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12-17-2005, 08:36 PM
:welcome: to the Jaded Ladies site. :wave:

We're a friendly group that provides support in our weight loss journey, and we also share the ups and downs of our daily lives. Please pull up a chair and join us.:cofdate:

12-17-2005, 08:41 PM
Jane, how did Neal's last day go?


12-18-2005, 09:49 AM
EM- Thanks for sharing your birth pix - I think water birth is very cool, and you did such a great job. Your DH looks like he was a wonderful coach. As I mentioned before, My DS was 10 lb; had he been smaller, I would have gone for that. My friends that have had natural births all say "No biggie" when the babies are 6-7 lb range or are their second go-round. Well, the stories change when the babies start popping out 9 lbs and over! About the boobage; I also had a rather revealing photo taken of me nursing my DD right after she was ended up being shown at a party with all the other photos; which were more demure, I must say. How'd that sneak in there, lol!

Marti - thank you for the card! Hope all your shopping is going well. Does your family have some plans for Jhanai's winter break?

Susan - went to Alpenrose yesterday and we absolutely FROZE. Cannot believe how cold it is....we aren't supposed to get this cold. Had to shed a little tear, my son told me he was "too old" to get a picture with Santa...waaah

Pop-ups - grrrr I have a pop-up blocker, too, but a few of them are getting through since the upgrade. My pop-up blocker is through microsoft, so maybe if I download the current windows update, things will improve. Other than that, I know google also has a pop-up blocker you can download from its website, for anyone who is interested.

Well, our last bit of wiring was finished yesterday, so we have an inspection scheduled for Monday morning, then we can insulate! As mentioned, Portland is very cold right now - much colder than we are used to (such a sissy here) and we are very drafty due to the fact that one third of our house is down to concrete and studs. Brrr. Hopefully some insulation will improve things.

Took the kids the see Santa - Jame is "too old" at the tender age of 9 for all this Santa nonsense. My DD Leigh freezes every time she gets near the guy - I think he freaks her out. ME: "OK folks, time's a wasting - let's get the photo and get out of here - chop chop" We're pretty much Christmas washouts. I am looking forward to our church's candlelights service on Christmas I'm not a total loser.

da fat n da furious
12-18-2005, 01:31 PM
omg Susan,,,I blew coffee out of my nose laughing at you,,,we are going to crash? Thank goodness the coffee was more cold than hot.
ITs cold over here today too...don't like it...grrr IF I had my way I won't be leaving this house today. But I have a root exactly 3 hours...feel like Im going to be sick. Im already starting to feel border line stressed...ok Im passed the border.
We had my brother and SIL over last night,,,that was nice,,we had nibblies..ate lots of cauliflower,,,and fat free dip. Shrimp and a couple of sausage puffs. Should of stuck to water,,,instead I chugged cranberry juice.
well I should get going,,,
Im too stressed to think right now.

12-18-2005, 01:31 PM
Thanks Katy :) You know, both of my girls were 9.6 and 9.7 and I dont think that was the hardest part, the difference between 19" and 22" = AGONY! I pushed for five minutes with #2, and let me tell you - it is a pain I hope I never feel again. *shudders in memory*
LOL about Christmas. Today I am taking the girls to Christmas Story Book Land in Albany, Oregon. It will be nice to get out of the house!

Have a great OP day gals :)

12-18-2005, 01:51 PM
Oh, my gawd lips are so chapped!! I hate this brrrrrrr weather!!!!

Did I say I am going to get 2 dwarf frogs and name one Napoleon and one Kip?? That'll make my Christmas.

Going to head to SE and go to Wal Mart. Why do we not have any Wal Mart on this side of town Katy???? Did you notice the highway over by the mall yesterday?? You couldn't even get on the on going ramp. Lovely looking Santa over at the Beaverton Mall - I think they renamed it now -same place though. It is too cold to get pictures........everyones lips are

I have done NO shopping and refuse to do so. We can catch the sales afterwards - as long as I have my vacuum.

I did go to Ross and picked up a 8.99 8x10 picture frame for Gabys picture to her father. I kept saying it was for her daddy and she thinks I mean Papa Doug - what a confused child - lol

I mean to look at your photos on my work computer EM - this MAC doesn't let me do anything and if I try it takes forever.....and I don't have patience to wait. :)

I bet you look awesome with coffee coming out of your nose Angie :) Can't wait for Vegas and we can go for morning coffee!!

better get!

12-18-2005, 02:56 PM
Hiya ladies,

For those who asked, Neal's last day was bittersweet. I helped him packed up what little stuff was left in his office. After we took it to the truck, we went back inside, and he had a last look around the his office of 32 years, then turned off the light. We walked out together, hand in hand. He gave me a short smooch outside on the sidewalk, and neither of us said much. Then we had lunch at Applebee's with one of the gift certificate's he got at his retirement party. I think the thing he's going to like best about retirement is sleeping in. :)

I'm so sorry I don't know who said what on the other thread. Bad Ma Jane!!

Angie - how'd the root canal go? I've had 2 of them, and didn't think they were as bad as rumored. The thing that hurt the worst of all is when they stretch that black rubber thing around the tooth. :yikes:

Em - at least I'm remembering to tell you that I didn't think you ate the afterbirth. You and my Mary would have lots to talk about. She is homebound with 3 kids 3 and under.

Katy - I'm so glad Leigh still believes. Some of the magic is gone when the kids don't. Until you get grandkids. :D

Susan - you aren't planning to have frog legs for Christmas dinner are you??

Marti - where are you?

Cristi - have you been having a good time with your soldier? I bet you're spoiling him - I know I would!! When does he go back. And did he find out where yet?

We got our neighbors mail in my box yesterday and don't know where ours went. :( Hopefully, it will turn up tomorrow.

Have a good Sunday, ladies!

12-18-2005, 02:56 PM
Hope you have a special day planned!!! My Mom's b-day is the 21st too.
:hb: :woo: :balloons:

All else...hope you have happy & safe holidays
:shocksn: :hohoho: :coolsnow: :ginger: :ginger: :tree:

:xcheer: to all....

12-18-2005, 06:35 PM
Hi Group just picked up my daughter from the train station, just in time too the icy rain has started, its looking like a winter wonderland......stopped for lunch and went to safeway everybody in town thought of shopping too, just in case we are stranded for the next couple of days......the washougal river has lots of ice and I saw on the banks of the columbia looking frozen icebergs yet...........did you all hear the wind last night.
My son just turned 18 friday.......oh they grow up to fast.
Take care Michelle

da fat n da furious
12-18-2005, 11:26 PM
I lived!
I kept telling Monte I didn't need the atavan all yesterday and this morning but as I was leaving I broke down crying...he went into Walmart and got the priscription filled. I took it, under the tongue. An hour later,,,I was cool as a cucumber...the only thing I squacked at was the disenfecting the tooth. I got soem on my tongue and it made me gag..tasted like bleach. I had my walkman with me,,had Il Divo on loud. We stopped for dinner...brought it home..I took a pain reliever and crashed for 3 hours. Im so thirsty...

Jane,,,Now ya see I would of been sniffling the whole time walking away,,,just the bittersweet. Im glad Neal has found something to look forward to,,,sleeping is good.
Jules,,,must be so nice to have your daughter long does she get to stay? And Happy belated 18th birthday to your son. What is the drinking age in your area?
Gee Susan,,,from that coment I just don't trust you..I can see you stroring up all your one liners just as I take a sip..Zing Id end up having to get my nose grafted with skin taken from my butt since I have 3 degree burns in the nasal passage from laughing so hard I choked on my coffee...see what can happen uh? I bought Tanner some Neopolitan chap stick for his stocking. He once called me at work asking me to bring his chap lips hurt real bad...he does the imiatation well. I had no clue other then I was getting ticked that he was calling me at work over chapped lips. Later I figured it out...duh
Em what is it that your going? Sounds fun...
Both boys were over 9 lbs each and early,,Brandon was 24 inches long,,,longest baby this nurse had ever seen,,,she measured him twice and made another nurse measure him. He was long and skinny only early by 3 days. Tanner was short and chubby. only "18. He was 9.3 lbs,,1 month early. I gave birth standing in the bathroom. With Monte on one side and a MW below, and another nurse ready to get what was needed.
I could never have had home birth, because of complications each time. Tanner's birth I went into shock,,not sure from drinking the orange juice,,,or the aggressive birth or loss of blood. I went into convulsions,,,woke about 6 hours later.
well I am feeling a bit sleepy...atavan still in my system.
night all

12-18-2005, 11:59 PM
Don't worry Angie I am not going to waste Starbucks coffee by telling one liners - only for you to blow it out your nose!!! I just wanted to go to Starbucks in Vegas and chat over morning coffee, very innocent *she says with an evil grin*.

UGH.......I am spending the night at the exs!! **** on earth - lol. Actually it isn't too bad. I am headed for bed now. Ex is on couch, Beck is eating/watching tv in the kitchen. Rach is asleep and Gaby is a sleep - it isn't even 8 pm. I am going to sleep with Gaby in Beck's room. Might take the bus if it is too icy. 62 minutes to get to work.....ugh!!

Going to bed zzzZZZZzzzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZzzzzzzZZzz

12-19-2005, 09:57 AM
Susan- hope you can drive in looked better than I expected when I woke up this morning. I think when the sun comes out whatever ice is left should melt. I am NOT going to the gym, too slick and the class is probably canceled anyway. But I might keep Leigh's speech path at 10:15 - could be ok to drive then.

Angie - get some rest - hope you get to feeling better very soon. No more coffee snorting for you

Michelle - Happy birthday to your son, he made it to 18! That's a milestone for both parent and child. Did you have a party?

Jane - sounds like a good day, albeit bittersweet. I chuckled at your comment about grandkids. When Leigh ws born, I knew she would be our last, and I actually thought - Ok, now onto grandkids! I guess it pays to get ready ahead of time,lol!

I managed to get into the Village to shop yesterday. Bought Leigh a beautiful fairy princess costume with a hat, then threw in a fancy wand for a stocking stuffer. Got her some pez to round out the stocking. One kid down, one to go. For my son I need to get to the art supply store. He's really into creating comics, so our plan is to buy him a portfolio and some good supplies to encourage him. Once I get him taken care of, I think my shopping should be just about done. Need to get a little something for the DH. We agreed to forego big gifts and get an annual family membership to our community center. I thought that would be a great gift we can all enjoy and promote the family health. Just can't wrap it and put it under the tree.

Have a great day everyone!

12-19-2005, 11:26 AM
Good Morning Katy

Yes, I drove in this morning - no problem.I never slept at the ex's- Rebecca is impossible. She wants the heater on so she can't hear me breathe and she was mean to Gaby by saying "don't kick me" and "take her to Rachel's room".

So, around 1am I was exhausted and went home - lol The roads were fine and I was behind a sanding truck. Woke up at 5 am and watched tv for a while , got to work at 7am.

Grabbed a cup of coffee at Starbucks and a sandwish at McDonalds and now I better get to work!!

Chat later :)

12-19-2005, 01:47 PM
Just dropping by with a quick hi-HI ladies! :hohoho:

Have a good one! :rudolph:

12-19-2005, 04:50 PM
Hi to everyone! Thanks for all the Christmas cards and birthday cards, they are all appreciated.:thanks:
Been pretty miserable for the past few days. I came down with food poisoning - that will teach me for eating out!! My medical book says it only last for 24 hrs. but I beg to differ. Either the flu hit at the same time or I really had a gut-renching siege going on! I'm so worn out that I didn't even go to work today. I still feel yucky but I have to go in tomorrow. So I'm trying to use the time productively and getting all the wrapping done.

We won't be having our get-together with DH's family until New Years so that gives me a little more time if I need it.

Our high today is 6 degrees. Even though it's sunny, it's cold!:coolsnow:

Jane: Congrats to Neal!! Enjoy!:cheers:

Not much to say, just wanted to whine a little.

Connie :candy:

12-19-2005, 05:00 PM
Back again ladies...still don't have much time to post though...just another quickie to thank Susan :thanks: for the card and picture of cute lil miss Gaby! She's so cute and getting so big! Also, MINDEE, if you are out there lurking thanks a bunch for the card! :thanks: Hope all is well with you and yours and you are enjoying that new baby! Miss ya here! :hug: Will try to post more tomorrow or at least Wednesday...busy, busy, busy! Take care all :hohoho: :clause:

12-19-2005, 11:56 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - hope you're feeling better today, without much mouth pain. Jeez, ya gotta wonder just how big Tanner would've been if he hadn't been early!!

Katy -I think it's such a cool idea for you and DH to get the family membership to the community center as an alternative to other gifts. I love buying things for stockings! I got Katie some nail polish, emery boards, toe socks, and lip smackers for hers.

Michelle - glad you got your DD home before the icy started. Stay safe, ok?

Connie - sorry to hear about the food poisoning. Hope you're better now.

Jules - hope your day is going well.
Cristi - hiya. You're a busy gal today!

A big thank you to Susan, Marti and Mindee for the cards. And Susan, the picture of Gaby is so precious!

Same ol', same ol' today. Cleaning and laundry. I just can't believe it's so close to Christmas, can you?

Gotta run,

da fat n da furious
12-20-2005, 01:05 AM
Good evening ladies,
Connie, that is yucky eh...drink your fluids...and wash down as much things as you can,,,contageous.
Katy,,,like Jane said,,,that is such a good gives the whole year.
Cristi,,,hi ya! Catch your breath
Susan,,,good to know you won't be doing the one liners...grrr specially if its them latta,,,those are expensive. I sleep with Monte and Skittles and well sometimes the both of them just keep my up half the night,,,and funny thing is Monte says I never wake him. I think I toss and turn alot when I sleep.
Jane,,,like you not much happening,,,cleaning.
Mouth is sore but not bad..
Have to say Im pretty happy I didn't wig out at the dentist office. I do love my dentist. Of course can't say the same at the pharmacy,,,crying while standing inline for my pathetic. Then I had to go back for pain relievers. The guy was cool,,,of course he would remember me so he asked how things went,,,since I was more or less stoned I said I was really good. And here I was thinking all the way to the office I should take two,,even though it said take one,,,I was thinking since Im a big girl I should have logic when in panic mode must say. Now I think if I had taken that second one I would of been hard to get back home,,,and probably would of been drooling,,,nothing to do with the freezing. Could just picture it now,,,neighbours of course are outside when we pull up and Monte is trying to get me in the house,,,neighbours would think,,,*poor guy so sweet and stuck with that drunk...tsk tsk tsk... See Im finding humour in my experience.
Will be a couple of months before I can get myself in there for the crown. Took me seven yrs to do this...
we have a potluck lunch tomorrow...Im bringing a hot nibbly thing. and a secret santa gift.
Well off to bed I go,,,night all

12-20-2005, 02:03 PM
:xcheer: :wreath: :hohoho:Hello ladies :hohoho: :wreath: :xcheer:

Wassssuuuuup?! Everyone seems to be busy, busy, busy! But then it is only 5 days till Christmas...still have a couple of little things to get which I will pick up tomorrow when I do my grocery shopping and I am done. I year I will not procrastinate. Through out the year I saw stuff and thought it would be a great Christmas gift for so and so and then thought, nah, it's too early to think about Christmas! NOT! It's never too early! But...the problem I have is...the kids shopping for themselves and buying what they want through the year and come Christmas they don't need or want anything. So what do ya get? Hmmmm... :chin: oh, it was so much easier when they were young. Anywho...:candy:

Did I mention all the snow we got?! :yikes: Not really sure how much, but too much! I think it is around 4 inches, or so it seems. The streets are still a little bit icy in spots, the side streets that is. But the main streets are clear. Supposed to be in the 50's by the end of the weeks so it will be gone soon.

JANE~I think it was you who asked...Josh goes back to Fort Benning, GA-January 2nd. Then he will come home for a week or two, think it is just one, and we are not sure where he is off to then. They've changed his orders 3 times so who knows. I'm hoping it is still Fort Riley so he will be closer to home. :crossed:

ANGIE~hope you are feeling better today! I too dread going to the dentist but have put it off way too long. So come January I am headed there. Geez, you had some big babies, yikes! My biggest was 8 lbs. 15 oz. which was Josh. To me they were tiny but everyone thought they were all big. I have two friends who had 10 pounders! Pam is this tiny thing that weighed 110 if that and gained almost 70lbs.! She was huge and looked like she was having triplets, or more! Just one big little boy and she lost every pound right after having him. I couldn't imagine...

CONNIE~sure hope you get to feeling better. :hug: Here I've been complaining about our cold weather and your is 6 degrees! :yikes: We are supposed to warm up today to a whopping 32! So hopefully some more of this snow will melt. Poor little Ernie dog has had a time going potty-he's so small the snow just about covers him. Too cute though and he loves playing in the snow!

SUSAN~again thank you for the card and pic of Gaby. So are you and Rocky on again or are you guys just staying friends? Can't remember or keep up sometimes.

KATY~I agree with the others in that that is a great gift for the family! It's a gift that keeps on giving and keeps the family together and healthy, what more could you ask for?!

MICHELLE~Happy Belated Birthday to your son! :hb: And yes, they do grow up too fast. Seems like yesterday the kids were little and now they have grown into fine young adults. Sometimes I think about it and it makes me feel old but for the most part I forget that I am 46 years young! :D When my parents were that age I thought they were ancient but I think 46 today is a whole lot different and I don't feel that age whatever it is supposed to feel like.

Hi to everyone else :clause: :tree: :hohoho:

Today is a slow day for me. Had to run a couple of errands this morning and now just need to catch up on laundry, do a little dusting and vacuum! V and I are headed out to see more lights tonight after dinner. Last week we went to see a couple of displays. The one we were going to wasn't on until Thursday so we went to the other two. One was really nice...they had the whole park done and you drive through the park. This is the one we went to years ago but decided to see it again since we were over that way. So we were driving through the neighborhoods also and the one the whole block lined their yards in white lights and most did some white lights on their houses, some did color lights but it was awesome! I took pics and am hoping they turn out. I thought it was great that the neighborhood got together to do that. Our block is a dudley block. I hope I never quit putting up lights! Anyway, the newspaper had some blocks & houses listed that are supposed to be nice so we are going to check them out. Then drive by the church to see their display and donate some can goods.

Take care ladies and I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

12-20-2005, 03:48 PM
Hi Ladies!!

My computer has been occupied by my hubby, and the programs that he's been playing with has slowed the computer down quite a bit. I haven't been able to get online for a couple days.

It's been really busy for me around here, I can't believe this weekend is Christmas! And to think I'm doing last minute shopping!! Oh the headaches!

Sorry that this has to be short. James says that he should be finished w/the computer soon and I can get on here faster and more often. So just know that I haven't disappeared, just taking turns!

Hugs to all!

12-20-2005, 05:17 PM
Back again for just a few minutes...

MARTI~was wondering where you were off to missy! Totally understand sharing the computer. Since Josh has been home we are back to scheduling our time! :lol: It's something he really missed while being away. Thanks goodness V hardly gets on and Jason has his own. Try not to get too stressed from everything and remember to breathe...:hug:

Anyway...the reason I am back I wanted to share this with you ladies, just received it in the mail from a local church.



9 trips to the mall
6 dozen cookies to bake
2 school Christmas programs to attend
47 gifts to wrap
2 office parties
65 cards to write
1 house to decorate
1 checkbook to balance

Quickly combine as many ingredients as possible. Shake well. Stress and hassle to taste.

Just thought it was cute. :rudolph: Hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays and not getting stressed! :snowglo: :xcheer: :ginger:

da fat n da furious
12-20-2005, 06:02 PM
Cristi,,,oh so true...well not the christmas school concerts. Tanner missed his due to his rehearsals.
O buy year round..small lil things and then figure out what goes to whom. So much easier. I put some music on,,,burn a christmas candle and enjoy.
Marti your James sounds like my Tanner,,,he took over the computer and wouldn't let me back on...had to threaten grounding. guess you can't do that with
I normally eat a light lunch...cup of noodle soup...but today we had our office potluck and did I ever enjoy it. Mostly veggies with low cal dressing. Nibbled on some crab dip though,,,yikes hate to think how many points in 2 TB. So now Im feeling all sleepy...need a nap.
Not much else happening,,,my PI boss called to ask if I would renew my license...arghh what for? I don't really want to. Monte then brought up,,,never know they may need a woman for a really awesome job,,,Im holding out for the trip to
Well I have been home for an hour and have cleaned up everything around the house...gonna go take that nap.

12-20-2005, 07:54 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - aww, I think you should definitely renew your PI license just to say you have it, if for no other reason. I think it would be so cool to have one! Be sure and get the crown on your tooth, or it will break off. Don't ask how I know this. :( Your office party sounds like fun.

Cristi - you ought to get the wireless router so you both can use the computer at the same time. Katie and I used to "disagree" on who's turn it was, lol. LOVE the holiday crunch recipe, lol!!!!!! Thanks for sharing. Yep, it was me who asked about Josh. Well, at least he isn't going overseas! I don't think you mentioned the snow. We're supposed to have temps around 40 for Christmas.

Marti - see what I wrote to Cristi about wireless, lol. It's nice of you to share, though. Do you have much more preparations for Christmas? Are you cooking at home?

Speaking of that, the kids and grandkids will be here Christmas Eve around 3pm, then Mary and her family and Katie will be here on Christmas Day at noon. Terry and Gina and the kids will be here at supper time. Also, Neal's brother Paul will be here for the evening meal, too. I am just trying to not gain weight between now and the new year! :yikes: Like last year, I'm not serving nearly the amount of "goodies" as in years past, but it's still hard. Something tells me January will be a month to buckle down for several of us. :yes:

My oven is on the fritz, but the repairman is coming Friday am. I have to be hme then anyway for a delivery of a new dining room table and 8 chairs. The table with the leaves in makes into 96" long. :cp: Just what I need for my family dinners.

Gotta run... see you later. :wave:

da fat n da furious
12-20-2005, 08:06 PM
Woweeee big that your christmas gift?

I am hoping one day to get a new table...only cause this one is pretty banged up...still its nice and I can always put a table cloth over it. The chairs are new...wroght iron,,,and fabric that matches the house,,golds, sage green and burgandy.
I went and signed the contract,,,so for another 53 weeks I am a card carrying...funny thing the other day I tried to read this book,,,it was just too boring for me. It was from the Carly Phillips,,,the charactor was a PI and she worked for Hammer PI. Maybe thats why I thought it was boring cause I do find PI work boring most times,,,there are times when its hair But I work for Hammer PI too.
Well I think Im going to get Monte tickets to stage west for his birthday,,,a nice dinner and theatre. Hes been wanting to do that for years...or possibly yuk yuks...still unsure of which of the two.
well Im making this fabulous dinner...cubed chicken breast,,,shrimp,,,lots of garlic, pasta and some sauce,,,no the sauce is not WW. Ill eat less pasta and double up on salad.
well off to finish my gourmet dinner...ha

12-21-2005, 12:57 PM
I think the PI work sounds so great Angie! I would renew.

Mike sent a box for Gaby, actually 2 and I opened the gifts. Though I did leave 2 for her to open because most of the packages were clothes. I just KNEW that, moms 6th sense. There was a nice pink Columbia coat but most were too old for her, some looked like what a 10 year old would wear and the socks were too big and he bought her 3 packs of underwear. I am going through the process of not being angry.
He had his lady friend wrap the presents and I know she picked them out. The same lady that got on the stand and testified the longest about what a horrible mother I am. I know she was the one that would tell him that he didn't have to tell me where he was taking her when I asked. I resent her.
It would have been nice for him to pick the presents out and wrap them. It would have been nice if he made some effort to see Gaby after 6 months and he does this present thing to make him feel good. Where have you been for most of her life??
Last Christmas he did the same thing and took pictures of all that he bought and showed them in court. What a jerk. Too bad I haven't taken pictures of all that I have bought Gaby.
3 packs of underwear and socks doesn't make up for the father that he hasn't been.
I just don't want this lady involved either not after what she said about me and her coming off like she knows *%$#. She didn't have a relationship with him and have his child while he was strung out on drugs. I did. I had to live through that and manage to provide for a baby when I had too.
I didn't get to take off for the coast and be a bum, get my life together.
I had to get my life togeter while caring for the girls,and making sure we had a place to live and food on the table............only in the end to lose 2 of the girls when they moved in with their father.....because I had to work.................whhaaaaaa and spend 2 1/2 years without them , busting my butt to get a promotion to be ble to live off site.

Only for him to buy her underwear and socks that are too big!! What the heck man. ......ugh and to have her name on one of the boxes and his box shows he lives in Washington and his cell phone. Excuse me - you are suppose to let me know that information! Jerk.....

k- enough venting. Feliz Navidad!!

12-21-2005, 02:01 PM
Hi ladies!

Just a quickie for now...I'm relaxing for a few minutes and eating breakfast before heading out again! But wanted to drop by and say HI :clause: and...

:gift: :balloons: :woo: :hb: HAPPY BIRTHDAY CONNIE!! :hb: :woo: :balloons: :gift:

See ya later :clause:

12-21-2005, 02:24 PM
I forgot to answer Cristi. Rocky and I are friends, close friends, he is my best friend. We never stopped talking. He just is so sweet and adores me - hard to pass that up -lol
Just never wanted to see other guys or have an interest in pursuing anything. I enjoy being by myself and don't really want to turn my life upside down by moving to Hawaii at this moment.
My own thought is I will marry Rocky someday. He seems ok with what we have for today and while at times it is lonely he is the one I turn to for support and to vent. He always has time for me and makes me laugh. All my kids would have to go with me in a move and I don't see that happening for some time.
Gaby & I will go in April for 2 weeks, that is when his birthday is and I wanted to be there for that.So, that is that.-

12-21-2005, 03:39 PM
Happy Birthday Connie!!!

:woo: :cheer: :hb: :hb: :hb:(have some cake, it is ok!) :devil: :bravo: :cp: :gift: :doh: :balloons:

12-21-2005, 03:52 PM
Hello Ladies!

:hb: :gift:Happy Birthday Connie!!! :hb: :gift: Hope you have a very Happy Birthday and that your family waits on you all day long!

My computer is slowly getting back to normal. It didn't take me forever to have the popup box for the smilies to show up!!:D

But until it is back to normal, I will make my post shorties. I just don't want to look like I've taken off and forgotten about you all!

Things here are going pretty good. I got all my shopping done and now all I need to do is wrap. Which is what I'm off to do. Anyone else want to come over and do it for me????????:D

I will check in again soon.

Hope you are all enjoying the Christmas Holiday and are getting a chance to actually relax some before Christmas!

Hugs to all! :hug:

12-21-2005, 06:58 PM
I'm baaack! :elf:

Busy day...did my grocery shopping this morning at wally world and then headed over to Target to get a couple of things that I couldn't find at Wal-Mart. Wal-mart was getting very busy when I left at 10 but Target was almost empty, kind of weird. Lot of people just out and about though. Came home to take a breather and then was off to Barnes & Noble and Hallmark and my dogs are barking, good to be home.

SUSAN~sorry that Mike is such a dummy. They always say it's the thought that counts but if Gaby can't wear the clothes he bought for years to come then it seems kind of pointless. You would think the woman would have taken into account that she is 4, or is she 3? Well, either way...maybe she thought she was a BIG 4 year old! Or maybe he really did buy it...guys never know what size kids are. Well, anyway...I'm glad that you and Rocky can/are friends. And who knows, maybe one day you guys will marry. ;) He is a sweetie! :love:

MARTI~well, glad you can pop in for a few minutes. We miss you around here. I'd be happy to help you wrap! Seriously! That is if we lived close to one another. I so enjoy wrapping gifts, think it is the fun part. Hope you got it all done.

JANE~that would be great to have if we had another computer. Jason has his laptop and has his own phone line and then the rest of us share this one. I almost bought Josh his own and was going to get another phone line for it but with him being gone there was no point...he won't be home to use it. Most of the time though there's no problem with me and DD. I usually get on during the day and she gets on in the evening so it works out perfect. Hope they get your stove fixed Friday. That would be horrible to be without one for the holiday. Hope you love your new dining room furniture! And just in time for your Christmas dinner!

ANGIE~I am going to do that this coming year. There were some goodies I saw through the year and they were perfect. Just make sure I keep the receipts in case I have to take anything back and not start too early, maybe June, July...I too was going to say I would renew the PI license...and I agree about the christmas programs...that was one thing I so enjoyed about the holiday when the kids were little. That and baking cookies together. Actually...the only things I didn't care for was balancing the checkbook and the trips to the mall. Everything else I enjoyed A LOT!

Hi to everyone else! :clause: :clause:

I am so hating my dryer!!! I want to pull my hair out! Guess I am going to have to have someone come look at it because it is beeping like crazy and won't dry the clothes. I pulled the book out to see what E:01 means and the check lint light is on. Well, I have checked the lint a zillion times, even vacuumed it and V pulled it out yesterday and unhooked the hose and there is nothing clogging it so I have no idea what that means. Just that it keeps beeping and at some point it turns the dryer off. Driving me looney!:dizzy: Anyway, I better get going and go turn it off and try starting it again, third times a charm right?! Take care ladies! :rudolph:

12-22-2005, 01:17 AM
Hi ladies,

Angie - no, the table isn't my Christmas gift. We just need one, and I ran across a really good deal. Your dinner sounds delish! I don't use WW pasta sauce, either. I just eat less of the real deal. Actually, I don't buy a lot of "diet" products. Love my Light Done Right salad dressings, though.

Susan - take a deep breath! And know in your heart that when Gaby gets older, she'll know who was there for her.

Marti - like Cristi, I like to wrap presents, too. And I listen to Christmas carols while I do. This year, I made a lot of my own bows, so that took some extra time. Some of the bows look very homemade, lol.

Cristi - the traffic in our town is awful! Seems like nobody is at work - they're all in cars or at Walmart, lol. Yikes, why did our applicances pick this time of year to go bonkers? Could you maybe have a short in the wiring? I have to wait until Friday after the repair guy leaves to bake sugar cookies, but then the 3 oldest DGDs are coming to decorate them. That is if the repairman has the part we need.

Connie - hope you've had a happy birthday!!

The two littlest DGDs were here for supper, and then Katie helped them make a paper chain of red and green for the Christmas tree. They colored on the papers and put stickers on them, too. It's the sweetest thing on my tree!

Tomorrow I'm making some Reese cup dessert and no-bake cookies for Christmas. Can't do the sugar cookies until the oven is fixed. I sure don't make desserts for holidays the way I used to, anyway. Way too tempting, and I've been bad enough as it is!

Talk to you tomorrow!

da fat n da furious
12-22-2005, 01:40 AM
Reece cup whats?

Cristi,,,you can have the wrapping girl! I do as much bags as I can manage. I infact recycle as many all year...and will make a non christmas bag look christmas if i have to. When we were in Montana back in Oct we did alot of shopping at Target...I bought these really cute pens with funny sayings on them..and have used them as small gifts to co-workers. My boss got the pen with a turtle dangling from the top with PANIC written on it...she cracked up. I didn't choose,,,all I did was grab a pen and put tape it to a card. But man it was funny,,,so perfect.
Jane...I saw this table that I just was so in love with,,,but Ill wait a few more years...possibly when one of the kids moves out they can have the old table and ill run out and buy that one. Big ol wooden table with black brackets on the side. It reminded me of what my grandfather made before I was born. With so many kids he had to go home made to fit everyone around the table. I wonder sometimes who has that table. I have done no baking and will not be doing any baking. My neighbours stopped by with about 10 lbs of a mix and match of stuff she does each year. We gave them coffee gift cert. Everyone is
Tanner and I sang at the Zoolites again,,,it had to have been a perfect night,,,so warm,,,so crowded,,,so much fun.
Went to the orthodentist...Tanner needs braces...yikes! That is 6300. no I asked if we can wait for a bit. There is a small chance there will be a full time position opening in Feb. If i get that then with the company benefits Id get something like 40-50% orth off.
My mom called to say my two oldest brothers will be home for christmas,,,i haven't seen the one brother in 6 years. He works on film sites as a carpenter and travels alot.
Not much else happening,,,well off to bed


12-22-2005, 12:04 PM
Good Morning -

Cristi - There was 5 t shirts and they were huge! How are you going to wear a t shirt in 28* weather?? I was telling the saleslady that (Gaby is 4 in Feb) and I said "kind of cold for t shirts (I know- it is the thought that counts - whatEVER- lol) and she goes "forget that, they are huge, what was he thinking??
Obviously he wasn't and some were from the discount rack. *breathe *breathe.
I don't know why he thinks she needs clothes. His main complaint when he was seeing her was that I send too many clothes.
Anyway, nothing was color coorinated and for HRH Gabrielle that is UNACCEPTABLE!!! haha

anyway.......Come with me to Hawaii Cristi and be my maid of honor. Maybe we will just get married and live apart for awhile. I don't mean you and me - I mean Rocky and

I am breathing Ma Jane :)

12-22-2005, 12:14 PM
Good morning! Only 4 more days until Christmas -- ack!!! :shocksn: I feel so not ready... Need one more stocking stuffer, and just found out a friend bought us a gift that I wasn't expecting, so I really should get a little something for her and her husband, too, and they are tough to buy for! I need to brainstorm this one. I've been working until 7 every night, helping with a training class, and there is just no time left -- I get home from work, and it's already 7:30, try to throw something together for dinner, do a load of laundry, do the dishes, fall into bed exhausted, then wake up at 5 the next morning and start all over again :stress: *sigh* Thankfully, I have Friday off, maybe I can catch up some then. I have prescriptions I called into the pharmacy about 2 weeks ago -- hope they haven't returned them to stock by now!

:hb: :gift: Happy Birthday Connie!!! :woo: :queen: Hope your day was wonderful :)

Angie, wish I could go caroling with you at the zoo. I sang at work last year, but just couldn't fit it in my schedule this year since I'm working so late -- couldn't make the practices. Really missed doing it, too. I agree, YIKES :fr: about the braces! Man, kids are expensive...hope my boys take good care of me when I'm old and broke and feeble :lol: Crossing my fingers for you that you get a full time position with benefits.

Jane, I don't like most "diet" foods either, especially if they are "fake". I prefer smaller amounts of the real thing, or revamping recipes with lower fat ingredients, reducing the amount of high calorie ingredients that have no substitute, etc. It's actually kind of a fun to makeover a favorite recipe and make it WW friendly. If the repairman doesn't have the part for your oven, might be time for a new one :) I got mine just before Thanksgiving, but my old one was ancient.

Cristi, I love the way pretty wrapped gifts look, but mine always look like I wrapped them in the dark. With my toes. I finally broke down a couple of years ago and bought a pretty assortment of gift bags at Costco -- and the ones that stay in our family get reused the next year if they are still nice. As for your dryer, is there any possibility your 220 is out? I work for an electric company, and if people say their dryers seem to turn on but won't dry their clothes, we always ask if they tumble but don't get hot. Or if you have an electric stove and the oven light comes on but the burners won't heat. Could be you are only getting 110 to your home. Probably not, but just a thought.

Susan...well, on the bright least the clothes are too big, and Gaby is still growing. Would be worse if what he sent was too small and she'd never be able to use them. When my mom was growing up, her mother died when she was eight, her dad went to work in the mines in Idaho, and he sent her and her brother to live with her maternal grandmother in Wyoming. This was during the depression, and they lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere, totally dirt poor, 7 people in a one room farmhouse, counting all her uncles that still lived at home. My mom got to see her father maybe once a year, and when he visited he pretty much ignored her and took her brother fishing. One year he remembered them and sent a couple of Christmas presents -- my mom was so excited...he sent her a pretty pair of slippers. She never got anything new, just for her, nothing pretty or feminine.

And they were about 2 sizes too small.

I'm sorry Mike is such a weenie, and he may or may not ever change, or grow up, or act like a responsible caring dad. But Gaby has a mom and sisters and other family members who love her dearly, and she will be just fine. Even if her britches -- or panties -- are too big for her :lol:

Marti, hope your computer gets back to normal soon -- we miss you!!!

We are having friends over for New Years, with their three kids -- trying to come up with party food that will please grownups and kids and a picky teenager (Noah), that won't send Tim and I over the edge if we eat it, too -- now THAT will be a challenge... I'm thinking veggies and baked pita chips with a couple of lowfat dips like that hot artichoke dip and a lightened up guacamole, fruit and an assortment of lowfat cheeses and crackers, filo spinach triangles, bruschetta, frozen taquitos and mini pizzas (not much of a temptation for me if there is a lot of other good stuff, and the kids will like those), any other ideas?

Talked to another friend at work yesterday -- she has to have surgery on her arm, too. She has carpal tunnel syndrome, one of my other workers had surgery carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists, and I have to have surgery for radial tunnel syndrome in my elbow and forearm. This is not a good trend, folks. :yikes: :(

Ack...time is flying...and so must I... :angel:

Mary Kate

12-22-2005, 01:00 PM
You are so positive Katie - lol

and they are Dora panties!!! Big enough for even me to wear. I can bring them to Vegas (there are 3 packs - enough to go around :) and share with you all. Give it as a prize for the weight loss we have been doing :)

I am going to buy her a helmet and some horses with the exchange gift card. I did save the pretty coat and some rubber duckies he sent. So he tried , bless his little weenie heart. lol - jk.

Speaking of the Gabster.

She was dragging her horse around last night with her little curved
shape scissors. She likes to cut the horses mane - something she has
been doing for a few days now. I tell her no - the horsie needs his
So, last night she is dragging the horse around and goes into the
hallway. I am vacuuming - in heaven with that vacuum - I love a clean
Rachel yells from her room "Gaby is cutting her hair!!!"
I am just thinking that she is kidding - so I walk into the hallway
and there is the horse on the floor with mane hair on the carpet.
My first thought is "oh, good........I can vacuum it up."
My next thought ( this is a rare occurrence - I usually limit my
thinking - har,har) is that it is just the horses mane. Until I look
at Gaby and she is this awesome layer look to her hair.
On closer look and combing her hair I see that she has done a pretty
good butcher job.
I go "oh, my God!!!
Gaby "sorry mommy"
Me "oh my God!!
Gaby "sorry mommy"
Me "I am going to have to take you to the beauty shop now!!!
Gaby "ok"
Me "ugh........oh, Gaby - you are lopsided!!!!
Gaby "sorry mommy"

12-22-2005, 03:04 PM
Hello ladies:clause:

The snow is melting...supposed to be close to 50 today which will be a nice change from the cold. They said on the radio on Christmas Day it will be 60 degrees! Now how's that for a nice Christmas?! :sunny: It was so pretty everywhere and I know I whined about it but I think I am going to miss it-it was just too pretty and Christmas'y. :tree: I remember when I first moved to CA and how odd it was for me in the beginning having a warm sunny Christmas. That was the hardest thing to get used to.

SUSAN~you made me laugh so hard! Gaby cutting her hair brought back some of the goofy things the kids did when they were that age! :lol: Of course Carrie was into barbies and she would hide them because she liked cutting their hair! :lol: And I took Josh to a salon to get his hair cut, poor kid. At the time they had a cut called a buzz, which was basically shaving the kids head, but not bald of course just close to the head. Well, this girl said she knew what it was and how to do it and all I heard was a sound, someone gasped loudly, and I looked up and a couple more ladies were standing around him so I went over to investigate. The girl did not know how to do a buzz and he had patches on his head! :lol: She had never done it before and didn't know how to use the shaver evenly so went too close to his head and then came back out. They tried to fix it the best they could and didn't charge me. Thank goodness he wasn't in school yet! Then when Jason was 5 he thought he would get Carrie up at 3 am and clean the living room! I heard noises and wondered what the heck was going on. Went into the living room to find Jason with a bottle of windex in hand. On top of cleaning everything including pictures which to this day are stuck to the glass in the frame...he thought Carrie needed to be cleaned! Her hair was soaked with windex! :yikes: I remember just standing there like you saying Oh my god! What are you doing?! Then just laughed! Anyway, it's hair and it will grow back. And I would love to go to Hawaii with you and be your maid of honor! When do we go?! :lol: Hey, people have long distance relationships & marriages all the time and they make it work. Of course I think it would be hard but at the same time think of it as him being in the service and having to go away for two years etc. Too bad he won't give and move to Portland.

ANGIE~I had a dentist tell me that Jason should get braces. I asked him if he needed them and he just keep saying he should get them soon. I said but does he need them? I didn't see anything wrong with his teeth except a gap and not a big one. Now Josh could have used braces and he just wanted to do a retainer so it made me question it. Not saying that you should question the dentist, just made me think of the kids. But I know back then they were expensive. They have all these new stuff now days though. My friends boyfriend had white braces...I thought they were gross though because it always looked like he had food on his teeth and they were the braces! He just didn't want anyone to know he had braces. Anyway...I too save gift bags. Some are just too nice too throw away so I reuse them, just get new tissue paper. I like the idea of the pens and they sound so cute!

JANE~not sure why appliances seem to go out when ya really need them. I'm keeping my fingers :crossed: that they fix your stove. I like the idea of no bake cookies...what kind? SIL gave me a recipe for some no bake oatmeal cookies that actually tasted pretty good. I wish there was a short in the would be easier to figure out! It's this new safety stuff to prevent the dryer from catching fire so it will turn itself off. It is fine once I clean the lint but I have to bring the vacuum out and vacuum everything, and I mean everything which gets to be a hassle. It doesn't say anything in the book about E:01 but it does say a bunch about the lint light and it beeping and turning off. Ya just gotta keep it spotless! :dizzy: I went up and vacuumed it and it was fine.

MARYKATE~see what I said to Jane about the dryer. Thanks for the thought though about the wiring. I'm glad V does electrical-that's saved us some bucks before. It's just these new appliances with saftey features. I just get lazy sometimes and don't want to bring the vacuum out, such a pain. But I did and it is fine. I think you got it covered with the food you have listed...that seems like a lot and it all sounds good! :T I think the adults and kids would like it all.

MARTI~check in when ya can girly! We do miss you being here.

Hi to everyone else! :clause:

Today is a lazy day for me...well, sort of. I still need to straighten the house a little but that's about it. Run and get some milk and jump in the shower. Can't believe it is 1 pm and I haven't had my shower yet! Like I said...lazy day for me! :lol: Anyway...take care ladies and have a great day! :hohoho: :ginger: :xcheer:

12-22-2005, 03:25 PM
I keep forgetting to mention to you ladies to make sure when you come to
3fc when you are typing it in to make sure you add the 3. I typed it in the other day and as I was typing it I had a pop-up. Well, that pop-up did something and when I hit enter I saw something I really didn't want to see! :yikes: It only took and not which is what I always type in. Porn, porn, porn! There's another place I go to and sometimes I do forget to put in the 2,, it's a card site but you don't want to put in just angeleyes! :yikes: Anyway, just wanted to let you know.

See ya :rudolph:

12-22-2005, 04:13 PM
Hi Cristi -

My sister was 10 when she put vaseline in her hair once. It took all week of washings to finally rinse it out. She also went through this phase of scooting around on a towel, not wanting to touch the carpet.
She was one weird

We are going in April. We'll see how the 2 weeks pan out - at least Kris will be in school. If he is mean to Gaby I am gunna knock him down! lol Geez, what a wonderful mommy I am going to be.

HUNGRY!! Going to take off and get Rach for a doctors appt - might bring her back to work - see how it goes.

Chat later.

12-22-2005, 07:07 PM
This is a quick hello!

Hello!!! :clause: Only a few days before Christmas!! I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend w/James & Jhanai. We'll have a nice evening on Christmas Eve and a yummy ham dinner on Christmas.

After all that......I've GOT to get back on the exercise routine! I've let it go and it's starting to show! Heaven forbid I get on that scale. :dizzy:

I've gotta rush.....things to do still. I think I've lost half my hair from pulling it out! (Maybe have Gaby take the scissors to it later!:D )

Ok....I'll be back soon.

Hugs to all!:hug:

12-22-2005, 08:13 PM
Thanks to Angie and Marti for the cards. I am really tired from finishing up shopping. I don't think I could do the gym or a tape tonight if I tried. Still got the blues. I think it's more the empty nest than my birthday. Maybe things will look up after Christmas....

I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday...

12-23-2005, 01:33 PM
Hiya ladies and a HAPPY FRIDAY! :clause:

It is such a nice day so far! I am lovin' it! Supposed to be 61 today! :sunny: Had to run a few errands this morning early and by the time I was coming home people were already out and about. Jason decided to wait until the last minute to do his shopping and headed to the mall, poor kid! Actually, he called and said it wasn't so bad at that point. They expect a lot of people today and tomorrow. Boy, I wouldn't want to go anywhere near the mall either day. Anyway, will be glad when it's over. Thinking about taking all the Christmas stuff down the day after and getting things back to normal, especially my walking!

SUSAN~OMG! That made me think of when I did that to Josh! He had cradle cap (think that is what it was called ???, his scalp was REALLY dry) and someone told me to put vaseline on his scalp that that would get rid of it. Yeah, right! All it did was make a mess and of course it was hard to actually get it on his scalp with the full head of hair that he had. Kid to this day has to keep his hair short because of his dry scalp. Okay, so what was the deal with not wanting to touch the carpet? Kids do and say the darnest things and you gotta love 'em for it. I know mine have kept me in stitches over the years with the silly things they have done and continue to do. We have loads of fun though. Hawaii in April sounds so nice, I wanna go. One day I will make it over there, want to do an Alaskan cruise first. So did ya get Gaby's hair straightened out?

MARTI~I hope you, James & Jhanai have a wonderful Christmas weekend! We are having a small dinner on Christmas Eve and then will attend midnight mass-always a nice way to end the day. Then we will just relax and open gifts on Christmas day and pick at leftovers. I too need to get back to my walking. I have slacked so much and the last week and a half I feel I've been out of control with my eating! Somebody save me! Actually, I have felt out of control but when I weighed I hadn't gained anything so that is good. But I definitely need to get back on track with my walking/exercising and drinking my water. I can't remember the last time I had a bottle of water either. :nono:

JULES~sorry you have the blues. :hug: :grouphug: I usually feel that way every year as Christmas gets closer but this year I am very thankful to have my son home. Now next year will be a different story because we have no idea where he is going. It just won't seem like Christmas without him here. I think I will literally die when they all leave the nest. :( Okay, sorry, I am not helping you here. Just remember we are here for you anytime you want to talk or vent. :hug:

Hi to everyone else :clause:

I am going to be scarce this weekend and probably next week. As I said to Marti, our Christmas dinner is tomorrow and later today I have some baking to do and then tomorrow lots of cooking. V has the whole week off so will be spending some quality time with him. He's been working so much we hardly see each other, or so it seems. He goes back to work Jan. 2 and Josh will be leaving Jan. 2 so I am going to be spending time with both, actually everyone but Jason & Carrie will go back to work after Christmas. So, I am going to wish you guys a Happy Holiday today and I will see you, not sure when.

Hope you all have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!
:tree: :candy: :wreath: :ginger: :hohoho: :present: :snowglo: :elf: :xcheer: :ginger: :wreath: :candy: :tree:

12-23-2005, 02:57 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - Reese cup dessert if lethal. It's basically melted butter, peanut butter, graham cracker crumbs, and powdered sugar mixed together with a layer of milk chocolate on top. I made it at Dale's request. Katie's braces were $5500.00 four years ago, and included oral surgery to get an impacted tooth out. Insurance only paid $750 of it, but the orthodontist let us make payments.

Cristi - the no-bake ones are the ones with oatmeal. I only use 2 cups of oatmeal, though, and add a big squirt of Hershey's syrup to the rest of the ingredients, and they're real creamy. Uh, like you, I also made the mistake of going to the porn site by accident when I first started coming here, before I bookmarked it, lol. :yikes:

Susan - if Cristi gets to be your maid of honor, can I be your personal assistant, lol. Will the wedding be held in Hawaii?? I need a grass skirt for the occasion. OMG, stop the visual!!!

MaryKate - hey, your New Year's Eve munchies sound good and healthy, too. Neal and I plan to stay home and celebrate alone. Last year we went out and the smoke in the place about killed me!

Julie - aww, this is for you ---> :hug: I hope you're feeling better by the time you read this.

Marti - we can get serious again about exercise after the new year as a group, if you want. I'm planning on becoming strict after we get back from Florida.

Well, my appliance repair man hasn't shown up yet, but the furniture guys were here early. I love my new table and chairs!!

It's going to be busy around here, so I'm not sure when I'll be back. So....

Have a Blessed Christmas, Jaded Ladies!!

12-23-2005, 03:38 PM
Hello Ladies!!

I can't believe it's Friday! It has been one long week I tell ya!

I have a bunch of little things to catch up on today before work and I haven't even started!

Jane--The oven guy still hasn't come by?? I think it's time to make a phone call and ask when they'll be there. ask if you could borrow their oven so you can get in some baking!!

Cristi--I'm glad to hear that your son is home for Christmas. That is truly a wonderful gift to have! I hope you and all your family have a memorable Christmas together!

Jules-- :hug: Sending you a hug! I'm sorry you're feeling down. :hug: :hug: :hug: Hope you feel better soon!

Susan--A vision of your sister scooting on the towel cracked me up. For some reason I picture her scooting like when dog scoots....not a pretty vision (sorry) But I'm curious too....why didn't she want to touch the carpet?

MaryKate--Your New Years menu sounds very good! I think you and hubby are doing such a fantastic job dieting together! So proud of you two!! The artichoke dip sounds good! Is there a recipe to share???

Angie--I want to go to the zoolites w/you and sing!! And if I did that, hopefully you all would sing loud enough to drown me out since I can't carry a tune!!:D Jhanai needs braces too. I'm not sure how we're going to afford it. But it's something that needs done. She just got the last two teeth that needed pulled, pulled yesterday. Poor girl...she had a total of 6 teeth pulled out, w/one being pulled on her own!

Hello to everyone else out there. I know I'm missing a sorry.

Well I think I better get to my list of "things to do before work" before I just don't get to any of it!! Not sure when I'll be back online since it's Christmas but know that I'm thinking of you and wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

:rudolph: :clause: :candy: :ginger: :xcheer: :coolsnow: :snowglo: :present: :gift2: Merry Christmas Ladies!!:rudolph: :clause: :candy: :ginger: :xcheer: :coolsnow: :snowglo: :present: :gift2:

12-23-2005, 04:29 PM
Marti -

lol No it wasn't like how a dog scooted. Not like she had worms or anything - (or did she???? - lol) She might have had 2 towels and kept one ahead of the other. She did this like a week , I think it had to do with bugs or something. As a family we didn't really talk about it - seemed normal. lol- jk

Jane - Hool skirts and a coconut bra is what we are all wearing!! lol Gaby would look so cute in one. I called and talked with the ex for a second and could hear her in the background barking like a dog. Cracked me up....she is so sweet.

Anyway= heading out for a bored at work today - everyone is gone.

12-23-2005, 06:39 PM
Merry Christmas!:rudolph: :shocksn: :snowglo: :shocksn: :hohoho: :snow4: :snow4: :gift2: :xcheer: :candy: :candy: :mrsclaus: :mrsclaus:

That was kind of festive. I haven't done much to prepare this year. I feel bloated and depressed the last 3 months. I hope 2006 is better and I can get back on track with the weight.

Picked Gaby up a bear at the store and just watching the clock so I can go home.
ohhhh, Rocky is on the phone - yay. He is weedeating outside, it is around 85*. He has such a laid back lifestyle - annoys the heck out of me - he moved furniture and now is outside working.

blah :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah: :blah:

I better go - he is in a chatty mood.

12-23-2005, 07:12 PM
Hello to all my ladies!
This has been a very tiring & frustrating day. First of all my DD's surgery was postponed - again - because of her period - again. I had a few choice words with the nurse and let my thoughts be known - not that it did any good! So it is rescheduled for Jan. 13. I am a wreck. Then I checked on my Mom and her one eye and side of her face was all swollen, red & yuck. She didn't want to go to the dr. because my cousin is home from Chicago & was going to visit. I called him & said we'd call when she got home from the dr. so then she went to the opthomologist. She has shingles on her face and in her eye! It looks awful and is very painful. So we went to the pharmacy for antibiotics, antibiotic eye drops, another eye drop and pain pills. Her hearing aid broke last week so I have to shout all the time which is tiring too. Gotta check on that next week. Now DH comes in complaining about another guy "threatening" him at the Sr. Center (just like little kids)!! :yikes: :yikes:

Susan: Know how you feel about the hair cut experience. That's what my Chloe did - she cut off all her long hair to just under the ear. Ended up looking cute - after a trip to the beauty shop!

Thanks again for the birthday wishes. My little Chloe came to my office to see me that day and give me a cute "grandma" sweatshirt, teddy bear calendar and Christmas tree ornament. DH got me a very nice pair of sterling silver & birthstone earrings. Chloe has an ear infection and hopefully will feel better for when Santa comes. DS is coming home tomorrow afternoon until Mon. morning. I don't have to work Mon. so we can have breakfast together. DD has already hit me up for babysitting on New Years Eve. We usually don't go out so that will be OK.

Looking forward to our Christmas Eve service at church. Our choir is doing a cantata which is to be very nice. It's always a pretty service.

Time for a wine cooler. Thanks to all for listening! :hug:

I hope everyone and their families have a safe, blessed, and Merry Christmas!


:candy: :tree: :santa: :coolsnow: :wreath: :snowglo: :present: :candy:

12-23-2005, 08:47 PM
Angie and Marti - thank you for the lovely cards...

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone the best...may not be around much over the next few days. Tomorrow is grocery shopping, housecleaning, then 3 o'clock candlelight service, then off to the IL'S for Christmas with them.

Sunday - we have our usual hubbub in the a.m. My brother is driving up from Eugene ETA noon; but church is at 11, so we haven't decided if we are going to that or not. Ham dinner 'round 3 with him and the other IL'S then more presents. Lotsa fun

Will be thinking of you all and wishing you peace in your homes and in your hearts

I am thinking I need to jumpstart something in the new year to break through this stubborn plateau I've been in. Anyone else feel that way? Maybe we can do an OP challenge of somekind? If we all do it together and we each decide what OP means for us, it could work. I liked the old 21 day challenge, but it kind of pooped out. I wouldn't mind participating in that again, if anyone else is interested.

Food for thought ( no pun intended)


Love to all

da fat n da furious
12-24-2005, 12:20 AM
Good evening ladies,,,
Susan,,,you will need hair and makeup done...ahem I know someone who can do that
Both boys have cut their hair,,,Brandon took a marker to Tanner last year. And drew black glasses around his eyes. Then there was the time Monte thought he could save us bundles by buying a razor and doing the boys hair. i came home to Tanner looking well sick. I hid the razor...
Jane, your oven is still not working? arghhh call the guy.
I have to tell you I have been so bad with sugar,,I don't normally like it but dang Ive been almost free basing it lately. I can barely see my eyes are glaced over. When i got to WI I will have to strip down,,,even my contacts...possibly get my body waxed. Thats going to be a no makeup day...
Connie,,,that is just crazy,,,again having to reschedule. Im worried it will happen to me since my TOM lands on the time I go in.

My tooth still hurts,,,or I should say the area around it. i bit down funny and almost cried.

We opened our gifts to each other tonight...since we leave tomorrow and will be gone till late at night Christmas.
well should get to much to do still

12-24-2005, 12:37 AM
You can do the make up/ hair Angie. Unless you were meaning Gaby can do my hair?? haha
First family gathering down , 2 to go. Went to my ex's family gathering. I must say the food was rather sinful. I had some salmon and someone made awesome fudge.
The kids are nice to me (they are 48 down to 38 now - Rach & Becks older sis & brothers) now. When I was married to their father it was hard.
The youngest and his wife announced she was pregnant so that was wonderful news. It was also sweet to see the grandchildren all grown up.
Tomorrow I go to my mothers and see family - one is a new nephew - love babies!!


would love a challenge Katy!!! Planning on getting serious Tuesday after this marathon of family gatherings. I think I will even buy a new scale - it broke when I moved last time.

better get!

12-24-2005, 01:48 PM
Hi ladies and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! :clause:

I have a few mintues before I have to start any prepwork/cooking so thought I would drop in and say HI! Although, no one will see this for a few days. Did all the desserts yesterday so just have to do the meal today. I actually made some strawberry jello with bananas, mmmmm, yummy to my tummy. I haven't made any jello in years. But remember having it for Thanksgiving and Christmas every year growing up. Just sounded good to me yesterday. Maybe with that I will stay away from the cake and pies! Forgot that the turkey V got at work is just a small 10 pounder and won't take as long to cook so don't need to start it till about 2-we don't eat until about 5 or 6 so plenty of time. Also, have a 10 pound ham. day's not starting out so good. First I woke to rain and wind, ick! My jaw is hurting and my lower teeth, I've had a stomache ache for three days now, (not sure what that is) and to top it off, I have a killer headache. Not sure if I may be coming down with a cold or the flu but of all days, why today?! Anyway, I'll make it through. Just hope it's better before tonight because I really don't want to miss Midnight Mass.

CONNIE~(((((HUGS))))) to you! :hug: Okay, my question is if she started TOM the month before scheduling the surgery and most women are anywhere from 28-34 (I am anyway, for the most part-haven't had TOM since end of Oct) in between TOM why would they schedule her the next month close to the day of her TOM? You would think they would have a clue. Hope your mom gets to feeling better soon and you guys can enjoy the holiday.

SUSAN~that would be kind of odd having step-children older than you! My SIL has sisters that are old enough to be her grandmother, not sure what happened there. We had a neighbor growing up that had a sister as old as her daughter. Her parents looked really old, they actually were...that would have been weird too. Calling a girl your age, which was 8, Aunt. Okay, loving the hula skirts and coconut bras! I'm game! :lol: I'll be half way decent looking in a few months and wouldn't mind wearing one! LOL 85 degrees in HI-let's go!

MARTI~did ya get everything done that you needed to get done before work?

JANE~did ya get your stove fixed? Well, glad you got your table and chairs and hoping you got your stove fixed. Your reese dessert sounds so rich and yummy!

ANGIE~I'm picturing Tanner with the black eyes! LOL Kids are funny aren't they?! Gotta love 'em! :love: :hug: Hope you got lots of goodies for Christmas!

KATY~enjoy the holiday with your family!

Hi to everyone else :clause:

I second and third, or fourth what everyone is saying about getting back on track and maybe doing a challenge or something. Like Katy's idea. I am doing good by not gaining but then I haven't lost anything in a while either. So definitely need to get a jumpstart on losing again. And get back to exercising. :blah: :blah: :blah: Okay, so I need to get going. I've been on here for almost an hour and want to go get things started in the kitchen so I'm not left doing everything at the last minute. Take care ladies and have a great Holiday weekend!

:tree: :candy: :xcheer: :wreath: :ginger: :snowglo: :ginger: :wreath: :xcheer: :candy: :tree:

12-24-2005, 05:29 PM
I fell off the diet wagon. I'm climbing on the excercise wagon until the 1st, then I'm going back to the eating right.
Could you WW gals explain to me WW food & how it works?

Merry christmas to you all! I miss talking with you all!


(ps) Angie: 24"???!! WOW!!!!!!!!! I would've died. No way could I have done that, no way!

12-24-2005, 05:33 PM
I'm a competitive person :blush:

I would LOVE a challenge!

12-24-2005, 06:17 PM
Don't post here.....lets head on over to Weight Loss/Chitchat #157!!:carrot: