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12-07-2005, 02:39 PM
HELLO & :welcome: To the Jaded Ladies!

We're a friendly group that provides support in our weight loss journey as well as our every day lives. So pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee and please join us. :cofdate:

12-07-2005, 04:12 PM
Hiya ladies:wave:

OMGoodness! It is freezing here! This morning at 8 am they said it was 9 with the wind chill 7 below! Brrrrrrr...I am not ready for this ladies! And yes, we have the snow they talked about. It has been coming down since about 7. Of course I don't mind it if I don't have to get in it and I had to this morning! Just had to snow and be cold on Wednesday didn't it! LOL Going to take a picture when I go and check the mail because I think it looks so pretty.

MARTI~for some reason I was thinking Jhanai was singing! DUH! Didn't realize she was in the band and played the clarinet. Bet the program was nice. About the tree...I miss having a real tree sometimes, well, not so much the tree but the smell. I haven't found a candle or anything that I like that smells close to the smell of a live tree. I've had an artificial one for so long don't thing I can go back to a live one. Maybe one day.

ANGIE~this year I have a Santa on the top of my tree. Don't think I have ever had a star except on the little tree I have in my bedroom. I have a small gold star with a pink ribbon. I do have an angel that I use sometimes but this year I went with an angel theme on the mantle. I've also used a big bow/ribbon before. It's not often that I change the tree but once in a while I will do something a little different.

JANE~yeah, the traffic in Atlanta is horrible, but not too bad. The traffic I was speaking of was at Fort Benning on the base the day of graduation, wow, what a mess! :yikes: We had to walk a good 1/2 mile to the field which was fine with me, I managed to get my walking in the three days we were down there for sure. Josh kind of had his hopes set on Italy or Germany and I thought that would have been good because at least he would get to see the world. I took them lots of places but never overseas because of my fear of flying. Then he heard he would be at Fort Riley and was disappointed but not because even he wanted to be closer to home, he missed it. I know wherever he goes I will be happy for him and he will make the best of it, as will I. I just hope it's somewhere he wants to be which would be out of KS, LOL. About the XMAS...for the longest time I always wrote Merry X-Mas on my cards or anything. Then was thinking one day where in the world that came from and how did it get started? That was back in 1985 and I have been writing Merry Christmas since. Haven't found the page about the moderators yet, but I'll keep looking.

CONNIE~glad your eye is better. I was picturing the little ones with the hammers and all the noise, EGADS! But I bet it was cute, and definitely a kodak moment. My 1st DH was 11 years older than I was. I met him when I was 19, just about to turn 20 in a month. We were happily married for 12 years until he was killed and I am 100% sure that we would still be married today! Age is just a bunch of numbers, really doesn't mean much. Unless of course she was 14, 15, etc. and he was 28. Hope you had a lovely Holiday breakfast!

KATY~your little Leigh sounds like Josh when he was that age. He was a preschool drop-out! LOL Not really, I just say that. He went for two weeks and while there would just shut down-didn't like it at all. But when he started kindergarten he was fine, did great! I think he just wasn't ready for preschool. Glad the tests came back normal.

EM~don't really have any suggestions for books, sorry. My kids are much older than yours and I can't even remember what they read at that age. I know we used to buy a lot of books from the school book fairs and such. Of course today there is so much new stuff out there I don't know about. I am no help at all on this one.

MICHELLE~try not to overdo it at work girly. I know that is easier said than done especially when the store has a deadline.

Hi JEWEL and a big :welcome3: :welcome: to you! Glad to have you aboard and look forward to getting to know you. About your totally depends on you and how you are. I joined a center (WW) a few years ago and it was GREAT! I also joined (WW) online and didn't do so good. I am one who needs the meetings, or did. It just depends on how disciplined you are I think. Some people need someone to answer too i.e. weekly meetings and WI's (me being one) and some do fine on their own going online. Of course right now I am doing my own thing and I concentrated more on the exercise part before worrying about the food part. It seems to be working for me, slow, but it is coming off. I shop mostly at Wal-Mart and they have a lot of the food there. The meetings I attended never sold any food. There are a few ladies here doing WW and they can give you some good pointers and I am sure they will chime in once they post.

Okay, I think I got everyone that had posted on the last thread! Hi to everyone else :wave:

Thank you ladies about the pics! The first 9 or 10 were of the Turning Blue ceremony on Thursday. Actually, the first 2 or three they were coming up the hill from practicing for graduation. Then the next few were the turning blue. If they had any family memebers there they wanted them to put the blue cord on their uniform and that's what I was doing. Friday was the graduation and they did pu ton a show. Showing us some of the things they had done since we were there for the drill competition. Then we went to the Infantry Musuem, those were the last two or three photos...the one of the statue/memorial and Josh. We took two rolls of 24 and some we were trying to run the roll out (that's why V took some photos of me alone, ick!) so we could have the pictures developed before getting on the plane. Anyway, and yes, I am very proud of Josh. He has come a long way and I am proud that he wants to follow in his dads footsteps. His dad served in Vietnam before being wounded. His grandfather also served in the Army, World War 1 I believe, can't remember. Anyway...

Not much happening today. Did manage to get out this morning and get to Wal-Mart and man was it cold! The wind was blowing so hard. Thought about doing it last night but didn't since I was going to take DD to the ear doctor. They don't know what's up. She's having a pain in her left ear that feels like someone is poking needles in her ear and they can't find anything wrong. He thinks it might be her jaw and said she is working it too much! :lol: Just sounded funny to me, you had to be there when he was working his jaw and saying that! Anyway, sorry about the novel here ladies...I get a bit chatty sometimes. :D Going to go find something to do for the rest of the day besides stay warm!

Take care and I hope all is well with you and yours in your little corner of the world. And you are staying warm! See ya :wave:

12-07-2005, 04:12 PM
Hi Cristi, I'm just subscribing now :)
I was curious, what has been your total weight loss?
Take care,

12-07-2005, 04:15 PM
Hiya EM! it's there on my far I have lost 13 pounds. That is since September. Kind of not being doing my walking like I did in the beginning but I still get in some and am watching what goes in my mouth. That and making sure I drink my water and take my vitamins.

P.S. My highest weight was 220 but when I joined WW a few years ago I was at 210. I've gone back and forth about putting my highest weight on my weight tracker because that was so long ago. When I started again for the umpteenth time this past Sept. I was at 207 and went with that.

12-07-2005, 04:27 PM
Okay, Jane, I found it! DUH! I was looking on the forum page and not the HOME page! It sounds like you guys had a wonderful/bonding time, which I know you did from all that you told us and what you took away from it. I've seen all these ladies posting and it's nice putting a face to the name. I also am looking forward to our very own meeting in Vegas, just know it will be as special as the mods meeting!

12-07-2005, 05:37 PM
Quicky reply for now....I'm in the mist of cleaning up!

Not pictures! Can you believe that? I was so far back (it's a huge place) and all the lights were out.(except on the stage of coarse) So nothing showed up! So I gave up.

Em--Books for an 11yr old? DD is 11 and she's into the Lemony Snicket books too. I think they're good books for all ages. If you have a Barnes & Noble nearby, they have an area w/discount books, maybe you can find one there.

Cristi--If you want the smell of trees, why not cut some branches and make some makeshift wreaths? I took some of the branches James cut off the bottom and kind of tied them together and hung one up. Smells good.

Julie--:welcome2: Hello & Welcome! I've never done WW but I hear such great things about it. I hope you like our area and get a chance to pop back in and tell us more about ya!

Michelle--So what is it that you're doing at work? Sounds like a lot to do. Take care of yourself and be careful. And come back soon when you have more time!

Katy--Glad to hear that Leigh is alright. My youngest brother was kind of the same way. He ended up in speech therapy and that really helped. You get one on one for awhile and then they're ready for the big classes.

Connie--Your holiday breakfast sounds fun. I have my Christmas party at work next Saturday. I had asked my sister if she'd watch Jhanai while I was gone and it turns out that she's having a dinner get together w/my family at my grandpas. That's only a mile away from my that idea!

Angie--Jhanai did such a beautiful job. Not that I could hear her in particular but she looked great on stage and I didn't hear one squeak from any of the kids. She looked so cute in her little top. And seeing all the kids tap their foot to the music made me smile. It was a good recital. much for my quicky. Ok, now to get to my house work!

Love to you all!!

12-07-2005, 07:24 PM
Hi ladies,

Marti - yeah, seems photos don't usually turn out well in a place like that when the lights are turned down. I tried to get some of Katie's play, but it was too dark, then they turned out real well at her graduation.

Connie - so will the new girlfriend be coming for a meal? Does his bringing her home mean they are serious?

Angie - yep, I too wish we could get back to basics. Not gonna happen, though. I must have missed where you asked what everyone puts on top of their tree. We have an angel that's been in my family as far back as I can remember. Surprisingly, she's in fairly good shape.

Em - I have all granddaughters, so I'm no help with the book idea. Sorry! Sounds like the Lemony Snickett idea would be a good one, though.

Jewel - I lost 85 pounds with WW, and have kept off most of it. (not all, though!) I couldn't get to the meetings so just did it at home, and came here for encouragment. It's all about which would be better for you, though.

Michelle - get some rest, hon!

Katy - hope those weren't MY knickers you were talking about, lol. So glad Leigh's bloodwork came back ok. What a relief, right??

Cristi - I wondered if you got your shopping done today. I went today too, a day early, since we're supposed to get so much snow. Hope they get Carrie's ear/jaw problem figured out. You know, I had just said to myself that the Vegas JL meet up would be as much fun as the Philly mod one, then I read what you wrote. I didn't expect to bond as much with the mods because I wasn't sure I fit in at all, but I did bond with them. I can only imagine how cool it's going to be to meet you JL gals.

As I told Cristi, I got my shopping done today so I don't have to get out in the snow tomorrow. We're supposed to get between 3 and 6 inches. I'm supposed to meet a friend for lunch in town tomorrow. Don't think that's going to happen.

Before I went shopping, I helped sister Maggie clean out her huge extra closet. We hauled tons of stuff to the Goodwill, and the closet sure looks better. I took the ingredients with me to make chili soup while I was there, for my family's dinner tomorrow. Sounds good for a snowy day.

Better run - take care. :)

da fat n da furious
12-07-2005, 08:02 PM
Good evening ladies,
Welcome Jewel! Im a total believer in the meetings at WW. I find that I seem to do better when I go and sit in on the meetings. Where as if I stop in weight in and go. Not sure about the on line thing...I need personal interation...85 lbs does sound like alot...but take baby steps and start. Ask Jane,,,I personally need even more than that..right now I would be happy to do 28 lbs...and then so forth.

Cristi, my generation is the first not to be in service. My dad joined the US army back in the early 60's. Even though he was Canadian,,,he crossed the boarder and said he was older then he was just to escape my grandmother's raith. Italy would be cool to go to. And you will just have to get all doped up and fly over and see him...better yet bring your favorite JL with you...ahem that would be me! lol

Em,,,Lemony Snicket is popular,,,so is the Cronicles of Narnia...being that the movie comes out next week. And any book by Jenny Nemo (sp)

Katy...glad to know Leigh is ok medically. Tanner did a yar of speach therapy. And well came close to being a kindergarten drop out...seriously had some clinging issues.

Marti,,,I love watching the lil kids play. So serious...and worried about squeaking,,,and hoping your watching. Tanner is back in band..but has to miss his christmas concert due to his rehearsal.

Well need to get dinner ready...

12-08-2005, 12:56 AM
Hi ladies!

I love, love, love the new Christmas smilies:

:candy: :rudolph: :ginger: :coolsnow: :snowglo: heeheehee...

Em, don't know about the Lemony Snickett books, have heard they are good, but don't know much about them. You can find any of the Chronicles of Narnia in paperback; my boys really liked Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Horse and His Boy, and The Silver Chair. You might also look for a science picture book about sharks, or spiders, or space, something cool. Sometimes there are really great ones in the bargain books at Barnes and Noble or Borders.

Marti, no pics, but how was the recital?

RosieKate, glad Miss Leigh is ok. Yep, can't do much to change a kid's temperament, just gotta figure out what makes 'em tick and go with the flow :) All three of my boys have ADD, and didn't do well in large busy classrooms when they were younger -- one of the reasons we homeschooled for seven years. I, too, like the mix of holiday traditions from different cultures all over the world -- all in the spirit of Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward All Men. :grouphug: I do feel sad when people get upset or offended at the mention of "Christmas". For those of us who celebrate the birth of Christ, Christmas has that very special meaning. But whether or not someone is a Christian, just enjoy it for what it is, embrace the things about the season that you love, even if it's just being with your family and friends, or that strangers feel the need to give and be charitable and take care of those less fortunate. I don't have to be from India to have fun at a Hindu friend's wedding; I don't have to be Jewish to think a menorah is beautiful; I don't have to be African American to appreciate the wonderful values Kwanzaa celebrates. OK, I'll get down off my soapbox, now :soap: :rofl:

Jewel, I am on WW, and couldn't do it without the meetings. I need the accountability of the weekly weigh ins, and the encouragement and information I get from the leader and the other members. But the encouragement here is great, too :hug: WW doesn't sell preplanned foods, just some snackbars and stuff at their centers, cookbooks, etc. It's all about teaching you how to cook and eat real food, how to order in restaurants, make good choices, understand portion control, stuff for real life. I love it. Even if you aren't a member, the WW site on the web has great info, and there is a WW thread here on 3FC that has good recipes and ideas.

Connie, little kids with hammers and nails??? EEK! :shocksn: Bet they had a blast, though...and I can see them all in their little froggy safety goggles :D

Cristi, I got the postcards you sent -- Georgia is pretty!

Jane, I've been clearing closets, hauling to Goodwill, trying to sort and file papers...and feel like I'm just treading water. But I guess I'm starting to get somewhere, little by little. And I've finally got most of my Christmas shopping done, so now it's time to start having fun :)

Went to the hand surgeon -- got a new doctor, since the last one made me nervous. He talked to me for 5 minutes, then reached for my left arm. I said, "The problem is my right arm," and he said, "No it isn't, it's your left..." And I said, "No, it's my right arm, I'm quite sure." So he squinted at the xray and said, "Hmm, oh, this must be reversed." EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!! And he is a SURGEON!!! :fr: New doc is much better, very nice, really listened, and she was highly recommended by a co-worker who does the same job I do and had to have carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists. Bad news, though...looks like I need surgery :( My arm is getting worse, I'm losing the grip in my hand, wake up with my hand asleep all the time, and I hurt almost all the time. She submitted the authorization paperwork, and we may do this in January.

Alright, gotta balance my checkbook...have a good night, ladies, and pleasant dreams...


12-08-2005, 11:58 AM
Em- In addition to the a science option for books from Katiecat, there used to be a series on really gross stuff that my son liked, he also liked the Guiness Book of World Records. I just did a stocking for "a girl aged 4-6" which was fun but it is harder because it's not someone you know likes or dislikes for.

Marti-both my kids were in chorus and my daughter played the violin. Going to all the school programs and watching them is something I really miss since they've grown up on me--Treasure the Moments!!!

RosieCat--my son tested for his reading comprehension at a college junior level when he was in middle school but failed most of his classes, I continually received notes that he didn't turn in the homework that I watched him do. He is working to be an electrician and doing well now but I pulled my hair out for years. A really good book I read was The Way they Learn by Cynthia Tobias. It gave me some pointers to help from home.

Angie-- we alternate between my husband and son's favorite star and the angel that my daughter and I love for the top of the tree each year

Jane- I salute you for getting your shopping done--I just started!! That chili soup does sound good on a cold day--I think I might make some this weekend!

Cristi - one of my son's good friends just went to Iraq, we have been emailing and are waiting for something from him and another friend leaves in the spring. A coworker went with her husband who was an MP to Korea and taught English while she was there--They both missed it when they left and keep in touch with some Korean friends they made while there

Jewel--a quick welcome from the other Jules!! Good luck with WW.

Katie cat- I am not sure how far along your wrists are, but I have neck problems and every now and then I get the numbness in my hand or lose grip on something--which can be really embarrasing at the grocery store and you lose hold of something glass. My chiropractor works on a muscle right below my elbow but halfway between the elbow and the bend of the arm straight up from my right ring finger (hope that made sense) He says that muscle gets tight like all the restr of our muscles and when he works on it I can go quite a while without the numbness. He believes that a lot of carpal tunnel syndrome is actually that muscle being tight. I don't know if this info can help you but I thought I'd put it out for you. If you do have to have surgery I wish you good luck and hope you have a doctor that can read the xrays. Maybe write "this is the one that needs fixed" on the right side before they put you under.
I also agree with you message to Rosiecat that you can enjoy beauty in things whether it applies to your religion or choice to not practice any religion. Just because something is not someones choice doesn't give that person the right to take away that which is someone elses choice.

Well, I have gone on long enough and my break is over--back to work

If I missed anyone-sorry!

12-08-2005, 12:54 PM
Hi All!
Thanks for the kind words re: Leigh. She's such a happy kid...we are so fortunate! There's no denying my kids have their quirks. I find it interesting that with my son, who is now 9, his quirks at age 3-4 were more, hmmm, tolerated I guess is the word. Teachers were just more reassuring about him. My daughter has the same sensitivities, and they are less dramatic than his were, and there's all this interest in evaluating her. Well, we are about done with all that. We don't want to overlook anything, but we also want to move beyond all this and just let her play, be a kid, and just grow the way she's supposed to.

Jane - I certainly didn't mean your knickers, missy, lol! I probably didn't word it as well as I could have. I meant to communicate that I think people get too extreme on either side of the issue of holiday symbolism. I just like to see it all, you know? I don't think you are too extreme.

Hi to everyone else out there today. I have a messy house to clean and I need to check out the winter clothing status for the kids. It's getting very cold. We might get snow this winter, so I figured I had better check. I get too complacent with our mild winters, then get caught off guard by a cold spell and the kids have no snow pants. sigh. This probably seems silly to all of you east of the Rockies who are looking out your windows at the lovely snow!

12-08-2005, 02:02 PM
Hi ladies!

Just a quickie for me right now. I shouldn't even be on the computer but I am bored!! V got up this morning to a really cold house and noticed the temp was a chilly 60 degrees. Our furnace went out sometime early this morning-GREAT! At 6 this morning it was 9 degrees and they said with the wind chill it was -15! :yikes: Brrrrrrr....called the emergency number that says someone will call back within the hour-yeah right! I waited until a little after 8 and then called. Of course we knew they would be busy so I am sitting around trying to find things to do until they call. Like I said, shouldn't be on the computer because they may call but am trying to make it quick. I have done two loads of laundry so far, shoveled the drive-way, and did a fine job I might add. Vacuumed the stairs, the rest of the house is next and I have my beans cooking for chili tonight. Anyway, I really need to get off this thing don't want to miss the furnace guys even though he said they are swamped but will get out sometime today. Thanks goodness for that fireplace otherwise we would be freezing!

Take care ladies and have a great day! And stay warm! :wave:

12-08-2005, 03:25 PM
Hi Cristi,

Sorry I missed you last time. I might be shoveling snow tomorrow morning. It's supposed to start around 10:00 tonight and total 3-5 inches and then a second storm is supposed to come through and dump another 1-3, but if they hit each other we could get feet. YUCK!!!
December is hard, there are three work partys, three birthday dinners and the Christmas Eve at my sister-in-laws and then the DS,DD, my mom & my brother at our house Christmas Day. If I can even maintain my current weight this month I will be doing good. I'll be at Slim-N-Tone the six days a week that they are open.
Haven't lost pounds :( , but my clothes are fitting looser :) !!

12-08-2005, 06:29 PM
Good Afternoon Ladies!

Jane--I've read that there is suppose to be snow coming to town, not sure when or if we'll actually see any in the valley. Have seen snow on the hills though! Hope it doesn't make it to the valley floors.....scares me to drive in it!

Angie--Jhanai was adorable up on that stage. They made a video of the recital, so I'm hoping to get one sometime soon. I have to have Jhanai order one for me. She had wanted to go to choir & band next year, but she chose to stick w/band. (I love to see her sing too....wish she'd reconsider)

MaryKate--The recital was very nice! I was very impressed w/all the kids. And the advanced bands and choir were amazing. Little kids w/such great talent! So glad to hear you got another Dr!!! I was shocked to read that he was telling you what hand was the problem!! Time for the Dr to retire!

Julie--I would love for Jhanai to learn to play the violin! I love strings. My favorite classical music are string intruments. Especially the Christmas ones!

Katy--I'm thinking our mild winter isn't going to happen this year. It's been so cold and I've already seen the snow mixed in the rain. And the hills......down here they're nice and white. I think, that if they have snow days off from school...we should have them from work!

Cristi--Hope you get your heater working! At least you have your fireplace. We have a wood stove and I have been trying to keep that up. But once James & I are off to work and one of us gets home, it's nice to have that furnance kick on. So heres to keeping my fingers crossed that your furnance guy fixes yours!

Hello to all the other ladies out there!!

Not much going on at the moment. I'm getting my Christmas Card list in order and will start writing them out as soon as I have all address together! Then I'm mailing them out this weekend.

Better get moving. Just think, it's almost Friday!!!

Talk to you all soon.


12-08-2005, 06:58 PM
Okay, back again but it took a while to catch up on all the posts I don't have time to post much. The furnace guy finally came out about 2'ish, thank goodness. I was getting a little worried that we would end up with no heat tonight other than the fireplace. And thankfully the sun was shining. So...I had the fireplace going, the dryer, had all the blinds in the living room, dining & kitchen open to let the sun warm up things, and I had the oven and stove going so it was pretty warm up there. Now going to the restroom or in one of the bedrooms was another story, brrrrr. Apparently there was a short somewhere and he fixed it. He also checked everything else while he was here and didn't charge a dime! :cp: :carrot: They did it under the warranty which I was wondering if it still would be under the warranty considering it is a new unit. Anyway, I was on a roll with baking and baked some choc. chip and blueberry muffins, just 6 each and then made some cornbread muffins to have with the chili. Just need to make some pigs in a blanket-geez, why can't everyone like the same thing?! Anyway, need to get going and get ready to make some pigs in a blanket to go with the chili also. The chili was ready about 1 and has been simmering in the crock pot since and I have to say I am ready for some! Will catch up on individuals tomorrow ladies. Have a good night all!

12-08-2005, 08:58 PM
Hi ladies,

Angie - hiya :wave: Hope you're staying warm.

Katiecat - so glad the new surgeon will be the one to do the procedure on you. Your story reminded me that a person nearby had a knee replacement that wouldn't quit hurting, after a few weeks postop. So they finally did some exrays and saw that the joint was put in backwards. Ouch!!

Jules - would you be a real sweetie and include your name in your signature since there's another Julie/Jewel? Thanks a bunch, hon. The soup was good. I think I started something since I read where Cristi had it too. That's normal for the JLs and chili, lol. I have to shop early, or I'd be a basket case. I like to spend the month of December going to parties and just enjoying myself. :D

Katy - lol, I didn't really think that you were talking about me, personally. :D Glad you feel the way you do about kids. Mary and I were talking recently about how kids need a certain amount of silliness each day. Actually, it would be good for grownups, too.

Cristi - thanks for the beautiful Christmas card! Neal even commented what a pretty manger scene it was. Yay for the fixed furnace!!! You wouldn't believe how cold this house is, and the furnace is running just fine. Neal has covered most of the windows with plastic, but it's still extremely drafty. We have a fireplace in the bedroom, which helps.

Marti - yep, we got snow. Lots of it, and drifts, too. Is tomorrow your short day?

I made it to town to run a few more errands and got those done in time to have lunch with my buddy as I mentioned yesterday. It had just begun to sleet and snow when I met her, but I knew I could make it home before it got really bad. Acually, it was very slippery, but I did ok.

Got Neal's birthday cake made. Angel Food with a chocolate glaze. Since him birthday is Saturday, and the big family Christmas party is the same day, we're having the kids and grandkids in tomorrow night instead for cake and ice cream.

Katie and I have been watching the Disney shows that the Travel Channel's had on. Really interesting! She's looking at things in a different perspective since she's now a "cast member".

Gonna surf for a bit... see you later. :)

da fat n da furious
12-08-2005, 09:11 PM
Good evening all,,,
Jane,,,hmmm cake...with choc. Ok enough,,,IVe been so bad this past couple of days...need to be more diligent. Didn't do my WI last night cause Tanner had an audition for a commerical so I missed,,,then I had an hour today but I missed the WI by 5 minutes...grrr so Im going tonight after dropping Tan off for rehearsal. Tell Neil HAPPY Birthday for me

Marti,,,keep all those mementos...seriously they grow up way to fast...I feel so sad some days when I see the boys and they are grown up so much. I should of had more kids...

Cristi,,,smart chick that you are! You made good use of all your appliances to keep the house warm. I do that when its really cold out Ill bake something then once its done Ill keep the oven door ajar as it cools down.

Katy...they did tests on Brandon in grade 1,,,said his reading level was at a 1.1,,,it should of been at a1.9 or me he has an attention span of a fly. But during the summer I bought about a dozen different books that would interest him,,,even comic books. We spent a lil time every other day reading. He loved the goose bump books so much I went and bought more. By the time summer ended and he was in grade 2,,,I asked them to test him again,,,he was at a level 3.5 a grade and half higher. I guess Im a bit like Leigh,,,there are times when Im in a huge crowd,,,and I just close everyone out around me...too over stimulated. And there are times when I am acting the total goof...I think its about comfort zone.
had a bad day at centre junk. Customer had a big complaint that I knew I could handle so I did but there was more to it and so when I called the warehouse to ask for assistance,,,I thought the call went well. But an hour later I got an email from my boss saying that the warehouse person (manager) had sent a complaint about me to her boss that I had wasted her time. That I had accused her of not doing her job...which I hadn't. She admited to swearing at me... which I overlooked. Thinking the girl is under alot of stress. But **** if she takes the time to send off an email like that...well baby the gloves come off!
I sent off an email to my boss about what was said,,,yes I admited I did chat too much with me I was thinking I was being sympathic to her stress.
I know this woman doesn't like me...I had made a mistake in a date back in June,,,I owned up to it,,,apologized numerus times. She sent me a nasty email in response saying if I could get my act together. I forwarded it home,,,Monte was shocked by what she sent me. I didn't tell anyone about that. Then last month she accused me of changing a date on an order I had taken,,,I hadn't. OVer the phone she made this horrible comment that it was just like me to change the date and make her job hard to do. Again I didn't tell anyone,,,except Monte.
thing is I didn't know she was still ticked off at me,,,before last month. I had talked with her a couple of times and had her laughing,,,but *shrug I guess Im the scape goat for her stress now? Im feeling kinda all stressed over this...on top of the huge book of date changes for deliveries. And making outbound calls to inform customers of when to order and to increase orders. Least favorite thing to have to do.
I got my flu shot on top of everythign else today so I feel off,,,my arm hurts. I have a headache from the Chinook... ok Im done my whine...need to get to rehearsal.

12-09-2005, 06:12 AM
Hi Everyone!
Jane: That sounds like a yummy birthday cake. Wish him an extra happy birthday from us Jaded Ladies. I recieved your Christmas card in the mail today! It was very lovely and made my day. Thanks so much for sending it!
Angie: I hope you feel better, I hear flu shots make you feel extra icky. Do you have Emergen-C in Canada? Can you access ? I buy their Luyties Severe Cold & Flu homeopathic, its like $8 for 500, and I haven't been sick with those two combined. Plus, I put garlic in EVERYTHING!
That being said, the two babies and my husband is now sick. I've been doing the euculyptis oil in the bath, and vapo rub, and garlic muellin oil in the ears to stave off ear infections (preventative from the snot running into the ear canal) but ugh. Its just that time of year I guess.
As far as the warehouse wench...I wouldn't have any advice never working that kind of work, but it sounds like she is being very unfair and very witchy. Just try to relax, or else you will get sick!

As far as dieting, I've been on Atkins to a "T". But all I've managed to excercise is 20 minutes a day. I did 400 kegals today so that must count, just not in a way you can see I suppose. lol
I haven't weighed myself. In fact, I moved the scale into the laundry room. That thing will make you nuts. So, maybe I'll weigh next month. I went 23 years without a scale, whats a month?
On the upside, I got these size 20 Lane Bryant khakis I bought two years ago that were snug then, to fit me! They are pretty darn snug (tight actually) but I bet in a month they will fit me the way they did 2 years ago. I hadn't realized I gained so much weight having babies.

I should head off. Love to all you ladies and try and have a wonderful day!


da fat n da furious
12-09-2005, 10:58 AM
I use an oil called Obla Oil...with my oldest son being Asthmatic we were told when first diagnosed to not use cold suppresents. So I used alot of vapo rubs,,and then our chiropractic told us of this oil. Great stuff. One thing I miss about Sylvan Lake is that it has a steam bath. Really cool place...all these lil private rooms. And you can get them to give you any scented give you medical or well *wink mood setting. I always had the I remember once my mom and I were both sick,,,so there we were in bathing suits,,in a bathroom size room. They had used a few drops on the pipes and when the steam came ...ahhh can you say relief? I believe it was eucalips(sp)
I know the thing about babies,,,ear infections,,,and watch their eyes...cause well as you mentioned snot does travel.
well Im off to work...feet dragging.

12-09-2005, 03:26 PM
Hello ladies and a very Happy Friday!

It's still a cold one today! Supposed to get up to a whopping 32! Woohoo...actually that is a lot better than yesterday so it is warm!

MARTI~sorry you weren't able to get pictures of Jhanai at her program, bummer. You need to get a camera like V has, it has those big stinking lens and with the right film and the flash you can take pictures in the dark. He took it with us to GA but didn't take the super big lens' but the one he did take we still managed to get close enough. Wouldn't have been able to with my little camera and it does have a zoom for close-ups. The thing is super heavy though. Anyway, glad you enjoyed her program. And the furnace is fixed, :cp: I was a little worried though when they said they were swamped!

JANE~glad you made it home safely. We did get the snow but it wasn't bad. It was powdery and was blowing everywhere. They keep the main roads pretty clear but still ice forms in certain places. I can deal with the snow it's after tha makes me nervous, when it starts melting and then it freezes, and melts then freezes. My parents hit black ice once and came so very close to going over a cliff so this icy conditions really scare me. So be careful out there. that old (125 yr. old) house we moved from was cold also. V put plastic on some of the windows (there were so many!) it helped a little but it was still cold. And that furnace was running all the time! Neals BD cake sounds De-lic-ous! Hope he has a wonderful day and tell him :woo: :hb: :gift:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:gift: :hb: :woo: When does Katie go to Disney World? Can't remember if you mentioned it or not.

ANGIE~2 of my brothers also were in the Army, my niece's DH is in the reserves and just got back from Iraq about a month ago. Also, a cousin is in the Army, him and his wife, that's where they met. He was over in Iraq for a while, both for the war and then working. They are both in Hawaii now and lovin' it! I have an Uncle who retired from the Airforce and then a nephew who was in the Airforce also. I don't mind Josh being in the Army and totally understand where he's coming from but I do worry more with him being there, especially that he might actually have to go to war. Hey, that's exactly what I did with the oven! When I got out of bed yesterday it was freezing so I was doing all kinds of stuff to stay warm. How did Tanner's audition go? Hope he gets it :crossed: Sorry about the girl at work and I hope your headache is better.

KATY~I think most kids have quirks. Both Josh & Carrie had to see a speech therapist, until about 3rd or 4th grade. Funny, they both had the same little quirks-guess it was because they spent so much time together. But I know it comforting knowing that Leigh is fine medically and that is a big relief. I never sweated the big stuff with the kids but others seemed to try and make a mountain out of a moehill. They grew up just fine, or I think they did anyway. Did you get your house cleaned and the kids winter clothing worked out? How's the construction coming? Are you seeing a light at the end of the tunnel?

JULES~sometimes the inches (looser clothes) are a better indicator than the pounds. I know I haven't lost much in the way of pounds but what I have lost feels good and I notice a big difference in the way my clothes fit and that's big thing for me. I have to feel like I am losing so that I don't give up and quit-I get frustrated too easily when I don't at least feel the results. December/the holidays are hard! I am mainly focusing on maintaining until after they are over and done with! And believe me...maintaining is about as hard as losing! See my post to Angie...we have quite a few family members who is/was in the service. I too have the neck problems and my doc seems to think my neck may be the problem to my arms hurting. I was supposed to have extensive x-rays taken of my neck and spine this past Tuesday but they were cancelled for some reason so now I have to wait until January. I will just be happy to ge tto the bottom of all this pain once and for all. When I did go to the chiro it really helped though, not so much with the arm pain but with my neck and headaches. Plus it felt good being popped and massaged!

MARYKATE~ask and ye shall receive! I saw a thread at the top of the page that asked for more Christmas smilies, came back the next day and viola-new smilies! They are cute aren't they? Glad you decided to go to another doc. I think him telling you it was the other arm was a BIG red flag! I too would have gone to someone else. My dad had surgery on his wrist years ago. Can't remember what exactly, it was work related and then did operate on the wrong arm! :yikes: Anyway, glad you went elsewhere and will be having the surgery and your wrists will be better after.

EM~I think I would die if I didn't/couldn't weigh myself at least once a week! Sometimes I get on the scales too much but that is to ensure that I don't start going back up again. I did try not weighing for a month before and I was having withdrawals! :lol:

Hi to everyone else :wave:

Not much on the agenda for today. Sticking around the house straightening and on the 'puter for a while. I missed not being on here yesterday. Isn't that terrible? When we firs tbought one a few years ago the kids were the only ones on it. They talked me into trying it out and now I can't stay away! Anyway, take care ladies, stay warm and have a GREAT day!

12-09-2005, 04:48 PM
Hi Girls!!

Just a quick post for the moment as I have to get some things done before work. I have a meeting w/the Reference department tonight and we're suppose to have pizza during the meeting........we just had pizza in the dept a day or so ago......too much of a good thing. But I"m sure I'll eat some just the same!

It's Friday and I'm so happy about that!! I've got some plans for Christmas Shopping this weekend!!:carrot: I'm hoping to get most of it done this weekend and wrapped by the next time Jhanai is over! (hehheh...yeah right, I should be so lucky)

I will catch up on individuals after work if I'm not too tired!!


12-09-2005, 11:10 PM
Good Evening -

La la

Trust me, I wrote notes as I read over the past week. I am single minded though and will revert back to just chatting about myself.


Connie- LOVE about the children hammering, can just imagine how cute that was. I don't think 21/28 is a huge gap. My ex and I were 30 years apart / we did have some good years. Though not many - lol

Wow Angie I have known you for 5 years and have never heard that you played the clarinet???? The lady co worker sounds horrid and I hope you don't get suckered in to her crap. She sounds stupid - maybe my assistant and her are related??? lol who btw is still working on her stress claim.......

Jhanai sounds cute in her program at school Marti. I remember when I went to the Catholic school in Astoria to watch Rach & Beck in their school programs, always sooooooooo cute.

Hi Ma Jane!!! :) Thanks for the XMAS card and a VERY Happy Birthday to Neal.

Hi Sis Cristi!!! Thank you sooooooo much for the postcards and XMAS card, very sweet of you.

Hi Jules, Julie and Jewels.......btw Jewel I am in Portland too!! Scary huh?? lol I live in the SW area. Welcome!!

My co worker was taken to the hospital w/ a brain aneurysm. He had brain surgery today. I haven't seen him but he seems to be doing ok. His sister has come from Montana and has kept me updated - like a girlfriend - lol. Feel kind of funny on that but he is a very nice man and has a lovely smile. Even before his surgery he smiled and joked.

Better get Gaby home. I have been FREEZING!!!! Our company had its holiday dinner/awards today and the food was GREAT - at a Double Tree hotel. It was so yummy- did I say it was good?? Did I say I had 2 desserts??? Remember Ma Jane OP is overated!! :)

k- chow!

12-09-2005, 11:24 PM
Hiya ladies,

Angie - ok, no more of this "rhymes with witchy" stuff. That woman at your work is a total *****, and I got mad just reading what all she's done to you. Hope you're documenting everything she's done/doing against policy and maybe sooner or later she'll trip herself up. Thing is, women like that are wily and tend to land on their feet. On a different note, sorry your arm hurts, but I'm glad you had your flu shot.

EM - I try to do kegals when I think about it. Tend to loose a little when I sneeze, lol. YAY for the khakis you can now get on, even if they are a little snug. Before you know it, they'll be too loose.

Cristi - we miss you when you aren't here, too. Katie's check-in date at WDW is 1/9/06. Neal and I will be flying down with her the day before and plan to spend some time at Downtown Disney. The next day, we'll help her move into her apartment as soon as it's assigned, then we'll leave her to her meetings, etc. Neal and I plan to go to our favorite theme park, Disney MGM studios, then head home the next day. Without our baby, boo hoo.

Marti - I've been craving pizza like crazy so I hope you had a slice in my name, lol.

Neal says THANK YOU for the birthday wishes. The kids and DGDs came for cake and ice cream earlier this evening, and we had a lot of fun. Tomorrow is his actual birthday, so we'll be having his b/d dinner at noon. Just him, Katie and me.

Tomorrow evening is my family Christmas party with my sisters, etc. I hope to at least maintain my weight over the holidays. Where oh where is the resolve I had last Christmas??

Anyway, have a good weekend, and I'll see you later. :wave:

12-09-2005, 11:30 PM
Not sure I'll be able to check in tomorrow, so I'll say it now:

:gift: :balloons: :cp:Happy Birthday, Michelle!!:cp: :balloons: :gift:

Hope you have a marvelous day. :hug:

12-09-2005, 11:36 PM
Susan - I lost my whole post and had to start over, and in the meantime, you posted. So sorry about your coworker, but actually he is so lucky they caught it in time. Yes, my dear, "OP" sounds so boring right now, but will we be in tears in January, lol. Take care, and go warm up.

12-09-2005, 11:39 PM
Thankyou for the birthday feet are rejecting me and i'am going to go lay down.....I hurt all over ......yeah its the weekend!!!1 god bless you all.........Merry christmas happy holidays......etc...

da fat n da furious
12-10-2005, 12:46 AM
Good evening ladies,

Jane,,,you and the others know just how to make me feel better...I came home talked with Monte,,,close to tears then came here and well posted my problems had a couple of tears then felt so much better,,I swear I don't know what I would without all you guys.
I hope to one day go to WDW.
Cristi,,,On my fathers side there has been a person enlisted each generation. My dad was disappointed that my brother Arden didn't join. Funny thing was he didn't like that I was a cadet..worried I would join,,,which I had intended.
Anyways,,there's documentation of a family member in most of the wars.
Michelle,,,sweetie,,,I feel for you. The one thing I learned about sore feet,,,soak,,,soak and soak. Trick is to go back and forth between hot and cold.
Susan,,,yikes hope your co worker is ok. Is he the one that brings you sandwiches all the time...the one I think has a crush on you?
Yes Susan I played clarinet from grade 5-9 then played drums till half way through grade 11. Ive always wanted to learn to play violin,,,guitar and piano. Ive done alot of things in my life,,pretty much anything I could to stay away from home....ask me and Ive probably tried to or have done

Marti,,,Im with you girl! Weekend WAHOOOO!
Work was great today,,,my boss, teased me alot about what a hag the other woman I know she knows that shes well a hag.
Took Brandon for a dental checkup..he had his teeth cleaned last week but had to actually see the dentist tonight...hes from our hometown and owns part of a office here and spends every second weekend working. Hence the late Friday night checkup. Love this dentist....and I better next Sunday I go for a rootcanal. Im getting stressed,,,which he knows..he gave me a prescription for something,,,said to take only 1,,possibly 2. hmmm Ill take 2. It dissolves under my tongue. I asked him how I would be,,,he said like I drank a 6 pk of beer...hmmm nope don't think I want it then if Im going to be on my knees sick in the he laughed said Id be all looped I like
Nothing on the I would say he didn't get it.

I love the Christmas cards Cristi and Jane...thank you! Mine will be sent out this weekend.
Im avoiding the tv..Tanner is watching Return to Salem's Lot,,,says its a comedy..not likely. nothing is funny about it but the acting.
night all

da fat n da furious
12-10-2005, 12:46 AM
Michelle,,,Happy Birthday!

12-10-2005, 12:23 PM
Good morning ladies!

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE!!!:woo:

Also :welcome: to Jewell! Hope you like it here.

Our weather is horrible right now. Thurs. nite I had to work late and our snowstorm started about 4 pm. I was able to go 10mph all the way home (aboutr 14 mi.) If I got up to 15 mph I started to swerve and slip. I should have stayed in town at my Mom's house but by the time I realized how bad it was I couldn't find a place to turn around! You couldn't see where any driveways were plus they were drifted over so I would have gotten stuck. So I just kept going forward. The wind was bad and the windshield kept icing over. On Fri. our driveway was so drifted and our road hadn't been cleared so I called into work and took a vacation day. No way was I getting back out! I've driven in some bad weather before but that was the worst! Since Chloe's pre-school was closed I took care of her all day. We are supposed to get more snow either tonight or tomorrow. We got 10 in. plus the drifting.

DS & girlfriend will be here this evening until Mon. afternoon. So I'm cleaning, finishing the decorating and trying to figure out meals. Don't know if I will get any cookies baked or not. He says the relationship is starting to get serious. He was married for 5 years and hurt so bad, I hope this girl is nice. (He's been divorced for almost 2 years.) Keep your fingers crossed!

The breakfast for my office was really nice. The boss really loosens up and has a good sense of humor. Had nice gifts for everyone and since it was my work anniversary I received a nice gift certificate for our local mall. :candy:

Back to cleaning.


12-10-2005, 12:55 PM
Michelle --Happy Birthday!! Hope there is something special planned for you

Angie--Had a similar situation--I am the supervisor of our small entry/call center area and there was a director above all--He had a reputation for favoritism to the cute, skinny, damsel in distress, bat your eyes so you can get away with not doing your job type. As supervisor it was my job to train and correct, I have been in supervision for over 15 years and I have never had a situation like this one. The director also has close ties with the family that she married into. This girl slammed things around after getting off phone calls with those who didn't accept her answer to their questions and even got rude on the phone a few times & we would all have to pitch in to help finish her work. I tried to address it but things didn't change, she even went as far to tell me that her last supervisor addressed the same problems with her and that she felt the supervisor was picking on her due to her religious beliefs. Finally got a meeting with the director, this girl and myself to address the problems on a Monday morning, he was willing to talk to her and was on my side. Imagine my surprise when over the weekend she shot an email to him that she felt that I was being unfair to her and that she was going to quit. The meeting was a disaster and after she was excused I was told that I needed to be nicer to her because she was "fragile"!! Two people quit because of the situation and a temper tantrum where she was very rude on the phone with a customer and then made some very derogatory statements about people who can't speak English was ignored by the director, I finally asked to be transferred. There was some big changes in the company due to downsizing and a few VP being changed. The director has another position where he isn't over anyone--the girl was moved to a different position in another area where she is not on the phone. She has another boss that likes the bat your eyes so you can get away with murder worker, but I don't have to deal with her. There are people working with her that have made the same comments that I did in the beginning about her shortcomings and have come to me with the same concerns that I had, but are told that her new boss thinks that it will just take some time since she is in "training"

Marti--we used to give the kids disposable cameras at their concerts/programs and had them take candid shots of themselves and all the friends in the back getting ready and at the socials afterwards.

EM-awesome about the khakis, my first goal is a pair of Levis that I wore before the weight gain after my motrcycle accident and then the next is a long jean skirt that I have kept for some reason through many Goodwill giveaways of clothes that don't fit anymore

Cristi--yea for heat and warranties--you got my mouth watering at the thought of how great your house must have smelled with all that baking going on

Jane--added my signature per your request. I think empty nesters go through the opposite of the nesting you get during pregnancy. I find myself downsizing and really evaluating any new purchases

Katy--my chiro is wonderful, he is kind of seems backwoods at first but he is very intelligent and does a lot of reserch into homopathic remedies -- ask your chiro about that arm muscle-mine worked on it with the same procedures that he did when he works on my neck and shoulders with the exception of an actual manipulation

Susan-I hope your coworker is okay, seems like a really nice guy

Connie - Hope everything works out for your DS--my DS has been dating a girl on and off since high school with a few real "winners" in between, his sister and I have always thought she would eventually be the one he would settle down with, she is so good for him--he told me a few weeks ago that they are "officially" back together and he wants to get her a piece of jewelry for Christmas, but not a ring--he is still a little young and commitment phobic but this is a big step for him--my DD is spending her first Christmas without her boyfriend of two years who just became her husband, they took the step of going to the courthouse and getting married a week after she turned eighteen this past summer against her fathers wishes, I liked the guy and he had always treated her good though I had my reservations on the marriage--then three months after they got married, he decided that he didn't love her and wanted out. She just started college and was devasted to say the least--he moved back to the Phildelphia area with his Dad and they are supposed to be sending the divorce papers for her to sign any week now.

On to happier stuff:
DS wanted a record player of all things for Xmas-- I got it for him and have ordered a few LPs, he has a quirky sense of humor so I think I will hunt up my old 45's and give him Ray Stevens old "the Streak"--he loves flea markets and has run across many LP from the past, I am waiting for him to ask for my Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd and CCR collections. He also loves Jim Croce
DD just wants a mom/daughter day like we do for her birthday every year--manicure/pedicure/massage and lunch at a nice restaurant --she needs to be pampered right now.

One of my weaknesses is cookies--I hope I can control myself while baking this season!!

Hello to anyone I missed...still new at this...

12-10-2005, 01:14 PM
Hello ladies :xcheer:

MICHELLE~a very :balloons: :woo: :gift: :hb: HAPPY BIRTHDAY :hb: :gift: :woo: :balloons: to you! Hope your day is a special one and you are able to relax a little.

MARTI~hope you have fun weekend shopping and get everything you need done. And pizza sounds soooo very good! I can't remember the last time I had any.

JANE~have fun at your celebrations. I didn't realize that you and your family (sisters) have your Christmas so early. I bet Katie is getting excited about Disney World.

SUSAN~sorry to hear about the co-worker but at least they caught it in time. Hoping everything goes well for him. All this talk of food is making me hungry. It's 11 here and I haven't had breakfast yet. Glad you had a nice time at the company dinner.

ANGIE~you reminded me that I need to get to the dentist. Actually, I have been thinking about it for a while, just so scared to go. But I am going to brave it and go in January. Hope you are feeling better today.

CONNIE~be careful out there in that weather. We did get some snow but nothing like what you mentioned. Glad you took a vacation day and didn't venture out in it the next day. Hope you have a nice visit with your son and his girlfriend this weekend. I'm sure you are going to like her just fine. She has to be nice if your son is bringing her to meet the parents right?

Hi to everyone else! :clause:

Not sure what I am doing today. Have nothing planned except some reading. I have about 1/4 of the one book left to read and then I will do some on the other one. V has to go into work a little later so...I would go to the mall if it wasn't Saturday and the holiday season. It gets too busy during this time and on the weekend. I know I plan on getting some exercise in, a walk on the treadmill and some weights. Of course my arms are still a little sore from shoveling the driveway Thursday. Anyway, have a great weekend ladies! :hohoho:

:ginger: :rudolph: :snowglo: :candy: :wreath:

12-10-2005, 01:27 PM
Hiya Jules :wave: saw that you had posted the same time as me. The house did smell good that day and was warm and toasty! Of course nothing lasted for long. I only made a few of each and DS took ALL the blueberry muffins! :yikes: The kid can put the food away. Sorry about your DD and her marriage. How do you just fall out of love in just a few months?! Some things are just not meant to be and sometimes it takes something like that to find it out. I know your DD will find that special one when it's the right time. And a manicure/pedicure/massage/lunch sounds so good. I love the mother/daughter bonding/time together. I haven't done that with my DD but we do do lunch, movies, museums and whatever else we can find to do. But we both could use a manicure, etc. Hope you have a GREAT weekend. See ya :hohoho:

12-10-2005, 03:24 PM
Hi Cristi -If it had to happen it was better sooner than later. It was just a shock for her. Her friends said that he changed once they got married--got very possesive. The more we all talk the more there are signs that we should have seen. He was very subtle in his manipulation of her and she was so blindly in love that she didn't see it coming. She's doing a four year RN program and she says her grades are not going to be as good as she wanted them to be. Her professors have been very understanding and she has no lower than a "c", but the joke at our house is the "c" is for crisis, "d" is devasting and we don't even say the "f" word though my DS who did not do well grade wise in most subjects in school said "f" is for fun. He had a lot of "fun" in school. She did say that she forgot what it was like to spend time with friends as she spent all her available waking hours with the ex and it will be nice to have the time to really put into her school work. Her old friends from high school and her old job are back and she has made some really good friends at college. My DD is not the museum type, give her the beach or shopping. My DS loves museums and history. We've spent some of his birthdays in large cities at museums. We've been to DC, Baltimore, Philadelpia several times. It's just the two of us mostly, but sometimes my mother comes too. He still loves his Grammy!

12-10-2005, 04:36 PM
Good Afternoon

Gaby and I are headed for Alpenrose to snap her picture with Santa. She said she didn't want to go but I said you can tell him you want a horse & dog for Christmas *smile* she replies "I want chickens and a pig" lol
That little girl rocks.
Ang - Actually we have known each other since Nov 1999, so 6 years.I remember it was Thanksgiving time at RA and you were so nice to me. I wish we could still go back and read old post. I printed some of the early ones from Brian, so I am happy to have those.
It is this elderly man from Yugoslavia (sp) that brings me the sandwiches. I think it is him that has a crush on me. Now, that I am not processing his application I haven't seen him for a while. I am getting hungry!! haha
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Michelle - best wishes :)
Katie's job sounds great Jane - love reading about your plans to take her down there.
Hi Jules & Cristi......and everyone!!

better get

12-10-2005, 05:02 PM
Hi Ladies!

Will update my Bio on my BD.
Seems hard to believe 55 is only 17 lous errrr short days away :)

Much has transpired in the last 6 months. None of it good. Well, for
that matter, the last 3 years have pretty much sucked toads too, but
the last few months have really gone over to the dark side.

So I'll just wish everyone a wonderful weekend and go finish the
laundry *g* [ I'd say the "someone should have one" thing, but
that sounds wayyyy too pitiful slash needy even to me lol


12-10-2005, 08:04 PM
Hi Skew, Nice to meet you. Hang in there, things will always get better. :)

Susan, so which is she getting? Chickens or a pig? lol

Gaby, awww. I wish I had someone who had a crush on me! How sweet. I miss romantic little offerings like that..Wait a minute, I never had that anyways.

Jules, I've been with my husband since I was 14. We've only been married a year and a half though. I'm ready for marital counseling already. I plan on telling him that tonight too. Once the trust is gone, its so easy to fall out of love.

Lets see...I've been pretty OP, went over by about 19 carbs yesterday, but for the week that put me over only by 1 carb so far. I'm going to get off of here and go bellydance for atleast a half hour. Then if the girls are still asleep maybe get some callenetics in.
You all have a wonderful day & I'll remind you all - drink up~!


12-10-2005, 08:41 PM
Skew-you will be in my prayers--life is tough sometimes--I've been there & sometimes you just need some support system to get you through

Susan-my mother took me to her uncle's pig farm when I was little, you know...little pigs are really cute and I have read that they are as intelligent as dogs

EM - you are a page 5 girl as far as I am concerned, my husband was very abusive early on both physically & emotionally..counseling helped..things are not always perfect but he is my best friend in alot of ways. My beautiful, loving DD wanted to go the counseling route, but her husband wanted to just run back home to the Dad and stepmother that he felt never loved him..go figure...

Susan--I was at the mall the other day with DD, lots of people with their dogs taking pictures with Santa...when my kids were little it was just parents taking their this happening everywhere or just the blue states or is it the red states?? As I told Marti...treasure the grow up way too fast!

12-10-2005, 09:13 PM
Aww Jules. If I were to ever type out exactly whats gone on in hus & I's relationshiop everyone would say leave him. But there is a lot of good & he is the best dad I've ever seen. Mow if only he could quit lying about his porn addiction things would be ok...Eck. Sorry for the drama..
Is you dd heart broken?


Oh and hey, I'm holding a baby now but thanks so much for the compliment!

12-10-2005, 09:14 PM
Oh and I did 30 minutes hard core aerobics bellydance style. I didnt know I could sweat so much!!


12-11-2005, 08:51 AM
EM-yes DD is heartbroken, but she is beautiful,intelligent, and has the loving support of family & some really good friends. She says her head tells her this is for the better that if he came back it would always be between them and that the next confrontation it would happen all over again but her heart says if he would come back today she would take him back--He has a tendency to do the flight instead of fight and he too has a porn addiction. That is something that seems to hurt alot of relationships. :(

On to lighter things....the baby on your lap makes you even hotter than those anorexic page 5 girls--btw I am going to have to look into the bellydancing--sounds fun--any dvd/videos that you would suggest that you like and use?

12-11-2005, 01:21 PM
G'Morning Ladies!

I don't have much time at the moment...and James has been hogging the computer (I suppose I can share)

Just wanted to come in and say "HI" and that I'll try and catch up as soon as I can. Today we are taking off for some shopping! We did a little yesterday but we got up too late in the day we didn't wanted to be out that late.

Anyway......Hello and I'll catch up w/you all soon!

12-11-2005, 03:45 PM
Hello ladies and a Happy Sunday to all :hohoho: :xcheer:

Not much going on, just getting some laundry done and surfing the net.

Susan~kids are funny little creatures! :lol: Gaby sounds so adorable, and we know she is! Did she go have her pic with Santa after all? Wanna share?! Would love to see the pic and see how she's grown. How's Rebecca and Rachel doing? Have you heard any news from/about the co-worker at the hospital?

Jules~I feel for your DD and can only imagine the hurt. But it sounds like she is doing good and getting on with her life an dnot letting that stop her.

Skew~welcome back, been a long time!

EM~WTG on the good week. 1 carb over is nothing, at least it wasn't more!

Marti~have a fun day shopping! I have to say, you are one brave lady! I would never attempt to go shopping on the weekend. DD ran to Wal-Mart really quick last night...he had planned on getting a few things and taking his time. Well, he said there were so many people and it was so noisy he couldn't take it so rushed out with the necessities he went after. This was a little after 9 pm! I told him he should have known better. :lol: I always go during the week when most people are working. Still, Wal-mart gets a little busy then but nothing like in the evening.

Hi to everyone else :hohoho:

I guess I'l go surf a little and see what I can find to do while the laundry is washing. Tata for now :snowglo:

da fat n da furious
12-11-2005, 10:07 PM
Good evening ladies,,,
what a gorgeous weather we are having,,,t-shirt time again.
Em,,,I will one dya do that belly dancing thing...I think is sounds so much fun. There is a class where we do our theatre stuff.

Cristi,,,Im with you,,,stay away from Walmart on weekends. Unfortunately Monte has to stock up his pastries on the weekends so we were there at 10,,and by 11 or so its was starting to get zooish. BUT!! I just couldn't wait to tell you of my find. I was at Chapters last night,,pick up a couple of gifts,,And ended up in the music area. I listened to the new Enya cd...nice. BUT the thing I was really interested in cause I keep seeing their posters around is Li Divo..aside from the fact there are 4 really hot guys on the front,,,I checked it. I ws spell bound. And bought it this morning at Walmart. For way cheaper $7.. I also listened to the I walk the line,,sound track...with Reece Witherspoon and can't spell his name,,,Gladiator,,,Villiage...Signs,,,River Pheoxic brother. Sounds like Yo Keem. That was really good,,,they sang it all themselves. Asked for that for a gift. And I also saw tribute to Luther Vandross...which Ive heard,,,and want too.
So Monte and I have been taking turns down stairs,,I primed the whole room,,,he went down to stipple,,,once hes done Ill go down and paint.
So we that word...grrr Brandon wanted black walls...I said how about a light color and dark things around the room...nope. So we went with a medium/dark grey,,,which then Im going to dry brush silver/glaze over,,give it a metallic look. Im shopping now for a huge flag of Velvet Revolver. About 4x4 use it as a window covering and wall decoration. I would like to paint in black chinese proverbs around the top of the walls,,and do some outlining in red. Cause that was the other color he wanted. Monte and I picked up a red pleather cushion at home depot for $8. I personally think hes going to have a really cool room.
Well going to go finish my gift wrapping,,,I see the lite at the end of the tunnel...

12-11-2005, 10:08 PM
Good Evening -

Hi Skew :) Welcome back

I made potato soup for dinner. The girls like it which surprised me because I put a lot of onions in it.

I was planning on putting Gaby's latest pic from JCPen in my cards that I am TRYING to get mailed out. I have a 8x10 that was going to her father. I was thinking of even putting it in a nice frame. I don't want it just tacked to a wall - which I have seen him do in the past. lol.........I am such a control freak. I just don't want her tacked up.....

I called co worker and he was cheery - hungry and wanting something from Skippers.

Thinking of heading back to Hawaii though :) really need to get these 19 pounds off fast!

HUGS EM . I think we will go with the chickens and a rooster - stuffed of course. We already have the dogs, horses, pigs.

My mom brought me a nice olive green shirt with these cute earrings. I was going to wear that with a skirt tomorrow.

Ta ta for now.

da fat n da furious
12-11-2005, 10:09 PM
Just missed you Susan! how ya doing?

12-11-2005, 10:13 PM
Hi ladies, :wave:

Not much time, so I'll make this short.

Angie - glad you feel better after coming here. I know I can always count on you guys to cheer me up, too. Wanted to be sure and tell you the next paperback in the flower series by Nora Roberts is out. It's Red Lily, which follows Blue Dahlia and Black Rose.

Susan - hey sweetie, would you mind terribly to edit your old bio, putting the new info in that one? So, no more sandwiches, huh? If I lived close to you, I'd have you over for some home-cooked meals on a regular basis. :yes:

Cristi - we have to have our family party early - the one with all the sisters, nieces and nephews, etc. The family is huge, and work parties and in-law parties got in the way when we tried to have it closer to Christmas. Did you
get your book done? I'm finding it hard to put down the new one by Sue Grafton.

Julie - oh sweetie, I thought you wanted to be called Julie or was it Jewel? That's why I suggested you put your name in your signature. Yep, Neal and I will probably be downsizing things. Since we have to pay for a new home, our travels will be a lot more limited, too.

Skew - great to see you!

Hi also to Marti, Connie, and EM!

We had a lot of fun at the party last night. My nephews got to talking about the crazy things they used to do when they were teens, and I laughed so hard I just about cried.

Gotta run. Be good, and I'll check in tomorrow. :)

da fat n da furious
12-11-2005, 10:19 PM
Oh Gawd I can't get this hippopatomus song out of my head...just keeps going around...arghhh

12-11-2005, 10:23 PM
Can you edit for me Jane?? I didn't see where I could edit the old and put in new. If you can fix it up for me that would be great!!

I know - I am lazy. lol I was going over things with my supervisior when I first started the job and pointed out if the other managers filled out the historical records like they should I wouldn't have to for the information I wanted *whaaa. He just said "Susan , you're killing me."

I am fine Angie. I think I will finally be able to break the piggy banck and book my room soon. Hanging in there!! Just for you another "GABY STORY"

Gabrielle loves horses and dogs.
Several weeks ago she rolled down her window and leaned out and
started barking. Rach and Beck said "louder Gaby" and Gaby would bark
She leaned over far enough in her car seat that her hair would fly in
the breeze, with the wind blowing on her face. Her eyes would be half
shut and with every "louder Gaby" she barked louder. It was funny.
Last night we drove to the store and she started to roll her window
down but her sister rolled it back up, it was cold outside.
I ran into the store and when I came out Gaby was bawling, "I can't
bark, I can't bark."
We drove Rach to her fathers and we drove home. Gaby was still
crying, saying, "I can't bark, I can't bark."
I finally said, "we can bark Gaby but we don't want to get cold. We
will stay warm in the car and bark.
So, I barked "ruff, ruff" and Gaby barked "RUFF, RUFF" and she was
finally happy.
So, we barked back and forth for a mile. This is one years worth of
therapy. haha

12-12-2005, 12:52 AM
:present: Merry Christmas every one:gift2:
And Happy Birthday to all our DEC. babies:balloons: :woo: :gift:

I woke up saturday took a hot shower and made breakfeast, then I slept all husband took me out to chilis for dinner I had salmon and shrimp with a double order of steamed vegtables.... and shared the lava chocolate cake....
went to church came home made brunch, then proceeded to sleep all day again, went shopping for epsom salt to soak my tired achy feet....
hopefully i'll get used to manuel labor this coming week we will be throwing freight and stocking shelves......

I recieved bad news, my friend who had breast cancer, was just told this week that it has spread and she now has bone cancer and there is nothing they can do for her, I just lost my best friend last october to bone cancer and now my other friend has it too, I cried all all day, so I'am not only physically exhausted i'am emotionaly exhausted .......

I'am glad i have a place here.....some days i just lurk I dont have the energy to post and so i thank you for your all have been so good to me, and Lord knows i need it

12-12-2005, 01:02 AM
susan your story about how your daughter barks, reminded me of when my daughter was about 3 she acted like a dog, when people would come to the door she would bark and bark, she would put her dinner on the floor and eat.... it was funny and embarresing she would sniff people too.......she took her being a dog serious and no matter how much we scolded her it did not deteer her from being a

da fat n da furious
12-12-2005, 01:57 AM
That story reminds me of one of my favorite authors,,Janet Evanovich,,,in the Stephanie Plum series her niece Angela thinks shes a horse...

Michelle Im sorry about your friend,,,it is very hard to loose a friend,,,sometimes just as bad to watch them go.

da fat n da furious
12-12-2005, 01:59 AM
Hey this thread is full,,,skip on over to the Chit Chat #155!!