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01-02-2006, 09:55 PM
Okay, I have to see if anyone else has this weird habit I have. I tend to study healthy eaters. If they're family, like my sister, they're under close scrutiny. I swear I spent the whole Christmas vacation analyzing what my sister and step-sister ate, and when they ate it. I even quizzed my sister, on whether she felt hungry some days more than others (answer: yes), whether there were some foods she couldn't keep in the house without devouring it all (answer: yes, especially ice cream, so she only gets it occasionally in a single serve size), and if she ate less now that she doesn't have time to exercise as much with her job (answer: yes, but she says she's less hungry accordingly).

So does anyone else study healthy weight people, or those with a healthier relationship to food, to see what they're doing? Or is it just me?

01-02-2006, 10:09 PM
I'm not sure if I study, but I sure hear ya' on the sister thing.

My sister is the same height as me (5'0") but she is a size 00. I know I'll never be as tiny as her, and wouldn't want to be (she's about 90-95 pounds).

My goal is 150 for now...I haven't weighed that since I was about 13 so it's completely uncharted territory for me!

I do watch when she eats sometimes, and the thing I notice the most, is that her portions are soooo unbelievably tiny! She seriously eats appx. a cup of anything and is stuffed! I wish I had that instinct.

that's my 2 cents...


01-02-2006, 10:20 PM
I wouldn't say that I study them per say, but I have paid much closer attention to them since I started losing weight. The most interesting thing I've noticed is that I haven't come across anybody who is "naturally" thin. It used to seem to me that so many people ate a ton of food all of the time and never gained weight. Now I realize that they might GET a lot of food but the don't EAT a lot of food. Or, they were eating reasonable portions 5-6 times a day (sound familiar?) so they just happened to be eating every time I saw them.

A case in point, the other day my sister stopped by my house for lunch. She brought in a big fast food bag with a cheeseburger and an extra large order of fries. As she was eating she shared most of her fries with my kids then ate maybe 3-4 bits of the cheeseburger, wrapped in back up and threw it away. A year ago all I would have seen was that she was eating cheeseburgers and french fries and still wearing a size 4. Oh, and I would have been really annoyed that she was naturally thin and I wasn't. LOL.