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12-03-2005, 11:35 AM
STARTING A NEW THREAD BECAUSE I'M ASKIN' THE QUESTION HERE? What is our level o' commitment to this SOLSTICE challenge!!!???? :carrot: I'd like to suggest that we declare this Recommitment-To-Solstice-Saturday and Sunday!!!!

I am actually plannin' on puttin' up an altar to the Solstice Sun (and the spirit o' the Goddess, the returner of light to my universe, who floateth somewhere in the December darkness o' my soul ... though, because o' the happiness o' the climate I live in, there's not much in the way o' actual darkness ... this is an allegory here, work w' me) in my house today to remind me that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT SOLSTICE OF MY LIFE!!! :carrot:

Why? Because it's the Solstice that is HERE!!! At the end of this Solstice, the big milestone is NEW YEAR'S ... meanin' there's another year over the horizon and I want to reach all my goals (great healthy bod, new career, the usual suspects). In order to make this happen, I have to commit NOW ... one day at a time.

I'm pleadin' with all Queens For A Day to come 'n play so's we can keep that Noncommitment Demon at bay. Yay! :coach:

My challenge today is to eat in the 1600s or below and to set up the altar.

12-03-2005, 04:19 PM
I'm sorry, I haven't seen your challenge before. What's it about? I'm looking for a good challenge:D

12-03-2005, 07:59 PM
:welcome: Hi, girl in cullowhee!!! What a great name for a place to live!

This challenge is related to the Sprint to the Solstice thread (think it's called that ... actually, I can't see the name right now, which is a group of "Royalty" who has posted here together for a number of years. Arabella is the thread starter on that and it's here on the miscellaneous forum. It's also the sequel to the Queen for A Day emergency challenge that you'll see a little bit further down the list. I just updated it to put some zip into things! :)

Basically, it's just us trying to reach our goals by the Winter Solstice and making daily self-challenges in order to get some focus goin' ... you'd be post warmly welcome in all of the Queen threads, includin' this one!!!

I'm a hippie, too, BTW, but an old one! :dance:

12-03-2005, 09:15 PM
i'm with you, amarantha! stuck to my emergency challenge for today with food and exercise, even though this nasty cold weather makes me feel like i want to eat more to fortify myself, so especially important for me to stay on the straight and narrow now. welcome, girl in cullowhee!

12-03-2005, 10:52 PM
i'm with you, amarantha! stuck to my emergency challenge for today with food and exercise, even though this nasty cold weather makes me feel like i want to eat more to fortify myself, so especially important for me to stay on the straight and narrow now. welcome, girl in cullowhee!

Huzzah, W!!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: Great job in stickin' to that emergency challenge and that straight 'n narrow path! Let's do 'er!!!

12-04-2005, 07:48 AM
I'm in. I HAVE TO stay focused because our big Christmas program is coming up at work and it holds great potential to drive me crazy. So yes--I have to stay on top of things and plan, plan, plan! [Did I mention I have to plan?]

12-04-2005, 10:27 AM
I need a challenge soooo badly.
I just can't seem to take myself seriously enough to do anything good for me.
Well, I do, but then I still eat out of stress, instead of thinking of the consequences.
Yesterday was a disastrous 2210 calories!!!
OK, today I will try again.
I have a serious problem, as I am working all day and will be around food at work too (due to this particular day's circumstances, there will be a buffet!!!)
We have snow today and it is cold, so I will feel tempted to eat to keep warm as well.
Have a great day, everyone!

12-04-2005, 12:14 PM
Ok, sorry, but this is a bit o' a (revised) crosspost as I seem to be visitin' friends all over the 'net today!!! :) Sadly (despite me best efforts), the Regain Thing from the Diet Dilemma Swamp be gainin' a lil ol' ground here and A hath GAINED, not lost, .8 of a pound, thou she hath had a good eatin' week. She knoweth this be because she hath not been doin' the intense cardio that she was, liftin' more instead ... will reverse that this week ... the important thing to remember is SHE BE NOT DISCOURAGED! :)

So send no flowers, please, as A be still holdin' her own 'n not mired in the Regain Swamp, or at least she's holdin' off those Swamp Monsters, whilst not sucked yet into the quicksand ... and that's enough for now!!!

She hath yet again reconfigured her Solstice Mission Goal ... planning on December 25th being the final Solstice Weigh-In (although officially the Solstice is December 25). She hath set a December 18 goal that will enable her to eat a weekly total in the low 1700s and she will cardio up during this time, also starting to work with the new trainer on the 14th. She will continue to do daily challenges and WILL NEVER GIVE UP 'cause she wanteth NOT to see the 140s again.

Today is the day! Ok, let's away. Hooray!!!

MY CHALLENGE FOR SUNDAY IS TO EAT IN THE 1700s or BELOW, DO 30 MINUTES O' WALKIN' (need cardio not only for weight, but cardio health), AND OF COURSE, EAT NO REFINED SUGAR!

I also have to work today, but that's another grim story ...

12-04-2005, 12:19 PM
I need a challenge soooo badly.
I just can't seem to take myself seriously enough to do anything good for me.
Well, I do, but then I still eat out of stress, instead of thinking of the consequences.
Yesterday was a disastrous 2210 calories!!!
OK, today I will try again.
I have a serious problem, as I am working all day and will be around food at work too (due to this particular day's circumstances, there will be a buffet!!!)
We have snow today and it is cold, so I will feel tempted to eat to keep warm as well.
Have a great day, everyone!

'Tis the season to be JOLLY, :queen: Aria, so be o' good cheer 'cause ye'll PRESERVE, never fear!!! :carrot:

No more not takin' thyself seriously is what I see in me crystal ball with Aria's name on it!!! :snow4: ... sorry to use thy smilie, but it demonstrates how I see your record over the years ... you ALWAYS fight the good fight, soldier on and emerge a winner, Aria ... and ye'll beat this winter slump and come out in GREAT shape! :hug:

Here we go, one day at a time!!! That lil ol' bit o' snow won't get the better o' YOU!!!

12-04-2005, 12:22 PM
I'm in. I HAVE TO stay focused because our big Christmas program is coming up at work and it holds great potential to drive me crazy. So yes--I have to stay on top of things and plan, plan, plan! [Did I mention I have to plan?]

Hocus, pocus, focus, focus!!! :wizard: There ye be, E!! I think that sayin' originally came from our resident Wood Nymph (aka Arabella) ... not sure, actually, so if it's from someone else, apologies!!! :carrot:

And I knoweth thou ALWAYS has a plan ... and thy plans tend to work out well!!!!

Let's beat these Eat Christmas Demons!!!! Huzzah!

12-04-2005, 12:50 PM
Hello all,

Just resurfacing today .... All week felt a cold coming on and Friday am woke up covered in sweat and lots of other flu symtoms plus a no voice....

Have been either sleeping or staring at reruns of the Waltons/Little House....

but feel stronger today and might even go bowling tonight... or might not...

we have snow/slush/ice/rain here today....

and I may celebrate by taking a shower.
The first since Wednesday. YIKES!

Anyone for tea?

12-04-2005, 01:14 PM
kaylets-glad you're starting to feel better today! keep warm.

amarantha-your great attitude continues to encourage me even when i don't want to keep fighting the good fight!

i will hang on, albeit by my dainty little fingernail, to this commitment to be fit today. sticking to basic cal.,exercise plan + some extra back stretches.

aria-good luck with everything today!

eydie-inspired by you, i will also make some plans to succeed during this holiday season.

take care, everyone!

12-04-2005, 03:49 PM
Hello all,

Just resurfacing today .... All week felt a cold coming on and Friday am woke up covered in sweat and lots of other flu symtoms plus a no voice....

Have been either sleeping or staring at reruns of the Waltons/Little House....

but feel stronger today and might even go bowling tonight... or might not...

we have snow/slush/ice/rain here today....

and I may celebrate by taking a shower.
The first since Wednesday. YIKES!

Anyone for tea?

Oh, :queen: K, I hope you don't have the same flu I've had for goin' on FOUR weeks, as my life lies in shambles, bills go unpaid and I'm resortin' to oregano oil rather than another useless trip to doctor.

Enjoy thy shower!

12-04-2005, 03:51 PM
kaylets-glad you're starting to feel better today! keep warm.

amarantha-your great attitude continues to encourage me even when i don't want to keep fighting the good fight!

i will hang on, albeit by my dainty little fingernail, to this commitment to be fit today. sticking to basic cal.,exercise plan + some extra back stretches.

aria-good luck with everything today!

eydie-inspired by you, i will also make some plans to succeed during this holiday season.

take care, everyone!

Please continue to hang on, W!!! It's almost Monday (well, that's not encouragin' ... but ... anyhow, the EAT-ALL-'CAUSE IT'S THE WEEKEND SYNDROME will at least be not an issue with some of us ...) Huzzah. :carrot:

12-04-2005, 08:25 PM
Thanks for your kind reply, Amarantha! :)
I just came back from my day of work and so far I have had 1160 calories! Not bad! I did stay away from the sweets, so that helped.
Now I am kind of starving, so I have to be very careful with the rest of my day! I brought some vegetables and fruits for snacks later tonight.

12-04-2005, 10:55 PM
Huzzah, Aria, that be a great cal count for the end-o-work day!!! Hooray!!!

I am at 1707, as soon as I eat an apple! :) Not gonna exceed that!

Jogwalked 30 minutes ... also went shoppin' and walked all over Wally World.

Still sick, but what the heck! :)

No refined sugar!!!

On a different journal, I'm gonna start countin' days again, methinks! It is the key to everything ... maybe even the secret to life as we know it in the Universe.

Finished most of the payin' work that I'd planned.

12-05-2005, 09:54 AM
12.4.05 ~ 1850 calories
Amarantha ~ I did a miscalculation in my hurry to post: I had forgotten a little cream cheese and smoked salmon bun (...ooops).
But, thanks anyway, as I feel I did a good job with all the temptations.
For today, I would love to stay under 1500.
Good job on the exercise, Amarantha!

12-05-2005, 10:15 AM
Mmmm, smoked salmon 'n cream cheese!!! I'd say that was worth the cals, Ms. A@!!!! And I do agree, you did a GREAT job!!!

Thanks for the kudos on me exercise!!!

I'm makin' the same challenge for Monday: 30 minutes of cardio, so I'll be in shape heartwise for doin' the cycle class again Tuesday.

I'm makin' a sub goal for Tuesday of UNDER 1700, e.g., eat in the 1600s! This is a target only, NOT part of my challenge.

Huzzah!!! Here we go! Let's make it COUNT today! Ok?



12-05-2005, 10:22 AM

12-05-2005, 01:37 PM
Me three! Going to walk to gym, do weights, come home and do yoga, meditate. Plus the usual food/water stipulations.

Another pound bit the dust, officially now at lowest weight since I started weighing again. And my body composition has changed a lot. I was surprised to read that significantly overweight folk often have a LOW water content, which explains why mine increased almost 10% and why when I launch a new campaign I almost invariably lose weight very slowly at the start, but notice difference in musculature. Onward!

12-05-2005, 03:52 PM
Hello all!

How is everyone?

Woke up feeling much better and did some things around the house but by 10 am, was really, really glad that this is a vacation week as I had to take a long nap....

Woke up about 2 , thought it was much later and was thrilled to find out I still had time to do a few things b/4 dh is due home....

We have a storm coming thru.... might get a few inches of snow, might only get "slop"....

Just wanted to say hello to all...

12-05-2005, 09:11 PM
KUDOS TO ARABELLA FOR A POUND DOWN!!! :dance: That's the way to do 'er, Wood Nymph!!! :cheer:

Glad thou be better, K!!! I'm still somewhat ill from this killer flu, but better. Enjoy your vacation.

Ms. A!!! OK!!! :cheer: Let's go!

Actually, I think I'm done eating at 1762, a little over the goal but it wasn't my daily challenge.

AS FOR THE DAILY CHALLENGE OF 30 MINUTES CARDIO WALK, I HAVEN'T DONE IT YET! Was workin' ... will let ye know tomorrow if I accomplished it ... need some psi time first.

12-06-2005, 09:13 AM
12.5.05 ~ 1490 calories

I barely made it under 1500, but I did it!!!!
My challenge today is to keep under 1400, if possible, keeping in mind that tomorrow is my weigh-in day, for extra-motivation. But it is a cold day, so we will see...

Good job, Arabella!

12-06-2005, 09:32 AM
Seems like i've only got time and energy for a fly-by. Maybe things will ease up soon? I did the walk/gym + yoga yesterday but didn't quite manage the meditation. I think I let it get too late in the day... Today, I'll try harder. Meditate this aft -- actually, I think I'll even do an occasional short one this morning. Just getting my invoice for December together and will go for a walk as soon as I have done that. Yes I will :yes: Yoga when I get back. And then... I'm going to try to take it as easy as I possibly can for the rest of the day. A little work, a little break, repeated as nec. Still not feeling fully well, although the cold never got really bad. I guess that's what the payoff was for all my echinacea, ginseng, etc etc etc...

Any reports on the Oil of Oregano, Empress A?

Aria, do you find you need more food on cold days? Interesting! Good luck with your weigh-in -- you inspire me!

Kaylets, enjoy your time off!

Let's make this a good one!

12-06-2005, 10:11 PM
[color=blue][b]Yo, flybyes are good, Arabella, I'm kinda in that mode as well!!!! Congrats on gettin' in 99.9 percent of your stuff yesterday ... the meditation can wait a bit ... you're doin' great!!

Aria, you are inspirin' me with those cal counts! Huzzah! Trek on!!!

My cal count didn't hold last night ... blood sugar was going low and I had to have another mini meal ... still a good day.

Too busy this a.m. to come on here and do a challenge, but it was to go do my exercise class ... I did go but decided to skip the cycling ... did 15 minutes of mixed cardio upstairs and then joined in for abs/core and stretch ... total exercise time 75 minutes.

Not bad for a sick person ... still don't feel well ... Arabella, I do think the oregano oil is helping, but of course there's no real way to know, since I will eventually get well ... this is the worst case of the flu or virus or whatever that I've had in decades ... no more infection, but still symptoms and fatigue. I am going to stick with the oregano oil, though, as pharmaceuticals are useless ... doctors, too. :)

12-07-2005, 07:40 AM
Hello all!,

We had a small snowstorm come thru yesterday which seemed to aggravate the cold/flu symptons.... wound up taking meds to kill the headache and slept all of yesterday morning away...and went to bed very early too.... as DH says, must have needed it...

And yes, its handy that I have the time off ..... the rest of the thought I am sure you all can fill in the blanks...

but today is starting off better and I feel more motivated. Especially now that I have found the thought of the day:


Thought of the day :

'Impossible itself says "I'm Possible." '

Question of the day :

"What is your favorite color?"


Anyone for tea?

PS.... Aria... I love your photo... very pretty...

12-07-2005, 09:25 AM
Hello everyone!
12.6.05 ~ 1360 calories (I did it!)
Challenge for today ~ keep under 1500 calories
Hope you feel better, Amarantha and Kaylets!
I have a scratchy throat myself, but no fever.
Kaylets ~ I picked my image from the holidays avatar on this site.

12-07-2005, 11:12 AM
My challenge today is to get in a total 30 minutes of cardio exercise. I am countin' house cleaning, of which I have done 10 minutes, so have 20 to go. Later ...

Need a low cal day also, so am setting a goal of anything in the 1600s or less. Ate more stuff and shot count sky-high last night. Compensation for the cold ... LET'S GO WEDNESDAY!


No, really, let's do it!

Really, we're gonna have a great day, despite the cold ... it is COLD here, most irritatin' ... if I wanted me blood to freeze, I would not have moved to Arizona! :)

12-07-2005, 02:11 PM
hope everyone with flu, scratchy throats, etc. is feeling better a.s.a.p!! sending you all virtual herb tea and nice, hot soup. congrats to arabella for recent poundage down. you all are inspiring me to hang in there with cal. count and exercise, even when i don't want to. yesterday, over by 300 c.-yuck (!), but did my exercising. so far today, back on full-steam-ahead track(1400c/regular daily exercise routine, meditation tape.) for good measure, did some de-cluttering and piled up paperwork in the past couple of days. i'm already so sick of this cold weather, and of course, there is still a lot more yet to come in this neck of the woods.:( well, i'm sending nice, warm, balmy-breeze thoughts out to everyone. take care.

12-07-2005, 08:11 PM
Great job with the full-speed-ahead kind o' day, W!!! :cheer:

I am sick of the cold weather, too, although here would probably seem balmy in many parts o' the continent right now, but it's been chilly for days. I have an outdoor festival to cover tomorrow night and must buy a coat ...

But I digress and this is the challenge-a-day thread and I can report I did my challenge today ... 30 minutes of cardio in 10 minute segments.

Food is low, not sure where it'll end up as I have to go work a meeting ... not hungry right now.


12-07-2005, 10:26 PM
made my cal.count/exercise for today. same plan for tomorrow + extra back stretches. good for you, for making today's challenge, amarantha!

12-08-2005, 12:47 PM
12.8.05 ~ 1670 calories
A bit more than I was hoping for.
Will try harder today.
My scratchy throat is relieved when I eat/drink, so I will try to drink extra water today as my challenge. :)
Have a great day everyone!

12-08-2005, 08:47 PM
Well, my cals are way high ... got excited as I am launching an enterprise several months earlier than I expected, as an opportunity presented itself ... then got worried and ate, ate, ate (and will eat more as I'm hungry) wondering how I'm going to do this and keep my job as well!!!

Aria, hope you had a good water challenge. :)

Wsw!!! Good for YOU for makin' your challenge yesterday!

I guess I made my challenge today: did cycle class, abs/core and stretch.

It's just this calorific day that's the problem right now!

12-08-2005, 09:22 PM
finished today on plan-cals and exercise-wise. amarantha-sure understand wanting to eat more when worried! hope that whatever enterprise you are launching, will go/is going well! aria-hope thy scratchy throat will improve soon. take care, all.

12-09-2005, 08:32 AM
12.6.05 ~ 1690

Drank lots of water, but was also very hungry.
Good luck on your new venture, Athletea, whatever it is! :goodvibes:
wsw ~ Thanks for your good wishes and good job on your challenge! :)

12-10-2005, 10:24 AM
:shocksn: :shocksn: :shocksn:

Well, I haven't resigned from this challenge but the new venture put me behind in a lot of arenas and I again lost control of food yesterday. Didn't exercise formally, but did walk on job a lot out in the freezin' (for Arizona) cold coverin' a parade, so that was ok.

So here's my challenge for today: I am completely expecting to be in the 140s tomorrow (barring divine intervention) and am also going to spend some time with old friends and eat lunch out and I am in a mood to just enjoy myself and let the weight chips fall where they may tomorrow ... in other words, I am plannin' on making the classic "dieter's" mistake o' well-I've-already-blown-it-and-one-more-day-won't-make-difference ... so my challenge is just that ... have a relaxed food day and THE CHALLENGE part will be to get back on track tomorrow as I have one more week on my two-week goal and a bit more time before the Solstice ... I am going to do my Solstice weight on the 18th and then continue the daily challenges through Christmas and New Year's.

So be it. Life happens, so does eatin' ... :ginger:

12-10-2005, 10:27 AM
finished today on plan-cals and exercise-wise. amarantha-sure understand wanting to eat more when worried! hope that whatever enterprise you are launching, will go/is going well! aria-hope thy scratchy throat will improve soon. take care, all.

Fantastic work there W!!!! Thanks for bein' such a faithful supporter and participant here in the CHALLENGE-A-DAY-A-RAMA!!!! Wish I were doin' as well as thee but don't count me out ... huzzah!! :snowglo:

12-10-2005, 10:30 AM
12.6.05 ~ 1690

Drank lots of water, but was also very hungry.
Good luck on your new venture, Athletea, whatever it is! :goodvibes:
wsw ~ Thanks for your good wishes and good job on your challenge! :)

Thanks for the goodvibes, Ms. A, and also wanted to say (rhymes) that thou be also a stalwart participant here and are doin' a fantastic job ... Santa also left you one o' these things ...


12-10-2005, 07:26 PM
Today Garry helped me get the historic house at work ready for our Victorian Christmas hoohah. We gathered up tons [and I mean A LOT!!!] of different greenery and dumped it inside. We were going to go in tomorrow for the actual decorating, but we were ahead of schedule and did most of it today. We'll go in tomorrow for the finishing touches. It was a lot of work and we were gone for 9 hours today, and when I got home I still did my workout and I'm really proud of that. I was really trying to justify not doing it, but I couldn't!
I took alot of food to work for the next few crazy days too. I don't want to be caught off guard and panic and have to go to a convenience store and get something not-so-nutritious.

We had our volunteer pot luck last Tuesday. Lots of desserts---and I've gotta say [and I didn't realize this till the day after] I didn't feel a twinge of desire for any of them, and there were some things there that I would've lurched across the table and stabbed someone in the eye to get at in the old days. I tell you, it still amazes me that my sugar cravings are gone; it's a miracle!!!:carrot:

Also got on the scales this AM and I weigh 137 pounds again. That was a nice surprise.

DEC. 10!!! Can you believe it?:shocksn:

12-10-2005, 08:04 PM
:ginger: Hi everyone!
Finally found a minute to post!
12.09.05 ~ 1605 calories
And I did walk 25 minutes too!
Amarantha ~ Thanks for the :snowglo: I have been fascinated by these since chilhood. :)
Eydie ~ Good job with the sugar cravings begone!

12-10-2005, 09:40 PM
hi everyone! cals. were on target for today. didn't do my entire exercise routine, but had some ms "technical difficulties." should be able to get everything in tomorrow, though, and aiming for around 1400 cals. for again tomorrow. take care, all.

12-10-2005, 11:18 PM
E, thou beith fantastic ... I just responded to you in the land far far (re gettin' back on track). Perfect advice and I am sort of halfway there!!!

Aria, I love the snow globes, too. How nice to have virtual ones ... great cal count today and you got your walk in also ... trek on!

Wsw, sorry the technical difficulties visited today, still thou got some exercise and had a good cal day!!! :cheer: Hurrah! Rest well!

I had a good day cal wise, no exercise but did walk quite a bit with friends, shoppin' ... exhibits, etc. Cals were lower than I expected as I ate white flour and sugar (not a lot) for third day in a row ... tomorrow I intend to get back to the no refined sugar, no white flour kind o' life ...

Sis boom 'n bah ... almost to the Solstice ... I will do my Solstice weigh-in AFTER the Solstice ... coincidentally on Christmas, since that is the first Sunday after ... likely I will be up at tomorrow's weigh-in, but I don't think I care ...

12-11-2005, 11:58 AM
Hello all.....

Am hoping that the head/chest cold & flu are nearly behind me.... Found myself very, very low mentally. Not only about food and weight but all aspects of life.
Am trying to stay more positive today although dh caught me weepy once yesterday and then again this morning..... am doing my best to keep up w/ the Black Cohosh but am wondering if more might be in order.....
or is it I just havent ben feeling well...

Hope all are ok during this super busy time of year.

Eydie, you are so wise to have food ready to avoid the convenience store- grab-and-regret problem.... and congrats on 137!

Empress, sounds like excitement happening your way...... and even yet you fit in the excercise routine! Good for you!

Aria, you are always so consistent!

WSW, often this week when I just couldn't force myself to stay awake I thought of you and admited your fortitude.... You are an inspiration....

Wood Nymph, how goes it? I remember you were dealing w/ the authorities about $$ issues.... hoping you have made progress....

Who am I forgetting???

Frogger?? Has the new job begun?
I wonder about Anagram... I will go to the other thread to see what I have missed there........

As for interview updates for myself.... Not a word.... so I am taking a break from thinking about them. I am assuming the "great" interview wasn't so great. Or at least when they made their inquiries. And just leave it at that.
That its time for me to be careful w/ my time and energy ..... to pace myself and try not to let too much energy be spent in worrying.....

And the other interview.... I will also put that in the pile of "not meant to be" and go on.....

and some good vibes would be welcome too....

s for

12-11-2005, 01:28 PM
Kaylets, I love what you are saying here: "That its time for me to be careful w/my time and energy ..." That is a sage thought that I am heeding.

Well, my new enterprise yippee stuff must have had a decent effect as I DID manage to lose .20 of a pound rather than shoot myself in the foot with too much stuff. I have rewritten my December 18 goal to lose a pound only by then with a proposed weekly cal goal of 1698. My average for last week was 1792, the week before 1702, so I AM actually gaining (or should I say losing) ground overall, even though the weke before was a small gain. I am not unhappy about this.

MY REMAINING CHALLENGE DAYS ARE ALL GOING TO BE THE SAME ... TO COUNT DOWN THE NO REFINED SUGAR DAYS ... essentially Sugar Busters but if I do go out to lunch again or am out and get hungry, I may have to succumb to white flour in a roll or something, so I am not going to fret about that. The caveat on refined sugar is that I can have incidental amounts in bread or other items, as permitted under Sugar Buster guidelines, but I will try not to. I am somehow going to TRY to find time today to bake my own stone ground whole wheat biscuits but have to go get ingredients. I will not do the sugar countdown here ... will do it in a journal far far away but will continue to be in the challenge here daily!!!

Huzzah, a day at a time!

12-11-2005, 08:34 PM
12.10.05 ~ 1530 calories

Just came back from work, and hope I didn't overdo it with the all day buffet!

12-13-2005, 09:06 AM
12.11.05 ~ 1740
12.12.05 ~ 1710

Mammogram and sonogram yesterday, ewww...
Nervous before, grateful after, all the stuff to push someone to eat, but I held on to my challenge. :)
Anyone out there?
"Holiday" shopping, maybe?

12-13-2005, 09:31 AM
Good morning, Queenlies! Had a stellar day yesterday. It was the first day I felt any return of energy, which helped through the day. I walked to the gym and back, did the weights, did yoga and meditated. Drank the water, ate well. Felt pretty good about the day.

More job stress at the end of things -- IM with immediate supervisor about traffic slump, lots of pressure. Everyone's pretty much stressed to the breaking point. I've got yet another report to submit by the end of this week about the state of the site circa year end. Anyway, it was a stressful conversation but after I left the computer I went and poured a cup of chai (no sugar, natch) and sat down and listened to soothing music.

DH was cranky this morning -- I tidied the bedroom: he asked me if I was trying to make him feel guilty; I told him what I was planning to make for his birthday dinner (Middle Eastern feast for 12, at least partly chosen because it can all be made ahead): he hinted that he'd prefer a different special meal; I asked if it was okay if I invited my mom (along with his family) for the dinner: he said "I guess so" in a way that let me know he meant "if you must;" I mentioned that DS was coming: he pointedly said nothing, to let me know he wasn't thrilled. He asked me if I'd been running lately for its weight-loss benefits and when I said not since I got sick, he complained about me getting sick a lot. I started out in a good mood and now am feeling much less festive. But. I'm going to meditate before I do anything else. :yes: I won't let his mood ruin my day. I am reminded, though, of why I've occasionally thought "Do I really want to be in this relationship?" and why I consider it a little vacation sometimes when he's gone. He hasn't been this bad for a while, actually. He's trying to cut back on his drinking and it's making him cranky just thinking about it, I think.

Thanks for letting me unload and sorry for the me-me.

So -- on to today: I've got leaves in the back yard to bag up (as per instruction :rolleyes: ) Will go for a walk, do yoga, meditate. Will remind self that my own mood is the only one that I can fully control, but I AM in charge of that one.

Love to all! Let's -- um -- stay positive, keep the good energy flowing!

12-13-2005, 09:48 AM
No need to be sorry for the me-me, Arabella! We all like knowing how our queenly comrades are feelin' ... I'm personally sort o' in the blah mode myself, probably due to it bein' Day 3 o' no refined sugar and also because of all the stuff I am doin' these days ... plus the new biz enterprise that I've added to my life ... I didn't do gym today and am not makin' a daily challenge. Tomorrow's challenge will be to start workin' out with the new trainer ... actually it's her exercise class I am skippin' today ... just have not been feelin' like going full exercise tilt since the flu and the new biz.

12-13-2005, 08:07 PM
got in full exercise routine the last couple of days. over cal. limit today, but not too badly. tomorrow, though, will stick to my basic-no frills food plan, so as not to tempt myself with extras. that's the plan i'll try and stick with, in fact, since that is what has worked for me in the past. thinking of all of you, and hoping you have a good evening. take care.

12-13-2005, 08:44 PM
Great work there, W!!! :cheer: I like your focus on the "no frills" plan!

Me, too. This be day 3 o' the no sugar and since I'm stuck here at work but have no work until 7 p.m. (don't ask), I almost did what I'd have done in the past and opted for something like a snack cake for energy, as there's not much in the way o' food I can eat on a low glycemic diet around here, even in the restaurants and the one grocery. Was starvin' ... low blood sugar, it was all but over, but I bought one of those no drain packs o' tuna, Velveeta cheese (I know, saturated fat, but it's good for blood sugar) and a jar o' mushrooms and made a mini-casserole in the microwave, drank some milk ... voila. Also discovered much to my surprise that the store carries a very good brand of hard, whole wheat and flax pasta, so bought a box to take home.


12-14-2005, 08:08 AM
I wonder how Wildfire fared with her Irish gentleman-friend? Let us know, Wildfire!:)

I have the big Victorian Christmas thing at work for the next 2 days and more bad weather is predicted but the show will go on and I have to be there, so I've decided that I'm just going to pack some things and stay at the historic house's apartment upstairs--probably for the next 2 days/nights. Don't worry about me--there's a kitchen, full bath, washer/dryer so I'll all set as long as the electricity doesn't go out!

Sorry about the me-me--but I have to get going. Still not done packing for my little adventure! All's well with me diet-wise--still on track!

12-14-2005, 08:48 AM
We seem to have settled into this thread, more or less, but not everyone came with us. :( Hope all Royals are well!

Had a good day yesterday, met challenge well. I'm adding a tiny motivator: Each day, I'm putting a tiny star on the calendar if I met my goals and also an arrow (or _) indicating the direction of weight. Wouldn't it be great to be able to put a star and a "down" arrow on every day? :yes:

Eydie, your little adventure sounds like a nice get-away to me! Is it a beautiful old house?

Amarantha, you did great making that casserole -- and I bet you felt a lot better than you would have on cake!

WSW, kudos to you on the exercise! It makes such an enormous difference, doesn't it. Are you still doing the meditations tapes? I'm trying to fit in a few short meditations through the day. They're so transformative!

Aria, whooo-hooo to you on the buffet-bustin' and making your challenge despite all events conspiring to knock you off-kilter! You're an inspiration! :encore: And for getting through those procedures, too. I'm steeling myself up to make an appointment for a physical and colonoscopy. :p

Kaylets, that's so typical that you haven't heard back from your interviews. The older I get, the more I think we should never get stressed over these things -- you just never know what's going to happen. Work continues to be shaky for me. The owners are trying to sell (although they're not telling us that, of course). If they did I could be out of a job. And I've got to say, in one way it would be a huge relief to go back to freelancing. We'll see.

K, dahlings, mentioned or un-, I must poke nose into office (that means opening my email, which I decided to leave until after I'd posted :s: Love to all! Let's make this a good one...

12-14-2005, 09:22 AM
12.13.05 ~ 1860 calories

Did not do too good yesterday.
Was fine after dinner and then had...celery w/ hummus, air pop corn w/ olive oil and salt, low cal fudge bar, vanilla yogurt while watching TV. That evil thingie...

Arabella ~ Thanks for the encouragement.

12-14-2005, 10:34 AM
I tell you, Aria, the television is heck on diets! Always seems like such a reward to be able to eat 'n' watch whilst slumping on couch, but it's like it turns off the "control" switch sometimes. I often just tell myself I'm not allowed to eat anywhere but at the table, which is effective -- if a little cruel :cry: On the other hand, I've also had some success giving myself a talking to beforehand, as if to a wee babbie: "Okay -- you can eat on the couch, but you are only allowed to have __________. And if you eat more than that, you're not going to be allowed to eat on the couch next time." And once I've made that contract with myself, I do okay.

12-14-2005, 11:09 AM
Cute approach #2, Arabella! :)
I will try that next time!

12-15-2005, 08:28 AM
Fly-by: Yesterday went very well, definitely getting into this. Got my little star on the calendar and a downward arrow this morning! :carrot: Aiming to do the same tomorrow. Note: weight bounced up again from tracker value, but -- these things happen -- it's heading down again now. Like the sundial that only counts the sunny hours, my tracker will not register temporary, undeserved, upward blips.

Let's make this a good one!

12-15-2005, 09:26 AM
Hello everyone!
Arabella ~ I sticked to 1535 yesterday. :)
Good for you that you got your star on the calendar!

12-15-2005, 01:49 PM
Yo! I'm back on refined sugar! Had blood sugar crisis and ate a little piece o' candy to alleviate it, which was good, but that stuff is so evil it's hard to give it up again ... had a cookie yesterday and a Take Five bar plus donut so far today ... not sure this is a doable thing ...

Worried about a family member right now ... worried about starting my biz before I am ready and still have to do the meeting from heck tonight, so gotta go ... sorry, another me-me ... Arabella, I work well under that talkin' to self like child also ... had quite a tussle in my journal in the land far far with Inner Child Maisie ... all in all, I do better when the Diet Hags and the Universal Dietary Law Consortium issue THREATS o' DIRE CONSEQUENCES if dietary laws not obeyed ... think I must not respond well to peace 'n love ...

But I like you calendar idea as well.

Aria, best tell thy inner child there's NO TV if she's not GOOD! :)

12-16-2005, 10:48 AM
Oh, joy! I have pneumonia!

Got the happy news yesterday, which explains why I continually feel like cr*p! Happy happy joy joy joy!

Anyhow, I digress. I'm goin' back to bed. See ya troops!

12-16-2005, 11:03 AM
:shocksn: OMG Amarantha! Wishing you a prompt recovery and sending you special good vibes! :goodvibes
Are you on antibiotics?

12-16-2005, 11:41 AM
Hi, Aria! I just "talked" to ye over in the land far far ... thanks for respondin' on my new journal. Yep, I'm back on antibiotics for now ... and also not givin' up on oregano oil. But this is atypical pneumonia ... not very serious, so I am fine ...

I HAVE A NEW CHALLENGE FOR MYSELF ... JUST NOT TO GAIN WEIGHT UNTIL THE FIRST OF THE YEAR ... s'all I can do as I'm eatin' my head off and eatin' sugar 'cause I'm not feelin' well.

12-16-2005, 05:37 PM
Had to spend TWO nights at work because of bad weather---finally got home after 60 hours. I was the only one at work yesterday [becasue I spent the night!] and we had to canel the alst night of our big Victorian Christmas event so I caught the phones all day, and put chairs away and cleaned up, etc.
I think I was visulaizing it to be a more serene experience than it was---I worked my butt off!!!!
And this morning I dismantled all the fresh greenery in the old house and dragged it out into the woods. I never feel quite right about that; I feel rather grinch-like!
Just as I was finishing up and the ice was melting and I was feeling confident about driving home, I hooked my pinkie toe on a Victorian love seat that wasn't in it usual place and I think I broke my toe. It's my understanding that if you break a toe the docs just say to tape it to your other toes, that it really can't be set----is this right? Anybody know? I did stop at my doctor's on the way home and asked a nurse and she said they'd order an x-ray just to make sure it was broken and then tape it. I told her I'd rather just go home. Now it's all swollen and sore and bruised and I can bend it all around and it's really creepy. Gives me character. I guess.
Anyway, I stayed so busy that i didn't really have time to do anything fun at the old house. I had plenty of food with me and I ate like a queen. Sigh**** the worst thing is I fell hard for stupid stinking FUDGE. I fel t all overworked and resentful and didn't sleep well and the old house was spooking me so I "comforted" myself with sugar. Stupid fudge----it's been over a year since I've had sugar and it's so clear that I can't handle it. A taste makes me want more and it was right there in the house with me, and at the continuing ed center too and it seduced me! I actually feel hung over and kind of nauseous. I didn't eat buckets of it, but probably had 9 small piecs over the last 3 days. I'm pretty disappointed in myself right now. Craving SALT!!!

12-16-2005, 10:21 PM
[color=blue][b]Yo, E!!! I responded to thee in that other realm re the sugar bingeing ... thinkin' you'd been as far off the wagon as me ... then I came here and :lol: you've only had nine pieces o' fudge in three days ... how 'bout FIVE Take Five bars in a DAY (which is what I did today instead of sleepin' as I was instructed by the medical profession ... I had to go to work the beat). Anyhow, it's the same syndrome ... in the other realm, I posted "We are twins" ... yep, it's the same syndrome ... a little sugar, a lot o' sugar ... I HATE IT, TOO, E! It is a DEMON ... but now this end-o'-year jumpin' off place is here and we can jump right back on the ol' wagon 'cause our bods KNOW how good it feels to be sugar free ... so let's get back there and do 'er!

Re the toe, that's been my experience and I've broken the little toe twice (same one) ... they say it's too small to set and just tape it and it hurts a bit and then gets better ... but you should go to doc anyhow as what do I know? After all, I'm trying to cure pneumonia with oregano oil and Take Five bars (and antibiotics, which are just as crazy, IMO, but I'm takin' 'em).

We soldier on ... whatever comes our way, let's dump that SUGAR DEMON for good in 2006 (or before) ... I don't EVER wanna try to absorb five Take Five bars in a day again.

But at least THAT is past ... and tomorrow's another day, Scarlett.


12-17-2005, 01:40 PM
Tacky as this is, I'm gonna cross post from A's new journal in the land far far as it explains where I am right now ... going into Solstice Week ... sorry for the tackiness o' not writin' a whole new postie ... I need to shop, then work on stories ... this was in response to a question by a poster as to what a Take Five bar is ... ARI is my new initiative (A...'s Refocusing Initiative)!

Well, ok, I will tell ya ... ! But under no circumstances go out and buy one as they are ALIVE! They have the demonic capability to burst out o' their wrappers and before you can take evasive action, they THRUST themselves into the bods o' innocent diet folk, who then TURN INTO Take Five bars in a state o' reproductive frenzy, seekin' new TAKE FIVE bars to mate with so that they can TAKE OVER THE WORLD! :devil:

It is veeeeerrrrry scary!

The Take Five bar is produced by the Hershey Candy Co., which is really a FRONT for the Demon Candy Coalition, which seeketh to eradicate the NO REFINED SUGAR UNIVERSAL MOVEMENT, a benign organization dedicated to peace, harmony and the elimination o' Demon Sugar from the galaxy.

The Take Five bar contains FIVE elements: chocolate, peanuts, salty pretzels, peanut butter and caramel.

There is NO need, I am sure, for me to describe the DANGER o' A ... gettin' her hands on this combination o' ingredients when she hath pneumonia and feeleth depressed ...

Anyhow, A... has had THREE o' these bars today AND ... here the Universal Dietary Law Consortium's agents (disguised as Weight Maintenance Hags) have broken down the door o' the Diet Refocusing Hovel (ARI headquarters) in the Deep Dark Diet Dilemmatic Woods and confiscated A's remainin' stash, removin' them to an unknown location in the trash.

ARI CHALLENGE FOR SATURDAY: Just hold the line calorically. Everything else will fall into place. Going to go out and buy some better food ...

Meanwhile the ARI team (Weight Loss Hag, Weight Maintenance Hag, Inner Children, Pneumonia Specialist, New Biz Representative, Keep Present Job Clerk and the Exercise Fairie) has met and brainstormed some strategies for weigh-in day (tomorrow) so that A will not be upset if she hath gained ... and the chant o'

"ARI, ARI, ARI" hath rung out over the land, denotin' a new spirit as A FINALLY heads into Solstice Week. Huzzah ...

12-17-2005, 02:28 PM
Amarantha, you look after yourself. You need to get as much rest as you possibly can. Why is it (speaking for me, really) that a need for rest denied turns immediately to a need for sugar? Fell off the sugar wagon yesterday in fine style, moi-meme, huge job stress plus insanity of trying to make Lebanese feast for DH's birthday dinner all in an afternoon. Suddenly remembered choc bought for stockings and ate only 1 bar -- too bad it was 185 grams. :rolleyes: Then wine with dinner...

Feeling almost too exhausted to worry about the whole thing today. Was just going to go sneak cake and ice cream, but DH arrived back home, thank goodness, and saved me.

Eydie, I did also envision your time at the house as more serene than it sounds to have turned out. And a broken toe. And sugar. I think there must be some bizarre sugar-inducing alignment of the planets. I just stood up yesterday as if remotely-controlled and rushed, robot-like, down stairs. Grabbed the bar and came back up here and just ate it. Much too sweet, it was. :rolleyes: Ah well...

I did go for a walk this morning and did yoga. Haven't eaten anything awful yet today (hear that "yet" :dz: ) Will meditate soon. And rest. Just going to cozy in for the evening -- two freakin' more parties tomorrow -- why can't they just leave us alone! :lol:

Adios, muchachos!!! Let us try to establish some sort of equilibrium. Love to all......

12-17-2005, 04:32 PM
Just a "Howdy" to wish all good to the Queenlies. Glad to see some still soldiering on. All is in bad shape here, food, water, exercise - none as should be.

Tomorrow is three months since dh came home. We have improvements, then more things wrong, and I am bone weary. Where does one turn? Food, of course. I have gained but not nearly what I should have considering what I've eaten. I believe it's from all the physical stuff I've been doing and would probably be sylphlike if I had maintained even a halfway moderate diet.

I too have been wondering about the Irishman Encounter and that's probably at least 50% of why I "tuned" in today. Had not realized how long it's been.

Better health to all and have more fortitude than I on the sugar battlefront.

12-17-2005, 05:32 PM
If only sugar weren't so ... sweet!

12-17-2005, 07:03 PM
If only sugar weren't so ... sweet!

Uh huh.


12-17-2005, 07:03 PM
Howdy, Anagramatic! :)

12-18-2005, 02:23 PM
Another selfish me-me cross postie and apologies 'cause I'm not being really responsive to others on here right now ... actually, I AM mentally responding, but am so fatigued I can't formulate thoughts ... trying to write for the paper is torture. But here's my journal entry for the solstice goal! I will stop doin' the cross postin's soon but just want to participate here as well ... bleech ... I have no character ... :

"Ok! A ... , co-founder o' the Secret Order o' ARI (A...'s Refocusing Initiative), and ARI members A..., A..., A... 'n Co-Founder A..., met this a.m. in a clearin' in the Deep Dark Diet Dilemmatic Woods fer the FIRST ARI CEREMONY O' GETTIN' BACK TO OUR WEIGHT GOAL PROJECT! We found the group's collective weight to be 139.8 ... up a MERE 1.4 ... we say "MERE" because the past two weeks have been an eatin' fiesta, punctuated by binges o' Demon Sugar!

The GROUP made some decision for the following week: 1) We are declarin' our Solstice Goal Date to be on December 25 ... if this were a day in our own spiritual tradition, we'd say it was Christmas, but it's actually three days past the Solstice ... however, since we like Christmas as well as the next person (havin' been raised in that tradition), and we like the Solstice, which bringeth comfort and light back to our world, we're just gonna call it GOAL DAY!!! The GOAL is to lose 1.1 pounds! 2) TO LOSE THE 1.1 pounds, we need to ELIMINATE DEMON SUGAR BY THE END O' THE WEEK (can't do it all at once) SO ... WE WILL ALLOW OURSELVES TWO SUGAR ITEMS FOR SUNDAY AND MONDAY, ONE SUGAR ITEM FOR EACH OF THE FOLLOWING DAYS UNTIL DECEMBER 25! 3) plus, to lose the 1.1 pounds, our Oracle Fitday PC hath declared an average weekly cal count o' 1698 ... we will WORK to achieve that average by the end o' the week!

Following the meeting, the ARI'ers enjoyed their Sunday Sugar Fest (allowed) o' two TAKE FIVE BARS. This was followed by milk and a whole wheat English muffin (legal). We then all took a nap in the woods and are ready to do some work for the Evil Overlord (aka employment).

We are ignoring the pneumonia demon today.

We are not mad that we gained a bit o' weight as it's all part o' keepin' the metabolism goin' ... gotta have those uppages to get to the downages.

We soldier on! We WILL reach our goal in 2006!"

12-19-2005, 12:27 AM
Hi Girls! I think I jinxed myself in that last post on the other thread when I said things should be slowing down around here. Geez Louise, it seems like I never stop!

So, the Irishman. :) He flew in last Friday, Dec 9. After several hours of delays due to Midway being closed and the snow storm in Chicago that headed directly to Toronto (we were thinking it was a sign by the end!), I finally made it to the airport, waited over an hour and a half while his plane sat on the about torture! Finally, passengers started coming in. I was standing with a crowd of people and when he came up the ramp, he spotted me right away. I started walking over toward him, and he just stopped, set down his suitcase and his jacket, and stood there with his arms open. Of course, I cried. Nine years I waited for that moment, and it is one I'll never forget. It was like time stood still for us. I walked into his arms, and I think it was then that my heart started beating again! I can't explain the emotions at that time, so I'm not even going to was the best hug ever.

There was no awkwardness at all. It was like we had always been together. We had lunch and marvelled at sitting across a table from each other, then we checked him into his hotel (he has allergies and I have cats), picked up coffee and wandered the mall a bit, the four of us (DH, DD, and the two of us) had dinner together Friday evening, then back to our place for a couple of hours. Saturday was ours to hang out on our own. (I must say, DH was very gracious about the whole thing. We discussed it all beforehand.) So Saturday we lingered over coffee, then just hung out for the afternoon. I didn't want to plan every moment of his visit and then feel like we were too busy...he came here to relax, after all. He taught me to play gin...I was never a card player. We headed for Toronto around 4pm, traffic being so unpredictable around here. We had tickets for a murder mystery dinner at 6pm. We were there by 5:30, and figured we would just go to the bar and wait, but the sign outside said it started at 7pm...our tickets said 6pm. It was freezing cold and the door was locked, so we wandered down the block to a little jazz bar and went in for a couple of drinks. It was so nice...great music, great wine, the place wasn't busy and was all lit with candles. We had a pretty deep conversation and just enjoyed being together finally. Back out into the cold, we walked to the murder mystery thing. It was pretty bad...but we laughed about it. Took us almost two hours to get home from Toronto in traffic, and then we sat and talked until 1:30am. Sunday morning the four of us went out for breakfast, then I took him to the airport at 10am.

The weekend went by SO fast. I was just dreading saying goodbye to him. I sat with him for almost an hour before he had to go through security...I thought I was doing pretty good, and when we finally walked down to the security gates and had our final hug, he pulled away and said he had to go before HE started crying....which got me crying...what a pair of saps we are.

He is such a wonderful man in person. His parents certainly taught him well....opened EVERY door, wouldn't let me pay for anything, not even a coffee!, took my arm while we walked, made sure he was there if there was any ice or snow I had to walk through, took my hand while we walked through crowds...there aren't many like that left! He is just as handsome in person if not more so.

After such a great weekend, waking up to the normal work week routine was REALLY hard. The first couple of days I was really down. So hard to not have him here after spending a few days with him. He was going through the same thing. I didn't think it was possible, but we are even closer after his visit. The plan is for me to go there in May to meet all of his family and see him again. 22 weeks to go. :)

I know most people, and possibly even some of you can't understand how I can be so close to another man and be married. He and I have a very unique and special relationship, and thankfully we have spouses that support it. There is nothing secretive about our relationship. I just know that I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

I do have a couple of pictures, but I won't post them publicly. He is kind of high profile in his job, and I respect his privacy. If anyone wants to see, PM me and I'll give you a link.

So, now that I've written a book...quick diet update...I have lost 11 more pounds since the beginning of November. I am down a full size....had to buy pants for work because all of mine are too big.

I think I better hit post before I lose all this. This is definitely a Me-Me-Me post! I'll be back to catch up with everyone.

12-19-2005, 06:23 AM
HEllo all....

Empress, sorry to hear about the pnemonia.... please be very gentle with yourself....
I can relate in a small way as this past week return to work was very draining till about Thursday when suddenly I felt much improved.....

Anagram! Was very concerned about you and am glad you had a chance to post.... Please be gentle with yourself too!

Eydie! Not to worry! Fudge is getting to all of us! And no wonder, there you were, stuck, all by yourself.....

Just last night I succumbed...
Actually could hear my heart beating it was racing so fast from the sugar effects...
Today I must be very stalwart as I know what the after effects will be!

Wood Nymph!~ Hold tight! Hold tight! Hold tight! Job stress is so awful...
Here's the percription...please be gentle with yourself!

Wsw! You are my hero!

Wildfire! Thanks for sharing your story! How lovely to see that your friendship is so strong ! Its obviously built on love and respect.... You are a lucky woman!

Ceara?? How are you??

Sorry I have gone so long... its just been lack of energy...amazing but true...
It wasnt till I felt the energy return I realized how low I had gotten....

Here's today's thought :


Thought of the day :

"Though there is much to be concerned about, there is far, far more for
which to be thankful."

Question of the day :

"When's the last time you fell out of bed?"


12-19-2005, 09:53 AM
Good morning, Queenlies!

Last week was such pure heck at work and Friday preparing for DH's birthday extravaganza was so exhausting that by Saturday I was totally drained of all energy and motivation. Then yesterday I woke up feeling like I had a new cold. Two parties to go through and a full day's work that had to be done because I spent Friday preparing bDay feast.

K -- that's enough whining. I just feel tired today and like I'm in the latter stages of cold again. Better than totally exhausted and like I'm getting sicker, for sure. Onward! I'm back from the gym now and have done first part of yoga.

Here's my Christmas quiz, What the Dickens! (,289893,sid9_gci1152906,00.html)

Kaylets, thanks for the good thoughts! I do feel more able to hold up today and also like I can happily shun the shug today. Thanks be. I can't remember when I last fell out of bed, so I think I could safely say it wasn't in the last twenty years and that whenever it did occur it was whilst engaged in a friendly tussle with sig. other ;) My bed is much higher now and my bones much older!

Anagram, so nice to see you popping in. I hate to hear how weary you're becoming though. This is truly such a monumental thing you're doing. Can you get some more support? Please look after yourself and take every opportunity you can get to have a break. Are the kiddlies coming for Christmas?

Wildfire, thanks for the account of your weekend! Sounds wonderful and cinematic, really. Wouldn't it make a great movie? I did PM thee with alacrity for a glimpse of himself. ;)

Amarantha, your accounts are most welcome -- I think double-posting is entirely warranted! You take care of yourself, too! I ate a big piece of hummingbird cake with choc. ice cream on Saturday (after the bar fiasco on Friday) and then went back for more ice cream. Stayed away yesterday and today I think I'm on the sugar-free road again. Isn't it true, though, the worse we feel the harder it is to stay away from the ... crap! :rolleyes:

Eydie, how's the toe? I hope you're recovering from your "Victorian Christmas."

K -- must away to work. Love to all, mentioned or un- Let's make this a good one!

12-19-2005, 10:58 AM
:balloons: Hello everyone!
Just checking in.
Wildfire ~ Happy for you that you finally met "him". How romantic! :cloud9: These European men are really charming with their good manners, aren't they? Are you sure your DH is not a bit jealous? I know I would be (if I would be a man, that is, :)).

12-19-2005, 12:56 PM
Just a fly-bye ... sorry, too, 'cause there is so much good stuff on here to reply to but I have to go to work (yes, despite the lingering pneumonia) ... Wildfire, I WOULD like the link just to get a glimpse o' the Irishman ... can you pm it? :) Congrats on a great visit.

Arabella, I bookmarked the quiz ... looks like it will take some thought and I have to away now ... clever, though. I got the first one ...

K, glad thou art improved ... I'm waitin' to emulate thee.

Aria!!! Huzzah!!!

12-20-2005, 06:34 AM
Hello all....

1 day on plan...Waistband on my dress pants "job uniform" definitely rebelling.... tried to use that "pinching feeling" as motivation......
Was very "sugar hungover" but managed to resist all candy dishes and literally ran from a coworker serving gift chocolate......

Job offered some stress distraction as well as a banking issue which turned out to be a non issue but certainly got the blood pressure in high gear...

Anyone have a sure fire cure for cold sore/fever blister that threatens to take over my bottom lip??? I wonder if I'm getting too much Vit C .....we have been going thru boxes of clementines.....

Ok, here's the challenge today my friends.....

Today, we will decide the priorities....
Ok... got them???
Now.... how do you feel? Little worn? Draggy?
What's today's priority??
My goal.... get good meals in... get a pot of tea in too (decaf and "as I'm working), and PACING myself....
The priority is to get to the priorities ..... ONLY....

Holiday cards not mailed yet? No matter, as the PRIORITY holiday gifts WILL Be mailed by day's end....

Today, I will remember the priorities..... and I AM ONE OF THEM!!!


Thought of the day :

"Man has never made any material as resilient as the human spirit".
Bernard Williams, English philosopher

Question of the day :

"Would you rather be too cold or too hot?"



Wood Nymph.... Please enlighten me.....I'm not familiar w/ " Skaking the shug"..... I am curious.... its sounds like an expression I could use again!


12-20-2005, 08:21 AM
Big talk, it was, yesterday. Shun the shug (sugar, Kaylets, our mutual foe!) I did not. My resolve was so firm in the morning, I really thought I had it locked down. And then, after lunch, fatigue combined with the need to get a piece of work done. And, as so often happens, after I resist the impulse to go have a rest, I became extremely aware of what sugary items are in the house. Didn't even fight to resist, just got up and went to it. Will have to leave less to chance today. Plan: I'm reimposing the ban on eating other than seated at the table. Also, I've found a (weight loss meditation page ( that I'm going to use first thing and then IMMEDIATELY after lunch. I'm really fine other than in the afternoon. Hoping that will get me started out on the right path. Also, I'll take a few little breaks throughout the day so that I realize there's more to life than work/food.

I did manage to exercise yesterday -- walked to the gym, did the weights, did the yoga. Didn't meditate, though.

On the bright side, I wore the same outfit to a party on Sunday that I'd worn for Thanksgiving (in October) and it looked much nicer. It's black faux suede dress pants, flowy and with little slits on the side and a burgundy faux suede dress blouse with a subtle flower pattern in the nap. Both silky and stretchy and so comfortable to wear. When I tried the outfit on for my Thanksgiving party, I didn't want to wear it because my hips looked so big. On Sunday, it looked quite respectable.

I'm also noticing more changes in my musculature. Reminds me of the "Body Worlds" show at the Science Centre in Toronto and the "yoga lady" in the show. There was a lot of text about the balance of her musculature, the strength of ALL the muscles in her body.

Kaylets, if you can get Blistex medicated lip balm, try that. It comes in a little pot. I find it almost miraculous -- it's the best balm for keeping lips smooth, too. It's not especially for cold sores or anything. I'm addicted to it, actually. When my son's had a cold sore and used it, the sore is usually gone the next day.

Wildfire, what a handsome group of people! And -- wow! -- you're a slip of a thing! Kudos to you on that stellar weight loss. You're doing fantastic! :carrot:

Empress, hope you're starting to feel better! Rest as much as you can and be gentle with your Royal self.

K, I'd best be off. Let's make this a good one! Love to all...

12-20-2005, 11:53 AM
Wildfire, love the pics ... you are a lucky person to have such a handsome family AND a great Irishman friend!!! And I'd like to echo Arabella ... you look really GREAT ... thanks for the links!

Arabella, I slipped up on sugar also today as it was my "one sugar treat per day" day (reduction from two) but I forgot and had the usual TWO Take Five bars ... well, there's a "peanut butter" coated version ... anyhow, I'm ok with that and will continue through this week to reduce cals and sugar ... we never give up ... gonna look at the meditation page ...

K, peroxide poured over a cold sore/fever blister can help ... it probably IS the clementines if you've been eating a lot of them.


I would like to propose we keep this thread going until Christmas Day and then start another emergency thread until New Year's Day ... what say?

12-20-2005, 06:45 PM
Kaylets, have you tried Abreva for cold sores yet? It's what I hear works...sorry I can't be of any more help, but I've never had one. *knock on wood*

Arabella, thank you for the congrats! Not quite a slip of a thing yet, but I'm on my way! Sugar got me yesterday too, and then I felt rather ill because of it. It is surprising how little sugar can do that to me now. Your outfit sounds lovely and it is great that you are seeing the results of your efforts! Hey, I'm seeing upper back muscles with this last round of weight's pretty cool!

Thank you, Amarantha! Are you feeling better? Pneumonia is nothing to mess with...don't push yourself before you are ready. You know, I saw those Take Five bars before I went low-carb and thought I'd really like them....but I didn't. (Yay for me, one less temptation.) Hershey's Sidekicks bars are another story, however....but I've stayed away. Hard to believe the Solstice is upon us already. I am looking forward to the return of the light. The Farmer's Almanac says we are through the worst of our winter here already. It forecasts unusually low snowfalls for the rest of the winter, and the coldest temps lifting by mid-January. Oooh, let's hope it is right! The thread plans sound good to me...I want to maintain or even lose during the week between Christmas and New Year's!

Aria, thank you. Yes, I am sure my DH is not jealous. I know, it's hard to understand the whole thing without being the one living it, but I am a very lucky woman to have a DH who trusts me explicitly and is secure enough with himself and our marriage to accept my friendship with the Irishman. Not many men like that left, either. ;)

anagram, I hope that you will have visitations from the royal family during the holidays and perhaps get a little rest with all the extra hands about?

Eydie, how is the toe? Have you recovered from the sugar coma yet?

Frogger? How are you? How goes the new job?

wsw, hello!

12-20-2005, 10:31 PM
Also looking forward to the return of the light ... tomorrow is the first day of winter, the day after is the Solstice (I think some people have that it's on the 21st, but I say the 22nd).

Of course, we have lots of light in Arizona, but it'll be nice when the days are longer ... it was a warmer day today ... 75 ... was 66 in the mountain town where I work when I left at sundown ... I needed to put my coat on ... thin blood ... 66 is chilly to us ... or most of us ...

I am getting extra rest ... going to go cold turkey on the sugar tomorrow ... it's not working out tapering off with Take Five bars ... I don't seem to be tapering ...

And, yes, I forgot about Abreva, Kaylets. Sounds like a good bet.

I almost bought some clementines today ... they call them tangerines here ... same thing, actually, but they are clementines, sometimes they call 'em mandarins ... tangerines are much different in other parts of the country, I believe ... at least from what I remember, in the midwest they were big and well, they were tangerines ... not little oranges.

Very confusing.

I need a nap!

Adding a hello to Wsw!

12-21-2005, 05:29 AM
Hello all!

What a knucklehead I am.... Shun the SUGAR.....Here I thought I was going to learn a new expression....OH MY !

Blistex in the blue pot has been my favorite for years and years but somehow is just not healing this time...
The peroxide is next to be tried because I have that right here....
and than I have this mysterious cream the Chinese grocery store man sold DH....
all the writing is in Chinese... Its a white creme in a silver tube w/ no odor....

Wildfire.... Missed your note about the pix... I'd love to see them too!

I was doing great till about 2 pm when a big choc cake, apple pie and a pumpkin pie and doughnuts too were served up.
I too a pumpkin pie piece, ate the filling and threw away the crust....

and then, later, looked at the doughnuts and "forgot" that certain brand gives me heartburn and only saw my fav, glazed.... and ATE it...

ah well...

We will just go forward...


Must go .... I'm showered and ready for "Deal or No Deal"....

12-21-2005, 07:38 AM
My toe still hurts so I can't walk on the treadmill--still doing weights, yoga and Pilates. I need something that makes me sweat though! Maybe I'll try some slow walking at a high incline on the treadmill today--I don't want to become too unconditioned.
Yesterday we had lunch at a Greek restaurant and 30 minutes later I was so tired, I just wanted to sit in the car and sleep. I don't know what knocked me out. I was in bed by 8:30 last night and slept like a rock.
So I feel like I've been overeating lately, but haven't gained any weight, so that part is good, but I still feel a little out-of-control. And my recent flirtation with sugar has caused "visions of sugarplums"---that is, I find myself trying to justify having sweets, but logic [so far] has prevailed and I DO NOT want to go back to that madness ever again.
That being said, my plan today is to make several naturally-sweetened things for us. I'm wanting ginger cookies, Garry's put in a request for chocolate chip cookies and I think I'll make a cheesecake too. I bought a new cookbook a few days ago and am eager to try some things.
My plan today is to do my weights, a Pilates session, maybe walk on the treadmill, drink lots of water, and eat lots of vegetables, and clean the house!
Everybody check in later to say how you've done, okay?

12-21-2005, 11:01 AM
I will be unable to post for a few days, as I will be traveling.
As I saw on a cute little pillow yesterday: "Be naughty, Save Santa The Trip" :dizzy:

12-21-2005, 04:13 PM
LOL -- words to live by, Aria. Very cute!

12-21-2005, 07:46 PM

Taperin' off didn't work. Yesterday I had so many Take Five bars my eyesight got blurry ... today I took a day off work (wanted to do tomorrow too but to much to get done) and focused on my needs. Worked out lightly with the new trainer and rehired her for eight more weeks. After that I plan not to go to the gym as much as I prefer working out in non-gym locations ... I am sure the gym contributed to my pneumonia fiasco.

Cals are low, but I will likely eat more tonight, trying to keep low, though, as without the bars, I just don't need as many calories.

Hmmm. Weird way to put it ... as if I NEEDED sugar ...

E, sorry about thy toe ... yep, I know what thou meaneth about the Demon Sugar pokin' 'round in the head and sayin' ... "ye KNOW it's ok to eat more SUGAR ... sugar is good ... eat sugar ... sugar is nice ... don't forget to eat more sugar ... it will make you feel better ... life will be good if you eat more sugar" ... cr*p ... it's a lie, Queens!

Sugar is evil ... shun him!

12-22-2005, 06:20 PM
It certainly is a tempting time of year. We have more goodies in the office than you can shake a stick at (odd expression, that). I have simply avoided even looking to see what is there. What I don't know, won't tempt me!

DH bought pizza for his staff at work today and is bringing the extras home. I haven't had pizza in almost 2 months! I am going to have a slice, but first I'm going downstairs to have my salad before he even gets home. Too easy to skip the greens when faced with all that pizza...if I have them now I won't feel guilty later!

Are you girls ready for Christmas (those that do Christmas)? I am not. I still have to shop for DH and DD and have to buy a gift for my boss tonight because well, tomorrow is the last day of work. Haven't done groceries yet either. I keep telling DH that next year we are buying tickets to a warm beach and avoiding the Christmas craziness altogether.

12-22-2005, 07:29 PM
[color=blue][b]Yo, we are at the SOLSTICE!!! Huzzah!

I'm on Day 2 of strict Sugar Busters and feel great! Breezed through my exercise class and had some of the orange sections (real Arizona oranges from real Arizona trees) a kind soul brought in ... quite the change from getting through the cycle class with Take Five bars.


12-22-2005, 08:46 PM
hi royals! had the flu/cold, and so hadn't been posting, but thinking of you, though. i too have had a tussle with sugar of late, but think i am finally winning the battle with it today. exercise and meditation holding steady, and basic food plan scheduled for me tomorrow.

amarantha-sorry to hear about the pneumonia. please be gentle with thy royal self. i too am happy about the solstice. i love light. it definitely felt different to me today, in fact.

eydie-sorry about your toe. hope it feels better a.s.a.p!

aria-hope your trip is a pleasant one. hope your christmas will be merry.

hi kaylets! i will most definitely take one of those "fresh start" cards you so kindly offered.

arabella-liked the meditation page.

wildfire-really enjoyed hearing about your time with your lovely irishman.

anagram-hope you are able to get some much deserved rest and respite over this holiday time.

and to all remaining royals, mentioned and -un, have a good evening.

12-23-2005, 06:29 AM
coffe w/ 1/2 and 1/2
ww tortilla w/ lite swiss, cabbage, mustard

red pepper and carrot sticks
layered humuus dip
2 clementines

apple **1 string cheese

2 maple sweet. choc. chip cookies
1 fruit-sweet. ginger cookie

whipped cauliflower
zucchini, corn, and tomatoes
veg. 'chicken' patty

water: 4 glasses
calories: 1435
exercise: 20 min. Pilates

12-23-2005, 06:34 AM
coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
brocolli quiche w/ oat crust
baked sweet potato wedges

1 pc. seitan jerky

veg. 'chicken' patty
zucchini, tomatoes, corn and beans

3 maple-sweet. cookies

1 cheese enchilada
tostada w/ guacamole [had this at a Mexican rest.--really SALTY!]

watr: 7 glasses
calories: ?
exercise: 35 min. upper body weights
20 min. Pilates
10 min. abs

12-23-2005, 10:18 AM
Oh, it's been a mad, mad whirl here and not slowing down yet. I wake up exhausted and between coffee (for which we do most gratefully thank the gods), and the stress of knowing the day approacheth, get myself worked up to that "beyond tired but too wired to stop" mode. Which actually works pretty well for getting things done. :chin: Too bad I can't make it happen more often. Went at an aerobic pace for much of yesterday. Didn't officially exercise, but I think I probably did okay as far as cal-buring goes. Today I've done the first part of yoga and am going to walk in a few minutes, downtown and ... through the stores, natch! Nope, not done yet but can see it may be possible. I want to come home and give the house a lick and a promise so that it feels nicer. Then... looking forward to actually getting in a little relaxation. I'm getting work done ahead for Monday so I can mostly just stay out of the office for a three-day weekend.

WSW, respiratory problems and sugar attacks (as in: sugar attacking us, as it will :rolleyes: ) seem to be the order of the season. Glad you're feeling better!

Amarantha, good for you getting off the cr*p!!! I'm going to try to stay completely off the wheat and mostly off the sugar. Then, on the 26th a return to total wheat and sugar abstinence for me again. It is, indeed, amazing how much better one feels on real food as opposed to -- say -- chocolate bars.

Wildfire, good luck on that shopping -- may you have a transcendental, magical Christmas shoppling experience, one of those ones where everything just comes together.

Eydie, hope that toe is better. Menus look good!

K -- more stuff to do. Love y'all! Let's be kind to own sweet s'elves today!

12-23-2005, 11:11 AM
Hey!!! Did we change threads? Go off and get a new job and you guys leave me in the dust!!

I'm SO busy I can't even begin to tell you. I LOVE IT!!

Let me give you a recap of what's been going on though. New job, (LOVE IT), got sick, (Strep Throat), THEN bottom wisdom teeth decided to go crazy and now I have to have them taken out. So I've been very sick lately. I've missed 20 hours of work, but they've understood. I'm just staying a little later whenever I can to make up.


I've lost 13lbs :carrot: (Ok it's now more like 8 since I started actually eating again). I couldn't eat a drop of food for a solid week because I couldn't swollow or chew. I still am in pain from my wisdom teeth, and cannot open my mouth very wide, but I am getting some food now. Whatever will fit through my slightly opened jaw. I'm fine though, they'll be coming out the end of next month (I've had the WORSE case of Strep they've ever seen and gum infection too. And I've never had Strep before so I thought I just had the flu. I let it go for almost a week!!!)

Anyway, I'm bustin tail trying to get everything done so I can get out of here early. (I'm the only one in). Guess I'll go check up on everyone's posties.

Happy Holidays!!!!!!!

12-23-2005, 11:44 PM
Well, I am finishin' off Day 3 o' the new Sugar Busters and did not even succumb to a plate o' Christmas cookies on the counter in the office today. :carrot:

Froggie, we didn't exactly change threads ... this was an emergency Solstice challenge not meant to displace the other one but I guess we migrated ... :carrot: ... I'm thinkin' we should have a new thread from Christmas Day to New Year's Day ... so's not to lose the momentum ... if everyone agrees ...

CONGRATULATIONS on the 13 pounds loss, but sorry you were ill.

Not fair ... I had pneumonia and GAINED weight ... but then I never lost my appetite! :)

Arabella, you are so totally right ... life sustains itself much better when not subsising on candy bars ... who'd have thunk it? :carrot:

E, thy menus and exercise logs look great ... you are doing so well ... I hope you keep postin' your logs ...

Wsw! Hope you are feelin' better ... I think we both need to be gentle with ourselves ... that's my plan anyhow ...

Wildfire, good plan to eat the greens first and then enjoy the pizza ... that's something I never could do ... resulting, of course, in more pizza than if I'd not had a salad. :carrot:

For some reason I love this carrot: :carrot:


12-24-2005, 10:42 AM
coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
brocolli quiche w/ oat crust
baked sweet potato wedges

2 ww w/ lite cheese
bean soup w/ pasta

2 maple- sweet chocolate chip cookies

lentil soup
6 stuffed grape leaves w/ tahini sauce
2 mini. spanokopitas
spinach salad w/ peppers and feta
1 small pc. fruit-sweet. cheesecake w/ berries
decaf. w/ 1/2 and 1/2
small glass sparkling cider

water: 5 glasses
calories: ?
exercise: 15 min. yoga

2nd day in a row that I've overeaten at night and gone to bed miserably engorged!!! It's funny, it doesn't seem like I'm eating that much at the time.:devil: Tonight will be the test. I'll be at my mother-in-law's and I'll try not to overdo it.

CHRISTMAS EVE! Can you believe it?

12-25-2005, 01:34 PM
Cross postin' from my journal ... just to explain why I opted out of the challenge thread I previously posted ... Merry Christmas :queen: s ... I have to resume workin' soon, but will be back:

The Altar REBORN, Part II, Sugar Busters
Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm not gonna do my focus on weight challenge for the week before New Year's!

The reason being: I don't have to. Easily lost a pound after half a week o' feastin' and half a week o' Sugar Busters! Cals since the no refined sugar restart (I'm on Day 5) were good, but that only happened because I wasn't eatin' the junk and the Demon Sugar.

Sugar Busters does allow for a little refined sugar, although the original book, which I am poring over, even though I've read it a thousand times, has a 3 gram per serving limit on things like cereal and bread that incidentally contain refined sugar. The Sugar Busters followers online now have extended that to 5 grams ... neither is acceptible to me, although I DO modify the plan somewhat to fit my own needs ... but the original book has a question and answer section added in the second printing wherein the authors respond to a question about how much refined sugar can be eaten by saying, "Preferably none!"

I hold with that! NO REFINED FREAKIN' SUGAR!

So, I have logged my weight, refigured my cal goal and will lose a pound by the start o' New Year's just as easily ... so long as the Sugar Demon doth not get me!

And he won't.

Merry Xmas to me!

With the Demon gone, I have a chance to get to my goal weight in 2006 ... and get over this pneumonia ... it is my belief that the REFINED SUGAR I was ingesting in the past few weeks was simply feeding the infection.


You have no power here.


So long.

Have a nice life.

Write if you get work.

Don't call us, we'll call you.

12-25-2005, 04:09 PM
Hello all~

Merry Christmas!
Dh and I have been enjoying a quiet day except ffor aprx 2 hrs this am when DS called and then came by. But, he left after a few moments as he had someone waiting for him. He tried to play lots of sympathy cards "Can't afford to eat now that I have to pay rent" but when asked if he was still using, he says yes and that's not the problem. So, at the last minute, we packed up the turkey and ham from DH's job, a bus pass worth $100 as well as 2 movie passes instead of the amt cash we were going to put in the card.
We did put a $20 and it may or may not be used in an illegal manner .....

DS seemed shocked that he was handed a turkey and a ham .... especially since he didnt ask for more $$.....
DH on the other hand, seemed like a big weight was lifted by NOT givng DS cash. So...
There you have it....

On the upside, DH and I have seen for the first time, the first and second Harry Potter movies.... Awesome...

Glad to see everyone is doing well...

Will try to come back later...

And fo rthe food, so far... doing ok... not stellar but ok !~:carrot:

12-25-2005, 05:25 PM
Merry Christmas, all.

My oven died. No turkey in our dinner plans now, but we will be shopping for a new stove tomorrow in the Boxing day sales.

12-25-2005, 07:59 PM
Hope all :queen: s are havin' a Merry Xmas, Happy Christmas, Joyous Solstice, and etc. :)

I worked on stories for work today, a tradition going back, I realized 11 years, to the Christmas after I got my Sweetie Dog. Had been working at the paper on Christmas Eve morning and some co-reporters and I went out to the shelter (they had 320 dogs out there ... what a rush) and got her. We brought her back to the paper and put a newspaper T-shirt on her, the next day (Christmas) I was behind as usual and I brought her with me to the newsroom and kept her in a box with me while I worked.

Not much has changed but she's an age oldie now and I thought a couple of times this year I was going to lose her, but she's bein' her ol' sweet puppy self today and I have fed her two clementines ... she loves fruit of all kinds.

I have asked her to remain with me through 2006 and she said she would, so I'm good ...

12-26-2005, 11:19 AM
hi all! hope everyone had a merry christmas! i seem to have a new resolve today, and plan to hang on to that. wildfire- i was never able to open the website you sent me for your irishman's pic, unfortunately. thanks for sending url, though. hope everyone has a pleasant remainder of their holidays. while inspired, i am going to head out and get some good healthy groceries. take care, all.

12-26-2005, 08:30 PM
Hi, wsw!!! glad to hear thou has that new resolve ... soon it'll be 2006 ... wow, stay inspired and enjoy your shoppin' trip ... guess you're back by now, but anyhow ...

this is another cross postin' ... I'm not feelin' well again ... A Nemo's cake demon got me again! Posted details in a blog I'm doin' ... too grim to post here ... anyhow, feelin' better as think the pneumonia aftermath had got me in its grip and needed somethin' ... that's my theory anyway!!! :)

We'll get 'em next time!

And, nope, I'm not discouraged!

It's part o' the process.

12-27-2005, 08:02 AM
needed to hear that "part of the process" reminder, amarantha. last night, my bedroom closet (one and only) started leaking water from the ceiling, so while waiting for plumber got everything moved out of closet in to living room, which was very physically challenging for me. anyway, plumber will be back this morning, since needs to get in to condo. above me to find out where leak is coming from, so he can fix it. anyway, grateful at least that it is a pipe that is considered the condo. assoc. pipe, not for my unit, so the management company will fix it, but it is a long process. had leak in living room which took a long time to repair. --plus my closet smells moldy and icky, and that will take a while til it dries out and can get rid of that odor. i have also been awake all night-from overdoing yesterday, and wish i could just take a nap, but the plumbers will be here in a couple hours, so there really isn't time to get dressed and nap. oh well! today, i am going to stick to my most basic, safe food plan, since exhausted and stressed, and don't want to tempt fate. i really babbled on a long time here, but will hang on by my dainty fingernail and get my day started now with a meditation tape before i jump in the shower. thanks for listening to the plumbing "perils of pauline." :) hope everyone has a good day. take care.

12-27-2005, 08:57 AM
December 24

coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
brocolli quiche
baked sweet potato wedges

5 stuffed grape leaves w/ tahini sauce

2 small potatoes
1 serv. mixed vegs.
LOTS of crudites w/ roasted pepper dip
1 clementine

2 pcs. ww toast w/ butter [my comfort food]
1 handful unsweet. carob chips and cashews

water: 4 glasses
exercise: 35 min. lower body stuff and abs

December 25

coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
scrambled eggs [1 real egg w/ 1/3 cup egg sub]
pimento cheese biscuits [our tradition]

layered humuus dip w/ lots of raw vegs.
1 serv. tortilla chips
10 wheat thins w/ onion dip

fruit-sweet. cheesecake w/ berries

1/3 cup cashews and unsweet. carob chips
1 ww toast w/ butter

water: 1 glass [!]
exercise: none

December 26

coffee w/ 1/2 and 1/2
1 Go-lean waffle w/ berry sauce
1 veg. 'sausage'

millet patty
brown rice and red beans w/ cheese and hot sauce
a few tortilla chips [had this at a restaurant]

maple-sweet. oatmeal cookie [as big as my face!!!!]

1 handful cashew and unsweet. carob chips [I see a pattern developing...]

1 veg. sausage [I was craving protein!]

Water: 4 glasses
exercise: none [2nd day in a row]

I'm starting to feel despondent that i can't really exercise aerobically because my toe still hurts. I want to get back to normal!
Received a fancy new scale for Christmas. I love it but I can no longer deny the fact that I weigh about 5 pounds more than my ancient scale said I did! Must get to work on shedding this weight!!!:o I'm having a hard time gaining momentum.

12-27-2005, 01:52 PM
Yo, :queen: s ... I'm on the march. Later gators ... E ... what about a forerunner of spring challenge to get that momentum goin' ... :)

12-27-2005, 04:15 PM
Fly-by -- all goes well, but busy. I've got a lot of work to get through before Friday but then am hoping for a 3-day weekend, mostly. No weight gain over holdays and am thinking I may actually get a loss one of these days to let me update ticker.

A -- love the idea of a forerunner of spring thread -- maybe we can put some day/week challenges into it?

Will be back... Love to all!

12-27-2005, 10:41 PM
Plumbing problems are the worst, Wsw! The plumbing in my house is a nightmare. Sorry this happened to you, but glad you are coping.

There are products that you can get in Wally World or a hardware store that will dry your closet out in a jiffy. Maybe you can get someone to go pick one up for you. There are different brands (the plumber might know or the managment company). They are crystals that usually are sold in a pail that has holes or you take the top off. You just leave it in the closet and it sucks moisture out of the area. I used these extensively in a place I lived in once in Indiana where we had floods and it rained all the time and the roof leaked and the washer overflowed ... believe me, it's a good idea to keep some of these around.

needed to hear that "part of the process" reminder, amarantha. last night, my bedroom closet (one and only) started leaking water from the ceiling, so while waiting for plumber got everything moved out of closet in to living room, which was very physically challenging for me. anyway, plumber will be back this morning, since needs to get in to condo. above me to find out where leak is coming from, so he can fix it. anyway, grateful at least that it is a pipe that is considered the condo. assoc. pipe, not for my unit, so the management company will fix it, but it is a long process. had leak in living room which took a long time to repair. --plus my closet smells moldy and icky, and that will take a while til it dries out and can get rid of that odor. i have also been awake all night-from overdoing yesterday, and wish i could just take a nap, but the plumbers will be here in a couple hours, so there really isn't time to get dressed and nap. oh well! today, i am going to stick to my most basic, safe food plan, since exhausted and stressed, and don't want to tempt fate. i really babbled on a long time here, but will hang on by my dainty fingernail and get my day started now with a meditation tape before i jump in the shower. thanks for listening to the plumbing "perils of pauline." :) hope everyone has a good day. take care.

12-27-2005, 10:45 PM
Fly-by -- all goes well, but busy. I've got a lot of work to get through before Friday but then am hoping for a 3-day weekend, mostly. No weight gain over holdays and am thinking I may actually get a loss one of these days to let me update ticker.

A -- love the idea of a forerunner of spring thread -- maybe we can put some day/week challenges into it?

Will be back... Love to all!

I got the idea from something E said ... maybe she will post it!!! :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:

Hope you get your three-day weekend, A! Congrats on no holiday weight gain! Huzzah!

12-28-2005, 11:12 AM
Please Amarantha, feel free to start it. I'm not feeling particularly verbally creative right now. I have to put ALL my energy into going into warrior mode.

I have to tell you the truth, my friends. I specifically requested a Homedics body fat analyzer scale so Garry got me one. [I know it sounds so insensitive, but I really did want it!] I've been in denial about the accuracy of my old analog scale and would be outraged that the scale at my doctor's weighed me 5-6 pounds heavier---'surely it's wrong! Why don't they calibrate it properly?' I'd say. Well, 2 out of 3 scales can't be wrong.:o I weigh 144 pounds according to my the new 'oracle'.
Trying not to panic.......especially since my toe still hurts after 12 days and is making it difficult to exercise aerobically.

I'm still thinking holiday thoughts, grateful for the return of the light, but the feasting part is over for me!

12-28-2005, 01:09 PM
Hi, E! I will start it then ... and I am with you in the warrior mode. I'm ON THE MARCH! This is a phrase someone said to me last week when they were too busy to talk; I like it!

Feastin' is over for me, too.

12-28-2005, 01:15 PM
:queen: s, please, if it be thy wish, let's get to spring cleanin' the palace in anticipation o' the festival o' PRE-SPRING ... sort of known in pagan circles as Imbolic (spelling varies) ... but ye need not be pagan to celebrate this, it is whatever it means to thee ... I will start the thread now, which is not to say that this one can't continue ... I just need to march on and get this spring fling goin' in me life!