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12-16-2005, 09:51 AM
By all means if you think its is inappropriate for me to post this on this forum please ignore it.

Teachers! I just read that you had your own thread and there was quite a few of yall :)
It has been my ultimate dream to move to the states and teach biology in high school!
I finished school in 2002 and since that time I have attended college and started uni; my Biology degree this September.
Recently I realised I would love to get my education/qualify to become a teacher in the USA instead of finishing my BSc and teacher training here, this isnt really an option as out of country fees are way too expensive, its bad enough paying for school here.
So I looked into a possible route my Texas friends mentioned, becoming sponsored by a school board, so I would work as a sub for them and they'd put me thru school, so Id become qualified, They do do something similar here but Id be obligated to stay and teacher here.
I emailed, called and wrote to a couple of independent school districts a while back with not much like, all but one didn’t respond and the one that did said I'd need to pay to see if I had enough 'credit' to work as a sub for them (so they would hire me) but they did not sponsor prospective teachers. I wouldn’t be able to afford living costs as well as school there, so my question to you guys is that do you know of any similar schemes for an international (UK) that you could mention to me ?

Thanks for your time