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01-01-2006, 12:53 PM
Anyone interested in buddying up with me as I transform 1FatHen into a skinny chick?

I'm currently 280 lbs, highest was 310, and I'm only 5'3.
I follow the Weight Watchers point system.
I'm 39... 40 this summer.
I'm blowing the dust off the treadmill...
Married 21 years, 2 sons.

My goal is to lose 100 lbs by New Years Day, 2007. Not so much about looks anymore as it is life and health!!! Looking great will just be a bonus!

Mini goals are 8-10 lbs per month.

I would LOVE to have someone... or two... or three... who's as serious as I am about losing it (the fat, that is) over the next year. Tips and tricks, encouragement, sprinkled with a good dose of humor, would be fun to share. :hug:

Introduce yourself... and let's have fun gettin' healthy and skinny!


01-01-2006, 01:03 PM
Hello! I'm Kelly and am looking for a buddy as well. I sent you a message telling you about myself and my email. Looking forward to meeting you!

01-01-2006, 01:19 PM
I sent you a message too. I also have over 100 lbs to lose, and need help getting motivated to move my rear and exercise!!

01-01-2006, 03:03 PM
Thanks for the messages.:) One hundred pounds sounds like a lot, but then a year seems like a long time, and they just seem to fly by. One day, and one pound at a time.

I'm off for a walk... making it the first 'real' exercise I've set out to do in well over a year. Good thing I'm still fat today, or the wind'd blow me right to Kansas! Walking into the wind should at least provide resistance training...

emerald dragonfly
01-01-2006, 03:38 PM
1FatHen..... let me say that you can do it. I know, you probably heard that a million or more times but I KNOW you can! I use to weigh 352 1/2 pounds. I started my weight loss plan on December 26, 2001. I was sooo upset when I got on my scale and it kept saying "error." I made an appointment with my doctor and they weighed me in at 352 1/2 pounds! I knew that was it. I portioned my meals out, I exercise everyday, and I cut out alot of carbs, sugar, and starches. Today, I weigh 187! I feel wonderful and look pretty nice too! ;) I have close to 35 pounds to go but know that it's a struggle everyday for me.

I hope I gave you some inspiration. Kelly & EyeSing are wonderful people...I don't know them but just by the small messages they left for you, It sounds like you're in good hands! :hug:

Take care and remember to "STAY STRONG!"

emerald dragonfly

01-01-2006, 07:18 PM
Thank you for cheering for us/me Emerald Dragonfly! RahRah's from those who HAVE lost it mean so much!

I have yet to take that walk... it's just sooooo windy outside. Literally, Texas is in the air here! It's almost dark from all the 'dust in the wind.' I guess some of that would be ash, too, but there's not the strong grassfire odor to go along with it.

So, after fixing supper, salmon cooked in olive oil, green beans, an apple, and popcorn, here I sit again...with my lap sitting in my lap. Now that I'm back on track, I can hardly wait until I can sit down without my belly sitting on top of my thighs!!! How DID I let this happen?! FOOD was so not worth this...

After DH leaves for work...he got called in, poor thing, I think I'll drag out my brand new, still in the wrapper, never used Walk Away the Pounds video. I'm not lettin' him see me exercise, that's for sure. ;)

01-01-2006, 09:39 PM
Hi everyone!:hug: I was reading through the thread, and you all sound like a great bunch to get serious with! :carrot: My name is Tina, I'm married with a four yr. old daughter. I'm a stay at home mom. I feel like I have such a long journey ahead of me that I would love some company for support. About 10 yrs. ago for my high school grad I lost 60lbs. A size 13/14, down from 220lbs. Ten years later I've surpassed 220 and now 269. I remember saying back then that I would never go back to the way I was, I felt so amazing. But circumstances shifted and I failed.:( Today I'm ready to go gung-ho!! :carrot: I want that feeling again, not to mention I'm so tired of telling my little one "no not now, mommy's tired".:(

I would love to join in with you all.
All the best for a thinner us in 2006!

01-01-2006, 09:51 PM
Welcome, Tina! You sound like you'll fit in here just fine! I have a 4 year old daughter and a 10 month old son. 4 years ago, I lost 65 pounds and got down to 203, but haven't seen the scale that low since. I so understand your situation right now! I want to be smaller because I want to be able to be an active Mom with my kiddos. (I also liked how I looked too!) Please feel free to email me!
The more buddies, the merrier! We're all in the same boat here!

01-01-2006, 11:13 PM
Hi Tina, thanks for joining in.:) We're gonna have an awesome buddy group! Looks like we're all pretty new to posting here, so we're gonna be the new bunch to blow away the boards with our weight-loss! Welcome.:high:

I had to laugh that you all have the wish to be more active with your kids... one son wants me to play PAINTBALL with him, and has asked me 'if I were thin, would that make a difference?'... I'm like... I DON'T think so, there might be less surface area to hit, and I'd be a smaller target, but pain is not my game! That boy comes home with bruises!!!

Seriously, I wish I had been more active with them when they were younger. Guess I'll just have to be more active with them older.

I did my walk (eventually), got in my water, and stayed on target with my points today. Hope you all got out of today all that you wished for!:hug:

:chicken: Sheila

01-01-2006, 11:23 PM
Can I join in? I'm Heather...I'm 24 from Manchester, England and I have to lose over 100lbs.
Love Heather

01-02-2006, 12:54 AM
I am so new to this that I feel out of place, but sounds like a lot of you are too. I would love to join you as well. I have 135 to lose. That's my goal for now anyway. I am a 31 year old working mom of 2, married for 13 years. I remember in high school (freshman year) struggling to lose weight. I did & moved out of state-no one knew the fat me. Felt GREAT. Life happens. At my highest I was around 370. I am now at 295 (luckily I'm 5'7"). I am so ready to mke it happen this time! I'm not telling anyone in my family, failed too many times, but I need that acountability too. So this is like jumping off a cliff for me.
I look forward to getting to know all of the great people on here.
Here's to us!!
Teri (

01-02-2006, 01:08 AM
Hello all,

My name is Melanie and I too have to drop about 100 pounds. i currently weigh in at 245 and am only 5'2 inches tall!

Due to some health problems, I have to drop the weight. I am not one to "diet" but I have decided, with the help fom my doctor to use the weight watchers point system as well.

Hope to hear from you all soon.


01-02-2006, 01:32 AM
Mind if I join you guys? I have 50+ pounds to lose. I weigh 185, but I'm also under 5 feet tall. D'oh! But I've lost a lot of weight before, so I know I can do it again! :)

01-02-2006, 02:12 AM
hey guys my name is nikki and would love to jump on bored i would like to lose about 70 plus pounds and am ready to do this.. the thing is i slack off too often and need to be responsible and if i have to post my weight weekly i will force my self to stay ontra (

01-02-2006, 01:39 PM
Hi everyone! Wow, it's great to see so many wanting to join in. I'm sure this will a great support group. Today I began Day 1 of the rapid start plan, (Dr.Phils plan). I've just finished 30mins on the treadmill. I managed to walk 1.25 miles, burn 134 calories! I went with the thought in mind, slow and steady wins the race. I wasn't sure I would last the whole 30mins...but I paced myself. I'll be back on it again this evening. I'm so excited to have started my journey!

Hope you all have a great day!

01-02-2006, 01:55 PM
Oh yeah.... I forgot to say "THANKS FOR THE WELCOME" Jeanie and Sheila

I can't wait to get to know you all better. The newbies too! :)

01-02-2006, 02:13 PM
Hi, Kelly, Sheila, Tina, Heather, Teri, Melanie, Nikki - who did I forget?? I am 33 and live in the southeast near the coast. I am married with one teenager and TOO MANY PETS! I have a really hard time motivating myself to exercise. I get so tired because I don't exercise, and so, I don't exercise! That is so frustrating! Tina - good for you with your treadmill. Sheila - did you get your walk?

I find myself that I have lots of reasons why tomorrow would be a better day to start... if I could sleep a little later I wouldn't be so tired, or maybe the dishes or laundry wouldn't be such a pile. Blah blah blah - next thing you know I believe myself and don't go.

Do you all get like this, and if so, what do you do when you start talking yourself down?

01-02-2006, 02:22 PM
I always talk myself out of dieting....I will eat a bit of chocolate and then think...well I'll give up now. Now I realise that if I have one square of choc then it isn't the end...

01-02-2006, 02:41 PM
Hi everyone,
I would love to join in! My name is Lois. I live in Michigan. I am 44 and a divorced mom of three boys 16, 15, and 3... yeah he was my little surprise! I have a 100+ lbs. to lose. Already you ladies sound so motivated and that's what we all need... motivation and support. I hope to be chatting with all of you soon.

01-02-2006, 04:27 PM
I always talk myself out of dieting....I will eat a bit of chocolate and then think...well I'll give up now. Now I realise that if I have one square of choc then it isn't the end...

I actually think it's important to have *some* treats now and then (some--not a lot, :lol:.) If you deprive yourself, you're more likely to cheat and binge on junk later. Once upon a time, I managed to lose a bunch of weight (30 pounds) and I was able to stay on track because I allowed myself small treats now and then.

Of course, I moved and started university and started not paying attention to portion size whatsoever, hence, I have a weight problem again. *sigh*

But today's a new day! Off to take a walk! :D

01-02-2006, 10:49 PM
Hi everyone...

:welcome3: to Heather, Teri, Melanie, fourwinds, Nikki, and Lois. It's wonderful that so many are joining together to cheer each other on. This is OUR year to lose!

You know... only 8 pounds a month will be 96 pounds - NINETY-SIX pounds of ugly, yellow blubber gone this year! Lose 10 pounds/month... WOW.

Great job treadmilling Tina! Isn't it a great feeling knowing that you've began on your journey! Make's me a bit envious since mine is still in storage. I'm draggin' it out, and that will be exercise in and of itself. By the way, you are beautiful. So I'm a bit more envious. And you live in Alberta, another reason I'm envious! I love the Canadian Rockies. Actually, the US Rockies, too! We usually vacation somewhere in the Rocky Mts...but opted for Alaska last summer and this upcoming summer.

Sherry, I did walk last night... the 1 mile Walk Away the Pounds (WATP) video. I am the queen of 'I'll start tomorrow'. We all must be, or else we wouldn't be here needin' to lose 100+ lbs to begin with. You're in GOOD company! I think you just have to commit to "no more 'xcuses". (Note to self - that means you, Sheila!) Today is THE day that begins the rest of your life, tomorrow holds no guarantee. Yesterday is ancient history.

For some FUN...
Does anyone else do WATP 1 Mile? It's only about 15 minutes, and goes pretty fast. I really had a pretty good time while exercising by making up life stories for the skinny chicks struttin' around on there:lol: . Passes the time and can be quite entertaining. Kinda like playing Barbie at age 39...

Teri, you my friend are already an amazing inspiration! Way to go on your loss! Rereading your post will be a pick-me-up on those days that I think it just can't be done...

Heather, I know the feeling. One bite of something is my downfall on every diet. Then it's like - well, nothing matters now, might as well eat anything in sight... I think that's why Weight Watchers works so well for me. I can still keep control even if I have a bite or two of something that's not healthy. I can say 'so what', count the point or two it cost me, and go on. Melanie, I really think you'll enjoy Weight Watchers, also. It's kinda like playing a game with yourself. Balancing options, since ALL food is considered an option, and deciding if an unhealty food is worth the point trade-off.

fourwinds, I wish I'd have lost it when I had 50+ to lose rather than 100+ to lose.
You're so right about enjoying a treat now and then. That's where I'm learning that fast-food chains can be my friend. A kiddie ice cream from McD's keeps ice cream out of my house, and sets a limit of only having a bite or two...'cause that's all there is to one...a bite or two!

Nice to meet you, Lois. I have 2 teenage sons, also, although one has now moved away to college :cry: . I begged DH for 'one last chance for a girl' before I turn 40... he said NO :D . Maybe I should've *planned* a surprise! Anyway, I'm so glad you've joined us, and maybe we can cheer each other on when mid-life munchies hit!

Nikki, welcome! We look forward to helping hold you accountable!!! :D Actually, we look forward to helping cheer you on toward your goal of losing 70 lbs. I need to figure out how to put up the ticker like you and others here have. Perhaps that would help me, too.

Kelly... missed you today! Your kids, and I assume they are... are cutie-pies!

I'm on a Caramel Apple kick after getting this easy recipe from my WW leader:

'Caramel' Apple Dip
1 carton Fat Free plain or vanilla yogurt
1 small box Jello Sugar Free/Fat Free butterscotch pudding mix*
Mix part of dry butterscotch Jello powder with carton of yogurt to suit taste. Note - the whole box will be too much... add sparingly.
Slice apples and dip. YUMMY

I've also made this with chopped apples, yogurt/pudding mix, and added walnuts or a few chopped peanuts. Really good apple salad. Could always add raisins (yuck) or other healthy goodies.

* I use the mix with sugar simply because artificial sweetners give me a headache. I have to up the points value a bit.

Okay...I promise not to write a novel with every post.

As for myself today, it's been one hekuva busy day. I'm a part-time lab tech in a small rural hospital and due to the holiday (observed), we were short on laboratory staffing...haha, the staffing was ME! So, I got in my exercise up and down halls, and all my food, cafeteria style, for the day. It's time to hit the hay! Goodnight and healthy dreams everyone.

01-02-2006, 11:51 PM
:cp: Hey everybody!!
Thank you so much for all of the welcomes & I look forward to getting on here to "have to report to you guys". I told myself that joining a forum online was silly, it wouldn't work. I struggled with it for 5 days, just jumping around & reading the posts on here. Boy am I glad I joined!! Not only are you a great bunch, but it's working already! I can't believe it!
Yesterday was good, I exercised, watched my portions while trying to figure out an actual plan & I can't believe that I drank water (64 whole oz) which by the way is amazing for me.:D Today-more of a struggle. Was up with my sick daughter all night so didn't feel like doing anything. Food was not a problem though-kept the fat grams down to 10 (goal is below 30 for now), water-not as good as yesterday but still got some in, exercise did it because of you guys.
WHY? I told myself that I am going to get on here everynight & report in. (Just for myself, if I tell myself that I have to tell you how I do everyday maybe I will actually do something)
IT WORKED!!:cp: I started to skip the exercise-told myself I'm too tired, but I couldn't stand the fact of getting on here & admitting that I didn't do it. One more day down.
Thanks Ladies!!! (

01-03-2006, 01:56 AM
So I'm new to this to. I was searching for a weight tracker and found this forum. I'm hoping that I can still join you all on your year journey. I'm 26, 27 in less than a week and have an ultimate goal of losing about 112 lbs hopefully a little more. I finally got the motivation to do this when a friend got engaged and told me her wedding is in October. I am bound and determined to be at least a size 16, maybe 14 by her wedding. We have a store around here that I longingly look at the dresses and want to wear one to her special day. Reading your posts have been an inspiration in just the last hour. Have a wonderful week.

01-03-2006, 02:06 AM
Hey everyone,
Just checking in. I had a pretty good day. actucally a couple of good days. I decided to remove the clothes from my clothing rack (stationary bike)... lol. I got on and told myself I'm going to ride at least 5 min. (Yep I am so out of shape). I actually stayed on for 12 min. :ebike:
The day before I pulled out my WATP tape (yep have those too!) and lasted for about 10 min. (jeez that's awful), but it's a start. I am not going quit. My intent is to set small goals and build on them. Heck you can't expect to just jump into a exercise routine if you've been sitting sittling on your butt for months, or even years.

Teri - WTG on the exercise and water. We all have to to take it one day at a time. Sorry to hear your daughter isn't feeling well, hope she's better soon. Just stay focused and keep checking in. Let's keep this positve energy going.

citycowgirl - :welcome: to the our little group. We are all new to this but if we can continue to encourage and motivate one another thru good days and bad, we will all reach our goal by years end.


01-03-2006, 11:16 AM
Good Morning ... and Good Afternoon to our buddies across the sea!

Last night... ugh, I was reminded of another reason to lose this weight, :flame: HEARTBURN :flame:, that's just nasty stuff.

Veggies are in the steamer. I haven't had my steamer out for 2 years. Don't know why I stored it in the first place... I also found a great powdered cheese sauce to flavor them up a little.

Recently bought one of those little $10 omlette makers from Walgreens; they don't actually make an omlette, but they do cook up fluffy eggs. I use whole egg and 2 egg whites, drop in a little fat free cheese, add some Lowery's seasoned salt. Not bad.

Adding my :hug: to welcome citycowgirl! We're gonna lose the weight, and have fun while we're at it. Glad you are here to help us encourage one another!

Nice job on the exercising you all... Makes me feel a bit guilty I begged off with the 'too tired' excuse yesterday. Especially since you still made time even with a sick daughter. I see WATP in my future today. Believe me, I don't hit it like the gals on there... these short stumpy legs don't 'march'. Too much thigh in the way... Someday...

Good Luck today everyone! We can make it happen!

01-03-2006, 12:07 PM
I'm back and posting early today. I just finished my workout. I did my WATP 1mile tape (with some modifications) but I completed the entire tape... I felt like quitting but I just modified and kept going. Yay! :carrot:

1fathen - I hear ya... these thighs get heavy real fast during WATP.... but just think if we stick to how much lighter they will be. I tell you an omelette sounds good right about now.
I'll be checking back with you all later.

01-03-2006, 12:20 PM
I to have over a 100 lbs. to lose and need all the help I can get!

I am currently at 262 with a high of 300 in October of this year - yikes! I am also following WW flex. I am 43, married 19 years with 2 daughters (17, 15).

I look forward to getting to know you all.


01-03-2006, 12:51 PM
Yippee Lois! :dancer: guess I need to get up and WATP now to keep up with you!

Hi Jill :hug: a big ol' welcome to you! I look forward to getting to know you better and glad you joined us. We seem to have quite a bit in common age wise, the ages of our kids, and our weight-loss plan, including the starting weight. You seem to have done well sticking with it!


01-03-2006, 01:49 PM
Maysmav, the "report in" is a good idea. The holidays got me all off kilter and schedule, but now I can get back into a routine again, especially since the kids are back in school :dance:

I'll do the "check in" tonight and see if it moves my hiney. Seems like our house has so much going on all of the time I never have time for me, but that's an EXCUSE :nono: so I am going to make that time today!

You know, there's no reason why the rest of the family can't help me make more time for myself, either.

What will I do tonight? Go for a walk? I think so.

01-03-2006, 02:18 PM
Hello, everyone!

I'm so excited that I found this site this morning. =)

I'm CoCo. I am a 28 year old, full time student in Michigan. I have just over 100 pounds to lose. Right now I weigh 265 pounds. My immediate goal is to get under 200 pounds, but I plan (hope, pray!) to lose 100 pounds by the end of the year.

I don't really have an eating plan in place. I'm starting off with the obvious--eating more veggies, less fast food, etc. I'm very out of shape so I'm starting from scratch with my 1-mile Walk Away the Pounds tape. I remember how proud I was when I made it up to the 3-mile tape last year...I'm looking forward to that again. =)

You all have a blessed day! Happy New Year. =)

01-03-2006, 02:39 PM
Hi Ladies!:D

Can I join in?

I am a married 30 year old with a 3 year old son. I also work full time outside the home. I can relate to the "Mommy's too tired" line. :o

I have 100lbs to get to where I was comfortable and then another 50lbs after that.
My goal now is to try for 10 lbs a month.

Looking forward to chating with you all!!!:)

01-03-2006, 03:29 PM
Thank you so much for the warm welcome. Hearing all this talk about the WTP tapes makes me want to pull them out. Thinking I should do that first thing in the morning and then my treadmill at night. :carrot:. I think this is going to be the start of a great year!!!!!!!!

:moo: (I love cows)

01-03-2006, 07:11 PM
Hi CoCo and enlightened :welcome2:. We can all do this, together. A hundred years ago, who would've imagined we could have WL support from miles and (s)miles away! 10 lbs a month...that's our goal! The rest will follow.

Sherry, I hope you've found time for yourself today. It is so hard when you have a family. The pay-off will be great in the end. Enjoy your walk.

WATP is very popular I see. Glad to know mine wasn't the only one 'gathering dust'.

Megan... I like cows, too. My boys both showed calves at the fair, though my oldest is now in college, and my youngest just has a show hog this year. We just had a new calf a couple of weeks ago. It's soooo cute. Several mama's are due to calve anytime.

Later all, family time... maybe I'll play air hockey with my son. Does that count as exercise???

01-03-2006, 07:35 PM
Hi there!,
Is there room for one more on this "party barge"? I too have over 100lb to lose, I am not trying to set an absolute amount, I just want to change my lifestyle. Now, here is a thing, they say if you do something for 21 days in a row, it becomes a habit! Just think, only 21 days of WOTP!!!! I also admit to using Richard Simmons, and bellydancing ( now that is fun! As long as there is no one around to see me anyway!:o ). I hope to stay motivated by just hearing from all of you, and you know I like the idea of checking in each evening (or day whenever it is convenient for me). I think that was I am accountable to someone... which for me is a HUGE motivator!! I am 42 btw... and haven't looked like I like to look since 1990, this weight didn't come on in one day, and I know it isn't coming off in one day, but, just one day at a time is all I need to make the change! Congrats to all of us for taking the "first "step!!!!!! Let's stay positive!!!!!:carrot: :carrot:

01-03-2006, 07:53 PM
Can I join this group too? I'm 210 and I've got 70 lbs to lose.

I got down to 140 in 1997 (although having on overactive thyroid helped a lot) but it gradually went back on again, mostly over the last four years.

So I am determined to get back to it again.

I'm hoping to hit my goal by next New Year too, so it'd be great if we could all buddy up. I have a friend who also has 70 lbs to lose, I'll see if she wants to join.

01-03-2006, 08:37 PM
gonna jump right in here. I have 100lbs to lose. I will be 39 the end of this month. I have always struggled with my weight. I've tried just about everything. A bunch of the women at my work have been talking about losing some weight for the new year and I thought it would be great to do it together. Since I open my big mouth I put in charge and hit the internet to find some information and lead me here. I hoping that between work and here I might be able to follow through this time.


01-03-2006, 11:23 PM
A great big HELLO to Sheila, Kelly, Sherry, Heather (from Manchester), Teri, Melanie, fourwinds, Nikki, Lois, citycowgirl, Jill, Coco, enlighten, luckyducky, robsia, and Christy! Wow, can you believe there are 17 of us (so far)!

Sheila: Thanks for the very nice compliment and rahs rahs! Yeah I love the Rockies too. We go there every summer for holidays. Every year I am still amazed at how beautiful they are. Also, being beside a mountain is a bonus, I mean look how small I look!! haha

Sherry: Thanks also for the rahs rahs! I hope you can go for that walk you've been wanting to do. You can do it!

citycowgirl: You know that's the exact same way I found this site. I was looking for a weight loss tracker. I'm so glad I found it. I love this place. I'm sure you will too! :)

As for me, today was great! I've been on target these past two days. The first two days of my new life. I've been eating good (following the meal plans), and walking on the treadmill. I've walked 2.5 miles and burned 280 calories each day. I found a water bottle at Walmart that holds the exact amount of water you need to drink in a day. I've been on target with that too! A big victory for me, I hardly ever drink enough of anything. AAAaaannnndDDd! The scale reads 1.5lbs lighter! Maybe a small victory, or fluctuaion..hahaha I'm still thrilled.:carrot: The best thing about all of this, is that I can come and share it with ppl that will cheer me on. Half the battle is having a great bunch of ppl playing on your side of the court.

I hope you all have a lot of your own small victories. One day at a time, one step at a time (even baby steps), it's all in the right direction. We can do it together.

Have a great one!

01-04-2006, 12:14 AM
Hello Everyone! & Welcome to all new additions since I was on last!
Ladylane thanks for the cheers.
Eyesing-the reporting is working. Almost like you guys can see if I screw up.
LadyLai- way to go! 2.5 miles is great & I feel ya on the water-Kudos!
And I thought I was the only one who accidentally found this site. Accidents sometimes are the best things that can happen in the long run!!;)

Here's the report for today:
25 Fat grams (still below the 30)
66 oz water
Exercise: gazelle 15 mins.& weights 45.
Exercise goal for tomorrow: gazelle 15 mins DDR 45.

Keep up the good work everybody. Have a GREAT day tomorrow!

01-04-2006, 12:17 AM
Hey everyone, reading everyones responses in this forum has been quite motivating, I just started a new way of eating, I refuse to call it dieting. I am going to be a new me, i've never been concerned about my weight, i'll admit it has held me back a few times, but I am a very outgoing,personable,strong broad. I'm hot and I know it...hehe. I have a few health issues that have come to light so it's now or my next move will be the gravesite next to my dads.. I'm looking forward to talking with each and everyone of you... Take care and remember to stay strong.... Laura

01-04-2006, 12:35 AM
Hello luckyducky, Robsia, and Christy and Laura. :grouphug: Nice to see you joining us. We're just getting started on a healthier, lighter year! Laura...we definitely don't want you pushin' daisies just yet!!!

Way to go Tina... healthy food, water, and exercise! Seeing that you are following through makes me want to follow through, too. Thanks for helping be an inspiration to me. :tread: Nice job on your 'fluctuation' haha... I'm sure it IS hard work paying off!!! :goodscale

I had healthy food today, not enough water, and WAPT x 1 mile. I'm gonna follow luckyducky into RichardSimmonsLand as soon as I can get another video/DVD. I forgot how much I enjoyed those workouts until she mentioned it. Thank you luckyducky. :)

Nice job Teri, you really add great motivation! I have a gazelle, too. Expensive exercise equipment...ahhh, I've used maybe 10 times. I'm sure the UPS man just laughs to himself when I open the door, fat as always, to get my next piece of home gym equipment or the latest weight-loss trick. I'm draggin' out the gazelle along with the treadmill. And USING them.

My poor husband...he's never been one who cared to go out for supper. Well, he asked me if I wanted to go out tonight... all this healthy food isn't his style (skinny thing that he is - gets by with eating anything and not gaining an ounce). I declined - not an easy thing saying no- and handed him his plate of steamed chicken...

G'night everyone. :yawn:

01-04-2006, 03:29 AM
Hey Ladies,
Welcome to all the new faces... boy this group is growing, hope I can keep up with everyone.

Jill - we look forward to getting to know you too. I'm 44 and I have two teenagers, boys 15 and 16. ...gotta love 'em!

Sheila - thanks for the cheers. Now if you keep up with me, then I'll have to keep up with you. I bet between us, we have enough exercise equipment to open a small gym, lol.

EyeSing - did you get a chance to make time for yourself and move that hiney?

CoCo - I'm in MI as well... I'm feeling ya... I'm so out of shape myself. I did the WATP tapes for the first time in a long while two days ago. I could not make it through the 1 mile, lasted about 12 min., was dying after 5, lol. The next day I tried the stationary bike, got thru 10 min., but today I did much better with the WATP. Gradual steps will get us all there. Ain't nothing to it but to do it!

enlightened - the more the merrier. In addition to my teenaged sons, I also have a 3 year old son. Boy aren't they fun to keep up with.. shouldn't that count as exercise!

Megan - that's right girl... pull out those tapes, we can do this and have fun doing it!

luckyducky - there is plenty of room here. Oh my, thanks for reminding me how much fun RS tapes are... I'm gonna have to find mine. Hmmm, a 21 day challenge sounds good... anyone want to try it, whether it's your eating habit, exercise or both. Let's keep bringing this positive energy.

Robsia - glad you are here. Ahhh I remember 140... I think it was my late teen years! I think one year is a doable goal for us all as long as we take it one day at a time.

Christy - glad you jumped right in. Hey, opening your mouth may have been a good thing. I think having a group that's working together toward a common goal can be the best source of encouragement. Good luck to all of us!

Tina - isn't it great how this group is growing. Congrats on staying on target... I know that feels great! I said I would not get on the scale today but I couldn't help it. I didn't lose 1.5 lbs.... but I'll take the 1 lb. loss it showed :carrot: Yay for us!

Teri - great job on the food and exercise. Keep it up and keep motivating us with your reports.

Laura - I'm with you, I can't call it a diet, the word alone sounds so restrictive. Changing the way you eat and how much is much easier for me. I just can not get into counting calories, although from years of experience I think must of us know about how many calories are in what, lol.

Whew! ...I hope I didn't miss anyone. I look foward to reading all your posts. I'll check back in with you all later.

01-04-2006, 10:42 AM
Wow! Sounds like everyone is off to a great start. Does thinking about exercising count for anything? :?: You all have motivated me to think even harder about it!:dizzy:

Food was good yesterday and thanks to your inspiring efforts I am going to actually get to the gym today after work. You all are wonderful.

As I always say to my teenage daughters - Make good choices!

01-04-2006, 12:06 PM
Wow! Sounds like everyone is off to a great start. Does thinking about exercising count for anything? :?: You all have motivated me to think even harder about it!:dizzy:

LOL - if it did I'd be 110!!

I think about it all the time.

I am being good today - I am snacking on grated carrot.

01-04-2006, 12:24 PM
Wow! Sounds like everyone is off to a great start. Does thinking about exercising count for anything? :?: You all have motivated me to think even harder about it!:dizzy:

So... the tide turns! At least if we're thinking of exercise, at that moment in time, we're not thinking of FOOD. A few seconds reprieve...

I was thinkin' before I even sat down here, WHY do I have this food obsession. I wake up... first thought (after the potty of course), what am I eating today, not just breakfast, but the whole dog gone day. Honestly, I think about my next meal while I'm eating a meal. :hun: WHAT is with that??? Today is gonna be extra difficult. I have to go to a large town that has a Chinese Buffet that just sings my name out. I can hear it now...

:bravo: to Lois. Great job sticking with the WATP! I'm joining you on again this evening. Puttin' miles behind us...

I will be good today... I will, I will, I will. I will drive right past, and not look to my left or right. I will not see the Panda Express sign. They do not have good Sesame Chicken. They use cats!!! They do, they do, they do...

01-04-2006, 12:33 PM
Hey Ladies, I just have to jump in here real quick! I've lost! I've lost! (no I'm not in a leading role with Mattew Fox!) hahaha I'm down 4lbs!!! I just had to come share with you all, hubby isn't home and I'm dying to tell somone..hehee Well I'm off to the treadmill! Be back a little later!


01-04-2006, 12:48 PM
:cheer: Hey Ladies, I just have to jump in here real quick! I've lost! I've lost! (no I'm not in a leading role with Mattew Fox!) hahaha I'm down 4lbs!!! I just had to come share with you all, hubby isn't home and I'm dying to tell somone..hehee Well I'm off to the treadmill! Be back a little later!


Whooohooo for our Treadmill Queen!:tread: :queen: !!! Great job! I WILL get mine back in here today. Posting your loss is such an encouragement!

01-04-2006, 01:02 PM
Hey, guys. I'm 32 yr old mom of a 7 yr old son and 9 month old daughter. You can see how far I have to go below! Mind if I join in also? We (hubby, kinda, and myself) just started back on weight watchers. It's not offical with a meeting yet, but we're doing the program. I also plan to join Curves sometimes within the next week, if I don't talk myself out of it first! lol I'm tired of jiggling! I lost 30 lbs on weight watchers two years ago. Have kept 2/3 of it off. But I know it's slowly creeping back on. It was soooo great for people to come up and comment on how much I'd lost. I miss that, as well as the great feeling of eating healthy. I felt awesome!!!! Completely! I had soo much energy.
Anyway, I'm back hopefully to reach my long term goal this time!

01-04-2006, 01:44 PM
Jill - :rofl: hmm i wish thinking about it actually worked... woudln't that be great!

Panda Express.... They do not have good Sesame Chicken. They use cats!!! They do, they do, they do...
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Sheila - I'll be WATP this evening too, and I'm actually looking forward to it! Did I say that... somebody check my temperature.

Tina - Wow...:cheer: Now how's that for motivation. We're doing it! :dance:

GainingWeightInLa - :welcome: to the thread, I'm Lois and I have a loooonnng way to go too, but I think with the encouragement and motivation we can offer one another it will make it that much easier.


01-04-2006, 08:39 PM
Just checking in. Boy, I was so tired and did not feel like doing any workout, but I made myself do the WATP. I did not finish it but I made thru more than half way. I'll do better tomorrow when I'm not so tired. I'll check back with you all later.... I need a nap!

01-04-2006, 09:48 PM
:carrot: And growing and growing.
I'm not as good as ladylane, but I will say :welcome3: GainingWeightinLA & LilMsCntBeWrng.
:bravo: to everyone on your exercise & staying on track.
I know what you mean about "calling it a diet" it IS a 4 letter word in my book.:devil:
Jill-you don't know how many times I have wished that thinking about exercising would work-I hate having to get off my rumpous & do it.
Shelia & ladylane feels good to think that my posts are a motivation, but trust me you all motivate me far more.

I just had to jump on here really quick to cheer for my son. Now some may have different opions on the subject of children loosing weight, but I am psyched! My son turned 12 on 12-20. He is 5'7" (looks me in the eye:( ), wears a 9 mens shoe, & 34/32 jeans. He is, as you can see, a big boy and is just big framed too. But he's always had a little of a weight problem. It has really gotten to him at times & as a mom & someone who's been there it hurts me too. Point of the story is, I've been trying to motivate him to get moving more too. Now don't get me wrong, I have not made him diet, I've just been talking to him about us all eating healthier. I'm not sure when he started to shed some of his weight exactly, but in Nov. he was 230. Today out of curiosity I had him weigh before we left this morning. My baby is down to 215!!!!! I don't want him to put too much emphasis on it so I did praise him (a lot), but didn't go to extremes had to get on here and shout it out. lol

Ok, I'll report part now
fat grams: 19
water: 54oz so far, during & after exercise will be more
exercise: I'll report back in on that later cuz that's what I'm going to do now.

Thanks for letting me share!
Keep up the good work everybody!

Teri (

01-04-2006, 10:26 PM
:hug: to GainingWeightinLA. I'm so glad you joined us. I think we're shapin' (pun intended) to be a fun group, and the inspiration/motivation of some here is already amazing! Welcome to hubby, too, if he's looking over the shoulder! I personally love WW. Of 40lbs I lost 2 yrs. ago, I've only gained back 10. What I learned did make me stop and think before mindlessly noshing even after I had to drop the meetings.

Teri, I'm with you on wanting my children to not have to deal with what I have. My youngest is like me... a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips. He is not quite 6' and almost 300 lbs. Solid and sturdy right now, but I do worry I've passed my bad eating habits to him. Anyway... I'm so happy your guy is slimming down! Those teenage years can be so tough, especially when you're self concious. I imagine a lot has to do with your modeling healthier eating with your weight loss, plus just having his mother care! My son is 17, and I hope I still have time to teach him better habits.
Also, nice job on the fat grams and H2O! Hope you're enjoying your exercise.

Lois, You will get there on WATP! More than half-way is better than none!!! :high: A good nights rest and you'll be up and, walking! :)

I stayed on my point target today... I gave up a lot of healthy food to get to have a few pieces of that dog gone chicken :s: but I guess that's the trade-off. I'm hungry now, but alas, my points are gone... and I refuse to use any Flex Points!

01-04-2006, 11:30 PM
Good evening to one and all! I was here b4 dinner and I wrote this great big post and when I tried posting it I got "server is down, try back in 20 mins". Did anyone else get that? It made me soOOOOOooo :crazy: !!

Now I can't remember everything I said. :blah: hahaha

Thank you Sheri, Lois and Teri for the cheers. I really appreciate it. I don't want to end up repeating myself, but having someone supporting you (in good and bad) is so important. It means the world to me. It's like you all motivate me to keep it going so I'll somemore great news to share. :thanks: And congrats to you all for your successes. :dancer: This is the way we burn our fat, burn our fat. This is the way we get thinner, we get thinner. :dancer: Sheila, I can tell you lastnight I would went out for dinner thinking I'd find something healthy on the menu. I don't really enjoy cooking, and I like to take the easy way out too much. No wonder I managed to balloon heh? Lois, great moving the scale in the opposite direction! It maybe a small step like my "fluctuaion", but it's a great first step! I mean it has to start somewhere!:cp: Teri, great job keeping on plan!!:dance:

As for me, today was day three of the plan. I kept on target perfectly. But I tell y'all, this is the worst time of the day for me. After everything starts to settle down, you're in relax mode. I usually grab a munchie, or two, or three...or well you get the idea!:hun: :corn: :cofdate: :mcd: So far I've been able to avoid any temptations. What do you guys do when you got the munchies to avoid it? I am trying not to snack after dinner. They say it doesn't get a chance to burn off, just becomes F-A-T:sssh: (bad word). Now, I'm writing to you all, which is great keeping my fingers busy, instead of a candy wrapper. haha If you have any ideas I'd appreciate them.

Thanks again!
Have a great night.


01-04-2006, 11:30 PM
Hi Ladies,
Do you have room for one more? Sound like a fun group to help keep me motivated. I started back with Weight Watchers today after a two year absent. I found out that I can't follow the program without the support of attending the meetings. I have to drive 25 miles to attend, but I' ve decided that I'm worth it, and 2006 is going to be the year of a new ME!! My name is Cheryl and I'm 52. Feel like I'm still in my 30's. LOL I have 235 pounds to loose off my 5 foot frame. Today was a great first day for me, no cheating. And to top it off, I worked out to my walking tape. Didn't make it completely through, did about 20 minutes, but I did it! Oh how I hate to exercise!! But the fat won't melt off without some effort and sweat on my part. I forget where I found this prayer at, but I start each day saying it and thought I'd share it with you.

Dear God,
I surrender my body and my weight loss to your devine care and love. I ask that you remove all excess and unnecessary weight from my body. Return my body to it's most healthy and balanced state. Give me eating habits that support my health and life energy. And, finally, teach me to love my body and caare for it from this day forth. Amen

Have a good evening,

01-04-2006, 11:49 PM
I would like to lose at least 100 pounds this year.

I weighed 304 on 12-30-05 and I currently weigh 301.5 as of 01-03-05.
I joined the new gym by my house and worked out 01-02 and 01-03. I plan to work out tomorrow. I am doing Phase 1 of The South Beach Diet right now. My mom is dieting with me. I do not know if I am going to go on to Phase 2 or do something else. Has anyone else tried South Beach Diet??

What is WATP? is it a video you do in your room? Can you describe it to me a bit? Maybe it is something I should get too.

I think it sounds like you are all very motivated and helping each other a lot! That is what I need, people to report my progress to, so I feel obligated more. I try to get my friend interested but she just says she is going to eat a little less of everything (so far that includes ice cream) any way, she says I am too competitive for her to diet with and she does not do "diets" so I need other people to help me. Other people means on the net because I dont drive so I am limited in meeting new people. Although, I guess I might meet someone at the gym someday. But I have social anxiety so I doubt it.

Anyway, I hope you will let me join you so I can have people to diet and exercise with and to mark progress with and cheer for each other and give tips.

I have been wondering how many points do you get with WW? I cannot afford to join since I am on a small disability income...but I would like to know more about the program. I would think, if you knew how many points you were allowed, that you could get a couple of points cookbooks and do it that way. Maybe I'm wrong, I dont know.

I hope you accept me and I did not type too much.

01-04-2006, 11:55 PM
LadyLai - what I have been snacking on at night are sugar-free hard candies. They are about 10 calories apiece and I usually have 3 or 4 at the computer at night. Werther's original caramel candy is one and there are life savers and creme savers that are all sugar-free. They give me the taste of sweets without the calories. Especially the caramel and the chocolate ones because I love caramel and chocolate very much!:devil:

Just an idea.

01-05-2006, 12:04 AM
Hi Ladies!
Do you have room for one more? This sound like just want I need to keep me motivated. My name is Cheryl and I'm 52, but feel like I'm still in my 30's! LOL
I started back at Weight Watchers today after a two year absent and not being able to stay on the program by my self. I need the support of attending the meeting and this site. It's a 25 mile drive to attend the meetings, but I've decided that I'm worth it!! Besides, 2006 is going to be the year of a new ME/US. Right, Gals!!! I have 235 pounds to loose off of my 5 foot frame and 100 pounds gone by Jan 2007 is my first goal.
I had a great first day, no cheating!! Had a salad at McDonalds instead of fries, that I swear were calling my name along with McNuggets. I even managed to work out to my walking tape. A miracle for me! Oh, how I hate to exercise. But the fat won't melt away without a lot of effort on my part. I don't remember where I found this prayer at, but I start each day with it and thought I'd share it with you.

Dear God,
I surrender my body and my weight to your devine care and love. I ask that you remove all excess and unnecessary weight from my body. Return my body to it's most healthy and balanced state. Give me eating habits that support my health and life energy. And, finally, teach me to love my body and to care for it from this day forth. Amen

Have a good evening.

01-05-2006, 12:24 AM
:welcome2: Cheryl and garnetfairy!!! We're thrilled to have you join in! We're all just getting started... except Teri, of course, who's quite an inspiration

Thank you for sharing your prayer with us, Cheryl. That's what this is all about, for me anyway, restoring my body back to it's natural balance as intended. We CAN and WILL do that! Way to go making it through the first day successfully!

garnetfairy... I'll be happy to post a little on the WW system, but I'll probably send a PM to you first thing in the morning! It's a great system, and WW online will have lots of answers for you, too. WATP is a exercise video... Walk Away the Pounds with Leslie Sansone. It's pretty tame compared to most exercise videos, especially the 1 mile walk, and is just EXCELLENT for getting (slowly if needed) back into exercising daily. Exercising is done in place while watching the video.

Tina... A big gold STAR for you for sticking through Day 3! I know your hard work and effort will pay off very soon for you... you're not gonna need a year to lose 100 lbs.:) I'm gonna have to get busy to keep up. Hmmmm, I wonder if your earlier post was 'lost in the move'???

I'm too tired to type more, but I will post some munchie ideas tomorrow. Goodnight ALL!


01-05-2006, 12:30 AM
Hey Ladies, sorry about the double posts. Problems with my computer or the person running it!! Said I wasn't logged in, and I guess I was. I haven't even figured out how to add the tracker or the cute smilies on this laptop. Maybe my 13 year old foster daughter can help tomorrow. Till later. ~Cheryl

01-05-2006, 12:35 AM
OK everybody! I did make it back. I got my exercise in! woohoo! :carrot: That little devil on my shoulder said that I didn't have to:devil: , but I knock it off and got on that gazelle. Water increased also, got the full 64oz in.

Garnetfairy- :welcome3: Congrats on your loss so far. Hang in there & find what works. by the way - love your avatar.

Cheryl- :welcome: To you as well. I love that prayer. I enlarged & printed it. It is now on my bathroom mirror for me to see every morning. Thanks!

LadyLai - I like frozen grapes. I don't know what your plan allows for, but I don't eat as many of them when they are frozen, I kinda suck on them until they soften up. I like them a little better that way too. Also, your getting that sweet taste without all the bad stuff that goes with it.

Shelia - It's good to know I'm not the only mom who feels responsible for her childs weight problem. & thanks, if he knew I was talking about him here he'd probably die!! LOL

Need to get in bed. Have a good night & a great day tomorrow everybody.
Teri (

01-05-2006, 01:31 AM
Just Checkin' back in,

Tina :cheer: for your son, I feel your excitement and good for you staying on track... I know how those munchies can be. It's hard resisting sometimes.

Sheila, I thought it was "cat" gone chicken :rofl: btw could you send me a PM on the info as well.

Cheryl and garnetfairy :welcome: to the group.

Cheryl I like the prayer, how appropriate!

garnetfairy, WATP is Walking Away The Pounds. It's an in home walking exercise tape by Leslei Sansone. If you check the reviews section you'll find a bit more info on her tapes.

Teri, glad you made it back... congrats on getting rid of that little devil and getting that workout in... I know you must be proud of yourself!

Ok ladies, I didn't nap long enough, time to get some real sleep tonight.

C'ya Later


01-05-2006, 06:20 AM
Hi everyone - just checking in! I really must NOT weigh myself every day because if I don't see a loss, I get annoyed with myself. I think I lost half a pound but my scales are the old type not the digital type so I'm not sure.

Maybe I should get some digital ones, then I can see even a little loss - better for the old morale.

Anyway, I have been very good - only snacking on grapes, grated carrot and sugar free jelly.

It's 10.17am and I feel very hungry. Since the beginning of the week I have been able to get up later, whcih means less time between breakfast and lunch so I don't have chance to get hungry, but my daughter started back at school this morning, so it was breakfast at 7am.

Still, I'm back at school on Monday (I'm a teacher) so so there won't be time to feel hungry once I'm back in the classroom, and no chance to snack on bad stuff. Just so long as there are no choccies in the staff room at break!!

I'm hoping for a 3 lb loss in the first week, but the way things are going, I may have to be happy with a 2 lb loss.

Still, it's all good!

01-05-2006, 01:43 PM
Sheila - good for you for not going out! Eating out is a problem in our family. I realized last night not only is it bad for us, but it generates a HUGE amount of garbage (bottles, boxes, bags, etc.). :barf:
Tina - Congratualtions on your loss! Wow! Since you don't like cooking, have you ever tried any of the programs that provide your food? I always thought they were pretty expensive, but I don't really know for sure. Imagine a world where we never washed dishes. :cloud9: (BTW Matthew Fox is a hottie!) Munchies - I like CRUNCH! so I snack on Kashi cereal when I am on-program. Baby carrots are good, and they come pre-peeled and washed, but I get tired of them pretty fast.
Chinese food - I eat it with chopsticks, and I end up eating about half of what I would with a fork. Probably because I don't know how to use them?
Teri - That is awesome about your son losing. I looked at my daughter last night and realized she is gaining rapidly. That makes me feel really, really guilty. I feel sometimes though, how can I do for her when I can't hardly do for myself?
Welcome garnetfairy and Cheryl. Garnetfairy - do the werther's have sorbitol in them? I remember when we were kids mom packed a bunch of sugar-free candy for a nine hour car ride. We ate both bags! :yikes:

01-05-2006, 04:19 PM
Hello... I tried sending out my PM's... but after typing and typing, I couldn't get the first one to send. So I tried a second...still, the 'server is busy, try back later' grrrrr! :faint: I give up for now, and will just post here.

About Weight Watchers for those interested (garnetfairy, Lois & any others):
The Points Target for WW is 32 Points for those 300-325, 31 Points for those 275-300, and 30 for those 250-274. However, without the slider calculator you get upon sign up, it would be very difficult to follow the program. If you think Weight Watchers might be the program which works for you, I HIGHLY recommend going to a meeting. You can go as a guest of WW for your first meeting, and there is no charge unless you decide to sign up. WW also runs 'specials' once in a while, discounting the sign up fee, and $25 is the MOST I've seen it cost. Even then, you never have to go back unless you wish, and you'll have the basic materials. You'll get a great Getting Started booklet with a few recipes, the Points Target chart, lots of information, and a fairly comprehensive list of general food points at the back. The slider points calculator is also included in the sign up fee. You use that slider to figure the points of all foods that you can find the Calories, Fat, and Fiber information for. VERY easy to do. I love the fact that I can eat ANY food, no restrictions, and find it a 'game' to play trading out points for food, then deciding if the food is worth the point trade-off. Journaling is also a key point of WW, and I feel it is something I would have to do, regardless of whether I was losing through WW or on my own. I just can't eat without binging sometimes, and that journal keeps me accountable. If I have to stop and write something in prior to eating it, I seriously consider if I want it that bad or not. I write down my food FIRST, before one morsel passes my lips... if I don't, I BLOW it. Anyway, if you have more questions PM me... if it's working! :p

Haha Lois! it took me overnight, but I finally got the 'cat gone chicken'! Not 'dog gone chicken'. :rofl: Food deprivation perhaps making my brain a tad slow! Like I'm really deprived...
Hope you got your beauty rest... you know what the new studies say about sleep and weight-loss!

Sherry, I should try chop-sticks next time for Chinese! At least they would limit my rice intake. I can still stab that chicken though. :devil: Really, that is a great idea, and next time I'll get them... no stabbing allowed... Hmmm, you REALLY may be onto something, perhaps ALL my meals should be eaten with chop-sticks.

Way to go Teri! I'm so glad the action angel won and the lazy devil lost! My son complained when he set up my gazelle - Mom you'll never use this. Well, when he comes home from college this weekend, I'm proving him wrong. Thank you for motivating me to get back on it.

Robsia - Yippee, a 2 lb loss will be a victory! You're on your way, and who knows, it might end up being 3 for the week. :D

My Lo-Cal Munchie list at the moment:
baby carrots :carrot:
an apple
cucumber spears
air popped popcorn
frozen fruit bar
canned tomatos
cherry tomatos
Cream-Savers candy (3 = 1 pt.)
frozen blueberries
frozen grapes

Right off hand that's about it.

No one's here, so I think it's time to bring out the EXERCISE videos!

Later all...

01-05-2006, 04:29 PM
Hey everyone,
just checking in. Boy, what a difference a good nights sleep makes. I felt rested and decided to get my workout in early today. I did WATP and I noticed that after a week of getting back to exercise that my endurance is picking up a wee bit. It's a small success, but I feel good about that. I made it through the entire workout, yeah I know it's only 20 min. but for this couch potatoe it may as well had been a 60 min. workout! Guess what else has happened.... I actually feel some energy creeping back up in me. Wow, we spend so much time doing nothing, but once we start moving, it doesn't take alot to start us to feeling better. You just have to find a motivating factor and coming here has been mine.

Sheila - thanks for the WW info. I've seen some points charts on the net, I'm thinking they are similar to those of WW. I will check around again and if I can find one I'll post the link so you can check it and tell me if it's close.

Haha Lois! it took me overnight, but I finally got the 'cat gone chicken'!
Yeah girl, you're just a tad bit slow :rofl:

Thanks to all of you! I'll check back with you guys later.


01-05-2006, 06:07 PM
Whew, another WATP session is DONE. I think I'm gonna strive to do those twice a day EVERY day for a couple of weeks, then bump it up to the 2 mile.

I know what you mean about exercise being energizing Lois, funny how that works. Isn't it great?

I'm having a terrible time controlling my 'hand to mouth disease' at the moment.

Did anyone else purchase this months People magazine? It's the only one I buy each year since I really DON'T care about Hollywood details. I'm more than happy to stay out of "Nick and Jessica's" divorce since I paid no attention to their marriage in the first place. There are real role models and heros in this issue, however. The big losers who are truly winners. What an inspiration. I'm tearing out some of the pages to post on my fridge to remind myself it CAN be done, and has, by women just like us. Although I don't necessarily support People, this issue is worth taking a look at.

I bought a Dance off the Inches video yesterday... haha, what a hoot! It's great for the first minute or so, hey, I can do this... then ooopsie, I was left standing in their dust. Out with the dancin', in with the walkin'. Thank you Leslie! Oh yeah, I looked for Richard Simmons. None were to be found...zilch, zippo. I guess he's just old news. Tae Bo? huh... Pilates... uh, no, not yet. There's not much to appeal to a 278.5 lb 39 1/2 year old woman. Maybe I'll run across Richard in my attic. He's been out of sight, out of mind - for years.

01-05-2006, 07:05 PM
Sheila, Hey way to go girl with the dance workout! At least you tried. Richard is out there. You can find him at He has a new workout and tonin DVD you can buy for $14.99 and the toning rings are $9.99.
I'm on my second day of WATP for adults over 50, but you have inspired me to dust of the dust on my stack of simmons and start to sweat. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow.

Hey gals! How was your day? I made it through my second day of Weight Watchers without cheating and according to my scale, it said I lost 2lbs!! Yippie
And, ya my scales talk. They announce to anyone within ear shot how much I weigh. Even my dog, Ozzy starts barking the minute the scale say "I'm ready"!
And those two pounds gone are with my cloths and shoes on.

Anyway, need to go and fix the family dinner. Till later

01-05-2006, 08:03 PM
AAAArrrrGGGGHHhhhh!!! I just wrote a big post and it came back invalid thread specified. Now I have to start all over again but it's time to fix dinner.

In short, today is Day four and I'm down 6.5lbs!! Too good to be true! I can hardly believe it, until I pinched myself. I am really, really, stoked!

I wrote individual thanks and thoughts for everyone but like I said it's out there lost in cyberworld. Thanks to all that have cheered me on. So much support is a great motivator for me to keep treking! and some big cheers go out to all that have kept on target, lost weight, exercised and put themselves first! WE'RE DOING GREAT AREN'T WE!!

I'll try to check back in later after dinner, exercise and some ironing.
Have a great evening you all!
TA ta for now.

01-05-2006, 09:42 PM
In short, today is Day four and I'm down 6.5lbs!! Too good to be true! I can hardly believe it, until I pinched myself. I am really, really, stoked!

WOWZEE! GREAT JOB!!! :flow1: Your body's just kickin' those fat cells out hand over fist! Mine's holdin' on for dear life...

By the way, I've learned to copy my posts before hitting submit... saves me a screamin' fit! :tantrum:

01-05-2006, 10:46 PM
How about just one more member?

I love how everyone reports in often on what is going on with them. That's what I need.

I've been limping along on my latest "diet" since Sept. 1, 2005. I started at 267, was 243 on 1/1, and am 239 today. I want to be at least down to 168 eventually - that is the high end of healthy weight for my 5'9" height. That's 99 pound from my original weight. (I know, I need a ticker to keep track.)

Several things that have been posted here have got me thinking. I'm not really on a specific diet, I just watch what I eat while at work, and try my best to not eat after 5:00 p.m. I haven't exercised at all, but I feel motivated to get on the treadmill TONIGHT and come back to report about it later. I'm just telling myself to exercise for 5 minutes at least. I just find the treadmill to be BORING, but I can't do much else with three little ones running around (son 8, daughter 4, and foster-son, 19 months).

Mysmav - I also have a VERY hard time drinking water. I do not like the taste. I know, I know, water doesn't have a taste, so I'm told. I will settle for drinking Crystal Light. Any tricks you can share? I love the frozen grapes idea. I'm going to try that.

LadyLai - evening/night is a hard time for me, too. I try to think of things to replace my cravings with. For example, I love to take hot baths. So I run a nice hot bath and stay in there with a book for a long time. I will also drink cold sugar-free lemonade with crushed strawberries (not sweetened). Yum! I also watch TV upstairs were there is NO food and convince myself that I'm too tired to go downstairs. Getting on the internet and reporting to new friends works great, too!

Thanks for being here for shy:o people like me that really need buddies to keep them accountable!

01-05-2006, 11:40 PM
Hey all!
Ravisa-In my book-the more the merrier. Come on over girl! :welcome3: Sounds like your doing good on your loss. 3lbs in 4 days-That's great!! I know they say water has no taste, but I'm with you-I hate the taste too. As far as tips? About all I can tell you is that I am in LOVE with Diet Mt. Dew, so I have one in the morning (otherwise I get a horrible headache), then tell myself that I can't have another for dinner until I drink at least the required 64oz of water. Works for me. Sometimes I want that Dt Mt Dew so bad I'll guzzle that water when I get home so that I can have one when we sit down to dinner. Biggest thing-start drinking it early & don't think about it just do it. Oh yeah, & for the first few days, make sure you're close to a bathroom. haha

LadyLai-You are on fire!! Way to go!:flame:

Ok all stressful day-so here goes. Took my class on a fieldtrip so the water intake was way down today 24oz. I'll do better tomorrow :crossed:
Fatgrams: 20
Exercise: walked 2 miles!!
That's where I stepped it up. Maybe made up for the water intake. Anyway, took off to the track instead of the gazelle. Kids wanted to get out for a while-I did alot better on the track than the 20 min on the gazelle. I was so hyped that I would've went more, but it started to sleet, so I had to bring the kids home.
I'm sooo happy. I can remember going to that track a few years ago (yea, that was the last time) I would go around 1 time and be out of breath. Today, after the 2 miles I was just beginning to breathe a little harder. I was so excited. OH YEA, & I figured out a little thing that worked for me anyway, I took a CD player & headphones. I noticed that at times I was keeping beat with my steps, so no matter how fast the songs got I made myself keep time. I tell you that 2 miles came & went before I even knew it. I think I'll hit the track more often.
Well, have a wonderful night all!
Teri (

01-06-2006, 01:35 AM
eyesing - the werther's dont list sorbital, it says: sweetener acesulfame K
whatever that is.
1fathen - thank you very much for the information on WW. I see they have an online WW available and you can buy the stuff you mentioned as a set for 3 payments of 33.32 it includes a TurnAround Program cookbook, a subscription to the magazine (which is where I saw the ad for the package deal), the complete food companion and dining out companion, the at home guidebook, plus much more... the phone for that is 1-800-710-4663 for any of you with the money to spend.

I found Richard Simmons at the used bookstore and at Goodwill stores. Very inexpensive there!!

Well, I did not work out today, I slept all day until it was time to go to my cousin's wake. We went to a mexican restaurant afterwards and yes, I had some chips and salsa, BUT I ordered the snapper in wine sauce with onions and mushroom and I only ate the part of the rice that had sauce on it which was maybe a quarter cup. Rice and chips are no nos on my South Beach diet. But I entered all my food into the calorie calculator at and came in just under the 2000 mark. Which I have been bein under 1000 all week so I think it will even out. I hope so anyway. The funeral is tomorrow so I do not know if I will be working out or not. Cried my eyes out at the wake. I am such a crybaby when someone dies. Maybe crying uses up calories. I weigh at the gym so I cannot weigh in until I work out...but I will be doing that this weekend if not tomorrow! I promise myself!

Thanks for letting me join you and for all the welcomes and tips...frozen grapes sound good for when I hit phase 2 and can have fruit again.

I am so glad to have found this place and you people!!

01-06-2006, 01:39 AM
Here I go again I'm going to start wt watchers. Getting started and staying motivated is the hardest part for me. I would like to loss 100lbs. I work at a drs. office I know what I need to do I just need to do it. Talking to others in the same situation just may be the answer. I'm new at this so if someone can help i would be thankful.

Thanks for your help

01-06-2006, 02:17 AM
All this talk about RS... I'm going to have to search the garage for mine! They can be a lot of fun!

Sheila you know if you work up to 2 miles a day I am going to have to try and keep up with you! :)

Hey Cheryl, funny about the dog barking. I guess the dog is amazed that it talks :rofl: Wow

Tina! you are off to a fantastic start :cheer: keep going girl!

Teri WTG on the walking, that's great... as soon as I drop some pounds I'll get outside and do some walking.

garnetfairy I know how you feel, I'm a big baby too when it comes to funerals. I don't do well at them at all and I'm ashamed to say, but I avoid them if I can :( .

Ravisa & kespinoza :welcome2: to the group, these ladies are truly motivational. I keep checkin' in and they keep me going.

Keep up the good work everyone. I'll check back in later today.


01-06-2006, 02:58 AM
I have an idea - let's build a snoman

Hi, I think they say "better late then never" right.
I am CBETA, 28 year old, still getting used to that number. I am single, one of those young professionals who are trying to make their carrier. I am also a Russian born, moved to US over 12 years ago, so please excuse and forgive my misstakes in English. Back in Russia I never was a thin child, but with constant walking (no cars and no transport to get you everywhere), ballroom dancing and a few other daily activities, my weight never did any shift as I ate whatever I pleased. Once we moved, and my life changed, I quit dancing, most places I went to someone had to drive me there, instead of walking. And after 6month the only time I walked if I had to go from the car and back. I also aquired a taste for fastfood. Perhaps the deficit of goods in Russia during nineties also played it's role, I always behaived with one though "eat as much as you can of this yummy stuff now, because tomorrow it might not be there". Lastly as I grew up in the 80-ties in Russia, when Lenin was deamed to be the grandpa for all children, we were taught to Never leave our plates full, all kids had to be a part of the "Empty Plates Society", so parents often would make sure I first ate the "right" foods and only then what I really wanted. Time passed and steadily I gained. Few years ago I lost 30 pounds, but then turned to my carrier and stopped going to the gym. I gained it all back. So now i am starting again. Actually I started in November, and already a participant of 21 day thread, that helps me form new far I had one failed attepmt for each of them. I am on day 5 and so far so good, except the fact that I am gaining. Perhaps due to "those days of the month" or because I am actually starting to build muscells. Due to my dancing activities years ago, the trainer who worked with me when I lost 30 pounds told me that I have a really good muscell % for an obese person.
I am 5'6" or may be slightly lower. Starting weight in November was 271. Heaviest ever registered - I think 278, but may be more... I lossed some and was 262 the day after New Year, yet last few days as I mentioned I've gained some...My personal weigh-in day is Friday. I would like to become 135 pounds. To be honest I do not think it will be a possible weight for me. But at least as a first step becomming 100 pound less, by loosin roughly 10 pounds a month would be absolutely awesome.
I really liked reading your posts, suggestions and support. I'd like to join in.
I am one of those gicky at times IT girls, and spend a lot of time in virtual life. So here is my suggestion: let's build a virtual snowman. How? we will add up all of the pounds lost by us during first 6months to build the base, during next 4 months to build the middle, and then during last two months to build the head. I'd be happy to draw a proportional one and we will decorate it and then with all of our extra weight it will melt....

01-06-2006, 05:41 AM
Yay - stepped on the scales today and it showed 2 lbs less!!!!

So 3 lbs lost since Monday. That's my first week's target hit three days ahead of schedule.

Well done LadyLai on the 6.5 pound loss - that's fantastic!!!!!

Welcome to all the new peeps!!

Starting my exercise routine today. I found an old exercise video gathering dust when I was sorting out my videos which I have NEVER used. Not even once!!

So, today is the day the tree comes down so, once it's gone, I move my big coffee table into the front room so I have more room in the living room to jig about. I'll try it this afternoon and see how far I get before I die!!

01-06-2006, 05:42 AM
Hey - why didn't it show my sig??

01-06-2006, 10:26 AM
Yay - I just did my workout video.

It was good actually - they have four aerobic sections, each harder than the next so you can do as many or as few as you like, depending on ability. Being my first time in years, I just did the first one, then moved onto the toning work.

Again, it was differentiated, so there were easier options for beginners and advanced options and it told beginners to stop after so many reps whereas the advanced carried on a bit longer.

I felt it was really good - I felt like I'd exercised but it wasn't so horrible that I didn't want to do it again. And, as I get better, I can do more.

Nutridiary reckons I burned up 266 calories on that.

I happy!

01-06-2006, 10:35 AM
Hey everyone,
Got that WATP in early this morning, and I swear it's getting better with each day. I may get on my stationary bike later or do the WATP again... thanks for the suggestive push Sheila... I'm trying to keep up with you. When my boys get home from school I'll send them out to the garage to get my 2 mile tape along with my RS tapes. Gotta keep this going and stay motivated!

CBETA :welcome3: to the group. I like your idea... it sounds like fun!

Robsia :bravo: on the workout and WTG on the weight loss :carrot: and you are ahead of target too! That's very inspiring... keep up the good work girl!

I'll check back later to night to see what's going one with everyone.


01-06-2006, 11:31 AM
Yesterday was almost a good day for me. I began WW program on Tuesday or Wednesday and haven't lost anything, I don't think. Although, I "weighed in" in sweat pants and a t shirt and today I'm weighing in jeans and t shirt. That may be the difference. Well, maybe not the whole difference. Last night hubby came home and wanted to go out to eat. I made a bad choice and ordered small fried catfish plate with french fries, hushpuppies, salad. :( I'm sooo ashamed!! I think that may be why I'm not showing a loss. Although when we went, I'd only had 7 points and my target is 28. Surely it wasn't more than 21 points?? I don't know. I just know that tonight it'll be something healthy! The good thing is that this time yesterday I was starving and today I'm not even hungry!
I guess I'm needing some encouragment....or maybe some words of disappointment. I'm not really sure what'd make me stick to it better. Help!?!?!?!

01-06-2006, 02:06 PM
Ok, I trying to write this in notepad and then paste and copy. Hopefully it works!

I'm going to check in real quick this morning, gotta a lot on my plate today.

Sheila, I am trying hard to kick those fat cells out! Their rent is due baby!haha

Ravisa, congratulations on your weight loss so far. That's awesome! And thanks for the suggestion of a bath. Who could really turn down a chance to relax in the tub! I also head my butt up over the stairs when it gets too tempting! haha

Teri, it is so inspiring to hear that you had a great time at the track. You did awesome! I think I would lose the nerve when I saw how big the track was! I'm proud of you!

Garnetfairy, sorry to hear of your cousins passing. That's gotta be tough to deal with. I know when there has been a death in my family, I just wanted to be a blob and not consider anything. But great for you to keep yourself in line and still wanting to workout. Keep it up girl!

Kespinoza, Welcome! You know what getting your mind set to get started on this journey is the first step! The thought of the first day is always scary, that's why we all put it off so much. But once you get going you'll feel awesome about taking control. You can do it!!

Lois, thanks for the cheers. And good for you getting your exercise in early today!

CBETA, welcome! I love the idea of the snowman! Can't wait to see that.

Robsia, great job losing! I know how exciting that feels. It's hardly containable, Ziploc got nothing on us! haha And cudos for doing your exercise tape. Keep it going!

GainingWeightInLa, you know the most important is that you don't get discouraged. Just pick up your socks and keep on treking! One bad day does not mean the end. Your still in this to lose and you will. Now your even more motivated to eat something healthier for dinner, that's gotta count for something! Cheer up! Todays and new day!

I'm down another 0.5lbs. Small amount, but better off than on. I was thrown off a little yesterday. Daughter started back preschool and every thursday her best friend and mother always join us at McDonalds. I was so anxious about this! The whole way there I was preparing myself to contain any impulse temptations. It worked, I ordered the grilled chicken Thai salad and an ice water. All in all, it had 2.5grams of fat. But dinner time I was suppose to have roasted turkey breakfast, brusselsprouts and a toss salad. Did the turkey breast, couldn't touch the sprouts (almost lost them), and I 86'd the salad. I don't know if this is why I have such a small lost (compared to the other days). I didn't give my body enough? Anyhow, this is a new day. so far I'm on track, great breakfast and 1.30 miles on the treadmill. We'll see what tomorrow brings! I hope to get back later today to check in.

Have a productive day ladies!


01-06-2006, 04:55 PM
Everyone's doing really great! Sorry I haven't been around, I've been sick with something that looks remarkably like pneumonia, so exercise hasn't even been an option for me, with the difficulty breathing and all. But good news: I have lost about 3 pounds, and my water intake since I got sick has been pretty excellent. :D

Keep it up, everyone! :)

01-06-2006, 07:17 PM
Thank you for the well wishes on my loss of my cousin. Went to the funeral and reception today. Did bad, I ate two squares of lasagna which has pasta which I am not supposed to have on SB Phase 1 of course. But I had two servings of salad too with a vinagrette (not much). There were 4 kinds of cake and 2 kinds of cookies and what looked like baklava. I was very weak...but what I did was: I got a plate and put two pieces of each cake and two cookies on the plate and wrapped it in aluminum foil. I brought it home and my mom fixed it up and it goes in the freezer. When I reach my goal weight I can have half of it and the other half goes to mom. Weird, huh?
At least I did not eat it and it can always spoil in the freezer or accidentally get tossed out to make room for something else...I am proud of me for this, I only had one lick of frosting off my finger then I found a napkin quick!

Congratulations to all of you who have had losses! WAY TO GO!! To those who have not, be patient it is right around the corner!! Just keep up with your program and move past the mistakes, YOU CAN DO IT!!! If it is irresistable put it in the freezer like I did.

Fortunately for me I hardly ever go in the freezer for anything since mom insists on doing all the cooking. They keep evil things in there like fudgecycles and dreamcicles and ice cream...evil demons' food. Sure it tastes cold but I think it comes from a hotter place....ha ha ha

I am so glad to find people who also need to lose at least 100 pounds. I really have trouble sympathising with the 20 or 15 pound group. I am sure that it is just as hard for them as it is for us, but Puhleeze, I am too envious for words! ha ha ha

I will be happy when all of us are down to our last 15 pounds...we will have to have a virtual celebration...get a private chat room or exchange pictures or something!!

I like the idea of the virtual snowman!! I think it sounds great and motivational!

Thanks for being here, everybody!!

01-06-2006, 07:19 PM
OH yeah, I forgot to tell you. I bought a three DVD set of walk away the pounds on Amazon yesterday...So I can join in with the rest of you and WATP!

01-06-2006, 09:15 PM
Hi girls, just popping in.

Fourwinds, sorry to hear that your sick. It's great your looking on the bright side and managing to get down that water. Drinking a lot of liquids should get you up and going in no time! 3lbs. is wonderful! No matter how it's lost, it's better off than on heh?! :)

Garnetfairy, I gotta agree, like we would even be compatible as a support buddy with someone who only needs to lose a small amount. Hahaha They would done and we're still trying to lose 90!! I gotta say you are so strong to not touch the cake and cookies. Those are my weaknesses BIG time! Bravo!

01-06-2006, 10:17 PM
Hello ALL, welcome to everyone just joining, I will read everything asap, but my computer is on the fritz and I'm quickly using my son's laptop, which I am NOT used to.

Windows won't open on mine... says SHDOCWV.dll is not something or other and I need to reinstall... I don't know HOW to reinstall it, I don't even know what the heck it is!!!

Great job losers!:D

This computer makes me crazy...

ps Cheryl, I will order Richard, thanks for mentioning that I can find him online!

Good Luck, and I'm so glad to see our group growing.

I stayed on target today with food, but work was it for exercise, I can hardly move after getting home.

01-06-2006, 10:18 PM
I am really glad everyone liked the lets get to it...
I suppose a check on the 1st of each month for all pounds lost would be great. Since you guys are better at keeping track, I suggest send me a private message with your number of pounds I will accumulate it and show progress...

As for me, though I complained of the weight not moving yesterday - today it moved...really it. I am 258 and I need to go get flowers, as in my other thread I said that if I go below 260 I will buy myself some to chear me up.
So I just had a healthy dinner and waiting to make sure we get the water back on (we have a major leak and they are repairing) , then I have to visit the store and off to the gym I go. Tomorrow morning I am driving to get myself some.

01-06-2006, 10:21 PM
LadyLai, I assume this is your picture on the avatar. I cannot think of the name but you remind me of some actress....May be Angelina Joily, but I think there is someone who looks even closer...

01-06-2006, 11:03 PM
hi everyone off to a good start. thanks to everyone for the support it does help to know that other people have the same problems :) thanks

01-07-2006, 12:30 AM
Hey everybody! What a hectic day, as you can see from my late post maybe. My work week is Tues-Sat, so I have to work tomorrow. I'll try to catch up & write more personal notes then. This will be a quickie. Did better on the water, fg 19, exercise got it in, but snowing so didn't go to the track. I'm not carzy!
Have a great night everyone. (Welcome to all who have just joined!) I'll catch up with ya tomorrow.
Teri (

01-07-2006, 12:59 AM
Hi Everyone! Just checking in for the night. First, WELCOME to Ravisa, Kespinoza and CBETA!!!!!

CBETA.... The snowman sounds great. Count me in. Russia isn't the only country with "clean your plate". I grew up hearing about the starving children in the world, and that I better clean my plate. That was the start of me becoming an overeater. You can do it! Just take each day as it comes.

For those of you that hate the taste of water, WalMart sell flavored that is really good. The large bottle sells for .58 and equals 4 servings of water. My favorites are White Grape, Lime, Mixed Berry and Strawberry. Check them out and give them a try.

I've lost another two lbs since starting Weight Watchers on Wednesday. Lunch was a big disapointment. Ate at HUHut Mongolian BBQ. Had a nice bowl of veggie with a little chicken to eat. The grill they cook it on was not cleaned real good, so my food had a burnt taste to. YUCK!!! Should of gone to Olive Garden for soup and salad.

Getting tired. Till later.

01-07-2006, 04:04 AM
I am so glad to find people who also need to lose at least 100 pounds. I really have trouble sympathising with the 20 or 15 pound group. I am sure that it is just as hard for them as it is for us, but Puhleeze, I am too envious for words! ha ha ha

Hehe, but Garnetfairy, don't be too envious--losing that last 20 pounds is the hardest. :D Hopefully, that will soon be our problem too!

01-07-2006, 03:30 PM
Hey just checking in. Hope everyone is having a good weekend ...staying motivated and keeping up all the good work. I am working on getting more water in. It's all I drink and on occasion I have tea or coffee. I just don't drink enough of it most days. I haven't gotten that workout in yet, but the day is not over with! I'll check back later.


01-07-2006, 03:35 PM
I've discovered a strange thing - I've started getting headaches much more often now I've started my diet - pretty much every day.

I never used to get headaches.

Has anyone else noticed this?

And I'm not even back at work yet!!

01-07-2006, 03:52 PM
Good Saturday to everyone! Comp is still on the blink so I dug out the OLD dinasour...

Only a quick post for now as I'm not having a good day. I want to eat eveything in sight, and where my scales had me down 4 pounds total since beginning to seriously change eating and activity, today shows 2 pounds back. Makes me discouraged, which brings on the compulsion to eat. Even sitting here makes me want food. Hormones maybe??? I need to clean house or something. So now after a week, I'm back to only a 2 pound loss...

Snowman idea sounds like lots of fun. The rate I'm going I'll only add a flake or two...:mad:

Headaches do seem worse when beginning a change in eating habits, I hope you are feeling much better soon!

Later all... I'm kinda blue today. Maybe I'll exercise a bit then find a good comedy movie to curl up with along with some low-fat popcorn.

01-07-2006, 08:10 PM
Only a quick post for now as I'm not having a good day. I want to eat eveything in sight, and where my scales had me down 4 pounds total since beginning to seriously change eating and activity, today shows 2 pounds back. Makes me discouraged, which brings on the compulsion to eat. Even sitting here makes me want food. Hormones maybe??? I need to clean house or something. So now after a week, I'm back to only a 2 pound loss...

Muscle gain, perhaps? Or perhaps your body is like mine: when I'm losing weight, the scale tends to bounce around for a few days before finally settling down on a lower number. Maybe in a couple days, your weight will be back down.

The way I see it, as long as you're exercising and eating better, you can only be on the right track. :) Hang in there!

01-07-2006, 08:32 PM
Headaches do seem worse when beginning a change in eating habits, I hope you are feeling much better soon!

Thanks - good old Ibuprofen does the trick every time.

01-07-2006, 09:46 PM
Hello girls!

Sheila, don't get down about your scale sightings. It's probably fluctuation, this time I'm not kidding. :) I am not moving anywhere these past couple of days either. Thursday I was down 6.5, Friday down 0.5 and today....NOTHING! I feel pretty bad about that myself, but the main thing is to keep your eye on the prize at the end of all of this (meaning being HOT!)

CBETA, way to go on your loss! Keep up the healthy eating and exercise. Also, thank you for the great compliment. To think I could remind you of some pretty, skinny actress is surreal! Maybe if you said Delta Burke I'd believe you! hahahaha

Kespinoza, yes we are all in the same boat! We have no other choice but to lose weight, because if we don't we'll soon sink it! haha

Cheryl, congrats on weight loss! It's nice to see everyone moving along! I love Olive Garden!

Lois, hope you find time to fit in that workout. I'm struggling to get the water down too today. I basically just started. Besides a few gulps after exercise, and a glass at lunch. Like you said, the night isn't over!

Robsia, if you were into a lot of sugar before, you're body could be going thru withdrawl. I guess a detoxicfication...I went thru a CHOCOLATE one. Boy, it's bad. Hope you feel better soon.

Today isn't so bad, started off great. Good breakfast, first exercise of the day is over. Like I said, a ways to go with my water to get it finished. About to have fish for supper. Hope that turns out well. My stomach isn't feeling like it wants health today! But I got to keep going with the plan, or I will never get anywhere. Hopefully tomorrow there will be some change in the numbers, just not UP. I feel more excited and motivated. I just bought a ball at Walmart (about the size of a grapefruit), it weighs 5lbs. There are great exercises that comes with it to tone. I think it was an awesome buy for $8. We'll see how that works out too.

I'll check back later to see how everyone is doing. I hope you're all hanging in there and having a healthy day!


01-07-2006, 10:15 PM
I'm right here with you ladies. I'm going to lose a little over a hundred pounds ....maybe more. Never know eh? lol

Anyway, I read the entire thread and its nice to so many people helping eachother out. I really look forward to losing this with all of you. :carrot:

01-07-2006, 10:41 PM
Hello everyone *waves*

I just joined this website today, and I'm so excited to have found so many wonderful people!

I have about 100 pounds to lose, and if I could do it all this year that would be amazing! But I'd really need a support group for that!

01-07-2006, 11:26 PM
:hug: hello hope everyone is healthy and doing well. im so glad we have each other to talk to . i find my self coming here and reading these message and i think its really helping. im old and not good with the computer so any help would be very welcomed. ive been trying to get that weight loss tracker but two back on wt. watchers going well. keeping track of pts. thank you everyone.;)

01-07-2006, 11:33 PM
Well, guys I busted again today. Not as horrendously as I could've, but I busted! We went to Fire Mountain (equivalent to Ryans). I did pretty good on my real food. I had a chicken breast (baked, skinless), green beans, cabbage, a little meatloaf and a little chicken pot pie (believe it or not, their pot pie is only something like 3 points per cup. I had about 1/2 C or less). Then I had a piece of carrot cake!! Big Bust! Then we had a get together at my in laws. I was fine until I decided to be social at the dinner table with everyone...where the food was. I had a small handfull of chips and french onion dip, then I had probably 1/2 C. of peach cobbler. I know how the cobbler was made and don't think it's just terrible, but I'm afraid to add it up. Especially after lunch! :( I'm eating nothing else today though.
Please say special prayers for me for tomorrow. We're maybe going out to eat with a couple after church. The place we're going to has good ole southern soul food cookin'. We're talking fried cornbread, dressing, ham, mashed potatoes....Pray that I'll be strong. I'm gonna be prayin' in church tomorrow!! I want to be good, but you know how hungry you get after church!! :( Maybe if everyone prays..........
Robsia, my doctor told me that in the mornings if you wake up with that headache (I do) then it's your blood sugar and you should eat something or drink OJ. I have them pretty severely sometimes. I'm not diabetic, just have low blood sugar sometimes. That's why low carb isn't an option for me. Mine are as severe as migraines (debilitating) at times if I let them go too long. Caffiene can also do that to you. Cokes have a lot of caffiene...even diet cokes. I've learned recently that even diet coke has like 3x the amount of caffiene as coffee. Withdrawal from that is enough to cause a major headache. Better to be addicted to caffiene than nicotene or illegal drugs or alcohol, though, I suppose.

01-07-2006, 11:52 PM
Hey everyone!
I just joined 3fc & I would love to join your group. I have 100 pounds to loose & I am going to do it this year! I am so happy I found a group with the same goal as me, so we can support each other all the way!

Thank you everyone!

01-07-2006, 11:54 PM
Less_of_Me_to_Love & DragonTush :welcome: to the group. Lots of motivation here, these ladies are very inspiring.

Tina You are doing great! Keep up the good work and keep bringing that motivation. I still don't think I got enough water in today but I am going to keep trying.

fourwinds I see it the same way... just keep eating right and exercising and the rest will follow.

GainingWeightInLa Sounds like you made some good choices at the restaurant, except for the carrot cake... I was floored when I first saw how many points it is, and I just LOVE carrot cake! Heck, with a day like today, I don't know if I could have resisted the chips and dip. I will pray that you have a better day tomorrow, and you pray for me too!

It has been a dreary day here with clouds and freezing rain. I slept in today and just felt lazy today. I decided to take a day off from exercising :( This is day 7 and I have exercised 6 days straight so one day off shouldn't kill me as long as I get back on track tomorrow. Sheila I was feeling the same way today, I wanted to eat everything but I stuck to good choiced. I have been using FitDay and it is helping with my choices. I found I have been taking in too many carbs and not enough protein. I need some ideas on some good protein snacks... anybody have any? Keep up the good work everyone. I will check back later.


01-08-2006, 12:44 AM
First :welcome: Dragon Tush and Less of me to Love. You will find lots of support here.

GainingWeightInLa....Cheer up! :) :) Tomorrow is a new day. So maybe you didn't make some great choices, but no need to :rollpin: yourself up. Just plan for tomorrow, have a 4 or 5 point breakfast, go out with your friends and enjoy, but make wise choices. If you have fried chicken, take the skin off. Eat only 1/2 cup of mashed potatoes and no gravy. Fill up on salad and veggies if you can and skip the dessert. When you get home, get some :carrot: in or take a walk, but try to think possively. Negitive thought will keep you from reaching your goal. Just think of every pound you loose, as a 1 pound package of butter and you are either stacking them up as you loose them or building a wall out of them. Then stand back and look at what you have accomplished. 100 packages of butter can be a pretty big wall, and to think then that you use to carry that on your body. I have over 230 packages of butter to get off of me. When I reach my goal weight, there is no way I would be able to lift that amount, unreal that we carry it now. Go figure

I had a really great day. I got up and 8 am to exercise with Richard Simmons, and I did 20 minutes. I knew that I was going out for dinner tonight, so I planned for it. Left myself 18 points for dinner, plus I had 10 points banked. I ordered a seafood platter... oyster, 2 shrimp, crab stuffed shrimp and white fish. It came with a medium baked potatoe and salad bar. At the salad bar, I had toss salad with light dressing and cantalope. One thing I could of done but didn't, was eat half of the potatoe instead of the whole thing, but I stayed in my points and I didn't have a Margarita. I wouldn't of been able to stop with one.

Till later,

01-08-2006, 12:45 AM
ladylane06...I have been having the same problem so I looked up some higher protein snacks. Soem ideas surprised me

Beef Jerky...70 cal. 1g fat. 11g protein per ounce

Egg Whites..One egg white has only 15 calories, is fat and cholesterol-free, and contains 4 grams of protein. Throw two or three in a pan (with some peppers and onions if you want to make an omelet) for a quick, nutritious mini-meal.

Cottage cheese and fruit
One-half cup of 2% cottage cheese contains on average 16 grams of protein, yet only has 102 calories and 2 grams of fat (as opposed to other types of cheese, which can be extremely high in fat). If high protein isn't your ideal goal, then mix it with some fresh fruit for a fast, healthy snack.

Tuna is a great source of protein with approximately 25 grams per can. Plus, one can of tuna in water contains approximately 111 calories and is fat-free. And hey, go easy on the mayonnaise if you're making a sandwich -- it's also full of fat.

Protein bars
Although there are hundreds of varieties on the market, keep in mind that all protein bars are not created equal. Avoid bars that are high in carbohydrates and fat. A good choice is Designer Whey Protein Bars; each 75-gram bar contains a full 30 grams of protein, with only 6 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fat.

I found all that info at this site...I know its for men but I figured it could work for us too.

I'm going to be trying out some of these myself.:)

01-08-2006, 12:45 AM
hey im think i may have figured out the tracker. i will pray for you in church tomorrow gainingwtinla but i have faith you will do fine. have a good night talk to you all tomorrow:thanks: :D

01-08-2006, 12:48 AM
OOps here is more from the same site...


As with protein bars, many commercial protein shakes and powders can be high in carbohydrates. Advanced Protein, which delivers 20 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat and only 2 grams of carbs per scoop, is perfect for guys who work out.

You can also make your own high-protein shake without protein powder. Blend the following ingredients:

2 cups natural soy milk (Make sure it doesn't have any added sugar. The only ingredients should be soy and distilled water.)
3 egg whites
1 banana (Or another fruit of your choice.)
1 tablespoon natural peanut butter (It only contains peanuts and oil -- no preservatives -- available in health food stores and some grocery stores.)
2 tablespoons flax powder (Or 2 teaspoons flax seed oil.)
1/3 cup rolled oats
7- Lentils
Although they may not seem appetizing on their own, putting a handful of them in your soup or salad will give your snack a protein boost. One cup of lentils has about 230 calories, 1 gram of fat and 18 grams of protein.

Peanut butter

If you loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a kid, you're in luck. One tablespoon contains about 4 grams of protein, 8 grams of fat and 95 calories. For an energy boost, spread it on a slice of whole-wheat bread (60 calories and 1 gram of fat) and top it with banana slices.


According to Aubyn Garstang, a certified personal trainer, many men who train hard favor oatmeal for its balance of protein and good carbohydrates, which gives them the energy necessary to make it through an intense workout. One packet of instant oatmeal has about 5 grams of protein, 105 calories and 2 grams of fat. You can eat it alone or add some cinnamon to the mix.

01-08-2006, 01:06 AM
Since there seem to be so many of us here, I'm curious how you are all going about losing your weight? And how much have you lost so far?

01-08-2006, 01:11 AM
Hello everyone!! Boy have we really taken off. I had to do a LOT of reading to catch up with everyone. First things first: :welcome3: to all-Kespinoza, CBETA, DragonTush, Les of Me to Love & Healthmonkey (WHEW). You guys not only found a great site, but a great group.

Garnetfairy So sorry about the loss of your family member. I'm so proud of you motivated to keep going. When my brother died last year I gained 20lbs. Keep it up.

Robsia Congrats on hitting your weekly target early!! WTG

GainingWeightInLA Don't get discouraged, we're all going to have slip ups (It's a given). The important thing is that you not beat yourself up & get back on track. I will say a prayer for you. That good ole' southern food (gravy, grease, fried...) Yep that's what I was raised on. Good luck.

LadyLai Thanks for the cheers. I almost did lose my nerve when I looked at the track, but you'd be amazed how fast it goes when you put headphones on. Congrats on your loss-a loss is a loss regardless of how big or small so enjoy. Keep us posted on that new work out sounds like a good deal & if it's doable on top of that-great!

Fourwinds Sorry to hear you've been sick. Hope you feel much better very soon.

Cheryl Thanks for the tips on the water, I'll try to get some. Congrats on your loss as well.

Ladylane Don't feel bad. I almost didn't want to report in tonight. Seriously my doctor told me to pick one day a week and slack off on the diet so that my body doesn't get used to it & then the plan stops working. So I was going to take tomorrow since that's one week since I started & it's my Bday I can eat my fav dinner (My mom always makes our fav dinner on our bdays). Came home & my husband got an extra shift tomorrow & won't be home, so he wanted to take me out tonight instead. Long story short I went & we stayed gone too long, so the exercise didn't happen. Most people say work out 3-5 days a week. I did 6 days this week, so I figured I'm good. Felt a lot better to see I wasn't alone.

That's my report for today. Stayed OP except for the exercise. I figure it's ok-I already have to push myself, I don't want to end up absolutely hating it!

OH YEAH, I had gained after I made my initial tracker, so I decided it was due to working out & didn't change it. Weighed this morning. Total loss this week (since last Sun.) 8lb. a lot may be water, but I'll take it!!!:carrot:

Have a great night ladies.
Teri (

01-08-2006, 01:11 AM
I've lost maybe 5 since I joined in June 05, but I don't really think it's been intentional. I'm doing weight watchers now. Lost 30 lbs on it 2 yrs ago and have kept all off except maybe 7 lbs. It's a wonderful program,a lthough it's working slower this time than last....maybe because I keep having cheating days?? :( I wish that better tomorrow would hurry up and get here. I'm 'bout to give up waiting on it.

01-08-2006, 01:26 AM
hey thanks for your help i got it.:carrot: :D

01-08-2006, 01:28 AM
Don't get discouraged. Just hang in there. Each day is a new one & if you have a bad one, try again, another bad one, give it another shot. The important thing is to just keep TRYING. We're all here for you & in this together!!!!!!!!!!

01-08-2006, 01:32 AM
:cheer: dont give up hang in there we're in this together.we did't gain wt. in one day its going to take time and patients. i know:hug: :)

01-08-2006, 05:39 AM
Snowman idea sounds like lots of fun. The rate I'm going I'll only add a flake or two...:mad:

not sure if you've ever built one, but usually it is a long ordeal. You first use up the snow that's near by rolling the ball, and as you roll it - you add and use lose snowflakes, then when you run out of snow around you, you go around ( a layer deeper) with the same process, gain a few and lose a few. (lose in this case, as in lose ground....i.e. add pounds back)

So not to worry we are all in the process of that, but since the snowman becomes build, the gain usually outweighs the loss and that's our goal.

01-08-2006, 08:40 AM
Welcome to all new people - Maybe we should do a roll call.

I think we should start a gallery too - I noticed there is a 100lbs club one there already but I didn't add my pics to it as I was pretty sure it wasn't us.

Maybe we should have our own name, like January Joiners, New Year Newbies, or something, then when we start new threads we all know what name to look for. Any other suggestions - I know mine aren't very good.

Since there seem to be so many of us here, I'm curious how you are all going about losing your weight? And how much have you lost so far?

I'm just counting calories, but I use to hepp me keep track of what I'm eating. I used it last year and lost steadily (8 lbs) while I was using it, but then parties happened and the diet lapsed and I put it back on again. I'm also starting to exercise - only done a video once so far but then I only started last Monday.

As of Thursday I had lost 3 lbs since Monday.

01-08-2006, 09:08 AM
DragonTush Thanks for all the info. It is definitely the sort of thing I was looking for and most of it looks doable for me, it's going to be a big help for me, that's for sure, thanks again!

Cheryl, sounds like you did have a great day and you did good at the restaurant :carrot: I agree with the advice you gave LosingWeightInLa... you just can't give up because of one bad day you can't let it defeat you. You have to keep your eyes on the big picture... slow and steady wins the race!

Less_of_Me_to_Love, as for me, I am not following any particular program / plan, just taking what's useful from a few. I'm mostly practicing portion control and have began exercising which is the key to any weigh loss success. I found a very useful tool from FitDay. They have a great web site. I liked it so much that I purchased the program a few days ago. It has really showed me the values of the foods I eat. Seeing what I eat on a graph has shown me where I need to make adjustments in what I eat. I don't consider myself to be on a "diet",,the word alone screams "restrictions" to me, and I don't do well being restricted... it's like so many say... "you have to make a lifestyle change"

Teri, Girl, I really needed your words of encouragement. I really hesitated to make that post because I did feel bad about not having exercised, I was feeling like I was letting you all down in some way. I just did not feel like exercising and I think my body was telling me that... my muscles felt sore and tired and I just could not do it. Btw, congrats on the weight loss, you are doing GREAT! :dance: and Happy Birthday :hb: Have a fantastic day!

GainingWeightInLa, hang in there girl... don't give up. Each day is new, so take this one day at a time, don't give up...none of us are perfect, but we are all here for you! :hug:

I didn't have such a great day yesterday but today is starting out great! I did my WATP this morning and guess what... I got through the entire workout WITHOUT modifying one move. :carrot: My body must have really needed that day of rest! I also did my weigh-in and I am down 2 lbs. for this week which is what I'm shooting for (2 - 3 lbs per/wk)... that's a total of 7 lbs. since I started this two weeks ago. I'm on track, Yay! :carrot: There was some flucuation, but the bottom line is I lost 2 lbs this week. :dancer:

You really can't let one bad day get you down!


01-08-2006, 06:12 PM
Ladylane....Your welcome. I needed to find some higher protein snacks too so no hardship for me to look for both of us lol.

I weigh in tomorrow is hoping I see a difference in the scales. I haven't exercised at all this week ....thought I'd get my eating under control first before I tackled getting myself off my butt. My son starts back to kindergarten tomorrow and my dd starts back to preschool on tues. I can't wait to get myself into a routine. I know the lbs will melt off once I get active again. :carrot:

Less_of_me_to_love...I am using fitday as well. I am not following any particular 'diet' as I am really trying for a whole lifestyle change. Diets for me usually don't last....I have to think about my weight loss challenges differently. Like ladylane said....too many restrictions for me with diets. So less fats, more veggies, whole grains, no carbs from supper on. I get all my carbs in the morning and afternoon. I find eating carbs at night sets me up for cravings. NO eating past 7 or 8pm. Now whether this plan of attack will or not ..well time will tell lol. I've also got an exercise plan mapped out....walking for an hour Mon. and Wed., workout at the gym for an hour Tues., Thurs., and Friday., Sat., power clean and family outings and Sundays rest.

Good luck everyone!

01-08-2006, 08:27 PM
I was very inspired by reading all of your messages and support for one another. I am a 31 year old single mom of 2 and need to lose over 100 pounds. My friends are always trying to lose weight, but they have 10-20 lbs to go so it is tough for me. They reach their goals or give up and I always have a way to go. I am excited to meet up with all of you because we are all in the same situation. I need some support and motivation. My goal is also 100 lb by New Year's Eve 2006. Good luck to everyone and thanks for putting this opportunity out there.

01-08-2006, 10:52 PM
I weighed in at the gym today and I have lost 5 pounds since 12-30-05, hurray!!! Now I am under 300 (299) and only have 161 pounds left to go. Plus I worked out at the gym for an hour today, 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes on the treadmill!! Not on level 1 either, level 4 on the bike did 3.36 miles and did .82 miles on the treadmill on a small incline at 1.9. Hurray for me!!! This is my third workout at the gym since I joined December 30, 2005! My weight is gonna come off this time and I am going to stay a member of the gym and use it!! even after I lose it!! I promise myself!!

Way to go everyone else who checked in with a loss....keep up the good work everyone who worked out or stayed on program and dont give up to the ones who are struggling and having doubts. I KNOW WE CAN ALL REACH OUR GOALS!!

01-09-2006, 01:01 AM
Welcome to teach5wh! We are all in this together. It's hard to try to keep motivated with someone who has only a little weight to lose. The women I work with are constantly talking about having to lose 10 or 15 pounds, not that it is easy, but I find myself thinking "If only I had YOUR problem!" :dizzy: So, just wanted to say:welcome: to the group.

Garnetfairy Thay workout was awesome!! Congrats on the weight loss. You have really motivated me to try to push myself. The kids & I are going back to the track tomorrow when they get out of school. I'll try for walking til I can't anymore. (That won't take long haha):o

LadyLane Thank you for the bday wishes, it was a good one. Even though I "took the day off" I found myself actually wanting water. Can you believe that? I figured up what I ate today. I DID have a piece of bday cake, but other than that, I didn't do too bad. It's hard to think that I give myself permission to take the day off & I still ate low fat. That's good though.
[QUOTE=ladylane06]Teri, Girl, I really needed your words of encouragement. I really hesitated to make that post because I did feel bad about not having exercised, I was feeling like I was letting you all down in some way.
That is exactly the way I felt & feel like I'll be letting all of you down if I don't follow through. That's good though it's what I needed-to be held accountable even if only in my mind. It's working. Maybe it's because I don't really know any of you & it's not as easy to come up with excuses? Anyway thank you for your encouragement and hope you had a great day.;)

For all of us who don't like water here's another tip. Many of the spas around have pitchers of cold filtered water offered in the waiting areas. I've noticed that a lot of them have started putting 3-4 slices of oranges, lemons & even cucumbers in the bottom. The water doesn't take on the taste of whatever is in the bottom, but the cucumber is my fav!!!!!!!:D It gives the water a really fresh, crisp taste to it. Really doesn't taste like cucumber though.
Hope everyone is doing good. I'll see ya tomorrow.

Teri (

01-09-2006, 07:16 AM
Thanks Maysmav! I am very excited that I got up this morning and did 1.5 miles on the treadmill before my day began. I feel like I am off to a good start for the day. Good luck to everyone else!

01-09-2006, 08:42 AM
Yay - I have lost 4 lbs now in my first week - I am happy.

01-09-2006, 09:43 AM
Hey everyone,
We're off to another week... hope everyone had a good weekend. I missed some of you yesterday,hope to see you here today.

I've gotten that workout in and it feels good to get it in early, and if I feel like doing some more later then it will be a bonus and if not, I can be satified that I did get it done today. I'm not following any particular diet plan, but I am using FitDay (downloaded version), and I absolutely LOVE it! It's almost like a game in which you make moves (adjustments) in order to get those graphs moving in a healthy directions, it's fun. The ticker doesn't show .5 lbs but I've lost another 1.5 lbs. :dancer: ...that's an 8.5 lbs loss for two weeks time. I'm very motivated to keep moving those numbers. Hope everyone has a great day and I'll be checking back later.

DragonTush, your plan of attack sounds similar to one I had years ago. I would not eat after 8pm, would usually have my last meal by 7pm, and at 8 I would do my aerobics. I somewhat followed Medical Weight Loss... a friend of mine at the time gave me a copy of their plan. I would also walk during the day on my breaks at work. I dropped about 30 lbs. in 3 months time. So it sounds like a good plan to me! Good luck with it!

teach5wh, :welcome3: to the groups. I am glad you are finding some inspiration here. The ladies here are full of motivation. Look forward to getting to know you.

garnetfairy, Congrats on the weight loss :dancer: You are off to a great start. Doesn't feel good to see those numbers move, what more motivation can you ask for.

Teri, so glad you have a wonderful b-day. I agree that it's good having this group and feeling accountable... you are right, it's hard to come up with an excuse, because "we" have heard them all :)

Robsia, I feel your excitement, WTG on the weight loss :dance:

01-09-2006, 12:58 PM
Hi, everyone. I feel like the party pooper of the crowd. Everyone's losin' and I'm maintaining and griping the whole way! :( Anyone else have trouble with a family that loves going out to eat??? If I could stay home to eat, I'd do wonderfully! But my husband loves going out! And he wants to go to all you can eat places or seafood (my weakness!!! fried catfish!). I had done pretty well from Tuesday til Thursday last much so that I could tell my body was getting adjusted to eating healthier. Then the weekend came.....and it went spiraling....out of control almost! My husband is great...don't get me wrong. He's probably the best husband in the whole (yes, I realize I'm a bit biased....but really, he is!!). He's 5'10" or 11" and weighs 215 lbs fully dressed. He's a little overweight, but not nearly like me! He loves to eat...he loves going out to eat. He hates for me to cook, not because of what I cook (or so he says), but because he knows I don't enjoy it and we both hate cleaning up the mess. So, he loves going out to eat. I try to be strong and say no, but sometimes I am not. Sometimes it's just easier to say yes. Although, if I just have supper cooked when he gets home from work (at 5 pm) then it's not an issue. Guess that's my solution, then, huh? Sometimes that's not possible, but I guess if I make it a priority then it'll be possible.
Thanks everyone, though, because knowing I'm accountable to you guys is making a difference, although it may not seem so.

01-09-2006, 01:53 PM
teach5wh - WTG on the exercise this morning! Today is my day off of work so of course now the real work & I have soooo much to do. When I get the kids from school we're going to the park to tackle the track again. Keep up the good work.:carrot:

LadyLane - You are so right! That's it-there are no more excuses that we haven't heard. I'm proud of you on the loss too.:D

GainingWeightInLA - You hang in there!! The important thing is that you're trying. It takes time to get into the routine of things. Once you settle in you'll be fine. The important thing is don't give up. & by the way, I don't think you're griping. That's what support is all about.:hug:

Have a great day girls!! I'll check back later tonight-gotta get all those errands done.

Teri (

01-09-2006, 05:12 PM
:welcome: Teach5wh ! Glad to have you on board. You found a great bunch of chicks and one rooster here. I just started five days ago, and I couldn't have done it without all the support I received from this group and one other I'm in.:carrot: :carrot:

My offical weigh-in day is wednesday, but I had to check this morning:goodscale I had 6 lbs gone.:woo: :woo:.

I didn't exercise yesterday or today. I had an accident yesterday and feel like an idiot!! Fell out of our Suburban and landed on my head:dizzy: :dizzy:. My headache isn't as bad today. I have a sore neck, and I'm lucky I didn't need stitches in my elbow or have a concussion, just a bruised hip/butt and my pride. Guess I should be happy I'm padded! :lol3: :stars: :rofl:

It's back to :tread: tomorrow if I feel like it or not.

Till later~


01-09-2006, 11:14 PM
Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't posted these past couple of days. It's been a whirl wind. Weekends and Mondays are always this way. Every weekend my parents come to stay, and mondays are my hubby's day off. So that means grocerie day, and a lot of errands. I would like to welcome all the new ppl that have joined since I last posted on friday. And big cheers to all that are making great strides with their weight loss.

But I got a confession to make. I am almost at my wits end already. I can cry at the mere thought of failure. The last few posts I've posted I wanted to sound really supportive of you all that are doing so good and those who are struggling. The truth is that I need a little pick me up myself. I know you might think what ever for, but I am so confused as to what my body is doing. I started off monday great, the week went great. By friday I was down 7lbs. But I haven't even budged since. I haven't cheated, I have been walking on the treadmill twice a day and drinking all my water. I don't understand what's going on. Why the stand still? I know 7lbs. is a lot, but my mind is getting in that mode "I can't do this". And that scares me to death. I am always wondering, am I gaining muscle in my legs, is my metabilism starving, or is my body thinking it needs to maintain, or is my body trying to balance out a great weight loss coming right off the starting line.

Feeling so confused and a little discouraged I changed my diet from doing totally Dr.Phils plan. The breakfasts and lunches are fine. But the thought of putting another steamed, blan, vegetable in my mouth for supper I think I will toss it! (literally) So, I am going to do my own dinner meal plans. Keeping the total amount of calories and fat a day to 1500cal and 20g fat. I made this decision because I have to make this easy for me if I am going to stick with it.

I'm sorry all for the sob sorry and probably making you all down too. But I am so confused with what is going on. I haven't changed a thing, till today. Please, am I being too hard on myself? can I still do this? I really don't know what to expect. Any ideas of what you all may think I would appreciate them.

Have a great night!
Sweet success to you all.

01-10-2006, 12:09 AM
Hello everyone!!!!! Today was the day to check my wt. and I lost 4lbs.. In 4 days Wt.Watcher is working well for me. I have everything but I' m not doing the meetings. This girl I work with did Wt. Watchers and she lost about 70lbs. and has keep it off 2 years but she'll tell you she has to stick with it and do her exercise. Anyway she is great support at work and motivation along with you guys who needs to go to a meeting. Ladylia,and gaining wtinLa hang in there you can do it. You have to find a diet that you like. Going out to eat is hard but they usually have lots of healthy choices:carrot: You can do it, WE can do it TOGETHER .:D Great Job cheryl120,ladylane,Robsia,and garnefairy keep up the good work.:high: Teach5wh off to a good start.:D Good job with the early morning workout keep up the good work.:carrot: Hope everyone else is having success!!! Good Night!! Talk to you later;)

01-10-2006, 12:52 AM
Hey everyone, just checkin' back in,

GainingWeightInLa, don't feel like you are a party pooper. I know it's hard when you are going out to eat all the time. It's sounds like you might have a partial solution by having dinner ready when hubby gets home, but when you do go out just make better choices. The bottom line is that you take in fewer calories then you burn... as long as you do that you will lose the weight. Hang in there girl. :hug:

Teri, hope you had a good day and thanks for the support.

Cheryl, all I can say is "OUCH"... hope you are feeling better and good luck on that weigh in!

Tina, don't be so hard on yourself. You have been off to a great start don't forget that. Don't get frustrated if the numbers don't move everyday, it's likely that your body is just adjusting to your new habits that's all. I had a few days like that... the scale didn't move down, in fact it showed a gain of a pound. i felt a little discouraged but kept with it and the next day 2 pouds were gone! :carrot: So just be patient with yourself because it sounds like you're doing things right. :hug:

kespinoza,whoohoo! ! ! :cheer: Congrats on the weight loss, how exciting. I'm glad you have that extra motivation and support at work.

Staying motivated is key and coming here everyday and reading all the successes be they big or small, or even being able to relate to the struggles keeps me motivated. Thanks to all of you and keep up the good work!

Til' tomorrow.


01-10-2006, 12:57 AM
Ok everybody a quick check in. Started to skip it tonight, but I know if I start that before long, I won't be doing it at all. I've really slacked on the water, but tomorrow is another day. fg were down to 15 today and I did take the kids to the park. 1.5 miles on that track. Went faster this time though, tonight there were some others there & the first time around they passed me, after that I had to keep up. But at that pace 2 miles was out! haha

LandyLai SO GLAD TO SEE YOU BACK!! There could be many reasons for your stand still. You probably are gaining muscle & remember that muscle weight is twice that of fat. It could also be that the plan you were following just doesn't fit what you need, everybody has to find the right one for them. Regardless, don't give up. 7lbs is a great start. I hate to sound so cliche, but I know you've heard it before, didn't get fat overnight, can't lose it overnight. Besides, we're all going to have our times when we need to get on here & vent & get discouraged, but hang in there! We're all here for you.:hug:

Cheryl congrats on your success!! Keep up the good work.:D

Have a good night!
Teri (

01-10-2006, 10:12 AM

Weight can fluctuate from day to day - as we all know. This is why it's recommended we don't weigh ourselves every day. It can even go up from one day to the next but go down over a week.

If you don't weigh yourself every day and pick one weigh-in day a week (mine is Monday) - I am sure you will see results.

You're doing SO well already.

Everyone loses weight at different rates depending on metabolism and other variables.

I lost 4 lbs in the first week but there are others of a similar weight who lost 6 or more. I could be depressed but then I think "Hey - I've lost 4lbs!!" and the bad feelings go away.

It's harder to keep going when you're maintaining but at least you're not gaining.

You've lost 7 lbs and that's fabulous!! Keep doing what you know will work and you WILL lose weight.

Give up and say "Oh, I can't do it" and you won't - that I can promise you!!

Sweetheart - it is so hard, I know, and it's far easier to dispense advice than it is to follow it, or I'd have been a size 8 all my life - LOL.

But you CAN do this and we are all behind you 100%.

Don't give up so soon!

01-10-2006, 10:12 AM
Good morning everyone,
Just checking in. I got my workout in. I'm still sticking with WATP 1 mile for now. I have found only a couple of my RS vids and not the ones I was looking for :( I don't think I ate enough yesterday (only about 700 cals.) This has been my problem, not eating enough coupled with not exercising, thus no weight loss. I will do better today. Gotta keep that motor running, since I decided to start it up! :lol:

Teri, that's right, keep checking in and let's keep the motivation going. It is so easy for us to fall back into our old habits and we know if we do that a month or even a year down the road we will be kicking ourselves for wasting the time... at least that's how I've felt when falling off the weight loss wagon. I already sense that this time will be different and I want to keep that frame of mind.

Sheila... where are you!

Robsia Iooks like we were posting at the same time. I agree with what you had to say. Those numbers can go up and down from day to day or not move at all, the the next day 2 lbs. can be gone! So not getting on that scale everyday is good advice... advice I need to follow!

Have a great day everyone! ...I'll be checking back later.


01-10-2006, 11:27 AM
Good morning ladies!

I wanna jump in here real fast (I have to drive my daughter to preschool in 5mins). I want to thank you all for all the words of support and encouragement. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have support and friendship from you all. No one else knows what we are going thru but us.

I know it's bad to weigh everyday, but I can't help but wonder if I am making any progress, especially now. I am still the same. Now after reading your posts, I think I can take this. I am eating healthier than before, it eventually has to go (fat).

Once again thanks all!! A GREAT BIG CYBER HUG TO YOU ALL!!


01-10-2006, 02:10 PM
Hey, LA, you are not a party pooper, I have not seen anything budge either. I have been sick, though, for the past few days, and I figure that I have about four pounds of congestion in my sinuses, if that counts.

Sorry, that was gross.

I CANNOT stay on program when I am sick. Does everyone find this to be true? It's not just not wanting to eat anything but warm, soft things, but I also find if I don't cook, no one does. So we get frozen, fast food, etc. What do you guys do when you get sick, or when you have to depend on someone else to make the food?

I still have a sore throat and can't breathe through my right (only my right!) nostril, but hopefully I am on the mend.

Also, does anyone else find that when their routine is upset, ie, you start attending a meeting for something on Thursdays, you have to go out of town for a week, or you start having to be at work earlier, their whole programs falls apart and has to be re-organized? Or is it just me?

01-10-2006, 02:31 PM
I always plan to start attending WW meetings again, but then something comes up that I can't NOT attend to and I end up not able to go. It never fails. And I too find it nearly impossible to stay on program when sick. I think it has to do with comfort foods that you just can't do without when you're sick.
I wanted to share a new website I just found. It's and for anyone doing weight watchers, it has a food tracker that'll keep up with the total points you've had daily. All you have to do is enter what you've eaten and their point value. I thought it was pretty cool. Hope I can atleast stick to it! I'm not sticking much to anything else lately...including the program! :( It's noon and I've had almost 13 points!! My allowance is 28, I believe. :( :( :( I'll end up over today, I think. I guess I should pray. God can help me, I know!
Thanks for all the encouragement today guys. I know I can do this...I just haven't made up my mind to yet, I suppose. I want the weight to just disappear by itself, I guess. Wouldn't that be great??? lol I'll check back later. Have a good rest of the day, all.....

01-10-2006, 02:37 PM
Hello All!
I know it has been awhile since I posted but I am still sticking with it. It was good to read all the posts. It is motivating to read about the sucesses and the challenges - because knowing that I am not alone in the challenges is so comforting - this is real life and sometimes things don't go as planned but as long as we keep going we will eventually get there - some of us just like to take the long, scenic route!

On the plus side I have been doing more than thinking about exercise. My hubby & I have been going to the gym for the last 5 days! The soreness is finally starting to fade.

I put the big guilt trip on the hubby - I told him that he needed to go to the gym with me and keep me accountable - that if he couldn't do that he didn't deserve a thin wife! He of course is 6'2" and 190 lbs so weight is not an issue for him - but he does love me so to the gym we go.

Big victory - I finally was able to zip up a pair of size 18 jeans - they are not what you would call comfortable but hey I was wearing size 24's in October so I am very happy!

Hope everyone makes good choices today - make it happen!

01-10-2006, 03:07 PM
Do not give up on today - you can still have a great OP day. A big salad, grilled or baked chicken, baked potato w/ salsa and lots of steamed veggies - still under points. Or you could eat several lean cuisines! I always keep a couple frozen meals with low points for those "bad" days when I need to control myself. You can do this! Make today a great day!


01-10-2006, 05:56 PM
How tall are you? Obviously taller than me! (5'4") lol I'm at 235 and 18's are still a way away for me! :( I have one pair I can wear. My 20's fit nicely, though. I'll be gladder to see them go than I was to toss my 22's into the garage sale pile!
It fascinates me how much tall people can weigh and still look good. God skipped over me when He handed out inches....or maybe He just gave me mine in circumference rather than height! lol

01-10-2006, 07:17 PM
Hey everybody. I guess we're all finding our little demons to deal with. Last Thurs I got off track with my water & although I"m still drinking it, I can't seem to get enough in since then. I just need to make up my mind again. NO EXCUSES! That's what I keep telling myself anyway. Exercise has mostly been light, but a lot of it today. I had personal time at work that I was about to lose, so I took the day off & have been deep cleaning (moving furniture, etc). Water obviously not great, but better than the last few days. fg 6 so far, but dinner will add 5 more for a total of 11 out of 30. I may have a low fat desert tonight. lol

Staying motivated is key and coming here everyday and reading all the successes be they big or small, or even being able to relate to the struggles keeps me motivated. Thanks to all of you and keep up the good work!
I agree completely, while this time I am determined to stick with it, I have to admit that without all of the support & yes, even pitfalls here I don't think I would be able to stay OP as well. Thanks, I don't think any of you know what an actual life saver this site & all of you have been for me.

gsjmyeager Congrats on you're accomplishment! (both the weight & getting the hubby to the gym)lol.

GainingWeightInLA gsjmyeager is right. You can still make those points. We're all cheering for ya!

LadyLai glad to hear you're beginning to not be so hard on yourself. Those fluctuations can really take a toll on you.

Eyesing glad to hear you're starting to feel better. Staying OP when sick? I'd have to agree it's "comforting". & I think getting in the routine of things is personally the hardest part. When you're thrown off of that, it's like you have to start all over.

I'm so glad that this is a group of people that found each other & is giving support in good times & bad. Keep trudging along everybody!!!!!! :hug:
Have a good night.
Teri (

01-10-2006, 09:23 PM
Hi ladies!

Kespinoza, congrats on the weight loss! You're doing great! Thanks for the cheering up. We do need to tinker with our "diets" to get it right.

Lois, thanks also for the cheering up. I know I had an awesome start, I ought to be thankful for that. I hope the scale is nicer to me than it has been these past 5 days. (keeping fingers crossed) And way to go gettiing your workout in early this morning. I hope you got your needed calories today.

Teri, thanks for the welcome back and the encouragement. Moving furniture and cleaning I think is equivalent to weights in the gym!

Robsia, thanks also for the encouragement. I know weighing everyday is a bad habit, and can be nasty for our already fragile confidence. I promise to try and work on this. And I'm not going to give up, I've had a great start, it's going to finish great too!

Eyesing, sorry to hear you've been under the weather. I totally agree with you, when you're sick you do not have any energy. Sometimes when I'm sick I can barely get out of my own way! lol I hope you feel better soon, and get right back on the weight loss wagon!

Gsjmyeager, that's so awesome that you got your hubby to go to the gym with you. Congrats on the size 18's! Keep up the great work on you!

Well guys, I had a good day. I got my water, exercise and healthy food in. I know I sounded awful lastnight. But I figured I joined this site for support, and boy I was blown away at how much you all jumped on it. You guys are fabulous support buddies. I hope that I can repay you all some day. I know not to lose site of the final goal, the only way to get there are to live thru these tough times.

Once again you're wonderful women! And we're on a great journey together, thru all the ups and downs. I hope you have a wonderful night and wake up a lighter you! ;) :goodscale

Sheila, I miss you! Hope you get that computer fixed soon!


01-10-2006, 09:59 PM
I weighed myself yesterday and I have lost 6lbs since the 2nd!! Yippee!:carrot:

I also started my exercising yesterday. I walked 45 min and climbed the bog 'ole stairs by my house. There are a lot of them LOL! Today I went to the gym and did 10 min. on the treadmill and 35 min. doing my round.

I was feeling really good today but I fell off the wagon and had pizza tonight. Ugh! I feel like crap (especially after logging it in at Fitday, yikes!)but I'm dusting myself off and getting back on right away. Still it could be worse.....before I would have stopped eating healthy altogether and bought chips and dip to make it 'worth my while'. Not anymore. I ate my pizza.....that is it!

Good losing all!!

01-10-2006, 11:14 PM
jill...WOW!! Size 18. Can't wait for the day I can get into that size. Way to go girl! :carrot: :carrot: Keep up the good work.

GaingWeightInLa...Cheer up! I know how hard it is to stay on a program, but you need to focus on each day as it comes. If you have time, sit down at night and pre plan what you will eat for the next day. I'm 5' and have over 200 lbs to loose. I would't be able to do this without the support of the women I have found at this site, my group at Weight Watchers and my husband Jim. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!....WE ALL CAN!...BY SUPPORTING EACH OTHER.:grouphug:

Tina...Try to only :goodscale yourself once a week if you can. It's a problem for me also, but as you exercise more and more, you are building muscle and that weighs more than fat. You will hit those times where the scales won't budge and it could last a month or longer, but that is just your body adjusting to the weight you have already lost. Don't get discouraged!! Just stay on your program and exercise, you'll start loosing again.:hug:

Eyesing...Hope you are feeling better :hug: I like to eat homemade Chicken and wild rice soup. It just makes me feel better and it smells good also.

DragonTush... Congrats on loosing 6lbs :woo: :woo: I like my pizza also. Papa Murphys is my favorite. It's a good thing that we live 25 miles from any fast food or pizza place cause i'd probably be bigger than I am now.:rofl: Have you tried Lean Cuisine Pizza's? They only have 290-320 calories and are between 5 to 6 points if you are following weight watchers. I had one today with a salad. YUM!!

Well girls, I feel a lot better than I did yesterday. Got my exercising in with Richard Simmons. Almost made it through the whole workout. Maybe tomorrow. It gets a little easier each day and my knees are not screaming like they did before I started to exercise.
I've gone a whole week without cheating once! It's a first for me. Don't know why this time I'm so committed to following through, but I am. It's a good thing! Weigh-in at Weight Watchers tomorrow. Hope it is a 6lbs loss like my scales say, but a loss is a loss either way, so I'll take it.:carrot:


01-11-2006, 02:30 AM

01-11-2006, 09:23 AM
Should be leaving right now to take son to school....I had to post that I stayed within my target points afterall yesterday!!!!!!!!! I'm sooooooo happpppppyyyyyyyy!!! Feel free to pat me on my virtual back! I deserve it!!! :) LOLOL I'm just being funny, ya'll! Gotta run. I'll check back later. Today is a new challenge. I did it yesterday, I can do it today, too, right???

01-11-2006, 10:45 AM
Good morning,
Boy, it was one of those mornings where I did not want to get out of bed.... just wanted to stay there and sleep. So needless to say I did not want to do my workout, but I pushed myself and now I'm glad I got it done :dancer:. I had to hurry up and get that negative thought out of my head before it grew roots.

Yesterday I got in about 1600 cals., but I felt tired as the day went on, I'm thinking may be because I did not get in enough cals. the day before.... does it work like that? It's funny that I have never been into counting cals. but using FitDay (pc version) makes it easy to keep up with them and your daily nutrients without actually having to count them... I should have found this program a long time ago... I love it!

Tina, see what a difference a day makes. We are here to support one another and get each other through those potential bad days... now you know you can get through the bad days. We all know how easy it can be to fall off, that's why we are all here... to keep each other motivated and on task.

EyeSing, sorry you are under the weather but hope you are feeling better soon and back with us. :hug:

GainingWeightInLa, :dancer: Congrats on staying within your points... see, all you have to do is hang in there girl... we know not everyday will be perfect so we can't be hard on ourselves. We just have to be able to brush it off and stay focused.

Jill, so good to see you posting. I agree it is nice to be able to come to a place where others can relate to us and help us stay focused. Wow, how cool you got your hubby to go to the gym with you. I have to get the nerve up to go to the gym period! :lol: Glad you are sticking with it... and you fit in a size 18! :carrot: ...I'm jealous too! me something to shoot for. I have some smaller clothes in my closet that I am looking forward to fitting into again. Keep up the good work!

Teri, that's right NO EXCUSES. I think we will all have days where we don't get the exercise in or we may eat a little too much and even struggle getting that water in... but all we can do is keep moving forward and try to improve the next day and the next just as long as we stick to it this time.


01-11-2006, 10:57 AM
Sounds like everyone is making progress! What more can we ask for ( except that all the fat just magically disappears - I know we have all had that fantasy.)

Gaining in LA - We need to change your name to Losing in LA! Way to go staying OP! 1 day at a time. By the way I am only 5'5". I think we just run heavy in my family - I have weighed 160 and been in size 6/8 and my daughters ( both 5' 4") weigh 140 and wear size 5. We must have heavy bones! Both my daughters are athletes and are solid muscle - they take after their dad!

Teri - You hit the nail on the head - NO EXCUSES! I have justified and excused myself into 150+ extra lbs. I can't excuse myself anymore.

Tina - You have a great attitude! Hey, if losing weight wasn't so much like a rollercoaster we would probably all be skinny. Sometimes I just want to scream - not fair! - when the scale doesn't reflect my efforts immediately. It seems like it reflects every slip up but not the flip side. Keep on keeping on.

DragonTush - Way to go! it's all about being accountable. It seems easier to stop the fall when you write it down ASAP. Instead of pizza becoming pizza, chips and dip and ice cream it just stays pizza - which is quite a victory!

Cheryl - How did the WI go? You are on a roll! Hope you did fantastic!

Kespinoza - You are so right about keeping yourself honest!

It seems that we have a recurring theme here - no excuses, being accountable and being honest with ourselves. Funny how the easiest person to fool is ourselves. I believed that if no one saw me eating the food they wouldn't know - hello look in the mirror. I was the only one who couldn't see. Yikes!

Hey everyone consider yourself hugged - and make today a great day!

01-11-2006, 11:02 AM
Lois - Way to go! Making yourself do it when you don't want to is a huge accomplishment! (That's what I tell my husband anyways!)

The more I don't want to do it before the better I feel after. You should be very proud of yourself!


01-11-2006, 11:28 AM
My daughter's coach gave her this and I thought of us.

Dream Big
By Author Unknown

If there were ever a time to dare, to make a difference, to embark on something worth doing –
it is now. Not for any grand cause, necessarily - but for something that tugs at your heart, something that's your aspiration, something that's your dream.

You owe it to yourself to make your days here count.
Have fun.
Dig Deep.
Dream big.

Know, though, that things worth doing seldom come easy.
There will be good days.
There will be times when you want to turn around, pack it up, and call it quits. Those times tell you that you are pushing yourself that you are not afraid to learn by trying.

Because with an idea, determination, and the right tools, you can do great things.
Let your instincts, your intellect, and your heart guide you.

Believe in the incredible power of the human mind.
Of doing something that makes a difference -
Of working hard -
Of laughing and hoping -
Of lazy afternoons -
Of lasting friends -
Of all the things that will cross your path this year -

The start of something new brings the hope of something great.
Anything is possible.
There is only one you.
And you will pass this way only once.

01-11-2006, 11:40 AM
How appropriate... very fitting! I'll be saving this. Thanks for sharing.

01-11-2006, 12:04 PM
Good morning ladies,

I bet you know what I'm going to say next.....THE SCALE FINALLY MOVED! After almost a week of no progress, no motivation, and discouragement the scale moved down 2lbs.!!!:goodscale

I know it sounds so silly to get discouraged over something like this, but like I said my confidence was already fragile in the beginning of all of this. It was built up like wild fire the first 5 days, but next 5 days took it's toll. If there is an example anyone riding a tough wave through it's me!! :cheer:

I'm ready to jump on that treadmill and give it all it's got! :ebike: Thanks ladies for being there for me. :encore:

I'll check back in later, I just had to come share with you first thing. I'm off to exercise now.

01-11-2006, 01:52 PM
Yay Tina!!!! Well done - all that hard work paid off.

01-11-2006, 02:50 PM
I'm back to check in with you all! Happy afternoon!

Dragontush, congratulations on your lose. You're more than half way to meeting your January goal! Yay! :carrot: I love pizza too, but I am going to find a healthier way to enjoy it. Maybe grilled chicken pizza with 1% mozzarella, or extra lean ground beef, turkey bacon, etc. You get the idea. :) I think it's okay to have a treat once in a (long) while. :D

Cheryl, thanks for the encouragement. The way I was feeling, I hope I never stay the same for a whole month, five days was torture! lol Good for you getting your exercise in and sticking with it without cheating. I feel ya on the knees! Yay! for those 6lbs. gone for good! :cp:

kespinoza, good for you keeping your wits at the office yesterday. I was at a birthday party on sunday (my daughters friend from preschool). They kept offering and offering me some cake, but I stayed strong. I felt like one more offer I would had to give in, just not to be rude! lol :stress:

GainweightinLa, I agree we should change your name to LosingWeightInLa!! Great job keeping within your points yesterday! I know once we have a good day it's hard to spoil that with having a so so day the next. It keeps you motivated to keep trudging. You can do it!! :dance:

Lois, I had the same morning. I didn't want to get out of bed. Especially cause I knew I was going to step on that scale and perhaps be dissapointed. But it turned out to be a great one!! (can you tell I am happy? LOL) Good for you rolling out and doing your workout. I have to keep that quote in mind, "hurry up and get that negative thought out of my head before it grew roots." I love that! :smug:

Jill, so true about the scale. Somedays it's our nearest and dearest friend. Then there are days when it's our enemy. Talk about a love, hate relationship that's more dramatic than a soap! I also thought the same about eating out of sight of everyone, I just woke up one day 269lbs, honestly!! :rofl: I enjoyed the poem very much too, it was speaking directly to me, especially now. Thanks for sharing that. :cp:

I gotta go an make lunch now!
Talk later girls.

01-11-2006, 03:38 PM
My name is Tracie, I live in Massachusetts. I have been married almost 10 years and I have 4 kids. I think I weight aroung 250, I find out tomorrow at WW. I have been watching what I eat and have started exercising 1/2 hour a day. I would love to have a buddy in a similar situation. I have lost in the past but I always gain in back. My highest was 266.

:carrot: THIS TIME I REALLY WANT TO DO IT!!! I want to be healthy. Also, I am going to mexico next December for my neices 15th Birthday I am going to be her madrina (godmother) and I want to look great!!

I too would love to have a 100lb buddy!!!!

01-11-2006, 04:17 PM
Tina, :dance: see, all that doubt for nothing. You know they say you always lose more that first week, then things slow down. It was likely your body adjusting. Yes, I can tell you are happy and I'm so excited for you. :cheer: ...keep that motivation going girl! :dancer:

Tracie, :wave: hi and :welcome3: We have all buddied up here so welcome to the group! Just jump in and share your successes, big or small and even the struggles. We are all here helping each other to stay motivated. So far, it's working.... right Tina :)

I'll check back later.


01-11-2006, 04:28 PM
Well, I ordered some digital scales today. Here's hoping they are more accurate and tell me I'm less than my analogue ones do :)

What's the betting they say I'm more!!

Ah well, site says they should be delivered by next Wednesday.

I did my video last night and managed the first TWO aerobic sections, whereas I only managed the first one last time. So I felt like I had achieved something!

Welcome Tracie! I'm sure you'll do great and look fabulous for your niece's birthday in December!!

01-11-2006, 06:47 PM
Okay, I know it looks like I'm addicted to this thing (computer) today!

I just want to pop in and say thanks to Robsia and Lois for the :cheer: And :welcome: boogitas. We have an awesome compilation of women here. This is a great place to come share your woes and successes! Lois IS right so far it's working I can testify to that! Robsia, way to go on your workout! :tread:

I'm so hyper :hyper: today! hehehe Do any of you ever go on the chat or have a chat/messenger thingy (yeah, that's right I said thingy. I'm so into computers!) :comp:

Just one more thing. Sheila (1fathen) who started this thread, has been on my mind today. It was great for me to be able to come here and vent and have your support when I needed it. But she hasn't been able to get here due to computer problems. I can't imagine how she feels not being able to get here, especially if she needs us. Let's send wonderful thoughts and prayers her way!! :goodluck:

Okay, I'm off to conquer something else. Of course I'll check back in later!!

~Tina :carrot: :balloons: :carrot:

01-11-2006, 09:30 PM
Tracie :welcome: Glad to have another 100lb buddie.

GainingWeightInLa....:bravo: I'm so proud of you staying within your points. Hope you had another great day today!

Lois...Hope you are not feeling as tired tomorrow as you do today. At WW today, they said that we need to eat our total points for the day. Same if you are following 1600 calorie plan. Need it to fuel our bodies and give us energy. It's like running a car, too little fuel won't get us very far. Too little fuel and our body goes into starvation mode and hangs on to every pound.

Jill...I absolutely love the poem! Thanks for sharing it with us. :hug: Going to share it with my WW group next week.

Tina....:woo: :bravo: Congrats on the 2lb loss. See, you just had to be patient. Your so good about exercising also. :carrot: :carrot:

Robsia... I think you will like your digital scale. I have one and I love it! I have to remember to change the batteries about once a month on it. Great job on keeping up with your exercising. :carrot: :carrot:

I had a great day! Stayed within my points. :) Today was my weigh-in day at WW and their scale said I lost 4.3lbs. :carrot: :carrot: Not the 6 like my scales said, but I think I need to put new batteries in it. Anyway, I'm still happy! It's a loss and that all any of us want to see. :flow1:

Try to check in later.

Cheryl :df: :df: :df: :df:

01-11-2006, 11:47 PM

01-12-2006, 12:13 AM
Ok guys I'm going to try to make this a quick one.
:welcome3: to Tracie - Glad to have you on board!!
Congrats to everyone for staying OP and for all of your losses or maintaining! Sounds like we're all getting over our bumps in the road. Hooray for us.
I want say especially that I'm soooo proud of GainingWeightInLA & Tina!! WTG you 2!!!:carrot:
Everyone is doing so good. While catching up on the posts, I had to agree with one point or another from all of u. I caught myself sitting here nodding my head. I guess as long as I don't start answering my self I'm OK. LOL:dizzy:
Well, stayed OP pretty good today. Got the exercise in on the gazelle & weights, total of 15fg for today, and did much better on the water. Think I'm over the rutt with the water.
I'll try to post tomorrow, but my grandmother is in the hospital (please say some prayers) so I have to leave out on Fri to go to WV. Maybe I'll try to swipe somebody's computer while I'm there. Just in case I don't talk to you ladies for a few days, I hope everyone has a great weekend (& rest of the week).
Keep up the good work everyone!!!!!!!!
Teri (

01-12-2006, 09:08 AM
Robsia, Congrats on the workout ;cheer: feels good to make progress!

Tina, if you had been anymore hyper yesterday, you would have been floating :dance: I'm loving your excitement, it is very motivating too! I am into computers myself... have been for 20+ years... yeah, yeah, I know i'm old. I was online before the www. I was one of the original Prodigy subscribers back when Prodigy and AOL were just basic online services. When the www was introduced, it was a premium service, so glad I never paid for it! :lol: Anyway, I'm on Y!, check my profile and if any of you want to add me feel free, just IM me.

Cheryl, I know what you are saying and I have heard so many times but I guess once it clicks you realize how true it is. I am so glad you had a great day! I was so excited when I read your weight loss... :cheer: girl you would of thought it was my loss :lol: You are doing great.

kespinoza, yes it is hard but hang in there girl. You did alot better then I would have being surrounded by choclate. I'm a SAHM so I can manage to avoid the temptation, but if I were working outside of the home I don't know how well I'd do, so be proud of yourself and hang on to that will power!

Teri, Sounds like you are doing great! Congrats on staying OP. What does fg stand for, is it fitness goal? So sorry to hear you grandmother is sick... I will be sending positive thoughts your way. Hope you get a chance to check in with us.

Well, so far the day is starting off pretty good. I woke up feeling rested this morning. I do believe it was a lack of calories the other day that had me so tired that day after. It also showed on the scale.. there was a flucuation... a gain yesterday but today it is back down. I got my workout in this morning and there is such a difference in my stamina. I'm still working up a sweat, but I can get through it the entire thing without feeling like I want to quit half way through. That's a big accomplishment for me because prior to getting back into exercising, I had absolutely no stamina... what a different a couple of weeks make :dancer:

Hope everyone has a good day and keep up the good work!


01-12-2006, 01:20 PM
Good moring ladies, I hope we're all keeping on target so far today. I had to drive my daughter to preschool this morning so I've yet to walk on the "mill". It's only 9:40 yet, I'm going to do it right away.

Cheryl, yes patience is a virtue. I wish I had more of it! I feel like excercise is the only thing that's going to get me through this. I'm obsessed! Last Sunday night, my hubby and I rented a movie to watch (after little miss went to bed). When we were ready to watch it I said to him, "just 15mins.", there I was 20 to 11:00 spinning away! I haven't missed or slacked in that department, and might I say I got extra exercise lastnight...hehehe (my bad, sorry ladies!) Congratulations on your loss! Maybe you are down 6lbs., depending on what time of day you weighed in at WW, it could of fluctuated! Just giving you something to hang on to! Fluctuation is a great excuse of mine!

kespinoza, there is no bigger chocolate lover than ME!! LOL I haven't had chocolate since I started this. I have gone through withdrawl, long, painstaking withdrawl! I had to live minute by minute, hour by hour, just trying to keep myself from caving in. Now I am really good at it. This week I bought those Cadbury thins, 100 cal., 5gfat, I haven't even opened them yet! Can we say A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! LOL I would eat anything and everything chocolate before. I also bought Breyers Smart Scoop Chocolate Fudge Brownie icecream (110cal.,1.5gfat, per 125ml), I also haven't opened it yet. I am using them for rewards when I am a good little weight loser! If I can get through this I am positive you can too. If it's that bad try no-fat chocolate pudding. But hang in there! I know you can.

Teri, thanks for the praise (awwhh shucks, now ya dah gone made me red) lol Sorry to hear about your grandmother, I will sure say a prayer for her. Hope you have a great a day, week, and weekend. Stay on target girl! Looking forward to seeing you back in here!

Lois, I'm still flying high today. I feel great! Don't know if I will be able to portray it much today. It's thursday so that means I gotta go to mickey D's for lunch with daughter and friend and her mother. I'll be having the salad and ice water don't worry! I just mean my time isn't so free today. She's in school now so I am taking advantage of it! Yip Yip YipeEEeEeeee! Great job keeping up with the exercise. You know lately my legs are wanting to quit about half way through my walks too. But I keep forcing them to move. It's gotta workout sometime. Stay in there tuts!

This post is getting too long, time to make another one!

01-12-2006, 01:30 PM
I read this article this morning, I thought I might share it with you all!

"Finally, you must get past the myth of willpower. Willpower is fueled my emotion, and emotions are fickle. We make resolutions when we're emotionally pumped, but five weeks later, those emotions aren't there. And that's when it has to about more than emotion. You have to set up your life so it's easy to do what you need to do and hard to do what you shouldn't do. If you had a toothache, you wouldn't cancel an appointment with the dentist because your sister needed your help to move her fridge; don't cancel an appointment at the gym because your sister needs your help. You deserve to make your own priority list."

Ladies, we're here for the long run right?! Here's to five weeks and beyond! And making our own priority lists, top of the list is ourselves!
Have a great day!


01-12-2006, 01:35 PM
Hey ladies!

I've been putzin' around these boards for almost a year now, but lately I've lost some motivation, so I need to get back into the swing of things! Mind if I join your groups--having new people to be accountable to always helps me to stay a bit more focused!

A bit about me--I'm 23 years old and have at LEAST 130 pounds to lose. I've lost 30 over the past year (well, 40, but I gained back 10 in about the past month and a half), but it's barely made a dent, so I need to get crackin'! I'm counting calories and trying to primarily eat foods that are as little processed as possible and keep my fats to 30% or less of my total calories. I haven't been to the gym or worked out at all in over a month, so I need to get moving in that sense, too. I work full-time as a technical writer (on my butt ALL day) and part-time as an editor from home (at my computer, so again, on my butt :p ). I live with my boyfriend of almost 2 years--we moved in together in mid-October. He's supportive, but not overly so...he doesn't mind when I say I don't want to eat out as often (yay!), but then he does things like order a large pepperoni pizza when he knows he won't eat the whole thing and he won't be home for the next 2 days (that happened this week, so needless to say, I had pizza for dinner the past 2 nights in a row) :dizzy:

Anyway, I hope you have room for another Jill, and I look forward to getting to know you all!

01-12-2006, 02:47 PM
Welcome Jill and Tracie! We are glad to have you.

Robsia - Way to go on the exercise! Doesn't feel great to go a little further each time? I bet you will love (as much as any of us can LOVE a scale) your new scale.

Tina & Cheryl- Excellent losses! Don't you wish you could bottle that feeling? Tina, thanks for the tip from Dr. Phil - it is so true.

Lois - Glad to hear you're feeling rested today. Isn't it amazing how quickly the stamina returns. I have to work much harder to get the heart rate up these days - that's a good thing!

Kespinoza - Great job resisting the chocolate. What can I say you are my hero! You accomplished the impossible.

Teri - Will be keeping your Grandma is my thoughts and prayers.

Let's keep up the momentum! Many of us seem to be getting in the swing of exercise. Let's keep it going.

So ladies - what are the reasons you want to lose weight? I mean besides the standard to be healthy and my personal favorite to look good.

A few of the million reasons I want to lose weight -
I hate chafed thighs. Clothes with XXX's in the size. Towels that don't wrap all the way around. Worrying about fitting in airplane seats. I want to be able to polish my toe nails without major contortions, same goes for shaving my legs.Sex with the lights on. Being on top without fear for his life or mine! Gracefully getting up off the floor or out of a chair. Not having to wedge into a restaurant booth or having my boobs lay on the table!

Stay the course and keep making good choices!


01-12-2006, 02:53 PM
Yay - I lost another 2 lbs since Monday. I really should follow my own advice and weigh once a week but it comes off so fast in these early days I can't wait to see.

Once it slows down I will go to once a week.

Reasons for losing weight:

1. Because I don't want to be fat any more!!

I think that about covers it really ;)

Oh yeah, and the chafed thighs in the summer is really horrible and painful.

01-12-2006, 03:44 PM
Jill I can sooo relate to your reasons for wanting to lose weight! I laughed when I read them! It sounds funnier when I read it than it is when some of those things are happening to me!

Guys, I'm struggling. I've been struggling from the get-go. Keep me in your prayers. I've had one good day and no loss whatsoever so far. I know I can do I've done it before. I just gotta find my motivation. It seems to have left me. So far I'm doing great today after yet another bust yesterday. Supper is my bomb everytime....Dang eatin' out gets me everytime! I was almost strong last night....almost. Almost doesn't show results, though. :( Thanks guys. Ya'll are becoming my rock...I thought of you all on my way out to eat last night. Ya'll kept me strong....until I crumbled. Hubby helped me crumble, though.
Okay, I'm done griping. I hope you all lose all the weight I should've lost by now! I want everyone else to succeed just as much as myself. (Does this sound like a pity party or what? I don't mean it that way! Honestly!! lol) I'm just going to go now before I start back to griping again! :-D

01-12-2006, 06:52 PM
Hi gals!

:welcome2: Jillybean! It would be great to have one more support buddy. Come on in and make yourself at home. You'll find great support and motivation here. :hug:

Jill, I'm going to find a way to bottle that feeling someday!! :cloud9: But it's pretty hard to contain I must admit. A challenge even for Ziploc! I gotta say you named every reason (right down to the sex one! :lol3: it's as if you were in my head!) for wanting to lose weight. The only one I might add would be healthier for my daughter. Not to teach her to grow up like me. :moo: Give her healthy eating habits and stay active. :dancer:

Robsia, way to go!! How exciting, just wait till you get your digital scale, then you can count the 0.5 too! LOL :goodscale

LosingWeightInLa (a.k.a gaining), hang in there! Even grip with your finger nails. This is a long process and success will be yours someday. Even staying within your points is a victory to report. Rome wasn't built in a day, it took a lot of individual days to do it and a lot of small victories to finish it. The same goes for us, we'll have a lot of small goals and victories before we can claim the big (smaller us) one!

Catch you all later!

01-13-2006, 12:27 AM

01-13-2006, 08:55 AM
Jill--Wow, I have listed all of those SAME EXACT reasons for wanting to lose wieght in other posts. A big one for me is roller coasters--I have ALWAYS loved them, but I haven't been on one in years for fear of not fitting :( I'll admit to having sex with the lights on at times, though I much more enjoy it in the dark :p Oh, and being on top, I ALWAYS (not that it happens very often, mind you) wonder how it's possible that he's not in extreme pain?! And towels *sigh* how I would LOVE to be able to get out of the shower and wrap a normal bath towel around me without my gut hanging out :dizzy:

One other reason I want to lose weight right now is that I'm 23 and in a serious relationship. I want to have children before I'm 30, and I want to be healthy before getting pregnant. I know you can have completely healthy pregnancies while being overweight, but with my freaky medical history, I know I wouldn't be so lucky :dizzy:

Gaining--it's really hard to change the bad habits we've had for so long. I have difficulties eating out, too, and what's even worse is that even entree salads at most restaurants really aren't that good for you :devil: What you need to keep in mind, though (and I know it's hard), is that even just changing 1 meal a day from bad to good can make your body MUCH happier on the inside. Maybe your scale won't show it, but I bet in being good during the day and maybe going off-plan at night, you're still doing WORLDS better than if you were just bad all the time, ya know?

01-13-2006, 10:31 AM
Hey, everyone! Good news....Stayed on target yesterday! Yippee for me! :) Today is a new day--hopefully a better day! Hope to see a loss by weekend's end! Keep your fingers crossed--say a prayer!
Hope everyone has an awesome day and sees great losses!

01-13-2006, 02:09 PM
TGIF! ! !

Just checkin' in. My day is going pretty good. I got the workout in. I have to say again how much better I feel already since I started working out on the 1st., I missed one day but I'm thinking it's ok that I take a day or even 2 off per week.... I don't want to burn myself out on exercising as I've done so many times in the past. This time it has to be something I can stick with, something that doesn't feel like a chore... and coming here everyday checking in is a huge help.

Tina, I'm with you... here's to five weeks and beyond :cheer: We can all do it... a year can go by so quickly and what we are aiming to accomplish is very doable as long as we persevere!

Jillybean, :wave: :welcome3: to the group.
Sounds like you have a good plan, just gotta get back to exercising. The ladies here are very supportive so I know you will like it here.

Jill, yes it is amazing how quickly the stamina is returning... makes me wonder why I had been putting it off for so long. It really only takes a short time to start feeling better and energized. You have to make up your mind and just do it!
I also think you've named some of the main reasons for me wanting to lose weight. I want to feel better and keep up with my 3yr. old... tired of my knees aching... they need a well deserved break! :lol:

Robsia, Congrats on the weight loss :cheer: I know, it's hard staying off that scale, it's my weakness too. :goodscale

kespinoza, Wow! ...six kids, whew! I could not imagine I could ever have enough energy to keep up with them. I know it must be hard finding time for yourself but somehow you are going to have to find a little bit of time for you! I am sure I would benefit from taking a multi-vitamin, and I do plan to get some more, I have some but they have sat on the shelf and expired :(

GainingWeightInLa, Thats GREAT Congrats on staying on target... it seems just a little bit easier if you focus on one day at a time and before you know, those numbers start going down! :dancer:


01-13-2006, 04:06 PM
How is everyone's day going? Sounds like those who've checked in are doing well.

Tina - if we could figure a way to bottle the felling we would be rich, rich , rich - just like drug dealers!

Kespinoza - You are so right. Planning ahead is key. It is just to easy to grab something on the go and there are so few really good fast food choices - Chick-fil-a and Wendy's have a couple of items that are not too bad.

Jillybean - The first time I lost weight was because I wanted to get pregnant and wanted to be healthy for the baby. I was 119lbs when I got pregnant and managed to keep myself under 160 through my second pregnancy as well. The girls are 18 months apart. However after that downhill baby... The girls are 17 and 15 now.

LOSING in LA - Great job a day at a time! Like Jillybean said even making a small change for the better everyday adds up. Keep up the good work.

Lois - Funny how we put off and dread something we know is going to make us feel better. We can be our own worst enemy or best friend - our choice.

I'm having a good day food wise but a really bad day life wise. Friday is my day off work so I have been at home today and I have discovered that my 17 yo daughter has been lying to me ( I know big surprise a teenager not telling her parents the truth). She has never given me any reason to worry - she gets great grades, she has been on the varsity swim team since her freshman year, she doesn't follow the crowd and I have trusted her completely. My bad. On New Years my husband and I went to San Antonio and the girls did not want to go, so I let them stay with friends - their best friends. I spoke to both of the parents to ok it a couple weeks in advance.

Well apparently my 17 yo did not stay there and spent the night at the house with a boy. And they had sex - and I know this because she has a blog that details the events. I feel scared and disappointed and stupid. I was actually one of those parents with their head in the sand - I was so trusting. I did not follow up with a phone call to her friends parents while I was out of town. I did speak to her several times but on her cell phone. I AM STUPID.

To top that off my sister - 1 year younger than I am called to say she was on the way to the emergency room with numbness in her arm and feeling funny - her Dr. told her to get to the emergency room ASAP. I am just waiting .... for my sister or her husband to call and for my darling daughter to get home from school - I am very very stressed out right now.

Keep my sister in your thoughts and prayers. My daughter too please - I want to be able to handle this in a "good way" and not totally freak out on her.



01-13-2006, 04:43 PM
Jill, congrats on doing good with your eating :cheer: I hope things are ok with your sister and that it is not anything serious... keep positive thoughts. I can relate to the situation with your daughter. I have a 16 yr. old son and I came across his "my space" and was surprised at some of the things I read :fr: but I had to find a way to approach the subject and talk about it without him knowing I had viewed his "space". Just be careful in how you handle things with your daughter. :hug:

01-13-2006, 05:34 PM
Well, I originally was going to post about how I came here because I'm feeling weak and feel like I'm going to eat something I shouldn't. After reading Jill's post, I've changed what I want to say! :( Now I don't know what to say. Jill, hang tough and choose your words wisely. My son is only 7, but I'm already plotting about how to keep my relationship open with him so he's not afraid to tell me things....ever! If he has sex, I want him to feel like he can hopefully come to me beforehand and ask questions (SO THAT I CAN TELL HIM NOT TO DO IT!!! LOL), but I definitely don't want him to be afraid to tell me afterwards so we can talk about it. After the fact is too late, but better then than not at all. I just don't ever want him to feel like he can't talk to me about all things.
Well guys I'm gonna go try to be strong now. I'm cooking for my smells soooooo good....barbque beef for a sandwich! :( Pray that I can be strong!
Jill............I'm praying for you, girl!

01-13-2006, 06:34 PM
Was weak...ate the barbque beef. No idea how many points. Ate two small bowls (very small bowls). Maybe 5-6 points? I'd already had 6 today. Hope I stay strong for supper....I'm still hungry. :(

01-13-2006, 10:53 PM
Jill.... Hope your sister is doing fine. I'll be praying for you both. great job on manageing what you eat. :) I'm a foster parent, and have been for 6 years. All have been teenagers and it's a tough age. I've gone through the same thing and felt so stupid, but mostly hurt and betrayed and I'm sure thats how you feel. Just take some time to think about what you want to say to your daughter, but please don't talk to her if you are angry. You may say something that you will regret later. Hopefully they practiced safe sex, but kids always think that nothing is going to happen to them. Your daughter will also have to earn your trust back, but that will happen as time passes.

I have had a pretty good day. Stayed within my points, and I walked today for exercise. My knees are screaming today, but the weather is about to change. This is the warmest winter in North Dakota history. We have been above 30 for a high and 20's for a low. Usually we can be -30 for a low and -10 for a high in January. For those of you that live where it's warm, anything over 30, we consider short wearing weather. The cold weather is suppose to be back with freezing rain. YUCK!!

Tlll Later,


01-14-2006, 01:39 AM
Good Evening Ladies!

Kespinoza, I have one daughter (4yrs.) I constantly say I'm so glad I have only one. I have two step-sons aswell but when I met them they were 14 & 11, they didn't want a third parent to be a disciplinarian, so I didn't get much experience with them in that area. Don't get me wrong they are great boys. I just stood out of the way and let their father or mother set their rules. That let me be the easy-going, fun step-mom. I didn't mind! I couldn't even imagine having SIX! Holy cow, you must crave some "alone time".

LosingWeigtInLa, congratulatios for keeping within your points yesterday! See, a little determination can take you far! As for today, I'm sure you're good in regards to the BBQ beef, you're already on awares so I'm sure you'll do fine at supper.

Lois, good job keeping on track all week. I agree with not burning yourself out with the exercise. My aunt has since been trying to turn a leaf this past week. She went and bought an exercise machine tonight. She insists on doing the highest weight, and the fastest. I keep telling her she has to ease into it, but she thinks when she starts she has to go full speed ahead. I've watched her do this time and time again, then say it's killing me, I can't do it anymore. Burning out too early is not good!

Jill, I feel awful for you. I'll keep your sister in my prayers also. As for your daughter, all I can say is listen to the advice that was just given. I remember being 17 (it was only 11 yrs. ago) I think I would appreciate my mother coming to me in a more calm manner talking to me from her experiences. I think that's the approach I would take with my daughter when she's that age. Then again it's easy to say what you're going to do, but when put in that situation,you don't know what to do. It's a tough one. I feel for ya, and when you get through it you'll have to post your advice for me! Hang in there!

Cheryl, good job staying within your points too! Seems as though we're hanging in good! Lots of inspiration here, woo hoo! I feel ya on the knees too, I am finding my knees, calves, and that little tendon thingy above the heel (the one you bend to move your foot around). I hoping that continuing walking it will work itself out.

Well, I had a pretty good day. Been on my feet all day (shopping), that means a lot of cardio and weight training carrying shopping bags. hahaha Lunch I had a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread and water, from Grandma Lees. Supper came home a made a hearty beef barley soup. So I really don't know how the calories and fat grams went for the day, but I still feel good. It's better than going and eating what I used to. Hope you all had a good day also!


01-14-2006, 07:35 PM
Hey everyone,
just checkin' in. I'm taking a day off from my workout... that's 2 days off since the 1st... that's saying alot for me! :dancer: I weigh in tomorrow, but somehow I don't think I will have much of a loss if any at all. I have been retaining water... too much sodium is my guess. Regardless to the number I will continue.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend, check with you all later.


01-14-2006, 08:11 PM
Hi all!!! :hug: to all my 'old' buddies, and :welcome2: to the new ones! I am thrilled to read of all the support and losses since I've been able to be here with you all! Doggone computer... I'm still having to use the old s-l-o-w one, and have been horribly busy with work, sick family, etc. too much to do anything with my newer one yet.

I am down 4 lbs according to WW weigh in Tuesday. I suffered for every ounce of those 4 lbs... sheesh! I'm so glad everyone is hangin' in there, even those of us who are snail-paced losers...

Funny, not happy funny, but isn't it funny how sometimes sharing concerns other than weight loss really helps here, too. I am so sorry to read of difficulty others have with home and family, but it makes everyone seem so much more human than just a name on a computer screen. You're all really PEOPLE... not just posts! I mean, I KNOW that, but well... ya know what I mean. So much of what everyone posts here hits CLOSE to home!

I think all the concerns we have in daily life LEAD to overeating sometimes. I find myself wanting food to soothe stress. A little concern or aggravation, and I find myself standing in front of the fridge or pantry nawin' on something.

I want to spend some time really reading all the new posts since I was last on here, all I did was skim and it looks like there are some real gems in them. I'm anxious to really get caught up on how everyone is doing.

I think I'm gonna go to printable version and print 'em out rather than fight this dinasour.

Then I can really post some replies! :blah:

Missed you all!!! Thanks for thinking of me. :)

01-14-2006, 08:51 PM
Hi sheila:carrot: :carrot: Missed you!! Sorry you have to still use the dinosaur computer. I know what it's like, had one and threaten to shoot it, so my husband bought a new one. I'm much happier :) :) Way to go on the 4lbs!! :carrot:

Well girls, I had a pretty good day, but I did have a small slip at dinner. Had a piece of pizza. At least it wasn't half of the pizza like I use to eat. Put me over my points by 4, but I have been eating below my points most of the week, so maybe it will equal out. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, that's all any of us can ask for.

Have a great weekend.

Cheryl :dancer:

01-15-2006, 11:00 AM
Good Sunday morning all,
Checking in for today and hoping everyone's weekend has been good. I took that break from exercise yesterday and today I was able to add an additional 10 minutes to my workout, it's a small accomplishment, one that I will take! :dancer: I also did my weigh-in and as suspected there was not a huge change... 1 lb. for the week... I'm still on track :carrot: so I won't complain :) I'm feeling bloated and my ankles are a little swollen. I'm sure it's fluid retention and hopefully I'll get rid of it in a day or two.

Sheila, so good to see you posting. We've been missing you! Congrats on the 4 lb. loss :cheer: that's great progress. Sorry to hear you are still having puter problems... hope you can get it resolved soon, we need you here!

Cheryl, sounds like you're doing just fine. So what, a small slip up will happen from time to time, just as long as it's not an everyday thing and we can get ourselves back on program the very next day. I've read where some people save up just so they can have a day to enjoy if they so choose. Keep up the good work. Remember slow and steady!

Tina, shopping is always fun! I like reading your posts, they always seem like you are so full of energy. keep that motivation going girl!

Enjoy the day everyone. I'll check back later.


01-15-2006, 10:35 PM
Hey ladies! Good Sunday evening to you all! I have been doing good and staying on course. My water intake has suffered a little bit this weekend (may be a lot), when I'm out and about I tend not to drink as much. But I'm really happy I haven't eaten out half as much as I usually would on the weekend. Once on Saturday, Wendys, had a salad and bottle of water. Today at Gullivers had grilled chicken terriyaki sandwich and caesar salad and water. I ate the chicken and left the bread. So that's amazing, usually I'm out almost every meal since Friday evening. Been keeping up the walking on the treadmill too, plus all the walking around shopping, that's just an added to shopping eh!?

Lois, good job staying on track. Weekends tend to be tougher for me as my parents come every weekend. So mom and I are always out and about, and when you're out there are a lot temptations! Good job adding 10 mins. to your workout, taking a day off could prove to be a good thing! Thanks for the great compliment aswell. Just knowing you enjoy reading whatever blah, blah I have to say makes my day! :)

Sheila!!! I'm so happy to see you here! You've been on my mind throughout the week. I felt bad that you couldn't stop by. I hope you're able to resurrect your computer so you can bury the dinosaur with the rest of the bones! congratulations on the 4lb. lost. That's great! Keep it up!

Cheryl, I think I said in a post before, that it's okay to have luxary items once in a while (yes, I consider pizza a luxary folks!! hahaha)

I hope you have an awesome night!!


01-15-2006, 11:56 PM
Good evening everyone! I've had a good day, stayed within my points. I took a rest from exercising today.:carrot: But I will be back at it tomorrow morning, bright and early.:ebike:

Lois...:carrot: :cheer: Hey, 1lb, is a pound gone. Good for you!!! Hope I see a loss as well when I weigh in the morning.:)

Have a good week everyone.


01-16-2006, 07:37 AM
WOW, so many people losing, staying on plan, keeping within their points, making great choices--you guys are motivating!

I spent the weekend in Virginia Beach at my sister's place since she's been freaking out about her wedding in April...I was called in to calm her down :dizzy: My maid-of-honor dress came in, and I was SO afraid it wouldn't fit since I know formal dresses tend to run small, and it only went up to a 24, but it zipped up all the way even without any "supportive undergarments," so I was very happy :D I also made good choices when eating out--my sister and I did lunch at a somewhat upscale diner, and I had a pita with grilled teriyaki tuna, black beans, corn, lettuce, and a parmesan sauce (SO good--I'd never had grilled tuna before) and a side of black beans instead of fries. Then we went to PF Chang's Saturday night, and I got ginger chicken and broccoli--and I ate ALL of the broccoli (which for me is a major feat in itself). Overall, I came back only 1/2 pound higher than when I left on Friday, which is awesome because I normally tend to weigh about 2-3 pounds more on Monday morning from all of the additional sodium over the weekends from eating out :devil:

LadyLai--I usually eat out a lot on weekends, too, so hooray for good choices AND using the treadmill...I REALLY need to follow your example and get my butt movin' with some exercise!

ladylane--congrats on the pound :carrot:

Cheryl--I'm sure the pizza was fine...can't you stock up on extra points and use them as flex points? I think just like calories, if you're low one day and high the next, it'll even out. Pizza is absolutely one of my major weaknesses :devil:

1FatHen--congrats on the 4 pounds :carrot: I agree, I LOVE hearing people's stories on here whether they relate only to weight loss or not. It makes it more of a community of friends than just a group of people trying to lose weight :^:

Jill--let us know how your sister is when you get a chance! I hope everything's for your daughter, teenagers will always find a way to do what they want to do. I'm only 23, and much lik your daughter, I always had good grades and had good friends and was an all-around good kid. My parents never had reason to worry or not trust me. Then one night, a friend and I pulled a typical stupid teenager move--I told my parents I was staying at her house, and she told her parents she was staying at my house, and we actually both ended up spending the night at her (guy) friend's house 2 towns away (with his friend there as well, so it was 2 guys and 2 girls). Well, her mother called my parents in the morning to ask my friend something, so sh!t hit the fan. Sometimes, even the good kids fall victim to peer pressure. I really hope you can talk to your daughter about everything--I'm sure she will be absolutely mortified at first, but I think most kids really do understand that their parents only have their best interest in mind :^:

01-16-2006, 08:06 AM
Hi everyone!!

Hope we all had a good weekend. I find I am enjoying doing housework much more now that I know that I can enter it into Nutridiary as exercise!! I can burn calories just by doing an hour's ironing standing in front of the TV watching Star Trek!!

Anyway, another pound as of this morning so that's three this week! I happy!!

01-16-2006, 08:23 AM
Poo - my new digital scales came and they say I'm 3 lbs heavier than my other ones! Poo!!!!

Ah well - I have still lost 7 lbs so I've just adjusted my starting weight 3 lbs up to compensate!!

The good thing is, they weigh to the 0.1 of a pound so I can see even a small loss!!

01-16-2006, 09:36 AM
Morning :)

Don't know if I want to believe my scales or not, but it showed I lost another 4lbs:carrot: :carrot: weighed myself three times, and got three different readings. So I lost between 2 to 4 pounds. Have to buy new batteries when I go to town on Wednesday.


01-16-2006, 09:41 AM
Good morning everyone,
I hope everyone had a good weekend and we're ready to tackle another week. I just got my workout in and I have added a little more intensity to it. I am also thinking it's time to do something else during the afternoon or early evening, but I'll see how it goes.

Robsia, glad you got your scale. Hey, I am going to have to start logging my household chores too... and does chasing behind a 3 yr. old count? :lol:

jillybean, sounds like you had a very good weekend and you made some good food choices. I bet the tuna was really good. So glad the dress fit, I know you were relieved :carrot:.

Cheryl, Congrats on the loss :carrot:, sounds like you had a very good day :cheer: I have designated my off day for Sat. and you better believe I was back at it yesteday morning... and you know what, I always seem more energized and ready for the workout after a day off.

Tina, sounds like you had a pretty good weekend too. Psst. I had a Wendy's salad myself this weekend... I got the nutritional info from their website and plugged it into FitDay, it may not be the best salad to have but it's good and I stayed within my calories and got some needed protein.
I'll check back later and I hope everyone has a good day!


01-16-2006, 09:42 AM
Good morning everyone,
I hope everyone had a good weekend and we're ready to tackle another week. I just got my workout in and I have added a little more intensity to it. I am also thinking it's time to do something else during the afternoon or early evening, but I'll see how it goes.

Robsia, glad you got your scale. Hey, I am going to have to start logging my household chores too... and does chasing behind a 3 yr. old count? :lol:

jillybean, sounds like you had a very good weekend and you made some good food choices. I bet the tuna was really good. So glad the dress fit, I know you were relieved :carrot:.

Cheryl, Congrats on the loss :carrot:, sounds like you had a very good day :cheer: I have designated my off day for Sat. and you better believe I was back at it yesterday morning... and you know what, I always seem more energized and ready for the workout after a day off.

Tina, sounds like you had a pretty good weekend too. Psst. I had a Wendy's salad myself this weekend... I got the nutritional info from their website and plugged it into FitDay, it may not be the best salad to have but it's good and I stayed within my calories and got some needed protein.
I'll check back later and I hope everyone has a good day!


01-16-2006, 09:56 AM
Absolutely it counts - apparently an hour's child care is 210 calories!!

01-16-2006, 10:42 AM

01-16-2006, 01:18 PM
I've been a bit negligent around here lately but I've found a new quiz game online called qwizzle and its kept me busy lol. It has 100 levels and I'm only on level 54 (stumped on it too), so my butt has terraformed to this chair.

Good to see so many losing weight! Congrats to all of you :carrot: I've also lost 2lbs more. I thought it was three but I somehow miscalculated but I'm still happy....down 8lbs total since Jan. 2nd ....Wooohooo! LOL.

Have a great day all!:D

01-16-2006, 03:21 PM
I really appreciate all the kind words, thoughts and prayers!

Thank God my sister is doing fine. They thought she was having a stoke - did bloodwork, EEG, EKG, and cat scan and came up with nothing. They kept her for observation but she is home and back to work with the warning to be very vigilant about how she is feeling and she has to report to her dr. this week. She is my sister who exercises daily and is in fabulous shape - she has high blood pressure & she is very health aware. The rest of us (3) sisters are fat and lazy and we tease her all time saying she would be much healthier if she would gain a few pounds and stop exercising!

As for my daughter, we managed to get through our discussion without tears or shouting - I took her out to dinner and she was fairly open about everything. She said she had been thinking about telling me this weekend as she has been worrying about it. She has an appt w/ my gyn this Wed. We are still discussing consquences. Yikes - parenting is not for sissies!

Lois - Yes it was "My Space" too! I also had to pussyfoot around that so as not to tip my hand. Way to go on the weight loss and additional exercise!

Losing in LA - Thanks for the prayers and BBQ isn't that bad. Hang in there!

Cheryl - 2 - 4 lbs is awesome! Way to go! Being from Texas it is hard to relate weather wise. It has been in the 70's here all month. You must be very special to be a foster parent!

Tina - Thanks for the kind words. Like we need another reason to shop - burns calories! Good job choosing weel this weekend.

Shelia - Great to hear from you. Sorry about the computer, but 4lbs!! Maybe if my computer were broken I would spent more time exercising (NOT)!

Jill - Being with my family brings many food challenges too. Way to go on making good choices. Bet that dress will be too big by April!

Robsia - No matter what the scales say you are still losing weight! I've never really thought of housework as exercise - I don't know if that will make me like it more or less!

Kespinoza - Seems like pizza is tempting more than just you! Why do we love it so? Thanks for the words of encouragement!

DragonTush - Congrats on the loss!

In spite of being so stressed on Friday, I managed to get to the gym everyday with my DH. Eating was really good. Lost 2 lbs. this week - was hoping for more - but I'll take it!

Hope everyone makes today a great day!


01-17-2006, 10:26 AM
Good Morning!

Just got done exercising with Richard and the gang. :carrot: :carrot: It is getting easier each and every day I do it. In fact, I kind of look forward to it. Can't believe I said that.:) Two weeks ago, I would of gone back to bed after my foster daughter caught the bus. Now, I'm up and exercising by 6:30 AM:woo:

Jill - So glad to hear your sister is doing better and it wasn't a stroke or heart attack. I was praying for you both.

Glad you had a heart to heart talk with your daughter, and your relationship is on the mend. 13 to 18 is a very tough age to parent, probably why I have so many grey hairs on my head. LOL

Way to go on loosing 2 lbs with everything else going on with you. :bravo:

70 degrees sounds wonderful about now. I wokeup to a light dusting of snow and 11 degrees. Could be worse, we could be -20 below. :yikes: I'm looking forward to May, when we start seeing 70 degree days. :D

I'll check in later on tonight. Hope everyone has a great day. I'm off to listen to some smooth jazz and work on a quilt.

Cheryl :grouphug:

01-17-2006, 10:42 AM
Good morning, :wave:

Just checking in this morning. I got my workout in this morning... still on the 1 mile. I'm ready to bump it up to the 2 mile, but I can not find it... I think my DD has it but she swears she doesn't but funny she had my 1, and 3 mile vids, hmmmm. I really felt that added intensity this morning in my thighs. AF is just a few days away and I am feeling it... didn't want to get out of the bed this morning. I didn't eat after 7:30 last night and boy did I wake up hungry!

Cheryl, I know exactly how you feel. Two weeks ago I would have definitely gotten back in the bed after getting my ds on the school bus. He only goes half days and I would sleep until 10 min. before the bus was due to drop him off. What a difference two weeks and exercise can make... I'm loving it! I'm up by 6am to get my two teenaged sons up, and I get the little one up by 7am and I'm up for the day now. I also love smooth jazz, lately I've been listening to Paul Taylor.

Jill, so glad to hear your sister is okay and you are working things out with your daughter. I swear these teenagers can drive us crazy if we let them. We just have to be mindful that we were their ages. Of course they just think we are old and don't understand! :lol: ...but little do they know, right... we've btdt.

DragonTush, even though you're into the game, you've managed to lose 2 lbs. :carrot: Congrats!

kespinoza, :lol: I wish I had my energy "this" morning.

I'll check back later, in the mean time I hope everyone has a good day! :wave:


01-17-2006, 11:05 AM
Jill--wow, even though your sister got the okay from doctors that she was healthy, having to go through all that must have been really scary. I'm glad she's okay! OH, and I'm glad you and your daughter had a good talk. When I was younger (or even now, for that matter), I would NEVER talk to my mother about such things! When I was 21 and spending weekends with my boyfriend, I think she still thought I was sleeping on the couch ;)

DragonTush--hehe, you can Google most of the answers to that game. I can't play it because I just open another browser window and cheat for all the answers :devil:

Tonight, I have to go home and get everything done (work for my second job, exercise, grocery store run, dinner made, lunch made for tomorrow...) by 8pm so I can watch AMERICAN IDOL!!! :carrot:

01-17-2006, 12:34 PM
hey, guys! long time, no write! :( Sorry. You won't even believe the weekend I had! It all went along pretty well until Sunday when we came home from my in laws to get ready for Sun. night services and found a major car accident in our front yard in which one vehicle landed 17 feet from the window that my infant daughter's bed is pushed right next to! We got home just as the vehicles came to a rest. No one else was even on the scene yet. The man in my yard looked dead. I've been a nervous wreck since then. My son and my husband and my son's friend had been playing on Saturday right where the wreck happened. I think everyone's okay. The other vehicle landed flipped upside down at the foot of my driveway. A third vehicle (not as seriously hurt) landed in the vacant lot beside my house. The one in my driveway caused the accident. He was a 17 yr old drunk! The man he hit whose car ended up so close to my daughter's window was in the military and was awarded a purple heart in Vietnam!!!!! I sat in the car and tried to keep him conscious until the ambulance got here. Ya'll, I've never experienced anything like this in my entire life!!! It was completely unreal!! Because it was alcohol related, my entire front yard is a crime scene now and I've been told to try to "disrupt" the "evidence" as little as possible until they have time to look things over really well. At night, my whole front yard glistens with broken glass.
Ya'll pray for me. I'm having a tough time handling this. Yesterday, everytime a vehicle made a strange noise on the road, I jumped up and ran to look. I'm a nervous wreck...and driving makes it even worse! I know God took care of me, my family, and my home. I'm so thankful for that! But you think about the drunk fools out there....if we'd left my inlaws 5 minutes sooner, it could've been us. We might have been in our front yard walking to the house to come in. We walk thru the yard to come inside when we come home right where the car landed! He flipped twice in my front yard!
Anyway, I haven't gained or lost. As little as I've been eating, you'd think I'd have seen a loss.....but nothing. :( I don't even care about that right now! :(

01-17-2006, 03:28 PM
Hi Gals, can i join your group pleeease,:^: you all seem like a great supportive bunch and i need a group like this to keep me motivated.(thanks Cheryl for the directions!)
Iv been reading through some of the posts and its inspirational that you are all losing so much. Iv tried dieting so many times now Iv lost count but I always lose a couple of pounds and then give up:o this is the first time I have stuck to it for more than a few days and now that I can feel the enthusiasm slip I think I need to have someplace to check in with progress and weight losses.
I started off january 1st with the new years resolution to do something about my weight this year, Im someone who wants things to happen NOW, not wait a few weeks or months to see results which is why i have always failed in the past. if i cant see the pounds or inches falling off then i get discouraged. but this year I am going to stick to really I am!! my plan is a sensible loss of 2lbs a week... oh yeah thats another thing I have to stop getting on the scales everyday...if i wait for my weekly weigh in Im more likely to see some results. as I said 2lbs a week is i think a sensible amount to lose and not unrealistic and if I do that for a year thats 104lbs!!! thats where you guys come in I need help to stay on the right track for that long.
sorry this got a bit long I only meant to say hello and can i join lol
oh almost forgot the introduction bit....Im Lisa a 24 year old single mum to a beautiful little boy. We live in the UK.

01-17-2006, 04:46 PM
:welcome3: Lisa. Glad you found us. we are here to give you and each other support. 2lbs a week is a good plan. You might also set mini goals for yourself, like how much you want to weigh by Valentines Day, St Patricks, Easter. That's what I'm doing, and my rewards will be anything but FOOD.

GaingweightinLa....You sound so stressed!!! You have good reason! God was looking out for your family. I witness a car accident about 8 years ago, where a corvette was broadsided. I pulled the driver out of his car before it caught on fire. I was a nervous wreck afterwards and swear my legs turned to jello. Just hang in there, it will get better.:hug:

Tomorrow is weigh-in day at WW. Hope it says I have lost a couple of pounds like my scales say I have. I've been so good, except for the pizza, but it was only one slice and I did have points banked, so hopefully I'll be ok:)

I'll check back with you later.


01-17-2006, 05:28 PM
Losing inLA - That is so scary! Thank God you, your family and your home are ok. Isn't it amazing how a little thing (like getting caught at a red light or chatting a few extra minutes) can make such a big difference. I am going to apply that to my habits - just taking a smaller portion every time or exercising 5 minutes longer could add up to not having a heart attack or not getting diabetes.

Lois & Cheryl - Way to go on bumping up the exercise! Isn't it crazy how quickly our bodies benefit from it? Cheryl, you are going to have an awesome weigh in tomorrow - I can feel it!

Lisa - Welcome aboard! It looks like you are doing a great job so far! I know exactly what you mean about wanting instant results - If I was losing 10 lbs a week it wouldn't be fast enough! I to have committed to sensibily losing 2 lbs a week - but still hope for 3!

Jill - I love American Idol too! I'll be watching from the treadmill at the gym tonight but only for an hour!

My other guilty pleasure is the Biggest Loser - maybe I want a quick weight loss from watching that show! I find it very motivating how great everyone ends up looking.

I can relate to exercise getting easier. I was actually looking at the class schedule at the gym to see if a could fit in a little more exercise and I think I might try a spin class at 5:15am tomorrow. I haven't worked up the nerve to go to a class yet - I am afraid I couldn't keep up but I have been doing an hour on the treadmill at about 4 miles per hour every other day and 30 minutes cardio/30 minutes weights on the other days. I was kind of self conscience at first but now I am over it.

So I will let you know if a) I drag my rear out of bed at that ungodly hour, b) I totally embarass myself by getting in way over my head or c) have a great time and am glad I went.

I had chicken enchilada suiza lean cuisine for lunch and it was delish! Three or four of them might have filled me up!

Have a great day!

01-17-2006, 07:32 PM
Hey Girls! Wow, I haven't posted since Sunday evening. I've been in and out of the house yesterday and today. My step-son left this morning to go to Hong Kong for a year. Needless to say I was teary eyed these past two days. We took him out for dinner last night at his favorite japanese restaurant (I had a buckwheat noodle soup, you all should look up buck wheat. It's really good for you.) It's going to be hard not seeing him on a regular a basis. My daughter loves to see him, he's so good with her. I better stop before I start again!!

I got a lot of catching up to do, so bare with me.

Jill, looks like you made some great choices eating out this weekend too. congrats on fitting your dress, before too long you'll have to get it altered because it will be too loose! I'll be watching the Idol too, the begining is always the funniest!

Robsia, I know what you mean about the housework. I do have a certain extra spring my step when doing it. Then again, that could be due to the music..haha I'm jealous that your scale measures down to the 0.1!! Can you believe how nuts I would get!! hahaha Congrats on the weight loss! You're sure doing a great job, keep it going girl!

Cheryl, congrats on the weightloss. Whether it's two or four, it's all worth celebrating. You're doing amazing with keeping the exercise going strong. I don't think I could even think straight that early in the morning, I need at least an 1/2hr. more! haha Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow!! I'm rootn' for ya!

Lois, holy cow! holy cow! HOLY COW!!! I'm so glad you mentioned the wendy's website. I checked out the salad and I was SHOCKED!! 28 grams of fat for a salad that is rediculous. We've all heard ppl say, well didn't do well today...I had pizza, fries or whatever it may be, not I blew it..I just had a salad. hahaha It makes me laugh. But you know I was saying the whole time, I wonder what really is in this. I remember on Oprah one day she was saying that some ppl think they're doing good by ordering the salad when in reality we're just as well off ordering the burger, now I totally believe it! Good job getting your exercise in today.

DragonTush, congrats on the weight loss. 8lbs is fantastic! Keep going girl!

Jill, I'm happy to see all is well with your family. Sounds like you have an awesome mother-daughter relationship. I hope to have the same some day with mine. What an inspiration too, you managed to handle all that stress and still lose! What a girl! I've been tempted to join a water areobics class, but the only time I can go would be tues. and thurs. at 6am! I'm not a morning person, but I love the water. I thought it would be fun excercising in the water! I hope I can gather up the nerve to try. I mean how many ppl could there be that early in the morning checking you out in your batheing suit?!

LosingInLa, wow that is a frightening thing to witness. I watched my cousins wife flip their truck about 5 times. I was driving behind her. I rammed my car from drive to park without slowing (I don't think). I can't even explained how I ran over a six foot buffalo fence because she cleared it with the truck so it was still intac. I am sure the angels lifted me over. To this day I get daymares about it. She looked bad but she managed to walk out of it with a fracture to her neck. Just this past weekend I saw two cars t-bone while I was at a red light. I was already a nervous driver for this time of year, but now I'm really cautious! I won't even go out in the dark. Thank God for His angels keeping you and your family safe.

Lisa, welcome! I am looking forward to getting to know you better. I'm sure you'll fit right in here. One more to keep us accountable is great! Congrats on your weight loss thus far. You're doing amazingly, an inspiration to us all. I read that 2-3lbs. a week is a healthy weight loss, so you're on the right page!!

Well ladies Ive been good, I'm down another 0.5lbs today. Not much but I'll take it. That's 9.5lbs. gone since Jan.2. I hope my body decides it would like to drop more before this week is out. Let's keep our fingers crossed! I gotta get going to make dinner now. I'll check back maybe later 2night.

Have an awesome day girls!

01-18-2006, 12:12 AM
Hi everyone! :)
I hope you have room for another "loser"- lol. I am a 36 yo mom of 4, married for 9.5 years and ready to be serious about losing all this weight! I would love to lose 100 lbs, but at 237 (what I weighed on Monday) I don't think it's very realistic. I would be thrilled to be anything lower than 175 though. (I'm 5'7) I haven't gone lower than that for 10 years and it's time :)
I am doing t-tapp ( for exercise. My sister had great results with it this past year, and I am also walking/trying to run. I am really just trying to eat well...watching portions and extremely limited treats and fast food. I know I can do it if I just do it, kwim? I hate the thought of counting calories or I'm going to try it my way for awhile and see how it goes. I lost weight before getting pregnant with my second so I know it can be done! lol

Can't wait to get to know you guys better. It's going to be a great year for all of us!!

01-18-2006, 08:05 AM
Oh, I have no willpower!!

Not in eating - I have been really good, but in weighing myself.

I have preached about not weighing every day, but since I got my fancy new scales I have been doing just that!!

Fortunately there has been a loss every day, so I haven't got the grumps yet. So I'm down 8 pounds so far. I just have to folow my own advice and not get upset if there is no loss for a few days. So long as there is, then everything's good!

01-18-2006, 10:38 AM
What do you think of this - I made a page to show graphically how much fat I've dropped so far:

01-18-2006, 11:08 AM
Has anyone lost any sizes since the beginning of the year?? Just curious.

01-18-2006, 11:14 AM
GainingWeightinLA--ha, I've barely even lost pounds :dizzy: Seriously, I was SO frustrated because even at 40 pounds lost, I was still wearing the same size pants :?: Size 22 at 310 pounds, and size 22 at 268 pounds...ahh, c'est la vie :p

So yeah, definitely watched American Idol last night. The things some of those contestants do and say just amaze me--I was a Music Industry minor in college, and these people are just so insanely unrealistic.

As for the Biggest Loser, I watched a handful of episodes from this past season, but I never watched it regularly. DEFINITELY inspiring, though. I'm actually going to an open casting call for the show on Saturday (not that I have a shot at making it, but I think it'll be fun)!


01-18-2006, 12:03 PM
hi gals
how is everyone today?

robsia...i loved the page of butter...its scary wen u think about it.

well yesterday i did really well wos out most of the day and didnt get a single bus....i was soooo knackered last night. i dont drive so its buses everywher for me but yesterday i walked to the shops walked home walked to the park with my son walked home. and did quite well with food too so im hoping on mondays weigh in the results will be good. today not done so good with the have done none-yet the day is not over i am trying to drag my fat butt away from the computer and over to the treadmill. done good with food tho so even if dont manage any excercise the days not a complete waste....NO NO NO ther i go talking myself out of it ...No it is not ok to skip excercise i will do it i will be thin i will be thin:( gosh its hard work if only it was this difficult to put the weight on then i wouldnt be morbidly obese and having to do this, its too easy to put it on and too difficult to take it off right thats it im gonna hit submit and get walking....

01-18-2006, 12:05 PM
forgot to say thanks everyone for the welcomes
am going to get excercising really i am ! im not gonna think of sumthing else i forgot to post and come back to type another bit :dizzy:

01-18-2006, 01:23 PM
I haven't lost any sizes, but my 18s were getting VERY tight when I made the decision to lose weight and I really didn't want to to start going out and buying 20s.

Last time I lost weight, I was in a size 16 at 13.5 stone, which is 189 pounds. I have to drop about 21 pounds to drop a size.

01-18-2006, 02:23 PM
Good morning girls!

Just a morning pop in before I start some housework. I'm finally down 10lbs!! The 0.5lb I lost this morning joined the 0.5lb I lost yesterday. It's so sad to see a pound split like that, I had to work extra hard to get them together! hahaha Having great morning so far, did my 1 1/2 mile walk had a healthy breakfast (kiwi, strawberries and a bran muffin). I'm stumped at what to get for lunch, is anyone else a little tired of lettuce??!

My step-son called said he landed safely in Hong Kong this morning. He was at his aunts house getting ready for some well needed ZZzzz's. It was 11pm there and 8 am here. So that is a big weight off, I can put that worry away.

Emily, welcome! I'm sure you will find this thread wonderful. It's all give and take here, we support and we whine. We all know the ups and downs this journey will take. Make yourself at home, looking forward to getting to know you!

Robsia, I can relate to the scale relationship!! I can't stop it either, its like it's addicting. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this problem, I think once I'm down like 20-30lbs. and things start to slow down I'll be able to go once a week. Don't beat yourself up about not listening to your own advice. It's very hard to not to, especially when you're measures down to the 0.1!! I like the butter chart, it's gross when you think about it though. The stuff that inside our body is basically the same. Makes me (think) I never want to eat anything else deep fried!

LosingInLa, I have't lost any sizes yet. But I can sure feel the difference in my clothes now. My size 20's are actually comfortable enough to sit around in. I usually wear jeans when I go out and about, as soon as I get home I'm off to change into something strechy! haha

Jillybean, it would be so amazing if you did get on the show! It would be an awesome inspiration to us all here. I love that show, I can't wait for it tonight. Looking forward for saturday to come so you can let us know what happened!

AndrewsMum, good for you boycotting the buses! It sounds like you got a lot of good excercise yesterday. Good luck with getting on that treadmill for today, you can do it!!

Have a great day ladies! Be strong and be powerful!


01-18-2006, 05:29 PM
Good Afternoon Girls,

Had my WW weigh-in this afternoon,and I lost 2.5 lbs. :carrot:I am very happy, even tho it isn't the 4 lbs that my scales said on Monday, but I am exercising every day and it could be muscle building for the difference. I have a total loss of 6.8 lbs in two weeks. :D

Starting next week, I'm going to do Richard and the gang on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Toning with Richard on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday, and a day of rest on Sunday.

Robsia...Those scales keep calling me also. :lol3: I have thought about putting the scale under my bed. You know, out of sight, out of mind. Ya, right! I can see myself all ready, crawling under the bed to get to it. :rofl:

Emily....A Big :welcome2: Look forward to getting to know you better.

GainingWeightinLa.....Can't wait to get into a smaller size. For me, I think I will have to loose about 20 to 30 lbs for the next size. Have a closet full of clothes in 3X that I have never worn. Can't wait to get into them. :D

I will try to check back in later.

Cheryl :hug:

01-18-2006, 08:24 PM
Thanks for the welcome, guys!
I've done great today with staying OP and did my workout this morning. I'm on my way to a date with dh...hoping I can make some good choices for dinner!!

I'll check back later :)

01-18-2006, 08:42 PM
Hi everyone,

:welcome3: to all the new faces. Congrats to you all on your losses and staying OP :cheer: All of your posts keep me so motivated, THANKS to you ALL!

Not my usual early morning post but I had to get on here to do a quick check in with everyone. I got my workout in today and even added 10 min. on the bike :ebike: It's an added accomplishment for me! :carrot: My eating wasn't the best... went to Pizza Hut for lunch and had a couple of slices, ok ok, I had three so shoot me! :lol: I looked up the nutritional values on the Pizza Hut web site and plugged them into FitDay. Although they were not the healtiest calories, I still stayed under my calorie limit. I'm not too disappointed... I've been doing good since the 12/26, today was my first slip. Heck, I even came home afterwards and did my WATP vid. I didn't get it in this morning as planned ;) So overall, I don't feel to bad about the day.

Hope everyone has had a good day! :)


01-18-2006, 08:46 PM
Hello all! I'm back I think.:dizzy: Man, it took me forever to skim all of the posts since I was on here last, so to keep from having to write a book, here's the short version.

First :welcome: to Jillybean, AndrewsMum & Jelynn. Glad to have you here.
I'm glad to see that everyone has been hanging in there. Congrats on all of the victories (big & small)!! Just sticking with it is a victory in itself!
(Going way back in the posts-LadyLane-fg is my way of not having to spell out fat grams everytime. Sorry)
Shelia I was glad to see that you made it back. Again, I'm going in the past, but I agree totally with what you said about stress eating. I never thought I was a person who did that, but right before Christmas I realized that was what I was doing. Now that I've come to realize that some of those evil little cravings are just stress wanting to be comforted helps me to control it a little or rather make better choices anyway.

Jill I was sorry to hear about everything going on with you, but glad to see that it all came out ok. I remember that age, boy what I put my mom through, I could have been much worse when I look around. I have a 10 yo daughter & she already acts 16 whew! don't like to think about what's coming. lol

Thank you to everyone for all of the Thoughts & Prayers! The good news is that my grandmother does not have a tumor or blood clot effecting her brain. The bad news is that she has stage 2 alztheimers (or however you spell it). Things are absolutely CRAZY around here. So much is going on. My personal & professional life is out of control or so it feels. STRESS!!!!
ANYWAY, I'm supposed to weigh on Sun. morning, but since I was still out of town, I let it go until Mon. Lost 0.5lbs last week. Hey I consider it an accomplishment-YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW BAD I WAS WHILE I WAS OUT OF TOWN-TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But .5 lost is .5 not gained!
I got back on track with my fat grams on Mon & have managed to stay on plan since. Haven't gotten back to exercise, but I will. It's just crazy right now. I'll try to stay as up to date as I can but for now good night all. Keep up the good work.


01-18-2006, 11:05 PM
I'm baaack...I was looking everywhere for the thread but I lost it. I was looking in Support while it was moving farther and farther back in Buddies. Thanks to Cheryl I finally found y'all again.

I hope everyone who has experienced family and personal health problems have the best possible outcome from their situations.

Personally, I have gone from the flu (I still have not gotten rid of the coughing) to another virus (kept me in the bathroom). I have had absolutely nothing to eat today, only water. Yesterday I had two eggs a small slim jim and water before the stomach virus hit me. I hope this does not mess up my metabolism, but I just cannot eat today and yesterday was pointless.

Because I have been sick I have not been back to the gym. But I did go and weigh in this week and I have lost a total of 11.05 pounds since 12-30-05 so I am happy with that.

gsjmyeager: I would like to know what sort of program you have used to lose your weight. It looks like you are doing great!

Mine looks like I am doing great because I am starting from my all-time highest weight but when I began this year it was 304.8. The majority of my weight came on due to psych meds I was on that severely affected my appetite. As the medicines were changed I lost some weight. But I have been stuck around 310. I am happy to say that I am now 293 and counting down. Hurray!

I just watched the Biggest Loser for the first time. I think I am going to try to remember to watch it every week. Very inspirational, just think what we could do with a personal gym in our house and nothing but healthy food in the house too. It would be amazing. I could probably find the little chickie inside this old gray hen...a little faster than I will as it is that is. ha ha ha

Glad I found the thread again!

01-18-2006, 11:25 PM
Garnetfairy...Yea, you found us. :D So glad to have you back and I missed you.
:woo: on your 10.5 lost so far. Looks like you are on the right track.

Lois...0.5lbs, is a loss in my book. Way to go, keep up the good work. :carrot:

Looks like all of us are doing great even with all of the medical and family problems that some of us are having. Just keep telling yourself, slow and steady losses are best. Keep you goals small, like 5lbs at a time so you don't get discouraged.
We can do this together. :balloons:

Have a good evening everyone,

Cheryl, :df:

01-18-2006, 11:39 PM
Okay ladies, I cracked today. The absolute first time I cheated since I started. I feel awful and stupid for giving in. My daughter was sick on Sunday so I told my hubby to go get her salt n' vinegar chips to settle her stomach. Well he comes home with a huge bag, of course she can't finish it. Today she had it out snacking a bit, I grabbed two semi handfuls! The smell just made me weak. Chips, cookies, cakes and chocolate are my biggest downfall. Then b4 supper I was cleaning out my pantry, I came accross some Christmas chocolate and I ate a Lindt ball. I know it isn't much, but it shows that I'm not strong enough. Now I feel guilty that I gave in to temptation. I promised myself no more, it didn't taste good enough to lose the opportunity to see a lose on the scale! Other than that my meals today have been on target, as well as my excercise.

Well, just had to come share. I need to be accountable to more than just myself. Thanks for listening!

Have a great night!

01-19-2006, 07:47 AM
hi all:hug:

well managed to get in 5mins on treadmill yesterday evening not much i know:o so far todays been good had lots of fruit for breakfast and done 2x5mins on treadmill gonna try for 4x5min walks today. i feel so ashamed that im doing such a tiny bit compared to the rest of u but really i dont know how u manage it. im totally wiped out after just a few minutes. back in my skinny days i could do an hour of high impact aerobics and then an hour on the gym equipment but that would propably kill me now:(

Tina-- you are strong Very strong you had 1chocolate and then stopped thats great, dont beat yourself up over such a tiny slip.:D
Teri-- sorry to hear bout your grandmother:hug: and .5lbs is fab anything lost is great especially wen u hav been havin such a stressful time.
Garnetfairy--hope u are feeling better:)
Cheryl-- excellent weigh in Well done you:cool:

01-19-2006, 08:20 AM
Tina--what do you mean you're not strong enough?! I would have eaten 10 chocolates, not just 1 (ESPECIALLY those Lindt balls--those are GOOD) :devil: I think you are doing fabulously! No one can stick to their plan 100% of the time. You've got to allow yourself some treats sometimes because feeling deprived can just make you binge even more in the future. 2 handfuls of chips and a chocolate certainly will NOT undo all of your hard work. You know you won't do it EVERY day, so don't get down on yourself about it :hug:

garnet--congrats on getting moving in the right direction again! Even when you're not actually gaining, just NOT LOSING can sometimes be even more frustrating!

I've had a few good days in a row now ("good" for me meaning I drank all my water and stayed below 2000 calories). However, my scale was actually up a pound this morning. I know it could be water weight or whatever, but it's still annoying :p Thursday night is our Subway-for-dinner night...I don't think Jeff has any idea how much I really look forward to Subway! Not only is it DELICIOUS (mmm, chicken teriyaki on honey oat...), but it means I don't have to cook or clean up :D

Oooh, and I bought one of those big exercise balls last night (a purple one, of course!). I figured it would be something that won't take up much space, so I can do it in my tiny apartment. It would probably do me more good, though, if I actually took it out of the box and inflated it :dizzy:

01-19-2006, 09:29 AM
hiya jill
iv been thinking bout getting one of those balls but havnt a clue wot to do on it, let me know how ya get on and if its worth gettin one. (and dont get on the scales untill weigh in day...u know u flutuate during the week!)

01-19-2006, 09:51 AM
Teri.... congrats on your 0.5 weight loss.:cheer: I'm sure your on :cloud9: . Sorry I got you mixed up with Lois, but I'm sure Lois would take the half pound loss as well, especially if she didn't have to work for it. :ebike:

Tina...Hey, girl! You are doing great! I don't consider it a slip. If we deprive ourselves of the foods we love, we are setting ourselves up to fail. That's when, instead of one piece of chocolate or pizza, we eat the whole box of chocolate or pizza. Pat yourself on the back :cp: You stopped at having just one. :cheer: :bravo: :woo:

AndrewsMum..... Good job on your exercising. :carrot: :carrot: Slow and steady. I still haven't made it competely through my Richard Simmons workout, but I do a little bit better each day, and by next week I should nail it.:D

Well I need to go fix something to eat and get some housework done. Have a great day.

~Cheryl :df:

01-19-2006, 10:13 AM
(and dont get on the scales untill weigh in day...u know u flutuate during the week!)
hehe, Thursdays ARE my weigh-in day! :p

01-19-2006, 11:10 AM
You guys seem like good people to look to for support.

My name is Paris. I'm 14,5'7" and, weigh 232 1/2. I haven't been under 200 since around 4th grade. I'm home schooled. I'm only on my second day but, I'm exsited to know I will be thin one day. My goal was 150 but, it's 132 now. I'm hoping by May 24 I will be 190. I'm really happy with the thought I will be able to let people I know see me shop. Size 20-22 see ya later!! Anyway, I live in Florida. Other then all that, I'm feakin' sick and tired of cloths not fitting!!!:mad: :mad: :moo: :sumo::censored: *sighs* :mrsclaus: oneday

01-19-2006, 11:36 AM
Good morning all,
Just checkin' in. Got up early and got my workout in. My thighs were feeling a lil' sore this morning... not sure if it is from the bike yesterday or my attempts to shovel snow... what was I thinking! :dizzy: From now on I'll leave the snow shoveling to my teenaged boys.

Teri, glad u made it back... you were missed. Don't let the stress get u too down, just take it one day at a time. :hug:

garnetfairy, so that's what happened to you... you got lost :lol: Glad u found us again! Hope you're feeling better soon and can get back to the gym. One day I'll get the nerve up to go to one :eek:

Cheryl, thanks for the support. Every little bit helps to keep me motivated.

Tina, don't be hard on yourself... looks like we both had slips yesterday, but that was just one day. Today is a new day and yesterday is forgotten... well almost, that pizza I had was delicious! You are still doing a great job and don't lose sight of that. :carrot:

AndrewsMum, hey 5 minutes is better than no minutes don't you think. It's best you build up slowly if you plan to stick with it for the long haul. Slow and steady wins the race. You're doing great! :carrot:

jillybean, you're probably right... it's just water. I'm sure that's what mine is :) my ankles and fingers feel a bit swollen, it too shall pass.

Paris, :welcome3: to 3FC I'm sure you'll find all the support you need.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


01-19-2006, 11:43 AM
jillybean, you're probably right... it's just water. I'm sure that's what mine is :) my ankles and fingers feel a bit swollen, it too shall pass.
Water is so frustrating! I have a ring that is just slightly too big to wear on my ring finger, so sometimes I wear it on my middle finger. I put it on just fine yesterday, but by the middle of the day, I had to wrestle it off my finger because my finger was so swollen! I spend all day moving the ring back and forth between my ring and middle fingers--ugh! Maybe I should use my ring as a guide as to when I should weigh myself :p

01-19-2006, 12:15 PM
yep water is very frustrating....and yukky:barf: are u all managing to keep up with the recomended water intake, im struggling with it i just cannot stand the taste of water. iv been having it with sum no added sugar orange squash in hope it still counts! thanks guys :thanks: for the encouagment wiv the excercise:hug: i guess it all helps have done 20mins 2day in 4x5min bits hopefully soon ill be able to do it all in one go without havin a heart attack!!
:wel3fc: welcome to the group Paris,my 6yr old son is also homeschooled. iv just joined and this is a fab bunch of girls.

01-19-2006, 01:11 PM
Hey girls, I guess my treat didn't take me too far off the track. I'm down another pound today! That makes 11lbs. LOST into the oblivion and never to return!

I went bowling lastnight, I hope that counts for some sort of extra activity that burns calories. It was so much fun, I haven't bowling in years! And I've also discovered I'm addicted to something other than snacks in the evening quiet time now. You'll never guess! hahaha KNITTING! I don't if you've ever saw the knitted dish washer cloths? But that's what I'm doing (I'm not a scholar knitter okay) It keeps me busy and my mind off of food. Which is great! My husband comes home in the night and sees me sitting in the corner knitting away, he says I look like my grandmother! haha But I don't mind, I'm happy I have this new hobby.

Cheryl, way to go on the 2.5lbs!! 6.8lbs in two weeks in amazing! You're doing awsome! Keep it going girl! Where do you find the Richard tapes? Thank you for the encouragment, I feel silly now for beatimg myself up so bad about it. Considering it did nothing to affect me (scale wise).

Emily, good job staying on project. I know just by staying on target makes you feel great. The thought that you're doing something to better your life and seeing the scales drop is an added bonus!

Lois, an extra 10mins is fabulous! I work hard keeping up on the treadmill and just now managing to go 3 points faster on it for 15 mins. It's a great accomplishment, you go girl! And you are strong to not get down about the pizza, you have the right attitude. I don't know what I would think about myself considering how I beat myself up about the chips and chocolate. hahaha Then again having a 28G of fat salad at Wendys isn't that great either and I lived through that one!

Teri, wow you have a lot of stressful things happening. It's amazing that you're able to keep a good mind-set about trying to eat right. I think if that would me I'd be in the pantry like one of those birds who stick their head in the sand! I hope things start to easier for you and you can get back on track. Hang in there girl, I'm rootn' for you!

garnetfairy, welcome back! Good to see your still oP. You lost an amazing amount. WOO HOOoo good for you!

Andrewsmum, you have to start small and build yourself up to greater amounts in the workout department. I know for me the first time I was on the treadmill I went slow enough so I could last 30mins. I gradually kept increasing the speed to where I am now. And believe me the increasing part did NOT come too fast for me! hahaha I wasn't going to budge till I was comfortable enough to push myself a little more. Thanks also for the encouragement, it helps a great deal.

Jillybean, good luck on the excercise ball. They are great for sit ups. I have one but it's since deflated a bit and I lost the inflatable thingy. Maybe that was a hint that I was killing it!hahaha A big thanks to you too for being encouraging to me. I know it's good to treat ourselves once in a while. I just did'nt think I was ready for that yet. But hey, it's fluff over my shoulder now!

Welcome Paris! Make yourself at home. I look forward to getting to know you better and share this weight lost journey with you!

Have an awesome day ladies! Talk later!

01-19-2006, 02:45 PM
Hi everyone

Well, either my new scales are malfunctioning, or I'm losing at an alarming rate!

9.5 lbs now, that's 2.5 lbs gone since Monday!!! It's one heck of an incentive to carry on though - I have never lost so much so soon before. It must be all you girls supporting me!!

They must be working though, as my little girl has also taken to weighing herself cos she sees me doing it, and her weight has remained pretty much constant, which is what it's supposed to for her!

I can feel it's gone, my jeans are almost falling off me.

Tina, WTG on the personals - you are the personals queen! Congrats on the 1 lb loss also!!

Welcome Paris!!

My SO has decided to lose weight too - he has about 15 lbs on his belly he'd like to shift, and he was moaning yesterday about feeling hungry and that he can't eat half what he was eating before. Even though he's 6' 4 and can probably eat more than twice what I can and lose weight!!

He was literally rolling around on the floor, clutching his belly and moaning how "huuuuuuungry" he was! All put on obviously.

I just said "it's the price we pay to be beautiful" and reminded him that he has never heard me once moan in the last 2.5 weeks about feeling hungry. I offered him a carrot stick . . . his response was unprintable!

Anyway, BBL


01-19-2006, 06:17 PM
Hey I've missed y'all! I am happy to report that all is going well here.

My DD and I managed to make it through her 1st gyn appt and secure her some "protection". I was so hoping that she would wait - she and I were laughing about how I was never going to get the Mother of the Year Award now.

I do have to report that I did not get up at 5am to do the spinning class on Wednesday :o ( my next chance is Monday ) - I just couldn't make myself get out of bed. Food has been good. I felt a little out of control yesterday evening - ate things I normally wouldn't :devil: but stayed within points. It was kinda scary :fr: Hubby & I have been to gym everyday - I have created a monster :D. We keep each other motivated.

Tina - I can barely keep up with your losses! 11 lbs - :carrot: What is your step-son doing in Hong Kong? I love those dish clothes. My mom makes them.

Emily & Paris - Welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you.

Robsia - I wouldn't stop weighing myself either if every time I got on I had lost something! Great job!

Losing in LA - How are you doing? Hanging in there?

Jill - I've heard that they ask "what would be on your t-shirt?" at the biggest loser auditions. Well - what would be on your t-shirt?

AndrewsMum - You are doing great on the exercise! No buses, working the treadmill - yeah! It is surprising how quickly you can do more-

Cheryl - Richard would be proud! You should be too! Great WI - down 2.5!

Lois - Where are you in Michigan? I grew up there. I don't miss shoveling the snow or the very short days. You are doing great on the exercise - 10 more minutes - keep up the great work!

Teri - Glad to hear from you! Good job on coming back lighter. Hope things slow down (except for weight loss!) so you can catch your breath. Good thoughts for your Grandma coming her way.

Garnet Fairy - Thanks for finding us again! 11+ lbs. is excellent! You are really making progress. I am doing WW. How about you? I see you're in Sugarland. My husband works there. We live in Bear Creek.

Glad to have had the chance to catch up with everyone. :hug: to all!

Have a great day!

01-19-2006, 09:46 PM
I'm on a 1500 calorie diet and, still get hungry and although I havent stuck with my planed meals today. After I eat supper I'll still have 316 cals to use if I needed. Maybe I'm scared to eat. hmmmm. Ohwell if I get hungry enough I'll use them. Since I started working out yesterday morning. I'm SOOO sore. EVERYTHING is sore. I must be uber outta shape. But, I'm working on it. I feel kinda bad though. I went to eat a rock candy thingy. Witch btw is only 50 cal. but, it didn't even taste good. Maybe I don't like sweets anymore :o . Yeah WHATEVER I know I still like chocolate. hehehe. I found chocolate chunk granola bars that are only 110 and, they are soooo good. Hits the spot when I'm in need. lol. Can't wait to weigh but, I'm a bit nervous. I think I'll step on it and close my eyes. Of course making my mom have to read it. :D But, if I loose I will be :carrot: on :cloud9: . If not it back to more of :strong: and :tantrum: . I MIGHT weight tomorrow but, it'll only be my tird day. lol. So I might wait till Wed..
I bbl! :hug:

01-19-2006, 10:15 PM
AndrewsMum - I am like you, I cannot, so far, exercise like the others do. I will have to build up gradually too. But the good thing is everything I have read recently says that it is the total exercise for the day that counts not how long you exercise at one time continuosly. So 5 min here and there adds up to a good amount of exercise!

Tina - I had two vanilla zingers and a ton of peanut butter the other day, but I got back on the horse. I think as long as you get back to program and dont obsess over the lapse it is okay. Of course you cannot use that to justify frequent have to limit them or you will go backwards. I think you are doing great!

I do not know how you all can remember who said what to respond individually. I would have to print everything out to do that. My memory is not very good. But I managed to remember two, well, I cheated, I saved one to the clipboard and then pasted it in.

someone asked what program I am on: South Beach Diet, phase 1. I could go to phase 2 but I am staying closer to phase 1 because it is working for me. I miss the rice and the pasta, but everything else is pretty easy to give up for me. Thank goodness! So I can have pasta or rice on phase 2 depending on the portion size but not on phase 1. So if I want to "cheat" I can do that. Eat a little pasta or rice and feel like I am getting a treat.

My biggest problem is portion sizes. I got myself a salad plate to eat off of and that has helped some. I got a small oriental type bowl to eat other stuff out of and that helps too. But I have not been using my measuring cups or a scale like I should do. So I could lose faster maybe if I would do that.

Eating out is a diet killer for me and when I visit my friend Carolyn all we do is eat out because she hates to cook! When I visit I usually stay several days or a week or so, so it is very hard on me.

I am lucky, I love ice water and unsweetened tea. ( I really like sweet tea but cannot have it) I drink water continuously all day long. I always have a filled water bottle with me. I refill my old water bottles to recycle them...I keep a few in the fridge for when I go somewhere and then I keep two in my room. I get a cup of ice and just keep pouring water in it from the bottle at my desk or bed. Of coures, I get lots of exercise getting up and going to pee everywhere I go...ha ha ha

Welcom to the new comers!! this is a great thread here, lots of enthusiasm and encouragement!

01-19-2006, 10:17 PM
What are the valentines day and st patricks day challenges? is there a set amount everyone is shooting for or do you set your own goal? does it start from the first of the year or from the day you decide to participate??

01-19-2006, 10:52 PM
I just set my own goals when I started Wed. Morning. My first goal is Valentines day (duh lol) for 7 pounds. Then, St.Patricks Day for 10 pounds. After that Easter sunday,and mothers day both 10 pounds. and 5 pounds May 24th. So by the 24th of May I hope to be 190 atleast.

01-19-2006, 11:36 PM

01-19-2006, 11:38 PM
Good Evening girls!

Just checking back in to see what's up!

Robsia, you are doing awesome! I think I'm floating on your cloud nine! hahaha I feel the enthusiasm from your posts. It really makes me feel as good as you do. Good job! BTW...I may sound like a dummy, but what is "queen of the personals"? That's halarious about your SO. I can imagine what my hubby would be complaining about! Women are so good about handling this sort of thing among a great deal of others, lets say pain for one! haha

Jill, it's great you have a little team between you and your hubby. That's awesome because he can relate to what you're going through. My husband has no idea, I tell him I've lost, he says..."oh, that's good", it just doesn't have the same UMPH! haha My step-son is with my husbands family. My husband is originally from Hong Kong, and my step-son wants to go live his fathers culture and hopefully learn the language.

Paris, looks like you're doing great! I'm counting calories and fat grams and I'm always looking for little low-fat, low-cal treats! Good luck on the scales when you do finally decide to step on them!

garnetfairy, I know now I was silly to worry so much about my slip, considering I still lost this morning. I actually had a little icecream (low-fat, low-cal) after dinner tonight and felt good about it. It was nice to have a little chocolate! About remembering what ppl said on their posts, I usually open up notepad and minimize it while going through the posts so I can reply individually, then copy and paste!

Well, I think I'm off to do a little knitting! Later chickypoos!


01-20-2006, 12:19 AM
WOW!! Congrats to you gals on your weight loss. Looks like we are all doing awesome on getting healthy.

Robsia...You can find Richard Simmons workout tapes at, Click online store, then video. He even has tapes for working out with the tonin ropes.

Welcome Paris :) Looks like you are on the right track as well.

I had another good day, but I didn't exercise. Cleaned the house instead. I will get back to it tomorrow. I haven't decided if it will be tonin or workout with Richard and the gang. I have to admit, I missed not doing it today. :carrot:

Got all my water in and then some, don't want the leg cramps to come back:yikes:

Have a good evening,

~Cheryl :df:

01-20-2006, 01:28 AM
Can't wait to join you all. Unfortunately my baby is really crying, but I didn't want to lose this thread so I thought I would send a short note. See you tomorrow!

01-20-2006, 08:10 AM
Jill - I've heard that they ask "what would be on your t-shirt?" at the biggest loser auditions. Well - what would be on your t-shirt?

I have heard that, too, from someone here on 3fc who went to a casting call. I'm not sure what mine would say--perhaps "a shot at normalcy." I've been overweight/obese my whole life. I have NO idea what I might look like thin, and when I hear people who used to be thin complain about how much better service they got when they were thin (in stores and restaurants and such), I wonder what it's like to be treated better (not that I've ever thought I was treated badly, but I have no basis for comparison). I'd also like to go to a doctor and not have them blame my ear infection on my obesity :dizzy:

Oooh, or maybe "a shot at stardom." I have always LOVED to sing and was pretty good in high school, if I do say so myself (I made it to the All New England Choir when I was a junior and got a 93/100 on my solo audition my senior year--can't be all bad, right?). However, when I went to college, I was always so self-conscious about my appearance that I didn't try out for solos or small groups or anything--I just fell into the crowd and eventually fell out of singing all together. I would LOVE to do voices even just for animation, but I would DIE even in a studio with people watching me perform. I think haveing a better and healthier appearance would help a lot with my recently-developed stage fright. I sometimes even think about American Idol auditions, but I know that being nearly 300 pounds, I don't stand a chance. Girls aren't seen as "teddy bears" like Rubin--we're just plain fat :dizzy:

Jill, your daughter is very lucky to have you. I never had any kind of "talk" with my parents. Of course, I didn't have sex until after I graduated college, but honestly, that was because of lack of opportunity, not lack of desire. I went on "the pill" when I was 16 as a cyst prevention medication (after having emergency surgery to remove a 10-inch ovarian cyst), and my father's first comment was, "Now, just because you're taking those doesn't mean you can go sleeping around with everyone all the time." :o That was about the extent of any conversations about sex I ever had with either of my parents :p

Paris--I'm eating almost 2000 calories a day, and there are STILL times when I feel hungry. I'm certainly not deprive or starving, but there are just certain times of the day where I think my body is used to getting more food than I am willing to allow now. It will go away after a while :)

01-20-2006, 09:07 AM
TGIF :wave:

Just a quick check in, I got a workout in and will push to do another one this afternoon or in the evening. I got an evening workout in yesterday in addition to my regular WATP 1 mile. I actually tried the 3 mile. It's more fast paced. I lasted about 10 min. :lol: Oh well an addition is good in my book and so much more then I was doing 3 weeks ago. All I thought about then was what time was I going to get back into bed. When I first started exercising again it was painful for my hip joints... now there is NO pain. Before it would hurt my lower back to stand for more then 5 - 10 minutes... now that pain has left. It is amazing what a few weeks can do for the body, mind and spirit. I will check back later. Gotta get some grub in me.


01-20-2006, 10:16 AM
Hi Gals :wave:
Well im feeling very pleased with myself so just had to share:carrot:
on my 5min walks on treadmill i was on the 3.5km/hr speed setting which is still in the warm up mode. this morning not only did i increase my speed to the 4.5km/hr setting (thats the 1st of the fatburning mode!!) i also did a 10minute walk!! i was completly knackered and gasping for air and my calves were aching but i was so pleased with myself! :cool: :D :smug:
Have a great day y'all

01-20-2006, 10:25 AM
Good Morning!

Just a quick check in, I've got a quilt that's calling me. :D Just finished working out with Richard and the gang for 20 minutes. Going to do another 20 miinutes this afternoon. Once the snow and ice are gone, I'll be back to walking. :carrot:

Lois...I know what you mean! I feel sooooo much better since I started exercising. Back and hip pain are gone. My knees are another story, I have fallen 5 out of the 7 winters I have lived here from ice and messed my knees up. Hopefully as I lose weight, they will get better. I can always tell by my knees and ankle when the weather is about to change. They SCREAM!!!!!

Have a good day everyone. :D

Cheryl :grouphug:

01-20-2006, 11:51 AM
Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't been posting much this week. It's been a pretty stressful week. :( First the wreck Sunday (which I was a wreck from until Wednesday...literally!!) Then a sweet lady I've known for probably 10 yrs passed away Monday. Visitation was Wed. and funeral was yesterday. I've also had some kinda bug or virus or something. It's not been a good week for me food-wise. I've been totally off and have just eaten whatever. But, hopefully today's a new start. I ate 1/2 of one of those mini-powdered covered donuts this morning (the half my daughter didn't eat). So far I've not had anything else. I've got some running around I've got to do today, so hopefully I'll not really even think of food. One day it was 3 pm and all I'd had was 1 cup of raisin bran all day. Took my son to McDonald's (he was pitching a fit for chicken nuggets) I ordered a grilled chicken sandwich (with mayo :( ) and french fries. I shared the fries with my 9 month old, but how many does a nine month old eat??? Then about 7 pm, we went out for supper. Chinese. I didn't do well there either. :( Most everything you can think of bad at a chinese restaurant is what I had for supper. I wasn't even hungry. Just terribly stressed. Ya'll this wreck has had a devastating effect on my. I think I've been somewhat depressed (situational, I'm sure) since then and haven't cared at all what I've eaten. Today's really the first day I've been concerned about what I've eaten all week. It makes me sick. I'm pretty much starting from square one again. Although, even though my scales aren't showing a loss (I'm really wondering if they're not just poppin up some number from the sky when I get on them) my clothes are showing a difference. I think I may invest in some new scales. Mine have been jumped on my many a child numerous times over...and worse than that I STEP ON THEM! They've had a rough life and may need to go into retirement! LOL :)
Anyway, thanks for being concerned about me. :) I appreciate it a lot guys. Pray that I can hang in there. I'm gonna try! :)
Later taters!

01-20-2006, 12:58 PM
losing weight in LA, so sorry to hear bout your friends passing :( and seeing that wreck outside your house must have been terrible, im not surprised u havnt been thinking about wot you're eating. sometimes in life ther are things more important to think about than our diets.
we are all here for u if u need to talk, and im sure u will soon be back on track with the diet. :grouphug:

01-20-2006, 01:02 PM
Lets just say, I'm shocked and amazed this morning. I stepped on the scale hoping that I was the same weight as yesterdsay. I thought I would start maintaining at this point of the week. Getting used to weighing 258lbs. for a few days. Well it showed another 2.5lb loss!! That's 13.5lbs lost since Jan. 2 I'm growing a little concerned maybe a lot. I don't want to lose too fast!! I heard if you lose anymore than 2-3lbs a week you start losing muscle. I've been excercising my legs for sure (3 miles/day). I bought a total body gym last weekend, only been on it a few times since. I think that maybe I should cut down my walking to once a day and have a workout on that once a day. I want to tone aswell as lose! I am so scared of that hanging skin I hear so many ppl complain about after they lose an excessive amount of weight.

I don't understand, I'm eating! I don't feel deprived AT ALL! I've had soup and sandwich twice this week for lunch, Mcdonalds salad yesterday w/fruit n' yogurt parfait. Suppers have been what I thought a little more than I should be eating. Monday, japanese rest., Tues. Spaghetti Frittata, Wed. Baked fish n' chips, Thurs. Cheesy Chicken cacciatore, Tonight I'm having leftovers..lazy cabbage rolls. Mind you I found all these recipes on from the healthy living subtitle of recipes. Should I consume more calories?

hahahaha What a thing to complain about! Losing weight too fast! I'm sure you all want to slap me right about now! But seriously I don't want to drop it too fast.

I'll check back later, I'm going to get on my gym now to tone! (hopefully)


P.S. I just realized something....a couple of more pounds and I won't be a 100lb loser! I'll be a 99'er. hehehe (The ticker doesn't show 0.5 so I rounded up)

01-20-2006, 01:42 PM
hey, everybody. I noticed in my last visit that a lot of you are having a difficult time with your water. That's part of the diet I don't pay that much attention to! lol maybe why no loss??? Anyway, I just wanted to share something with you all from my weight watcher's getting started book. It says (on pg 23 at the bottom, for those of you who have one) that Three of your six glasses of water that they recommend can be from juice, milk, decaf beverages or beverages that don't contain alcohol. Hope this may relieve some pressure for some of you guys. I am literally addicted to diet coke. Have been for years. I get headaches when I don't have any in the morning. It's good to drink in place of water (although not exclusively) because it has 0 points. No calories. Low sodium.
Anyway, just a tidbit of info. Use it or not. Hope it may help somebody! :)

01-20-2006, 02:10 PM
Awesome Tina!!!:carrot: I remember when I did WW before I totally lost more the weeks I ate all my points. I truly believe you have to "eat to lose" and when it slows down mix it up a little to confuse your body, lol. Anyway, that's just great!!!
And I see you are from Alberta too- cool. pm me if you want and we can compare locations, lol.

Gaining in LA- sounds like a stressful week, I'm sorry! That is so hard. Just try to take some time to take care of yourself so you don't crash and burn. :hug:

Lisa- wtg on that treadmill!!! Keep it up! :cool:

:wave: to everyone else-- I'm terrible with personals...forget what I wanted to say. :dizzy:

I've had a good first week back on track and feel really good. The more good choices I make, the more in control I feel. I didn't exercise yesterday, but had a crazy morning and by last night I was pooped so went to bed. Figured I was listening to my body. As long as it's not 2 days off in a row...and I already t-tapped this morning- yay!

I drink tons of diet coke too...but I think I lose better on the weeks I force the water down.

Anyway, have a great Friday everyone!

01-20-2006, 02:42 PM
thanks Emily
Tina, dont want u wasting away on us girl! (that skin thing worries me too)

01-20-2006, 05:23 PM
Tina, I KWYM - I was saying the same thing, only I haven't lost quite as much as you.

But I stepped on the scales this morning and lo and behold - I had gained 0.4! So be careful what you complain about!! ;)

I wouldn't worry too much - it sounds like you're doing all good stuff.

Gaining/losingweightinla - does the 'beverages not including alcohol' include coffee or milk in coffee? Because I like weak milky coffee and I set aside 710 mls of milk every morning for my cereal and my coffee throughout the day. I just wondered if that would count as part of my daily water - because I am having real trouble getting the 8 glasses. I teach in the day and if I drank that much water I'd be forever running to the loo during class (reminiscent of pregnancy - LOL)!

Sorry to hear about your friend also :(

Well, aside from the 0.4 gain, I have been very good. I did my exercise vidoe today and managed to do the first THREE aerobic sections - I only ever did two before. But I decided I would try and it and I did it. Section four is for advanced users only so I won't try that yet. I am sure that gain will be gone tomorrow.

Funny for you - there is a lady at work who is not at all fat - she could maybe drop 10 pounds if that and she was saying that she wanted to lose a bit of weight. So I told her how much I'd lost and what I was doing to lose it and she was complaining that she watches what she eats all the time and never loses anything. Next time I went in the staff room, she was eating a chocolate bar!! Anyway, she doesn't really need to lose anything.

It's awful though- my work is full of young slim blonde things - there is only one lady who is bigger than me!

But next September, I will be one of those slim things, although not blonde - BTDT!

01-20-2006, 06:56 PM
Robsia, this is the direct quote from the book itself, "Three of your six glasses of water can be from juice, milk, decaf beverages or beverages that don't contain alcohol." Hope this helps. I think only half of your fluid intake is supposed to be actual water, unless of course you can stomach more than that! But WHO CAN?????? LOL :)

01-20-2006, 07:01 PM
I am not having a good evening, im sure iv undone all of the past weeks good work by eating terribly this evening sausages 2chocolate bars. this eating to cheer myself up doesnt even work anymore. the guilt feelings far outweighs the happy feelings from the choccie. iv got a headache, tomorow is saturday the day i see my ex as he comes round saturdays to see our son thats if he comes last week he cancelled at last min and said would come sunday instead but didnt, i feel like crap now after eating junk and this evening my 6year old he told me i was fat which is true but it still hurts to hear it. ok he was angry and havin a tantrum coz didnt wanna go to bed he did look very sad when he realised wot he said had upset me but instead of putting him to bed and getting sum excercise in which wos the original plan i put him to bed and went to raid the kitchen. now looking at the computer screen is hurting my head even more so im gonna go to bed.
sorry for ranting maybe i'll start one of those 3fc journal pages so i can rant ther instead of here at u guys.