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07-02-2001, 06:29 PM
Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2001. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

Love, CJ

07-02-2001, 06:40 PM
OK .... just thought I would copy my post from the last thread over to the new one .... I want you all to know that CJ's still around! hahahaha

Hi Guys:

I am here for a little bit …. Couple more days then back to the cabin for the rest of July. My MIL’s 90th birthday is July 4th, so am busy getting all ready for her party. 90 years and still driving too! Dick’s sister is her from Oregon – haven’t see her in many years! And our daughter will be here from Traverse City … unfortunately we can’t get all our kids home at one time.

Our daughter from California just had her 1st baby – we have a new grandson, Brandon Lee. He was born June 28th, 7 lbs 15 oz. Well, that makes 9 grand children now.

Weighed in last Thursday at 9 ¾ lbs (1/4 lb from getting my 10 lb ribbon) but I’m still staying OP and that is what is important. 2 ¾ lbs has been my biggest loss so far! I feel positive that this week I will have my 10 lbs ribbon … then 8 more lbs for my 10%.

I’m going to try and address everyone as best I can – if I miss anyone, please forgive me ok?

Sandi: Good going girl for starting this thread 2 times in a row! But so sorry, I’m going to break your streak here and start the next one myself … don’t want you all to forget me you know ….. Hope you have a wonderful time at the cabin in Wisconsin ….

Trish: 4 lbs!/1.5lbs! Great job! Are we on a roll or what? You are doing great – keep it up.

Angel-eyes: sounds like you are on a roll yourself! Glad to see you back. And full of pep and vinager on the excercising too! Good attitude!

Gail: So sorry to hear about Ken … hope he is feeling better really soon.

Julie: Julie!!!!!!!!!! How good to see you back with us! I am so glad to hear from you! Missed you loads. Don’t dissappear from us again ok? Really am glad to have you back! And congrats on quitting smoking! I know it’s rough, but better for you in the long run. So sorry to hear about your daughter, but so thankful that she is ok. Pretty frightening tho, huh.

Sharon: Was great talking to you! Are you still in Missouri??? Hope you are having fun! Talk to you soon …

Jello: Hope you are having a fun time camping … did you get to take your bikes? We took ours with us at the cabin … even took them out one night for a nice 12 mile ride! What a workout!

Blunder: You and Cal are in my prayers…. I am so sorry for all you are going thru right now … and so sorry to hear about the problems between Cal and his children … he certainly does not need all that along with everything else. Hope the kids realize this and make up. We’re here for you Judy, don’t forget that.

MK: By now you are on your vacation – hope you are having a wonderful time too …. Did you run into Sharon??? She’s in Missouri too! Or was … hahahaha
Don’t worry too much about the kids while you are gone .. I’m sure everything will be just fine – especially if G’ma is checking in! Been there, done that! And we still have a house standing! Have a good time!

Dreamer: Good to hear from you girl. Glad to hear things are going well with you and the new one. Pictures?????? Hey, my daughter just had her first June 29th – a boy … my 9th grandchild. Brag…brag…brag… Good for you going back to WW …. You’ll be down before you know it … eat right now, don’t try to lose too much too fast ok?

Tatterbaby: Welcome to the group and I hope you post with us often so we can get to know you. You will love these gals – theya re the greatest!

Well, got to go …. But will TRY to post one more time before we leave again (this Friday morning). Unless I get on my friends computer, you probably won’t hear from me again until the end of July. Don’t forget me!!! Love you guys!

Have a great 4th!

Love, CJ

07-03-2001, 12:14 AM
Hi guys,
I missed all of you guys so much. We had a great time in Missouri and got back on Friday. Had lots of fun being with Ken and enjoyed watching him while he worked the RV Rally. Met lots of great people from all over the U.S.A. Got back on Friday and than Saturday we headed for Springfield, Ohio for daughter Tracy's-the Air Force one stationed in Florida-boyfriend Brett's Family Reunion/early 4th Of July party. His parents were nice enough to invite us to meet all their family. First time we met them and we had a blast. We ended up spending the night with them, were planning on just getting a hotel in Dayton-since they live 2 1/2 hrs away, but they wouldn't hear of it so we stayed one night there since by the time the fireworks were over it was quite late. They are some nice people and we got along great. They really like our daughter and his Mom said this is the first girlfriend ever she has liked of Bretts. They are both stationed in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and both just re-enlisted for 4 more years. They seem to be getting pretty serious and are talking of plans further down the road maybe getting married. I like him alot and would welcome him in our family as they said they would Tracy.

Right now we have a houseful. My daughter Tracy and Brett just came here this afternoon from visiting his parents in Dayton for a week. Than my Dad, Papa and brother Jerry we picked up from Indy airport for a couple of week visit. So I am enjoying having my family around and we are going going going quite a bit.

We have also been eating out many meals especially since our Missouri trip and know the scale is up. I was unable to go to my WW meeting today cause this morning was at the airport and tonight we went out for a family dinner with everyone. So don't know when I will get to a meeting but will aim for next Monday if possible.

Dad and Jerry will be here till the 15th of July and than my sis in law Chrissy-of our Thin Group and her daughters Emily and Ellen have invited me to go camping with them for a few days. Just us girls, even their dog Sandy will be going with us. LOL I can't wait-My niece, Ellen emailed me the other day and said they all want their Aunt Sharon to go with them somewhere in Michigan so I will go there the weekend before and we will have our girls camping weekend and you guys don't know how crazy we can get. We will laugh at anything and anyone that we see while we are there. We tend to be pretty crazy when we get together. We all need this time, as since my brother, Rick and Chrissy's husband and Em and El's Dad was murdered, we have went through **** and back. With the trial taking 2 years to see justice we all deserve this time together. I can't wait to go!

CK-Welcome back from the cabin. I have been a stranger lately myself with all my comings and goings. Have a wonderful 4th of July and have fun seeing all your family at her 90th birthday party. Congratulations on the birth of Denises son. My gosh 9 grandchildren, how lucky you are indeed. Have fun at the cabin again and hope to connect with you when you get back. I won't forget you, never could, never will!

Judy-So sorry about the stunt Cal's daughters pulled during their visit. I am waiting to hear the details as you said, since I can't imagian what they would pull on all of you guys especially with all that is going on with Cal's health and all. That is great that Cal will get to go fishing with his son Dean's help. I know that will really brighten up his life to be able to do that. At least you have a wonderful son in him. I know you must thank you lucky stars that he is around with his love and support for all.

angeleyes-My gosh how wonderful you are doing with your weight loss program. You have such a wonderful outlook about everything too. That is half the battle I always say. Keep up all the great work.

Sam-So are you all done with your Uni work? Or do you still have a ways to go? Glad that your baby is doing so well and finally gaining some weight. That sure must take a load off your mind. I know you must love being off work and enjoy just being with Charlie too. Enjoy it!

Julie-Gosh that is terrible about Nicole's car accident, but I am sooo happy as I know you are that she is alright. I know you won't give in to either that food or that cigarette. I am proud of you too for what you have accomplished. I know you won't give up.

ginabob-Is it or was it your birthday? Happy Birthday to you! I am glad it went well for you and hope that your great mood continues because a postive outlook will really help your weight loss.

Trish-YOU GO GIRL! You are still losing weight at record weight I see. You are doing so great and the scale is going down down down.

Jello-So are you almost ready for your camping trip with Rich? Don't worry you will do fine and if you don't than you can just jump right back on the bandwagon when you get back. Don't beat yourself over things. I try not to either. Don't worry about your Mom's homecooking either, we all need some of that tender loving cooking now and than. It is worth anything I always say. Plenty of time when you get back from your camping trip to get right back on.

Sylvia-Oh boy a new baby down the road. I am excited and wish you and Marcel the best of luck. You will make a wonderful mother I'll bet. You are doing all the right things and that walking is sure to help you weight-wise.

Carolyn/Chglenn-How are you doing? How is your WW program doing? I miss you as we all do. I hope things are going great for you this summer. Are you working a summer job again?

Tatterbaby-Are you still out there? Post with us and let us know how you are doing. We want to hear from you.

Joanna and Carolyn/Regency where are you? Come back to us!

Sandi-So you met my Dad, Papa and my brother Jer eh? Glad you had a chance to meet those special men in my life. You know Papa and Jerry are here right now and they said they both enjoyed meeting you and Spence at my sis in law's Chrissy. I will check out the Gazing Ball when I go to Michigan to see Chrissy and the girls. Glad you had such a good visit with them. Have a great time in Wisconsin with you family too.

Mary Kay-How is the vacation going so far? So we were both in Missouri at the same time eh? That is too cool. We were betweem St. Louis and Kansas city in a town called Sedelia. I too worry when I go away about my house, the cat's and my sons-age 18 and 20. But when I come back everything is always alright and so now I try now to worry so much and just try to relax and enjoy my time with my husband and my much deserved vacation time with him. Post when you get back and let us know how it went.

Gail-How are you doing? Did Ken pass that Gallstone? I sure hope so. I owe you an email and will do that soon now that I am back home again. I hope that you are doing good and know that you are such a comfort to Ken during this time in your wonderful way. Post and let us know how everything has turned out.

Chrissy-Hey sis in law, you out there somewhere? I sure hope so. Hey Papa and Jer are here now. They said daughter Ellie was up and ready when they came over to have her drive them to them to the airport to come to Indiana. Their flight from Detroit was delayed for 45 minutes, but they finally got here. They are having a great visit so far. We just got back from Denny's with everyone and tomorrow Kelly and boyfriend Brian will be over as well. Hope you have a great 4th and wish I could be there with you guys or visa versa. Miss you and can't wait to see you when I come at the end of the month and we all go camping. FUN FUN FUN!

Take care guys, Love ya, Sassy Sharon :cool:

07-04-2001, 12:44 AM
I just have a minute but would like to introduce you all to my new grandson, with his mother Denise (my youngest daughter):

Brandon Lee Baker
Born: 6/28/01 @ 10:45 pm
7 lbs 15 oz

Love, CJ

07-04-2001, 08:05 AM
CJ...thanks for sharing the picture of your new grandson. What a beautiful moment to catch on film. He certainly has quite the head of hair, doesn't he!! I hope both baby and your daughter are doing well. take care...

07-04-2001, 06:15 PM
CJ, Congratulations - He is absolutely beautiful. Little Brandon looks very happy and contented. What hair! He will drive the girls wild for sure. Your family must be so thrilled. And 9 grandchildren for you - that must take some doing to keep track of them all. :) Glad you are back even if just for awhile. Missed you.

I am having a terrible time lately - or was having till this morning. I stepped on the scale, nearly fainted and then got angry. I seem to do better when I get angry. Darn it - how did this happen? Well, I am recommitting to WW once again and so far having a good day. I guess as Sharon says, "If it is to be - it's up to me."

How are you all? I have been a guilty no-show lately. Doing so badly and not liking myself very much. It's hard to post when in such a funk.

I have been reading back on the thread that I missed and see many good weight losses. Congratulations to all of you who are staying motivated and doing so well!

Sorry not to address everyone right now, but will do a longer post later. Wanted to wish all of you a safe and happy 4th of July. Hope you all enjoy your holiday. We had our Canada Day last weekend and it was great - good weather and lots of activity.

Bye for now and talk to you soon. Love, G:)

07-05-2001, 11:18 AM
OK, my boss just called and said he'd be in in about 45 minutes so I have some time to do the important things. Uh, that'd be you guys!! :D

Camping trip was great. Rich and I were out there all alone. And I do mean all alone!! The campground was surprisingly empty. Not too many campers. Suited us fine. We had torrential rain storms on Sunday afternoon and the nights got cold but the days were beautiful, sunny and breezy. We decided to come home on Tuesday so on Wednesday we were able to go up to my sister's house for a cookout.

In a nutshell, that means Jo ate. And ate. And ate. I was pretty good while we were camping and drank gallons of water and hiked and rode my bike, etc. But still.... And Wednesday, I just went sorta' crazy. Don't know what was wrong with me. :mad: When we went to my sister's we took some turkey cutlets that we'd sliced into strips and marinated in barbeque sauce. They were wonderful!! But then, so was the potato salad and cornbread and beer and ... You get the idea.

CJ, yes, we did take our bikes and cruised around the campground a few times. I found a closed road and ended up going up and down and back and forth about a 2 mile stretch. There were some tent sites whose backs faced that road and those folks probably thought I was crazy, going back and forth and back and forth. "Oh look dear. There goes that crazy woman on the bike again." Didn't do anywhere near 12 miles though!! :o

By the way, Ms. CJ - CONGRATULATIONS!!! New grandson is adorable. What a great photo too! NINE grandkids! Wow!

Julie, glad to hear your daughter's OK. That must have been scary. I'm sure a dentist can fix her teeth and the cuts and bruises will heal. She'll just need some TLC for a while. And you will too!!

Sam, glad to hear from you and that little Charlotte's doing so well. And "GOOD JOB" to you for going back to WW. You've taken the first step!

Sharon, welcome back! :) Sounds like you had a great time!

AngelEyes, I liked your post. You've got a great attitude. I tend to focus too much on "the numbers" and forget about all the other successes. I wanna' be like you!

Gail, you too! Get angry! That's what I have to do too. I got on the scale this morning and started rehearsing the excuses I was going to use when I weigh in on Saturday. But at least I didn't find myself thinking about not going. But also this morning, I got completely back on program. We're not going to let fat beat us!!!

Speaking of that, I know I said that I'd be perfect and would lose a bunch of weight before my weigh in. Well, guess what. I'm not so perfect after all. :devil: But I'm strong. I'm invincible. I'm going to do my best!!! I've picked myself up and am starting all over again. Today's the first day of the rest of my life. OK, insert any other old sayings and cliches here.....

I'm going off now to think about the Labor Day challenge. Hm, then I guess I'd better have some of this work done by the time bossman rolls in. Hope you're all having a great day!

Much love, Jo.

07-05-2001, 12:19 PM

Hi Everyone! So good to be back with you. What a different feeling today than the past while, for me. Had a very good onplan day yesterday and if I did it then, I can do it again today. One day at a time!

Julie, what a terrible, frightening experience for your daughter and for you and your family. Thank God she was not more seriously injured. Hope she is good as new soon. Bet she will be very careful from now on. My kids can't understand, why, because they are all grown up, that I still worry about them.

Jo, sounds like you had a lot of fun on your camping trip. Good fresh air and exercise too. Don't worry about the extra eating - you are doing so well. Just jump back on track and you will be fine. It's so true about the anger, isn't it? Sure did get me motivated.

Ginabob, I'm sorry to have missed your birthday. A BELATED VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Hope it was a good one.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JETALL! I see that you are having a birthday today. How are you doing?

Sharon, are you keeping busy with all your family visitors? Hope you had a really great day yesterday. Thanks for the nice email. Did you get mine?

Dreamer, it's hard to believe you are a Mom now. Good for you joining WW. I'm back on also. I think many of the people in this group are. Well, they say there is strength in numbers. How is the little one doing? Can't wait to see some pictures.

Sandi, guess you are not back from your cottage yet. Hope you are having fun with your family and that your weather is lovely.

Judy, how is everything? I was so sorry to hear that Cal's daughters weren't so nice. What a time they picked to pull something. Has your son taken Cal fishing yet? I hope he is able to do so. It will mean so much to both of them. I keep Cal and you in my prayers. {{{{{JUDY}}}}}

Angel, you are so motivated - way to go!

Chrissy, you will be leaving for Seattle soon. Can't wait to meet you. Hope it all works out and we can get together sometime on the weekend. Have a safe trip.

Trish, way to go Girl!!!! You have done so well. Isn't there a wedding coming up in your family soon?

MaryK, hope you are having a wonderful vacation.

Sylvia, so good to hear from you. You must be really excited to be starting to plan your family. Good luck to you. Hope all goes well.

Well, as usual, I know I have missed many of you. I wish you all a wonderful day and hope that you enjoyed your holiday yesterday. We awoke to a cooler day today which is kind of a nice break from the hot week that we had. Things are looking good guys. Talk to you soon. Love, G :)

07-05-2001, 01:01 PM

I want you all to know that I FINALLY hit my 10 lb mark and got my ribbon this morning! I lost 3/4 lb this week so that puts me at 10 1/2 lbs lost! FOREVER!! My next goal is my 10% ... 7 1/2 lbs more. I CAN DO THIS!!!!!

Sorry, not addressing each and every one of you, but once again we are getting ready to head on out again to the cabin ... and unless I get on my friends computer you won't hear from me for a good 3 weeks! I will miss you .... I will make a big effort to check in at least once (we are going to be very busy putting in electrical wires underground) but, if you don't hear from me please know that I will be thinking of you all, and please don't forget me! LOL

Remember, WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!

And, before I leave, I just had to share this joke/story with you ... too funny!

Love you guys...
Love, CJ

HANGING BASKETS ................This is too funny not to share.

A teenage granddaughter comes downstairs for her date with this see-through blouse on and no bra. Her grandmother just pitches a fit, telling her not to dare go out like that! The teenager tells her "Loosen up Grams. These are modern times. You gotta let your rosebuds show!" and out she goes.

The next day the teenager comes downstairs, and the grandmother is sitting there with no top on. The teenager wants to die. She explains to her grandmother that she has friends coming over and that it is just not appropriate...The grandmother says, "Loosen up, Sweetie. If you can show off your rosebuds, then I can display my hanging baskets."

07-05-2001, 01:18 PM
I hope you all don't mind just a little bit more of bragging here about my new grandson. My daughter has started a webpage for him and I wanted to give you the address (more pictures)!

OK ... that's all folks!

Love, CJ

07-06-2001, 11:28 AM
Good Morning!

I'm happy to report I've lost another 1.5 lbs. this week for a total of 24 lbs. My goal was to lose at least 25 lbs. by my son's wedding on July 14, and it looks like I'll be able to do that. I'm not going to stop there. I'm in the Labor Day Challenge and hope to lose a total of 30 lbs. by Labor Day. Come on, join CJ, Jo, Sharon, MaryKay, and me in the challenge!

CJ, congratulations on hitting the 10 lb. mark! You'll reach the 10% goal soon too. Your new grandson is beautiful. What a head of hair!

Gail, glad to hear you're back OP. Join us in the Labor Day Challenge. My son is getting married in Annapolis, MD, on Saturday, July 14.

Sharon, it sounds like you are having a very busy July. Glad to hear that your daughter's boyfriend's family is so nice, and you enjoyed your visit with them.

Jo, where did you go camping? My husband, daughter, son-in-law, and I went tubing last Saturday. We had our "derrieres in the Delaware." It was a lot of fun; I'm going to go again some time this summer.

Hope all of you have a good weekend.


07-06-2001, 12:00 PM
It's Friday Guys! Hope you are all looking forward to a great weekend.

I've been onplan for two whole days and heading into day 3 with a positive attitude. :D

Trish, you have done so well - just look what you have accomplished! That is a tremendous weight loss. You will look so fantastic for your son's wedding. The tubing sounds like lots of fun. There is a place here in the Okanagan area of our province that people tube down canals. It sure looks inviting on a hot day. I will go and check out that challenge thread when I finish posting here. :D

CJ - Congratulations for making that 10 lb. mark. I know how hard you worked for that. You really deserve it. I like your attitude too. Great for you!

I signed up for a weekly produce delivery last week. It is a good value and forces us to eat more healthy. Sure have eaten lots of fruit and veggies the last few days. I guess a lot of people would disagree with getting your produce delivered, but in my case, it sure is helping. Also cuts down on the trips to the grocery store where I always come out with much more than I went in for. So hopefully it will prove to be economical in that way as well as healthy.

I hope you all have plans to enjoy this weekend. The weather here looks like it will be good as it has been all week. Take care everyone and talk to you soon. Love, G:)

07-06-2001, 05:17 PM
Just a quick check-in. Boy, it's late for me!

Gail, why would anyone disagree with produce delivery??? :?: I think it's a great idea. And as you said, it'll keep you out of the grocery store so often. I usually go for one or two things and come out with a cartfull.

Trish, you are doing so well!! Congratulations! :D I'm proud of you. Our camping trip last weekend was up at Promised Land State Park in the Pocono region. It's so beautiful up there. Our first night, we were sitting by the fire and heard something fall off the picnic table only 10 feet away. It was a young raccoon trying to get into our food. Actually, he got hold of one hotdog roll (fortunately the last one in the bag). I went over and was talking to him and cooing at him, etc. He was just too cute. He just sat there looking at me while munching on the last of the roll as if to say "what, wasn't this for me?" Then he finished up, turned and casually walked away like "well, I guess all the food's gone so I'll just be on my way". No fear.

Anyway, like I said, it's late and I'm going to finish up and get the heck out of here. Lots to do at home this weekend and Sunday our team is playing Family Feud at the VFW again. Can't wait. Just have to get through weigh-in tomorrow morning. Then I'll regroup and get back to the Labor Day Challenge thread, I promise.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!
Much love, Jo :cool:

07-06-2001, 05:40 PM
Hi there!

Jo, hope that you do have a great weekend. :D

The reason I said that some people don't agree with produce delivery is that they think it is overpriced. Sometimes I would agree, but I found this really great one and their produce is nice and fresh. I guess too it bugs me that they maybe think I am too lazy to go to a market garden and get my own. Maybe I am, but if I wait to do it, somehow I get sidetracked and then don't have the proper foods when I need them. So, it's great - just received another box for the coming week with all sorts of goodies. They buy bulk and whatever is available at good prices, so will always be a surprise what we get. Hopefully it will help me stay onplan better. Just a little peek at my exciting life. :lol:

Speaking of my exciting life, I am definitely going to meet Chrissy on Sunday. :D I'm so excited - just can't wait. She called me this morning and we are going to meet on Sunday afternoon in Washington state where she is visiting her niece. I am taking my camera and will take some pictures for sure. Will send some to CJ for the website if all goes well. This will be the first time I have met anyone from our group. Very exciting.

Better get off here. I just came on to check my email and thought I would pop in for a minute. Talk to you later. Love, G :)

07-06-2001, 11:56 PM
Hello one and all :)

Well I did my first week OP and had a loss at the meeting this morning. Still some thins to get in order - I ate more icecream than I should have (will try and eat more yoghurt this week instead) and need to eat some more fruit. Feel pretty good about it though. Think I did okay. This week I start exercising - walking and the gym.

I managed to finish Uni for the semester, thank gosh and I think I've passed (only one paper to get back). I didn't do anywhere near as well as I would have liked, but I didn't realise how hard it would be to study when having a baby. I'll know next time!

Jo - Glad you and Rich had fun camping. How much fun is bike riding? I've got to get mine back out - though not right now, middle of winter here and freezing!

Gail & Chrissy - you girls have fun! Cannot wait to hear about you catching up and see photos...

CJ - I'll try to send you photos again, my emial is tres poor at times! Congrats on your 9th grandchild (he's a cutie!) and also on your 10lb ribbon, way to go!

Trish - Wowee your weight loss is impressive - I think you'll lose the 30lbs easily in that timeframe you are doing so well! Good on you.

Sharon - you sure do have a full house! I think I'd go mad :) Have lots of fun while everyone is there....

Well our offer on the house was accepted, we got our loan and now we just have to see our solicitor and get stuck into the paperwork. We get our building report early in the week, so as long as it is good, this should all go ahead. How exciting and scary all at once!!

Must be off, Charlotte is sleeping (she has done 8 hours in a row the last 2 nights, I'm hoping this is the beginning of her sleeping thru - she is 12 weeks tomorrow afterall) and I want to read my book...


07-07-2001, 07:35 PM
A GREAT BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SYLVIA!!!!!! Hope that you have a terrific birthday and a great year ahead.

Hi there Sam - Congratulations on your new home. What a wonderful time in your life - your first child and now a new home. It's always so nice to hear from you. Wow, terrific that Charlotte is sleeping through the night. Good to be able to get caught up on your sleep, I'll bet. You are doing so well, continuing with your school, back onplan and all. Way to go!!!!!

Yes, I will be taking pictures tomorrow for sure. Can't wait to see Chrissy. :D

We just had a visit from our little grandaughter, Cambree and her mom. What fun! She is 2 1/2 and growing so much the past couple of months. Can't wait for the new arrival in December too. Really something to watch your family grow. :)

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. Take care everyone. Talk to you soon. Love, G :wave:

07-07-2001, 10:42 PM
Happy Weekend All,
It has been a crazy and hectic week. :dizzy: Nicole is healing, bruises starting to fade. Her teeth are still too loose for the dentist to work on yet. She may yet lose them. We got a bill from the mans insurance company. They want $1800 for the damage that she did to his car. :mad: Her teeth will cost over $2000. Needless to say we have consulted a lawyer. Seems to me that a person should take precidence over a car. Agree??? At the moment dieting is the last thing on my mind.I just can't concentrate.
CJ: Congrats on that beautifull baby. I can't imagine 9 grandkids.Also on your 10 pounds. It must have felt great getting that 10 pound ribbon.
Sharon: You really are having a busy summer.You aren't working are you?? Never mind just enjoy. We all know how short life is.
Gail: I love the idea of your produce delivery. I wish that we had something like that here. I would jump right on it.Have a great time with Chrissie. Wish that I were there.
Trish: Congratulations on your loss. You should be so proud. That last pound will come off and you will dance at your sons wedding. Have a great time.
Sam: Sounds like you had a good week on program. I can't believe that the baby is sleeping through the night already. That's wonderfull.:angel: Bless you both.
Well ladies this is my weekend to work so let me make my lunch. Take care all. Love, Julie

07-08-2001, 12:24 AM
Hi ladies. Well, I went back to work today:( All good things come to an end I guess. We had a good time. Didn;t do much, but got to see my parents and grandparents and my brother and his family. Went to a casino, but didn't win anything. I was such a BIG spender:lol: I spent a whole 20 dollars. My husband spent the same. I enjoyed my self though. We went to my old hometown a looked around. All in all it was a nice relaxing vacation. My kids called almost every day. :lol: The house was still standing when we got back. So next year I will be able to relax some more!:D

I will weigh myself probably Tues or Weds. My husband is still on vacation until Tues. We are going out for our ann. on Monday.

Julie: Hope your daughter is doing better. How can the insurance company want her to pay for the car? What did the lawyer say?

Gail: Wow you get to meet Chrissy! Have a wonderful visit, can't wait to hear all about it.

CJ: Way to go on your weight loss. It won't be long now till you get your 10% soon.

Trish: your doing Great! You will definetaly make your wedding goal. You will also get the Labor Day goal too.

Dreamer: Sounds like you are getting everything in order. Isn't it nice to have the baby sleep through the night?

Well, I have to go got things to do before I can go to bed. Take care everyone and have a peaceful Sunday. Mary Kay

07-09-2001, 09:24 AM
Well, I lost 2.4 of the 2.8 lbs. that I gained last weigh-in so I'm feeling much better about life. Then again, Saturday night was a blur of pizza and ice cream. Sunday wasn't much better because we were at the VFW all day doing Family Feud and eating burgers and fries. Man, these weekends are what's killing me!

Speaking of Family Feud, our team lost in the first round. Oh we had a really good time but one of our players is a new guy and he was really disappointed. I spent the rest of the time there putting the answers up on the board, etc. I got to choose the questions and some of them were really tough. Then again, some of the ones I thought were hard, the players whizzed right through. Anyway, one of the teams that was supposed to play on August 12 cancelled out and they asked if my team wanted to play again. I'll check with them today. Maybe we'll do better next time. :^:

Meanwhile, I'm once again starting my work week trying to get back on track food-wise. I guess I should really stop weighing myself every morning but I'm hooked. :dizzy: I actually sat down and ate breakfast (cornflakes and skim milk with banana) this morning but forgot to bring my sandwich for lunch. One of these days I'll get it right. I've got to stick to it this week. A group of us are going to lunch for someone's birthday on Friday so I want to have a few points saved up.

CJ, I forgot to congratulate you!! 10 lbs!! What did you do with your ribbon? Mine's on the fridge.

Julie, I can't believe that guy trying to get your daughter to pay for his car. Some people will try anything! :mad: Hope your lawyer can work that out.

Sam, congratulations on the new home! Hope you get the family all settled in soon. I do enjoy bike riding (especially down hill :lol: ) I keep forgetting you're over on the other side of the planet and it's winter there. Well, that gives you plenty of time to drop some weight before bathing suit season!

Gail, how was your visit with Chrissy?? Can't wait to see the pictures!

MK, welcome back! Sounds like you had a great time!

I have to run now. I'm hoping to leave here a bit early. Have to buy a wedding gift and a housewarming gift. Oh man, I hate shopping when it's not for me! :devil:

Hope you all have a great day!
Much love, Jo.

07-09-2001, 01:33 PM
Hi Everyone,
I just posted a long reply and lost it. I have no idea what happened. So here I go again.
We got back fromt he cottage last night. Had good weather and lots of fun. I even got brave enough tto drive the Jet Ski. Was going to try to water ski again after many years, but decided I had enough bruises on me from falling off the pier into a raft.

C.J....Congrats on the 10 pound loss and on the beautiful new grandson.

Julie....Hope Nicole is doing O.K. I can't believe the man would want YOU to pay bills. What an idiot!!!!!!

Jo....Your camping trip sounded so nice. Except for the downpour. Did you get wet?

Sharon...You sure are a busy little bee this month aren't you? Tell Papa and Jerry we said Hello and hope they are enjoying themselves. Am sure you will have fun camping with Chrissy and the girls. Wish I were going.

Trish....What a determined gal you are. You sure will make that 25 pound lioss by the 14th. WAY TO GO!!!!!!!

Angel Eyes.....Keep up that motivation.!!!!!!!

Gail....I think your produce delivery is great. I bet the produce is a lot fresher tooo than you get in the stores. Hope you were able to connect with Chrissy. She is one special gal and so are you so the meeeting would be great I am sure.

Dreamer...WHOOPIE!!!!! You will soon be a home owner. Congrats. And congrats on finishing the course you took too, and doing as well in it as you did. Not easy when you have a little one that needs lots of your time.

M.K....Sounds like you had a nice vacation. Sometimes just not doing much is nice too. That's why i like to go tot he cottage. Our next vacation in Aug/Sept. will be one where we are in the go all the time.

Chrissy....Hope you had a great time in Seattle with Mary and a very nice visit with Gail. Get those pictures on here soon. Have a fun time camping when you get back.

Happy Birthday to anyone that just had one.Love to all Sandi:dizzy:

07-09-2001, 07:12 PM
Good Evening!

I just wanted to stop in and say hi. I don't have time to write a long post, but just wanted to let you know I'm here and reading your posts. I'll come backand address everyone in the next few days before I leave for Annapolis.

Trish :)

07-09-2001, 11:01 PM
Hi to Everyone! Hope that you all had a terrific weekend. I surely did!

Well, Chrissy and I did get to meet on Sunday for lunch. Ken and I drove down to Olympia where she was staying and we all went out to a quaint farmer's market with Chrissy's niece Mary, and then we went for lunch at a nice restaurant. The time flew by so quickly, I didn't want to leave at all. :D

We took some pictures and hopefully they will turn out okay. Ken took some of them and he has a knack for cutting heads off, so hope he didn't cut our heads off Chrissy. :lol:

We had a great time and hit if off so well. I agree with Sandi - Chrissy, you are a very special person. You must be arriving home anytime now. Hope that you had a good trip and get some rest before you have to work tomorrow. Take care. :)

Trish, your son's wedding is this coming Saturday - you must be awfully excited. Your post is so calm - I would be going a little crazy right now if I were in your shoes. Tell us about your outfit for the wedding. Bet it looks so terrific with all those pounds gone. Did you notice I joined the challenge too? It was hard to admit where I got myself too, but a relief to get it out there and get myself going back onplan again. So, maybe the challenge will help stay on track. :^:

Sandi, your holiday sounds like lots of fun. How did you fall off the pier - what happened? Glad you came away with only a few bruises, but that's bad enough. Yes, Chrissy and I had a good time together. She is just as great as you say she is.

Jo, way to go getting that weight back off! I know what you mean about the weekends being murder. Being away for most of the day yesterday and again today, my eating choices were not the very best, but think I managed to stay within my points both days. Gosh, I even turned down Ben & Jerry's ice cream yesterday :cool: I did have some ice cream today, but it was MacDonalds so think it is ice milk and fit in with my points. Here's hoping.

MaryK, glad that you had such a nice vacation and that your kids didn't let you down. They probably don't even fight when you are not around. :lol: A Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby. Hope that you have a great celebration today.

Julie, I hope that Nicole's teeth will be okay. The poor little thing - how awful to have that happen and then they want her to pay for the damage to the car? What's up with that? :mad: Hard to figure people out.

Sharon, dear friend, where are you? I haven't heard from you and thought maybe you went away for a few days. I had a wonderful time meeting your sister-in-law Chrissy. Wish you could have been there too. Maybe soon we will be able to get together. Sure hope so. ;)

Well everyone, time to go and wash some lettuce. :lol: I have fruit and veggies coming out my ears and have to prepare it or it won't get used up. Too bad they don't deliver it all washed and ready to use. Now, would that prove that I am just a little bit lazy or what? LOL

Talk to you all soon. Love, G :wave:

07-10-2001, 08:45 AM
My problem seems to be these days....a lack of something in my heart. The motivation is there...but not totally there. I need a really good pick-me-up!! The problem is I've lost 35 lbs...bought the new clothes, still excercising 3x/wk, started buying the healthy foods (and eating them) but now I'm not too careful about some of the little extras and without losing any still on the plateau for 3 months now. Any ideas?? I'd sure be open to them, but believe me....I've heard it all. So come on....GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT!!...I think I need a good wake up call....(or a little kick in the butt) to get me going. Another little problem, is some of the threads that I posted to before,,,,no longer exist. The posters....have stopped or dropped off the face of the earth....after building up that part of the thread and sharing so much....are now gone. I don't want to be brushed aside....and lost. Sorry to be so down, not usually like me. BUT....since this is a success and motivational going to get me a perfect breakfast....and have a perfect day, because if anything.....I'm a planner. So with a busy day at work, soccer afterwards...and dh away, its SUPERMOM gear!!! bye,

07-10-2001, 11:57 AM
HI EVERYONE! And a Good Morning to you all.

Well guys, I am in a BUTT KICKING MOOD this morning, so here we go - ANGEL - THIS ONE'S FOR YOU! {{{{{BUTTKICK!BUTTKICK! BUTTKICK!}}}}} :lol: Anyone else who needs it, you are welcome to share. :D

Sure hope that helps, Angel. I for one would love to be in your shoes. I am having a tough time just getting going and would love to see the scale drop a couple of pounds even. Tomorrow will be my weigh in day so am hoping for a loss. Stayed off the scale for the week because that can get me so discouraged.

The weather has been so hot here. Yesterday I drove Ken to the hospital for X-Rays and possible removal of the stent they put in to help him pass the kidney stone. Well, it seems he only passed part of it. They are leaving the stent in till he passes the rest of it - that could be awhile. He was really disappointed because we thought that would be about the end of it. Rats! Because he had the day off work, we went for a long drive in the mountains, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, saw two deer and some snow on some of the higher mountains, and felt much better after being out in nature for awhile. Also picked up some nice big rocks for the garden.

So onward and upward today. Or should I say downward. Have to go out this morning to an appointment - hope to be back before it gets too hot later in the day. Thank God for airconditioning in the car. Take care everyone and have a super day. Love, G :D

07-10-2001, 09:45 PM
Hello All,
Very hot night tonight. We are expecting thunder storms but no rumbles yet.Hopefully I can get this posted before it starts. Nicole and Sean are out with their friends. Kinda hard to let her go when I just want to hold her close. The reason that they want her to pay for damages is that the policeman gave her a ticket for jaywalking. She did have her head in the clouds(as usual)but she walked across 3 lanes before he hit her, was wearing white and is not a tiny little girl. She is 5'8".Even though he had the right of way he still should have stopped. Every time I drive past that spot I see her bruised face and get angry.:mad: I know that I have to let it go but I get terrified to think that I could have lost her.
Gail: I have to take some of that butt kicking from you because I seem to have lost my motivation. Haven;t walked in almost 2 weeks. Did work in the yard for a couple of hours today. Will that count??Haven't journaled either. Where did it go?? And how do I get it back??
Sandi and Mary Kay: Sounds like you both had great vacations. Should be well rested and ready to jump back in. :)
JO: Your family feud has always sounded like so much fun.I find it much easier to keep my eating in check during the work week. When I am home on the weekends it's a lot harder. The fridge just seems to call me.
The wind is picking up and suddenly it's getting much darker. Think it's time to go. Take care all. Love, Julie

07-11-2001, 12:30 AM
:wave: Hello Ladies!

I hope you are all doing well. It looks like I'm going to be posting more often... my wonderful husband gave me a computer for my birthday! :spin: You all know how much I missed my computer when my husabnd decided to "fix" it last year.
Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! I had a wonderful birthday weekend ... went and got a manicure/pedicure with a friend, then off to lunch ( I didn't have dessert so I was good) then off to dinner with my husband ... the next day went up to my parents' house for a lovely bbq and birthday margaritas ( I know I'm bad ... but I didn't have any of the cake or ice cream) and just hung out in the jacuzzi. Very relaxing ... just the way I like it!!

I'm really watching what I eat not only to get pregnant but, I'm going to Las Vegas August 18 to go see the Go-Go's at Mandalay Beach!! Can we say hot, hot, hot!! I have to try to lose abit so that I don't scare people when I wear shorts and sleeveless shirts!!! :o

CJ- What a cute baby!!! Looks like your daughter is going have to watch out for all the girls that are going to be knocking at her door!!! Thank you for sharing the pictures!!

Gail- Thanks for the butt kicks.... I can feel it know! LOL Is Ken feeling better? How is the produce delivery going?

Sharon- Sounds like you had a fun holiday! Have fun with your family!

Julie- I know what you are feeling. I'm happy your daughter is OK. July 3rd, I almost got hit by a speeding van ( 55+ on a City street) while crossing the street. I was in the crosswalk with the right of way and he or she (I didn't see what they were) tried to turn behind me and hit my purse (a leather, thin backpack) and kept going. I had the right of way. I was so shaken that a homeless man asked if I was OK. He said that he sees that stuff all the time and wonders why people are always in such a hurry that they endanger innocent people who are just trying to cross the street in a cross walk. By the time I got home, all I could do is cry. At that point you realize your mortality and the moment you are living almost didn't exist.

Judy- You and your family are in my prayers! {{{{{{JUDY}}}}}

Jo- Did you have fun camping?

Sam- Congratulations on finishing your Uni work!! How many semesters do you have left? Charlie sounds like such a cutie ... you've got to share some pictures with us!!

Well ladies, I've got to run and feed my puppy, Lola before she starts to tear stuff up.

Sorry to ramble on and on ... can you tell I'm excited about having a computer again?!?! :D

I will definitely post soon!

A big HOWDY to all of you I didn't address individually! :wave:


07-11-2001, 09:42 AM
Hi you guys! I have absolutely no time (am swamped at work :dizzy: ) but wanted to check in and say hello. :wave: I'm always thinking about you all and I've come here to read the posts and keep up with you but just haven't had time to write. Was hoping to try to get in last night from home but ended up weeding the garden instead. How'd that happen!?!? Hm, think I need a day off .... again. :rolleyes:

Promise to write as soon as I can. Miss you guys!
Love, Jo.

07-11-2001, 11:44 AM
I don't even have time to read the posts anymore! Just dropped in to let you know I'm still kicking!

Cal's condition continues to worsen. Lots of blood in his urine now. Heavier doses of pain medication keep him going. I really have my hands full.

My weight is really dropping now! I guess that's a good thing. Just don't have time to eat or sit for very long. Have to keep moving, if I stop I'll not be able to get going again.

Love you all, keep us in your prayers please!

Hugs, Judy

07-11-2001, 10:01 PM
Hello All,
Just came from a session with Nicoles lawyer who makes my head spin with "terms". I just want my kids teeth taken care of. I do have good news for a change. We are celebrating our first anniversary this weekend. It actually will be a year the end of this month but the 2 kids are away this weekend. So we are going into New York on the train for dinner and a play. Sounds so romantic doesn't it? Can't believe a whole year already. Do you remember when we were planning the wedding:dizzy: :dizzy: Have to admit it's been a great year (except for Nicoles little accident). Now if I could just get back on my diet:mad:
Sylvia: Sounds like you had a great birthday both in gifts and in celebration. Your near miss sounds frightening.Do you think that they were trying to get your bag?? People are crazy.
Jo: Cheer up, the weekend will be here before you know it. And gardening definitly counts as exercise.
Judy: We are all keeping you and Cal in our thoughts and prayers.
Niles is tempting me with dessert. Skinney Cow anyone??:lol: :lol: Take care all. Love, Julie

07-12-2001, 12:05 PM
Just going on to the new thread. :D