller portions because my appetite is just on a flatline lately, but geez 0_o! Kick bottom!!!

02-14-2006, 05:47 PM
Eat Less and Move More. That's the object of the game. I don't agonize over every treat either as long as I know 95% of the time I'm doing well. It's a matter of knowing your limitations and if you have the personality to handle it. My husband gave me a bag of chocolates a week ago. I gave myself permission to have 1 serving (9 chocolate hugs) every day. That's 200 calories, but 200 calories, I build into what I'm already eating and I love it. It boggles people when I say I treat myself to an ice cream sandwhich at night. I know how it fits into my diet, and I allow myself to have it. It's the gorging or repetition or eating past when you are full or satisfied that really gets to a person. Also making wrong choices most of the time will get you there. If you make right choices most of the time, the wrong ones aren't really wrong, but controlled.

02-14-2006, 10:09 PM
Great going mIggles!

DefnatlySmart--Grreat post I really got me thinking!!!!

I went to the gym today did weigths for 40 mins then 20 mins of cardio.

Had a bit of a tiff with the BF about who will be coming to a house warming party...we are allowing singnificant others to join. However, a friend who was dating one of my other friends (for 4 years) will be coming. These two people are now separated. She has a new boyfriend, he does not, but has been dating. My BF does not want My friend to bring her new boyfriend so as to not "hurt" her old boyfriend's feelings or make the situation uncomfortable. I say they are all grown ups and can deal with it. Why should we have to disregard this new boyfriend?-- now no invites have been given to anyone yet, but I am at the point that I don't want to invite anysignificant others at all.
What do you think?

02-15-2006, 09:34 PM
Ooh grown ups acting like big children. The joy! I agree - they should let it go! Happily houses have many rooms so if they dont feel comfortable, they can always go to the next. Maybe you could ask both your friend and her ex how they would feel - i mean they could be fine with it right? I mean they've both been dating other people and stuff like that happens - you bump awkwardly into someone you used to know ;) Besides. This is your house :P Its about you guys not them! lol!

And thanks Deafinly smart! You kinda said what ive been thinking for a while right there. We can deffinatly treat ourselves as long as we know it fits and we know we've been doing well over all! Good stuff!!

Good grief. I really need a holiday! >.< *chuckles* i seem to be having a complete life upheaval right now! Or it's pending at least. Im really looking to change my diet and entire lifestyle a lot to help manage stress - ive never realised until now what a high stress person i am, and everyone i ask seems to agree without hesitation 0_o Why didnt they say anything sooner! *laughs* Im actually comtemplating going for a massage sometime to see if it helps... I have half a week or so off school for work week, but i still have some work to catch up on, but maybe it'll be a little holiday still. ;) So what did you girls do for Valentines day? anything nice? i did homework. LOL!

02-15-2006, 09:47 PM
Oh yea! I also wanted to ask you two about exercise! Im still not doing a lot (10-15 minute quick walk with my heavy back back twice a day, and thats about it!) There are lots of stairs at my school which i have to use to get to class, so thats good. But im really having trouble finding something i can fit into my day thats convenient (meaning i can do it anywhere), and also something thats fun that i'll keep up! I mean, i dropped and did some situps and push ups in the empty lounge one day.. but the floor is nasty ;) I might try again though - we have 15 minute breaks in each class... So.. any ideas? im fresh out of excuses ;)

02-15-2006, 10:22 PM
Wear a pedometer from the time you get up. Aim for 10k for being active and 15k for weightloss. It makes you conscious of how much you sit all day. Get up and move when you can. Seriously. I love it. Log it. Buy a resistance band rope (whatever it is called). While you are watching tv, put it under your foot and use your hands to pull on it like a rubber band. Great resistance/strength training. Stability balls are great too. Record your professor (lucky, I can't do that) and sit on your stability ball and do yoga moves while listening to the tape. Don't eat out as Find something fun to do. Take a fun but active community ed class. Ask for someone to come for a study date and tell them you are tired of sitting around in a class. Take index card notes and walk around the block while studying with your study buddy.

P.S. A lot depends on how long it has been. How raw the other person's feelings are. It's nice to respect them. Ultimately you could inform the other person that their ex will be bringing someone and let them make the decision. It's your party, not theirs.

02-18-2006, 01:10 PM
Ha! You know, you're right. I still eat out a heck of a lot. Thanks for catching me on that ;) Sometimes i forget to think. You had some good ideas there Deafinly Smart, but, sadly some of em cant apply to me. *chuckles* Of course i'll try and improvise and make them work! lol! I dont watch tv (which is ironic seeing as im in the industry)! Also, there arnt any lectures at school really - its all hands on! They'll show you how to construct something, and then you do it! Many times! *laughs* I should really update my live journal and show you some of my art sometime ;) Its a shame most of it is unfinished!

Well, update with my stomach junk! Appearantly its just something im going to have to live with. What it is is a very mild form of Colitis (which would really suck). Its basically inflammation of the large intestine (in my case, just the lowest part)without rhyme or reason. Geh. So yea i asked if there was anything diet wise i could change, and he said eat more fiber. Okay i said! And i ate another bran muffin. So, crisis is over(i guess). Im kind of angry they couldnt tell me WHY i have it and if theres more i can do about it. Im also kind of angry they're not even doing a follow up to see if ive gotten rid of these amoebas! I think its unprofessional- prescribing something and not even finding out if it works. Canada healthcare needs help. Yea, its free. But give me a break!

Anyway! My family is trying to cut back on the heating bill, so i decided to be innovative. (You gave me this idea DS!) :D I was freezing this morning, and 100 jumping jacks later i am very out of breath, and much warmer! Horray!!! Cardio is probably my weakest point - seeing as how ive been very inactive for a long time! I dunno its just such an unpleasant feeling, being out of breath, so i guess i try to avoid it. But hopefully i'll change that! I've started logging how much water i drink (again, ive been trying to drink a liter a day, and now im going to mark it off and see if i can add more challenges as i go - say, every 21 days). Since ive been doing the water thing for a while, im going to log both water, and jumping jacks, and see if i can up the anti later on! :carrot: yay living! I have to say i enjoy it, despite the ups and downs! I hope everyones doing well!

02-21-2006, 02:56 PM
RAWG! Back up to 131... No biggie though.. I think a bit of it could actually be muscle! lol! Ive been doing jumping 100 or 200 jumping jacks every day which makes me feel pretty good! I mean its better than nothing 0_o Ive been doing LOTS of walking (even went for a jog with my boyfriend - we were only jogging cause it was flippin cold out and we were actually on our way to get groceries ;) ).And ive been logging my water and doing well with it! My skin is looking fan-freaking-tastic. Honest to goodness, it doesnt get much better than this! *laughs* i feel like a model! except real! there've been some flyers in the mail for some gyms around here that have been mocking me, but i dont have enough time to commit to it. Maybe during the summer! So much i want to do -_- so little time. Feeling pretty optimistic right now! I have a huge pile of work but bits slowly (re: SLOWLY) getting done. I think i should be on track for next week, when its back to a normal school week again. So there we go! Whats new!

02-21-2006, 10:28 PM
Go Miggles!!!

Sorry I am not aroun as much, I have been trying to get the new place some what liveable. I was feeling guilty about not making it to the gym then I realized the carrying thing up 2 flights of stairs all day is good enough! My eating has SUCKED TUSHY this week...oh well! next week will be better!

02-23-2006, 04:22 PM
So holy cow! Have you already moved?! That happend fast 0_o How big is the new place anyway?

Well! I had a really nice anniversary with mah lovely french man!! We met up for brunch, (and i indulged! Crepes with maple syrup, whipped cream and strawberry compote (aka SQUISH!). Then we walked for an hour and a bit, browsed a couple used book stores for art books (we both got a normal rockwell book and i got a da vinci book) And then we went skating! Oh. My. God. My ankles are so weak. *chuckles* I could only skate around the rink once and id have to sit down for a minute.. The skates were just killing me! Anyways ive vowed to buy my own pair of skates and practice! I really suprised my muscles dont hurt today though! Anyway after that we had indian food, and went back to his appartment and drew from the hockey game. Nerdy perhaps. no.. deffinatly. I cant beleive theres only a month and a bit left of school for me. Its going to make my brain implode! I found out my body fat percentage is 25. *sigh* still 130! Not much doin'. Anyway ive had some form of exercise every day for the past week, so thats good at least! Why is being healthy so dang hard! >.<

02-24-2006, 06:57 PM
Flippin awesome!!! I just found a rediculously good website, which also happens to be rediculously free! Its basically a diet plan, exercise plan, food log, etc. etc. blah blah and it gives you the exercises you can do with demos, and im so excited i could wee myself. *chuckles* anyways I cant post links as per forum rules, but its called Spark People. (by the way the first time i tried to post this, it blanked out the name of the site.. so i apologize to the moderator in advance if im doing something wrong). But yes, never have i been so excited that ive actually read and done the exercises right after. Yay me! Anyways google it ladies! It could just be the best thing to happen to me since the art was invented!
On another note, i think ive worried myself into having an ulcer (ironically over my other stomach problem). I have an appointment to get checked out on monday! Yea... maybe exercise will be that stress releasing thing i need ssooooooooooooooo very badly. Cheery bye for now!

02-24-2006, 08:54 PM
I don't get much excercise in the traditional sense but I do move around a lot at school. On tuesday I went manic and logged 17,000 steps at work. Unfortunately that means I've crashed this week. I saw the doc today. I just have to wait it out.Sucks.

02-24-2006, 09:05 PM
Hi everyone. My name's Kayley, and I'm 19 years old...and currently in my second semester. I'm a law major :) I started this journey at 350 whopping pounds on December 12th, 2005. I started the South Beach Diet, and then began regular cardio around the middle-end of January. I've currently lost 40 pounds, as of last weigh in, and I want to be at 200 pounds by my 21st birthday in June of 2007. Great to meet more people around my age. :)

02-24-2006, 11:21 PM
Welcome!!! and congrats on the 40 pounds GONE FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats big!!!! good work!!! keep it up
you will like it here, were are a friendly bunch, and miggles is hilarious! Always make me smile! so welcome and feel free to share whatever is on you mind if it will help you though the process!!!

02-25-2006, 01:23 PM
OOO! New person! Horray!!!
G'day miss Kayley, and welcome to the gang! And good job! 0_o 40 lbs is the size of a large pet, and here i've been struggling with the last 15 for ever! Really good stuff!! I think you'll reach your goal for next year!

So what's your biggest challenge being in school and trying to loose weight? My challenges are mainly getting enough exercise when im not doing homework, eating well at school. Im on reading week right now, but i intend to start cracking down and packing lunches! Keeping food in the house is also a pain, because im hardly ever there!

On another note, I just found out that there was a 4.5 scale earth quake that i totally didnt feel. 0_o Wish i remember what i was doing. *chuckles* Its impressive how little i notice things! I mean, i slept through a 6 fire truck fire a few houses away! GAH! Unshakable!

02-25-2006, 01:33 PM
Thank you both!!! Actually, right now, it's just about getting in the exercise everyday. I've been doing well this week, and got 5 days straight (including today). I'm going to a community college for my first 2 years, so I'm living at home, which makes it a LOT easier, as Mom/Stepdad are helping me out a lot. Buying groceries and whatnot, as they support me to the fullest. I work at a nursing home for Alzheimer's patients at the moment, and they only give me FOUR DAYS a MONTH...ugh. Luckily, I'm going for an interview with another place (assisted living) here on Monday. Need more cash to get workout dvds, as I've been doing "Dance off the Inches" for about a month and a half now...along with the treadmill....I think that's enough boring info for ya! :D

I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, too...when I stay at my B/F's house, he has one heck of a time getting me up. I'm dead to the world once I pass out.

02-28-2006, 08:59 PM
Oh man. What a week. So! I think all my medical problems are over! WOOOT! The last thing that happened is that i had an ulcer! And now im being treated for it, and i feel flippin fantastic! Ive been taking it easy exercise wise (i was having some bleeding so i wanted to give my tummy a break), but ive been doing gentle stuff like yoga still, and lots of walking. Also, ive been on a strict diet for half a week or so - no red meat, nothing too acidic/acrid, nothing too fiberous, no caffine, no chocolate (WEEP!) no fried food no spicey food and the list goes on... But its totally worth it.. I feel better than ive felt in a long time! Today i jogged around the house for a little, and ive been logging all my food (my appetite has flatlined, so im not actually eating as much as i should), but my weight is still the same - which is either a good or a bad thing depending on how you look at it! ;) I think i some of the diet stuff might stick - nothing motivates you more to stay away from grease than a health crisis 0_O Woosht. I think its safe to say i'm still on track! Only a month and a bit left of school too! Life.. is nice. :D And btw, how did the interview go Kayley?

02-28-2006, 09:44 PM
Good that you are taking care of your medical issues. Last week I went toxic on a medicine that I was given and went manic then majorly almost suicidally depressed. After being off the medicine, I feel better. I had to take a day off work last week because I was having panic attacks just trying to blow dry my hair. I didn't want to be around the little kiddos in that shape.

This week is challenging. The regular school district was 2 hours late so half of our class was too (even though we werne't). So we took advantage and moved the room around then did some arts and crafts. Then at recess we stayed inside. The room we were in smelled like a musty old heater. Something made me check the cooking closet (very old building) and not only was the burner left on high, but flames were shooting up about 2 ft. I was using a pillowcase to try to get it out, then water. Then as the day went on, my job is getting hard because one of my teachers is now an intern (yes, that is backwards) and because her role changes, so does mine but who can figure that out. I'm also categorizing about 200 books in the middle of trying to take care of kids.

On the plus side, I was at the gym for 1 hr 45 min today!

02-28-2006, 10:11 PM

Man sounds like you have a challenging job! I did volunteer with developmentally challenged adults...whoosh! hard work! but I do say they appreciate more than us "normal" people.

I have an idea for the time being while you are looking for a new job, check out the library for new work uot videos...they are free and a good way to try them before you buy!!!

I am glad things are looking up medically, glad to hear the good news! My dad had ulcers a while ago, all he did was started eating fruit for breaky and it went away! So maybe????

This week for me has gotten of to a pretty good start. I am STILL stuggling with night time munchies, so I am working on that! other then that, I did go to the gym at all last week I was to busy cleaning/lifting furnature! But started back today and it went pretty well!!!

well gotta run!!!
Later chicks

03-04-2006, 02:28 PM
Pizza is my poison. Oh. My god. And maybe my scale has a huge margin of error, but i went from 128 lbs to 135 in two days, and half a large pizza later. It was a moment of desperation! The only food in Thomas's appartment was milk and some oldish ham. This is friday, after a double whammy anatomy test/portfolio (probably 70 % of my current grade right there in one day) and i was exhausted. Happily i went for a long walk this morning before finding this out, so i dont feel that bad ;) Ha! Ive been doing well with food lately - but i think my body kicked into stravation mode when i was sick last weekend , so ive packed on some pounds again. Sigh. Always eat. No matter how nasty to feel! -_- Im getting a little tired of wavering between 135 and my goals! And each time it seems to go just a little closer to the goal too, which makes it all the more fustrating!:bomb: But! Stress is easing off a little, and im feeling much better! My lovely expensive antacids pills are working very nicely! So Horray!!! I see things getting better soon...No more pizza for a long time. I only eat pizza every couple months, but jeez. I think i'll be trying to stear clear of it completly after that! 0_O So hows life for the girls? I hope everyone's doing well ( or at least better!)

03-08-2006, 04:44 PM
Hey All
Well I have been doing ummmm shakey...I am good during the week then wham the weekend comes and its a free for all...blah! This week was terrible too, been having huge cravings for junk! man I hate that! and i am giving in. I need to get refocused......I am frustrated with myself!

Ok so yeah, on the diet front I am not doing so well, but on the health front the dr. is really impressed with how I am doing! so I am happy about that!!!

tomorrow is another day, but I am going to start posting my diet on here soon so you all can hold me accountable haha

thanks for listening ladies!!!