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12-02-2005, 06:00 PM
It's December the "HOLIDAYS". *Sigh* Don't get me wrong, I love the Holidays, but this year they are pretty scary. I am at the end of 3 weeks being on plan. This is really pretty good for me. I feel confident that I can continue, heck I even made it through Thanskgiving. Then I look at December and realize that because of my Birthday, there are 9 "food events" already on my calendar. They happen within a 17 day period. It has never been more important that I stay on plan and get back on plan after these events. I will have to stay on plan during some of these events. I can't have that many off plan meals. I will not lose my momentum. Especially because of the Spotlight dieter thing on the homepage.

Other than that I am like everyone else who is starting to feel the Christmas Rush. My shopping isn't done, my decorations are not up and my Christmas cards are not out. Guess I need to get busy this weekend!!! I also make a 12 month calendar for the Grandparents with each month having a different collage of Jacob. Everyone has come to love and expect this. That is also unstarted. I am usually more on top of things!!

In the old house, we had cathedral ceilings, in the new house, we do not. Sure hope the tree fits! (I am having my doubts)

12-02-2005, 06:25 PM
I know! I can honestly think of.... 10 eating occaisions I'm attending in December. :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: It doesn't help that my whacked out family life has me scheduled for at least 4 Christmas dinners. I'll make it work.

I love Christmas and New Year's though. Especially the vacation from school! :lol: :lol:

So I have a sweet short-term goal to get me through the holidays. My 18th birthday is on February 15th. I'd love to be under 215 by 2/15. (That's about, haha, 15 lbs.) I'm getting weighed in at Curves in about week, so I'll asess again then to see if it's realistic. :D

Well... let's see what everyone else is up to. :D

12-03-2005, 08:53 AM
Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed Sandi. I know, easier said than done, and especially ironic coming from me, as you surely must know. But the point is, December is always going to be a particular troublesome month for you when it comes to implementing this healthy new lifestyle. So, what's it gonna take? Yep, you got it, planning planning planning! You've got a lot to get done, and a lot of temptations to get through, so write it all out. Set yourself up a schedule for the month of December including all the parties, food occasions, projects to be completed, and don't forget to schedule in your exercise and "me" time. Then the trick will just be sticking with it, which will certainly be much easier if you're not feeling frantic and out of control about it. So just remember, December (in all it's tempting glory) is gonna roll around again, year after year, no matter what. My question to you is, are you willing to spend another one white knuckling it and perhaps throwing in the towel only to start anew Jan 1? Or are you going to prove to yourself that you actually can get through this month with a plan and in control, and continue to do so for the rest of your life? You absolutely CAN do this sweetie, as can everyone, because ultimately, the choice is yours. And you know I believe in you, so all that's left is fully believing in yourself.

Love ya bunches!:hug:

12-03-2005, 09:22 AM
Let me offer some support too Sandi. I plan on being on plan this month, I just do. I am counting on some really satisfying self-righteous feelings to propel me through. I don't mean that in a gloating way, just in a "I am doing this" way. What will get me through is not missing a workout, not drinking alcoholic beverages, making sure to have cut up fruit and vegetables at all occasions to snack on, and not bringing temptations home with me. Good luck to you and just think how GOOD you will feel about it come January. This isn't about deprivation, it's about taking care of yourself.

12-03-2005, 12:27 PM
Sandi--You can do it. I think Beverly has given you some awesome advice. I'll add this. On those days when you know you will be having a non OP meal, Plan (There's that word again) to eat lighter all the other meals so you don't feel like you are eating off plan when you do indulge a little. Please, please if you do feel yourself slipping don't hide from us. :)

I'm working today (Saturday) on that 2nd job I took. I'm making .pdf documents from another program and it ties up both programs so I have to basically sit and twiddle my thumbs until one page is done before going on to the next. That's how I'm able to check in on y'all. I'm still doing well of wearing make up. I even put it on this morning. :D

12-03-2005, 12:47 PM
In weight watchers today they told us that if you make it through the holidays 'just' maintaining you are ahead, because the average person gains 7-10 lbs during the holidays.

I realized today I am not necessarily eating my veges and fruit like I should but I am within points. No, this isn't ideal but I am losing and exercising. I think once the holidays pass and the celebrations pass I will be able to re-focus on the big changes. But for now I am happy to be writing down what I eat- every single lick bite or taste and counting it. I am aware of what I am doing and that better than I can say for before.

So what if you don't lose alot just make it a goal to maintain if that is easiest. This is a journey and we are all still learning and re learning how to handle these situations. I plan on just trying to stay within points and if you are doing calorie counting stay within calories even if it means not eating 100% healthy. Moderation is key, water is sooo key when you eat bad and exercise is awesome. I imagine that when I'm drinking water I'm washing away extra sodium and sugar and clearing out the bad. Again this is not ideal but it is a way to handle the hard times.

12-03-2005, 01:21 PM
Liz, how much is weight watchers & are you on core or flex? I've oft thought about joining.

My tree is up (and gorgeous if I may toot my own horn). Finals week is rapidly approaching (but I'll be ready). Graduation is in order. I pick up my cap, gown, and tickets next week. I gave some old furniture to Goodwill(not too old but I had way too much furniture in my living room) and redecorated. It's much more spacious and you can really appreciate the beautiful new furniture that my fiance bought me (sumptuous brown suede) and the rug I bout to go with it. I fixed up our guest room, which previously consisted of a desk and a mess. Now has a desk, tv, and an inflated bed (which is huge!) so when my parents visit for graduation they have a comfortable place to sleep and have their own space.

I need a dress to wear to graduation. I've been really avoidant about buying clothing but I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get one. The only thing I'll buy now is sweaters (only cause I can get an XL and will probably be able to wear them for a while). Pants and dresses are out of the question because I hate to buy clothes and lose weight and have them not fit or gain weight and have them not fit. Ah well, gotta get one. The only black dress I have is a 16 and I doubt that I'll be able to fit it by the 17th.

Anywho, that's my yadda.

12-03-2005, 04:06 PM
I am doing flex- I couldn't understand the core plan and don't think it works for me :) I like the flexability of flex.
I like the accountability - TOPS offers the same type of weigh in from what I understand.
They seem to give me a little crumb of knowledge a week and it really makes sense.
This week they gave the story of a snail in the middle of winter climbing a cherry tree and crows were calling out 'you dumb snail there are no cherries in that tree' and the snail finally says there will be when i get to the top. And the is analogy of losing weight. We are all trying to lose weight during the holidays and it may seem like a losing battle but who will be ahead of the game in January when everyone else is thinking 'I need to lose weight'. We will. Just like you have your wedding in the future you know that right now it is a challenge but in the end the cherry will be there and it will all be worth it!! I'd love to be able to wear an xl! Thats just an 18/20, I don't know when you graduate but its doesn't seem like it'd be too difficult to kick it up a notch to get into that 16!

Congrats on your house. I know I feel so good when I decorate or move things around. I got some new couches this summer- brown leather and have slowly come up with a style I love! Makes me feel all grown up!!!

12-03-2005, 11:38 PM
Thanks Liz. I am an 18/20 (slightly more on the 18 side). I graduate on the 17th of this month(Dec). I'll do what I can but that dress still seems so tiny. Thanks for the encouragement though and the story. I surely feel like I'm crawling slowly uphill (and sometimes I slide backwards) but I press on and I guess that's the important part. But eventually, I hope the incline will get a little less steep, you know...

12-05-2005, 02:01 PM
Hey dudes.

I have majorly fallen off the wagon. And you know me, I post my eats no matter how horrible they are. But not this weekend. :(

It all started w/free donuts on Friday. One of the girls here is going to be out for about a month & brought us a treat. I had one & was ok w/it. Then come to find out there was half a box still left. Well, we can't have that! We don't waste food! *sigh* Saturday was a holiday party & yesterday was a Tastefully Simple party. I am hoping today will be better.

I am getting on a plane next week to Mayo Clinic. I have to pack healthy eats for the plane, since they make you BUY your dinner now. And healthy eats are $$$$$$$ @ the airport. :eek:

Other than that, hectic. Tonight I clean my apt & attempt to address holiday cards. Wish I had time for a swim, or the inclination--IT WAS 2 FARKING DEGREES THIS MORNING @ 4AM WHEN THE DOG WANTED OUT!!! Too cold to swim. Maybe next week, when it warms up.

Hope everyone's having a good week so far, just poking my head in on my 15 min break. More later from home!

12-06-2005, 10:41 AM
Hi All,
Just jumping right in here. Sandi, I completely echo all of your fears about the Christmas eating. I'll be travelling over the holidays to my parents (my hometown) and I know it's going to be pretty challenging. I have planned already which restaurants that I absolutley have to go to - no questions. I just need to plan which days it will be and how I'm gonna tackle the rest of the day to make sure I don't completely blow it. With all that I still don't think that food will be my biggest challenge. It's going to the the demon liquor. Parties everywhere and of course you have to have a couple of sociables with those you haven't seen at all over the year. Tough one.

I'm not putting up a tree this year. I normally don't put up my tree until the 20 or 21. I'll be travelling on the 23 so I just don't see the point. I'll put out some decorations and stuff so I'll have to get at that this weekend. I do have all my gifts and the cards are ready to be posted. Which reminds me that I'll have to write myself a note to remember to get them out of the house.

Apryl - We have the same birthday. The "almost" Valentine babies.

Dawnyal - I completely envy the makeup and time for you. This thought has been in the back of my mind now for a while. I too used to wear makeup every day and make sure I was in order before heading out of the house. I've completely let that slip but I want to start getting back into it now that I'm feeling better about myself and my appearance.

Sounds like we're all having our own struggles and challenges. Isn't it great that we can come here and unload?

Have a great day everyone!


12-06-2005, 11:22 AM
Hi Everyone! :wave: Well, the house is all "decked" out for the holidays! I am a complete and utter Christmas nut, I put up my tree at the end of November while watching the Toronto Christmas parade, as for me, that is the kick start to Christmas. I put on my Mom's Christmas tree last weekend, so we are officially ready for the holidays. I :love: this time of year, though I must admit, the decorations are complete pain in the bum to put and take down! ;)

I received a very backhanded compliment this morning which kind of took me off guard. A guy I worked with asked me what was the matter with my face? Now, let me preface this with he is originally from China, so his English skills are not the best, but he tries really hard. He then followed up the comment with my face was only half there. What he meant was my face was looking very thin. So, in his way, he was complimenting me, but it was getting lost in the translation. So it was nice in the end.

Sandi, I totally get where you are comoing from. I am kind approaching the holidays with a resigned kind of feeling. I am going into the holidays with the best intentions, and setting aside different meals that I know I want to eat. My idea is not to overstuff myself like I have not eaten for years. I am going to excercise as much as I can so I can combat all the goodies that are around. Beverly is so right, this happens every year, it is part of life, and I am going to have to buckle down and stick with it, and learn to say "NO" and mean it.

Liz, I love the snail analogy. That was one thing about Weight Watchers, they always had these neat little stories that put everything into perspective.

12-15-2005, 02:02 AM
I guess it's too soon for an update on your trip to the clinic, SAPF? I hope it went well.

Dawnyal, you inspired me to buy some mascara and a new lippie last week. :) I'd forgotten how much better I feel with a bit of make-up on.

How nice to get that compliment, Carol, once you worked out that it was one! :lol:

I went to a specialist yesterday about the pain I've been having in my mouth from a root canal I had 3 years ago. Turns out the problem actually started about 18 years ago when I had some work done on the tooth next to it, and some irreversible damage was caused then. I won't bore you with the details, but the upshot is that I need to have it whipped out, probably early in the new year. Great! :rolleyes: I also need some night guard thing to prevent me from grinding my teeth whilst I'm asleep. That'll be another $350+! :faint:

The good news is that I've finally got around to booking the tickets for visiting the Orkney Islands in April. :cheer: I think I got a pretty good deal--it's $300 less for each of us than it was when I went 3 years ago, but it was kind of last minute then so maybe that's why. :shrug: The whole journey from start to finish is about 40 hours and includes 3 flights, 2 buses, a ferry, and a car ride! We're going to be pretty whacked when we get there. :tired: We decided to break up the return journey with stays in Inverness and London (I simply have to pay a call to the Doc Marten store in Covent Garden! ;)), so at least we won't return home exhausted.

I know it's still 4 months away, but I'm so excited. :dizzy: I can't wait to see my sister again. All told, I'll be away for about 6 weeks, and it'll be a real challenge foodwise what with proper fish 'n' chips begging to be sampled, my sister's fantastic home-cooking, and my fortieth birthday slap in the middle, but I'm not anticipating a total free for all. Who knows, maybe some of my good habits will rub off on sis! :lol:

12-15-2005, 04:00 AM
I had to pop in with a complaint about DH. The man just doesn't seem to notice I've lost nearly 70 lbs! Told him I was going to need a new pair of pants as the ones I bought in July are close to falling off and he was all "Are you losing weight?" ARGGGGGGH! Perhaps, it is because he sees me everyday.
Of course, my mom, sister, brother all of whom I see infrequently, thus a dramatic weightloss should be very noticable, haven't mentioned anything either. They haven't commented on the fact I've chopped 25+ inches off of my hair though either.
If it weren't for the comments from co-workers and friends, I'd be worried I've dreamed it all and/or have lost my mind!

12-15-2005, 11:26 AM
Laura--that is odd to not have any of them say something about either the weight loss or the hair. WTG on needing the new pants.

Ali--Your trip sounds so exciting and to get a better deal is wonderful. Sorry to hear about the tooth problems though. I had a bottom tooth once that was infected but it was making the teeth on the upper opposite side kill me. I went in to have them checked and it was the wrong ones.

Carol--I couldn't imagine trying to communicate a compliment in another language so I would definitely take it as a good one.

And now for the most exciting and bestest Christmas present ever.
We're getting a new house
:carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot: :carrot:
I can't remember if I shared w/y'all about applying for a grant through the county for new housing. We actually applied a couple of years ago but the county just now got the grant. We were 1 of the 5 families selected and will be the first to receive it. They will be laying the slab at the first of January and it shouldn't be too much longer after that we will get the house. It will be a manufactured home but I don't care. We are living in a really rundown mobile home now.
Jeff's grandma (the one who lives next door and gave us the 30 acres) wants to throw us a housewarming party too. I stopped buying stuff for my house a long time ago and now I can do my kitchen in the cute French chefs (if I can still find them).
So that's my news on this front :D

12-15-2005, 12:15 PM
Dawnyal -- That's GREAT news about the house! You must be pinching yourself to make sure it's real!

12-15-2005, 02:26 PM
It is odd that your family haven't commented upon any of the changes, Laura, especially your DH. Mind you, I think I'd dropped about 40 pounds before I got my first acknowledgement from someone other than my hubby.

A new house, Dawnyal! :cool: How exciting! And we'll have some piccies to look forward to, no doubt. :) Is it close to where you are now?

12-15-2005, 05:17 PM
Ali--it will be placed right in front of where we are at now so no moving. That is part of the requirements of the grant--you must have a place that is yours to place it and your old abode must be destroyed. Once it's in place we'll have about 3 weeks to be out of the old one before they either burn it, tear it down or bury it.

12-15-2005, 05:26 PM
Congratulations on the new house, Dawnyal. That certainly is a great Christmas gift.

It's quiet in my neck of the woods. We're getting 4-6 more inches of snow today, so it's definitely starting to look a lot like Christmas 'round here. I've been working on Emilia's birth announcements (printing them at home). Here's the pic we're using, just thought I'd share...

12-15-2005, 05:35 PM
Donna-- she is absolutely beautiful. That is a great pic to be using. Glad to hear it's all quiet with a new baby around ;) I'm jealous of the snow. One of these years we'll have a white Christmas and not and ice Christmas :D

12-16-2005, 03:48 AM
Dawnyal: That is so fantastic about the new house! Congratulations!

12-18-2005, 01:57 AM
Dawnyal: Congrats on the house!!! :hug:

Donna: Cute baby! :)

I've been back from Mayo Clinic a few days, still catching up on sleep, and have to submit my receipts & read up on what happens this next week. I fly out again Tuesday night. I will be back in time for holiday party & going out for work, but will miss Girls Nite Out @ the Olive Garden. Which is fine, I'm Italian & the Olive Garden is frankly an insult. ;)

I have been told to stop all caffeine consumption & got to look at my kidneys (MRI) on the doctor's computer screen. He said to me, "I see a lot of people with this disease. Some of them, I am able to say, 'you are fine, you will never had a problem w/your kidneys.'" Then he looked over at me, in the eye & said, "I cannot say the same to you." :( But, at least I know it, I was able to see my kidneys & no longer have to wonder why my back gives me such pain, I SAW why. In 10 years, I might need to have surgery to drain some of the cysts--unless this drug I have agreed to test works like they think it will. Then I will still have to watch the caffeine, but will be set to jet. I really do not want to have a transplant, and am going to be a good girl, and do everything in my power NOT to have one. I will be going to Mayo for the next 3 years as a part of this study.

Hope everyone else is doing ok.

12-18-2005, 04:55 PM
I'm sorry that the doctor couldn't give you better news, SAPF. I hope that this Mayo Clinic trial works well for you. Got my fingers crossed! How often do you have to travel to the clinic?

While not Italian, I look upon the Olive Garden as an insult to Italians, too. It's my stepdaughter's favorite restaurant, and I shudder when she asks to meet there.

12-19-2005, 05:36 AM
Christmas went well with the in-laws. My father in law worked overtime to get our car fixed by friday and I'm free again!! I can drive wherever I want! :)
We've had a pretty stressful year with my inlaws. Even dh is just at his wits end. We went pretty overboard on them for gifts but they are the type that need everything and have nothing. They both almost cried - my mother in law definetly cried. Said it was the best Christmas they had had in years. It just makes you feel good to do something like that and really know how grateful and sincere they were.
I didn't concentrate on food but didn't do to bad.
As I said in my nsv's- I had some pics taken this weekend and they looked decent. I didn't cringe at them and didn't hide from the camera.
Went to weight watchers- skipped a week because I was off work that day and didn't want to get up at 645 a.m. but this week, went and felt good about it. Feel like I am actually in control when I felt so out of control.
All in all I feel really good right now and know that I can do this. obstacles and all. The fudge is all gone, and now I just look forward to going to my parents house this next week. Good thing is my mom is on WW and plans to cook on program for us.

12-19-2005, 09:27 AM
Dawnyal, what fantastic news about the house!

Liz, I am glad that Christmas went well in the ILs. I know we have talked about this before, but the family can really drive you nuts.

I have been totally off plan for the past week, every time I turned around there was one event after another, which I was really fustrated about :tantrum: . I tried to be good, but it was really hard. On Saturday, I went to see the Nutcracker with my best friend and her parents. Afterwards, they always take us out to dinner to The Marche (now called RichTree). For those of you who might be familiar with Toronto, this restaurant is set up like a Market, you get a card (like a bank card) and go to different stages to order food. Well, this is a bingers paradise, to say the very least. I must admit, I was pretty good, I had some bruchetta bread, with a stir fry for dinner. This place makes the most decadent crepes, which I managed to stay away from. I am going back on plan as of today, until Christmas Eve. I figured I will just keep up with my good intentions until I can get through the holidays. I baked some shortbread and butter tarts on Sunday for my mom, and the weird thing is I burned all the baking!? I never screw up my baking, so I took it as Karma trying to tell me something. I put it down to the new cookie sheets.

12-19-2005, 11:50 AM
Aimee--at least you are getting some answers now and can hopefully get on the right track. It sounds like this doc really wants to help you.

Liz--Glad to hear things are going well with the car and Christmas. I must say I love your new avatar pic and you look just how I pictured.

Carol--good for you for putting down the sheets. I too would've taken it as karma if that had happened to me. It sounds like you are on track for the holidays.

12-19-2005, 01:39 PM
Sorry you couldn't get some reassurance, SAPF. :crossed: this drug works as well as they hope.

I've only been to Olive Garden once, and I have no memory of what it was like, so it can't have been any great shakes. I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with food or anything, ;) but I have an amazing capacity for recalling what meals I've eaten and where I had them. It doesn't even need to have been a special occasion.

Nice avatar, Liz. Hmm... you have a look of Shelley from the Brit soap, Coronation Street! :)

The Marche sounds like a great place, Carol. Kudos to you for exercising restraint.

Hubby has picked up the tickets and menu for our Christmas dinner, and it looks delicious! I'm probably going to have the same as last year: we'll get a starter each and share, have a main course each, and then share a couple of puds. (Last year I just had a wee bite of each, and hubby polished them both off!). The portions aren't huge, but the food is gorgeous. So, we'll be sharing Caesar salad and butternut squash soup to start, with Christmas pud and chocolate mousse to finish, and in between I'm going to have Alberta rib-eye. I'm fairly certain there'll be a bottle of wine finding its way in there too. :lol:

12-27-2005, 11:26 AM
I am so disappointed my mother did not even notice my weigh loss. For years she has tried to tell me all my problems were weight related, stuff like when my knees hurt she would say it was because of the extra eight. When I told her a year ago that I had ostioporosis she said it must be becasue of the weight. That one she was wrong the doctor told me th extra weight I was carrying around probably helped it from being worse. When told her I had ibs and acid reflux she said it would get better if I lost weight.
Any way I told her I had lost 30 pounds and all my clothes were a size smaller she said good for you. She had candy, 3 kinds of cookies, 2 kinds of fudge, almond bark, pie and ice cream at her house just set out for the taking. I did have a piece if each fudge, a cookie and 2 bite size candies.
At one time during the afternoon and meal she say,"Oh I guess I'm not suppose to offer dessert to you." It just all rubbed me the wrong way. All in all I don't think I did to bad at my folks house, but I sure could have done better but my mom was not much support.

12-31-2005, 04:18 PM
Just had to post that my son is now in England meeting the woman he's been corresponding with over the internet since this summer. He promised to call us, so we're waiting with anticipation to see how it's going. I'm still a bit anxious about what's going to happen. But he took a ring with him and if it works out, he's going to get engaged. *Gulp!*