Weight Loss Support - Ignorant comments can also throw you off!

12-25-2005, 06:24 PM
How should one consider the following mind-boggling, yet ignorant comments made by uneducated people? They make me feel like settling down without reaching my goal. They make me feel like throwing everything away, despite I know all the benefits of weight loss. They make me wonder: Is maintaining the weight off really worth the deprivation, gluttony or overinduelgence? Despite that I've been lately told things that I have never heard (You look hot!), my confidence is better, and no longer the threat as big as it was of contracting diabetes and hypertension at 22, the comments can truly deviate weakminded individuals of their weight loss efforts. How should one react?

"You only live once in your life, so might as well eat all and enjoy all you want."

When I have to defend myself of why I'm on my successful diet (I have lost 90 pounds so far through healthier eating and exercise. I'm a 5"3" male. Highest weight was 250. I'm down to 160. My ideal goal weight 135-140), I tell people that I want to be healthy and avoid diabetes. Their comments are:

"Well, you are going to die from one thing or the other so might as well be happy and eat anything you want. Life's to short not to eat 'til you are full." The ignorant people of course, are those who never have had a weight problems in their lives.

What do you guys and gals think?

12-25-2005, 06:31 PM
I think you should ignore their comments and do what you know is right.

12-25-2005, 06:48 PM
Ignore 'em. You know life is too short to spend it on medication, the only time you ever get a trip out is to go to the medical centre, too be so heavy you can't move around, or get on airplanes or to be so embarassed by your size to go to the beach or even to go out to the mall or the movies.

Until they walk a mile in your shoes, they will never get what you have accomplished, much less what you are doing it for.

You, however, must never forget what you've done for yourself and your body by giving up a life dominated by food and instant gratification. And when you do get in danger of forgetting, come back and we'll remind you!

Well done on what you have done for yourself

12-25-2005, 07:07 PM
"You only live once in your life, so might as well eat all and enjoy all you want."

You can simply say, yes,that's exactly why I'm doing this. The things that make I really enjoy in life simply aren't possible if I'm 100 pounds overweight, and I want to enjoy my life as much as possible".

When the occasional person says I've lost enough, I say something along the lines of "oh, I feel fine, but there are some sports things I want to do - run 10k, whatever - that I just can't do right now".

Anyway, they are talking about their OWN issues, not yours. Justifying their OWN attitudes, not yours.


Wide in Winnipeg
12-25-2005, 07:14 PM
I say look them straight in their eyes and tell them that this is your life and you are living it the way you want!!! Then go tell them to blow dodge!! lol!!!
Have a great day!! Merry Christmas!

12-26-2005, 06:18 AM
The thing about this is, I don't think they would make comments like that if you were still at your starting weight. It seems that people tend to get meaner as we get leaner!!! (of course those are the select few meanies, a lot of people are just going to be supportive and proud of you :) )

12-26-2005, 06:37 AM
If they said "life is so short, smoke all you like and enjoy yourself!" you wouldn't listen right...this is your life, your story, they are not of any concern to you

12-26-2005, 09:37 AM
As my Mother would say "Personal remarks are seldom in good taste!" Just ignore the idiots!

12-26-2005, 11:58 AM
Reminds me of those people who are always pushing alcohol. "Oh come on, what will one little drink hurt for the holidays?" They want everyone else to engage in their behavior so they don't have to look at what they're doing. And I completely agree with GeishaGirl and Ruthxxx's mother!

Hang in there! You know what's best!


12-26-2005, 12:13 PM
These comments and ones just like it will never go away. On Christmas day, alcoholic beverages were served before dinner with appetizers and wine was served with dinner. I chose to skip the appetizers and drink diet ginger ale because I was trying to control my caloric intake and most importantly, because I was driving. I have never heard so many people say..."You're allowed one drink per hour" or better yet..."eat more food and alcohol will never show up on a breathalizer". Can't a person just say "No thank you!" It was hard enough to say no to the pastries, but I did that too. In general, so many people feel that the amount of food consumed at a meal validates them as good cooks, hosts, whatever. Eating at the homes of others can really be a struggle sometimes. That is why I have chosen to get my support here.

12-26-2005, 01:34 PM
You can simply say, yes,that's exactly why I'm doing this. The things that make I really enjoy in life simply aren't possible if I'm 100 pounds overweight, and I want to enjoy my life as much as possible".I think this is the best response - eating isn't the only enjoyable thing in life. I'd rather eat less/healthy and be able to enjoy everything else life has to offer than constantly "enjoy" eating and be relegated to low self esteem, ill-health, and general sedentariness (a word of my own coining:p ).

12-26-2005, 04:02 PM
Sounds like those people who've never had weight problems in their lives are feeling insecure now that you're successful. :(

I would say, "Life's too short to be fat."

12-26-2005, 06:07 PM
Wow! How annoying that must be for you!
I've lost 31 pounds - now for me, that's just unbelievable!
But when I tell some people that, they say:
"Well, it's a start." And they don't say congrats or anything!
Some people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-26-2005, 07:15 PM
AGH! if someone said "well thats a start" i'd kick them where it counts! How rude.

12-26-2005, 08:49 PM
AGH! if someone said "well thats a start" i'd kick them where it counts! How rude.

LOL! If I weren't so passive I would too!!

12-27-2005, 12:18 AM

Some people are SO rude! :shocksn:

31 pounds is a ROCKING SUCCESS!!! Good start, my :censored:

You're doing amazingly well, girl!
(somebody oughta say it, jeez.)

cheers to you! :hat:

12-27-2005, 12:24 AM
I almost think that sort of comment is partly because of your age. I think by the time you hit The Hill (I'm 46) people (at least a whole heck of a lot more!) will recognize your choices as life-enhancing! Don't let them derail you! And....if these are people that are "friends" then maybe you need to have a good sit-down with them and ask them to support you, or find some new friends. If it's family....well....we all have our challenges there at times! ;)

But WE'RE here for ya!

Wide in Winnipeg
12-27-2005, 03:17 AM
Just thought I'd say Hi to Kristy~ I'm a Wpg girl too!!

12-27-2005, 03:22 AM
Awe thanks Paula. You are doing awesome yourself!
Keep up the great work - you're on fire! :flame:

Hey Wendy! Nice to see a fellow Winnipeger!
Are you enjoying the mild weather? I sure am! :D