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12-24-2005, 06:20 PM
:wave: :welcome2: Hello and Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!!

We love to have you join us and talk about our weight loss struggles and even about our daily lives.

So come on in and let's get to chattin'!!

12-25-2005, 06:33 PM
Good Afternoon!!

I know it is Christmas but SOMEONE should post something. I will be the SOMEONE.

It is a lazy day here in Portland, with cloudy skies but not freezing cold like it had been. Thank goodness, I might get out and wash the car in a second.

Gaby and I opened her gifts from her father, the ones I kept, last night. There was a Dora pillow, Hello Kitty plate,cup,bowl and fork/spoon. Books and coloring book and some rubber duckies.That was nice for her and she enjoyed her kitchenware - lol - I don't know what else to call it.

We left the older girls last night around 6 pm and I didn't want to go home so we drove to my mothers to pick up her gifts. Gaby fell asleep in the after picking up the gifts I roamed the city and ended up passing by Mike's fathers house. I never mailed Mike's 8x10 or "grandpa's picture. I drove by and all the lights were off but the tv room. I didn't stop, I thought I better call first so I drove to the McDonalds up the street and someone was talking on the phone.
I thought if I could just put "grandpa's" envelope in the mail box, at least he would have it. So, I drove back and parked in front of his house. I told myself "stop being a wuss and just go knock on the door" , so I did.
Dogs started barking and I wanted to
Grandpa came from the tv room and turned on the outside light , blinded me. He opened the door and I explained I had a Christmas card with a picture of Gaby but didn't know his address.I gave it to him and said I also had a framed 8x10 that I wanted Mike to have but didn't want it lost in the mail, would he take it??
He said he hadn't seen Mike in 2 months. There was a legal thing where Mike couldn't even come to his house because of his ex wife's restraining order. That is one reason Mike hasn't seen Gaby because his fathers home isn't an option for visitation but he can still see her some place else, which he hasn't bothered to do.
Blah - blah......
I just said that I knew about that ........would he want to take the box and get it to Mike??
He said he would , so he took the box.He said thank you and he appreciated the card and picture. That was that, I said good bye and left.
Got home and put Gaby to bed. she woke up 2 hours later and I let her open her presents.
We woke up this morning with no power and quickly gathered some things and went to the ex's for a shower and breakfast.
Cooking dinner now and ran to the video store for Napoleon Dynamite and Duplex. My boss wanted me to watch Duplex,
Spoke with Rocky and he was spending the afternoon at Nana's with the family.

I guess that is it. I bought my scale and will start tomorrow getting serious about losing the extra pounds. Can't believe I have let myself go where it is either lose the weight or buy new clothes - lol sheesh.

ta ta

12-26-2005, 01:27 PM
We had a nice Christmas Day yesterday. Went to DD's to see Chloe open all her presents, that was the best part of the day. Then we went to my sister's for the rest of the day. Things got a little tense about mid-afternoon with DH. He had forgotten to take all his medicine in the AM so DS ended up taking him home for a long nap.
I'm taking my mom to our Urgent Care in about an hour. Her shingles have really spread and are so painful despite all the antibiotics and pain pills. I bet she gets a shot of prednizone or something similar. I hope so, then she can start feeling better. She is really miserable.

Question: Has anyone tried the Body Flex Exercise Bar by Greer Childers? I keep seeing it advertised and I was wondering if it is worth the price. Since I have some health problems - besides my weight - the fact that you can do these exercises sitting down really interests me. Please let me know your opinions ASAP. Thanks so much.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas!


12-26-2005, 03:54 PM
Good Afternoon!!

Had wonderful Christmas. Very relaxing! Didn't really go anywhere until 8:30 last night to take Jhanai home so she could open gifts w/her dad. James made a yummy ham dinner (no dessert!) and we just ate and enjoyed what we got.

James gave me an espresso machine for christmas and I think I drank too much yesterday trying it out!! I had three cups! (that equaled to 8 shots all together!) Never do that again!

Not really wanting to go to work tonight, wishing I had asked for this day off but what can a gal do but prepare for next year!

Wanting to get serious about my weight again. Actually, just really need to get the exercise in more! I had put that off for the last couple weeks and I'm ready to get going again. James bought me an MP3 Player so I can use that while I'm on my gazelle or out for walks/jogs!

I'm up for a challenge....more of a challenge against myself and trying to better my ways. So maybe we can start a new one soon! When do we want to start?? Right away or by the first? Let me know and I'll get the thread started!

Need to clean my living room up...looks like a tornado hit it!! (love it!)

Hugs to all and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

12-26-2005, 04:47 PM
Hi ladies!

Marti - you could probably start the challenge thread at any point. I personally am targeting the 11th of January as my dead-serious date. Katie will be settled in Florida, and Neal and l wil be back home. I don't think I can be mentally ready until then. But that's just 2 weeks from Wednesday. Yikes, how times flies!!

Susan - aww, that was sweet of you to stop by Grandpa's and give the picture to him. I'm so glad to know that you and Rocky are still so close.

Connie - hope things are going better for you today.

Katy - my first effort toward healthy eating has to be getting all the junk out of the house. Normally, there's none. Neal's brother brought a heaping plate of fudge, cookies, bourbon balls, etc. Plus, I made more goodies this year than I have for the past couple of years. Thankfully, Mary and Dale and the kids are willing recipients, lol.

Angie - your house sounds like so much fun!! About the sugar, join the club, hon. But we can all band together to get back on the wagon, ok?

Cristi - I'm so glad your son is home. How many more days do you have with him? About the jello, while I was losing, I often made sugar-free jello with fruit, and it really helped me stay OP. The first thing I need to do, as I mentioned to Katy is to get all this junk out of the house!!! After today, whatever's left is going in the trash can. I don't have a garbage disposal in this house, lol.

I had a very good Christmas, and hope you Jaded Ladies did, too. The DGDs made it so special since they still "believe". Neal's brother Paul stayed until past 10Pm and we had a good time remembering Christmases past in this old homeplace. I ate too much, plain and simple. I'm actually craving a salad, lol.

Now my thoughts have turned to New Year's Eve. We went out last year,
and Neal offered to do the same this year, but I just want to stay home. Katie is going to a party at her friend's house. So Neal and I are having a candlelight dinner here and then we'll be cuddling up to watch some movies. Then we'll toast in the new year together. Can't wait!!

Have a good day!!

12-26-2005, 07:57 PM
Good Afternoon!

I am needing to start now on getting serious about losing weight. I was going to wait til New Years- but why?? Allowing myself another week of eating and not being able to get into my clothes! lol
I was wearing a perectly fine skirt a few weeks ago and it was a mini now!! My butt has gotten sooooo big - lol

I weighed this morning and it said 173! YIKES. I was thinking 168 - maybe. When I moved I lost one of the 4 rubber things that the scale sets on - so that is what stopped me from weighing these last 3 1/2 months. I would kind of place a towel underneath where the rubber piece should go but it would always give me a different weight.

I know when I moved I was 150, so 23 pounds in 3 months. UGH. I would like to see 140 again but will be happy with 145 and will settle for 150. Hey, I am all for making a deal -lol.

Doug helped me get a treadmill today. It is a beautiful Lifestyler, I never heard of that brand before. The lady bought it for $500 from Sears and sold it for $150. So, I will pay Doug back over 2 paychecks.

Now I can start walking again!! YAY. I loved my treadmill when I lived on the coast. It was the best time getting on it and walking for 3 miles. I was going to just start with 2 miles and work up from there.

Jane- I FINALLY found some other pictures I wanted Mike to have. I had stuck them behind a picture of Rachels. I was chaning her picture today and there was Gaby and her sister. I wanted Mike to have, they were taken this last summer. I am sure he would love a picture of the 2 girls.

Marti - YUM to espresso!! Maybe I will go buy myself a coffee machine so I can just sip some coffee in the AM and walk before I need to get ready for the day.

Connie - Sorry about your mother and the shingles - sounds painful. Bes to her.

better get!! I am making a big pot of turkey stew to take with me for lunches for the week.

da fat n da furious
12-26-2005, 11:43 PM
Connie, I can just imagine how miserable you mom is feeling with them shingles. Monte's grandmother had them one year...ouch.

Susan, you don't have a coffee machine at all? That was really sweet of you to have done that with the pics. I personally don't know if i could be civil.

Marti,,,expresso,,,lol been there...I one time went to an auction for arts and they were also selling cheese cakes and expresso,,,choc dipped spoons,,,coffee. i tried it all and i remember laying in bed vibrating.
We just bought a new coffee maker,,same one we had on our holidays. Love it. Cuisinart or soemthing like that. We just bought a new toaster,,,finally. We had one that I got as a bridal gift,,alot of years ago. It was down to one slice out of
We got a couple of gift cards,,,so we bought that an a couple of small things.
Stocked piled on gift tags and cards at the boxing day sale. I worked early this morning then off to shop we went. monte had the day off which was so wonderful for him. Tanner is still in Sylvan. Brandon worked very early this morning.
Jane,,,ok so 2 weeks Wed. I think by then I should have my act together...Im just so been bad. My older borthers were home for christmas...that was so wonderful. A first in 7 years...and that was for 10 minutes,,,before that,,,Brandon was 2 weeks old. He works for a film company,,,carpenter. And hes busy working,,building,,or traveling. He looked old..I of course still look

Cristi...I still make jello here...the kids love it,,,as long as its not yellow Im cool. I used to make a salad...with green that was really tasty...(which i didn't think it would be when I first saw it)
If ever you want to make it interesting,,,use vodka instead of And use them lil drinking paper cups.

I got the Walking the Line CD. I really am impressed with Reece Witherspoon's voice. And the movie Madacascar. Hilarous.
So let the challenge start,,,i got an exercise bike.
Of course right now Im eating my toblerone that was in my stocking...big

I would have to say this was one of them christmas' that will go down as our most favorite.

12-27-2005, 09:20 AM
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas...we sure did. Kids have more stuff than they know what to do with :dizzy: They get indulged by their GPs, but we keep things modest otherwise. My DH gave me a heating pad for the bed...yay no more cold piggies! My IL's gave me lots of knitting books and paraphernalia, so I am now figuring out all the projects I am going to work on. My kids bought me the Johnny Cash boxed set, so I am set for music. Now I can lay in my nice warm bed and knit while listening to "Ring of Fire" . Sigh ....wonderful.

Gotta get to the gym, so I'll have to come back for individuals later, but I just wanted to say I can start a challenge anytime the thread goes up. I am going to record all my calories everyday....and post them (gulp) So a 21 day challenge is a good place to do that I figure. I will shoot for 1500 cals a day, but the big thing for me is getting them all written down. When I stick to that, I do a good job with my food choices.


12-27-2005, 11:43 AM
Good Morning!!

No, I have never had a coffee machine since ..........,,I don't know years Angie. I bought a 4 cuper for 17.99 at Mervyns and some Natural Soul shoes down from 45.00 to 17.99!! Thank goodness my old shoes had holes in them. I wore the heck out of those things.

I made some coffee and it didn't tatse the same as Starbucks - even though it was Starbucks brand. I walked 1 mile in 20 minutes on the treadmill, it recorded 105 calories burned but I was more interested in the distance. I will walk another mile (maybe 2??) tonight. I was sweating - so --out of shape!

Drinking lots of water and I have to go now!! What a pain and I have a headache....and no co worker this week so have to be on the ball!! Need to get a report in so chat later!!

Admire that you can make the gym Katy!! I like the privacy of my home, makes it easier to make a fool of myself. Gaby is sooo cute. She wanted me to walk last night so I did - she got on the couch and watched me - smiled and was twirling her hair - she is so sweet. lol

12-27-2005, 01:25 PM
Hiya ladies,

Susan - I've heard of a Lifestyler treadmill and think they're a good one. I miss my treadmill, it was my favorite type of "machine" exercise. I'd rather just play volleyball, lol. Glad you found the pictures. Turkey stew sounds good.

Angie - so glad you and your brothers got to spend some time together. My son saw Walk the Line and loved it. He's a big Johnny Cash fan.

Katy - I used to write down everything I ate everyday, no matter what, but got lazy about it, thinking I could do it in my head. And I truly think that's a big part of what made me slip up, since it's so easy to not follow a plan that isn't written down.

Need to go shopping for groceries today. Also, I dropped my discman and broke it, so that's on my list, too.

I'll be in Evansville tomorrow with Neal. We're going to the gambling boat :D for a little while, then we're going to pick up his great-nephew Zane to come and stay with us for a few days.

Take care and have a good day!

12-27-2005, 01:26 PM
Just checking in during lunch at work...lots of people off for the holidays. We are tight anyway and when there are people off especially at year end it is a nightmare for me!!! Trying not to stress eat.....
Did ok over the holidays--I usually weigh once a week on Tuesdays but haven't got to check yet...kind of worried...
My mom and kids were over on Christmas. It was so nice. I think it was the first holiday without a child actually living in the house that had me in such a "funk". DD & her minature doberman/chiuaua (spelling?) moved in with DS and his cat after her DH left her. It's closer to school & he needed a roomate.
I am not feeling so depressed. I am signing up for a knitting class and continuing to go to the Slim-N-Tone.
Quick question..How does the challenge work?? I need something to get me going again....

12-27-2005, 05:27 PM
Hello ladies~

Sorry, just a quickie from me for now...I've spent too much time catching up reading all the posts and e-mails. So will be back tomorrow to do individuals...oops, umm, Thursday. Tomorrow I have a very busy day starting with a trip to the ear doc with Carrie, then off to get portraits with Josh before he leaves. He said he would do it but that I could never take another picture of him again...:lol: yeah, right! :lol: They didn't take a pic in his uniform so he is doing that for me tomorrow. And V and I will also get our annual pic taken, a little late...but better late than never. Maybe do a Happy New Year portrait...then we are off to lunch and the mall to top it off!

Christmas was a blast, or should I say Christmas Eve? Actually, both days were really nice. Christmas day we decided to go to catch a movie at the theatre. I was really surprised at how many people had the same idea! Saw something that Josh wanted to see which was The Ringer. He thought it was dumb and it was a little but I seemed to have laughed the whole way through. Guess I have a warped sense of humor? Anyway, couldn't have asked for a more perfect two days.

Anyway, gotta run but will be back in a couple of days. Take care ladies and enjoy the day!

da fat n da furious
12-27-2005, 06:53 PM
Good day ladies...

the ringer? Cristi, never heard of that one,,,who is in it? I just got a card with a friends lil girls pic in it...really nice and it was done at Walmart so I will be taking both boys eventually.

Jules, i don't know what the rules are...PLEASE someone make some rules up! Not Susan though who knows what she have us

Katy, I love my soundtrack of Walk the Line,,,but admit I don't care for that one song,,,Ring of Fire,,,I saw it on a blooper and it ruined it for me.
Ive been crochetting a scarf for days now,,,more then halfway done when I realized I missed a stitch near the I started over...everyone was freaking..Im like who cares? Im in no rush. Thinking Im going to do a single stitch in funky white fur around the edges. Its choc brown, nothing fancy just double stitched,,,only 12 stitches wide.

Well Im going to go crash,,,been reading JD Robb's Survivor in Death.

12-27-2005, 09:07 PM
Angie--I took a one day "learn to knit" class at AC Moore--I was making scarves out the ....and then summer came I got too busy and then I recently picked back up on a light blue scarf with silver threads for my DD, even was using the big needles to make it loopy like she likes to the end and forgot how to cast off and had to start all over again. I am paying for a longer class this time and will keep it up so I don't forget everything. A girl at work jogged my memory, but I truly only can do a knit stitch since it was all that was taught.. I read JD Robb's Orgin in Death--I think it is the second part to the one you are reading.

I got two new books..Catherine Coulter's Point Blank (awesome as usual) and Mary Higgins Clark's There's No Place like Home. Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane still up there among the best books I read this year..

Burning Ring of Fire makes me laugh. I watched June talking about it and it truly was an expression of the love that she felt for Johnny but DH and DS have ruined it for me...the next morning after they have binged on hot & spicy...that's the song they sing....burn, burn, burn...burning ring of fire--you get the picture...

Cristi - my son mentioned that movie too. He also wants to see the new horror movie that's out--Wolf Creek or something like that and the new Jim Carrey movie Fun with Dick and Jane. I might go with him to see that one since it looks reaqlly funny. I kind of want to see Rumor Has It with Jennifer Anniston

Jane--the gambling boat sounds fun....My DD and I ended up at my SIL's house and we talked until 1:00 AM on Christmas Eve, Dd had a great time with her cousin between school and work neither of them have much time to themselves. DD,DS and my mom came over Christmas Day and it was another good day..

Susan--yeah for you and the water..I told my DH to not let me buy any Coke except diet ones...I have drank way to much over the holidays--I need to drink more water...

Katy--I do better if I write everything down too. I do best when I plan everything on grocery day and only buy what's on the plan and don't let DH talk me into going to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet.....

Marti--If I drank that much expresso I'd be bouncing off the walls!!!

Connie--so sorry about your Mom, both my brother and a favorite co-worker had them last year...neither of them got them on their faces, but they both took awhile to get over it. My coworker lives alone so I told people around the office that I was making her chicken noodle soup and if they wanted to add anything I would take it. She is so loved, besides my soup, someone baked bread, another made muffins, there was a casserole, crackers, some homemade cookies and gingerale. She was so touched, she has the biggest heart and would do anything for anyone-it was nice to give it back to her.

12-27-2005, 10:38 PM
Hi all
Back for some individuals. I have this symantec window that keeps popping up on my computer and its driving me this may be short and sweet.

Jules - I just read a really favorable review of Wolf Creek - its Australian, and the actor who plays the baddie in it is supposed to be just brilliant. I think I'm too chicken to see it in the theatres. Hey - I'm a knitter, too. I started this today..I'm almost through the first row of skulls. Keep it up, knitting is very addictive once you get through the first few projects and learn some basics.
As far as the challenge goes, the last time we did one, it was a 21 day challenge thread. You pick some behavior you want to change and try to do it every day for 21 days. We had a thread where you could check in. When you finish one, you can start over, or start a new one. I like it because people can set their own challenges...but I am up for any new ideas as well. Just want to get it in gear, you know?

Angie - your scarf sounds really pretty; I like choc. brown. I have a jones for the original Man in Black, so that's why I got the boxed set. I have been impressed by the fact that Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did their own singing in the movie, so I want to hear the soundtrack someday.

Cristi - Sounds like you are having a great time - enjoy your portrait sitting - do we get to see the finished product?

Jane - have fun gambling :) I used to write everything down, too. It really does make a huge difference in my food choices and portion control. I just need to get back on track. Have managed to maintain over the holidays, but need to bust through this very stubborn plateau I've been in for months.

Susan - I think it's great that you have a treadmill now...I wish I had room for one. I've gotten used to getting up and getting down to the community center; but it took a long time before I could arrange my life so I could sneak out to do it. It seems to be the best way to consistently get the workouts in, for me at any rate. Now that you have that treadmill, I bet you start seeing some losses pretty soon.

My day has been pretty ho-hum. The guys worked on the house all day. They are working on duct work and insulation. My DD has a cold, so she futzed around and took a nap. DS had a friend over, so I manage to get in alot of knitting on the pirate cap. Now I need to clean up the dishes from dinner. I plan on turning in early; I am reading Truman and I am just at the point where he's about to order the atomic bomb to be dropped on Hiroshima. It's a real page turner. I'm learning so much about this president... I highly recommend the book - it's very well written. Author is David McCullough.

Nighty-Night ladies!

12-27-2005, 10:58 PM
Hi! I'm new to the jaded ladies! I frequent the 20 somethings and thin wannabees. I'm Mel!
Christmas? Wow that's over in my house! I took down all the decorations already today to make room for all my son's new toys!
He's only 6 mos, but he needs to open his own toy store! We were joking yesterday that we should rent the vacant house across the road to use as a play house! Ha ha . . .
Look forward to getting to know everyone here!

da fat n da furious
12-27-2005, 11:42 PM
Good Evening Ladies,
Hey Welcome Mel! We were just joking about something similar and a soon to be vacant home next door. We have some fabulous neighbours and *sniff they are putting their home up in the next couple of weeks so they can move to BC to semi retire. Brandon our oldest said lets buy their place and add a walkway between. Good idea!

Katy I love that cap...if I could knit like that Id be all over that. But I can just barely knit,,,and for whatever reason I seem to forget how to count...start off with 15 and end up down to 10 then back up to 17...and then all over the place. Not exactly the look it shows in the picture. So I do my granny squares and single/double stitch and need be round off with a ribbon effect.

Jules...exactly..nuff said about that ring of fire. And Katy...the sound track is pretty good. He isn't as strong in tone as Johnny,,,but he does well. She is fantastic,,,
I love them up all night talks...your DD probably needed that bounding again eh? Funny about not being able to cast off,,,I remember my mom learned how to knit but didn't know how to cast off either,,,it was like 7-8 huge balls of wool. Longest scarf I ever saw...hilarous. Last time she ever knitted.

Well it was Monte's 40th today,,,we went shopping and picked up a few things,,we returned one gift (my mother went nuts this year for gift buying) and so she bought long johns for him,,,we returned them. With that money he bought,,,a jacket(looks like a racing jacket) pair of jeans,,,work pants, thick leather work gloves and long johns. She gave him fire ******ent kind which is triple the cost of normal underwear. There was a bread truck that caught fire couple weeks ago...she figured that all bread trucks are a fire hazard now. Hence the fire ******ent long
Already got problems with my bike...the seat is missing,,,and I am not getting on that thing till there is a seat! Could be a very painful experience...or the best workout ever since I don't want it to be the most painful experience. (getting a visual ladies?)
anywho I should get back to my book

12-28-2005, 01:34 AM
Angie- you knit like I do! I tried to make scarves last winter and they were rediculous! Like waves! And yet, my aunt knit my son a monket holding a banana! It's actually bigger than Allen, my baby! It's so cute! I'm nt sure how she does it! She made him a teddy bear too, but the monkey is so cool!

12-28-2005, 09:31 AM
Welcome Mel!

Just dropping in to say Good Morning! I'm off to the gym, then on to a pretty similar day to yesterday. Guys are working on the house. I'll figure out something to do with the kids to keep them busy. I do need to work on some basic di da....
Have a good one

12-28-2005, 12:28 PM
Welcome Mel :cheer: :cheer: I like your cheerleaders for the weight loss, that is creative of you and congrats on having 2 :)

:gift: :gift: :gift: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Monte

I need to get busy! I walked 1.5 miles this morning. I was trying for 2 miles but I bailed. I was sweating and so friggin out of shape! I will just add .5 a mile per day til I get up to 3 miles.
I was going to walk last night but Gaby and I went to bed at 6:30pm - I was sooooo tired.

Gaby cried and cried - she wanted to stay up but she was exhausted too - she just wanted to watch her video and kept saying "I love daddy, I want daddy,daddys house,I want daddy, I love daddy.........." blah - blah. On and on for 30 minutes. She didn't mean Mike she meant Doug.....and she only wanted to go back to his house has the DVD and she had gotten Bob the Builder to watch.
She was horrid at Lambs all she wanted to do was go to the video store after Rebecca & her friend (store) and the deli lady said "my she is determined"......

I just wanted to scream "Dang you Doug give her a nap!!!!!" lol

anyway- I am starving!! better get busy.

12-28-2005, 04:35 PM
Hello Ladies!!!

I spent all day (before I went to work) cleaning my house. It took me longer to put all my decorations away then it did putting them up!! We took our tree down on Monday......poor thing was so dry!! We didn't even turn the lights on Christmas day because I was paranoid!

I WI the other day and I'm up 5lbs. Not happy but at least it isn't more! So I'm needing to get myself moving more. I plan on starting a routine again after the New Year.

I will start a thread for the challenge soon. Or....if anyone is wanting to get started now, feel free to start a thread.

Sorry to make this short and no individuals, but I need to take my decorations to the storage and then mop my floors!!

Chat w/you all soon!!

PS. Hi and Welcome Mel!!:wave: Glad to have you here!!

12-28-2005, 05:13 PM
5 pounds is nothing Marti, look at me - lol

I had some wonderful Wendy's chili and a side salad for lunch - working on the water now.

If you happen to be gaining can you reflect that on the tickers??? I feel like a total blimp having mine go up all the time!! Thank you!!

ok, I better get back to work. Some other news is Mike is going to have to pay for Gaby's medical coverage.It is BC/BS but I probably will keep the Kaiser that I have. Who knows how long he will hold his job - ???

12-28-2005, 07:25 PM
Hello chickies :wave:

Sorry, but just another quickie from me. Had a very busy day today and another busy one tomorrow. But...will definitely be back Friday morning to do individuals and catch up.

:welcome: Mel! Glad to have ya aboard and looking forward to gettin gto know you.

See ya later ladies! :wave:

12-28-2005, 11:16 PM
Hi everyone!

Welcome Mel! :welcome2:

Not too much going on right now. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for my Mom. I took her to the doctor again & this time they gave her a prednizone shot & pills. She is doing much better. Also took DH to the E.R. for stitches on his finger - playing with sharp objects again! I think I'm going to get an ambulance sticker for my car, what do you think?! :D

I'm working a few extra hours tomorrow so I better get to bed.

Talk to you later!


12-28-2005, 11:35 PM
Hiya ladies,

Jules - I guess you saw where Marti says she'll start a challenge soon, or that anyone can, if they don't want to wait. I don't do challenges, so that's why I don't start one.

Cristi - how'd the portrait sitting go?

Angie - chocolate brown is everywhere this season. I've got some pants and a blouse that color, and I accent it with coral accessories. Can't believe all the brown stuff - a couple a years ago there was none to be had. A very happy belated birthday to Monte.

Mel - Welcome to the Jaded Ladies!! I saw where you posted a bio but I haven't read it yet.

Katy - I think it will be easier to get serious once the new year has come and gone, and then bet your plateau will be just a memory. Are you still counting calories as your plan?

Marti - we've got all of our Christmas decorations down, too. I just couldn't take them any longer, lol.

Connie - just print up a sticker and go for it, lol.

Neal and I had fun today. I lost only $20 on the boat, and since I don't know how to play most of the games, that was pretty good, lol.

Have any of you read the Sonoma Diet book? Some of the 3fc people are planning to follow it, and so I bought the book today. Seems like a healthy way of eating, but I'm not sure it's something I could do long-term. May be good as a jump-start, though. Every year it's something new, but I guess that keeps us from getting too bored, lol.

Gotta run - have a good one!!

12-29-2005, 06:28 AM
Just a quick reply. Still off of my diet but dont want to stay away and get unmotivated. Planning to restart Jan 2nd!

Happy New Years!

12-29-2005, 12:50 PM
Good Morning -

Gabrielle and I went home last night and were in bed by 7:30. Slept all night - which was a change from all the tossing and turning I have done lately.

I woke up at 4:15 and walked 2 miles on the treadmill. I actually looked forward to it - even though it was hard - I guess that is why they call it a "workout"? haha - hope to be at 3 miles this weekend.

I went to the store before work and bought some things for salad and some fruit. I will weigh on Saturday but I think I have lost some. My skirt was looser this morning. I was able to put my whole thumb in while adjusting it - and I can actually breathe - which is a good thing!

Never heard of Sonoma diet Jane - different how from Weight Watchers?? My co worker lost 600 over the holiday weekend- so you did good :) Can't wait for Vegas- play that slot machine. I did that in Hawaii and won tons - Rocky called me his lucky charm - awwww I miss him.

I am not real sure what a challenge is.... I get a lot of motivation from reading others success and what they are doing to lose weight. I also get motivation from seeing tickers go down and reading how much others have lost.

How is your mother today Connie???

better get.......miss you Cristi!!

da fat n da furious
12-29-2005, 02:43 PM
Good morning ladies,
Im at work right now and on a break. I went to WI last night up .8 lbs so thats a total of 3.4 lbs. Not happy about that but my own doing. Looking forward to the challenge. Becky will eventually join and already knows about the challenge.
Jane, /Marti you have your decorations down already? arghhh I feel so lazy...
$20. down isn't too bad,,,,
So what are your plans for NYE?

12-29-2005, 02:53 PM
Last night I was getting the period munchies, I made some salsa con queso (which wasn't good!) and then DH brought home a bag of m&m's for me. Oh well. What's a few candies gonna do?
Today is super lazy day. My son had his 6 month shots yesterday and is running a fever, I had the worst migraine ever last night and couldn't sleep.
It's still lingering today, but not too bad.
I can think of lots of stuff I should be doing . . . but it's almost 1 and I'm still in my pjs! We're all entitled to a lazy day once in a while! Today will be mine! Too bad DH is working, I could go curl up with a book and hot coco.

12-29-2005, 04:25 PM
Hi ladies~

Boy, I am feeling a little pooped so stayed home today. We had a couple of things planned but nothing that can't be done tomorrow. Did someone say they took all their Christmas decorations down? We took the ouside ones down Monday...with me, V and Josh doing it it didn't take too long. I was wanting to leave the inside stuff up until Josh leaves, and I have but I am a little tired of them also. Guess I am getting back in that thinking mode where it done and over with so get the stuff down and put away! V and I went and did a little bit of after Christmas shopping, but just for lights, figured why not get them for half price since we have kind of decided what we will do next year. We try to change it up just a little, on the outside that is. We bought a bunch of the icicle lights for $1.49, can't beat that. Didn't really need many since we will only do the front of the house (the eaves) but we thought we would do a lot of clear and red/ Before putting the big wreath away I went ahead and added two 100 strings of red lights to it, I like it! Anyway, we just went to Target and Wal-Mart and the crowds weren't bad but they must have been waiting when the doors opened because Wal-Mart had hardly any lights left and you would not believe the carts the people had-they were overflowing, some people had two carts. The last time I went shopping after Christmas was in 1979! Anyway...

The pictures turned out GREAT! And..we had a really nice day yesterday. I didn't really want to do a portrait after all so we just had Josh. But the girl asked if I wanted one with him and I told her I wasn't dressed for a picture. She talked me into it and I am glad she did, even though I don't care for the way I look in it. I had on a sweatshirt and jeans and hardly any make-up! :yikes: I went ahead and did it though because the opportunity to have a picture with Josh is very slim-he doesn't like it and especially with his mommy. Went to the mall after that and then to Red Lobster for lunch, man was it good.

SUSAN~WTG on getting a treadmill! :bravo: You'll be back in shape and up to 3 miles before you know it!

JANE~I was at the mall yesterday looking around and I noticed a lot of browns also. Which is a good thing, I love the color! Glad you and Neal had a nice time on the boat. I've never heard of the Sonoma diet book. I quit buying diet books. Still going to do my own thing since it was working, just gotta get back on track, lol.

MEL~today has turned into a lazy day for me to! I haven't done anything, haven't even had a meal yet either! Did have some crackers, water and a banana, guess that counts. Once I get off this thing I have a book I would like to finish.

Hi Connie, Marti, Angie, Katy, Katiecat, Jules, and everyone else. :wave:

Guess I should get going ladies...want to read the newspaper and get some read on my book I started a few days ago. Haven't gotten much done with V being home except laundry. Take care ladies and have a good day!

12-29-2005, 05:08 PM
Hello gals--

Another quick posting.....(will my life every slow to a pace I can keep up with?)

Been preparing at work for the big move. We move to the other building (Old Sony Building!) on the 16th of January. And we're already getting things packed. Just imagine a place full of medical supplies and paperwork and machinery.....and moving it!

We've all been busting our butts to keep up and keep our sanity!:D

Anyway, if I can log on at work, I will try to get on. (if I get a slow time to do it)

Take Care and I promise I'll post more next time!

12-29-2005, 07:29 PM
Wow..has everyone been super busy here! Sounds like a good holiday was had by all. Our Christmas was so kids or "grands" for the first time ever. Just DH and me. Christmas Eve I fixed some salads, cheese and crackers, summer sausage and nachos. We split a bottle of wine and just relaxed. Christmas Day we slept in a little, had a relaxing morning and then went out for a champagne dinner. I did talk to all the kids and to Mom...missed them all.
We don't have any pkans for New Year's Eve. Will probably go out to a local casino and watch the fireworks.
We went to Wal-MArt today for some things we needed. I had to go look at the clearance...I bought cards for next year at 75% off. I was able to buy much nicer/expensive ones than I would normally buy. Cool! They had so much decorating stuff, but I don't do all that much here. While we were there they came over the speaker and said ALL trees were $10. Boy, did they create a rush to those. I saw huge trees being loaded on carts. A llady in front of me in the check-out had a 7 1/2 ft. pre-lit tree and it was $10. What a deal.
Otherwise not much new here in la-la land. We will have a busy Jan. as we are having IL's company for 5 days and then Mom for 2 weeks.

Hurray...we got the revised plans for our house and it looks like it might be a go for Spring. Seems like something has always come up to prevent it. I am keeping my fingers crossed. It will be around 1700 sq. ft. with a 24X36 workshop for DH.

Wishing a Happy New Year to all JL's and hello to newbies.

12-29-2005, 08:24 PM
Thank you Cristi! Need all the encouragement I can get :)

I can't imangine shipping medical equipment/supplies Marti - must be a shore and you probably all have to be on your toes how to label things and such. Are you going back to your old building or is it just a Sony building in general?

Hi Sue :)

Feel down because I am losing my grounds person. He was promoted :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: he was like my son. lol the one I never had. Anyway, he will come tomorrow to pick up his check before he heads on out - actually to where I use to live....and takes on his new position. I should get him something.....ugh, he was so fun. Good for him though - blah - blah.

What a HORRID day that is all I way say.

12-29-2005, 08:30 PM
Welcome Mel!

Marti - i am up 5 lbs too.. It really bites to have to move the counter in the opposite direction. No Cokes today...just water and a diet Sprite for lunch. It's killing me!!! Just quitting the coke should help..I hope..good luck on the move--the stress of it may have contributed to your weight gain.

Katy--is the gym you go to Curves or more like Gold's. My daughter and I went to a Gold's several years ago, but I was intimidated because of my size and I was 185 then!! I like the SLim-n-Tone that I go to, it's similar to Curves.

Connie--forget the sticker--get yourself one of those flashing lights...I am glad your Mom is feeling better, it's going to take sometime. Sorry about your DH having to get stitches.

Angie-Happy bday to Monte--hope he has a better time with 40 than I am!!

Jane--at least you had a good time with Neal, how's he doing with retirement?

Susan--yeah for you on the treadmill and the loose skirt!! Hope today gets better for you!

Cristi--good for you taking that picture with Josh--you will always have the memory of that moment-I bet you had a beautiful smile with him beside you..

Sue-Hi and good luck on the new house

12-29-2005, 08:59 PM
Thanks Jules. I just had some horrible chick soup from Quiznos Sub, waste of money. Tasted like sawdust.

It is just super busy at work and I am the only one here - not getting any of my own stuff done.

I did pass on cakes and goodies today! Sister Mary brought boxes of goodies for the residents. I didn't eat any of it though I would have loved a cake to take home.

Back to work.....

12-29-2005, 09:14 PM
Hi ladies!

Em - this is the best place to be especially when you don't feel like being OP - gets you back in the mood, lol.

Susan - wow, I'm proud of you for doing so well on the treadmill. Wish I had one!!! Since I'm just now reading the Sonoma Diet book, I'm not sure of all the differences, but I do know that WW doesn't restrict any foods, and SD does. So sorry you'll be losing your "son". If you want to do something meaningful for him, you could write a note on a card. Neal was so surprised at what nice things co-workers, students and even the custodians wrote to him when he retired. Very touching.

Angie - New Year's Eve will find Neal and I home alone. We're eating in, then watching movies, then we'll make a toast at midnight. I want jelly on mine, lol.

Mel - would you consider putting your name in your signature just until we get used to it? Just a thought. :) I sure hope you and your little one are both feeling better now. Does your pediatrician recommend giving him some Tylenol before the shots? My DGDs doc does, and it seems to help some. Yep, we're all allowed lazy days. Don't ask how many I take a week. :o

Cristi - aww, I'm glad you decided to sit in on the photo with Josh. Who cares if your makeup wasn't just so - the memory of the two of you together is captured forever in those pics. Yep, my Christmas decorations are down. I just couldn't take them any longer, lol. So I now have several non-Christmasy snowmen out on the tables and such, and will leave them until it's time for Valentine's stuff. Before I forget, I need to ask a favor of you. If I send you the money, would you pick up a Wedding Scent candle to bring to Vegas with you for me? (Somebody just mentioned Vegas and that reminded me.) I can't find that scent anywhere around here!

Jules - I think we'll all be trying harder next week to stay OP. My mind is made up that once I get back from Florida, I'll be totally OP again. Neal's retirement is going well so far. He enjoys sleeping in the most, I think.

Hi Marti and Sue.

Yikes, do any of you ever use the Biore pore strips on your nose? I just pulled one off. Love to look at them - sick, sick sick!!!!

I had lunch with Gina today. Not gonna say what I ate. :o But it was de-lish. I'll be so glad when she's officially my daughter-in-law, and her kids are my official DGDs.

Ten days until Disney....

See ya later, :wave:

12-29-2005, 09:44 PM
I think I will do the card and some carrot cake, he loves that. I think he is only 20 or 21 - like a Teddy Bear. I let him go 30 minutes early once because there wasn't a whole lot to do in that time and he smiled and said "you are such an awesome boss." If I didn't have him here to be friendly in the first few months with the ASSistant thing going on I don't think I would have made it.......................I know I am so dramatic - lol

also, no beer this last week!! ok, now I am heading home. Thanks Jane!

12-30-2005, 11:17 AM
Susan--that ASSistant will finally get hers...the thorn in my side that got transferred to another department is in big's year end and there was work that needed to be done that didn't get done (oh my..she was hiding things again) and it turns out she lost her temper and got smart with a customer who complained (sounds familiar to me) and she made lots of entry mistakes that are coming out now(imagine that). The boss directly above her is like the boss that was directly above us and falls for the batting of the eyes and giggles. The boss above him and the woman in charge of the finalizing of everything for year end are both very no nonsense and she got a talking to that made her cry. I have to tell you..even though it's hard to believe myself I told my husband last night that I kind of feel sorry for her. She truly believes when she does wrong that it is not her fault, she hasn't realized that once you are over thirty and aren't as skinny as you used to be--that you actually have to do your own work and there are those out there that judge fairly not based on looks. There were those that thought I was being unfair to her, but now that this has come out they are rethinking and our old boss that defended her over me is in trouble for all the glowing evaluations he gave over my protests (since I was actually her supervisor but he overrode everything and actually did all the evaluations last time without my input because he knew hers would not be so good if I had done it). And your not being dramatic--I have an employee who kept me sane too...Enough said about that..

I'm off to do my Slim-n-Tone workout and then off to the grocery store. (Saying to myself over and over---NO reg coke, No fattening dip for the New Year Eve veggies and definitely NO CHIPS not even the baked ones!) Wish me luck.
Also taking back the Levis and shirts I bought for hubby--all too small--he's ready to go on a diet with me at this point. He turns 46 in Feb and the last few years he's been slowly adding to the yearly winter weight and not losing it in the summer like he used to. He's frustrated that he's at the most he's ever weighed.
Bad news for him, good news for me since he won't be tempting me with goodies and eating out. Less pizza for both of us.

12-30-2005, 11:43 AM
Good Morning Jules. We had this one SM that was all about looks and giggles.She was hard on her assistants and in the end was laid off. The gossip is she slept with her supervisor who also was demoted. She must of thought sleeping with the boss would give her job security - lol. She was my boss for the short 2 months at the other complex ( before this one) and I told her the media would be at one of our neighborhood block parties against crime so she grabbed her make up bag and hair dryer to take with her as she left to help out at the event - lol
Anyway, I think the job place should be fun - I hope it can be here in time. The residents say I seem happier in the last 3 weeks and that I am not at all what they heard - unfriendly & *itchy........wonder where they heard that from??

blah- blah.

I woke up late this morning so no walking. I will try and walk tonight or just be ok with taking a break for one day.Can't beat myself up over it!! Regardless I will start walking at 3 miles a day.

Ate my wheat bread w/ cream cheese this morning. I HAVE to have my bread in the morning. I dip it in the coffee - so does Gaby - lol * that bad?? Hope not.
When I got to the ex's to drop Gaby off he had his beef soup warmed up so I grabbed a cup- it had a wonderful beef broth - tasted so good.I was going to have a tuna salad w/ low fat cottege cheese for lunch and I have an apple & orange for snack.
Someone told me yesterday that banana's aren't good for losing weight??? I never heard that - love my banana's.

better get! 3 day weekend - thank goodness......pad my bills and now I am broke. lol

12-30-2005, 07:05 PM
Hiya ladies, :wave:

I'm going to be tied up tomorrow and the next day, but wanted to pop in and wish you all a ....

:woo: :cheers: :carrot: Happy New Year:carrot: :cheers: :woo:

Take care, and be safe!

12-30-2005, 08:38 PM
Well, I had a busy day. Stopped by post office--got the tax return form already--yuck! Went from there to do my SLim-n-Tone workout then on to the library to return books and stopped by the courthouse. DD's ex is not moving things along with the divorce that he wanted. Got a packet of papers for $10. We fill them out and return them to courthouse and for $155 dollars they will send them to him in PA certified mail. Once he signs or even if he doesn't then there will be a court date set up. With no kids or property involved there should be no problem. From there I went to return DH's pants that were too tight and got the size bigger. While at the mall I spent my Christmas money from my brother. I got myself a new pair of jeans, a new purse(I have a little addiction to them) Q is for Quarry by Sue Grafton was on the bargain book table for $5.99 so I had to buy it from Jane's referral, saw the Sonoma Diet Book there, it actually looks good and something that I could do may go back later when budget allows, last stop was Bath & Body wallflower refills were on sale so I bought some and I got a Serenity fragrance roll on--I love that scent. It's my new daily scent and the Lovely that my DH got me will be for special occasions. It's too expensive to do daily. All $ spent :( on to the grocery store. No coke or chips bought got some lean cuisine and ww for lunch at work and bought lots of veggies. Had fish and salad for dinner tonight.

12-30-2005, 09:58 PM
Allen is doing great after his shots. Last time he ran a fever for 3 days and was miserable. But he's been pretty good. We did give him Tylenol before he went to the doc. He didn't nap today at all! I don't know why! He's still up and it's 8, he goes to bed 730-800 on days that he does take naps!
DH just went out to get a pizza. We got 3 movies for tomorrow night, but we're going to watch one after goes to bed. Probably The 40 Year Old Virgin. Look like it's pretty funny!
So since it's pizza tonight, tomorrow I'll be making chicken or something. If it were up to Mark (DH) We'd have take out tomorrow night too. But he's a stickly little rail of a man who couldn't gain weight to save his life . . . so it has no affect on him!
I took some great pics of Allen and Patriot tonight. (patriot is my dog) They were playing on the floor and Patriot was giving Allen kisses. Then Allen was petting the dog. The best one was when Patriot pushed Allen over with his nose and lay down next to him! AWWWW! I love it!
Ok, pizza is here. Oink oink oink!

12-31-2005, 01:08 PM
Just wanted to check in and say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone! We have our "Christmas" dinner this afternoon with DH's family. Including his ex-wife, her fiancee, and her sisters & families. How do I get myself into these situations??!! His daughters think we should all get alone & be one big happy family. (His ex left him for another guy after 31 years of marriage! A little hard to take sometimes.)

I was supposed to take care of my Chloe this evening but then DD remembered that is was her ex's weekend to have Chloe, so now DH & I will go to some friend's house for a low-key party. It will be fun & relaxing.

Mom is doing better. She was actually "up" to going to the beauty shop this moring. I know that made her feel better.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year!


12-31-2005, 02:25 PM
Good Morning!

Weigh day! Down to 164.5 - I guess the ticker only records in whole pounds. It is 8 1/2 not 9 pounds this week. Maybe there was a lot of retaining of water or all my beer drinking ( I am a lush - haha jk) over the last 2 months but it is super nice to get down again.
I figure I have to lose 6/8 pounds a month to get to my goal weight of 140/145 by April 2006. I think I can!!! Great birthday present to myself.
I walked 3 miles this morning. Gaby was a trooper and watched me for 2 miles and she started getting antsy and asked "are you done yet??" So, had to push on that last mile.
I kept saying to myself "attack!!!!", "attack!!!" wack o, lol

Better get. hmmmm pizza sounds wonderful!

Going to the store to get veggies and V8 to make some stew for the weekend. Probably will have to work tonight and the next 2 days. I got way behind with just myself in the office. Can't wait for my 2 weeks in April - co worker can suffer *evil grin*.


12-31-2005, 04:04 PM
40 Year Old Virgin was HILARIOUS!!! He he he he!!! We liked it!
I'm having one of those God help me I'm so bored! days. I even was drinving around with Allen for the sake of not being in the house. But then I remembered that gas is very expensive, so we came home.
Mark get's done with work at 3 today, and I'm going to take what I call "mommy's time off". That's when I lock myself in the bedroom with a book or a magazine and tell Mark not to disturb me for (whatever pre-set amount of time I desire) unless someone has died or there is blood. I havn't done this in atleast 3 months! He gets downtime everyday after he is done with work. He plays video games or takes a nap or something.
I think I'm going to give myself 2 hours to be alone. Maybe I'll take a bath! Ooooh! With bubbles and candles and soft music! Ah, that sounds nice!
Anybody got big plans for tonight?
We're finishing off the movies we rented yesterday. Woopee. I have yet to celebrate a new years since I turned 21! Last year I was pregnant, and the year before that I surgery on New Years Eve. The year before that I wasn't old enough to do anything! Oh well, it's not as big a deal now as it was years ago. Mark and I don't really drink and we preffer to spend quiet time at home with Allen and Patriot.

12-31-2005, 05:30 PM
Hi ladies and HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!

We are not doing anything special tonight. Did go to the store and get some wine coolers and will have one or two tonight. Not much on drinking and have tried several different champagnes in the past but none I like so passed on that. We are going to watch movies also and the 40-year-old Virgin is one of them. I heard it was funny! We were out and about most of the day, just running around enjoying our time together.

SUSAN~WTG on passing up the goodies! AND...:bravo: to your WI! Woohoo :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: Like I said, you'll be back on track and where you want to be in no time at all. About the tracker...I go to ticker factory because they started showing the 1/2 pound but I feel a little guilty for going outside of 3fc. Maybe they will start it soon and then I will get one from here.

JANE~consider it done! And...DON'T worry about any money, it's not that much and it's no bother at all. don't have to wait until June, I will get one in the mail to you Monday if they are open. If they do like they did at Christmas the PO was closed the Monday after, and I am thinking they will do the same. So expect it next week some time. I almost forgot about your Disney trip. Now when you guys go, will you be doing Disney or just getting Miss Katie settled?

MARTI~if I remember correctly (probably not though) is the Sony buidling closer to where you live or was it just a bigger place and the parking was more convenient or something? I can't remember, it was so long ago that you mentioned it I think. :dunno: Well, try not to overdo it and get stressed. I can only imagine the stress involved in moving ALL that stuff!

MEL~ditto what Jane said about your signature. :) I had to go back and make sure that was your name before I posted! :lol: Of course I have been known to call others by different names! :lol: Melissa, er Michelle. Glad Allen is feeling better. I remember when mine would get their shots, they would get a fever and feel bad for a couple of days. I just felt so bad for them, poor babies. I like your two hours alone time. I do that once in a while. I let DH have the remote and just go in the bedroom and catch up on reading. It's nice to have that quiet time.

And speaking of Melissa, er Michelle...did we lose you in Wal-Mart girly? Hope things are well with you.

JULES~I have to say, I did splurge on some chips for tonight, spicy nacho doritos. :( And...popcorn. It's this new popcorn with marshmallow topping I have been dying to try. For some reason though, I have a feeling it's not going to be as good as I think it will be. Come Monday morning I plan on getting back on track, so just trying not to overdo it.

SUE~hope you and DH have a GREAT New Years Eve dinner! $10.00 trees, eh? I think for $10.00 I probably would have had to have a new one! ;) :lol: Geez, you can't beat that. I am a sucker for Christmas cards and if they are all sale then all the better! I really need to go to AA for address labels, and Christmas cards! :lol: Relly, no kidding! DH and the kids say I have enough to last for the next five years-but ya can't pass on a deal! :lol: Hurray on the plans for the new house! :cp:

CONNIE~glad to hear your mom is feeling better. I think that's great that all the ex's can be civil for the kids-isn't that really what it's all about? The kids?! I like to think so anyway. I've seen too many times where the mom or dad try to pit the kids against one another and that is just sad.

Anyway...Hi to everyone else! :wave:

I've got a couple of other things to get done on the 'puter and then go do some cleaning. Had to break down and buy a new vacuum yesterday. V was vacuuming the lint thing in the dryer and the old one blew up. There was a big POP and something shot out of it where the light was and there was smoke. Scared shot a black thing up out of it and I am glad that his face wasn't close. Anyway, all this talk of putting up the Christmas stuff got me in the mood and that's what I did yesterday. Now the house looks so empty. Anyway...take care ladies and I hope everyone has a safe and HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!

:hat: :woo: :cheers: :newyear: :cheers: :woo: :hat:

12-31-2005, 06:49 PM
Hi girls!

I've only a minute before I'm off w/Jhanai to go town. Just wanted to stop in and wish you all a safe New Year if you're going out!!

It's movies and snacks for us!! (boy, won't my ticker go up after that!)

I will get back on track w/replying to individuals and getting on here more often.

Plus, I'll start the challenge thread tomorrow for anyone who is interested!

Hugs to all!:hug:

12-31-2005, 06:56 PM
Hi to everyone. I have some time to check in, so here I am. :D

Cristi - that's really sweet of you to mail me the candle, but it's too much money for all that!! Please let me reimburse you! About Disney, we'll be leaving next Sunday AM for Indy, to fly out of there. Katie hasn't ever been to Downtown Disney, and there's lots to do there, so that's what we're doing Sunday. Then on Monday AM, she has to check in between 9 and 10 AM. We'll go with her, and stay in a building they have for family. After she signs some forms, they'll assign her the apartment. We'll go with her then to help get her settled in. Then we'll leave, and she'll be attending meetings the rest of the day, and for several days afterward. We won't see her again until her birthday which is March 3rd. She should be able to get some discounts on rooms, meals, and park tickets at that time. We're probably taking her best friend with us that trip. Anyway, it will be very hard to leave her next Monday, but she's so happy and excited, maybe that will make it easier.

I'm not sure which movies we're going to get for tonight. Hope they have some good ones left when we get there! I have to tell you - I wish we had decided to go out after all. I feel like dancing! Guess we can, anyway, lol.

Have fun!

12-31-2005, 06:58 PM
Whoa! See you at weight loss and chit chat # 158....