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Trish O
07-06-2001, 10:04 AM
Hello all. Well, I could not think of a good poll today so if anyone has a better one than the dumb thing I posted, please talk away.

Has anyone seen any good movies lately. I really want to go to the movie this weekend and don't know what to see.

Also, I am going to go and buy a maternity bathing suit. I don't need one yet, but in August I am going to the beach for a week and will be more comfortable in one I think. I am afraid if I don't get one now they won't have any left in August. So off I go. I looked on-line, but the only one I found was $135. Too much for a one week thing. I hope Target has one.

Really, if any of you are sick of listening to my maternity clothes talk, let me know and I will shut-up.

KO: Hey,I ment to ask you where in Irland did you pick to go. I remember you had some debate. That will be fun.

Tonya: I ment to ask you how the pizza went the other night. Pizza can really be hard.

Ok, come on and play today. trish

07-06-2001, 10:17 AM
hi trish and those about to post!
i've been absolutely swamped these past few days and i really miss the banter with you guys. hopefully i'll be able to chat a bit more today.
trish - i'm sure carrot cake is healthy. ;) i want to go see shrek - has anyone seen that yet? i reckon it'll be fun.
mm, i'm eating a yummy veggie delite sub from subway. now i have lovely onion breath. nice.
hokey. work is calling me again, but will try and get back on later.
hope you are all getting back OP. not long till summer really kicks in.


07-06-2001, 10:27 AM
HI everyone. I get to leave at 12:30 for the weekend. THen we will rush and pick up Emma and finish packing... and off for our camping weekend. It should be interesting with Emma and Sadie. Poor Sadie is sooooo sad this morning. She thinks we are leaving her behind. Every time I pack for a trip, she knows she doesn't get to go. Won't she be suprised when we pack her up too!!! This we have a minivan and it is packed to gulls. We pulled out the back seat even. But we have Emma's porta-crib and stroller.... man kids need a lot of things!!!! (REMEMBER THAT TRISH!!) Last year we used my car and we had to have Sadie sit on our laps because we were so full!!

Kirtsy... hope things calm down for you!!!

Trish... I didn't get a maternity suit. If you can't find one, try getting a plus sized one. If it is stretchy enough to fit over your belly without being too tight, you will be OK! ANd you can always wear shorts too!

Well, back to work since I am leaving early.... and I have to lead a staff meeting this morning... blahhhhhhhhhhhhh

07-06-2001, 10:36 AM
Morning Laaaaadies
YEsterday was bizarre so I didnt see ANy posts till today
I picked swimming but my favorite Summer Activity is going to the beach and getting my pale arse burned for normal ppl thats called tanning but hmm tan me? no hehe

Trish ;) I chose Dublin Its more metropolitan and most likely easier to get around Cork had a great program But I wanted to make sure I got to travel and BTW did I mention ITS 2 MONTHS AWAY *deepBreaths*
and btw Keep the maternity debate going you know we all can't wait to be aunties to you lil one ;)
As for Movies its been ages since I have seen one that wasnt on cable/ppv but i have been a reading fool I finished Catching Alice With is reminiscent of Bridget Jones but lacks the bite of it
and right now im reading Leave before you go (I have a Uk themed reading list it seems) this book is hard for me to get into but it has some high points Im also reading (i read multiple books at the same time makes the good ones last longer) Dh Lawrences the rainbow and ahem Lady Chatterlys Lover the rainbow is fantastic and lush and you will never look at a sleazy romance novel the same way again Lady Chatterly is great but doesnt compare to the rainbow.

Kirsty you're veggie sub sounds dreamy (can you tell im hungry) I think im opting for a boca burger for breakkie maybe with soem bbq sauce and no cheese

I ate low points yesterday till dinner when i made 4 cheese chicken and rice which wouldnt have been bad save for the fact that we ate late had a buttered roll before we left for appointments and had dinner when we came back at 8 and had double helpings UGH my mom and i have the same food triggers aand are dangerous together
tonight Chicken caesar salad
well salad and chicken marinated in caesar dressing
does any1 know the points for full fat kens steakhouse caesar?

oooh before i forget I posted my italian ground turkey recipe on the recipe board Its just a dump recipe and i think could be modified to whatever your lil ww hearts desired:dizzy:
ok enough of my novel

07-06-2001, 10:46 AM
I'm in early this morning! I usually don't make it to work before 10, but I had to drop off my car for a tune-up this morning so I made it into work by 9:15 a.m. I don't quite know what to do with myself.

Girls, I feel kinda depressed today. I'm not really looking forward to going to Atlanta this weekend because I'd rather be with my b/f, but I promised my friend I'd go to Depeche Mode with him. Then, I found out today that my college roommate asked another of our friends to be in her wedding ... and not me. They both live in New York City now and have gotten close again, while here I am in Virginia, 500 miles away. I hate this. Why is it so hard to maintain long-distance friendships sometimes? I was the only one of my group of friends in college (my sorority sisters) who left New Hampshire and New England, period, after graduation. And it's like I've been ostracized. I've gone up there for the weddings of three of my friends, but I wonder if they'd come down here. Steph and I HAD stayed friends, though, so I don't know what I expected. I had always figured I'd have her in my wedding one day.

Sorry. I'm just feeling sorry for myself today. :( I think I'm going to go drive around in the company Blazer for a while. I think I may play sick and go home early this afternoon, too, just so I can see Brian for a little while! I am going to WI around noon. I'm pretty sure I lost, so that's good,anyway!

07-06-2001, 11:24 AM
Kim Girlie Take a day for you
You need it ;) and beeeesides its gorgeous out GO PLAY!
tell them i said so ;) grab ur bf and ur puppy and chill

As for friends the one thing i have really noticed is that my friend change every 2/3 years or so very few remain b/c lives changeif she had the bad taste to over look u thats her problem not yours

Jen the camping sounds like a blast I have never been but i can picture u guys van packed full and the dogs head out the window ;) have fun

07-06-2001, 11:26 AM
hi kierie - 2 months - eek!! looking forward to hopefully seeing you soon then! hi jen - hope you have a fab time camping.
kim - i'm with you on the whole friends issue. i have some friends that live far away but we keep in touch and others that maybe only live an hour away but no matter how much i try they never bother to meet up or get in touch with me. there may be a really logical reason why she chose your other friend to be in the wedding. perhaps because they are both living near each other then she will be able to help more in the planning and organising of stuff. i know it is hard and it makes you feel left out, but don't let it get to you. i know i feel far from my friends in scotland and i remember hearing that school friends had gotten married and i wasn't invited to the wedding but other friends were. of course when i 'm rich and famous (sheah) they'll all suddenly get in touch, but i'll know who my real friends are.
btw, i'm very proud of myself cos on tuesday night i went out and i made sure i ate something before drinking so i wouldn't get too drunk. AND i also drank lots of water between glasses of wine. it felt so nice to wake up feeling good and then seeing everyone else with hangovers and recounting embarrasing moments. i wonder if i can do it again tonight....

hope you all have a fantastic weekend, i'll try to come back later,

07-06-2001, 11:32 AM
Kim, I feel the same way sometimes. There were 3 of us in college that were like sisters. I graduated first, in December. Then the next one graduated in June (1 semester later), then the third a full year later. She was resentful that we "left"her and stopped being as close to us. Then she moved to Milwaukee, while I was living there, and never called me or anything. When I got married, she didn't come. Nothing. The second friend and I were best friends, but that ended last year when she found out I was PG. See, first I got married in 1998 after being with my bf for 1 1/2 years. She was extremely jealous because she was with her BF for around 7 years and he never proposed. She made my wedding ****. Then she forced her BF to propose and set the date EXACTLY 1 year after mine. She asked me to be her Maid of Honor out of pity... not sure why... but then asked 5 of her HS friends to als be in it. They hated me because "they knew her first". It was aweful. They made me feel terrible at the wedding. I got up to give a toast like I am supposed to and one girl announced (this is terrible)... "we have been friends longer than you have"... Man she was cold! Also, I had lost my 30 pounds before the wedding and my friend hadn't seen me yet (this also made her jealous). I was wearing an 18/20 before losing weight, and got down to a 14/16. Well, she announce to me and the others that my dress would have to be specially made because they only came up to a 16. When I told her I was a 14 she got really made (that is the pic I have posted on the pictures thread)... when I actually came to the wedding... I LOOKED HOT! Horrible experience. She refused to call me after the wedding, so I told her I was PG... and that was the end. Sorry to make this so long... but you know, it just shows how some people never get out of that HS/College mindset. Some people just never grow up and take what things are at face value!!!

So Kim, don't fret it.... you are much to nice of a person to let that get your down. Hey... we are all your friends... and if I was getting married, I would ask every one of you to be in my wedding!!! :smug:


07-06-2001, 11:36 AM
BY THE WAY... I have a new friend that I met when I moved back here from Milwaukee about 5 years ago and she is wonderful. We live in the same town but both have busy lives, yet we know we are still friends... She is due with her first baby in about 2 weeks!!! And she is tiny (I am jealous!!) Irronically, we met through another friend that I knew from childhood... and she knew in HS.... Took us this long to meet up!! Oh that other friend doesn't speak to us any more... Friends really do come and go!!!

Kierie... If only you could see my family... I wish I could set the camera to take a pic of us, but the dog is far too impatient to wait for the camera! BTW... Emma LOVES Sadie and vice versa. The cutest thing... and Sadie is 4 times as big as Emma!

07-06-2001, 11:53 AM
jen, i've had friends go all funny on me after i lost weight. one of them you will actually know lolly! she always makes comments on how skinny i am now and how she looks rubbish next to me. both statements are not true btw! but part of me wonders if she preferred being my friend when i was fat cos she felt it made her look better? the laugh of it is that she is naturally slim, good looking and very intelligent. but she's very insecure and probably too competitive. i just ignore it, but sometimes i feel like shaking her! a good friend should want you to be the best you can and not someone to make them feel better about themselves.
not everyone can be as perfect as us i guess! since it looks like i'm not going to be getting married for a while (but you never know) you guys can all come to my wedding (if we're still alive).

07-06-2001, 11:54 AM
my theory is you meet the friends you need at that time
im maybe friends with 2 peeps from HS almost none from college #1 well maybe 2 from there email buddies
and 4 from college #2 2 of which are/were my best friends now we're beginning t drift much more obviously and the 3rd we were never super close #4 and i go thru close and not close cycles
but its wierd b/c one friend went to another school and the other is at the same uni as me but our lives are drasticaly different shes married and pondering Kids I'm single and doign my thing
now that more of her friends are married she doesnt want to hang out with ppl who arent married
Most of my friends who i have alot in common with go to school with me and even those change
and ofcourse I have you guys who i wouldnt trade for a milllllllion new peeps and if i ever get married Id just ahve one of those HUGE bridal parties or several weddings lol
and too lazy to go downstairs

07-06-2001, 11:59 AM
PS maybe we could all get married/remarried in a mass ceremoney by that scaryarse reverend moon
I bet Stacey is on a cloud right now Or beyond all forms of anxiety ;)

07-06-2001, 12:02 PM
**** = work! Oh well....not much longer to the weekend and VACATION!! I won't be back until Thursday of next week. Yee Haw!

Well Stampede us underway, can't wait to go, but it wn't be until next weekend, oh well. B/f's mom comes tonite and then we are going camping in Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise all those mountainous regions. Should be fun fun fun!!!

Except I have had spastic intestines lately....I think I am sick or something, it doens't reallyhurt, its just weird, like a baby kicking! Yikes. :lol:

Trish - all by swim suits are about $100 Cdn....I am picky and I figure, go big or go home, so buy the one you feel good in!! I am glad you and baby are doing good!

Kirsty - ha ha, we had the onion subway talk last night, it was halarious! I think I dreamed about it as a direct result though. Have missed you on the board...were you lurking at least?

Jen - poor Sadie, my puppies know when we're going too. She'll be so surprised when you take her. Have fun camping!!

Kier! Hey girl...sorry your appointment was postponed. I won't make WI this week either which means next Thursday! OH NO that is 2 missed weeks. Luckiliy camping helps speed the process. I don't know why....?? I am glad you chose Dublin, I loved it and I miss it every time I think of travel! You'll have so much fun girl.

Kim - sent you an email!

Gotta run - see you all later and h ave a great weekend!

07-06-2001, 12:50 PM
Love the spastic friend talk.... Hey, do you ever think that other people think WE are the spastic friend???? Hmmmm, thought to ponder!!! :lol:

07-06-2001, 01:00 PM
HEY BELLE..... When you go camping, what do you guys eat??? I LOVE to camp, but always eat horridly. When I was little my family camped all the time and we cooked wonderful meals. Shish Kabobs, veggie packets, huge breakfasts. Hubby and I usually eat hamburgers/brats/hotdogs/chicken breasts. Also, we snack on chips and cookies (BAD). This year I am packing myself lots of fruit and carrots and dip. And I bought Tostito Baked chips!! I was just curious as to what you did!!! Oh and do you tent camp or have a camper?? We are tent campers, but may in the future buy a pop-up camper. I can't go camping in a luxery camper, it's just not right! :) thanks...

07-06-2001, 01:03 PM
Have room for one more?! I would love to join all of the fun!! :D

I lost 30 pounds on WW almost 2 years ago. I have kept it off for the most part, but have seen a few pounds creep on in the past few months so I need to get serious before it becomes a bigger problem.

Can't wait to get to know all of you!


07-06-2001, 01:30 PM
hello and welcome new jen!
i lost over 40 pounds a year and a half ago and i'm managing to keep it off so far, but like you say, inevitably you find a few pounds creeping back on. i guess the trick is to get rid of those and not leave it till it's another 30 pounds. are you still following WW or have you just been doing your own thing? perhaps if you started following the program for a few weeks it would help? i have heard people say they stay OP during the week and relax a bit at weekends and find they maintain ok like that.
i'd love to waffle on more but i'm being summoned to free drinks at my work...i will be good i promise!

ps belle - fill me in on stampede! i'm lost...

07-06-2001, 01:47 PM
WELCOME other Jen :wave:

Brenda N
07-06-2001, 02:20 PM
Thank you all very much for the congrats on my new Unit Leader Status! Did I tell you hubby made me the most incredible dinner last Friday? Shrimp and fish with a hollaindase sauce (I have no idea if he used light butter or not Ė I think he did), steak wrapped in bacon and baked potato. Way too much food so I had left overs. I didnít count the points. Would you have? He also bought me a new pair of Oakley sunglasses as a present. He bought a pair too and I ended up getting mine for half price. Hey, lesson to all, always ask if they will make you a deal :devil:

Hey girls. Well, here we go again. We got a basically nasty E-mail this morning about internet usage. They are putting ESNIFF on our computers that will track every site we go to and Ďif there is inappropriate activity, action will be takení Iím so fed up with this crap. All of us do our jobs very effectively and itís not like we are all screwing around all the time. I just canít stand it anymore. Oh, and I didnít tell you girls, DH and I are house shopping. We found one we really like that is 4 bedroom, 3 bath, 2 car garage, hot tub in back and 150 feet from a small private lake. We were supposed to see it yesterday and even left work early and then the seller wouldnít show it. Unfortunately you can tell sheís not too concerned about selling it so we donít really have any bargaining power. The problem is we will want to refinance in a year and I will have to have the income from my full time job to count for the refinance. When you are self employed they donít give you any credit for what you make. Iím so frustrated and upset. I donít know how I can stay in this place for another whole year. Iím just not going anywhere, not learning anything and I want to put all my energy into PL. Sorry to be such a downer.

I have heard a lot of people saying how tired they are this week. I think this holiday in the middle of the week really screwed us up. I just want to be home sleeping. Itís been in the mid to upper 90ís here in Colorado for the past couple of weeks. We did get rain last night but once again itís a scorcher.

Weíre going to the Renaissance festival tomorrow after we look at the house. We go every year. Iíve been dressing up for it forever and we finally completed hubbyís outfit last summer. Iím so glad he will dress up with me. Itís much more fun.

I agree that friends come and go and sometimes thatís hard to deal with. My Mom has always told me that you are lucky to have 1 or 2 true friends in your life and I agree with her. Someone I thought was one of my best friends didnít have me in her wedding, but the reasoning was way dif than I thought. It boiled down to her having to have who her husband wanted in the wedding. They are divorced now, and I had finally talked to her about it. Sheís really drifted off from me and it hurts, but if we never changed we would never move forward. Big *hugs* to you Kim :D

Better go, but itís not like I have anything to do today anyway *pout pout whine whine* Anyone can smack me!

07-06-2001, 02:30 PM
Hi guys! Yup, I've been MIA again - not Wimbledon this time but work (YUK). And I've just got home, ready to watch the exciting semi-final and IT'S RAINING so they're not playing. How ironic is that? :(

Welcome, new Jen (will we have to call you Jen 2? ;) )

Ooh, I keep thinking about Stacey on her last night as a single woman. GOOD VIBES TO STACEY :D :D :D I'm excited on her behalf!!!

Interesting discussion about friends ... I think Kier is oh so right about making the friends you need at the time you need them, I used to be really conscientious about keeping in touch with as many people as possible, but a lot of the time it was just kind of habit and the effort was all on my part. So a few years ago I had a kind of clear-out (which sounds horrible but it wasn't like it sounds!) and decided to be more selective. Now I keep in touch with a bunch of people from school, they all live at home still, so I see them whenever I go back, and it's funy how weird it's not that I'm the only one who's not always around. College friends ... well, there are just two of us left in Oxford, so we're kind of a focus for when people want to come back and visit. It'll be interesting when I finally leave Oxford to find out what happens. Plus Blokey and I are just starting to make our own 'joint' friends, like, people we met together, which is fun but so grown up!!! I can't believe some of your stories about evil friends - Jen, that is so *****y of that girl :mad: I guess I've just always been lucky. And now I have you girls too :) :smug: :D

Ok, gotta go. Have a great weekend everyone, and I'll hopefully be around more next week,


07-06-2001, 03:07 PM
Welcome New Jen!

Jen - I eat pretty good, I buy the mini rice cake things that are like chips instead of chips, we eat chicken, beans, cereal bars, fruit, tea....I find I am lucky and I lose weight when I camp. I think its b/c my body works so hard to keep warm! I really do!! B/f brings more crap, and of course, lots of beer, so I try to steer clear of his junk food stash.

Kirsty - the Calgary Stampede is an annual 10 day rodeo/outdoorshow/midway. It huge now, we get tons of foreigners, and its one of the biggest and most well respected rodeos in the world. Mostly you drink and have free pancake and sausage breakfasts!! Its a 10 day party here! Of course, all the cowpokes crawl out of their hiding spots, but you can live with that!

Brenda - the REnaissance festival sounds cool, you'll have to fill me in!!

Lolly sorry to hear you are swamped, I can relate, but the slacker in me finds posting time...

Well, this is it until next Thursday so have a good week everyone.

Over and out.

07-06-2001, 03:33 PM
for sharing your stories. I don't feel like the loser I was feeling like earlier. (Jen, I can't BELIEVE that about your friend. How mean!). Kierie, what you said about meeting people when we need them is so true. The whole friendship thing has been dragging me down lately. I have some friends here, but they're the kind you play with, not have heart-to-hearts with. I had a friend like that, but she went and fell in love and moved to Arkansas. Now she's married. I had a wonderful friend at my last paper (I WAS in her wedding), but she's in North Carolina now.

Sometimes, it really bothers me not having roots, you know? I think I've said before that I'm an Army brat, so I don't really have a home to go to. I consider home wherever I'm living at the time. My parents' house is just that ó my parents' house. I never lived there. My college friends all stayed put in New England. The few that spread out I never heard from again.

Scary how friendships change ... makes me glad my sister and I are so close, but even she lives miles and miles (as in 700 or so) away!

But, the friend I'm visiting in Atlanta is a friend from high school. He and I have stayed close through all these years. Although I'll miss my b/f, it'll be good to see him. It was more fun before he got married, though!:s:

Oh, I went to WI and only lost .4! I really expected more. When I got on my scale this morning, sans clothes, of course, it said 181. I figured I'd see at least a pound lost! So I went and ate some Chinese, and now I'm going out to dinner with some friends. So much for counting today!

Welcome new Jen! Can we call you Jen K? It looks like that's part of your login. It might make it easier. That or Jen 2 like Lolly suggested. I lost 35 pounds on WW about seven years ago. I gained it all back, plus another 30 or so. I've still got far to go, but I'm trying!

See ya gals. I'm leaving work at 3, when the night cops reporter comes in. I'm being perfectly useless today anyway. Have a good weekend everyone! I won't be back until Tuesday.

07-06-2001, 04:12 PM
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! I guess I'm making it a bit confusing since there is already a Jen here (Hi Jen!! Have fun camping!) so call me Jen K if you want!

Kirsty - I was following WW until a year ago when I went thru a lot of personal stuff and decided (bad idea!) that I could do it alone. The good thing is I do know what to do and how to get the weight off. The bad thing is with no accountability it is easy to tell myself I will get back on track tomorrow instead of today. I like the idea of staying OP during the week and relaxing a bit on the weekends. Maybe I will try that!

Kim - I've found the friend conversation very interesting. I was just talking to a good friend who is having a hard time with some of her other close friends. I really think as I've grown older I've gotten better at remembering it should be quality over quantity, something I had a hard time with in my early 20's. Now I don't care if I have a lot of friends, as long as the ones I have are good ones! Hang in there...and have fun at the concert this weekend!

Hello to Belle, Brenda and Lolly and anyone else that I may have met today!

Have a good weekend! :)
Jen K

07-06-2001, 06:29 PM
Its so wierd you know that we had this friend chat today b/c i could really use a heart to heart and i realized I hve no one to have it with so wierd to grow up and i cant talk to my sis b/c its about her and my mom told me i was rediculous to be upset sigh anyway i'll borrow some britishness from Kirsty and Lolly and keep my upper lip stiff