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12-31-2005, 11:19 PM
Not only a new month but a NEW YEAR!! I am both honored and excited to be a part of your lives and the transformations we are all experiencing! This is the year we become what we have been working so hard for. So let's get this going and as always anyone is welcome to join our group. We are dedicated and supportive.

01-01-2006, 12:44 PM
Happy New Year Everyone!
I too am happy to be a part of such a supportive and kind group! There isn't a better way to start a new month and year!
We are gonna do fantastic! Goals will be met and we will be successful with pounds lost and Non Scale Victories!

Right now i feel as if i can get the house straightend around then I will be set for now. Hubby has a towel rack instead of my bike :p and i now have 48 days to hit my 15 pound goal. I have started off OP today and after weighing myself every morning and getting the same number for 6 days -i am moving my ticker DOWN! :carrot: I am going to be really strict with myself and follow thru!
Can you believe it's going to get up to 76 here today?? really beautiful out and i've got all the windows open- nice breeze and humidity is low. Time to clean out the utility room! Hubby has to help his grandpa (grandpa is 85 ,has a machine shop & runs a NY times paper route every night) move his machine shop to another unit today so i can get the house work DONE!

Have a great day everyone! :newyear:

01-01-2006, 01:18 PM
Oh I am soooo jealous! Here in washington it is windy rainy and cold dark and gloomy. It is part of the reason it has been hard to get up as early as I like. It is sooo dark out even at 7a. Congrats on the pound gone!

Going to get strict on myself as well. My eating has been much better but not what it totally should be and I got rid of 2 of the pounds that I had gained over the last couple months. It will be awhile before my ticker says anything other than what it says right now. It amazed me how fast my little routine got knocked into the dirt and the pounds came back. Between getting Logan and the Christmas holidays-I just fell on my face bad so now it is time to face the music, take my lumps, and get back into my routine and move that darn ticker down down down!

01-01-2006, 03:43 PM
Well we have had a bit of gloomy days too but Fla Weather is so weird. we'll be up to 100 degrees by May, i bet. I certainly don't want a hurricane season like the past two years. I will send you some sunshine!!

Food today is good so far- I feel good that i am trying to be good! :D

I keep working in the house and it seems i have more to do?? the junk keeps multiplying no matter what i do ! true i am not as on task with housework as i should be today- but it's new years ;)

I think I am also going to spend some time this year with journaling and trying to get to the bottom of my eating issues. like go back to when food became my best friend and work out why-and why it has such a control over me. you can't change the past but i think i need to put it behind me. the only problem with that is then i feel like i am being whiney in my journals..Especially if i do them in a blog etc.. then i don't want to write .. :blah: anyone else feel that way- like if they talk about food issues they are being silly??

I attempted (key Word Here: ATTEMPTED) The BL workout this a.m. the low intensity KICKED my butt- but i will and can do this - I will get thru this workout and laugh at how easy it is when i look back in a few months!


01-01-2006, 04:02 PM
Housework is NEVER done. I have been working practically all morning and I have only made a dent and even if you do get things done there is always washing cupboards, windows, curtains, blah blah blah. I have been looking outside and lamenting over all the yard work I will have when it gets nicer again. It will take me weeks! Takes that long when you are interupted and chasing toddlers at the same time.

Doing a journal is crutial for me. Yes there are times when I am whining but you know anytime you give up any kind of addiction, there is a grieving process that goes on and people do whine at times when they are grieving so if you need to whine, do it. You will be amazed when you go back at the things that aren't an issue anymore and you may giggle at yourself a bit too but it is all good. You wouldn't think it was silly if a heroin addict talked about their issues-our drug of choice just happens to be food. Bad thing about it is that we can't cut it totally out of our lives like you can with just about anything else-basically I am saying write away and don't feel silly.

01-01-2006, 07:38 PM
Whine away. For me feeling stressed always leads to the fridge, but now I can come here to whine. Sometimes I don't even whine, just coming here helps.
But here is today's whine.
Son #3 and DIL said they would be here for dinner today. I cleaned and cooked and was happy. Phone rings-he tells me they are not coming and a whole thing about an arguement. DIL spent last night in the city with her mom because it's something they have always wanted to do and last New Years Eve, my son was drunk and obnoxious and she had a miserable time. I think they are both right, but of course, he is my son. I flip into despair, that the marriage is not working, what's wrong? etc. I eat everything not nailed down. I feel sick in everyway, non productive, lazy and worried. 3 hours later he calls and they are coming over for dinner.
That is the story of my life right now. I flip from one worry to another, each child, DILs, grandchildren, my mom, my sister, money, Iraq, my country, and that's nuts.
So, as of right now, I am done. I have to get out of this worrying mode, get control of food again, and I start to work out on Tues, when I have an appointment with a trainer at the center I joined. I am even thinking that if I can't clear this constant worry crap I might need to get a couple pf sessions with a pro. I will see.
So as of right now I am OP. That includes eating out, working away from home and when stressed. I will be thin in 2006.
I am so thankful for all support, here.

01-01-2006, 08:36 PM
It looks like we have alot of the same things going on right now. It is sooo hard with adult children. Most of the time we have to sit and watch and be quiet. It is alot of work with all my small ones but ultimately I have control. You will love the personal trainer but if he is anything like mine, they are slave drivers. You will make your goal and life may not get easier but the way we cope with it will.

01-01-2006, 10:42 PM
When they were little it was a lot more physical work. Now it's so much harder because you have to sit and watch them make their own mistakes and you want to fix it for them and you can't. I fixed too much and sometimes they should have had consequences which I washed away for them.
I am OP and will stay OP.

01-01-2006, 11:28 PM
Grown up kids are not easy, enjoyable or fun to be around at times. Then there are times they can be wonderful. But i know that we see them doing or having destructive behavior and wonder either- where did i go wrong or why can't they see what they are doing is wrong/destructive/bad etc... Little ones can be tiring but they are so sweet and little so we just get tired physically.

I don't know Laura- i may have had to smack the son if they did that to me..I worry about stuff too- money and health and what I eat and am i doing this right...Hubby says if i put as much energy into my workouts as i do worrying I'd lose 36 pounds in no time. I think a personal trainer is great as he can show you what to do without hurting yourself and how to make the most out of your workout.

Plans ended up all messed up tonight. I had planned to make dinner here but MIL called and said meet us at McKennas as BIL and FIL wanted to go out. Well McKennas was closed so we end up at pizza hut. I WAS NOT GOING TO EAT PIZZA. I have been OP all day and was NOT going to blow it. so i ended up with a glass of water as they were out of diet and i'm trying not to do caffeine anyway- and a small salad consisting of Lettuce, tomatoes and cukes. Their salad bar was NASTY. No dressing as they had no FF or Lofat. I wanted the pizza and even thought about a piece. But then i thought of the ticker moving down and it tasted better than a slice of pizza ever could taste! But it was a tad uncomfy with everyone eating pizza and me grazing. My issues not theirs. FIL was upset cause i didn't eat pizza - i told him it'd mess up my sugar and not to worry. then i was starving when i got home and had a bowl of cereal.

Thanks Melissa- I really think i need to deal with some issues about my past that need either confronting , working thru and getting rid of them. I think i will get a E -blog / journal as i feel it'll give me a voice to validate my issues. To make them real as opposed to keeping them all inside. and if people find it whiney,then they don't have to read it! LOL- I know they have journals on here but i think i want to write in a different way - Problem is I can't ever rememebr a time i didn't either love or obsess over or crave certain foods.
Tomorrow is a quiet day- finishing up housework and getting ready for the week. I am so glad school starts back Wednesday!

01-02-2006, 12:08 PM
Sandi - You did so great to not eat the miserable pizza. Maybe that's a good way to start a journal, telling about last night and how you overcame past behavior. It's so positive.
Son and DIL stayed over and left after breakfast. I am going to try hard not to worry so much about him because I can't fix anything. But Sandi is so right. When they act up, you start to question yourself. It's so hard to let go. I am going to try to separate my kids from my food issues.
I am definately OP now and so happy about it.

01-02-2006, 12:13 PM
Don't feel alone-we all have issues. I am tired. Odessa was up at 330a thinking it was time to be up and it took over an hour to get her to realize she wasn't getting up. I think Logan is going through a growing spirt too cause he has been a bottomless pit and up twice in the night for bottles. I am trying to get up the gumption to run a couple errends. Logan is almost out of formula yet again-I will be so glad when he can have milk-the formula is killing me at almost 13.00 a can. It was like 14.29 at safeway-highway robbery.

01-02-2006, 01:55 PM
Melissa, can you not get WIC or something to buy his formula? I remember those days, and it is very high. Then add in diapers and wipes and the list goes on and on...with all the good you are doing for those kids I'd think they would help you more. Do they go after the fathers at all...I know you talk to the girls daddy, but he should be paying all he can to help you out with his children. I just wonder about these parents because I cannot imagine spending one moment without my children, and the thought of someone else raising them would kill me. I would never do anything that would put them or me in that position, and I thought that was how all parents thought and acted. Sadly, I was wrong.

I have been having horrible headaches, which happened all the time before I started losing and now only happens when I eat bad for a long period of time. They are getting less often now that I've been OP two days, and by the end of the week should be gone. i am so glad everyone seems to be back OP. We can do this ladies...WE CAN!!

Laura, sorry about all the worries, but I think it might be a woman thang because I am the same way as well. I worry over every tiny thing with my kids, cannot imagine how I will be when they are older.

Sandi, you are my hero for sitting at Pizza Hut and not even taking one little bite! I don't know that I could have done that without something else there to eat instead. :cp: feel very proud, that is hard to do (at least for me it would have been!) I can't wait to get my BL workout and try it out. I'm glad the easy isn't so easy, we'll see how well I do with it.

I hope i didn't skip anyone, but I forgot about the new month, new thread thing and was on the other board wondering where everyone was :lol: until Melissa was kind enough to remind me...thanks! I am caught up though, now i have to run to the store and get diapers...Tyler is definitely not ready to potty train yet :lol:


01-02-2006, 03:28 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your headaches. I use to suffer from migranes when I worked retail-I don't get them anymore unless my blood pressure is too high which I try to avoid.

I do get wic for the kids. Odessa is almost off the program and they changed all the kids to the same appointment day so I have to wait now until the 25th to go in. They give me 8 cans a month and he drinks about 12-13. I think part of the reason formula has gone up is becuase they know they have most moms over a barrel since most go back to work so soon after having a baby and then with programs like wic the retail stores gouge the price to get more from the government. They got you coming and going these days.

I did make it through the errends-WOOHOO. Tomorrow I have to take Josh in for his med check-those are always fun. I am looking forward to Amanda getting potty trained. Not sure how much longer-she still hardly talks at all. About the only thing I have going for me is that is loves toilets much to my dismay. She even got some new panties for Christmas but she shows no interest in it at all. I am fixing salmon for dinner so if you hear loud screams about 7p ET, that would be my son protesting about it.

01-02-2006, 03:38 PM
Uh oh...I'll cover my ears about that time :lol:

I feel so good being back OP did I survive December being so off? I think maybe the reason I was constantly sick was because I wasn't eating right or exercising much, seems I am healthier in every way when I am OP.

I am off now to do my hip hop workout that I recorded off TV...still have not made it all the way through that thing.


01-02-2006, 06:18 PM
I will cover the ears as well :D

I am OP today too! Two days in a row and I feel good :carrot: - i got the house all cleaned up and am almost ready for the week. only a few things to tidy up & organize to get the kids on track for school Wednesday.

Tomorrow I start on my full blown exercise Program. I knew today would not be good as hubby was home all day. I am gonna Ride the bike in the a.m. and do the BL workout in the afternoon.

I had MIL take a pic last night and it's so horrible i tossed it. I will have hubby take a few pics later and i also started a blog so i can start my journal and maybe even use it for rants that aren't appropriate for this thread.

We are all doing great and it feels awesome!
I'll check back later - hubby has spoken and wants dinner- of course the minute i get on here he wants dinner:p

01-02-2006, 06:26 PM
Happy New Year Everyone!
I love the new year as it is a time for fresh starts. I have gone back on Phase I of SBD. 2 days OP so far:carrot: :carrot: I am trying to be honest with myself this time and stop to figure out why I feel I need to start grazing, what's the real reason I am feeling out of control. I have also started carrying my food bible and journal with me at all times. (Translation--LARGE PURSE!!!) I have a great incentive as my sister got engaged Christmas and there will be a wedding this year!! In the last 2 weddings I tried to hide, NOT THIS TIME!!!!

3 Cheers to all the ladies of Summer Starters---You guys are the best group of support buddies anyone could ever have. Let's keep up the spirit we have had so far and KEEP ON BEING LOSERS!!! (I told you I loved New Year's)

01-02-2006, 09:01 PM
Glad to see you back Misty! Feeling better it looks like too! I am seriously thinking about going to some real time WW meetings. Registration is free right now and I am hoping it will give me that extra boost I seem to need. I just can't seem to get back into the same swing I was in before and it is really irritating me. It will all depend on whether or not mom is willing to come sit with the kids for an hour while I go.

01-02-2006, 09:41 PM
Good to see ya around again Misty :wave:

I am charging full steam with my eye on the next 15 lbs. I want them GONE before my birthday. I realized tonight that I could be at my goal by this time next year if I keep going...even at the slow pace I've been going, I could be 150 lbs. by this time next year!!!! Next year is going to come whether I gain or lose, so I might as well do my best and lose, even if it comes off s-l-o-w-l-y as it has been.

I will no longer complain about weeks I maintain or just lose 1, it's better than a gain...that's my attitude for 2006. This is our year ladies!


01-02-2006, 10:32 PM
Losing or maintaining is better than gaining so good attitude to have Theresa!

Hey Misty Good to see ya!:carrot:

Melissa- i bet it would help you get started w/ ww. It's a great program - if they had a different leader around here i'd be going for a jump start. I think you are just overwhelmed and being overwhelmd it's hard to focus on YOU. I hope your mom can help out- :hug:

I did get my blog started (thanks to support from you ladies) and even tho i haven't written anything yet I am feeling kinda good as tho I am ready to get inside my head (That could be scary :lol: ) and see if i can pinpoint when & Why my food addiction started- and WHY i can't control it all the time.

Theresa - You CAN do lose that 15 by your B-day!! :carrot: I am hoping my BL book gets here tomorrow so I can check out the eating plan and will def. let you know how it is. I know i love the workout - because it is real -NOT because i love to exercise ;) I really want to lose 15 before Feb 17-
2 pounds a week IS do- able! So with the DVD & the book i am hoping it gives me a kick start!

2 days OP and going for 3!
Have a good night all

01-02-2006, 10:37 PM
WW has been the program I have been following (or trying to) since I started trying to lose weight. I know they must have more updated material than I am using and plus I think having to physically show up would give me the boost I need(not to mention an hour break from kids)

Mom is talking about doing a float for the 4th of July parade for her doll dress shop and was talking about dressing us all up as different dolls and I would really like to look cute and not scary as I toss candy out to the kids plus that is a long walk and I don't want it to kill me off. I am just hoping she will agree to it for at least the next couple months. I think if I get back into the swing again I will feel more in control than I do now.

01-02-2006, 11:42 PM
What I did today to meet my goals:
1. 30 min. hip hop dance workout
2. 25 min. Gazelle (2 miles)
3. 30 min. strip aerobics
4. 20 min. pilates workout
5. under 1500 calories
6. lots of water

I think I might start listing this every day because it is motivating to see it all out like that, and I will be pushed to have something to list each day. Hope you all don't mind!


01-03-2006, 09:39 AM
It's good to see everyone getting it together again.
Today is my first workout session at the training center. It's snowing hard and I'm hoping I can get there. I really need to get moving, not just to lose weight, but to feel stretched out and limber.
Theresa- I think it's a good idea to post your day here. It will be an incentive.
Misty-I was way too fat at 2 weddings this past year, for 2 of my sons. I hate the photos, my dresses, and how I felt, especially next to the size 1 mother of the first bride. So a wedding is a good incentive.

01-03-2006, 12:22 PM
Congrats on the blog-I think you will find it is going to help alot in the long run.

Doesn't bother me if you post Theresa-whatever works for people is what we need to do.

Hope you are able to make it to the gym Laura-no snow here but lots of rain and gloom.

Mom wasn't adverse to watching the kids so I am just waiting to hear what day she wants to do it. They have alot of different times most days and even though I hate to weight at night, I would do it. I am hoping to start next week for meetings. I actually only had to get up once last night and it was heaven! I also sent an email to the Everett Jaycee's to find out what is needed to get into the parade. My garage will house the float she wants to make. I can always help while kids are napping. I think it will be fun. I always wanted to be in a parade(don't ask me why) and in all my 40+ years never have done it. I think it would be a blast and watch the kids scramble for candy and I think it would boost mom's little business. She didn't do to bad on ebay last year but I want to boost her sales a bit this year if I can.
Happy OP day ladies

01-03-2006, 06:15 PM
My workout with a trainer was postponed due to our lovely snow storm till tomorrow AM. I was disappointed, because I really need to get started. I have been in the house since Sunday morning, working from here and getting nutsy. I was willing to brave the snow, but they cancelled.
Food is OP today and that's good.
I've been clicking on the 3FC forum and journals. Some of it helps.
We are working out of town Thursday to Sunday. I dread the restaurants, but I know I can do it.

01-03-2006, 09:39 PM
Melissa- i hope you get to go- it would be helpful to you. Does your mom just do doll clothes or does she repair and make dolls too? When i worked for the comic store we did parades and it was great! we tossed candy and comics! lots of business after each parade. we'd have people all dressed up as characters and the kids loved it!

Theresa- I think it is good to post your day - it will help keep you on track! I'll love reading it too! may give me a few ideas!
Laura -I am sorrry you got snowed out of your training session. you can handle the eating out! salads and chicken! salads and chicken! I love to read the different posts and i like the forums too-

I was having a wonderful OP day even rode my bike this a.m. - then TOM showed up with NO warning- then i went to work and everything fell apart. A dear sweet man in the congregation had a heart attack this a.m. and passed away.then there is chaos and craziness. and it was so sad as he & his wife were getting ready to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Sunday- there was a big party planned and i had been organizing decorations when i got the call- really hit me hard. His wife was in charge of the 2nd party of the day so i kinda took that over and that's a big to do for Sunday night- so with all the phone calls & stress i kinda munched a bit on some goldfish and ate 2 bananas instead of 1 and ate 2 SF/FF jellos and a SF/FF pudding... not OP but i didn't stuff or eat cookies - so i guess i can justify my eating behavior for today.. I am still under 1600 calories . but i am emotionally drained- part of my job i dislike is having to call and let people know someone has passed away. I always choke up & cry.

have a good night all

01-03-2006, 09:54 PM
She makes doll clothes for American girl and other 18" dolls. She never has gotten into the repair aspect although she has bought used dolls and outfitted them. All the proceeds from those go to feed the children and she calls them twice loved tots. She is just so creative! Last time she watched the kids she was thining of a pacifier type toy she would like to make. I wish I had a thimble full of her imagination. I just think it would be a hoot to do the parade. I sent away for a catalogue of float materials.

I would hate having to call people too and give that kind of news. You stayed within calories though so don't be too hard on yourself and TOM is a stinker, especially when he comes unannounced-too rude. I do think Mom is going to watch the kids so I can go to WW meetings so now I just have to nail her down to a day and I will start next week and just try to be careful until then.

Laura you will do fine while you are out of town-you have done it before and it is too bad the weather got in the way of going to the gym today. Better to be safe than sorry. It is hard being cooped up. I am all the time but at least I got the kids here with me, although sometimes it can make me nutty too.

01-03-2006, 10:43 PM
Melissa, the float sounds like so much fun...and it gives you something to strive toward. :carrot: here's to getting out of the house without the kids for the WW meetings...hope that really works out for you!

Laura, sorry you got snowed out, but at least it's only postponed until tomorrow, could have been longer, right? I think salads and chicken is a great suggestion for restaraunts on your trip....just be careful with the dressing on salads, they can ruin it. I like to use FF dressing now, but I used to just get it on the side and dip my fork in the dressing, t hen in the salad so I didn't get too much.

Sandi, you did very well for all the stress you were under, on top of TOM, you did wonderful so just move on to tomorrow. TOM is no longer a surprise, you expect him in the morning.

What I did today:

1. 30 min. strength workout
2. lots of water
3. not sure on food, but I think I was under 1600 so should be okay...does that count? :lol:

I ended up at a friends house tonight and we didn't get home until after 8PM. Tyler fell asleep in the car without eating supper and wouldn't wake back up, so I am hoping he will sleep all night and not wake up at some crazy hour demanding food. He is pretty wiped out and played really hard, so hopefully that overrides the hunger I know he must have. I didn't get all my exercise in because we weren't here, but tomorrow is a new day.

My friend has a neighbor who is a hair stylist and we went over there and she got her hair done, and had her eyebrows and moustache area waxed. I am now thinking of having this lady do my hair, she really did a great job with my friend. I don't know what she would charge, but I think I'll find a picture somewhere of what I want and then have my friend ask if she'll do it and for how much. I always just get my hair trimmed and it's always just straight and long and BLAH. I would like to have a really nice cut with an actual style that requires more than washing and drying in the wind as I always do.

Okay, going to bed, night all!


01-03-2006, 11:27 PM
Theresa and Sandi- You are both right. I will be a chicken, fish and salad person all weekend.
Saturday night is dinner out on the road with friends who are meeting us. It's also DH's birthday and it's a great big one for him. So I think I will try to eat very little all day, so I can enjoy a nice meal out. I can get fish and a veggie and salad and a piece of bread and taste the cake. I know I can handle this. We are staying in a half way decent hotel Thursday nite and Fri and if there is a treadmill, I'll try to burn a few hundred calories each night. I'm not worried anymore. No food is worth feeling as bad as I do over fat. (silly sentence)
Sandi - sorry about the troubles at work. My brother in law is a rabbi and I know the deaths in the congregation are hard to bear.
Theresa- You are so lucky to have wash and wear hair.
Melissa- I look forward to seeing photos of you, a thin parading lady.

01-04-2006, 12:14 PM
Laura, I hear that all the time, that I am lucky to have easy hair, but I feel it is so boring and unattractive. I like long, really curly hair, but when I was a teenager I had a spiral perm that looked so good, but it ruined my hair for a long time because it was over-permed and burned it up. Now it is healthy again, but just straight, long...BLAH, just all one length hanging there :yawn: it's boring.

Doing good today, got 3 miles in on the gazelle, and did it in 41 min., it usually takes me a bit over 44 min. Going to do my strength training next.

I watched Oprah yesterday at my friends, and Dr. Phil today while on the gazelle, and both had women who lost a lot of weight and had all this loose skin hanging all over them. It has me worried that might happen to me. I keep checking to see if anything is loose and i think, at least so far, my only problem might be on the bottom pouch of my tummy, that's been loose hanging since I had Allie. Everything else seems just fat but firm. This is going to worry me to death because I am positive I cannot afford surgery to remove it! Anyone else concerned about this?

I will say that both women had lost a lot more weight than I have, and Dr. Phil also had another lady that had lost over 100 lbs. and didn't have the loose skin. The one on Oprah lost over like 200 or 300 pounds and the one on Dr. Phil lost just over 160 maybe it's only if you start way high like that? I had 108, so maybe my issue won't be as big??

Kayelle...give us the scoop on this...any loose hanging skin???


01-04-2006, 12:20 PM
Part of the reason they get that is that they lost the weight really really fast and the skin didn't get a chance to shrink with the weight loss. Most people with gastric bypass have that problem because the weight falls off at a rate that the rest of the body can't keep up with it. I have some loose on my tummy too between kids and major surgery I had at 24 so I think I will save pennies maybe for a tummy tuck someday-still haven't decided. I think with the way we are all losing our weight, it should be ok. I didn't notice looseness on BL either but they did alot of excersize and ate right too.

01-04-2006, 01:21 PM
hi again everyone! happy new year! it's so great to have the holidays behind us and now there is no excuse to not be op :) i tried to catch up on the posts but all that really sticks in my mind is that nasty wal-mart incident -- omg!!! i can't believe they would do that!
as far as the loose skin is concerned, i think it is just totally random. they say it is based on pounds lost and age, but i have only lost about 50 and am 25, but i still have it. it's nasty. yuck.
i just started my new job and it's terrific. i am so glad to have something useful to do. i think i am really going to enjoy it because my coworkers seem really nice and coffee is my one true love anyway. but it may be rough on the old diet because part of my job is pairing pastries with coffees and how else to do that except by tasting? lol! i could have gone my whole life not knowing chocolate pairs perfectly with cafe verona ;) i am still waiting to find a good match for broccoli.
also i'm pretty excited because my brother is coming to visit today for a week and a half. i just saw him in texas, but he decided he needed a break from all the craziness there. his friends are totally nuts -- they seem to think hitting up on girls, getting drunk and starting fightings, then getting locked up is totally normal. he is not into that kind of thing at all but apparantly decent folks his age to hang out with there are hard to come by.

01-04-2006, 02:52 PM
Welcome back and I am glad you had a good time and like your new job. The only thing I can possibly offer is that when I worked at subway many years ago, I loved subs-after a month, I was giving them to my daughter or sending them in hubby's lunch. I still don't eat them very often. I hope you have a great time with brother visiting too. When you find a good match for broccoli-please share with the group-lol. I have always wondered why those things that benefit our bodies the most is the least appealing thing to eat. I guess that is a question for God when I get to heaven which I probably won't care anymore.

01-04-2006, 06:36 PM

I know, I'm late! Good to see everyone setting realistic goals for the new year! I'm not setting anything in stone except to keep on losing. It has taken me a year and a half to lose almost 50 lbs, I just want to lose the next 50 a little faster!!!!!!(OKAY, A LOT FASTER!! :p )

I have been so busy since Christmas, I don't think I've posted since then? I remember telling about my in-laws though! While they were here they were sick, when they left, it stayed here. My hubby, 5 yo, and brother-in-law all got it:mad: The Tuesday after Christmas my mom flew in from Seattle, then Wed morning my daughter flew back to Seattle and we came home from Reno. My mother has had 3 heart attacks, has emphysema, asthma, and anything else you can think of! She has been on oxygen 24/7 since August and takes lots of medicines! Wakes up in the middle of the night coughing so bad and breathing so hard, it scares me! I haven't hardly slept in the week she has been here, and she doesn't leave until Tuesday morning. I feel bad cause I really want her to go home so my house can get back to normal(normal as it is anyway:dizzy: ) and I would like to get some sleep! Is that terrible? I feel terrible!

I haven't been to Curves at all, wiegh and measure is tomorrow, so I might go in when Caitlyn and Harley get home from school. My younger sister(the one on drugs leaves her 4 1/2 yo with my mom all the time, I don't want to leave McKenna and Sam with her alone? What if something happens? My dad told me that mom is to have NO stress, my kids should be named STRESS!

Well, I better go. Caitlyn and Harley have appointments to get thier hair cut after school. I did get my hair done before Christmas, it turned out really nice!

See ya'll later!!

01-04-2006, 09:27 PM
So glad everyone is back.
I saw a trainer this AM and she showed me a bunch of stretches, a few machines and some weight lifting positions. It felt good. I am in really bad shape, but I am optimistic because I know changes come fast when you work out. Unfortunately I can't go again till Monday because we are workingThursday-Sunday.
I like the training center because it's very laid back, no one is cutesy, everyone is in sweats, and the music is ok.
Food is good too.

01-04-2006, 10:36 PM
:wave: Hi everyone! It's good to see all of us back and ready to go after the holidays. So far I am 4 days OP WHOO-HOO!!! My scale is showing 3 pounds down but I am not counting it until I weigh on Sunday. If it is still gone by then I will count it. Went to the Dr today, his scale weighed me 9 pounds heavier then at home and when I got off I noticed that the needle wasn't on zero. Of course the very skinny nurse looked at me like I was crazy when I pointed that out. They also measure height wrong, have me 2 inches shorter than I am. It just bugs me that they don't seem to care.

When it comes to loose skin, the biggest factors are age, genetics, and how long a person was overweight. The longer the skin has been streched the less elasticity it has. I have a skin roll on my tummy already from the weight I have lost. One other factor is how fast the weight is taken off. That's why people who had gastric surgery tend to have a lot of loose skin all over. I think there is a faq or forum here at 3fc that talks about this.

Just my 2 cents!!!

I have a great feeling about this year. For some reason I feel calmer about dieting this time around. Last night at work they had onion rings which I truly love. My hand started reaching out automatically, then my brain kicked in and I asked myself, did I really want to blow a whole day OP for just a few seconds of taste?? I resisted those evil little rings and got a salad instead. LOL!! We have a lot of candy left from the holidays, about 4 boxes of truffles (everyone gives them to my DH because he is crazy over them.) I put them in a container in his closet and so far have been able to stay out of them.

My challenge to myself for this month is to start drinking more water-- a tough one for me--and to exercise more. Time constraints make the exercising hard but I am really going to try.

I was wondering if we were going to start back with the group challenges? They were very helpful when we were doing them, I guess because of the accountability involved.(Don't want to let the group down!!)

Okay---really long post---sorry guys.

Have a great week, I'll try to post more often this year. Did I just make yet another resolution?? Got to keep track of these things.


01-04-2006, 10:51 PM
Suzette is right. We haven't set a challange yet. I love the non scale victories. How about a NSV everyday this month, even if it means repeating one. For example, not touching those onion rings, or exercising even when tired, or standing up for someone.
what do yo think?

01-04-2006, 11:19 PM
I think the NSV challenge is a good one to start the year out with. Today mine would be walking/jogging in place for 15 min. to round out my last workout to a complete hour...when I really wanted to quit and go take a bath.

What I did today toward my goals:
1. 45 min. fat burning pilates workout
2. 6 miles on gazelle
3. 15 min. walk/jog in place
4. 50 minutes jumping on trampoline with kids

I didn't count calories today because the choices are slim around here right now. Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, but I don't know how much I can spend because we have bills and it will be a low paycheck for us. Hubby was home last week and I got lots of time with him, but unfortunately I have to trade part of our $$ for that time :cry: I hate his job.

Okay, enough of that! It was a very productive day as far as exercise goes, so hopefully I'm okay.

Suzette--they didn't fix the scale when you pointed it out? They really should be worried about those's their job! I feel very positive about this year as well. I am not fad dieting or taking diet pills or try to wish and dream the pounds away. I'm not setting resolutions, but just continuing the process of getting healthier. I have never made it this far and at this point everything is habit and routine, just my lifestyle now so it is a very different feeling of hope and accomplishment that I have not had in previous years. Yes, it is a great feeling not only to want to lose weight but already know you can do it and you ARE doing it...isn't it great?

Laura, it's okay you can't go back until Monday, because I'm sure some of what the trainer showed you can be done while on your trip, right? Even if there isn't a gym where you stay, you could do lots of things in your hotel room. Jumping jacks, running/walking in place, push-ups, other moves, I bet she showed you some good ones! I like to do push-ups on the wall, they kill.

Kathy, I am sorry about your mother and all the other family issues. At least it is all behind you is, right? :lol: you deserve a break! I know you feel terrible about wanting your mom to go, but you really are not a bad person. It is hard to have your life rearranged by other people, esp. when it's someone with problems that make us sad and worried. Besides not getting much sleep, I am sure being so close to her and hearing the problems stressed you emotionally. You just needed a break and some relief and there's nothing wrong with that. :hug: you're not a terrible person.

Cadwell, enjoy your brother while he's visiting! Can you get a decent guess at how many calories you might take in sampling, then lower your calorie intake some for the days you do that? Another thing is to commit to just one small nibble each time, and not eating the entire thing for each sample. Just enough to taste and move on. It sounds like an awesome job though! Be careful during TOM, cravings might really get ya!

Melissa, I am not sure I want any type of surgery, even a tummy tuck. I am horribly scared of needles and surgeries like that terrify me. I have heard so many stories of people getting messed up as well, a lot of doctors do it and are not properly trained, etc. I'd be afraid of getting one of those, esp. since I would never be able to afford a really good surgeon.


01-04-2006, 11:34 PM
It is so nice to have us here again. Still no Melra though and it has been an age since she was here. I hope she is ok.

As much as I abhore surgery(I have had many things removed) I will definately get a tummy tuck. In one of my surgeries they cut me vertically instead of horizontally and just killed the stomach muscles and when I had lost a bunch of weight before in my 30's, it was just ugly and I never wanted anyone to see it. I may let them put my bosom back too where it belongs while they are at it. They have in Seattle a couple of top notch surgeons. I live close to a huge metropolis so I can get quality care if I want it. I wouldn't go to anyone here in Everett even though we are pretty big city. I would have made an issue out of changing the scale and height too. So many things hinge on that information and it is their job to care.

I found out that Katy will be released sometime tonight. She does have two more court appearances this month and I just hope to Hanna she goes to them. David is still in jail and will remain there. His bail is 10,000. Michelle never went to go see her yesterday like she was supposed to and that irritates me to no end. If she had, Kate would have had a warm safe place to be tonight. I guess she is going to some friends house but I am not sure that is a good place for her to be. Katy said she is going to see Michelle tomorrow so hopefully Michelle can get her placed-I truly hope so. It is looking like she is really prego again and I just don't know if I could take on another baby. It makes me feel selfish to feel that way-it is my grandchild but I do have limitations on what I can do.

01-04-2006, 11:51 PM
WHOO HOO :carrot: We are all back on OP :carrot:

Candace -I agree with Melissa- you will hate the pastries after a while- there are certain foods I can't eat after being a waitress years ago. you'll never see me in a Burger King EVER. But i am glad you like your job. Umm broccoli & maybe a light mocha frapp- no whipped cream??

Laura -I am glad you got to the gym. and i am glad it isn't a cutsey place!

Loose skin may just be a part of life.. i am gonna take my chances- i can always hide it somehow! I've had practice hiding flab for years so can't be too hard. OOO Straight hair! I am jealous- when the humidity is high ( as it always is in FL I turn into a poodle) No matter what i do i have a mop for hair. it's almost time for a cut. Theresa- you made me laugh so hard on the TOM shows up in the a.m. it really made me feel better! and wall push ups rock!!!!!:carrot: !

Suzette- i am calmer too so far. I think it is the support here and knowing i am not alone in my struggles. I agree a challenge will be good- I know Theresa and I are aiming for 15 down in Feb . but i like Lauras idea of every day posting a NSV. and don't get me going on DR.'s scales- i see 3 different dr.s and each ones scale is different by 5-6 punds! one takes off for clothes and shoes -2 don't and they always weigh me heavier. :mad: of course wearing big old sneakers are gonna add at least a pound..and i always throw a fit about height! when one is only 4'10" like me every half inch counts!

Hey Kathy- I wouldn't feel bad at all wanting mom to go home so you can get back to normal.. and i agree- i want to lose the weight faster this year.

Melissa- i was asking about doll repair as i have 3 beautiful dolls that are over 100 years old and in need of a bit of repair work- i thought maybe I had found someone i could trust with them to fix them up. :D ! my MIL had an old doll and they lost it on her when she sent it to them. I hope Katey can get herself together. and don't feel bad abouit maybe saying no to another child- there is more than 1 person involved in making a baby and unless the other grandparents are bad people (or dead) they should help out too. Boob job would be on my list before a tummy tuck..of course i am still getting from hubby- are they gonna get smaller and i say i hope so & he pouts...MEN.

today was not an OP day- i overate all the way around
Ievenateonechocolatecookie. I didn't exercise- i drank diet coke instead of water and if i could have mugged the youth guy and took his fries i would have eaten them too. yeah it was a day. no excuses- it just started out bad and it went down hill all the way. and the bad? or good ?? part of it is I accept I was not OP, it's not bothering me right now and tomorrow i am back OP.

well i just found out they are having a bday party for me at the inlaws this weekend.. not sure if that is good or bad..good cause i like PRESENTS! bad cause they will have CAKE .

oh I ramble too much - sorry! just in a mood i guess!
My NSV for today I only ate 1 cookie and not the whole box
See ya'll tomorrow!

01-05-2006, 09:29 AM
lol sandi.. i worked at burger king for two weeks a few years back and i still won't eat there. no part of mayo should be yellow. not that burger king is op or anything. my brother is dying to go to in-n-out though.. that will be a struggle for me because i red-heart in-n-out. of course the only op thing they have is diet coke. very simple menu, which is one of the things that makes it so great. if i ever leave ca, i won't miss the beach, the weather, or disneyland. i will miss in-n-out. i already do, danged diet!
can't say i have an nsv for yesterday.. i succumbed to every temptation :(

01-05-2006, 11:05 AM
Hubby's check today was very, very little and I was a bit shocked...though I shouldn't have been, it happens every holiday when he doesn't work as much. I grocery shopped, but it's still very far from a well stocked, healthy kitchen. Split breasts were on sale and I usually would stock up and buy a ton, but can't afford to this time :( I do have 3 packs of boneless/skinless chicken, 3 packs split breasts, and 2 lbs. lean hamburger, so we will eat healthy suppers all's just lunches that I don't have a clue what we'll be eating. I bought hot dogs and mac n cheese, and it was horrible. I haven't bought those things since we started this group, but there is no choice this week. I will just be very, very strict with counting out the calories to limit the portions, and will try to take most of my calories from supper instead of lunch.

Melissa, if she is prego, then you have maybe 7-8 months (who knows how far she is along) to get her straight and living with you. If she can stay straight and move in with you, then she can help with the kids and together you can deal with another baby. She needs to realize that YOU are the one who will support her, be there for her, and do everything possible to provide for her kids. She can't do this without you, and hopefully she is waking up to that reality and will lean on you instead of the jerk and drugs. I know it is very hard for her to just get clean and she needs rehab of some sort...esp. if prego. I saw the author of Million Little Pieces on Oprah, he's a recovering drug addict, and he said this for parents of addicts: you have to let them know that you love them and will help them get clean when they are ready to receive that, but then the choice is up to the addict. So, if he is right then you have let Kate know you're there and will help and now it's up to her. I would talk to her and try to let her know over and over that you love her and want her to be straight, etc.

:rollpin: Cadwell, get on the ball girl! You can give in to some if you must...but not EVERY SINGLE TEMPTATION!!! :rollpin: :rollpin: your head is going to really hurt if you keep it up girly!

Sandi, my hubby is the same way about the shrinking chest. I have lost a lot of my inches off chest and stomach and he doesn't enjoy that much. He feels they are his toys and I'm taking them away :lol: I still have my big butt though, so he can't complain too much...for now!


01-05-2006, 11:23 AM
Better chase me with that rolling pin too-I need it! I am still waiting for mom to pick a day and I am antsy to get started with meetings. I am expecting Katy to call me today sometime or just show up. I am just glad LB is still in jail and it doesn't look like he will be out too soon either. Hopefully Michelle can get her placed and she will be out of circulation by the time he gets out. There is still a chance she will have to do some time. I just really hope and pray that she is serious this time. She is so missing out on some really awesome kids. Pretty proud of myself-it is 719a and Logan is fed, bathed, and dressed, I got a shower, and Odessa is in the tub now having the time of her life. Course when you are up at 5a more gets done earlier and the only one I got to go back to sleep was Amanda but she is my sleeper. I am in the same boat for groceries for the next few days Theresa. Crappy top ramen, hotdogs. I have some money but I am kind of hording it so I can pay for WW and there is food, just not the things I would really prefer or that are good for me. I am going to need to renew my lisence next month and I would like to have a better picture this time.

01-05-2006, 11:51 AM
Oh, I soooo hear ya on the license pictures! I have always taken horrible, horrible pictures but the one I got here in NC is not too bad. It's because my hair was down and over one side of my face and you can't see my chin :lol: I was surprised they allowed it because you can't see my face very clear, noticed that after the fact but they didn't say a word about it :shrug: I really hope Kate is serious as well. You can do it if she can help, but another baby would be asking so much of you. Maybe when you are face to face with her, you can tell her that you are not sure you can handle another one and who knows what would happen to this baby if you can't. I know you won't want it to go into foster care or something, but maybe it will scare her if she knows you cannot handle another one and it's going to rely on her. There has to be a motherly instinct and love in her, and if she stays off the drugs she can tap into that...I believe the motherly instinct is so strong, she just has to find it.


01-05-2006, 12:13 PM
I am hoping she contacts me today so we can really talk. It is only a little after 8a here so I am sure she is still sleeping. I am not sure what time last night they cut her loose but it had to have been at least 10p and not sure how long it took before someone got her. I am going to try and pin mom down to a day today-I just know that if I can get my butt in there it is going to help me get back on track. I would like to not have to lie too big when I get my lisence. I will definately pay the extra to get a new one when I get to my goal weight. The only way I could possibly do another baby is if it was short term. If she has to do a year or something it would only be a few months before she got out and she would have to come live with me. It will take her time anyway since I am sure she will have fines and she has some debts she really needs to take care of. She also should pay me back the 572.00 it cost me for the truck I gave her-she never changed it over to her name and it got towed and I never found out until like 3 weeks later. I would be happy if she just helped with the kids and got diapers once in awhile. It would be nice to have another set of hands to help out. I would have to move again if she did move in or even if I just got the baby because 3 bedrooms wouldn't be enough for 5 kids and 2 adults-we would be stepping on each other.

01-05-2006, 12:33 PM
double post **sorry**

01-05-2006, 12:35 PM
Oh, I really hope she does get in touch with you and you two get to talk it out some. I'm sure she's not going to be feeling real well if she has stayed off the drugs. Good luck, I will keep you in my thoughts.

I just shared some SF/FF French vanilla pudding with Tyler and this was our exchange:
Ty: ice cream!
Me: pudding!
Ty: after another bite and a moment of thought--ice cream!

:lol: he just didn't belive me it wasn't ice I might pull the switcheroo next time they want ice cream, this is so much better for them. I need to get off my butt here and get ready to pick Allie up. I am feeling sluggish from not eating the healtheir foods, so will get some chicken boiling for supper and try to come up with something halfway healthy for lunch. this week is so going to suck!

Anyone else getting told the server is too busy to post a message?


01-05-2006, 01:12 PM
I am getting that message alot and it also logs me out all the time too. I will have to check out the puddings-my kids are ice cream fiends and I have a hard time staying out of them if I have them.

01-05-2006, 01:34 PM
Melissa- You do have time regarding the next baby. Kate is the wild card and you just can't know what is next for her. It would be ideal if she cleaned up and came to live with you, Does she have any skills that can help her bring in some money? If she goes to a half way house and decides to clean up, maybe she can take the next few months to figure out how to become employable, and then surely she could help out with expenses. I do believe that in there somewhere, is a good girl, who did learn a lot from her mom. She's just not using it yet.
Cadwell- what is in-n-out? Do I have to move to CA to have a complete life? We will be in Carlsbad sometime in Feb? Do I need to find one there?
My NSV today is that I am totally aware of my behavior at the 2 trade shows this weekend, where all the vendors have baskets of candy in their booths and I always stop to say hello and fill up. It won't happen this weekend because I am telling you all about it.

01-05-2006, 04:17 PM
I just had a wake up call that I think I really needed. I was in this funk, hating that I have to eat these yucky processed foods for a week, that I have no money to go out and do anything, :blah: i took a bath and right as I stepped out my neighbor rang the door bell. These are neighbors that hubby grew up with, she used to spank him even and her son is hubby's best childhood friend. Well, she is raising her grandchild and her husband died a couple years ago, she has it hard.

Okay, so I step out of the tub and she is at the door. I answer in my night gown (was counting down to bedtime, that bad of a mood) and she says she loaned her car to her SIL (lives next to her) and he left her lights on, and she has to go get the grandson, Cody, from school and had no way to get there because her battery was dead. I got clothes on, took Tyler from his bed and Allie in her jammies and I rode her to the school. On the way there she was crying and said that on Tuesday her son (hubbies old friend) went into the ICU and they still have no idea what is wrong with him, but he is very ill and might die. Wednesday was the 3 year anniversary of her husband's death and that is very hard for her. No one was visiting her son in the hospital, not even his wife, so she has to keep going to be there and it's very uspetting that he's being abandoned pretty much.

She was to pick up Cody and her grand daughter, since her father is in ICU and won't be home to get her as he usually does, but when we FINALLLY got through the line at the school, they said the girl had gone on the bus. She was SO upset, telling them she called the office and the teacher swore they did not tell her. So now we had 3rd grader on her way home, but no one was there to let her in or get her. So, I took her out there and we waited until she got off the bus and took them all back home to the grandma's house.

It just was a huge wake up call to me. If all I have to worry about is that we have to eat hot dogs and mac and cheese for a week, then I have nothing to be depressed about! Others are dealing with so much more, my problem right now is so minor. She just opened my eyes to that, and t hen I was thinking of Melissa here and how she is dealing with so much more as well.

I will not complain anymore, others are have it so much worse. I told her to let me know if she needs anything else, and I saw just a bit ago that someone was down there jumping her car off so hopefully she'll be okay now. You just never know what your neighbor is going through, I live right beside her and had no idea.


01-05-2006, 09:23 PM
Hello all!!

I don't have time to catch up on everything I just wanted to pop in and say hello! I am glad to be back at work and back OP this week after all the Christmas parties last month. It is good to be back to a normal routine. I haven't braved the scale yet but judging from my clothes I'm guessing the damage was minimal even after quite a few days of not-so-great eating and a couple days of extremely terrible eating. I did exercise a lot through it all and that is probably what saved me. asked me about loose skin. Yes, I have some, I couldn't really expect not to after so many years of being overweight. I have a little extra skin where I used to have belly rolls, and my chest are is also a little saggy (going from a 42DD to a 34C I guess that is to be expected). It's not obvious except from certain angles like when I bend over. Standing upright it's just a couple little ripples very low on my abdomen and also just a bit right above my belly button. It definitely doesn't bother me enough at this point that I'd consider surgery even if I could afford it (which I can't). I can't really notice any on my arms or legs. Also...I read that skin continues to shrink long after weight loss so even people that have a lot of extra skin right away might not have so much a year or two later. The school nurse actually commented to me last fall how she was amazed I didn't have loose skin with all the weight I lost. I told her I do have some but she was surprised that I could wear sleeveless tops and shorts and not really have any saggy skin showing. The only other place I notice it is right under my chin there is a little bit of saggy skin, but I had that before I lost weight and so does every other woman in my family over age 30 so I think I would have been stuck with that no matter what. I am bothered more by my non-existent bottom than I am by the loose skin that I have. It doesn't seem to matter how many squats I do...I just have a flat butt and that's that. If I could have my saddlebag jiggle removed and injected into my booty I might just consider it. Oh, well, just goes to show that no matter what our weight we will always find something about our bodies to criticize.

HI to everybody else!! Hope you are all having a great day. I have to run and get some things done around here but I will try to do a better job of catching up on everything soon. It's so good to be back! This is such an awesome group.

NSV for the day was dragging my lazy self out of bed at 4:45 (yes, 4:45) this morning to do an aerobics video before getting ready for work, and then I went in to work early and stayed late to walk, too.

01-06-2006, 12:17 AM
:o oww! that :rollpin: hurts! but i did better today, at least so far. i may have a salad later. no samples today ;) just coffee.
lol laura.. i don't think you would have to move to have a complete life, although i have heard of folks that moved to the east coast from ca having in-n-out burgers shipped to them on dry ice or something, out of desperation. that's a little extreme, but only because it's not like they would be good if they weren't fresh. especially the fries, which are killer. but i have to resist, or else theresa will whack me with the rolling pin :D

01-06-2006, 10:41 AM
Confession time! I blew it last night--BIG TIME!! DH took me out on a date nite, surprised me with a piece of carrot cake (one of my faves) I was only going to take a taste but the next thing I knew it was gone. The downward spiral started there. I went on a sugar binge. Now I am so mad at myself. I just can't figure out why it happened. DH thinks maybe my diet was too low in carbs and that's what triggered the binge. Poor thing was upset because he didn't mean to ruin my diet. (he actually thought carrot cake would be a healthy treat!!!!) Got to love the big dope!!! Maybe I do need to incorporate more carbs, I just don't know anymore. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway I am trying to get some control back and restart being OP today. Back to bed for me now as I have to work tonight (yes I am STILL stuck on nightshift, 2 nurses quit so I have to wait yet again while they try to hire some help).

Have a better day than me!!


01-06-2006, 12:10 PM
Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start again. I hate it too when those things happen.

Katy came over yesterday about 6p or so and was here until after 10p. We talked the whole time. Man she was more messed up than I had imagined. I am really hoping she meant what she said yesterday and isnt' feeding me more poodoo-it is so hard to tell when they are addicts. Meth no less. She hasn't had any drugs because she was in jail and she swears she isn't going to touch the stuff again. I just don't know how you can without going to some kind of rehab. Meth is nasty stuff. I guess time will tell and I will have to see what happens. She is very confused. On one hand she says no more david and then it is like well if he changes and shows me...the guy hit her! That is a deal breaker if I ever heard one. I told her to keep him away from me cause no one touches my kids-EVER. He is still in jail with 10,000 bail and he is looking at least 2 yrs prison too. Kate still could wind up doing time and I will know on the 28th after her trial. I may go with her possibly if she needs the support. It is just that she has messed me over so many times I am nervous about letting her get too close. Weird I know. Logan has his checkup at drs. here shortly so I better get a move on. I never even got dinner dishes done last night since I had company.

01-06-2006, 06:07 PM
I'm having a don't-wanna-eat-nuthing day. I don't even feel hungry. WI was the same AGAIN, which is better than a gain so it's okay. Yes, it really is okay. I'll tell myself that a million more times and maybe I'll believe it.

I forgot this...yesterday's things I did:

1. 4 miles on gazelle
2. some water

That's it. And today...nothing so far, so I better get busy on that!

Suzette, it could be that sugar is a trigger food for you, as it is for me. One bite and it sends you off wanting more and more. I know that I cannot have the "jsut one bite" mentality because for me it sets me off with wild cravings. The only way is to have none at all...sugar detox as I like to call it :lol: Or, it could be you were just out with hubby and having a good time and you let your guard down a bit too much. If it was that you needed more carbs, I think you'd be craving it all the time, not just when it is set before you, right? My guess is it had more to do with the sugar.


01-06-2006, 07:36 PM
i'll be praying for kate melissa.. it is hard to quit meth but it is possible. my best friend was very addicted to the stuff but she quit and has been clean for over two years. she didn't go to rehab, just na meetings, so it was hard -- but its hard no matter what i think. hopefully they will put david away for a long time because if they don't split up and one continues to do meth, then the other will too (like with any kind of addiction). but once she is sober for awhile i imagine she will begin to see that they don't have much in common.
and of course, guys that hit girls don't change. i don't care how messed up on drugs he was it's no excuse. hopefully she is ready for a new life.
:hug: for you melissa -- hang in there superwoman!

01-06-2006, 10:15 PM
Melissa- i really hope kate can get into a program of some kind either NA or rehab or some type of support group. If she really wants to and will get support she can beat this- maybe with a support group she can see that David is a loser and she doesn't need him at all. I will keep ya'll in prayers!

ok - theresa went from :snowball1 to :rollpin: (sandi runs away from theresa as she confesses to eating really bad today.)

It was all stress induced -100% stress - today was so horrible at work- i ate whatever was around and prolly devoured 4000 calories today. oh well Brushing myself off and picking myself up from the fall off the wagon. but then i feel as i am just making a sorry excuse by saying today was so miserable and i ate because i was stressed.

Suzette- I have trigger foods and can't eat 1 tiny piece of cake/french bread or any pretzels/chips/crackers etc.. i just crave them on a constant basis and will eat more and more and more. I really blew it today -not quite a binge but very, very close. I just keep eating and as the day progressed and the stress got worse I ate even more. tomorrow is a day of fruit and water and raw veggies. they say you can't "detox " your body but i think you can to a point.- I find eating very high fiber grain type foods doesn't set off a trigger for me. and there aren't any cravings after eating whole grains /high fiber grains.

MMMM in- n -out burgers - I have had on a trip to calif. YUMMM :hungry:

My thought for the weekend: STRESSED is DESSERTS spelled backwards.

NSV for today is i actually ADMITTED to overeating and should have no lame excuses for it- just because today was stressful and miserable doesn't give me a reason or excuse to eat poorly. there, i feel better now!

have a good night all

01-07-2006, 05:42 PM
i really need to start hitting the gym more. i haven't been in a week, and i probably won't have time today. it's been pretty hectic, but i really need to get motivated and start finding the time because i've pretty much hit a plateau. anybody have tips for making time for workouts? y'all seem even busier than me so i wonder how you all do it.
sandi -- way to go on putting past bad eating behind you quickly.. i am hoping after awhile of having good habits, we can all gravitate towards healthy ways of dealing with stress. i know at this point i don't resist cravings as well when i'm stressed.

01-08-2006, 02:35 PM
Wow where did everyone go?? I have been busy with Katy since she is going into rehab here shortly. I just can't get over how fragile she seems. It just breaks my heart to see her this way but at least for the time being she is going in the right direction. Her LB had a bond company call her last night at 10p wanting her to bail him out. It really got her upset. On the one hand she knows he is bad bad news but she seems to conflicted-it all comes from being in an abusive relationship. They can be hard at first when you leave-she knows she needs to.

On the good note, I start meetings on Friday! Mom and her friend SueAnn are going to take turns watching the kids while I go and I am very excited to get going. Eating hasn't been stellar but not too hidious either but I am really wanting to be totally OP again and get that energy back!

Hope you guys are all doing ok!

01-08-2006, 02:58 PM
Melissa, I am so estatic for you! Things seem to finally be going in the right direction...see, all your work is paying off finally. I am so very glad to hear Kate is going into rehab, that is the best place for her. LB won't be able to reach her there, right? Well, it's not like she has the $$ to bail him out anyway, and there is no way you're going to do it :lol: so guess he gets to sit there, as he should. I know rehab must be heartbreaking for you to watch, but it is much better than her being out there on the streets with who knows what happening to her, right? Rehab is a much better place. Oh and WW meetings...YAY! You deserve it all to go right and I am happy for ya.

Where have I been...playing with garden plans and having a ball. We have been in this house 2 years, and each of those years I spent about $200 on flowers for the front yard that didn't work out. First year I was a gardening idiot and just planted whatever I liked, and well since it's all shade and I planted full sun plants :rollpin: nothing came up. Last year I researched more, assumed it was partial shade, and planted accordingly with a bunch of horse manure from MILs horses. Well, it all came up but stayed real small, like it just stunted out. I did even more research in the past week and found out it's because it is mostly shade to full shade and plants are competeing with the huge trees (3 maples and 1 pecan) for nutrients and water.

Last year I did get a hydrangea to grow and even bloom, it was a tiny baby and grew over a foot and bloomed, even after being trampled by a dog and put into a pot. So, I have been tearing through internet and a huge stack of catalogs and researching one plant after another, measuring my beds and distance up to the windows, etc. I finally have a plan for what I want to get for the two front beds and have decided to buy a wildflower mix for shade to toss under the trees, which is impossible to deal with because of roots. I have learned that last year when we tilled all our new topsoil and manure into the ground we did wrong...this year I will redo all that and leave it on top and just plant in that. Supposedly, this will help the plants establish and by the time the trees do eat through it all, they should be stable enough to survive.Since I'm going to line the house with hydrangea, I will use compost instead of manure.

**sigh** sorry if that was boring, but I am learning so much and that is where I have been! It has been keeping me out of the kitchen and very distracted, so it does have a weight loss purpose.

If anyone knows about this gardening stuff please HELP me, we can even move it to email to not bore Hubby has laid down the law and if I don't get this to work this year I have to give up on the front yard. Everything grows beautifully in the back yard, just gorgeous, and it's in full sun, so I know it's not just me :lol:


01-08-2006, 03:02 PM
Melissa, just wondered about something....has Kay been staying with you, and how did all the kids react to her? This has to be so confusing for them.

01-08-2006, 03:20 PM
You might try some online seed companies. Alot of times they will "zone" plants for you climate, soil ect and then they state too whether they are full sun, partial or shade. Don't have to buy from them but you can get a good idea of what flowers will thrive in that spot.

I really don't think the girls know who she really is. They like her and kind of treat her like a play date. Odessa does call her mommy and me mama and it is funny cause both kate and I answer at the same time (geez who is confused lol) She isn't allowed to stay here but last time when we thought she was being released, Michelle said she could come over just not stay here. I really don't have the space for her although I would make it for the few days she will be around before rehab-I would know exactly who she was with and she would be safe. The kids seem to be rolling along with everything fine and even Josh has been happy to see her which is a biggy. The first time she was coming over I let him know so he could prepare and the first thing he said was "kate is my sister and I don't like her". I told him to be pleasant and he didn't have to talk to her but when she came in he seemed happy to see her too and talked her ear off even. She has been coming over about 11-1p and staying till 10p when I go to bed. She loses track of time alot I noticed. I am hoping it is just drug residue and not permanent damage. She just seems so young and small to me.

01-08-2006, 09:24 PM
I get about every single catalog from all the online companies, all the local ones, and many from the Ohio area where my mom lives. I also go thorugh where consumers rate different online and local flower shops and it's a watchdog sort of thing, so I have looked at about everything there is out there. i am picky and most of the usual things at the local nurseries aren't interesting to me. I know my zone and all that, it's just the tricky almsot complete shade and nutrient sucking trees. I think I got it now, so it BETTER work.

I am glad that things are going smoothly with the kids. Sounds interesting to have you both answering to mommy/mama. That would unbelievably hard I'm sure. She looks young and fragile because she is your baby and always will. Just make sure she knows how her actions have effected you and the kids and maybe she will straighten up.


01-09-2006, 09:12 AM
I can't wait till it's time to go out into the garden. We are snow covered and kind of gloomy, but not too cold.
I blew the weekend. Too many dinners out to celebrate DH's birthday. I feel fat and yucky, but I will be OP right now and workout today so I am not going to be a crazy.

01-09-2006, 10:22 AM
It has been in the 50-60s here, today will be 60, some days actually felt like spring, and today will be 60 again. I noticed this morning that my daffodils are actually poking out of the ground :stress: If they come up now, I guess if it does get cold again or more ice, they will die...then that's it? I wonder if they would come up again. I hope so, because that is about all my front yard has going for it right least I know they are at least alive and coming up, that's good.

I ended up in the ER with Tyler last night. He was standing on his bouncy horse and fell forward into the filing cabinet. Somehow as he hit the cabinet his finger went in that little crack between the drawer and the side of the cabinet. I really don't know how it got in there, but it somehow managed. I couldn't get it out at first, then had to push in the top of the draw to get it. It was bleeding everywhere, just gushing and I freaked out. Held a cold wet rag on it and called his doctors office, who said I needed to either call 911 or go to ER. My friend picked us up (Allie was with MIL) and we flew to ER, but he was very quiet, pale, trying to slip asleep and I was trying my hardest to keep him alert and looking at me, he completely soaked a kitchen rag, his shirt and my shirt, with blood, but it had stopped bleeding.

End result, they had to give him stitches and because of location had to do it the painful way. He got a shot of Tylenol and a shot of Benedryl, which put him to sleep and then they did it and he didn't feel much of it. Also found out he has ANOTHER ear infection. It is hard getting him to keep the bandaging over his finger, think I redid it a zillion times last night. Seems to do okay during the day because he's distracted, it's when he lies down that he starts messing with it.


01-09-2006, 10:30 AM
Sorry about Ty. Kids do heal fast, but it is so scary when you have to go to the ER.

01-09-2006, 11:54 AM
It is scary when they get hurt-no matter how old they are but it seems harder when they are so small since you aren't sure they understand exactly what is happening to them. Josh had a fight with a wood stove when he was about 2 and got stitches under his eyebrow and my daughter when she was about 5 got hit in the head with a golf club-that one really scared me bad. So far, with the other kids, we have just had bumps and bruises.

Glad you are home again Laura and now you can get back to normal. I can identify with fat and icky. Kate came with all kinds of junk yesterday and then I laughed at her cause she got me some frozen yogurt cause she remembered I was watching what I was eating. I teased her bad since she had also brought pizza, chips, soda, and cookies! Yes I had some too-ugh. Tomorrow I get groceries and I am glad glad glad. I would like to have a couple days jump before my first official weigh in at WW.


01-09-2006, 05:07 PM
I finally worked out at the training center. I did a class with a 9lb metal bar called Body Bar Basic Training. It was hard. Then I did a 1/2 hr on the elliptical, taking it really easy. I liked the class. I like the elliptical. I hate the mirrors everywhere you look. I didn't know i looked this bad. I think when you are fat, you tend to look in the mirror in certain poses and set yourself up before you look. At the gym it's different. You see yourself everywhere, especially when you don't want to, like when you are in a squat, butt out, and about to fall over. I have to develop the attitude that it will look better the more I go.
The other good part was that it was a really good mix of women, all ages and sizes, but I was definately the fattest.
Food is good today.
Melissa-Where is Kate going when she leaves you? Is she safe? Was it helpful for you to have another set of hands there for a while? Maybe she will enjoy the little ones because she doesn't have any pressure re providing for them and that will help her stay straight.

01-09-2006, 06:05 PM
I hear you about the mirrors! Pretty soon though it won't bother you anymore. Right now I believe Kate is safe. She is supposed to be going to rehab soon and then if she is preg they can get her into some housing, if not she will have to wait. She isn't allowed to stay here at this time and she isn't much help really. She has been here every day and I am picking up after her too and I noticed that she didn't spend as much time with the kids either. She was chatting on my computer. I did have a message from the bond company and I am afraid she is trying to bail David out-she will be throwing everything away if she does. I am wondering though if David is just pestering her to bail him out. I just need to get her into rehab as soon as possible and I am also waiting for michelle to call me back too. I had heard there was going to be a no contact order and that needs to go into place now and I also want to be included in the order. I am just so afraid for her.

01-09-2006, 06:24 PM
I am the same way with mirrors in malls...or anywhere that has large ones where you see more than your face. Have to say though, I look a bit more like the me I expect to see, and less like the me I don't recognize. Twenty pounds isn't much a difference to the eye, so I think it is my mindset. I am happier with myself now that I feel healthier. It's not so much the weight loss but the exercise and my body being more physically fit that changes how I see myself now. Still not even close to where I want to be, but I don't see myself and think "who the **** was that?" anymore.

Melissa, seems this spot you are in is not much easier than the last one. Now there is the hope she will get straight and ditch this loser, but at the same time there is doubt and fear that she won't...then there's the disappointment and grief if she goes the wrong way. I have my hopes up for you that she is serious and not stringing you along for a place to stay during the day.


01-09-2006, 06:46 PM
Where ever does Kate think she can get the money to bail out that jerk? I hope she doesn't do something stupid to get money for him. I hope she gets into a rehab real soon. Does she have a cell phone? Maybe you can hide it somewhere so he can't reach her.
I feel so much fatter and yuckier now that I saw all those mirrors, but I will stay positive.

01-09-2006, 06:56 PM
Laura, just look at it this are doing something to change the reflection in those mirrors. Stick it out for a month and wait to see what you think by then! You get to watch yourself change in those's a great opportunity.

01-09-2006, 08:03 PM
Thanks Theresa
You're right.

01-10-2006, 04:44 PM
Kate is using again. I am so undone right now. I hope everyone is OP and doing ok

01-10-2006, 04:56 PM
Oh no Melissa.
How did you find out?
What's happening with rehab?
I hope she isn't pregnant.
You have done everything a mother can do for her, so please focus on the sweet little one and Josh. I know it's so hard.

01-10-2006, 05:04 PM
:grouphug: we are all here if you need to vent, Melissa. I cannot imagine how hard this is and how horrible it feels, but you have done all you can for her, she knows you're there when she's ready to get straight, so now you just have to wait, hope, and pray for that day. Protect the kids, lock the door, and let her know you do not support her when she's using...that's my advice, though I know it is so hard to do and easy to say. We are here for you to vent and let it out though, you are NOT ALONE.


01-10-2006, 05:19 PM
I had my suspicions already-she was being inconsistant with things and her attention for the kids was going back to 0 again. I called Michelle and I guess Kate was refusing to go to rehab although that is all she has talked about the last few days. I told michelle that I love katy and want her to get help but the babies come first with me. I read up on Meth use so I know what to look for. I am such a polyanna when it comes to those things-I have no clue. Katy admitted to Michelle she has used since she got out and she also isn't giving up David. I have to walk away and I feel like I am on the verge of tears but can't because I don't want to upset the kids-they don't understand. If she does call me today I am going to let her know that I know she is using and if she is high, she can stay where she is. It is only a matter of time now and logan will be mine legally. I just don't understand how you can do that and especially if you have kids! It is so selfish and she can kill herself or give herself permanent brain damage with this stuff. She still hasn't gone in for her preg test. If she is, she needs to get in now-it causes premature delivery, neuro probs, and some other stuff to babies and I just pray she hasn't done any harm to the baby. It is just killing me-I guess I just put too much hope that this time she was going to get it together. I know I have done all I can and she is an adult now. These are HER choices and I just have to pray that they don't cost her her life.

Foodwise I went shopping today with the kids and got my stuff. I will write out few days worth of menus and I get to start WW on Friday for meetings. I need to get myself focused on other things and I will start with me and doing what I need to do for me. I feel totally tubby and my back, hips and other joints have been aching again-due to weight gain. Time to get serious!

01-10-2006, 05:48 PM
hey everyone- i have been awol for a few but I have been in such a depression i didn't wanna whine too much or be all BLAH- everyone has enough troubles on their own w/o me going on especially when it isn't all that big - just me and "what if- ing" myself to death.
so in order not to digress:

Meissa :hug: -i hope WW works out good for you, i so glad you get to go i know you'll enjoy the meetings as well as the tips and great info you'll get!
Theresa :hug: i hope tyler is ok- i am jealous - i have a black thumb everything i try to grow dies a horrible death
Laura -:hug: remember mirrors add 15 pounds when you look in them and yay! you are doing something about it so those mirrors will be fun ot look in real soon.

:hug: to everyone else

I am not OP but thats because i am just not eating much.. food is blah and right now so is lots of things. I am down another pound- i need to get over this and i will be fine.. let me get myself together and i will vent to you wonderful ladies - maybe thats what i need.

01-10-2006, 06:26 PM
Vent away Sandi...we all do from time to time! Sorry you feel so blah, i usually am this time of year but since we are having spring-like weather it hasn't hit me.

Melissa, I am so sorry she let you down. You are doing the right thing by focusing back on yourself and those kids and cutting Kate loose. If she doesn't want rehab and wants LB, then she cannot be around the children. She knows it and still chooses the drugs and him, so there is nothing you can do. Sounds like she was saying just what you wanted to hear and stringing you along...don't let her do it another second, now that you have found out the truth. I really hope she isn't prego, just to think what that little baby could be going through if she is.... makes me want to cry and I dont' even know her.


01-10-2006, 08:04 PM
i'm so sorry melissa. it is so hard to have to watch someone you love make the same destructive choices over and over. if she isn't ready to change, then there is nothing you can do but focus on your own goals and the little ones. they are helpless, but kate is not -- she can change whenever she decides her life is worth going through some sacrifices and discomfort. good luck with ww.
laura.. i feel you on the mirrors. i just try to think of the reflection as a glimpse into the past, because it's a representation of the old me -- on the inside i am already committed to healthy eating and exercise, and the mirror is trying to play catch-up and failing!
eating this week has been a challenge. there is a lot of junk in the house and not much healthy food. i've stayed on the stright and narrow at work though.. the gal training me said she gained a bunch of weight after she started, so that gave me motivation to stick with my usual unsweetened black iced coffee (even though i could anything, even those 800 calorie devils i never had the $$$ for, for free). if i don't ever try them, then i won't have the taste for them and get tempted constantly. pastries are a different story though.. i was born with the taste for brownies and coffeecake :devil:

01-10-2006, 09:52 PM
oh Melissa i so feel for you again :hug: Addiction especially to drugs changes a life- Kate can choose to change she just isn't ready yet. it may take some harsh reality for her - Candice is right- concentrate on the little ones. they need you. and one day kate may need you too- it's so hard to stop being a MOM as our instincts take over and we want to baby our children who are hurting . it make me want to cry too- and hug the babies and babysit for you so you can have some free time -Etc..

ooo candice- free starbucks goodies:hungry: i'd have all kinds of trouble not eating them- i was born with a chocolate spoon in my mouth I guess!

we are starting more spring like weather- 75 during the day but I think my problem has been i am on this emotional roller coaster and want to stop the ride- it all started last week with that dear man passing away right before his 50th wedding anniversary - i mean here we were getting decorations ready and we get the call he had died- so the party turned into a memorial service-
2nd- our Sr. adult Pastor took another church and his wife and i were very close and i feel i am losing a good friend
3rd- my oldest quit her job the other day as her boss informed her he could get any sl_ _ off the street to do her job- he had become increasingly verbally abusive to her and she never got her paycheck on time - always a day or two late- but i wanna be mommy and help her and she doesn't need /want my help but i find myself saying well how about this or that and she gets mad. so i have to butt out.
4th- this was a bad weekend with work as some people overstepped their boundries and caused a major upset and i can't go into details but this could spiral outward into a few innocent bystanders (me included- actually everyone on Staff) having to find other jobs- it was a mess that caused a lot of difficulties to everyone on staff-of course i am "what ifing" myself to DEATH- i am the queen of what if's-
and i am all :( with myself as to losing weight- everytime i get OP something happedn to mess it all up- like i set out to start exercising and i have a miserable cold and can't hardly breathe let alone exercise.. i feel like i am a terrible loser (and not a weight loser) and just make excuses not to exercise.
i just can't seem to get it together.
ok rant over and i do feel better- this cold/sinus pressure is kicking my butt
i haven't eaten much lately - emotional upset for once does not = eating.
thanks for listening, especially Melissa as you have so much more to deal with.
Night all

01-11-2006, 12:37 PM
Sandi sorry things are so rough right now. I hear you about life seeming to happen with a vengence whenever we try to lose weight! I was on such a roll and then Logan arrived and turned me upside down. Kate in jail, Kate out of jail-will she rehab-no she won't-not using, now she IS using. Man it is fierce to deal with and not just go empty out my fridge. I am opposite-I eat when I am upset. The only time I didn't eat was when I left my husband but that was short lived. I just have to believe things will get better!

I am officially OP today and counting until Friday when I can start meetings. I gained more weight than I care to tell since Logan got here. I only purchased dinners that will cook in the crockpot. I know part of my problem is that by the time dinner rolls around, I am tired and I don't care anymore and go for what is fast and easy. WW came out with a crockpot cookbook so I will have to see if I can get one for myself. I am going to be 42 next month so I guess my birthday goal is to be under 200-I think it is realistic-hope so anyway. Thank you guys for being there for me. You can't know how much it means to me.

01-11-2006, 03:58 PM
Sandi -sorry everything is tough right now. I hope it settles down. Melissa and I both know that grown up children are so much more difficult than the little ones. We have to watch them mess up and most of the time we can't stop them. My DIL is planning to call me this PM and I know she has a long list of what is going wrong and most of it has to do with my son being a jerk. She needs to vent, but I will be a wreck when she is done. She is upset about one of his sons and she wants to help this little guy, but my son is not listening. Jake is 10 and he weighs 140, and he is eating when he is stressed. My son says it's baby fat and he will grow out of it. HA!
Thru all our mid winter blues and issues, we all seem to be OP or not eating enough.
In our company we deal with lots of jerks. Right now my DH is the designated "voice of reason" and only he deals with the crazies. When he can't stand it any more, someone else who is sane will take his place. Regarding the what ifs-I do that too and it is a good way to drive yourself nuts. Situations are remembered from a long time ago and I suddenly realize what I should have done and I can't let it go for a long time. Sandi-remember that hindsite has 20 20 vision. I try to remember that when I busy with "what if I had done it different?"
A lot of venting here too. Thanks

01-11-2006, 06:13 PM
Day three of sugar detox and I want chocolate so bad. A friend brought over a huge bag of them, and the peanut butter ones have been calling me since Sunday night. Usually my cravings would taper off by day three, but it hasn't this time. i have been good and not had a single one. Everything sweet is hidden in a cabinet and the kitchen is just off limits these days, unless I have to prepare a meal. I keep hearing the little voice "you can just have ONE," but I know I won't stop there, I just know it. And then I have to start all over and I am sick and tired of starting over and over...I feel like a druggie in withdraw.

Anyone know what a Denise Austin Rock Fit Exerciser is? I am getting one off freecycle from someone that I have given lots too....she actually picked me :yes: it's a miracle. Problem is I dont know what it is and when I did a search for it, I just go exercise videos. Since she said "exerciser" I am assuming it's a machine of some sort...she said it really burns her legs.


01-11-2006, 06:35 PM
Theresa-THROW THE CANDY OUT!!!!!!!!!!

01-11-2006, 08:56 PM
Yes throw the candy out! Well I am going to tattle on myself and it is totally non food related. I watched Dr. Phil today and they had an alcoholic on there and it was just like watching my own daughter. Only difference is the drug of choice. Well I emailed Dr. Phil and asked for his help with katy. I could get lucky and he would do an intervention for her and hey you could see me on tv lol. Now if that isn't incentive to stay on program I don't know what is! I hope if he does help, I get enough warning. Wouldn't it be awful if he caught me on a robe day? The mere thought sends me into a panic. I just feel so desperate to get her help that if I have to beg a celebrity to do it, I will. I am just scared she is going to kill herself if she doesn't get help soon. Oh I have no idea what that excersize thing is-I am so bad about doing it myself.

01-11-2006, 09:35 PM
What a great idea Melissa. Do some research on how he makes his choices. I think his show has people looking for participants. Maybe there is a way to get to his searchers.

01-11-2006, 10:05 PM
I figured I didn't have anything to lose. If he doesn't do it, I am not any worse off but on the chance that he does, it could be salvation for Katy. I put in the request to him on his website so now I just sit and wait to see what happens.

01-12-2006, 06:37 AM
good luck with the dr. phil thing melissa! hopefully he will pick kate.. maybe her having so many kids will convince him to intervene for her. if anyone had a reason to kick meth, it would be kate.
theresa, i agree you should get rid of the candy. there is no point to keeping it around. testing willpower just makes it harder, and as far as that goes, well.. once i tried the same thing.. i tried to quit smoking and had been doing well for three days. i thought i should test my willpower to make sure i was really quitting as opposed to just not having access to cigarettes, so i kept a pack in my purse along with a lighter. i won't bore you with the deatils of the 20 minutes that followed, but let's just let it suffice to say i am smoking a cigarette as i type this :devil:. my idea these days with my diet is that if i am in a no-fail environment, then i won't fail. i usually only crave treats i can have at the moment i have the craving, like ice cream in the freezer, or french fries i'm watching dh eat. when i visited my mom, i had to move her gummy bears from the middle of the back seat to her side by the door because just having to reach across her kept me from repeatedly sticking my hand into the bag.. i still had a few though ;)

01-12-2006, 12:38 PM
Don't be too hard on yourself Candace. They say it takes on average 10 atempts(?) to completely quit and just my two cents-it is really hard to quit two habits at the same time-especially two big ones like smoking and losing weight. I hear you with no fail environment. My kids are going through withdrawl but man I will eat anything if it is here so it is out of the house.

Tomorrow is the big day! First meeting and I am excited for it. I also am hoping Dr. Phil intervenes. I let him know how old her kids are too. I still haven't heard anything from her. I just know she needs to be rescued in the worse way.

01-12-2006, 03:31 PM
good morning y'all! my stomach is starting to recover from last night.. right after i posted last night, i got these terrible pains in my stomach. it was really terrible. i am not sure what caused it, but my best guess would be that nasty frapuccino these guys at work made. apparently there is some ritual with newbies that they should try something called an "everything frappuccino" that include a little bit of everything edible in the store. holy cow it was nasty! either that, or it was my subway sandwich. i have had problems there before.. it's the reason why i can't eat mayonaisse :barf:
hope everyone has a wonderful and fabulous op day!

01-12-2006, 06:30 PM
Ah the joys of being a newbie! Sounds like it was probably a combination of the two-glad you are feeling better. I had a NSV today. Schwans day and I bought NO ice cream or bars or anything else I could fall off with. It was all veggies and fruits and some pockets for josh that I have no interest in. The girls love to eat frozen blueberries and josh likes to eat the fruit blend frozen-I know odd kids but I figure it is better than candy or anything else. SO I finally had a NSV today! Woohoo!

01-12-2006, 09:23 PM
YAY! Melissa! :carrot: I know schwans has yummy lofat goodies but if i ordered them they would be gone in seconds! WHOO HOO on your NSV!:carrot: I will be praying for the katey situation and I hope Dr. phil will help or give you info for help. Don't you go to WW tomorrow? good luck!

I am feeling better with the cold -it seems to be going away. finally- still sniffly and a tad bit congested but better than the other day.
Emotionally i am still kinda blah but it's getting better- i am looking forward to this weekend as i have some "me" time. and i am a bit better with the situation at work. everything will work out no matter how much i worry so i need to chill for now- but also be getting things together in case the worst happens.

Candice- an everything frap? :?: ooo-eww- and smoking is so hard to give up too- i smoked for 7 years and then was able to quit cold turkey - then 3 years later took it up again when i was going thru nasty divorce- then in 96, i got sick and it turned into pneumonia and couldn't breathe- i was off cigs for 2 weeks and then just never went back. and i was glad cause they got so expensive after that. but ya know to thsi day every now and then i crave one- now hubby quit 2 mos. after me and he has a cigar now and and then but i think ugh. i wish i could think ugh about food. like the pretzels they had on the receptionist desks yesterday- i ended up eating half a container of them -not becasue i am hungry- but because they were there.

So theresa did ya get your exerciser?? if so tell us about it! I am going to be joining you with the sugar detox starting this weekend. I went thru the BL book 3 times and they say i should only eat like 1100 calories a day and i think automatically NOT ENOUGH and it's in my brain that I am going to starve on 1100-1200 calories a day. I am so brainwashed by my own thinking about calories etc.. so i went for the 1500 calorie a day meal plan and wrote down everything and revised a few meal (like chicken for salmon and sf/ff jello for a snack instead of peanuts ) and i am going to try it for a week. I am going ot take it ONE DAY AT A TIME this week. I really think i can get thru a week at first. just to get myself into some good habits. i realize long term one can not always eat out of a book- but my sugar levels have been not good lately. and i think maybe being strict with myself may help to get rid of the cravings AGAIN.

Have a good night all !

01-12-2006, 09:50 PM
I am so glad to hear you are starting to feel better and things are looking up at work too. I have discovered I fuss way more than I need to most of the time-those darn emotions get in the way all the time. Yes I get to go to my first meeting tomorrow and I am really excited for it. I too am taking it one day at a time and one pound at a time if I have to. I am amazed at the difference in how I feel when I eat right-just can't figure out why I don't do it all the time or even slip up-guess I suffer from CRS (can't remember stuff) and so I have to remind myself. Hopefully I will remember this time. Tomorrow when I get home, I am going to do some make ahead breakfasts and whoever gave the suggestion for a crockpot-I LOVE YOU!!!! It has made all the difference in the world for me. I have been going through a link I got that is all for the crockpot and WW has a cookbook out now too for it. I am getting so efficient it is getting scary!

01-12-2006, 10:54 PM
Melissa, You should write in to Oprah as well because she's been doing shows on that book by the druggie and is planning another druggie-related show (can't think of a better way to say it lol) so maybe she would help you as well? Oh, and Montel as well, he does shows and helps a lot as well, though he's not as widely watched anymore...he could still help! Heck, write Regis while you're at it :lol: j/k

I got the Denise Austin Rock Fit thing and gave it to a friend, who has a very small home so can't get any big equipment to use. It's this bit half-circle shaped thing and you stand with one foot on each side and rock back and forth. If you go real fast it feels like you're running in place, only awkward. It made my inner thighs and butt burn in like 2 seconds, so I wished her luck with it. It was kinda neat because you move your feet out to different widths and it works different parts.

I wrote out my calorie plan for tomorrow...1400 calories and I have to stick with it. Yesterday and today were just ****, every little thing that could go wrong did...ya know, one of those days where all the little annoying things stack up until you want to rip your hair out and go back to bed. I've had two days like that and on top of it all I have realized my kids are spoiled rotten little brats. I love them more than anyone else on earth, myself even, but they are just spoiled and behaving like brats and I don't like it. I'm doing some things to change that, including stripping their bedrooms of all t heir toys and making them earn them back. I did it to Allie not long ago but she has forgotten her lesson already. Also, I am no longer doing everything around here, they are going to have chores and there will be stiff consequences for not doing not coming out of their rooms until they are cleaned, even if it means they miss supper. I know, I'm a horrible mommy but they act like royal prince/princess who can't lift a finger and I am exhausting myself trying to keep up with's time they helped out!

Okay, I'm done venting.


01-12-2006, 11:41 PM
I think I just may do that-I will hold off on more until we find out if she gets prison time or not. If she does, there is nothing I can do for rehab for her but if she doesn't, I will get my little pen out and right anyone who will let me.

I have been going through that kind of thing with the kids too. Odessa has to throw food on the floor like peals and crusts instead of just putting it on her plate and amanda has been throwing toys around just for the sake of doing it and also throwing food on the floor. I have spent alot of time the last two days standing over them while they pick up their mess. With toys I made it a game-who can get the most-who can find dora or a block and they race each other so they don't know they are working-hehehe. I think Logan is going through a growing spirt cause he has been sleeping alot and kind of cranky too. I am going to have to get josh in cause his nose is all stuffy yet again. Haven't heard anything out of kate for two days now-thought about checking up on her but I didn't. I can't keep chasing her down and trying to get her to do the things she is supposed to do-ugh. It does get better so I am told.

01-13-2006, 12:02 PM
It will get better when she finds out if she is going to jail, and I think the fact that she is using again is a strike against her in court. She doesn't seem to be trying very, if she would do some of the things they told her to do, stay away from drugs, etc. they might look more favorably on letting her stay out of jail. If it comes in that she is doing drugs still, is homeless, is not caring for her kids, this is not going to look good in court. But, since she's on drugs again she is not thinking about that I'm sure.

I exercised this morning, but feel stiff again since I missed a couple days. Seems I just can't get myself going again. I am OP with eating and drinking lots of water though, and stiff exercise is better than none I guess.

We are having Tyler's birthday party on Sunday so I am trying to get the house straightend up and presentable. I really hate giving birthday parties, all those miserable in-laws in my home tires me out.

I am just feeling very sluggish and ICK and it feels like I gained a pound or two back so I didnt' even WI. Felt seeing a higher number would send me on a binge.

I did spend last evening at the park with a friend and her kids and we had a lot of fun, so we did enjoy the odd 70 degree weather a bit. It's going back into the 50s tomorrow with thunderstorms tonight...guess all good things have to come to an end.


01-13-2006, 01:34 PM
Katy called me this morning and was awfully speedy for someone going to court this morning. Of course it was 830a and she still hadn't left yet and she is supposed to appear at 9a. She doesn't make it-warrant-not going there though-she is an adult and if it is important to her, she will make it. She also missed her drug and alcohol assessment-not sure how long michelle will put up with this stuff.

Yes stiff excersize is better than none and with the house cleaning you will burn some calories too. You are smart to stay away from the scale if you think it will cause a problem and maybe TOM coming could be reason for sluggy-I know we run pretty close together for cycles and I know I have felt that way too. Man am I jealous over 70 degree weather! I think the news said we have had rain 25 days in a row now-got flooding going on in places too. Almost time for me to leave for my meeting! Need to run around a bit more before Sueann gets here to watch my dumplings.

01-13-2006, 02:26 PM
Lovely, if she shows up late and high, what will happen? Can't be good, but you are right to say she is an adult and go on with your own plans. I hope you have a great time at the meeting. You are probably right that sluggish feeling is TOM coming in a week or so...but, I think it might also be that I just ate cereal for breakfast and for some reason it wasn't enough, I had some grilled chicken strips and felt a lot better right away. But then I ate lunch and feel sluggish again, so it is probably TOM. I could really go for a nap and watching the rain out the window isn't helping one bit. Just got our electric bill...$200 ouchie. I turned the heat down and bundled everyone up more, can't afford that every month! It is supposedly 70 out there, but it feels cold in here...prob. because we have mostly hardwood floors and only a few rooms with carpet.


01-13-2006, 03:39 PM
Feeling cold can be TOM related too. I know that usually the two days before I start, I am freezing no matter what I do. I am with you with heating costs-I am ready for it to warm up a bit.

Went to my first meeting and I was disgusted with what I had gained back in such a short time. It is the same gal I had last time and I like her so that is good. I had to switch days last time and wound up with a guy-he was really nice ect but I just feel better with a lady. She is very encouraging and no pressure which is also good. So now that I am officially weighed in, I am going to stay away from the scale until I go back next week. My scale is like 14lb different than theirs and not in my favor lol. I am going to try and stay away and be surprised next Friday. Hard for a scale junkie to do.

01-13-2006, 05:52 PM
wtg melissa on your first meeting! even if you've gained some back, it's just a temporary setback since you are committed to your goal. even still trying after all you've been through is a victory as far as i'm concerned. i think in your shoes i would be on the ben and jerry's like white on rice. you're an inspiration girl :)

01-13-2006, 06:15 PM
Hi everyone. Sounds like most of us are doing good so far.

Melissa, my heart hurts for you and all that Katy is putting you through. You are doing the right thing by hanging tough in your decision. Those little one's are what's important now. Congrats on WW. I know you will do great.

I hate to admit it Candace, but I have never been to a Starbucks! Sounds like it's a good thing too for me, I'd be a regular , scarfing down all those pastries.

Laura B I don't know how you do it with all your dinner meetings, I have no willpower if the place serves good food.

Theresa I hope Tyler is doing better, sounds like he gave you quite a scare. that's why I do adult nursing, the little guys just break my heart when they are hurting.

Right now I am recovering from a rough oral surgery, mouth is full of stitches. It's pretty painful right now but hopefully it will get better. Good news though, when I saw my regular doc earlier this week, I was down 5 lbs from my last visit in Dec. That made me feel a little better!
I guess it won't be too hard to stay OP for a week or so---only soup, jello, yogurt etc... for me right now.
I didn't mean to leave anyone out, I am still a little loopy from the anesthesia they gave me this morning.

Time to say bye for now, I keep falling asleep! LOL!!

01-13-2006, 10:58 PM
Suzette-I read someshere that mouths heal faster than any other part of the body. I hope that happens for you.
Melissa- I'm so glad you finally got to WW. I 'm sure the meetings will help, plus you got a bit of time to yourself.
Theresa- It's hard not to eat at kid's birthday parties, especially if the awful in laws will be there. Maybe they can be the reason you stay OP, just so they don't win.
Candace- I have only been in a Starbucks once. I don't drink coffee, but i went with my brother and his small sons last year. Lots of people were sitting with their laptops, drinking coffee and reading. Ray Charles was singing and it was lovely. My nephews couldn't stay long, but I could have. I assume they are all like that.
Sandi- I am craving sugar too and I used up my lunch calories on a sweet.

I worked out at the training center again today and it really helps me feel optimistic and it stopped my hand from grabbing an ice cream pop at the gas station. I have to be mindful of the I burned up a lot of calories on the elliptical so now I can eat them away syndrome, which I am good at. My body hurts from all the weights, but my son Joe says it good to hurt. He also says that working out makes you warmer since you are burning calories and the product of the burn is heat, therefore I can turn the heat in the house down to 66 degree and save money. Good practical thinking from my boy.

01-14-2006, 11:27 AM
Today is the start of the National Body Challenge (anyone else signed up?) and I weighed in for that...back up to 242 :( 4 lb. gain, but I was relieved it wasn't worse for a month of bad choices and a week of virtually no exercise. I changed my ticker because I want to be real with myself and accept that I gained some back and move forward. I found it very motivating actually, to see the 4 lb. gain on the top ticker and no longer to be at 20 lbs. lost on the other. I am determined to get it back to where it was and then down some....determined :strong:

I am going back to setting exercies goals because I have slacked off since I stopped that. It's just hard to get going again, but I looked at my walk across america stuff to set some goals: I want to finish through milestone 12 by the end of the month. I have 27 miles to finish 10 right now, then can work on the other two. I can do this, I can!!!! Now off to start with that and prep for the party tomorrow.


01-14-2006, 05:15 PM
theresa, congrats on starting the national body challenge. it sounds like a lot of fun. good luck.
laura.. yeah they are all like that :) they even have the same music playing at the same time at all the locations. it's not ray charles now, not sure what it is. it's pretty good though. usually background music at places i've worked drives me crazy. at fry's, they had a michael jackson video playing on a big screen for two weeks.. at the end i wanted to throw something at it.

01-14-2006, 06:07 PM
Sugar, white gluey wonder bread with PB&J, pretzels, PB filled pretzels, cookies, cheesecake, creme filled "d" words, french fries and a double :mcd: ....OOOOOOOO it's bad today. i am sitting there today thinking non- stop about FOOD. So i cleaned out all my cupboards and then we took a ride to daytona just to get out-
i am in day two of "detox" :lol: i know some say detox isn't the word to use but when taking oneself off processed and refined carbs/foods I think detox works just fine. I am a bit snappy today BUT OP all the way. I have even done 3 work out sessions in 2 days. (I am walking around like I am 105 years old)
Calories are under 1400 yesterday and today should be good too.

Theresa- i signed up for the Body challenge but my computer is SO slooooow that i can't get a good connection. You are the exercise queen- come on now back at it! Good luck at the party tomorrow - hope the inlaws aren't too bad.

Melissa- I am so glad you liked your WW meeting. I hope it'll work good for you. I have an excellent crock pot recipe for chicken stew i will post later and also have the WW crockpot meal cookbook along with their 30 minutes meals one. I'll send ya some of those recipes if you want

well i got to go to starbucks today ( they have one in our super target) everyone got yummy lattes and mocha whipped creme toppings- i was good- i had a grande decafe and put FF milk in it and splenda- i wanted something chocolate but felt the calories weren't worth the drink. I like to go there, have a coffee, sit and "people watch" -

Laura-:carrot: way to go on the gym and working out- I have been told it gets easier the longer you go. i hope so.

Suzette- your poor mouth- not a way i'd want to lose but maybe it'll take off a pound or two- i hate dentists- unfortunatly i have to go in march and it may be lots of work.

Candice- when i worked at BK they played the same 10 songs over and over and over again. I wanted to unplug the machine every night. after a while we changed the tape- the mgr. never noticed.

well hubby and have have an exciting date night planned for tonight- it will consist of watching a movie and munching on popcorn and fighting for the blanket on the couch - :love: by 10 we'll both be asleep :D

Have a great day !

01-14-2006, 07:25 PM
Sandi, I want your date night, I am so jealous!!!! Hubby could have the popcorn and remote, I just want the sleep. I have been in a standoff all day with the kids...this making them help me thing is not going so well. I've tried making it into a game, making it a funny joke, helping them out, they just will not do it :angry: Hubby is on his way home and said he would deal with it, and I agreed because I am really worn out. He's been gone a week, and it's been a really long week. I know it's nothing compared to what you deal with Melissa, and there is no relief coming even once a are more the woman than I, my ultimate love and respect your way.


01-14-2006, 09:28 PM
Would love the crockpot recipes! I thought dinner was good tonite but my kids disagreed(too bad). They all opted to not eat much and now they are trying to hit me up for snacks-NOT. It is all relative Theresa-really. I think if Amanda fishes in the toilet one more time I am going to scream. I just don't get the fascination really. I do get little breaks here and there. Monday I will be going to my SIL's baby shower and my Dad volunteered to watch all the kids-he is a brave brave man-lol. Josh will be here too so I am sure he will tell Pappa how things go.

Did awesome food wise and I think having to physically go in to weigh is keeping me more honest. I kind of felt rushed this time since the babysitter had to take her son to the denist by noon but the important thing is that I got to go. I am finally feeling like I am back in control again and it sucks that it took me like over two months to do it. The crockpot is a Godsend for me and since I make dinner in the morning what to fix isn't an issue anymore-woohoo!

01-15-2006, 04:16 AM
Hi everyone. I was up taking some meds and decided to check in. It sounds like everyone is doing well. I figured something out this week. Because we were so crazy at work and then I had surgery scheduled early Friday, I did not eat at the 2am lunch break all week at work. I haven't paid too much attention to food although I did stay with healthy choices. I just didn't break it down into carbs, protein, & calories like I usually do. Point is, I lost 6 pounds this week!! I think it's because of not eating during the dinner break at work. Even though I work nights and it should be like a day workers lunch break, somehow it's not. So, I am going to do a little experiment next week. On my lunch break I am only going to eat a yogurt or SF jello if I feel hungry, if I'm not hungry I won't eat at all. I'm curious to see if this is what's been making it so hard to lose even when I stay strictly OP.

In other news, my dh went to see another doc about his eyesight. It never was right after his surgery last April for a detached retina. This doc found a cataract and some scar tissue that was interfering with his eye's ability to focus. The other doc had been telling him everything looked great. So now he is scheduled to see another eye surgeon. Hopefully this second surgery will correct the problem. I swear we keep the docs in business all by ourselves here!!!!

I really feel for the first time in a long time that I can break that 200 lb mark. It is so close right now that it scares me. Laura I know you get what I mean. I am afraid I am going to do something stupid because this huge goal is so close right now. I have to ease back into exercise, the doc said that raising my heart rate or bp too much would cause extra pain in my mouth, so I am doing little things like going up and down the stairs at home a few extra times, taking the long way through the house, checking the mail even though I know it hasn't come yet. (we have a long driveway!!!)

Okay me + computer late at night = long message!!!!

Melissa, I am glad to hear you are feeling back in control, don't beat yourself up about it, you had a tremendous change to your life thrown at you with Logan's arrival and it takes time to get things sorted out. I'm with Theresa on this, your courage and fortitude amaze me.

Theresa, Sandisuze said it best, you are our exercise Queen. Keep going, I know you can reach your goals.

Laura B, sometimes you sound so much like me it's scary. We seem to share some of the same fears and bad coping behaviors. I know we can do this, it's going to be our year. I think what you are doing at the gym is great. I do understand about those mirrors, just think, one day soon someone is going to see you in the mirror and hope to be like you!!!!

Sandi, I hope you and hubby had a great date night!!! I love those nights at home snuggling on the couch and going to bed early, we need more of them!!! I think detox is the right term, after all we are breaking our bodies addiction to a substance, a very powerful substance that is legal and available everywhere---churches, school, you name it.

I just got a new crockpot too!!! I haven't used it yet but am really interested in any recipes you guys know.

I see that I am still being a board-hog!!! It's just nice to be able to be honest about things and not have to fear the reaction. This group is one of the best things that has happened to me. :grouphug: to everyone!!!!


01-15-2006, 10:59 AM
Hey Misty we all have our times of being a boardhog so post away when you feel the need. I am curious too to see if you have a change in your weight loss. I used to to work swing years ago and my lunch was either at 7p or 730. I started eating a piece of fruit instead of a meal and it made a huge difference. I would eat dinner about 230 in the afternoon. I wound up losing a bunch of weight. I am sorry hubby has to have another surgery! You sound like you are feeling better and that is good.

That 200 seems to be a milestone for alot of us and the fears and anxiety that goes along with it. Wonder why that is...guess we will have to do some soul searching and compare notes.

I will check in later ladies!

01-15-2006, 01:31 PM
Scale is back to 240 today, and I feel back to normal. Hoping the last 2 will come off by WI on Fri, then I can continue from where I left off. I've got just a couple minutes before I have to get in the kitchen and get things going for the party. The house is so nice right now I wonder why I can't keep it this perfect all the time :lol: oh yeah, hubby isn't usually here helping.

I will catch up with everyone to party.


01-15-2006, 01:37 PM
I hope you have a wonderful day today Theresa! Our weigh in days are the same and oh yes it makes a difference when there are two pairs of hands doing the upkeep. Tomorrow is SIL's baby shower and I have determined no cake or nuts or anything. I am going to take one of my diet rite sodas with me and nurse that while I am there. I probably won't be too long since my dear ol' dad will be here holding down the fort-he just has no idea what he is in for lol. Have a great time today!

01-16-2006, 01:49 AM
i think things are finally getting back to normal around here for a change so i am going to take this great opportunity to spend the next week or two busting my plateau. i looked back in my diet log and realized i have been hovering at 150, two pounds up or down, since at least nov. 8. that's crazy! so i am getting serious now.. i need to stop messing around! i am going to the gym everyday, starting tomorrow, and keeping calories at a maximum of 1200. i have been averaging at around 1500 since nov. 8, so i am thinking that lower calories, at this point, are in order. this will be simple to do if i lay off the unhealthy snacks, ice cream, and extraneous meals. even more so, because dh is looking to lose a few lbs too (those 1400 calorie pints of b&j are catching up with him finally. he's like, shocked). i've started to get back into that ugly habit of eating just because i feel like it or am bored -- not hungry. my new goal is to get to 140 by feb. 14, as dh and i have a terrific date planned. we are going to take some wine and beach chairs down to this fancy-schmancy place on the san clemente pier we like so much, and chill on the beach until we get a table (for some reason, the place does not take reservations. it's a little bizarre) hopefully we'll have money.. that's definitely not a given ;)
i think we are all in a get-with-the-program state of mind. during the holidays, it seemed like we were all kinda blah, just hoping not to gain. i am optimistic about the fact that the group seems to be more enthusiastic and proactive these days. yay us!

01-16-2006, 12:27 PM
I can only speak for me but during the holidays it was like there felt like there was no way to win so I got kind of a defeatist attitude about it. I am curious to see how I handle them this year since I will be so much smaller and hopefully at my goal weight. Food is awesome this week thus far and I am looking forward to Friday. Josh gave us all a cold again and I spent yesterday just feeling icky as if TOM wasn't enough to make me feel that way. Now I need to get the bike out again and get on the darn thing. I am not sure how I will get walks in this spring and summer unless I go buy a triple stroller. Odessa just can't walk fast enough to make it a productive walk for me and the stroller I have is just a two seater. I will check in later!

01-16-2006, 01:07 PM
Melissa, I had the same issue last year with walking out on the track. i had a double stroller, but it was really big and heavy and the only way to get down to the track was down a very steep hill with concrete steps. i could not carry the stroller and keep both toddlers from falling down face first, so I had to leave them in the van, walk the stroller down, go back up, get them down and then put them in. This was back when I very first started exercising and by the time we were ready I was worn out and sweating to death and ready for bed. There are no other tracks near us...or so I thought at that time. I ended up giving the stroller away and now I wish I hadn't. I don't know how I will do it this summer. There needs to be a park with a walking track built right around it, so mommies can exercise while watching the kids, that would be a dream come true. How was the baby shower? Hope you have a great time away from the kids!

Cadwell, your date sounds awesome! Maybe you can pick out or buy a dress that you want to wear that night, and work to fit into it. Or, just find a nice picture of the dress online or in a magazine and hang it up somewhere. You can do it, Candace!!!! You can!

Suzette, I can't wait to hear the results of your lunch break experiment. No way to learn unless you try it out...good luck!

Hubby is leaving this afternoon so I better go spend some time with him...though he seems to be in a bit of a mood and I keep thinking "is it time for him to go yet?" :lol: sometimes I love his job.

01-16-2006, 02:14 PM
I guess I will just have to do more work outside this summer to make up for not walking. I just don't see how I can swing it this time around but there are other ways to get movement in. Baby shower is 7p my time and I already talked to Dad and he seems excited to be with the kids (ignorance is bliss I have heard). Josh will be here too so at least if Dad gets stuck or can't find something, Josh knows where it is and I will take the cell phone too if there is an emergency. I have enough "freezer surprise" that I don't have to cook tonight and how awesome is that??

01-16-2006, 06:58 PM
:lol: your dad might never come back after tonight. No, usually grandparents love the little ones and he'll be volunteering again, I'm sure. They will love the hassles and the high energy just as much as you do...even though you need breaks like tonight. I am glad to hear you getting out some. Don't rush home, milk this for the kid-less time you need. What's going on with Kate? Did you ever hear from her again, and when is her court date?

My eating has been rotten yesterday and today, but I made out my meal plans for tomorrow through next week and will stick to that. Also gave me an exact shopping list and I'll not buy a single thing not on the list, always better than just picking up whatever as I walk through the aisles.

I'm back in the swing of exercise though and that feels great. Well, I've just been doing the gazelle, not the videos. Got 8 miles in yesterday and felt back in the swing after that.


01-16-2006, 07:16 PM
theresa, i love your idea! i always love the idea of a new outfit. i really don't have any dresses. the reason of course is that i never felt i looked good in them because of my weight. i am going to hunt online for some right now, and later i will get my it-girl mom to help me look. she will love it! depending on the brand, maybe it can even be a six if i make my 2/14 goal. woohoo!!

01-16-2006, 08:41 PM
Kate was supposed to come here last friday never showed up or called me. She called me hysterical last night about 9p about some other charges from when her home was raided in september and she now really has nowhere to live. Michelle could get her placed but Katy is full of excuses and not really willing to do what she needs to. She was supposed to be here today but it is now 435p my time and I have neither seen her or heard from her. I am just trying not to deal or worry about it. She is an adult. She had court on the 13th and was half an hour late and then she goes back again I think next month for trial setting. Like I told her last night-sometimes we make terrible choices for ourselves and it takes time to make it right again just like getting fat for me. I didnt do this in a couple days and it is going to take a whole bunch of right choices to make it right again.

Good idea to make the menus ahead. Even if I just do the next day ahead of time, I do so much better. I have tomorrow's done except for dinner-only because I haven't decided yet but even if I don't do it till am the first two meals are done so I will be good.

I know you can make your goal Candace! You have almost 4 weeks to do it and with your new determination to get to the gym, you will be there in no time flat! I used to love to buy clothes and shoes but after I got heavy it was a chore and always felt like a frump in whatever I wore. I look at old pictures and can't hardly believe it is me. The kids are all so young, they may not remember fat nanna which is what I am hoping for. I better get it together here before the lamb comes to the slaughter. I am trying to have everything done so he doesn't have to deal with anything much.

01-16-2006, 09:19 PM
OO I :love: clothes! i stopped buying and caring as i am so heavy & short it was a chore to try on clothes and find something to fit- i know people who are heavier than me and wear smaller sizes?? I guess it's all about body shapes. But i am looking forward to something new -especially around Feb 20- pics are being done and i want to wear something nice and not dumpy or something that I get just cause it covers the flab.

the exercise is kicking my butt- i am hurting again. sore muscles and tonight will be "honey, can you rub my back with the bengay?":p I will be able to one day laugh at myself about my complaining.

I really think the meal plans work out so much better than "winging it"
I am taking a cue from Melissa and really using the crock pot a lot these days.
I like it as it keeps me from do the whats for dinner and I don't know what to cook thingy. I think I am saving money too tho.

Theresa -how was the party?? were the inlaws ok??
Melissa - i hope you are having a blast tonight.
Candice- new clothes :love: you can hit your goal! anyone who works at Starbucks and doesn't eat the :D cookies can do anything.
Suzette- good luck on your new plan- i worked 11p to 7 a.m. for a while and lost all kinds of weight- course i smoked like a fiend too :devil: but when i went to 3-11 -I gained 20 pounds. i was hungry all the time. You can break the 200- you can do it!:carrot:
I feel that way about the 160's i so just want to be in the 150's- i guess i will feel as if i accomplished SOMETHING- but i have to remember my NSV!
calories today were 1420 so thats good and i exercised-
:cb: Just Look out Excess pounds cause you are going to GO AWAY !:carrot:

Have a good night all!

01-16-2006, 11:41 PM
that really is true about the night shift. when i went to texas i helped my mom with the papers and we all stayed up all night and i lost a couple pounds i think even with all the christmas goodies, and it was just 11 days. dang, i want to work a night shift! maybe they will put me on opening and that will have a similar effect. no one ever wants to work at 4 a.m. so it's a possibility.
i have been good today so far. no snacks, no treats, and i went to the cheap produce mart and stocked up on veggies. now i will have to eat them instead of junk or else they'll go bad. waste not, want not! lol. i think that philosophy had at least a little to do with my weight gain, and now i am going to use it in my favor.
melissa, i think they are all so young, i don't think they will remember you anyway except "skinny nana," lol.. but you have to destroy the photographic evidence :devil:

01-17-2006, 02:01 AM
Well the shower was really great and my niece Makaylah Rachelle is due Feb 10. I asked Kristen if she could wait until the 23rd since it is my birthday but she told me no way lol. She got some really cute stuff too and it was fun oogling over the baby dresses. I had no cake! I had no punch! I had no snacks at all! I took my diet rite with me and nursed that and just chatted with alot of people. Most were curious about Logan since they haven't seen him yet and it was neat cause my grandma was there too. Dad only called me once to see if Logan needed his bottle to go to bed and should he put him on his back-the ladies all got a chuckle but everyone did great.

I tell ya sandi that crockpot is saving my butt in so many ways and I don't know what I would do without one now at least until the kids get a bit bigger and not so high maintenance all the time.

Candace I once worked the 4a to noon doing gourmet foods and I lost weight then too. I was in bed by 6p and up at 2a and sometimes took a nap too when I got home lol. Course then I got prego with Josh and morning sickness was awful and then the hours got cut and they wanted me to work till like 8a and I told them forget it. I figured if I had to be there at 4a they best give me 8 hours and make it worth my time. Good job with no snackies too! Fortunately there aren't really very many pictures of me. I have declined for years to be in photos-it was just too painful to see. When I get to my goal, I am going to be a photo hog! I am also going shopping and buying lots of cute clothes! NO more floral crap for me.

01-17-2006, 03:55 AM
Evening Ladies, I haven't been back to work yet, the right side of my face is still very swollen. Been eating lots of yogurt and sf pudding! Things are pretty quiet here right now, although I will see my neice and nephew tomorrow. Melissa it sounds like you had a great night out. You deserved it. How about sending some of those crock-pot ideas my way. I need all the ideas I can get. Candace, I have no doubt you will make your goal. You are gonna knock him off his feet!!!!
New clothes--I can't wait for the day that I look forward to shopping again. Is it just me or do some of the sizes look smaller than they used to?
DH is calling my name, got to go, hugs to all,


01-17-2006, 09:39 AM
:lol: Melissa, I am right with you on the NO MORE FLORAL CRAP, or maybe you didn't scream it quite that enthusiastically. Why is it they think big people like flowers? Suzette, some sizes do look so tiny to me now, but I think it's because I got used to looking at enormous sized 22, which I would have never imagined when I was smaller. You get used to one size, then looking at another seems so small, I think anyway. I am hopiong to be comfortably in an 18 by my birthday, and into a 16 by summer. That is small enough to buy a little summer dress and feel good in it :D The 20s I bought awhile back are real loose now, so it's possible. I pull them down without unbuttoning them now! WHy bother with a zipper if they can just slip on down?

Melissa, I am glad you had a good time and your dad survived. Told ya he would enjoy it! There is nothing you can do for Kate at this point, and I really think letting her struggle some and suffer her consequences is the best thing for her at this point. I cannot fathom how hard it is to be in your position.

Sandi, the party went well. In-laws were actually very pleasant and MIL even commented that she noticed I had lost weight. Well, she asked how much I've lost and I told her then, she said she had lost 14 lbs. by going on some 1000 calorie diet, said she basically eats one meal a day. I was cringing but said nothing. She's not going to keep it off, I just don't see that as something you can live on long term. Besides she's diabetic and I wanted ask what effect she thought that would have on her sugar levels :?: maybe I just don't understand diabetes, but I know many times in past she's HAD to eat something right away because of that. Anyway, it was a nice party regardless.

I have 3 crockpot meals on my menu for the next week, and would LOVE to have more if anyone wants to post some. I think enough of us want them that it should be okay to just post here, right? I will post mine later if so, but I have to get ready to take Tyler to his doctor appointment. 2 year check ups, stitches out, and recheck on the ear....ughh.


01-17-2006, 02:15 PM
Ok I am going to try this again. I had done a post just to tell me the server was busy argh!

These are some links that I got but I haven't gone all through them yet-there looks to be some interesting dishes though. Got dinner in the crockpot now and Kate showed up this morning and is now taking a shower. She slept in a car last night. She has an appointment with her lawyer this morning too. This is so stinking hard to watch. I can't remember what I had posted before so if it comes back I will let you know lol


01-17-2006, 07:19 PM
Sorry I haven't been around much! I really intended to be in here more after the first of the year! Not really doing much, just not getting on the pc too often. Hubby and I joined the gym yesterday, haven't been there yet, but we did join! I get a free membership(40.00) by volunteering in the daycare center once a week for 2 hours! Pretty cool! Can't wait to go workout! I'm still in Curves and started the 6 week nutrition program yesterday. I am starting at 229, so we'll see what happens in 6 weeks!
Good to see everyone getting back on the wagon! Christmas was just so hard! Then with my mom here for 2 weeks after, she just eats and eats! I am now back ON the wagon and I want to stay here!
Melissa-Glad you had a good time at the shower, it's about time you had some no-kid time! My prayers are with you and Kate. I hope she finds her way soon.
Theresa-I understand what you mean about sometimes waiting for hubby to go to work! Mine works 8 on/6 off, and on about day 4, I'm ready for him to go back to work! Our problem now is that there is no housing in this town and we have actually thought about moving back to Idaho, but him stay here to work. It's about 5 1/2 hours from here to there. We are really praying on what we should do.:?: I just don't want to be separated for 8 days at a time, then have him have to drive all the time. We have friends who drive it every shift change, but they don't have kids. ?????? I don't know what to do!!!!!!!
Cadwell-You can do it! Just picture yourself in that new sexy dress, and the look that will be on hubby's face!!!

Well, time for girls to get home from school and I get to go to Curves! WOOHOO! See ya' later!!


01-17-2006, 08:52 PM
Congrats on joining the gym! Your pickle is a hard one. It is different when there are kids involved and I will pray that you are able to get a house so you guys can all stay together as a family. You are with the rest of us about getting on the wagon again. It is just amazing how much better you will feel in no time flat. My weigh in is on Friday and I am really excited about doing it too. I still have a ways until I get back to where I was but it is going to remind me later how not worth it not eating on program is.

01-17-2006, 09:30 PM
I haven't been here for a few day. Oldest son was messing up his life and DIL asked for help so I've been an emotional wreck. But he has finally agreed that he has a real issue that needs help and he arranged couseling for himself and they will go to couples counseling together. DIL gave him an ultimatum and he seems to have believed her. Work this out or get out. They were both much better tonight. Now DH and I need to settle down. My son better not lose this girl because she is wonderful and she wants to have a good life with him and the little boys. Now I can go back to my daily worry over youngest son.
I didn't eat myself thru this crisis, which is a wonder and i worked out today so I feel like my life is back in track.
Has anyone done an aquatic workout? It sounds tempting.
I have never gotten any pleasure out of clothes because when I was thin, I was never thin enough, and I never had any money, so it wasn't any good and when I am fat it's just how can I cover up. It will be nice to buy what I like and not just big tops to cover as much as possible.

01-17-2006, 11:00 PM
You were missed Laura and glad you are back. I am also glad that your son is going to seek some help and how awesome you didn't eat through it! That is a huge victory. I have always wanted to try aquatic workouts and I have heard they are quite the workout. You will be able to buy those outfits before you know it.

01-17-2006, 11:09 PM
Laura- you beat me to a post- i was wondering where you were and thought i had missed you on a trip. I know for me and i probably speak for everyone else that you are so wise and kind that we don't want to lose you! I am sorry you had a bad few days but I am glad oldest son is getting his life together and :carrot: that you didn't stress eat thru all of it.

Kathy:hug: about your dilema. is there maybe a town close by you guys culd relocate to so hubby wouldn't have to drive?? I will pray that all will work out.
:cb: on joing the gym and what a deal! I'd babysit 2 hours week to go to a gym for free!

:hug: to you too melissa- i hope this court date will get katey back on track- or scare her into getting help. thank you for the recipe sites. i ahve a couple to post tomorrow. how is the diet rite?? I have wanted to try it but i can only get it in a 12 pack and was afraid i'd hate it and waste $$ - i've been waiting for someone who could tell me if it's any good or not. i am so glad you had a good time.

Theresa- i am so glad that the MIL behaved herself. i think she was trying to justify her diet to you?? from what you've told us about her she has some serious issues- at least she was nice for the party.

Suzette- clothes are smaller because everything is LOW RISE - i am going to be shoppping goodwill for jeans- i can't imagine wearing low rise jeans at 43- maybe it's me some of the styles today are so - lets say not much fabric to them??
My smallest size ever was a 4 in jeans -but my oldest wears a size 4 now and i was much curvier than her. but it's because of where they wear them-

I have been busy studying for my notaries license - in florida you have to take classes and tests to get your notary. and we have a new computer program i am trying to learn AND I am trying to figure out if i can immport a word document into excel. the one program i am NOT good in is Excel- I have a book and will take an online tutorial to see if i can do what i want - if not it's lots of typing for me. :(

so i was thinking about our talking about clothes and was wondering what is everyone's "thing " that they want to have or be able to do as in clothes when you hit goal??
Mine is to wear a bathing suit in public and be able to go to target and buy one of those weird designed strange colored issak mishrah ( prolly spelled him wrong) dresses, wear it to work and my senior boss will say, "Sandi, that dress is ugly" and i will say BUT it's a size 12 or 10 or 8.

:love: just to be able to go into a discount outlet and find racks of clothes on clearance instead of 1 rack tucked in the corner - i used to love thrift stores- jeans for a buck and shoes- heels for a quarter- one day soon i will shop in them again. I am so tired of my basic black pants that i wear every day to work and big baggy tops.

the workout is still kicking my butt -i am sore but in a good way. it's good to be back OP with everyone else.
Have a good night all.

01-17-2006, 11:35 PM
I like the tangerine especially well and the cola isn't bad either. I wasn't too crazy about the rasberry one though. If you are totally off sugar, the better it tastes. I have one every night after all the kids are in bed. I want to be able to wear something fitted if that makes sense or maybe tailored is a better word. When you are heavy, everything is "flowing" to hide everything and I want things fitted that show off the curves (I know they are there somewhere). Oh and I never want to buy anything with big flowers on it too!

01-17-2006, 11:49 PM
As always, thanks for all the good thoughts. DIL just phoned and said she was so happy because she thinks they will be able to work thru all their issues. Losing the baby in Nov. was very hard on him. He thinks there has to be an answer for a loss at 36 weeks and he is having a hard time accepting that there may never be an answer.There are some tests on the baby that have not come back yet, but I doubt if there well be a reason. He is torturing himself and everyone around him and not giving DIL any space for her feelings.
I was in Target last week to get a pair of sweats for workout and I saw these itty bitty low rise jeans and now some of them feature a highter waist in the back so tushie cracks don't have to show when the tiny little size 2 sweet thing bends over. It must be annoying to worry about what shows.
I still want the same clothes that I have always wanted. Nice jeans, Lees will do, size 8, thin cashmere solid colored sweaters and gorgeous leather boots. I will never be smaller than an 8. When I weighed 123 years ago I was an 8. No matter how thin I am I never have a waist. Just straight down like my sisters and my mom. It's ok as long as there isn't a fat belly in the way.
This weekend we will go to visit my brother and his wife. She is gorgeous, thin and has fabulous clothes, careful shopping for only the best, marked down, and good jewelry. But it's ok because she is truly nice and it's fun to be with her.

01-18-2006, 07:40 AM
that's a great deal you are getting on the gym membership kathy. congrats!
i am with y'all on the big flowers. i hated clothing for fat women so much that when i was really heavy, i bought men's clothing. men's clothing designers have no bias against fat men, so i could get stylish men's jeans in even a 42. i don't even know what that would be in women's. probably like a 22 or 24. i would have to disagree about low rise pants though. the moderately low rise ones (not the insane ones that are begging for crack-spackle) are flattering on pretty much any figure, because they cut your butt in half. my mom is 57 and she wears them (although she is size 6, so i think that has a lot to do with it). the only thing is that it does get tedious to pull my shirt down in the back whenever i sit down :devil: size two honeys don't have to worry about that i guess. maybe they think they are so hot that everyone wants to see how great a plumber they can be. from my own experience though, i beg to differ. pull down your shirt, hon! no one wants to see your thong! i don't care if it has little rhinestones on it!
speaking of clothes, i have a dress for v-day! my mom is stealing a dress from my sister that she only wore once and she is sending it to me. hopefully it will still fit by v-day, as my sister and i are currently the same size. to make up for the secondhand garb, however, i am going to get new shoes that i have already picked out and go with the dress. yay! i red-heart shoes.
your brother sounds like he lucked out laura. thin and beautiful women with hot clothes and bling-bling are rarely nice. but maybe i just have a bias ;)

01-18-2006, 11:58 AM
Cadwell, there's nothing wrong with a secondhand dress! It's till new to you, but if it fits now then well, it might not fit by the big day!!! Oh but get the shoes anyway, you deserve them.

On low rise jeans: I feel too old to wear them. When I was last thin, they were not even dreamed of yet, so I have never worn them. I know, shocking! I see heavy girls in them with their fat bottoms hanging out and bellies hanging over the front and I don't want to be one of them. Maybe I will feel different when I am smaller, but I fear i will always feel fat no matter how little I get. If that makes any sense.

I didn't know Diet Rite had all those flavors! I've had the zero stuff and it tastes like a regular diet flat Pepsi pretty much. I've been trying to stay away from them because I get addicted to the fizzy taste, don't want that again.

Sandi, good luck on your license! My mom is an insurance underwriter and she has to renew her license every year and take classes, etc. School never ends, does it?

Laura, nice to have you back. Glad the pressure is over and I hope they can work out the problems. Losing a baby is so rough, I hope they pull through somehow because no one understands what the feelings like they do together.

Kathy, quite the dilemma you have there. Living apart for bits of time can either enhance or destroy a relationship, it just depends on the people involved and the relationship between them. I always went with hubby on the road, up until I was prego enough with baby #1 that the doctor said "NO TRUCK!" It was a HUGE change when I started staying home (on bed rest, no less) and him being gone for 3-6 days at a time. We went through some issues but it worked out and now we both enjoy having our own space. When we are together too long we start to nip at one another, because much as we love one another we have grown used to our spaces and being in control. The house is mine, his truck is his. To a lot of people this is incredibly strange, but it works well for us. When we do have time together it is very meaningful and we take the most out of every second. I like that better than being together all the time and fighting or just living in the same space but not really "together" as some people do. I think the distance keeps our marriage alive, we get the chance to miss one another and never take anything for granted in our personal relationship. But, whether you would enjoy the same kind of space while he works depends on your personality, your needs in the marriage...and how much you trust one another. Trust me, when you are separated part of the time you have to trust they are where they should be and have no doubts on the faithfulness level. No trust leads to suspicions and feelings of being blamed and serious strife. I say this only because a few marriages of hubby's coworkers have split over this issue...they can do anything and us at home wouldn't know, some women can't deal with that.

Okay, okay, too long I know...


01-18-2006, 12:29 PM
I am booty challenged so if low rise makes your rear look smaller, I definately wouldn't wear them. I will buy men's jeans if I have to.

Candace awesome news on the dress! You two are going to have so much fun on the 14th! ROFL about the plumber. Isn't it funny how that used to be something to avoid at all costs and now both men and women have no problem and actually attempt to have some crack showing?? My son in law used to wear these ridiculously droopy pants until I started pulling them up no matter where we were or who was around. I just told him no one wanted to see his tighty whities especially his mother in law. I said what he did away from me was one thing but if he didn't want to be embarrassed then he best keep his pants up around me. I know I am bad but it just drives me nuts-must be an age thing. Need to get kids dressed and get to the grocery store while I still have some steam.

01-18-2006, 01:33 PM
Years ago when baggy rapper clothes were coming into style for suburban kids, I bought my oldest size 36 new jeans. They were too tight. Yougest son, who wore a 28, said, no problem. they are perfect for me. Next morning I watched him run down the driveway to catch the schoolbus, book bag in one hand and the other hand desperately trying to keep his pants from falling down and barely succeeding. He came home from school and gave me back the pants, which I now had to give away. Practicality gave in to style.

01-18-2006, 05:35 PM
lol! i remember the rapper clothes. i always disliked that look. i don't understand why guys would want to have their butts hanging out. with girls and their lowrise jeans, at least it's just a little peek of undies. with the guys in those days, i mean, they didn't have to move their pants to go to the bathroom i think. that's how low they were. the most ridiculous thing was that most wore belts. come on now, what is the point of a belt in that situation?
i am pretty excited because i have been doing well with food the past two days and am down a pound. yay! there's a good chance i will make my 2/14 goal at this rate. that would be awesome. i am so tired of being at this plateau.

01-18-2006, 05:59 PM
You can do it Candice and congrats on the pound gone! You have a good motivator to keep up your momentum.

Did the shopping and stayed in the budget so bonus! Food is good and I am looking forward to friday for weigh in. I am glad the gain I had seems to be going just as quickly as it came on.

01-18-2006, 06:48 PM
I am antsy crazy today. We are having 50 mile an hour winds and lots of rain and luckily no snow. All 4 of my kids are quiet and calm. I can't get used to it after these last few turbulent months. I am pacing and picking at little bits of food, even tho I'm not really hungry and nothing is satisfying my need. I really feel like stuffing down a lot of food and I'm not going to do it. I've had about 10 cups of tea. I will be ok calorie wise, but my choices are lousy.
I need a beach and sunshine and a big bowl of tropical fruit and a good book. It's not gonna happen.

01-18-2006, 08:48 PM
Laura, we have had the winds and rain for the past two days, but today was dry and calmer...though chilly. The trees out front have lost about all their branches and I need to get out there and pick them all up.

I think hubby and I are about to have "issues" though I am not sure what is going on. We normally talk all the time, 5 or more times a day, and he calls me just as often as I do him. He left out Monday afternoon and when I went to bed that night I realized we hadn't called each other, but blew it off since he had just left. Yesterday he didn't call at all, and I called him after 6PM expecting to hear he'd slept all day but he said no, and seemed very quiet and just going "uh-huh" which is his everything response when something is bothering him or he's not listening to me. I point blank asked if he forgot how to call home and he just kinda grunted, no explanation at all. Today, I decided I would wait and see if he called me and so far he hasn't (almost 8PM here). I get the feeling if I don't call him, I'll never hear from him until he walks in the front door. This is just not like him, not like us, and I have this sick feeling in my stomach like something is just not right. A friend told me that I am just reading too much into it, how do I know, etc. but I just know. Something is not right with him and my mind is going nuts thinking what it could be. I keep thinking what if he has another woman in the truck with him? Or he met someone, stopped to see an ex? I can't have those thoughts, I have to trust him, but the not calling and being so quiet when I call him just doesn't sit right. I have felt like I"m giong to throw up all day. I ate too much, but it was all healthy stuff, and I'm exercising like a fanatic because I just have to do something with myself.

I guess I should just break down and call him, but I think if I do I'm going to start screaming to know what the **** is going on with him. I hate feeling this way and don't want to accuse him of anything, that would just make him defensive, so I decided just not to call him for tonight at least. I just feel so sick and why would I feel that way if it weren't women's intuition? What do you guys think? Am i just overreacting, possibly?


01-18-2006, 08:55 PM
Sounds like everybody is committed and really doing well! Congrats and keep up the good work!!

I have been keeping up with reading the posts but just haven't felt like posting lately. I am doing fine food and exercise wise but I'm having a hard time dealing with other issues. Last week we found out my aunt has a large malignant tumor in her stomach that is inoperable and untreatable. Next week is the 13th anniversary of my Dad's death. I'm also just plain sick and tired of winter weather and being stuck indoors. Yes, I am very whiny and I know I just need to suck it up and pull myself out of this funk.

Lighten Up Iowa started up again today. That's what got me started losing weight a year ago. This year I'm only signed up for the workout part of it since I'm not really looking to lose more weight. It lasts for six months and should help me keep on track with exercise (I got 100 minutes today...whoohoo).

Thanks for being here...even though I haven't been posting I've looked forward to reading and seeing what everybody's up to every day. It really helps to keep me from sliding back into old bad habits which would be so easy for me to do this time of year.

01-18-2006, 09:17 PM
Theresa when does he come home again? If you are really worried you do need to let him know but it would probably be better to do it face-to-face rather than over the phone, that way things can't be misconstrued and you can make sure he knows you aren't being accusatory and are just concerned and want to know what's going on.

How were things before he left? Any arguments? Maybe you were busy with the kids and he felt neglected? Maybe he is worrying about losing you? Or maybe he's just wishing he was home more...sometimes the tiniest things can upset people, even if their fears or anger isn't justified.

Anyway...hope you hear from him soon and hopefully you'll feel better after talking to him. I know my imagination runs wild every time I find some little thing to worry about and it usually turns out to be nothing, so I do think that we sometimes have a tendency to overreact about things. Try to relax and have a good night...and congrats on all the exercise!!!

01-18-2006, 09:40 PM
I broke down and called him. He sounded in a good mood when he answered, a chippy "hey babe." I just busted out crying and demanded to know why he hasn't been calling me. He said he is in the shop working on his truck and he knew if he called and told me that I would get mad, so he didn't call. He is right, I do get mad when he is working on the truck because it's NOT HIS JOB. He is supposed to drop the truck there and come home, they have a crew and it's THEIR job to fix it, but they are all slackers and he ends up doing it and not coming home, just leaving back out. I feel it takes away our time with him and it ticks me off. It still doesn't excuse no calls for 3 days, which he said Monday I was in a bad mood when he left so he didn't call...remember, I was on here saying I couldn't wait for him to leave, so I guess he picked up that I was annoyed with him. Yesterday he said he would have called me later, but he had slept until after 2PM and was in a hurry to get back in so he could come home so was just driving and not thinking about anything else.

Now, I feel like the world's worst wife ever. I was crying and saying he never comes home anymore, I'm tired of only seeing him one day a week, I want him to come home, etc. I was very unsupportive of him busting his a** out there and now I feel so guilty and horrible. But, if he doesn't call me sometimes how do I know what is going on? I don't, and I have a very active imagination for the worst possible scenario. I do feel like he doesn't come home enough anymore, up until Christma we always saw him 2-3 days a week, now it's 1 day. And he's coming home tonight, but has only had 2 hours sleep and has to leave right back out in the AM to get to Texas by Friday...which means he won't be home until sometime late late Saturday or Sunday. I just want him home more, and now he said I don't understand what he is doing out there, that he has a JOB and can't be here, etc. I feel horrible that I reacted this way. But sometimes it is hard to stay supportive when you don't know what is going on.

*sigh* I am a horrible, horrible wife. TOM is very close, and I am very hormonal and all that...but, he just doesn't understand that.


01-18-2006, 10:12 PM
Well let yourself off the hook. Why in the world would he do that KNOWING it would upset you? I am assuming he owns his truck-does he get a price break for doing the work himself? And if he works for another company, I would be complaining to the owners as to why he does the work when they are paying other employees to do it. Communication is very key to any relationship, especially when they are gone most of the week. My ex drove truck briefly (of course no money was ever sent home) He couldn't understand why I was upset he was spending all the money and also running up a huge phone bill when I was home with Joshua. the local foodbank knew me by name and broke the rules and gave us more and let us come more often. It was a very small town and everyone knew everyone and everything. It was so embarrassing for me. The best you can do I suppose is just tell him how you feel and how important it is for you to be able to talk to him-even if he thinks you aren't going to like what he happens to be doing. I think TOM should be taken out and shot. I get so over the top and even though I know what is causing it, it doesn't help the feelings level out at all. My ex always used to say women just used it as an excuse to be a *B*. Can we all see why he is my ex? LOL Take a deep breath, apologize for going over the top with him and explain why you did.

01-18-2006, 10:53 PM
Absolutely, let yourself off the hook. When my DH travels by himself I am always upset if he doesn't call me in the morning and night. I always think whatever he is doing or whomever he is with is more important than I am or that when he is away, we are out of his sight and mind. I know i am right because I have seen him turn a way from me when he meets someone important to him. It took me a long time and lots of screaming till he got the idea that when I am there, he is supposed to introduce me, not step away. He is so into himself that he would forget. It took massive training.

01-19-2006, 01:54 AM
Hubby called a bit after 11 and asked if I could come pick him up. He's had 2 hours sleep in the past 2 days and knew he wasn't alert enough to ride the motorcycle. The car ride put the kids to sleep and we had a nice, calm talk. He was really great, said he was sorry and explained that they are just overloading him with the work and he doesn't want to turn down any runs because he likes the big paychecks. I told him it's not worth giving up family time for bigger checks, at least not to me. I have to get him back to the truck at 8AM and he's off to Texas for Friday, BUT when he gets back on Sunday he promised me he'll be home at least until Tues. evening because his truck will be in the shop...and I made him SWEAR that HE will not be the shopman fixing it.

We were going to buy our own truck right before fuel prices spiked, so we backed out of that plan at least for now. He is driving for a small company and the owner really is just a rich guy who knows absolutely nothing about the industry. Actually, he calls my hubby with questions about the laws and such, he knows nothing. He could have left his truck at the shop and came home, but there was only one guy working in there tonight and it would not have been ready for his run to Texas. Things get stolen out of trucks right and left at this place, so he doesn't like riding in someone else's truck, then something goes missing and the finger is pointed at him...or, his truck gets ready tomorrow sometime and they send someone else off it in, and he comes back to an empty fridge and everything else GONE. This is like his home, he has lots of stuff in there, it's like a tiny apartment so I understand this. Him doing the work on the truck was the only way to have the truck ready for the AM. I would have understood if he just TOLD me what was going on, but he said he didn't want to fight and was already so tired. *sigh* he got a fight anyway, so it backfired. He gets paid by the hour for working in the shop, so it's not like he does it for nothing.

Before all this happened, I was doing my gazelle and watching BL and it hit me: I need to tone my arms so when i reach goal they aren't flabby. I've noticed on all the women on that show that their arms are big and flabby even though the rest of them are skinny, and I don't want that, it's obvious. We have a blowflex like thing, walmart knock off actually, but it's in the garage collecting dust so I got busy and rearranged the entire computer room into what will eventually be my little gym. it was a LOT of work, taking out an entertainment center and putting the TV on a small stand to make room, then getting that HUGe thing from garge to computer room. This big ol' computer desk will be next, when I find a treadmill or elliptical or something to put in it's place. This is going to be so fun, i can't wait to work out in here!!!


01-19-2006, 09:02 AM
Glad to hear you got things worked out. It's always good to talk things through. Don't feel bad about the's so easy to jump to the wrong conclusions when things don't quite add up and he should have told you what was going on so you didn't have to worry. I've been married almost 17 years and there are still times we have a huge argument over some tiny little thing just because of a communication lapse that caused me to worry. Doesn't happen very often anymore, but there are still occasions when it does.

I worried about my arms, too. I've been doing some circuit training aerobics workouts with free weights and I actually have some muscles now! Not huge muscles and I still don't have extremely strong arms, but the muscles are there and they are visible. This weekend I'm going to try to find heavier free weights...the ones I've been using are getting too easy.

01-19-2006, 09:14 AM
KayElle, I want muscles in my arms too! That is something I have never had. I have very, very strong legs and extremely weak arms. Lots of flab, not much else there. I'm hoping using this machine will help, though I threw out the paper with all the different exercises shown on it a long time ago and now I'm kicking myself because I'm not sure what all to do with it. Hubby will show me when he gets back in, but I'll play with it and do whatever I can figure out until then. We used to do this together, a year ago when we first bought it, and I loved watching him sweat and work, and then we just stopped, because it was unaccessible out there. Well, now it's not and I'm hoping he will start doing it again as well, he really needs to lose weight for health reasons.

Okay, I have to go be mean and wake people up. The alarm went off and I am the only one who got up, hubby said he'll leave at 9 instead, so if I don't start now he will be in bed all day. I hate waking him up knowing he's had very little sleep and will be driving all day.


01-19-2006, 11:08 AM
Theresa, I'm glad you and hubby talked things out. I fully understand what your going through, my hubby did long haul the first 2 years we were married. It's tough sitting at home waiting for a phone call, (this was before cell phones got cheaper to use than regular). Now he's home all the time because of his injury, so life changes quickly sometimes.
I need to do the arm exercises too. My doc said the only way to get rid of my tendonitis is to make the muscles stronger than the joint. Hard to do when the joint is so sore it hurts to pick up a soda. Somehow I have got to start as the tendonitis is getting worse, it wakes me up sometimes.

Lunchtime experiment is in progress, had a yogurt this morning and a jello sf pudding instead of meat and veggies or large salad. I'm going to give it about 2 weeks to see if there is any real difference.

I got to see my neice and nephew yesterday. We don't have any children so they are very special to us. My nephew is 3, he grabbed my dh around the neck and said "I wuv you Unca Bill". That made the big lug cry!!! Nephew had a new phrase that he was using every chance he got on my mom. "Don't freak out Dranma" (he has a lisp) My neice is 9 months old and is an absolute doll, such a happy baby. It was a great day, although I was the one crying when we left! I stayed up most of the day and was super tired, but it was worth every minute.

Hubby sent off for info on a bowflex, he's thinking about turning our everything room into an exercise room. He has lost a lot of muscle in the last year and has decided to try and do something about it. I hope he is serious because it would be so nice to work out with him at home.

Well it's my day off before a 40 hour weekend at work, so lot's to get done.
Have a great day everyone!!!!

01-19-2006, 01:10 PM
I am glad everything is smoothed over Theresa. I need to dust off the bike here too and get some videos popped in the machine. i am sure the girls would love to excersize with Nanna. This head cold is still killing me though and I shudder everytime I have to lean over. Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am stoked for it. I haven't been this excited to weigh myself in quite awhile. I may still make my birthday goal to be under 200. That driver's lisence pic is spurning me on to stay OP.

Oh Loser Boyfriend was released from jail last night so now we will see what Katy does about it and if she is serious about being away from him or not. She keeps saying she is coming to see the kids and then not showing up. She has put back on a couple pounds so hopefully she has quit using again. Still no prego test and she just isn't following through with things.

01-19-2006, 02:40 PM
Melissa-I wish he could get locked up forever. Can you buy a preg test and get her to pee on it, so at least you will know what's happening?
My arms are my weakest area also. I tried grabbing a bar at the gym and ketting go with my feet and I thought I would die, the pain in my arms was so intense. The trainer said, well try again in a few weeks. Ha

01-19-2006, 02:47 PM
That is the great thing about trainers THEY ARE SO OPTOMISTIC! I know when I had one a couple years ago there were many times I wanted to smack him-talk about a love hate relationship. Pee prego tests don't work for her-all her tests before came back neg until they did blood test. I just can't believe they let him out on personal recog hasn't he already proven he isn't to be trusted?? As long as he stays away from me and the kids I don't care and Kate can kiss getting logan back goodbye and if she doesn't hurry up and start on her depency, she will not only lose logan but any future children she might have. That kind of thing goes on your permanent record and never goes away. It is raining here yet again. I think we are like day 31 or something now-there are mud slides all over the place. I am sick of the rain and gloom too-I am with Kayelle on that one. It would be nice to take the kids outside and let them wear themselves out. I think they are sick of being cooped up in the house too.

01-19-2006, 02:55 PM
MistyDreamer, before you buy a bowflex compare it to the generic machine at walmart. it is just like a bowflex (at least to me lol) and it was a lot cheaper. i think we paid either $99 or $199 for it, I think it's the first one though. It works just like a bowflex, they are sturdy and after a year it's still holding up in perfect condition.

I went on a little shopping spree today, though only to walmart and goodwill. I got a pair of capri pants at goodwill that are exactly like my new size 20 jeans, except they are capris and a size 18. I will try them on after I wash them. At walmart I got a pair of pants which are now my goal. They are a size 18 and fit except they are a bit tighter than I like in the butt and hip area. My goal is for them to fit right come Allie's birthday party next month. Wish me luck! They are hung front and center in my closet because I don't have much time and every calorie counts now.

I bought a whole bunch of canned veggies and fruit (in juice, no sugar added) and 4 boxes of the 100 calorie snack pack things. I am serious those pants WILL FIT come the birthday party.

Oh, at goodwill I also bought a huge wok, I have always wanted one to make stir fries, and this one was in perfect condition and only $4. It works too! I had my doubts it was so cheap :lol: Now, when I get to the grocery store I can get some stir fry veggies frozen (doubt it's in season fresh, right?) and see how it works...after a really good scrubbing of course.

I got my seed starting supplies in the mail today as well so I need to get those I can kill the plants come spring ;)

does anyone know if primrose can be grown as a houseplant? I bought 3 of them at walmart in the houseplant section, then got them home and they only have directions for outdoors :?: I obviously can't plant them out at this time and wanted them in my hanging basket.


01-19-2006, 03:30 PM
You should always be able to get the veggies for stirfry-broccoli, cabbage, onions, carrots, bamboo shoots-those are always available. You can also get frozen stirfry veggies too. I used to buy the one from schwans but they changed it and put some kind of bean in it and sauce packets and I just haven't gotten it again. The girls especially love stirfry and I put a little chicken in it too.
Primroses should be fine in the house and just make sure it is warm enough when you take it out or they will get shocked. They are really pretty sturdy flowers and should do fine. I have two rose of sharons in the house but it will be quite awhile before I put them outside.

Congrats on getting yourself some clothes! I am going to have to break down and get some pants next time I can get out alone. The ones I have on are baggy along with the other ones I have and that just leaves a pair of sweats. I keep holding off since I don't want to be out buying pants every month. I saved two gift certificates from christmas and I want to make them count and not have to replace really soon.

Argh Amanda is just having issues today and I am sure it is due to her cold. We all caught Joshua's cold this time around. If she feels just half of what I do, she is miserable. Gave her some cold medicine but it doesn't seem to be making a dent on her attitude about life.

01-19-2006, 05:25 PM
So how do you make it taste good if you don't get a prepackaged sauce? I am afraid what would be in the store sauce! I am going to use chicken the first time, but want to try with some beef sliced in pieces as well. Since this is goodwill find, I don't have a book of any sort and have never done this before...I feel like such a dunce, but it will be worth it when I learn. I got some whole grain rice to put it over, just am not sure exactly how to do it. The little knob has up to 450 degrees, simmer and warm. I don't know how high to turn it :?: can I put the chicken, cut in pieces, in there raw or do I cook it first? Clueless here.

I am the same way about you, and I only bought the capris today because they were only $2, otherwise I am just waiting until summer to see what size I fit. I have a bunch of 18 shorts, but I am hoping to be in a 16, which will leave those baggy and me frumpy and/or naked.

My mom has been losing weight as well and she told me today she is looking to buy new clothes because she has been pulling her pants up to her bra, tucking them into the bottom wires to keep them up! She said a belt doesn't work because the crotch sags almost to her knees in most pair. She has been going to work like this :lol: She's wearing an 18 like that and thinks she "might" be into a 16 now...I am betting she's a 14 if she can pull them up THAT high and tuck them in! What do you guys think?


01-19-2006, 05:39 PM
I use teriyaki sauce in mine-it is the favorite of the girls-i just didn't like the one from schwans. I cook the raw chicken and then add the veggies when I do it-small pieces dont' take long at all to cook. I would probably do 350 degrees and it may take some trial and error before you get it just like you like it but it will be worth it. Cook the rice seperately-

ROFLMBO! I thought my clothes dilema was bad. Ed Grimly anyone?? Martin Short character who wore his pants like that and loved Pat Sajak-hehehe. I am thinking must be 14 if they are falling off. I lost my skirt at work once when I lost weight. I was in the checkstand working away and suddenly felt a draft like you wouldn't believe. Thank goodness I am vertically challenged and no one saw! I called my boss on the phone and held my skirt with one hand while running groceries with the other until she found me some pins and pinned my skirt to my shirt in like 4 places. I was really embarrassed.

I got a bisquick crockpot recipe in my email and it is only 7pts so I will try it and let ya'll know if it is any good or not. Gingered pork wraps are for tonight and they are only 5pts no idea what the calories are but it has to be reasonable to be only 5pts. Now I just pray that the crockpot lives on forever! I grabbed it through freecycle while back and then it sat in my cupboard-go figure. I sure love the thing now I can tell you!

01-19-2006, 08:09 PM
Mmmm stir fry is one of my favorites. I like it with brown rice & veggies drizzled with teriyaki sauce. In fact, that's exactly what I'm having for dinner tonight.

The cool thing about wearing huge, baggy clothes is that when you finally do put on the right size...everybody that sees you think you lost a whole bunch of weight overnight because they didn't realize how much smaller you were getting under your clothes.

I am feeling a little nervous tonight. I was asked (along with a couple other staff members who have made some big health-related changes) to speak to the fitness class tomorrow morning and try to give them some advice and motivation about getting healthier. I don't know why I am worried about it...I haven't felt nervous about dealing with the kids since my first year working there. Maybe because I'm usually not talking about myself with them. At least they gave us all a list of questions so I can be a little prepared. Hopefully I won't sound like an idiot. Yikes.

01-19-2006, 09:38 PM
How exciting Kayelle! You are very articulate and I have no doubt you will be brilliant. You have questions and so you can prepare and that should take care of some of the nerves. I always hate talking in front of people myself but I know you will be both awesome and as with us here, an inspiration.

01-20-2006, 12:06 AM
KayElle, I am sure all the little boys think you're a hottie and they'll be making googlie eyes and the girls will find you inspiring. It's a shame how many children are overweight these days, so hopefully you can make a difference in some of them early on. I would be nervous too though, def. not one for public speaking.

Found my Carb Options BBQ sauce marked half off on closeout sale at the grocery today. I bought all I could of it, but I cannot imagine a life without BBQ chicken :stress: seriously, I have it at least once a week, and this is the only brand I have found that doesn't add sugar, in any of it's many labeled forms. Guess I'll have to figure out how to make my own maybe.

Okay, I sat in my closet tonight and cried. I tried on the new 18 capris and they fit good, just a tad tight in the butt, but I could wear them and no one would notice but me. This inspired me to tackle cleaning out my closet. I dug out 4 trash bags of clothes and ended up crying on the floor in the closet. I came across these bright yellow jean shorts, which I bought right before finding this group. All of my 22s were too tight for comfort, I looked horrible, and when I went shopping I realized I needed a 24, 26 in some styles even. I cried in the dressing room that day, refused to pay the $ for that size and went to goodwill where I bought the bright yellow UGLY shorts simply because they were the only pair there that would fit me, and I had to have something that didn't slice me in half when I breathed. I felt miserable, they were ugly and outdated and just finding them in the closet today brought all that emotion back.

That was right before I found this group and when we first joined together I felt helpless. I felt trapped and like this was an impossible journey I just could not why try? I stuck around though and saw the progress others were making and it felt like you were all swimming laps while I was still treading water. I started exercising, then making small changes, all the while still feel helpless. Then suddenly the scale just started moving. Suddenly I felt I was going somewhere, even if at a snails pace.

And tonight I have reached a milestone. I bagged up all those ugly outdated clothes and got rid of them because I no longer need them. I don't have to settle for whatever in the store fits, but can choose things that look good and flatter me. I am now in an 18 and I thought I would NEVER make it this far even. Knowing that I am still going to get even better is amazing. I don't feel helpless anymore and the journey doesn't feel overwhelming, scary, or impossible. It feels natural and I am in such a differnet place than 6 months ago when we first met. I don't think I'd be here without the support, inspiration, and ideas that I gained from you ladies :grouphug: seriously, you guys have helped more than anyone else could and I thank you so much. I feel like this group has saved my life, seriously I do.

Truthfully, I was still eating mac and cheese and taco bell daily when we first started, and I didn't know how to eat healthy. It was listening to you ladies talk about what you do and taking the time to research different ideas, different eating theories, and experimenting that I found what works for me. You are my inspiration, keep on swimming ladies!

I am going to Goodwill and dropping these bags of clothes in the AM. I don't want to hold onto them a second longer. I did think about just dumping them in the trash, but there will be others desparate for something to fit them and they will pick these up and go home feeling as miserable and sad as i did 6 months ago. That makes me want to put them in the trash instead of passing them on, but then maybe there will be nothing in the store for that 22-24 sized girl and she'll feel worse. I imagine whoever donated the yellow shorts before me maybe had the same feelings.


01-20-2006, 07:22 AM
Theresa, I know how you feel, I did the same thing right after Katrina hit. My hubby and I decided if we couldn't donate money we could donate clothes, household items etc... so we went through the closets. When I found the size 24-26 clothes, some still with tags because I could never face wearing them I just cried, dh thought I was crazy!!! It's just actually seeing that I really have made a change, and realizing how close I came to seriously destroying my health. Your story brought all that emotion right back, a good reminder to me and an inspiration to keep on going. We had 11 bags of clothing between the 2 of us, most of them were mine. I never want to see any of those sizes again. I agree that this site has been a lifesaver. So many times when I feel like giving up, I read something one of you have written and it just makes me more determined. I may get there slower than some, but I will get there!!!! :hug: Thanks Theresa for the wonderful reminder that yes I have accomplished quite a bit in the last 6 months.:hug:


01-20-2006, 10:37 AM
WI results: 2 of the re-gained lbs. gone, 2 more to go.

Good luck on your WI will be back to 202 before you know it.

I have 3 weeks to get my new pants from slightly tight in the booty to fitting comfortable and I am determined to get there.

Suzette, beyond feeling so sad, I had this feeling of freedom, like I have let myself out of a cage where I'd been locked for years and was just realizing I was free...I can do what I want, go where I want, I'm free! Maybe silly, but I do feel that way.


01-20-2006, 11:25 AM
:hug: Theresa- that is awesome that you got rid of "baggage"
I also chunk up my chicken cook it for a few and add veggies- instead of oil i use chicken broth and i also use chinese LOW sodium sauce- sweet and sour- duck sauce- plum sauce- and orange juice is good to stir fry veggies in- just a 1/4 cup or less add a squirt of lime and it's good.

Melissa- package is on it's way today!

if anyone else wants recipes let me know

WOW Kayelle- you will do wonderful and inspire so many! how great is that??

i am so crazed right now - but it is a good crazed- gettng my notary AND trying to get a business license/tax ID number so i can buy wholesale and sell retail on ebay-i may have run into a small bump in the road BUT keep praying or keep fingers crossed for me so that i can do this. First i have to come up with the $$ to get licenses and i plan on being an ebay queen this weekend. i only need 90.00 for everything- hubby said i can do this plan ONLY if I raise the $$ and not take it out of the budget- well ALL my 20 -22 sized jeans/clothes are getting sold as well as other items that are just sitting around-colecting dust and i have no idea why i even have them?? the good thing is I haven't been snacking-too busy- so i am eating really GOOD! :carrot: i've really made time to exercise and and i've been drinking my water too So i am doing good. i am keeping up by reading posts but had no time last two days to post myself.

I like capris as they hide my dimpled knees - of course i have to hem everything but still love capris. and or 2.00 thats my kinda deal :D

am going grocery shopping today - super target has a great sale going on now.
so the knock off bowflex is pretty good?? I am getting hubby one for his BDay and wondered- he's been watching the BL with me and he says if he had a bench/boflex he'd use it. i am getting the porch all redone for it and putting in outdoor carpet and Blinds up- ( one of the reasons i want to sell on ebay is to make extra so i can get nice blinds and decent carpet instead of going really cheap.
:hug: to everyone!

01-20-2006, 11:47 AM
Sandi, the knockoff we got at walmart is called Techrod, TR2 in some places it says. It is just as good far as I can tell...but you should compare them and see because the Bowflex might have features and options that this one doesn't have. It's just basically the seat you sit in, all the long tube things which are the weights that pull out to the sides, the bar that hangs from the top, hand straps that come out from the sides, and the foot thing that lifts up in front of the seat. There are lots of movements you can do with it...too bad I threw out my paper that showed them all, I'm having to guess until hubby comes home to show me. It suits our basic needs so we didn't see the point in paying more for the Bowflex name, but like I said it might have other things to it that this one doesnt, I'm not sure.


01-20-2006, 12:56 PM
Sorry I missed all of last night's posts. We were at the 5th grade science fair supporting our grandson Jake who entered a project. It was pretty boring but it made Jake happy that we were there. Then we took everyone out to Outback to celebrate Jake. I had a ceasar salad with shrimp, dressing on the side, but I did pick at the breaded onion appetizer thing a little too much.
I also could not be OP most of the time if not for this group. I think about you all thru the day, I click on often, and the support in immeasurable. I can't fool myself or walk away anymore because you are all there for me.
Theresa, I remember when you were still eating fast food and wondering why nothing was happening. You have come a long way in your thinking.
I am off to work out. Be back later.

01-20-2006, 05:15 PM
Wow everyone has been so busy posting! It is good to see. Good job getting rid of the bigger clothes. You are saying NEVER AGAIN when you do that. Congrats too on the loss! I think we all have come a long way since we started and will continue to grow (smaller) and learn. I told all the gals at WW about our group and they thought it was great. I told them the site was 3 fat chicks on a diet but it was the sight name cause there were more than 3 of us. I would have reverted back to my old eating habits if it weren't for all of you!

Drum roll please.....My loss for the week was 6.8lbs. I am going to fix my ticker and put it up to where I really am. I kind of really started all over anyway so it needs to reflect where I really am not where I was. I will be there again soon but gotta keep it real and honest.

I picked up a trampoline today. It is larger than a rebounder but still on the small side. I will need to clean it up and get new rubber ends for the legs but otherwise it was in good condition. I may just get on there and do some bouncing along with the kids!

Thank you Sandi-can't wait to try them out. Those ginger pork wraps were to die for but next time I am using chicken cause I am just not a huge pork fan and it would be just as yummy. the only thing I did different when I had one for lunch today is added more of the veggies. I mean geez they are free food basically so why skimp? Good job on the eating and man when you got it down how to be ebay queen let me know. I really need to make some money but with the cost of daycare, I would be working for free and homey don't play that if she can help it.

I am sure I missed some stuff but I am sure I will be back later!
Keep up all the good work!

01-20-2006, 05:20 PM
testing one two three

01-20-2006, 05:51 PM
WOW Melissa- :dance: you ROCK! way to go :carrot: WOW again ! if that's not inspiration i don't know what is !!!!!
( i'm not worthy :D )

I mailed off recipes this afternoon hope ya like em.

I am getting the ins and outs of ebay and what i am working on is there is a wholesale place in the area that has kitchen stuff like utensils, silverware, pots and pans, etc and everything is 80% cheaper there than in a store (even one like walmart) i want to buy wholesale and sell retail. i am getting into a couple other projects too- what is holding me up is waiting to hear from landlord- you have to have a business license even if you don't have a real business in the home( like internet sales) and the city makes me have the landlord say it's ok. keep praying and keep fingers crossed- as far as ebay queen goes i just sell whatever i have laying around that i don't want or need anymore. and i start off at 99 cents almost all the time.

Laura- i wouldn't trust myself to walk into an Outback. my self control only goes so far. ;)
Theresa - thanks for the info on the bowflex- i in no way have the $ to spend on a real one so a knock off is fine for now and it's better than nothing!


01-20-2006, 06:32 PM
I may just try something like that-need to figure something out that I can do from home-childcare would run me about 1500 a month for just the 3 smaller ones. My mom has a business lisence for her doll clothes gift shop so I know she would purchase under her stuff. Basically the only thing ebay is in my name since I have the puter but the funds ect are all hers. I am sure I will like the recipes and I appreciate it lots!

01-20-2006, 09:11 PM
Melissa CONGRATS!!! That is so awesome!! Wow....what a loss! You should be so proud of yourself, and what a great motivator for you to keep it up! SUPERB!!!

I sold quite a bit of stuff on ebay a few years back and really made good money off of it until I ran out of things to sell. That was back during the beanie baby craze and I had a huge collection and by some stroke of luck decided to get out of it and sold most of them at just the right time. I also sold a bunch of old toys that were mine when I was little, and I considered them to be junk, but apparently they weren't junk to a lot of people because I couldn't believe the prices I got for them and for my husband's old lunchboxes. It was crazy. My husband told me I could do whatever I wanted with any money I made, and it ended up being enough to buy a purebred Bengal kitten (I had wanted one for years but just couldn't see spending that kind of $$ on a cat) plus a two week vacation for my family to Washington and Oregon. It was the best trip we have ever taken...I have never been anywhere else so beautiful, and we didn't have to worry at all about how we were going to pay for it. (If you don't know...the Bengal is a domestic cat breed that comes in exotic looking colors and patterns....mine looks like a miniature leopard, I thought I better explain because sometimes people think I own an actual TIGER when I say I have a Bengal). I was really loving ebay back in those days.

Thanks for all the encouragement about my fitness class visit today. There were four of us on a panel to answer questions so it ended up being ok even though I was so nervous that I was shaking. Some of their questions were pretty hard but I think between all of us the kids got to hear some different perspectives and different ways of making positive changes for health. The worst part of it was at the beginning their teacher did a powerpoint presentation with a bunch of "before" pictures of all of us up on a big screen, but most of those kids knew what I looked like last year anyway, except for the freshmen, so it wasn't a huge shock to them or anything. We all survived and hopefully the kids took something away from it that will help them.

01-20-2006, 09:20 PM
Go Melissa


01-20-2006, 09:28 PM
I am so glad it went well today Kayelle-knew you would be stupendous! Having the panel had to have made it easier and not feel so much like you were in the spotlight. Thank you for the atta boy. It still makes me mad that I had put so much weight back on in the first place but no looking back and only moving forward. We had a different leader today but she was good too and even had a sense of humour so that was good too.

Thank you LAURA!!!

Now if I would just get some excersize in. I got dvd's and a stinking bike. I guess the first step would be to move the bike back out where it is in my view instead of hiding behind the girls' Dora the explorer tent huh?

01-20-2006, 09:59 PM
Melissa don't stress about the weight you put back on while you were getting used to the new member of your family. You have had a lot to deal with and the important thing is that you are obviously VERY MUCH back on track and you are succeeding and you will continue to succeed because you refused to give up.

Wow I just skimmed through earlier and I went back and re-read everything and realized I missed a lot the first time.

Theresa...congrats on the 2 lb loss, and congrats on the capri's fitting!! Whoohoo! And good job getting rid of all those clothes! No need for any more tears for the girl you used to be...she is gone now and replaced by a healthier you! I have given some of mine away but there are a few things that I just don't want to get rid of. I am never going back again but every once in a while I like to dig an old pair of pants on just to remind myself how far I have come. It helps me stay on track now that I'm where I want to be and not constantly striving for that next smaller size. That is one thing about maintenance that is hard, I have to constantly remind myself that it's a GOOD thing when the scale doesn't move. After so many months of watching it go down, it's hard not to be disappointed when it stays put even though I'm not trying to lose any more.

Sandi good luck with the business license!

Happy Friday everybody!! Hope you all have a great OP weekend!!!

01-20-2006, 10:01 PM
Sorry to be a board hog but I just realized that yesterday was the one year anniversary of my new lifestyle! One whole year of healthy food and exercise! went FAST!!!!

01-20-2006, 10:59 PM
I agree with Kayelle Theresa. We all got where we are for different reasons but the important thing is that we aren't staying there and we are never going back again either. I see some pics of myself from a year ago and I can't believe it is me and I cried when I saw them too. I am nowhere near where I want to be but I am not where I was either and it is only going to get closer instead of more out of reach.

Happy Anniversary Kayelle!

01-20-2006, 11:31 PM
:dance: 6 lbs. Melissa...WOW!!!! You are my inspiration right now, great great job. I am glad you are enjoying the meetings deserve something for you, some time away from the kids and this gives you that.

Kayelle i love reading your commentary about life on the other side of this, keep posting please! You are so motivating because you started in the ballpark of where I did and you are my proof it can be done. Told ya the school thing would go well!

I have a friend who started selling on ebay not long ago and she has made all kinds of money. She sells all the toys and stuff her kids outgrow and does her own crafts...the crafts are so simple (some of them) and she sells a LOT of them. One thing is the little photo albums made out of brown paper bags. They are really cute and they sell very quick. A lot of them make money by upping the shipping charge to count as part of their profit, that way the actual price can be lower to compete with other sellers. She started out saying she wouldn't do that, but now she is doing it as well. Depends if you feel that is dishonest or not. I'll leave my opinion on that out of the discussion :tape:

This friend also made copies of my strip dvds on her computer, and I have been thinking about having her make copies for me and seeing if the originals will sell on ebay for some profit. But, I am worried the copies will stop working or something and I'll be left without them.

We have a birthday party to attend tomorrow afternoon and Allie is getting her hair's down past her butt now and gets so tangly that even with the spray stuff I practically have to rip it out of her head to get a brush through it, forget about a comb she cries real tears if I do that. It's just got to be cut to a more manageable length for her age. Plus, she gets everything she eats in it, which is what keeps the rats so bad. Hate to cut it though, it's so beautiful.


01-20-2006, 11:43 PM
I guess I just haven't found the right thing or something. I will keep trying though cause it can be done from the house which is what I like. Mom does pretty good with her doll clothes but I am not a person who sews which I should be considering all the kids I have. My cross stitch is sellworthy but it takes so long and it just isn't worth it unless I did bookmarkers or something like that. Those I could do quickly if I had a minute or two lol. That first haircut is the hardest. I finally chopped dess's off. Not because it was so long-I swear she will grow hair eventually-but it bugs her. She was twisting it, wouldn't let me put it ponytails or clips so it was ok not going there and I cut it to her shoulders. She has cute curls still on the ends and now there is no fuss or muss. Amanda I will have to take somewhere cause of her curls so it won't look stupid.

I am so thrilled to see us all posting alot again. It is sooo theraputic and motivational for me. I appreciate you guys!

01-21-2006, 01:00 AM
Just did my first 30 min. workout on the weight machine and my arms are already feeling sore. On the pull down bar I could do 35 lbs. before it felt heavy enough, but on the side handle pull things I could only do 20 lbs. I didn't get all the moves in that time, but I figured out a lot of them. I did 20 min. on arms and just 10 on legs, since my legs get plenty working with the cardio. It was actually very fun and the kids were laughing watching me :lol: guess I looked funny.

Allie has curls at the ends of her hair, but the longer it gets the looser they become. It will be interesting to see if they are still on the ends when it's cut or not. I am thinking right to the bottoms of her shoulder blades. She gets it trimmed regularly, but that's just the very tiny tips and cutting the bangs so she can see...this is the first real cut to a shorter length. i am nervous, but it has to be done.


01-21-2006, 04:56 AM
congrats on the pounds lost melissa and theresa! it's awesome you are starting the weight machine theresa. i try to do weights at the gym when i'm not too lazy. for awhile i was only getting around to my arms, but now dh is doing longer workouts, so i have no excuse not to do other stuff :) don't worry about allie's hair.. kids having long hair is a pain. once she's old enough to take care of it herself, she can have whatever she wants. i always hated having short care when i was little, but my mom insisted on me having this short boy haircut because my older sister always squealied about having her hair brushed. when i got older, i grew it out. but even now, long hair is a pain.
good luck with ebay sandi! you sound like you have a pretty good concept going. people love getting stuff on ebay cheaper than in the store, even if the shipping gets rid of the discount. they just accept it as part of the convenience i think.
well i was bad today and had too much ice cream, and napped so late it's too late to go the gym. i haven't been getting enough sleep. at least it was light is all i can say about that. we had some folks over for dinner last night, and bought ice cream for dessert. only they brought three quarts of baskin robbins with them! eek! dh ate a whole quart today, lol. he is probably not even done! but what am i saying.. it's not like i wasn't hitting that too :devil:. oh well, extra cardio tomorrow then. i need to keep my focus on my 2/14 goal, and lose my fat-think, that i can just constantly have little bits of ice cream out of container, and it's no big deal. or i just need a lock for the freezer, either one. what is it with me and ice cream?!?

01-21-2006, 10:23 AM
Hi everyone! Melissa, GREAT JOB!!! You are back in the the swing of it now, what a way to start off the new year!!!
I bought the Biggest Loser DVD yesterday, only made it through the first 20 minutes then my asthma kicked in, but I will try again today. It really got my heart rate up quick and was fun because of the real people on it.

Got to get into bed as I got to be up by 4pm to get back to work. Have a great weekend everyone!!!


01-21-2006, 11:25 AM
Cadwell, I think everyone has something that is very hard to give up. Yours is ice cream. A solution might be to find an alternative that won't sabotage you. Light ice cream, Bryers makes some with 100 calories per serving, it's vanilla bean or something and is very good. Maybe those fudge bars everyone eats, they don't have sugar in them or something I'm not sure :?: for me, when I am really craving ice cream I take vanilla nonfat yogurt and blend it up with frozen fruit, and it does the trick for me.

Well, I am just slightly, barely sore in my shoulder blades and that is it. Guess I didn't do a very good job working myself out. I was experimenting a lot of the time though, trying to figure out how much weight I needed for each position so that did take some time that I was changing it and testing, not actually working out.

Mom still hasn't sent my dvd :( I want it so bad. Glad to hear it was a good workout for you too, Suzette. I'm going to call her and ask where it's at, I want it NOW :)


01-21-2006, 12:24 PM
the pounds lost must feel so good!!
I agree with theresa- there are some foods i can't eat at all or i will binge- or overeat them. I couldn't eat just one tiny piece of cheesecake- i'd keep going back and nibbling and nibbling until it was all gone.
today will be rough for me as i am making homemade bread for zacks 13's birthday tomorrow. he loves the spinach stuffed shells i make and they love the bread so i am making that for his dinner. i just need NOT to taste- cause i won't stop.
(I've never told them that i make the shells filling with fat free cheeses )

Theresa - you tried! and thats part of the battle- next time you will do better as you will know what to do.

Melissa- I am still all in awe of you! you are doing awesome!

Suzette- the BL DVD is kicking my butt- but then i am exercised challenged and i like the DVD- i just hate exercise.

Candice - so true on long hair- my mom used make me have a pixie cut and swore when i got older i would decide what to do with my hair - and i have never had really short hair again.
my 7 YO, Jocie has always had LONG blonde hair - daddy is really good at helping to comb and braid it so it doesn't get tangled and she is very good at taking care of it- very "girly" :D she can wash and condition it all by herself - we went and got cuts yesterday- hers is cute - still getting used to mine of course with all the humidity going on i look like a poodle right now- i get asked where i get my perms and i am like its natural- tho curls can annoying at times.

I am annoyed today as all my plans got rearranged- was going shopping to target for groceries but hubby had to work - wanted to go last night but he had to be up at 5 and didn't get home till 7- i can't see good enough at night anymore to make long drives- i shouldn't complain as the overtime next week will make a good check for him.

Kayelle - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! :woo:

My wonderful MIL called a feew minutes ago to tell me she is letting me borrow one of her (many) digital cameras to do photos for ebay- before i used to take and scan. that is an awesome help!still waiting to hear from the landlord:?:

Hubby just called and said i didn't have to sell on ebay as we are going to win the 50 million $ lotto tonight:p - i don't play but he does when it is up that high- hmm i could handle even part of that 50 million- but if he does win by some weird chance - the Summer starters will have a spa week ;) with hired help for children :D ( and be pampered by cute guys who wait on us hand & foot)
I can dream :D
Have a good day all

01-21-2006, 01:32 PM
I too have certain foods I just can't have around and ice cream is one of them for me. I would eat the stuff for breakfast if it was available. I even stopped buying popcorn for awhile cause I just can't stop eating it. If it was just a few cups or something it would be different and I will eat it no matter what so until I at least have more control over things, just not having it around-it won't kill the kids.

Hey I am all for a spa week hehehe and way kewl for the digital camera. Mom borrowed one from her brother and it sure made listing so much easier and faster for her things.

Today is laundry day-ugh. I probably should be doing a load a day but I just don't. I think today is pajama day for us and that is ok by me. Another rain filled day here. I am ready for some sunshine. Food is good OP OP OP!

01-21-2006, 02:24 PM
lol melissa about the ice cream breakfast. i hate to admit it, but i just finished my breakfast, and it included a 1/2 cup of light ice cream. :devil: it was a pretty generous 1/2 cup at that.

01-21-2006, 05:02 PM
Ice cream is my my favorite food in the world. Cherry Garcia, chunky monkey, Breyers cherry vanilla and any butter pecan. I can't buy the ff substitutes cause I'll eat them til they are gone. I wonder what it means that we all crave creamy sweet stuff. My 105 lb DIL never wants sweets, just salty stuff, and then a little bit makes her happy. I bet there are studies done on who craves what.
I just did an aquatic workout. It was fun and stressless, but I am unsure of how good it is. You don't sweat and there is no impact and it certainly isn't boring or too hard. The instructor seemed to think it was great. I'm not too sure yet.
My friend has a gift certificate to a very nice restaurant so we are all eating out tonight. I am going to try to have a normal person's meal, no gain, no loss. That's my goal.

01-21-2006, 05:51 PM
May I join you all? I know what you mean about the ice cream -- especially not the low fat stuff becuase I eat MORE of them! I just finished eating a yummy pear a few minutes ago. Every time I go to the grocery store I try to get a new fruit to try.. there are so many different kinds of fruit that I know I won't get bored!!

01-21-2006, 06:42 PM
Hello and welcome Gracenote! You found an awesome group here, I don't know what I would do without them!

Almost anything sugary can still trigger a binge (and a headache) for me so I try to avoid it completely as much as possible. I can eat fat free ice cream sweetened with Splenda without it causing problems for me but even that I only have on very rare occasions. My husband craves the salty snacks more.

Sandi my husband does the same thing and lottery tickets sometimes when it gets to be a big number. I always tease him that he only plays when it's a huge if he thinks a measly 5 or 10 million wouldn't be enough or something. I'm glad he isn't always spending money on lottery tickets, but I still just find that funny for some reason.

01-21-2006, 07:17 PM
Welcome gracenote! Happy to have you with us-this is a great group of gals and I would be lost without them too.

Ever have one of those days???? Odessa has been working overtime today and as I type, i am looking at every dvd I own on the floor since she dumped the shelf. Toys dumped out of the toybox 3 times, all the shoes taken out of the rack, dumped stacks of folded clothes on the floor-and in case anyone is wondering, yes I let her live(at least for the time being). I haven't nearly gotten done today what I wanted to. I did get two closets cleaned out and was very happy to donate the size 26 dress I found in there. Ok I now need to get the movies put back and yes I am one of those anal type people who have them all in alphabetic order-ugh ugh ugh

01-21-2006, 09:23 PM
Welcome to the group Gracenote, you could not have not have found a better place for inspiration and venting...hang around and chime in.

We were at the birthday party for SEVEN HOURS and were the last to leave. This always happens we go to this friends house, there is no such thing as a short visit there. Her kids are the exact same ages as mine and her and I are great friends, so we all just have a great time and time flies. It was nice though, and Steve should be home sometime soon ... hopefully!

MIL was supposed to get Ty last week, it was his turn, of course they never showed or called. At his party last Sunday they told him they'd come get him Sat. night (tonight) and of course, no call and no show. I called hubby to see if he wanted to get ahold of MIL and ask if she wanted him and he said no. They are NOT getting Allie again until he gets his turn, otherwise visitations there end at this. Just really burns me up, I don't understand the favortism.

I did good and had just a tiny bit of cake and no ice cream. I knew she was serving hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, so I had a salad with some chicken breast before we went and just sipped water while everyone else ate. Now I am starving, and off to eat and exercise.


01-21-2006, 09:48 PM
maybe it has something to do with the creamy texture- i don't really care too much or ice cream BUT i do adore cherry garcia or moosetracks- tinroof sundae type icecream- but put me in front of a bowl of pudding and it's gone.
adn i don't overeat whole grains breads but don't let me get near wonderbread - and i really like whole grain bread-
has to be a reason for it.

Well i complained about hubby taking the truck today but i am glad i didn't take it cause he broke down about 10 miles from home- transmission somethingy or another and doesn't look like a big or too expensive job- we keep talking about just geting another vehicle but we don't want payments at this time-we have a very nice car (1999 mercedes ) that is almost rebuilt and we should have on the road in a couple weeks- everything has been replaced on it all we need is a water pump. but i was all in a panic about transportation and was all ready to rent a car from budget but his buddy said we could drive his extra car for a week (ooo and it's a Lexus!) i will feel all special and rich!

I don't know what it is with the lotto-he only buys when it's big i'd be happy with 4 numbers and get 5,000.00- i mean five thousand is better than nothing! i don't play because i think what they did in florida for education was wrong- took all the budget away and said let the lotto pay for it- half the schools don't have books-teachers are underpaid- they have 50 kids in a 3rd grade class-that why my hubby does side jobs so jocie can go to a private school.

hey Gracenote! :wave: these ladies are awesome! jump right in and have fun! I love pears- esp. if they are dipped in chocolate !:D

melissa- Two words- duck tape ( i am so KIDDING);)

Theresa- arrgh your MIL is a not nice person.:mad: I would be so :rollpin: :carrot: on you sticking to your plan.

Tomorrow is Zacks 13th b-day i can't believe he is getting so grown up- i've only been in his life since he was 2 but still- he is so tall and handsome- i need to put a pic up of the 2 of them. and hubby and zack are out fishing- i told them NOT to bring home smelly dead fish. if i get fish it's from the fish market thank you.
well since i finally have some time i am gonna curl up with jocie and watch a cooking show-and after she goes to bed (soon- real soon) and take time to really start my blog.


01-21-2006, 10:29 PM
Lucky duck driving a lexus. I am not saying what I drive-but her name is Mabel if that gives you any clue-lol.

Ducktape ROFL. My son's therapist asked me what I wanted for christmas and I told her bourbon and duck tape and then reasured her the bourbon was for me hehehe. I got all the movies put back and she has finally mellowed out. I am not sure what her gig was today. She used to be this way everyday and then mellowed and Amanda is now getting busy. Her favorites are emptying out the silverware drawer and lining them all in a perfect line on the couch and doing the same thing with Logan's babyfood. The blocks I got her for christmas have helped alot. Right now Amanda is wearing striped overalls with a white shirt and a Hawaiian print dress over it. I guess she is into the layered look. Logan also discovered today he has a tongue and needless to say, he got dinner and I got the show. It wound up feeling like a blah day and I never did get dressed. Amanda and Odessa were the only ones who made it but hey it is Saturday and raining. One more hour till bedtime for the kids and then I am taking a long hot bath and watching a movie!

01-22-2006, 02:34 AM
welcome gracenote! it's great to have someone new in the group again.
theresa, what is wrong with your mil?!? she should consider herself lucky that she ever gets to see either one of your kids.
just had more ice cream :devil: at least it's gone now. the strawberry one has no appeal for me, so dh can eat it all. whew! sandi and laura, i think i have the same taste in ice cream as y'all.. cherry garcia is my fave, but moose tracks and chunky monkey are also divine. isn't that strange?
i was good today and went to the gym before work. it's a good thing, because dh doesn't want to go tonight, and going by myself almost never happens. i think i got a pretty good workout at work today to make up for no gym tonight. i made a zillion frappucinos, so i was constantly dancing around getting the stuff for them. i still can't believe people will actually consume 750 calories at once with those strawberry ones. it's so not worth it! a gigantic bowl of ice cream would have fewer calories.

01-22-2006, 09:48 AM
Is a frappucino really 750 calories? I could never drink my calories. 750 calories is almost a whole container of chunky monkey.
We ate in a wonderful restaurant last night. I had a little duck quissidilla for an appetizer, and a portobello mushroom and veggies main course. I had to have coconut and mango sherbert for dessert. I think i am ok re calories, not a gain, but not a loss and it was worth it because it was planned, delicious and I didn't go overboard.
We are going to Boston for the day to visit my baby brother. It's 3 hours each way, but we always have a great day with them. His little boys are 4 and 6, younger than my grandsons, My mother's grandchildren range from 35 to 4 and her greatgrandchilren from 12 to 1, so we are a diverse group.
Food will be a challenge. My SIL is 20 years younger than me, gorgeous, thin, wonderful clothes and of course a great cook, so sometimes I feel like crap when I am with her. I am wearing my most expensive sweater, and my best earrings and jeans, so I look casual, but not sloppy.
Have a good Sunday everyone.

01-22-2006, 12:26 PM
:devil: not all of them. i just attcked the highest calorie thing on the menu. just the biggest strawberries and cream one with whipped cream has that many. some are just 200 or so. but i always just get plain iced coffee.

01-22-2006, 01:08 PM
Can you imagine the amount of healthy food you could consume for those same calories??? It boggles the mind!

01-22-2006, 07:17 PM
i can imagine! a friend gave me the preventions meal makeover book or something named like it and it shows how you can eat like 50 bowls of fruit for one bowl of ice cream or a whole plate of good foods compared to a plate of not so good foods.. unfortunatly they wanna replace the bad foods with all vegetarian/soy type foods and it isn't real practical when one has a family and is on a budget. I'll have to post some things they compare.

well the b-day party went well- i ate "not so good food" but it was one meal and i will not get depressed about it. just jump back on the wagon. I am frustrated at not losing more- I think i need to back to a food diary and pick up the exercise. i just get lazy... then i get upset and then i don't care and then i feel stupid for feeling lazy and upset... I am so weird.

i am getting the house all cleaned up for the upcomming week- menus are all planned so thats good. now i need to finish laundry and dishes :( and get cereal prepacked - snacks too. Tomorrow morning i really need to clean out my mini fridge at work. i think there may be things growing in there :eek:

did sneak out w/ MIL and put the imitation bowflex on layaway for hubby. we are gonna work on presidents day to get the porch all cleaned up and painted while hubby is at work. his b-day is not till april, but i want things to be done.

FIL loaned us movies again so we will be having another quiet together & munch popcorn night- and MIL GAVE :carrot: me her older digital camera- it'll do for now and it was cool that she gave it to me! all i need is a card reader and they are only 10.00.

well more laundry to finish and MORE dishes to do- hubby is dusting, cleaning up the living room and running the sweeper for me. maybe i can sweet talk him into straightening up the bathroom???? umm that may be pushing it...better not;)

01-22-2006, 08:20 PM
It still boggles the mind how much the food comparisson thing is. The girls ate earlier than usual tonight and Josh is still with the ex. He actually was on time this week-catch me I may faint. I have tried some of the soy/tofu stuff and I just can't eat it. I would rather have just a small portion of the real thing and call it good. It is pricey too. I have been trying to get more organic things but the budget only allows for so much of it with 4 kids.

Food diary I highly recommend or use Fitday to keep track. It is amazing how fast those calories creep up without thinking about it. I was reading Logan's banannas and that tiny little jar is 100 calories! He only eats half of it along with half of either a dinner one or veggies but I was surprised his nanners were 100 cal for the jar. I use a food diary that I get free from WW every week but I know fitday has one and figures out calories and nutrition too.

Way cool on the camera-it is going to be a huge time saver for you.

Got some more stuff cleaned out today and got the kitchen mopped. My menu is done for tomorrow. I haven't gone too far out since I am hoping a certain loser will pay his support and my food choices will improve. Produce is getting low again. I am really happy the kids love fresh fruit and veggies but man they go fast around here. I bought a box of clementines and they were gone in less than 3 days. I wish I was more in control because popcorn is a good filler for them and they like that too but alas, I will eat way too much of it still and not at the right time of the day. I try really hard to never eat after dinner. I have my diet rite and call it good. Eating at night was such a bad for me and it was habit than needing something so I just cut it out.

01-22-2006, 11:27 PM
Food comparison (along with a whole lot of exercise) is the reason I was able to lose all that weight without being hungry. I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out but it was really the answer for me. I was eating so much junk all the time, my diet was horrendous and it's amazing that I wasn't a lot heavier than I was. I also was not exercising at all. One thing I realize now is that when I was eating all that junk, I would eat it until it was gone and I was completely STUFFED but I never felt satisfied no matter how full I was. I was always just wanting more of it, even though I constantly felt stuffed and miserable and had indigestion that kept me awake almost every night. Now that I'm eating all healthy foods I can eat whenever I am hungry, eat until I am full and then that's it...I'm full and I don't want anything else for a while. It just gives me such a feeling of freedom. Any time in the past that I have been thin I have also been starving. I love it that I can eat so much food and be thin and never have to feel hungry.

I read something today that I thought was interesting but I don't really know if it is accurate or not. It said that every gram of fiber that you eat burns 9 calories because of the combination that it helps prevent fat absorption plus it burns calories as it digests. Like I said, I don't really know whether or not it's true but I really try to keep my fiber intake high every day and I have to wonder if that's part of the reason the weight came off so fast for me. At the time it seemed like it took forever but 100 pounds in 10 months is really pretty fast.

My son has been itching to go spend some of his Christmas money so we went shopping today and he ended up picking up the Billy Blanks Boot Camp workout series so I might have to give them a try sometime. I also found some Denise Austin DVD's on sale and since all I have are two of her old VHS tapes from about 10 years ago I picked up two of her newer DVD's. I did one 50 minute workout after I got home tonight and I can tell that a new workout routine was overdue for me. I could work up a good sweat with the old ones, but my arms and legs felt like jello after my new workout and that hasn't happened for a long time. It felt so good, like I really did something.

You know, when I was on that fitness panel a couple of days ago the teacher of the class said something and I have been kind of mulling it over ever since just because it was something I had never thought about but I did make a bit of sense to me. She is a small person and always has been and she said that was probably because her whole family is small she is just naturally thin, but she stressed that she had NOT always been healthy and that it was easy to ignore because she was never overweight. She could eat a poor diet and not exercise and get by with it because she just didn't gain weight. She said there are many people who are just naturally thin who ignore their health because they don't always have their weight reminding them that they need to get in shape and stay in shape, but that being unhealthy still put them at extra risk of health problems. I don't know that I would have ever taken the incentive to make the changes I have made and get myself healthy if I hadn't gotten so big. It was pretty hard to ignore the fact that I was unhealthy when it was staring me in the face every time I looked in the mirror.

Ok...sorry for the ramble, I guess I had a lot to say tonight. Hope everyone is having a great night.

01-22-2006, 11:28 PM
We are home from Boston and it was a real nice day, lots of talk and playing with the kids. I had a smoked salmon sandwich for lunch with 3 little spinach turnovers and 2 forkfuls of pasta for dinner and an apple. So I think it was an ok day.
I never buy the imitation foods. They are too expensive and too fake. There are so many other choices out there that it doesn't pay to eat that stuff.

01-23-2006, 06:42 AM
holy cow. it's 2:30 a.m. and i am leaving for work in an hour. it is really strange to be having breakfast at this hour, so i am having a strange breakfast. it is some kind of indian chicken stew i guess. only 310 calories, but man, i eat weird food. at least it is not ice cream today ;)
i have to agree with you kayelle about junk food. i think the food manufacturers design the food so you can just keep on eating and eating chips, frozen burritos, cookies, and whatnot, without ever getting full.. and they make it so you want to keep on eating because of the taste. something like that. maybe there is some chemical in the stuff that does that. there is definitely truth the claim that "once you pop, you can't stop," and "bet you can't eat just one!"
at least one junk food-type place got it right. today dh and i had gelato at this place in the mall, and although the gelato was really good, they only sell it in tiny little cups. the large size held about 1/2 of gelato. i had a small.. i estimate that held a little over 1/4 cup. to make it easy for americans used to "supersize" food, they give you a tiny little spoon to eat it with. about the size of my thumbnail (and it bite my nails, so it was *small*) lol.

01-23-2006, 10:03 AM
:wave: hi everyone! I have been MIA, and will be today as well...just dropped in to say hey and catch up some. Glad everyone seems to be well and happy...will check back in detail this evening.


01-23-2006, 04:00 PM
You are so right Kayelle-we attribute being thing with being healthy and it is just so not the case for the majority of people. My SIL is thin and he has to be one of the most unhealthy kids I know. He has so many digestive and intestinal issues. His main diet is candy and soda and then can't figure out why he spends so much time in the bathroom. His mother has colitis and says she can't eat fresh fruit and veggies but when I did some research on it, said needed to eat those things. Can't make a horse drink though. I make healthy meals when they are here and now only answer questions if I am asked.

Candice good girl for not having ice cream for breakfast. Getting up that early and starting your day is an adjustment. People used to look at me when I was eating a sandwich or soup ect at 8a but it was lunch for me lol.

Looking forward to hearing from you Theresa-wondered where you were.

There isn't a whole lot to report today really. I am OP and just cleaning out more stuff-the better things I am putting on ebay. Logan outgrew the jammies I got him last month already! Oh and katy's friend Zoo (yes that is what people call him) thinks I am a good looking woman-oh joy oh joy. Katy did tell him not to go there which saves me from having to shoot him down. I am not interested in people who hang out or do drugs and having teeth in some form is also good. He has what I call hockyplayer mouth. Ex also told me that the support is going into the mail today so that was almost two faints from him in one day no less. Ok I am off for the time being to get some more things put where they belong.

01-23-2006, 05:27 PM
:welcome3: Gracenote, glad to have you join us.

It sounds like everyone had a good weekend. Candace--no icecream--:carrot: I know that's a fav of yours!!
Well I did manage to stay OP this whole weekend at work. I'm still eating only yogurt or a sandwich at my 2am dinner break. I started using a light whole wheat bread that's low cal. The whole sandwich is only 250 calories and it fill me up. So far my little experiment seems to be working. I am down 4 more pounds for the week.:woo: I get to move my ticker!!!! Not much else happening right now, we are shorthanded at work so I have another 40 hr in 3 days stretch starting wed. I hate these long stretches as all I do on my first day off is sleep!!!! Oh well it pays the bills for now and my contract does end in May:devil:

I will try to check back later. Have a great day everyone:grouphug:


01-23-2006, 06:08 PM
ok i am pouting.:( went to an endocrinologist today and she was really helpful....


she was pleased that i had lost a little weight and my eating and exercising habits were better BUT she said me losing weight is an uphill battle and it will be very surprising IF i lose too much more. you can't lose weight with a fatty liver (it's called NASfld ) like non- alcoholic -2 big words etc.. fatty liver disease. they say it only causes problems on rare occasions BUT I am thinking your liver does so much for your body and it's filled with fat then how can it work??They say my liver is like 3 sizes too big?? they want me to have a liver biosopy next month..
so she suggested i do one of two things- keep eating well and gee you will just be fat or go on a medifast type diet where it is controlled by her.. ( i got to wondering if she got a kick back on it??)
the only cure for NASFLAD is to lose weight- BUT you can't lose weight if you have NASFLD- i want a second opinion :rollpin:
I am not going to do a medifast type diet. i will lose weight no matter what she says. i will just pay attention to my food intake and exercise MORE
sorry about the rant - i was so annoyed today.

YAY! :woo: Suzette! :carrot: way to go !

I agree Kayelle- you can be so skinny and NOT be healthy- i know too many people who smoke 3 packs a day and eat "bad "foods and they are super skinny and think they look great BUT their health is worse than mine. I hope that is true about fiber- i know it fills me up faster than non fiber foods.

I really think one of my problems is NOT thinking before i eat- or overeat.

OK enough cleaning ! Melissa-:D I started on my bedroom bookcases this afternoon -(yes- you motivated me !)
One good thing is I found 3 more WW cookbooks i forgot i had. HMMM new recipes!

It has been proven that certain people taste things in different ways and certain chemicals /ingredients will make you keep eating. and eating.. and eating..

I think TOM is again rearing it's ugly head- i am cranky and crampy - my face is breaking out and i am up 2 pounds from yesterday. now it takes 3500 calories to gain a pound and i know i didn't eat 7000 calories in 1 day. so it's TOM..i hate this. never know (except in the a.m.) when it will show :devil:
When i was a tennager i never broke out - i had perfect skin.. then i had kids.. and got older and clearasil and miss clariol are my two best friends.

i am off to start dinner (oh joy :p )

01-23-2006, 06:33 PM
Misty congrats on the loss! You must have hit the nail on the head so keep it up! i don't know how you work the hours you do-I would be passed out in a coma somewhere.

Sandi Get a second opinion. I know I have a fatty liver and my enzyme count was like triple what is supposed to be and no one told me I couldn't lose weight. Sounds like a kickback to me and if you can't lose weight, why do medifast? Isn't losing weight an uphill battle for everyone? If it weren't there wouldn't be any fat chicks. Get a food journal going girlfriend and map out the night before what you will have the next day and then thinking is down to a minimum and way cool on the cookbooks too. It is always fun to find treasures while cleaning. You had me laughing about clearasil and miss clairol-I think we run in the same circles and I figured that by the time I was in my forties clearasil would be bought for teenagers not for myself! Speaking of new recipes mine arrived today and TY TY TY TY!!! I have been pouring over them and now trying decide which one to try first. Tonight I am doing cheaters chicken caccitore so we will see how it goes. Josh won't be happy but he never is so no biggy there. I wound up keeping him home from school today. He got up and got sick. I am really tired of illness and rain. I have both in abundance here. I am really in the mood for somewhere warm and tropical right now.

01-23-2006, 07:50 PM
Sandi I agree you need a second opinion. You are doing so well with this battle, don't let her get you down. It doesn't make sense to go on medifast diet if you can't lose weight :?: that will just set you up to gain it back or be on that forever, and come on, who can really do that if it's not life threatening? Second opinion ASAP.

I have been off having a time with TOM cycle. I had two weeks of cramping and a very upset tummy (not relate to TOM, but I am blaming him) and just overall lack of energy and feeling icky. I don't know why I had symptoms so early, usually it's about a week before, but this time I was starting to wonder if maybe it wasn't going to come :eek: it is here and I feel better. Strange how I feel better once it starts pouring, always thought PMS was during it when I was younger. I have exactly 3 weeks before both Allie's bday parties...having here on Feb. 12 and then at her school on 13th, which is actually her bday. I was supposed to be signed up to help with the valentine's party on the 14th as well, but no one ever contacted me about it and the teacher called to ask about when to schedule her party, and mentioned the Val. party is on 14th and didn't say a word about me helping. I kept my mouth shut, if they forgot or just left me out that is fine with me! I still might get contacted sometime in the next few weeks, but I am just hoping I have been left out. That would not hurt my feelings at all. That is probably horrible, but 2 parties in a row is enough for me!!!!!

Anyway, I have been OP all the way, even with limited exercise, even with TOM, because I feel very focused on those new pants looking great for her party. If they feel really good, I might just wash them overnight and wear them to both parties :)

Hubby has been letting me take naps and that has been why I haven't been on here. I have decided to sell my strip aerobics dvds, since they are really too easy already (no sweat anymore) and I am getting the BL soon, and want to get the VH1 Celeb. Fit Club one as decided to ebay the strip aerobics and get some $$ back to buy the other one. I was surprised what they are going for, should get a good price for them. I looked up the Celeb. fit club one there and was shocked that people are paying more than the price to just order it brand new from VH1. It's 14.99 from VH1, and they have auctions up well over $20+sh!!!! Don't they know they can get it brand new cheaper? Makes me want to buy 2 and sell 1 for profit :lol:


01-23-2006, 08:22 PM
Glad that you are feeling better and what a wonderful Hubby to let you snooze! You are going to be busy with parties it looks like. My niece is due here on the 10th of feb and can't wait to see her. Ebay can really rock so hey if you aren't using it, may as well do it even if it is so you can restock on something different. I always take into account the total cost when I buy. the only thing I went googoo on was a Zatch bell thing josh was wanting really bad for christmas. Have to break even or save before I buy. I got a bunch of stuff from mom today too and I will be putting it on ebay. Glass stuff and some teacup things.

My friend in PA made this for me so now I have a new Avatar.

01-23-2006, 08:38 PM
Sandi-I agree about a 2nd opinion. And you have lost weight, so why assume you won't lose anymore?
Today is a gloomy day in my world. It snowed again and I worked here and was lonely and bored and just wanted to eat a lot of food, but I didn't. I am at 1000 calories and we have a small piece of salmon and some veggies to share for supper so I will be under 1300.
I need a beach.
Did anyone see the 627 lb woman on TLC last night. Very sad. I googled around to see if there was a followup to see how she is now, but I couldn't find anything.

01-23-2006, 09:06 PM
Snow is frozen rain so I hear you there. The sun actually poked its head out for about 30 min today but then it was gone again. I didn't see that show. You might check out the TLC website-they sometimes have updates ect on the site.

01-23-2006, 11:01 PM
TLc has nothing on her.
Melissa- I love your new photo.
Today is a hard day. I am not hungry. I know that. But I want to eat because it tastes good. I'm here, so I won't.

01-23-2006, 11:08 PM
:hug: ya'll are welcome to my sunshine and beach's anytime. i will firmly tell the sun it needs to shine in various areas. no rain - snow either. then of course you may have to deal with a hurricane or two.. we only live 5 minuted from the beach but the past 2 years the hurricanes have wiped them out to nothing- we don't go oftenas it gets too hot in the sun during the day and it's a hassle to drive down on the beach and it costs like 5.00 a trip to get on the beach with a car- i do enjoy a walk there tho around 5-6 p.m. in the summer.we park in the lots and walk down. that's still free for now.

Thanks guys:D i needed cheering up this afternoon- i am calling another end. tomorrow and making another appointment. i just felt she was really pushing the medifast and from the beginning she was all you can't keep the weight off- it has made me more determined than ever . i didn't like her- she was very pushy about either the medifast or another diet that she put her patients with. and i know i could never do medifast unless many doctors told me i had to in order to save my life.

Ebay is a wonderful magical place unless you become addicted to it as i have been on the past:p just joking! one time i got inot a bidding war with someone over an item i really wanted and they kept raising their bid by only 25 cents i think just to annoy me. I finally won :carrot: and only paid 1.00 more than i said i was going too. tea cups sell very well on there.

melissa- i am glad you like the recipes- i have more that i will be wiiling to send out possibly thurs- friday again. i know i love so many of them - of course when they call for chopped cilantro or something strange i don't have i sub. something- like italian seasoning -i never put hot peppers in anything either. let me now if ya want more- don't mind making copies for anyone who wants them. love the avatar!
Laura -i saw that show and i cried. i felt so bad for that woman but i also understood her and there are times i feel like i just want to do "normal" things and can't be because i am overweight. i don't know if she got help or not- i hope so.
Theresa - i am jealous! i know my TOM is going to be here soon as i don't sleep well when it's almost here. i really think all those insides should go away after we have our kids - no more problems.

I am off to bed soon and try to sleep. i am all worried about vehicles and getting them fixed and costs of it all.. then again i'd worry if everthing was ok today.

01-23-2006, 11:21 PM
Is Anyone Doing Wwatchers?:)

01-23-2006, 11:32 PM
I am and I believe Sandisuze is also-you are more than welcome to join us-very active group.

01-23-2006, 11:45 PM
I really need to work on my avatar- tomorrow- trying to get kids pics up and it's not working for me it's all blurry etc..- see shoulda gone to bed instead of reading more threads..

I am doing WW to a point- i still have an online membership thru april i think - i try to follow points etc. and really use lots of their recipes! I think if i was serious and TRIED harder i'd lose more- i just don't follow it as i should.:(
BUT :welcome: and jump right in -don't be shy and these ladies are the most supportive, wonderful and fun group i've ever been with!
I really am gonna try to get to bed now!:D ( after fixing my avatar)

01-23-2006, 11:49 PM
Hi Ladies! As always, everyone seems in a good mood! It is so nice to come in here and see that we all have the same sort of problems with cars, TOM, kids, food, etc. and that we all can give each other a boost now and then!

I agree with everyone too Sandi on getting a second opinion, and then maybe a third. I know it can be expensive, but it's your health and your life. The control should be in your hands, not theirs just because some big company is giving them a kickback!

Melissa-The avatar is great! When I get my new pc I will be able to scan in my pics and show off my monsters! Great job on the 6 pounds! :carrot: :carrot: Somewhere in this pc I think I still have a file of WW Crockpot Recipes, if I can find them, I'll send them to you. I love them! Have you tried the new crockpot cooking bags? I bought some today, will try one out tomorrow with a roast. Fingers crossed for you that ex actually puts the money in the mail for you!

Theresa-I'm waiting(dreading) for TOM here also. I always know when it's coming when all I crave is tortilla chips and salsa!! Salt, salt, salt!!

Laura-I'm with you on needing a beach!! Warm sand and crystal clear water!! Oh, but to dream!!!!!

Gracenote- :welcome: This is a super group of ladies!

Well, Curves went really well today-I lost 3 pounds for the first week of the 6 week challenge! With TOM coming, I am very happy!! I only got to the gym once last week, but will be there at least 3 times this week, so maybe next weigh in will be even better. I think I could have lost a little more but the lady at Curves put me on the wrong diet-I am supposed to be on higher protien but she misread my carb test and put me on higher carbs. I didn't get the workbook until Wed, then didn't read any of it until Thursday night, so I ate the higher carb version for 4 full days. We'll see how this week goes?

Well, gotta pick up kids from church. Have a great night everyone!!


01-24-2006, 12:16 AM
Kathy, how do they determine how much carb/protein you need? What kind of diets do they recommend? I would like to know what they'd say for me, but i can't join at this point.

Melissa, that avatar is great! The kids are so adorable, and now you get to look at them whenever you read posts and remember you are doing this partly for them as well.

I didn't see the 600 lb. woman but I do hope she is doing well now. I am annoyed tonight because I shaved my legs yesterday then realized a bit ago they were hairy again...all ready!?! I know they were smooth as could be yesterday, and now I've got a bush coming in. Is this another part of getting old?

I have been freaking out because I am 3 weeks away from turning 29. I am almost THIRTY!!!!! and I still haven't done enough in my life. I am not where I thought I would be, not by a LOOOONG shot and it's depressing me, making me wonder if cleaning dirty butts and being puked on is the height of my life. Hubby keeps telling me I'm being silly, still young with all this time ahead of me, raising kids is so much bigger and more important than all my previous goals :blah: I love being home with my kids and would not give them up for anything, but I can't help but feel like I have lost myself. I dropped out of college 1 year away from graduation, after having all these big internships and job offers coming my way, got prego right away and here I am. Never made it back. Gave it all up and I feel it's just over now. When the kids are in school what am I going to do? Work at Mcd's because I have NO work experience, just college from a long time ago?

I hope this mood passes with TOM. I have 3 day cycles, so tomorrow I should be really light and then Wed. back to normal.


01-24-2006, 12:53 AM
Hi all!

Thanks for the very warm welcome. What a nice bunch you are :)

Purplefirefly - I'm only 23, but I think I kind of know how you feel. I got married at 19 and left the University of Washington along with a $20,000 scholarship. I didn't know what I wanted to do career-wise at the time (now I'm a self-taught graphic/web designer -- withOUT the piece of paper that says I can do it :D ). The point is, even though my husband is the most important part of my life and I can't imagine my life NOT being married to him, and even though I'm successful in other parts of my life (including my career) I still kinda feel crappy telling people that I didn't finish school. I started taking classes at a community college and it totally boosted my confidence -- even though I totally didn't feel challenged -- but I was doing something for myself, something that was fun for me. Kids are wonderful, but I'm sure it wouldn't hurt anybody if you had something that was all your own. Why not take online classes if you can't get out or learn a skill on your own? It's great fun and you won't feel like your whole life is cleaning dirty butts anymore. :)

Well, I joined a gym last week called Bodies in Motion. It's pretty expensive for a gym ($70.00/month!) but they have aerobics classes that I can take in the morning before work. I've gone 5 times so far and I love it but I'm totally intimidated by all the athletic people (especially women, believe it or not) that work out there. I wanted to cry last friday when I went to a boxing/kickboxing technique class and left 10 minutes into the class because they starting running around the block outside and I just couldn't do it. I just turned around and walked back to the gym. Felt like the biggest idiot... and I wanted to cry :(. I really want to take the other boxing classes but now I'm scared because I know how hard they are and I'm just not ready for them. I'm going to try the cycling class on Wednesday.. if I like it I think I'll stick with that one instead.

Sandi - one more vote in for getting a second opinion. My sincere apologies to any doctors reading this (actually, if you're a doctor, what I'm about to say does NOT apply to you. It applies to pretty much every other doctor BUT you, so rest assured that I am NOT talking about you ;)), but I don't think they're much different than me or you other than a few years of schooling. They certainly DON'T know everything and I've never had a doctor who has been able to help me with ANY of my problems. When I was 10 years old I went to the doctor because my knees would hurt everytime I ran in P.E., and his wise words of wisdom were: "That's normal. Your kneecaps are just popping out of place." No medicine, no exercise, no advice, no nothing! It's probably his fault that I'm overweight.

Hopefully when my TOM is over the scale will move down some more. I want to reach my personal V-Day goal. Also, I think if I lose enough weight, my husband will get jealous and try harder to lose weight and get in shape himself. He's got a little belly and I would love to see him with a nice six-pack!

Well, Monday's over! 1 down, 4 more to go!!

01-24-2006, 06:08 AM
gracenote, it's great you started at the gym. don't worry about not being able to keep up with the rest of the classes. everyone has to start somewhere. it's always a little intimidating at first.
theresa, you are definitely not old! i am not even four years younger than you, and i wouldn't say 29 is old. my philosophy is that i won't be old until i am like, ten years older than my mom. since she and i are getting older at the same rate, so this is no problem ;) it's not "over" if you want to go back to school. if you only have one more year, it wouldn't be so hard to finish if that's what you want. when your kids are older, you could take a few classes during the day, part-time kind of.
melissa, i love your new avatar! that is so cute!
it's going to be another crazy day for me today. i'm opening again, so i have to leave in about an hour and a half. dh just went to bed, after a hard night of playing video games. what a rough life!

01-24-2006, 07:17 AM
Melissa, the new avatar is so cute, it's nice to see the faces of the little ones you talk about.:D

Theresa, believe me you have a lot of time to accomplish anything you want. I went back to school at the age of 31 the first time. The second time I went back I was 43, that's when I got my ADN. I am planning to start once again this fall for my MSN at the ripe old age of 46!!!! Sometimes things happen that may put plans on hold, but you can always start again. I think the older you are, the more you appreciate your accomplishments, what ever they are, and raising great kids in today's world has got to be one of the greatest accomplishments ever:hug: (Also, I'm jealous, only 3 days of TOM??? Mine is 7-8:stress: )

Sandi--GET ANOTHER OPINION!!!! As a nurse I find it strange that a doctor would advocate for a prepackaged diet like Medifast. Most docs just give suggestions on foods to lower fats and cholesterol or no added sugars or salts etc... I have never heard a doc that wasn't known as a "diet" doc to prescribe a certain diet. (by diet doc I mean the ones who make their living on prescribing pills and having you weigh in each month with them, There's one in every town).

Laura B-- I hear ya about the beach!! Warm sun, cool clear water, no noise except the sound of the surf--absolute heaven!!! Okay if I felt good in a swimsuit too that would be absolute heaven;)

Gracenote--keep going to the gym, remember this is for you, not them!! You are doing it to be healthy and to be the best you, you can be. I found that most of the super fit women at my gym are those who really have nothing to do with their lives. They are the wives of docs and lawyers and are afraid if they gain an ounce hubby will find a new piece of arm candy. I would much rather have my life than one like that!! So I go to the gym and I huff and I puff so that I can enjoy my life a little longer and a whole lot happier!!!!:devil:

Well got to get DH up, he's going to doc for consult on eye surgery that he needs. Have a great day everyone!!


01-24-2006, 10:28 AM
If I were to go back to school now, I would do something totally different. Everything in my life has changed, including what I want to do with my time. I never wanted kids before, so things have really changed. Besides, I had 1 year to go five years ago, it would be more now with the change in the program (so said the school a couple years back when I contacted them). That's if I went back to Ohio to finish (not possible) so if I transferred all credits to NC, who knows what I'd have to do since programs vary on requirements. Anyway, I wouldn't want that degree anymore. Right now my kids are top priority they are my full time some! When they are both in school I'll get to either work or go back to school, will decide when the time comes closer. If someone had told me back when I was in college that I would end up being a SAHM, I would have laughed until I puked. I am SO glad I had the kids now though. I cannot imagine life without them. It is hard to give up old dreams though, even when what you get in exchange is priceless. My dreams now are so different it's amazing.

Suzette, my actual bleeding period is 3 days (sometimes 4) but it's the week beforehand that really sucks.

Gracenote, keep at the gym and you'll be doing those boxing workouts before you know it! You will improve very quickly in what you can do, if you are persistant with it. Start with whatever you can do now, even if it's just walking around a track or on a treadmill. Soon that will not get your heart rate up and you'll be searching for something more challenging. I am constantly looking for something new, so trust me you will get better and better and before ya know'll be running around at the top of that boxing class. Just consider it something to work up to. Try it again in a month or two and you'll be surprised how much easier it is, even if you're still not there yet. You don't want it to be too easy though, that wouldn't be a workout.

Cadwell, good luck on the crazy day! KEEP OUT OF THE FATTENING TREATS, hear me? You don't need them! You need a skinny waistline and a pretty little summer dress in just a couple months. You need that dress for your big date, remember?!? It's not worth it.

01-24-2006, 11:19 AM
Life and what you want change all the times. Some of the things I rebelled against years ago make me happy now, and some of the things I thought I failed at, worked out ok. But thru it all, I am still too fat. But that will change now.
I have a degree, but I only had one job that needed it-teaching. To work in our current business, I had to get computer skills, learn to use the equipment we sell and sell. Prior to this business, we had a piano business where I finished pianos, and learned to do repairs as well as sell. I never needed calculus or advanced medieval french, but I certainly am grateful that I had the opportunity to go to the fabulous NYC college system.
so I guess I'm saying,enjoy the kids and your time will come to get whatever you want.

01-24-2006, 01:56 PM
I am always up for new recipes. Nice thing about no hubby and just kids-they never know they are guinea pigs hehehe.

Kathy congrats on the pounds lost especially with peeping TOM! How is the housing thing coming along for you guys? Haven't tried the bags yet but if you say they are good will buy some to save on cleanup. I got enough of that to do already.

Theresa hairy legs aren't a sign of age-you know you are getting there when they sprout out your chin! I always tease my SIL that I grow a better beard than he does. 29 is still young and truthfully there isn't a more thankless but most important job than to raise decent human beings who will be an asset to the world. It takes dedication and you are doing an awesome job. Before you know it they will both be in school and you can then pursue your own interests even if it is volunteering somewhere. I was 6 classes to my Associates Degree before I got Logan but I just couldn't do either job to my best so school was put on hold until I have more of the kids in school and can have some hours for homework and study but it is ok because what I am doing is much more important right now. I guess what I am trying to say is you are still young I am looking at 42 here in just a few short weeks!

Gracenote are you in Washington?? Don't worry about not keeping up-it is like learning anything new-takes time and you will be running circles around them all in no time flat. Do what you can now and don't sweat the rest. If I tried running around the block right now I would have black eyes and bloody knees and would fall down in a faint. When I can I walk. I am going to have to invest in a 3 seat stroller because I just know Odessa couldn't keep up with her little legs.

Laura I too find it amazing the things that I said I would never do when I was young have happened and I actually prefer it now. I am also laughing because in alot of ways I am sounding more and more like my mother! I know see that it isn't a bad thing. Life is what we make it. There are still alot of things I want to learn and see but it takes time.

Everyone keep up the good work!

01-24-2006, 04:34 PM
Theresa- nope thats not a sign of getting older- shaving your legs and then 2 weeks later saying gee-why do i have to shave again i just shaved yesterday didn't I ?? thats when you have to worry. ;) and in my opinion nair works real good -

I just turned 43 and i really don't feel old- again clearasil , miss clariol, and nair are getting to be good friends- the only changes i see are those.. i can't run around like i used to but then again i used to weigh 100 pounds, drink coke and coffee all day and smoke 3 packs a day. i've always needed 30 hours of sleep a day :lol: even when i was 20 -
I've had so many different jobs from babysitting, making boxes in a factory, cashier(at too many places), assistant mgr of a BK, Publicity person at a comic book store (that was fun!) receptionist, caterer, cook, bagel maker at a bakery ,worked at flea markets selling produce, Pizza hut, and now i am a glorified office manager /administrative assistant with a fancy title- and i still don't know what I want to do when i grow up! I do want to go back to school and open my own business but i can understand where you are coming from theresa. trust me before ya know it the kids will be older and you can do things you've alwasy wanted to do.
I think we all go thru "i'll never be that way" or "I'll never do THAT"and guess what -we end up that way or doing that.

anyway my post is gonna be way too long here.
:wave: to everyone- i am waiting to hear back from other dr's office. I am getting a second opinion.
I'll post about that later

01-24-2006, 04:41 PM
melissa, i guess with kids you can be extra experimental with recipes. i already use dh as a guinea pig. he's not real picky, and even if he hates it, he knows better than to say anything other than "thanks doll, it's great." lol. he will if he wants me to keep on cooking, that is :devil:. poor dear burned his bacon today. he's hopeless in the kitchen, except when it comes to salads.
don't worry theresa, i've laid off the treats so far today. pretty good considering it was my job to set up the pastry case this morning. i spent an hour arranging muffins, coffeecakes, cookies, and sticky buns! but you are right.. a skinny waist and a stylin' dress are way better than a cheese danish. the stuff all looks better than it actually tastes anyway.

01-24-2006, 05:21 PM
It is easier when they are hopeless in the kitchen. My ex was an excellent cook and did most of the cooking until I retired to take care of Josh and then he constantly crabbed no matter what I cooked-used to irk me bad. Good job leaving those pastries alone too!

I am having a hard time getting motivated today. It looks like Katy is prego since a visiting nurse called to set up an appointment to see her and get this-her due date is May 18-that is Logans birthday! Unless she gets it together pretty fast she is going to lose this one too and I am not sure if the baby would come here or not. The other side of the family would be contacted also but truthfully I am not too worried since they have totally disowned David and want nothing to do with him. I can't imagine them warming up to the idea of raising his child. I don't know if I got what it takes though to handle all of that and I would definately have to move that is for sure.

Glad you are getting the second opinion too!

01-24-2006, 06:39 PM
Poor Katie. She can't give her body a rest. I hope she isn't using now.
I just did an water aerobics class and I looked down and saw these hairy legs that belong to me and i was shocked because I never even thought to shave them. The class was with lots of really old ladies, one even had a walker, but if you can ignore the geriatric crowd and work hard it's a good class. They kind of stayed at one end and bobbed up and down and chatted, but good for them for trying and they looked happy. What's nice about this gym, is that in the classes they say just work at whatever level works for you. You don't have to try to keep up with the size 1 cutie pie. i like that.

01-24-2006, 09:11 PM
I hope she isn't too. She is doing something called drug corps and she gets a UA 4 times a week and she has to go to court one day a week too. She messes that up, she I believe would go to jail. With being the queen of the 3 min shower, I rarely shave legs anymore. It happens on special occassions only-lol. I am glad you enjoyed the class and you are using muscles you aren't aware you are in the water and will probably feel it tomorrow.

I got offered a temp job for 5 days for coffeemate! They will pay me 20 an hour and if I work three out of the five days, they will give me a 200 bonus. Now I just have to convince my mother that she would love to sit with the kids! They are only 5 hour shifts and I think all I do is give out samples of the new flavors that people are voting on. It isn't even five days in a row. I know I could use the extra money that is for sure! Hopefully mom will watch the kids at least 3 of the days. I will have to plan ahead though cause the shifts are 10-3, 12-5 and one is 4-9 so it will hit a mealtime each of the day. The only hard one is Pike Place Market day cause they have some pretty nummy bakeries ect around there.

01-25-2006, 01:21 AM
Melissa, that job sounds great! How do you get signed up for those things? Really sorry to hear about Kate and the prego situation. I feel so sorry for this baby and dont understand how she can be so thoughtless...drugs are so evil it's uncomprehensible.

Laura, the water class sounds great! I have heard they can really get you in good shape. I would rather work out with the old crowd than the skinny-minnie princess club anyday! So much less intimidation.

I spent the ENTIRE day at my friend's house getting things put on ebay. I have 25 things up and 5 more to go tomorrow. I put up some of Allie's beautiful dresses that no longer fit and hope to get a good price for them. The best arent up yet, didn't get the pictures but will tomorrow sometime. It was exhausting and took longer than i thought it would! Of course, we were chasing around 4 toddlers while doing it and making supper, so there was a lot of activity going on at all times.

Cadwell, GREAT job staying out of those pastries! Much, much better than I could have done, I'm sure.

Kathy :carrot: 3 lbs. is GREAT for one week...keep it up!


01-25-2006, 11:31 AM
I need to make some big food changes. I know i need a protein to keep from being hungry, but i don't like to eat meat, chicken just sometimes, which leaves fish and dairy. So I have been eating too much cheese, even with staying OP re calories. I think cheese is my second favorite food after ice cream, even before cookies. My body is definately changing, but I still have lots of belly weight and i wonder if that's from the fat in all the cheese I eat. I still need a 16W in jeans in order to close them, but they bag in other places. So now officially, I am cutting back on cheese and just using it as a flavoring rather thatn the main protein in a meal. So If I make a veggie soup I can grate some over it rather that throwing in chunks of feta as a protein.
What do you all think about belly fat? Is it a particular problem for anyone else?

01-25-2006, 12:55 PM
I got a couple minutes before I go to WIC so thought I would get a quick post in. I did a survey online and I qualified so they gave me a call. It would be 700 bux for 25 hours worth of work. I will be putting up flyers and handing out colored bracelets and getting people to vote for their favorite flavor. The only way I can do it is if Mom will sit with the kids and I am sure she could use some extra money too. Can't we all?? I will be putting some things on ebay too today.

Cheese is high in fat unless you get reduced fat and it will pack on the pounds. Legumes are good source of fiber and protein also and there is nothing wrong with eating fish-it is good for you. I carry all my weight in my torso. I always tease that I am a tube with legs or a mushroom. I know it will go away as the weight comes off but it is still a pain and more unhealthy when you carry your weight there since it involves all your organs like your heart ect. When it is carried in the bum it still isn't good to be overweight but the major organs aren't as affected. No you are not alone with that problem.

Ok off to dress amanda and myself since I have to scoot out of here shortly and will check back in later.

01-25-2006, 02:47 PM
belly fat is definitely a problem for me. i do lots of crunches, and on a regular basis too, but my stomach is still totally jiggly. sometimes i think i will have this jiggly belly no matter how much weight i lose. it's a little irritating.

01-25-2006, 03:03 PM
I think a little bit of a belly might be genetic. My sister, who is totally thin, always has a little belly. She is a big time yoga person too. It just seems like everything is thinner except my big fat belly. I am also doing crunches and after 2 weeks I am started to feel my abs. In the beginning I crunched and felt nothing. I think my abs were so useless, but now they are peeping out and saying hi.
We are traveling again Friday. Seattle and San Diego. I am determined to stay OP except for a birthday dinner for my son in Seattle Sat nite when I will just not gain.
A friend is staying in the house so I am in a cleaning frenzy. My friend is a guy, so he won't notice anyway, but it emabarraes me to think he might.

01-26-2006, 07:33 AM
i slipped up a little and had two ice cream bars last night. i had only planned on having one. grrr. i did really bad on tuesday also. i wasn't really thinking because it was such a long day and i went way over on calories. how do i even figure calories for such a long day anyway? hopefully it didn't do too much harm. just have to go to the gym today is all. oh well.

01-26-2006, 11:22 PM
I think belly fat maybe the hardest to get rid of- i have a waist now BUT a tire above the waist line and a tire below the waist line. my 18's bag on me in the butt and thighs/legs. i tried on some jeans at good will and i tried on Womens sizes and they were too big. so i was able to get a pair of 16's for 1.00 that almost fit. for a dollar i couldn't pass it up.

talked to my sis tonight (my size 2 sis) she said she gained 3 pounds and was worried about getting fat. we have different mom's and hers was tiny& always a size 0-2 and mine was always curvy- never fat- just well rounded.
I told her hush up. she told me she was proud of me trying to eat right and exercise. (her idea of exercise is to lift a coffee mug and smoke 2 packs a day.) I love her anyway.

Laura -I hope you have alovely time- plan ahead and you'll do fine.
Kathy WOO HOO on 3 pounds down!
how is everyone doing with their ebay adventures?? I am having a blast getting ready - my one license was approved by the state so that's one thing done.

My one girlfriend and i have decided to put together old recipes and stories about recipes and pictures together in a book. i found all my nana's old recipes and she found her MIL's and grandpas old recipes. finding them made us have such wonderful memories and we want to share them with others. we don't know if anyone will buy it -BUT we'll have fun doing it and maybe can put them in local stores . something to do anyway!

candice- you only ate an extra ice cream cause you knew i can't have dairy and felt bad for me.

Second opinion visit was wonderful and I have to write down everthing i eat for 10 days and he took me off dairy products for a week- next week he'll take me off another food like wheat- and we will go on until he finds out what triggers an "attack" - he really thinks i have the fatty liver from diabetes and being obese but he said i also have IBS and they are testing me for a few other things after my cat scan. he is thinking possible PCOS that has been undiagnosed - but maybe not.. he said i have some symptoms that could be something else too- waiting for more tests results. sigh i hate to be stuck with a needle.
i like this guy as he says no matter what is wrong unless you have to take meds that make you heavy - if you exercise and diet - you will lose weight -it may take a while but you will lose.
Thanks everyone - i am so glad i found another doctor! advice was well taken!
Have a good day tomorrow :hug:

01-26-2006, 11:36 PM
Way kewl on the second opinion-don't you feel better now and like there is hope? I know I would. I am still waiting for the camera-mom says sat or sun we will do it which is fine-sunday better since josh will be at ex's and I could have two down for a nap when she comes over. Congrats on your lisence too! WTG!!! Your book sounds like fun too.

I have just been trying to get the house together for company tomorrow and then I have a lunch date on saturday (with no kids either). Logan has been really fussy and I think he is working on those two top teeth. Those have always been the bugger teeth to come in. Both my kids had a terrible time with those and both the girls didn't have fun either with them. Hard to get stuff done while trying to carry him too. He is getting even closer to crawling too-then the games shall begin.

01-27-2006, 02:50 AM
Great news Sandi! It feels good to have someone actually take the time to try to figure out what's wrong with you, doesn't it?

Melissa - I grew up in Washington -- Puyallup actually. Spent most of my life there, went to the UW for a year and a quarter. Church was up in Lynnwood (aka Lynnhood). Love the people in WA, hate the weather. So me and dh moved down to Cali (my parents and family came down too) a couple of years ago. So I'm in Orange County right now and loving it. I just noticed you're from Everett....How's the weather in Sea-town these days?

I am so exhausted from waking up every day at 5:00 am to go to the gym this week and most of last week. I kinda want to sleep in a little bit tomorrow and skip the gym, but I know that if I skip one weekday that it'll all be over for me.... I have a tendency to give myself a little grace and then take it and run with it.

The good thing is: I tried on a pair of jeans that I bought last week that was too tight on me, and it fits! It's only been a week of good eating and exercise. And the scale hasn't even moved since Saturday or so! I guess that thing about muscle weighing more than fat is true!

Take care and TGIF,

01-27-2006, 09:57 AM
another o.c. girl! awesome. my dh and i also moved here recently (about a year and a half ago), but we came from san diego. can't say i'm loving it though, i miss s.d. :(
i keep on blowing it and eating too much! the good news is that, at least, all the ice cream is gone. it won't be tempting me today, since i ate it all yesterday! :o oh well. i haven't gained anything at least, so that's good. i still have over two weeks to make my goal, so as long as i don't keep on pigging out like this, i still have plenty of time.

01-27-2006, 05:45 PM
Weather here is as usual rain, rain, rain, rain, rain. So bad in some spots they are having major mud slides and people's houses are going down the mountain. We had a record of like 31 days in a row or something like that. I could use some warm weather about now. Congrats on the pants too! Still waiting for mine to fall off so I can go get some new ones.

My company flaked on me yet again-this is twice now. I cancelled everything I was going to do and worked on the house just to get an EMAIL no less letting me know they aren't making it. She did finally call me and I said that is fine things happen but I am not cancelling what is going on anymore. They will just have to wait till I get back. Chances are the kids would be here anyway along with mom so they can get in ect but it really kind of irked me. Just doing much of nothing really except watching the rain off and on and keeping the mess to minimum. Josh will have a three day weekend this time. Teacher work day on monday. My question is doesn't a teacher have to have a student in order to be working?? Drives me nuts all the days off. I never got them as a kid and then we wonder why our kids aren't learning anything. I am seriously thinking about homeschool unless I make it big somehow and can send them to private school. I feel cranky-can you tell?

01-27-2006, 09:11 PM
Whew....I am glad it's Friday. It's been a busy week. I haven't even been turning the computer on at night because I added an evening workout to my usual routine. I don't know what's up lately...I started out hating exercise, then I tolerated it until I started to sorta like it, and lately I love it and it makes me feel so good that I just want to keep adding in more. I can hardly wait until it's nice enough to start jogging outdoors again. I am so looking forward to spring. We've been having our January thaw lately and it's really warmed up this week but unfortunately it's dark when I leave the house for work and almost dark when i get home. It's also a big soupy muddy mess out there. I'm sure it'll get extremely cold again soon but I hope we have a few more days of it while I'm at home to enjoy it.

Melissa I don't know what the laws are like in Washington but if it's like it is here, public schools are required by law to have a certain amount of days of teacher inservice throughout the year. They are generally long boring days of meetings and training sessions for the teachers, and most teachers I know of would much rather have a regular school day with students. Our school has days that they call "teacher workdays", too, but they are scheduled for the few days before school starts in the fall, and the few days after school gets out in the spring. Maybe your son's school has them between semesters? It's about time for the end of first semester most places.

Sandi I am so glad you got the second opinion. The new doctor you went to sounds awesome!

Well I need to go find something for dinner. My niece and nephew just got here to spend the weekend with us and I have so much fun with them.

Hi to everybody and have a great Friday night!!!

01-28-2006, 02:18 AM
melissa, when i was in high school, i loved the teacher inservice days. i got a day off, or at least a half day off, all the time. now that school curriculums are totally designed down to the letter by politicians and testing standards, teachers must need a lot of training to be able to teach all the specialized stuff. my friend who works in a school says that most of what is taught is for the purpose of getting kids to test well. whether this has anything to do with learning, i don't know. all i know is that dh is always subbing for teachers who are actually in their classes, but are too busy with testing to teach their students that day. sheesh. i am with you on the homeschool and private school thing. ok, going to get off the :soap: now! but it must be irritating for a parent, i'm sure.
i am pretty happy tonight! i went shopping and tried on some pants just for fun and i am down another size. yippee! i kind of have to doubt whether old navy's sizes are for real though. maybe they are making things bigger to sell more clothes. like, what size 10 gal wouldn't want to buy those size six pants that for some reason fit? but i'll give them the benefit of the doubt though ;) it's a really good motivator for me to lay off the ice cream for once.

01-28-2006, 11:45 AM
Yep, "teach to the test" is unfortunately the way it is in public schools now. The really ridiculous thing is that the standardized tests they are teaching for (at least here) mean NOTHING to the kids. Colleges don't look at them, they can't go toward their grades or why should they even try to do well on them? It's a lot more fun just to make dot-to-dot pictures with the answer sheets. But thanks to NCLB, those tests can make or break a public school. Where is the logic???

01-28-2006, 08:58 PM
I guess the thing to keep in mind it is a government agency so it is going to be nuts no matter what. I am going to homeschool if I can't get the girls into private school. My church is also a school so that is where I would put the girls. It just gets frustrating alot because Josh needs the extra services because of his disability. He is going to get a holiday for the pta? plus two more days for mid winter break-they just had winter vacation lol.

Had a lovely lunch and were at Applebees who happens to have a WW menu so it was perfect! Had a lovely time too even though Josh was a stinker for mom. I figured out my crankiness is because I am so angry with my daughter since chances are I will have child 5 in May now. I can't see the father's side of the family taking on a newborn so it will fall on me unless she decides to adopt the child out. I am not sure she would agree to it though so we will just have to see what happens. It means another move for me since this house won't be big enough for everyone and I will definately need a van since my car already has 3 car seats in the back. Talk about the little old lady who lived in a shoe....

Theresa where are you?? I hope everything is ok with you guys!

01-29-2006, 05:27 PM
Computer issues these days :mad: and i have been so busy.. i listed all kinds of stuff on ebay and it's selling. :carrot: unfortunatly the $$ i was saving toward a new computer is now going to fix the truck. the car is up and running BUT still has an issue - when you pull out and floor or rev it - the car stalls... real good for me in traffic.. told hubby i am not happy and FIX it.

oh do not get me started on Public schools. i know teachers are under such hard rules- i don't blame the teachers. Brittney & zachary were both pulled out of Public school when teachers called Brittney a loser and stupid (to my face no less) and zachary was called a pig pen and a messy,stupid boy. well brittney graduated 2nd in her class and was on the presidents list for college for 2 semesters.(she went to a small school group that was sort of like homeschooling )- Zachary & Jocie go to a private school in town Zach is in 6th grade and is doing 12 th grade math and is reading 2 years above grade level. jocie is in 2nd grade 7 years old and is reading at a 4th grade level with a 4th grade vocab. she is doing math that her friends in public school in 3rd grade haven't done yet. ( my inlaws pay for zach to go and my hubby works Saturdays for jocie to go. I also do volunteer work there to help pay tuition. thats why we haven't bought a house and why we live in a little bitty duplex so we can help our kids. At their school they do not "teach the test" as it is around here. and they go from 8 to 3:30 every day instead of 8 to 2 and get this.. on Wednesday's public school kids get out at 1:00 - but they complain the kids don't get enough learning time. ok off my :soap: now sorry.

OO applebees- i haven't eaten at one in years. Melissa- what sizes are the girls in?? i am goign to go thru jocies clothes soon and not bother w/ ebay- i'd be glad to send them your way they'd be good for play clothes but they may be too big?? most are 4-5 and 6-6x but you can have them if ya want?

congrats on the pants. you are doing great candice.
The weather here is turning hot and muggy- summer is gonna be a killer. my feets are swollen as TOM finally showed up- i am miserable and feel like a cow. - last week was miserable too I was Bloated like crazy. we have to run the air during the day. i won't even go near the scale right now.
Hope to be back on later

01-29-2006, 06:54 PM
Well I am happy to see a post! I guess everyone has been extra busy lately. I am definately going to homeschool the grandkids if there isnt' enough to send them to private school. I really wish the school voucher thing would pass here! It keeps getting on the ballot but people aren't voting it through although it was closer last time. Joshua will be the only exception because of all his disabilities and to be frank, I need the break unless the private school would be willing to deal with him too. Odessa is in a 4 and Amanda is a 3T right now but if you want, I will take them because they will be in those sizes before I know it and it is appreciated too! My little brood keeps getting larger. I keep trying not to fret about the new baby in May but I keep picking it up. I may have to move anyway because apparently my landlord is wanting to raise the rent above what my cap is for my housing assistance and I would have to pay the difference. I am already at the stress level as it is and I pay all the utilities here on top of it. Water, garbage, sewer, gas electric ugh! I really don't want to move unless I have to due to another child coming here and even then I don't want to lol. I thought it was hard moving when I just had the girls! Between my Dad and brother I got muscle for furniture but all the cleaning ect afterward is a pain with all the little ones. Staying away from the scale during TOM is wisdom! I don't go near it either because of water gain and bloating. I know it isn't really me.

Ex did come through with some of the support so I bought a few groceries this morning with the kids. The laundry is close to being done too. Doing good on food again too. I feel so hit and miss lately and it doesn't help when I feel stressed about things but I am trying to keep busy so I don't think about it. I haven't heard anything out of Kate for a week now so not sure what is going on with her. Kids are all doing well though and Josh is with the ex so it is really peaceful at the moment. I hope everyone comes back soon too.

01-30-2006, 03:22 AM
well i totally pigged out today and now i feel gross. sundays are always terrible for me because we have a snack and lunch at church, then once i get home i am hungry again. the rice and veggie-type stuff we usually have there don't stick with me long, although it is not particularly low-cal. today was chinese new year, so there were actually two lunches today. i only had a little bit of each, but it was still too much i think. i also had a big dinner with lasagna and cheesy bread. uggh. tomorrow i am going to get back on track! it's going to be another long day though.. i start work at 4 a.m. again. grrr. i need to look on bright side.. all the free coffee i can drink! i should be able to hang in there until my afternoon nap ;)

01-30-2006, 04:09 PM
We all have days like that unfortunately. I felt like I ate too much yesterday, too, even though I know I didn't eat anything that wasn't healthy. Just more than I usually eat in a day. Not much to do about it other than put it behind us and move on. You are doing awesome and you'll get right back on track.

Melissa something to remember about public schools is that there are some really great ones out there, too. I would have moved to another school district before letting my kids go to the school in the district that we live in, but fortunately we have an awesome public school district that is a few miles farther away and we were able to use our open enrollment option and send them to whatever district we wanted to. I couldn't be happier with the school they are in now. They offer so many extra programs in music, sports and academics, they have an amazing scholarship program, the teachers are outstanding, and kids that need extra help get it, and kids that excel get the extra challenges and accelerated classes that they need. They are guaranteed at least 180 days of instruction per year, and if there are extra snow days they are made up in the spring. If open enrollment is an option for you it may be worth checking into some other nearby public districts. Yes, they still have to deal with the ridiculous standardized tests, but the benefits far outweigh that in this particular school in my opinion. Our school even provides busing for my kids even thought we are out of the district.

I love Applebees WW menu. Unfortunately the closest Applebees is an hour's drive from us, but we still manage to get there once in a while. I love the tilapia (without the salsa as it is too spicy for me) and the shrimp skewer items. I'm not wild about the rice but I love the roasted veggies so I usually get extra veggies and no rice if I order something that comes with the rice. Last time they gave me such a huge plate of veggies I couldn't come close to finishing them.

01-30-2006, 05:52 PM
I actually have Josh in a good one this time. It is his 3rd one since Kindergarten. I guess maybe I get a few more headaches since he is in special ed. One school I almost sued because of their treatment of him. It was so bad that the bus driver filled me in and after a meeting I told them I was going to call cps and boom they put him in another school that was supposed to better taylored to his needs. The second school one day the assistant principle showed up on my front door at 8a to suspend my son and I had never been contacted about any problem and then that school also broke blood vessels in his arm. I pulled him out again and now he is in yet another school. This one so far has been much better. The thing that really irks me is that if I sent him to school with broken blood vessels or bruises they would call cps on me in a minute. royal pain to deal with-I live with him but I guess I expect more out of "professionals". I have had trouble with pediatricians too who KNOW he has autism and then I take him in and they refuse to deal with him. It just gets so frustrating at times.

I too have been eating more than I need. No junk food or anything just more than I know I need. This rent increase thing, possible new baby, Katy, it is all just getting to me I think. I am going to have to probably quit going to meetings and put that money into savings so I have it for a deposit on another house.

01-30-2006, 11:57 PM
:hug: melissa- i don't know how you do it - i would be eating non stop and living on chocolate if i had to deal with everthing you do- you are in our prayers. i am slowly going thru jocies clothes and as soon as i get a good bundle ready i will ship them off. they will be good for around the house play clothes.

Kayelle- I agree there are some great public schools out there. our high school here in town is fantastic and there are a few good primary schools here too- sadly one of the schools has a lot of issues with teachers and they are not an a or even b school and they bypassed the school classroom size and there are 39 kids in a class- too many for my taste. i know my 2 get music, PE, drama and everything they'd get in public except they are expected to do more and there are only 15 kids to a class. I feel bad for teachers around here they are underpaid and have too much to deal with. we do not have open enrollment and a new rule put in 3 years ago was that no changing classes or schools for any reason unless you moved. I was not impressed with the teacher who would have had jocie as when i went to meet her she was necking with her BF in the hallway. i asked for a more modest teacher and was told to get over it.Jocie did not go there . now if i could have sent her to another school 1/2 block from my work she would have gone as it is an A school and has great teachers. again teachers are underpaid. I guess i have issues with a football player making millions and teachers and firemen etc. making nothing.

OK where's Theresa?? Laura went on a trip (lucky) so she 's gone for a couple days..
i had to totally restore my computer today. took me 2 hours. and today at noon my MIL called and said my FIL was in the ER & had a stroke.
it wasn't a major one but kinda medium effects. he's in the hospital now for 3 days for tests and other things. so we went to lunch today and i had a corned beef sand. with chips. i was so upset i just didn't care. I love my FIL- he is so wonderful and good to us. i hate he is not well. of course eating bad will not make him better BUT i will blame it on TOM.
have a good day everyone
see ya'll tomorrow.

01-31-2006, 06:47 PM
Hi everyone! It looks like it's been pretty quiet here. I guess I'm not the only one that's been MIA. I hope everyone is well, Theresa, we miss you:(
Melissa, I don't know how you handle as much as you do. I'm sorry to hear that Kate has been so irresponsible yet again. I know it must be hard to think of having to take in a newborn on top of just taking in Logan too. You are in my prayers and let me know what I could do to help in any way. The sad part of all this is she doesn't seem to realize what a great thing she is missing out on by not being a MOM to her kids.
Sandi, computer issues must be catching. I spent sat & sun trying to save my computer. It's limping along for now but I doubt it will last much longer.
As for me and OP it's been an on/off relationship the past week. The biggest culprit has been being so tired after working so many hours. I just can't seem to get into preplanning meals and keep grabbing what's available. I haven't gained or lost in the last week so I guess that's one thing to be thankful for.
My dh is having eye surgery tomorrow. Hopefully this surgery will correct the damage done by the last surgery. The last time left him legally blind in one eye due to scar tissue.

Well ladies, january is just about done. Can you believe one month of the New year is already gone?? I'm ready to get a fresh start with a new month, how about it gals, any joiners?? Let's make a challenge for the month, those seem to help quite a lot.

Time to get ready for yet another night at work, I will check in tomorrow.


01-31-2006, 09:32 PM
theresa come back! we miss you!
i finally got to try the applebees weight watchers menu everyone raves about. i had the quesadilla thing. it was pretty good, but expensive. and honestly, i could have made something at home with fewer cals and better tasting. but i like the "going out to eat" experience sometimes (mainly because its so rare that we can afford it, and when we can, it seems like such a treat). most restaurants' "diet" items have at least 600 cals, so kudos to applebees for that.
today has been ok. i had a biscotti and a tiny bite of brownie at work. hopefully the rest of the day will be op.
i like the idea of a feb. challenge. i can't think of a good one yet though. i will mull it over and hopefully y'all will think of something useful.

02-02-2006, 01:49 AM
Hello from sunny and warm CA, a big change from cold NY and the weekend in raining Seattle. Can you all guess who I had lunch with in Applebees just north of Seattle on Saturday?