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07-03-2001, 06:33 AM
Welcome to the Daily Thread for the 20-somethings group. All welcome, new, old and lurkers.

Morning girls!
Sorry to be not posting lately. Work is always pretty busy Fridays, Mondays and Tuesday (so this might have to get cut short).
So, how y'all doing today? It is soooo hot and close in London. :cool: I'm hoping there will be a thunderstorm soon to clear the air.
L-plates (or Learner stickers) are what learner drivers (people yet to pass their driving test) have to display on the front and back of the car they are driving. Basically a white square with a big red letter L on it. You used to have to stick them to the car, now you can get magnetic ones. I think nowadays you can also display P-plates (P for provisional?) for the first year after you pass your test so that other drivers know that you are a new driver.
The reason we make the "hen" wear them on hen nights is because they are obviously sweet young virginal things who are just "learning" all about men... ;)
Lolly - you really want to wear one and have a stripper? that i have to see....ooh, we need to claim our free day at the livingwell health club sometime.

a big hello to everyone. stacey - hope you aren't panicking too much. brenda, jen and others with dog problems, hope they get sorted out soon. i'd def go to dog training classes and ask a trainer's advice. trish - sounds like you're doing really well. kim - are you managing to get more time with BF? belle, ali and the rest of the canucks - hope you had a good day off. becky, lisa, janet, kay, tonya, casey, kierie, sarah, suzanne, shalyne, heather and everyone whose names i can't remember right now - HELLO, come and post.

time for me to work, lots to do before happy hour tonight,
kirsty :devil:

07-03-2001, 09:34 AM
Yesterday was utter madness at work I didnt have a minute to spare and by the time it was over all i did was pass out literally the whole night asleep on the couch and still im a knackered girlie
Id be cream crackered but thats not very WW is it?
This past weekend we had a family reunion and if its Possible I think i ate and drank for England ;)
MentalNote Smirnoff ices should not be consumed at 1 pm on a hot day in the sun trust me
Todays my day off wowoooo so I'm sleeping and working on a proposal I have to work on the 4th of july :mad: but should be done in time for fireworks
before i forget as for the hair removal issue I'm a nair girl all the way
with some shaving to get strays
and for vacations I chose other I like a day of lazing some sight seeing and if theres aqua aerobics at the hotel i'll do that lol

I think i'm off for a nap before I start work on my proposal

Trish O
07-03-2001, 10:26 AM
I hate it when a holiday falls on a Wednesday...then it is like one week is two weeks with a really bad weekend (i.e., the holiday) in the middle. Well, this 4th of July I am going to go to this little parade Peoria does and watch my nieces and nephews drive by in old cars. I am also going to make my dog wear this Uncle Sam hat. She will hate it but look really cute! Then some friends are coming over..I am thinking of putting in Mel Gibson declaring our independence in the DVD.

Any other Americans have any big plans?

On the poll, I voted the beach but I really like all types of vacations. I love to go to new cities or rafting or other...but this summer I am going to the beach in S. Carolina! It will be nice.

Kirsty: have you gotten your contract yet? Oh, and thanks on filling in re the plates. We don't have them here...but you get a permit and have to drive with a licenced driver for a while before you can take the test.

Kierie: Sorry work was so busy. Try to take some time for yourself on your day off and have fun at the fireworks!

Jen: sadie is so so so cute. She rally is big. I forget how big some dogs can be since my dog, Ginger, is a cocker and they really are small. She is like 30lb.

On a very sad animal note, a local VERY NICE pet store here had a very bad fire early in the morning and over 100 animals died. 40 dogs..only 4 were able to be saved. Someone spotted the fire when they were out jogging and called 911 and broke in to start getting the animals out. They got most of the cats out in time. It was really thick smoke and that is what killed most of the animals right away. The puppies were all in teh back of the store where the smoke was the worst. The people EMTs came over and used their equipment to treat the animals and all sorts of vets rushed over. So sad.

Well, I must get back to work. I will try to post at lunch if I can. Have a happy day and I will see you tomorrow for sure as I will be home with no internet police!


Grace, Grace
07-03-2001, 10:26 AM
Hello Ladies, I wasn't able to post yesterday! Bummer! My computer was down:( Anyways Just a quick Hi b/c today is my day I go out for my teen camp. Well I did ok this wknd and lost 2 pds last wk. Thank GOD after that 4pd gain. ANyways I also just realized that I am PMSing so hopefully that has already added on a few pds. Even so I didn't quite hit my July 4th goal of 171. Oh well. Have a good daygirls. I may check in later.

07-03-2001, 10:27 AM
WOW, this thread is slowing down today more than yesterday. There were 27 views when I came in but only 2 posts!!! And 8 posts on the poll!!! HMMMMMM. OK LURKERS..... COME ON OUT, even for a quicky! We would love to have you post!

Nothing new for me. I think Emma is on a growing spirt. Last night she woke up at 12:00 screaming for a bottle.... the night before it was at 10:00. She is growing soooo fast.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

07-03-2001, 10:30 AM
Trish, that is soooo sad. I am a HUGE animal lover. My degree is in animal science (I was pre-vet but dropped it)... and business. My Sadie was about 55-60 in that picture and is now over 70. She was 71 pounds at the vet in March. YIKES. But most of her weight is solid muscle!! She is too strong for her own good.... although this is the same dog that our cat can scare sometimes. The 2 are NUTS!!!!

Janet R
07-03-2001, 10:33 AM
Mornin ladies! Sorry to have been MIA of late. I was off work all last week and I was at home working on the kitchen remodeling! We have all of the cabinets installed. The floors are installed, and as I type my window is being installed. Woohoo! Only thing left after this is the counter top and then a little bit of painting and trim work. I'm soo excited! The counters will probably take a good while however because I decided to get them done professionally.

Weight - Watcher's wise I've been just terrible. :( I did weigh-in on the first and I'm back up to 176 1/2. Haven't done so well for myself, have I? I think I was pretty much off program the entire month and I'm not back on yet. I know that I will get there eventually .

On the poll I picked other. Honestly, my first thought of "holiday" was like Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc... but now that I realize it's "vacation"... My ideal vacation I think would be at one of those all inclusive resort places... beaches, drinks, activities, just the right balance of rest, relaxation, and activity. :) A couple of tropical drinks thrown in for good measure would be nice too. As for historic sights... blech!

I hope to stay caught up now! Cheers.

07-03-2001, 10:37 AM
oops - sorry, i'm being terribly british! holiday over here means vacation to you guys. ;)
no sign of contract yet - it should arrive today/tomorrow but i leave my house before the post arrives so who knows...

07-03-2001, 10:39 AM
Hi there! Yesterday was pretty busy for me too. I went out of town this past weekend and so I was in recovery mode. I had a spa half day on Saturday followed with some shopping and then a wedding shower. I cut my hair just below chin length and I ended up at Ann Taylor again (I don't know HOW that happened :)) and bought the cutest halter dress. I'm writing the purchase off as my treat for making goal. I still want a new purse, but with the potential layoff looming, I'm going to hold off. The shower was so fun! It was for a couple that DH and I are friends with from college. It was nice to see the old gang again. The food was so good, too. It was a bar-B-que theme and they served grilled kabobs with veggies and lean steak. The hosetss also made homemade carsar salad. I think I am maintaining even though I have been eating about 33 points a day. We'll see...at least I have been really good a journaling.

Sarah ~ Your bachlorette sounds like fun. I don't remember mine at all. My friends kidnapped me, made me wear a "task" shirt and I had free drinks all night. I had a good time but was sick as a dog the next day. I also think I fell so I had a huge bruise on my knee. My veil was a pass-down from another friends bachlorette which was special. They added condoms to it for me.:devil:

Jen ~ Cute pic of sadie! What a beautiful dog!

For the poll from yesterday...I shave with the new Venus razor. Works so well for me.

Todays poll ~ I love relaxing on the beach as long as there is beer.

I have to run now. Hi to Kirsty and Kierie and all the lurkers!

07-03-2001, 10:49 AM
Janet ~ The kitchen sounds great. I have a feeling that when me and DH buy a house we're going to get a fixer-upper. We love to do projects like that!

Trish ~ Thats such a sad story! I love animals as well. We'd have a few, but the apartment is so small.

Jen ~ My college had a huge animal science program. My roomie was that major also. I think she is going to go into pharmaceutical sales for animals because she loves working with the vets. 70 pounds! wow. My pup growing up was only 30! Is she a golden retriever?

Kierie ~ I love smirnoff Ice! My roommate when I first moved to Austin worked for the distributer. Austin was a test market so I was glad to help him out with my opionon. I think they are 5 points though, so I don't drink them often. Hope you feel better!


07-03-2001, 10:49 AM
I won't be able to post much since I've got to get things wrapped up for two weeks! :D
Most everything is done and I'm feeling much better today. I can actually eat food! Yes, I'm going to WI and hopefully won't see too much of a gain, but I do want to have something to compare my honeymoon experience to.
I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday...me? I'm cleaning house. YUCK! But, I don't want to come home to a dirty house.
I hope to check in during the next few days.
If not, I'll see everyone July 16th!!
Be thinking of me on 7-7 at 7pm :)

Janet R
07-03-2001, 11:00 AM

Just wanted to pop back in and wish you all the best on your wedding day! :angel: Didn't want to miss you incase you didn't check in before then. Also want to wish you a great time on your honeymoon! :devil:

Warmest wishes!

07-03-2001, 11:03 AM
Kay... YUP, Sadie is a purebred Golden Retriever. She is a dark gold and just beautiful. However, as her adult fur has been coming in she has lightened up some. Her mother was very dark red and her father was light gold.... Sadie is a mix between the 2 colors. It is harder to find the darker colored ones, so we got her. She had a sister also for sale that was much lighter. Oh and her pedigree has 9 hunting championships. Hubby would like to train her to hunt, but it is a lot of work.

07-03-2001, 11:05 AM
Here is a pic of our crazy cat Jazz that chases a 70 pound dog around the house! The 2 of them together are pure CRAZY!!! I love my animals!!

07-03-2001, 11:14 AM
Yuck, the long weekend was too short!! I had a pretty good one, went camping on Friday night and it was pretty good weather. Stayed until Sunday, went home and went to visit my dad and mom (separately) with b/f. Then yesterday, not so eventful, cleaned b/fs house for his mom and sister's arrival, drove to Banff to get his sister (I drove standard and he was very antsy and made me very nervous...it was no good, won't do that again). then I just cooked them dinner and went home.

And then...ex b/f phoned...the call started very nice, about life andstuff, and then it turned to how much he resented me for breaking up, how it was my fault, I didn't give him a chance (8 years is not a chance) to marry me, etc, and how we can make me happier than present b/f can etc etc. I was yelling at him so loud my neighbours surely heard...it was like when we were dating. I kept saying, case in point buddy, this is why we don't get along!! Only he has ever brought that out in me, I have never ever with anyone else, got that angry that I just scream. then the worst part is that I keep saying - I am hanging up and he keeps talking and I say good bye and he keeps it up - so I had to hang up on him. He did that when we were dating too - ARGH!! GOD I was insanely mad. then I couldn't fall asleep b/c I was up too late with him getting frustrated. CASE IN POINT!! We are SO NOT MEANT for eachother....god.

Okay, this was all aboutme, but I must go....meeting calling.

Canucks - hope your Canada day was good (b/f and I were too lazy to walk across the street to see the fireworks...)


07-03-2001, 11:20 AM
Stacey - enjoy your big day! Have a fantastic honeymoon and we'll see you when you get back.

07-03-2001, 11:39 AM
We had tons of Tapas for dinner last night and I have no idea how many points I had. There were 7 of us at dinner and we tried 17 different Tapas. Tapas are Spanish dishes, litterally means small plates. the food was excellent and we had a great time. I did split a dessert with DH which was a bad decision but oh well. I am moving on with it already. I weighed at home this morning and was at 167 (165 on WWscale). I am hoping to get back to 162 at WI on Sat am.

Where is everyone? It looks like another slow day here so far. I am in Annapolis today. I am really hoping that they will close the office early today since tomorrow is a holiday but I kind of doubt it. Does anyone get to leave early today?

Poll - I love cruises! They are so relaxing :) I love to lay in the sun and have someone bring me fruity frozen drinks. I like that there is always something to do and yummy food to eat. I also like lounging around at home but I am not very good at it.

Kirsty - I am sure that you are looking forward to your cruise in a few months. Thanks for explaining L plates.

Trish - what a sad story about the dogs!!!

Kierie - sounds like a relaxing day for you.

Becky - Woohoo on the loss!

Stacey - Best of luck on your wedding day. I am so excited for you. I am sure that everything will be wonderful and I can't wait to hear all about it when you come back!!!

Janet - I am jealous about your kitchen. I want to tredo our kitchen eventhough it doesn't lok that bad,. I wouldlike new cabinets and to add another counter/cabinet as well. That will have to come later b/c we are going to put floors in the living and dining rooms first. It's always something. Don't let the bad eating get you down. you can get back into WW.

Kay - I can't wait to see a picture of your new hair cut! The dress from Ann Taylor sounds great. I think you definitely deserve a treat for making goal. :D I want a treatg when I make lifetime (hopefully) in 3 weeks.

Ok, better get going. See you in a while.


Trish O
07-03-2001, 12:15 PM
Boy, it seems like just yesterday you got engaged! Have a great day and honeymoon.


Brenda N
07-03-2001, 12:37 PM
I picked cruising. Thereís nothing like being serced alcohol and being sprayed with wahter while laying by the pool in the middle of the ocean!

I actually counted my points yesterday! Can you believe it? :lol: I was over but at least I wrote them down. Woohoo for me!

Well, I think itís safe to celebrate! As of July 1st Iím a Unit Leader with PartyLite! This means I have at least 6 people on my team and basically doubled my income, I get free holiday product, all kinds of other perks and Iím in the contest for our National Conference the end of July. Iím going to be onstage in front of 10-12K people! I will get to draw an envelope for anywhere from $200-$1000, and Iím in a drawing for a 2001 Ford Windstar? minivan :D My luck has been really good the last few months and I feel as confident about winning the minivan as I did about winning the last contest I was in that I won. I canít believe the incredible things that are happening due to the positive influence of both WW & PL.

Do you ever wonder if you are ever going to be successful? I was really into theatre growing up and all my parents would ever tell me is that I couldnít make a living in theatre. Yes, I know they thought they were doing what was best for me by telling me that because thatís not the most Ďsensibleí of careers. I wonder though, how much of an effect it had on other things in my life. When someone keeps telling you you canít do something itís bound to drag you down and hold you back. I canít blame my parents for it either, they didnít know any better. For the first time in my life I really feel like I will be successful. DH mentioned it the other night and he feels the same way. We are going to be able to make our dreams come true by our own doing. Wow. My message is this: find something in your life that you can be truly proud of. It could be your job, WW, your kids etc. Any one of us can be incredibly successful in a variety of ways, but you have to believe in yourself and keep going no matter what the obstacle! What are your success stories?

KO: Iím a big Smirnoff Ice fan too. They are just too yummy. Thatís what I plan on drinking tomorrow. If they are really 5 points a piece I wonder how much exercise I'm going to have to get tomorrow :eek:?

Jen: Sadie is so cute!!!

Trish: You story makes me very sad :cry: Iím sitting here trying not to think about what those poor animals went through. Didnít work, now Iím in tears. Especially having a dog now, pet stories like that really get to me.

Stacey: Good luck and have fun *hugs*

Kay: Congrats on the new dress.

Hey Belle, Sara and everyone else I missed. Come out come out wherever you are!

07-03-2001, 12:39 PM
sarah - do you know the big shopping centre/mall in annapolis? i've been there. ok, that's all i have to say. :D just thought i'd share that with you.

07-03-2001, 12:44 PM
OKAy, lets try again...pic was too big...if it doesn't work, forgive me.

07-03-2001, 12:48 PM
I don't know how to make digital pics smaller...oh well, here is me at the campfire sans make up.

I hope you can see this one better, the one of me and b/f was dark.

07-03-2001, 12:52 PM
i'm in the middle of my proposal but I just wanted to say
CONGRATS STACEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WooooooHooooo
ok back to the grindstone

07-03-2001, 12:53 PM
Had to attache this one, I look huge headed with b/f behind me drinking...

07-03-2001, 12:57 PM
cool piccies belle!

07-03-2001, 02:31 PM
I would be so upset about the poor dogs. I'm sad just thinking about it now. I get upset whenever I hear about animals getting hurt. They're so defenseless and can't fend or protect themselves. I hope it was quick.

Stacey: Happy wedding! We want to see a picture when you get back from your honeymoon! Have a great time!

Yay, Brenda, on the PartyLite stuff! Good for you!

Well, I've been counting points and staying OP and my scale has not budged. If it doesn't by tomorrow, I'm going to be blue. :( I need more exercise! I'm going to do a ton tonight.

Fourth of July plans? I'm with you, Trish, in the middle of the week is bad. You can't really relax because you know work is tomorrow, you can't get blitzed because you have to work tomorrow, etc., etc., etc. I have no plans, because no one seems to be doing anything fun. BUT, my b/f is actually off so we can spend the day together. We can see the fireworks from my apartment without having to go anywhere, so that's cool, too. I thought about inviting a few people over ó I did that 2 years ago ó but I really didn't feel like cleaning. Isn't that sad?

Well, I'm going to grab lunch. Just had my first Spanish class today, which was fun, but now I'm hungry!

Hasta luego!

07-03-2001, 02:44 PM
Good afternoon all!!

Have a wonderful weekend Stacy!! We will be thinking of you!! :)

Trish ~ Terrible news about the pet store. It is always very sad when animals get hurt.

Belle ~ Love your pics! You looked nice and cozy!

Brenda ~ I am so proud of you for journalling, and making Unit Manager!! You should be very proud of yourself! You have really worked hard! :)

Hi Sarah!!!

Jen ~ Love your dog pic! My best friend in elementary school had a golden retriever (super nice dog) and her name was Tonya. Go figure! :)

Kay ~ Your hair sounds fab! Post a pic! Good for you buying the dress, you deserve it! :)

Janet ~ You sound so busy!! Don't forget about us!! :)

Hi Becky, Kirsty and Kierie!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I just need to make it a few more hours than I have a day off!!! I am contemplating taking Thurs and Fri off, it would be nice to have off til Monday, but I need to wait and see if my boss is scheduling a meeting for Thurs. We'll see.....

Tonight DH and I are taking the kids to see the fireworks, and out for pizza before. I already promised myself I would be good. I am being very good journalling today. I bought a veggie wrap for lunch, and only ate 1/2 of it, since it had cheese and cream cheese on it. I am only going to eat 1 slice of pizza tonight too. If I can accomplish this, this will be a big kudos to me, pizza is definately my downfall! :?:

I am in the process of buying a treadmill for home. I have always belonged to the gym on campus, but it is really hard for me to get there at night, my kids (and DH) just don't want me to leave at night, and I don't blame them, I work all day, make dinner, then leave...I don't like to do that. So, I thought a treadmill would be great, I can put it downstairs in our family room, watch the kids play with their toys, and even talk to DH down there.

No big plans for tomorrow, take the kids for a walk, do some things around the house, and then off to a cookout at my parents across town.

Better look busy! Check in later.....

Janet R
07-03-2001, 03:25 PM
Woo hoo! I'm so excited, my new window is in! :D I'm doing a happy dance (hey! that might burn a few calories!)

Belle~ Cute pictures!

Trish~ The story about the pet store is just too sad. :( We don't have any plans for the 4th. I'd love to have some friends over, but our good friends live too far away for a mid-week holiday, and our friends that are close by have other friends and family to keep them occupied so... we'll just stay home and putter around the house. I want to take Benjamin for a new pair of shoes anyway! LOL

Jen~ Ben woke up nightly screaming for his bottles until after he was a year old. At that point, I said "enough is enough" and I broke him of the midnight snacking habit! I just couldn't take the non-continuous sleep anymore!

Kay~ The co-ed wedding shower sounds like a lot of fun, and the food sounded great! Glad you bought a new outfit. :)

Brenda~ Congratulations on your recent successes! My mom is very much a downer when it comes to things I want to do. Everytime I say I'm going to do something the first words out of her mouth are "you can't do that!" From putting myself thru college, to having a baby ($ was the issue there), to going back to grad school, to taking the CPA exam, to buying our house, to remodeling our kitchen... those have always been her first words. I've proven her wrong every time, but honestly those words still serve to plant a little seed of doubt that erodes my confidence just a little bit more... Some things I've been proud of that my mother has insisted I was incapable of: 1. paying my own way thru college and graduating with high honors. 2. putting myself thru grad school and graduating with a 4.0. 3. Taking the CPA exam and scoring in the top 100 nationally and 3rd in my state. 4. assembling and installing 16 cabinets in my kitchen, as well as ripping down a mess of ceramic tile and repairing and patching the walls! 5. Moving accross the country twice and managing to thrive & survive both times! So yes, life is what you make of it, and you can't succeed if you don't try! I hope you win that Windstar! (and you'll need to have some kiddos to fill it up! LOL)

Tonya~ You sound like you are doing fabulously! I think getting the treadmill is a great idea. I used to have one until my FIL "stored" it for us when we moved. Since then he hasn't given it up for me to take back! Grrr. And, unlike computers, the price of treadmills seems to have skyrocketed lately!

Ok, I only have a couple of hours left in the day before Dh and DS get home.. better get something accomplished!

07-03-2001, 03:36 PM
Tonya... I got a treadmill for Christmas from hubby. I LOVE IT, although lately I walk outdoors instead. I haven't used it in maybe a month. But during the cold times, I love it. You can hook mine to the internet to get more programs, but I haven't tried that.. it also lets you walk against others... like a race or something, haven't tried that either! HAVE FUN!!!

I am off tomorrow, then work Thursday, but only 1/2 a day on Friday. CAN'T WAIT!

07-03-2001, 03:56 PM
Hey bren! Congrats!! That's super cool!
Well, still wrapping things up. At least this time I don't feel guilty about leaving for vacation. :)

07-03-2001, 04:11 PM
BRENDA... I forgot to say.... CONGRATULATIONS Can we get a discount since we know you??? tee heeee:lol:

07-03-2001, 05:20 PM
I am leaving pretty soon. Since I am in Annapolis I am afraid I may hit some bad traffic on my way home due to people leaving town on vacation.

Am at 7 points for the day and we are having apretty healthy dinner or shish kabob with veggies and chicken, salad and ??. We may go play minature golf afterwards. I hope to end the day at 20 points plus earn my usual 5-6 exercise points at the gym. I'm still a little nervous about mexican food tomorrow night.

Brenda - congratulations on your big promotion!! That is so great! You go!

Janet - You should be so proud of yourself for all of those accomplishments. I am in awe!!

Tonya - A treadmill at home is a great idea. I loaned mine to a friend since I go to a gym now but I may need it back after we have kids.

Kim - Enjoy your day with b/f.

Belle - Cute pics. Look like fun! Sorry ex-bf called, what a loser!

Have a great holiday to all of those who are off. I'll be back on Thursday!!!


Trish O
07-03-2001, 06:02 PM
Dont have much time but must say

CONGRATULATIONS BRENDA!!!!!!!!! I am doing th ehappy dance in my chair for you!!!! I knwo you ahve worked so long and hard for this. One huge step to your final goal!!! I am so proud of you!

Ok, hello to eveyrone else. Cute pictures Jen and Belle. Must get back to work. Big project and I want to be done by 5 so that I can get out of here.


07-03-2001, 06:20 PM
Hey, Jen, I just looked at the picture of Sadie ... she's so cute! I love golden retrievers. I always thought I'd get one, or a chocolate lab, but then I went to the SPCA and fell in love with my Toby, the husky/shepherd/maybe a little beagle mix. Stella, my younger dog, is some kind of retriever mix, and she's red. She's an SPCA special, too!

07-03-2001, 06:35 PM
Kim... My first dog was a humane society adoptee... she was a beagle/blue healer mix (very hyper). But hubby and I wanted to make sure we got a docile breed since we were having kids, and decided on purebred. My cat Jazz, however, was adopted from the humane society. The second I held her, I instantly fell in love (and I'm not an indoor cat person). She isn't as cuddly as that first day, but she is affectionate. She likes to snuggle at night, but because of hubby she sleeps on my feet (literally... I have kicked her off the bed many times). Oh I love animals. We want another dog very badly, but in our current house/yard that is not possible, especially with having kids now.