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01-02-2006, 05:34 PM
Hi my name is Erin. I stumbled onton your forum and it looks like a good place for me. Can I stay and play? I'm 25 from NJ. I just got married and ive been going buck wild with the junk food lately and i've gained 10lbs since my wedding and believe me thats not 10lbs i can afford to gain. I'm 5'5 (5'6 on my drivers liscense but don't tell anyone) and i weigh 201lbs as of last thursday. I would love to weigh.. oh **** i dont have a magic number. Wherever i feel comfortable in my own skin which will take years of therapy and a major change in our society's view on beauty. I dont have a particular plan. I dont like plans. Im not good at them. I just bought a cute little gym outfit and new sneakers so now i feel obligated to execise at the gym. Anyway.. thats a bit about me for now. If i annoy you just tell me and i'll go away.


01-02-2006, 06:20 PM
Welcome to 3fc Erin! :welcome2:

Of course you can stay and play :)

I'm basically aiming for a healthy BMI weight rather than an "ideal goal weight". I think that putting it in terms of health and feeling good works for me rather than trying to follow the standard set by the media and society.

A great movie to watch is Beauty Shop starring Queen Latifah (a gorgeous woman in my opinion) - not only is it funny but it makes you think "**** yeah! Beauty is not some wafer thin bleached blonde with fake boobs - I love my booty!" :D