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12-31-2005, 07:01 PM
Hello and :welcome: to the Jaded Ladies!!

We'd love to have you join us while we talk about our weight loss efforts and our daily lives. So come on in and let's get to chattin'!! :cofdate:

12-31-2005, 07:21 PM
Great! I will be the first to post on this thread!

Thanks Cristi for the encouragement and the Hallmark egreeting, that was sweet and boosted my spirits :)

I never heard of 40 year old virgin movie. I did get Cinderella Man and might watch that later.

Made a wonderul pot of chicken stew with cabbage and onions, my favorite - plus some yellow squash. Probably take me 3 days to eat!

I bought some wheat bagels for breakfast, love my breads.

I need to get Gaby down for a nap. Just wanted to say Happy New Years!

Oh - Cristi - put the ticker up .5 a pound - feel so guilty the other way - lol geez.

Be great to have you back posting Marti!

Chat tomorrow......

12-31-2005, 09:14 PM
Happy New Years to all!! I will be in bed before the ball drops!!

Jane & Cristi & everyone else--if you like candles there is a great website for you to visit this is a daughter of a co-worker. She is a stay at home mom of twins. Her candles are awesome and reasonably priced. They are soy wax and the smells are awesome. I buy from her regularly, not only the candles but her sugar scrub is as good as anything you will buy at Bath & Body Works. Gave her candles as Christmas gifts!

Stuck with veggies and light done right dressing this evening...trying to be good after my Christmas debauchery....

01-01-2006, 11:08 AM
Can't believe it's 2006...where is this decade going?

I bought a little spiral journal to carry around and record food. I'm not the best at setting weight-loss goals, but I can do a food diary. It will get me moving in the right direction.

To add to the chorus...DH and I have also seen the 40 Year Old Virgin, and can also recommend it. A warning for the delicate sensibilities, though, it is very profane and the humor is crude, but we could not stop laughing! I guess after all those years as a video store manager, i got a little jaded and I get real picky about comedy. So to laugh that hard is a real treat!

We stayed home and watched movies last night. We saw Holes ( DS' pick) and it was quite good. Watched Toy Story ( DD's first time) and of course I love that did she. I have a feeling we will be getting many requests for that one. Hope I still like it after we've watched it a million times :dizzy:

Anybody doing non-weight loss resolutions? Mine are mostly centered on getting this house finished and whipping our finances into shape.

Happy New Year to you all....I'll try to get back for individuals later

01-01-2006, 02:35 PM
Jules - debauchery?? Never hear of that word before. lol Love candles, might get 1 or 2 for my office for the scent. Some people come in smelling of all sorts of icky odors, I feel like running. lol

I was reading the recent People mag last night. They're half their size- something like that. Success weight loss stories , very inspiring! Recommend you pick it up. Kirstie Alley looks great after losing 55 pounds, I think she is 164 right now.

Walked 3 miles this morning. Ate my bagel but after reading the stories in the mag I might change over to oatmeal and a banana for breakfast.

Hope you all have a good day!

01-01-2006, 04:27 PM
HAPPY 2006 Ladies!

JANE~:nono: don't worry about any money. I've got a votive candle here that I can send and if you want anything bigger just ask. You know me with candles, I ALWAYS have some! And I have it ready to be mailed, just have to wait until Tuesday to do it. I bet Katie can't wait for DW! I know she will miss you and Neal but this will be a journey she will never forget! And you will be fine, believe me the months will pass by so fast you will be there to see her before you know it!

SUSAN~mmm, your soup sounds good! If I weren't making chicken enchiladas for dinner at Josh's request I think I would have some soup. I just fixed them Friday night and he demanded I make them tonight before he leaves tomorrow, it's the least I can do. Maybe I'll make some soup Monday. I know I have heard of Cinderella that with Nicolas Cage?

JULES~I checked out the candle site and will bookmark it. I am addicted to yankee candles, the Wedding Day scent and now a new favorite Raspberry cream. I bought the Wedding Day scent specially for my wedding day 1999 and have been buying them since-can't get enough of it. But I have a couple of friends that will burn nothing but the soy candles so it makes the perfect gift for them. And WTG on sticking with the veggies!

KATY~I quit making resolutions a long time ago. Seems I always break them so what's the point. Of course most of mine were always weight related, lol. What is HOLES? It sounds familar but I can't picture it.

Question ladies: anyone know of any place that sells breadboxes? I guess I am a little picky about what I am looking for and have looked at Penneys, Target and Wal-Mart so far and the only ones I am seeing are kind of this cheap looking wood. I would like a wood one but a little better quality and sort of a country look to it maybe. And one that will hold more than just one loaf of bread.

Well, I didn't make it to midnight last night. But I did wake up when a lot of people did fireworks, it was short lived though. We watched a lot of the Law & Order marathon and then watched the 40-year-old Virgin...all I can say is it was funny! I too laughed through the whole movie! :lol: :lol3: After that I watched most of Sleepless in Seattle...what a way to fall asleep and end 2005...with my favorite movie! Only had one wine cooler, 1/2 bag of the marshmallow popcorn, man was it GOOD! :T And just about 6 of the doritos-they were too spicy for me. Not spicy hot but a different kind of spicy to me. So I guess I didn't do too much damage, we'll see tomorrow morning when I weigh in. Tomorrow is the BIG day for me. Time to stop farting around and keep back to work and on track with my exercise and such. And I am so ready! :tread: :ebike: :wl: :jig: :strong: :barbell:

Take care ladies and I hope everyone is having a wonderful New year! :newyear:

01-01-2006, 06:41 PM
The movie is with Russell Crow.
Kitchen Kaboodle (sp) on the breadbox, they have so many neat stuff at that store.
The soup was delish, I have enough for tomorrow.

better get,think I will go to work tomorrow. I have had enough of this stay at home thing! I bought Gaby a Bob the Builder at Goodwill and we shared a bag of popcorn. Bought me some oatmeal.........wild and crazy chick, ain't I?? hehe.

k- chat later

da fat n da furious
01-01-2006, 11:18 PM
Happy New Year Ladies!!

Cristi,,,how about going to a craft store,,,ask around to see if anyone knows of someone who can make one for you. You colors you want or even design. Probably stain it to match your cupboards..
Funny you should be talking yankee candles I just bought a couple of the cookie scents. I love fresh cut roses, clean cotton and a couple of others. I also bought a new carpet for the living room,,,I gulped at the price but Linen N Things had a 50% sale so didn't hurt as bad. It has a patched tweed look.

Jane,,,same as us,,,we watched movies and had some wine. We watched 4 brothers (not bad) and Cinderella Man,,,really enjoyed that.

Katy, I bought a tracker from WW,,,just have to actually use it to have it work,,,duh I do so well when I have it out,,,but put it out of sight,,it becomes out of mine,,,and into mouth. I crocheted 2 scarves this past week,,,both choc brown,,,one tho has champagne colored fur around it. For my mom's birthday present. The other Tanner took.

Susan,,,you are doing fantastic...already up to 3 miles...Im barely to three steps...

Connie good to know your mom is feeling up. As for your DH family,,,better to want to be together then hating each other.

Had a bit of a lazy day,,,watched the end of one movie cause Monte had fallen asleep before it ended...did laundry and took down all the christmas stuff! yay! How is clean...need to do laundry but hey the house is clean.
We have a weird store called Jysk (sp) anyways was in there a few days ago and bought some beautiful window curtain panels, (taffeta) really nice bronz shimmers. Will be going back to buy more. Think I will change from gold and brown to brown and bronz? $6.88 each. Cheap. So Im thinking of buying a couple more for Frank to make Tanner's Aladdin costume.
Im even thinking of buying an extra panel to do a lamp shade.
Well I should get finishing my laundry.
night all

01-02-2006, 01:46 AM
Happy New Years and hello to you all.

Just wanted to pop on and say hello as we now finally got a new computer. our other one could not be fixed after a virus destroyed it.

I hope that you all had a nice Christmas, and have many happy plans for the new years.

Congratulations to Mindee. It does not seem possible that she has had the little bundle of joy already.

Well I have a lot of catching up to do by reading all the last threads to see what everyone has been ? I sure have missed chatting with you all.

Here is a question for you all. I have been working on potty training for almost 1 year. My other 2 were trained in a week, so this time I am pulling my hair out. If I put him on the potty he will go, but if you ask him if he needs to go he will say no. Once in a while he will put himself on, but not very often. Any advice from anyone?

Must go start reading.


01-02-2006, 03:17 AM
Hi and Happy 2006 to you all. Busy here, but I have a question. Has anyone tried the mini steppers for exercise? I need something small and inexpensive for here in Vegas. It gets so windy and is dusty so I am having trouble walking as much as I want. I wear contact lenses and if it is blowing "grit" my eyes are the first to go. Some days I start out walking and have to come right back inside. Grrrr! Then I saw this mini stepper which seems like it would add a new exercise to the WATP tapes. So, if you have tried one let me hear from you. If they are a good work out I am going to go get one...Target..$49.

01-02-2006, 09:43 AM
Day 1 - 1949 calories. Ok, so at least I wrote them down. I'm afraid we were still celebrating a little. I read good tip for figuring how many calories you need to eat to maintain/lose. To maintain, you take your current weight times 13 to get a daily calorie amount. If you want to lose a pound a week, you subtract 500 from that number to get your daily calories. Mine came to 1800 and change. I thought I'd pick a calorie goal for losing a pound a week, them maybe the extra calories burned from exercise would add a little to that. Of course, I need to stick to the plan! Will do that today. Bought lots of oatmeal from Winco...Susan is my inspiration; oatmeal and bananas just sounded too good...

Sue - I researched the steppers a year or so back so I would have something to workout with at home. The mini steppers didn't seem to have enough range of motion for me. I did end up with a good stepper for about 100, which I found on GIJoes online. Then I got the Core Effects videos. Those two made for a good home workout program.

Hi Kathy - Welcome back!. My kids were a bit late to the potty party. With DS, he had some wicked constipation which slowed him down. With DD, she just didn't care, but she eventually did it anyway. I just had to let it go and realize it's something they develop, and to try to teach them before they were ready was driving me crazy. I hope you find a way to do it that works for you....

Well gotta go to the gym...BBL for more individuals
Have a great day

01-02-2006, 10:44 AM
Good morning, Jaded Ladies! :wave:

I am up bright and early this morning. Well, not so bright, but early for sure. Had to take my baby boy to the airport to see him off so had to get up at 5 a.m. Didn't go to sleep until almost one (was reading my book and didn't want to put it down) and then woke up at 3:30. Dozed for a few minutes and was wide awake again at a little after 4. So I am about ready to go back down for a couple of hours and then start the day over. The airport was a little busy this morning and I hate that I can't go back and sit with Josh until he actually gets on the plane. So had to say bye at the security check line. Never is easy for me but at least I didn't cry until I got back in the car. I sure am going to miss him, even if it is only for a few weeks. The next time he leaves it will be even harder because he will be gone longer.

SUSAN~thanks! I've never heard of Kitchen Kaboodle but will take a gander and see if I can find it online. Of course I couldn't think yesterday and didn't even think about Linens and Things-duh! Which also made me think of Bed, Bath & Beyond and Pier1 Imports-jeez, where was my head? And oatmeal is sounding good. :T Okay, gotcha about Cinderella Man, not sure why I thought Nicholas Cage was in that one.

ANGIE~thanks for making me think about Linens & Things! :thanks: My brain was elsewhere when I was online and I couldn't think of any place, just went blank. I like the fresh cut roses also. I had a big jar candle in my bathroom and burn them sometimes in the bedroom, just seems like a bedroom scent to me for some reason.

KATHY~so good to see ya back! :hug: About potty training...don't really have any advice. I think each kid is different, or it was in my case. My oldest and youngest were pretty easy, especially DD. I so dreaded trying with her because the boys were a little tough, especially my youngest DS. He just flat out refused to go, period! Nothing seemed to work. One day he was eating lunch and just decided to get up and go. Of course I thought he went off to get a toy or something. So when I went looking for him I found him on the potty. He was going to go when he was ready and not a minute/day/month sooner.

SUE~I never tried one, but honestly thought about getting one. So, maybe I too will hear from others if it is worth the moola. It gets windy here also and on those days I just don't want to walk outdoors. But I am geared up to use my treadmill. Made some exercise CD's that will get me going and keep me going.

KATY~you and Susan talking about oatmeal has me wanting some. Maybe I'll have some for lunch. I've never had it with bananas so that might be good to try.

Well, ladies I am getting a little sleepy so I think I will head off to sleepland for a couple of hours. After which I will get up and get my workout done and some cleaning. Josh cleaned up his room before leaving this morning but I want to get the bedding off and washed, plus I have a few loads of my own laundry to do and some straightening of the house since everyone will be gone. Going to be weird having a quiet house again. Anyway, I am a little frustrated in that I gained 4.5 pounds over the last two weeks! UHG!!! Not to fear...I am on the right path today. I went to change my weight tracker and noticed that tickerfactory has a new exercise tracker so I added one. My goal is to walk 48 miles for the month of January which is very doable. I actually should get more in but I am starting out slow and building back up. Will do weights and my bike 3 days, plus a one mile walk on those days and 2-3 miles of walking the other 3 days. I've got to get back to being a loser! :tread: :ebike:

Anyway, Hi to everyone else :wave: Take care ladies and have a GREAT Monday!

01-02-2006, 01:39 PM
Hi ladies, back again for a few minutes.

Tried to lay down and sleep but it just wasn't happening. So, thought I would just get up and get on with the day. Done some cleaning and laundry, now just need to vacuum and get my walk done. Anyway, thought I would add, or should I say try to three pics. Sorry for them being crooked...this scanner that we have you have to feed the picture into the printer/copier and it's hard enough getting a regular sized photo straight much less a wallet sized one. :dizzy: :dizzy: So this is as good as it gets. That is, if I can get them on here.

Have a great day ladies!

Here goes nothing...

Okay, not gonna work. Will just add them to shutterfly and post the link after I do it.

01-02-2006, 02:00 PM
Good Morning

I am TRYING to get to work. Waiting for my sister to wake up to see if she can take Gaby for me.
I didn't walk this morning. Though I did put my shoes on and walked for a second before Gaby protested because she couldn't hear Clifford. I moved the furniture around last night so I could watch the tv while I walked. I moved the dumb butt (use a stonger word!!) entertainment set that lost a wheel in all the moves I made. So, I went out and grabbed the dolly from the manager (who lives across from me). Gaby watched me shimmy it across the living room. Put it in place and she says "we did it, yay!!".
She is so cute.
Right now she is being a pain!! She won't let me write.
I could never be a stay at home parent!! God bless the ones with that patience!!! Ain't

Anyway, so I didn't walk. I did throw away the other 2 bagels and cream cheese, and made a serving of oatmeal , sliced half a banana on it with a dash of milk for brakfast.
Plan on a albacore tuna salad for lunch, no dressing - I just put some lo fat cottage cheese with it.....and some pickled beets - yum!!

Kitchen Kaboodle is AWESOME Cristi - if I had the $$$ I would actually go buy something in the store. I just stand at the window looking in and drool - haha

Hi Kathy!! Hi Katy!! Hi Sue!! Hi to everyone else :)

Hey Angie :) .......what about Body for Life?? You did so well before on that - I know you have more than 3 steps in you!!! :)

Read some more out of my People mag - Kirstie is 54!!! Would never have guessed that old - she is so pretty.She is eating 1300- 1500 cals a day.

better get!!

01-02-2006, 03:59 PM
And I'm back again! :lol: Just can't seem to stay away!

SUSAN~I checked out the site for just a few minutes and definitely will be going back! All kinds of neat stuff. I need to get a tv in my exercise room so I will want to stay there! :lol: Gaby sounded so cute, pictured her supervising the move! :lol: Too cute! Okay, gotta go again-get something done and get some lunch.

01-02-2006, 04:52 PM
Afternoon Ladies!!

Cristi--Great pictures. I was going to post photos of our decorations but you know.....they're exactly the same as last year!! :dizzy: I think I need to change it a little next year or I'm going to get bored w/the same thing over and over! Love the photo of you and your son in b&w. That is a total scrapbook page!! My grandpa made my bread box so I would have no idea where to help you in finding one. Is there a woodshop place near you that you could possibly have someone custom make one??

Susan--You're back to walking! Fantastic! Very proud of you! I need to get back on the gazelle. And once we move to the other builidng, I will be working out in the gym. I kind of slacked this year during all the holidays. I showed no control over what I ate. Time to change that nasty habit.

Katy--As soon as I'm done w/this post I'll get the challenge thread up. Sorry it's taken so long. W/both James & Jhanai having computer games they want to play, I didn't have much time over the weekends. I told them that it's my time for a little bit so I can catch up on everything!

Kathy--Hello again stranger! Glad you got a new computer! Will we be seeing more of you? It didn't take long for Jhanai to potty train....but she was also 2 1/12 before I started working on it seriously!! One day of her going #2 in while during an outing at Walmart and me refusing to pick her up like she wanted me too......having to walk all the way to the car made her unhappy, and after that she used the potty!:D

Sue--I'm not sure what a mini stepper is....but it seems like anything would work if you use it. Maybe just one of those stepping platforms (not a stepping machine) and use that????

Angie--What movies to you watch the end of? Last night we watched The Dukes of Hazzard and The Island. (I love Ewan McGregor!) Both were good I thought. I was busy untangling some of Jhanai's yarn during Dukes so I wasn't really paying that much attention the entire movie. Jhanai's been working on making a scarf. I bought her a Knifty Knitter for Christmas and she loves it! (I'm hoping to get scarf for my Birthday!)

Jane--The boat casino (is that what it's called) sound like so much fun?? Do you live near a lake or big river?? I would love to go to something like that....I don't know why it intrigues me so much but it does.:D

Jules--I love sugar scrubs.....does she have a recipe she would like to share w/me????

Hello to anyone I may have missed. And I'm sure I have missed a few! Been lazing around this weekend which is a welcome change. We're in the mist of getting ready to move to the other building at work...we'll be there on the 16th. Cristi I believe asked which building. It's the same building that I worked in when Sony was open. In fact, I'm on the same floor and same department if I were to look at it w/o the walls they put in! So it's going to be strange going back to where I used to work for almost 4yrs. But it'll be nice.

Ok...I'm going to start a challenge thread. Have a great day!

01-02-2006, 05:12 PM
I don't have anything to say at this point.........but it looks like this will be the group that I fit in best with...............check out my bio......I'm signing IN!! Nice to meet Ya'll!!

01-02-2006, 07:02 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

Christine - a big welcome to you!! I read your bio, and have to say that the "He Had it Coming" number in "Chicago" is one of my faves. Some men just can't hold their arsenic, lol. YAY for you quitting smoking. I quit about 10 years ago, and only gained 11 pounds. Anyway, glad to have you. I think you'll like it here. Oh, could you do us a favor and put your name in your signature, at least until we get to know you better? Thanks a bunch.

Susan - your chicken stew sounds great. Yes, the oatmeal is better for you than the bagel, but you do have to eat what you like. I like a tablespoon of brown sugar on my oatmeal and it's well worth the points/calories. I think you've done really well, Susan, to keep off the weight you have for so long.

Jules - I'm a big fan of Light Done Right salad dressings, too! The Catalina is my fave. The fat free stuff is loaded with sugar, and the low sugar is all fat, so give me LDR everytime. Yay for you for eating your veggies! :cp:

Katy - I'm counting calories now, too, instead of points, but focusing on healthy foods. Especially the 10 power foods mentioned in the Sonoma Diet book. Something I heard on TV - cutting 500 calories a day will result in a 1 pound loss for most people, but not everyone. If a person is eating enough to gain regularly, they'd have to cut more than that, as a doc on Good Morning America said. I never really thought of it until he pointed that out. Makes you think! At my highest weight, cutting my daily total by 500 calories would have meant I'd only gain much slower. Sad, but true!

Cristi - a votive candle would be very nice. Thank you so much! Hey, you could Google breadboxes. The one I have is not what I wanted, either. It doesn't hold much and is sort of cheap looking, but it's all I could find. Thanks for sharing the photos! I especially like any photos with a Jaded Lady in them. When will you see Josh again?

Angie - I have the Clean Cotton Yankee car freshener in my van right now. Love it! As I mentioned to Katy, I'm doing healthy calorie counting now. It's just easier than the points. Angie, you are so crafty! I would never even think of making my own lamp shade!

Kathy - so glad you're back!! Now that you have a computer, I hope you'll pop in daily! Make sure you do a new bio, ok?

Sue - I don't know a darn thing about mini-steppers. Sorry.

Marti - Evansville is where the boat is. Gambling is only allowed on the water, that's why it's at a boat. I'm just practicing for Vegas, lol. Thanks for starting the Challenge thread for those who want it!

Ok ladies, even though I said I wasn't starting back OP until next Wednesday when I get back from Florida, I felt ready for today, mentally, so I started in! :carrot: Like I told some of you, I'm counting calories this time, with a focus on healthy foods. There are no "junk" foods in the house, and we're loaded with healthy stuff. As a group, we can do this!!!!

Take care, and I'll see you later.

01-02-2006, 07:12 PM
Waiting for Mark to wake his butt up so I can go to the gym! He had to work at 4am, so he's been napping since 2 this afternoon. Amazingly, so has Allen! He must've been really tired!
My abs are so sore! I've been working them like crazy b/c I need to get rid of the post-baby bulge. Too bad I'll probably get more stretch marks after I loose my whole 40. I wish there was a sure fire way to get rid of those! Yuck!
Mark and I were discussing thst yesterday. How none of the famous people who have recenlty had babies have stretch marks, or pudge bellies. I know they have personal trainers and they work-out like 3-6 hours a day . . . but that doesn't keep you from getting marks. I think they must all get that laser removal done on their tummies.

01-02-2006, 08:10 PM
Wonderful pictures Cristi! Love the chairs in the dining room, pretty color!

Going to head home in an hour. I finally got to work and made some headway. Tired though- started too late in the day. I am better in the morning.

I like the oatmeal taste better Jane - it kind of satisfied me more .......where I wasn't hungry after I had eaten....and the banana was a natural sweetener....and, hmm, just had my salad- delish! I love pickeld beets. I think after I had Gaby 4 years ago I was 175- after being pregnant! Really made me panic when I was getting back up in the 70's again. All in all I think I have done pretty good in the 6 years maintenance phase. Can't beat myself up too bad.

Gawd - distracting here with the office door open. I think I will shut my door......

Chat tomorrow!

01-02-2006, 09:22 PM
Hi - I'm back for a bit...gonna eat dinner soon, so I thought I'd post a little more before we all sit down. DS had a friend over for afew hours this afternoon - lots of Yugioh....I did laundry and knit. I started a beret and will probably make a scarf to go with it. I'm looking for things I can make to donate to my DD's preschool auction. This could work. Does anyone call scarves "mufflers" anymore? That's all that's been running through my head while I work on this thing. I'm such a child of the 70's - you know, that's when people wore thongs on their feet, lol

Jane - the 500 calorie tip works if you are starting from a realistic maintenance number, according to what I read. That's why a person is supposed to start with weight X13 to get that number. I know you are right, though, people don't take that step and just start with the way they are eating now, and it isn't enough sometimes. In my case, I have struggled so hard in the past with unrealistically low calorie numbers, I honestly believe it made it harder to lose. You know, the starvation mode thing and all. So this time around I am focusing on healthy foods, lots of water and exercise, and a realistic calorie goal. Just like you!

Cristi - I really enjoyed your pictures - your son looks so handsome and formal; I can easily see why you are so proud. Your house looks lovely as well. Mine wasn't nearly so festive this year - maybe next year we'll be able to do more.

Susan- Amen to not beating yourself up are doing great, and, heck, you have me eating oatmeal again :)

Marti - Thanks for starting the challenge thread - I signed right up! I remember your holiday pics from last year, so I know your house looked great!

Welcome Christine! Well, my son just asked for some dinner, so I best be going...gotta feed them sometime:dizzy:

01-02-2006, 10:23 PM
Just a quickie right now from me. Came on to start the challenge thread but Marti beat me to it! :( :D Thought I better at least say Hi to everyone since I was on. Thanks ladies for the kind words about the pics :thanks: I am a very proud momma! :D And I miss him already. :( More from me tomorrow...take care ladies and have a good night.

Oh, :welcome: Christine! Glad to have ya aboard and look forward to getting to know you.

da fat n da furious
01-02-2006, 10:59 PM
Good evening Ladies,
Sue about them steppers they are great for the butt. They get all firmed up. hmmm maybe I should get a stepper. I just find I have no balance so I would have to hold a chair as I did it. Which Im wondering would even be ok?

Kathy! how are you? Can't help you with potty training tips..both boys were fully trained by 2.

Marti,,,loved Cinderella Man,,,didn't all care much for 4 brothers. We bought a couple of other movies,,,old ones. Tom Hanks Road to Peridition (SP)

Jane,,,Im sticking with my points,,don't think I can do calorie counting. I need to focus on tracking right now.

Cristi,,,I would have to say its gonna be an early night for you huh? The other day I fell asleep at like 6,,,Monte and John were down stairs working on electrical. They shut the power off and well,,,there are two things you do in the dark. Yup thats right i fell asleep,,,woke at 3 am. And then couldn't go back to sleep,,,that was a harsh day.

Question: I have a house plant that has flies. driving my crazy. I was told to use dishsoap...make it all bubbly...which i did for the last 3 weeks,,,still flies. any suggestions? Its a big plant...lots and lots of years.

well Im off to read...
I went on a crochetting frenzy...did 4 scarves in a week.
night all

01-02-2006, 11:31 PM
Good evening to all you ladies.

Cristi loved your pictured also. My favorite was the one with you and your son. Your house looked lovely also. We didn't do much decorating this year as DD brought home a kitten a few months ago, and well.... we finally left the tree laying on its side after the tenth time it was knocked down and we reset it. Put it back up for Christmas day and took it down on boxing day.

Jane when are you going to Florida? Was your other trip was to Disney World in Florida? We are going to Florida in March. I am pretty excited as my really close friend moved there so I can't wait to see her.

Marti isn't it wonderful having to fight for the computer! Not that it is ever really a fight. One day computers will be as affordable as vcr's and people will have one in every room. Good luck on the move I hope it goes smoothly with no stress at all.

Katy thanks for the chuckle. DS was reading over my shoulder and thought it was so cool that you make mufflers. He said your car must sound really cool because if you could make a muffler, you must also make the best muffler tips to go on your tailpipe. :rofl: Oh the days of the 70's. Then I had to tell him that you also had a special technique to wear your thongs on your feet. :rofl:

Angie how is everything going for you? Any plays that you are involved in? DS and I are coming up to Calgary on the 16th because my wonderful aunt bought him Brian Adams tickets. Hopefully the weather will stay nice so that we won't have to worry about the drive up.

Susan thanks for the oatmeal tip. Have to admit we had to have some also.
Cole and I ran to the store to buy some bananas for it also. and grapes and apples. I am so glad that he prefers fruit over candy. oh ya and cheese sticks.

Allen's mom - what a little sweetheart he is. The stretch marks do fade. My sister in law just had her fourth son last month, and I was so blessed that I got to be there for them; yes fourth and she only has one stretch mark on her belly button. Sons 2 and 3 were a set of twins.
How often do you go to the gym?

Well I must run. I have to go and pick up my neice so that she can have a sleepover. The kids are on Christmas vacation so they need a babysitter for the next week. My kids find it easier if she sleeps over. They keep her up late so that she will sleep in. Tomorrow DD will have to watch our little guy also as our babysitters husband was just rushed in and had to have emergency gull blader removal. Maybe I'll give him this week to recover.

01-02-2006, 11:37 PM
Angie- try placing a small cup of beer under the plant. That is supposed to attract the flies, and then kill them.
Been working hard, almost excited to weigh in agian on Friday. I'm drinking my water and realy watching what I eat. I had a massive sweet tooth tonight, but I ate rasin bran instead of going out and getting that ice cream sundae I really wanted! And then I worked out and the craving went away.
Aside form that . . . I'm pretty boring today!

01-03-2006, 02:26 AM
Thanks for the comments on the stepper. Not sure how it works at all. I will be going tomorrow or Wed. to check it out. I don't see why you couldn't hold on to a chair to keep your balance. I have seen steppers with a bar to hold on to. Also saw one with weights that you do arm exercises while I might NEVER be that steady on my feet.
Nothing much new here, got a haircut today and with all the gray I am trying to decide if I want to color or not. I have enjoyed this year of not coloring after 20 some years of putting the goop on every 6 weeks. BUT...when I was given a senior discount, which is for 65 and better, I had to think about how old the hair makes me look. I AM 57, but not ready for 65 yet.

Good luck to everyone who is getting back to healthy eating. I am going to try, but I won't be able to weigh as we have no scales here.

01-03-2006, 06:56 AM
Hello Ladies--

I got to get off a little early tonight since most places are observing today for the holiday.....of we didn't...:)

Christine--Welcome! I will have to read your bio as soon as I'm done here. Hope to hear more from you!!

Jane--You mentioned that you're counting calories this something new w/WW or is this part of the diet from the book you bought? I'm cutting back down on portions (got REALLY out of hand during the holidays!) And getting my big butt back on the gazelle and start walking more. Looking forward to the move and the gym! I think I'm going to do a progress photo shoot each month. See if I can even see progress!

Allensmom--(I really need to go back and see what you're name is!) (=Editing this in....Mel!! That's your name! How could I have forgotten:D ??) Stretch marks are the pits! I once seen a photo of Lisa Marie Presley and she was wearing a short top, and I saw stretch marks!! I'm sure a LOT of the photos we see are air brushed to hide these flaws. I have them and when I was pregnant....I looked like a target zone! (horrible.)

Susan--I love oatmeal! One of my favorite breakfasts in the morning. That and a cup of coffee and I'm good to go. I had a decision to make for my lunch break at work. Down the block there was Dairy Queen and Subway. Was really craving the fries....but I went to Subway. I was happy and very satified once I finished eating!

Katy--I've been meaning to get that thread started sooner. Now I'm home alone and have all the computer time I need! (how sad....) Anyway, I have a question for you since you're a knitter. Have you ever used one of those knifty knitter things? Well, I'm not a knitter....would love to learn more. Jhanai has fallen in love w/making scarves (and this loom is so easy for her to use)....but we're unsure how to make a flat scarf or a shawl using that thing. So for now, she's just making something that looks like a leg warmer half way through her knitting. I haven't yet found a book that helps you figure out how to use it. (and the directions that came w/it give nothing!) So if you have any tips....would you mind sharing?

Cristi--Awww....thank you for wanting to start the thread! I was starting to feel really bad about not getting on here and starting it! Glad to know that it would have gotten done if I didn't. Thank you!

Angie--Flies in your plants? What kind of plant do you have?? Maybe you should get a venus fly trap!! And sit next to the one w/all the boogers flying around! I don't think I've heard of four brothers. Cinderella man didn't interest me, so I haven't rented it yet. I've heard a lot of good on it though, so I may have to rent it just to see for myself.

Kathy--Your son cracks me up!!! Mufflers.....:lol3: Now, my daughter absolutely hates it when I say I want to wear thongs. She looks at me and using her pre- teen tone says " them flipflops please!" I love doing things like that to her!

Sue--Could you buy a cheap scale? Or do you even want to get one? I hate mine. It doesn't tell me nice things that I expect it to. Sometimes it has been down right rude to me and I've kicked it....only for it to kick me back and I walk away limping.....:D

Well looky here, I've actually caught up! Pretty please w/myself. (Sleep deprived here so I am a bit dorky...)

I will join the challenge tomorrow once I get my butt moving.

Better get to sleep.

01-03-2006, 09:08 AM
Katyif you're only using soap you may want to add a touch of cooking oil.........if you have aphids this will work with the soap........sometimes though you'll need some real BAD stuff.........I took a plant to the garden shop to see why i couldn't get rid of the bugs and to ask why this plant instead of the others..........I was told that aphids are just like people........would you prefer to have a steak or a sandwich?? this is why they may keep coming back to the same plant:D

Marti,Rosie, Jane thanks for the warm welcome:hug:

Jane Chicago was the best movie!! I absolutely loved Zeta-Jones and Gere in it!!! I love musicals of all kinds but that has been the best that I've seen in a while! PS added my name to the siggie:D

da fat n da furious
01-03-2006, 01:56 PM
Good morning Ladies,

Mel,,,stretch marks will fade,,,become silvery at least mine have...had a good laugh was telling Monte about the beer and all he said was,,,Now thats just crazy talk,,,lettting the bugs get my But will still be trying it,,,hate bugs,,,
And yes they are aphids. It isa big bushy plant. Must be tasty,,,cause all hte other plants are bug free.
sitting here eating oatmeal,,,had to go make some with all the talk. I always add a dash of cinnamon.
Cristi, love that pic of the two of you. Did i ever mention i would love to be aphotographer? Funny thing is,,,hate cameras. They have become so hard to use I feel overwhelmed trying to figure it out. Brandon has a camera and I won't even touch it.
But Id love to direct people,,,

I have today off and feeling really lazy,,,took down the christmas stuff a couple of days ago,,,so I think Im going to try and get my nails back on,,,do a load of laundry and have lunch with a girlfriend. I should dust,,,killer bunnies here...arghhh and I have to scotch guard my new carpet.

01-03-2006, 02:16 PM
Hello ladies...

Wow, I was up bright and early this morning and boy do I feel good. I did my exercise first thing and I can't believe the energy I have! I hope it lasts all day! When I went to take a shower I got that James Brown song stuck in my head...I Feel Good! Now I have decided to make another exercise CD and include that song. I changed my exercise ticker, added 2 miles to it to make it an even 50. Not sure why I chose 48 except was trying to do some quick math. And I am glad to see that the ticker reflects the point anything. I walked 1.53 miles this morning and was wondering if it would show that.

Question: Do you ladies have any suggestions for a certain song or songs that gets you motivated to exercise or keep you going once you start? I know we've discussed favorite music before but I was hoping to get some suggestions for sone songs and not so much a whole CD. So far on my list I have the James Brown, I Feel Good, (and I don't even like his music) Let's Get It Started by Black Eyed Peas, I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross, Whip It by Devo (perfect song to walk to, cracks me up) and just because I like this song Gold Digger by Kanye West. So I only need about 12 more songs! HELP!

JANE...the candle has been sent! Should get it in 3 or 4 days, hope you like the scent as much as I do. Would this happen to be for Terry & Gina's upcoming wedding? Have no clue when I will see Josh again. Have to wait until he finds out what's going on and then he will write me. He thought when he got there that they would go to holding like they did in basic. They were there almost three weeks, really not sure why. I just hope he's home for his birthday in February. :(

MARTI...aaawww, you should have shared Christmas pics anyway. Even if you decorated the same I know it was beautiful! And I bet it wasn't exactly the same. ;) No problem about the thread, you did a better job with the wording. I was going to go and try and find the old thread and just copy and paste, lol!

KATY...I totally remember them being called mufflers and still call them that! My kids look at me like I am from a different planet! :lol: When I say thongs you should see the looks I get! Of course I used to always call them flip flops and I got still got the looks! I just say that 500 calorie tip you mentioned in the paper yesterday. I did the math and think by going by my weight it is too many calories for me, but then I don't count them so it doesn't really matter, lol!

ANGIE...are they flies or gnats? Have no clue why flies would be around a plant but I had gnats and aphids before and had to resort to using some spray stuff I got at the store. Can't remember what it was called though since I haven't had a problem. I do get gnats sometimes but not enough that it's a real bother to me. It was kind of an early night for me. I was so sleepy but I had to stay awake and finish my book. 11:30 I finally went to sleep and didn't wake up until 5:30-I never sleep thru the night without at least one trip to the restroom, lol.

KATHY...I never thought about decorations (tree) and having a cat. Of course I've never had one but recently have been wanting one. I have heard of some peoples dogs not leaving the tree alone but we've never had a problem with ours. Ernie dog likes to go lay under it on the tree skirt sometimes and that's about it. I'll have to keep that in mind when and if I ever get a cat. DS#1 is allergic so while he's still at home it's not going to happen.

SUE...I am steady on my feet but oh so uncoordinated! When I do the 2 mile WATP video and she throws in the arms, it slows me down some, LOL! Just can't get the arms and feet in sync. It's the part where the feet are going side to side and she throws the clapping in-talk about funny! Glad I don't do it in front of a mirror.

SUSAN...I am having oatmeal for lunch today, in about 30 minutes. All this talk about it was making me want some yesterday. Didn't get around to it though and had something else for breakfast because I had it planned for lunch. I might have to try it with brown sugar like Jane has it. Would try a banana but I don't have any, waaaaaa. I didn't know bananas weren't good for losing weight either. Oh well, I refuse to give up my nanas!

Hi CHRISTINE, MEL and everyone else :wave:

Just a reminder ladies...stamps go up to 39 cents this weekend, I believe Sunday-it's the 8th whatever day that is. I got a bunch of 2 cent ones two weeks ago. For some reason I remembered it and went in to ask so just went ahead and bought 100. Of course I wasn't thinking...bought some of the new (37 cent) disney stamps at the same time. At least this way there will be new designs! Anyway, gotta go and get me some oatmeal for lunch. I don't normally eat this early but had breakfast early and I am starving. Chat with ya later. :wave:

Edited to say HI to ANGIE, HI! :wave: That would be kind of of funny though...a bunch of drunk ahpids! :lol: I too would love to be a photographer! You shouldn't feel intimated by a camera missy! They are so easy. I love taking pictures of anything and everything! Everyone knows that when I come around I always have a loaded camera! Have since I married the first time and then especially when I had kids. Was always trying to capture those special moments, still do. Vince has that fancy one but I don't use it often because the sucker is heavy! But it comes in handy for close-ups and such.

01-03-2006, 03:52 PM
I've been spending this morning doing some major clean-up. The kids' room needed some attention since the holidays and I finally got around to my linen clost. Both look much better. DH and DS went off to school this a.m. and DD is itching to go to preschool, but has to wait until tomorrow. She's being a bit of a pain, so I'm going to get out some board games and try keep her busy.

Cristi- Wel'll see how that calorie-counting tip works. Normally I don't lose unless I can average 1400-1500 cals a day, and this came out to 1800. I am exercising way more than I used to, though, so it could be for the better. Keep up all that great walking - it sure is paying off for you.

Angie - Don't know what to do about indoor aphids, other than the soapy water suggestions. When I get them on my roses, I buy ladybugs and turn them loose. They eat the aphids, and provide endless hours of amusement for my daughter.

Marti - I have seen those knitting harps and know a few people who love to work with them, but all they make are scarves. Once you finish your tube, you sew the ends shut and then it lies flat - or flatter at any rate. I don't know how they are used to make anything else. If Jhanai is really getting into it, she may be ready to take up knitting with needles. Once she gets comfortable with knitting and purling, she can do so many more things with them than with the harp, imo. There are lots of starter kits for kids out there. I see them at bookstores and Walmart probably has them, too.

Kathy - when my kids were small, we put the tree in the portable crib. It looked funny, but they couldn't knock it over or break ornaments. People still laugh at us and our tree-in-the-crib pictures. At last, my kids are old enough to not need those measures! I wonder if it would work for cats.

01-03-2006, 04:51 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies--

Christine--James bought me Chicago for a Christmas gift last year (I think) and I still haven't watched it!!:o I keep hearing that it's a good movie, and since I loved Moulan Rouge that I would really like Chicago. So I suppose I ought to watch it some day! stretch marks are suppose to turn silvery?? Hmmm...well I believe my hair has decided to do that instead!:D I have so many stretch marks that even though they are faded you can't help but see them.

Cristi--I had bought so many stamps during Christmas because of cards...and I'm so glad that I don't have that many left over. I did read that they'll be providing 2cent stamps for all those 37 centers! You know, I remember when stamps were 10cents or 15cents. Or was that the payphone? You only needed a dime to make a call and now it's what???? heck I don't even know, love the cell phone. (payphone always seem so dirty!)

Katy--I've talked to Jhanai about using the needles. But she's quite content w/the loom for now. I'm sure someday she'll want to move up. The little pamphlet that we did find, has directions for a flat (non-tubed) scarf and ways to make a shawl. But I just don't understand them!:dizzy: I told her to ask one of her dads friends who likes to sew, knit, crochet. So we'll see what she comes up w/the next time she's here.

Hello to everyone else!!

Off to browse!

01-03-2006, 05:49 PM
I will say hello.

I am craving beef rice a roni with hamburger - my all time fave meal.

I walked 3 miles this morning, had my oatmeal w banana. I had a tuna salad with an orange - drinking water.

Feeling better since I started losing weight. I stood sideways (nude :fr: ) and I must say my "5 month pregnancy look" is getting down to a 2 month pregnancy! YAY.

My back is killing me with my monthly thingie coming. Hate it - rather painful.

Something disturbs me in what Gaby said last night. We were getting ready for bed and she said she wanted to go back to my sisters and I mentioned Mike's ex who has been babysitting her on and off since the summer.
She said "Babysitter" says you hate me" I said " Gaby, that is horrible, I love you."
Gaby goes "hurt my feelings."

It upset me. I know she has been upset to go there - would cry the whole way over. I talked with my friend and they thought she might have misunderstood but it was upseting. I don't want Gaby to ever think that - she is such a doll.
We snuggled in bed and I held her foot (because that is where my hand reaches - lol) and said "mommy loves you" and she said she loved me....awwwww, love her so much.

Welcome Christine! Not mind me!! lol

01-03-2006, 05:50 PM
TAX time and my first day back to work! I thought it was such a great day.....ate Lean Cuisine and actually liked it but I couldn't stand I had to have my wine:rolleyes: I Knew I wouldn't last on that front..........but I should have checked before I drank........geesh.........2 glasses and my average shows.......something to the effect of 32% alcohol............35% carbs..............17% protein.........and who cares what else.............DAMN:devil: .........well kind of :devil:

Marti I too loved Moulan Rouge.......Chicago has a different "taste" but I think it is a better movie. MR was a strange sort of Show and actually now that I think about it.......The new Willie Wonka kinda reminds me of that:p

01-03-2006, 07:21 PM
Look how much chattin' goes on when we're being so OP, hehe! :gossip: :cp:

Cristi - thanks for mailing the candle. It isn't for the wedding, I just kept trying to find it because you like it so much. When one of the JLs really like something a lot, I'll often check it out myself. My all time fave song to do work to is Rod Stewart's Hot Legs. I know I'm dating myself by admitting that, hehe.

Mel - thanks for adding your name, hon. The other gals are right - the stretch marks do fade. Mine are white now, and barely noticable. Of course the kid who caused them turned 34 in October. :lol3:

Susan - omg! I would SO find out what the **** was said to our Gabster. Something is just not right about the situation, and it's up to you to get to the bottom of it. Be cool about it, and just inquire nicely, since there may be a good explanation for the comment. Be sure and let us know what happens, ok?

Katy - great minds think alike. :D Although I'm not following the Sonoma Diet, I am working the 10 Power Foods into my daily diet. (Except the blueberries) Had a tablespoon of walnuts and orange pepper strips on my salad today. Very yummy, and such good texture. Around here we have scarves (silky) and winter scarves (knitted) and I'm not sure anyone actually called them mufflers. I've read about them in books called mufflers, though. I think it's great you're doing all the knitting for the school fundraiser. YGG!!!

Angie - if a stepper is good for the butt, I should really get one soon, hehe. You know, I just love Tom Hanks, and never did see Road to Perdition. Let me know if it's any good, ok? Also never saw the soldier one he did, either.

Kathy - so how was the sleepover? Did anyone actually get any sleep? We leave Sunday for Fla. We've postponed our Cape San Blas trip until next year, since we couldn't reschedule for March. We'll be going back to WDW for Katie's birthday which is 3/3.

Sue - my stylist said my hair is becoming very resistant to the dye. <gulp> You know what that means....!! When Neal and I order off the Senior Menu at Denny's they never say a word to me, and I do it because the servings are much smaller. Which means less calories/points. But about the gray, I just don't know what to do, either. I see some women with gorgeous gray/white hair, and some other women look like frumps. What to do????

Marti - no, WW isn't part of counting calories. It's just something I'm doing on my own, but with a heavy focus on healthy foods. I guess I just needed something different for awhile, although the WW diet was/is very good for me. I may switch back to it, who knows, hehe. Yay for your Subway choice! :cp: My Gazelle is still set up, but I haven't been using it. If you will, I will, ok?

Christine - thanks for adding your name, sweetie. Ok, now I'm confused over your Lean Cuisine remark. Did you like it, or you couldn't stand it??? I used to love the penne pasta and chicken one, then they "improved" it and now it's awful! I'd rather just cook it fresh myself, anyway, but sometimes it's nice to have the convenience, you know?

Spent the day shopping with Katie for things she needed for her apartment. She also needs some personal things like shorts, sandals, and a swimsuit, but we're going to get them in Florida. Only 5 more days... :yikes:

I've been very OP and it's made me feel so good. :yes: Made a big pot of WW soup. I'm counting it 50 calories per 1 1/2 cups, since there's only "free" veggies in it. Does that sound right to you?

See ya' later. :hug:

01-03-2006, 08:31 PM
Checking in once more before work.

Susan--I would have a pit in my stomache if I heard that comment from Jhanai at that age! I'm w/Jane, I would find out who said what and why! She's such a little sweetheart, why would someone put something like that in her head?? Do let us know what you find out.

Christine--I've seen Willy Wonka not too long ago, and it was a bit strange compared to the original. I'm w/Jane (again) on your comment of Lean Cuisine....did you like it? What couldn't you stand about it?? Silly girl.

Jane--My area for the gazelle is all cleaned up and starting tomorrow I will be getting on the thing! And all this talk about butts looking good after using a stepper......I'm going to have to find something to use to step on! Nice butt sounds fantastic!:D Anyway......I'm going to be using the that means you will too right?

Ok, I really need to tame my hair and look presentable for work. One gal said I have gypsy hair. Is that a compliment or what??:dizzy: Plus, I need to drop off the movies we rented on my way so I best get.

Take care and hugs to all!!:hug:

01-03-2006, 08:47 PM
OK keep up "girls/guys" (if there are any!!) what i couldn't stand was going without the wine..........sorry........should have completed a sentence or two.....well............2 glasses of wine and hardly any calories going in.... makes a girl feel fine???? HIC!!! :D I liked the LEan Cuisine........It was Rosemary Chicken with Spinach and Garlic Rice........but ...........kept burping the spinach and garlic all day

da fat n da furious
01-03-2006, 09:35 PM
Christine,,,you and I are going to get along just fine...I love my wine too. And being in WW I have worked it out that 4 points once a week is worth the indulgence.
Jane,,,Don't you have any stairs in your house? Just do step ups,,,,Sue you reading this,,,forget spending money just if you have any stairs in the house use them.
I need to go get rid of my silver hair,,,next Wed. if I can find the time. Not happy since Monte just informed me that we will have a appraiser in the house,,,we are renewing our mortgage..better bank. Love both those movies,,,,of Tom Hanks. Another movie that came to mind was Mel Gibson (my boyfriend) and his movie We Were Soldiers. love that movie too.
Cristi,,,wonder if the stamps are going up here too. I love the music from (great can't remember the name of the band...they sing that song called Blue....its about 5-6 yrs old...Im blue ) something 5. Anyways one of their songs is always on my get moviing cd. Let me look around,,maybe I can find more.
Well I need to get to rehearal...later

01-03-2006, 10:45 PM
No wine for me, but I'm on Smirnoff #2 tonight. Bad bad bad! Had a great workout tonight, 1 1/5 hours. I could've kept on going! But, I'd like to be able to move tomorrow!
Good to hear the stretch marks fade. I got the victora's secret catalog today and found a black bikini for $20.00 that I LOVE! But, can't order it until I'm at my full goal. No clue what size I'll be, or if I'll even want to wear a tiny bikini while toting a baby around!
Lean Cuisine . . . I've had 3 this week and only like one of them. It was grilled ceasar chicken. Yum! Seams like any of them with a red sauce I don't like. Too bland. Marr tried one tonight and he hated it! Plus he's a bottomless pit so after that he ate 2 cheese quesadillas. Piggy!

01-04-2006, 01:31 AM
Just popping in really quickly before I have to go and pick up the DS from work..

Angie isn't the song from eifel 65? Am I thinking of the right song?

Marti, must be a compliment about the hair. When I think of gypsy hair, I think of Cher. Make sure you spend alot of time flicking your hair tomorrow.

Jane I fell asleep before the kids, and DD said that they all woke up about 11 this morning. Wish it could have been me sleeping in. My neice is still here tonight. It is much easier than having to drive into town to pick her up at 7:30 and then bring her back. Although I will be ready for her to go home at the end of the week. She is 6 and her and Cole fight like brother and sister. Just when I finally got out of that fighting stage with our other 2.

Susan broke my heart when little Gaby's feelings were hurt. Isn't is amazing how we tell our kids we love them all the time, and then it only takes one comment from someone else and they take it right to heart.

Katy how old are your kids? Do you have Dora dominos and Dora memory game? Tree in a crib? Anything is worth a try for next year.

Cristi way to go on the walking so early and getting it out of the way for the day. Did your energy stay all day long? I will try and think of some songs for you. DD is making me a work out cd also so that I can keep going. One song on there is Trouble by Pink.

Wow Mel that is a great workout and you will be buying your bikini in no time.

Hi to Christine and anyone else that I may have forgotten. I must run and pick up the boy. He is training a new girl tonight, so he will have lots to talk about on the ride home.

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow

da fat n da furious
01-04-2006, 01:45 AM
YES Eifle 65 knew there was a 5 in it.

01-04-2006, 01:20 PM
Hi ladies,

Marti - not sure what gypsy hair is.... maybe long and curly? Sort of wild? I'd take is as a compliment, though. I'm doing the Gazelle later today - I promise!

Christine - oic about the Lean Cuisine!

Angie - yeah, there are stairs leading to the 2nd floor. Not gonna exercise on them though, hehe. I'll be doing good to do the Gazelle.

Mel - I think it's a good idea to always have something sexy in the drawer for when the mood strikes to wear something like that. Your DH will thank you.

Kathy - hey, hon, would you please put your name in your signature until everyone knows who you are? Thanks a bunch! How long will you have the kids?

Speaking of which.... Mary called me this morning and was in tears. She was sick in the night and asked me to watch the kids for awhile so she could get some sleep. Of course I said I would. She has already lost too much sleep because the kids have been sick - throwing up, etc. for the past few days. They're watching their favorite show - Max & Ruby.

I've been POP, and loving it! I feel better, putting such healthy foods in my body, after some of the junk I ate over the holidays.

Only 4 more days until WDW!

01-04-2006, 01:38 PM
Angie - YES Eifle 65 knew there was a 5 in it. What does that mean?? I missed something, somwhere.:shrug:

Jane - POP? oic? WDW?? I don't know what that means either waaaa:cry: :cry:

I didn't walk this morning. My heels are bleedy from wearing Rach's shoes.So,I put a band aid on the heel and that seems to help. Total mess this morning. I made the oatmeal but the banana's were in the car and I was too lazy to go get one to slice in the oatmeal. I didn't have a clean bowl so I ate it out of the pot and I didn't have a clean spoon so I used a fork. Which is pretty good because the oatmeal cold is kind of "clobby".

I will check on the babysitter thing but I want to do it in person. She has a soft voice and screaming kids all the time, very difficult to carry a conversation with her on the phone. Maybe this weekend I will go over there.

Gawd!! Have to go to the bathroom!!! lol

chat later......

da fat n da furious
01-04-2006, 02:11 PM
Oh Susan you are hilarous..oic is Oh I See,,,the other two Jane awrote about you will have to ask,,,soemthing about being on program and I hope weighing in or shes taken up Wrestling and has a big match coming up. I had to go buy more silver ware cause we kept running out of everything...except knives I swear my forks and spoons were turning into knives. Like sex changes or something.
Jane,,oh poor Mary. Been there and had to call mom too. She was run down from taking care of everyone else who was easy to get it then.

I have another day off,,,its 11 I just woke up...*yawn I love days off. Im going to try and get all my work done today. Battery operated candles,,,for Evita. And a new container for my wrapping paper...saw one on sale at Linen and Things.
well Im going to go make some oatmeal..

01-04-2006, 02:20 PM
Susan - you need a personal manager, hon. :hug: Good idea to wait and talk to the babysitter in person.

WDW = Walt Disney World
POP = perfectly on program

Angie - no wrestling matches on my calendar, hehe. I just hope I don't get sick before we leave! Enjoy your day off, Angie.

da fat n da furious
01-04-2006, 02:37 PM
OMG stay away from Mary! wear a mask...thats the last thing you need is to be at the happiest place on earth and being sick.
Im going to go WI early so I can take Tan and his buddy Zack to Narnia.

I really should dust in here...them bunnies are looking big

01-04-2006, 02:41 PM
Angie - Who is having a sex change??? lol jk

Jane - My mother was offering to be my "mothers helper" but I figured I wouldn't have enough for her to do. I think I have like 4 forks and 4 spoons. One for each of us girls and if we have guest - they will have to wait for one of us to finish eating. btw- my mother always thought I was a lousy hostest because when she came for a visit on the coast I would let her do everything. I figured it was my chance to relax! lol

I have almost drank 32 oz water so far today. I noticed going to the "Ladies Loo" that I have a hole in my nylon! Couldn't be a simple run - my luck it has to be a hole. WhatEVER.......looks lovely with my band aid that sticks out from my shoe........and I taped it and the tape shows....WhatEVER.......I just want lunch!

I would love a personal manager! I was so late this morning and Gaby woke and wanted attention.So, I was getting her ready, eating, doing my hair, hobbled around..........all at the same time!!!! waaaaa, waaaaa . I did go to heck with that lousy homemade coffee...........I think I hve suffered enough! lol

k- out of here......

01-04-2006, 02:57 PM
I'm so frustrated! GRRR!!! I weighed myself today and even with all my hard work, water, and eating so good, I'm up 2.5 lbs! I'm majorly pissed (pardon me) Why did the forst 10 lbs just disapeer and now I'm gaining them again?
Susan- I read that people magazine too, 1/2 their weight. Very good. Amazing!
Can't remember who had the flies, but did you try beer yet? Lol about your dh not wanting to share his beer with bugs!

01-04-2006, 03:37 PM
okay, not sure what is going on, if it is 3fc site or aol/internet explorer but I just lost my long post. I was on AOL and something happened and the pages wouldn't come up. So I switched to internet explorer and thought things were fine but lost my post. When I hit click it went to a blank page, ugh! So I will try later ladies, sorry.

Hope everyone is having a nice day. I'll be back!

01-04-2006, 03:46 PM
Let's head on over to #159, ok?