WW Clubs and Groups - It's the Weekend & I am Working...

06-30-2001, 01:10 PM
Well everyone, here I am...Working. I am scheduled for 3 weekends during the months of June-September.. and then any others that I happen to get called into! This weekend is one of them, then I am on-call all next week and have to wear a beeper. Hubby works with me and luckily and he gets scheduled for the weekends I do, so we don't have to work double the weekends. OK I will fess up, I do the weekend scheduling and I make sure he is with me. PLUS, I make him wear the beeper. Am I bad or what! So we are on-call during the 4th, but hopefully it will be pretty quiet since it is a holiday here in the US. However, our Canadian Customers are not on holiday.... ie... the Stampede (Belle).

So anyhoo, I am just a babbling away because even tho it is a Saturday, I have a ton to do and don't want to do it. Bluchhhhh! AND to make it worse, it is a beautiful day outside and I stuck in a stuffy old building. I will attach a pic of our old historc office building. Our offices are on the 3rd floor. I have 2 HUGE windows because I am a corner office.... you can see it in the pic!!

We went to dinner with hubby's parents last night. His mom is really upset about her mother (hubs g-ma) and her health. She said she needed to see Emma to make her feel better. So I think at the moment things are OK between us and the in-laws. I really think they are trying to make a relationship with us finally. Today Emma is with my parents. I called to quick after my WW this morning and she was BAWLING. Hubby had just dropped her off. She is really getting into that stage where she wants her parents!!!

Speaking of WW... I gained. Not changing my sig tho... Every 4th week I gain.... coincidentally it is the week I ovulate. Does anyone else have that problem?? Not the week of TOM... but the ovulation week. ARGGGG.

Well, best get back to work. Just realized I have been here 2 hours already and haven't done much!

Brenda N
06-30-2001, 03:04 PM
I'm sending you kudos for hubby's G-ma. That's always so hard. I am glad to hear you are getting along better with the in-laws. My mom doesn't like my husband so I totally understand where you are coming from! Hey, who watches Emma on the weekends when you are both working???

I normally don't get around to checking things out on the weekend but I logged on to check my mail and just couldn't resist. I'm sorry you are at work. I have a show this afternoon and then a dinner/meeting tonight. Hubby is going with me and I am so amazed! I think the fact that it's Mexican food won him over :lol: Oh, and the margarit's :devil: Refresh my memory please, where do you work? Why do you have to be on call? Are you and hubby on the same floor where you see each other all the time? DH and I have talked about him being my 'assitant' (actually I would feel better calling him my partner) for PL when the time comes that he can quit his job. We jokingly wonder if we would be able to put up with each other constantly like that.

Hubby made me a special celebration dinner last night. It was for becoming a Unit Leader with PartyLite. We're not positive yet b/c all the paperwork hasn't been processed, but it's sent so we are 99% sure! I'm so excited. My income kicks way up and I have all kinds of other perks. This is one step further to financial freedom :D The dinner was shrimp and fish in a hollaindaise sauce (I think he made it low fat), steak and baked potato. I couldn't eat the baked potato and may have that for lunch tomorrow.

Then we went and cruised the mall. It was so much fun. Made you kid of feel like you were a teenager again seing all the teeny boppers. We are having major problems with Nestle. He's cost us a lot of money with the things he has chewed up. My Bridget Jones books, the TV remote (which happened to be on top of the entertainment center - when he stands on his back paws his front paws are on our shoulder - granted we are only 5'4", but still!), and yesterday my hubby's Oakley sunglasses. And this when DH was outside doing yardwork! We have a problem. So we got new sunglasses last night. We bought our Oakley's at the same store last fall and I was determined to get a discount. So I told the guy we bought two pairs last fall and asked if we got some kind of frequent buyer deal. He gave us my pair at half price!!! neither pair was cheap and I was sooooo proud of myself. I am def the haggler in the family. I must get it from my dad. He's really good. Anyway, hubby bought my shades as my promote out present. We had a really good time.

OK, I have to re-pack my display kit for my show and take a shower. I just feel like taking a nap though. I made pancakes for breakfast and we both ate too much. Hubby is asleep on the couch, Nestle is crashed next to me right now in my office and my eyelids are drooping. Time to get in that shower and wake myself up. *hugs* and have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

06-30-2001, 03:39 PM
Brenda, today Emma is at my parents house. Tomorrow we only work 3 hours, so she will come with me. Our company writes/supports/markets specialized computer software all over the US/Canada.... and we are working on other international locations. We have one site in the Virgin Islands right now! Hubby is a computer Programmer, I am customer relations (i do a lot of customer training and in house training). I am also management. We work weekends on phone support.

2 1/2 hours left!!

Oh an Brenda... Sadie has started chewing more again this last month. Believe it or not, she chewed up my good sandles, hubbys jeans, My shorts... and the list goes on. So if she is naughty, she has to be kenneled at night. I was told she will get out of this stage anywhere for 2-3 years of age. I am not keen on waiting that long, but I think we will have to. Before bed, we scan the house and make sure all things are out of her reach... she a tall dog (like nestle she can jump up and reach things). Also, we shut the spare bedroom doors. GOOD LUCK!!

Brenda N
06-30-2001, 04:49 PM
Unfortunately he sleeps in the room with us and got a bad habit of sneaking up on the bed when he thought we were asleep. I have the name of a wonderful traininer that will work with you one on one. I think the money will be worth it, it's just finding the time to investigate it. We do close all the doors during the day, but it's scary to thing what he can get ahold of. He also chewed the handles of some cooking utencils b/c they were out drying :rolleyes: What a dog. We love him though. OK, now I'm going to be late if I don't finish my hair and get my candle stuff put in my car. Have a great rest of the weekend!!!

06-30-2001, 05:28 PM
Oh Brenda... It sounds like Nestle chews MORE than Sadie. I am sooooo sorry!!! I really gotta post a pic of Sadie, she is a golden retriever. I guess you answered my question about training. I definately think it is a good idea. Sadie has some "issues" that we think might be helped with training. We took her to puppy training, but now she needs more adult obedience training... even tho she is only 1 1/2 years old. I will post a pic of her when I am on my home puter!!!

OK, 1/2 hour left... then off to get Sadie and head over to get Emma from my parents. Sadie LOVES to ride in the car and loves going to my parents because they have 20 acres and she can RUN!!!.... without my dragging behind on the leash!

See ya all later! I will be back tomorrw!! :(