LA Weight Loss - LAWL for $199 - Anyone know the details?

Loves Saddlebreds
12-28-2005, 10:36 PM
Here in Charlotte, there was a commercial that advertised LA Weight Loss for just $199! Has anyone visited a center that was participating and see what that deal is? For that kind of money, I'm going to call tomorrow but I just wanted to see if anyone else knew what that covered...

I need to do this, just can't seem to start :rolleyes:

Repo girl
12-29-2005, 01:20 AM
I got in for $199, because my mom was already in for full price. Mine is only for one year, including, 4 weeks of stabilization, and 8 weeks of maintenance. I had a 4 week free coupon a while back that I redeemed, because I may need a little more time to get to the goal I want. They would only set my goal at 135 in order make the weeks work out, but I really want to shoot for 120. I may even need to buy 8 or so more weeks. Good luck!!!